BREAKING: ISIS Threatens Sunday Attacks on Major International Centers Including Atlanta Arena

According to the Anonymous hacktivist group, ISIS is planning several Sunday attacks at several international locations including Atlanta, Georgia.
anonymous holocaust

ISIS is planning an attack on the Philips Arena in Atlanta Sunday at 7.30 p.m. EST.
A WWE event is scheduled at the arena Sunday night.

IBTimes reported:

Anonymous, the loose collective of online activists, said Saturday it has uncovered information about Islamic State group attacks in Paris as well as at locations in the U.S., Indonesia, Italy and Lebanon, all apparently set for Sunday. OpParisIntel, a group within Anonymous, released a statement saying it had collected information about imminent attacks by the militant group — aka Daesh, ISIL and ISIS — in the French capital a little more than a week after a series of coordinated attacks there left 130 dead and hundreds injured.

Anonymous also said the Islamic State group is planning an assault at the WWE Survivor Series event scheduled to take place in the Philips Arena in Atlanta Sunday at 7.30 p.m. EST, as well as attacks at multiple events in Paris.

The collective published the list of potential targets alongside a statement: “The goal is to make sure the whole world, or at least the people going to these events, know that there have been threats and that there is possibility of an attack to happen. Another goal is to make sure Daesh knows that the world knows and cancels the attacks, which will disorientate them for a while.”

The targets listed by Anonymous are as follow:

Cigales Electroniques with Vocodecks, RE-Play & Rawtor at Le Bizen (Paris)
Concrete Invites Drumcode: Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Joel Mull at Concrete (Paris)
Demonstration by Collectif du Droit des Femmes (Paris)
Feast of Christ the King celebrations (Rome/Worldwide)
Al-Jihad, One Day One Juz (Indonesia)
Five Finger Death Punch (Milan)
University Pastoral Day (Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon)

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  • Herbert West

    So basically this is an anonymous tip by some dude in a Guy Fawkes mask.

    If it is true, you’d think ISIS would be smart enough to *not* target an event (WWE: Survivor) that will be packed with a bunch of southern good old boys who I am *sure* won’t be packing heat of their own.

  • 240grJHP

    In other news BreitBart is using email address’s from their newsletter subscriptions to send out Cruz donation letters. If you get one (Like me) forward it to Trump’s campaign manager and mark as spam. GFY BB you really dropped a lot in my book.

  • manickernel

    Anonymous are a bunch of little boys jerking off to pictures of ComicCon babes in Mommies basement. This is just BS and the fact they would troll everyone really shows them to be total pukes.

  • mail.comSam Spade

    If they blow up Atlanta will Obama invite ISIS to the White House to celebrate?

  • gstarr10

    I wish the Anonymous pansies would take off the juvenile Guy Fawkes mask. That is soooooo Occupy.

  • JY1

    One terrorist organization issuing a warning about another terrorist organization?
    Remember what wonderful things anonymous did during the Ferguson riots? If they could figure out how to self immolate, they would be doing everyone a favor.

    Atlanta is an international city? Large, yes. Nice, yes. International, hardly.

    A wrestling match is an event worth attacking? Heck, if they want to attack something that irrelevant, why not a tractor pull?

  • Libertati Aut Ad Mortem
  • 338Lapua

    or a liberal spelling bee

  • showmerancher

    Maybe it is a real threat, maybe it isn’t. Maybe it was purposely left on computers in an attempt to divert resources, or just in an attempt scare folks. With the limited information found/released there is no way to know. Unless the FBI says do otherwise just maintain situational/tactical awareness and go about your everyday business. If something looks or feels strange or out of place to you, just put it off for awhile and move on to something else.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Anonymous – just doing the work the American government won’t do
    Now look, I understand the known knowns and unkown unknowns aspect of this but check this out. This is indeed a new kind of war, just as W said it was and that means we have to fight it in new ways. The old ways of keeping all ‘intelligence” a secret has to be tossed out the window. A move into this century is required and Anonymous just taught the ‘intelligence community” a valuable lesson.

    Yeah yeah yeah the “sources and methods” argument. Enough of it. Everyone knows full well the capabilities the sources and methods – for the most part. SO what? Telling the whole world about some, even most, of the planned attacks that are figured out is a GOOD thing, not a bad thing! Telling the truth is the right thing to do.

    Ok, so what happens when they have attacks in place that we don’t know about and they think we don’t know because “intelligence” releases “missed” it? Ummm how is that different than it is now? It isn’t! So it is not a real excuse in the first place.

    This anonymous action sucks from the perspective that it harms the targets if there was never any attack actually given the go. Oh well. Welcome to the world leftist liberals created by endlessly excusing the core of this problem – Islamic Jihad. Islam itself.

    Regardless, this is exactly how this “new normal” has to be handled. It is time the American government stop hiding what it does know from us – the people who PAY for everything it does. We OWN every bit of “intelligence” gained and that means we have a right to see it, to know about it, to benefit from it.

    Fair enough, we will always understand that some secrets are necessary, We as a people are even OK with that. However, the fact is this – keeping everything a secret all the time IS NOT WORKING. SO how about we try the path Anonymous has just demonstrated? How about we tell the world about all the threats, all the planed attacks foiled, all the crap muslims are puling in the name of islam.

    Ya never know, doing so might well lead to all those supposedly “good” muslims getting a clue to the reality that the terrorists are creating a situation where the world sees all muslims in the same light, the terrorist light. Wanna see that change muslims? Then I suggest you step up to the plate and clean up your own house – for if you do not do so… IS going to be cleaned up for you. Choice is yours, ironically.

    My hat is off to anonymous here. It is about time hackers are finally doing something positive and productive. I hope that continues.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Ya got it backward there partner. Occupy fools hijacked that factor from Anonymous….in keeping with the Occupy way (snatch what belongs to others).

  • Mike in Illinois

    Depends on their timekeeping devices…

  • Mike in Illinois

    Project we much, right Al?

  • Mike in Illinois

    Actually, a WWE event is a huge target. Lots of gullible people in once place at one time. Everyone disarmed (just like at a Trump (or other candidate) campaign event, but an entirely different scope of people.

    When it comes to the killers we face in this war, body count is all they care about. Instilling horror and fear is the goal. What type of an event doesn’t make a hill of beans difference outside tactical advantage. On that level, I would, personally, figure a tractor pull to be a whole lot more dangerous to try to attack. Much harder to disarm folks with all those tool boxes and trailers. 😉

    As for Anonymous being a terrorist organization, I hear ya and have long chastised it along those lines. However, if Anonymous is going to get its act together and fight for the right things, terrorizing muslim zealots for instance, I am happy to have them aboard.

  • Kook of the East

    Folks at the tractor pull might actually have mechanical or farming skills. WWE…….not so much.

  • olddog

    while they’re “contained” in a “safe zone’…

  • olddog

    Bingo..Spot on Mike!!!!

  • Goober_Pyle

    That’s not possible. Obama says they don’t have the capability to attack here. Sarc.

  • Teddi

    Good one Mike ;o)

  • Circa53

    Its been snowing since last night, So the Great Lakes are safe..

  • Mad Hatter

    There’s also an NFL game in Atlanta. The Falcons will be hosting Indianapolis. If the threat is real, that’s where I would beef up security at since there will be close to 70,000 at the game. Take into consideration all the people trying to get into the stadium, which is like a log jam at any venue, and it’s something to worry about at any stadium or arena.

  • Circa53

    Their allah wasn’t counting on a blizzard..

  • gstarr10

    Guess I’m not up on my Leftist family tree insanity. Can’t tell them apart without a scorecard. In the end it’s all the same anyway and must be torn out root and branch.
    But thanks for the clarification.

  • Ron Stanford

    Ho ho ho ho. ISIS thinks that it’s going to take down Good Ol’ Boys in Georgia? This isn’t Paris, dickweed.

  • SomethingWicked

    I have definitely seen some tug worthy ComicCon babes…..I’m just say’n

  • Circa53

    No cheese eaters in the Georgia backwoods, They eat possums..

  • okie71

    Sounds like they may have broken the encryption protocols the NSA has been crying about. Or maybe they hacked some email accounts with interesting drafts. Either way, can someone explain to me how some kids living in their mother’s basement were able to find information the top intelligence agencies in the world couldn’t?

  • manickernel

    Well, yeah.

  • okie71

    If a parking lot has more than a dozen 4 wheel drives, ISIS should just move on. The mere thought of hitting a WWE event should make them sh!t themselves.

  • 0hiojoe

    isis don’t like snow it makes their feet cold in their sandals.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    And whatever roadkill they can find.

  • Circa53

    They do that here in Meeeechigan..

  • Circa53

    Them prayer rugs get all slushy..

  • Southernyankee

    This is not good news, I’m going to the Falcons game Sunday, which is right next to Philips arena, and I am starting to feel like a sitting duck, it is a very unsettling feeling not to be able to have any means of protecting ones self when there are terrorist living all around Atlanta, there are musslimes every where, and they mean to do us bodily harm, just like Paris.

  • Southernyankee

    Problem is us good old boys can’t even get into Philips or the GA dome with even a pocket knife, if something happens and you can get to your car you can get your weapon otherwise you are up a creek with out a paddle.

  • Ron Stanford

    Of course, that provides an equal problem for the terrorists.

    Unlike Paris, the Philips and GA dome have ARMED security guards.

  • Ron Stanford
  • Jim

    Wow never in a million years would I think I wouldn’t be saying this. Thank You Anonymous for helping we the people combat the forces of evil. Keep up the good work.

  • Beachguy53

    Anonymous is doing more to fight terrorism than that POS in the WH!

  • Harry Angstrom

    inner office memo at Langley Headquarters

  • Patty

    so, I want to know why homeland security and the Obama care computers aren’t working but Anonymous can just about tell us where and when ISIS will strike. I see something very disastrous with this picture and Obama needs to be impeached.

  • lookinforawayout

    Apparently I offended BB sometime back when I commented about how their advertisements take us hostage when we select a story. I can’t even read comments anymore.
    I like do like Cruz though.

  • downeast hillbilly

    The ONLY answer to that one is . . .
    F*** the “NO GUNS” signs on the doors – if you go anywhere, go ARMED. You may get thrown out, maybe even cited by the BLUE gang, but it beats dying. If security doesn’t use metal detectors, keep your yap shut and carry on. A door sticker is just a sticker – they have to know you’re carrying to do anything about it.

  • Southernyankee

    They use wands and pat you down, good luck getting in, you won’t.

  • downeast hillbilly

    Done. Then I go home. If you think the threat is credible, why risk your life for a foolish game? Are the Falcons worth DYING for?

  • They’ve got the all West on the run, scared, and they’re
    probably having fun with it… NOT acceptable

  • glenn47

    They have been working hard and exposing ISIS threats and recruitment on Twitter and getting them taken down. Leave them alone, and let them do the work our grand leaders won’t do.

  • glenn47

    Actually they been working hard to protect our rears. They have exposed and gotten about 5000 threats and recruitments taken down from Twitter.

  • Lulu

    Because the POS in the white house is a terrorist

  • Lulu

    Our intelligence agencies know all this and where every ISIS target is – we aren’t actually fighting them – Obama orders fake bombings while arming ISIS

  • Look_A_Squirrel

    Atlanta is a major government immigration center. They have settled a lot of people from Somalia – thus a lot of Muslims – in the past few years. All it takes is a couple of dickwads who are protected by those taught by their religion that killing non-believers (even those who sneer at religion) is their duty.

  • brian


  • gstarr10

    Anonymous are anarchists….which means they are generally creatures of the left. I don’t trust them.
    I don’t know about them exposing anything ISIS is doing. I only know they compromise our systems and disrupt what they perceive to be Global Internationalist Meetings. Not that I’m an Internationalist. I am not.
    But I think they would sell anyone and everyone out for “tuppance”.
    And the G.F. masks are so gay.

  • HolgerAwakens

    I don’t think you wanna piss off Five Finger Death Punch fans ANYWHERE

  • Jacob D

    Oh- you brought an AK to a WWE event?

    So did EVERY truck in the parking lot sporting a Gadsden flag.

  • Jacob D

    The NFL crowd is so stupid, and blindly patriotic, that would be an ideal target for a false flag.

  • Jacob D

    I am pretty sure it was financed that way- leaves the “blue pill” crowd pretty “anti-activist”