Breaking: Man Arrested at Trump Rally was Convicted of Bomb Attempt on Marine Recruiting Center

A man arrested for disrupting a rally Wednesday night in Worcester, Massachusetts by leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year in prison for a 2005 attempt to blow up a Marine Recruiting Center in Worcester.

Peter Rondon Ejected Twitter
Peter Rondon led away by police at Donald Trump rally, image via Twitter.

Local media and TurtleBoy Sports reported on the background of Peter Rondon, 29.

MassLive posted details about Rondon’s arrest Wednesday and the attempted bombing.

“Police removed Rondon after he stood on his chair and started yelling “racist,” according to a police report. Police said he was deliberately pushing and bumping people around him.

“Rondon was forcefully removed from the event by police.

“Court records show Rondon was arrested in 2005 after being found in a third floor bathroom of a recruiting facility on Park Avenue with four gallons of gasoline connected by several wires.

“A Marine recruiter told police Rondon, who had signed up to be a Marine but hadn’t yet completed training, called him to the bathroom where he found him with the makeshift device, court records said.

“Rondon was charged with possessing an infernal device and attempted arson and pleaded guilty in 2006. He was sentenced to serve 1 year in the House of Corrections and placed on probation for 5 years.”

Rondon told the Worcester Telegram & Gazette he was peacefully protesting and that he had filed a complaint with police against people who ‘tackled’ him as he protested Trump.

“Mr. Rondon described standing up from his seat on the DCU main floor and shouting, “Trump’s a racist!” He said Mr. Trump’s staffers and supporters pushed him to the ground three times and told him to stop shouting, but never asked him to leave. He said he filed a complaint with the Worcester Police Department charging those who tackled him in the audience with physically assaulting him.

“I had a ticket to the event. I was there. I was peacefully protesting,” Mr. Rondon said.”

(Link to 2005 Telegram & Gazette article on Rondon’s arrest that reported the bomb was ‘incomplete’.)

TurtleBoy Sports, which broke the story of the Worcester woman who put out a call for Trump to be killed when he came to town, had a spirited report on Rondon taking on the Telegram & Gazette.

TurtleBoy Sports linked to several videos of Rondon’s protest and a statement by Rondon. This video captures the rage of the ‘peaceful’ protest well.

Peter Rondon Statement TurtleBoy

The Telegram & Gazette and MassLive reported Rondon was arraigned Thursday on charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct. He rejected a plea deal of reduced charges to a civil complaint and a $50 fine saying he was broke and unemployed.

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  • Allthere

    “Human beings matter”.
    That might get this fool in trouble with the BLM crowd!

  • richard

    “Man Arrested at Trump Rally was Convicted of Bomb Attempt on Marine Recruiting Center”

    Or in other words, an Obama supporter.

  • Chris

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around a 1 year prison sentence for trying to blow up a building.

  • Mike in Illinois

    People need to learn that you are not exercising your first amendment rights when on private property. You are not having your rights infringed upon when removed from private property. You are there by invitation and your own decision.

    No more do you have a right to spout your garbage on your neighbor’s lawn than do you in a building on their property.

    Rights are protected in the public square, not private property. Why is it petulant children refuse to accept the difference between private events and public events?

    Know you rights, exercise them, but at the same time know when and where you exercising your own and when you are violating another’s. This stuff isn’t that hard to understand.

  • PimpAllah

    How many visits to the white house?

  • Mike in Illinois

    Plea deal. Happens all the time as part of the corruptcratic regime. End pleas deals, charge and bring it to guilty or not guilty and then this kind of thing would not happen as it did with “slap on the wrist” sentencing.

  • Chris

    You have my vote, Mike… for 2024. Sorry, Trump gets my next two 🙂

  • ridgerunner

    Liberals are freaking. Hey team, I think we are winning!!!!!!!!

  • dr.liberty

    “…human beings matter, no matter where they come from…”

    Oh boy, now he done did it. Not only has he been arrested but he is going to have to deal with BLM…NOBODY! And I mean NOBODY! means more than a black life…..

    Just ask those blacks lives that were murdered by other black lives (who survived for now) in NY, Philly, LA and Chicago, just to name a few.

  • tommy mc donnell

    peter rondon is a racist.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Chris, I believe the vast majority of us want the same basic things and even that on the levels where it matters we even agree. It is the corrupt politicians and media hacks that divide us with their “processes”. We are going to be better off soon, but we gotta stick together through this next year. If it is Trump after so be it, it has to be better than where we are now!

  • US.Patriot1776

    Notice the similarities in the violent tactics both by the Leftists as well as the Islamists to curtail opposing views and opinion.

    Just sayin’ …

  • Cosmo

    Per mr rondon’s actions I guess mad bomber should be added to list along with rapist and killers.

  • Chris

    I absolutely agree! And I could support most of the other candidates, I just prefer Trump… right now. I’m Irish, so I might change my mind by the time you read this lol

  • ladyxx

    Or Hillary

  • gamer2012

    Bringing a bomb into a recruiting center got this person 1 year in jail. To me, the appropriate penalty would be death.

  • gamer2012

    And it wasn’t just a building, but a recruiting center.

  • Aslan’s Girl

    OMG. Prayers for Trump’s safety.
    Also, he was sentence to one frickin year for attempting to low up a Marine base? WTF? That was attemped MURDER and he got one year? MA is hopeless.

  • Mfirebrand1

    He must be working for somebody?

  • Mfirebrand1

    Just sayin?

  • Mfirebrand1

    Like I said he must know somebody.

  • Pitbullll

    This douchebag sounds like a typical Democrat. His “rights” supersede everyone elses……

  • Make no mistake, the WH is directly connected to ALL of these ‘people/protestors’. Yup, Barry is community organizing the crap out of these fabricated ‘movements’.

  • Chris

    Ya. I wasn’t trying to down play that. Like I said. The story gave me brain freeze.

  • SirGregor

    Oh boy. He said “human beings matter, no matter where they come from.” He just did himself in. The BlackLivesMatter terrorists will now ruin whatever is left of his miserable worthless life. He’ll be lucky to survive the week.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Ever since the Obamanation in OUR White House, half of America has gone Nutzoid!

  • LouAnnWatson

    worlds better, my friend!

  • hank

    Wake up America Wake up.

  • LouAnnWatson

    trump is forcing them out into the open…he’s like raid is to cockroaches

  • LouAnnWatson

    protective skin pigment

  • Circa53

    The closer the Scotsman gets to the White House, the more the kenyan is unraveling.
    And the cockroaches don’t like it..

  • Ali’s Snackbar

    Broke and unemployed…so a Democrat.

  • meangirl

    Democrat voters are mostly thugs or thugs supporters.

  • Cowardly Lion

    And liberals call us violent because we believe in carrying guns. It turns out we need our guns to keep us safe from the kooks on the extreme left.

  • lilyred

    Of course he’s broke and unemployed.

  • Infidel Knight

    Um, how did this guy get past security checks..??

  • Teddi

    Leftist and Dems are pure scum….

  • honestynow

    One year?! He only got one year?
    That’s a major problem.

  • Harry Angstrom

    a report circulated that weapons were stolen from the Worcester National Guard Armory… was this to scare Trump from coming to the heart of Obamaland?– if he had canceled would they have spun it that he was a wuss?….now one of Obama’s Flying Monkeys is there to hassle him…hmmm

  • Mad Hatter

    When did free speech include disorderly conduct? Dumb militant.

  • Edward Conley

    Probably funded by Soros.

  • Harry Angstrom

    if the primary was tomorrow it would be tough…I wish he and Rand would form a gauntlet and push some of the dead weight aside

  • Harry Angstrom

    is there any way we can determine who the Judge was that gave this guy just one year?… He needs to be exposed as a hack…

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    One year in prison,did he b l o w the judge and the DA?

  • cbcelite

    But, he is a good Democrat and voted 25 times in the last election.

    And CAIR supports him.

  • cbcelite

    Did he get a medal, praise and a visit to the White House for some knee pad workouts?

  • Harry Angstrom

    A man who signed up with the Marines was arraigned Wednesday on charges he took homemade bomb components to a recruiting center.

    NewsCenter 5’s Jack Harper reported that Peter Rondon allegedly left bomb parts near his recruiter’s office after a visit. He was to report to basic training in a few weeks.

    Investigators think Rondon wanted to end his career as a Marine before it started.

    “Why the defendant did this judge, I don?t know. What was going on in his mind at the time, I don?t know,” said prosecutor Robert Pelligrini.

    Investigators said after visiting his recruiter’s office on Park Street, Rondon placed some gas containers and wires in a bag at the office and called the recruiter.

    “He was in the (bathroom) stall when he called a Marine recruiter on his cell phone and informed that Marine recruiter that there was a situation,” said Pelligrini.

    “It was a family situation. It was an attention situation where he did not intend at all your honor, to do what happened,” said defense attorney Chris Tully.

    The incident lead a partial evacuation of the 10-story building.

    “All we heard was that they found what they thought was bomb in the men’s room and that they had taken care of it,” said Michelle Cimmino, a receptionist in the building.

    “I believe he was scheduled to attend a Marine bootcamp at the end of the month. Some people over the court office stated he was looking for attention. Obviously, it is a sad way to get it,” said Worcester Police Chief Gary Quittadamo.

    Rondon was held on $50,000 bail. He is scheduled to return to court Jan. 20.



  • Circa53

    That’s why its called “political theater”..

  • joe

    Anyone convicted of an attempt to blow up a recruitment center for any of our armed forces should not be out on the street PERIOD! Matter of fact, it should be a crime punishable by the death penalty.

  • Bubba Gump

    So let me summarize this article. There was this broke, unemployed, wacko who had been in the slammer for attempting to blow up a government building. He was disrupting a civil rally for a presidential candidate by shoving people around and screaming false accusations. The popo came and arrested the wacko and now he claims his civil rights were violated. Must be a DemocRAT.

  • lonestar

    One year in prison? People get longer for sealing a slice of pizza.

  • joe

    Exactly. He is screaming ” I bought a ticket ” . Well, most tickets have a lot of fine print explaining to you that you are obligated to conduct yourself in a manner in which the establishment desires otherwise your ” right ” to attend can be revoked.

  • Bubba Gump

    Nope, but if Bammys grandpa had a son it would have looked just like……….

  • Mike in Illinois

    I bet he seeks out his 5 thousand bucks for saying “racist”.
    I bet he finds himself in the same place as many ferguson folks too – left high and dry unpaid.

  • Blah Blah

    This guy is what is called a Masshole.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    How did he only get 1 year?

  • tuffydog

    Probably a bleeding heart, leftest Judge and a plea bargain.

  • tuffydog

    Probably gun free too.

  • tuffydog

    Actually he didn’t buy anything. Tickets are free at Trump’s rallys.

  • Elvis

    Actually Obama’s son.

  • Elvis

    Hillary’s son with Obama.

  • Sojourner

    “four gallons of gasoline connected by several wires”

    My guess is he moonlights as an inventor and was just trying to make a clock.

  • Indeptex55

    Shoot him in the head and move on.

  • commentor

    When called a racist, why can’t we all just say, “Yup, you’re right. I am a racist” and desensitize this stupid label.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    The sheer stupidity of Peter Rondon offends me to the core.

  • pugly

    Specifically BLM.

  • jbtutor

    And they still insist on lying about what Trump said, that he called “the Hispanic and Immigrant community” rapists. That’s their interpretation, not the words that physically emerged from his lips, but it’s repeated so often it’s now their so-called truth.

  • brian

    In a civilized society this guy would have been taken out under capital punishment. Instead he somehow ends up with special status. The inmates are running the asylum and we are pretty much Rome at this point.

  • tropicgirl

    One of Klinton/Oblamo’s flying monkeys…

  • tempo150101

    Alluh Akhbar!

  • tempo150101

    Yes, he has Scottish ancestry, but the Trump name comes from Drumpf, which is German. I see him more as a German wartime general barreling through whatever obstacles are in his way than as a cheap Scotsman. Although, he certainly is good with money too.

  • rosetta_stoned

    Never forget – the left is the enemy.

  • From Russia with Love

    Generalizing about Hispanics? The only generalizing here is done by terrorists like Peter Rondon.

    Sane Americans who happen to be of Hispanic heritage support Trump and are not confused by his words.

    Most Hispanics here in East Texas are here legally, they vote, and they are hard-line opponents of illegal immigration,” said Mr. Sanders, a top adviser in Democrat Tony Sanchez’s 2002 campaign to unseat then-Gov. Rick Perry. “The only one they want is Trump — not Hillary, not Bernie. That’s the conundrum for Democrats.”

  • Look

    Take out the trash…

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    a steaming pile of dog feces would be preferable to any of the Democrat candidates.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Aps are free, but you still have to “purchase” them. These tickets are the same thing. And their purpose is clear. Invitations they are, invitations which can be taken away if rules are not adhered to.

    It is a “contract” thing. It is a “Art of the deal” thing.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Consider this – Obama is literally coming unhinged. His pauses when he speaks get longer and what he actually says becomes less “articulate” and more pathetic. Could it be that he is looking at Trumps lead in the polls and that he is getting nervous about the idea that Trump could actually win, and ummmm, be then in a position to tell the nation the entire truth about the whole escapade that usurped the Office of the Presidency? That all Obama’s consolidation of power in the White House is exactly what could be his ultimate undoing? That Obama see a President Trump as a person who could destroy all Obama has built – exposing all the money laundering and all the secrets?

    We can face this one fact. Trump is one who publicly stood up to Obama, especially on eligibility. It is quite possible that a good amount of his support goes well beyond illegal immigration in general, but revolving more focally around what some view as one illegal alien in particular?

    Could be.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Germans are looking pretty cheap today, being steamrolled by a islamic invasion.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Peas in a Pod.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Sometimes people get the attention they seek.
    And then others try to make excuses to avoid responsibility for actions taken.
    Liberalism really is a mental disorder, all the way around and in every context.

  • Cahal the Mad™

    In any case, a left-winger.

  • Mike in Illinois

    The “criminal justice system” is set up to absolve the guilty, keep the innocent in constant jeopardy and fear of it and collect money (especially by leverage) at every step of the way (so lawyers and judges and politicians can skim a little bit off the top at every step).

    A Citizen controlled Grand Jury would call this action what it was – attempted murder. Charged it as such and sent it to trial. A sane Jury in a Jury box would see that the charges were accurate and convict. Trying to murder in malice is not a “mistake” one gets to walk away from. Failing in the attempt does not absolve a person from their attempt.

    Thus, capital punishment was warranted and should have been applied.
    Now, if people were TAUGHT this – and they KNEW this is the path they would be choosing, knowing they WOULD be held to account, they would not play games like this “for attention”.

    He got one year because liberals refuse personal responsibility. Yes, it really is that simple,

  • Mike in Illinois

    Dirt Nap.

  • blackfeather

    and he’s not hung by the neck yet??

  • Obama the Muslim

    Another Obama son sighting.

  • Fifty Ville

    Gee, I wonder why he’s unemployed. Surely ISIS is hiring.

  • yennikcm

    and a Koranderthal..

  • Brett

    Is anyone really surprised by the actions of this hateful person?

  • rabidfox2

    Remember “You can see Russia from my back porch”? Palin never said that either but it was used over and over again against her. They are trying to do the same thing here. “Fake but accurate” is the driving force.

  • lrjrj

    Sentenced to 1-year? No psychological tests required?

  • southernsue

    why is this guy out of jail

    oh yeah
    i forgot he is one of obama and valerie jarrett’s pals
    a muzzie

    our country is in great peril

    vote trump in the primaries
    and btw, i pray trump watches his back


  • southernsue

    demon rat

  • BurmaShave2

    …and remember this is Massachusetts.

  • BurmaShave2

    This is a fair explanation for why Liberals are so empathetic of Muslims.

  • gwhh

    What a “civil complaint” up there means?

  • ChupaMe

    Oh, the cynicism! It’s enough to make me think you live in Cook county. You’ve described the way the system works there perfectly.

  • JacksonPearson

    Democrats are domestic terrorists and criminals….:

  • Sandra123456

    i year for bomb attempt? What, 2 years if successful and 3 if the bomb killed people?

  • JPR224

    He’s 100% New Yorker, American. Whatever foreign influence his ancestors had was LONG-GONE. That’s why you won’t find ANYTHING in Scotland or Germany like him. Hell, there was barely a Germany when America was almost 100 years old.

  • 338Lapua

    Why is this obama lieutenant not in prison?

  • Mike in Illinois

    I don’t live there but my mom was a Secretary for a State Supreme Court Justice and I have been around lawyers my entire life. A fella picks up a few things along the way 😉

  • Robert49

    How was this violate criminal scum even out on the streets if he was convicted of attempting to bomb and marine recruiting office just a few years ago? By the way contrary to that piece of scum’s excuse that he had made mistakes in his life is pure BS. Attempting to intentionally bomb anything is not a mistake. That is intentional attempt at terrorism.

  • Robert49

    More like someone wanted that violate criminal nut out on the streets.

  • Robert49

    Obama was unhinged from before the day he was elected POTUS. Some people in positions of power wanted that nut in the oval office. How else does some get elected to US Senate in their first term for just 2 years and then on to the white house. He/Obama was the one pushing the yes vote on the central bank bail out bill in the US Senate you know and the people financing his POTUS campaign were the central banking cartel.
    Powerful people in NYC banking circles wanted Obama in office.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Kinda like how he stomped around this country for two years “campaigning” about how evil those health insurance companies are and then turns around and mandates that we all do business with them – under threat.

    I would go beyond just NYC, remember, there was a play to move a portion of the stock market itself to Chicago. An attempt to move a huge tax base was underway. You bet powerful groups and individuals wanted him there. The legacy of Obama is literally destroy everything and hide it all behind the race card. And Democrats fell for it.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Robert, I would agree that is part of it as well.

  • ChupaMe

    I’ll bet. I lived there for a few years and had a front row seat.

  • maturner

    I don’t know about pure scum but there is definitely something wrong these kind of people. They just do not think straight.

  • Derek W

    …and constructing an IED doesn’t bring extra charges? He’s lucky he isn’t a patriot and/or a prepper. Just making and storing Molotov cocktails will get you some felonies and one on one time with the FBI.

  • hoosierdaddy

    Indianapolis proper, craphole too.

  • Common Man

    Democrats are inclusive and diverse, from bomb makers to pedophiles to sex addicts (like Wiener). The problem with them is that they have been lying so long some of the are starting to actually believe their own stupid lies.

  • Common Man

    Because he is a DNC donor.

  • TheTruthBurns

    Rondon is an Operative – Too Bad He Still Breathes Air – Should Have Put Him Down After The Marine Gasoline Incident. Stop Toleration & Start Annihilation of these Scum.