SHOCK VIDEO=> Black Gang Beats White Men Unconscious for Little Rebel Flag Sticker in Truck

It’s an Obama world.
A black gang of six youths brutally beat two white kids for having a Confederate flag decal in their truck window.

The entire assault was caught on tape.
blacks salt lake city assault

One of the white men was talking to the men when he was knocked unconscious.
That’s when the second man was attacked by at least six black youths.
(Warning on Violence)

The brutal assault is being investigated as a hate crime.
FOX13 Now reported:

A fight outside a Salt Lake City hotel early Sunday morning could possibly be investigated as a hate crime, authorities said Monday.

Cell phone video captured a black man throw a punch at a Caucasian man who knocked him out. The fight was over an argument about a Confederate Flag decal on a truck parked at the Red Lion Hotel.

The truck belonged to Kelly Leeper’s friend. Leeper was in town for the Garth Brooks concert. On Sunday, he said looked out the window of his room at the Red Lion and saw a group of black men near his friend’s truck.

n the back of the truck, Leeper said there was $50,000 worth of welding equipment. There was also a Confederate Flag decal on the side.

“The point is it’s my right to drive what any kind of vehicle I want. If I want to fly the Confederate Flag, it’s my right,” Leeper said.

Leeper went to the parking lot with his friend and confronted the group. That’s when the fight turned violent.

In one fast and powerful punch, Leeper’s friend was knocked out. A scuffle ensued and Leeper was taken down by a group of six men.

“I’ll be damned if I ever come to Salt Lake again without bringing my gun,” Leeper said.

Of course, Democrats will blame the white kids for the assault.

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  • Churchillis1


    THIS is what “hope and change” looks like. Watch it again, folks. And again. And again. Remember it.

  • White “liberals” who preen about tolerance and love and freedom approve of this action. The white men deserved their beating for having the wrong thoughts about their heritage, you see. I bet the black 20-year-old “teens” was jus turnin dey life aroun anyway.

  • Patty

    “I’ll be damned if I ever come to Salt Lake again without bringing my gun,” Leeper said.

    Well, you learned your lesson the hard way, pal.
    Obama’s sons are everywhere these days.

    Must not be watching the news in the past couple of years. White while driving and a rebel flag, that sends up all sorts of “red” flags.
    I would be carrying in every state, if I had your job.

  • ridgerunner

    Mormons don’t give a tinker’s dam what Obama thinks. Justice will be sure and quick.

  • conrad

    Fly a confederate flag and in Obamaland you are the hater. His Sons were provoked and did their Dad’s dirty work.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Carry. A. Gun.
    Use. It. When. Attacked.
    Problem. Solved.

  • Martin Hutchison

    Always have a gun, use it for self defense, use it on anyone who would disarm you for these thugs, and never apologize for being white.

  • jleinf

    FYI people, if you see a gang of feral black dudes around your property arm yourself and expect a sucker punch because it’s coming

  • Patty

    BREAKING!! Bombing at a Mississippi Walmart, Was the CONFEDERATE FLAG to blame?

    Law Enforcement BREAKING!! Bombing at a Mississippi Walmart, Was the CONFEDERATE FLAG to blame?

    BREAKING!! Bombing at a Mississippi Wal-Mart, Was the CONFEDERATE FLAG to blame?

    A man Marshall Leonard committed a terrorist act by bombing a
    Wal-Mart in the Mississippi state. He is a longtime supporter of the
    Mississippi state flag.

    If you don’t remember, the Mississippi state flag contains the now infamous “Stars and Bars” within it. See below.

    He bombed the Wal-Mart because it stopped selling the Confederate battle flag, according to police.

    Marshall E. Leonard is 61-years-old. He is from Tupelo, Mississippi.
    He was arrested. He will be charged on Tuesday. He detonated an
    explosive that the threw into a Wal-Mart entrance on Sunday. The Tupelo
    Police Chief Bart Aguirre told the Washington Post.

    The device made a loud noise, but no real damage was done to the
    store. The confederate flag or lack of the confederate flag was to

  • Sheikh Hasan bin Sobah

    “Leeper went to the parking lot with his friend and confronted the group [of blacks]. That’s when the fight turned violent.”

    Derbyshires Rules,

    Never leave home (or your hotel room) without knowing them thoroughly.

  • iWildwood

    “Hope and change” brought to you by “Big O’s gang.”

  • iWildwood

    We should all be carrying in whatever state we’re in, these days.

  • 0_0

    Those kids are garbage.

  • ezekiel33

    Impeach Obama for his fake birth document, fake SSN, inciting blacks to attack whites, unsustainanle debt, and 20 other reasons

  • LeonTheKungFuJew

    Yes, a rebel flag sticker must be accompanied by the 2nd ammendment. No brainer.

  • News Reporter

    When you use your gun for self defense in these instances, make sure you discharge your entire magazine, reload a new magazine and continue while making sure the job is completed. They won’t stop putting your life in danger even while laying in a pool of blood. No need to deal with liberal juries, liberal prosecutors, liberal judges deciding which laws they follow and which they do not. Your story is all that is necessary.

  • M_111

    But it’s not racist, and their mamma says that they are really a good boys and if they did something it was because they had reason and felt threatened. And If Obama had a gang, they’d look just like that.

  • M_111


  • BurmaShave2

    Does the BLM group have a flag? If so, it should be banned. It incites violence.

  • Goober_Pyle

    I didn’t know that Salt Lake had hood rats.

  • Don Keller

    The affirmative action president will be outraged! Oh wait, never mind…

  • Don Keller

    It’s a cultural thing…

  • doomsday_survivor

    its a coward thing

  • Don Keller

    They were going away to college soon…

  • Vepr1776

    As usual they only fight when they have numbers, bunch of punks

  • Goestoeleven

    All righteous and angry over a flag while babies and grandmothers are killed in their hood over a 5 dolla rock in a drive by.
    Lol, failed culture.

  • doomsday_survivor

    what kids?

  • Jeremy Meister

    It ***IS*** a hate crime.

    They beat these guys cause they were white.

  • Glock

    I guess Salt Lake City has changed since 1976 when I lived there…no blacks in sight back then…that was the best part of living there since I had moved there from Louisiana

  • Gun Control

    Animals like to attack in packs, that’s why everyone should CCW regardless of where you live. I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by six! Learn to protect yourself, because no one is going to do it for you.

  • BJ

    No the first amendment must always be accompanied with the second.

  • 240grJHP

    So many Black Lies Matter/ few bullets…even though I keep six nine round ammo mags on my belt.

  • intolerant123

    While you might have been justified in defending yourself, the situation would be portrayed as an “unarmed black man shot.” You’d be crucified by the liberal media and activists.

  • iWildwood

    You know as well as I know, Jeremy, that by the time all is said and done, it will be the white kids who are charged with the crime of inciting the black kids to violence, and the black kids will get an all expenses paid week long trip to the White House.

  • certbobdobbs .

    So we have a group of blacks beating on 2 white guys…..hmmmmm…anything new?

  • iWildwood

    Unless the victim is an elderly man or woman just walking along a sidewalk somewhere, minding his of her own business…

  • NBOB

    No black will ever be charged with a hate crime as long as DOJ is biased.

  • Grog

    Just quietly get in the truck and run their feral a$$es over

  • popo

    Looks like he is mentally ill. Read the story, he warned the person who was on break. Stupid Patty, shut ur pie hole. The mentally ill libtards out number him five to 1.

  • Pat Loudoun

    Rather be judged by 12 than…

  • iWildwood

    You were right the first time. O. will be outraged, alright. He’ll find it absolutely infuriating that anyone would so much as think of charging these poor, defenseless, black youths with a hate crime.

  • intolerant123

    Why is this called a shock video?

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    O’s emerging National Military he spoke of…

  • FW190

    God, they’re even in Salt Lake City Utah now. Dude was right, just get the guns.

  • Hillary For Prison 2016

    If Obama had a son…

  • grassy knoll

    Hopefully you are correct.

  • iWildwood

    Didn’t you mean 201 other reasons? The fake birth certificate is the least of it at this point.

  • LeLeMans

    …carried by 6.

  • Anon

    I would have called the police and told them my truck was getting broke into, problem solved

  • Trevor Hamlen

    But he is gay and cant have biological children

  • iWildwood

    Yeah but you know, the Democrats just LOVE them to pieces!

  • Anon

    I’d have to agree really just business as usual

  • grassy knoll

    Shoot one the rest will run.

  • iWildwood

    because no one is going to do it for you.

    Indeed. They’ll all stand around taking video with their cell phones while you get your head bashed in just for being.

  • Progressives call this social justice, what I find so funny is that it’s usually a weak limp wrist Liberal progressive white omega male on the receiving in of a dindu nuffin beat down. My solution, #LiveRoundsMatter.

  • daddybdg

    When precious seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  • iWildwood


  • grassy knoll

    If not shoot 2 they’ll scatter, if not make ’em all splatter.

  • SgtMAD

    Ha haha ha, those idiots pulled that crap in SLC? those mormons won’t screw around with any PC bullcrap and depending on where those white boys are from, some of those other fellas better be looking out or they will end up like a deer during the hunt LOL

    what was the name of that movie where all the rednecks came to the city to get even for their cousin (liam neason)and wiped out those city fools?
    I remember now, it was “Next of Kin”

  • Eddie Laidler

    They don’t care about that flag being on that truck. Those programmed entitlement units just want a reason to be special. Always the pack mentality. Even when I was a kid they swarmed in packs like wolves to find the lone victim.

  • iWildwood

    Another good one!
    I worked the streets for a very long time and learned, with groups this size at least one of them is armed with something. If you shoot once you’d best hope it’s the one with the gun or the blade you take down.

  • iWildwood

    Seems to me he has lots and lots and lots of sons now.

  • Sniffy Pop

    That guys problem was even talking to them in the first place. He should have got in his truck and took off.

    The Savage spotted Fear and Weakness and he took advantage of it.

    This Crap needs to stop. Goes all the way to the top. IMO this is not even the last of stuff that you will be seeing.

  • WilliamWallace

    White folk, you better start training for combat. The war on whites will get much worse. Arm yourselves and practice three punch boxing combinations and arm bars, choke holds, grappling, etc. YouTube is a great place to start. Train and be able to throw various three punch combos continuously for 2 minutes. It’s much harder than it sounds but will give you a huge advantage over the average thug who has a big mouth and is banking on you being soft. Training creates muscle memory. Muscle memory is survival.

  • FW190


  • FaraDay

    Absolutely a “hate crime” because one of the assailants repeatedly calls them “faggot” and even goes so far as to identify one of the victims “hey you, faggot with the white hat”.
    So, whether or not the victims are Gay, they were identified by their assailants as “faggots”, i.e., Gay, and that is a HATE CRIME !
    HATE CRIME CHARGES, nothing less !

  • iWildwood

    It’s an “I’m absolutely, positively sick of this CRAP!” thing. “Get the thugs out of the White House who gave rise to all of this thuggary and start incarcerating their ARSES!” thing.

  • FW190

    When I display the Southern Cross I’m always sure to be armed.

  • this is why you C.C. ….. i do….. shot the bastards in the nuts and eliminate 2 problems at once……

  • 94c2500

    To the Whitehouse for a beer with Barack…?

  • In Utah, by state law, it is legal for ANYONE to wear or carry a loaded firearm.

    Frequently, I must drive my pickup truck, with its Confederate battle flag flying above the cab, to Salt Lake City for medical treatment, and I ALWAYS wear my revolver, and in addition, have a carbine and a rifle stowed in my vehicle.

  • robertbluejacket

    This typical behavior of the feral Democrat. Of course, their behavior is excused by the well meaning white people of the Democratic Party aka black lives matter.

  • iWildwood

    For this lot Obama would break rocks.

  • iWildwood

    Good for you!

  • Clambaked22

    Did I notice the second white kid with his hands up for a second? What up with that? Hands up, don’t punch doesn’t count?

    Ok everyone, do what you know you can do, simply don’t employ those feral gang guys.. Its pretty simple.

    That is what hurts in the long term, and until urban gangs learn how to conduct themselves, they can suffer their crappy existence.

    Also, there is no reason NOT to Pre-judge.. That is what prejudice is, Pre-judging. and it is a survival mechanism. Don’t let the left tell you otherwise, Save your ass.

    As long as groups act like this, calling them out is not racist. It’s simply noticing a trend.

    Sorry, sad but true. So millions of civilized people will see this and simply make up their mind, Nothing will ever change. You cant cure dumb as rocks stupid.

  • FaraDay

    There must be a “hate crime” charge filed by the Police Department. Otherwise, there should be more action.
    The “confederate flag” or “truck” has nothing to do with a “hate crime”.
    However, the Anti-Gay “faggot” constant by the assailant and even going so far as to zero in on the white guy with the “white cap” as a “faggot” is grounds for a “hate crime”.
    These assailants did not know if the guy in the “white cap” was Gay or Not Gay. But, they Identified them as “faggot”, so it’s a “hate crime” against a perceived Gay “Protected Class” person.

  • FaraDay

    So, basically what you have here is the perception of the guy in the “white cap” being Gay. Being assaulted for being Gay is a “hate crime” against a “protected class” person.
    Repeatedly the assailant says, “faggot” “faggot in the white cap”.
    HATE CRIME on the perception of a “protected class” person !

  • now… if it was a gay black then yes…. but the guy is white… and it wont happen…

  • FaraDay

    You best Pray that will be the outcome because if this was me I would get the best Lawyer Pro-Bono Anti-Gay Hate Crime Protected Class to SUE if they don’t file charges of “hate crime” on these assailants.

  • Bob Thomas

    I use muscle memory for my trigger finger.


    That is NOT the “Stars and Bars” displayed on the Mississippi state flag.

    It is the Infantry banner of the Army of Northern Virginia.

    The “Stars and Bars” is the first Confederate national flag, the one which looked so much like Old Glory, that it caused confusion during the heat of battle.

  • 94c2500

    From the very moment these thugs adopt their proto-human feral posturing,
    you MUST be prepared and absolutely EXPECT violence.

    Arguments with guys like this is are always pointless and dangerous.
    If you decide to approach them, you had better be prepared and equipped to deal with them quickly. Avoid the physical confrontation if possible and make sure that their natural instinct for self preservation let’s them decide to not come anywhere near you.

  • cant get anything out of Parasites and Welfare scum… maybe you can get their food stamp cards for 10 years… maybe…

  • Kelley Dix

    Hey William, Do you mind if I copy what you have written here and put it on my facebook page above this article?

  • Clambaked22

    The thing that OBAMA can’t EVER make go away is the fact that he is genetically connected to this bunch and you know he hates it, because he knows nothing will ever change and nothing he can do will ever help change come to his people. NOTHING. And at the same time, he blames white America and successful America.

    Obama should see what it’s like to NEVER benefit from any government programs, passed up because you’re too good. And then he see’s his peeps blow it every time.

    I laugh when I see this kind of video, They get what they deserve.

  • John Campbell

    It seems he should not have left his Second Amendment at home. Better to have dead perpetrators than this and then a manhunt.

  • FaraDay

    I would have a forensic estate search done to see if any of them hold Real Estate or any Assets I could attach.
    If one of them lives with Granny in her paid for home, I would have it attached.
    Any of the perp’s a minor ? Attach their Parent or Guardians Real Estate.
    Any of the perp’s on probation, parole ? Oh yes, the Lawsuit’s abound on this one !

  • WilliamWallace

    Everything I write is for all to share.

  • WilliamWallace

    That works, however there are millions who live in states that prohibit citizens from carrying. Hand to hand techniques can be helpful even if you’re packing.

  • Robert49

    I am always and I mean always armed and always aware of what is going on around me when out in public. This is that kind of BS does not really go on in small town Southern states. It’s mostly happens in these big cities where there is a large gang mentality cowardliness BS.

  • OwlCreekObserver

    Thugs gonna thug. It’s what they do.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    If you have a rebel flag you better have concealed carry.

  • Robert49

    I rather depend on my open carry Glock, brass knuckles and my 12″ blade. Some jackass jumps me for some BS I don’t intend to roll all over the ground or have a boxing match with them. I see it as my life in under threat and will take action accordingly.

  • GenEarly

    Blacks run in packs, so do Latinos. Whites are individualistic, to a fault too. Whites are reluctant to organize or demonstrate. the exception being progreSSive Whites, like in Unions.
    It’s going to keep getting friskier and friskier, so some “Crackers” better get organized soon.

  • Patty

    and in many cases all you have to do is show your gun.

  • 94c2500

    Situational awareness is the most valuable asset for surviving today’s USA.

  • GenEarly

    So very true, most gun fights are up close and personal, too close and it’s a brawl not a gun fight.

  • randyrocker

    Two peoples the US needs to eliminate are the Blacks and the Muslims, their day of reckoning has come.

  • AtlasObjectivist

    Is it becoming clear why liberals want to take your second amendment right? At the end of the day, it’s the only thing a rational free man has to defend himself.

  • FaraDay

    Having a “rebel flag” decal is not a Legal “hate crime”.
    What the “hate crime” here is the fact, the assailants constantly use Anti-Gay slurs of “faggot” and even zero in on “hey faggot in the white cap”
    Gay’s are a “protected class” whether PERCIEVED as Gay or not, in this circumstance makes no difference.
    The assault was a “hate crime” based on the perception these guys were “faggots”.
    It’s called Gay Bashing. They should not have to PROVE whether or not they are even Gay !
    They have the “hate crime” charges down because of the repeated “faggot” insults.

  • randyrocker

    The Blacks even have the cops on the run, so the cops will do nothing, nor even bother to appear. The cops also know Obama and his DOJ and administration are against them, and they haven’t a chance to even try to defend themselves let alone any one else. White’s better have a gun on hand and know how to use it.

  • GenEarly

    I agree a failed culture that has infected the entire country. Not that life was perfect in the 50’s, It never is, but there was a Black Culture then, and R&B was fantastic music too!
    Blacks want their own police, communities, mayors, etc. and they have it all in most major cities in the USSA. Something about living in the pig sty you’ve created.
    The blood of their babies and grandmothers is on their hands, Not mine. No White Guilt here.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    We’re probably the only ones who will ever see this video.

  • Masmani

    This is being pushed by the Divider in Chief. He knows that his divisive language is going to incite blacks to hate.

  • GenEarly

    White Progs (liberals) are the Leaders of this “Black Spring”, just as they have done overseas with the Arab Spring, unleashing extremists and death of entire countries. Soros and his minions like Bill Ayers facilitated the Obamy hopeless change on everyone. Using Black thugs to kill other Blacks and Whites is just standard marxist play book theology.

  • Warning

    Blacks hate whites. Blacks are violent in their hatred.

  • Blackgriffin

    Cowardly, ignorant primitives. I hope the next white person they attack shoots every single one of them dead.

  • Down Lowbama

    “No hate crime here! The driver should have known better”

  • Caitlin L-enner

    i cut a hole in the front of my dress

  • US.Patriot1776

    Black criminal gangs…
    Illegals & drug cartels…
    Imported islamic enemy combatants…

    10 Ways To Improve Your Situational Awareness

    Cursed With Failing Federal Security, Smart Gun Owners Are Upgrading Their Concealed Carry.

    The Coming Anarchy

  • GenEarly

    Cops like our Veterans have been used and abused. They will have to decide soon to support the Feral Beast or the Patriots, many have already picked “sides”. We have to decide too, like our Founders who pledged their lives in exchange for Liberty.

  • Down Lowbama

    As long as they aren’t liberals, they should move to a state where they CAN carry. Of course, that move will likely solve the other problem (jumped by gangs is a rarity where I live, unless you’re in a rival gang).

  • Down Lowbama

    What’s with the titling of the video? A brawl is when several people are beating up several other people. This is a bunch of ignorant racists beating up a white guy.

  • iconoclast

    Race war is happening. Be armed and prepared.

  • Al

    It’s TIME!!!

  • GenEarly

    Thank you.

  • Down Lowbama

    At this point, it would be a public service.

  • blanjm5

    Race trumps culture

  • TaxPayersAdvocate

    I was raised with Guns and what my Dad taught me back then is no different in circumstances of today, if you pull it you had dam well better be necessary,(life threatened family threatened) and you had better be willing to use it, don’t use it as a deterrence or a threat, when that gun comes out its for killing.

  • puffyLips

    Don’t children have what to do anymore?

  • Southern_Cross

    Something similar happened to my wife and I last weekend…. Totally different outcome…

    We stopped at a Wendy’s for lunch.

    My Expedition has a rebel flag sticker high on the window, and a “Proud Descendant of a Confederate Soldier, Excuse Me if I don’t Apologize” sticker on the lower window.

    A car stopped behind my vehicle, and blocked it in.

    2 Black men got out and were having a conversation about my truck, gesticulating wildly about the stickers.

    My wife didn’t want a confrontation, so we waited about 20 minutes and leisurely finished our lunch…

    They were still there, looking back and forth at the restaurant and my truck, waiting.

    Finally, i was done with watching my wife poke at her fries and chili.

    Unfortunately for them, they had no idea what the Georgia Militia sticker in the bottom left corner meant… My wife and I are both members…

    I was wearing lvl IIIa body armor, but my wife wasn’t…

    We pre-coordinated our movements…

    I undid the retention on my .44 mag Alaskan Redhawk.

    As we exited the restaurant, i had her immediately veer off from me, with her hand on her pistol, safety off… While I walked directly towards them, and kicked my duster-coat back, exposing my Class III SBR M-4…

    I asked the 2 ‘gentlemen’ caught in between 2 fields of fire, if there was anything i could do to help them today?

    The both intoned unanimously that there was nothing that they wanted, at all…

    They both piled into their hoopty and skee-daddled.

    We went on to the grocery store.

  • blanjm5

    I ain’t showing it unless I’m fixing to fire it. Otherwise, it’s just intimidation and you must not really fear for your life.

  • Brent Bach

    Shoot first, then kindly asked them to put your stuff down. Oh, that’s right, it’s already down, you shot the useless animals.

  • US.Patriot1776

    Today, any US city …no longer 50s Mayberry, but something resembling Fallujah

  • Southern_Cross

    These kids are under 21, they have no constitutional right to defend themselves…

    Sad, but true.

  • Southern_Cross

    kids… Under 21,

    No hope. Legislated victims.

  • R.Hill

    It wasn’t a “powerful”punch…it was a sucker punch. bunch of candy ass’s need to leave people alone no matter what flag/decal they are flying.

  • HookemHelwig

    6 new invites to the White House.


    It’s too bad it didn’t end the way we are used to seeing, Black morons all over the sidewalk. That’s what happens when stupid White kids get involved.


    Mobs of sub morons trump race every time.

  • GenEarly

    Yep, fer sure. I relocated a year ago to a better place in the Appalachians, but alertness is never wasted effort. Wish more people would pre-pare, but can’t make a horse drink you know.

  • Reader11722

    Obama will give them a medal of honor. Having a confederate flag is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) ban books like “America Deceived III”.

    Last link:

  • ZZZzzzz

    I hope Mr. Leeper goes back to Utah and brings his gun next time. 6 Criminal Ferals being put down and out of their misery would benefit humanity. Not only do these 6 black thugs do this to this white guy with a tiny little Confederate Flag decal (as if that is the REAL reason and not to steal $50,000 worth of welding equipment), they do this to their own black kin. They have no regard for life. A scourge on society. Those 6 need to be arrested STAT for the hate crime they committed and also be sent to Liberia and face the cannibals so that they can respect America for once. Pathetic losers.

  • Millers

    Of course this will be investigated by the juztice dept as a hate crime…… against the blacks.

  • Cheryl

    How long has that flag been around and now since the PC Police decided they don’t like it all H*LL is breaking lose. This is just crazy and an excuse for violence.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Nice thing about Unions lately….they’re all going Trump!

  • Cheryl

    Good story.

  • libtarded

    True, but it does serve as grounds to void everything he did as President– congress willing or not.

  • Shed Your Hate

    I know that it’s almost to the point of semantics, but THESE GUYS AREN’T BLACK! Trust me, I’m not defending violent blacks in any way, simply trying to point out how the media uses article titles to drag us in and stir up the animosity before you even see the video or read the article. If you’re looking clearly enough (or more accurately not blinded by hate), you would see that these are Hispanic men attacking these white guys – it’s even evident in their accents.

  • libtarded

    Nuh– uh!!! When the cops came round, all dey sed wuz:

    Sheet ossifer, we dindunuffin!


  • libtarded

    Those aren’t kids. Those are Obama voters and the DemoCraps are going to damn well make sure they keep their voting rights.

  • Cheryl

    I’m really hoping once Obama is out of office things will settle down. He and Holder have emboldened and fueled the anger for 7 years now. The sad part is that I didn’t even think we had a racial problem till Obama was elected.

  • Jake

    Exactly right Eddie. Same here. In junior high and high school, they never let it be one on one. If the white got the better of the black dude, they’d all jump in to help him out.
    Damn hyenas.

  • Bubba Gump

    Lesson here is to never leave home without your shooting iron, keep it close, keep it out of sight but always have it ready. If a little old flag sticker caused this then it was just an excuse. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Blactoseintolerant

    I understand and have watch it several times. Yes and I see both.

  • guymark

    the lads didn’t have their guns. Could have looked after themselves and
    done society a favour at the same time. Still as one lad said – he
    won’t go back without a gun next time.

    not a fan of guns but when you are assaulted by a gang,
    you need some firepower to reove the problem I guess.

  • Dixieland Redneck Jew

    A Tribute To Our Black Confederate Heroes

    THEM DAMN FOOLS don’t even know the Real History, Look at this here picture of this video Y’all, you don’t arm Slaves with pistols, Rifles and swords! Uh them ain’t no damn blue uniforms now are they?

  • E. Newton

    White people need to stay home. They either won’t fight, or they’ve lost any innate knowledge of what violence is. Either way, the negroes are looking to kill whites. They kill and maim whites every day. There are youtube videos calling for “open season on crackas”. The negro intifada is entirely one sided. While white people are teaching their children that Martin Luther King was a virtual god, black parents are teaching their children to hate whites with a burning hot vengeance.

    It’s all very odd. But pretending it isn’t happening is even more odd.

  • Southern_Cross

    Daily life in the college park area…

  • EdMc

    Ironic they are upset about the confederate flag…the flag of the Democrat party…the very party most black people in the US have been suckered into voting for year after year.

  • Dixieland Redneck Jew

    I have a Big bumper sticker I got on line next to all my Confederate Battle Flag stickers it says in Big Bold writing “Remember our Black Confederate Hero’s” that shuts down their racist bull crap down fast and if you were to done getting jumped it proves you ain’t no racist.
    But Of course also having a huge 2nd Amendment decal next to them Battle Flag stickers is also a big warning!

  • Dixieland Redneck Jew

    I have a Big bumper sticker I got on line next to all my Confederate Battle Flag stickers it says in Big Bold writing “Remember our Black Confederate Hero’s” that shuts down their racist bull crap fast and if you were to done been getting jumped it proves you ain’t no racist.

    But Of course also having a huge 2nd Amendment decal next to them Battle Flag stickers is also a big warning!

  • Southern_Cross

    They didn’t know to back off when they saw this:

  • jaz

    Cut and dried hate crime case.

  • Bitter Clinger

    The headline should not read “SHOCK”. It should simply say “average Tuesday in America”.

  • Zach Smith

    Looks like Obama will have to be letting them out of prison at an even faster rate if he wants to keep up.

  • Jim Gorman

    Bob if I’m within 10 feet I’ll bet u money I can get to u with a weapon before you even draw your gun out. 20 feet in less then one second

  • Jim Gorman

    So toss the whole I’ll just shoot them out the window. Proper training in a reality based tactical environment is best

  • Falconflight


  • El Mac

    Carry anyway.

  • TrajanOptimus

    Move to a state that does allow carry and learn gun control (pulling the trigger as fast as you can killing every threat)

  • grassy knoll

    Excellent post.

  • Gian Torres

    “Whites are individualistic”. Wrong. The cold regions of north Europe made whites the least individualistic people in the world. Their survival depended on this trait more than the people of the rest of the world. I do agree with you that you guys should stick together more often.

  • Bill Smith2

    The Fox news station reported it as a fight outside the hotel?!?!

  • Bill Smith2

    When we see their mugshots……..

  • Bill Smith2

    Typo.. That’s the JustUs Department..

  • Highlander

    Exactly. You sound like a responsible firearm owner. I was also taught that the only time your weapon comes out is when you’re facing a life threatening situation and you intend to neutralize your attacker, and your finger never goes on the trigger until you have a clear shot.

    Where’s our pal “Mike in Illinois” tonight? He should be weighing in on this any minute. He’s one of those dopes who thinks you should just whip out your firearm and squeeze off a few warning shots to scatter the crowd whenever you feel uneasy ….

  • Senior VP, Race Relations

    I’m on the range every Saturday because of scenarios like these.

  • SaveTheWorld

    Garbage humanoids

  • donniea

    Welcome to obama’s america. If Obama had sons they would look and act like these thugs.

  • Bill Smith2

    This story made the front pages just about nowhere..

  • Pinoy Truth

    The white dudes deserved it.

    Come on.

    You know how inflammatory that flag is.

    They’re lucky they didn’t get shot.

    Now, I don’t condone violence but I can UNDERSTAND why there’s so much anti-white resentment.

  • SamFromSales

    There has always been anti-black resentment, so deal with it.

  • Chris Black

    Sound off: would you have been prosecuted for shooting the blacks here. Could you legally have gotten away with shooting all of them, or just the two that took the initial swings? This could easily be a Trayvon type case

  • dave0987

    Let it happen while I am around. Please let it happen while I’m near. The 6 feral beasts would have 147gr hollow point marks.

  • dave0987

    The rabid beasts know of no other way. First the sucker punch, then the “fair” fight against the mob…5, 10, sometimes 20 or more savages on 1 or 2 whites…
    Whitegirlbleedalot (.) Com

  • Alex Miller

    Yes by all means keep electing Demoncrats who will look the other way to placate these miscreants hoping they will show up at the polls one day. Poor misunderstood youth- more on the streets everyday! Keep looking away America-coming to a neighborhood near you! Then what?

  • It could have been the welding equipment that set off the feral humanity. Work scares many in Obama’s America.

  • SteveS.

    The Justice Department is going to prosecute the truck owner for having the flag on his truck.

  • Beauceron

    If you can’t intimidate and coerce people into doing what you want, beat them.

    This country is in ruins.

  • Wrabble

    It would be nice if the stickers read:

    “Remember our Black Confederate Heroes

    instead of “hero’s”

  • Wrabble

    Would a knife have helped?

  • Wrabble

    So a “Hillary for President” rally got out of hand?

  • What will they do when their welfare checks bounce? Who will feed then then? Who will be stupid enough to help them? Change is coming and for them there is no future.

  • ragman

    Why wait for it to get worse? Why react? Time has come to be pro-active. Time to take it to them.

  • WilliamWallace

    You’re right , I carry everyday.

  • John Baker

    I practice reach, point, click, boom.

  • John Baker

    Better judges by 12 rather than carried by 6.

  • John Baker

    Situational awareness is the key.

  • Dan C

    Don’t bet with someone who trains with their handgun regularly…especially USPSA or IDPA shooters, you will lose.

    The problem in this case was strictly tactical…the victims put themselves at a tactical disadvantage right off the bat and it went downhill from there. A case of anger and machismo overcoming common sense. 😉

  • John Baker

    Sadly true.

  • PharmDoc61

    Sons of Obama strike again…and will do so again with complete impunity.

  • John Baker

    I never ever travel without a handgun. One wrong turn and you can be in the thick of it.

  • John Baker

    That can be charged as brandishing. If I ever have to pull a firearm and the perp runs away, I will be the first to call the police.

  • PharmDoc61

    Drop the leader and the rest will scatter.

  • dave0987

    They should be lucky they survived. Many of us “creepy ass crackas” weren’t so lucky.

    whitegirlbleedalot(.)com when you’re ready to see how bad it’s really been-how much the media has kept from you.

  • John Baker

    The funny thing is. My wife and I took one of her friends home the other day. A black guy who lives next door to her was wearing a T-Shirt with a rebel flag on it.

  • Sluke

    6 on 2 that’s justification right there for high capacity mags.

  • Sluke

    We won’t hear this on MSM, but I bet we would have if the second white dude would have dropped 4-5 of those thugs with a handgun.

  • dave0987

    As it always is with the ferals. They almost always “fight” this way. 5, 10 or more on one or two whites/non-blacks. Assuming you want to hit each one at least once, and that you may miss or it may take more than one hit per feral, then yes high capacity is needed.

  • dave0987

    Yes, the usual “Unarmed black youth viciously gunned down by racist white man”

  • Orville J. Clutchpopper

    My Pappy taught me real simple:’
    Never draw unless to shoot.
    Never shoot unless to kill.
    Otherwise, keep it holstered.

  • Rory Jones

    At some point there will be a Boondock Saints type response. This country is going downhill because we allow thugs on the street.

  • dave0987

    This MAY be considered a hate crime. Don’t hold your breath. The vast majority of cases, even those where at first they said they were going to, end up NOT being charged as such.

    Further, you can guarantee the usual slap on the wrist-gotta go easy on them since they are black, because holding them accountable is racist in the new ObamAmeriKa.

  • Orville J. Clutchpopper

    Man!!! Those are SWEET!!

  • Orville J. Clutchpopper

    Jeez. I’m about ready to go “hunting”.
    Set up the “decoys” and let ‘er rip.

    Anyone aware of a “bag limit”?

  • RogerDane

    Negroes being black. Sadly the large percentage of that culture are greatly undereducated, raised in fatherless families, on some form of welfare. Blacks commit crimes “across the boards” at 3 to 5 times their population would dictate. They are responsible for a grossly disproportionate number of all violent crimes. During the later ’50s and thru the ’60s, as MLK tried to win educational and social freedoms for the black population, hate groups stated that the ‘black man’ couldn’t be trusted’ and that “America would pay dearly” for the mistake of (so called) equality. Well, the statistics are bearing out those warnings and there isn’t another MLK on the horizon. Bad news for everyone.

  • RogerDane

    Gorman is correct. Called the Tueller rule. But Baker has the key, ‘situational awareness’… I’ve watched young people walk into walks while on their cell phones! Jeez, few watch and even fewer understand closing speeds, physics of motion.

  • Orville J. Clutchpopper

    Due to the extremely cold and icy conditions and regional flooding of state game lands this past winter and early spring, breeding populations of most game animals are far below the normal limits for the upcoming hunting season. Therefore, the hunting of deer, rabbit, pheasant wild turkey, squirrels, bear, raccoon, and bobcat WILL NOT be permitted during the ’14-’15 hunting seasons. However, several state governors have provided by special decree, a substitute game animal to be hunted in order for the states not to lose license revenues and for hunters not to lose their woodland skills.

    Effective September 1, 2015 thru June 1, 2016 there will be an open season on porch monkeys (UNEMPLOYUS AFRICANAS) occasionally known as jigaboos, saucer lips, shines, jungle bunnies, spooks, ******, shadows, spear chuckers, bluegums, coons, deuces, spades, critters, blackies, splibs, tar babies and moon crickets.

    The following regulations will be enforced:

    1. Hunters may not hunt in parties of more than 50.

    2. No single hunter may use more than 20 dogs.

    3. There will be no hunting in areas considered to be game reserves such as welfare offices, food stanp distribution centers, liquor stores, Cadillac dealerships, pork rib sections of meat markets, ghettos or arenas where professional basketball is played.

    4. Traps may not be baited with pork chops, fried chicken, collard greens, watermelon, cheap whiskey, Ripple wine or Air Jordan athletic shoes.

    5. No more than 5 grams of crack cocaine are allowed to be used as bait per day, per hunter.

  • joe

    Thanks OBAMA!

  • greatcorntrollio

    Animals. Choose your battles. It’s all psychological. Russians knock these monkeys flat on their asses in boxing and mma all the time. Never talk. Always get the 1st punch in. Timidity is not your friend.

  • wowlikewow

    if you are outnumbered, gtfo immediately! stupid crackers. if i saw these fools around my rig, i would have called the cops first.

  • Earl Turner

    Thanks Africa! If white people had a country of our own, this wouldn’t happen.

  • Earl Turner

    Their time is coming, my friend. When the Saxon finally begins to hate, the backlash against those primates is going to be so brutal and bloody that the survivors will be willing to swim back to Africa to escape.

  • wowlikewow

    in this situation, keeping it holstered gets you knocked the feck out!!! dumb kids go into a situation 2 on 5?!? you are an idiot to do that. your gear in your truck is covered by insurance. call the cops to check it out. if it was only 1 or 2 guys, MAYBE confront them, but more, forget it.

  • wowlikewow

    so your telling me that you would have confronted 5 thugs surrounding you, giving you s**t about your truck? yeah, right, coming from ‘mike in illinois’ the most gun restrictive state in the union. shut your hole. the only way that would have worked is if you had the gun drawn from the outset. THEN you would be charged with brandishing a weapon, got to jail. or get jumped and your gun used on YOU! dumbass. Never get into a confrontation if you are out numbered.

  • wowlikewow

    yeah tough guy? then approach 5 black youts, at night and see what happens, they will jump you with out reason and take your stuff.

  • dave0987

    More than likely yes. One good example made sends a pretty good message.

  • okay

    What the media is not saying….

  • NWOslayer

    These savages are out of control. Everyone, including the stupid camera man gone! Fkn hate crime.

  • NWOslayer


  • ytuque

    The average black has an IQ of 85 which means 5 out of 6 have IQs below average. Don’t even try to discuss anything with them as it’s futile. The FBI Crime Stats clearly show that Blacks are more than 30x more likely to attack Whites than vice-versa.

  • Dan C

    He is correct in the case of the average CCW holder or cop…but one must never, ever underestimate their opponent, whether you are the one armed with a firearm, or the one contemplating rushing the one armed with a firearm…which is why I had to point out the exception.

    Rules and studies and such are great…but in the real world one must plan for Murphy. 😉

  • Bill Smith2

    Get a job you bum!!

  • GuateNY

    Feral animals get riled up when they simply see a symbol they don’t like. Typical for those with IQ’s around 80.

    The other day in NJ I saw two of these animals confront a driver who had a British Union Jack decal on his back window. The morons actually thought it was a confederate flag.

  • James Madison

    They are now emboldened by Obama and Holder….. the plan all along. Glad to see the gun control idiots lost in Virginia.

  • GuateNY

    I could see this happening in Newark or Atlanta, but Salt Lake City?

  • Captain Kirk

    Sh|tstain obama will blame the white guys.

    obama is pure effin trash. And that fool he has as atty general will do nothing. Thanks GOP for letting her pathetic backside in.

  • tomnchrist

    The white boys problem is their belief in the Constitution, specifically his first amendment right of free speech. Their second problem was inability to protect themselves when that freedom was challenged. Our problem is the large segment of hyphenated citizens that want to be their own KKK and are feared by Politicians and upper rank LEO’s.
    The only answer for 6 against two is firepower.
    The civil war against whites has already started by the minority gangs.

  • JL Bush

    John, I won’t convict you!

  • JL Bush

    Jim, You are correct!

  • Blah Blah

    Under Obama, black Americans have become total animals.

    As someone who used to support black oppression ( because it is real folks ) I never will again.

    Great job black America, you have set yourselves back 100 years and you did it all by yourselves.

    Every group on the planet hates you.

  • JL Bush

    Unsecured welding equipment in the bed of the truck to attract thieves, and rebel flags on the doors to attract ignorance. Can they think of nothing they could have done differently to avoid the situation?

  • Buck

    3 against one is blank fun. Was an old saying I heard all my life I don’t think it has changed.

  • pooh bear

    I bet some hicks get together and do a confederate flag rally there now. I’m sure that wont turn some heads lol.

  • Arthur

    This will not be listed as a hate crime though it indeed was exactly that. That a flag sticker on a truck would get you beat by race hating blacks is not a joke. But the media will not carry the story shinning the light of black hate upon anything. Carry a gun and protect yourself we are told. But reality is you’ll be the white person on every major media outlet if you indeed do defend yourself from a hood rat thug generation of welfare babies… And you will be labeled a racists, not the criminals that intend you physical harm. Welcome to reality of the new America.

  • Buck

    A karate brown belt can react in 4/10 of a second.

  • Blah Blah

    The confederate flag has nothing to do with slavery, the civil war was about economics.

    Black Americans are the stupidest people on the planet.

  • gates

    Yeah, it’s being investigated as a hate crime. But it’s the white guys who are under investigation for displaying the decal.

  • Orville J. Clutchpopper

    I don’t quite understand what you’re getting at. In this particular situation, I would have followed my Pappy’s rules: shoot to kill. I’m sure I would only need hit one or two of them. The rest would scatter. The problem would arise from the fact that those few would have holes in the backsides of them, and the courts seem to frown on that…

  • Sean

    Racist blacks. And they won’t be punished – what a shock… Obama has created a real mess.

  • Sam Colt

    Ive said this before and I say it here again:
    If you see two or more n!qqers in a pack, beware.
    If the feral pack of n!qqers approach you, lock and load and evade the area if possible.
    If the swarm of n!qqers are within 20 feet of you, SHOOT TO KILL!

  • [email protected]

    there were not but two black families in 1970
    now they got like 6-8 , instant gang
    You wont find the Clan or NEo cons in salt lake
    but mormons won’t stand a second for those
    detroit wannabees to upset the apple cart
    I wish I was there for this, I cant stand the suspense
    can some one videotape that too!!!!!

  • Sam Colt

    L O L….

  • harriet

    Black on white/asian violence is not a shock-what would be a shock is if the msn commented on it.

    We have seen years of ‘knockout game’ etc.. and blacks are in jail in huge numbers for a reason.


    Whites have become wimps who wont even defend themselves anymore.. WE BETTER WAKE THE FK UP… we allowed the leftist to brainwash tens of millions of whites to support their own demise through PC….

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Six on two sucker punch, at that. Africans don’t have any “honor” wiring. Their brains are still at the jungle level. They act like they are attacking a wildebeest with spears, or something.

  • jimbo3298

    “I’ll be damned if I ever come to Salt Lake again without bringing my gun,” Leeper said.

    Absolutely, arm yourselves folks.

  • JimmaObama

    Sons of Obama….Obamas civilian army…..rampant rabid Negros….neat huh……..

  • Bob Wynne

    We are so lucky that we have good race relations here in Louisiana. These things so rarely happen here.

  • ee1774

    Bull Conner’s ghost: “TOLD YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Sam Colt

    The whip and noose is coming for you tar baby

  • Mike W

    A sad state of affairs thanx to Barack Obama, who makes allowances for irresponsibility and criminal behavior based on the color of your skin. The FACT that this entire assault was caught on tape PROVES that it is a thought out and planned attack. I wonder if Obama and his justice department will investigate this as a hate crime BECASUE it was strictly instigated by the race of the victim and the race of the offender. I wonder if these black racist are just as offended by a black drug dealer who sells heroin and weed in their neighborhood as they are some one with a flag sticker on their truck. Black racist idiot hypocries BUT that’s OK because your president is half white.

  • BordersDefendUs

    Blacks were like this before Obama was president.

    They are in fact 700% more violent than whites, and commit the majority of all murders in the USA even though they are just 13% of population.

    The media rarely reports on black crime – and certainly not on black racially motivated hate crimes against whites.

    But the happen. In fact they happen 250% more than white hate crimes – despite all the reporting bias.

    If you look at black/white interracial violent crime, blacks are 50 times more likely to violently attack a white person than a white person is to attack a black.

    In most cases, black on white violence is categorized as ‘normal’ or regular crime, and not a hate crime.

    But in almost all cases if a white attacks a black it is also charged as a hate crime.

  • redrowan2000

    Faces seem pretty clear in this video. Any arrests made or charges filed?

  • BordersDefendUs

    It was 6 on 1.

    And the savage sucker punched him – which is a typical black savage attack.

    Sucker punched him with 5 of his homies to back him up.

    So ‘brave’.

  • BordersDefendUs

    Just a matter of time.

    But chances are the criminal justice system will feel bad for them because they are black, and blacks to liberals are like pets who can do no wrong. So a slap on the wrist is likely, unless there is a Republican in office to keep things honest or if there is a public outcry.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Yeah. A little tap on the snout and maybe rub their faces in the pooh a little bit. Then the Lib waddles off all proud of his “rescues”.

  • PrivilegedCracker

    Good news is it shouldnt be hard to find 6 Black thugs in the hood lol. As for the hate crime charge it will never happen and we all know it.

  • bobdog19006

    A .45 ACP can react at about 900 feet per second, buck.

  • J Dubya

    Carry. Always.

    And NEVER turn you back to them.

  • El Mac


  • El Mac
  • Buck

    With out some one to use it . Then it just sets there that was my point . Never had mine do any thing on its own. Have you

  • Right-wing Realist

    Human just like us.

    Celebrate diversity!

  • bobdog19006

    I caught my Springfield trying to sneak out a window one night, buck.

    I’ve lived in fear ever since.

  • remus


  • tcheak

    Yup. The owner of the truck should have been armed and ready to use.

  • donniea

    Obama will probably invite the perps to the White House to congratulate them.

  • <– Hillary minus her pantsuit

    Yeah if Hussein had sons they’d look just like these street apes.

  • donniea

    Obama has been stoking the flames for years trying to incite a race war. It looks like his efforts are progressing quite nicely.

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    How dare he be white and “privileged” I say how dare he!!!


    White privilege is a false creation of the communist left to keep blacks on their voting plantation. They pander and pretend to care about blacks. They tell them all their short comings and bad life experiences is because of white people. The truth needs to be told that blacks are the way they are because that is American black culture. Their culture is violence. They have fatherless homes and their mothers have multiple male partners and usually multiple baby daddies. Nobody teaches the kids values, manners, discipline, respect, self reliance, accountability, etc

    Black lives matter? NO. They only matter when they are killed by a white person or killed by a cop. Every situation involving a cop and a black is always racist according to blacks. Perhaps if they haven’t started killing more of each other each year than the KKK ever did during its time of existing, just maybe they wouldn’t have so many run ins with cops. What do you expect though when these kids are already committing felonious acts before they even graduate? Blacks and their culture are to blame for their demises and apparent lack of equality, which is just their lack of assimilating into American culture and society.

    When will the communist left tell blacks they are no longer needed now that they got illegal latinos and Muslims to pander to now?

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    Blacks are cowards and then when a white person kills one of their own or assaults one of their own, its riot time and blame all our problems on white time. Blacks kill 2x the amount of white people than whites kill black each year. They kill nearly the same amount of their own kind than white people kill of their own each year, but blacks only consist of 13% of the population so this number should be way more alarming and telling. Blacks commit most crimes and the most dangerous criminals are blacks aged from 13 to mid/late 20’s

  • LIbtardian slayer

    Black racists are extra bold when its six on two

  • Fallbrook

    Racial relations have really improved since Obama became dictator.

  • JL Bush

    Exactly! Only a fool fights fair in these situations.

  • Goober_Pyle

    By hicks do you mean people that work, pay taxes, and don’t have lengthy criminal records and/or outstanding warrants?

  • JL Bush

    You don’t need permission as long as you quote and mention the author.

  • J Dubya

    Love that scene!

    The only thing different, if that were happening in the real world is, as soon as the 1911 came out they’d scatter like cockroaches when the light comes on. Guaranteed.

    Good folks had better start getting in some trigger time because some day it’s going to be for real. Welcome to Obama’s America.

  • Darwin’s Accelerator

    If this was a group of whites attack to blacks, it would be national headlines. But it was a group of non-whites attacking two whites for exercising their free speech and it takes websites such at this one to cover it. White America is under attack all thanks to the Obama administration and the big media outlets.

  • Jeff

    This video is not a “SHOCK.” This is completely expected and predictable.

  • My Shocked Face

    Bring more friends…and take the first swing. Glad I live in an open carry state.

  • Jonny rRingworm

    Wallace you are a moron. Yeah you can sucker punch a few weak whites, that will be it. People with start carrying, then what will you do? You may have knocked out a few unsuspecting people but that’s just wussie stuff, be a man confront someone instead of a quick punch and run. Your days are numbered

  • Rory Calhoun

    Savages! FYI: I would say the same if there were whites who jumped a black dude.

  • One of the lefties, so “concerned” with this “blatant display” of disrespect and hatred in the form of a sticker, shouted “faggot” before the melee. Isn’t that against the left’s self-imposed playbook on ending discrimination? Hard to be consistent when you don’t love freedom or other opinions.

  • Aldo Elmnight

    “I’ll be damned if I ever come to Salt Lake again without bringing my gun,”
    That is the lesson here. Be armed.

  • OpinionBuster

    7 on 1? How brave of those thugs.

  • OpinionBuster

    I wonder when these thugs will get an invite to the White House.

  • anon

    Democrats used to be Republicans, Republicans used to be
    Democrats and everyone’s DNA originates from Africa …………where the slave
    trade is still happening today, in the place it originated from

  • WilliamWallace

    Actually, I grew up in big cities, have never committed a crime in my life, have some boxing experience and have used those skills to back down several violent thugs in my life…did you even read the comment? You are the moron and proved it with your mindless reply…

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy


    Time to riot!

  • useyourhead2

    If President Zero had a son……………..

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    And apparently white people are the problem??


  • Ron Manns

    These fine young men are doing gods work to rid us of evil stickers!! lol

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    Have a few guns on hand? or skittles and iced tea

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    Blacks learned from the feminist movement

    “equal opportunity without equal obligations”

    And they wonder why they are killed by police more often

  • jlcracker

    That’s just great inside of 4 feet.

  • will jones

    if you are wondering if a race war will happen, don’t, obama has already started it.

  • Authentic.American

    Hate crime.
    Where is Obama’s commentary decrying it?
    Oh, the Great Unifier is playing golf with Reverend Wright and Louis Farrakhan. Sorry.

  • dachu33

    Next time have C C W and stop getting into arguments with crazies!

  • daddio

    They should not have left ANYTHING in their truck at a hotel.

  • daddio

    Never let them get within 10 feet of you.

  • GenEarly
  • GenEarly

    Keep moving until you are in a “gang free” locale because your environment will at least be 2x worse when TSHTF. Never judge tomorrow by today, just my opinion.
    All the best to you and yours.

  • N

    Filthy N. Find em Hang em

  • bittman

    I think these Black-on-White beatings are much more common than the media reports.

  • Buck

    Cracker works fine pulling a 1911-A1 or mod 65 smith. And good for a little further than 4ft yuh think.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Not only would I do so but i have been just such a situation. Illinois is still pretty restrictive but not as much as it used to be. Illinois surprisingly actually is better than quite a few states in the castle doctrine department. There is no longer a duty to retreat.

    You act like you control whether or not you get into a confrontation. Guess what – YOU don’t. If another is determined to confront you, they will do so. Maybe you choose to run and hide and bow, but I do not choose that chump path. I have the right to defend myself and will do so, again and again as I have in the past. You are just going to have to accept that not everyone will choose as you do, to cower in fear of both the thugs and the police.

    Go ahead, charge me with brandishing. Maybe then you will learn that defending yourself with a firearm is a exercise of a right, not a criminal action.

    If you want to disarm me, I pity you. See, I will defend against your criminal violation of my rights by exercising my own. Several of those rights, in fact.

    Just for you I will say it again.
    Carry a gun. Use it to defend yourself. Problem solved.

  • Don’tBlame2ndAmendment

    How can the D.A. not see this is a HATE CRIME! America with its P.C. mentality is blinded and full of double standards all depending on color of skin. America is liberal sick!

  • Zen Masta

    If these young heartless thugs attack their own community what did white people think was going to happen when they decided to turn their attention to “whitey” and try to get some retribution. This was bound to spill over into other communities.This is a nationwide problem and it can’t be ignored. I’ve never seen such a terrible, evil and violent attitude with many of the youth today there is zero respect for anyone.

  • GenEarly

    Some are, most won’t. SEIU and AFL-CIO will stay with Hilarity and her crime family. Teamsters may go for Trump.

    But Trump’s reach is certainly going to get the remaining Democrats that care about something beyond der Party.

    Chamberpot Progressive Repubs may sit out a Trump general election, but who knows? Nov.2016 may as well be 10 yrs away because what happens between now and then will be beyond reality for the country.


    Black community dirty little secrets..
    a different take…

    Blacks are raised on Average by insecure black baby mama without ANY Male present. Without Family Unit. This has been going on for some time now…40+ years..

    Average Black baby mama just want the Government Check…the babies from many different men, are just revenue to them…they are the worst stewards when it comes to raising children, many don’t even like their children…many kill their children…many “mama’s ” are themselves undereducated or just uneducated….drug addicted…

    They actually complained in one city who passed legislation if their welfare kid misses school they get cut off…they are getting free money via tax payer and need only make sure their kid is in school and they are STILL COMPLAINING…

    Average black baby mama care more about weaves, clubbing, whoring about (they don’t use contraceptives for any number of excuses – #1 being alergic to latex) partying, free stuff, texting, facebook, not working, and hair weaves (to look more white)…

    Yeah. I put the burden for most of the black community (and now everyone else’s) problems on the Ghetto queen baby mama for the black lack.

    BLM is a distraction…the truth is hidden by distracting us with all kinds of “white oppressive” and B/S…
    EVEN more of the burden lies in the Democrats and the white useful idiot liberals for promoting this meme for VOTES…

  • Skip

    Why is it always the Blacks beating or shooting a White person or one of their own but we constantly hear them chant that the White people are the racist…BS!

  • jimmf

    It doesn’t matter what color their skin is. These are not humans. They are animals. The moral crisis that is an epidemic should be the topic being addressed.

  • MekongDelta69

    “‘I’ll be damned if I ever come to Salt Lake again without bringing my gun,’ Leeper said.”

    Bingo. ALWAYS carry…

    (Most) blacks are cowardly thugs. They only attack in groups or packs.

    And btw, the concept of ‘hate’ thoughts/speech/crimes is absolutely pathetic. It’s just another totalitarian invention of the left to be used against Whites (99% of the time).
    [When was the last time you heard of a ‘love’ crime?]

  • D. Long

    Ignorance will be the death of the human race!

  • drattastic

    To the media; 6 on 1 isn’t a”fight” . If it were 6 Whites on 1 black the injustice dept. and the full weight of the federal government would have already been dispatched.

  • drattastic

    That’s where you’re wrong, all that matters to the media and the federal government is the color of their skins. You won’t see this on the national liberal media. Now if the roles were reversed we’d never hear the end of it.

  • drattastic

    You don’t need to just “think”they are more common. , Colin Flannery at these things are well documented and are of epidemic proportions.

  • Teachem-Twice

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in a news release on Monday, that underage youths “will no longer be called ‘juvenile delinquents’.” The term has now been changed to “justice-involved youth!”

  • Ubeturbipy

    If it were I, and if able to pull my buddy Colt, there would have been a whole lot of popping going on with a very short intermission every 8


    Go get em’ LEEPER!!!

  • Was it a “hate crime” based on the ethnicity of the two white guys associated with the truck that had a Confederate flag on it? Maybe, IDK.

    I do know that if I were the attorney for any of the six people involved in assaulting the two white males (and I am playing devils advocate here), I would beg for them to be charged with a hate crime. If that occurs the trial will become a referendum on the so called “Confederate Flag”. Consider the recent news:

    (A) South Carolina Legislature has removed the flag, (B) GA Gov. stopped use of the vanity plate with the flag on it, (C) AL Gov. has stated the flag should be removed from a state monument, (D) TN Gov. has said the flag should be removed from vanity plates and the bust of Nathaniel Bedford Forrest should be removed from the State Capital, (E) VA Gov has ordered the vanity plate (Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy) to be stopped.

    Like it or not these things will become part of the trial and the argument will be made that because many “leaders” across the country see the flag as an obvious symbol of division and hate that these six young men were “driven” to be reminded of just how hateful the flag is and that as such their action was a result of having this emotional issue thrown at them.

    This could be interesting and if they charge these six folks with a hate crime, I will be making pop-corn. But I would bet my left nugget they won’t be charged with a hate crime.

  • Patty

    East Chicago Councilman Charged With Murder Gets Reelected…×309.jpg

    Does he kiss his mother with that face. See, democrats in leadership, no wonder Chicago is going the way of Detroit and every other Democratic run city and State.

  • The Crow

    You keep your brown belt and I’ll keep my Ruger, thank you very much….

  • jlcracker

    Hey there Buck: Sorry I really didn’t define my answer a bit better. I was referring to the karati, num chucks, kung fuie experts,,,,,,,,,,,, NOT myself and/or my pistol.

  • Had Enough

    Strange, something tells me that if a group of big old rednecks beat the s**t out of one of those F*** Yo Flag pieces of garbage stomping on Old Glory(if only!), it would be a national emergency. Oddly, this isn’t getting much MSM exposure, at least not that I’ve seen. Has Obama spoke on this yet?

  • Had Enough

    My uncle was a contractor whose work often brought him to the dark side of town. He always carried on these occasions, because everybody knows that your chance of being harassed, assaulted or robbed skyrockets in those areas.

  • Buck

    Crow are you not paying attention to what has been written or did you just want to comment. I’m going to try and explain if you don’t understand. My comment was in regards to how fast a person a human can react. A trained martial artist a brown belt can react quicker than a normal person. I’ve seen gun fighters in lawenforcement since the 1960’s. And since then I’ve watched people on tv who were fast and accurate . So much so I could not see them draw and shoot My whole point was about reaction time not about using karate in a combat situation . I’m and old man now and broken down from cancer so there won’t be any karate these days. Although I did get a brown belt in tae kwon do in 1976. That’s why I knew about the reaction time. I was also a school trained lawenforcemet armorer at one time. When I worked as a correctional officer Sgt. With the Oklahoma dept of corrections. And for 2 years was a sniper with them. I never had to shoot any one but was ready to several times but the situation resolved its self and I didn’t have to. Mostly now I’m just and old has been.

  • Buck

    Also my statement was to another post from Jim above which I will put below. Which I’m not saying is wrong but there are trained people who you can’t get to. Buck

    8 hour
    Bob if I’m within 10 feet I’ll bet u money I can get to u with a weapon before you even draw your gun out. 20 feet in less then one second

  • The 10th Crusader

    ValJar is rounding up the “suspects” for an invite to the White Hut.

  • kat57

    Geraldo is right, Obama started this and made this…sick!

  • Buck

    This is Bob Munden. He was one of the I was thinking about he has been recorded shooting in 2/100’s of a second

  • 310.15[K]

    Don’t roll unarmed.

  • Down Lowbama

    ARE there any gang-free locales left in this country?

  • Brett

    I’m just surprised that it wasn’t TWENTY on TWO.

  • Brett

    I don’t. I don’t go out at night without a gun, and I am always armed in my home.

    When confronted by a group of blacks, always expect big trouble.

  • Brett

    Just wait until I open up on them, if it ever comes to that, with my familiar pair of 30.06 semi-autos, 1911 .45s, and AR. They can’t run fast enough.

  • Brett

    It has been happening for over 30 years in America, but the news “media” never reports it. Wake up, America.

  • Brett

    I’ve got “hi cap” 10 round mags for my Colt 1911 .45 ACP. Does that count?

  • Brett

    I prefer 230 gr. .45 ACP. Better proven stopping power, and often, more accurate.

  • Brett

    Didn’t look like much of a “fight” to me. Looked more like an ambush, or in legal terms, and assault.

  • Brett

    You are twisted. I am not teaching about MLK. I am teaching my friends and relatives to be well armed and vigilant, and to not take ANY chit from rioters, looters, and other sub-humans.

  • Bill Smith2

    Any updates to this story anywhere yet??

  • Had Enough

    And get a heavy bag, find a spar partner etc. We need to start thinking in terms of Us vs Them. They already do. The sooner we realize this, the better.

    I would also add: never wait for the first punch. Assume the worst, and hit first.

    When you are surrounded by a group of blacks, you should know it’s gonna get ugly. These guys’ mistake was, at the very least not putting their hands up and their chins down, but really they should have delivered the first blow straight to the jaw. The nose is good too, but make it count. Anybody with street fight experience, especially against blacks, knows this.

  • Crispy

    If thugs and Liberals have a war against us it will be a short one, since libs don’t have guns and thug bums like that only fight when they have a ten to one advantage and know they can win. Even the odds and they will retreat.

  • Andrew Clayterman

    And sick of liberals!!

  • Andrew Clayterman

    the targets weren’t moving or firing back..

  • Buck

    Your right Andrew none of them balloons had guns and were shooting back. I noticed that to. So now what. Been over 40 years since I had any targets/bad guys shoot back at me. But they might not count since they were just NVA regulars ..but some of them were moving and had ak/47 and Rpds and RPGs . They was bad shots or I was lucky or more than likely the LORD was lookin out for me as none ever hit me. That’s old stuff though . I can’t move fast enough to dodge any more. Almost can’t move. Period. So the bad guys gonna have to come to me. 100%disabled Vietnam veteran 1st air Calvary division . United States Army Buck

  • WilliamWallace

    Great comment and you’re right, I know from personal experience, you must connect with your inner beast to win against a hardened thug.

  • O’Brien’s Math Facts

    We can argue the racial and philosophical aspects of this all day long but, it I’ve got $50k worth of gear in the back of my truck, you can be damn sure I’ve also got it secured so no gang of ‘youths’ passing by can get into it.

    Also, if it’s 6 on 2, where’s the harm in staying in the hotel room and calling the cops?

    It’s easy “Yes, 911, I’m at the Skank EEZ hotel in the bad part of St Lake and there a group of 6 youths around my truck. I’ve got $50k worth of stuff in there and the youths are right by it”

    If you want to make sure the cops get there quickly, just add on “On second thought, these are all black guys and I’ve got a shotgun, do y’all have a stand your ground law in this state?”

    The cops will be there in less than a minute.

  • Jonny rRingworm

    I did gloss over it, I also took it the wrong way. I was angry about the combat part of your statement, because that actually gives what they do merit, which sucker punching people deserves none. It happened to my wife a week ago, So my emotions were a bit high. But I in fact was the moron on this one, I apologize…

  • Buck

    Jonny I’m very sorry your wife had to go through such a thing. May the LORD watch over her and your family. I wish you and I had been there to protect her. Buck

  • John graham

    situational awareness will keep you alive………and you are correct, they are only “tough” in gangs of four or more

  • John graham

    amen brother, amen……..,.simply watch people as they go about their day……..most have their head down (on their phone) ……or have it up somewhere else…….no clue about the danger around them

  • John graham

    I just want to chime in here buck…….not being a smarty butt……..but a good wrestler can disable a blackbelt in less then 2 seconds……..ask any good, honest blackbelt what they fear in an opponent……..they will all tell you the same thing

  • John graham

    and THANK YOU…….by the way

  • John graham

    amen………they think 6 on 1 is fair……….time to even the odds a mite

  • LIbtardian slayer

    It takes time for the DOJ to show up with its black racists

  • John graham

    most people have never been in a fight……….we learned in elementary school…….now they don’t “allow” kids to work it out………my best friend of 40 plus years , and I went head to head the first time we met……..we both wanted to kill each other…… we would gladly kill for each other………life lesson

  • John graham

    good call sir……….it takes a lot to admit you were wrong…….good call

  • John graham

    so does that mean you agree, there are no “native” americans……..or indigenous people???????

  • jlcracker

    Yep I have seen him. Lightn’in in the hand. Thanks for reminding me.

  • Buck

    John my original post was to you so I don’t consider you a smarty butt. I might also comment that for 5 years I was head bouncer at a cowboy western bar that held over 600 .i averaged during that time period 5-10 fights a week where I hit some one. This does not count where I only through some one out which was many more times. And also at the state prison where I was on the cell entry team. I was much lest active there as my big year I only had 14 fights . In both places I faced knives and clubs and at the bar Twice fire arms. So I really do have real life experience and a lot of it in all kinds of fights and have fought all kinds of people golden glove boxers judo men Kung fu kart ate street fighters college wrestlers some of what ever was out there. And most of the time I was out numbered .

  • John graham

    sounds like we have similar backgrounds………sadly, most don’t even know how to fight anymore…….it is a lost art……..I wish we would have had the UFC when I was a younger man………we would have been millionaires by now….haha

  • Buck

    I went back and looked and my post was to Jim. So I was wrong . John each time I post I always get post from people both right and left telling me how I’m wrong. As I’ve said on this I used the brown belt in karate as an example on how a person can train up there reflixes. I said this in regards to what jim had said about being able to get to some one in 1 second. And I don’t doubt that he can. On average people but some one with experience and an extream example Bob Munden again the video I posted could shoot his or my eyeballs at in 2/100ths of a second. Many people have experience and have very good reflexes. I could say more but I’m sure f I did I would get more remarks from people who really haven’t read my post and want to argue . But one more the people I had the most trouble with were former golden glove boxers they could hit. And the big ones could really hit. I’ve seen stars several times from them. The college wrestlers weren’t much. This was in the early 80’s. Buck

  • Jonny rRingworm

    Thanks Buck, I do too. I have started teaching her to shoot and when shes comfortable she will get her ccw. I have been offering to teach her for the last 20 years…She wasn’t interested, that has since changed

  • Buck

    I’m glad she is learning. People never think they are going to need a gun then get in a situation where they do and don’t have one. On women I usually train them with a double action revolver. They seem to be the safest for people who don’t know fire arms. And n women i don’t go above .38 spl. I got my step daughter a ruger LCR in .22 mag. She seems to like it. I carried a s&w model 65-2 for years while working. For a revolver its. Great. My all time favorite as far as useing is the 1911-A1. They make 8 round mags for them now instead of just the seven. Please give my regards to your wife. And my sympathy. Buck

  • WilliamWallace

    I’m so sorry that happened to your wife. I know how you feel, when I was 12 years old I came home from school and my Mom was sitting on the recliner, she had been beaten to a bloody pulp by a Black man who mugged her and called her a “White b*tch” as he reigned down blow after blow on her face. He then ripped the purse off her arm so hard it snapped her forearm into two pieces. I hope this don’t offend you but I will pray for your wife. God bless you and yours.

  • Jonny rRingworm

    No offense taken…What got me was they didn’t try to rob her. She had 800.00 bucks in her purse. It was just senseless violence. We are in a suburb near Detroit, some crime but not a lot. No one helped her, people walked by. I always carry, but I wasn’t there. We have been to the range 4 times since and she has a shiny new Beretta, once she’s capable she’ll get her ccw. Hopefully she never has to use it.

  • Jonny rRingworm

    I bought her a shiny new Beretta, 9mm. Personally I have always liked the hammer set-up on them. Plus It’s what I carry, except mines a 40. She’s starting to like shooting. Thanks for your sympathy, she’ll be ok. She’s just scared now.

  • GenEarly

    Appalachian Redoubt (avoid TN however)

  • GenEarly

    “Strong Cities Initiative”
    ProgreSSives coming in from all sides, “comrade”.
    Welcome to the USSA. Unfortunately!!

  • F1 Lover

    Helter Skelter time is approaching.

  • J Dubya

    Make sure you go out during the DAY with one as well. =^)

  • hanblecheya

    What kind of an idiot would approach a gang of blacks unarmed? He deserved it. Need to watch the white version of “The Talk”.

  • Gregory V. Henley

    shoot first…all who are there, and pick up the phones , pull the batteries or otherwise destroy the phones thouroughly.

  • Gregory V. Henley

    right…never let them get close…ever
    if they step…SHOOT

  • GenEarly

    Black Gangs are probably the least of our concerns…….the Feral Gov. Tyranny comes in many forms and with unlimited authority to use any force necessary……..or that they “desire”.

  • WilliamWallace

    Black on White violent hate crimes are being orchestrated by the tyranny in Washington DC. The truth is, all of us, regardless of skin color are being abused by the very politicians elected to represent the interests of American citizens. The entire establishment power structure must be brought down.

  • Brett


  • Brett

    Sometimes I don’t. You never know when a threat will emerge…

  • RogerDane

    Well, one needs to define “close.” One of the key requirements for self-defense is the attacker’s “ability” to harm you. At 100 yards with an edged weapon (hand held, not a spear, even then?) the ‘ability’ will be severely questioned. But anything closer than ten yards and ability “has been proven”, which then means all you have to do is show intent and prove your own fears. Not necessarily an easy task in today’s anti- gun, show tolerance until “YOU” bleed society.

  • GenEarly

    Connecting the dots, as I’m sure you have, but for those that haven’t……….

    “local” police assigned to a joint Feral Polizi “task force” cannot be prosecuted by local or State authorities for crimes committed on duty with the task force.. Feral Polezi are already Exempt from local or State authorities.

    and in rides Comrade Obamy to “fix” the racist cops and protect his peoples, who he organized and comoonity agitated in the first place. Textbook marxist-leninism.

  • WilliamWallace

    Thanks for the links, hope everyone is paying attention. The masses are waking up but will they wake up in time?