VIDEO=> Black Supporter Goes Off at Trump Rally: “Obama Has Failed Us. We’re Taking Back America”

Another massive crowd turned out for Donald Trump in Norcross, Georgia on Saturday.
An estimated 10,000 people turned out for the rally.
trump norcross

One Trump supporter outside the rally went off,
“Obama has failed us. We’re taking back America!”

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  • 0hiojoe

    It makes a big difference when people vote with their head, and not with their heart.
    The heart got us this:

  • ZZZzzzz

    OBAMA HAS FAILED, OBAMA HAS FAILED, OBAMA HAS FAILED!! That’s right Trump supporter! I agree you’ve been Bamboozled by the Muslim-in-Chief. You say you’ve never voted before, but did vote twice for Obama and feel it was such a mistake. Yep, it was a monumental mistake, so vote Trump and never make that mistake again! Love the Support he got and and all the fist bumps too!

  • Teddi

    Yogi used to say “it’s not over till it’s over”…

    I have some news for Cruz and the RNC – It’s over !

  • Harry Jackson

    obama is a communist and the worst potus in history, period. this country will never elect a democrat ( communist ) again.

  • GeneralQuarters

    Never under estimate the stupidity of the average voter. That said, I hope you are right.

  • patroy75


  • stretch7

    Man oh man! Finally, people are waking up. Get rid of them all, Donald Trump is the only one that has addressed the illegal immigration issue, and as this man finally realizes thar most of the politicians are giving our Country away.
    Trump for Prez!

  • ericdondero

    Trump, Republicans need only boost black vote to 11, 12% from 7%, and the Democrats are burnt toast. We don’t need 25% of the black vote to win. We only need 11, 12%. Something tells me with Trump/Carson we’re gonna get to that number.

  • amdactivist

    smart man

  • ridgerunner

    Black patriots make us white folks look like wimps. Diamond and Silk are prime examples.


    Those who voted for obama twice should be charged with treason and punished accordingly.

  • Wilkins Micawber

    Of course Obama has failed you! What did you expect? Any black person who still thinks Obama has been good for blacks is frankly too stupid to think. Any poor white person who thinks Obama cares about them is a total idiot. The 1% got richer, the middle class is becoming poor, minorities are suffering more, and
    the only people getting ahead are the very wealthy whites who Obama panders to behind the scenes. Meanwhile, the world laughs at not only Obama but at this country for ever electing him.

  • ndnbs (Nominal Drama, No BS)

    Zero is the worse POTUS ever. He is the PLOTUS – Pathological Liar Of The United States.

    Brought to you by the Choom Gang. With no exaggeration, the most highly documented prolific pathological liar in the history of the world.

    A finely tuned Saul Alinsky lying machine and an Islamic sympathizer too! Hitting us with a double-shot of Alinsky and Cloward-Piven.

    Zero’s “admininistration” is one, long, eight year episode of “Punked” — Americans being the “punkees”.


    Good luck passing gun control there bath house barry, millions have drawn a line in the sand and will literally go to war before allowing you to further eviscerate the constitution.

  • Dale Davis
  • Keith W. Brown

    A guy that gets it!

  • Overman18

    Things haven’t gotten better, we are still heading in wrong direction

    Layoff List:

  • “He helped people get killed by the poleese department” OK, whatever. This guy STILL doesn’t get it completely. Enough with the black/white issue.

  • Sadly, yes they will. The people are mainly led by the media and popularity of hearing someones name. Most don’t have a clue about the candidates and their backgrounds.

  • Arch

    I think the entire Federal Government has failed us all.

  • betterthanu

    Finally people are getting it. Librrsls never will because they are mentally ill

  • 0hiojoe

    Sounds just like him too!

  • JJTX




  • betterthanu

    Gruber was right

  • NormB

    Better get those millions of illegal aliens registered to vote, Pronto. The People are waking up.

  • It’s almost over

    Unfortunately, the same thing was said back in 1981 when Jimmy Carter left the WH. Never again will a Dem be elected….it happened 12 yrs later.

  • Russ

    Why did it take them 7 years to figure it out?

  • Fecal Matter

    Little reported fact…..Black voters are sick of Obama and are not coming out to support Hillary….Trump can get some of the Black votes I believe and if he could get Carson as running mate for VP……Establishment heads will explode…good job Gateway Pundit….I am going to read more of your articles.

  • Mouse Clicker

    Whatever the reason that some people are becoming color blind it is a good thing.

  • Major

    Obama like his Man Made Global Warming is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated. Is there any other president in history that hid his school records? What does he have to hide? Much like Global warming the books have been cooked and the fraud is stood up democRATS. When will the good democRATS stand up and say the emperor has no clothes? What is worse is that is seems the democRAT party was infiltrated by communists as early as Franklin Roosevelt.

  • Lets all go to Saudi Arabia

    Dear Mr. Trump, I hope to God you are serious about all of this. We believe in you. America needs you now.

  • Reality Blowz

    Don’t worry. When Hillary gets into office, everything will be okay.
    (most of you would be proud of me. I was actually able to type that statement with a straight face…wasn’t easy

  • Republiker

    Plenty of Grubercrat voters will see to it.

  • Zvi

    Obama did nothing for American Blacks

    He was focused on where his true affinities lie with all things radical and Islamic

  • Sway Snub

    Blacks, Latinos, Women, Men, Whites, Old, Young, Conservatives, Democrats, everyone likes Trump except Republicans & Liberals.

  • Sway Snub

    Hope and Chains

  • Reality Blowz

    Okay…now that is NOT funny.

  • Republiker

    I agree

  • Fecal Matter

    I don’t known how you did it….I couldn’t keep a straight face when reading …just spewed coffee on iPad laughing…

  • Sway Snub

    There was no Donald Trump for the last 7 years to support Conservatives & Democrats. Only Liberals & Republicans.

  • AlasBabylon

    Smells like him, too!

  • Sway Snub

    Well S.E.D.

  • Reality Blowz

    That would be nice if you could have that cartoon making a bowel movement and out comes Sanders, Clinton and Biden.

  • Bunky

    “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”
    H.L. Mencken


    obama is struggling to completely dismantle the American culture, and the media and establishment politicians struggle right along with him. But, America has awakened! We desperately need Trump!

  • dbuce617

    The population is moving to the big cities and the president will always be a democrat. The senate will become democratic also. The house will go after 2020 because the gerrymandering that the Rep. did will be reversed.

  • TiranuSaurus

    That would really cut the cake…OOpss! The Turd.

  • One Big F

    “Obama Has Failed Us. We’re Taking Back America”

    The Democrat party in its entirety has failed you and now after this feckless Republican majority Congress, they can be added to the list.

  • Natronic

    Now if only more people would open their eyes and really see what this man has done to this country it won’t even be close and Trump is the only one that can fix it.

  • Soflodoug

    Brother right on! Too bad I couldnt be talking right next to you!
    Thats right we built the country together.
    Obailout wants to see it go down the drain because he is not american but a traitor proven over and over again!

  • Murphy’s Mom

    What we’re not hearing from is democrats that supported bill clinton and obama 2x and who are fed up with the lies and failures. If there are a significant number of them, Trump will win by a landslide. Trouble is, they are understandably quiet at this time.

  • Natronic

    It’ll be Trump/Cruz

  • Zack Smith

    I am really enjoying the Trump show, but this poor fellow is once again voting with his heart, not his head.

  • MudFlapShoes

    didn’t they name this president after a parasite that causes it’s host to commit suicide?

    er, was that the other way around?

    i forget.

  • That

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.”

    – H.L. Mencken, the Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920

  • djm9063

    Charge Obama with treason and throw him in jail for life.

  • Paul in NH

    They will not get any better until oBozo, the muslim,is gone …

  • michael dodge

    Barak Hussein is a satanic mooozlim jihadist pig

  • Mark

    He is a lot worse than just a communist. He’s a traitor and we all know what the penalty is for high treason.

  • NewzKnight

    …for Gods sake people, wake up and think, it’s impossible for Trump to be worse. Vote Trump!

  • BlackhawkRider553

    I think we are already there…..

  • Agamemnon7

    We need a list of all those in the media that are guilty of this crime. I can’t wait to see the day when they are marched into a public square and justice is rendered. Sniveling feckless worms. Oh what a day. Make the list share it and prepare for the day. Traitors know their punishment is coming

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Feed him Mooshie’s School Gruel.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Could this “Finally,” be an awakening by the various racial communities residing here that we are ALL Americans, regardless of what your ancestry may be, & that we are ALL in this together, so we will either sink or swim as a country together?

  • BraveNewWhirled

    A five-year old girl could fix it…

  • George Woodruff

    We may not need 25 percent to win but we want it! Black people need a chance for upward mobility just like everyone else.

  • Rasputttin

    I’ll be voting for Ted Cruz. I do not trust Trump fir nothing. He’s a big government capitalist. Big government capitalists aren’t much different than big government socialists. This idea that he is an outsider is a lie

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    IRS audit bait. Oh, and now would be a good time to install a remote starter on the car and invest in a vehicle undercarriage inspection mirror on a very, very long pole. POTUS and his peeps don’t take kindly to that kind of talk.

  • chris

    This guy rocks. Forget about black vs. white. I’m white. All you white racists , SHUT UP.
    We need to come together and fight the real enemy. Muslims and obammy

  • Rasputttin

    He has done his best to make this a Luciferian country.

  • Mark

    I used to underestimate it until i made my first (and last) trip to Walmart. These cretins will vote for anyone who promises them anything.

  • Sway Snub

    Look at what a single illegal immigrant could do to this country in only 7 years.

  • Rasputttin

    It would be nice but the left owns the courts. If anyone is going to be charged with treason it is us on the right for not going along with their agenda and not bowing to PC speech.

  • American_League

    Dope and Chains

  • Sway Snub

    Liberalism: The Democrats version of Sharia Law

  • Sway Snub

    Saul Alinsky 101

  • Sway Snub

    In liberal land, your comment is treasonous.

  • Donna

    But in Obamass’s delusional and warped mind, he could win a third term as President. The laughingstock of the world and most hated person in America and he still thinks he’s the “one”
    What a POS loser

  • BraveNewWhirled

    It’s always been a see-saw. Dem Rep Dem Rep Dem Rep… Bush 1 was an anomaly because Reagan was so popular.

  • Douglas Sands

    there must be a very bad reason why obumba is still in office. why don’t they vote him out. billions of american’s wan’t him out today.thats dem’s an repub’s. the old farts must not wan’t to loose their jobs so they don’t vote him out and his slave tribe working for him.

  • gbuls

    If you are still one who still dismisses the Donald, you already have egg
    on your face. Trump’s opponents have either been characterized (low
    energy, headache) or are unelectable for various reasons. Few realize
    that the GOP nomination battle is already over. There’s a new Trump,
    watch any of his speeches or appearances from the last month. He’s
    already infinitely more effective than all the rest, and has avoided
    meaningful controversy without dumbing down his appeal. If you still
    oppose him, at least have the humility to admit that you’ve been wrong
    about almost everything related to the man since day one. And consider
    just chilling, and seeing how things play out. Some won’t chill, the
    softies at NRO are going down with the establishment ship. Who wants to
    join them?

  • Dane Ironfoote

    osama-bin-bama is a divider. I cannot even refer to him as “president” even though he occupies that office at present. He is a hateful, incompetent piece of filth, who purposes every day to destroy America. Who the he77 gives 150-billion to a country that HATES us and screams “Death to America?” osama-bin-bama, that’s who – the disgrace of America.

  • John K.

    Sorry but the fix is in for 2016. In California the new voter-motor law allows for automatic voter registration of everyone who has a driver’s license. And guess what? This year an estimated 500,000 undocumented got their licenses. And Guess What? In California you can vote by mail so no one ever sees your face. The Democratic party has been busy here and I am sure they have similar scams elsewhere. WAKE UP folks- it is almost time to shut the lights on the republic (but keep up the fight!). Peace

  • RichardTater3

    Barack Obama. Communist born and bred, mentored by and still friends with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

  • Senor C O Jones

    Your first sentence is true, but the communists and democrats ( same thing) will never give up. There has to be a prosecution of the democrats high crimes and misdemeanors from Obama and Killary to every local county party organization for your second sentence to be true.

  • Rasputttin

    Wow, it’s starting to sound like 08′ only in reverse. The Republicans destroyed the country and only Obama can fix it. If you must give another idiot the keys to the country go ahead and do it. I never thought my side were capable of being swept away on emotion based feelings for a con artist like leftists.

  • Bolt Upright

    I guess the the half White man, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Choom gang leader Barack, is doing to Blacks what could not be done by a full White man. Good job Obama. Your sneak attack on Blacks has been well played.

  • mauser 98

    Cruz as ineligible as O’Bummer to be POTUS
    Jindal , Rubio also

  • Jerry Frey

    12:15 AM EST
    I’ve gone Clinton-Nader-Nader-Nader-Obama-(Gary) Johnson. You wouldn’t think me for a Trump voter, but if the election were today, he’d get my vote. People on the far left live in a bubble just like people on the right, they don’t realize how many people have had enough with illegal immigration and anchor babies.

  • Darkheart11

    At long last!

  • Jerry Cross

    If Obama said he was going to do and executive order to have all non muslims and all whites killed before the end of his term, ever Democrat and every Rino would approved it. They are that stupid.

  • Addison Jacobs

    I hope more Blacks get this. Liberalism needs a victim to succeed because they’ll lose on the open debate of their ideas every time. This has been blacks for too long and we need to move past it.

  • 3rd Adam

    @Trump: You’re hired!

  • fcabanski

    Cruz is an excellent choice.

  • Buddy_Rogers

    After watching Bath House Barry on 60 Minutes last night there are only three possibilities to assess his character.
    1) He is a pathological liar.
    2) He is mentally ill. Delusional without a clue.
    3) He’s stoned on something… Crack?? … that makes him delusional without a clue

  • sb36695

    Maybe next time you vote for “hope”, you will question the “change”.

  • Carolann313

    Glad you shared that and I completely agree, but I cannot tune in to any station that shows his face or has his voice on it.

  • Bolt Upright

    Why are you complaining? The half White man has Blacks right where the country needs them. They get phones, food, booze, shelter and occasional pep talks from their favorites, Sharpton and Obama. So what, they destroy where they live like Detroit and Baltimore or kill each other in Chicago, the Choom gang leader has them cordoned off in certain areas of the country away from productive people. Life is good for them.

  • flyboy

    And that was on a good day for him when the questions were pre-approved and his handlers had scripted answers for him to regurgitate from the teleprompters.

  • Guido FL

    Now Obama supports and pushes another job stealing “Free Trade” deal . America keeps making bad one sided trades deals that are killing our economy ! All these deals impact the black community very hard. Enough of the two faced lying democrats and their vote stealing Free Sh*t !

    TRUMP 2016

  • Thad Armstrong

    It’s OK to lie to the infidels.

  • flyover

    Another guy who fails to understand it isn’t about him, its all about Obama.

  • So Cal Guest

    They can’t even get American votes so, what do they do? Import voters. California motor voter is a true example of the contempt that democrats have for this country.

  • FamilyChampion

    “As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people.

    We move toward a lofty ideal.

    On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

    Henry Louis MenckenBaltimore Evening Sun on 26 July 1920

    Can’t see any reason Trump can’t fulfill the roll.

  • sb36695

    Thanks for the info. I can’t watch or listen to him anymore.

  • Bolt Upright

    He IS a Liberal. A bona fide genetic condition. The condition is irreversible. Plain and simple. He, and millions like him have a genetic condition.

  • Carolann313

    Yep … brain dead!

  • Political Hostage

    Never say never.

  • Buddy_Rogers

    It was hard to watch… I kept thinking; Isn’t there a half way decent dermatologist that can pop that ugly pimple/boil on the side of his nose?
    Doesn’t he have a clue that that pimple/boil needs to be lanced or popped??

  • Mikey117

    Of course not Obama believes they would elect him again.the folks in America are very scary these days.

  • Bolt Upright

    yes. one of their many symptoms of the genetic condition.

  • John Gillis

    Motor Voter was Bill Clinton’s brainchild over 20 years ago. It was disgraceful then and the current situation is even more disgraceful.

  • sb36695

    America will not survive the ignorance of voters.

  • Political Hostage

    Yup. Between regulations and uncertainty, business will run on the pilot light until better times comes along. But without disposable income we won’t be able to buy anything, which slows recovery.

  • VolforFreedom

    Thank God this brother and many other Blacks are finally seeing the light about Obama. He is right. Many Whites and Blacks were bamboozled by the Hope and Change feel good rhetoric. Yeah, America has been transformed alright, transformed into something that has the Founding Fathers turning in their graves!

  • flyboy

    I’d love to see the media find that crazy woman who went apechit when Obama was running in 2008 screaming “we got our Obamaphones, we gonna have our mortgages paid off, we gonna have our gas paid for….we got Obama! We got Obama!”

  • Bolt Upright

    Agreed. Genetic condition. There is a Liberal gene.

  • veeper

    Failed is the wrong word……

    played, used and betrayed are the correct words……

  • Political Hostage

    The electorate thought they’d see a continuation of Reagan, but didn’t get it, hence Bush’s four years.

  • witnesstothecarnage

    The penalty for treason was reduced to life, back in 1998. Hillary’s husband was POTUS.


  • James The 87,679,756th

    Mister Trump.. BUILD THE WALL!!

    Trump 2016

  • James The 87,679,756th

    Voter ID… make it mandatory.

  • Carolann313

    lol … aside from that when I happen to tune in to a station that has him on, I keep looking for that # 666 embedded in his face.

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    “We’re taking back America?” Which one? The America of 1855? 1900? 1915? The Great Depression? WW-2? Korean War? Cold War? Selma Marches? Vietnam?Jimmy Carter’s US? The Reagan Era?

    Which version of America are they wanting to take us back to? Blacks never ran it, blacks never owned it, and have complained about America every year of my life, which goes back to before WW-2. I think I must have missed his point …

  • witnesstothecarnage

    There are a lot of pilots lit, even in CA. I’m on that ground, and can tell you that whoever unleashes that dog will be considered an economic genius.

    America isn’t dead… it’s covered in sh!t. Nothing a thorough steam cleaning and some lube won’t fix.

  • Reagan Brown

    Obama’s been a huge part of the corporate takeover.

  • Tim jones

    yeah obammy is the worst, but americans are more interested in celebrities and television and mtv music awards then international politics.

    the democrats have cornered the market on the american mind-set and unfortunately the damage is done.

    the country is lost, the hard working tax paying american that would rather work then sit, and would rather work then steal, is outnumbered.

    now we need to just be getting ready for reeducation.

  • Caveat Lector

    Most of these gruberites, like one of my uncles, sad to say, have a pre-set, impenetrable, opinion that Democrat = good and Republican = bad, despite any historical or contemporary evidence to the contrary. However they came by their woefully simplistic and inaccurate mindset (school, media, lack of intelligence, whatever…), they’ll sincerely blame the Republican minding his own business across the street for the money picked out their pockets by the Democrat standing right beside them. It’s scary…

  • Founders1791

    The America of 1981-1989 will do nicely as all boats were lifted by Ronnie
    Black unemployment ‘fell’ from 21.2% (’83) down to 11% (’88) back then

  • flyboy

    Sssshhhh… you aren’t supposed to tell economic facts like that about the 1980s under Reagan. The Reagan history revisionist liberals will start foaming at the mouth and soiling themselves. I call it the Zombiecrat virus.

  • Tim jones

    well it worked and now is practiced in oregon.

    there’s other states as well. get a driver’s license, and now you can vote.

  • Caveat Lector

    He’s the first — hopefully the last, but I doubt it — Anti-American to ever disgrace the office of POTUS. He is proof positive that the enemy within is far more dangerous to any nation than the enemy without.

  • leona lioness

    ILLEGAL ALIEN attack against America MUST STOP — Trump will do it.

  • jamesben

    As you’ll read down below my comment, the Reagan years were GOLDEN for black businesses and honest entrepreneurial black Americans.

    The LIE that “trickle down economics” only benefits/benefitted “the rich” was PURE B.S.

  • SenBlutarsky

    I make an obama doll every morning about 8am.

  • crook patriots

    Who becomes America’s president is easy to pick, it will be the one that promises to hand out the most entitlement money and accept perks from wall street, but you and the world already know that.

  • FamilyChampion

    Trump is a self serving baffoon in the tradition of P.T. “There is a sucker born every minute” Barnum. (Quote from David Hannum)

    What is saddest is that he seems to be the best candidate available for the position.

  • Caveat Lector

    Many of the democrats you allude to may be disgusted with anyone involved with this administration, past or present, but the vast majority of them won’t be looking to a conservative or republican or libertarian for answers; instead, they’ll pull the lever for a different flavor of destructive democrat-socialist… someone like Sanders. There is no fixing stupid.

  • momtothreebeagles

    He still doesn’t get it. The only people government should take care of is those who cannot care for themselves, and military veterans. Government needs to get out of the way so people can take care of themselves and their families. Pursue their own happiness without government interference.

  • Caveat Lector

    The sad, scary, part is that most of his base would indeed vote for him for a third term if they had the option. There is no fixing stupid.

  • Rooby Doo

    I live in a racially diverse middle class neighborhood in Kansas City. Based on conversations I’ve had with neighbors of color, I refuse to believe that most middle class persons, no matter their color, support O. But the feeling I DO get after these conversations is that the black middle class absolutely will not come out publicly against him. Whether it is from the pride of America having elected a black man, or feeling like there will be backlash from the black community, or some other reason, I can’t say. But I sure don’t think the man in the article is alone out there. I just think he’s more willing to speak out than most.

  • Mig

    This prez lent favors the mooslim brotherh00d, military deserters, gltm0 detainees, iIIegaI aIiens, sanctuary cities, 0pen b0rders, g un c0nfiscati0n ……… Trump does not.

  • SmileyBurnette


  • Miccofixico

    Since he is a foreign enemy of the republic, he is not a legitimate president, but an usurper squatting in our once-pristine White House.

  • flyboy

    Little known fact about Obama that the liberal DNC main stream media will not ever remind anyone about. These are Obama’s words in a 2004 debate when he was an Illinois state senator and debating Republican Alan Keyes for disgraced Jack Ryan’s US Senate seat (which of course Obama won in a special election).

    “The dollars that the government spends do not produce the kind of economic results that the dollar spent in the private sector can produce. That’s why folks who think, ‘Well, we’ll fund this with tax cuts,’ I mean, ‘with tax increases,’ are doing it the wrong way around. When we saw the tax cuts of the Reagan years, do you realize we had the greatest expansion in the revenue base that we’d seen in the history of
    the country?
    In every year of the Reagan tax cuts, more revenue was produced than in any year in the course of our history.”

  • Miagogo

    Funny how Trump is the only candidate to bring people together who were told they have to hate each other.

  • RichardTater3

    50 plus years of Cloward -Piven policies are really starting to pay off for the Democrats.

  • Miagogo

    Obama did actually help fuel that fire. Doesn’t matter if he totally gets it. It’s nice to see more and more black people waking up to what the democrats have done to them.

  • flyboy

    And it’s not “racist” if all races equally have to abide by it. So that destroys the Democrats’ main argument against it.

  • Caveat Lector

    No logical argument has ever penetrated the “minds” or reversed the opinions of the average democrat voter, or deterred democrat politicians from taking advantage of their electorate’s imbecility for political gain.

  • dbuce617

    Trump has slandered way too many people to ever get above 25% even in the primary. You notice that as candidates drop out he stays at 25%. After everyone drops out he will still be at 25 and whoever will be at 75%. Trump will notice this before it happens and drop out, probably after New Hampshire.

  • John D

    I’m sure Walmart will miss you.

  • jamesben

    Because of Obama, America is a poorer, meaner, more divided country.

  • Buddy_Rogers

    Much of the fear mongering about Trump is very reminiscent of the fear mongering about Reagan, starting with Reagan is nothing more than a B-grade movie actor.
    Trump they tell us is nothing more than a Reality TV character. All the while omitting the fact that it was his 40 years of business savvy and being highly successful that made him, in his late 50s/early 60s so attractive to be recruited for reality TV.


    “One Man Raised His Hand” … that man stood up and stood for what HE believes…and guess what??? Millions and Millions of US agree!! TRUMP 2016!!!

  • John D

    Whether you are a citizen or not. Fool.

  • Mark

    Screw the blacks and the mexicans. As long as enough Whites show up to vote, Trump will win.

  • BulletBoxFred

    It is amazing to me how grossly RETARDED Americans are; every four years they continue to FALL hook, line and sinker for the dog and pony shows; they keep looking for a “peaceful” and “political” solution to TYRANNY and lawlessness, and they keep believing their own BS in thinking an election is going to change anything.

    What this dark skinned man should be shouting about, is what Frederick Douglas said about Bullet Boxes, because the days of the Ballot Box are long gone, and it is time that we ALL LIVE UP to our collective Legal Obligation under the Declaration of Independence and overthrow the present national regime and supplant it with one amenable to Personal Liberty, State Sovereignty, personal property rights, Common Law, the Magna Carta, and the cessation of all illegal wars of aggression and importation of illegal invaders.

    Here’s what I guarantee you; whomever the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers and the British Monarchy wants into office will get there, no matter who you vote for. Trump is a showman; a playboy.

  • flyboy

    Not to mention the fact that Trump has the guts to call out the media and put left wing DNC water-carrying troll reporters in their place like that little five-foot-nothing troll from Telemundo several weeks ago who kept jumping out of turn during a media Q&A. That was a beautiful thing to watch.

  • FloridaJim

    I would love to believe blacks have realized Democrats have stolen their lives and their money for 50 years , 5 generations. Listen to blacks speak from the 1950’s they are intelligent, articulate and striving to have The American dream, all of us are searching for Democrats stole it and gave them city and states made In Hell Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, New York any democratic city Ior state is a memorial to democratic and black failure, p[lease wake up and dump all race-baiters who have become multi=millionaires off your backs.The American Dream is still there but it is not under the democratic umbrella of hatred and slavery.Hard work, education, black families strong and articulate and daily effort to succeed not a handout from Uncle Barry.

  • BulletBoxFred

    What this dark skinned man should be shouting about, is what
    Frederick Douglas said about Bullet Boxes, because the days of the
    Ballot Box are long gone, and it is time that we ALL LIVE UP to our
    collective Legal Obligation under the Declaration of Independence and
    overthrow the present national regime and supplant it with one amenable
    to Personal Liberty, State Sovereignty, personal property rights, Common
    Law, the Magna Carta, and the cessation of all illegal wars of
    aggression and importation of illegal invaders.

  • Jack Coyote

    Black America has only black America to blame. No one, certainly no one in government, can change your lot in life. Change comes from inside each of us, there’s the responsibility. For ourselves and our families. The Democrats would continue the enslavement of black America to the teat of the entitlement state in exchange for votes. And the ensuing generational misery.

  • bullet2354

    “Obama has failed.”

  • TexanForever

    Everything comes clear if you will just consider the “possibility” that Obama (communist parents and grandparents) is a communist as well as a Muslim (studied the Koran every day in Indonesian grade school).

    The dots are all there, just waiting to be connected.

    Wouldn’t a communist Muslim want to wage jihad and bring down the great satan, America, from within if he found himself in the White House? First, seal all school and birth records. Then:

    1. Destroy the nation’s currency by printing mountains of dollars night and day.
    2. Destroy the manufacturing base by increasing minimum wages, sending our manufacturing base overseas, mostly to a communist nation using child labor.
    3. Stir up cultures and turn them against each other to split the nation internally.
    4. Open the borders to flood entitlement programs and break them.
    5. Open the borders to change the nation’s traditional belief systems and national heritage.
    6. Purge the military of officers who won’t fire on fellow Americans if ordered to.
    7. Create a loyal “Homeland Security” force with military arms and billions of hollow-point bullets.
    8. Ignore the Congress and rule by Executive fiat.
    9. Send money overseas that should be going to veterans and old people.
    10. Refuse to mount an effective defense against ISIS, Iran, and others who vow to destroy us.
    … (etc.)

    And remember, he bowed and kissed the ring of his Muslim King (of Saudi Arabia) on camera.

    … There are many more revealing dots to connect but I just got tired of enumerating them. How much more evidence does any intelligent person need?

  • Michael McLaughlin

    Democrats complained about requiring a picture ID to vote, but then they pass a law so those ‘poor illegals’ can get driver licences & photo ID, and now ANOTHER so that anyone at the DMV gets automatically registered (and of course citizenship status won’t matter) — now illegals can vote. GOTCHA! The Democrats are laughing at us.

  • Michael McLaughlin

    They think Democrats are George Bailey & Republicans are old man Potter from “It’s a Wonderful life.”

  • Buddy_Rogers

    25% of the Democrat vote
    67% of the Independent vote
    Trump Landslide.
    Perhaps a non moron, Rip van Winkle like you can explain how your “qualified” professional politicians have gotten this country to the precipice of collapse.

  • Michael McLaughlin

    That’s because George H. W. Bush single handedly tried to force his patrician, preppie New England vision for America on the country and the vote got split by those so angry with him they voted for H. Ross Perot.

  • CCowardly LLion

    Time to stop voting skin color and who gives you the most freebies. Those freebies aren’t “free”. They are the expense of your freedom and liberties.

    While Obama is here trying to take our constitutionally-protected, Supreme-Court-upheld right to bear arms, he’s arming every terrorist in the world and giving 150 billion to a rogue terrorist-supporting nation and how come every filthy government agency is arming itself to the teeth?

  • Wi Ben Tuk

    A massive effort needs to be made across every voter who has a valid SSN and re-verify each voter ID. Disqualify all others

  • LibbyNobra

    Next election I’m going to vote for a woman because vagina.

  • Wi Ben Tuk

    We get the government we corporately vote for. Congratulations America.

  • delong003

    Good for this guy…… And we sure won’t see THIS on the MSM sites, now will we???

  • mrcricketmba

    To this supporter, and the rest of us Trump supporters yes it is time to take our country back.

  • Buddy_Rogers

    His real father was Frank Marshall Davis, head of Communist Party USA in HI at the time of his birth. When Bill Ayers was hit with this bump in the road he told Obama to ditch his BC, knowing that Obama was unelectable to high office if his real pedigree were made public.
    Ipso-facto, Obama is a 100% died in the wool red diaper communist who also happens to be 100% American.

  • delong003

    Amazing creatures that go there…. Sometimes not even too sure just exactly WHAT they are. And I try to not go there unless it’s absolutely, positively the last place that has exactly what I need.

  • Political Hostage

    Compare your financial statements with the “buffoon” and get back to us.

  • Buddy_Rogers

    A court of law has already decided otherwise.
    If you choose to sit out, the unindicted felon, Hillary Nixon Clinton thanks you for your .5 vote.

  • Jakmeoff

    I guess the Afrocoons didn’t get the Colt 45, Newports, and crack from Obama.

  • Political Hostage

    They did prior to the 2012 election and she wasn’t very happy.

  • ScottPM

    It’s not just obama. Liberal policies have failed everybody, but especially blacks. Look at the worst school systems in the country, e.g. Detroit, DC, LA. All run by liberals for decades, all failing to educate their students. Now look at the cities with the worst violence, same ones. Show me one school system which liberals have run for so long, that has a large minority population that is succeeding. If it was unintentional, you should be able to at least list one. Three times (or more) is enemy action. Liberals have intentionally pushed policies to hurt the education of people in an effort to control them. They haven’t changed since their great great grandparents owned slaves.

  • Buddy_Rogers

    That “Tokyo Rose” Mexican is the poster boy for ending duel citizenship.
    It is appalling that he is entitled to vote in US elections.

  • Political Hostage
  • palvadore

    Why don’t you tell the BLACK and Latino racist to SHUT UP? People that think only whites are racist are a huge part of the problem. And, your comment clearly puts you in the camp of RACIST! But you can’t see that can you? Since you hate whites, including yourself, do us all a favor and jump off a tall building.

  • Steve

    U would be surprised my friend , there a lot of ingorant people here

  • ThoughtRecon

    That is one place I ALWAYS conceal carry.

  • Camera3

    Obama is the most devisive American racist since George Wallace …

  • cadgbd

    No Luck Club-Beatnik Communism

  • Camera3

    Trump trancends party and race …

  • Buddy_Rogers

    What did Trump do before he became a “showman”?
    What is the first 85% of his very successful life always disregarded by proglodyes and eGOPers alike ?

  • TheQuickening

    Bread and Circus For All! Oh, and extensions, big screens and gubberment cheese.

  • mauser 98

    court of law?
    a paid for bootlicking Obot judge decided
    Cruz , Jindal , Rubio ineligible plain and simple
    Nixon? … pure as the driven snow compared to Bill,Hill & the Kenyan

  • MaineRep

    Glad to see that the Donald is able to attract minorities. It is time for them to recognize that the Democrats have failed America. Obama is the number one destroyer of America. The only people who have succeed under his administration is the Obama family and friends.

    His open borders have significantly impacted the blacks. His increased work permits have impacted the middle class. It is nice to see blacks recognizing the failures. Rather than calling individuals like Ben Carson ‘Uncle Toms’ they should see him as a role model.

  • That’s adorable! Have you checked your 401k lately? How much are you paying for gas?

  • How’s your 401k? What are you paying for gas?

  • dave0987

    If we don’t get Trump in there and FINALLY once and for all seal the damn border, don’t be so sure.

    Only Trump is taking the most critical issue we face in America, illegal immigration, as seriously as it needs to be taken. If it’s not already too late, one more cycle of this with borders and the flow of illegals remaining as it is, they all start voting, and we’ll become a Democrat dictatorship for certain-we’re done for.

    Even Rush has highlighted this all multiple times in the last couple months, it’s the undeniable truth.

    TRUMP 2016.

  • Yes, because the basis of capitalism is guaranteed profit and disregard for resources. Let’s go back to the 1890’s when the stock market crashed regularly, we killed all the buffalo, happily dumped toxic chemicals into the water supply and deforested the land.

    How much money do you make? Why do you think that giving tax breaks to companies that already make great profits helps you in any way, shape or form?

  • Don Miller

    I’ll ask this question again — how did we reach a situation where our own president is the biggest threat to this nation’s survival?

  • tmorro

    I’ve noticed something interesting about Trump. When he speaks he discusses situations, problems, solutions, ideas, himself :-), etc. What he does NOT seems to do is pander to groups. When I watch other politicians, I always see them ‘cover their bases’. They tick off a list of special interest groups they are going to support with this program, that benefit, the other talking point. I’m so sick of that. I think that for me, this is what separates Trump from the pack. I think Carson is this way too, but I haven’t heard him speak that much.

  • dave0987

    Apathy. At least half the country only cares about watching reality TV or the football game on TV, and won’t even spend 5 minutes a day reading about political matters. If it doesn’t threaten the remote, they don’t care.

  • Hy Feiber

    Stupid black tribalists voted twice for the descendant of Arab muslim slave traders!

    Way to go, MORONS!

  • nothardlyfooled

    i’m sure there are many more Black folks out there who feel like this man. I just hope they put that frustration into a vote AGAINST Democrats!


    0bama used up all of the lube.

  • Hy Feiber

    He’s the mere Figurehead of a sinister worldwide Communist group.

    He’s doing a “great” job.

  • brianOO7

    Here comes Bernie!!!

  • brianOO7

    And Californians (most anyway) love it that way.

  • James Biven

    His chair belongs in that office more than he does.

  • brianOO7

    Another know-nothing progressive. It always amazes me how little progressives actually know about, well, anything except their small area of grievance studies.

  • Zthomm

    A factual statement cannot be used to claim slander or libel.

    The candidates dropping out have poll ratings not significantly different from zero, and this can’t be expected to affect ratings of those remaining.

    Trump will win the NH primary and clean up on Super Tuesday. The biggest dropout at that point will be JEB! Bush. The top GOP ticket is likely Trump/Carson or Trump/Fiorina. Cruz would be perfect for Attorney General, moving to the Supreme Court when the next vacancy occurs.

  • Prez Oboz

    Its simple. While many conservative voters with common sense stayed home the last two elections, the minorities, flamers & bed wetting fools turned out in droves.

  • richard bergman

    A Government of National Salvation!
    Trump/Carson 2016

  • Professor Fate

    This man has it right! Obongo has used Blacks to get elected twice, then betrayed them in favor of Hispanics. He’s given them hand outs and never a hand up to help them get out of poverty.

  • You’re saying Americans elected an anti-American. Twice.

    You’re clinically retarded.

  • Obongo. Nope. That’s not racist at all!

  • knotjammin2

    Well if you are going to credit Obama with lower gas prices then I guess he gets credit for the tanked economy that has caused it along with the 24% actual unemployment rate.

  • Christina

    Riiiight! And you are giving your fake prez credit for that, right?

  • lspanker

    Yes, because the basis of capitalism is guaranteed profit and disregard for resources.

    Proof that you’re quite ignorant as to what the word “capitalism’ really means.

  • obamathemarxist

    Gas still costs more than when he took office in 2008. The Stock Market is being artificially pumped up by the Fed’s pumping money into it.

  • ms_ladyhawke

    Sadly, since the great farce perpetrated by the Democrats in 1960 when they convinced the blacks in this country that a vote for Kennedy would mean more than what they would ever receive! They voted for him and then LBJ, who created the “War on Poverty”, which has not changed the poverty level in this country in all these decades since it’s creation. It’s high time some in this country wake up and use what little brains they have left before they are wiped out. After all, blacks have the highest number of abortions and are being quickly replaced by the mind numbed Hispanics.

  • Zthomm

    Uuuh, I uuuh, can’t stand, uuuh, to uuuh, watch him either.

  • VotedDemsOut 2014

    The new national CBS News poll;

    1. Donald Trump: 27% (unchanged since September)
    2. Ben Carson: 21% (down two points)
    3. Ted Cruz: 9% (up four points)
    4. Marco Rubio 8% (up two points)
    5. Jeb Bush: 6% (unchanged)
    5. Carly Fiorina: 6% (up two points)
    7. Rand Paul: 4% (up one point)
    8. Chris Christie: 3% (up two points)
    9. Mike Huckabee: 2% (down four points)
    10. John Kasich: 2% (down one point)

  • bicentennialguy

    I think (hope/pray) that blacks are waking up and realizing that they have been pawns for the Democrat Party since 1960. I hope they see the lies and misrepresentations they have been fed for decades. I think a lot of this anger is coming from a place where blacks are seeing Democrats throwing them overboard for their new favored minority group.

  • jessix

    I’m holding my breath for Trump … hoping he doesn’t drop out, hoping he runs as an Independent, hoping he isn’t assassinated by those who really run the world. Ross Perot ran up until the end, when his life was threatened by person(s) who could deliver. I hope some of Trump’s business “associates” have the ability and the desire to protect him should he win the next election. Whatever his liabilities may be, he is free from DC political corruption. For me, this is his biggest attribute.

  • jer295

    I never thought Obama would get a second term!

  • aliswell

    Obamao also got elected twice on the youth vote, and how has that worked for young folks? They’re ear-deep in college debt and can’t land a decent job with a future because they’re being passed over for employment in favor of FOREIGNERS! And how do THEY respond? By flocking to filthy SOCIALIST Sanders by the hundreds of thousands! Yeah, those high-priced indoctrination centers are really paying off for young folks.

  • Bubba Gump

    I said that many years ago after Jimmy, looked what happened. People are just plain stupid and voter fraud never helps the conservatives.

  • bicentennialguy

    It’s only as racist as the tortured logic of the one proclaiming it racist.

  • joplumber

    That man is not black & I am not white. We are both proud Americans, period. Only three colors matter: Red, White & Blue.

    Stand tall and stand proud America. 200+ years of greatness, liberty & freedom will not end because of 8 years of one bad president. We will heal our wounds with the spirit this gentleman shows.

  • FritzHead

    They’re too dumb. They’ll vote for skin color before anything else.

  • Patty

    Make America Great again. I like this guy.

  • Bubba Gump

    Chicago, New York and L.A. have to many cemeteries that vote?

  • Paul in NH

    Don, the answer to that question you already know. LSM lying, democrats LYING, RINOS lying, just about every federal and most state agencies lying, most educators lying and then the of the sheeples sticking their collective little heads in the mud.
    The ones paying attention, that would be a good number of those on sites like this one, most of the America military, most veterans, patriots and a few dozen others in the federal and state houses and senates along with four in the SCOTUS and a few dozen federal and state judges are then left to fight an uphill battle for the soul of our beloved country.

  • VIPindependent

    I’ll complicit media, voter fraud and plain old blacks being gullible.

  • VIPindependent

    Since when is staying home and not voting “commonsense”?

  • Bubba Gump

    Start with purging all voter rolls of everybody. Next, you have to appear in person at the county courthouse and register with proper documentation. Proper documentation would be a paid property tax receipt(Land Owner), birth certificate, proof of financial stability(No Public Assistance) and pass a basic test of the constitution and bill of rights. That should wipe out all the leeches and get us back on track.

  • Fishers Revenge

    Drama queen

  • leeteam

    Agree, Liberals say Liberals are stupid and the Liberals prove they are right.
    Jonathan Gruber’s comments about Obamacare, case in point.

  • Political Hostage

    Your premise is wrong. If capitalism disregarded resources business owner would be putting themselves out of business. It’s not happening.

  • Fishers Revenge

    Useful idiot.

  • Mike Gilmer

    I hope she is right and we do.

  • Joe Adragna

    I am proud of this guy. He is my fellow American. I understand why he voted for BO. And, it is so important that he realizes the mistake he made and he has seen the light. Young blacks need jobs. But these D’s and R’s are flooding the US with immigrants to suppress wages and take jobs from Americans.

  • Maindrian Pace

    Trump can threaten them right back, and make a few disappear for good as a demonstration.

  • john murphy

    If Hillary or a Democrat wins, the USA is finished. We will be a Communist state. Please think for yourselves college students, stop drinking the Koolaid of the liberals.

  • FaraDay

    As an American of Mexican descent I know exactly how this man feels.
    I grew up in a total Democrat household and every single person in the area was also Democrat.
    I could see how Maxine Waters was just using her District, as well as all the other Democrats.
    I left California and became an Independent.

  • Will

    No such thing as a guaranteed profit, Moron. But then clueless never had a real job.

  • Snake Plisskin

    Agreed. Most college “professors” nowadays became professors because they couldn’t so much as cut it working as a $2 street hooker!

  • Brian washere

    The plantation is getting restless….

  • Will

    Why is your IQ so low?

  • Assclown23

    Lexapro and Celexa have turned this country into a land of apathetic zombies who don’t care what is happening to their freedoms. And the government/big pharma are the pushers.

  • FreedomEcho

    I like this guy and I like his style.

  • Political Hostage

    When he went rouge and began disregarding little things like the balance of power, debt limit abuse, legislation from the White House, arming our enemies, repealing agreements and treaties with our allies, etc.

    If you can’t see how Barry is a threat to the Republic, you’re not paying attention and shouldn’t vote. Maybe you’d see it if a Republican began doing that from the Oval Office, not that they would abuse the USA like Barry…

  • Political Hostage

    Your 401k is being propped up by quantitative easing ($85 billion a month), and gas should be less than half what we’re paying with oil as low as it is.


  • Flechette

    Wait for Democrats to call this guy all sorts of names. “He’s not a REAL black”, Oreo, etc. Basically all the names they call Condi Rice, Justice Thomas, Herman Cain or any other black person that does not blindly follow them.

  • CyrusT

    Democratic crony capitalism rewarding the rich. OPEC flooding the market in order to destroy the booming US oil industry. The MSM keeps you in the dark.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Democrats are the enemies of America.

  • larryl212

    Maybe this country will never elect a democrat POTUS again… but the illegals can… and will. Just look at the motor/voter laws in states like California. The Marxist movement in the US has accomplished in the past 7 years what it could not do under the Roosevelt/Hopkins/Duranty era nor the Johnson era. What “Baby Boomers” like Bill Ayers started in the ’60s… they were able to finish with the smoke and mirror act… Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama. RIP America.

  • FritzHead

    401K’s are supported by the stock/bond markets which were inflated by successive QE’s and outside of excessive taxation, the current administration has little to do with the spot price of fuel

  • dave0987

    Yep-absolutely. We’ve long joked about “something in the water” how people can be in such a comatose-like trance, while so much destruction is going on around us…well yes-there it is-not the water but what goes down with it.

    I’m sure we all know some too. I know I do. For one reason or another, like so many other millions, they have been convinced they can only be helped by the “happy pills.” And now, everything is good, all the time.

    God help us.

  • Buzz

    This country has been known as the land of the free and the home of the brave. Under Barack Hussein Obama it is now the land of the free stuff and the home of the depraved.

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  • dabbobean

    He’s Rise’n up!

  • Buzz

    My 49 year-old son and his twenty one year old daughters have no idea what a sanctuary city is.

  • buffonelder101

    we killed all the buffalo to stop the terrorist indian tribes from attacking settlers… it was much more humane than genocide the indians were asking for by the harassment of settlers…. study your history

  • ocean

    Many Americans are suffering financial hardship.
    To many jobless Americans.
    Democrats & RINOs say ‘American jobs’ for illegal aliens.
    VOTE for Trump.

  • Frisker

    If the N!gger In Chief thinks all blacks are on his side, he’s sorely mistaken.

  • wwwashingtondo

    The left wins the poor vote and has every incentive to keep people down and zero incentive to lift people up.

  • Sherm

    That’s the entire demoncratic playbook

  • 1noodle

    Tell it!

  • ocean

    Democrat politicians control Baltimore City.
    Black-on-Black Crime has made Baltimore
    City a very dangerous place for Blacks.

  • Caveat Lector

    I’m not stating anything that’s not patently obvious. Seek help lefty, all that cool-aid you’ve been guzzling down is causing dementia derived blindness.

  • Eelo Fudpucker

    Once Obama is out of office things will come out that will make what he has already done and lied about to be inconsequential.
    Why is it if you type in any former presidents childrens name at that you can find out where they were born and at what hospital and in what state.
    But when you type in the Obama children their are no records of their births listed???
    Why is it that their are no known pictures of Michelle when she was pregnant with either one of them?nor are their pictures of the children when they were babies.

  • ocean

    Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush go take a hike.
    VOTE for Trump.

  • buffonelder101

    reggie must have been over for the weekend

  • Mike Greene

    Because Michelle is a MAN

  • buffonelder101

    yep… the entire system is dependent on the protestant concept of personal responsibility… with out that we return to rome’s feudal system


    Saw Reggie on fox a couple weeks back. He’s such a phag.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    It makes absolutely zero difference who we elect.
    They already have too much power…

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”
    – Lord Acton

  • Robert Rivera

    It’s clear you’ve been inculcated by other “progressive” imbeciles.

  • LastAmericanHere

    Obama was the worst thing that ever happen to blacks in America.

  • Yoda Wisdom

    Those lies are the gospel to the Gruberized masses. Too stupid to know they are the infidels.

  • nevermyname

    Would have loved seeing Chelsea Clinton do her book signing here…

  • dieter

    The more blacks wise up the more latinos and muslims Obama will import to replace lost black votes.

  • Paladin

    I have always loved the concept of ‘active cleansing.’ Before long you’ll hear, “Pull out the almonds boys, extract the cyonide and let our ‘dear leader’ have some snorts!!!”

  • Junk Bond

    Perhaps, you would be happier someplace else? BTW, we want you to be happier ASAP.

  • elwap0

    Uhuhh….More like betrayed…..

  • Praxeology

    Amen, brother. Obama is a puppet of the power brokers in DC and NY. You guys fell for it. Americans, first!

  • John Doe

    Well, maybe the community organizer will, in the end, become the Great Uniter. Blacks and whites together again, fighting for our country and to Make America Great Again. Trump/America 2016

  • sundance69

    Go Donald go……let’s Make America Great Again.

  • Trump/Attkisson 2016

    The white woman was right, Washington isn’t stupid, they’re corrupt. Trump is indeed using the wrong terminology.

  • Junk Bond

    Nah, Bozo was elected by voter fraud and dumbazz Grubers like you.

  • Don’tBlame2ndAmendment

    He’s right! To bad all the Democrat minions don’t see the corruption.

  • ASW


  • Jeronimo Dan

    Like Stalin said, it’s not the votes you get , it’s who is counting the votes.

  • Thad Armstrong

    This guy voted for Obama twice. Obama didn’t “do anything for him”. Ask not pal.

  • TransitDave

    “It always amazes me how little progressives actually know about, well, anything except their small area of grievance studies”

    Damn insightful comment. I’m gonna copy it.

  • Elaphas Maximus

    Liberalism is a disease that must be eradicated.

  • El Tee

    Lord Acton was talking about himself.

  • FinbarOS

    Let’s go back to prehistoric times when we were living in caves to a ripe old age of 22. Now those were good times for socialists.

  • Tsar of Earth

    Wouldn’t it be great if Americans of all races joined together against our common enemy: The Establishment.

  • meh

    He makes many good points, BUT…

    1) there is too much “he’s going to take care of us”

    2) he has a little hint of BLM, accusing cops of killing blacks instead of who he believes their actual target is

    He needs to accept that some black people can do wrong, leading to unfortunate but predictable encounters with police

  • FinbarOS

    Klaatu barada nikto.

  • honigs


  • RosseeGonzalez Gonzalez

    Lol,,what a clown.

  • meh

    As has been in the news lately, illegal immigrants influence elections even without voting – Electoral College votes are distributed to states based on population, population INCLUDING illegals. That moves about 10 extra Electoral College votes into deep blue states, meaning 10 less EC votes a Republican presidential nominee has any hope of getting. Legalizing them to vote would be icing on the cake, but Democrats are already reaping the benefits of just getting them across the border.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Deport all Democrats, Rinos, Illegals and Muslims and save the USA

  • TheRealTruthSerum

    You need to wipe your chin. Some of Barry’s special sauce is still there.

  • libsarescum

    Good luck with that, the democRATS are massively registering illegals and refugees.

  • robert88871

    it’s clear that the left has issued their talking points for the week and they include labeling as racist anyone who wants a house speaker who will help secure the border…personally I’m getting behind a movement that wants Allen West to become Speaker of the House..he is a great black American and we can trust him to do the job honestly

  • delong003

    Yep, you got it right!

  • Hammer Islam

    Trump means business!

  • peggy6824

    This man understands that;

    The definition of American Dream used to be;

    American Dream – The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, the set of ideals (Democracy, Rights, Liberty, Opportunity, and Equality) in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility for the family and children, achieved through hard work in a society with few barriers.

    The term “American Dream” has now been so polluted that it is now being defined as cradle to grave and generational support at the expense of the American people/taxpayers via increased taxes to pay for welfare, food stamps, free educations, free housing, free health care, Obamaphones, etc.

    In return, in addition to increased taxes we get increased unemployment for American citizens, lower wages, overcrowded schools, overburdened/bankrupt hospitals, increased crime resulting in overcrowded jails and prisons for which the Democratic solution is sanctuary cities and the release of thousands of murderers, rapists, and pedophiles into our communities to commit even more crimes and Democrats could care less because heaven forbid we should deport one of their potential voters.

    The Democrats and establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan are both corrupt. Democrats seek to expand their voter base and Republicans seek to continue to line their pockets with money from special interests, big labor, and the Chamber of Commerce who seek cheap labor for whom they do not need to provide health care according to the ACA a.k.a. Obamacare thus it is a win-win for them at the expense of the American people who are forced to pay for and subsidize their voters/cheap labor and both could care less about the damage being done to our country and our own citizens as long as they benefit themselves in the long run.

    As an American citizen of Hispanic descent whose first language is Spanish and a minority, I absolutely know that this is not about not being a welcoming nation or hatred, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, discrimination, being nativists, anti-Immigrant, or Anti-Hispanic. This is about the economic survival of our nation and our own citizenry. Thus we are absolutely anti-parasite, anti-moocher, anti-leech, anti-bloodsucker, anti-sponger, etc.

    We are pro-US and pro-American and like the rest of the American people we too are tired of being treated as a forced charity for every uneducated/impoverished person from a 3rd world country that enters our sovereign nation either legally as a supposed “refugees” or “asylum seekers” who are in reality economic migrants or welfare tourists or the millions who enter illegally.

    This is not about hate and for millions of American citizens of Latino/Hispanic descent this is about, honor, integrity, morals, values, self-respect, and our belief in the rule of law and that the US is a sovereign nation supersedes shared blood, ancestry, and heritage and to suggest that we would even consider abandoning those very values and beliefs ingrained in us to support millions of illegals is an insult of epic proportions. We cannot and we will not!

    I also believe that it is Democrats who are the angriest of all with American citizens of Hispanic descent because unlike black people we do not vote as a bloc. A bloc they were sure belonged to them. To their own detriment they failed to recognize that “we” would be the first to call out those among us who are breaking the law and taking advantage of the country. Thus we would appreciate it if idiots like Morgan and others would stop lumping us in with these illegal criminal invaders because we have nothing in common with them.

    The ship has sailed on the lies that Democrats have perpetrated for years when they repeatedly said that those who do not support Amnesty disguised as immigration reform would lose the Hispanic vote. American citizens of Latino/Hispanic descent will no longer allow Democrats to continue lying as evidenced by our votes in the last election. Obama, the Democrats, the Hispanic Caucus, Jorge Ramos, Luis Gutierrez, the Chamber of Commerce, the Bloomberg Group, and even pro-Amnesty groups like La Raza were certain that it would be our votes that would put them over the top. They were completely dismayed and flabbergasted when we voted for Republicans who oppose Amnesty instead.

    These illegals all claim to want US citizenship and all that it entails with several caveats. They refuse to follow the rule of law, refuse to recognize that the US is a sovereign nation with a right to enforce its borders, and demand that Amnesty be given to all of their family members. Where does it end? With just their family members or does that include the families of all of those currently present in the US illegally????

  • Edward

    Trump is a beast

  • dave0987

    There you have it…another glaring example. Horrific isn’t it? Oh I could point to plenty in my circles too.

  • Jimbolero

    What street bum ever hired you on for $35-50,000.00 a year? You don’t like the way companies are operating? Start one and run it your way. Your Messiah Obama has collected more corporate cash than any President ever. Compare Queen Hillary’s last five homes to yours. Then shut up and go back to sleep.

  • ratedrnightwing


  • Matt Sullivan

    Yes Paul is an educated idiot parroting back what he learned in his 3rd rate college education taught by America-hating professors. Not only were not all the American Buffalo’s killed, they are no longer on the Endangered Species list. Get you facts straight pal. Ah, the wonders of the American free market and liberty.

  • SurakV

    Wow – amazing – you did it 0bama, you united the country. If many blacks share the passionate feelings of this patriot, Trump will win in a landslide. Last poll I saw had Trump pulling 25% of the black vote, 31% Hispanic, against Hillary. Finally we are waking up as a country!

  • Gentle Robot

    dude did you forget the second time we elected him?

  • Roxy7

    Goodbye Fredo (Obama) you broke my heart.

  • Doug

    Thats why they really aren’t making much more of anything or comming up with very much that new or exciting. Just toddle along with a few new apps for the sensless to tinker with. Part timers really living paycheck to paycheck now….

  • Justin

    Too late. You black people gave 97% of your vote to Ob*ma the first time around and 92% the second. You made your bed. Now LIE IN IT!

  • Hangem All

    Trump’s not going to take care of anyone. He will provide the means for people to take care of themselves. Bring back the corporations that have moved offshore because of lower taxes. Remove the corporate tax and watch companies come back.

  • Hangem All

    If you’re gettin’ a monthly subsidy, you’ll definitely vote democrat. Food and housing have been the carrot for too long. Now we’re seeing the stick.

  • rob


  • bo1921

    Well, better late than never. Tens of millions of us knew he wasn’t going to do anything for the American People from the beginning. We knew he came to tear down the nation, and rebuild it in his insane ideal of a socialist utopia that no one would recognize as the United States of America. Now, the turd has a year-plus to go and only God knows what damage to the country he’s scheming to do.

  • SWDC

    Never under estimate “electronic USA voting machines” where since WWII’s enigma, the German’s code machine, we have known anything electronic is hackable and anything man made can be defeated by man.

    Only arrogant Germans believed their electronic machine was fool proof even when all indications showed it was not. See Afrika Core’s defeat in North Africa.

  • Heartland Patriot

    GFY, scumbag communist freak. You pick out some of the most egregious examples, of course. The truth is that capitalism has brought about the highest living conditions humanity has ever known, and you control freaks just can’t stand that.

  • IndyToddrick


  • Itsover2016

    They are communist minded, not to be confused with liberty.

  • Heartland Patriot

    I’m thinking that North Korea would be a great place for him, closest to the old Soviet model that still exists. We could all chip in for a one-way ticket to Pyongyang for him.

  • pjdjmj

    Grievance studies are a required subject in universities. They have a seed of truth which is exploited and blown up. The reading lists are from the Marxist book list. Any other books are deemed anti-intellectual and thus unworthy of consideration. Teachers are hired not for their knowledge of the course subject but for their propaganda stance.

  • Heartland Patriot

    Leftist takeover of the mass media and the education “system” in the USA. They couldn’t operate the way they do without cover from the media and a purposeful “re-education” of the youth into socialist thought.

  • Itsover2016

    Obama has done his job, he has started a race war, again using black to his advantage when you have George Soros, Fairacon, Sharpton etc paying blacks to riot and stir up hate ..yep Obama is a evil man..because American do not feel the way he does, and that’s a problem.

  • freevoter2016

    The next agenda step for the Democratic Party is to have voter registration forms along with Obamacare & SSI applications sent direct to Third World nations saving the necessity for them to have to cross our Open Border which may be 1000’s of miles from their home.

  • Eddy

    An extraneous act that was orchestrated casuistically, and cunningly by Trump and his supporters. The most relevant question much money did they paid him?

  • Drew

    Because that is how it works…. big companies make a lot of profit. they use that profit to expand. if you take the incentive away by taxing big companies out of the country, it hurts EVERYONE.


    It is the black Church’s waking up finally and the Hispanics (legal) who have left their countries for freedom and became American citizens.They do not want open borders. They do not want America to be replaced by Socialism or Communism which they now recognize is Obama’s goal. Blessing’s to all the African Americans and Hispanic’s who were lost and now are found and we see it happening all across America because of a big mouth who speaks his mind with funny hair who promises jobs, jobs and more jobs, and closing the borders, #trump2016 go, go, go!

  • chris

    Why don’t you tell the BLACK and Latino racist to SHUT UP”

    B/C Im white.
    Tall building? No thanks.

  • Eddy

    Stay off crack then reality will be more realizable…Tell your kids to stay in school and be a role model for their respective community..Additionally, don’t become only an extirpator of resources from the country, but rather a contributor….

  • OncealwaysaMarine

    Who is feeling more left out in the Progressive Democrats’ America than black Americans? With all the turmoil, joblessness, and tribalization being fomented by Obama and the Democrats, for his entire “progressive” terms in office. You think WE can’t identify with what Trump is saying? Hell, when America hurts, WE ALL hurt!

    Obama and the “Progressives” have done nothing to help Americans, and by extension, black Americans other than set us back 65 years.

  • Daniel 4:17

    It takes courage for a “person of color” to speak out against the current Prez..

    God Bless this guy real good!

  • Hotlanta Mike
  • Sabage2016

    Republicans & Democrats are one Party now. Take turns in power. Only Trump can break up this one Party system. All others will be same old, same old, same old. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. All others will lead to further decay. They all have sold their souls to the rich. Trump can’t be bought. He’s never drank, smoked, or done drugs. Neither of any of his children. Anyone note a little leadership and character here ? He’s built a worldwide business over 40 years and the pundants can’t find any negatives on him. I want Trump in my foxhole. You can have Rubio, Cruz, Bush, or Hillery. I bet you want Trump too.

  • livid american

    You just disqualified half of the democrat party

  • Eddy

    It takes bribery…Please take the time to acknowledge the economic meltdown in 2007-2008 with a 22 percent unemployment rate.Give the president some credit here people….

  • Buddy_Rogers

    Get it through your thick effen Neanderthal skull the issue has been decided. They are as fully eligible to run as I am and my lineage goes back further than the first US Census in 1790.
    If you want to be a flaming ahole and sit out, Hillary Nixon Clinton or an outright Communist, Bernie Sanders appreciates your idiotic .5 vote and DGARA how it was attained.

  • Norinos

    If it weren’t for Drudge, this story would have NEVER seen the light of day.

  • Norinos

    Black Americans are moving up in income and waking up to what party REALLY has had their boot on their necks since the Democrat KKK and segregationist days of the 60’s. That’s why the push for illegal amnesty. The democrats need a new poor and ignorant voting block.

  • Smrgy

    A little late now that the Kenyan Village Idiot Obumbler was elected twice by these chumps

  • Sabage2016

    In 4 years, Trump can build the wall, fix our immigration problem, re-negotiate our trade deals to bring good paying jobs back, streamline all departments of the federal government and eliminate some, get healthcare under control, eliminate corporate welfare, get all vets excellent care, and get our foreign affairs in shape. I’m looking forward to witnessing all this. Oh, if we can get Trump to interview every House member, he can determine who may have any leadership abilities and the balls to lead. Then we will have our Speaker identified.

  • JSirko

    You’re such a fool, the basis of capitalism is exactly the opposite of guaranteed profit.

  • HopeAlways

    I cannot believe that you just said that, God’s creation does not mean that animals are disposable! The fowl in the air matters to God! It is your thinking that has caused shame and disgrace to this bountiful land, the space you breath in, the job you feed and care for your family, comes from? Do you not realize that you and me are the blessed! Try going to Europe, Africa or the Carribean, China, North and South Korea. You are so blessed and unfortunately have absolutely no idea what everyday life and struggle is! Why, you live and freedoms that is not afforded to many! Give Thanks!

  • HopeAlways

    Only because you live in a free society! Your freedoms and liberties were bought with a price! I know we are Americans wrapped up in our “constitutional” ways and traditions, never ever take it for granted! The price was to heavy of a price for you and me!

  • MartysFists

    Everyone sitting around political output is reduced to messages on a board what do you expect. The populous needs to play their part.

  • HopeAlways

    Fox News, they are the genre of; if we say it often enough and convince the right people, they will believe it! Take a look at “The Donald”, I’m done with Fox, they want to talk to me, I am Donald Trump, I will come back to Fox when you report what I want! Got it now! Btw, I am a Republican!

  • Komisch

    The individual who was going to The White House to, ‘Heal the nation’s racial divide’ has instead set race relations back by at least several generations. If you need more proof just view the footage of the speakers from the weekend Million Man March reunion. The absolute hatred for those lacking a politically recognized minority distinction was all too evident. Along with the theme of ‘Others are responsible for all our problems’.

  • Komisch

    GeneralQuarters: Unfortunately true. No one ever lost a presidential election because they underestimated the intelligence of the average voter.

  • Flechette

    Drudge will be outlawed by the powers that be.

  • Komisch

    Ask which political party made it incredibly difficult to start or expand a business.

  • Komisch

    To this add that the far left -which includes Obama- believes that any perceived problem can be successfully addressed through legislation and regulation. In addition, within the liberal mindset there does not exist the concept of unintended consequences.

  • squawneye

    Prezidunt Zero is, to use the Ghostbusters analogy, the Sta-Puf Marshmallow man of this country. So many(not me) had so much hope in him because he LOOKED like someone who was intelligent and had the best interests of the country in mind. Some women even found him attractive, imagine that…. But what he is doing is walking down narrow city streets destroying as he goes, with a goofy smile on his face and giant ears flapping in the breeze.

  • Angelo Spumoni

    Give Trump a try, at least is a worker.

  • Komisch

    In the near future those with a degree in ‘Grievance Studies’ will be released upon the job market. They should do OK — so long as they limit themselves to public sector employment.

  • BS. For 7 1/2 years the economy rocked under George Bush. It was a natural down turn exasperated by media hype, just like the stock market dropped a thousand points last week.

  • Danny

    The democrats are cooked !

  • BC

    but I surmise they all know who Kendra on Top is, Right?

  • progressivesRcommunists

    Leave to the Democrats to elect the two worst presidents in American history. Now they champion a women who has spent the past forty years knowingly tolerating her husband having multiple womanizing affairs in front and behind her. What is wrong with this country’s women that they of all voter groups would support a woman like Clinton? What happened to character, integrity, honesty in this country?

  • actionsspeaklouder


  • broketaxpayer

    The black population is only 13.2% in the US. Plenty of gullible folks with white guilt voted for Obama–twice.

  • broketaxpayer

    The gas prices are lower because the U.S. is producing more oil, something Obama and the environmentalists have fought all the way.

  • Dan K

    Right On!! The Somalians, Sudanese in MN/ND drive new cars, have housing provided and do nothing. The refugee flood must stop. Enough already. Next turn off the illegal gravy train! America 4 Americans.

  • mrbill59

    The choomer is still choomin! What have we done to ourselves America?

  • Submission Accomplished

    Obama is a Communist first, and a black man second.

  • broketaxpayer

    Like most younger people, my son gets his news from comedians.

  • Hotlanta Mike

    It’s official, the era of Hope and Change is over…


  • broketaxpayer

    You said this before and were proven wrong. I guess you believe that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.

  • broketaxpayer

    You wish.

  • Frank Williams

    Arrogant Germans? How ’bout you just go F yourself idiot American.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    where Obysmal failed them was not taking 100% of white folks money and things and giving them to the shiftless blacks in the ghetto. It’s what they truly believed was going to happen. Blacks are to the Demoncrat Party like Charlie Brown to Lucy and massive ‘free stuff’ is the football.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    mostly he’s a quota queen first I think

  • It’s almost over

    And it will be slip again if Jeb gets the nomination…I will vote Trump on the Independent ticket!

  • Dave S

    Why is it whenever I hear a black person whining about taking their country back after 8 years of Obama I find myself asking, why did you vote for him then? I mean when you have 98% of black clergy voting for him in 2008 and 93% in 2012 blacks should be held totally responsible for what he did to this country.

  • dave_ca

    he aint BLACK, hes MUSLIM

    Dey AINT the same. Look at whre his FIRST loyalty lies…(with lying, usually)

    He said “I wil stand with _____ should the political winds turn in an ugly direction.”

    Sorry, Gateway Pundit, youre childish attempts to ban me FAILED

  • 3 pix 3000 words

  • Hes our # 1 Drama QUeen, thats for sure.

    Todal dismal failure at everything else.

  • Da Don knows BUSINESS and ECONOMICs and knows how to blow the whistle on this psychotic clown act in DC.

    He sort of like Mark Levin is in law and politics. No one ITBW can pull anything over on Levin as far as law goes.

  • ” if we can get Trump to interview every House member, he can determine
    who may have any leadership abilities and the balls to lead.”

    Dear Communist,

    the US President is not a leader. Read the US Constitution.

  • sstrek

    To coin a phrase from Obama, it’s called ‘Change’. Capitalism, dictates change. Nothing stays the same. Companies must NOT be complacent in last years profits. No different than nature itself, always changing always progressing. You fail to understand or comprehend the driving force that motivates growth! Capitalism motivates the world. Wake up already.


    Never underestimate the ability of democrats to rig an election.

  • Boy wasnt that attacking the victim and racist as all get out!

    Lets talk about White folk in line for Gummit handouts working in corporations instead of attacking the victim.

  • Eddy

    Another parasite and casuistical entrepreneur or industrialist using politics for his emperialistic motive and agenda..

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Note® 3, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

    ——– Original message ——–

  • dbuce617
  • Another Troll with that Lame Meme?

    We DID that in 2014 then got stabbed in the back by the Repubtard Party.

  • What happened then was the Tech Bubble that burst, and I was turning down jobs left and right then

    No jobs today!

  • Howd that work in 2014? You all were spreading that Meme then, and the Democrats got an epic butt whoopin.

  • LiberalsRLost

    Just do not seeing any changes happening and here is why.
    The last prez that tried was eliminated…….and learn from this video and see how this nation is lost and will never return….as long as people believe the president can actually turn this country around……

    ain’t goonah happen……don’t get mad at me look at this video with an open mind and skip football for one night…you brain will will benefit…..

  • LiberalsRLost

    may have started out this way but it ended up like this:

  • MartysFists

    I’m not a troll but those who make assumptions (especially wrong ones) are of low intelligence. What’s your plan sit on your ass and watch the stazi roll in?

  • Eddy

    Another parasite and casuistical entrepreneur or industrialist using politics for his emperialistic motive and agenda.
    1).Associated ideologies are based on subjectivity.
    2) Insubstantive political views
    3)He still believes Obama is the cousin of Osama

  • jd

    Speaking truth to power is a wonderful thing so see.

  • Black, whites, legal immigrants will TOGETHER take our country back from lefty democrats! You just watch! #Trump 2016

  • Stuck_in_Ca
  • Down Lowbama

    Wow, Keith David is lit UP.

  • Orson OLSON

    WE NEED A VIOLENT AND BLOODY CIVIL WAR to decide if We The People are serfs to the State or free men!

  • Orson OLSON

    Tell him that in America, the Left can opt out from federal rule – but NEVER the Right! That’s the USSA today!

  • flyboy

    Who all captured Obama being interviewed on 60 Minutes by Steve Croft Sunday night or at least caught the highlight questions and answers? What a complete petulant megalomaniac the president is. The assclown actually thinks he’s done a good job for America both domestically and abroad. He seems like he didn’t even care about answering the questions and was clearly agitated for having to even be there. And this nation still has IDIOTS who think this dismal failure, one of the WORST three presidents in US history, and ahead of Carter, is one of the best things to ever happen to America. Liberalism is a mind disease.

  • Cara_C

    It’s not the stupidity of the average voter. It’s the corruption of the mainstream media, which is giving the average voter bad info – lies, propaganda, missing key data. Garbage in, garbage out. If we had an honest media, the average voter would make very different decisions.

  • GoldenRudy

    Not national, maybe?

  • GoldenRudy

    Correct! We really are in a depression: economically and sociologically. Obama’s unemployment numbers have been fake since 2010.

  • GoldenRudy

    Kinda like a lot of Catholics voted for JFK. Only now to be awakened to what the man really was and what his legacy left the USA and world with.

  • GoldenRudy

    A happy recipient all of his life, at that!

  • GoldenRudy

    Why is/has housing once built for Veterans have been turned over to illegals of all stripes?

  • GoldenRudy

    Would you give the “steam off your ——” for anyone in that pic?

  • aberdeenvet

    It is encouraging to see that Black Americans are finally realizing that the suffering of our country at the hands of two-faced politicians and activists on both sides of the aisle affects them along with the rest of our citizens. We are one country and must all stand together to make it the best for all of us. Our borders define our turf, our language defines how we communicate with each other, our culture has been suffering and must be healed so that we can become family once again so that we can all prosper, especially our children and their children into perpetuity. An educated populace is key to our survival as a nation.

  • GoldenRudy

    They are trying.

  • GoldenRudy

    The housing burst was a result of the Democrat Party community re-investment Program w=in which totally unqualified people were given mortgage money. Lending institutions were threatened with adverse action from the federal government if they did not show more mortgages going to “first time ” mortgage takers. Bush did not cause that bubble nor the bubble’s burst.

  • Nargile

    “Time somebody make stand!”. Who else but Trump`

  • GoldenRudy

    Compared to every Democrat running or even thinking of running for POTUS? How many checks has Obama/Biden/Clinton ever signed on the front (that is) to an employee?

  • GoldenRudy

    Stereotype much? Especially about blacks?

  • sbut01

    How right you are.

  • Hotlanta Mike
  • dbuce617

    Obama took over a complete disaster from Bush. His economy was losing 750,000 jobs per month. To put it into words republicans can understand, it was like Fiorina firing 25,000 people every DAY. An analogy is a basketball coach taking over a game after the score was 98-4 in the first quarter. It would be hard to win a game like that but not only has Obama made a great recovery but is actually leading with a few minutes left.

  • logansteele1

    Yup. It’s now down to a matter of how we prefer them…rare, medium rare, medium or well done.

  • EbolaJenkins

    too many white-gurlz allowed to vote… Thay all like hip-pop music, too. We are screwed.

  • mauser 98

    …temper.. temper
    2 US citizen parents at time of birth required to be POTUS a very simple fact
    none of them are qualified … tantrums will not work
    stop soiling Nixon’s name with the/it Hildabeast

  • pilgrimson

    I’m not to sure of that. I think we have still, too many dumbed down voters.
    But we will see after the next election, if we still have a country left by then.

  • mauser 98

    please reply in English

  • pilgrimson


  • EbolaJenkins

    Putin painted a ‘red-line’.. and it surrounds America and all nations’ immigrants throughout Central-America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa.
    …Putin’s ‘red-line’ is different from Obama’s ‘red-line’… Putin was not lying when he drawed that ‘red-line’.
    sucka-dinkaz… You 18 year old white-gurl voterz and you ‘down-with-the-system’ hipsters get what you voted for I guess… I hope you enjoy 3rd-world-living in a few years… Go plug all your “human-rights” into those BoyScouts young manholes while you can, neo-ScoutMaster, bacoz you will be starving and hunting/stealing food soon. Diseases are gonna really sukc once the infrastructure gives… 150million American taxpayers cannot provide social-services for the entire immigrant hemisphere, and if you originally though we can, then I need to contact your Econ professor to change your grade to an “F” and pull that Liberal Arts degree of yours…

  • pilgrimson

    By teaching stupidity in schools!!

  • GodProtectAmerica

    Why is it that when a black person derides Obama it makes news, When 100 Mllion Whites do, …………SILENCE

  • ShaneF SR

    3hours and 27minutes, c’mon man.

  • alpha_protagonist

    Welcome to the Idiocracy…

  • ShaneF SR

    who is the poindexter that asked the math question?

  • gofast951

    Amen, Never, ever, think you actually know just how insane the majority of American are! That said I must admit that I have come across many black Trump supporters that agree with this man. They know damn well the flood of illegals is killing US all. It give me hope for sure.

  • mredward

    But they can vote.

  • agk76

    Have to be careful about thinking hero-worshipping anyone, but one thing is true about Trump…he can’t be bought…..Soros’ money means nothing to him…..that in itself is something to consider….

  • loving eugene

    Welcome. Please join us in taking our country back. We need all of the help we can get!

  • hmph

    yes dave,,, the “green jobs” scams in the billion$

  • GeneralQuarters

    Agreed, media, schools etc…corrupt!

  • hmph

    he appears allergic to actual work

  • na na na

    Rich richer, poor poorer.

  • hmph

    don’t forget FannieMae Democrat crooks see Jamie Gorelick paid $26 million then went into “intelligence” community to destroy that by building legal wall so agencies could not communicate with each other. Only in DC does someone like this fall up the ladder to wealth and power.

  • GeneralQuarters


  • Highlander

    Wahhhhhh … call the wahhhhmmmbulance …. poor people are getting poorer!

    Whine about it all you want, but that’s exactly what SHOULD happen in a free market economy. The people who educate themselves and work hard for a living are rewarded for their efforts, and the people who sit on their asses, waiting for handouts and breeding like flies get poorer and poorer. Hopefully, as their demands for handouts outstrip the limited resources that an intelligent society sets aside to take care of them, they will either grow up and learn to take care of themselves, or starve to death. We live in the wealthiest country in the world, rich with opportunity for every citizen. I’ve never lost a minute of sleep worrying about the losers who look to others for their success.

  • I gave you a reasoned argument. You called me names and said nothing. You lose.

  • na na na

    Maybe the feds can just print money and send it to the rich directly?

  • Highlander

    So which is it … the government, or the rich people holding you down? Typical liberal … ignorant AND confused.

  • Gorio 123

    So, you do remember when Obama met with the CEO’s of Big Pharma? Is there a list of most prescribed drugs anywhere? That would be interesting reading, I’m sure.

  • Jon Wilford

    Waiting in the wings… Hillary, Uncle Joe, Bernie Sanders all socialist communist/progressive scum… What do you bet that Barack’s parting shot at America, to forever “fundamentally transform America” will be to grant citizenship through Executive fiat to all illegal aliens and foreigners which by then will be about 50 million voters. 75% will check “D” on election day and there’s your next communist in the white house.

  • Buddy_Rogers

    I’m sure any tutor certified on a 6th Grade level can explain it to you.

  • Gorio 123

    That doesn’t include the test….

  • mauser 98

    ….you sure cannot
    two US citizen parents at time of birth required to be POTUS
    plain & simple

  • JohnSnow

    ..for Reggie..

  • Buddy_Rogers

    Take your ideological bullchit and stick it up your a$$.

    The issue has been decided. PERIOD. Case closed.

    OBTUSE much?

    BTW, Obama was born in HI, he is the blood son of Frank Marshall Davis, leader of Communist party USA in HI at the time of his birth. That makes him 100% American.

  • mauser 98

    ……..temper temper
    yes he may be son of FMD ,,looks like him… not at all like Obama Sr.
    Bummer may have been born in HI.. but claimed to be born in Kenya to get free money for school

    Barry & Mooch still scamming free money

    never had a real job

  • Bass Reeves

    The Marxist Communist doctrine was designed to have that appeal. Alinsky provides the “how to.” The same thing is happening right now with Bernie Sanders. If the Democrats get back in power they intend to go all the way with it.

  • mauser 98

    he is the blood son of Frank Marshall Davis ???
    therefore he is lying to the world.. impeached , jailed for life
    all Bummer POTUS actions void

  • Senior VP, Race Relations

    There should be more Black Americans doing this since BO has duped and failed them more than anybody.

    As far as I’m concerned, BO isn’t much more than a half-white liberal activist.

  • Buddy_Rogers

    Have some more fruit cake.
    There is still 1% of you that isn’t totally nuts.

  • Tom Magee

    $10 trillion dollars later and you are still crying Boooosh. Perhaps you don’t realize it yet but Obama has burned through the same amount of money as his 43 predecessors, combined, including Boooosh. Get a clue.

  • Tom Magee

    History is not going to be kind to the historic $10 trillion dollar president.

  • Tom Magee

    It is pretty historic when a member of a demographic that has voted Democrat at like 98% for the last 50 years defects.

  • Tom Magee

    Like they have been doing throughout the entire Obama term?

  • Tom Magee

    EBT cards are holding that clown down.

  • RubyTwoThree
  • Jimbolero

    Money is all around you. All you have to do is create a product or provide a service that people desire or need and you can create jobs, helping yourself as well as your employees. Or go into a trade. Even a millionaire is occasionally at the mercy of a plumber.

    When the great Warren Zevon found out that he was dying of cancer he wrote one his best songs ever. It was called ” Your Sh*t’s F*cked Up”. David Letterman (whom I detest politically) asked him ” From your perspective (knowing that you’re dying) is there anything you can tell us?” Warren had an intensely emotional look on his face for a few moments as pondered how to respond. Then he simply said ” Enjoy every sandwich “.

    Quit worrying about people’s class, status, wealth and work on improving yourself and those people close enough to you to make a difference in their lives. There will come a time when no one’s money matters.

  • RubyTwoThree
  • PrisonPlanet

    “Never Underestimate The Enemy” The Globalists and the leaders of all the Western countries/nations are supporting the Globalists. Putin is fighting the Globalists in order to protect Russia’s borders, language and culture. Obama along with the Western leaders are big supporters of the Globalists. Does the buck stop at Obama?

  • dbuce617

    That’s what 2 ridiculous wars and financial bailouts from the stupidest mistakes made by Bush will cost you. Another 8-16 years by Obama and we could probably pay off all the Republican boondoggles. It’s a good thing that none of Rep. have even the slightest chance beating anyone. Get over it cuz stuff happens when you shoot your lawyer in the face.

  • na na na

    Trump is a multi billionair, most if not all in congress are millionairs, or billionairs. They aren’t happy unless they have every last dollar ever printed, or every last gold brick, piece of jewelry, homes, land, you name it, they want it all. This is why trump and buffet have that angry look, they don’t have every last dollar yet. Starving homeless? Who cares.

  • Skitz00

    I can only dream that people will finally understand it isn’t the job of the federal government to do what’s best for this, that, or the other minority. It is the job of the federal government to do what’s best for the country as a whole and to regard it’s population as one group. And what’s best for the country as a whole is eventually best for each minority, equally.

  • Jasonn

    “Obama has failed us. We’re taking back America!”

    Yep, the homie done screwed the pooch.

  • Skitz00

    I wish I could believe that. But in 2007, just six years after 9-11, I was absolutely positive the country would never elect a virtually unknown person named Barack Hussein Obama.

  • na na na

    Expecting Trump to help the nation’s poor .. might as well ask an arsonist to run the fire department.

  • na na na

    With Trump in office, I expect new laws enacted to have special cash convoys to ship all the federal reserve notes direct to the rich, while putting in place laws to bar anyone not already in the club, from ever entering the club. Cash cows for every mansion.

  • Sniffy Pop

    Everyone regardless of Race is feeling the Failure.

    Real simple!

  • raideristic

    Americans of ALL races and backgrounds realize that a strong, safe, prosperous America is the key to a bright future for them and their families. Bashing America is becoming less fashionable as more and more people of ALL races and backgrounds realize that despite our past problems, we are still the BEST place that offers people of ALL races and backgrounds the BEST chance at success and happiness. When Americans of ALL races and backgrounds hear Donald Trump talk about this country, they like what they hear. If someone else wants to come along and say it plain and simple like Trump, fine, But until then, he’s the guy most Americans of ALL races and backgrounds are going to support. Watch.

  • ..and just realize that Obozo is just the PR (Puppet-Retard) guy for this whole corrupt System run by globalists bankers, and self-entitled prichs…

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    I love this guy! Somebody should find out who he is and start a “Go Fund Me” account to help him retire already! He has worked long and hard enough! God Bless Him! And God Bless Him for speaking the truth about Obama! And taking a stand!

  • disqus_nNOwtzuLUv

    People used to work hard to earn a paycheck to keep up with the Jones, now they are satisfied to lay on the couch and keep up with the Kardashians while periodically checking the mailbox for their government check.

  • cookiebob

    I know, it’s like asking a Democrat to help the poor! Why would they want anyone to get off welfare? If the poor became wealthy they would vote Republican. Democrats need them to stay poor so they keep voting for stupidity.

  • cookiebob

    Paranoid much? You are shocked there is politics going on?

  • deturn

    Thanks,and totally correct. Most are so brainwashed and mentally conditioned,they don’t know up from down. And soooo much Morrrrre

  • Dryden01

    Hope and change was the mating call of the Democratic Party to global socialism; just look at Bernie Sanders and the Pol Pot wing of their party. Black people are finding out that Obama’s global wealth redistributionism means nothing left for African-Americans. America is finding that socialism is just another word for nothing left to tax.

  • na na na

    What would Trump do? 10,000 people didn’t get a paycheck over their lifetime so it could be put in his bank account. Does anyone really question what Trump would do if he was president? How many more have to lose their paychecks? Congress is filled with millionaires and billionaires. How does this help “We the People” ? It’s “We the rich, thanks for your vote”.

    What would Jesus do? He fed thousands in a day, for free, healed and helped people over his lifetime, giving his life for his friends that would believe him, so they can be saved and go to heaven, because he loves them, billions now believing him.

  • go trump

    Along with the GOPe.

  • SuperBean

    no…. Obama

  • na na na

    The 10,000 people that lost their lifetime of paychecks so Trump could be wealthy, yes, I worry about them. I also worry about Trump doubling or tripling the numbers of poor in the USA, already devastated.

    The last of the rich, the most wealthy of all men, all alone with every last dollar the feds ever printed, you know that’s their daydream… winner takes all is the mantra.

  • Arby

    Street bums provide work to many. Taxpayers have “hired” a slew of workers to assist them. Trouble is most of it doesn’t get to the bums.

  • garysco

    As far as I know Jesus is not running for president.

  • dave0987

    Like I always tell people it’s the film Idiocracy come to life. It was a comedy in 2006. Now that we’re living it, it’s a horror film.

  • Atilla Thehun

    Thinking economics is a zero-sum game is foolish and shows a severe lack of education

  • jojopittsburgh

    ZZZZ— not going to happen. Blacks will vote with 95% margin for whomever Kanye, Obama, and Oprah tell them to. Black sheeple. They always talk as if they don’t want to be taken for granted, but they have proven that they CAN be taken for granted. I’d say 100%, but there are a few poor souls who actually care about themselves and the future of the country.

  • LiberalsRLost

    well at least is is more informative then 3 hours of foooooos-bahwl…….

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    The same morons who elected the homosexual commie muslim twice would vote for sHillary 2x.

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    7 years later he is making the mess worse. You think Obama is any better? Obama created ISIS. ISIS is a creation of the US govt and CIA. out govt arms and funds ISIS. That is why Russia is bombing the “supposed rebels” that US has armed which are terrorists.


    Because the turds in the GOP lied to us when they said they would repeal that illegal health mandate that was rammed down this country’s throat. They lied when they told us they would stop the corrupt POS terrorist currently in the WH from continually circumventing our Constitution. Bonehead & McConnell have been in bed with said terrorist since 2009. That’s why!

  • DP

    This country is run by the wall street bankers and corporate execs. Those people OWN all the politicians in this country…they own and CONTROL then. Until that ends nothing is going to change. They are stripping and raping the country blind….


    He’s not a failure. That corrupt POS terrorist currently in the WH has done exactly what he set out to do… & that’s destroy this once great country.

  • bikerdogred1

    Obama ia communist first and then a muslim not much room for being black except when needing votes.

  • AeolusRyder

    Glad to see people waking up finally. Now we have to be alert to the fact that thousands of ISIS men are coming into this country via bus loads crossing the board. They are fleeing the MidEast now that Russia is bombing them. They are being let in by this current administration, given money and where they are sent who knows. We have tracked them as far as Kansas so far.

  • Afterheart

    Because people voted on race and the cool factor rather than looking at obozo’s character.

  • Professor Farnsworth

    really? The average low info voter will see Hilary making balloon animals on Oprah and think she is God sent. Obama got elected, TWICE. I have lost faith in the electoral process.

  • mauser 98

    raging Obots like you can’t handle the truth

  • dbuce617

    Bush is to blame for everything in the middle east. He messed up the whole area. He wanted to show up his dad but he had no exit strategy. GW Bush screwed up everything he ever did in his whole life and did even worse as president. Obama is doing a great job but some things are so screwed up nothing can be done.

  • Michael McLaughlin

    Every school district will hire one as a ‘Privilege Interlocutor’

  • Buddy_Rogers


  • mauser 98

    Churchillian repartee

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    Bush and Obama are equally despicable. Obama is doing nothing to help America, allowing illegals to come here unchecked and wanting to offer amnesty is the biggest threat to America. They bring in disease, steal our identities, steal our wealth, steal our jobs, kill our people, bring in dangerous drugs, smuggle people, bring in disease, crowd our children’s schools, raise our taxes, and then there are the H1B1 visas who steal skilled jobs and not used for the supposed “shortage of workers” the US has. They bring in the visa workers to replace workers, pay them less, and avoid Obamacare fees. Then terrorists sneak in and then with these Syrian refugee scum terrorist get flown in. Neither party does anything to save America and if you think Obama has been doing a great job, you have your eyes closed and just another sucker. We need to execute all politicians, bankers, and CEOs. Its time for another revolution to end crony capitalism and communism. Voting, petitions, and protest all fail, there is only one solution.

  • dbuce617

    The KKK is looking for a new Grand Wizard, you would be a shoo in.

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    LOL typical libterd progressive response. You have nothing you fool. You just another dumb SJW progressive. Illegal immigration and visa workers hurt our economy and OUR people. Americans should come before foreign trash. yet we throw our people and their kids to the street while giving away our country to invaders.

  • Buddy_Rogers

    You’re the one who’ll be casting .5 vote for Barry’s 3rd term should you sit out over an issue already cut, dried and decided in the courts.

    All you have to to is continue to be an a$$hole on purpose

    You may now curtsy and drive your clown car off of your clown stage and smack into a concrete wall.

  • dbuce617

    Unless you are 100% American Indian you are partly immigrant. I will agree with you as long as you are the first one deported.

  • mauser 98

    Barry too lazy for 3rd term… will go to UN as World Messiah

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    LMAO!!! you another one of them self hating progressives dude. For real the Indians werent even the first people here. They were also killing off each other. The rule of the world then was conquer or be conquered. Life is survival of the fittest my dear ignorant Obama fan.

  • dbuce617

    For all you Fox news junkies who never get any truthful news, Iran signed the nuclear deal yesterday, which means at this time next year Obama will be collecting the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    LOL more stereotyping from a LW progressive who is against bullying, stereotyping, and loves political correctness. I read news from many various sites. In fact fox is probably one of the least ones I read. Also notice my name. I dont support either jack offs from either party. Obama is a shill plant Muslim working for Islam and against America. Obama wants to destroy Israel.

  • dbuce617 He is not a muslim and he was born in Hawaii. The deal with Iran will do more to protect Israel than anything ever done in the past.

  • LiberalsRLost

    just football time wit dah OT …ju can handle eet…………

  • Buzz

    Where is Gort when we need him?

  • dave0987

    Thank you overprescribing Doctors and government. Your plan to keep the masses controlled is working beautifully. A drugged up population puts up less resistance.

  • dave0987

    Happy for those people, misery for those who are aware of the destruction of our country taking place.

  • Matt Sullivan

    The one really good thing is that our Constitution does not allow him to stay in office. Other country wreckers like Stalin and Hitler and Mao stayed until long after it was time to go based on their political power not law.

  • Matt Sullivan

    And that would be OK if they did not vote. But these bums vote. In the past those without the knowledge of the public sphere had the decency not to vote. Now the left tells them they are geniuses and need their voice heard so they can get “theirs.”

  • Matt Sullivan

    Or maybe worse yet, African tribalism.

  • Jimbolero

    I believe the administrative costs for federal aid programs is around 40 cents on the dollar.