Putin Replies to Obama’s Nuke Missile Tests? Russia Launches Twin Nuclear ICBMs from New Submarine (Video)

The Russian Ministry of Defense posted a video clip showing two rapid-fire submarine launches of Bulava ICBMs that are capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads taken some time this weekend.

russian test

The twin launches come days after the United States launched two submarine-based Trident II (D5) ICBMS off the California coast on Saturday night and Monday afternoon from the USS Kentucky. The first launch lit up Southern California and was seen in parts of Arizona and Nevada, startling people who thought it was the beginning of a nuclear war. Each missile is capable of carrying 14 nuclear warheads that can hit independent targets.

Missile California Freakout Drudge Report
Image of U.S. submarine launch of ICBM, November 7, 2015, via Drudge Report.

The video clip was posted Saturday to Twitter by the Russian Ministry of Defense with a translated caption of, “# Video # For the first time multiple rocket launches two ICBMs “Bulava” from the board of ASMC “Vladimir Monomakh””

The twenty-seven second video shows taken at night shows two missiles being successfully fired seconds apart following the same trajectory.

The Russians stated the launches took place in the White Sea.

“Submarine “Vladimir Monomakh” was first performed multiple rocket launches of ICBMs “# Mace” from the White Sea”

The test missile launches were reported in advance by Tass and also reported by the Barents Observer.

“Russia´s newest strategic nuclear-powered submarine “Vladimir Monomakh” will be launching two Bulava missiles during the coming days.

“If the launch is successful, or even in case only the launch mechanisms work normally, the submarine will be taken into active duty in the Russian Navy, a military source says to news agency TASS.

“According to plans, “Vladimir Monomakh” will be launching two Bulava missiles from underwater position in the White Sea to the Kura range on the Kamchatka peninsula no later than November 16. There will not be any more launches of the Bulava missile this year,” the source added.”

The Observer reported the Bulava missile, which can carry ten nuclear warheads, has had a troubled history but has improved in recent years with the introduction of the Borei class of submarines. The Vladimir Monomakh is the newest member of the Borei class and a successful test launch would put the sub on active duty in the Russian Navy added the Observer.

“The Bulava missile that the Borey-class submarines are constructed to be armed with, is a three-stages, 36 tons heavy submarine-launched ballistic missile capable of carrying ten nuclear warheads. Each submarine is armed with 16 missiles.

“Russia has been conducting tests with the Bulava missile since 2004. Until 2009, there were 6 failures in 13 flight tests and one failure during ground test, blamed mostly on substandard components. After a failure in December 2009, further tests were put on hold and a probe was conducted to find out the reasons for the failures. Testing was resumed one year later, and of the ten tests that have been conducted since then, only one has failed, according to Wikipedia.”

The Washington Free Beacon reported earlier this week on the Vladimir Monomakh.

“A product of the Rubin Marine Equipment Design Bureau, in all critical respects the Borei is a significant advance over the aging Typhoon and Delta IV class submarines it is replacing. At nearly 580 feet, the Borei is a large vessel, but the use of advanced technologies, including pump-jet propulsion from its nuclear reactor, also makes it substantially quieter than its relatively noisy predecessors, posing a challenge for U.S. Navy hunter-killer submarines.

“Each Borei will have a crew of 107, of which 55 will be officers. With the inclusion of research and development costs, the Borei will cost about $700 million per boat, far less than a comparable U.S. Ohio class submarine, the costs for which are about $2 billion.

…”The Borei class is designed to launch nuclear-armed ballistic missiles over intercontinental distances. The range of the 12 to 16 Bulava missiles carried onboard the Borei—each capable of carrying six to 10 warheads with maneuvering and other countermeasure capabilities—is estimated at about 5157 miles. The Borei also can defend itself by launching both conventional and nuclear armed torpedoes.

“With a service life expected to extend to at least 2040, the Borei will become a prominent fixture in the Russian military’s intercontinental attack capabilities…”

A forty-five second long version of the twin launches was posted to YouTube on Saturday.

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  • Mike in Illinois

    Instead of playing a pissing match with russia launching duds, how about we both shoot at the muslims that attack both of our nations people? I am thinking the French might actually be on board this time (instead of actively working to protect muslim zealots as they did after 9-11).

  • LibertatiAutAdMortem

    Bingo. Settle the Ukrainian situation diplomatically, Belarus has already stepped in and helped. There are powers at play that do not want to cooperate with Putin and Russia for their own self-aggrandizing purposes. Under a different POTUS, this may not be the case and cooperation for a more secure and safer Western world is possible.

  • Patty

    he loves to one Up, Obama, shoot, anyone can do that these days. No surprise, though, Putin loves to show his muscles.

  • Chris

    France accepting the declaration of war by ISIS has to have Putin sheeting bricks.

  • I dont se how. Putin already has killed a bunch of ISIS terrorists and would probably love to kill some more unlike Obama who arms ISIS with trucks, tents, billions of USD

  • Chris

    France is talking boots on the ground in Syria. It would make Putin in Syria mute.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Putin wants to reconstitute Mother Russia, that is for sure. At this point, I doubt Ukraine will ever be a part of what is eventually reformed. I think many people there view Chernobyl as Mother Russia basically nuking them via negligence. That is not a wound that will heal in the medium term future and might never heal. I think you are right about other nations near, they will view Ukraine as something as a line in the sand.

    We can help them with intel and maybe technology but for the most part, I think we could pretty much call them friends and stay out of the rest of it.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Yeah, but ours work regardless of bobo.

  • Putin is the top brass in Syria.
    France helped the wrong people in Libya, Egypt, also Syria.
    Russia didnt

  • paulgilpin

    putin has an excellent opportunity to one up hussein during the next 45 days.
    there are three launches to the ISS.
    one on 21nov2015 from baikanor.
    one on 03dec2015 from CCAFS.
    these two will be resupply missions.
    on 15dec2015 there will be a manned mission from baikanor to the ISS.
    why from baikanor?
    because NASA couldn’t find any astronauts willing to fly on an american made rocket.
    choose your propaganda wisely vladimir.

  • Libertati Aut Ad Mortem

    Ukrainians deserve independence and a mutual respect with Russia, but remember who is behind the chaos for their own purposes.


  • Contrarianthefirst

    Just “followed” you. Like the way you think.

  • Contrarianthefirst

    Just one little “mistake” away from WWIII…

  • Ty 🙂

  • Contrarianthefirst

    A pleasure, I assure you.

  • Zelsdorf

    But how many of those subs do they have? We have 18.