Barack Obama: Let’s Increase Number of Syrian Refugees to US by 100,000 in Next 2 Yrs.

At least one terrorist in the deadly Paris attacks registered as a refugee on Leros Island in October.
migrants greece
Migrants disembark from the catamaran Terra Jet at the Athens’ port of Piraeus, on Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)

The terrorist was carrying a Syrian passport.
The passport was found on the terrorist who blew himself up outside the soccer stadium.

Hat Tip Dana Loesch

But that won’t stop Barack Obama from bringing Syrian Muslim “refugees” to the US.

In September Barack Obama bragged on Twitter the US would increase the number of Syrian “refugees” by 100,000 in the next two years.
potus syria

The tweet is still posted:

If we had a real media this question would be asked in tonight’s debate:

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  • Deez_Nuts2015

    What are the odds some of those 100k will be jihadists, hmm, [email protected]?

  • Noovuss

    The free stuff that voters keep voting for sure is expensive.
    This story doesn’t even make the radar of the average voter, yawn.

  • Patty

    Oh, but Obama has some great Ideas, let anyone in they are only people who are suffering. So, what does this clown do:

    so, they wish us dead, doesn’t matter to Obama, he will just go golfing and blame anyone else but never himself for his disastrous open border policies and his destroying our military.

  • keystonepipe

    Don’t see too many women in the picture…….how many “vest ” makers are in the crowd?


    Obama is clearly working to kill us…

    Trump 2016!!! try and hang traitors in federal court!!!!

  • Patty

    100% 1) they all are. 2) If Obola says 100,000 the reality is 1,000,000,000.

    Trump 2016!!!



  • ridgerunner

    The average citizen has more common sense and better instincts than our leaders.

  • JY1
    The Screamapillar is an endangered species that takes up residence in a Koi Pond in the Simpson family’s backyard. It is large and red and is similar to a caterpillar.

    In, The Frying Game, the Screamapillar is easily identified by its constant screaming—it even screams in its sleep. The Screamapillar is the favorite food of everything, is sexually attracted to fire, and needs constant reassurance or it will die. After learning all of this, Homer remarked, “You sure God doesn’t want it to die?”

    The man is a screamapillar. He compulsively does all things suicidal and self destructive. I’ll bet they have to hide all the sharp objects from him to keep him from stabbing himself constantly.

  • Ron Stanford

    Am I alone in thinking that yesterday looked like the opening five minutes of “Team America: World Police” — IF TEAM AMERICA DIDN’T SHOW UP?

  • nodhimmi

    What an egomanical azzhole! Let’s not and say we did, you Muslim loving B#stard!

  • Patty

    RED ALERT: FBI Working On Nearly 1k ISIS Probes Inside America… WAKE UP, Obama

    The FBI has more than 1,000 Islamic State probes open in the United
    States and the county sheriffs of Colorado are none too happy about it
    or President Barack Obama’s plan for their state. The Denver
    Post reported on Tuesday that in a letter written to Obama, dozens of
    elected county sheriffs in Colorado protested the president’s latest


  • Impeach Obama Now!

    When they get here, we should be sure to give them Obama’s retirement address!!

  • Scott

    This isn’t incompetence on the part of Obama.

    This is the deliberate destruction of western civilization.

    He’s very good at it.

  • DarkQuark

    It has nothing to do with common sense or instincts or intelligence. It is all about intent. What they do appears crazy or stupid because you assume they are motivated by wanting to do good things for the country. If you understand the real motivation is them serving themselves at our expense then it all makes fine sense.

  • ridgerunner

    A novice can see that Obama hates Israel. A novice can see that Obama is arming terrorists. A novice can see that Obama wants to import disease into the United States. A novice can see that Obama wants to drive the United States into bankruptcy. A novice can see that Obama wants to destroy the United States military. A novice can see that Obama wants to immerse the United States into a race war. A novice can see that Obama want to take our guns away.

  • Highlandsparrow

    One of the terrorists involved in yesterday’s massacre was a Syrian refugee.

  • Patty

    The Migrant Jihad Has Begun in Paris

    At least one jihad attacker was a “refugee.” Will European leaders reconsider their migrant policy?

    That didn’t take long: one of the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis who murdered at least 160 people in Paris on Friday held a Syrian passport and passed through Greece in October.
    In October, he was a “refugee” seeking asylum in Europe from the Syrian
    war zone; in November, he was murdering French civilians for the
    Islamic caliphate. The Migrant Jihad has begun.

    French and
    European authorities can’t say they weren’t warned. Last February, the
    Islamic State boasted it would soon flood Europe with as many as 500,000 refugees. And the Lebanese Education Minister recently said that there were 20,000 jihadis among the refugees in camps in his country. Meanwhile, 80% of migrants who have recently come to Europe claiming to be fleeing the war in Syria aren’t really from Syria at all.

    Meanwhile, Barack Obama was true to form, not mentioning Islam or Muslims in his statement
    on the Paris attacks, and not giving a hint that it was his precipitous
    and politically motivated withdrawal from Iraq that created the vacuum
    that allowed for the rise of the Islamic State. Indeed, the Islamic
    State could end up being the most significant legacy of the Obama
    Administration. Obviously American troops couldn’t have stayed in Iraq
    forever, and the Iraq project from its beginnings was based on false
    assumptions about Islam, ignoring its political, supremacist and violent
    aspects; but Obama’s hasty and ill-thought out withdrawal took into
    account none of the realities on the ground: the Sunni/Shi’ite divide,
    the Iranian influence in Baghdad, the Sunnis’ unwillingness to
    participate in the Baghdad government and the Shi’ites’ refusal to allow
    them to do so in any significant way, and more. France today is paying
    the price for the willful ignorance and short-sightedness of Obama and
    his administration.

  • Patty
  • Vyx

    The FBI says it can’t vet anyone “refugees.” So we are WILLINGLY and KNOWINGLY bringing terrorists in the US. Isn’t this.. .um.. treason?

  • bobdog19006

    A relevant question: In the mass migration currently playing out in Europe, it was reported that a disproportionate majority of “refugees” were actually military aged males.

    I wonder why that might be?

  • Grandma Cankles

    More treason from the Muslim pimp.

  • US.Patriot1776

    Keep in mind, we are importing people from an ACTIVE war zone.

    There is NO verification or vetting process from Syria, a country in a civil war with no active authority, criminal or terrorist / judicial system in place.!!

    Report: First load of Anticipated “10,000 Syrian Refugees” Has Arrived in New Orleans….

  • US.Patriot1776

    ‘Fundamental Transformation’ …just as promised.

  • Mad Hatter

    Obama is wanting to wreck this country with the scourge of the earth.

  • patechinois

    JimHoft, your headline is wrong where you wrote, “100,000 in Next 2 Yrs”
    Obama said 100,000 per year for next 2 years. That’s 200,000…200 frickin thousand in 2 years.

  • DarkQuark

    Unfortunately it seems some good portion of the country has yet to attain the novice level.

  • Cracker

    Barry’s foreign policy meeting…

  • Wigglesworth

    Republicans already gave him the money to do it. Now they will pretend to be against it.

  • bobdog19006

    I’ll take Great Statesmen for $100, Alex.

    Al Gore? Who invented the internet?

    OK. Great Statesmen for $200, Alex.

    Barack Obama? What idiot invented ISIS?

  • ridgerunner

    All of America sees what Obama is doing and many agree with it. The problem is not a failure to communicate what is going on – any more than liberals were ignorant of Bill Clinton’s escapades in the Oval Office. They see all of what is going on. The problem is that many Americans love darkness more than light. If you think Muslims misbehave when they are in the majority – how much more those that reject truth (homosexuals, anarchists, atheists, Planned Parenthood as well as Muslims). I think the great rebellion may have begun. If it has, even Trump can’t stop it. Hey, at least we can vote for Trump and give it a shot.

    “For that day will not come until two
    things happen: first, there will be a time of great rebellion against
    God, and then the man of rebellion will come—the son of hell.”
    II Thessalonians 2:3

  • really now

    The Mitch McConnell / Paul Ryan Congress will do NOTHING to stop Obama.

    Just watch.

  • Dale

    If Obama was a muslim and hated America, what would he do differently?

  • LibertatiAutAdMortem

    Mr. Hoft, Hildabest and The Bern will be thrown softballs. Expect questions such as; “the moderate Muslim communities of the world and particularly France have been traumatized by the attacks. What as President will you do to reach out to these communities?” Hugs and ribbons for participation all around.

  • LibertatiAutAdMortem
  • E. Newton

    Obama, Merkel, Jeb Bush, Sarkozy, et al, they all want you living in fear, enslaved or dead.

  • Darkheart11

    That is a plan I can agree with.

    ONLY if all of those ‘refugees’/invaders are sealed in the same community obama will be in with him family! NO other way!

  • Darkheart11

    That too.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    what could go wrong?

  • John Baker

    The stupid is strong in this one.

  • US.Patriot1776

    Already happening folks.

    Obammigration: 102,000 Saudi Muslim Visas to US Approved (w/in a Week!) in ’11

    Barack Hussein Obama announced that he was going to make it even easier for foreigners to come to America on visitor and student visas. He made the absurd announcement–appropriately–at Disney World. But he’s apparently already made it very easy for Saudi Muslims, to the detriment of America’s national security. Last year, Saudi applications for visas to the United States more than quadrupled from 25,000 in 2010 to 110,000 in 2011. Even worse is the fact that a whopping 93%–or 102,300– of these applications were approved, 75% of them–nearly 77,000–within a week (!) of the application.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Next question.

  • Cee53147

    When one of these kills an American, the blood will be on his hands.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I snapped off in my local paper about that statement just before the election. I asked people to THINK about what he was saying and ask themselves this “Fundamentally transform into WHAT?

    Like his “Touchstone of Transparency” dogma, he was just speaking with a forked tongue.

  • Mike in Illinois

    They SURE DID! And they sure will.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Clinton brought thousands and thousands of Somalis here too and produced enough of a “change” where they settled together to get Al Franken – the 60th vote that brought us Obamacare.

  • Mike in Illinois

    But YOU, a Natural Born CItizen many generations deep had better carry five different forms of ID everywhere you go (especially those several ID that “allow” you to be armed).

    Brother, my kids school just brought out this “program” to collect biometric information from the kids, fingerprints and retina scans!!!!!, and claim it is :for the school lunch line”. No, brother, I am not kidding.

  • US.Patriot1776

    Laws only apply to us, tax serfs. Every other criminal is actually more free.

    “Pity for the guilty is treason to the innocent.”

    Ayn Rand

  • US.Patriot1776

    I liked Mark Levin’s explanation. “Do you actually want to ‘fundamentally transform’ something you love?”

  • Patty

    I suspect this nation, those who have been watching what happen in Paris, well, America NOW IS THE TIME, to tell Washington no refugees. None and if Obama thinks he is going to welcome 10’s of thousands of them, Then America stand up, Please, give Washington and EARFUL.

  • Pa Bell

    There’s nothing in your post that I could argue about, Scott. What is amazing is how he was able to get the whole dem party to go along with it. It makes one consider just how many people in this country are completely out of their minds, totally lacking in any common sense or moral fiber, voting with their political emotions instead of their brains. They act like they’re planning to subjugate all of us on the right, but if they try, it won’t go well for them at all. They may have all the liars and the big mouths on their side, but us folks on the right have all the guns, and we know how to use ’em!!! Their “leader” has continually alienated law enforcement and the military to the point where he won’t get much help, if any, from them when everything goes south.

  • Richard

    Are you out of your f***ing mind, Obama? As God as my witness. I have never seem a more ignorant POTUS than this clown,

  • LeroyShaft

    How unfortunate for all that you are correct sir

  • Mike in Illinois

    He is a very smart man. For sure.
    People took that bait for this reason. They thought their idea of “change” and Obama’s idea of “change” were the same thing.
    And now they found that out.

  • Mike in Illinois

    The proper response is found within the III%.
    We Will Not Comply.

  • ObserverMI

    We’ve provided more than $4.5 billion in humanitarian aid to help meet the needs of those impacted by the Syrian conflict.”

    Whhaaat? with $4.5 Billion ‘every single Syrian’ could be wealthy with big houses and acres of yards!

    Yet you see, ‘what’ for your $4.5 Billion?

    I’d like to ask him. ‘Why do you care more for the people of other places than you do the citizens of this country?

    From ‘within’.

    And still over a year to go.

  • DarkQuark

    Well said

  • Squid Overlord

    Why? Haven’t we been punished enough? WE pay for it in treasure & blood.

  • Johnathan Swift Jr.

    This can only be the act of a man, an administration and a party that is bent on destroying the United States and of course, Western Civilization. No one who is a loyal American would want to import a single Moslem from the Middle East that we cannot possibly vet, let alone thousands of them. The percentage of hard core terrorists within the wave of immigrants is of course impossible to know, but ISIS would be stupid not to slip them in and of course has told us they are. And of course, many of the rest are Islamic fundamentalists who are of course incompatible with American values and its political system.

    At this point, the United States has no idea of who is even in the country. There are millions who have overstayed their visas and millions who have been smuggled in. It’s time for every loyal American to call their elected representative and demand a 5 Year Immigration Hold so that the authorities can sort out who is in the United States, build a secure border and deport everyone who is in the national illegally.

  • Patty

    and now this:

    Iran Issues Shocking Threat About Nuke Deal… Makes Absurd Request For U.S. To Do THIS

    On Thursday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani threatened to end the
    nuclear deal if the United States imposes any new sanctions that are
    unrelated to Tehran’s nuclear program. “If they modify their policies,
    correct errors committed in these 37 years and apologize to the Iranian
    people, the situation will change and good things can happen,” Rouhani

    While asking for an apology, the people of Iran regularly hold
    protests in which thousands of people chant “Death to America.” In fact,
    this nuclear deal was reached just days after Iran’s annual “Death to
    Israel” day when American flags were burned all throughout the country.

    And we should apologize?

  • Nelle

    We need senators and congressmen who will stand up and say Hell No! People who will dare to make a name for themselves by stopping this influx of undesirables before it happens. Could be it will insure their re-election. But at least they will be acting to protect their countrymen, which after all is their primary duty as elected representatives

  • Kali

    The Traitor in Chief isn’t content to Destroy the House of America, but he and his Traitorous Minions are Hell Bent on a scorched earth policy of it’s land!
    This Muslim Death Cult Sympathizer and his Unholy Minions are truely the example of Destroying America from within.

    Train Train Train, because of this Evil man and his ilk America is in for a Blood Letting unseen since the American Civil War.

  • Towermice

    Lets not?

  • glenn47

    So he is so detached that he thinks he will never be attacked by these heathens?
    Money for aid, means money to arm his buds.
    Will anyone step up and stop the destruction of our country?

  • glenn47

    Bingo, all fighting age men, funded by Soros. Just look at what is happening in Sweden and Germany, that is us.
    Yep, treason and no one has the nads to do a thing.

  • 0hiojoe

    As long as we cancel anything that might be considered offensive by muslims prior to their arrival we should be good right?

  • bobdog19006

    I think the number was 200,000, spqr. Every year.

    I wonder where Obama came up with that number. I also wonder who he asked. He certainly didn’t ask Congress. He didn’t ask the formerly American people. Who do you think he asked for an opinion on the subject?

    Or did he do what he has consistently done for seven years: project his own bitter personal opinions about “social justice” into public policy without consulting anybody at all? Where did he get that authority? Valerie Jarrett?

    He sure as hell didn’t ask me.

  • Grandma Cankles

    Word Salad failure. LMFAO!

    I’ll call you a wahhhhhbulance. Boo Hoo sniff sniff.


    I agree you’re a racist big got in favor of the murder of Americans. Rather than import Obola’s murdering Islamic male lovers we need to bomb them into oblivion:


    Got something for ya…something special…we are going to cleanse Amerca of this insanity. Obola amd the cuckservatives are the disease and Trump is the cure:

  • Mad Hatter

    Too bad you can’t think for yourself, and you have to copy and paste something from a left wing site, or something you or someone else posted on another site.

  • Butch

    You are sadly delusional for somebody who seems to be smart. For not a day goes by that Obama is doing something to undermine our freedom or take away something it is not his business to do. He has pitted people against the police, compounded more racism than ever before, and made the cost of living and healthcare a total nightmare for most Americans. And the darndest thing is I can find several a Democrat that has the same opinion and also wants him out of office ASAP. He happens to be all you say he isn’t as well as FOX News being right on top of the truth compared to all the major news outlets and newspapers. So as the Fonze used to say, ” Go sit on it.”

  • Moe Better 11

    Its not “treason” when they look the other way … though I’m sure you right, this is treason. Maybe I’ll vote Trump – he seems to call it like he sees it and he is right on these types of issues – so far.