US Delegates Refuse to Applaud Netanyahu at UN – Kerry and US Ambassador Power Skip Speech (VIDEO)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the UN General Assembly today in New York City.

At one point the auditorium broke out is applause after Netanyahu’s comments on Iranian threats.

The US delegates refused to applaud.
us netanyahu

Netanyahu told the General Assembly:

“Here’s a general rule that I learned and you must have learned in your lifetime. When bad behavior is rewarded it only gets worse.”

The General Assembly audience broke out in applause.
The US delegates sat silent.

UPDATE: Secretary of State John Kerry and US Ambassador Samantha Power skipped the speech.

UPDATE: School buses are taking students to the local fairgrounds.

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  • To be expected. They’re scum.

  • DakConserve

    Jew hate as official policy?

  • Patty

    He is one of the most popular leaders in the world. He can be trusted. He is a defender of Israel. His moment of silence was beautiful. He loves his nation with all his heart. He literally fought for Israel and he still has to fight for Israel because we have the weakest, most arrogance so called leader in the world. Our so called leader has ignore and hated Netanyahu for years and I will never mention this person in the same statement with a Man like Netanyahu. HE DOESN’T DESERVE MY RESPECT, nor does he come close to the patriotism of Netanyahu.
    Netanyahu believes in his nation. The traitor to Israel doesn’t.

  • nodhimmi

    These rude anti- Semites don’t represent us, and Bibi knows it! In poll after poll, Americans still support Israeli despite all the propaganda and King O lies!

  • Patty
  • And they say the USA doesn’t resemble Nazi Germany?

  • Petty. Bibi whipped Obama politically, so now Obama’s peons are acting like Bibi stood them up on prom night. Petulant little fascists. I bet they clap for Iran and Cuba.

  • keystonepipe

    Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood UN reps.

  • Addison Jacobs

    Can you imagine the outrage from the left if Obama had been snubbed by the Isreali delegation?

    This entire administration needs to grow up and act like adults.

  • FW190

    Susan Powers must have sent out the memo. US looks likes a bunch of communist dweebs with a big stick up their asses. Also I haven’t heard much from our all knowing security adviser Susan Rice on the Ruskies either – all a bunch of incompetents that are fabricating the country into communism. America needs to clean these dipshit poindexters out ASAP!

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Petulant little fascists!

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    It’s obvious that the antisemitic US Delegation was under orders to attend that speech. Otherwise, those seats would’ve been empty.

  • Admiral Ackbar!

    Gee, I guess they haven’t been bribed to genuflect before the “Chosen people” like the US Congress.

  • hoistthatrag

    “This entire administration needs to grow up and act like adults.”

    That would mean changing their political party.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Bunch of anti-Semitic scumbags. Why do we tolerate such racists in our government?

  • Lu

    ….are we surprised since Obama and the satanic Democrat Party AND the weak-back, panty-waiste, milk-toast Republican Party have established a new satanic Hitlerian-USA Reich?

    i mean these guys & gals have no soul no conscience. Abortion on demand, the sale & experimentation on dead aborted human baby parts, persecution of women, business owners, or civilian government officials who have conscientious objections to a government-enforced irreligious & immoral belief system through Obamacare, letting foreign allies be insulted from the UK to Israel, cutting the military, letting the hitlerian enemies of Israel grow in power, allowing 3rd world muslim groups in without any background checks. Total watering down of the judo-christian culture of the USA.

    Obama and the satanic Democrat Party will let Israel swing in the nuclear winter’s wind.

  • Ubeturbipy

    Who are these commie scum sucking bastards representing the
    US at the ridiculous joke called the UN? Each needs to be deported to Kenya
    along with the real mom jeans sissy boy Kenyan. Bibi is one of the last
    remaining true leaders I fully respect. I have none for our boy wonder, her
    administration or the GOP establishment…….they rate right up there with Hanoi
    Jane, Benghazi Killary and Tehran John

  • paw516

    Ah….the ship of fools.

  • livedwell

    When will American Jews (of which I am one) WAKE UP! Obama hates Jews and Israel and so does his army of supporters. Spielberg a traitor to his race. At this rate,our homeland will be destroyed and Obama will be jumping for joy!

  • E. Newton

    “Here’s a general rule that I learned and you must have learned in your lifetime. When bad behavior is rewarded it only gets worse.”

    Rewarding bad behavior, rewarding it lavishly is now the core principle of the American culture.

    And the idea that Samantha Powers has any influence over this country is terrifying.

  • JimmaObama

    F’ing SCUM bags… the obama model to a T…

    Nazi Mother F’ing scum……………

  • Americadies

    Obama spent so much time sucking Iranian dick, his people are allowed to do nothing else.

  • Americadies

    Does Susan suck the Iranian dick harder than Obama?

  • Robert Anderson

    Cass Sunstien scary.

  • frozeninbemidji

    Look at those worms.

    Remember every name.

  • bibliofly

    Because it’s politically correct.

  • bibliofly

    Because they’re Muslim Brotherhood

  • Valerie

    The man speaks truth to power.

  • Valerie

    Dear God! The Democratic Party at the national level is a disgrace. What the hell happened to them? I have to wonder if accepting George Soros’ money destroyed them.

  • ouch!

    The shameful 0bama administration is a bunch of disgusting usurpers – and it does not represent the will of the American people.

  • Mystic

    The community organizer would be very comfortable with an Islamic USA.

  • Lee Jan

    They know that Israel has a real statesman for a leader why they have a gay muslim jackass. Sit there and suffer.

  • kazzer66

    The Obamabots are cowards, each and every one of them, and the UN is just as ridiculous. Tiny little people with gargantuan egos, that think they can control the world. None of these governments actually represent the people who live in their countries.

    This will not end well.

  • dabbobean

    Didn’t even give him the fake golf clap…Obama and his dark forces are seething.

  • The Crow

    Ask Moochie, she will do anything for a lobster tail.

  • They know, that they have a bad behavior. They feel guilty, as they have treated Netanyahu. So they did not applaud.

  • really now

    Can someone name the US Reps in the video? Interested in their bios.

  • Don Keller

    Sadly, I have no sympathy for American Jews. In 2008, Jews lined up in droves to support the affirmative action president. Then, Obong proceeded to crap all over Israel for 4 years.

    In 2012, what happened?…Jews again lined up in droves and voted for Obongo. No sympathy here.

  • 4and20blackbirds

    Probably instructed by Barry to keep from applauding.
    Don’t want to offend CAIR and the Caliphate.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    This is the poor quality of representatives out there showing the world exactly why America CANNOT be trusted anymore…

  • Netanyahu is a courageous man who loves his country and will fight for : Obama is none of these.

  • American Patriot

    What I don’t understand Livedwell, is why so many American Jews are democrats. Is there a reason, historically, that Jewish people tend to side with those who do them harm? Because 0bama sure hasn’t been a friend to them, yet they overwhelmingly voted for him twice.

    I’ve tried to wrap my head around this issue for years, and I can’t. Help me understand.

  • What’s bizarre, other than the omission of intellectual lightweight Samantha Power, is the lack of information the administration gives the public about our delegates. I think I pinpointed two of them as Richard W. Erdman (lifelong government ‘servant’) and David Pressman who served on Obama’s ‘Atrocity Board.’ Obviously, if this is Pressman, he didn’t get the US mission position because of excellence in service.

    Don’t know who the guy in the middle is. But does it make sense that those of us who work in media should be birdogging these UN lackeys more?

  • jaimo

    Yea, American Jews suck, they shouldn’t even be allowed to call themselves Jews. It’s an insult to Israeli Jews. I feel bad for Israel however.

  • Americadies

    Never get between Mooch and something it wants, that Tranny will run through walls for fish tacos.

  • MicahStone

    If American Jews don’t wake up before the 2016 election and smell the ANTISEMITISM of OBOZO and ALL the d-cRAT extremists – who take advantage of them as much as they do blacks and hispanics – they might as well start lining up for the chambers….

  • MicahStone

    know what always happens to sheep?

  • Look

    John Kerry and Samantha Power skipped the speech, they had to attend a
    mandatory Sal Alinsky/CPUSA strategy meeting.

  • Skyking239

    American Jews put their socialist ideology before all else. They must vote for the Socialists regardless of their stand on Israel. They are first last and always true to Marxism Socialism before God and Country. This has been true since 1917 and will continue even after the destruction of the Jewish state. They are like old Southern Democrats who may disagree with everything the Democrat party stands for but….My grand pappy was a Democrat, My daddy was a Democrat so I am a Democrat.

  • M. Black


  • satansidekick

    A couple in that delegation looked Middle Eastern. I thought I was looking at Iran delegates.

  • satansidekick

    I would like to know as well and demand they be fired.

  • satansidekick

    He is a traitor to more than Israel. He is a traitor to the American people.

  • Goose

    been hearing the late night crowd for awhile now referring to the establishment of a, “Fourth Reich”, starting with ‘Operation Paper Clip’ and continuing through NASA, into our financial centers, intelligence and academic institutions…
    y’know, after seeing half of America’s response to the abortion videos, continual rejection of our Constitution, increasing destruction of our Heritage and Values, our continual slide into Socialism (y’notice the enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders?) their Nazi-like union with Islamists…

    Is it unfair to compare America’s decline to the rise of National Socialist Workers Tyranny? complete with occultism, barbarism, racialism, despair, grief and… WAR.

  • Minnalousha

    Soros the Nazi collaborating sociopath. He makes a perfect Leftist.

  • Mr. Earl

    I am ashamed of the American delegation, Kerry, and Powers. They are evil to the bone. May God have mercy on our nation .

  • American White Dude

    This current administration hates that Israel is standing in the way of Muhammadism taking over the world, and had allowed Putin to make Russia the new lone superpower.

  • American White Dude

    This is what happens when your nation is obsessed over whether Bruce Jenner, who won the Men’s triathlon as a Man in the Olympics, and still has his Man parts, is really a man. Your nation becomes a joke.

  • American White Dude

    Hamas and the Ayatollahs are the people we prefer as allies. You know, the ones who call it “heroic” when you shoot a mom and dad driving down the street with kids in the car.,7340,L-4706203,00.html

  • amy white

    Face it the UN is comprised Muslim advocators, anti American/Israel Facists. No world leader today is as strong as Bibi nor as courageous considering under Obama, he has lost us as an ally. I stand with Israel and I stand against this outrageous body of scumbags known as UN.

  • Dell Crumb

    Soros and Saudi Arabian money, they’ve all been bought

  • Watchman for Truth End Times

    Still staggers my mind how so many including so-called ‘Jewish Khazzarian European descendent’s who think they’re real Jewish people’ have been so masterfully “BRAINWASHED & horribly DECEIVED” by this ‘Zionist MAD DOG of ZIONISM’ (disguised as global TERRORISM) and false Israel overtaken by Satan himself who has finally reached the very biblical end of his Satanic Antichrist rein of global terror only to soon unleash a world of unimaginable global terror via his Samson Option or ICBM’s armed with super powerful thermonuclear multiple warheads specially and secretly made in Israel for every human being and living thing on planet earth. You all better pray real hard that our true and final savior on this earth through Putin’s Christian led Russia, communist China and Islamic Republic Iran along with the 1 billion Muslims united to avenge the over 4 million fellow Muslims already brutally slaughtered by this demon and his US led and financed Satanic Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Soros gang of global profiteer mass murderers and psychopathic insane asylum race of pure demons under Almighty God’s control, will end the two centuries of utter madness and usher the coming of Jesus Christ, the true light of the world.

  • Goose

    FLASH- this just in, Jesus was a Jew.
    traffic and weather next

  • tabright

    Please give me the names?

  • Ubeturbipy

    This worthless piss poor Hussein administration is good for nothing but dung heaving. They may not respect/like Bibi but I admire him as a leader and protector of his country. For all his goodness I damn sure applaud him.

  • satanyahu

    May world awake..illegal state named israel will goes by the least in palestine earth..if US citizens want it so bad..bring that thing to where you a the land of killed red indians

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    The people have no voice.

  • Christopher K

    I agree with you Patty. God bless Israel.

  • David Johnson

    Barky is trying his best to destroy the U.S. and taking Israel with it.

  • US Army (retired)

    The Obozo legacy!

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    We’ve returned to a point in our history where swearing to defend your people and country is aggression while arming your enemies is considered pacifism. It’s 1932 all over again.

  • toledofan

    The entire Obama administration is a disgrace to everything America stands for. We have made the world a lot less safe because of the bumbling’s of Obama. Honestly, it’s like watching little kids trying to play government.

  • RKflorida

    Only one group/entity want both US and Israel destroyed. They have already identified the US and Israel as the Great Satan and the Little Satan. They have infiltrated the highest positions of the US government and now the US leaders embarrass their citizens by turning against Israel and at the same time they are making every effort they can to destroy the fabric of our society. Right now Satan and his little minions, Muslims, are also destroying Europe and any other part of the world they can infect. And everybody just sits and watches.

  • Squid Overlord

    Didn’t Obama say Israel has no friend than Obama?

  • mail.comSam Spade

    Wow Netanyahu can speak English without a teleprompter!

    Some day – the USA will have a President that can speak using his own brain as well!

  • mail.comSam Spade

    Kerry is pretty sad – isn’t he? No wonder Obama chose him!

  • mail.comSam Spade

    They are already Democrats changing to Socialists and communists!

  • George Greco


  • George Greco

    how about bibi killing unarmed palestinian civilians? that is ok for you souless race!

  • George Greco

    here’s the actual photoshoped photo of your holohoax

  • Sientje Seinen

    maybe we could snub Heinz ketchup?

  • sailorbill

    well looking down at the replies im in wonder how the Jewish nation is so biased to being classed as petulant children having there toys taken from theme.Please don’t be so biased,you have become the scum of the world and until you start to act as part of a free world with your actions,your all acting like Israel is the only country in the world ,well this is a sign that the USA is waking up to the corrupt nation of Iserael(looking forward to your honest replys)

  • Watchman for Truth End Times

    Actually he was more Palestinian then Jew. Khazzarian Eastern European fair skinned Jews are mostly children of the devil and they admit it. See Revelations Ch. 2 & 3 Verse 9 Jesus referred to them as the “Synagogue of Satan”.

  • Goose

    Gospel writers Matthew and Luke carefully detailed Jesus’ genealogical lineage, and it confirmed the many Hebrew Scriptural prophecies about the Messiah, Lion of Judah, Son of David through the vehicle of Joseph and Mother Mary – Case Closed.

    Palestinian?! are you drunk?

  • johnb33

    Youre a pretty sick individual.

  • johnb33

    No but when a statesman like BN stands up, speaks the truth and it is painfully apparent, honest, non politically correct states tend to applaud.

  • johnb33

    Did you read or hear his speech? An honest reply would be nice. Do you not see after 14 years of fight Islamism, that they will lie, cheat and steal from anyone they consider an infidel? They won’t sit down and negotiate peace with Israel, because they think they should own the state of Israel. All the archeology, and ancient text agree that Israel is the historical home of the Jewish people. What am I missing here? They were conquered, but came back and took back their land. Now one of the descendants of their former conquerers is mad as hell that they lost. But they know how to play on sympathies and work the UN. Anti semetism has been around for a very long time. It is alive and well today in the world. Israel has more than suffered over the last 67 years to forge their nation. If Mexico was shooting rockets at California Texas and Arizona etc. and saying it’s our land, killing and kidnaping our people, what would be our response?

  • johnb33

    You seem a bit confused to put it mildly.

  • johnb33

    And just where are you from satan? Great name by the way…very fitting. You know, your people took your land from someone else too. Israel is the historical home of the Jews. Muslims who think they should have it because they conquered it have been conquered right back. It is the Jewish state. Period. You can try to take it from them again, but you will be digging your own grave.

  • johnb33

    And so you know, the Native American tribes constantly conquered each other and took their land as well. They came over from Asia. Who did they displace?

  • Admiral Ackbar!

    Statesman? Ha! Speaks the truth? Barf! NO ONE applauded because most of them simply aren’t indoctrinated by an infotainment media controlled by jews through racism and discrimination. Most of them have heard of Deir Yassin, unlike Americans who only know what jews want them to know.

  • johnb33

    Yeah because Al Jezeera only tells the truth right? The jig is up. Don’t pee on our leg then tell us it’s raining. We have seen with our own eyes taquiya in all its shameful ugliness. Islamism is just like all the other defunct “isms” out there. It will be thrown away in the rubbish bin of history soon enough. One more big attack, the gloves come off. Hopefully Russia who always has the gloves off, will take out ISIS for the world. In 1967, Israel took back their land from Jordan after 1900 years and many land holders, including the ottomans. That land has changed hands many, many times. But it is and will always be the land of the Jews. Israel is forever. I know the Arabs cannot take Israel down militarily. You know it too. So they try so hard to do it diplomatically. Using the UN as a cudgel. Again, why can there be 1 million Arab Israelis who are content with Israel’s governance? Only the Arabs that wish to reconquer the land refuse to lay down there arms. If the Arabs laid down their arms there would be peace. If Israel did,mothers would be a massacre. The world blames Israel because they have become very good at defending themselves. If any other nation state were being attacked relentlessly, they would react the same way.

  • Admiral Ackbar!

    Al jazeera has nothing to do with it. If you didn’t live in a country whose infotainment was controlled by a racist jewish monopoly (which you don’t deny) it would be as common knowledge as it is everywhere else. You’re obviously both unintelligent and ignorant. Quite frankly, I don’t care what happens to “islamism” and if Russia helps Assad back in control, that’d be okay with me.

    What really is sickening is that morons like you cheer for the same people who have attacked our own country. People like you worship them even as they kick you in the face. What an idiot! You talk about “Israel is forever” and whatever crap you believe. Are you going to give your home back to the indians then, moron? What an dolt!

    The fact is that Israel is a parasite state that sucks billions from America every year (as a result of jewish buying of our politicians), has never done anything for America but has stabbed us in the back numerous times such as the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty, Jonathan Pollard, etc.

    So, if you want to get on your knees and take that kosher weenie in your mouth, go right ahead. Anyone with an IQ above that of a cockroach knows better.

  • johnb33

    You are drinking the koolaide it seems. And going back for seconds. I am aware of all of those incidents. Do you know how many more incidents every other government on earth do to their allies? For goodness sake we were bugging Angela Merkels phone! You are obviously a Jew hater, very easy to see by your words. Take your taquiya some place else. It doesn’t work here any more. We don’t trust you. If the Native Americans formed a military and conquered America, we wouldn’t have a choice but to “give the land back”. However, Americans built the nation that is here today. Our fathers, and fathers fathers sacrificed so we could have the country we do today. Just like the Israelis built a successful country in the desert. That is theirs. They built that. Israel is indeed forever. Your just gonna have to figure out how to live with that. Or, you can go try to attack them and get killed in the process. Israel belongs to the Jews. It is no longer Muslim land, unless they agree to live in harmony with the Jewish people. Then they may coexist. If not, well you have seen the consequence. Does that offend you as a Muslim? Because you seem a bit angry? Tired of losing? One would think that after all of the defeats of Islam against the Jews, they would get the message. They often say the word “inshallah”. Well it appears “Allah” doesn’t will it, now does it? How long will you beat your collective heads against a post? Why not just live in peace. That is all that is being asked. If not you will have war and be defeated. It’s up to you. But they aren’t going anywhere. As for all your insults, well it obvious what kind of man you are. A “Wild donkey of a man”. Enjoy that.

  • bari2

    You mean why does BiBi defend his fellow country men from murdering palestinians?

  • George Greco

    Dear Bari, Bibi only cares about his zionist masters, him and they care about you as much as they cared when they financed hitler to gas your fellow countrymen. You need a little more research to have an opinion on your puppet leader who only wants to anihilate your neighbouring countries to make way for greater israel. A dream that will never be fulfilled now that God driven russians have starting taking apart what israel has created, ISIS! Only the agressor lives in fear, because he is doing everything for the wrong reasons, while the righteous have nothing to fear! So, let’s hope you wll elect someone who cares about you and the world, so you can live in peace, amen!

  • bari2

    I stand with Israel!

  • sailorbill

    now honestly if i changed your out look(im surprised you didn’t mention the holocaust)it would make more sense you v got it the wrong way around,tell me how Israel had nothing to do with 911 now.I don’t think you no your on history.the trouble is you v been brain washed.russia is your historic land,maybe Egypt if you want to go back historically.I no ill never get through to you but the Zionists among you have spelled the end of your country,the chance has should be looking inside your own people to bring peace and not the Zionist elite.your friend bill.

  • johnb33

    So I am guessing you are either Persian, or perhaps Lebonese. Am I right? English is obviously not your first language. I’ve heard those talking points come from the Shia before. How WAS Israel involved in 911, enlighten me? Not just rumors from the Islamic world either(who believe that men and women in the west have “sex parties” when they are commingling on a regular basis). It was pretty obvious who and what was behind 9/11. That is unless you smoke a lot of pot as an American or you are a Muslim. We can’t keep anything secret in the US for too long. You have heard of Edward Snowden right? But a conspiracy that big would involve hundred if not thousands of people. There have been no death bed confessionals or revelations even though a diametrically opposed party is in power than the one in power during 9/11. The texts that spell out who is the rightful owners of that land predate your prophet by 2600 years. I know the Muslim thought is that where ever Muslims have conquered in the past is Muslim land. But the rest of the world didn’t get the memo. Are you to be returning to Spain and Sicily soon too? Don’t think so. Israel is forever. It is a Jewish state. You can get upset or throw stones, but you will not prevail. All Muslims say that they will recapture Palestine “inshalla”. Well evidently it isn’t Allah’s will, now is it? Perhaps you should think about that. Perhaps your god is trying to get through to you that it is not his will. Could that be the reason that Israel has won every battle? Just some words to mull over. Perhaps if you could live in peace with your neighbors, there would be peace. But these “family feuds” have been going on for thousands of years. I wish you no ill will. We obvious have to agree to disagree.

  • sailorbill

    please don’t start this brain washed Zionist ;we are the master race rant,it seems the only reply you seem to be able to come back with.I suppose your going to tell me the 500 children in Gaza that were murdered by Israel were terrorists or the backing of ISIS by the USA and Israel is not happening.Wake up and smell the roses.By the way im a New Zealander,a country that respects freedom of religion,speech and the rites of all.

  • johnb33

    Please don’t put words in my mouth than condemn me for those very words I never said. New Zealand is much better than those you are choosing to defend. Mahmoud Abbas started this whole uprising by saying “we cannot permit the Jews to put their filthy feet on the Temple Mount near Al Aksa mosque”. The people you defend believe in enslaving those who do not believe as they do. Their Hadith says “the rocks and trees will cry out “Oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him”. They practice taqiya, or the art of deception to win over the “kafirs” or a very dirty word for non Muslims, until you are strong enough to kill or subdue them. Not only do the gazans put their weapons caches in apartment buildings, but they have been caught forcing women and children on to the roof tops to be slaughtered by the IDF so they can show just how “evil” the IDF is in killing women and children. You defend these people? Perhaps it is YOU that needs to wake up.

  • Watchman for Truth End Times

    I’m not confused to put it mildly. I was answering Goose’s question or response.

  • Watchman for Truth End Times

    Sociopath Netanyahu and his Zionist conspiratorial snakes all need to know one thing, they are no longer a viable respectable UN or UNSC political party or acceptable illegal state but a growing cancer military regime of utter arrogance and disgrace. Israel is a military HQ for worldwide terrorism. I congratulate those who are no longer showing any further support for this terrorist regime of international law violators and intentional mass murderers. Russia needs to step up with severe repercussions after the latest Intifada uprising and more killing of innocent Palestinians. His useless repetitive regurgitated Iranian nonsense and finger pointing at the peaceful countries that have a cleaner record then his own Zio-regime, are no longer a matter of serious interest to anyone who has been following Israel’s brutal actions. As the bible has said and predicted, Israel indeed is becoming a cup of trembling. WW3 is very near. This mad dog butcher needs to be eliminated and soon for humanity’s sake.

  • johnb33

    Here is the confusion…THERE WAS NO PALESTINE until after WWI when the British defeated the Ottoman Empire. They named it as such in 1920. Wether the Jews are from Europe or stayed in the Middle East, they are still Jews. Remember that God’s promises are forever? That He is not a man so He should lie? If they were given promises, those promises are still in play. If you haven’t noticed, Jews tend to mate within their own race and religion. So post Roman diaspora, I am pretty certain that the blood lines are still from the 12 tribes. Does this mean they are perfect? Not at all. Does it mean they are worse than any other people? Not at all. The World has been trying to destroy them since time immemorial. We, as Christians were “grafted onto the tree”. But the root it still the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Grace, don’t forget about grace. We all need it, all of us. Religion(of the organized type) is the “synagogue of Satan”. It is a perversion of true spirituality. But the two are diametrically opposed. As is spirituality and promises made to people about their descendants are not the same thing. If you dishonor God’s promises, aren’t you dishonoring Him?

  • Watchman for Truth End Times

    So sorry to inform you Patty but you’ve been sadly deceived by a master manipulator, pathological liar and mass murderer of defenseless Palestinians. Holocaust hypocrites. If you only knew the atrocities this psychopath commits daily on men, women and children, murdering them by the thousands, it would make you sick. More real compassionate Jews are awakening to this fraud. You need to You Tube this and listen to a real Torah Jew explaining the difference between political Zionism and Judaism.

    1/2 – Judaism vs Jewish Identity Politics – Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro and Gilad Atzmon Two parts. Then you’ll understand.

    Zionism has absolutely nothing to do with an illegal occupied state of Israel. Did you know Israel has more UN violations then any other country? Look it up. And Israel is a Military Head Quarters for worldwide terrorism. It was never about a state or homeland for Jews. They’re not true Semitic Jews, they’re Khazarian, Mongolian Turkish warmongers and mass murderers. Google image search, Israeli atrocities…NAZIsm is NA-tional ZI-onism. It’s what they are and Zionists committed the Holocaust not Hitler.
    ‘Zionists Were Spiritually And Physically Responsible For The Holocaust’
    Excerpted From An Article By Rabbi Gedalya Liebermann – Australia

  • Watchman for Truth End Times

    Totally agree 100%! Netanyahu makes Hitler and Stalin look like a boyscout. The world will know the truths soon enough.

  • Watchman for Truth End Times

    Naive ignorant people…cheering on a Holocauster, slaughtering thousands of innocent people, children, every single day. God have mercy on your souls. He is committing a greater Holocaust then any other in history. Jew Holocaust was a LIE! It never happened. Look it up. Holocaust LIE

  • Watchman for Truth End Times

    Here, read, wake up from your delusions. Educate yourselves. Criminally insane political mass murdering and dominating US politics, military Zionism’s days are soon OVER!
    America’s Zionist-Framed Policies Backfire on Patriot Americans

    By GPD on October 21, 2015

  • Watchman for Truth End Times

    All Judaics everywhere must publicly reject World Zionism
    By Preston James, Ph.D on January 18, 2015
    The World Zionists are
    now positioning themselves to deploy a very crafty Gladio-based plan to
    turn the whole World against Israel.

  • Watchman for Truth End Times

    WRONG! Palestine was created and named by the ancient Romans

  • johnb33

    WRONG! The Romans called the area “Judea”. Any other fabrications I can clear up for you?