OPEN BORDERS ACTIVIST Beaten and Stabbed in the Back By Arab Migrants

An open borders activist was stabbed outside a pizzeria in Germany.
The activist, Julius G., was very sad after Arab migrants stabbed him in the back.

pizzeria stabbing germany
A high profile open borders activist was nearly killed in Dresden. He was attack by six or more Arabs and stabbed in the back outside a Pizzeria. (Stop Hate Crimes)

** Julius has protested the PEGIDA anti-immigrant invasion movement, and campaigned for illegal alien rights.

No doubt, Julius still supports the migrant invasion of Germany. reported:

A pro-migrant, open borders activist is reported to be “very sad” after being stabbed twice in the back by a gang of “Arabs” as he stood outside a pizzeria in Dresden, east Germany.

Twenty-nine year old ‘Julius G.’ involved himself in political activism while reading his degree in industrial engineering Technical University of Dresden. Now he may have fallen victim to his own politics, as the refugee advocate was attacked while waiting for friends in Dresden’s Neustadt, known as the city’s ‘left wing’, or ‘alternative’ quarter.

Germany’s Bild-Zeitung reports police were called to Pizza 5 on Alaunstraße on Saturday after a group of six to eight men jumped the student in the early hours and stabbed him twice in the back, leaving him in a serious condition. A police spokesman said: “Several police vans searched the surrounding area, unfortunately without success. According to witnesses, the attackers were said to be North Africans”.

West-German ‘Julius G.’ who has been a student in Dresden for five years told Bild: “I don’t know why I was attacked.

“I waited opposite the pizzeria for two friends who were buying something to eat after we had left the pub and were on our way home”.

The student didn’t think the motivation was robbery, as nothing was taken after the stabbing.

julius g sad
Anti-PEGIDA activist Julius G. says he is very sad about the brutal attack. (Bild)

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  • Fried Chicken

    Too bad they didn’t kill him. People that stupid don’t deserve to be in the gene pool.

  • SineWaveII

    Well the good news is that even if he recovers he will likely have serious health issues the rest of his life to remind him of his stupidity. With any luck he’ll not be able to get any healthcare since it will be reserved for those migrants he loves so much and he’s just a lowly citizen.

  • ember

    Dumbazz. He should’ve expected this.

  • Mystic

    See, no issues with open borders.

  • LouAnnWatson

    willfully ignorant people never learn…it’s what a fool is made of

  • LouAnnWatson

    willfully ignorant people will never learn…it’s what fool’s are made of

  • SineWaveII
  • Carolingian

    oktoberfest casualty nothing to see here

  • frozeninbemidji

    So they did to the open border scumbag what the open border scumbag has been doing to his fellow countrymen?

  • t & k

    Using first world sympathy and sensibilities wont work on third world packs of 2nd grader sandpeople. All the extras i could say have already been said, thats about it.

  • 4godandcountry

    can’t fix stupid!

  • bicentennialguy

    Gee, as much as I’ve tried, I can’t get my G.A.S. meter to register….

  • The 10th Crusader

    I thought the Germans were pretty smart?

  • Pres. Weakling K Hissyfit

    poetic justice

  • nodhimmi

    There are none who are so blind this man,s a lost cause when it comes to the truth about Islam in other words, he’s a !dhimmi ,!

  • mrnafplion

    Now that’s funny. Karma is a bitch buddy. Go help a rattlesnake and see what happens.

  • Patty

    Julius is no genius.

  • M. Black
  • Goober_Pyle

    Awww, he’s “very sad.” Poor baby.

  • Do you need a repeat performance, Julius? Which number will it take to wake your dumbass up.. the 4th?

  • meangirl


  • rechill

    This requires an emphatic…

  • pdxnag

    The Open Borders nuts are already suicidal. It is their version of wearing a suicide vest.

  • D. Long

    Well, I hope this guy learned his lesson.

  • Goldcoaster

    instant karma, eh? reminds me of the Swedish girl a few years back – open borders advocate – raped and murdered and buried under a rock by an Ethiopian. some must learn the hard way.

  • roccolore

    The pro-moocher gets a taste of his own medicine.

  • Underestimated

    The smart ones came to the US generations ago. Just these pajama boy Germans left in Germany now apparently.

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    sweet, sweet irony

  • chitown

    They need to finish the job, couldn’t have happened to a better useful idiot.

  • Honest John

    The Islamists are MUCH worse than “3rd world”…

  • Gun Control

    Well now…poetic justice at its best. Bummer he’s still alive.

  • Honest John

    Surely he didn’t and won’t.

  • Littleredtop

    The guy is an idiot – look where his kindness got him. He probably works for George Soros.

  • Daniel Haney


    I must assume that he was in the “alternative life style” section of the city to exercise his “alternative life style” when the Arab invaders, exercising Sharia, stabbed him.

    Sweet IRONY!!!

  • Ol’Dad

    I have faith that the German people will cleanse the current situation. I am of German descent and like Marty MacFly, in some strange way what is happening in Germany has me worried about my past.

  • Rwadeg

    OH! The Irony. The fag should be wondering what he did to provoke such violence from the “religion of peace”.

  • Viking Rule

    F-him – he got exactly what so many of us go through with these migrant scum. We’ve been saying for years, they’re violent and do not assimilate, only to hear clown shoes like this idiot tell us we’re “racist” or “xenophobes”. Well, he got what was coming to him.

  • Hank Davis

    Gotta love it when bad things happen to bad people

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    POETIC justice, thank you karma.

  • USMC2010

    Accountability = he dies…then they take out his family and friends.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    He was on ‘their team’ and they literally stabbed him in the back.

    You can’t make up this stuff, folks!

  • TZAZ

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • lysosome

    I really hate to say it, but I have to agree.

  • NaMoNai

    The miserable freak didn’t get a fraction of what he deserves.

    But with this kind of sub-human garbage there’s always hope. He might still be killed by one of his pet cannibals.

  • malaka_eneuresis

    Maybe they should have cut off his head! Now that would have taught him a lesson?

  • jtom

    If he is still for open borders they need to mug him again.

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    He is very sad,indeed.

  • Birdog

    Europeans need to quit drinking Kool-Aid and get these refugees out of their countries! By now they should know that this is nothing but a Trojan horse…

  • ProgressivesRMentallyUnstable

    Another progressive gets his just rewards LOL

  • Hawkdriver1961


  • Keith W. Brown

    Oh, the irony!

  • porcer34

    Well, maybe not, but it does appear to be stabbable. Which might be a reasonable enough approach.

  • ontoiran

    apparently he’s never heard the story of the scorpion and the frog

  • MudFlapShoes

    i hate to parallel life with the film show, but libs will all end up like the bleeding hearts in that new Eli Roth movie,Green Inferno.

    you will.

    stupid libs.

  • Alfred Hussein Neuman

    I blame George W Bush.

  • will jones

    He was sad and stabbed. That’s what happens to stupid people.

  • SnakeUSMC

    He got the point!

  • will jones

    he was last seen holding a sign that says: I support the guy who stabbed me.

  • MrJackAmano

    Good. Hopefully this will happen to ALL the anti-German, anti-European, anti-Christian, anti-White traitors!!

  • Laminectomies abound

    I’m afraid the German government will bring so many in its people will rebel and unite under a charismatic leader. Not like that hasn’t happened before. Well maybe this time they will understand who the real problems are. Seems the Germans may cause the third world war. Boy, some country.

  • porcer34

    Speaking of bleeding hearts..

  • Pan_Tadeusz

    The motivation is “the religion of peace,” whose “holy” book, the koran (a manual of war), teaches moslems to kill anyone who is not the right kind of moslem. When you let one in, you are sealing your doom.

  • Dave


  • Red Cricket

    If that guy was a US citizen he’d be a Democrat. #FLAPPYTRUMP

  • Onceler’s Revenge

    This is just a microcosm of what is happening to Europe.

  • Onceler’s Revenge

    He probably ran up to the group of young arab men and very aggressively offered them oral sex… and you know how muslims feel about gays..


    Pity this subhuman traitor to his people and his country survived the attack.

  • Ryan Baines

    Too damn funny. “Very sad”. Bahahaha

  • CCowardly LLion

    You can’t fix dumb azz.

  • GuateNY

    Reminds me of the saying, “A liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet.”
    As of now this moron hasn’t learned. I think he will eventually know who he enemy is, after he’s beaten a few more times.

  • CCowardly LLion

    and as for not being able to find the subhumans. Are there that many blacks in Germany that they blend in now?

    merkel, you are evil.

  • LarryEF

    I am pained by the fact that he remains intellectually stunted. Crime is the natural result of the stupidity that Germans have allowed to flourish. They should have shown more concern when they elected this spineless bitch as their new Furor. Never thought I’d be saying Go Hungary!

  • Smile you are being monitored

    I always say, you want to let Rapist and Thugs roam free, start by letting them live in your house and you support them and see how that works out for you! I guess he had to learn first hand….

  • betterthanu

    The are gay. They carry buttboys into battle. The need something to bang after they eat the livestock

  • White Clowns

    The craziest part of this entire migration to Germany is that Arab men don’t work. They think work is beneath them. What was Merkel thinking?

  • professorbuttersworth

    “Beaten and Stabbed in the back by Arab Immigrants” —gee, how sad cuz he was expecting a big group hug.

  • Skip

    What a liberal douche. F***’n idiot got what he deserved

  • duvidl

    The German word “Schadenfreude” comes to mind….

  • Chance MacAlister

    He’s lucky they didn’t drag him into the nearest alley and give him the San Francisco treat.

  • Ho Jo

    Most Muslim men are gay and don’t even know it.

  • Ho Jo

    They’re gay but don’y know it

  • Ho Jo

    Maybe they beat you because of those stupid flowers on your sweater

  • TheBruce

    Oh the sweet irony.

  • Russ

    “I don’t know why I was attacked?”
    Are you that stupid! Wow! Liberalism is a mental illness.

  • Not For Prophet

    Fawk this moron.

  • dieter

    How did all the stupid people get in charge of all the sensible people?

  • dieter

    Master race???…sheeit.

  • Red Cricket

    Ask Obama.

  • dieter

    Didn’t Hitler get his big start up when the German govt stabbed it’s people in the back in 1918? Maybe a deja vu coming up soon.

  • Kufar Kufar
  • Reader11722

    Let the activist bear the brunt of the invasion of Germany. Illegals in Germany and the US, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by banning books like “America Deceived III”.

    They violate the 2nd Amendment by banning guns.

    Both parties are lawless.

    Last link of “America Deceived III” before it is completely banned:

    TRUMP 2016

  • Alec Stuart

    Julius G.: Dhimmi-in-waiting, and cannot wait until the Muslims finally overrun his country and establish shariah law.

    People like Julius should find themselves at the end of a rope after Christian Europe finally expels the Raghead Horde from its midst. (IF they manage to, I should say.)

  • But seems six Arabs tried!

  • I think it’s called *dhimmwit*.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    More dreamers.

  • Shanky’s Prison Cuisine

    LMAO! These bleeding heart liberals are too stupid to be kept alive. The Muslims do civilazation a great favor by stabbing traitors.

  • Renots

    Try again ..I’m sure you can kill him …someone …anyone…

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  • Big Al

    Still don’t have the heart to tell your dad you’re a stripper?

  • Big Al

    Yup. Too bad the Arabs didn’t finish him off.

  • Big Al

    Just kill the libs. They won’t be missed by anyone.

  • Big Al

    Yessir. A tall tree and short rope should due the trick.

  • Big Al

    Maybe he offered to blow them as a welcome party.

  • Big Al

    That comes later

  • Big Al

    It’s amusing to see libs try to band feminists, gays, environmentalists, pot heads, and mus lims all together as one dysfunctional party. Gang rape has become rampant across Europe, thanks to their new ‘guests’. We can only hope the majority of the victims are pro-immigration.

  • Big Al

    Only in his delusional mind was he ever on the same team as them. They crucify and dismember people like him back in their old country.

  • Big Al

    He’s a dumbphuck and I’m glad he got stabbed. He deserved it.

  • Big Al

    Works for? Probably doesn’t even get the scraps.

  • Big Al

    Kill em all. We’re better off without them.

  • Big Al

    Exactly. What a bunch of dumb (f)ucks.

  • Big Al

    Ship him off to Syria. He isn’t one of us.

  • Big Al

    Not this (q)ueer bait.

  • robin

    “What difference does it make anyway?” (If some guys went for a stroll one night and decided they wanted to kill somebody)~ who might be illegal enough to vote for Hillary yet deadly enough to bring up the topic of immigration for a fascist economy.
    Such conspiracy on who wears their Muhammad halo the prettiest…. As Hillary does represent us all

  • Big Al

    Do you like it? Do you like it, Scott? I call it, “Mr. & Mrs. Tenorman Chili.”

  • Big Al

    Some pro-Muslim, anti-christian h)omo gets stabbed by a pack of Muslims? Yeah, I giggled a little.

  • robin

    Good news for the economy is that Hillary’s plutonium mine has reason for expansion!

  • Michael McNew

    Germans have a birthrate of .8 (yes, less than one child per woman). This means eventual extinction unless they start having babies. Otherwise, they will be replaced by people who do.

  • Lurch47

    How fitting he was stabbed in the back! Oh the irony! =0)))))))))))

  • Enter the Visigoths!

  • If Obama had an Islamic son?

  • The 10th Crusader

    I’ve never been, but have lots of Military friends that say the same thing. Modern Germans are lazy & don’t have the work ethic of their parents. Their country is about to be ruined.

  • three stoodge

    too bad the fool wasn’t castrated also, so that he couldn’t procreate more stupidity!

  • three stoodge

    isis just issued a caliphate on europe…. how convenient, they just happen to have an islamic refugee crisis too (can you say Trojan)…

  • stanlaurel6

    so one guy was stabbed in the back….. look at all of us who have been stabbed in the back by our politicians on this issue

  • Earl Turner

    Diversity(n.) – Biological weapon designed for deployment against white Western Civilization by Bolshevik Khazars.

  • Rascal69

    They are a peace-loving lot, they are.

  • Rascal69

    It is one of many reasons we enjoy 2nd Amendment rights. There should be 6 less immigrants in Germany.

  • TED from Boston

    That is hilarious, the never ending Unintended Consequence of Liberal thinking……

    Germany is so cooked, they are being internally undone by Merkel who will allow the culture to be shifted to a failed Socialist state….a shame for a great Country and great contributor

  • Rascal69

    Are the goats gay too?

  • Rascal69

    That will never happen by this queer.

  • dareisay

    There will be more stabbed In the back, plus other crimes committed upon citizens…just like here.

    Search: victims of illegal alien crime and you will find thousands of our citizens listed as killed, raped.

    The world’s elite just do not care what happens to citizens of Western countries.

  • Mike Gilmer

    I have no sympathy for idiots and this guy is an idiot.

  • Phenol

    Not even with duct tape

  • Phenol

    What a sick puppy

  • boucle

    Who cares

  • TexasPigHunter

    What a dumbass …

  • Rally Ann

    “There are none so blind as he who will not see”!

  • Gary Grimm

    this event is a metaphor for the future. Westerners, wake up.

  • Rally Ann

    Ya’ll need a good ole fashioned knife ban! You know knife control laws!

  • Gary Grimm

    he might be already.

  • TxPoor

    Somehow, “hahahhaha” doesn’t quiet convey my feels about this person being attacked by ungrateful, invading, jihadist that they themselves supported in their jihad invasion. So I will leave it at “good”.

  • Bn2D

    To bad the S.O.B. didn’t buy the farm.

  • BrigidBernadette

    To think, how much we love the Doobie Brothers, now all we have is the Muslim Brothers. Who will never in their lives understand the love and music and joie de vivre that we in the west live for, spend our days breathing, dancing, laughing, enjoying each other. While this dark army marches westward.

  • They may have attacked him in self defense. He may have been trying to pick one or two of them up.

  • This is why they need gun rights in Europe.

  • If your G.A.S. meter was broken it wouldn’t power on. So if it does power on it is functioning and nothing is wrong.

  • Herb Stankyman

    Um, WTF?

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
    There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
    That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
    And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

    And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
    When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
    As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
    The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

    –Rudyard Kipling

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Soon the heavens will echo with the terrorific screams of, “–but, but, I’m on YOUR side!!!”

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Could there be…a FOURTH world!?

  • muslimmustgo

    These “white” allies of the “black lives don’t matter” terrorist organization would get the same treatment if they were to so much as slightly disagree with them,count on it!

  • gerry d welder

    Wonder why the ‘refugee crisis all of a sudden?

    Busted ! Russians Catch US in Fake Bombing Campaign

    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, October 16, 2015

    “One might get an impression that someone is deliberately destroying infrastructure in settlements, thus making the life of local population impossible. Because of that, civilians leave these settlements after losing living conditions and increase the refugee flow to Europe,” Kartapolov noted.”

    “Islamic state is a can opener in the hands of the global elite, with which it was planning to destroy the world order, as it is.”

    Starikov: Russia is forcing the Americans to destroy their own project … 2015/ 09/ starikov-russi….

    Sep 30, 2015 … Starikov: Russia is forcing the Americans to destroy their own project in its infancy …

    Starikov: Russia is forcing the Americans to destroy their own project in its infancy

    September 30, 2015

  • Brett Favre

    Not even the dhimis are safe

  • muslimmustgo

    Just like the georgetown u student who said he deserved to be mugged because of his “white privilege”, just go’s to show how demented some “people” have become in our nation!

  • me1952

    This is how you cure liberals.

  • me1952

    Exactly. A bunch of stupid people in America became enamored of a Chicago thug, like the stupid people in Germany who became enamored of an Austrian thug.

  • KS Doc

    I wonder if he was wearing the same flower shirt when it happened.

    Shariah law does not exercise much tolerance for the type of people who have that “preference.”

    Not too hard to figure it out, unless you’re a liberal. Too bad their ignorance will sink us all.

  • SineWaveII

    So true.

  • JoseNighthawk

    There is poetic justice after all! … and yes, it is very sad that they did not kill him.
    Churchill: ‘When you are young and not a Liberal, you have no heart; when you are older and not a Conservative, you have no brain!’

  • Peter4Hegemon

    Um, grow a brain. Her point is perfectly understandable. And poetic.

  • Falconflight

    It’s the “settlements” that foster the frustration of these poor peaceful Arabs. Israel, uh Europe, needs to make peace and stop being Apartheid states. Yes, ironic isn’t it?

  • Sanders

    Isn’t that a bit of poetic justice, lobby for animals and they turn on you. Wonder how he feels about them now?

  • bugandco

    A guy so nuts that even a knife in the back won’t cure it.

  • Flavius

    It’s a start…

  • honigs


  • Rooby Doo

    He may be sad, but it brightened MY day.

  • honigs


  • Neal

    Frank Marshall Davis has one.

  • Neal

    If you don’t live on a Glock Block better move to one or start one. If you wait till you need one it is too late.

  • realheadline

    It’s one way to thin the herd of clueless traitors.

  • Neal

    Poor Germany, it will survive Merkel.

  • Neal

    Bibbie for Chancellor He knows how to handle these guys.

  • Fred-qwerty

    Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.

  • Neal

    The mayor of Jerusalem is reminding people to carry their weapons. The President of the US wants people to turn their weapons in. The mayor of Jerusalem is keeping these guys out. Our President is letting them in. We need the Mayor of Jerusalem in the White House.

  • Shagnasty1

    And the good liberal that he is will somehow think it’s his fault these animals attacked him.


    Pity this traitor survived the attack by his subhuman friends.

  • Shagnasty1

    Who said he doesn’t?

  • libknocker

    Obama and Kerry want to bring 100,000 of these people to the USA, can any liberal explain to us why????

  • defund NPR

    I have about as much sympathy for him as I do for the young blond girls who fall for the mass marketing that blacks are cool, hip and fun. I see them all the time at the traffic light – they’ll be the one pushing a mulatto kid in a baby stroller down the street to the welfare office while the father has moved on to to shack up with his next eager victim .

  • Arya

    You Zionists are the reason behind this. Your ersatz Israel covers all the areas which are war torn. Israel along with Zionists in Saudi Arabia refuse to take any refugees. Europe and especially Germany are big targets for destruction.
    Behind the majority of historical genocide is a Jew. There’s a reason why they’ve been thrown out of every society they’ve been in.
    Your fantasy includes reliving biblical fairy tales by having Christians and Muslims fight to the death so you subhuman folks can have your racist supremacist domination of the world.

  • defund NPR

    Sometimes I think whites have had their DNA altered or damaged. They seem willing, eager actually, to become subservient or even extinct.

  • oracle2world

    I think he was told to convert.

  • kaos_in_tx
  • kaos_in_tx
  • defund NPR

    Western policy and economics have deliberately accomplished this. They’ve made it impossible to have a mother at home with the kids as two must work just to keep up with the inflation they’re creating. The government has done this in preparation to replace native populations with immigrants, which we are now seeing. Western governments no longer care what the native populations think or do – they laugh off and easily crush any protest or group gaining traction (Tea Party, Occupy WS, English Defence League).

    Russia on the other hand is literally paying its citizens to have more kids and staunchly refuses to allow third-world mass immigration. This is why MSM is demonizing Russia and the elites are fomenting war. Couple this with the move to ban cash, regulate the Internet and a massive push to demonize and ban firearms in concert with the secrecy and weirdness around these mass shootings. But at least we get all the latest updates on transgender bathrooms and the memo reminding us to ‘celebrate diversity.’

  • John

    A misguided useful idiot (liberal) got what he deserved!

  • Friedfish

    So the muslim viewpoint and “religion” have nothing to do with this? What a fool you are. More and more westerners are fed up with you uneducated, ungrateful animals from some God forsaken spit of sand. It takes a while but when you idiots wake the sleeping giant you’re going to regret it.

  • defund NPR

    Yep. Useful idiots. It’s in their damaged DNA or maybe its the poisoned food and water they’re feeding us.

  • Charles Martel

    In the Middle Ages, Christian Europe fought multi-century wars to expel Muslims. Today, the monsters are welcomed because they work cheap, and vote Socialist.

  • rickmcinnis

    The useful idiots are always the first to be eliminated.

  • Nick

    Ha ha!

  • Arrngrim

    Lololol. When will the EU wake up and realize that these aren’t refugees, they aren’t immigrants…it’s a gawd-damned invasion people! You have a militant group forcing their way onto your land and literally taking everything from you. Fight back or capitulate and suffer. Those are your choices now. And soon they will be the choices of those in the US and other countries. All thanks to that wonderful religion of pieces.

  • James Perley

    Poetic justice.

  • Guest

    Pro immigration policies…

  • cjkcjk

    I like these feel good stories.

  • Mike

    The most vile and ignorant people on the planet, Muslims, have never wavered from their destroy/kill everything and build nothing mentality since they decided to follow the mad rantings of that lower than dog dirt pedophile Mo-Ham-Mud.

  • Arthur G

    How stupid is this guy! This is nothing to what the Muslims will do once they are grater in numbers. Liberals like this stupid Julius G will be first to be killed…..Muslims are using liberals until they don’t need them any more! Need mire proof? Unortunatley liberals don’t get it…..

  • Mike

    So some low life who is stabbing civilized humanity in the back by supporting muslim vermin, is stabbed by the same muslim vermin. Poetic justice.

    What they really need to do is form a giant circle and give every muslim a gun and have a gene pool cleansing circular firing squad.

  • emkkahn

    I’m surprised this Liberal/idiot didn’t blame the knife in his attack. It’s what Liberals do in America when a gun is used by a killer.

  • izzyeddy

    You play with fire, eventually you get burned

  • Jordan

    He’s a liberal. Expecting consequences requires understanding the concept.

  • Jordan

    It’s WAY too late for Europe. This will ultimately lead to the disbanding of the EU, and probably war in Europe.

  • 94c2500

    Islamic immigration = National Suicide
    Islam = The religion of peace

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Apparently some people really do need to stick their wanker in a fan to figure out what a bad idea it is.

  • Grand2833

    Uhmmm, I believe that would be 100,000 more Democratic voters. It’s the Democrat’s way of showing how morally superior they are by giving these people a better life in America. Unfortunately they will never assimilate, they will always be a financial burden for the taxpayer and they hate everything we believe in. Go figure, think this will end well?

  • 94c2500

    Islamic immigration in Europe:

  • Steve Fraser

    Finally some good news from the front.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    I hope this evil Infidel at least had the decency to apologize to his benefactors for the environmental damage he caused by bleeding all over them, not to mention all the planet-frying heat he spilled out of his blood in the process. FORWARD!

  • RETUSAF1995

    Self inflicted wound. He got what he supported.

  • Kenshin

    Liberals are self destructive.

  • I Art Laughing

    Send more please.

    Ethnic war in 3…..2…..1

    “When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is
    according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away
    your freedom because that is according to my principles.” ~Louis Veuillot

  • lrjrj

    Another liberal dummy mugged by reality. I’m sure he will be unpersuaded in the folly of his politics even as he is made Exhibit A of why his fellow citizens are terrified.

  • ISeeThruYou

    These kinds of stories make me all warm & fuzzy inside. 🙂

  • ISeeThruYou

    Why doesn’t this activist reveal his last name? Pffft…. What a subversive punk!

  • Rod M

    Hope he’s paralyzed and has to chit into a plastic bag the rest of his life.

  • XonXoff

    This war on the US-Europe is no longer just over the horizon. It’s been happening for awhile.

    Obama’s been anti-Western all his life owing to his upbringing so he’s not a surprise. But how did Merkel and other U.S.-Euro leaders find themselves in such an anti-Western state of mind at the same point in time? Was it corruption? Blackmail? Manchurian Candidates?

    And who are the people controlling the people we think are the national leaders?

  • Big Al

    There are leaders who stand up, but they’re black listed.

  • Big Al

    And he has to collect his gov’t assistance in line with the hordes of Muslim freeloaders.

  • Big Al

    You speak the truth.

  • Big Al

    Hopefully when they implode they don’t take us with them.

  • Vugg

    I’ll be darned – their libs are just as stupid and clueless as ours in the US ! Allah Akbar coming soon to a city near all of us.

  • Big Al

    I think he offered to fluff them as a welcoming party and they didn’t reciprocate.

  • Reason And Believing

    That shirt he’s wearing screams homosexual. The French are very stupid.

  • Big Al

    It’s stories like these that make me think, “Maybe there is a God?

  • Big Al

    He’s probably getting his “I forgive you” party ready with a Halal banquet for these animals.

  • Big Al

    He’s probably planning on blowing them all when he gets out of the hospital.

  • Big Al

    Hypocritical bullchit is what it is. The Muslim chauvinists view all non-believers as subhumans.

  • Big Al

    I love Churchill. He’s questionably one of the smartest politician to ever make the rank of PM.

  • Big Al

    They’ve been reprogrammed.

  • [email protected]

    Until that day when men become angels, open borders/one world balloon juice will be just that..Someone alert Obama/Merkel/Cameron.

  • Epiminondas

    The irony is too good to be true.

  • ISeeThruYou

    Mostly jewish banksters control our national “leaders.”

  • robin

    Seems Churchill hasn’t seen behind the curtain of oz with his youthful eyes. I guess he truly never met lover patented & passion assassins of hypocrisy where all fate leads only to hell as all else must be destroyed by those who engineered it that way against the competition of the perfection of dysfunction.

  • robin

    By those who have a lifetime to pretend to fix what they never needed fixed in the first place. I believe that’s called the fox guarding the hen house.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    But then, every taxpaying American citizen, native-born and naturalized, already knows how that feels. The words “Thank you” aren’t part of the vocabulary of activists and those for whom they advocate.

  • McHebrew

    Just wait until an important political leaders offspring is killed or someone really important ,say a movie star is killed in the South of France.

    Let’s face it most of these elite people feel they are immune to the same polices they inflict on the rest of great nation.

    You know what ? Let all these weeping beta males fend for themselves on the day the Islamist declare this area under shira.
    The riot police should stay home when the “alternative district” suffer the wrath of the refugees.

  • Arthur G

    Julius , are your feelings hurt? Maybe next time they will give you a hug and than stab you….you are a fool!

  • robin

    After all there can never be enough warlord passion assassins stalking innocence to sell it back to innocence via rape armies that just can’t be stopped even after they do something…….. Even w all the military equipment in the world pretending to protect innocence in a world where the most evil get promoted to the top of never enough terror to protect peeps from which all back doors must be left open for jealousies hypocritical coveting…

  • robin

    Sure ain’t Hollywood etc gonna be their Armageddon whore! More like everyone’s little sister NSA got their yes on for the advertising companies.

  • robin

    Eyes on… Because the rape bots sure want more than our jobs

  • robin

    More like endless debt to the criminal economy under mommy dearest … EPA fine on that fart (of a law of a billion devilish detailed words) is gonna cost u all the rest u got…… in jail. The economy of gods as man posing as politicians

  • robin

    All though Hillary do do her representing of all of us! Is there anything she can’t do?

  • robin

    Radical Muslims can have all guns innocent Americans need not to protect them.

  • robin

    Yea that is nice about growing old… Get to watch the monsters some peeps create from the depths of their jealous heart turn around and begin to consume the even more than only a lifetime of deception obsession. And occasion really mean peeps make so many ugly looks their face sticks that way!

  • BigGaySteve

    Glocks are the Barbie dolls of handguns you can dress them up however you want.

  • BigGaySteve

    Too stupid to know that moslems only permit sex with hairless boys for bacha bazi.

  • BigGaySteve

    The jewish lesbian gatekeepers told this its the STR8 white church going X-TIAN men he has to watch out for. Oddly in San Fran its the black who commit most crime but only 5% of the population.

  • bigjim

    What goes around Comes around. The Savages will Assault and Kill Thousands.

  • Bob Lewin

    Ultimate definition of a Conservative is a liberal who was mugged…or, in this case, stabbed in the back.

  • BigGaySteve

    The jewish lesbian gatekeepers who work their way into power positions say the only people that attack gays are STR8 white church going X-TIANS

  • lava_roc

    The German people are seriously going to regret taking all these Arabs in. They will be continuous trouble for Germany. They’re still living in the 8th century! They will be demanding that Germany become Muslim.

  • BigGaySteve

    Maybe they don’t want to work, only to pay for Moo HAM mads 21 kids.

  • BigGaySteve

    He said it was the fault of STR8 white church going Christian men whose privilege enraged them.

  • BigGaySteve

    12 years of school of being told “Not All Blacks Are Like That” takes a bit to wear off.

  • Paolo Moleman

    Julius? Does not sound like a German name. Shame they did not shank him in the back

  • BigGaySteve

    They think any guy old enough to have body hair is too old for bacha bazi

  • Flyoverman

    I pity the radical Muslims, if the Germans decide enough is enough and it’s time resist.

  • texas1

    When you lie down with snakes, expect to be bit. These stupid pro-immigrant deserve to be killed by the snakes they have taken up with. This idiot still doesn’t understand who the enemy is. The good thing is that more and more of the German and European people are waking up to this destruction of their lives and culture. The bad thing is that a Hitler type leader will probably rise up to save them. They do like strong dictators.

  • robin

    All the more reason the sharia whatever gov need to crawl into everyone’s beds for the intellectual property of the next big thing barbarians profit off their herds.

  • CZBZ

    Just the liberal, self-neutering ones. The rest of us aren’t buying what they’re selling.

  • CZBZ

    Colleges prefer to called it “educated”.

  • postman7z

    Literally stabbed in the back by these people he supports.
    Still supports them? Let’s see after they rape his sister and boyfriend/girlfriend if he still feels the same way.

  • Exactly.

    Like the stories about this going on for YEARS! People don’t “flee” their nation for years. This is just a constant outpouring of muslims, mostly military age males. Interesting also is that their imams are telling them to go into these countries and breed and take them over.

    But clearly, that isn’t their intent…….absolutely mind boggling how there are people that can’t see that.

  • Yep,,,,,lives ruined,,,,living on welfare. Look like they COULD have had a very good life but now look haggard…..all so they could get back at daddy, or be cooler than her girlfriend….

  • Ejan

    Was he mugged because he is gay? He is wearing a flowered scarf or shirt…just saying. The article did say that the area is noted for alternative life styles.

  • Head movies

    This still won’t change his views on immigration. What an absolute simpleton.

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    Proverbs exist for a reason: so the prudent person can learn from the experiences of others. In this case, I would suggest that “Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it!” would be appropriate,

    Then again, if this fool is a liberal (ah, but I repeat myself!), he will not learn. He will instead sympathize with his attackers and try to rationalize the reason for their attacking him.

    Good luck with that.

  • Ejan

    Muslims are so tolerant; they love gay people. They even tried to love this young man to death.

  • Bug Chaser

    Most progressive thinkers are a danger to their own states and nations well being. I’m starting to believe the progressive mind really is mentally ill.

  • Bug Chaser

    Zionism and their dual citizenry in US administrative practices.

  • Bug Chaser

    A long term pogrom for the 20th and 21st centuries. Pogrom of the pale face.

  • FairWarning

    I have little sympathy when stupid liberals are hoisted on their own petard. He would be first to justify the muslims’ behavior if it happened to someone else. I’m glad he’s alive to serve as a reminder what those sand niggers are capable of doing.

  • viking116

    I almost upvoted you but then noticed your choice of words. It’s not race, it’s religion, or more accurately, CULT.

  • Neal

    Thanks, Steve, but Sig-Sauer, Colt, and Smith & Wesson don’t rhyme with “Block”

  • viking116

    The Muslims bring nothing but death and destruction to Europe. They have never created a viable economy. People warn about the rise of a Hitler. Problem was, Hitler went after innocents who contributed to Germany and were even war heroes there. They weren’t welfare suckers like the Muslims. They weren’t out to kill Christians and other “infidels”. They were doctors and professors, writers and artists. Imagine if the medical and scientific and technical advances of Israel had been created in Germany and Germany had benefited from them (and the ones who died in the Holocaust)! But that doesn’t mean Germany or the rest of Europe should suffer cultural and literal suicide by allowing Muslims to come in. They have nothing to contribute–just look at the MidEast and North Africa. And all they contribute to Africa itself is slavery and death.

  • mikeman

    And your point is??

  • viking116

    Recently a female activist with the group No Borders was gang raped by illegal aliens from Sudan. The attack occurred in Northern Italy. Other activists allegedly urged the victim not to report the gang rape fearing it would damage their cause.

    All I can say is, “Suicidal Idiots”

  • emkkahn

    HA! @ BigGaySteve!
    Those “microaggressions” are killers! LOL!

  • viking116

    They DID shank him in the back.

  • Bug Chaser

    There’s your problem.

  • viking116

    Don’t be stupid. If our nations were run by Jews, they’d be much better run. Good try tho, Muslim sympathizer. Or maybe just Muslim.

  • emkkahn

    Liberals have no respect for reality and are unable to learn from experience.
    It’s bad enough that they want to commit personal and cultural suicide, but that’s not enough for them. They want to inflict their suicide to their neighbors and countrymen who do not wish to be killed by Islam. Liberals are every bit as evil as the Muslims and need to be viewed in the same way: enemies of civilization and Humankind.

  • The new European male….. ‘Sad’ he got stabbed by ‘the daesh.’

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Saw that. Despicable. Prolly blamed it on anti-immigration folks.

  • ms_ladyhawke

    Well, think there are plenty that are “sad” that the suspects didn’t finish the job!

  • emkkahn

    Should have used scare quotes for “male”…. Liberalism/Feminism has zero use for Males. Men are strong and hard to control and Liberalism only wants those that they can control…

  • bubba1984

    Lucky he was not a woman or camel – probably would have been raped!

  • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

    He’s alluding to current potus there buddy

  • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

    Are you sure? The only reason these oligarchs get away with planting these stupid puppet shills like Merkel that ruin Europe is because the people who see whats going on are largely too old to turn the tide. All you got left are lemmings like this idiot that got stabbed.

  • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

    I hate to say it, but war makes so much more sense than watching Europeans get brainwashed into their own death by their shameless governments and state run media.

    America has some same problems, but we can proudly say we have peaceful common sense, Alternative media members who have been banned from European countries. Yet, European countries let in hoards of backstabbers that roam in gangs. Lol

  • radioguy

    Seems to me there’s an old saying that goes, “a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged.”

  • USMC43

    Karma catches up to a self-loathing Useful Idiot who esteems the welfare of invading jihadis more than his Countrymen. What a tool.

  • Maven of Common Sense

    Bug Chaser – Your points are not clear – what do you mean?

  • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

    The Europeans are so brainwashed in civility and not being tribal at all.. The Wise ones are hoping people like Merkel meet an untimely end at the hands of the immigrants instead of by Natural born citizens who have major reasons to treat her like traitor

  • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

    Lemmings only learn when they follow each other over their last cliff

  • Bug Chaser

    Pogrom of the pale face.

  • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

    That… Or this moron paid big bucks to be “educated” in reality brainwashed into cultural nihilism

  • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

    Similar to the banker bailouts but this serves so many more purposes of “scorched earth” globalists

  • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

    They not only lie to everybody but they lie to themselves

  • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

    Best to Snuff out quietly now a days so there is no blow back. .. You know like how The War of northern aggression got morphed into being all about black people somehow.

  • SuperKamiGuru

    He probably hasn’t changed his mind on the matter…

  • ScottAg83

    <—Just here just to take a little off the top.

  • anon

    now you know what kind of ‘friends’ you were supporting, I hope you learned your lesson…

  • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

    LMAO. I remember that. I swear I think some western populations have had a biological “gay bomb” dropped on or released upon their men. So much sugar in their tanks they’re becoming dysfunctional

  • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

    Biological/Chemical warfare.. aka “Gay Bomb”

  • Actually the problem is low testosterone in many western/European males now. The guy has flowers on his shirt, for heaven’s sake!

  • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

    What happened to the good ole World War era days where people didn’t have to pay/ indebt thenselves multiple yrs worth of discretionary income to be brainwashed

  • Big Al

    He is probably buying decorations for the “I forgive you” party he’s planning. He’ll make sure all the food is Halal and let the gang rape his sister on the table after a couple rounds of hang man and name that famous head.

  • Big Al

    Hopefully his countrymen kick the living *hit out of him when he gets out of the hospital.

  • Big Al

    Keep the livestock safe! #notInMyGoat

  • Big Al

    I suspect all the hormones being added to livestock

  • Big Al

    HAHAHAHA fools!

  • Bushwhack3r

    Self-hating Progressives, Socialists, Marxists etc. will all get what they deserve: Extermination.

  • Big Al

    Just look at Lebanon. Vacation paradise to hell in 30 years. I suspect we’ll be in an all out war with them in another 30.

  • Big Al
  • Big Al
  • never ending fight for freedom

    Note to pacifists;
    This is a learning moment for you if you chose to open your narrow, stunted minds.
    YOU will be the first targeted because you are the easiest to fool…

  • steve b


  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Oh swell, another cretin whose understanding of everything wrong in the world is “The Joos!!! Those Evil Jooos did it!”

    Puhleeze, go away.

  • Bug Chaser
  • CarbonaNotGlue

    I needed to hear some good news today. Awesome.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Something-something about “hoping the alligators will eat him last”, right?

    After all, he did all the Appropriate Virtue-Signalling (“Hey, lookit me, I’m Down With Your Struggle, Bro!!!”) and so the savages were SUPPOSED to consider him one of their Useful Idiots and not murder him (at least not yet).

    A lot of the Lefties who think that their history of collaborating with the Invaders will give them immunity in the Burning Times To Come are going to get a real nasty shock when they find out it just ain’t so. Oopsie. Oh, well, that kind of stuff is bound to happen when you elect to stand on the Wrong Side of History.

  • viking116

    they rape men. then they look down on them for being gay.

  • PenelopeWillis

    I was robbed by immigrants in a purported safe country. I don’t get why anyone would invite people from the third world in. You have to bring in 10 for every vote you gain for your “free” stuff. Are you winning?

  • Littleredtop

    possibly true

  • GibsonL5

    No doubt, a self-loathing Kraut…

  • Bug Chaser

    Because of you we have a seriously problem unfolding in Europe.

  • PenelopeWillis

    Where do you live? There’s way more illegal aliens in LA, NYc and Miami then any city in Europe. We do not have common sense.

  • PenelopeWillis

    I’ve been mugged and think itvwould indeed straighten out many liberals, particularly those from communities without minorities.

  • lonestar

    29 and a student for the past 5 years? He just screams clueless liberal.

  • Fifty Ville

    I predict his nomination for Dummscheisskopf des Jahres by unanimous acclamation of Germans.

  • Mike Rakhabit

    He was “sad”? Got, how cucked are these people? I bet he apologized to the attacker for bleeding on him.

  • DEC

    F’ing moron

  • Mike Rakhabit

    Third world people bring third world problems. The white and “white” elites who insist on importing these people are only doing so to create a buffer between themselves and the white middle class who could possibly vote them out of power. They don’t believe in freedom, they believe in creating a caste system. I’m glad this douche got stabbed by one of his immigrant pets. It’s about time these folks stepped on the landmines they are planting for the rest of us.

  • Jeff Good

    Stabbed in the Back By Arab Migrants

  • pcrunamock

    cock a doodle do

  • WorkingMan

    Some fools never learn…

  • plataoplomo

    I guess once you have a term….like “fool”….. you need to have reoccurring, real world examples to refer to. Time to update websters……

  • rightside100

    If he was wearing that sweater that screams I’m Gay! I have an idea why he was stabbed.

  • Onceler’s Revenge

    so peaceful and contributing so much everywhere they invade..

  • D A

    These are the people Obama, the Democrats and the RINO GOP are planning on shoving onto America !!

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Poor lil’ Self-Hating White Dude.
    Something-something about “hoping the alligators will eat him last”, right?

    After all, he did all the Appropriate Virtue-Signalling (“Hey, lookit me, I’m Down With Your Struggle, Bro!!!”) and so the savages were SUPPOSED to consider him one of their Useful Idiots and not murder him (at least not yet).

    A lot of the Lefties who think that their history of collaborating with the Invaders will give them immunity in the Burning Times To Come are going to get a real nasty shock when they find out it just ain’t so. Oopsie. Oh, well, that kind of stuff is bound to happen to idiots who choose to stand on the Wrong Side of History.

    Remember how Pamela Geller was slammed for her bus ad? “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.” This doofus didn’t.

  • D A

    Which Country ??

  • D A

    The problem is they are taking many of us and our families with them !!

  • carleyrow

    LOL this is the best news I’ve read in a long time. I love it when liberals stupidity bites them in the ass or in this case stabs them in the back. I hope California gets over run with Muslims so they can wipe out the liberals and then we can send in the well armed conservatives on an American Crusade to reclaim a Liberal and Mexicant free California.

  • Tim Nebola Jr.

    The kind of irony you can’t buy. Sympathetic, ball-gobbling, traitorous, immigration activist almost killed by the same animals he so strongly advocates for.


    Stupid liberals….

  • Well keep it on the down low, but I have heard it is not very likely!

  • Bill Boinkr

    Wow talk about getting stabbed in the back. Dumb liberal.

  • Rockfish

    This imbecile would make a pet of a viper and wonder why the nice snake bit him. I’ll tell you, dummy – because that’s what they do!! It’s their nature. Now quit being a fool.

  • Rockfish

    So, she’s a dingbat. Everyone has them.

  • Spychiatrist

    Let this be a lesson you stupid liberals.

  • ps mike

    Sorry to disappoint, it is jewish money that buys off western politicians. Goldman Sachs was founded by jews, and it is still run by jews. Who did Mario Drahgi work for? Who have been the last 3 federal reserve leaders?

  • The lunacy of the loony lib’s always reminds me of a favorite song, extolling one of life’s important lessons:

    The Snake
    By Al Wilson

    On her way to work one morning
    Down the path along side the lake
    A tender hearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake
    His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew
    “Poor thing,” she cried, “I’ll take you in and I’ll take care of you”
    “Take me in tender woman
    Take me in, for heaven’s sake
    Take me in, tender woman,” sighed the snake

    She wrapped him up all cozy in a comforter of silk
    And laid him by her fireside with some honey and some milk
    She hurried home from work that night and soon as she arrived
    She found that pretty snake she’d taken to had been revived
    “Take me in, tender woman
    Take me in, for heaven’s sake
    Take me in, tender woman,” sighed the snake

    She clutched him to her bosom, “You’re so beautiful,” she cried
    “But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you might have died”
    She stroked his pretty skin again and kissed and held him tight
    Instead of saying thanks, the snake gave her a vicious bite
    “Take me in, tender woman
    Take me in, for heaven’s sake
    Take me in, tender woman,” sighed the snake
    “I saved you,” cried the woman
    “And you’ve bitten me, but why?
    You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”
    “Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin
    “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in
    “Take me in, tender woman
    Take me in, for heaven’s sake
    Take me in, tender woman,” sighed the snake

  • Mysterian

    The liberal world contains no common sense. What? Did this moron not hear of “kill the infidels”. They don’t care if it’s your country, they do as they wish.

  • cuckservativeking

    That’s a shame.

    Please pass the dinner rolls.

  • DD

    HIJRAH – (Muhammad’s most important teaching – without it all else is moot) – Spread to non-Muslim lands; stay separate and keep ‘Sharia;’ gain numbers, strength, and power; demand the host nation accommodate you; supplant the host people, takeover. — ‘Religion’ is their perfect cloak, and the perfect ruse to use on the destructive liberal Progressives in power. Stop protecting them under this guise of ‘religion!’ Reject the mandated Progressive PCism and have a chance to save western civilization and the futures of your children and grandchildren!

  • TexanForever

    And did they steal his pizza too?

    (Liberal Europe’s lost to the Caliphate.)

  • Momster

    Sauer-Bower? Smith & Wesson–it’s a blessin’?

  • Momster

    The muzzies in question tried to, but failed. He’s still alive.

  • Davis

    Poetic justice! A liberal is someone that has not been mugged yet!

  • joesockit

    They were attempting a mercy killing. Anyone so stupid as to believe that letting these 7th century savages into their country is a good idea is obviously brain damaged and will have a painful life. They wanted to end the suffering for him. Unfortunately, they missed the correct artery. On the upside he holds no malice and will no doubt give them the opportunity to try again. And Europe wonders why they are going down the tubes when they have people like this idiot existing there.

  • Jerry Frey

    Maureen New York 6 hours ago

    Why? There are large colonies of Muslims in France. They do not benefit France. Are they vibrant, welcoming communities or are they hostile, sullen crime ridden blights? Is that the Europe you want to see developed in the future?

  • Hangtown Bob

    He was very sad…….. awwwww….. toooo bad…….

    So……. Is he still in favor of open and uncontrolled borders????

  • Jackazz Flatts


  • Silvertone

    You have no clue what Zionism is. Please educate yourself before commenting.

  • No One Important

    Ok. dewd.You advocated to bring them here, and they tried to kill you for no reason.At what point do we determine that you’re “learning disabled?”He’s “sad”. . .and still advocates for more. . . .Good lordy. . . .”you can’t fix stupid.”Do us all a favor kid – shut up and focus on your schooling/career and leave the heavy lifting/thinking to people who know what they’re talking about.You’re obviously not qualified.

  • HappyG

    No tears for this fool…

  • ShOwStOpp3r

    Jews trying to destroy Germany,,they’ve been obsessive about this since the end of WW2…
    destroying Europe’s national identity

  • disqus4u

    This is probably the only (and best) way to fix stupid.

  • No One Important

    Unbelievable how he doesn’t understand the vacuousness of what he’s doing. Even after being stabbed – he doesn’t get it.He’s advocating importing people who are not compatible with western philosophies.Circa 600 AD mind sets. 615 AD meets 2015 AD.He is, literally, advocating importing neanderthal cave men into an advanced nation and think the assimilation is going to go well. . . . .

  • Ed Taylor

    Merkel has launched a war against the German people by proxy. She and other European leaders are implementing an immigrant invasion that will end Europe.

    Merkel is not alone. Most western leaders have been coopted by the global elites to remake the geopolitical world so that third worldism is the norm. We see this on a smaller scale here in the U.S. Both U.S. political parties are engaged in our destruction despite what they say on the campaign trail.
    The GOP was handed a landslide in ’14 in part on the promise of fighting Obama’s amnesty, and once elected….sat on their hands.

  • No One Important

    The parable of the Scorpion and the Frog.

  • Republiker

    His democrat mindset nearly got him killed.

  • No One Important

    I’m reminded of the parable of the Scorpion and the Frog.

  • Jason Weishaupt

    1 German word to describe this idiot…blod.

  • No One Important

    Merkel tried to talk sense. . .in 2010. . she said “multiculturalism has failed, utterly.” And she was excoriated for it. . . Germany’s Angela Merkel: Multiculturalism has ‘utterly failed’ October 17, 2010:“At “the beginning of the 1960s our country called the foreign workers to come to Germany and now they live in our country,” said Ms. Merkel at the event in Potsdam, near Berlin. “We kidded ourselves a while. We said: ‘They won’t stay, [after some time] they will be gone,’ but this isn’t reality. And of course, the approach [to build] a multicultural [society] and to live side by side and to enjoy each other … has failed, utterly failed.”But a poll showed “Some 60 percent of Germans would “restrict the practice of Islam,” . . .It seems to be a fact that this “religion” is becoming a problem across the globe, to many nations. . ..

  • punchdrunk

    Whats the saying? “You reap what you sow.”

  • jimmy

    Right. Pretty rare for a Gay,

  • Nexus

    Kinda reminds me of the same syndrome that affects women who keep going back to their boyfriends that beat and abuse them

  • Rod Saba

    This admiral knows his stuff ://

  • Nelson Garcia

    If the line “stupid is as stupid does” ever applied to anyone, this is it! 🙂

  • Bug Chaser

    Oh, but not like ‘God’s people.’

  • TAK1

    Get used to it Europe. Invite animals in to live with you and this is what happens.

  • These people have sex with goats and live in mud huts in their homeland. What do you expect?

  • Shagnasty1

    And so was I. If you had to face Mooch every night wouldn’t you look for another bed to sleep in? I would.

  • Reality Blowz

    Despite his survival, I would hereby submit my nomination of Julius G For THE DARWIN AWARD.
    Or at least honorble mention for this esteemed classification of notoriety.
    Can anyone second this motion?

  • Hugo Martin

    What is the problem?
    politician goes against the people and the people react
    politicians need to align with the people or ………

  • barbara

    Well if that ain’t biting the hand that feeds you I don’t know what is. I hope the attackers are caught and thrown out of the country. Imagine the carnage they’ll create when granted asylum.

  • tengallonhat

    You are right, and my question is “HOW did they coordinate this on a global scale?” It had to be a Bilderberg-type meeting or G20/G8 agreement. This had to be a massive, coordinated effort by all the leaders of the western world. Additional questions are “WHY?” and “WHAT is the end goal?” And “WHAT benefits do the world’s leaders get in return?” What we are seeing is a calculated, coordinated effort to overwhelm all the western nations.

  • Praxeology

    Maybe this idiot should join PEGIDA.

  • Afterheart

    EU,please don’t call on the US to bail you out this time. We’ve got our own problems with obozo and his illegals!

  • Bob_Ingersoll

    Poetic justice.

  • Afterheart

    But we do have treasonous leaders!

  • Ed Woodson

    Glock, Sig-Sauer, S&W, Colt, Taurus, Ruger……….

    It doesn’t really matter which Brand, just get one and refuse to be a victim.

  • catAlone

    He won’t stop advocating for them until they kill him!!!! Suicide by ideology…..

  • franc1sc0

    Progressive just don’t get it. This is only the beginning of the alliterative and literal back-stabbing that Islamists will give the left. They are “useful idiots”, helping to establish immigrant enclaves, pushing tax-funded benefits that allow them to grow their numbers, and pushing diversity and political correctness to prevent the majority from voice dissent about these actions.

    Progressives would do themselves a favor by researching Islamist treatment of Atheists and Homosexuals. They should pay attention to the fact that both are legally punishable by death in more than a dozen Muslim countries right now.

    Once the Islamists have numbers in any country, the majority of Progressives will be the first beheadings used to demonstrate the penalty for non-compliance.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    This idiot probably blames the electric company every time he gets a shock from sticking his tongue in a light socket.

  • Guy Griller

    Why is everyone afraid to say it? They attacked him because he is gay. Are you sure you are ready for sharia? Too late for Germany; the New Arab Spring has sprung.

  • duffa

    snakes are known to bite!

  • Bug Chaser

    They no like my posts.

  • franc1sc0

    From my comment 6 minutes earlier: “Progressives would do themselves a favor by researching Islamist
    treatment of Atheists and Homosexuals. They should pay attention to the
    fact that both are legally punishable by death in more than a dozen
    Muslim countries right now.”

  • kogk1943

    LMFAO!!!! Just another stupid leftist POFS. Hopefully next time they will finish the job.

  • franc1sc0

    I have gut feeling that he wasn’t likely to procreate anyway; so sure, I second the nomination.

  • david293484

    HAHAHAHA….What poetic justice

  • johnny99

    Can’t fix stupid.

  • CZBZ

    Colleges today are all about politics and profits. The bigger colleges are always buying up properties in the area, yet they’re supposed to be non-profit. A lot of the 1960’s radicals are now college professors. One thing they don’t teach in college is common sense. If you don’t have it going in, you’ll still be clueless coming out, like this guy that was stabbed.
    The smartest guy I ever worked with had no college degree, but he was the guy that the engineers would see when they had technical problems they couldn’t figure out. Often times he was the one who pointed out their errors in the first place.

  • DP


  • DP


  • DP


  • DP


  • DP

    SHE HAS ……..JUNK….

  • alohay2k

    Obama, Dem and Rep corporatists have been stabbing us Americans in the back for years.

    Unfortunately, we Americans and the country will not recover.

  • Southernsoul

    Ah, the biter irony of Karma.

  • Weihan Xingqi

    Just wait until the third world is the absolute majority in Europe and in the USA. The liberals will then see what an irreversible, fatal mistake they’ve made with their “we’re-all’one-big-happy-family” lunacy!

  • saintpeeter

    Maybe next time when he gets killed he will be very perturbed that he is not pro-migrant enough. Yeah that makes sense.

  • Weihan Xingqi

    Knowing the “type” the man is, he’ll probably go on a good-will campaign to beg for forgiveness for the attackers and ask collect money for better knife sharpeners so that the attackers don’t feel slighted by the social criticism.

  • harriet


  • Cahal the Mad™

    Stabbed in the back… literally AND figuratively

  • Ex_MislTech

    Just a few million stabs to Eurabia.

  • DTS623

    Oh the joys and harmonies experienced in a multi-cultural community, Poetic Justice trumps Social Justice

  • Jet_Jaguar

    Don’t run. We are your friends. (Mars Attacks)

  • Michael_M_Mulligan

    One would hope they have higher standards.

  • Michael_M_Mulligan

    I’m afraid you’re giving Merkel, et. al. way too much credit.

    “Never ascribe to malice that which can adequately be explained by incompetence.”
    — Napoleon Bonaparte

    How about they are just plain stupid?

  • Michael_M_Mulligan

    You used too many words. Either would have been sufficient.

  • Guy Griller

    Yes, excellent post, but sometimes you have to spell it “out” for them!

  • malcom

    that;s what the race traitor gets

  • Ronald Reagan’s corpse.

    This happens in America all the time for a few citizens but with a twist.
    Once those few near retirement and get their entilements, they want
    smaller government and lower taxes because they got theirs and to heck
    with everybody else. That is the same thing in Europe. The established
    migrants are fearful of losing their place because of the new arivals
    will dilute entilements and will require a tax increase to pay for it.
    Leave it to conservatives to always create human suffering in the world
    from the local town to the global wars time and time again. If there
    was way to identify the conservative gene, abortion would solve all the
    worlds problems.

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    I wonder when this liberal a..hole will blame it on the right.

  • ComeToTheDarkSideWeHaveCookies

    I’m sure it was just a misunderstanding. If he only had a chance to talk to them, he would have become their best friend.

  • ComeToTheDarkSideWeHaveCookies

    Yes, they probably oppose background checks and registration for knives over there, so of course it was the right’s fault!

  • Camera3

    FO Nathan …

  • dg12

    I never trust niggers and ragheads. Mind on high alert, eyes on back of my head, finger on the trigger.

  • Albert Griggs

    This moron just learned a valuable lesson…Truth is truth. No matter how strongly anybody wants to believe something to the contrary, truth ALWAYS WINS.

    And the truth is that Islam always has and always will hate everything the West is and everything it stands for. No amount of “open-mindedness” or inclusion or seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses will change that. It’s not bigotry or “lack of education”, it is… Truth. What the world faces is a choice… A very ugly choice that we should not be having to face in the 21st century…. Our way, or their way. There is no middle ground and there is no compromise. You are willing to fight for what is your way of life or have it taken away from you. It is going to be horrific, ugly, sad, and at times seem like pure evil. But it’s your survival… Take it or leave it.

  • Konserwatysta

    Obviously this evil knife found its way into the unsuspecting hand of a poor Muslim immigrant. That evil knife must have forced its way into the man’s back.
    We must do something to protect Muslim immigrants. We need knife control laws; and we need them now!

  • rjm2238

    Hey, you can be your own corpse, you are halfway there because you already are brain dead.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • rjm2238

    This guy just got a look at the future he is trying to bring to all of us. I hope he likes it, I really do.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • rjm2238

    Great piece John, I could not agree more. Lock and load my friend and be safe.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • rjm2238

    The left doesn’t want to hear it so let them feel it. Maybe that will wake them up, but I wouldn’t bet on it.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • Jane Hathaway

    E tu Muhammed?

  • dave0987

    This fool, like all indoctrinated liberals, is just extremely anxious to grab his ankles.

  • Accurite

    Usually people like this never learn from there mistakes. Don’t believe me ask Barack Insane Obama

  • nadadhimmi

    Liberals are absolutely clueless. They are to stupid to let a full demonstration of reality alter their desired for scenario.

  • JoninMd22

    Karma is a B!+(h, isn’t it. This castrati can’t understand why members of a barbaric culture that see every European as a target stabbed him. Granted he is a student and academia has filled his head with multicultural nonsense.
    Get used to a lot more of this happening eurosheep.

  • CoachScottLA

    There’s not a bit of irony, poetic justice or anything else enjoyed as intellectual in the west in this stabbing. Islamists murder, have murdered and will continue to murder. It simply doesn’t matter what anyone’s thoughts are on the subject. Like the tale of the scorpion and the frog, murder is in their nature. There cannot be a political or cultural solution. Only two options are available to stanch this jihad; utter annihilation of the 2 or 3 hundred million Islamists on Earth or a religious reformation of Islam. A hula snackbar!

  • Senior VP, Race Relations

    That’s white liberals for you. Ever seen a self-respecting black man favoring illegal immigration? Neither have I.

  • mikeinchicagoarea

    The migrants sure know how to make themselves welcome.

  • BurmaShave2

    This is like petting a scorpion. Anyone who does not know better is beyond help.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    You put “self-respecting” there, so no.

  • Steven

    Dear Wei han, thanks for your interesting comment on the poor man. But frankly he has been doing what he think is good, and God remembers him.

    It is a very sad thing when those whom we helped turn and bite us . But that should not let us to become a cold man. For love is still the only solution of the world. Though it needs to be done wisely.

    The poor man needs our encouragement, not our laughters. He has chosen the only true way, though he did not have the wisdom to discern who are the wolves and who are the sheep. We need to help up one another in handling the great mass of refugees. To know who should be deal with iron tools, and who with bare hands.

  • boucle