VIDEO=> MASKED MIGRANTS Chanting “Allahu Akbar” Rally in Germany With Sticks and Pipes

No worries. Probably just a pep rally…
Tensions are high in Celle, Germany after hooded migrants were seen with sticks and pipes, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in a street rally.

The Muslim migrants are reportedly from Chechnya.

Germany is expecting 1.5 million migrants this year.

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  • Mike in Illinois

    Invaders doing what invaders do…..

  • Patty

    we are the lucky ones here. we are getting the truth, where as all the others because Obama has media chasing the tails, are NOT reporting the migrant situation. If they did Americans would be furious and would what something done to prevent Obama from allowing them to come here.

  • US.Patriot1776

    This is what an armed invasion looks like …minus the matching uniforms.

    Germany collectively, … bit down on the cyanide capsule.

  • mg4us

    need to get the word out. .
    Where is Merkel
    Where is the german Press
    Where is any independent press
    Get vids and pass it on!

    The invaders are here and more are coming!

  • JimmaObama

    Time to bring back Napalm……………

  • ridgerunner

    When Donald is President, patriots and the Border Patrol will have us a round up. Legal or leave.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    F*#k Germany! Any country that stupid deserves to be taken over by Muslims…

  • Lorelyen

    Time to get out the white tunics with red crosses on the front.

  • US.Patriot1776

    How far we have fallen is such a short period of time ….

    “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

    Winston Churchill

    Cursed With Failing Federal Security, Smart Gun Owners Are Upgrading Their Concealed Carry

  • US.Patriot1776

    You might want to rethink that or have you forgotten 9/11?

    The Hamburg cell (German: Hamburger Zelle) or Hamburg terror cell (German: Hamburger Terrorzelle) was, according to U.S. and German intelligence agencies, a group of radical Islamists based in Hamburg, Germany that included students who eventually came to be key operatives in the 9/11 attacks. Important members included Mohamed Atta, who led the four hijacking teams in 2001 and piloted American Airlines Flight 11; Ramzi bin al-Shibh, who conspired with the other three members but was unable to enter the United States; and Marwan al-Shehhi, who piloted United Airlines Flight 175, Ziad Jarrah, who piloted United Airlines Flight 93 and failed to hit a target in Washington D.C., claimed by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to have been the Capitol. Less important members included Said Bahaji, Zakariya Essabar, Mounir el-Motassadeq, and Abdelghani Mzoudi.

  • Nash Montana

    Single incident! Has nothing to do with islam!

  • Patty

    ISIS smuggler: ‘We will use refugee crisis to infiltrate West’

  • PhilipJames

    Angela Merkel…. dumb a** moronic leader who has now screwed Germans with the Muslim cancer.

  • Conan the Republican

    The young German men need to take to the streets, and beat them to death NOW, or the Muzzies will beat the Germans to death LATER. It’s showdown time.

  • Cee53147

    Coming soon to your hometown

  • RightStuff44

    The ones with weapons should be shot. THEY ARE AT WAR WITH YOU!!! Their “holy” book is a declaration of war against all civilized societies.

  • RightStuff44

    I can’t cure your blindness. You will need to pray on that. If you see it, and are playing dumb, you are a Muslim.

  • John K.

    NOW this is cultural diversity! Insane diversity; divisive diversity which sows fear but Diversity nonetheless. Angela Merkel must be so proud and by the way how many ‘migrants’ live next to her? LOLOL Adios Germany!

  • RightStuff44

    Merely a civilization jihad among friends.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Chechens are the worst of the worst. The Tsarnaevs were Chechen.

  • john murphy

    They are armed haters, the police should shoot them on sight. vote out liberal politicians.

  • Rufus

    Listen closely Germany…. you’re about to be conquered by Islam and you don’t even know it.

  • john murphy

    Coming to a town near you in America, thanks to Obama shipping in millions of them openly and many more in secret around the USA, his plan is to take over America with his Muslim brothers.

  • Margerate Sangers Ghost

    Just like every-time in world history from the beginning. Denial of the enemy, by so called socialist, inclusive types of govts. invites carnage against all the innocent peoples of all cultures. Why won’t demoncRATS ever learn their evil ways kill millions every time they have power for more than a couple years? Answer. Because they are pure EVIL! Their self greed is more important than any human life. Even more important that millions of lives including women and children. Just look at how hard they fight against childrens lives with planned death parenthood. I hope they get the same as they are giving to innocents soon. Hope they are wiped out.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Luis “La Cucaracha” Gutierrez and his fellow greaseritos must have also studied Hijrah Immigration.

  • Gloriabit-hSteinem

    The democrats/socialists worldwide, are the new sodomites. I hope God will wipe them out from all around us and restore control to the good people around this country, and world. Perhaps the Rapture will take (them) all.

  • AlphaGirl

    We are not lucky, Patty. America is under siege because under the radar the Obama Administration has been and continues to fly into America then quietly disbursing throughout the states hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees.” I read where the fastest growing language in America is Arabic and Urdi.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Merkel is hiding under her burka.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Not since Hitler has a German leader betrayed the people more.

  • Patty

    she and hillary. they do look quite a lot alike.

  • iWildwood

    What concerns me about your comment is, by the time Trump or any one else becomes our next President, Obama will have brought in and legalized the worst of the worse. It won’t be near enough to merely close our borders and stop immigration. Scores whose intent it is to destroy us will already be here.

  • beagal

    So, the invading army has made itself known. . .

  • Patty

    you are AlphaGirl, I call you a very Smart Girl

    Yes, they are trying to take over, I say trying because Obama has taken all my optimism away.


    Just some random folks…

    Trump 2016!!!

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Just as with the story of the Sudanese MoozLames raping that aid worker, what the heII are Chechens doing among the so-called “refugees”?

  • Mainlander



    I hope Germams party with these guys like its: 1939! Queue the the Wagner/Prince 2015 remix!

  • avihawk

    Hey Merkel, you built this.


    Hopefully ole uncle Vlad will soon start sticking their heads on pikes along the Romanian frontier in time for Halloween!!!

  • iWildwood



    Can’t wait until they try to get Afolf to give up pork and beer…

  • Charles Nash

    Germans wrongly learned that it’s evil to fight but they should have learned to fight evil instead.

  • d

    ungrateful scumbags

  • Darkheart11

    Meet them with guns and bullets. And teach them better conduct.

  • Jim Adams

    They can’t even have a bb gun over ther. The government is not going top protect them. Bunch of pussies.

  • Yeah, right

    religion of peace

  • Steven Reed

    Quick someone thrown them a goat. Merkel the moron.

  • Charles Nash

    Actually it was the Kaiser that essentially surrendered when Germany wasn’t even defeated. Hitler used that as a way to declare that Germany was betrayed.

  • Downrang3

    Crusades v2.0. I’m ready bring it…

  • iWildwood

    Now that’s scary!

  • Grogar

    This is about as civilized as you’re going to get from the 7th century.

  • Charles Nash

    That only happens in soccer games in Europe. No one there values “nationhood” any longer.

  • chris

    Man son of the rulers in Germany are stupid. Hope the USA learns from it.
    Milton Friedman did a great series on immigration, its on YT

  • islamojihad

    wow really? nothing to do with Islam? you mean the guys who are obviously devout followers of Islam, left a country completely ravaged by the savage reality of Islam. upset that their new country isn’t enough like an Islamic country. has nothing to do with Islam? are you retarded.. serious question.

  • iWildwood

    Chin up, Patty. It’s not over until it’s over and we’re not going down without a fight.

  • chris

    At least Hitler was honest about his real intentions.

  • technoviking

    Resist by any means necessary Germany.

  • technoviking

    Germany… the people who brought you WW1, WW2, Communism and the Migrant Invasion.

  • Sammy

    Violent migrants are going to be used to reduce the population for the elites who will enslave them when they succeed.

  • Sammy

    Yea, pretend they’re Jews.

  • wabansia

    They’re Muslims from Chechnya, the worst of the worst, violent and barbaric. They’re the ones who slaughtered all of those students and teachers they packed into a gymnasium in Russia, forcing the Russians to storm the gymnasium. The minute they try to infiltrate Russia, the KGB ‘takes care’ of them, and they’re never seen again.

  • tada

    bring it on you ungreatful useless people. i’d say go back where you came from but you already destroyed your homes. sticks and pipes too funny, i eat pork and belch in your general direction.

  • watcherofolde

    Single? This is a daily happening. Wake up!

  • Kaya Hund

    What is Merkel thinking? She must be drinking the same Kool-Aid that Obama is drinking.

  • tada

    more like religion of filth

  • Lucky Stiff

    Merkel ist Communist! Check her East German track record where she grew up. This is a “Final Phase” ploy by Kremlin masterminds that stretch back decades – Anatoliy Golitsyn spoke of it in Perestroika Deception and New Lies for Old. This is a set-up (manipulating Islamic Jihad) to bring WeltOktober Revolution to the globe. Russ/Sino/Islamic axis are about to usher in their push toward world conquest; the dream of all tyrannical organisms!

  • IslamReligionOfSUBHUMANsavages

    The only way to fix the problem is for western militarizes to nuke every Muslim country until not even the cockroaches will survive.

  • Praxeology

    Don’t worry Obysmal is bringing millions in before he gets out of office illegally and spreading them throughout this fast country. I see them everywhere now. Obysmal is a criminal in the White House and traitor to the American people.

  • They’re “migrants?” Migrants don’t relocate to another country and intimidate the native people there. They are “invaders.” And its about time people started understanding that.

  • IslamReligionOfSUBHUMANsavages

    Migrant, Illegal, refugee, Undocumented immigrant, these are code words used by domestic terrorist to describe terrorist infiltrators and subhuman parasites.

  • Flavius

    Don’t forget that no matter who is in the whitehouse or congress, leftists have occupied and controlled federal agencies for years.
    Federal employees have more economic and monolithic political power than any other sector of society. And all solidly leftist, committed to the global multicultural ruse.
    Govt workers are in control of the actual machinery of government, and they are leftists down to their DNA.

  • Daz World


  • Daz World

    “Mohommad fucked his baby” Yeah..that works.

  • Flavius

    The pure genius to it all is that in every western country, the federal govt. will act on behalf of these “invaders” and either kill you or imprison you for many years.
    The govt. is not gonna stand by and allow what will be termed as hateful mobs, attack their new protected class.
    REMEMBER WHO BROUGHT THEM HERE! Do you really think that they will fail to protect them????

  • dave0987

    Sounds like they better get those German kids over there to make their beds and feed them. That’ll fix it.

  • Obamastein

    Lets end the PC BS. These are Muslim want a be terrorist waiting to kill as many Westerners as they can.

  • Tony B

    i swear i thought germany was more conservative.

  • Yu So Wong

    So how are things going in Germanistan?

  • Bitter Clinger

    Gee, these goons are making Merkel look like a genius aren’t they?

  • Bitter Clinger


  • Brian Patronie

    They`re still screwing with the wrong people…start raping German girls and attacking Catholics in Bavaria and watch what the Germans do…

  • …you should see how Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and points in between are becoming Moslem cities!
    Just by St. Michael’s Cathedral, there are tens of thousands of Somalians, Pakistanis, Sudanese, and now the Canadian government will start flying tens of thousands of Syrians into the St. James Town area of downtown Toronto! In 20 years, Toronto will be destroyed, and don’t forget as Europe and Canada collapse, so will America, as it is only an “umbrella organization” of Western society!…just wait and see!

  • Mark Serio

    The krouts killed over 50 million non-combatant European Christians in the last century alone. Six million Jews. Destroyed millions in property damage. So now the German tribes have decided to kill themselves by commiting racial genocide. Thank God. Fk them.

  • vovik

    Lol, what a load of garbage. Germans have been best buddies with muslim jihads at least as far back as WW1. As bad as soviet communists were, at least they put the muslims in their proper place… a siberian gulag hahaha.

  • ar05075

    And Obama wants them here….!

  • neshobanakni

    The cool part is, we’re allowed to criticize them because they’re white! Chechnyan = 100% Caucasian.

  • emag

    It fits her well.

  • TZAZ

    Germany wasn’t defeated? The Kaiser surrendered a beaten army. And Hitler not only betrayed his people he murdered them in the tens of thousands.

  • T_Ford

    Take a malignant hateful culture that avoids pork and alcohol and dump them on a culture where both are important factors. What could go wrong? I have family in Celle, it’s a small beautiful city. I’m surprised that the Muzzies are that deep into the country.

  • Google is NSA

    Every multicultural society in the history of mankind has failed, usually in spectacular violence.

  • VertexWolf

    Muslims are dumb. They obviously weren’t taught history. The Germans are the master race at exterminating vermin. It’ll reach the point where the trains will be fired up, and lights turned back on at Auschwitz. There is no peace living with Muslims, they can’t shut up and keep to themselves, they are always in your business, asking for handouts, raping, killing, and stealing. Screw these people off the face of the earth and their stupid pagan moon god allah.

  • Google is NSA

    Stupidest comment ever.

  • VertexWolf

    Punch that face to the middle east and leave her there.

  • GI Joe

    The invasion of Europe by muslim filth is starting. Man the machine guns and level the filthy pigs with tens of thousands of rounds. Merkel is a delusional old hag if she things these swine will take care of the aging Germans. You have just lost your country.

  • …Germans will do NOTHING, as the “chosen people” have put so much guilt upon the Germans, and white Americans, that all of christians society cannot rebel!

  • VertexWolf

    I wish I could up vote your comment 100,000 times.

  • AndrewInterrupted


  • wavetheshales

    They are “the Mandarins”. We have them in Europe, in Brussels.
    They are harder to get rid of than ivy, and far less useful.

    At least ivy can “get a grip”, so to speak…..

  • wavetheshales

    There are a lot of Germans who want nothing to do with Merkel’s cyanide capsule. A big problem, however, is the remaining guilt (!) from WWII.

    Lots of countries and libtards stoke that, so that any resistance to the illegal migration (for 75% of them are NOT true refugees) is considered as Naziism.

    A brief perusal of the comments sections of the major news media shows
    that folks in Germany are getting tired of this, and want to see the ever increasing drain on their ever decreasing resources stopped.

    The fact that interest rates are at zero (or less!!!) doesn’t help…..

  • wavetheshales

    I kind of like the silver bombers with the black crosses on the side…..

  • wavetheshales

    F you. Without German knowledge and scientists, you would neither have invented the atomic bomb, nor gone to the moon.

    The errors of Merkel and a number of european states’ governments are due to the EU “government” in Brussels, and are most emphatically NOT supported by the German people.

    You would do well to learn a little bit about European politics and government (and associated structures and hierarchies) before you go spouting off about Germany/Germans being stupid.

    And by the way, I’m an American living in Germany with family in the US going back to the early 1700s. So I see BOTH sides of this.

  • A math equation

    The next world war will be a war of relocating Muslims & gangs of all races. This will occur in Europe 1st and then America. Germany will be the 1st nation to crush this nonsense despite their Chancellor being a nutcase(Germans are smart people and housing Muslims is not smart). As far as America, we need to get rid of gangstas any way we can.Personally I would intern them in Alaska or the bayous of Louisiana and work them to death. I know these things will come to pass, because when a virus invades the body or a nation, it eventually kills or expels the virus.

  • dj

    Exactly right. Obama will make sure hundreds of thousands will already be here. And, they will be spread over, hiding every where, and we won’t find them.

  • katon51

    Even Stalin threw them out.

  • dj

    Which is why it is up to US to educate the people, because the news media will NEVER tell the American people what Obama is planning to do to this country.

  • Datz Nutz

    Merkel is as big of a lying tyrant as Soetoro.

  • Datz Nutz

    Funny how history repeats itself.

  • Flavius

    Can’t imagine how that would ever come about considering the fact that any dissent is labelled dangerous hatespeech®.
    Even those in society who stand to suffer at the hands of the invaders will speak out to defend them.
    In every country I can think of, you would be opposed by the governments, including the armed forces.
    UK is a great example. If non-muslims preached the same hatred allowed in mosques, they would most certainly be put in jail…Providing their much love “religion o’ peace” didn’t get to them first.

  • Datz Nutz

    And you opened a brand new Disqus account for that blather? Pfft……

  • JBRoux

    Was that the Democrat ad for accepting 50000 Syrians into the US? I don’t think it was focus grouped properly. This is happening to Europe right now in real time. Do y’all want that excrement here?

  • Datz Nutz

    Birds are migrants, not people.

  • mjazzguitar

    That “spot the difference” picture says it all.

  • JBRoux

    Was just watching the Dem Debate. They predicted “buzzword” Substance. Well there was Substance. As soon as I got one whiff I identified the Substance as what my beloved Big Dog leaves in the yard and I shovel to keep the grandkids from tracking into the house.

  • Eruptus

    The Muslim/German relationship was much different “back in the day”.

  • KERR

    dirty stinking muzzies

  • Stop Islam

    TGP and the Atlas Shrugs sites are about the only two that are keeping us truly informed of this threat. Europe is lost. The amazing thing is, now, Putin is tackling this threat head on while we in the US are being “governed” by an impotent narcissist. Stay vigilant, stay armed, stay alert my fellow freedom lovers.

  • bugandco

    Spray that nasty thing before it gets back under the sink.

  • Honest John

    Credit where due, Obama good at something. He is succeeding in transforming us into a banana republic or worse, an Islamic hell hole.

  • Doubleclik

    Only one way to stop a metastisizing cancer in its tracks. That is through intensive radiation treatment starting first at its source.

  • Honest John

    So true. They have invaded middle size town mid America – mosques etc. Assimilation? NOT A CHANCE! For every one I have seen in a normal setting I have seen 100+ on the mosque grounds in their Halloween costumes. LITTLE girls “playing” in the summer sun (darn hot) while covered head to toe in their black bags. It’s really creepy.

  • nadadhimmi

    These stupid, ignorant Germans think these moslems are going to fund their pensions through taxes. In reality, the moslems will rape the women and behead the men under the Brandenburg Gate. And the Krauts will deserve every bit of it.

  • Mr. Peabody

    AS an American, I like to help save “Europe” , again.

    But, I have to go to my “Spanish language class”.
    I’m trying to get a “government job” in my own country.
    And, the applicants have to be “Bi-Lingual”.

  • Yoda Wisdom

    And so it starts! Goat humpers better be careful, Germans are pretty good at genocide.

  • nadadhimmi

    And treasonous Quislings like Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, McCarthy, Priebus, Obama, McCain, will assist them. They must be charged , convicted , and punished for their crimes against this Country…..Of course, Valerie Jerrett is an Iranian so she is neither a Quisling or a traitor. She is an Iranian working for Iran to destroy the US.

  • goldenrule

    Why on earth would Germans want to allow suicide of their own culture and country?

  • dieter

    just listen for the call to prayer

  • smeg

    Then it will be a really large cull.

  • Mr. Peabody

    Their college professors told them it , would be good for them!

  • dieter

    this is the Muslim Crusades to conquer Eurotopia.

  • Mr. Peabody

    As you watch the video footage of the “unrest”.
    Watch for the reaction of the police officers.
    And notice the age difference in the “native Germans” and the “new immigrants”.

  • Yoda Wisdom

    Right you are but we also nearly lost our Country in 2008 and 2012.

    2016 will determine if we lose it for good or make it great again.

  • Yoda Wisdom

    Looks like the stage is being set, protect your Second Amendment rights folks! We might need to make use of them to restore our Country to its former greatness.

  • RoseMaryWoods


  • Walther11

    Where is Vlad the Impaler when you really need him?

  • PenelopeWillis

    Merkel did the same thing to Europe that Obama did to America. Are these people incapable of learning?

  • marconi314

    I have a feeling that you Germans are going to really, REALLY regret the ridiculous gun laws you’ve hung yourselves with.

  • sstrek

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Obama it’s that congress and laws can now be bypassed via executive order. The next republican pres can just declare any immigrant status granted by the former Liar In Chief as null and void.

  • whataboutme2

    Impeach now and stop the madness.

  • That’s what hollow points are for…

  • David_from_San_Diego

    I’m voting for Trump.

  • 1.5 million invaders and each can bring in 8 family members from Syria or wherever is 12 million within five years and within twenty those will produce around 50 million. Goodbye Germany.

  • gotham1883

    Our gubmints have turned against the citizens.

  • SWDC

    You are assuming everything that has been done is irreversible. All can and will be repealed revoked and cease to “fundamentally” changing the USA

  • living detroit

    deport them all, their religion conflicts with our laws of our country

  • Moe

    U got rid of it jews, what a trade off!

  • Conan the Republican

    Hey, Brian…we’ll let you have another go at that one. Try again to make rational sense, okay, Cletus?

  • nightwisp

    These are the paid mercenaries sent in to destroy the country. They are NOT refugees.

  • Heartland Patriot

    These Chechens are horrible. That’s why the Russians fought them two times.

  • Heartland Patriot

    I think it depends more on what part of government you’re talking about. Agencies like the EPA or HHS, yeah, leftists for certain. The Federal workers in the military, not so much. A large number are veterans and a fairly conservative bunch overall.

  • Mac in Texas

    Unfortunately you are right on…. January 17, 2017 is a long way off even assuming the white house can be wrested from the progressive Marxist party. Anyone who could stand but a minute or two of the mentally unbalanced demoncrat party debate sees the peril we are in!

  • Benji0804

    I just can’t vote for him on his stance on eminent domain or the fact he is close with the Clinton’s

  • terry

    A Muslim with a Palestinian bent just shot up a school bus stop in Chattanooga. According to people there, the media is in full damage control mode.

    Drudge is linking the story of Muslims shooting at buses in Israel.

    However, I noticed he’s not linking or has missed the Muslim shootings at a school bus stop in Chattanooga which happened just yesterday. The media is keeping things under a tight seal to cover up the identity of the shooter, but he’s a arabic Muslim with a bent for the Palestinian cause (not sure if he is actually palestinian though). He basically “sprayed and prayed”.

    You’ll notice the national media has no interest in this shooting whatsoever.

    It’s the same Chattanooga that Muslims have been terrorizing for several years right in the heart of the “Bible belt”, where Muslims have killed civilians and US soldiers alike in public and at the base.

    So if the media is trying to cover it up, please get the word out now.

  • glenn47

    Germany, you used to be a power leader with a beautiful country. In the next year, you will witness it being destroyed unless you remove Merkel and the invaders.
    She is accepting another 1.5 million. You will all be in the minority and will never have a say again about what happens to your country. Digest that.

  • glenn47

    We will have to recind all that did not go through the proper procedure but were allowed to jumped the line illegally. To become a citizen takes years, not days.

  • glenn47

    They are already here, many are are already running their little areas. While thise we elected to protect sit back and take their hush money.

  • glenn47

    At the same time they have taken over our schools and colleges,and transforming our children. Just listen to some of those kids out there fighting against their own country. How sad.

  • glenn47

    Yep,and those working on the bases have out up with price cuts and are operating on thin budgets as well having to deal with Furlough Friday’s multiple times. Most are veterans.and love the country. Those in DC many are corrupt.

  • glenn47

    Take down the bird feeders and they will leave.

  • iWildwood

    The only one willing to do that, rescind, appears to be Trump.

  • honigs


  • honigs


  • iWildwood

    I didn’t bother to watch, preferring to spare myself a wicked migraine born of far too many perils. Besides, with the Democrats there is never anything new under the sun.

  • iWildwood

    Indeed. And it will take years. Many years to unravel all of this mess, but unravel it we must, no matter how long it takes, and in spite of whatever many upheavals occur. For the sakes of our children and their children yet to be, we need to be willing to do whatever it takes to get and to keep America prosperous and free.

  • iWildwood


  • Chris Vickers

    All we need to do to get rid of our illegal immagints is this:

    1 close the border, build a fence or wall and give the US marines the Job of protecting our southern border. Allw them to shoot down planes which cross the border with out permission or use what means necessary to stop any vehicle which enters the country illegally

    2 Impose a fine of 1 million dollars on any business which employs an illegal immigrint for Anything. Also, if a business is caught 3 times employing an illegal immigrant, then they should be shut down ( Even if its walmart)

    3 Any illegal immigrint caught in the country automatically gets 1 year in jail and after that 10 years in jail and then 20 years and the penalty increases expedintially

    4 shut off all benefits for illegal immigrints
    No welfare food stamps, social security ,etc.

    5 Make a law that hospitals or schools do not have to admit or care for any illegal immigrint.

    Require all citizens to provide proof of citizenship to the bmv. Their birth certificate will be scanned and will be able to be pulled up and seen electronically when they vote in elections

  • iWildwood

    “Their religion conflicts with the laws of our country”

    This is so well evidenced in such places as Deerborn, where a non-Muslim US citizen who aligns himself with the precepts and principles of God and country that this once great nation was founded upon, dare not step foot on American soil without running the risk of being stoned.

  • glenn47

    So far he is the only one that will say what the people are waiting for. Whether he follows through or not.

  • iWildwood

    Any minute now.

  • iWildwood

    We will find them; or at least most of them. It will just take a while. But it must be done.

  • iWildwood

    Deport, and be prepared for the backlash, for surely there will be one. Should mass deportations ever occur, be sure to secure your homes and your persons in preparation for riots. Never ever allow yourselves to become disarmed. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and never assume that your neighbor, your friend, won’t turn on you in a heartbeat.

    I hate to sound so pessimistic, but after all of the damage that’s been done, cleaning up this mess is bound to be treacherous.

  • Feet2Fire

    Yep. Like they say, “Elections have consequences.”

  • YeahRightPal

    Then we’ll bury them here.

  • AL

    I agree, but is there enough will left in this country to put it back on track? I lose more and more confidence by the day. From the activist SCOTUS, to ignorant voters who put in whoever will give them the most stuff, to our “leaders” selling us all out at every opportunity. Add to that all the damage done to our allies and the strengthening of our enemies (at our expense) – its hard to imagine how this can end well.

  • AL

    Agreed, but must be done and will be done are two different things. Can we get enough people on board to do the right thing? I hope so…

  • Marge3

    Good points…but also add…RETURN ALL REFUGEES. Don’t grant them asylum. They are already robbing us blind

  • Bitter Clinger

    Odumbo imports these jihadists into certain parts of America on purpose to culturally ‘diversify’ them. What he ends up doing is creating Islamic enclaves that breed terrorists.

  • iWildwood

    Remember the American Revolutionary War.

  • terry

    “Ends up doing”?

    Or “Accomplishes”?

  • Fip1

    Coming to a place near you.

  • barbara

    Are you happy Merkel?

  • Fecal Matter

    RIP ………..Germany

  • James

    Told ya so.

  • I’m not Racist,but

    I ‘ve heard fire hoses and dogs will do wonders.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Germany needs their version of Trump.

  • dob3ro

    Ah yes those famous German fighting words Allah Akbar. These folks have a lot in common with each other.

  • Ranger_Ric

    These socialists in Europe are about to reap what they have sown. I won’t be shedding any tears for them as they devolve into just another muslim hellhole, they deserve it for using such poor judgement.

  • zippiest

    Maybe, just maybe…
    The Germans are letting in these peaceful loving people, so they have another 6 million to slaughter. I bet it’s all a ruse to lure them in, so the next Hitler can wipe them out?

  • zippiest

    God, I hope so!

  • zippiest

    Good God, I hope so!

  • zippiest

    I’m ready. Are you?

  • Brett Favre

    They were Hitlers allies so i dont think that is the case… unfortunately

  • dob3ro

    Auschwitz is just another Mecca.

  • zippiest

    And the consequences we’re dealing with now….
    Ugh, I can’t even finish that sentence.

  • zippiest

    You have the power to provide a Link to the local story right here!

  • zippiest


  • zippiest

    Hitler did it in less than 10 years. Donald Trump can do it far faster I’m sure!

  • zippiest

    That took minutes, compared to this war on terror!

  • zippiest

    Lol yup

  • zippiest

    If I ever hear that in my country, I’ll know we have lost.

  • Feet2Fire

    Oh, we haven’t seen the worst yet, by far. They have BIG PLANS… 🙁

  • zippiest

    I couldn’t watch it. My wife said she couldn’t stand to hear insanely idiotic things come from those fools.

  • zippiest

    They’re also like cockroaches. When the lights get turned on, they’ll scatter.

  • That

    It may just be that a Muslim with a boner for Palestine is currently infesting the WH. And our ‘media’ helped to put him there.

  • That

    dub dub dub dot

  • Realist

    The those responsible for the invasion of hostiles – along with those in power who did nothing to stop them – will need to be themselves rounded up and put on public trial. Those found guilty of treason will then be dealt with like all traitors. And don’t forget their apologists and enablers in Big Media too.

  • BDnSC

    Seems to me it is past time to make it legal to shoot on
    sight anyone wearing a mask or hood in public.

    Absent that, mow these stone age fools down the next time
    they pull this crap. Meanwhile, cut off the funds and offer them one way
    tickets back to the hell hole they came from.

  • An_Angry_American

    France has Marine Le Pen, Holland has Geert Wilders, and England has Nigel Farage. There still is a sliver of hope for these countries with these “extreme far right ‘ (sarc) leaders.

  • Dustoff

    All they have to do, is look at the mess in France with muslims.

  • Dirty Dave

    If we cut off the welfare and all other benefits, and fine the crap out of anyone hiring them, they will self deport or starve. If that doesn’t work a few SWAT team raids of illegal homes, deporting by force, thrown on national TV should give them the picture. The farmers using cheap Mexican labor can either mechanize or hire the welfare rats who already live in California.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Interesting Irony; Hitlers nation invaded by Jew Hating terrorist lunatics.

    God has a wonderful sense of humor.

    I wonder what he has in store for us….

  • lastmanatvalleyforge

    Refugees typically number heavier on the women and children side because the men presumably have been drawn away to fight. In this case, it appears that most of the so-called refugees are men of fighting age who have fled. This is very dangerous for the countries who agree to take them in. This is very different than a typical refugee scenario.

  • Whirlwinder

    I would amend your comment from scores to millions.

  • littlebitlikethat

    Commission 100 cruise ships, round them up and ship them back, and bill their home countries.

  • 6/60

    Welcome to the MSM “Ministry of Information” tactics.

  • Appalachite

    I’ve been pointing out the fact these so called refugees are all healthy, well dressed, and aggressive men. No children, women, and elderly. The moms, grandmas, and babies must be back at home fighting the war… Muslim men are disgusting, and Islam is a cancer.

  • Appalachite

    Get a rifle, and lots of bullets.

  • CG59

    Coming to a neighborhood near you, fellow Americans. Maybe the blacks and hispanics will help defend.

  • 1Mojo_Risin9

    Europe is going to have to reinstate some box car rolling stock and roll them directly onto barges, then off load them in North Africa!

  • Viva-Infidel

    Charles the Hammer is Spinning in his grave.

  • CG59

    Rolll them off into the Channel.

  • Spinstopshere

    Sounds like they are coming for love, right Jeb?

  • Chrisput

    Muslimes=Misery, everywhere they are.

  • Bitter Clinger

    I believe you. And who knows why local officials conspire with the Obama regime. Probably has dirt on everyone.

  • Flavius

    Oh? When have they ever backed down from confrontation?

  • Rose Li

    good idea now share that with TRUMP

  • Tommy boy

    The Natives are getting restless. War is upon us.

  • Rose Li

    Not anymore

  • Just my .02

    The “executive order” thing isn’t new; presidents have used them in the past. What IS cause for serious concern is the motivation and intent behind the ones obongo has done. He’s trying to make good on his promise to “fundamentally change” the country, and he’s getting it done. Some of it may prove very difficult to un-do. And the damage he’s doing could take decades to reverse. The country may never be the same again. That’s a big problem.

  • bobdog19006

    But he won’t. Illegal immigration is now a Washington Sacrement, Obamacare is permanent, the VA will not be disinfected, the national debt will continue to rise, politicians will continue to bicker and lie, and this morning, I don’t like anybody in Washington very much.

  • notamuslim

    Dearborn does it over the radio after they got a lot of speaker systems shot up by disaffected Americans who wouldn’t stand for the chanting of Arabic words over their American neighborhoods.

  • The Future You Chose

    Because obviously Hitler would have allowed millions of hostile foreigners to displace and dispossess Germans in their ancesral homeland.

  • Anonymous Guy

    Coming to a neighborhood near you! CAIR of the traitorous administration and it’s minions!

  • freedom_is_good

    Did anybody actually think these “migrants” were coming there to learn German, develop skills, assimilate into society and become productive members of society?

  • Jerry Raley

    300,000,000 firearms

  • Lysy2

    Krauts better find Heinz Guderian…FAST!!!

  • Snake Plisskin

    Wake up Europe!!! Your countries are being overrun!!

  • Moo man

    Next, coming to America

  • SWDC

    NO NO NO All will be “fundamentally changed” just as all was fundamentally changed prior.

    See how that works only the USA will be poorer as 911 successfully took away our freedoms and liberties and wealth.

    So when are we addressing Islam in Saudi Arabia and Iran both. Russia did not attack the USA on 911 Islam did. The borderless never ending war of Islam where we have not addressed Mecca.

  • SamIamTwo

    Did anyone see masses of women and children migrating…NO, they were all young healthy men from various nations…nice way to spread a virus and or set up the beginnings of a Caliphate.

  • stanlaurel4

    Coming soon to a country near you.

  • MagicalMcgoo

    Its been kind of stunning to watch Germany commit national suicide. I just hope we don’t let Obama do the same to us in the time he has left.

  • stanlaurel4

    There is a separate story abt how muzzies are biatching in Germany because they aren’t getting their ” benefits ” fast enough.
    Good move. Put them on the dole. Then you wouldn’t be able to pull them out w a tow truck

  • Marion Mitchell Morrison


  • AndrewInterrupted

    Ever hear of a thing called World War II?

  • sly311

    And yet, the cry for gun control is loud and clear. Let the miscreants in and take away our guns. What’s wrong with THAT picture.

  • J Dubya

    The entire world is rolling over and pissing itself in the face militant, conquering Islam. The cowardice is revolting; they’d rather DIE than offend a bunch of inbred goat rapers.

  • Dialogos68

    This invasion was planned years ago at the CFR and Bilderberg…… Cheers!

  • Sierra Bravo


  • Sierra Bravo


  • The Future You Chose

    World War II started when Britain and France declared war on Germany. Germany only attacked Poland because they where not only occupying West Prussia, but they where persecuting and killing ethnic Germans in that territory.

    Hitler wanted peace, but Poland, supported by the aforementioned powers, refused to negotiate.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Churchill told Hitler outright that if he entered Poland, England would declare war.

  • bobdog19006

    The solution is obvious. Find a photo of the shooter, lighten his skin color with Photoshop, and release it to the media.

    That’s what CNN did recently. Muslim, black or Hispanic shooter and white victims, no big deal. Guns did it. Dog bites man story.

    Make the shooter look and sound like a white guy, and it’s automatically a “hate crime” that deserves 24/7 news coverage.

  • Steve Fraser

    Allahu Akbar!!!

  • Flavius

    I’m talking about all federal employees, NOT service members. Service members are powerless people who are used at low pay for a few short years and then dumped back into the unemployed civilian sector…Even if they are sick or injured, they are dumped off.
    When the military is under conscription, they follow the whims of bureaucrats at minimal wages. When the administration is done using them, they are dumped. Just like Obama Admin recently did reducing forces by hundreds of thousands.
    Even the generals are pawns until they retire. Women in the elite forces, gay agenda…Nothing the military can do but embrace it.
    They have no economic power. They have no political power.
    I’m not talking about the military. Think about it.

  • jackburns

    Putin knows how to delouse Chechens. Maybe he’ll be available for consultation soon.

  • BunE22

    That sounds like gang violence. One story said a blue bandana was waved from the car before shots rang out.

  • Plumbbob Priscilla

    Why is it that ONLY WHITE COUNTRIES are being invaded? Why do the governments in these White countries allow this invasion to proceed? And why don’t the Whites in these countries RISE UP AND DO SOMETHING about their treasonous leaders? It’s like watching the slow motion suicide of a whole race.

  • AlphaGirl

    Patty, out history is filled with American Patriots like you willing to fight any and all who seek to destroy this great nation. Always, stand up and speak up. I know you do – me too.

  • Grumpy Cat

    First, HANG all the traitors in DC, then DEPORT.

  • Jus Wundrin

    Germany, in an effort not to appear like nazis, has invited the islamic version of it into their neighborhoods. Enjoy your dystopia Germany, you voted for it.

  • nolie

    When you vote democrat, you are voting for a party that will bring terrorist into the US.

  • PaulfromTexas

    Celle is a sedate little town basically untouched by the war in the 40’s, …..and it is now under assault of mohammedans who care not one whit for history or sedate….the German folk there will wish the war had got them before this is over.

  • rickconner

    Those dumb asses better cut it out before those Krauts fire up the gas chambers again.

  • muslimmustgo

    Then it will be up to the Patriotic citizens to cleanse our nation of these demonic pigs!!!!

  • muslimmustgo

    America truly needs to have an open season on these muslime pigs once and for all!!!

  • TheAntiProgressive

    C’mon Germany welcome them just like Hitler. Put on a mask grab a pipe and go chat with them.

  • KingOfStreitHall

    Gun them down…all of them; it is going to have to happen sooner or later


    So, this is what multicultural diversity looks like.

  • The Future You Chose

    First of all, Chamberlain was prime minister at the onset of WWII. Second, if protecting Poland’s territorial sovereignty was the goal, then why didn’t Britain declare war on the Soviet Union?

  • Luther

    Trump seems to have a behavior pattern of an initial confrontational style followed by warming up to show what a nice guy and soft touch he really is inside. Don’t get your hopes up. At best his stated public position is to expedite their return, so why deport them in the first place?

  • mikekelley10

    News stories that don’t advance the leftist agenda are locally reported only.

  • mikekelley10

    The AP will not report the race of criminals, nor will most newspapers. It is policy. You have to be desperate for “news” to rely on them.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Churchill told Hitler outright that if he entered Poland, England would declare war.

  • Jerry Chandler

    NWO agenda is right on schedule.

  • Lisa martin

    Rev 19:20

    And the beast “0bama” was taken, and with him the false prophet “Bush” that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshiped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.


    3 months left and 7yrs tribulation will be up..

    The worst has yet to come..

  • Mike Gilmer

    Soon to be repeated in the USA if Obama gets his way and brings 200 thousand to the USA.

  • david5300

    If obozo really loved the country ( as he claimed ) he would have not wanted to radically change it.

  • imho

    Just another website I see here of all talk no action, some even still believe they should vote as if that’ll change or improve things in any way that actually matters. No wonder the USA is doomed and finished as a nation. Let’s all just sit back have some popcorn and watch the country be destroyed, permanently. It’s too late anyway. You’ll see. Too late. You’re done. You will all GROVEL, all of you! You know it. You want it. That’s why it’s happening, you want the country to be destroyed, you just can’t admit to yourself that you’re the problem, not Obama, not Bush, not the dammed lega/illegal immigrants, YOU! You’re the problem.

  • david5300

    Who says we won’t ?

  • imho

    And there’s the rub. People are so stupid they actually believe that what has been done is irreversible. Its not. See the problem? AMERICANS ARE THE PROBLEM.

  • imho

    “reversible” I meant.

  • imho

    Stop it, just stop it. No he can’t and won’t. Geesh, wtf is wrong with people are they that blind that unaware or even have a clue about history? WOW

  • BobbyTQ

    The biggest terrorist of all is Barack Obama. He is already in power, and has paved the way for generations of terrorists, while implementing his plan to hand over our country to the third world.

  • BobbyTQ

    Mecca needs to be nuked. End of story.

  • SWDC

    Darling most on here are bots if not hired hands where few USA citizens even read the MSM and when the copy right laws go into full effect even fewer will read the MSM because right now the traffic is being directed to their stuff and once that “direction” is gone so will their audience.

  • SWDC

    Often wondered how that would work out if if if Iran did exactly that to Saudi Arabia. Do not Iranian Islamic people also worship in Mecca as well as Saudi Arabians.

  • Instantgator

    It’s just not fair that some people get to keep their head…We should all be equally headless

  • Groovy

    Trump was right . Markell is an idiot. He got my vote with that comment.

  • vutsrq

    Then it will be muzzie hunting time.

  • Anonymous Guy

    Most gubment edukated nit wits have no idea who he is. But in a sense you’re right.

  • Skitz00

    Some are immigrants, some are refugees. But too many are invaders, wolves in sheep’s clothing. Too many are culturally and behaviorally incompatible with western values and culture.

    Make the right investment and set up safe havens for them in their home countries.

  • Skitz00

    It may just be that a liberal congress is rolling over for a liberal president doing liberal things. I am afraid that a more conservative president, who tries issuing conservative executive orders, will find a congress that has suddenly found its backbone and will block those orders.

  • lenguanavaja

    Don’t Germans have pipes and sticks too?

  • Grutch

    We can undo it with Rifle and Blade.

  • Kimjungill

    Proof that islam is insane in the membrane.

  • BobbyTQ

    Saudis are generally hated by the rest of the Muslim world, as they should be by us. After all, most of the 911 hijackers were Saudis. Bin Laden was Saudi. But, they have oil, so they are our “friends”. Nothing like “friends” who will send suicide bombers to your country. Saudis are pigs and deserve to be wiped out. Islam is over if Mecca is nuked, as every Muzzy needs to go there at least once. Save the world: nuke Mecca.

  • BobbyTQ

    Put them in a box first. Then deport.

  • Aorbaka

    You think this might be a clue to what some of them are up to.

  • Aorbaka

    I dont see how the president or the congress can so easily get away with ignoring the constitution.

  • Hawkdriver1961

    Use you military, round them up and deport them! Screw how it looks. These are not war refugees. These are military aged young men who are invading the west. It’s just that simple. They need to be expelled!

  • Hawkdriver1961

    I fear a “National Emergency” will happen shortly before the elections and with all the laws and executive orders in place to give a president dictatorial power during martial law (and of course there can be no elections until all is safe), we will have our very first dictator. Obama will be a puppet for sure, but a very willing puppet at that. I don’t think he is going anywhere in 2017. I hope to God I am wrong and will accept any lambasting if I am…

  • Arminius

    Isn’t diversity wonderful? It just makes you want to rush out and hug a lib, doesn’t it?

    (Snarky sarcasm off)

  • Arminius

    Muslims aren’t refugees… they’re invaders… and should be treated as such… because they view their hosts as spoils of their conquests.

  • dj

    We have no information about them, no idea who they are. How many illegals do we find now? 90% of them never show up for their court dates and we don’t find them either.

  • EXFED4

    A real President will make it illegal to wear a mask, unless it is Halloween! The penalty for immigrant offenders is deportation.

  • EXFED4

    An idea getting more popular every day. Maybe these cutthroats realize that we will have real leadership soon and are invading other countries to avoid extermination.

  • Just my .02

    With enablers everywhere, and corruption rampant, ANYTHING is possible.

  • EyingTheLies

    The problem is the religious discrimination legislation, being used to protect Muslim headgear. Just legalise discrimination against people wearing head covering even if for religious reasons. Let sane business refuse to permit entry to people with Burqa and Niqab on.

  • Janet Noll

    WE can and will destroy them. Americans are super vigilant after 911. If we see one starting trouble we will put an end to them, just like those three Americans in France did to a terrorist on a train. I was on a plane with my 68 year old father and he watched everything a couple of muslim men in front of us did. He said he would be ready this time. My father, A man that falls asleep watching tv, sat on a three hour trip and vigilantly watched those men. When they got up to go to the bathroom he undid his safety belt to get ready, just in case. He isn’t alone.

  • Janet Noll

    I like Carson but he doesn’t take on the immigration problem with the same finesse that Trump does.

  • Janet Noll

    THANK You!