Life at the New and Improved Mizzou Campus: White Students Asked to Leave “Black-Only Healing Space”

It’s been quite a week at the University of Missouri campus in Columbia, Missouri.
From hunger strikes by rich kids, to poop swastikas, to black football players boycotting games, to the resignation of of the president and chancellor, to beating preachers in a safe speech zone…

To this…
White students at the University of Missouri were told to leave the “black only healing space” and meet in a different room.
black space mizzou
The segregated black only healing space at Mizzou

The Daily Caller reported:

In an ironic development, to say the least, protesters at the University of Missouri (MU) segregated themselves by race Wednesday night, having white students leave a gathering in order to create a “black-only healing space.”

Supporters of the group Concerned Students 1950, which has spearheaded the protest movement at MU, assembled at the school’s student center Wednesday night for a meeting after a planned protest march was canceled due to bad weather. And then, according to activist Steve Schmidt, whites were asked to leave:

The seven groups amounted to six breakout groups for black (or at least non-white) students and one for the remaining white students. The deliberately segregated arrangement was confirmed by local reporter Jared Koller, who was there on behalf of local KOMU-TV news:

We’ve seen this sort of thing before…

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  • whynoborders

    Given that the new UM president is a BLACK activist who met with the black groups earlier, look for a segregated school that will discriminate against non-blacks but demand that non-blacks pay for their demands. Time to transfer to other schools.

  • Mad Hatter

    The birth of the new Jim Crows.

  • M. Black

    If this is higher learning, we’re screwed.

  • Leon

    And the race agitator who organized the whole sham protest is now the University President. Nothing fishy there – no siree.

  • KeenVociferator

    That group should be the ONLY ones to return to Mizzou next year.

  • nor see

    Would a Rachel Doezal like minded person be excluded from this safe space?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    I’ve heard that their next demands include “blacks-only drinking fountains”, “blacks-only bathrooms”, and they want the back of all city buses designated “BLACKS ONLY”.

  • BPatMann

    What will they demand next? Black only classrooms? Black only restrooms? Black only drinking fountains?

  • Goober_Pyle

    Healing space? Those babies should be in a playpen.

  • ridgerunner

    Mizzou may be a lot of things, but it is not the “Show Me” University. If is the “Po’ Me” University.

  • Mazzif Fizzam

    So really..what was wrong with segregation then?

  • NoLibZone

    There should be no reserved space for any one group or race. Open to all. This is a public institution and it is clearly violating open use of public buildings.

  • Don Keller

    Any white kids who show up for that carnival ought to be turned away. White imbeciles who support this trash must suffer from extreme self esteem issues…

  • SineWaveII

    My advice to all “white” students left at that college. Transfer out, now!

  • NoLibZone

    U of Misery just put themselves on the level of a 2nd rate community college. Where in the h3ll is the Alumni? If this was my University, I would be right at the administration and board to stop this.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    For a group of people who spent the last 60 years demanding INCLUSION, they certainly know how to EXCLUDE!

  • SineWaveII

    ..with help from obama and the son of one of obama’s biggest donors.

  • If blacks want to be segregated from whites then Im all for giving them what they want.

  • ee1774

    CONFIRMED! Skin-color DOES matter!

  • Sounds good to me. And this time blacks can blame thhemselves for bringing back segregation.

  • Underestimated

    My kids will never go there or any school that supports or allows this sort of trash. I’m aware that now excludes a large number of universities…so what. They will go to a smaller college without this nonsense.

  • Mad Hatter

    He wasn’t the only one behind this scam. This video makes too much sense. This also stinks of Van Jones and Lisa Fithian.

  • SirGregor

    It’s already too late. It’s happening in every school across the country now. University of California Long Beach students walked out yesterday and the University even BRAGGED about it on their Facebook page.

  • 240grJHP

    So who is violating who’s civil rights?

  • Gun Control

    Huh. So segregation is a good thing now…so long as whites aren’t doing it. Amazing.

  • SirGregor

    Except, if they get what they want, you’ll be unemployed, homeless, and forced to sit at the back of the bus. They aren’t looking for equality.

  • K. E.

    Meanwhile, are these kids even attending class? Or are they just occupying ‘healing spaces’ and lamenting about their student loans for the education they are not even participating in?

  • Kingfish17

    Gotta figure out a way to drive turnout for Lilly White Elderly Plantation Owners Wife in 2016.

  • K. E.

    It will be over eventually. Just like the Occupy Wall Street nonsense. The student protesters of the 60s are the ones in charge at these schools. Ironic. The hippies burned out. This will, too. Just a bunch of kids trying to pretend they have a ‘movement’ before they’ve even been out in the world. Toddlers throwing a tantrum.

  • Grandma Cankles

    To the stupid, brain-washed, weakling, disgusting Whites supporting these thugs, who were just asked to leave…….Told you so!


  • SirGregor

    If I found out my son even attempted to participate in this lunacy I’d immediately withdraw all funding for his tuition. Not a dime of my money will be given to anyone to brainwash my child.

  • Sniffy Pop


    That institution has lost all credibility. Pretty safe to say the will see a decline in quality students.

  • Grandma Cankles

    Number of students in the above picture who will be on welfare for the rest of their lives once they leave BCU (Black Crybaby University) ……….100%

  • JacksonPearson

    Missouri U left themselves broken, and high and dry….:

  • JacksonPearson

    Our Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

  • Wayne Ville

    The white kids, and the black kids that are serious about their future are not there, they are in the dorm studying and applying to other schools.

  • Nelle

    What are they doing? Sitting around talking about their feeeelings? Whining about their $25,000 a year tuition instead of learning what they’ll need to know to get jobs and pay it off? Telling all the white people who feel and care and cry for them to get lost so they can complain about being oppressed by white people?
    They don’t need to go to college for this. They can go to a bar every night, and use the savings to buy beer to cry in. Oh, but there’s no loan for that, they’d have to get a job.

  • Mannie

    Can we have an all White safe space?

    I didn’t think so.

  • Mad Hatter

    If Whites want a safe space from crime, and they move to it, they’re called racists. One set of standards for minorities, another set of standards for the majority population.

  • LudicrousSextus

    You’ll pardon me if I crack up every time one of these imbeciles starts screaming about ‘White Privilege!’ at the top of their lungs – particularly in light of how many of ’em probably wouldn’t even *be* on a college campus absent the several hundred ‘bonus Affirmative Action SAT points’ awarded ’em on the basis of their skin color…

  • Mark Kittering

    it is fun to watch dumb nitwit liberals eat their own…they are obviously not engineering students in the pictures…they would be in the library studying.

  • Mark Kittering

    it isn’t MIT, that is for sure.

  • Obamastein

    Hardly anyone wants to be around these idiot blacks. Not even other black people.


  • RalphEaton2011

    Any racial discrimination is wrong. All this does is make other’s justify their racial bias. And just what is “white” anyway? Half white? One quarter native American? 1/16th African American? Spanish? Are they white? Greeks? Asians?

    It seems in college these days students are ignorant, uneducated, unappreciative and greedy to take from someone else.

  • juandos

    Let me suggest safe places for these whiners…

  • Dan Cassidy

    Good ole tax funded racism. Maybe they will rename Mizzoju “Jeremiah Wright Univ.”

  • Donna

    i have come to believe there is no one more racist than a black person. Their actions speak for themselves. Everything is about the color of their skin & not a thing about the content of their character.

  • Mary Stevens

    The alumni association must be going crazy. How can they ask people for money with all of this crap going on? If I were there or had a student there, I would transfer them out immediately!!!! What kind of education are they offering?

    A light bulb just went off. They are preparing them to be future community organizers and then on to the presidency.

  • [email protected]+y

    This whole black supremacist “movement” is founded on divisiveness and racism, both of which are important to the leftist agenda.

  • D’

    segregation..?…I’m all for it…separate but equal works for me.

  • Count_Yob

    That’s what you get for being allied with these hypocrites.

  • Bobby Strebs

    Yes MU, thank you for bringing race relations back to 1950 standards.
    The civilized world applauds your concern.
    Now please continue to segregate and go in peace; real students are studying and need some quiet.

  • Bob Lawbla

    Excuse me everyone. There has been a lot of negativity discussed below, please respect that my ‘safe space’ is the entire internet.

  • Snake Plissken

    I second that. Leave them all to themselves. Heck, it worked out good in Detroit. They can all sit around and talk about how they’re down with the struggle.

  • [email protected]+y

    If the races were reversed you can bet that the authorities would step in and charges would be filed.

  • Lib-world

    Would you hire a graduate of this university?

  • Will their be suicide zones also? You know for the people that cant handle all the non-sensical, self hating going on campuses around the country

  • rambler

    And they’re healing from what? How this oh so cruel world has treated them? How they are disappointed because this the path to success involves putting up with unpleasant stuff? At some point may they realize that if they stop tossing sh!t at the fan, they won’t be covered in it.

  • Count_Yob

    Safer too.

  • higggs

    Our Universities have become the home for community organizers, for community rabble-rousers, for shakedown artists, the “racists” , the people the president cheers, the people the president encourages to continue doing what they’re doing. Anti-intellectual bullies who cannot stand for diversity of thought, who will not tolerate diversity of opinion. Black racists….. maybe white people ought to fire all black employees, vote only white, hire only white,never do business with blacks….. that’s what they are doing..

  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    Like laundry, separate the colors from the whites. That way there’s no bleeding from two things that should not be mixed together.

  • porcer34

    Why are there still people trying to engage with obvious racists? These people aren’t interested in the truth, they aren’t interested in rational dialogue, and they certainly aren’t interested in introspection.

    They are interested in perpetuating their self-righteousness and maintaining their grievances. Are the people that were asked to leave going to see the obvious or are they going to wallow in rationalization?

  • College Geek

    Can I have a White, male, gun toting, Constitution loving Christian zone? Oh, sorry, that’s offensive. I forgot.

  • Cowardly Lion

    To all the stupid white liberal that are part of this movement. You are seeing what blacks think of you. You are the target of their racism.

  • grassy knoll

    Just shut that liberal craphole down once and for all.
    What a freaking joke, parents pull your kids out and start them back at a decent school, if there are any left.

  • Sean Cahill

    Next they will want their own bathrooms and drinking fountains. Way to go black lives matter, moving forward.

  • Count_Yob

    Non-blacks need safe spaces, too. 8^I}

  • [email protected]+y

    I agree, but don’t expect things to be better if whites ever become the minority. These racists hate white people and will use any gains in demographics to persecute them more effectively.

  • DrChimRichaldsOBGYN

    Liberals sure are great at hyperbolic misperceptions of reality.

  • Old Hickory

    If they really want segregation back, I don’t know that we can stop them. Or that we should even if we could. MLK is spinning in his grave.

  • Libsareclowns

    Who would want to go to UM? Ok, mental midgets….

  • DrChimRichaldsOBGYN

    That’s racist, though.

  • So, next the protesters will insist upon ‘blacks only’ bathrooms, dorms and entrance/exits?
    Yes, that will certainly be a bold step forward. Nothing like the segregated South in the 1920’s, when they——wait a minute…

  • Mike

    Funny, they want the whites to leave, but have no problems accepting free money for handouts from them.

  • Cowardly Lion

    No white students should be forced to be around blacks. Make schools and colleges for black and
    separate ones for whites. It was the stupid government that forced blacks on white people.

    Whites can’t have “Whites Only” but blacks can. F U to blacks and to the federal government.

  • MJ_Lewis

    Like a typical liberals, the ‘leaders’ are playing on perceptions of offense for their own power. The only path to healing is through forgiveness. You can’t heal racial relations by banishing a group of supporters to the other room because they are white. That is racist!!! There is a completely different agenda going on.

  • Dingo

    It’s called a coup d’etat. And the puppeteer is the inside man hand picked by Obama and George Soros.

  • Just not at Mizzou, because it’s a ‘hurtful micro aggression’. Or some such nonsense.

  • D’

    those white kids are called liberals..

  • Dingo

    Brown v. Home of Indoctrination

  • Bubba Gump

    What are you talking about, will see a decline? Like there isn’t already and now they are demanding that it all be free. This country better get is wheels back on track soon or all hell will be breaking loose.

  • [email protected]+y

    This is a racist (black supremacist) movement so of course they want segregation. The Left has created a false construct that only white people can be racist, and this allows them to form overtly racist groups and commit overtly racist acts.

  • djs1138

    Time to check the transfer credits… and move on…

  • buckingelephant

    Well guess what, campers, I want all white safe places in public. I do not want to have to deal with street thugs and criminals. I want to be able to back away from a black person and tell them I can’t bring myself to be around them because I don’t feel safe. I want to go to a restaurant where I won’t be intimidated by loud rude obnoxious black people who don’t have the faintest idea on to behave outside the ghetto and won’t be screaming racism and lawsuits when they’re asked to leave for their boorish behavior. I want to be able to go to my doctor without being forced to interact with black people who think a doctor’s visit is a family reunion as I feel unsafe around groups of 3 or more black people. I don’t want black people in my neighborhood because I feel unsafe. I don’t want black people touching me, or my food, or my pets or my children because I feel unsafe. I want my children to be in a whites only dorm because they don’t feel safe. I want all white classes in our education system because my children don’t feel safe. Sorry, black students, it goes both ways.

  • djw663

    #BLM, America’s racial & terrorist problem.

  • Zexufang

    Where’s my “safe space”… far away from PC madness?
    Also – ask a liberal – the expiration date for affirmative action.
    5-years from today? 10-years? 25-years?

  • Mad Hatter

    Like many universities, Mizzou is a miniature banana republic run by Marxists.

  • malaka_eneuresis

    they say in the movie “The natives are restless”.

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    Actually government-sponsored racism mostly benefits blacks and to a (much) lesser extent Hispanics. Asians are actively discriminated against,. We have to have higher scores even than whites to get into the same schools, enormously higher than blacks. I guess we are paying for the racial privilege of having Democrats put my family in concentration camps behind barbed wire and having everything stolen from them.

  • Rocketman

    They never had any quality students

  • [email protected]+y

    They are no doubt still content in their subservient role to their black masters. They have been indoctrinated to accept their subjugation.

  • J2289

    OK then….Stop spending money on busing! My large school district has about 1,000 buses used to implement the outdated Supreme Court decision requiring busing. That’s 1,000 buses X $100,000 each = $100 million dollars! Busing is a colossal failure…minority test scores have NOT improved in spite of 30 years of busing the minority students to other schools. This shows you that educational achievement results from the student and his family life NOT on the school or the teachers in the school. Kids that fail, whether they are white, black, brown, or yellow, come from families where the parents don’t care, the dad or mom is on crack, the parents let their kids join gangs, they watch tons of TV, and they don’t read books. Charter schools are the answer. School choice is the answer. Teacher unions are the destroyer of education.

  • [email protected]+y

    Their ideology dictates that whites have no rights.

  • Mad Hatter

    Thank you for pointing out that fact, and I’m sorry your family had to go through that.

  • GESBoulder

    This comedy needs a video of an old white Marxist prof explaining to the kids that race consciousness is a tool of the oligarchs to divide the proletariat … and then he gets a lesson in fascism with a fist to his face. This is post-modern, political theatre: The oligarchs’ screenplay; a performance art piece of destabilized perception and nonlinear conflict. Back in Davos, George Soros is peeing his pants he’s laughing so hard.

  • Dex

    yup…this is going to end well!! LOL. Thing is, all these college kids, the majority of whom are non-black, are all a bunch of drones who will soon find out they are being used by the left! Their little feelings will get hurt, BUT, they will continue to support this nonsense until death!! sad..

  • Bubba Gump

    Exactly what they are attempting to do here. Separate and then cry discrimination because old honkey wants to enslave them. Call me what you want because it means nothing to me but stay in your own neighborhood. At least the radicals who just don’t get it.

  • Dingo

    Then MU could become a Hysterically Black University.

  • Cowardly Lion

    When is that worthless university going to provide a safe environment for white students that aren’t part of this maggot movement that are just there to get an education?

  • johnleehooker

    I understand there are some lovely “black only” healing spaces in AFRICA

  • Spock

    By default, democrats have always been racist and their party is just now feeling comfy about letting everyone know they don’t want to be integrated. Its cool because its about their race and not yours. That whole fake-empathy-race-thing in the 60’s was to maintain the illusion that they are the party for fariness when it was only about needing to lay blame on republicans. They created a cottage industry of race-based pansies who can’t tie their shoelaces.

  • johnleehooker

    and yet Asians vote for dems by a large margin…why is that?

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    It really illustrates the the Racial Grievance industry isn’t about addressing past wrongs. it’s about punishing success and putting money and power in the hands of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

  • guessed

    If only they WOULD go in “peace”. They won’t go, however, without YOUR “piece”, and MY “piece”, and every OTHER “piece” the Government can steal from us for them. And even THEN, they will CONTINUE the hate, just like the President wants, ’cause it’s their ONLY marketable skill at this point…

    After all, if you hate long enough and loud enough, you might even be President one day; of a university, or even of the United States. That’s how it’s worked out LATELY, anyway…

  • johnleehooker

    it’s the moron machine called public education…and it’s cranking out the morons that’s for sure!

  • David

    Of course we can. It’s called a work place.

  • dave0987

    Phony pitty-party by invite only.

  • Patty

    Healing Wow, Not only don’t they know the Constitution of the U.S.
    they, will that’s it. He is what the Black Communist Party in America is
    doing to our kids.

    They aren’t learning a ( ) thing! Common
    Core was the start and no one stopped it, Now the commie are coming out
    and they are running the show.

  • Race Relations Worse Since 0

    If you white students allow these black racists to do this cr*p, you deserve what you get.

    If it’s OK to have a black-only healing space, it’s ok to have a white-only healing space – and when you ask blacks to leave that – no crying race, period.

  • As a former black man I can say these people are doing nothing but disgracing themselves. What a bunch of racist r*tards.

  • Mad Hatter

    The past wrongs are what particular politicians use to fan the flames to keep the Racial Grievance industry alive. If the past is left behind, those politicians, and the race hustlers would be out of business.

  • bluesdriver

    White students – May I suggest that you name yourselves the “useful idiots” group.

  • Dawn McColm

    Note to white UM alumni: your donations are no longer welcomed here.

  • rtc_MA

    Racism at its finest ….

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Then the scene faded from color to black and white while the camera swung 180 degrees, stopping on a medium shot of a short man with black hair in a perfectly tailored Kuppenheimer suit. A lit Chesterfield smoldered in his right hand as he addressed the camera in deep sonorous tones that belied his lack of height:

    “Submitted for your approval, an excursion to a world where students have been reduced to the role of guinea pigs in bizarre social engineering experiments the likes of which have not been seen since the days of the Third Reich and conducted by faculty and administrators barely capable of basic pet care. The school bell’s ringing and it’s time to take your seat because classes are about to begin at the University of The Twilight Zone.”

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    Of course. They have to keep the HATE alive to stay in power. That’s why no one on the Left ever talks about the nearly 1 million Americans, nearly all white, who died in the process of abolishing slavery.

  • guessed

    …And don’t forget that they don’t like your work ethic, either. it’s embarassing when a minority can actually succeed with hard work and without Gubmit support against all that white privilege, it kinda screws their story up plus it makes it look like they’re just lazy in comparison…
    It’s like when Obama and Netanyahu are in the same room, you get a compare point between a “leader” and a “loser”. The optics are bad, better to keep success away from failure so those that have failed don’t know the difference…

  • Mad Hatter

    Well said. Thanks for your insight. Have a great and safe weekend.

  • Faith Vaygn

    No one has to hire any grads from this school. Who wants THAT in the work place?

  • dave0987

    Good advice, that few will heed. Most have already likely been thoroughly programmed with the latest white guilt firmware.

  • Charlie

    With all the liberal patting the Mizzou football players on the back, I think it needs mentioned that Missouri had the second-highest number of allegations of sexual assault, violence against women, and harassment by their college athletes. But now feminists love them….

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    In places of historical Asian settlement, Asian politicians rode to power with the Democrats power structure. So of course they told “their” voters to support Dems. That alignment is still true to an extent in Hawaii and the Bay Area.

  • porcer34

    If Ben Carson was present in the room, would they have asked him to leave, too?

  • bobfrapples

    I should be paid $15.00 an Hour for posting my obnoxious comments!
    Retirees lives matter!

  • M S

    “White Students Asked to Leave “Black-Only Healing Space””

    When the blacks get healed in their space, does that mean they won’t act like idiots any more?

  • Pluto’s Moon

    I pray for the day that one (or more) of the little cretins gets in my face with their idiocy….
    They will rue the day it happens…..

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    It rips the heart right out of the “cultural bias” excuse for standardized testing. Unless one wishes to believe that white men designed the SAT to be biased in favor of Asian females.

  • Ohiowordguy

    “Black only healing space?” Do these idiots know how hard their ancestors fought against segregation and “separate but equal”?

    Sitting there in the comfy lounge like a bunch of kindergartners at naptime, do they have any clue what REAL discrimination and oppression are?

    These “Micro-agrrieved” students — of ALL races — disgust me. Shut up, go back to class, study hard, get good grades, get a good job, WORK HARD and lo and behold the “discrimination” and “racism” will disappear as if by magic.

  • dave0987

    “but don’t expect things to be better if whites ever become the minority.”

    -Absolutely correct. I remind people of this all the time. If anyone thinks for one moment us whites/other non-blacks, as minorities will be afforded the same butt-kissing treatment that blacks have the last few decades, they are delusional. Ain’t gonna happen.

  • Scott Davis

    No big surprise. The party of racism, bigotry and intolerance is once again pushing Segregation in America. Go Democrats! You and your REGRESSIVE policies trying to take us back to the 1950’s & ’60’s.

    What was the point of the civil rights movement if you’re just going to try and shove segregation and racism down our throats 60 years later?

    I mean, come on sheeple! Democrats founded the KKK, they established segregation, they fought the Civil Rights movement and you morons are going to believe they’re any less racist and intolerant than they were then?

    Look at their candidates for President if you want to know who the Democrats are: All rich, all White, all Old racists and bigots. Pull your heads out of your arses and vote for someone who MIGHT actually do something for you, instead of treating you like the rich, white slave owner’s wife does.


    It’s like a bunch of feral, undisciplined schoolchildren. And I’m not just talking about the black protesters, but the whole lot.

  • Texas Engineer

    Expect to see white flight from the college, oh wait, that is racist too!

  • slamdance13

    wah wah so boring…

    young blacks coming to the realization that their future was squandered by their lazy parent(s), that they inherited that laziness and sense of entitlement and that they will never ‘heal’ because they have no future.

  • That

    From “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen:

    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission
    belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum.
    Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

    18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

    19. Use student riots to foment public protests against
    programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

  • M S

    Maybe that’s why they are exploring Mars.

  • That

    The Infantilization of America.

  • acar

    Healing is one thing that is not happening on campus.

  • Cowardly Lion

    I’m all for going back to segregation. It was the useless government that forced black on whites.

    Segregate blacks on tv and movies as well. I want to watch the all white channel and I want to see movies with no blacks in them. I’m tired of Morgan Freedman.

    No more black guys with white girls in commercials, keep your interracial stuff to yourselves. If I have to watch commercials, at least make them all white annoying people.

  • M S

    “White Students Asked to Leave “Black-Only Healing Space””

    OK blacks, please don’t come out of that space until you are healed.

  • johnleehooker

    At some point don’t Asians “review” that logic and note that the dems rounded them up, stole their property and put them in, essentially, concentration camps. More recently, another Asian poster stated that “we” have to have much higher SAT scores. I have the same confusion regarding Jews, especially with obama, who vote en masse for the dems which is CLEARLY not in their self interest.

  • jcill

    Are they asking for separate restrooms and drinking fountains for whites?

  • lax

    It’s MU, not UM. Get your posts correct if you’re gonna trash talk.

    MIZZOU is not unlike any other university in that all higher learning institutions promote liberal agendas. Don’t throw all the students of this or any college under the bus for wanting to get an education. The fact that an education comes at the hands of professors, most which have never been anything but, is not the fault of the student. Hopefully, they won’t be indoctrinated to the democratic party and will make decisions on their own as to who they choose to affiliate with…

    ~~MU Graduate, 1995…
    conservative at heart.

  • nodhimmi

    I’ll bet a lot of these whites turned into a blubbering pool of jelly over that-stupid school administrators and students ! Reminds me of the movie pc u! Sad!

  • ToursLepantoVienna

    Black healing space: suh-Saharan Africa.
    White healing space: western nations.

    BLM activists … do we have a deal?

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    Isn’t it sad that so many things that great black leaders fought against are what the race baiters are demanding now? Segregation, illiteracy, corrupted education generally.

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    Isn’t it sad that so many things that great black leaders fought against are what the race baiters are demanding now? Segregation, illiteracy, corrupted education generally.

  • Sameasit Everwas

    Don’t thank MU….Thank the ones orchestrating it. He’s at 1600 Pennsylvania and his left hand man, DeRay McKesson has his name all over this.

  • Scott Davis

    Their ancestors were Republicans.

  • Maindrian Pace

    I’m really enjoying my White Male Privilege right now.

  • Tim jones

    what you’re seeing is the result of the decline.

    the decline happened a while ago, this is the result and continued downward spiral.

  • Swisscheeze

    I’m so lucky I don’t have to be bothered with blacks and thier issues.

  • Swisscheeze

    No. They were probably plotting more grief for whites.

  • fed up

    What do you mean will see a decline, they are now lacking in brain power to go along with this foolishness. The parents should pull the money and tell them to get a real job.

  • joe kulak

    Lends credence to the idea that “white privilege” consists of about 20 more IQ points.

  • Shadoh21

    Do you imagine that anyone at MU has ever read “Lord of the Flies” ?

  • Alec Stuart

    More to the point: I don’t think that the white population of this country will accept a minority status in the country their ancestors founded. People are just too short-sighted in their thinking.

    Interesting times ahead in the U.S.

  • Swisscheeze

    Ain’t that the truth.

  • Old Hickory

    Those race baiters and their Leftist sponsors have somehow convinced many black Americans to be complicit in their own destruction. Those fraudsters have convinced a race of people to identify with its worst elements: criminals and thugs. Behaviors that lead to success are derided and those who practice them are mocked for “acting white.” The scum who need to keep black people poor, ignorant and resentful must be laughing themselves silly.

  • Kage

    I feel violated.

  • saturn

    and yellow stars to be worn at all times. And separate classrooms.

  • JwpATX

    lol yes. My question to the white privilege argument is: Do the children of affluent black people REALLY not have the same advantages of those coming from white families? Sure, if you’re poor, you’ve got to work a lot harder to get to the same level where rich kids start, but I 100% do not believe that it has anything to do with race. The only element which does is that “black privilege” hasn’t existed for long and isn’t prolific.

    To those of you who are going to stand up and say, “of course they don’t have the same advantages!!” I have 3 questions. What about Ben Carson’s kids? Do you look at all black people and see a disadvantaged person, or just democrats? Can you please explain to me what advantages a wealthy black kid is lacking when contrasted to a white kid?

  • Snarkey1968

    Next they will want their own bathrooms and lunch counters….oh wait…

  • JwpATX

    I would actually be surprised if the so-called poop swastika was put up by anyone but the protesters themselves to make their cause seem more important. I’m pretty sure you can DNA test feces, and I’m also pretty sure that black people have distinct genetic markers. Is anyone vetting the poop swastika?!? …he said, half-way joking.

  • kendrick1

    Encourage them to segregate!

  • Hank Hansen

    Do any of these morons actually attend class??

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    I hope Jesse Jackson burns in hell for leading his people down this path. And for using the memory of MLK to do it.

  • Stingray_3440

    GET OUT of that college NOW. What if whites wanted “healing space” and kicked out the blacks???? Who are the racists?

  • JwpATX

    but they sure can vote (if the candidate is black)

  • Carol Hadenough

    Thanks for the smile!

  • Nancylee

    This is disgusting.

  • Carol Hadenough

    Idiots! As if white people don’t need healing, too…

  • Stingray_3440

    Next up, they will want their own bathrooms, bars and restaurants.

  • bang00mo

    Say, isn’t that a micro aggression?

  • mucklucky

    Notice all the leadership qualities being displayed by our black, racist President. NONE! NADA!
    Obama’s legacy – the most immoral, illegal, racists President … ever!

  • kendrick1

    Very few of those people are alive today!

  • Students and the BLM fakes make me want to vomit.

  • The Internet

    140+ years isn’t enough time to heal, you guys. I mean c’mon, not nearly enough time.

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    In Hawaii and California, Asians are very over represented in the civil service. Think education and Mandarins. How else do you think Cali is holding together with whites fleeing? Those people and their families are voting their interests unfortunately.

  • nodhimmi

    remember the ladies, I am reveling in my white privilege too. Wait til king o brings in the muslims those put upon anti-white blacks haven’t seen anything like allah given muslim privilege! abeed abda- both mean black (male female) and Slave!

  • no1unohere

    Exactly. And any time ANY student is refused his First Amendment rights, the entire institution needs to be examined. This is a tax-payer supported school and, as such, is subject to the First Amendment. If the school doesn’t support EVERY students First Amendment rights, Federal funding HAS to be pulled at the very least.

  • EndtheFED

    And pay their own way.

  • mucklucky

    They can have a free education… at the end of a shovel as a common laborer!

  • Wolffe should have stuck it out.
    He did nothing wrong.
    And if the little puke on the hunger strike ( nothing says MORON like a hunger strike) died he should have resigned the next day just to tick these punks off.
    These idiots should be kicked out of school and forced to get a job.

  • EndtheFED

    Who pays them? College grants via the Fed. gov. supported by the Federal Reserve’s fraudulent fiat.

  • And blacks have lost group since Obama took office.
    They are poorer today than they were in 2008.

  • erntx

    An overall decline. But we will continue to subsidize through Department of Education because like most colleges and universities it is probably 60% to 40% faculty (or worse) and no one wull be docked pay or let go because of lack of earned income.

  • Miagogo

    This is why people can’t be taken seriously anymore. Do I get my knickers in a wad when somebody tells me to get back in the kitchen? Or thinks I’m just a dum b*tch? Do I need a “healing space”? No.

    Friggin bunch of babies. Pseudo-adult children.

  • nodhimmi

    they are like Jack when he says “Bullocks to the rules!” there are no Piggies or Simons in that bunch!

  • Just Sayin

    Affirmative action run amuck!

  • dave0987

    I hope you’re right, now we just have to start prying them away from the “reality TV” shows and the football games on TV, at least once in a while to start paying attention to “politics.”

    That, and maybe getting some off their happy pills temporarily. Too many people are stuck in their apathy coma-trances with their rose-colored glasses on while this country burns like never before.

    Whatever the reason, it’s sickening and it’s gotta stop.

  • nodhimmi

    pity lots of them don’t know it or want to blame us whiteys!

  • bicentennialguy

    Pawns. The most expendable on the chess board. They love their white liberals masters, don’t they?

  • LouAnnWatson

    they want to be the lords over the peasants, simple as that

  • LouAnnWatson

    if we are not careful, it will be our destruction as well. this is only a process to an end game of mass civil unrest before the election.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Yes, but grown-ups don’t give a micro-sh*t.

  • LouAnnWatson

    i’d rather see him burned at the stake in this life.

  • caligula

    do they keep diapers and pacifiers in the “safe space” for these crybabies? LOL

  • EndtheFED

    They are becoming hysterical because the supply of gullible saps has disappeared, see Trump’s deportation polling. Even legal Hispanics are for it. A cornered rat will bite.

  • LouAnnWatson

    his leadership was months ago with these subversives, but behind closed doors.

  • LouAnnWatson

    not as long as a democrat is in the white house

  • nodhimmi

    maybe they could send in Barney the Dinosaur-God, I hated him!

  • LouAnnWatson

    mu or um…who gives a crap? did you call or write expressing your disdain towards the situation.

  • LouAnnWatson

    my house is an all white safe space

  • billlang

    Good! Let the white self haters lick boots.

  • MrWorldCitizen1

    Maturity seems to be taking longer for this generation than previous generations. The voting age needs to be raised to 25 to give these children time to grow up and gain the maturity to make an intelligent decision. At the moment I would not trust them to know to come in out of the rain. The only exception being the military. Mature enough to defend the country, mature enough to vote.

  • The Internet

    But we prez now. I almost pity them, but my hatred is directed toward white guilt liberal race traders who either can’t see, nor want to see what’s right in front of their face. Can you imagine the uproar if a white group designated a ‘safe space’ away from black people? What I don’t understand, is why aren’t more decent black people speaking out against this. Just doesn’t make sense.

  • caligula

    i’ll bet that “safe space” smells soooo bad

  • LouAnnWatson

    i feel for you…most people of asian descent work hard and are disciplined…unfortunately in the college arena, they can’t have people such as yourself
    making other minorities look bad

  • rodg

    There is a good space for black healing only. It is called Africa. Get, be gone

  • erntx

    Yes, Asians are discriminated against, yet Asians are generally the highest earners (specifically Indians – their average income was something around double overall average).

  • nodhimmi

    as my mom says they’re too busy working, worrying about bills caring for family and simply getting by!

  • joe kulak

    I suppose they want to dust off the old signs. So it’s OK if it’s their idea?

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Race Card? Over.

    Next up? The Trump Card.

    Buckle up kids, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.
    But, fear not, uncle Denis has a message for you…

    “Hey, join the f’ing club! I thought I was going to be the starting center fielder for the Boston Red Sox! Life sucks, get a f’ing helmet! ”
    – Denis Leary, No Cure for Cancer

  • johnleehooker

    so, same old story: voting to keep their civil service job…oh, well

  • The Internet

    What would happen if white students needed a safe space away from blacks? How fast would these idiot students act to protest the obviously racist white people who even suggested such a notion?

  • nodhimmi


  • Verbotene Gedanken

    We might even have our first “faster than light” event…

  • John Smith

    Healing space? how weak and pathetic.

  • Sean

    Planet of the Apes wasn’t a sci-fi movie, it was foreshadowing.

  • alistz

    They should do this from 9-5 M-F and then the White students can learn in a safe environment.

  • nodhimmi


  • nulltransform

    Healing space? Wtf is this- a mental hospital?

  • EndtheFED

    If you had ever lived around them, you’d already believe it!

  • nodhimmi

    muslims would ignore any spaces-look at eurabia!

  • Chris King

    demanding free tuition and higher professor salaries.
    why are we forced to take leftists seriously?

  • ZZZzzzz

    Aww, these ignorant blacks need their own ‘healing space?” Well, while they’re healing, maybe they can discuss DNA and do some research into the fact that the average American black is between 15-30% white (horrors!!) and 10% are more than 50% white! Southern Louisiana (New Orleans) And cities on the West coast had some of the highest averages of white DNA at 23-26%. Idiots!

    While they’re patting each others backs, they can all enjoy themselves looking at Mixed Race Babies on FB…some of the most gorgeous kids on the planet…

  • Removed By Moderator

    Asians are usually overrepresented at US universities, at least the prestigious ones.

    Asians face racism by earning A’s in calculus and physics. Maybe other aggrieved groups could try that.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Same as my theory on Police Cars; I’d rather have one in front of me. That way I know he’s not behind me!

  • Sam Imam- Eli

    Well, I would have responded to the black alleged protestors, more likely paid agitators the same way I do all fascists and that is I would tell them to go F themselves while I sat where I wanted.

  • StephaneDumas

    Don’t forget Al Sharpton.

  • ZZZzzzz

    For sure, and then get punished on SAT admission scores to elite universities with blacks getting 250 extra points, hispanics 150 extra and Asians get penalized at -50! If anyone has a right to complain, it’s Asians!

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Safe is, indeed, a relative term!

  • Removed By Moderator

    Asians face racism by getting on the Honor Roll.

    Would the chemistry lab or study hall not be their “healing space”?

  • Sam Imam- Eli

    I’m all for it as long as I don’t have to pay for it. If they want a black only segregated college then let black folks pay for it. I’m really not interested in spending my tax contributions to pay for a college where the primary field of study is black radicalism.

  • WaldoBinney

    Is there, at least, a half-white area for Obama to sit ? We reap what we sow brothers and sisters. Don’t fret, there soon will be gene therapy for all you white wannabes..

  • Johnny 5

    Where there’s books or hard work, there’s safety.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Your mom sounds like a very wise lady.

  • EndtheFED

    It’s funded, to a large extent, by the Federal Reserve’s fraudulent fiat currency. Dishonest money supports dishonest people.

  • BSDetector

    The protesters also released a new list of demands:

    1) Black Only Drinking Fountains
    2) Black Only Restrooms
    3) Black Only sections in Restaurants
    4) Black Only sections on Buses…preferably in the back

    Wait….Sorry….Wrong List. That one is the one from 1958 of stuff they wanted to end….

    I am so confused….or they are. Tough call.

  • nodhimmi

    what do whites get? just curious

  • Removed By Moderator

    If you want to risk death, point out that some parts of Mexico have 5-10% African DNA. Mexicans hate blacks more than white Americans do.

    Should the Compadres not be allowed into the Healing Space?

  • Sam Imam- Eli

    Absolutely true, legitimate black leaders of the era were amazing people, they would cringe at the state of blacks today ala the welfare plantation and by and large total dependence on the state.

  • nodhimmi

    Thank you although she hates Republicans with a passion, she is correct.

  • kendrick1

    They are just ticked off because some whites and blacks got the them out of slavery in Africa and brought them here and Americans freed them from slavery!

  • Removed By Moderator

    Sean King? Rachel Dolezal?

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    You know….. now that you mention it, I’m not so sure I’d hate that plan.

  • BSDetector

    I like that their safe space has an African animal hide motif on the floor.

    Some things are just funny.

  • VillageViking

    And the school administration just stands there and wet themselves just like obama when faced adversity…

  • Removed By Moderator

    Hockey and skiing scholarships?

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    That and unions, especially in Hawaii.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Those evil White Male Christians! Blue Eyed Devils!

  • Dave

    Like all liberals, these morons bring about their own destruction

  • BSDetector


  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Mom is always right (even when she’s not!)

  • EndtheFED

    Yes, it was only lowered to benefit the Dem. party.

  • LLinLa

    Decline??? You assume “quality” students already exist at that institution. Any visual proof of that? Not from what I see.

  • ZZZzzzz


  • Kage

    They told Obama to go heal with the other whites.

  • Xcalifornian

    The largest racist group in the country are black…..

  • Just Sayin

    No, I think they sit there and rejoice in the accomplishment of brainwashing another generation of Hillary voters.

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    When you take away the excuses someone uses to rationalize their failure there are only 2 possible outcomes: 1) They wake up and take a good look at themselves in the mirror. Or 2) They get angry and try to destroy the evidence. With much of the veiled contempt masquerading as “compassion” the elitist Left push blacks towards option #2. It’s one reason why there is so much black hatred for Asians.

  • nodhimmi

    Ha! I eon’t tell if you don’t!

  • ZZZzzzz

    Zero, but decades ago Jewish students got penalized, so it’s no wonder they founded so many of their own universities and teaching hospitals.

  • BSDetector

    Well sure, but that is just your white privilege….or your Cis-Normative Heterocentric NonGender Neutral….Oh Hell, I don’t know….but you must be wrong….or racist….or mean to the snowflakes.

    Anyway, its your fault. ;>)

  • S Schulte

    Hey white kid, get to the back of the bus. The front part of the bus is a safe space for us blacks… to heal of course.

    Segregation is back. And blacks are pushing it. Segregation was wrong back in the 20th century and it still is in the 21st.

    This cultural marxist nonsense is creating all kinds of societal wars. Progress? I think not.

  • nodhimmi

    Wow! I had no idea. Thanks !

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    erntx there is very little discrimination against Asians these days. America has provided so much opportunity for everyone living here. It’s so sad that many would rather try to excuse their personal failures than make a real attempt to succeed.

  • EndtheFED

    The decent ones have mostly died out. They were the ones who came of age before the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 51 years ago. That illegal, unconstitutional created an entitlement mindset in the younger ones.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Guilty as charged!

    Now, someone beer me!

  • John Smith

    I drive a bookmobile with a help wanted sign. It’s hell on wheels to these types.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Ain’t that the truth!

  • Kage

    I propose that we move to fully segregate this society and it should start with professional sports. In basketball, we will have the NBA (National Blacks Association) and the NWA.

  • Kelvin

    Do they have separate water fountains and bathrooms too?
    You can’t make this stuff up.
    Young fascists and black racists ultimately will be eating the liberal teachers and professors who indoctrinated them.

    Get the popcorn, it’s gonna be fun to watch.

  • kendrick1

    They are just ticked off because some whites and blacks got the them out of slavery in Africa and brought them here and Americans freed them from slavery, and set many of them up in Detroit, and with Affirmative Action, and allowed the to commit racism against us whites!

    They still separate themselves from all the walks of life by forming organizations that perpetuate racism:

    New Black Panther Party


    Collective Black People Movement

    100 Black Man

    Black Male Community Empowerment Forum

    Black Voices for Peace

    Black Millionaires Mentoring Program

    Black Women for Obama

    Black Youth Creative Combating Oppression Blacks in the City Courthouse


    Breakin Black Men Free

    United Black America

    Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA)

    Black Unity Movement

    Black Nation Task Force

    Black Phoenix Rising – Positive Changes

    Black Movie Makers

    UNIA-ACL – Global Black Government

    Black Database

    The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America

    Black Business Builders

    National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators and Developers (NABHOOD

    Black Culinarians Alliance (BCA

    Blacks In Government (BIG)Black Wall Street Merchants AssociationBlack Women In Sisterhood For Action (BISA)

    Miss Black USA

    National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

    National Association of Blacks In Criminal Justice (NABCJ)National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI)National Registry of Black Baby NamesNational Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)Black Student Union

    Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice,

    just to name a few.

    And the National symbol of racism in the United States of America:

    The Congressional Black Caucus!!

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    My great-uncles fought with the most highly decorated unit in the United States Army – the 442nd Regiment. 3 of them volunteered to serve from the concentration camps. Maybe you should have asked a question rather than make a declarative based on ignorance.

  • BSDetector

    I suggested recently that we start a drinking game using ‘racist’ as The Word.

    We decided we didn’t want to die of alcohol poisoning in the first 10 minutes….

  • Kage

    So much for Dr. King’s dream.

  • Lord Dominion

    Can you imagine the Liberal backlash if a black student was asked to leave a white-only healing area? I can already here the protests and peaceful rioting as they burn down buildings and homes.

  • Knuckle buster

    I have been doing drive by bookings. It’s where you throw history books that haven’t been rewritten to fit the new narrative and it scares the hell out of them when the truth is thrown in their faces.

  • BSDetector

    I do enjoy that they have run all the conservatives off, so the only thing for the young Maoists to target are the lefty professors and administrators.

    All good populist revolutions eat their own.

    The best part is that at some point, they will want us to save them….

  • kotylynn

    seems rather racist.

  • Old tired & poor.

    Next they will want their own water fountains and restrooms. Who knew?

    I’m being sarcastic here, but this is very sad. I thought our country was so past this….

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Yeah, that’s got hangover written all over it, at the very least….

  • Boycott welfare.

  • Granny

    What on earth happened to the non-discrimination provisions of Title IX? You can bet the last dollar you’ll ever have and every dollar in between that if black students were asked to leave a “whites only healing space” there would be hell to pay and then some!

    Meanwhile, any parent who would send their child to the University of Missouri is out of their cotton pickin’ mind. I sure wouldn’t be forking over big tuition dollars to that madhouse.

  • BSDetector

    Back to the Future….of 1958.


    How many will get your quaint reference…? well said…

  • BSDetector

    Or maybe just stupid. Could go either way…

  • WorkingMan

    Good. We need more of this.

    It promotes the ideas of voluntary segregation, which is good for both racial groups concerned.
    It reinforces the rights that were enumerated in the Bill of Rights (that mean nothing, ultimately, unless we individuals are willing to fight for them).
    It should wake up the looney-toon White traitors that to blacks, they matter first and foremost, you’re just a convenient tool.
    It rubs the nose of the go-along-to-get-along conservatives into the mud, who have for decades bent over backwards for cultural marxists.
    It puts to lie the so-called Civil Rights movement, which wasn’t about equality, but about beginning that “long march through the Institutions,” leading right where we are now, with the protected groups on top and White men on the very bottom of the racial pecking order.

  • Bret Smith

    Suppose some White person just happened to be in the Student Center because it is the “STUDENT” Center. If it were me, they’d play hell getting me to leave.

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    Leave the Spanish Inquisition crap to the religious fanatics of the Left. Jackson is probably guilty of fraud and belongs in jail but it should be done in accordance with the law.

  • Dryden01

    I wonder if there is anyone running the University of Missouri? Looks like cultural Marxism has run amok and the university should face a boycott.

  • BSDetector

    On the Mizzou Campus?

    Can I have ‘Zero for $100’, Alex?


    Leave us not forgot Barry’s battle cry “Vote for Revenge!” The revenge is here…

  • coderaven24

    I pray enrollment declines, the football program simply wasn’t worth destroying the quality of the education.

  • Bret Smith

    Did any Whites report this to the campus police as “hurtful” speech?

  • carnac123

    I have been waiting for blacks to use football as a podium for their fake grievances. It began in the liberal NFL and the liberal ESPN. Now it has spread to colleges. White people have no business being in the stands of a football game or playing on the field. THe game itself is racists because coaches believed the fake hype about the black athlete and did not give white athlete chances to play. I will not watch a game that has been bastardized to the point that all it has become is a black racist billboard.

  • BSDetector

    It is fast becoming Maoist, and the Cultural Revolution has begun.

    That turned out well for the intellectual class. **Sarcasm Off**

  • What do these agitators expect all of this to accomplish? The one sure thing to come from all of this is to unite white people who before all of this felt no need to be tribal….. white men are not just going to sit idly by and allow their white children’s future to be hampered or stolen by these idiots…. they are creating in short order a generation of tribal whites which is exactly the worst thing for their supposed cause.

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    Read W.E.B duBois’ The Philadelphia Negro if you want a good example. He detested the coarse manners and ignorance of rural blacks flooding into his city from the Deep South. And this from a guy who went on to found the NAACP. I shudder to think what he’d have to say about today’s rapper-gangsta culture.

  • BSDetector

    I bet they don’t like the final act of the play.

  • BSDetector

    I have always wondered what 13% of the population thought they were going to gain by declaring war on 68% of the population.

    The math I learned in Miss Peterson’s 3rd grade class says Day Two of that contest won’t look good for one side.

  • talljohn777

    Our colleges and universities are imploding under the weight of liberal stupidity.

  • bozell

    Can white people still join the NAACP?

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    The really sad part is that it’s important history that happened in the state of Missouri and most people won’t get it at all.

  • AntiqueJenkum

    If we wanted a black only space, we would just go back to Africa..

  • WeAreScrewed

    So it’s obvious that this is wrong and hypocritical but I want people to talk about WHY they are doing it in the first place.

    Don’t give me some BS about “you wouldn’t understand unless you are black and have suffered the way they have” – that is pure misdirection. I want to know exactly what they are thinking.

    Is it that they don’t feel free to express their opinions in front of whites because what they would say is actually unPC and bigoted itself? Do they think that their unease around white people is justifiable to the point that rules and even laws should be broken to accommodate them?

    I want to know these things so I can figure out how serious they are about actually solving their perceived integration (or as they would say, “diversity”) problems.

  • nutterboxer

    Jim Crow is alive and well at Mizzou!

  • Pete

    Perhaps it would also be a good idea to supply separate drinking fountains and bathrooms. Get a job, school is over.

  • Viking Rule

    These people are completely unemployable. Useless and too sensitive to survive the real world. They ask to be treated like everyone else, get treated as such, then cry about an unfair world… no thanks. Stay in a “safe” zone, we can’t use you here in the real world.

  • sycovit

    Boy, they might be on to something.

  • Pete

    They also burn witches at the stake. I would keep all options open.

  • Patriot Pat

    It appears to be a jircle cerk of some sort.

  • American Exceptionalist

    Now they tell us! All George Wallace and Lester Maddox had to do was to call those campuses “white only healing spaces.”

    I repeat, it’s time to demand that taxpayer monies no longer be used for any university or college. No more government loans, grants, or subsidies of any type. The only exceptions allowed are ROTC and VA benefits. Make them private and make them compete in the open market. See how fast the commies and leftists become capitalists! The benefits would be:

    If we take tax money out only serious students will attend, and you can bet they will be taking real courses, probably not womens’ or lgbt studies;

    The cost for a college education will drop like a rock as basic supply and demand take effect, and students will no longer graduate with crushing debt because it will cost so much less;

    We will no longer put a gun to the head of all Americans to finance the advantage of a few;

    We will no longer cause Americans, like my 70 year old neighbors, who have never had children, to be taxed out of their homes to benefit someone else’s children;

    The true value of a college or university education will be determined, and no longer will leftist professors collect 6 or 7 digit salaries while never appearing in a classroom, espousing communism with the protection of tenure, and no more college presidents with million dollar plus salaries and benefits paid for by blue collar workers and minimum wage workers they look down on with such disdain;

    Business and industry will recognize that not all jobs require a college degree and lower cost trade and professional school degrees will be more actively sought;

    Companies who still need college educated employees (such as Microsoft, Boeing, etc.) can offer scholarships and subsidies to encourage those studies (we do need to make it against the law to hire foreign workers as long as there are Americans or others already here who can do the job). Companies could even set up their own ROTC type programs.

    This should also apply to sports. No more tax money for sports programs or stadiums, or for multi-million dollar coaching salaries.

    Leave the money in the pockets of the people who earn it.

  • Old Hickory

    duBois, Justice Marshall, Frederick Douglass, MLK would all despise the pitiful whiners and con men that the “civil rights movement” has degenerated into.

  • JimmaObama

    Mizzou has always been a big Pile of Sh**……………..

    Most just getting the memo??

  • Boston_Patriot

    All hail The Collective. The individual means nothing. Your Group is all that matters. Welcome to the 21st century American version of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. These young adults, their minds crippled by their professors, have no idea they are embracing and practicing the fundamental, underlying principle of racism.

  • Scopecentric

    Missouri University:

    Report: poop swastika on campus – no evidence
    Report: some guy yelled racial slur from pickup near campus – no evidence
    Report: a white person yelled racial slur to eleven or so black students – no evidence
    Report: the black student government president reports the KKK is on campus – after media reported they saw no such thing, the black student government president admitted he lied and refused to resign after calls for his resignation, but we are all supposed to believe his first report was not a lie.

    …… so the man replacing the resigned school president, who is black, who was supporting and working with the protesters, now has replaced the man he helped get booted out…. interesting.

  • sycovit

    It’s like a bunch of Democrats formed a group to oppress another group, and then blamed a different group for doing the oppress….oh, that’s right……it was called the kkk then. Now it’s the Progressive left. Sounds like the Democrat party as a whole is up to their old tricks.

  • LN

    So blacks are demanding a return to segregation. What about slavery? What a world. Progressives really are regressives.

  • Johnathan Swift Jr.

    Well, I think the gradual watering down of the quality of these cupcakes – oh, I mean “students” – turned into a tide years ago. The students who have been interviewed are incapable of making a cogent case that there is a hint of discrimination on the campus. Of course, these dullards would have a hard time presenting a intelligent argument about anything.

    Even if – and this is an if the size of the Brooklyn bridge – some yahoo yelled a slur, what does that prove? Institutionalized racism? Please. This makes them swoon and tremble with fright? In a nation of 330,000,000 everyone of us will have a yahoo yell something nasty at us on more than few occasions. Most of us don’t get the vapors and run for a designated “safe space” and hug a plush doll until our precious little heart stops beating. These are professional fools, not the heir to Dr. King’s legacy. Like a South Park routine come to life.

    As someone who spends time on campuses, many of them are historically and geographically illiterate. This is why they think a bucolic campus in a lovely region in Missouri is just like Selma in 1965 and why these think a bit of excrement smeared on a wall – sans any threat, slogan or anything else that would indicate it is a threat – is just like having dogs attack you. American campuses, each one nicer than the next are more like resorts than Klu Klux Klan covens or giant rape rooms. Please,. get a grip. Rather than being discriminated against, these students are being treated like human veal, just marinated in leftist nonsense and nostrums rather than shallots and wine sauce.

  • flyingfox88

    This school, and others like it, are liberalism at it’s worst. Since there are about 2,000 4-year colleges in this country, I don’t see this spreading like wildfire. Notice that, for the most part, the Ivies or other so called “top-drawer” colleges (Mizzou excluded) are the ones causing all the trouble. Rich, spoiled kids for the most part. I don’t see thousands of other colleges getting into this crap.

  • Herring

    I think that’s exactly what some students should do there. Establish a “white-only healing space” and force others to explain why they’re not entitled.

  • JY1

    In the future, I am really going to have a hard time not falling on the floor and laughing whenever anyone says they graduated from Mizzou.

    And I fear this is going to happen very frequently.

  • Dryden01

    Looks like a perfect moment for the Black students to gather and take Stepin Fetchit lessons to better serve the White Maoists, Marxists, Leninists, and progressive liberals who have manipulated them into self-destructive resentment.

  • Afterheart

    Black racism? Of course…they are the biggest racists around…they are taught racism by their parent(s) to the point of saying someone does not act black enough!

  • Waterloo

    Institutions of liar education

  • jack

    one, two, three, four…..what the hell are you bitchin’ for? (I think I remember that chant from around 1968) Let me see, k-12th grade is already “free” and we all know how good that is. so now you want to add four more “free” years to a crap edumacation. Go figure.

  • FreddieH

    The hippie generation of the 60s has now blessed us with the
    next cohort of spoiled, coddled, know-it-all snowflakes. Loaded down with self-esteem and participation
    trophies, they think the world owes them success and happiness (not to mention
    a free education). What a rude awakening
    lies in store.

  • Afterheart

    Don’t Mizzou, never have and never will!

  • John Smith

    I want a refund of my tax dollars that helped pay for these dunces tuition.

  • Barry Soleto


  • PC

    Payton Head, the Student Body President at University of Missouri has admitted to spreading false rumors that the (K)(K)(K) was on campus targeting black students, and he has issued an apology via social media. However, the problem is that Payton Head just so happens to be the same black student who who had previously claimed he was called the ?n-word? from a passing pickup truck.

    If Payton Head’s claim that the Klan was on campus targeting blacks turned out to be a lie, then how likely is it that his story about being called “n-word” by individuals in passing pickup truck also a lie? I’d say very likely.

    Keep in mind that in Berkeley, California, a black high school student caused a riot by claiming to have found a racist message on a school computer. However, after careful examination it was found that the hateful message was created under the black students login ID, and when confronted he admitted to creating the racist message himself.

    See below news story.
    BizPac Review
    Nov, 11 2015
    Mizzou student body president admits to spreading false rumor #$%$ was on campus Huh?

  • Sam Imam- Eli

    Excellent point.

  • Jonathan

    This is all another “hands up don’t shoot” moment, a claim of endemic racism on campus based on unsubstantiated reports.

  • ThoughtRecon

    I am sure there are students that are not participating in the mass whining but from the outside I see an entire University of spineless wusses. As my Drill Instructor would have said…”B-O-O-H-O-O!”

  • dabbobean

    Do you think any random neuron fired inside the under-developed brains of these white kids as they were relegated to the”kids table”….do you think any realized that they got played, and that they’re dupes and fools?

  • Afterheart

    Don’t worry, the newly imported muslims will see to it they get off the dem”rat’ plantation and they will be working in the fields again soon. Don’t forget the muslims are the ones who sold their ancestors into slavery in the first place!

  • LN

    Generation Wuss.

  • jerry

    It seems to me that the black people want to be a victim always. They know that racialism has gone way done in this country. Now they want to create this fear, keep it going, why? Time to stand up and be a decent human being.

  • ThomasCollins1

    “White Students Asked to Leave “Black-Only Healing Space”

    Haters gonna hate.

    “In an ironic development, to say the least, protesters at the University of Missouri (MU) segregated themselves by race Wednesday night…”

    They’ve been doing this for years in the communit-tee. And woe to the black kid who wants to learn, he faces the bitter invectives from his “homies” about talking “white”.

    Why don’t they insist that all those white teachers and administrators leave the school?

  • If MLK were alive today, these thugs would set him on fire.

  • evoval

    Healing space is the new term for fuc*ing off!

  • Afterheart

    Mizzou alumni will not be on my company’s hiring list!

  • M T

    White students at the University of Missouri were told to leave the “black only healing space” and meet in a different room.

    There is a Bias Incident if ever there was one! Did anyone report it through the university’s bias-awareness hotline?

  • ZZZzzzz

    I noticed that too LOL!!

  • Old Hickory

    Maybe they can get the matching Blacks Only bathrooms and water fountains too.


    Would those “white” folks who lived the dream of being “Black”, be asked to leave ?

  • Flo Mac

    That’s the ticket, segregation is the answer.

    That little nugget tells you all you need to know about this dim-witted bunch of race-grievance “protesters”. Yet the authority figures in their world keep kowtowing to their insane demands.

    Schadenfreude ensues.

  • Flo Mac

    That’s the ticket, segregation is the answer.

    That little nugget tells you all you need to know about this dim-witted bunch of race-grievance “protesters”. Yet the authority figures in their world keep kowtowing to their insane demands.

    Schadenfreude ensues.

  • Deron K Kawamoto

    The perfect holiday gift from that special black racist on your list.

  • Johnathan Swift Jr.

    Yes, by jove Watson you have got it! This is exactly the point, anyone with a few spare synapses to rub together be they a rabid conservative or one of the precious little Mizzou Che’s-in-Training knows that the chance that this is all a sham, that no one yelled anything, except “pull up your pants” and “get that silly t-shirt off” at this mental Titan are about one-hundred percent. One doesn’t have to be Arnold Rothstein or Titanic Thompson to realize this, but this is the type of convent lie that it takes to get all this nonsense going.

    In fact, the vast majority of these incidents turn out to be hoaxes and so a great new web site as cropped up to track the lying liars, many of them on campus, all in need of intense round-the-clock psychotherapy:

    What I conclude is exactly the opposite of these emblematic paragons of the growing idiotcracy, that for all the disparate cultural, ethic and racial groups, Americans must get along pretty well when you have to make up hate crimes in order to draw attention to your plight as a ________________.

  • MW

    What a bunch of sheepish fools. The world laughs at how some in this country cow-tow to complete buffoons. I can’t stop laughing. Most of these black and white kids seem to be equal…equally stupid and naive.

  • Jim Denney

    “Hands up, don’t shoot.” The big lie technique is alive and well.

  • Joe

    Ah yes, fight segregation, continue to decry discrimination yet theycant wait to voluntarily segregate themselves. Racist hypocrites.

  • Hojo

    I am pretty sure the KKK is very happy with the actions of these students, now people are willingly segregating themselves. Way to set back the actions of all the civil rights people that have gone before them!

  • Johnathan Swift Jr.

    Except for the STEM classes, most of the instructors must be as mentally challenged as the representation of students we have seen. Stupid professors = students who can’t reason their way out of paper job or make an argument that will stand up to a four year old’s scrutiny.

  • Jim Denney

    I have an Asian friend who says the acronym “WASP” now stands for “Whites Are Stupid People.” I’m beginning to believe it.

  • mredward

    This is rich beyond belief. All the privileged white youth who stood shoulder to shoulder with the Black racists in denouncing “White privilege” may have learned a valuable lesson if they are paying attention. And the cherry on top, the Universities are getting the other side of political correctness. Soon there will be NO Whites in positions of authority on any U.S. campus. Congratulations you are reaping what you have sewn.

  • davide

    I wish all of them would do that.

  • Nelle

    Maybe some time in a nice, safe healing space could help with that vitiligo, Scooter.

  • American

    Tyshawn Lee needed a safe space.

  • FL_Stingray

    I just hope the Mormon kids from BYU put a wupping on Mizzou tomorrow

  • Al Terego


    You spoiled self-absorbed CHILDREN have nothing to “heal” FROM.

    Take a history course instead of basket weaving, and you’ll learn that those who’s injustice you CLAIM to be YOURS would drool over the lives and opportunities you have.

    It’s time to grow up, kids.

  • petemobtv

    How do stupid people like this get into college to begin with? Once upon, you used to have half a brain to even get accepted. Guess they are meeting their quota.

  • FL_Stingray

    Didn’t something similar happen to the white supporters in Ferguson?

  • Stephanie Payne

    What an absurd excuse for a “college”. I would be embarrassed (not just being student of MizZoo but also) being a citizen of that state of Misery. Leftists running that state from top to bottom.

  • Mad Hatter

    The only thing the black militants are missing are their brown shirts.

  • mredward

    It always does. These foolish “privileged White” children have marginalized themselves. And there will be NO affirmative action to save their sorry a$$ es.

  • Larry Rappaport

    We must not forget that our fellow black citizen’s constitute 12.7% of our population, not 50%, not 30 or even 20% but 12.7%. We need all to have a factual baseline if we’re going to allow 12.7% disrupt and attempt to damage the very core of our society.

  • hydrangea1

    Ghetto school now for ghetto kids.

  • mredward

    Your friend is correct. Never has race of people so willingly given up their place society.

  • Stephanie Payne

    Apparently, the “coming race war” is already here. I think if I were in a mere 15% of the population, I’d bend over and kiss my black arse goodbye.

  • Stephanie Payne

    MizZoo is an absurd excuse for a “college”. I would be embarrassed (not just being student of MizZoo but also) being a citizen of that state of Misery. Leftists running that state from top to bottom.

  • hydrangea1

    Obammy is high-fivin’ Valerie Jarrett. Goin’ just as planned, doncha know.

  • Logic4U

    Doomed to fail and be a huge burden on the working class

  • SpfldJimbo1

    I think this is all just an orchestrated movement, to close Guantanemo….and send them all to Mizzou.

  • mredward

    They sent the foolish White “children” to be alone . But they can’t be alone lest they be accused of segregation. What a tangled web they weave.

  • hydrangea1

    Good post! I’m really not interested in mixing with them anyhow. They sound like a bunch of f’in’ idiots.

  • Matt

    The South shall rise again!

  • mredward

    Indeed, what of those who identify”.

  • Spychiatrist

    This is wonderful news!

    Best news that I’ve heard all day. This black group is practicing FREEDOM of ASSOCIATION.

    If blacks can do it then so can the rest of us.

  • Logic4U

    Are you serious…look at the antics of Barry!

  • hydrangea1

    I’d say it’s all breaking loose NOW!

  • Glock _ 10

    Yes it did, a white guy was chased out of a church and down the street by the black protesters. He was interviewed on TV about it, I just laughed…

  • mredward

    Sorry, that doesn’t qualify.

  • Glock _ 10

    What would happen if the White students created a White only Zone for them to heal or whatever??

  • Tom Wichita

    Black Lies Matter began the same way after Ferguson; Black only rallies that told the whites to stay away. It is okay for blacks to segregate at a public school, but if a sorority in Alabama makes a video with mostly white girls in it, all hell breaks loose.

  • mredward

    These are tomorrows leaders.

  • Just Sayin

    The DOJ would come out of the sky and bend everyone over.

  • Spychiatrist

    look at todays leaders…..Obama, Clinton, Bush, et al.

    not much difference really.

  • caligula

    who would want to attend this gross place?

  • Glock _ 10

    Its one thing to take a stand against racism and another to stand with Racists as the white kids are finding out…

  • Pat

    The KKK doesn’t seem to bad now

  • caligula

    i’d yank my kid out of that shithole of a school.

    if you continue to let your child attend MU, you should be prosecuted for child abuse.

  • silvestris

    The blacks are finally getting it. I have been hopeing for segregated healing spaces for fifty years.

  • Max Kroll

    Wouldn’t it be more accurate for the black students to name their “Black-Only Healing Space” instead as the “Black-Only—Blaming, Selective Equality, Selective Tolerance, Selective Justice, Hate, Anger, Entitlements and Entitlement Attitudes, Micro-Aggressions-Allowed, Permanent Victimhood, Moral Relativism, Emotion and Feelings Driven, Facts-Reason-and-Logic Avoiding, Liberty-Ignorant, Free-Speech-Intolerant, Constitutionally Unaware—Hypocrisy Space”? These are students who have not connected the dots to the fact that they are Stockholm Syndrome-Suffering useful idiots (as Karl Marx would have identified them) of their Liberal/Leftist/Progressive masters – the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, Barack Obamas et. al of the world – who share their pigmentation … but whose sociopathic lust for power and money, and their capacity for lying and corruption to acuire and maintain it …. makes these students nothing more than pawns on a much broader landscape than they are capable of seeing. Imagine if white students at any school, college, university or workplace created a “White-Only Healing Space.”

  • Bobbie_Z

    So if you’re black your degree will mean nothing, or at least will be suspect.

  • Stephanie Payne

    Apparently, the race war is here…. I think if I were only 15% of the population, I would bend over and kiss my black arse goodbye

  • Sean Cahill

    I would be willing to bet they got into college because of there race. Black privilege!

  • UnCL3

    I say give the n||ggers their own country. Maybe day beez happier by theysefs.
    We can call it “Liberia”.

  • sy105

    If MLK were alive today he would be called an “Uncle Tom” and accused of not being black enough.

  • Glock _ 10

    Me too……

  • Stephanie Payne

    But the leftists won’t let you get away with that.

  • UnCL3

    Segregation worked WAY better than integration.

  • Good luck in the real world trying to get a job with that laughable ‘black studies’ degree.

  • FL_Stingray

    they would be locked up for hate crimes

  • Truman Weeps

    I hope the Mizzou football fans make a statement of their own, by gathering up all the Mizzou tickets, driving the short distance to KC (where the game will be played) and going down into the inner city and giving away all the tickets to the ghetto gangbangers and thugs. That way, the Mizzou Black Panthers football team would be cheered on by its appropriate constituency…What a fine stadium spectacle that would be….

  • Johnathan Swift Jr.

    Yes, but that my friend, is why you are no longer a “real” minority, now you are an “overrepresented minority,” which is the Orwellian sleight of hand that they use to get past the fact that the United States – which is violently racist don’t ya know – has so many Asians who quality for four year colleges and universities. In order to square this circle, which logically can’t be done, they have to insist that a population that makes up about 4.3% of the American population – dramatically less than Hispanics or Blacks – are no longer minorities.

    So, the racist United States, which practices widespread “institutionalized” discrimination has universities full of Asians and Jews? In fact, has so many Asians that they have to score much higher on tests just to get in, while we spot blacks and hispanics hundreds of points on their SATs. See, the racist privileged white majority have made it easier for the blacks and Hispanics they supposedly hate to get into college, which disadvantaging their own children who generally score higher on the same tests! Yes, that makes sense, but only to a leftist. Hey, I want to go punch those racist whites who made it easier for my kids to get into school then they own! The same ones who have set up countless scholarship programs for minority children, those hooded racists! Only, only in the mind of an instance leftist (oh, but I repeat myself) does a nation that practices reverse discrimination against the majority in favor of the minority qualify as so “racist” that it needs to be “fundamentally transformed” into the same sort of third world hell hole that people flee to come to the United States, Leftist logic!

    Only, only to a little Minnie-Mao and Che-in-Training-Diapers does this sort of convoluted logic make sense. In reality, in the real world, the bifurcated black and white world that these activists live in hasn’t existed in decades, the whole paradigm shifted as racial attitudes changed in the late 1960s and 1970s as millions of immigrants were absorbed from Asia and Central and South America. They keep trying to put the dramatically different world all Americans live in now into a script that was written in 1963 because today, victims, perpetual, crying, whining, slobbering, fainting victims, are the campus and cultural all-stars, not the football star and his cheerleader girlfriend.

    The problem is that immigration no longer makes any sense for the United States or Europe. Once the United States abandoned the notion of E Pluribus Unum and assimilation into the greater culture for “Multiculturalism” there was not a reason to accept a single new immigrant. For today, from cradle to college we teach students to hate the United States, which for all its faults – from Slavery to the treatment of the American Indians and the adoption of them as the government’s first class of
    permanent dependents, to the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Internment Camps – it has provided the best home, most opportunities and highest living standards to immigrants from all over the world and of course, most nations didn’t want any immigrants at all. And now of course that Europe has welcomed immigrants with open arms, they have accepted hundreds of thousands whose values are in direct contradiction to their own, who despise Western Civilization, classical liberalism and want to do the same thing the left does, destroy Western Europe and the United States. Go figure!

    And of course as I wrote this, the wonderful adherents of the Religion of Peace unleashed their own special form of hell on Paris once again in a series of coordinated attacks. Yes, millions of new immigrants from the Middle East, Islamic Asia and Islamic Africa are just what the doctor ordered. Insanity, insanity, the left is insane.

    In reality, for all of the cultures that are found in the states, all the ethnicities, all the races, all the religions, what is amazing is isn’t how poorly people get along, but how well they get along. People who are killing each other in “the old country” are neighbors here who have children who marry. People like the Jews who were massacred in pogroms in Russia or Poland on a regular basis have lived her in safety for three, four and five generations now. And, even when we look back at the Chinese experience in America, people came here because it was a better life, even with the segregation of Chinatowns and the discrimination they faced.

    One has about a one in 50,000 chance of being the victim of a hate crime in a given year. That is not awful, but fantastic news, but to the left, when minorities are concerned, hell, where anything is concerned, there is never any good news. Because, in order to have the revolt they seek, everyone has to be seething with rage all the time. Imagine it, a world where the same sort of sputtering-with-rage, foaming-at-the-mouth, drooling, wild-eyed lunatics we see on tape from the “faculty” of this “university” were commonplace. Well, that is the future the left has in store for you America!

    There is no perfect world to be found on earth, no system that delivers anything approaching perfection as men are fallen creatures who are not perfectible. But America has fumbled its way though pretty well and that, that is why all this trumped up nonsense is being unveiled. This is simply a way to pit Americans against each other, by race, by ethnic origin, by sex, by religion. This is all an attempt to fracture the relaxed racial and ethnic attitudes that had emerged by the 1980s in order to cause dissent, chaos and create a hobbled, broken-down third world banana republic out of a once great nation.

  • mredward

    Soon, very soon.

  • Pat

    I’m an undergraduate right now and I find it humorous that there is an African American Studies degree. Good luck with that one. But, of course the university I attend is mostly white, and it’s quite peaceful and almost crime free =)

  • caligula

    just like elementary school passage, middle school passage and high school diplomas.

  • Computer User

    So does that mean that Obama only being half black can only use it half the time or that he can only get halfway to the “space”.

  • mredward

    Nope, the liberal mindset precludes excepting reality.

  • Spychiatrist
  • Stephanie Payne

    “When you get with people who disagree with you… Republicans… then get in their faces.” Barry Sotoro (1995)

  • gstarr10

    Separate but equal safe spaces?……..say it ain’t so Joe.

  • mredward

    Which has fostered, what? Appears to be “endemic racism.”

  • abe lincoln

    Isn’t diversity beautiful… LOL

  • Zath

    The non-black students could just attend another university – vote with their feet – and we shall see how long this lasts.

  • EchoLiberty

    The more of these stories I read, the farther and farther away from these folks I want to be. Come retirement, I’m moving to rural Montana.

  • catinaz

    SEGREGATION Blacks only meeting rooms. Segregation in class rooms might be good then. The black can have theirs and whites will have theirs. LOL What a joke these STUPID people are becoming.

  • betterthanu

    The white students should sue and put this school out of business.

  • J_Biggs

    It’s a black version of the Klan.

  • philip bergen

    blacks are racist people

  • Mike549

    Every group but whites are allowed freedom of association. All the rhetoric about black oppression is just a tool used to destroy white society. This is just one more tiny example of the bigger picture of white genocide. When blacks are left to their own devices, they are completely incapable of maintaining civilization.

  • American

    Diversity training for them.

  • Joe333

    Who else finds the leopard print floor in the black only space to be hilariously racist?

  • Truth

    The dying days of an empire.

  • UnCL3

    If White people no longer fed black people in the US, what do you think would happen?

  • J_Biggs

    How long before they demand black only drinking fountains?

  • Mike549

    Unfortunately, they also have also jewish billionaires like George Soros (and organized jewry in general) on their side to provide financing and help with agitation among their ranks.

  • UnCL3

    Blacks are racist…the “people” part is in question.

  • American

    They are the Missouri Tigers

  • UnCL3

    How RAYCIS!
    Where does one FIND tigers?
    In da jungle.

  • Trounce

    I dunno, we can just look at black countries to see. It looks like the lions would start eating them if Africa is any indication, and that most of them would get AIDS.

  • ThisChick

    Do these idiots not realize how STUPID they look! Blacks fought for years to earn their rights to NOT be segregated, but now these knuckleheads are volunteering to go back to those times by segregating themselves! What IDIOTS!!!!

  • ThisChick

    Yes!!!! They probably wouldn’t win though with these corrupt judges in the court system!

  • starrrgirl

    what would happen if the whites self-identified as blacks?

  • Corpseman57

    Is it okay to have white only neighborhoods?

  • Mike549

    Sadly, most white college students are too brainwashed to believe anything but what the media and their liberal professors tell them.

  • Joe333

    So it’s racist against native americans as well huh?
    Those bastards!

  • UnCL3

    truth…although there are “deniers” that think they are innocent, oppressed bystanders.

  • Corpseman57

    I’m sooooooooooooooooo done with the Crybully Generation.

  • NoMoreRacism

    So, black students at Mizzou want a return of segregation and separate but equal?

  • Cowardly Lion

    Are the French citizens allowed to have a “safe space” away from Muslims? It appears, still too early, but, muslims are at it again.

  • Joe333

    Do they follow the one drop rule?
    Would Obama be allowed in?

  • American

    Honestly, the only time I’ve ever felt racially slighted was in Missouri. I was at a Jazz fest at 18th and Vine in KC.

  • UnCL3

    They are largely incapable of self governance.

  • Corpseman57

    obama acts like the White House is the plantation headquarters.

  • Eddie Lutz

    Am I the only one who has grown sick and tired of whining pancake-raging negroes?

  • Corpseman57

    Who pays them? TAXPAYERS.

  • UnCL3

    I vote “YES”

  • UnCL3

    It’s recommended.

  • American


  • Mike549

    In some ways those “deniers” are correct; after all, only slightly more than 80% voted for Obama in the last election. I think the real problem is jewish billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer who control the GOP and are committed to open borders, refugees, gay marriage and supporting #blacklivesmatter just as much as the democrats.

  • UnCL3

    Actually, I hope this starts a TREND.

  • Corpseman57

    Any bets that whites will NOT apply to this stellar university next year. Endowments will tank.

  • American

    It’s a state university

  • Luther

    Pass de Penicillin.

  • American

    That’s hilarious. These are the national champs?

  • mredward

    Affirmative action quotas.

  • Corpseman57

    What do you do when you’re too stupid to learn the college material? See the above pictures.

  • Warrior_Savant

    Mr. Trump:

    1.) Defund corrupt/evil govt. agencies
    2.) Defund sanctuary cities and states (zero govt. funding)
    3.) Defund radical socialist public universities (zero fed student aid, zero grants)



  • Corpseman57

    I don’t care about color. I want to live in a liberal-free world.

  • Zath

    You are one of many.

  • UnCL3

    Who’s up for Segregated Monopoly?

  • Sierra Bravo

    What a joke these people are

  • Gonadsx2

    hope they don’t look up in the sky on clear night! all shining bright are all the stars screwing up the black space

  • Prince Arthur

    Anyone wants more Transformation feel Free to vote for Ben Carson.

  • Skip

    I’d be mad too if I had no viable skills whatsoever

  • darryl2009

    Too funny!

  • Smokey

    MU Campus = West Ferguson.

  • UnCL3

    What would Saint Swisher Sweets do?

  • sdd

    This is what passes for “higher education” in this country.


    Immediately institute WHITES ONLY HEALING SPACES!

    Whites best grow a pair of balls, things are going to get a lot worse. It is time for whites to form “SELF DEFENSE UNITS” if things keep going this way, you will need them soon.



  • Bob

    White students arm yourself. You will be persecuted, and threatened. White lives matter as well. Don’t forget that.

  • UnCL3

    yup…Mike Brown’s Graduating Class celebrates his divershitty

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Lol, talk about biting the hand that loads your EBT card…

  • MadMallory

    He must be! Not at all his magnificent dream.

  • Ads

    Hitler nigs


    White students form “SELF DEFENSE UNITS” now, arm up, get training and always be prepared.


    Time to bring segregation back, also white tax payers support only whites and black tax payers should only support blacks (LOL) we know they will starve within weeks.

  • UnCL3

    Nope…I’ve had plenty, thx.
    Der Trumpen Krieger 2016

  • Oboy_must_go

    Healing space? LOL! Healing from what???

  • Highlandsparrow

    Loooooooooooool! Idiots. I just can’t with this nonsense.

  • Mike

    Healing from butthurt.

  • UnCL3

    Criminal behavior (if stats hold true).
    Facts be raycis, yo.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Let’s find out, as soon as possible.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Somehow I suspect our community organizer is behind this.

  • rich poorman

    I would love to see the academic transcripts of these “students.” Betting they are losers who coasted through K12 on social promotion, were admitted as quota babies, and gravitated to “ethnic/gender/queer studies” programs, all funded by grants and loans they will never pay back. Parasites.

  • UnCL3

    That does create opportunity for a solution…

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    No, that’s one assumption which is always safe to make.

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    Where is the real one that says…

    “Wake up black? Collect 200$…”

  • UnCL3


  • UnCL3


  • Oboy_must_go

    If Hillary addresses these misfits, will she speak in jive?

  • MadMallory

    Mobs in the street were what our Constitution was supposed to prevent, that and tyrants. Things started to go awry when “some became more equal than others,” in other words, affirmative action.

  • Eudaimonic Rex

    We should begin negotiations on handing over a guarded, black-only safe space for them to look after themselves at their own expense

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    Maybe after the decade long healing process is over.

  • John Wayne

    Ok all you honkeys and crackers got to git up on out of here. 2 legs baaaadd! 4 legs better!

  • UnCL3

    BLM sow interrupts serious discussion on CNN:

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    The savage beatdowns inflicted by all those racist IQ tests.

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    I vote to “put a dome over UM”

  • UnCL3

    I’m sure he’s sending top officials to Mizzou, and James Taylor back to France.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    I demand reparations immediately for all the money my family and I have paid into the welfare system since 1933.


    White students form “SELF DEFENSE UNITS” now, arm up, get training and always be prepared. Soon these DOMESTIC TERRORISTS will be burning books and after that the GAS CHAMBERS get put into use.

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    Nonhispanicwhite. Yes.

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    They’d be dumber than bruce jenner.

  • Mike

    Meanwhile, the engineering and hard science students are too busy to waste time on this nonsense, so they can get good paying jobs and not be a burden on society after graduation.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    In remedial Ebonics. Meanwhile, Jeb is no doubt watching this and about to announce that his first appointment as president would be Kermit Gosnell for surgeon general.


    Is a VERY VIOLENT and VERY BLOODY REVOLUTION the answer to what ails this country?????

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    I welcome their romantic views of tradition.

  • UnCL3



    Clearly we need more access to abortion in black neighborhoods.

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    When gatorade replaces water. Braundo has electrolytes.

  • UnCL3

    what else is new?

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    Maybe lions on a diet would…

  • JimH69

    I suppose whites will need to only drink out of approved water fountains next.

    Hey you petulant, know-nothing, racists ass-hats…if you are really after “equality” you are doing it wrong.

  • Cajun Exile

    “Segregation, it’s not just for Southern White Cracka’s anymore™”


    The taxes of whites for whites, the taxes of blacks (LOL) for blacks.

  • IrateTexan

    And especially barak hussie obama!

  • Tony

    From what are they healing? If they want segregation,let’s give them a farm(plantation). They can harvest a crop(cotton) and rest their weary bones. I’ll even sing “Ol’ Man River”.

  • So Tired of This

    So let me get this right…. Black students get the president of the college AND the chancellor to resign over racist allegations. Allegations mind you. However, no action whatsoever is taken when these same black students segregate white students which is a CLEAR act of racism and not just an allegation. Is this college’s adminstration so weak that they are allowing it to fall into complete and total chaos? If this were white students demanding that black students be segregated on a college campus, those white students would be shut down immediately and the administration would likely publically denounce what they did. Colleges are ‘safe places’ by design. Places where one can express themself and have an opinion that is different from their neighbor. Places where various viewpoints can and should be presented and discussed. We are not seeing that at this campus. What we are seeing is shameful. First ammendment rights don’t just apply to certain groups or people. First ammendment rights apply to all. It is time that we, all of us that are disturbed by this, stand up and say ‘no more.’ We have to be more careful who we elect. We have look less at facebook and more at who is running our country (and who is backing them). We have to use the common sense and brains that God gave us to make intelligent decisions. Being offended by every little thing that people around us do and say is useless. Worrying about what people wear to halloween parties is ridiculous. Instead, let’s turn our attention to the real problems – the economy, ISIS, the rising costs of higher education, Central Banks across the world printing money, the power and influence of the very rich like George Soros, the influx of illegal immigrants into Europe and the US, the current drought in Africa, child trafficking, etc., etc…

    And on another note, are any of these kids going to class????

  • J Dubya

    Fight like hell for desegregation and what do these dumbasses do? Constantly SEGREGATING themselves.

    And then you have the Black Lies (not a misspelling) Matter crowd allying with the Black Power movement (which is a black supremacist group) with their militant little fists in the air….

    Damned idiots are going to get what they’re asking for and the whole time, they’re being played. There’s a race war about to happen because too many gullible people can’t see the chess game for the pieces! Wake the hell up!!

    Another thing these BLM fools don’t realize: if the balloon goes up and this thing TRULY goes hot, they’re going to lose. Badly.

  • mchenry

    Agreed. See how well it has worked in Detroit. Prime example of giving the inmates control of the asylum.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    as the black mo flanagan murdered whitey …… #ONLYBLACKLIVESMATTER …………….doncha no?

  • Jack_Kennedy


  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    Only whites heard you. Blacks are trying to heal. Have some respect.

  • Eudaimonic Rex

    Wish they’d just swim back to Africa

  • Jack_Kennedy

    IT IS TIME…………… looking forward to it…….. LOC N LOAD

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    I agree. Blacks should be seperated from society. Good point.

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    The failure of the hoax is going to take months, if not years, to recover from. #PrayforUMhoax

  • Jack_Kennedy

    STBTA ……………….. same today as 50 years ago

  • skswig

    Wonder what the enrollment numbers will be there next year?

  • dareisay

    Once Blacks demanded they be included in places where only whites were, but they never wanted whites attend places and schools that were for Blacks.

    Now they toss overboard their white supporters and friends! So we sit back and watch this and say, What the devil do they want?

    Maybe it’s just another way to upset the cart, cause some stink and get media attention.

    I grew up in a small town that never had problems with race…Our Black medical doctor even met a bus load of Black instigators at our bus station and told them, “Get back on the bus, we have no problems here”.

    But also back during the civil war my little town was part of the Underground…whatever the reason we lived in harmony I do not know, just wish it was the same as back then.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    I know 4 sets of parents that are pulling their money/kids ………. their kids are going to finish where the mooches don’t rule

  • Wipe PC Off The Map


    Lets live really far away from eachother…

  • UnCL3

    in da ghetto

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    “Its not just for leftist gated communities no more.”

  • Agreed. All they are doing is starting a “RACE WAR” without having the ability of realising it. Racist BIGOTS like those at MIZZOU should be BANNED just like the KKK. The stupidity involved with their mindset is completely incomprehensible. Instead of banning slavery, they are actually encouraging it. Completely immature morons as they are, would be really hard to find.

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    They are giving you what you dont know you want yet.

  • Eudaimonic Rex

    Blacks are tired of being faced with their own inferiority day in and day out. Best they just live amongst themselves so they don’t constantly feel stupid.

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    Well duh..

  • Skip

    So racist

  • dareisay

    Very tough song to sing’

  • It will be some time before a resume finds my desk from U of M. Straight to the trash. Way to go. At least the University you attended is not a “protected class” yet.

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    Well it would be a first for the gas. Unless you meant the USSR’s.

  • UnCL3

    Yeah, they’re a race of geniuses

  • UnCL3


  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    If you want them you can adopt them. I for one am comfortable with their desire to seperate.

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    The africans in africa would eat them though.

  • UnCL3

    It’s the ONLY way to end White Privilege, sh|tlord!

  • Eudaimonic Rex

    Oh no…

  • UnCL3

    the horror…

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    Who is riling them up? There must be some ‘secret relationship’ between ‘bl_cks and j_ws’ nobody is talking about…

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    14 acres and 6 million mules.

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    If they could they wouldn’t.

  • UnCL3

    hmmm what could that ever be?

  • UnCL3


  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    I just want to get out of their way so they can build pyramids again and fly in ufos.

  • Naomi Wilson

    The world is going down to leftism, and Jihad, and these petty little children cannot look beyond their playpens and sandboxes to see what is really important. And where are the adults standing and telling them what-fore?

  • will jones

    next is black only drinking fountains. You can’t remedy racism by practicing racism.

  • UnCL3

    well, since they incapable of even feeding themselves…

  • UnCL3

    Protesting is hard work!
    Soros has decided to have some food delivered:

  • the ivory impala

    That’s for sure. Hell, they want to make it legal for perv men to go into women’s restrooms just by feeling like a woman that day.

  • Betsy Beam

    If they want Black only everything, I say give it to them. You will never hear a whiny baby White complain about it, because we aren’t babies that need to be coddled. We will just get off our asses and adapt. No problem, and it will really identify who the REAL racists are.

  • agreewithstevens

    Does no one see the irony of this school’s nickname ends in zoo?

  • UnCL3

    and that tigers live in jungles?

  • Churyl Minne

    When lack of quotas work in their favor like sports team (i.e. NBA, NFL) blacks are all in because they have “talent.” When it comes to getting real world jobs or an education, it’s they lack the “opportunity” and that’s the reason why affirmative action quotas are still needed. Nice double standard — must be BLACK PRIVILEGE.

  • Mike Rakhabit

    Blacks want separation from whites but not from our resources. If whites all flew to Mars to give the earth over to the Dindus, they’d sit at the launch pad screaming about racism. Once the food ran out and they killed the ones worth anything, they’d start a cargo cult praying for us to come back.

  • Spadeshoveler

    Let them wallow in their safe spaces. It won’t be long before they’re all slinging their poo without the humans to manage them.

  • bluemongoose

    The DOJ will investigate this for sure…now they will…wait…now they will…wait…

  • Mike Rakhabit

    Where’s the healing space for all of the crime and destruction caused by blacks in the last 50 years?

  • J Dubya

    You are delusional as are those being reported upon in this “news story”.

  • buzzlatte3

    Way to go, average 85 IQers, you just sent race relations back 50 years and erased the nefarious work of liberals, race baiters, and professional rioters.

    Man, that Affirmative Action sure leveled the playing field.

  • Ham Bone

    When is the white race going to WAKE UP???

  • HeWhoIs

    Where is the DOJ

  • buzzlatte3

    Absolutely. It would cause a collective sigh of relief.

  • Ham Bone

    Why would we want to???

  • So Tired of This

    That is NOT what I said at all. Stop inciting more hate. You obviously work for those who would have us all at each other’s throats so that Obama can declare martial law. Who pays you to write these comments?

  • buzzlatte3

    Wait! Isn’t there something about swimming and winter sports???

  • UnCL3

    where the blacks are not…

  • Mr Charrington

    The irony of seeing the left turn on each other because of their own belief system. It’s almost too good to be true.

  • David

    Watch Pastor Mannings explanation Very intelligent man willing to tell the truth

  • buzzlatte3

    Yeah, that’s the gene pool these geniuses crawled out of on the left, no wait, right, no wait, the left.

  • jfhdsiu

    “Retroactive preferential treatment” was the original term used. It was changed to “affirmative action” to sucker the non-blacks into thinking it was a benign and beneficial movement. Everyone sees the results and must conclude that it was neither benign nor beneficial. It was, is and continues to be a scam as proven by these black’s demand to be SEGREGATED again………………….

  • Prince Arthur

    Anyone loving Obama Transformation then support Ben Carson.

    Trump 2016 coming to DC to cleanup.

  • buzzlatte3

    And expectations of achievement and responsibility …too much for the little brown snowflakes.

  • franc1sc0

    Move along white liberal useful idiots, they don’t need your diversity any more; got a new black University President, and things will be changing.

  • buzzlatte3

    Omg – now the jokes we’ve been waiting to tell….lol!

  • Rhetorical Brutality

    Has anyone in this school’s completely clueless mis-administration even considered the negative impact this ongoing three-ring circus is going to have on the quality of students who will accept its offers of admission in coming years? More specifically, how many parents of prospective students will “just say no” when their sons and daughters express any interest in attending Missouri?

  • SJMWilco

    create a whites only healing space, ask all blacks to leave and see how long it takes for alnotsosharpton to shout racism.

  • Kra kar

    N!gNogs are now making up racist attacks as a form of rebellion.
    Time to deport these useless meatsacks back to their Africa.

  • buzzlatte3

    I know. Classic Cosmic joke! Lol!

  • Realist500

    Quality students? From what we’ve seen so far, the only direction available would be up.

  • SJMWilco

    send them to mexico, call it an immigration trade agreement

  • Cloud cowboy

    So if they need a black only healing area, would it also be acceptable to have white only things as well? Maybe we can add a slightly different facet to the issue. How about blacks only and whites only bathrooms? Would the black community like that?

  • buzzlatte3

    Crybully. Very descriptive and accurate.

  • Commentor

    There is no such thing as “white privilege” only black stigma.

  • Cloud cowboy

    Yeah, he’d be accused of not keeping it real….

  • TashaTchin

    Don’t you mean that Democrat Party elites are laughing themselves silly? After all, it is the Democrat Party that backed slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow and segregation. They also control the K-12 education system in most localities guaranteeing that the kids would end up as pathetic morons.

  • government watchdog

    It appears that the black lives matter do not want any involvement with dumb white people. I cannot blame them. Any white person who gives a crap about the Obama established premise must be a liberal idiot. The Black lives matter will not admit that Michael Brown was a thug who deserved what he got even though all the evidence proves it. Maybe the dumb whites can protest not having free tuition or losses by the football team. Or that the NFL did not keep the Mizzou football player.

  • Kra kar

    yes……..Yes……….Y E S!

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    No I do this freely.

    I just HATE hoaxes.

    I HATE the leftist ‘progressive’ communist program to incite black proletariats against the white bourgious.

    Working class struggle replaced for racial class struggle.

    Its psychological warfare.

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    Sarcasm buddy. I was not obvious enough. My bad.

  • buzzlatte3

    Watch what happens when their ghetto brothas n sistas start losing their welfare and EBT cards because whitey refuses to pay for them.

    Hmmmm, hmmmm hmmmm. There’s gonna be riots.

  • Rodney McCarthy

    White Libtards are so naive… Blacks will NEVER love you, or accept you.

    No mater how subservient you are to them, no matter how low you cower, no matter how much you give, it will never be enough!

    You are willing to just lose your dignity for nothing.

    You do NOT understand the world we live in, and I despise your ignorance.

  • Penny Dog

    Its true

  • Mike Rakhabit

    Helicopter rides.

  • Patty
  • Cool can we take out tax dollars with us? You’re on your own Shaniqua, gnome-sain?

  • TroyGale

    I sure am glad these are College Students. They are so much smarter than the rest of us.
    My Mother always said, “You can’t fix stupid!”

  • Bill

    The goal is to exterminate the white race.

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    “When you go black, you never go back.” Guess what? You already have “healing spaces”. To find them, look in Baltimore, Camden, St. Louis, South Chicago, Gary, Atlanta, New Orleans….. you get the idea.

    How’s that workin’ out for you?

  • veritasycandor

    Oh let them club one another to death. If whites are insane enough to crave black friends — a lovely psychological torment – go for it. But, when what you little phony crackers thought was your cute little pit bull ends up severing your artery (cuz that’s what those animals do, instinctively), don’t whine and try to run to your safe room. Just lie down, bleed out and take it.

  • UnCL3

    one way

  • UnCL3

    The last few years I gave up on holding back…DaTrufe Beez Out Dere!

  • veritasycandor

    God bless you Mia. Please, please…for the sake of all humanity….have lots of children. And I mean that with all due respect to your intellect, ambition and profession. We need more of you.

  • steve981cr

    The university president who resigned needs to forfeit his pension. Why should the coward who ran away be paid for the rest of his life?

  • RevG

    I am part White but I can’t prove it. Actually I am 40% Lakota and I am kidding.
    All I can do is laugh at the moronic blacks that believe we owe them a darn thing.
    Let them destroy their own kind, and they will.

  • Mark Aurelius

    I suggest that all the evil white donors to this university withdraw all funding so that these racist movements can fund themselves and continue their apartheid. All evil European-peopled foundations and trusts, likewise: pull the plug on a Board of Governors that did not have had the backbone to defend those targeted, and put a large dent in the budget that allows for the hiring of racists. By that I mean professors who preach racial hatred in almost every discipline in the humanities, using school resources to do it, and who encourage students to troll social media with the relativist formula: ‘So if…then must.’ Professors who shut down any dissenting opinion both inside and outside the classroom and lower the grades of anyone who speaks against them.

    In fact, it would be useful for these professors to be targeted themselves, by students who are fed up with re-education instead of education. Create a website that identifies them, quotes them, and presents videos of them intimidating white students and documenting where possible grades awarded (with students’ permission). By no means are these racist professors the only ones behind this spectacle, and there are black professors who are a model of the educational ideal. (By the way, many white professors are equally to blame–the ones who live in a state of self-hatred due to their ‘white privilege’, but yet strangely remain comfortable with the monetary rewards afforded to them by that supposed privilege.)

    What to do with the fascists? Expose, expose, expose. Give young people back the right to study and live in an intimidation-free environment. They pay enough, they face enormous debt (no football scholarships) and what are they getting? Professors who see the world in terms of race, and who incite mobs to literally attack students and journalists on campus, as we have seen in the past year. I can’t imagine how the tension must be in some of these classes, and the profound sense of dejection among students who entered university with high hopes.

  • RevG

    I would like to see Jackson and Sharpton along with Obama buried up to their necks in Fire Ant Mounds, after their eye lids were removed of course, must be the Indian in me.

  • wonderingstevie

    At least we know that blacks cannot be racist.

  • RevG

    I expect a special bus route called the Liberal Pansy Express to start running in Austin Texas before long.

  • ddude

    Blacks only want what we all want… live in an area with no blacks

  • RevG

    That final act with the smell of death in the air is not what they will expect…and they will think about that on the other side.

  • Towelie

    Would be just like Detroit by the end of next year

  • Ed Burns

    I wonder if that “Black only Healing space” includes a “Black Only” bathroom? If so, I hope the irony isn’t lost on the college administration that surely encouraged these kids to do this stupid stuff.

  • buzzlatte3

    George Wallace is vindicated!!!

  • Sicilian Papa

    All the white students should do as they are told. Transfer out of Missouri University as soon as possible

  • another_engineer

    You gotta watch this clip of Cavuto interviewing one of the
    student march organizers.. holy god.. she’s a very special kind of stupid.

  • buzzlatte3

    Yes, the stupid is strong with this one.

  • Richard

    I though the ruling in Brown v Board of Education over turned the idea of separate but equal. I would transfer out of that whack job “university” if I were a student there.

  • Sicilian Papa

    Saw it…agreed.

  • J Dubya

    Oh dang, sorry about that! My sarcasm detector must be busted!

    Thank you for being gracious in your reply.

  • CaptFun

    I have an idea. How about we have a whites only safe space. As in the entire Continental US. The Black safe space can be in Africa…..

  • Slow Masticating Juicer

    I thinking that segregation does work better now

  • Slow Masticating Juicer

    yea that was one clueless girl

  • ItsPolitics101

    Special treatment based on race (be that treatment inferior or superior) is the very definition of racism!

  • Yu So Wong

    How about a black only healing state where they could all go and live to avoid micro-aggressions. – Maybe California.

  • buzzlatte3

    I want some for my brave 19th Century relatives that died freeing these ingrates.

  • yennikcm

    Do they all have “my little pony” dolls?

  • Sicilian Papa

    If you’ve been watching CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC you would never know the truth of what is really happening at Missouri University or any other colleges. They have a totally different narrative.

  • Wipe PC Off The Map

    Never apologize.

  • Tommy Tunez

    The inmates have taken over the asylum.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Richard

    All I can say is Wow! Unfortunately that is the thinking you get when you live in an entitlement society that thinks their problems are caused by others.

  • southe123

    I doubt if I’ll consider hiring any graduates from that “institution”.

  • Elwood Blues

    See…. Told ‘ya.


    First, thanks for an alternative to facebook, which I never use! Second, quality students will desert this college, and let it sink into oblivion!

  • Arlen Cooper

    They need to heal that hole in their heads.

  • Common Sense

    In the interest of equality I am sure they set up a “whites only healing place” also, right????

  • dj

    People need to start yanking their kids from this school asap. Let the blacks have it and run it. We all know how that will end.

  • Commonsenseisdeadhere

    I’ve been saying for years that we should bring back segregation and dare them to complain.

  • tickyul

    Geez, and on top of the whole $h17 sundae…….we are going to be getting a boatload of 3rd world Jiha, I mean refugees.

  • InternalMonologue

    No, that would be rayciss and hurtful. Only big meanies would do that.

  • CCCA1

    Typical response from these black RATS (Racists Attacking This Society) and their frightened, self hating, guilt ridden, ego stroking little white useful idiot MICE (Managed Intimidated Compliant Establishment).

  • InternalMonologue

    Cavuto actually went easy on her, IMHO. To avoid hurting her wittle feewings, no doubt.

  • Trump Card

    That’ll make them more inclusive towards us right? Morons.

  • InternalMonologue

    They riot anyway. What difference will it make.

  • gio6666

    Separate but equal healing rooms.

  • Trump Card

    Irony worthy of Shakespeare. Did we all step into some portal into opposite land?

  • rabidfox2

    That is the bottom line motivation for all leftist revolutionaries.

  • Caitlyn Bodine

    I hear that Paris is a nice place to heal… France, that is. Why don’t you get on a plane and tell them about how you feeeeeeeeeel

  • InternalMonologue

    After meeting with Michael Brown´s mom and Eric Garner´s wife and Trayvon and Tamir´s moms, she should be fluent.

  • Down Lowbama

    Between the fundamentalist Muslims coming in with the stream of South American illegals, and the blacks finally learning the game of “make sh1+ up, get power”, it’s going to get real nasty inside of a year or two.

  • InternalMonologue

    Payton Head did visit the White House.

  • InternalMonologue

    No. One was enough.

  • American

    Everyone take note. Missouri is now the only administratively sanctioned racially segregated university. Line up all racists, right down your lane…. Wow.

  • 0_0

    I am sick to death of these goddamn naggers. Go to Africa and do the US a huge favor.

  • lookup

    My goodness I never thought I’d see the day when blacks would be self segregating. the clan must be laughing their fool heads off. My heart breaks.

  • Don’t Blame Me

    Finally a true, credible and proven act of racism on that campus, and not an admitted lie made up by one of the leaders of the movement. All of you useful idiots who were sheparded to a different floor need to reflect upon this incident and realize you are just sheep or pawns. You are useful for their cause, but entirely expendable.

  • lynchu

    It’s Not a healing session. Get real people. Wake up.

  • InternalMonologue

    My kids don’t behave like that.

  • Mike Rakhabit

    With an abrupt ending.

  • Smitty Werben Jaegerman Jansen

    Black Only? These thugs are Terrorists!

  • Voice_of_Reason

    Huh. Asking whites to leave.

    So what would happen if whites asked blacks to leave a venue…?

  • AngryAmerican

    Segregation at their own event, white folks not good enough to join them in space, outrageous and racist. No longer of value as a movement, nope.

  • lore

    Nothing racist here at all, move along…..

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Go be butthurt somewhere else whitey!

  • Fred

    Why, were they going to start smoking crack?

  • Martin Van Nostran

    “Ok useful idiots, you can leave now. We don’t need you anymore.”

  • S1lenceDogood

    So they hate University of Missouri so much…….why did they go there?

    Transfer to Grambling since they long for segregation.

    Racist little whiney brats is all they are.

    Embarrassment to themselves and their parents.

  • raffaro

    There is a place for FREED Blacks to go it’s called Liberia! those who want a place of their own should GO!

  • TalkingDust

    Next will be the Black-only drinking fountains, bathrooms, and whites sitting at the back of the bus.

    They learned well from their Democrat masters.

  • TalkingDust

    We’ll take all our inventions, too, thank you very much. Hand over the smart phones.

  • TalkingDust

    We fought a civil war and gave 600,000+ lives, had a civil rights movement, given them preferential treatment in jobs and college entrance over more well-qualified individuals, and their faces and voices have been plastered on every piece of paper, television screen and CD for years.

    Enough already. If they’re not “healed” by now they suffer from the incurable disease of unforgiveness.

  • p martin

    And yet the stupid white football players wont transfer to another college in a show of unity. And yet the loud on campus white feminist will not attack this as they commonly do against college men. And yet other students wont transfer to other colleges and take their tuition money with them. And yet whites in the region will not boycott the next home game to send a very strong message that a line has been crossed. If you wont act–dont complain. “Keep taking the slaps and saying thankyou sir can I have more”

  • lax

    No. I really don’t care what the university does to contain the situation. I got my degree…learned my lessons…and walked away from the rest.

    Just like i will the likes of all who think I should get involved…like you.

  • DL38

    As a rare Vanderbilt fan, I am dancing on the grave of Mizzou Football, now destined to be terrible for years to come. What hard-working kid with NFL potential is going to sign up for the school where his dreams might be put on hold for someone else’s bad-idea protest?
    This is a recruiting wasteland now.

  • Bill the Cat

    LMAO The alums should ask for a refund from this joke of a University.

  • Boomer

    Bring back the draft. Two years humping an M-16 with a foxhole as their “Safe Zone” may give them some perspective.

  • Prelusive007

    FINALLY! NOW we’re making some real progress. The blackish colored people want to be alone! NO whites. . . Segregated. . . Hallelujah! !!!!

  • tengallonhat

    He’s the guy who’s been in and out of the White House meeting with Obama – at least 3 times!!!

  • Russ

    Racism, Racism, Racism, Racism, Did I say RACISM. Sorry, BLACK RACISM. Is that better!.

  • HillaryWasHere

    Self segregation, who would have thought…I bet book burning is next.

  • HillaryWasHere

    History reverses itself…

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges bravely stood up for integration so that these worthless pieces of crap could segregate themselves and make demands that are unavailable to other ethnic groups.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    If you judge them by the content of their character then you’re a racist!

  • Nuf Sed

    Isn’t this a form of discrimination? I have a great idea. Lets send all the blacks back to Africa where they can all have their own safe space with no worry that a white might show up.

  • honigs


  • honigs


  • Dick Hatewell

    …ni9s gonna ni9.

  • Anton Karls

    This is what is comes down to and the real motivation of the racial groups – they want to claim being victims so they can get special treatment and discriminate against others. What a sham!

  • Androcles the First

    Black racíst pígs, all.

  • sonicmoon

    A lost generation.

  • Joe

    They might as well just close the whole place down. It’s like a cancer patient that probably can’t be cured due to the people involved.

  • IckyD

    Rosa Parks was a p[aid employee of the Communist Party USA at the time of the bus seat moment.

  • Getting comical

  • Their enrollment will soon plunge so far down that they might as well close.

  • Agamemnon7

    Feral simian fools

  • Mercan

    At work tomorrow I am going to ask for an Irish only healing zone. Lets see how that goes.

  • Big2Tex

    I believe the MBA grad students should be introduced to the alumni with NRA degrees.

  • PenelopeWillis

    Sellout liberal scum. We told you so.

  • PenelopeWillis

    Has anyone heard from OWS? They’ve been awful quiet since they closed down their rape camps.

  • rotorhead1871

    Really!!!…………..segregation at the request of the minorities……….ya might want to think that one over again and again…….

  • Brad

    One word: transfer.

  • rotorhead1871

    where is jesse and Al sharpton when we need their big mouth…….cmon boys bring your pie holes to the game…

  • AndyA121

    Thats strange that they want a “Black only” healing space. When Jesus healed people everyone was invited to come and see.

  • John


  • Patty

    to Student Protestors who don’t feel safe on Campus: Buy a gun, learn
    Karate, of go home and get back in bed for the rest of your lives

    We have raised
    a generation of pathetic cowards that have no value in society. If our predecessors were made up of the
    sentiments of these wimps, there would be no America as we know it because they
    would’ve stayed in England.

    There comes
    a time in life when adulthood needs to kick in.
    Unfortunately, this collection of whiners has been raised to think that
    life is supposed to be fair. That the
    world owes them the right not be afraid of their own shadow.

    That’s not
    what life is!

    children need to man or woman up because they are an embarrassment to the country!

  • Dean

    can’t wait to see what the enrollment numbers look like next year and imagine what the brochure is going to look like!

  • csbubba

    Spinning, I don’t think so, unless it’s for joy. He, mlk, had his commie handler just like ODan does/did.

  • darryl2009

    What they meant to say was that whites were excluded from a blacks only ‘stealing’ zone

  • bahamianhoosier

    and to think some of those dem libtard congressmen marched next to him and now stand for ad advocate the things they do is mind-boggling!

  • Apparently white Oakland progressives are tricking young blacks into believing this is an Apartheid type of system. Liberals won’t be happy until they completely destroy blacks with such non-sense.

  • bahamianhoosier

    They’re all guilty!

  • bahamianhoosier


  • bahamianhoosier

    sad and infuriating all at the same time!

  • Michael Onoo

    Another reason to boycott sporting events with a disproportionate number of black players. Black men are 6% of the population, an NFL team with 80players should have no more than 5 blacks

  • Two Buck Chuck

    Lester Maddox and George Wallace are proving to be Prophets.

  • skswig

    Smart thing to do. This campus will be a ghost town this time next year.

  • jaz

    The little flowers are choosing to segregate themselves. Soon black only healing spaces will be mandatory at the back of all buses.

  • Smartipants

    Why don’t they go to the all black colleges? They will feel very comfortable and non threatened. Why are there all black colleges allowed anymore anyway?

  • I propose that the rear portion of every city bus in America be made a de facto “black only healing space”. Can’t get more progressive than that.

  • 0_0

    Segregation NOW, segregation forever!

  • Henry Lancaster

    It’s awesome when da Black Folk start axxing for the return of Plessy v. Ferguson.

    None are so enslaved as those who choose their own shackles…

  • Henry Lancaster

    George Wallace…is that you? Lester Maddox?

  • Henry Lancaster

    As long as it’s free…

  • Joe McCarthy was right

    No racism there.
    How is it possible for any healing to take pace with white people around seeing they are all racists?

  • FreemanAmerica

    I guess they don’t really mind segregation…They just want the better water fountains and cafes.. and the front of the bus.. They just want whites to have to stand and give them their seats… I guess they didn’t really want equality.. They wanted pay back.. But of course the people they wish to pay back are mostly long dead.. So these Crackers will have to do…

  • Joe McCarthy was right

    “There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs-partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
    Booker T. Washington 1911

  • Molon Labe

    I never owned a Negro.
    Nor did any of my ancestors.
    Nor would I today, if I could.
    Because they’re absolutely worthless.
    Always have been and always will.

  • robohobo60

    Apartheid is back!

  • Sandra Thomas

    It’s not segregation as you once knew it. It is the “new” elite. The black kids are running things now. Including the sports director and the chancellor’s office. Give, give, give……take, take, take…….demand more, more, more.

  • MrJackAmano

    Great idea. And we Whites also need a safe space free from blacks. I totally support this idea.

  • derek

    Isn’t that racist?

  • DarkQuark

    These are idiot children being manipulated to act like utter fools.

  • Captain Reynault

    Good times.

  • justaman

    I wonder if they have a normal people rec room.

  • Scoollink

    If you are a student there you should have access to all “space” on campus regardless of race. sounds like a group of black students formed a club on campus that discriminates based on race.

  • wolfpack907

    Seemed the earth had brown and black almost totally, where did the little white man come from? How did we win the world? You of color, might want to ask yourself that before you screw up again.

  • ac287149

    I can see them all now, ‘to heck with Paris, …. it’s all about me and my wonderful, offended feelings’

  • Shanice.Conner

    Maybe they should have some black only colleges…woah, wait, what????

  • UtIdArWa

    Geesh, what a bunch of prima donna bigots.

  • xlt2050

    When are these radical communist, racists being officially named as an anti-government, anti-capitalism terrorist group?

  • 19131913

    For being and institution for higher learning. There sure are a lot of ignorant dumb asses. This college should be closed and these kids should be put on trial for terrorism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • billypaintbrush

    All pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others

  • 19131913

    In the old day’s they would do things like lock everyone in and burn the building down!! oh yeah they tried that today in France!

  • Richard Neal

    Good!…The blacks should have whipped the coward white boys, took they women and money before they kicked them out…White progressive men are not only the most confused individuals in America – they are the biggest sissies too…

  • Androcles the First

    Well, what did you expect? Special qualifying criteria for Ghetto Monkíes and loads of free stuff…all the while letting the black dumbazzes skate through “hard” subjects like American Lit, Freshman Mathematics, and Geography.
    White folk have to work for a living. Blacks just collect welfare and cash money for booze and steaks (yes, it’s true). These college “educated” Ghetto Monkíes have no sense of what’s right…or what’s wrong with Society.

  • gildersleeve

    Whey they (white/black/brown/yellow, that should cover it.) get into the real world and have to work for what they get, their attitude will have a huge change for the better. I hope.

  • perseus317

    I’ve GOT to ask… What do you suppose the response would be if a group of white students at the college tried to set up a “Whites Only” safe space, and asked all of the black students to stay out? Everyone KNOWS what the response would be, and that’s all that you need to know in order to understand the hypocrisy and dishonesty of the movement. What you are seeing in plain view is a group of black activists wanting a different set of rules for people of color. They don’t want equality. They want special treatment, and are making unsubstantiated claims of offense and harassment in order to get what they want. The liberal administrators quickly surrender to their demands because they are deathly afraid of being accused of being racists.

  • What_A_Joke

    Is it just me that wonders? Hunh, they have these racists things happening on campus, but no white person was ever found to be behind them??? With all of the security cameras in and around these campuses… no whitey caught, or even recorded doing the things they say/claim is being done to the black students??? And then, we find out the the man to replace the so called racist head of the school is a retired black man whom is behind the protesting groups from the beginning, hummm??? Yeah, I’m saying it looks more like a hoax perpetrated by their own little George Soros – so he, or a black man in general, could gain control of the college. In a world where nothing is as it seems… what I’m suggesting seems just as likely, as not. And now the brilliant young minds of this school are being taught to “Not accept” the brotherhood and sisterhood of solidarity offered by their white classmates, but to shun them and declare special space for their race. Sounds less like an institution of higher learning, and more like an institution for the future racists of America.

  • gildersleeve

    Sorry does not even go far enough. These people are a disgrace to humanity. They have one thing in common. They all vote Demorat.

  • tbone51

    Is this really what is known as “higher education” these days? It’s now very clear to me that we’ve completely lost another generation of our youth. Obviously, their parents and teachers were also failures….

  • vovik

    5 minutes after the white students left…

    The black only healing space was renamed ghetto space, properly values dropped, and crime rate is on the rise. Racism, lack of opportunities, and loose gun restrictions are to blame.

  • Jimbolero

    The black NAZI’s strike again.

  • tbone51

    Obama’s pretty much assuring us that we’re going to have a WWIII with Russia or China, an all-out religious war or more than likely, a racial Civil War.

  • gildersleeve

    Colleges are no longe places of higher education. Colleges today are indoctrination centers for stupid whites and blacks that want to set the world back pre 1860. They best stay in the colleges because most of the guys I know will not suffer stupidity well. They will find that most whites are not the cowards that see on campus.

  • Sillysally

    They are judging someone because their skin is white????? That is called racist.

  • Seashell

    I propose black-only water fountains, bathrooms, and dining rooms. Progress!

  • Miles to Code

    Isn’t that Macroagression?

  • Miles to Code

    They’re just setting the groundwork for the multiple future lawsuits when their idyllic lifestyle, that they’ve been told is waiting for them, fails to materialize. It’s always someone else’s fault or racism. It’ll be in the courts within the next 5-10 years.

  • Miles to Code

    But look at the timing. Obama’s reign is nearing an end and with his departure, so goes a lot of the people who “care” about all this stuff. When he’s gone, we’ll be on to the next protected group and the blacks will be left behind.

  • squawneye

    I can hardly wait for the ‘blacks only’ water fountains.

  • zgli

    Well perhaps that is what they wish. Negroes have bad home environments. Most have no father’s in their homes. Their mother’s may not read to them every day like most middle class white women do. We home schooled our children through fifth grade. Home school children do much better on any tests than govt school children. Then to private Christian school and finally to public high school. Our children did very well. All with scholarships based on merit to college. White children, not from random priveledge, but all from earned merit by scoring very high SATs. Negroe children scored much lower and only go to college due to lower SAT scores with affirmative action preference programs. Asian students score highest of all because they have tiger moms and truely understand the power of education. Our daughter went to International Baccalauriet High School And beat the Asians in the final exams with her IB exams and is now working to finish her PhD in microbiology next year.

    Ben Carson, was an exceptional student with an exceptional career. He was and still today is also a man of extreme integrity. And this is why so many people are interested in him. A young Negroe, who worked hard and built a strong life that helped thousands of families with most complicated and extreme situations. Far more impressive than my career. Intruely have deep respect for Carsons success, and how he improved the lives of thousands of families.

    So when trump equates him with a paedophile as he did yesterday, my stomach turns over, and it fills me with some rage against that piece of Shiite trump, who is nothing but blunderbluss and nonsense.

    So when rascist hustlers like al Sharpton , or Obama, or Eric holder call out white folks and all of their.everyone rascist clinging to their gods and their guns, I have mixed thoughts. First, I think that they are pushing their rascist program to. Divide people. Then I think that yes, I cling to my God Jehovah, and yes, I cling to my guns, which are enshrined in the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution.

    And sometimes I think that negroes are shortchanged in colleges in the US because colleges lower the standards for negroes in the US colleges. Not all of them, but most of them and that they are not capable to do the work, take the tests , compete to win and pass the classes. Ben Carson excelled at all of these and beat the pants out of most if not all of his white fellow students. Most negro students are affirmative action placements. Everyone knows this , and they can’t keep up, and this is why they are protesting today.

    It all goes back to their family situations. White and Asian families place great value on education and push their children to excel. Negro families, mostly have no father’s in their homes and they do not push their children to esxel, so guess what, they don’t escel. And then the government forces universities to accept them to compete with white and Asians whose families spent two decades to get them there, based on the academic excellence , by merit. Thus black lives matter political mumbo jumbo that should have no place in any university.

  • zgli

    Please excuse my spelling errors. Siri keeps forcing these spelling errors. I think that Apple does this on purpose.

  • Carl Anon

    Black Americans should be given free tours of other continents to see how incredibly colorblind North Americans really are.

  • Aftersun

    If blacks were asked to leave a White Only Healing Space, then that would be considered racist. Look how the liberals have brainwashed our youth to buy into their sick cult.

  • Don’t_Be_A_Fool

    Yeah, Carson is the perfect model. Just forget the lies. And when a man states that he is the most trusted among his peers, but then lies… he’s still just another liar to me, and many others will feel the same. So, tell the world how different you are Mr. Carson, and how the public is looking for someone whom is not a politician to take control. Then, lie your butt off like every other politician, and look us all straight in the eye and lie some more while covering up your lies. Thanks, but No Thanks! Go TRUMP!

  • zgli

    I would consider it to be obscene to call Jesse Jackson a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a straight up race hustler , looking always to get mo money for his bank account. I have seen Jesse for decades in the media and have never once heard him preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. The good news.

  • Swordeus

    They need to put up signs that say “white” and “colored” so people don’t accidentally offend anyone by intruding on their safe space.

    They should also segregate dorm rooms, water fountains, bathrooms, etc.

    or maybe just make another school altogether just for the colored folk. That would solve everything..

  • Metalshaper

    Amazing how they complain about being discriminated against here there and everywhere but as soon as they are in charge they become the discriminators themselves. All that is doing is making white people want to discriminate again. There was way less discrimination towards blacks in the 70’s and 80’s but now you can’t trust them because they are not genuine in their interactions with non-blacks and they will turn on you for any perceived slights.

  • What_A_Joke

    They’ll certainly have enough of their fellow racists in charge when they go for the lawsuits, since they keep finagling positions in life they don’t deserve, and could not obtain through merit, but only through crying “racists.”

  • anon nona

    And the White students will still give their support to the black terrorist thugs. They will never wake up from the progressive facist racist brainwashing.

    White America better elect Trump or there will be a civil war….. Whites against blacks and muslims and all the politicians will support the blacks and muslims.

  • Patriot_panadero01

    OMG People get a grasp on the situation. Where is you character and integrity?

  • MafiaGovernment

    University’s have been propaganda machines for a long time and the students merely puppets of a master who’s agenda they are totally unaware, using their inexperience in the world to their own benefit. And they, as I at that age many years ago, thought i was ‘thinking for myself’ and ‘politically aware’ and all of that horse manure.

  • Jovet

    This is the most racially-intolerant thing I’ve heard of in recent times. How the hell is this attitude supposed to quell bigotry and prejudice and racism and intolerance??

  • Jovet

    Careful with those facts! You might be asked to leave! 🙂

  • Jovet

    Evil only triumphs when good men do nothing.

  • Jovet

    Best. Comment. Ever!

  • Ungullible

    Totally totally agree… 1,000 up arrows, if I could.

  • Jovet

    I don’t think it matters whether it’s true or not.

    Being called hurtful names only happens when you allow it to be hurtful. Taking the low road and reacting like these people have been just gives racial bullies more ammunition.

    There will always be racially insensitive and backwards-thinking people. But it’s your choice to give them power over you. Live your life as an example and shut those people up. This applies to EVERYONE, not just minorities. This is what we should all be striving for, as a human race together and united. Because divided we fall. The history of this once-great country proves this.

  • glenn47

    Ignorance at its best.

  • Jovet

    Thank you and your family for being great Americans! Maybe there is hope for our failing country yet, if we can encourage people to be more like you.

  • Malcom Tent

    What happened? Did a white kid try to ride in the front of the bus, or drink from the water fountain? Is that why all the white kids had to be removed? Damned uppity crackers have to learn their place in society.

  • newtiffen

    Poop swastikas should be “their” symbols. Ethno-centricity and restrictions on free speech. Dummys.

  • newtiffen

    These two should be cell mates.

  • Daria Disqus

    I really wouldn’t go to college today in the U.S. It is just asking for daily stress and self doubt about one’s next sentence, unless one drinks the politically correct Koolaid as Gospel from early youth and “knows” one thinks “correctly.” G-d forbid, you don’t have the experience not to stick your foot in your mouth, say something that shows simply that you don’t have life experience.

    I would take courses online and/or work a few years before heading off to college. Although I suppose it’s just as scary at work. That said, HR gives you a list of approved topics/ways of handling oneself.

    I wish I could give kids today ten years of maturity/experience before they went to college so they could handle the stress a little better.

  • Gary Nelson Harper

    The beginning of end of the lame duck dynasty. If anyone was wondering why spec ops has been training in urban scenarios, you have your answer. It’s safe to say that “change” did not occur and that an entire culture will become more disenfranchised than ever.

  • tinlizzieowner

    This University should be forced to accept only Black taxpayer and donation money, that would solve the ‘problem’ in a heartbeat. 😉 😉

  • Daria Disqus

    Whites oppress their ability to express themselves truthfully apparently. (They might say something “racist” do you think? Something like a blanket statement about whites?) They have to have the right to express themselves without “caring” how whites take it.

  • slohappy

    These little black pukes are being so RACIST! A lot of black folk have been crying false racism for so long that they wouldn’t know it if it him ’em upside the head, INCLUDING when they themselves are being racist. Shaking my head. If racism is EVIL when a white person practices it, then it is EVIL when a black person is racist. If they wanna paint the entire white race as a bunch of devils for the racist actions of a few white people then the black race is a BUNCH OF DEVILS for this. Get your dang act together and AT LEAST live in TRUTH people!!!

  • bobdog19006

    “Black Only Healing Space”?

    Here in Chicago, we call that a Free-Fire Zone, and it covers two-thirds of the city.

    Business is great. Plus, effective yesterday, the city makes a nickle a round on the new ammo tax. Never let it be said gang bangers indigenous sportsmen don’t contribute anything to the communi-tay.

  • bobdog19006

    This plaque actually exists on the Frank Lloyd Wright Building building at Northeastern Illinois University, home of Northeastern’s Carruthers Center for Inner City Racial Pathos.

    “According to building archives, the word democrat was used because
    Lincoln was an advocate for democracy—the political or social equality
    of all people,” an NEIU spokesperson told The Daily Caller in a
    statement. “The word was not chosen to reflect a political affiliation.”

    In a pig’s eye.

  • BuckYourLies

    I could never vote for someone who went after his own mother with a hammer, or stabbed his cousin.. just say no to the Rhino Obama. TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The man’s black

    It’s time for the white professors to be fired. How dare these racist professors teach our children. Further all pension money must be given to the black Hispanic and Asian clubs to handed out so that all students can feel better and know that their struggle is paid for by the lying white professors who have stolen from the poor children.

  • bobdog19006

    At the request of the White House, Sharpton and Jackson are on a tight leash these days.

    There’s an election coming up.

  • BuckYourLies

    The university deserves to have all its credentials and funding pulled. No one should lend accreditation to Marxism pushing intellectual free zones. Throw your useless degree away, the only thing Universities teach nowadays is how to be in debt and be scum.

  • cspanjunkie

    Winning the WH wasn’t enough. He encouraged his followers to ‘get revenge’ on those who voted for Romney. The man is a shallow and feckless show-pony. He owes everything he’s ever received to the good-hearted white people of America.

  • BuckYourLies

    Any university for that matter ,especially Berkeley and boulder. But UM takes the cake.

  • Dingus chopper


  • southernsue


    and all white kids should leave that horrid school

    they should change the name of the school to mumbamba

    let them stew in the stew pot

    however, get your white kids out of that ghetto school

  • DD

    Hold on… isn’t the lefty left’s mindless fight all about ‘who and what a person identifies as,’ as opposed to who and what they actually are?!

  • southernsue

    you are so right

    the blacks and liberals don’t parent

    they teach hate and division

  • southernsue

    to bad we can’t deport them all
    and shut down the ghetto school

  • BuckYourLies

    Problem is the past atrocities were ALL caused by democrats. Not one republican ever called for segregation or slave owning rights like all the Dixie Democrats, whom said btw, that blacks will be begging for segregation back when their done….. Guess THEY been hard at work since….. They are right.

  • romanmoronie

    Luckily, you only have to travel a short distance to Indiana where there is both a Cabellas and a Bass Pro.

  • DD

    If sensible people, of all colors, pulled themselves, their kids, and their money from this cesspool school, it would collapse or be forced to change. Ironic, that their mostly mythical grievances are sparked by their Progressive elite masters who then stand in the background fanning and grinning like maniacs.

  • BuckYourLies

    Because Asians and Jews first loyalty is to their native countries, most Asians are communist. Jews just don’t care to see the USA control ourselves they are nwo elites. Neither ideological sides tend to ally with freedom loving rule of law owning conservatives or libertarians. It’s inherit Marxism in all Asians it’s genetic.

  • Frantic_human

    Don’t worry, he will.

  • DD

    Strongly disagree! ‘Change’ has definitely taken place here in the USA, and it was intentional destruction. Barack’s most important promise of ‘fundamental transformation,’ made to the elites within his anti-America Progressive Cabal, was kept. Silly indoctrinated minions thought it was for them!

  • Frantic_human


  • Iminurbase

    Unfortunately Ben Carson is more if the same: He wants to force vaccinate you taking away your informed consent, He agrees with the T.P.P. which is a treaty in disguise to turn us into a North American Union like the EU. He’s for more war and pretty much the same as the current administration.

  • BuckYourLies

    Would it be short sighted if any other race had not one country of origin with over 50% of there own races. Europe is gone it is United Arab states now. America is all Caucasians have left. Only white countries are allowed and encouraged to be diluted. Wake up white people there is a motive behind this.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Hey Negroes, are you feeling a little inconsequential this morning, after the horrific attacks in France, or is it still only about your perceived selfish, immature, Give Me aspirations?

  • BuckYourLies

    No one would hire a MU alumni anyway, if they do , they are suckers.

  • A-O

    Next steps to be called for by the minions of the oppressed? Separate but equal? Color defined water fountains? Sit in the back of the bus or if by train when crossing the Mason-Dixon line move to the back of the train? Must admit, never thought it would go full circle but then again, stupid is as stupid does.

  • Thomas

    The Black KKK seems to have permeated into all levels. This is so Racist.

  • A-O

    Whose to blame? No rocket scientist(s) needed here; government, liberal educators and for the most democrats along with various and sundry republicans have subverted the educational process from top to bottom. Going to college is not a right: it is an opportunity of which few fully avail themselves.

  • bobdog19006

    Fortunately, roman, I’m only a mile or two away from Lake County (Illinois, not Indiana). With the exception of property taxes, over which I have little choice, I haven’t voluntarily spent a dime on ANYTHING in Cook County in years. No gas, no groceries, no shopping, no auto purchases, no ammo, no firearms, no clothing, no entertainment, no recreation, no nuthin’. I will not willingly support a government this corrupt. People vote with their feet.

    I’m following the most basic laws of economics. My momma didn’t raise no idiot children.

  • John Baker

    A black only healing space? What the heck is this country coming to these days.

  • John Baker

    A black only healing space? What the heck is this country coming to these days.

  • BuckYourLies

    Native and white, and no one in my white family EVER owned a home. Or been to college.

  • stoxnbonz

    Missed a perfect opportunity to create a “White people only” space. You libtards can’t get anything right.

  • RobC2010

    And especially Obama.

  • notfondoflibs

    All the men who fought and died in the Civil War have to be rolling in their graves. When blacks tell their Caucasian supporters to leave a “healing room”, it’s time for the Caucasian students to re-evaluate their support. The black students are complaining about racism then indulge in it themselves.

  • Americadies

    Nothing says Progressive like Censorship and Segregation! One has to love the insanity of the left.

  • Elytics

    Irony – A man is known by the company he keeps..

  • Baroldo

    The blacks should be asked to leave……….the country.

  • FlyBy

    These students are a group racists, arrogant weaklings. Get thick skin because life isn’t all about having your own race in every position. They are showing the nation our uneducated they really are and continue to blame society for their failures. The Black Lives Matter group is about violence and chaos not an actual educated movement. Everyone is criticizes these students and BLM

  • ARTS2000

    Let me know when we can shout ” burn this mother Phker down” you know like the gentle giants father.

  • Stephen Tobe

    – ‘You Americans are so gullible.
    No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses
    of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism.
    We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like
    overripe fruit into our hands.’~ Kruschev
    – ” we do not have to destroy
    America with Missiles, America will destroy itself from within ” ( Nikita
    Kruschev ) made in 1961
    – ” Mass immigration, Economic
    decline, and moral degradation will trigger a Civil War in the United
    States.” Russian Analyst ( Igor Panarin )
    – “The press is our chief
    ideological weapon.”
    Nikita Khrushchev

  • John D

    It sounds like that has already happened.

  • John D

    I’m still waiting for the libs to follow the law, you moron.

  • Stephen Tobe

    George Soros is behind all this.

  • JLR

    The University brought this upon themselves. Eventually the non black professors will be forced out by their demands. When these fools graduate and reality hits them in the face maybe they will wake up?

  • TomIron361

    The blacks never change. They are what they are and will be for the forseeable future.

  • John D

    Great post on King

  • JLR

    Well it worked with the Duke Lacrosse incident. If the media did fact checking before reporting things like this would not happen. Sadly, journalism died a long time ago.

  • JRS

    Wow, we finally got our room back?

  • android

    Without fail the funniest moments involve irony. This is really, really funny.

  • Bruce Boelter

    Cool, now we can have our own “whites only” safe zones too!

  • KeenIncite

    We’re living in the late 1850s, folks. That’s how divided this country is and how close to civil war we are.

  • John D

    You are a fool. Trump is a blowhard. I was gad he entered the fray, because he brought up things the Establishment GOP wouldn’t. But I never though so many people would actually take him seriously and I really don’t support him.

    Carson is a more decent man then you or him will ever be. .

  • lax

    Then you might as well close all higher learning facilities…
    Save for maybe Bob Jones university…or the Y’sheva.

  • sheepfreezone

    I wish my video editing skills were better
    I would love to see the video of the student journalist edited to show all the protester wearing diapers and with pacifiers hanging around their necks.
    there voices should be changed to .. you cant go in there because my P*&&y hurts

  • John D

    Idiot. Carson told those stories to show that God can change a person’s heart. I guess you don’t believe in God. Pathetic.

  • John D

    Let them try to stop me.

  • lax

    And what would you do? Write a stern letter? Threaten to boycott watching their sporting events?

    Regale us all with your plan to change things from high atop your soapbox.

    I have to go to work now so I can support the rest of the country on my hard days labor. If only there was a sarcasm font…

  • tonymarini

    What do you want??? You give these “students” a soap box to stand on, political power simply because of their race and then enlarge by a factor a 10 the racial chip they carry around on their shoulders, and then you expect common sense, civility and reason?

    Mizzou is only about an hour and a half’s drive west of Fergustan on I70. So why expect cultured reason when childish, peevish brutishness seems to be the rule of the day and the area? It seems that the mask is slipping in all this. Whites are constantly being accused of “white privilege” and for their many “crimes” against other races, particularly blacks. But here at Mizzou we see privileged blacks protesting against some specious wrong committed against them, and then acting all tribal and racial during their temper tantrums. Who are the “racists” now????? Who are the proven discriminatory bigots now? Who are guilty of “black only” areas being enforced? These spoiled brat savages learned NADA from MLK. They learned NOTHING from their predecessors…who suffered unspeakable treatment because of segregation and racial bias. They have learned NOTHING because all their lives they have been inculcated and imbued with a deeply-rooted sense of racial animosity over “sins” that were committed decades ago….and that no college-aged white has committed yet is blamed for simply because of THEIR color.

    And now we see that these unsympathetic aggrieved jerks hate, despise, loathe and eschew…but they simply do not know why?? It’s all our fault because we allowed this nonsense to persist, and we did not demand that blacks become more engaged with society at large. We allowed the situation to be clearly US-vs-THEM…even despite all the laws and the sweet talk of racial harmony…and a president who was supposed to UNITE the races because of his color. Instead, he hoed the chasm wider than ever…and we now experience the result.

  • Kevin Walker

    whites are the most naïve tools on the planet. They just don’t get it.

  • Steven Riley

    Any white people would be fools to remain in this black supremacist organization.

  • John D

    Why would I or anyone give a crap if it’s MU or UM? We get it, you went to school there. No one cares because it is now a crap hole. If my kid went there I would pull him out in a heartbeat.

  • bozell

    KKK members trapped inside BLM bodies.

  • John D

    So you’re basically useless. I got mine so screw everyone else?

  • Lash LaRue

    Shut the dump down and cut all funding.

  • Jovet

    What would I do? I would give a damn about my alma mater. I would not bury my head in the sand. I would not throw the next generation of students (most of whom I’m sure are good people and who don’t deserve any of this B.S.) under the bus, smug in my satisfaction and security of having already “scored” my degree. A round of stern letters would be just the beginning. I would point out to the governing bodies that this crisis stems exactly from the indoctrination and cowtailing to political correctness that have grown rampant in this country and its higher education system over the past 50 years. I would complain that my time and money spent at their school is worth more than this.

    I have no idea what you would do.

  • john q public

    The real civil rights activists must be rolling over in their graves and their beds in the old folks’ homes. They marched AGAINST segregation and FOR equal rights. Now their great-grandkids are protesting FOR segregation and AGAINST equality.

    What a bunch of dolts.

  • MudFlapShoes

    Greg the Bunny is a dirty, filthy sock that should die!

    welcome to Sweetknuckle Junction, kids.

  • sanford paris

    Congrats. The black students have come full circle jerk.

  • MudFlapShoes

    and we’re caught in the splash zone.

  • MudFlapShoes

    just a word on this schit swastika.

    it’s one thing to do this, but to do it with schit.

    this is not a racist that did this, this is a mentally ill person.

    who else would do that?
    no really.

    wouldn’t a marker or spray paint suffice to make the same hurtful statement?

    the answer is, one of their own went to this extreme and no one else.

  • jbl1984

    They look like ISIS !!!!

  • cedar

    What’s going on? I thought it was PC for a white person to identify as a black person.

  • buddman

    All these Poor little snotliclers complaining about oppression and bad words and hurt feelings How about we Dust off the old water cannons fire hoses and rubber bullets Then they would understand Real oppression If you want to relive the 60s Do it Properly

  • Dingus chopper

    A degree from this college will be worthless. No one will hire butt hurt delicate butt hurt babies

  • dubious

    The entire state is rotten, Cook Co. most of all, but the collar counties are going down the tubes too. I lived in McHenry Co. for almost 30 years but after they made that last “temporary” state income tax increase of 70% permanent, I decided I’d had enough. I’m in Tennessee now…no state income tax, very low property tax, first 2 years of community college is free, people are all generally happy and polite to each other (probably because stress is reduced here). Yes, bobdog, you DO have choice over those insane property taxes! PS – teachers here don’t go on strike either!

  • dubious

    Too bad there isn’t a white student or two there with the nads to start a “whites only” group. I’m sure the black students would go crazy and say that makes them feel unsafe and it wouldn’t be allowed. But they’re allowed to ban whites from their groups? It doesn’t work that way. Good for the goose, good for the gander. Replicate their conduct. If they segregate, you segregate. Sue for discrimination if they allow blacks to do things that whites aren’t allowed. People need to stop being afraid of labels and start taking a stand on this crap.

  • buddman

    HEY all you Mizzou Pussies two words for you KENT STATE!!! Terrorists never win

  • Timea

    I was there. Not all whites were asked to leave. Some of the chubby blonde girls were asked to stay back with groups of black men.

  • buddman

    You obviously missed the fact That obamas DOJ is on there side Whites would be arrested and jailed immediately

  • Johnat8500

    I retired at 46 after 911 thinking enjoy life while you can. The PC crapola that started with gays and exploded to all (except whites) is even worse. Glad I went to work after high school instead of going to college.

  • whooosh

    Decent white students should withdraw and go to another college. Leave this place to the Negros. Within one year, it will be shutdown because the blacks won’t be complaining, if they don’t have an audience paying attention.

  • justfedupwithstupidity

    Or funding. Let them pay for it themselves.

  • whooosh

    How many people drive outside Chicago to buy their ammo. Not much revenue will be realized from this new tax.

  • almostbuddy

    Photoshopped lies. Lincoln started as a whig, then republican then national union party. Never a democrat. And no the dems werent the national union party.

  • Jack Frey

    Thanks Deron for one of the few real meaningful comments on the page.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Democrats have always insisted on melanin-based segregation.

    Same as it ever was…

  • Oboy_must_go

    Why is it acceptable for blacks to be racist?

  • Daz

    I declare the borders of the United States a ‘white-only’ healing place, now GTFO.

  • 1bluebugg

    Well, guess I mizzou will just have to live back in the ’60’s. Welcome to coming full circle.
    History really does repeat, I guess forgetting the past IS that easy. .heh

  • Zaphod’s right head

    I certainly hope there are true hearted people of color that see the irony, the hypocrisy, and the danger of what is happening here and what these young people are learning to take with them into the world. This will not end well.

  • Oboy_must_go

    13% of the population commit 80% of the violent crimes. I don’t think those black only safe zones are too safe.

  • Daniel Haney

    Useful Idiot White liberal college student get ent to the “back of the Bus” by their Black masters….too funny.
    FACT: White liberals will never be Black. So, you are, in their minds, part of the problem.

  • Backlash

    Step 1) Criminal concentration successfully optimized by self-segregation. Crime bound to follow. Step 2) Send in the cops to check for warrants. Step 3) Arrest and perp-walk these jackholes off campus. Step 4) Identify guilty staff and white students who enabled the criminals. Shave their heads and mock them for being tools of the left. Tattoo “Useful Idiot” on the forehead of each. Step 5) Eliminate affirmative action and Ethnic Studies department: eliminate future problems. Step 6) Get your butts back to class. That’s what your parents are paying for.

  • frodo

    Separate but equal. Works for me. It’s a shame that Mizzou will become a Section 8 Affirmative Action “school.” But it seems to be what they want.

  • bobdog19006

    Nope. Actual fact. I did some work for them several years back. The plaque does indeed exist.

    Google it.

  • Tiger184

    Could you imagine the outrage/hatred/threats/screaming fits if that had been a ‘white only healing space’?

  • Stan Haggard

    For almost 150 years the United States has been conducting an interesting experiment. The subjects of the experiment: black people and working-class whites.
    The hypothesis to be tested: Can a people taken from the jungles of Africa and forced into slavery be fully integrated as citizens in a majority white population?
    The whites were descendants of Europeans who had created a majestic civilization. The former slaves had been tribal peoples with no written language and virtually no intellectual achievements. Acting on a policy that was not fair to either group, the government released newly freed black people into a white society that saw them as inferiors. America has struggled with racial discord ever since.
    Decade after decade the problems persisted but the experimenters never gave up. They insisted that if they could find the right formula the experiment would work, and concocted program after program to get the result they wanted. They created the Freedman’s Bureau, passed civil rights laws, tried to build the Great Society, declared War on Poverty, ordered race preferences, built housing projects, and tried midnight basketball.
    Their new laws intruded into people’s lives in ways that would have been otherwise unthinkable. They called in National Guard troops to enforce school integration. They outlawed freedom of association. Over the protests of parents, they put white children on buses and sent them to black schools and vice versa. They tried with money, special programs, relaxed standards, and endless handwringing to close the “achievement gap.” To keep white backlash in check they began punishing public and even private statements on race. They hung up Orwellian public banners that commanded whites to “Celebrate Diversity!” and “Say No To Racism.” Nothing was off limits if it might salvage the experiment.
    Some thought that what W.E.B. Du Bois called the Talented Tenth would lead the way for black people. A group of elite, educated blacks would knock down doors of opportunity and show the world what blacks were capable of. There is a Talented Tenth. They are the black Americans who have become entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors and scientists. But ten percent is not enough. For the experiment to work, the ten percent has to be followed by a critical mass of people who can hold middle-class jobs and promote social stability. That is what is missing.
    Through the years, too many black people continue to show an inability to function and prosper in a culture unsuited to them. Detroit is bankrupt, the south side of Chicago is a war zone, and majority-black cities all over America are beset by degeneracy and violence. And blacks never take responsibility for their failures. Instead, they lash out in anger and resentment.
    Across the generations and across the country, as we have seen in Detroit, Watts, Newark, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and now Ferguson, rioting and looting are just one racial incident away. The white elite would tell us that this doesn’t mean the experiment has failed. We just have to try harder. We need more money, more time, more understanding, more programs, more opportunities.
    But nothing changes no matter how much money is spent, no matter how many laws are passed, no matter how many black geniuses are portrayed on TV, and no matter who is president. Some argue it’s a problem of “culture,” as if culture creates people’s behavior instead of the other way around. Others blame “white privilege.”
    But since 1965, when the elites opened America’s doors to the Third World, immigrants from Asia and India–people who are not white, not rich, and not “connected”–have quietly succeeded. While the children of these people are winning spelling bees and getting top scores on the SAT, black “youths” are committing half the country’s violent crime–crime, which includes viciously punching random white people on the street for the thrill of it, that has nothing to do with poverty.
    The experiment has failed. Not because of culture, or white privilege, or racism. The fundamental problem is that white people and black people are different. They differ intellectually and temperamentally. These differences result in permanent social incompatibility.
    Our rulers don’t seem to understand just how tired their white subjects are with this experiment. They don’t understand that white people aren’t out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, and the reflexive animosity.
    The elites explain everything with “racism,” and refuse to believe that white frustration could soon reach the boiling point

  • The Prophet

    How about a healing space for all the Asian and white applicants who were denied admission so that an underqualified black could take their slot?

  • Rick Roll

    Black have never wanted integration any more than whites. “Separate, but equal” was a rallying cry back in the day and I’ve always believed it was an effective method for society to run itself. If you dare (and you’re armed), go into the predominantly black parts of town and look at the black-only businesses. Social experiment: enter one of those businesses and either pretend to or actually conduct commerce there. Even if it isn’t stated outright, you will FEEL unwelcome.

    I don’t want their “culture” in my neighborhood any more than any other educated, upper-middle-class Caucasian professional. The strange and many visitors, the obnoxiously-customized vehicles, the loud music, the “hootin’ & hollerin'” – those things are not welcome in a civilized neighborhood. Separate, but equal – their “part of town” is taken care of by the city/county government just as well as my “part of town” is. However, “they” can keep their “culture” and “community” there. We don’t want it in the civilized neighborhoods.

  • west1890

    As long as their infantile tantrums and demands continue to get media attention they will continue to act out.
    They look like adults but they are not. They are still children cloaked in the bodies of adults.

    Emotional immaturity

  • Sanders

    Hypocrisy. If a bunch of white students said the same it would be dubbed a klan rally. Why are the responsible adults allowing this ridiculousness to continue?

  • 20670

    Jim Crow has returned. When the whites form their ‘healing space’ will blacks be told to get out? How about a conservative ‘healing space’? No liberals allowed?

  • 20670

    3 reasons. They are not responsible. And they are afraid. And they are enablers.

  • BuckYourLies

    What a little baby, I didn’t believe your little RHINOS stories so you go and call me names. What are you Jeb?, trying to make sure your hustling bankers still have power???… You “thing” are pathetic. Not enough respect earned to be addressed as human scum.

  • BuckYourLies

    I would fully support that mandate/law.

  • somehistorian

    Missoulosers….most college bound young adults attend to graduate, work at success in life.
    Others tend to mooche, deceive, discredit, insult, belittle & credit their lifetime failures on someone or something else.

  • Sanders

    There’s only a need for two spaces, liberal and everyone else. I suggest Detroit for the liberal space.

  • Rick Roll

    That may not be completely accurate. President JFK was a strong supporter of the Civil Rights Act and he was a Democrat.

  • Rick Roll

    Welcome to Tennessee, lifelong resident here. You are absolutely correct – all in all, it’s a very decent state. And as long as you don’t reside in the metro areas of the four largest cities (Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville), you aren’t subject to the substantial “black communities.”

  • johnwayne52

    Send them all back to Africa,I don’t care if they don’t even know what or where its at,send them anyway. worthless P.O.S its .

  • Rick Roll


  • Rick Roll

    Badda-bing, badda-bang, badda-boom. It’s been a VERY long time that I agreed with every single word in a long, well-written post (spelling errors excused – damn*you, Siri!). You are correct on every count. +10

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    What a huge crock of crap thanks to the Black Messiah who is still a community agitator while occupying the higher office in our once great country.

  • Derek W

    The best part of reverse racism to me is the fact that the majority of “black” people have a significant amount of white European DNA. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    Law? What law? Obama ignores all law and tells his justice department to do the same.

  • Christus_Regeln

    How sad. This generation of children has lost the message so valiantly fought for by MLK. Jackson and Sharpton have helped push that message into a twisted oblivion. First mixed race president has encouraged the disintegration. Might be best to shut down the college and start over.

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran


  • disqus_JNTzup5QKD

    white liberal pukes ! they don’t know that the coons just want to rob them and screw their honky girlfriends .

  • Christus_Regeln

    I would like to add the Democrat organization created by Democrats. It goes by the name KKK.

  • disqus_JNTzup5QKD

    i’ll bet huma is between her fat thighs right Now !

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    I’m in Florida. Escaped fro Rock Island county in Illinois 12 years ago and never looked back. Nice living in a state not run and overrun with democRAT politicians with their hands in your pockets.

  • disqus_JNTzup5QKD

    barack be loving a a colonoscopy from reggie love’s member . —- caress those
    polyps with your roll of tarpaper , reg !

  • They should go to Paris and set up their “Safe Zones” there….

  • Tony Camacho

    If you took out a student loan to attend this school you are wasting your money, your parents money and the tax payers money when you default. In the real world “there are no healing spaces” and employers don’t give a crap about your feelings.

  • BudaHocka

    The single most racist people in America, are people who’s ancestors are from Africa. Deny it all you want but it is an inescapable fact. From White people being 9 times more likely to be murdered by a BLACK than White, to this behavior displayed by a black only meeting on a state tax payer funded campus. RACIST to the core.

  • David Harrison

    Did the healing include MMJ?

  • ibetoodumb

    Let us worship at the alter of “DIVERSITY” ! No?, Whites need not apply. What a wonderful world these clowns have created.

  • Mike

    Thank you Mizzou tribe for changing the meaning of racist to be simply aware of inferior and violent people driven purely by emotion.

    Nothing says stupid like a member of the Mizzou tribe [regardless of the college/university they attend.]

  • Curmudgeon

    As long as we’re making demands of certain races; I demand that black women all take defensive driving courses. They are always going 10 under and can’t keep to a single lane. You know they aren’t covered to hit anything more expensive that a Kia Rio.

  • Mike

    Their type of diversity is exactly like adding weeds to a garden and calling it diverse.

    Unfettered diversity is suicide and I would be quite happy to segregate.


    I axed Shantilna abot dis an she say to ax tranotenla cuz hes go to Community collage

  • Bill the Cat

    And please note that the “Blacks only Healing Space” is aptly labeled the Mizz-Zoo! LOL

    Personally, I think this is an excellent idea. They’re probably reducing the rate of rape and armed robbery on the campus by 89 – 90%

  • Guest

    draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of
    tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation

    George C. Wallace

    if that’s what they want go for it.

  • Rooby Doo

    Separate, but equal.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Everything, even inanimate objects, everything… separates into groups.

  • Merica

    I think this should be applied to everyone. I see a least one offensive driver per day.

  • mnjack30

    Low IQ. Ignorant blacks. Including Barrack and Michelle Obama. Can anyone find out their IQ?? (B&M)

  • Merica

    What are they healing from? Are they jewish? Because the whole swatika thing kinda goes both ways. Hell I’m jewish and didn’t need a healing.

  • Yu So Wong

    In breaking news, an entire state has been established as a safe area for victimized blacks that is free of micro-aggressions, hurt feelings and a vague sense on non-inclusiveness – and any racist demands that you should seek employment rather than soak the welfare: Will all Democrat black victims proceed to their new home in the great state of …….. California!!!!!

  • Merica

    They have an inferiority complex and think they’re supprior because their great great great great great grandfather might have been a slave.

  • and become a Caucus in the Democratic Party…

  • Guest

    pants up don’t poop

  • Johnathan Swift Jr.

    I had a lesson in this many years ago. I used to have a business in an area with a lot of gay businesses, though I was a little removed from “Boy’s Town.” In any event, I was next to a popular club and forever fighting for my parking places, physically at times. So, when I would tell someone that they couldn’t park there, I was often insulted with a gay slur in reply with a few other choice words. But, the area was also adjacent to a Jewish area, so some of the angry non-parkers would hit me with an anti-Semitic curse or two, while others would insult my shaved head with a few anti-hair epithets. Once of my more waggish friends began to call me the Bald headed J_w F_g in order to truly celebrate all the epithets at once.

    And of course the term “White Boy,” is now used to lash out at white males. Now, while this does not of course have the 300 year old sting of the “N” word, it is often used in the same way by minorities and feminists, to diminish, to hurt, to wound, is it not?

    What I learned from these episodes was something about human nature, when people are angry, they want to get your goat, they want to lash out, to attack you in any way you can and so anything, tall, short, gay, red haired, bald, thin, fat, Jewish, whatever, is fair game. Policemen encounter this all the time. So, I am convinced that much of what passes for “Hate Crimes,” are simply arguments over the usual things, traffic accidents, parking, road rage, that are escalated in this way. Most of us don’t go there in an argument, perhaps because that isn’t the way we think, but many people are simply angry enough that they will lash out in any way. I don’t think most of these people go to white hooded events in their spare time. But this type of common sense or analysis is antithetical to the left and the advocates that are its devil spawn.

  • SaveOurNation

    It’s inconceivable that these folks don’t understand they are being used as a tool.
    A cause is being furthered for certain, unfortunately it has nothing to do with helping people of color.

  • Merica

    The only discrimination I’ve seen thus far was the targeting of the school president for being white. Remember when they blamed Bush for a hurricane hitting a city that sits below sea level?

  • Afterheart

    Because the left has said they are inferior and need to be taken care of since they cannot take care of themselves!

  • Patricia

    If the blacks want the return of segregation, I have no problem with that.

  • Afterheart

    You mean like responsible whites!

  • DucatiRider

    Hope and change, and, a fundamental transformation. LittleLibtards and their delusions.

  • Middletown

    is this not called institutional racism?

  • Funny that these groups are giving The Aryan Brotherhood and KKK exactly what they want….Separation of the Races

  • Poseidon

    Exactly. And Democrats are doing a great job of reinforcing the old stereotypes that blacks are inferior, lazy and violent.

    #blacklivesmatter, ‘white privilege,’ racism… are liberal code-speak for black failure and the need for lower standards for them to compete and succeed in society.

    The indignation of being considered inferior is the source of their anger, not poverty.

  • Merica

    They don’t even understand freedom of the press, what makes you think they understand hypocrisy?

  • JimmyChonga

    We’re self segregating, folks. We’re coming apart like a cheap rug. EVERYTHING is worse thanks to that defiler-in-chief, the Justice Dept., our foreign policy, our military, education, healthcare, THANKS you starfish.

  • Phillip Nolan

    Doesn’t anyone there just go to class? Are there any classes worth taking?

  • Vidkun Lauritz Jonssøn

    I’m sure all the white students who were asked to leave went upstairs and continued their support from there.

  • dj righteous

    obamas liar says they share the common values of hate and violence with these losers. he shares the values of railroading people out of jobs for no reason (check out where all our military war heros went…). and most importantly, feeling offended by things they THINK you think. welcome to maos china!!!! go black panthers. let those people who never would have been admitted based on academics run the place. intimidation, brainwashing and social justice is what colleges is about….forget biochemistry! gender and race studies for everyone!!!! ba bye mizzou!!

  • tommco

    They just “Section 8-ed” that school. In less than 2 years, I guarantee the school will be a shell of its former self.

  • These groups like BLM are domestic terrorists. They want segragation?
    Fine with me. Stay away from me and my family, and whites and the decent black
    Americans do the same do the same!

  • MyOwnMan

    I guess ‘feeling black’ isn’t good enough for these segregationists.

  • Merica

    It’s a culture problem. There are a lot of black people who see the light, it’s just the liberal ones that are blindsighted and think living off handouts is perfectly okay.

  • MyOwnMan

    Actually, Jackson did us a favor, by showing the masses where the racism really is. Thanks, JJ.

  • Merica

    It’s impossible, corporations won’t build where riots and looting take place.

  • Afterheart

    Apparently George Wallace knew more about what American blacks needed than the civil rights movement!

  • steve phillips

    But ,but ….We are the World…we are the children….

    If Lilly white liberal rich kids can’t protest and rage against the machine…..they don’t matter. Their self esteem is hurt. Even though None of these Lilly white liberals would ever hire any of these same blacks let alone Live in the same neighborhood where the childen of the blacks could intermingle with theirs……they don’t want the insane black culture to ever infect THEIR children !

    So it’s play time with the play time #black liesdontmatter for these white lib’s but when it comes down to where it will matter in real life….guess who the Real oppressors will be…. yep, liberal white elites

  • Russel

    Soon to come – muzzies with same sign , except with Christian on it too .

  • macoohno21 .

    It would seem that the subspecies of modern human from Africa whether brown Muslims from the north or blacks from the south are incapable of developing modern civilized human societies or of assimilateing nto one. These innate savage animals should be delt with as such. These students (animals) and those in Paris prove that no matter what you give them, its never enough.

  • gone or rea

    Ship them off to Liberia to be with their own, it’s what you they want, they’ll be crying to come back within minutes.

  • MudFlapShoes

    they should go to the black ghetto and tell the folks there how traumatized and terrorized they are in COLLEGE.

    let’s try to keep it real,kids.

  • bugandco

    Segregation – a great idea ! Let’s expand on it.

  • scoggin

    Can’t we just return to separate but equal? Isn’t that what the blacks really want? I say give them their own drinking fountains, seats at the luncheonette and in the front of the bus.

  • Terry GodLion

    Then demand a WHITES ONLY HEALING space, if these Socialists wast MORE rights, and want to be racists, so be it.What’s good for blacks also should be the same for the whites or Hispanics or Asians.
    Where is the Federales and ACLU?.

  • Terry GodLion

    Think it could get worse?./sarc

  • We had this before. It was called “Separate but Equal”, and people said that was racist and bigoted. Won’t be long before they’ll want to be slaves again.

  • Terry GodLion

    I am all for it,THIS time they chose it,it’s on their racist butts now.

  • bonnieblue2A

    This is tweet illustrates the Mizzou self-absorbed student bowel movement:

  • Thomas Magee

    If blacks want to self segregate, more power to them. It should also apply to Whites, Asians and any other group of people that want to be left alone. Of course these particular blacks are big time hypocrites that will be out demanding to participate where they aren’t wanted right after their little meeting ends though…

  • Thomas Magee

    They are already on the liberal slave plantation.

  • Booger Brown

    Fight racism by being racist! Mizzouris brightest!

  • TheFirstRule

    Martin Luther Kink Jr. would be so very deeply disappointed.

  • Bitter Klingon

    If they just turned out all the lights in the “black healing space” then race would not be an issue. Problem solved.

  • Jim

    Minorities need to “grow up.” The whites that I know make every effort to be friendly and social with minorities, but the minorities keep pushing them away. It is only a few percent that are friendly or social.


    After this string of BS at Missouri I will have a less than favorable opinion of anyone graduating from that school post 2016. If you stayed at this school after this crap then you are too likely to be complicit and I want nothing to do with people like this either personally or professionally.

  • toogood

    And what part of this is not racist?

  • tonylion

    The hyper sensitivity and hyper race consciousness has reached critical mass.
    These people will forever be miserable due to the poison they’ve been sharing.

  • LastConservativeinCleveland

    And this is different than Jim Crowe how?? They are attempting to re-seggregate themselves… but, we are still supposed to fund their very existence carte blanche.

  • Anonymous Guy

    Hypocrisy and ignorance are the hallmarks of these people. Typical of the left.

  • jminsandiego

    It could be comedy routine in the hands of a really clever, brave performer.

    First, we have Donald Trump advocating group “self-deportation.” Next, we have Blacks at Mizzou advocating “self-segregation.”

    It certainly is ironic. Funny, maybe. Billy Crystal is clever enough but not likely brave enough. Who else?

  • Defendyourself

    This is what happens when you college leaves the Big 12. You throw away all your traditions!

  • Brown versus Board of Education Topeka (1954) is unconstitutional and allows this “separate but equal”.

    The black students’ mothers did not do very good jobs on them.

  • Poseidon

    Yes, and all the black people who see the light must be tremendously bothered by the media portrayal of black America today, and the singular focus on racism. Much like all the citizens I know of Mexican descent who don’t like being lumped in with all the Hispanic illegal aliens. Cultural, and driven by the liberal news media.

  • franc1sc0

    Remember when the immigrants in Paris started forming “safe places” for themselves not so long ago? I wonder how long it takes before these “equality movements” in the US result in the same outcome as was seen in Paris yesterday? Will they follow the pattern: Demand equality, then demand safe places just for them, and then one day the protests and riots move from the safe-place neighborhoods into yours, and instead of a few broken windows and burnt out liquor stores you are counting dead friends and relatives in the hundreds.

  • flitetym

    Restore Plessy v. Ferguson … today’s Blacks are proving Thurgood Marshall wrong!!!

  • Stan

    Segregationists, eh? Safe areas, pffft. Suck it up buttercups and assimilate into society or forever be lost in a sea of lies.

  • Joe R

    They’ll simply change the grading methods and presto, everyone is a quality student.

  • Greg Gebhardt

    This is all a product of our Progressive socialistic educational system that starts in preschool and end in institutions like this cesspool!

    Now this little socialist demand free education and their loans forgiven!

    Screw the little bastards.

  • Pragmatic42

    There is absolutely no other way to interpret the actions of this group as anything other than a call for segregation. Not what I would do, personally, but it seems to me that this is the demand being made.

  • Greg Gebhardt

    The quality of students has been degraded for years now, wake up!

  • bezane

    How long until the black students call the white students racists for not doing more to bridge the gap between healing spaces.

  • Pragmatic42

    I literally just said the same thing. It’s very sad, IMO.

  • bitter49er

    Because nothing says “we want universities to be diverse and inclusive” than a blacks only “safe space.”
    Thank you, Community Organizer in Chief (and chief consultant) Messrs. Obama and Sharpton.

  • rus

    Ok, you black MF’s. Then from now on you are on your own. You won’t last a year.

  • cscape

    I would pull my kid(s) out of that school …… Regardless of their race…… And we’re I an Alum., they would never get another dime out of me

  • ded2me

    All I can do is laugh. Once you sympathize or apologize to these people they just eat you alive. Never give into the Social Justice Warriors demands. EVER.

  • LN

    So they want segregation back? What about slavery?

  • LN

    They wont want whitey’s tax money via welfare either I suppose?

  • ErikThordvalson

    Rick, JFK said against the Civil Rights Act “I want to be re-elected”. Passage during his lifetime was not possible. When, after JFK’s death, Lyndon Johnson asked for a Civil Rights Act be passed in JFK’s honor, his own party, the Democratics strongly opposed it and threatened a fillibuster. Johnson asked Republican Senator Everett Dirksen of Illinois to craft an act that would pass with Republican votes and the few Democratic Senators willing to support it. Essentially, the Act was the Eisenhower, Republican, Civil Rights Act of 1956 as originally proposed but which was severly weakened by the Democratic Senators.

  • Jack Hoyer

    There already is a black only free speech area. It’s called Africa.

  • Neal

    Slavery, too. The want everything done for themselves.” Honorary Participation” degrees are next.

  • husseinthedestroyer

    The true faces of racism in America shine bright. Blacks. Negros. Afros. Colored. “African” American.
    A racist by any other name is still a racist.

  • Cal_Grimalkin

    Now this is just funny, I don’t care who you are.

  • JustJoe

    Nothing new, white people are killed every day because they were in the wrong area of any major city in America.

  • John Brittingham

    They should be segregated, their intolerance is a mental disorder.

  • SWDC

    Germany convinced some to organize themselves to board trains to their assured death from the Ghettos they also got some to house some in after taking away their privately owned property too.

    Where did Germany and Angels’s Merkle’s government get the money to pay their collaborators in Spain for the past 70 years as reported in the Uk Telegrapgh since the Germans never repaid their wars debts?

    Did USA money pay for Nazi Collaborators pensions from Germany for the past 70 years? What are we going to do to Germany for this crime today?

    “I was only following orders” saved no one at the Nuremberg Trials perhaps the Gallows for Germans who paid their nazis for the past 70 years?

  • blancojoe

    What could be richer or more humorous than to have the silly white liberals who draped themselves all over those Black Lives Matter thugs, get ousted from the “healing place” because of the color of their skin? This is so hypocritical….one of those “you can’t make this stuff up” scenarios. Still laughing out loud.

  • SWDC

    750,000 Americans needlessly died during the US Civil War which was not fought to free slaves as if a bunch of white men in 1861 went to war killing each other, some brothers, to free slaves… The US Civil War was fought about state rights and individual rights and stopping the growth of a strong centralized Government which does not represent the will of the USA but for its own means to an end.

    As we are experiencing today with a Mystery POTUS everyone fears to vet.

    Stop the propaganda and learn history!

    UND as if there is a difference between the DNC and the GOP establishment if one has not taken notice even with a Republican majority the US Congress has funded everything the Democrats’ Mystery POTUS has demanded with out any conditions?

    What opposing party funds everything without conditions if in fact different in points of view?

  • ms20

    Doesn’t look like the “quality” of the students is particularly high now.

  • tinlizzieowner

    The University would look like Ferguson in a month. :-/

  • ms20

    Racism is alive a well on college campuses across the country! And the leaders of the new parade of them are Black.
    Segregation can be brought back if that is what they want. But they need to remember it WILL have to work both ways. It will not be a one way street.

  • Atilla Thehun

    Funny thing about compromising with these people. You have a bag of apples. They demand half. You give them half. They eat them then turn to you and want half your apples. You open your half-full bag and give them half again. They eat those without thanks and, guess what. They’re back for half of your 1/4 That’s what they call compromise.

  • SWDC

    The actual MLK monument looks like Mao not a black American and the cartoon fails to show that problem never mind the lost in translation quotes that were wrong. way wong.

  • ROSS783027

    I think black lives do matter therefor they need to be safe. To do this the streets need lots of video camera’s and the police cars need camera’s that can be controlled from police headquarters. Police officers need to wear lapel camera’s and microphones also their guns need to have camera’s so everybody can see what they are shooting at. Also arial drones with camera’s and microphones are needed to add another layer of protection for the black lives matter. Yes black lives need to be safe!!!!

  • Gregory

    Correct me if I am wrong, the civil rights of the white students were violated.

  • zeno2654

    Why would anyone want to attend a “Woa is me party.”

  • ROSS783027

    I wonder how many of those students are taking courses that will earn them a good living ie calculus, organic chemistry, or one of the engineering tops or are they taking one of the many basket weaving courses.

  • BobTheBuilder2

    You white kids need to go to the back of the bus.

  • TED from Boston

    Bears do not discriminate against their polar, brown, black or Grizzly cousins. The students there should take a lesson from us..

  • flowers_for_all_p0liticians

    Is it time to create safe whites only areas? How about separate facilities everywhere? Lets ask our divider in chief. Have we completed a circle yet, mr. worst president in the history of the USA?

  • westernblot

    Delighted to leave, thank you.

  • White Bear

    Being asked to leave a “black only” space? Not a bit of a problem for me. The farther I can get away from those people the better. I don’t want to live around them or associate with them, period. Any place they gather in a group is going to see violence and other behavior that I want nothing to do with.

    The only thing that ticks me off is that if whites had asked blacks to leave a “white only” space, all hell would have broken loose.

    Diversity is highly overrated.

  • Tommy

    Serves the whites kids right for becoming invested in this ridiculous black pc crapola encouraged by the racist White House occupants.

  • Shootist

    White Students Asked to Leave “Black-Only Healing Space”

  • RAW

    Their “black healing space” is a mind-control technique.

    All of these people are being played by the peeps they “trust.”

  • Justin

    At least we know where on campus we can find the black radicals.

  • Justin

    White Privilege. Don’t leave home without it.

  • Justin

    What is their next demand? Segregated water fountains?

  • War_Machine2

    I bet they’re all enrolled in MU’s newest course, Welfare Check 101…..

  • Freeordie

    If you need anymore proof that liberals are stupid…

  • Fifty Ville

    Thanks to all the kerfuffle of the Confederate flag, the South has declared the original Confederate States to be a “White-Only Healing Space” and has asked blacks to leave.

    Isn’t that humorous, lefties?

  • Fifty Ville

    That, and “Beginning Panhandling”.

  • zippiest

    When did carpet bombing become passe?

    We need to deliver a global message. Every single manned strategic bomber, fitted with their max capacity conventional payload, needs to level the cities controlled by Isis. If we kill civilians, so be it. Anyone still alive in cities controlled by Isis, is at the very least a supporter, if not an active isis participant.

    This same tactic needs to be employed for these fascist bastard that are claiming grievance, while at the same time, being given preferred treatment over more qualified students.

    For the few innocents, God can sort them out.

  • Littlehale

    If it’s segregation they really want …

  • zippiest

    They had it and complained about that too. These foolish bastard’s have no clue what they want!


    150 years out from the Civil War and “these” people are still on the plantation. Pull all tax dollars from these schools and send a clear message to the states governors to do what Reagan did back in 1969.


    I am starting to think the wrong side won the Civil War….

  • Cessna_Driver

    Killing the MLK dream of black and white students together.

  • JPHtx

    Got hate?

  • gdnctr

    Awwwww, poor little racist “sootflakes”. Can’t handle their fellow idiot “snowflakes”.

  • redrowan2000

    Black lives matter = the American ISIS

  • Zoroaster

    Third world being forced on first world countries . All of the EU flooded with Africans and muzzies.Obongo flooding the US with brown roaches from mexico, south america, flying in Africans every day. Now after the France attack Oboma is speeding up flying in Syrian muzzies into new Orleans started today. This is planned destruction of all 1st world countries the UN demanded it and this is the US agenda and EU agenda.

  • joeysdad

    Let the whites form a healing space too and see what happens. Perhaps a male only healing space, a women only healing space, a Hispanic healing space, an Asian healing space, a Christian healing space and a Muslim healing space. Within hours, fists would be flying. The best way to encourage strife is to segregate people into identifiable groups. Of course, that is the Democrat strategy.

  • tgcrawford

    and so the real racists organize and plot. Diseased souls. LIfetime of victimhood>

  • warpsix

    The department formerly known as Justice is to blame.

  • TrueTexas

    Does the space include a blacks only drinking fountain and blacks only cafeteria?

  • ThomasOfKC

    How inclusive

  • ThomasOfKC

    not sure the quality could decline any further

  • mnemonicmike

    “Black Only Students”? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  • The leftists eating their own.

  • Sucks to be white at Mizzou right about now. I would be looking to leave/transfer ASAP and ask for a refund all tuitions/fees already paid.

  • eyesjamesq

    So it’s OK to be a racist hate monger if you’re the approved color.

  • nopoliticalcrap

    what an educated bunch of idiots

  • permalink

    Exactly “what” are they supposed to be healing from? I must have missed the memo…

  • nopoliticalcrap

    what a shame, obee has won, he’s divided a nation that was on the way to equality for all (who worked)

  • GeneTheLiberalNutJob

    So, Separate but equal is…. good? Im confused.

  • Chasseur

    Wait! I thought we were not supposed to think in such archaic social constructs such as race or gender or orientation? What if a white guy self indentifies as a black lesbian? Looks like we all have start wearing badges now. But…isn that a symbol of police oppression?

  • Chris K.

    Schools receiving federal funding must especially not discriminate by race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

  • Ben

    Precious little snowflakes getting thier affirmative action protection. FOOLS !!!.

  • Chasseur

    Like a table leg on wood lathe.

  • nopoliticalcrap

    Last letters in Republican – I can,,, last letters in Demoncrat -Rat it’s all in the words

  • Chasseur

    Okay. Snowflakes is a white term.. Get your mind right.

  • Political Hostage

    Of course segregation and bigotry is the answer.

    Why are these people in college? they’re not smart enough to be there.

  • Political Hostage

    Since when hasn’t the black community self-segregated?

  • Chasseur

    I can understand why they are so mad. Paying thousands a year and getting dumber by the hour.

  • Williamg916

    I thought every school-sanctioned group or club couldn’t discriminate? They should be outlawed on campus, this Black Group, for this action. All student or school funds and facilities banned for use. If they want to remain an accredited group, they need to apologize in writing and immediately elect a lily white conservative as their new President to show THEIR commitment to racial equality.

  • GHerblabnik

    These black students are racists, pure and simple. Racism knows no color, economic level or religion. It’s an issue of a heart that needs God. We all bleed red and a lack of or abundance of melanin doesn’t make anyone more special than another or give us a reason to hate or treat others as lesser human beings.

  • Dennis Orr

    Black Zombie Nation; This movement is not rationally driven,
    it is the result of a people who have embraced the lie of Satan. Satan crafts
    his lies subtlety, I am worthy of respect and power because I am black. You owe
    it to me to because you had the power to enslave me, and did for a number of

    But, was that me, who did that? It was done by my
    ancestors who lived in a time when slavery was accepted as a legal institution.
    But, through the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the grace of God, the Western
    white peoples of Europe and America cast aside the institution of slavery and granted
    equal rights to people of all races. The only place you see institutionalized
    slavery in our world today is where Islam is dominant. Islam celebrates
    enslaving people who do not conform to Islam. And, I believe, that Islam is the
    religion of Satan. Their actions and the Koran support this position.

    When the black people of the western nations declare war
    on the white people, they are reverting back to slavery, a position in which
    they seem to find solace. The plantation is a place where one can live and work
    in relative security. Only now, the plantation is run by people of color who
    demand conformance to their ideology through force.

    Any person of color who does not support the black
    revolution is reviled by the people of color. Any person of color who excels in
    the white world is rejected and excoriated as a traitor to their race. The
    examples are exposed every day.

    There is racism and institutional bias in America, and
    elsewhere, but that is because the majority of black people are
    confrontational, demanding, and unwilling to develop the skills that would make
    them marketable in the business world. There is no entitlement to success, only

    That opportunity is derived from God, who directed the
    framers of our nation to accept a truth not yet embraced by a world in
    transition. That proposition was that “all men are created equal”. Not equal in
    natural gifts, but in opportunity to excel. We are owed nothing, we have life
    and opportunity.

    Are you going to throw these gifts away for “Equal
    opportunity slavery”, or build the only nation on earth where you can be free?

  • almostbuddy

    feel free to google the party affiliation of Lincoln and youll see that it is lies. He never was a Democrat. I just listed every party.

  • bobdog19006

    As far as I recollect, there are no gun stores left in Chicago except for a couple of cop shops. Daley’s old man drove ’em all out during the First Inquisition.

  • bobdog19006

    Seriously, Google “northeastern illinois lincoln plaque”. You think I’m joshing you? I know I post a lot of sarcastic stuff, but this is fact. I’ve personally seen it.

    Guys, I never said I agreed with it. All I said was that this plaque still exists today and that NEIU’s administration stubbornly refuses to correct it.

    Here’s a photo from another source:

  • BigBroKnows

    What happens when narrative trumps reality…

  • Rick Roll

    Thanks for the clarification!

  • freedixie

    “Healing space”? Give them something to be healed of, like a load of rock salt in their asses.

  • Huffam

    Have you seen what happened at Dartmouth? Openly racist attacks on whites by black “protesters”. Shouting at, shoving, screaming in the faces of whites, calling them racist epithets. I wonder what, if anything, will happen to these “students”? Not just allegations of some anonymous person allegedly shouting the n-word. This is confirmed, witnessed by many, and far beyond what any drunken redneck said and did in MO. Repercussions? Back in MO, what will the new president do to those who are segregating individuals on the basis of skin color alone? He claims to care about ALL students. How racist is it, by the way, to call white protesters “allies” and confine them to second-class status? They’re also instructed to not speak or to not shout out the slogans because they’re only “allies” and it’s not their fight. Why the white students comply is a question yet to be answered. I suppose they have internalized this “white privilege” BS.

  • freedixie

    Integration destroyed the educational system in this
    country. Communist social engineering
    was what it was all about. Forcing
    people to be together who do not wish to be together is wrong. In the natural order of things, people will
    seek out those of their kind, as will animals in the wild. Social engineering has developed a class of
    entitlement-minded people who believe they are owed something which they did
    not earn. The thugs at the University of Missouri are demonstrating their
    jungle mentality, just like the thugs of Ferguson and Baltimore. These animals
    have been given everything under the sun, yet they still whine and want
    more. There is no end to it. Most of them probably can’t read, couldn’t
    pass the college entrance exam, and are being carried just because they are
    black. It’s time for all this stupidity
    to stop. These animals can’t produce one
    shred of evidence they have been the targets of any racism. They just want to riot and stir up a stink. They should be dealt with like the animals
    that they are.

  • Jovet

    Yes, people call each other names all the time. And, of course, if you have zero respect for anyone, you’re going to try and win the mental battle by calling them the worst thing you can imagine.

    But there really is no such thing as a hate crime. It’s a ridiculous concept, and an insult to the intelligence of people who decry a thought police.

    A person doesn’t murder/rape/assault someone else because that person loves that someone else. Motivation matters legally in the degree and circumstance of a crime, but there’s no such thing as a non-hate crime. This is just another politically correct concept that is paraded around to make people feel better but which actually has no substance.

  • Johnathan Swift Jr.

    Yes, agreed the entire notion of a hate crime is preposterous. I often cite the actual figures 1/50,000 annually just to show people how rare rather than common they are, but who cares what motivates someone? I don’t care whether a black criminal rapes an 80 year old woman because he is a racist or a sick-o, or whether a white kills a hispanic because he doesn’t like Hispanics or because it was an argument gone bad, the crime is the crime and the time is the time and as one of my old friends in LE used to say, “I never saw a ‘Love Crime.”

    And of course there are many crimes against the white majority that have a clear racial animus that are not handled that way. That is the problem with ginning all these grievances, the unbalanced began to act on them.

  • Jovet

    There actually are “love crimes” otherwise known legally as crimes of passion. But it’s still not a true crime of “love” so much as it is one of jealousy and hurt.

  • Elapoides

    Healing space, or hate space? This is Obama& the democrats fueling hatred to ensure votes, and confusing the mentally challenged to forget about the 30 plus million illegal alien Mexicans that will be pushed in front of the entitlements line. Pathetic.

  • Malcom Tent

    So, are you supporting this segregationist move or do you oppose it? I can’t tell. Are you saying that in order for the black kids to be able to express themselves no bullying, white-privilege people can be in the same room? If that’s true in college why will it not be true in their first job after college? Will we have to provide “black office buildings” where no whites are allowed because white office workers stifle the full productivity of black – simply because whites are white and not because of anything any one of them might say or do? In my opinion, this move is pretty obviously pure horsesh1t. Again – In my opinion – it’s about time we started trying to live together as human beings, rather than running around highlighting every inconsequential thing that differentiates us from one another.

  • Daria Disqus

    I am relating to you what I learned when students at my uni wanted it to divest any investment funds in South Africa (in the ’80s.) Black students, I was informed, feel oppressed by whites. They feel that whites will steal the occasion for their own issues, or else they will be forced to think and act like whites want them to.

    What happened was that black students stopped “talking white” but began to speak in black dialect the way they did at home, thereby fomenting trauma and handing the reins to a few students who could bring the situation under control. And these black “leaders” did amazing things like get white students to act as secretaries for their theses on the sit in, as well as deny the right of a very brave So. African who wanted to speak out, still at great risk to himself, in order to allow a very boring functionary of a local (and still powerful) black female politician to make some political hay of the situation, to the benefit of the “leader” who later got a function at the leader’s office. So, in brief, just a change of dictatorships/who set the agenda/who profited, with very little eye on the ball of the actual situation, but rather one’s own career. Same as it ever was, n’est ce pas?

    I’m basically against narrow interests exploiting mayhem. And I think a lot of the black agenda is flawed, just like how now African leaders say that they don’t want to be a depository for refugees (amazing tone deafness here, not seeing the fact that these refugees are fleeing bad African regimes) but instead want the funds the E.U./Germany is offering for their own countries’ economic development. Yes, we want funds but we don’t want refugees. So they’ll spend little money on refugees and give them no futures so they can look good in their suits, make some money, etc. Same as it ever was. And yet Merkel and co. will do anything to be seen as doing something.

    La la la la la. No, to answer your question. I think institutionalizing fragility is a huge scam.

  • WallStreetPirates

    Poor America-hating Huma.

    Hope she has the oxygen tank close by.

  • lax

    Oh…so ur gonna whine and complain…maybe gripe a little too.

    Good luck with that.

  • lax

    No…ur not paying attention or ur too dense to get it thru ur head.

    Go get urs too. And do with it what u will…but stop b_tching about what anyone else does on their own. It’s not ur business to mind mine.

  • lax

    Go start a movement buddy. I’ve got one brewing from tonites steak dinner already…

  • Jovet

    Whining and Complaining are not the same thing.
    And it’s not a matter of complaining for complaining sake, it’s a matter of making waves. Even these students know that a group makes bigger waves than a single person alone. If you think something is important, stand up for it. Sitting around giving the middle finger to the next generation doesn’t change anything in the future for the better.

  • lax

    Maybe one day ull leave ur mothers basement. Perhaps ull start a business, employ and take responsibility for 20 plus employees livelihoods, take a wife, have 2 autistic children, care for ur aging parents and once in a while after the kids are asleep, read an article on the Internet and comment to morons that think they have all the answers…

    then maybe u can give advice.

    Until then…cry me a river. I have work tomorrow so u can whine ur little heart out.

    I beg ur pardon…but FO. I’m thru with u…

  • Jovet

    I’m the one whining?

  • BuckYourLies

    #BlackBowelsMatter again? Man lay off the kool-aid it’s giving y’all the runs. Purple drank is cool tho.

  • BuckYourLies

    Muslim terrorists believe in God. Me I AM God!!!