It Begins… Chicago Coffee Shop Hit With Racist Graffiti: “White People Out of Pilsen”

A coffee shop in Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, a largely Hispanic area, was hit with threatening racist graffiti.

white people stickers pilson

This time vandals told the owners of Pilson Bow Truss Coffee to get out!
“White People Out of Pilsen”

Of course, if this was a black-owned store the story would make national headlines.

Racist vandals hit the same coffee shop earlier this year.
DNA Info reported:

PILSEN — Anti-gentrification signs have again popped up at Bow Truss coffee shop in 18th Street, this time reading: ‘White people out of Pilsen!”

The coffee shop, at 1641 W. 18th St., has been vandalized five times in the last two or three weeks, Bow Truss owner Phil Tadros confirmed Monday. The latest anti-gentrification messages, posted sometime late Sunday or early Monday, are in the form of stickers fashioned to look like the Chicago flag.

In January, anti-gentrification signs reading “”Fresh Roasted Gentrification Served Here!” and “Wake up and smellllll the gentrification” were plastered over the windows at Bow Truss, a coffee shop that The next weekend, the shop was hit again, prompting the Chicago-based owner to ask those targeting his store to come forward and talk about the polarizing issue.

On Monday, Tadros renewed that call. To date, nobody has claimed responsiblity for the signs, he said.

“They’re racist,” he said of the stickers. “A lot of hate is ignorance. I think the conversation needs to be had and I think that the person who is doing this, if your goal is to get something productive to happen, shoot me an email.”

pilson door
The coffee shop’s door was tagged earlier this year.
Hat Tip Andrew

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  • HARP2

    OK….and they’ll take the jobs and money with them.


  • SnugglesOfSarcasm

    funny, it’s called Pilsen because it was a settling point for white people from Pilsen, Czechoslovakia. They were run out in the 60s and 70s to make room for urban ghettos.

  • Enforce Our Laws

    Another failed DemokRAT Plantation city. I have some advise. If you live in Chitcago, get out and let it implode financially and criminally.

  • Donna

    You are white the writing is on the wall
    Question is can you read?
    You life is worth more than any business or home you ? own

  • LouAnnWatson

    yup, goodbye economy, hello gang warfare.

  • Paddy Bauler

    PIlsen is a friggin rat hole. The stupid whites that move in, have no clue how rough it can be.

  • LouAnnWatson

    gentrification can only happen when areas become blighted…how did those areas get that way? less production, more government grifting

  • smartguynyc

    Build a wall around it!

  • hwy55south

    Celebrate diversity! It’s our strength don’tcha know!

  • Jo Lissa

    When Illinois goes bankrupt it will be an even bigger rat whole. #SecureTheBoarderWithChicago #BuildTheWall

  • Juno IX

    Escape from Chicago

  • Jim

    With a moat. Yeah, I know – grease floats. So stock the moat with ‘gators.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    El greaserito: “…Every time white people show up, crime goes down, property values go up. Is this the mother**king 3rd World or isn’t it?? It’s terrorism!…”

  • AndrewInterrupted


  • AndrewInterrupted

    This is what a Pilsen taxi looks like.

  • lifsabsurd

    These signs were not likely put up by feral blacks who could scarcely be expected to be able to spell “gentrification”. This crap was most likely done by Democrat Whegroes, or Dolezals, people white ONLY on the outside. White, well-to-do Democrats are the ones doing the “gentrifying,” and white Democrats are the ones leading the insanity against it. Reminds one of the white, unionized Democrat cops being targeted by white Democrat Whegroes. Much of the white population of Abomination is anti-American, anti-white, anti-capitalist, and evil to the very core. Democrats are filthy, Nazi-like people. And don’t think for a second that higher intelligence or education makes them one iota less evil.

  • Lisa

    Is this the same coffee shop a week or so ago writing F*ck the Police ‘FTP’ on their coffee lids? Ma be a different one. IDK.

  • Robert49

    Idiots won’t ever learn it seems. If all white people no matter their politics suddenly decided hey let’s just segregate themselves from the black communities, you will suddenly see all the businesses that produce anything of real value to communities concentrated only in white communities then. Won’t be a grocery store, electronics store, dept store………ect in any black community afterwards.
    I can look at Africa for instance. None of the nations in Africa are civilized or modern other than those with White culture came in and intertwined in to society. What was what is known as South Africa now before the Brits got there? Nothing other than groups of Waring tribes, living in grass and mud huts. What was named Rhodesia before whites got there? Same as was South Africa was before the Brits got there. Uncivilized, living in grass and mud huts..
    Where do these racist Latinos and racist Black folk(Not all Latino and Black folk mind you) think they got their languages and modern culture from? You got it! White European Spanish and White English Speaking Europeans.
    If they want to be segregated then let them have at it but they will regret it pretty quick, when nothing exists of real value in their communities anymore. They will have a unemployment rate much, much greater than it already is when all the white owned businesses move out.

    That tells you they are nothing but outright racists on their part because no thinking individual would demand 95% of the legit business in a community get out. Complete idiots they are because that’s what will happen if all white business owners leave the black communities. Sad really!

    Thing is, most Black folk are not for throwing out white business owners. It’s always a loud chip on their shoulder minority of people that push that BS.

  • Ann in L.A.

    Just as long as white people aren’t out of pilsner, everything is cool.

  • E. Newton

    I fear all white people will be forced to move to New Jersey. They will live in migrant camps along the New Jersey Turnpike. Oh well, we had a good run. Time to surrender I guess.

  • Robert49

    Maybe Kurt Russell will make 1 more sequel. Hell the Director won’t even need stunt men to portray live action drive byes and gang warfare. Just a weekend night drive through Chicago and the director will get all the free reel live violent action he needs to edit in to a movie.

  • lingling

    Yep, so true. I was gentrified out of Wicker Park years ago, happy that it happened, lots of money in my pocket from the sale of the house and out of Chicago for good.

  • lingling

    That was in St Louis.

  • tinlizzieowner

    If the ‘White people’ leave who is going to pay the bills? :-/

  • ZZZzzzz

    Pilsen, on the lower West Side of Chicago (think Mexicans & Puerto Ricans), full of Latin Kings, Latin Counts and Vice Lords gangs protecting their ‘turf.’ They are pathetic losers and their education attainment amounts to almost 50% of the school population never even finishing high school. They are are kings and lords when it comes to being truant. Crime there is twice the national average. They’re afraid of whites moving in and making it beautiful like it used to be.

    I hope it happens.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Take this house, built in 1885, it’s gorgeous and a steal at $395,000, with 8 units. Oh, btw, there was a fire there recently in the back, but didn’t do too much damage. If a lily white fam moved in to keep this beauty intact and clean, they’d probably be harassed, robbed, stabbed or shot. Other areas in Chicago were populated by immigrants from Latin America (Europeans who went to South America after WWII) in the 1960s when white flight was taking place, bought beautiful homes cheap as that’s all they could afford and today they are worth mega $$$ because they had balls and stuck it out. It helped they spoke Spanish & Portuguese. I feel the same will happen here soon, but what will happen is white gays will move in first, as they are a protected class, and white heteros will follow. I’ve seen this happen all over Chicago and other metro cities all over the U.S.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Idiota racista Gutiérrez bastardo de mierda!


    AND welfare

  • Gabri Gabri

    problem is white in usa are a minority… and same of them arent really smart..

  • Carolingian
  • deebyoda

    Calling Snake Plissken! Calling Snake Plissken!!!! Pick up the phone!!!!

  • The 10th Crusader

    The Bern said no problem. He’s got free Gummint money.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Or, this 10 bedroom Limestone beautiful house….you see, dumbo blacks and hispanics don’t realize the prime real estate they occupy, within sight of downtown, then complain when whites come in…..there are TONS of pending sales. No wonder these pathetic losers feel threatened. I’m glad. If you can’t take care of your neighborhood, it’s time for whites to move in and gentrify and get $$$ back into property tax values to polish those diamonds in the rough…

  • Truth Detector

    So that’s what a turd looks like!

  • lifsabsurd

    You’re a real estate agent?

    Eight units? You mean apartments? A multifamily residence?

    Even if this were a safe neighborhood and a single residence, and even if I could afford it, some of us would rather have a house with a yard and one built with electric service and gas heat from its original construction. You could never entice me to live in this old monstrosity or the other one you show, not even if you paid me to, not even if the inside was extensively updated. For me they look like urban prison cells with your neighbors living close enough to smell them. If this is “gentrification” then the gentry can have it.

  • Feet2Fire

    Exactly. They don’t think too far ahead, it seems.

  • Feet2Fire

    If you can’t take care of your neighborhood, it’s time for whites to move in and gentrify…

    Exactly. Instead of wising up (and cleaning up their ‘hood), all they learn is how to “OPPOSE GENTRIFICATION.” BS.

  • Feet2Fire

    WOW! Gorgeous. Too bad it’s in Chicago…!

  • hoistthatrag

    They always send the white gays in first to clean and redecorate.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Luis is a PR. Ricans have very large heads. Not much in them–but large. There must have been large head worship back when his people were eating s**t and barking at the moon. Dunno. Too bad it wasn’t high IQ worship.

    Most every illegal you encounter will claim they’re Puerto Rican. It’s standard operating procedure.

  • ZZZzzzz

    LOL @ real estate agent, but I grew up in the City in a mansion in Wicker Park, a beautiful neighborhood today near Ukrainian Village, it was on a double city lot and planted with roses, perennials and amazing inside and we even washed the sidewalks. This house is solid brick and gorgeous and if the goons didn’t trash the inside, you’re looking at high ceilings with ornate wood, pocket doors, etc. Many homes (maybe not this one unless you have a roof garden) might be on double city lots. We’re not talking acreage here, but location location location.

    Once this neighborhood is gentrified, full of law-abiding whites and shops/entertainment/bars/restaurants open up nearby, these 8 apartments that was once a 3-flat, will go for $2000-$3000/month easy due to its location. I think you’d change your mind getting $16,000+ a month in cash flow.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Non-whites aren’t critical thinkers. They don’t even rate 2nd World.

  • ZZZzzzz
  • Feet2Fire

    Beautiful! Wasted on the latter-day locals. 🙁

  • lifsabsurd

    Not a chance. IMO, ugly is ugly. old is old, and urban is for losers. You can have your shops, your bars, and your strip joints. If I had my wish I would live on a minimum 200 acre farm as far away from people as I could get. The home would be modern but there would be PRIVACY. You can have your urban jungle. Not for me. Location, location??? In the middle of urban Chicago? The saddest thing is I know you aren’t joking.

  • Goober_Pyle

    The problem is your grammar and punctuation.

  • lifsabsurd

    Clearly beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everything you’ve shown is bone ugly to me.

  • ZZZzzzz

    I know….many of those Ukrainians who bought these types of homes in the 60’s ended up buying tens to hundreds of acres themselves to retire to and have a legacy for their families and so many in Wisconsin Dells too. Notoriously frugal, they always bought land. They would always say the Communists are coming, and wanted land to farm, preferably with streams, ponds or lakes to survive just in case. When I was young I would laugh at that Commie remark, turns out, they were right.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Aww come on…any one of these on 200 acres would cheer you up, but then again as you said…

  • lifsabsurd

    Yeah. Funny. But different strokes for different folks. During college I worked summers for Anheuser Busch in the bottling department. The smell of beer to this day makes me nauseous. Live where you wish and drink what you want. Just don’t expect everyone to share your tastes.

  • Finncrisp

    I am sure the ballet boy mayor has this one covered. Rahm? Oh Rahm?

  • ZZZzzzz

    Chill…I’m the last person in the world to push anything on anyone or expect anything, I agree with you.

  • Gnome Sane

    “… gangs protecting their ‘turf.'”…Now that’s funny since these tough guys don’t own anything. Their “turf” belongs to someone else.

  • socilasatelite

    Lol black owned coffee shop …yee hee what a bunch of idiots that will never get ahead

  • nearboston

    White people. We’ll just pay via long distance a.k.a. weffair, session ate, aeffdeecee…..

  • John Smith

    Blacks are to a city, what termites are to a forest.

  • nearboston

    It may be the small minority that SAYS they don’t like whitey, but the other 90% agree in silence.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    I think it is time to bring back segregation. Seems it is what blacks want…now.

  • Gnome Sane

    White flight = Bad
    Gentrification = Bad
    “Diversity” in white enclaves = Good
    Any questions?

  • bicentennialguy

    OK, fine. They’ll leave and take their money with them.

  • The Nev

    The funny, and sad, part is that it was probably written by a guilty white regressive.

  • bicentennialguy

    If they want to live in filth, deterioration and squalor, let them.

  • stanlaurel4

    Somewhere Obama is smiling

  • stanlaurel4


  • Where can we apply for reparations?

  • stanlaurel4

    Well said Gabri. ( rolls eyes )

  • Republiker

    I know what you’re sayin’

  • Humility

    When will Latinos realize that liberals only want their votes and do not care about them as a minority or as a culture? Reliable and gullible to the last.

  • 2ndprotectsall

    Personally you can have the urban sh*t towns, but don’t bring your crime, hate or racism to my neck of the woods, it’ll be the last thing you do.

  • stanlaurel4

    When they figure that out they can explain it to the blacks

  • nearboston

    What can you expect after 2 generations of “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant = BAD?

    Don’t you know, all of the worlds’ evils -education, medicine, hygiene- were perpetrated on the noble savages around the globe by WASP’s?? It’s so much better to be ignorant, sick and dirty than have white man influences foisted upon you!!!

  • Tori

    But that’s what liberals do. They move in, destroy, and move on to the next target. Locusts.

  • stanlaurel4

    I give the US maybe 1 generation before it becomes a 3rd world sh hole. China is licking it’s chops

  • Russ

    Gentrification graffiti?

    I would not expect them to spell it correctly, let alone know what it means when 82% of minority are illiterate there.

    I think a cracker did it.

  • nearboston

    They don’t care!

    As long as you pay for the babies, the roof, the food…. They sit back and smile! Heck, we’re giving them free internet and laptops now, they’re all set!!!

  • bigdaddy


  • nearboston

    minoritIES…. 82% of minoritIES are illiterate there.

  • mehitable

    Yup, the same people behind #BlackLiesMatter.

  • fizmath

    Humans are tribal by nature. Pluralism is a failure and no one ever asked for it.

  • nearboston

    Just one question:
    Why did you leave off the GOTO White Flight command after the Diversity line?

  • Juno IX

    Executive Producer: THE POTUS

  • EEDDGGY1776

    Any comments from the COEXIST dolts?

  • nearboston

    Where do you think THEY learned it from????

    You work for a living or something??

  • Russ

  • If whites would just get up tomorrow morning and declare “enough is enough”, you can’t imagine what it would do for this nation. Economically and morally.

    Blacks make up, roughly, 10 percent of the population. They DO NOT wield the power they think they do IF the whites of this nation decide to enforce THEIR influence. If all/most whites decided tomorrow “no more hand-outs, no more lay-abouts”, these radical P O S would be in deep, deep doo…….

  • Tommy boy

    How about taking the “White Money” out too. Like Welfare, EBT cards, etc. Shouldn’t be a problem, right?

  • FinbarOS

    Looks like Mugabe-style land reform.

  • TDC

    Nobody can afford to live in NJ anymore, we are all being priced out of the state. That’s why we are moving south.

  • MudFlapShoes

    poor dumb bast a r d s.

  • mjnbell

    Oversized ear to oversized ear.

  • zzzzzzzot

    I know it’s been said before and hind sight is always 20/20, but the idea to bring, you know who in, to do all that roofing and lawn care was really a crappy one.

  • wag_dog_69

    This is obviously fake. I know because the spelling is correct.

  • Jim1937

    Who in their right mind would want to move to a ghetto in Chicongo?

  • George Dixon

    Obama. Built. This.

  • Babyler

    It’s called La ReConquista, people. You’d better get used to it. This is what Amnesty is for.

    For them its to drive the Gringo from Atzlan and redeem their Latin Pride.

    For our rich elites its to gain a new servant class with which to break and replace the Middle class here … bring about a return to a form of Feudalism like that in the rest of the 3rd world where your family is your fate.

  • independent_forever

    And the communities that are almost 100% minority are doing so well aren’t they….talk about biting the hands that feed them. Ungrateful losers who just want anarchy and lawlessness in society and could care less about actual positive anything. Who do you think started the word gentrification anyway…racist hateful minorities…guess they want everyone to act as they say, not as they themselves do…hypocrites…

  • videosavant

    The people in this community are being used.

    Most of them couldn’t pick the word “gentrification” out of a Scrabble line-up.

  • darrell_b8

    I’d move; meskins don’t drink much coffee anyway.

  • Mark Kittering

    Diversity is a code word for “we are coming to live in your white neighborhoods and assist you in dropping property values and trashing your white enclave.”

  • ohio granny

    Might be time for all law abiding people to get the Hell out of Chicago and let the feral animals have their way. After the streets are filled with the blood of opposing gangs of thugs killing each other maybe then some parts of Chicago will again be safe for people of all colors. Until then any law abiding citizen who can should run as far and as fast as they possibly can to protect themselves and their families from the lawlessness that is descending on them.

  • Jerry S

    Blacks lost their right to live in black neighborhoods the day whites lost their right to live in white neighborhoods.
    It’s interesting that an ‘historically black neighborhood’ must be preserved at all costs but an ‘historically white neighborhood’ must be destroyed by federal law.
    Blacks incessantly complain that white folk don’t care about their communities. But when whites move in and improve the quality of the neighborhood, blacks throw a hissy fit.

    Can you say “Hypocrites?”

  • Jerry S

    Blacks lost their right to live in black neighborhoods the day whites lost their right to live in white neighborhoods.
    It’s interesting that an ‘historically black neighborhood’ must be preserved at all costs but an ‘historically white neighborhood’ must be destroyed by federal law.

    Blacks incessantly complain that white folk don’t care about their communities. But when whites move in and improve the quality of the neighborhood, blacks throw a hissy fit.

    Can you say “Hypocrites?!”

  • caligula

    white people should definitely move out and take all their money and jobs with them. these gimmedats thinking they’re being “revolutionary” will eventually stick their grubby little hands out again and ask whitey for mo’ money or whatever.

    every now and then they get a little uppity. you just have to let them act out and then wait for the inevitable, hilarious fail to occur.

  • caligula

    what white person would want to live in a dirty slum like that anyway?

  • p3orion

    I had the same thought. Graffiti with correctly spelled five-syllable words strikes me as very suspicious.

  • ontheright

    Who is John Galt?

  • streetfighter

    They are too stupid to realize that first, they are being used and second, as pressure for added social services mounts ($), blacks will go to war with Latinos. Sit back and enjoy

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Oh, the things some folks will do with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

  • streetfighter

    Latinos– the new and improved termite

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Ha! Chicago: The new Detroit.

  • Joe

    Does this include “white Hispanics”?

  • marktomark

    LOL and were the racists LOL effing pathetic these people !! the black community is so effed up by DemocRATS they dont know what the F they are doing anymore !!! i cant even believe they still follow the DemocRATS but hey they want free stuff !! gaming the system !!!

  • jeffersonian_nc

    You beat me to it.

  • Jim Southerland

    Just what do they want? I guess they want their own jungle where they can run amok, just as long as we send them monthly checks for their indolence.

  • matrix

    It’s all good. This coffee shop is owned by liberal white guiltists who felt they deserved such treatment.

  • JY1

    Remember Starbucks and their snarky “racial dialog promotion”, by writing anti-white comments on customer’s coffee cups?

    Remember Starbuck’s embarrassment (and immediate cancelling of that promotion) when they were exposed as not having any locations in Ferguson or black neighborhoods, and sage words of wisdom about how these esoteric businesses are not viable in a ghetto?

    Pilsen is proving that true.

    And Starbucks still has time to pull the plug on the ghetto locations they claim they will open in the next three years.

  • BOStinks2

    Give it to them. Stop all things white people do to contribute to that city. Get your own food from your third world country and disease yourselves to death

  • If the whites left, who would pay the taxes that support the welfare checks?

  • Jim Southerland

    Help celebrate white achievement, turn on a light switch, start a car, make a call on your cell phone, etc etc. Why do we need mud people? Send them back to their native shitholes and let them continue their jungle pathology there.

  • caligula

    well, you know…they did a great job with Mexico, Central America and South America. so we should probably let them turn Chicago into a majestic utopia as well.

    hahahahaha, but seriously, why is it that western european countries and countries populated by western european descendants always seem to be the most successful and technologically advanced countries?

    are western europeans and their descendants simply the smartest people in the history of the planet? yes. yes, they are. it’s quite obvious.

  • Obamastein

    Slavery may have been wrong, but the bigger mistake was bringing blacks to America to begin with. It was not worth all the crapola that comes with these people.


  • Betty Page

    nodding head furiously…

  • johnfembup

    Does this mean White Hispanics have to leave, too?

  • Liberalism_is_a_disease

    Isn’t “Hope and Change” wonderful?

  • Bruiser in Houston

    If you live in ANY Democrat run city, get out and let it implode. I live in west Houston, the only white, conservative part of the city. You can still walk the streets at night and housing is still good, but it won’t last. We’ll be out of here in two years.

  • caligula

    you know how it will be after all the whites leave and these racist “others” take over the neighborhood: run-down homes, cars on cinder blocks, trash everywhere. but no leaves on the sidewalks. no leaves in the roads, or in the yards… not a single leaf in sight. because you know…all of these folks have leaf blowers.

  • Jason

    I wonder if this will make NBC, ABC, MSNBC and the others, just asking rhetorically of course, we know the answer.

  • caligula

    irish and chinese were also slaves, and they didn’t turn out to be HUGE pieces of_shit after slavery was abolished. what gives?

  • BigIronRam

    So what happened to all that leftist “diversity is our strength” BS?

  • caligula

    this is like children telling their parents to stay out of their room. it’s cute if nothing else.

    they’ll come back with sad puppy eyes groveling for mo’ money, or ‘mas dinero’, when they run out of pop tarts or fruit roll-ups or whatever.

  • Gnome Sane

    The goal is 100% diversity… whiteys left.


    Yes Whites get out of every inner city cesspool in the country, also take your money with you. Blacks will starve to death without the tax money paid by white Americans. Blacks are as a people nothing but a bunch of parasites!

  • Obamastein

    They were not and are not black and lazy.



    How do you hide something from a black person? Put it under their work boots.

  • caligula

    if only that were the case, but you know and i know that whites can move out and take the jobs they create with them, and take the higher property values with them, and take the better morals with them, but…the gov’t will ALWAYS use violent force and incarceration to mandate that all whites continue to pay for these dregs.

  • opaque blinders

    Is it any surprise that even the Graffiti Artist can’t spell the name of the business properly. I guess Graffiti days always fell on spelling days.

  • And guess who rightfully deserves the blame? We do. No two ways about it. Watch the video, “Time for Christians and conservatives to shut up, stop pretending to care…” It is on YouTube with no ads. Therein one finds the full account of why and how America was conquered. We are today merely a people living mostly in denial about the fact that a war already was waged and lost, and today largely still blaming liberals for the attacks on truth, freedom and the culture.

  • Martin Van Nostran

    “We don’t want you white people coming in here fixing the place up, making it safer and creating jobs!! Go do that someplace else!!”

  • Jabbor

    Beware the racist trolls… for they only come out in the comments section. Abandon all hope in basic humanity, ye who enter here.

  • rs1123

    White people out of Chicago. Let those wonderful racists there pay their OWN flipping freight.
    I was born in Chicago, left many years ago and now I won’t even go there for anything.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Dude – never say “shoot me” anywhere near Chicago (even referring to a email)!!!

    Anyway – come or stay and its “gentrification”. Leave and its “white flight”.

    See it? The political left has everything set to blame white skin color no matter what. There is your real racism right there.

    Better wake up to it folks. Polar Bear hunting won’t consist of a fist to the face for much longer.

  • Getting out rather than fighting back over the last 100 years is precisely how Christians and conservatives chose to surrender rather than fight against the people who have conquered this country. And I don’t mean the immigrants entirely, but the neo-communist thieving control-freak god-mocking liars in the Demonic Party and the liberal Republican phonies who go along with them. Plus of course the professional liars at ABC News, NBC and CBS.

    Watch the video, “Time for Christians and conservatives to shut up, stop pretending to care…” It is on YouTube. If conservatives continue passing the blame for this condition, there will in 30 years be no place other than small towns in Montana that look anything like the country they once knew.

  • grey

    Blacks were able to hide their racism in the past. Now that Whites have bought in to that B. S. and started to move into THEIR communities (after YEARS of many Blacks moving into White communities) their HATE is out front.

  • opaque blinders

    Their property values should be going up then since we are moving back in.

  • Reaganite

    I’m not going to lie. I’m white and I don’t like most white people who hang out in coffee shops either.

  • Jason

    Four legs good, two legs bad!

  • John Mcguire

    Peiple are assuming it’s a “minorory” doing this. ….. don’t be shocked if it turns out to be some white cultural hipster

  • Myke Wrob

    Is this Luis Guierrez’s district ?
    Its OK, Under Obama it has been shown that only religious second amendment supporting whites and all police are racist. Drug dealers who sell poison in minority neighborhoods and thugs who assault cops have been risen to the level of folk hero with the blessing of the President and his Justice Department and anyone south of the US border who promises to vote democrat in the future is allowed into the country along with their entire third world sh*t hole village. Obama and the democrats HAVE DONE NOTHING to advance/unite this country THEY have only kept groups separated by demographics and angry at each other to ensure their voting for democrat handouts and cries of abuse and victimization.

  • MrWorldCitizen1

    Once again proving the most racist people in the USA are the black urbanites.

  • rs1123

    Chicago has a current fiscal shortage of $750 MILLION, that’s about $250 a head for every man/woman/child and heaven knows a bunch of them are not contributing one dime in taxes so the per person debt will work out much higher for those who do pay taxes. And the state of IL – having been run by Dems elected from Chicago – is in even worse shape. If you don’t get out while you can you will have nobody to blame but yourself when they levy an enormous tax on you as you try to sell your home and flee.

  • MooTieFighter

    They should leave, but make sure they take all their belongings, fiscal contributions, law enforcement, health care workers/facilities, city employees, etc…. with them. It will look like a third world country in a few months.

  • Jason

    Yup, Bob is their uncle.

  • TruthBeTold

    Exactly so.

    When it comes to dealing with blacks and the political left, it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    If police crack down on black crime, they’re harassing blacks. If police stop targeting black crime, blacks complain ‘white folk don’t care about black folk’.

    When dealing with blacks and the left, it’s a lose-lose game.

  • Jason

    That is an understatement.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I have said it before. When so called minorities get wee weed up, towns are left in tatters.

    When white people get Fed Up, entire continents burn.

    I am no fan of escaping when something is worth fighting for. I am a fan of people getting what they wish for so they can finally own what they have long refused to listen to warnings about.

    Ironic it is.
    Leave. End welfare – along with limiting government in other regulatory invasion- and these communities will stand or fall on their own. Nobody to blame but themselves then.

  • Yaspar

    Beat me to it. I’d bet money it’s dumb white college kids, playing “down wif’ da hood.”

  • Pluto’s Moon

    Wow ! Blacks are racist ? ! ?
    Who’d a thunk it !
    ( said with a sarcastic tone…)

  • algonquinmatt

    The liberal media has milked the narrative of blacks and hispanics being victims at every turn, in an effort to be politically correct. This is what we get for just going along with their biased b.s.

  • TruthBeTold

    The same thing happened on Buffalo’s east side.

    It was a Polish community until blacks forced the Poles to flee. Now it’s a stereotype of a black community with the crime, violence, poverty, and political clowns ranting and raving that ‘white people don’t care about black people’

  • Mike in Illinois

    Hmmm. Blaming white people? Cmon now.

  • algonquinmatt

    Some of them contend that they cannot be racist…only the majority (whites) can be racist. Seriously.

    Chicago Public Skrewls would never tell them otherwise.

  • Mike in Illinois

    It already has.
    Got lottery? 🙂

  • AtlasObjectivist

    It’s time to get out, I’ve had enough, they can have it. I’ll take my tax dollars elsewhere and they can swim in their own feces, just like Detroit.

  • SteveDave123

    “its only racist if it comes from white people” said every college indoctrinated American millennial.

  • Mike in Illinois

    China is already buying every piece of property it can get its hands on.
    Far too many aren’t paying attention to it.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Lots of white people were slaves, some even owned by blacks.

  • AHAisDOA

    Sorry I doubt it’s blacks or hispanics doing the graffiti. If so, I’m sure they had to bribe some white kid to spell
    “gentrification” for them.

  • beth g.

    I don’t want to live in “Haiti”.

  • lifsabsurd

    I have stated my opinion many times. The primary problem with respect to blacks and many Hispanics is their low IQ handicap. But the lies that white Democrats tell to use them as political pawns come in a strong second. The white Democrat female doesn’t statistically even have the low IQ handicap, and yet this white demographic is the most evil group of people in the country. They don’t statistically have the worst criminal record as blacks do, but that is only because they were able to legalize their evil.

  • speed racer

    Hey blacks, you need to stop being manipulated into hating the whites like the gubment wants you to. It’s not us you need to worry about, it’s the coming Muslim war. White, black, Mexican, doesn’t matter, they want to kill us all EQUALLY. It’s a time like this that you need to get that big chip off your shoulder and unite as one. We didn’t have this huge racial divide until Obama got into office and created it. Now we’re headed back into the 60s unless the black community pulls their heads out of their butts

  • Tyler Smith

    If you are white and still vote Democrat, you have only yourself to blame. If you have children and you are white and vote Democrat, you are destroying the country for your children. When whites are the minority your children will be legally discriminated against. STOP VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS!

  • yvehc_telorvehc

    it’s the handiwork of some self-loathing, white leftist- not a black or a spanic- otherwise the message wouldn’t be a grammatically-correct, coherent sentence where every word is spelled correctly.

  • SryMrsJackson

    Wonder what happens to a city when all the white people flee.

    Wish we had an example….hmmmmmmm

  • speed racer

    No one wants to go to prison because they won’t have Facebook.

  • Squid Overlord

    The city will eventually cave-in on itself. Stand clear of the fall-out.

  • If beaners would rather live in squalor, then why are they sneaking into a civilized country?

  • speed racer

    Sounds ridiculous but there is a lot of truth to that mentality.

  • Yaspar

    If you went to college you should know that something offensive to you makes you nauseated, not nauseous. The beer is nauseous, you are nauseated.

  • speed racer

    You’ve never been to Mexico. Squaller here is high class living there.

  • speed racer

    South Africa

  • BraveNewWhirled


  • BraveNewWhirled

    What’s this “we” stuff?

  • Yaspar

    Enjoy your trailer in the woods.

  • Been there and you couldn’t be more right.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    They think they won’t become victims of the knockout game.

  • Yaspar

    Being smarter and better-looking has its advantages.

  • Vuil

    Let’s not beat around the bush: there is a slow motion race war in the US aided and abetted by the media and most importantly by Obama. Both the media and Obama take the side of blacks and Hispanics against whites in every circumstance.

    And this war is extended well beyond the US. In Europe the invasion of Europe helped by the mad self-hating liberalism of the Germans is cheered on by the press. They play fast and loose with fact. The drowned boy for example was not a refugee. He lived with his parents in Turkey for three years before they tried to get to Europe.

    So even on Fox we have people like Juan Williams relentlessly arguing that blacks seem to be seldom at fault. It is always the white man.

    The harsh fact that blacks do not seem capable of

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Nike makes work boots?

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Soros/DNC/La Raza dollars at work.

  • Sc0tty

    “Whereveryou find the Negro everything is going down around him, and
    wherever youfind the White man you see everything around him improving.”
    –RobertE. Lee, to Col. Thomas H. Carter, May, l965

    I direct your
    eyes to Iceland. This is what happens when you put whites on an island
    and leave them alone >> Iceland, the only all-White nation in the world,
    has the world’s highest literacy rate. 100%. It is an island of cooled
    volcanic magma, located Just south of the Arctic Circle. It has no coal,
    no fuel,no timber, no mineral wealth or natural resources, and no
    navigable rivers.75% of the interior is uninhabitable and only about 1%
    of the land is arable.It is the youngest nation in Europe and one of the
    most isolated countries in the world. Nonetheless, Iceland is #2 in the
    world in life expectancy and has one of the world’s highest standards of
    living, in terms of per capita income. It has tremendous medical
    facilities and a thriving publishing business. Upon graduation from
    high school, each Icelandic student has learned five languages.

    Then there is Haiti – the only all black nation which leads the world (with Detroit, Philly, Atlanta, etc) in crime, disease, and poverty. This is the world your children will be living in.

  • Yaspar

    Literacy = credibility.

  • IceStar

    People with brains like having tax paying job providing business in their communities.

    I would move my business elsewhere

  • lifsabsurd

    Thanks. And for those who want it, may they enjoy a nice urban apartment smaller than my trailer, along with the stench and the crime of the city.

  • cargosquid

    ”Fresh Roasted Gentrification Served Here!”

    I guarantee that the vandals are going to be some sort of “social justice” activists and probably white.

  • Yaspar

    In which, not where.

  • opaque blinders

    Where was Tarantino last night?

  • William Konrad

    My Grandparents were downtrodden pheasants, mistreated by the gentry class, so what? That’s the way things were, who owes me anything for that kind of treatment? Grow up and get a life and stop living in the past and expecting me to pay for the sins of history.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    Gentrification is what “saved” Washington DC from being the murder capital of the world. Back in the 90s guns were banned in DC, yet it was the murder capital of the world. Gentrification and skyrocketing property values moved much of the thuggery elsewhere, such as PG County, MD. The DC homicide rate fell from 81/100,000 in 1990 to about 12/100,000 in 2012 (although it is still 3 times the national average).

    The surest way to reduce violent crime in an area is to have rich white “hipsters” drive up property values.

  • William Konrad

    Black people don’t care about black people.

  • Aytac Ercen

    We were not THIS polarized 7 years ago. Just saying…

  • Ron Peterson

    Truth Detector,
    The resulting product the day after feasting at the all you can eat taco bar.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    DC murder rate before gentrification: 81 per 100,000 in 1990. Guns completely banned.

    After gentrification: 12 per 100,000 in 2012.

    what’s so bad about gentrification?

  • 4902950E9

    My thoughts exactly!

  • Betty Sanders

    Yeah,.. that how cowards do it.

  • rr_nyc

    “We want segregation when it suits us” — Black Activists

  • lifsabsurd

    I looked this up. Sticklers still insist on your interpretation of the usage of the two words. But even the Oxford Dictionary now recognizes that the two words are commonly used interchangeably in America to refer to one experiencing nausea. In fact, the first definition it gives for “nauseous” is almost exactly consistent with my usage and meaning in my previous post:
    1 Affected with nausea; inclined to vomit: a rancid, cloying odor that made him nauseous


    Having a doctoral degree doesn’t automatically make me an elitist snob or a word Nazi. I’m a retired biologist.

  • bobdog19006

    “They were run out in the 60s and 70s to make room for an urban ghetto.”

    And a fine job they did with it, too.

  • vanpastorman

    What you say is happening in Harlem. Whites are moving back into Harlem and transforming the area so it doesn’t look so much like a war zone. I watched a youtube video where blacks were upset about this.

  • dwok

    Yep….gentrification brings with it upward mobility, higher wages and less crime………….annnnnnd a threat to the government subsidized housing many of the Pilsen residents currently enjoy.

  • vanpastorman

    I only spent 4 yrs in Chicago because I graduated from Moody Bible Institute. I was ready to leave. The Big City life is not for me.

  • JAFO

    Funny, they fought to desegregate, now they are fighting to segregate.

  • That’s funny, and like you say probably rather accurate. How would they ever spend the days uploading used jokes begging for people to like them and quenching the American addiction to always be laughing.

  • sirandrew

    With apologies to Sir Thomas Gresham :
    “Bad people drive out good people ”
    To prove this point ,look at every major city in this country.
    One black ghetto after the other .

  • Right-wing Realist

    Isn’t diversity great you guys? Clearly its our greatest strength!

  • Marcella (Ligature) Mastriani

    Thanks for the heads up… I live in Pilsen. Will go to Bow Truss and enjoy an espresso there for first time, today. Everyone should stand up against racism.

  • michael s

    They wrote it in English. How white of them.

  • Buddy McKenzie

    The old segregationists were right all along

  • Russ

    how easily liberals are misled then!

    your logic is a folly

  • Damariustyronebuckwheatdonte

    So it’s clear that blacks are the ones that are racist. I have not seen a single “no blacks allowed” sign anywhere, period. I imagine that as soon as us white people stop giving them money, EBT cards, welfare, housing subsidies, subsidized health care, etc. that they’ll turn into working class individuals and decent citizens, right? They’ll also stop killing cops for fun, murdering each other for drugs and ho’s, stop pimping, stop rioting, looting, committing arson, raping, selling drugs, committing burglaries and robberies, etc, right?

  • Damariustyronebuckwheatdonte

    Why should we “care” about the blacks or their thugs? They bring death, destruction, lower morals, no honesty, drugs, prostitution, crime….

    Sort of like Muslims also.

  • Damariustyronebuckwheatdonte

    Tacit approval is approval nonetheless. Blacks are racist, end of story.

  • caligula

    this isn’t being done by blacks. it’s being done by barack hussein’s dREAMERS. they’re just as uppity and self-serving.

  • Pluto’s Moon

    B I N G O !

  • Russ

    ferals cant spell gentrification in that state, nor know what it means.

    good to know any place they migrate to turns in to a 3rd world country.

  • Damariustyronebuckwheatdonte

    You must be a racist, as you are speaking the truth. ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER!

  • Moon Man

    I think the blacks need to reconnect with their roots back in africa. hopefully we can forcefully remove all them one day so they can live with their African KIngs and practice cannabalism like their ancestors.

  • alexb1

    Sadly, Chicago is going to look like a scene from the Walking Dead in a decade. Until two years ago, I spent half of every year in downtown Chicago (had lived part time since birth over half a century ago between Oak St and the River, on or east of Michigan Av). I still have a condo on McClurg, but I use it less and less frequently. Until the middle 1990’s, the downtown area had an air of sophistication and SAFETY, still rivaling some of the top cities of the world. In the last 15 years, the “bad elements” (Chicago has always had “neighborhoods” of troublemakers circumventing the main “city” but their problems stayed in their “neighborhoods”) have taken over “The Magnificent Mile” area. Upscale retailers are few and far between these days(Nordstrom doesn’t count on the retail side – they’ve become as bad as Macy’s; Oak St and a few shops on either side of Michigan from the 900-1000 block North is all that remains of high end retail), and where Bonwit Teller, Lord and Taylor, and I Magnin once were anchors you have Filene’s Outlest and H&M. Watertower caters to the “gotta get my new Nikes eventhough I’m on public assistance” crowd, and of course, Marshall Field’s was turned into Macy’s (which has always been a NY schlock operation – I mean, how much marked up imported crap can you hang on racks and stack in the aisles). The parks, which always had homeless, 99% of which were harmless and known by name in the area, are now filled with “VIOLENT vagrants” who harrass passersby without police intervention and filthy up the common areas to the point that no one dares sit in a local park to contemplate the beauty of the area let alone bring your kids (or dogs) out to play. Then there is the lakefront where you could go for a run/walk/etcetera undisturbed by criminal elements – ladies, not the place to shed the pounds anymore unless your armed guards are running right behind you. Then there is the overall accumulation of “FILTH” and I mean FILTH of the physical kind in that the City is just downright DIRTY these days. The joke always was “white shirt by day, grey shirt by evening”, but that was a minor issue compared to the piles of garbage and human waste EVERYWHERE. …. I could go on and on, but ……. the only way to sum up Chicago in 2015 is SAD… and the worst part is that it doesn’t need to be like this!

  • SWDC

    Some may be but not all are alike. Thomas Sowell and Walter E Williams are black Americans who are true blessings.

    ‘The Bit by Bit Strategy’ by Walter E Williams is quite the piece to read.

    “… This is the classic method of busybodies and tyrants; they start out with something trivial or small and then magnify and extend it. If these people are successful in banning the use of Indian names for football teams, you can bet the rent money that won’t end their agenda. Our military has a number of fighting aircraft named with what busybodies and tyrants might consider racial slights, such as ..”

  • Patty

    “They’re racist,” he said of the stickers. “A lot of hate is ignorance. I
    think the conversation needs to be had and I think that the person who
    is doing this, if your goal is to get something productive to happen,
    shoot me an email.”

    that says a lot really, Racists and Ignorance in a nut shell.

  • caligula

    why would any white person care about this? oh, some welfare dregs and barack hussein’s dREAMERS don’t want you to move into their neighborhood? ohs noes!

    i personally think it’s wonderful that these people want to keep out the only thing that ever makes a neighborhood livable: white people and their money.

    if these retards want to continue to live in squalor, let them. later on they’ll definitely whine and cry about how awful their living conditions are when their shithole neighborhood gets even shittier. and they’ll make something up to blame whitey for all their problems.

    it’s tough being the smartest, most successful race in the history of the planet. we get blamed for everything. being numero uno has always been an albatross….

  • jpaq68 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    They would also like the white owners to leave the store and everything in it just as it is when the leave and if they don’t, they’re just a bunch of racists.

  • John (magnum)

    The ones that placed the graffiti can’t be classified as racissssss.

    It is against whitey and that just can’t be racisssss !

  • rejecttyranny

    I am really sorry to hear this. In the 90’s I spent alot of time in the windy city as my business took me to shows at the McCormick Place. Because I traveled to all the biggest cities I was asked frequently by my co-workers which city I enjoyed the most. Chicago was at the top because as I would advise my friends, “it is super clean downtown and the food is great”. Sounds as though it has been “blacked” from the news reports, like the hoodlums running the mile and the race issues on the lake. Really sad. Exactly, what has the black population contributed to society as a whole? There is a reason these people are looked down upon around the world, not only here. They have fully EARNED their place in history.

  • TennesseeRedDog

    Ironically, the hipsters spawning the gentrification of neighborhoods like this are overwhelmingly Liberal in their politics.

  • SWDC

    So what if one is a racist and or xenophobic! Last time I checked in the USA one is free to be what ever one likes even a Communist.

    The banning of words is going to be well How did Walter E Williams put it?

    “… This is the classic method of busybodies and tyrants; they start out with something trivial or small and then magnify and extend it. If these people are successful in banning the use of Indian names for football teams, you can bet the rent money that won’t end their agenda. Our military has a number of fighting aircraft named with what busybodies and tyrants might consider racial slights, such as…”

  • Luther

    Client of mine was the last white person on a Hispanic block in Humboldt Park. He ignored warnings to move until they burned his garage down.

  • Jus Wundrin

    This isnt racist, its social justice! Empowerment! Anti white privilege!

  • rejecttyranny

    Guns are cool.

  • Dick Delaware

    What arent they up set about

  • TennesseeRedDog

    It happens all the time and is not necessarily a bad thing. There are many black families in Southport NC who own a lot of property there. Real estate is beginning to explode in price due to the area getting a lot of hipster magazine attention vis-a-vis “Best little town in America” reviews etc. Will they have to sell out sooner because they can’t afford the property taxes? Yes, probably. But they will leave wealthy.

    The problem is that many people are attached to where they grew up and resent the newcomers. The carpetbaggers…. I feel the same about Olympia, Washington.

  • Dick Delaware

    They are to lazy to even care about themselves thats someone else’s job too i guess

  • mmoss7

    All the feces in Detroit couldn’t compete with the amount that streams from your mouth and keyboard on a daily basis. Shouldn’t you be somewhere fapping to a picture of Ayn rand? You should have plenty of time before the revolution you so crave kicks off.

  • alexb1

    The worst part of it is that Chicago has always been a well mixed city. Blacks, Whites, and everyone downtown mixed without problems. Living between Chicago and Miami, I never had a 100% white friend until I was well into my 40’s (iow, between both of my locales, we were all pretty much “mixed” racially, ethnically, religiously, whatever). There have always been problems on the far South side since I can remember in the 60’s, a few hillbilly sections SW and W which were problematic, and a few other little “ethnic neighborhoods” with regular in-fighting, but now, the worst of the worst of all colors and ethnicities is owning the streets of Chicago and like I said, “it is SAD”.

    … I’ll be up there to see the windows on State as I’ve done since I was born, but I won’t stick around too far past the holiday…..;-( ‘-(

  • Dick Delaware

    Staring eric plisken holder

  • rejecttyranny

    Hahahah, belly laugh of the day.

  • rejecttyranny


  • TennesseeRedDog

    I prefer to be called a round-eye, Caucasoid or maybe a Hun. Alaskan Eskimos call white men “pink boys”.

  • mmoss7

    Redlining. Read about it. Try getting your historical sources and insight from anything but the last 10 years of Aussie TV. I dare you.

  • SWDC

    When property values increase one place they also increase the same in “like kind” areas so simply selling an urban lot in exchange for? does not make the seller rich only the developer gets rich off the profit he makes selling the urban lot he bought too cheaply from the seller!

  • Flechette

    So blacks want segregation after all?

  • mmoss7

    YEAH!!! Thats right! For all the years of white suffering and govt. sponsored oppression
    Try England.

  • rejecttyranny

    I love being a White Man. Proud of my culture like other cultures are proud of theirs. I am American-Irish-Italian. I love America, great country, we really are great at accepting /tolerating other cultures B S and accomplishments!

  • rejecttyranny

    Roger that, I mean not hard to understand. Consider they sold their own families to European/American white traders. Go figure.

  • SenBlutarsky

    Si’ se puede !!

  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    Society was fine when it was treated like when sorting laundry. We need to get back to that.

  • SandMan00

    They are not upset about everything. Frequently, they are outraged. Oftentimes, they are riotous. Occassionally, they are murderous. And yes, sometimes they are also upset.

  • SWDC

    And then there is Islam … Germany is not going ti survive intact after ISlam is done with her. .

  • Barker

    “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” Anything else, and you’re thought to be acting white.

  • dieter

    Blacks get real mad when the incompetence of their “culture” is dramatically revealed by side by side comparison with what whites bring to neighborhoods previously destroyed by blacks. It destroys black’s argument that their neighborhoods are blighted because the govt isn’t giving them enough when whites by themselves, without govt help, will elevate those neighborhoods.

  • Jake Pannell

    I’ll believe they are serious when I see a white person being dragged behind a Cadillac.

  • moonma

    End EBT and white people would leave the city in an instant – mostly in boxes…

  • caligula

    no worries. they’ll probably burn the neighborhood down in a few weeks to teach whitey a lesson.

  • ImBackBishes

    “Black Lies Murder”.

  • caligula

    let’s get real…it would be a pontiac or a buick.

    unless it’s a lease.

  • Ghost of Cicero

    I’ve been a professional fine dinning chef for about 6 years. The previous 11 years, I worked my way up through the biz & have worked at TONS of restaurants in “gentrified” neighborhoods. The tools posting these signs don’t seem to realize that the reason these places BECOME “gentrified” in the first place is people like THEMSELVES. Gangbanger [email protected] & their homies who’ve turned the place into a carbon copy of Beirut, thereby causing the few remaining good folks to move out. When that happens, real estate prices hit the dumper.

    Now to the bangers, that’s a good thing. When folks flee these rathole neighborhoods, it becomes like Afghanistan, Somalia or the Sudan was for terrorists, i.e. a lawless area where they can do their dirt with impunity. Gentrification means that people who actually work in & give a rat’s tuchus about their new neighborhood will call the cops on the nogoodniks slinging heroin on the corner or doing the drive-bys.

    The staggering irony in all of this is that most of the people who actually undertake the “gentrification” of these hellholes ARE LIBERALS! CERTAINLY, most, if not ALL of them are in Chicago. And while it surely does suck that these folks can’t even open a coffee shop (or any other business) without the denizens rearing their ugly heads, its kinda funny, on some level, to see liberals having to live in a world of their own design.

  • D. Long

    Obama’s in town today, but you probably won’t hear him say anything about this…

  • caligula

    if you’re trying to explain the cause and effect of gentrification to the types of obama voters who posted these signs, you may as well be trying to explain quantum physics to a cat. although you’d probably have better luck with the cat.

  • Shell Scott

    “No gentr…No genacai…No gentafaca…No white people! My on-TEE (Ebonic for “auntie”) cain’t affords her property taxes no mo ’cause a y’all!”

    OK. Given blacks attitude toward justice – O.J. Simpson is a double murderer but he deserved a break because of all the black men unjustly tried and executed in the past – your “on-TEE” can suck eggs on this one in return for all the white people who lost their money and their homes when blacks moved in to that area.

    Tit for tat. What’s food for the goose is good eats for the gander. All that jazz.

  • Patty

    So, now they are taking a page from the 60’s.

    Feb. 13, 1960: Black college students
    in Nashville launch formal, full-scale sit-ins to desegregate lunch
    counters at Kress’s, Woolworth’s and McLellan’s stores.

    So, now blacks have decided to give the whites a taste of their own medicine? Maybe. The race issue seems to be alive and well, has lasted for years between whites and black, it is disturbing.

    And all it took was Obama to open the door of racism once again.

  • Ghost of Cicero

    Sad but true, frater meus!

  • caligula

    in vino veritas!

  • Stan

    Yeah, you definitely don’t want Whitey coming in to your neighborhood….. lower crime, higher property values, more jobs and economic development. Who the hell wants that?

  • Earl Turner

    Pontiac or “Brooick”.

    With big 30″ chrome welfare wheels.

  • Stan

    Apparently the fact that 90+% of black homicides are committed by other blacks.

  • Ghost of Cicero


    The most “gentrified” place I’ve seen is Southeast DC/Anacostia. 12 years ago, once you passed Eighth & I, the area was Mogadishu. Now the place has more BMWs, Benzes & Acuras than most dealerships. The problem is that one or 2 blocks in the wrong direction, & you’re RIGHT BACK IN Mogadishu. And, of course, G*D FREAKIN FORBID you carry a gun to protect yourself.

  • Americaall

    never thought I’d turn “racist” but f*ck the niggers (not all blacks are niggers)

  • grassy knoll

    The owners should invest in some ar15 or AK pistols and WAIT.

  • Ghost of Cicero

    But you WILL hear him p1$$ & moan about guns…..

  • Skip

    No white people=no money.

  • flyboy

    Ah yes…lovely Chicago. Where this year to date there have been more shooting deaths than in the entire nation’s mass shootings combined over the past half century. How are those gun laws in Chicago working out you stupid mindless leftard liberals?

    “Only white people can be racists” — the Liberal Democrat left establishment

  • Still waiting for anyone from the congressional black caucus to condemn this & say ‘we’re better than that’…

  • Smokey

    When Whitey leaves, so does his money. Choke on that, chocolate drop.

  • Smokey

    I can say it and I can spell it. A far cry from what most negroes can do. But that, of course, is also Whitey’s fault.

  • Rydah Cherry

    Don’t hold your breath. They won’t because they aren’t.

  • Elwood Blues

    I see the old adage is still true: “Black people want the white man’s world without all those pesky white people in it.”
    Don’t worry Pilsen… once whitey leaves you can have your ghetto back just the way you like it.

  • Patty

    and while this is going on, this is going on:

    11th Planned Parenthood Video Released: Teaching The Art Of Abortion
    More black unborn babies are being aborted, you would think blacks would be more upset by that.

    Coffee shop matters more to black people than the unborn. I repeat to the black people, government is reducing the black population on purpose.

  • saggypants

    I grew up in an middle and upper middle class neighborhood in the 70’s, then they passed some equal housing loan program for ALL poor people to be able to help them own their own home in the 90’s so they could afford the so called American dream. The banks found themselves in suits if they refused to give people loans they could not afford to pay back.
    Soon these families of lower income were moving into our neighborhood. within a year of 1998 there was gang graffiti written on every corner. Next roving gangs every night after night fall. The middle class people started moving out and property values dropped from 400k to 200k and more and more of these families moved in. Then the 2008 housing bubble popped.
    Now you wouldn’t recognize the neighborhood. Houses in disrepair, lawns left untrimmed for years, dead trees and trash everywhere. and every other house in foreclosure and most of these houses were built in the 1990’s
    it is ungentrification what these people did to this area, they destroyed thousands of homes and neighborhoods across the nation. Then get angry if someone with the talent and hard word comes in and rebuilds a home, a business or neighborhood and raises the property cost back up.

  • Mr. White Folks

    The coming war won’t end the way it has countless times in your head, Mr. and Mrs. Progressive left. You’ve no one to blame but yourself. Just a friendly heads up.

  • maxonepercent

    “Anti-Gentrification” another PC term for “Anti-White” hatred.

  • Elwood Blues

    The true racists are pro-choice; not because they believe in the woman’s right to murder her baby, but because blacks and hispanics are committing genocide on themselves. Weird huh?

  • Lorungee

    I know what a Dolezal is, namely a self hating white person, but what is a Whispanic ? What is a Whegroe ?

  • maxonepercent

    Are Jews white people? Many don’t consider themselves to be white…

  • Brandigo

    Hey if that’s how blacks want it I have no problem doing business with only white businesses. Or giving only to white charities that help only white people. It’s REALLY stupid and hurts no one but black people.

  • Elwood Blues

    What does black racism really accomplish anyway? It’s not like they have the ability to screw up your credit rating.

  • dd121

    Unless there enough whites to support civilization, black areas revert to the rule of the jungle.

  • Mr Flippy

    Which way to the exit?

  • Elwood Blues

    If these so-called “black leaders” really wanted a better world they’d gentrify these areas with open arms. Once people start inter-marrying their job is over!

  • maxonepercent

    Don’t forget about the rape and knock-out game too

  • Lorungee

    Already happened in Detroit 50 years ago.

  • Mark Kittering

    oh yes, aren’t they great! sigh, Loudoun County, where I live, has the highest household income in the nation as a county. However, you can drive through the county and identify areas where diversity reigns supreme! It doesn’t cost anything to keep cars off your lawn, engine blocks off your driveway and to keep care of your house but in some areas of Loudoun, this has proven to be an impossible task and with low interest rates, you are seeing this invasion in Ashburn.

  • Lorungee

    We had houses like that in Detroit, now they are either long gone, or, they look like the Roman Forum does.

  • Don’t you mean “Pilsen”

    <3 Muah!

  • The only problem for anyone with that is, the mighty Boa doesn’t care who calls him a racist…….

  • cdw

    Irish Slavery.

  • DinduNuffins

    Don’t you just hate sh1tskins? If they want segregation, oh boy, please, please, listen to them. I can think of nothing better than waking up in my all-white neighborhood, driving through my all white city to get to my all-white job so that I can pay taxes to help better and improve whites.

    Now I have to live among n1ggers, pay taxes to try and support/educate/incarcerate these savages…and for what? What return does any white get on their negro investment? A chance to be robbed/raped/murdered? Gee thanks….

  • DinduNuffins

    I pray it starts soon…let them enjoy a nice winter up here without my tax dollars heating their section-8 sh1thole.

  • daddio

    exactly what we have been going through since the 60’s.

  • HerodiousPeaskinner

    There are always a few exceptions to any rule.

  • Indeptex55

    Sweet………now that those of the fairer complexion will stop patronizing that establishment, I place the over under at 120 till closing.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Oh for sure….Detroit had beautiful mansions and homes, with gorgeous street lit lamps as well. I came across this by a photographer who grew up in Detroit and decided to take pics of abandoned homes. He said he set up his tripod and was even chased by a pack of wild feral dogs, it’s that bad. Now, B. Hussein wants to populate Detroit with 100,000+ Syrians to put the final nail in the coffin of once beautiful Detroit, called the Paris of the Midwest at one time. Racist bigot Coleman Young who said he’ll make Detroit a shining symbol of ‘Black Power’ was an epic fail as you’re probably well aware.

    Photographer ‘100 Abandoned Houses’ portfolio:

    So sad…

  • SWDC


  • HerodiousPeaskinner

    Why do so many black folks go around looking like they’ve just bitten into an exceptionally sour lemon?

  • Walt99

    How about autopsy? other than that, I dont care to read anything that does not come directly from the mothership…..

  • guessed

    Would it be a bad thing if a few neckbeards were to get a REAL lesson in “diversity”?

  • sandman

    Chicago is a model city… of what’s to come for the rest of the US.

  • Legner

    When you have a pos p0tus supporting this ra(lst sh**, what do you expect?

  • Down Lowbama

    I would take the advice.

    By the way, according to the Democrat Bulletin Assisting (local and state) Government Systems (DBAGS), this is not racism. Nothing directed against white “people” can be considered racist, nor can any “crime” against them be considered coming from a place of hate, and thus, by definition, is not a hate crime.

  • saggypants

    If they would do for themselves what this man has done they might have better lives and nothing to complain about.
    They would be hard working, community supporting, law abiding citizens.

  • Aromamine

    Interesting how you never hear anyone, including hardworking bIacks, say they really need to move to a bIack neighborhood to feel safer.

  • Walt99

    Thats easy for you to say!!

  • FantasyLand

    I missed the speech 0bama gave commenting on this story condemning such racism…. anyone have the link?

  • Mike in Illinois

    Interestingly, anyone of any color can be Jewish.

  • freedom_is_good

    I won’t hear that piece of isht at all. He’s no E. F. Hutton. When nerobama talks, nobody listens.

  • Atty Tude

    Yes, these people don’t want ‘whitey’ in their neighborhood. But they sure as hell want whitey’s money! They have NOTHING against that. In fact, they believe they are entitled to whitey’s money.

    This is going to get a lot worse before it even starts getting better.

    Thank you for nothing, leftists!

  • Omustgo

    Obama has caused so many blacks to completely lose their minds. They want us exterminated,but they would end up living like the Kumbai of New Guinea without us ,ripping bark off palm trees and eating maggotts to survive. Blacks ,as a race ,without white intervention have not yet invented the wheel.They can point a gun and pull a trigger but could never design & forge a working firearm from molten metal! Don’t even get me started on indoor plumbing , CPU’s and integrated circuts. They are millions of years behind us on the evolutionary scale. It is just fact,not racism.

  • Arthur

    Tower of Babel. God put it into us to separate. With language being the barrier at first and then as we humans migrated away from Babel and Nimrod’s theater of operations and we spread all over the earth our pigmentation propelled us all to cling towards what looked like us and shy away from those that did not. Racism is a sin inside. What God used for His good and His will for man to remain apart we then allow our sinful natures to take pride in our own look, our own color, our own views of what is right to us. That is all racism is. Yet another rebellious act to our creators design.

  • Fair A Kahn

    black people do not want to live with whites and vice versa…..why does govt force this upon us? lets have our own cities and live happily ever after…..

  • OverTheEdge789

    No doubt Racist-in-Chief Obama is quite thrilled at this turn of events.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Those with low IQs have low IQs because they want to have low IQs. Skin color does not deter learning, individual choice does that.

    Figures lie and liars figure. Statistics can be made to show almost anything wanted – especially if one controls the input.

    IQ ‘handicap’ is a artificially manufactured contrivance.

    Take one each of all “colors” and put them together in the same environment, with the same teachings, same punishments and rewards and outside the outliers among each set tested (individual factor) they will all produce the same “IQ” parameters.

    I reject the notion that intelligence is based on skin color. I accept thst some love the pretense that it is. See, everyone can learn, it is just that far too many choose not to.

  • ctwatcher

    I have an idea. All white people come to northern CO, we will make a new state and fence it off. Glory days!

  • Tsar of Earth

    “White People Out of Pilsen”

    …so we [can] also gave those [of us] who wished to destroy space to do that as well.

  • Tsar of Earth

    Dems gotta’ store their voters somewhere during off-season.

  • xcapeil

    I thought they already were out of Pilsen.

  • Tsar of Earth

    Just wait till the blacks and hispanics figure this out about there Dem ‘benefactors’.

  • Johnny Q

    I guess they want their coffee black.

  • DP

    no country is the same after a large minority of towels invade…they do have fashion sense..haven’t seen any body in a sheet……the GAP…I WONDER HOW MANY GAP STORES R IN TOWEL LAND…………….

  • DP


  • DP


  • maxonepercent

    Well, there is the murder, rape, and vicious assault that they regularly direct at white people. The violence perpetrated by blacks against white is truly astounding, and totally unreported in the media most of the time.

  • DP


  • lifsabsurd

    Sorry, but you are woefully ignorant of the field of psychometrics. No one ever suggested that skin color deters learning.

    Blacks as a group in Abomination have a mean IQ of about 85. That is a fact. In sub-Saharan Africa most black tribes have IQs nearer to 70. That is a fact. Hispanics in Abomination have a mean IQ of about 90. Regardless of what IQ measures it has been shown to predict with very high validity both academic achievement and occupational success. Blacks and Hispanics as a group in this country cannot be expected to do as well as whites or Asians. The debate as to whether this IQ handicap is due mostly to environmental or genetic causes is an important and not completely settled one. But regardless of the cause the IQ handicap of blacks and Hispanics versus whites is very real.

  • DP


  • Valerie

    I used to live in Chicago, in a then-gentrifying area called, of all things, “Magnolia Glen.” It was this little neighborhood full of six-flats, and people like me, who could not afford to live closer to work, were buying them and fixing them up.

    So, the prostitutes (nobody admitted to being a drug dealer) held a demonstration against “gentrification.” It didn’t work.

    My nasty, suspicious mind tells me that targeting a coffee shop is a little … odd. I have to wonder if this isn’t a hoax, done to force the current business owner to vacate at a loss, thereby providing an opportunity for some other person to profit.

  • SisFromIL

    This area is majority Hispanic population, not black.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Well, from their perspective anyway.
    We win by refusing to bow to the untruth. We stand up and tell the truth, loud and proud. Just like you just did.

    For when truth is told, over and over again, it is the liars who actually lose.

  • DP


  • ToursLepantoVienna

    I think we can all come to an agreement about who lives where. Blacks, hispanics … let the bargaining begin.

  • Valerie

    I think your point would be clearer if you substituted “race hustlers” for –blacks– in your last sentence. There are both black and white race hustlers who seem to be hell-bent on forcing attention to our various skin colors, instead of the content of our characters.

    Then again, maybe you should substitute “Democrats” for the term I suggested, –race hustlers–, because this is Democratic Party policy, at the national level.

  • Freddie theDog

    They serve only BLACK coffee.

  • Ed Smith

    White cash in the form of sales to customers or taxes out too? I think not.

  • ron

    Looks like another one of those tolerant left wing success story cities….

  • aliswell

    “… shoot me an email.”

    Umm… might want to avoid saying “shoot me” when discussing anything with black and brown racists.

  • Just my .02

    They don’t want anything “productive” to happen. They’re racists, and all they want is to stir up racial animosity. Cut off their welfare. Let ’em sink or swim for a change, and watch them fall on their faces. Time for a reality check.

  • lifsabsurd

    Wh(ite h)ispanic. Wh(ite N)egro. They are contractions just like Wh(ite N)iqqer, where the q’s are really g’s. Dolezal is also a Whigger or the more polite Whegro. Many genetically white Democrats are actually as black racist as it gets. Dolezal is just one very obvious example. The Black Lives Matter movement is largely led by Whegroes, i.e., genetically white people who are committed to leftist ideology and practice black racism as a way of inciting blacks to be an ersatz proletariat in lieu of a real one.

  • Just my .02

    And why SHOULD whites care about black communities? Let ’em stew in their own juices. I could care less about “black” communities….or brown ones, or any other colored community that makes a conscious decision not to become part of mainstream America.

  • Just my .02

    Given the quality of the typical “black”, why should they? What is there to “care” about?

  • Americadies

    Is this article a joke? Why would a white person want to liv e in a black neighborhood?

  • Jerry S

    Thanks. Point well taken!
    Fixed it.

  • KC

    Cities evolve and change over time. South Central LA was predominantly white in the 70s, and now is predominantly black. Likewise areas in Los Angeles that were formerly white areas, like Los Feliz, are almost all Mexican due to the influx of undocumented immigrants. White people don’t complain when their neighborhoods get taken over in this manner. Instead, they move to new areas.

    Perhaps these Mexican folks don’t have to look any further then the cause of this problem: the areas formerly inhabited by these whites moving in are being taken over by undocumented immigrants from the south who make drugs for a living, ruining their original neighborhoods which necessitates finding a new home in a new neighborhood. Therefore, if these baristas don’t want white people to move into their neighborhoods, they need to tell their deug running amigos from the south to go back home and take the toxicity can substitute economy with them.

  • John Smith

    I think the “guests” have outstayed their welcome and it’s time they ship out.

  • SWDC

    More Caucasians on welfare than Blacks in the USA Example: The current administration’s POTUS’s mother

  • Mike in Illinois

    Averages are just that, averages. Why average? Well, to distract from any real data points. Averages are inherently deceptive….it is just a matter of degree to which they are taken.

    Average Micheal Jordan’s earnings and a McDonalds worker’s earnings. What you get is representative of neither, yet it can be touted as a correct mean. That is a relevant fact.

    Sure are a lot of blacks in prison. None of them are there because they are black. IQ has zero to do with why they are there. Bad choices are why they are there.

    Everyone can be expected to do as well as anyone else….when people stop fomenting this idea that they are somehow limited by their skin color….
    psssssst- that is what you are doing whether you realize it or not. Get back to me when you figure these things out.

  • Empty Jeep

    And, when the whites are gone, who is going to feed them????? That is the question to be answered. How come it’s always the white male who is at fault……My suggestion is not to bite the hand that feeds you as we “tote the note”!

  • Carl Wins

    Just put a sign up next to it that says “No”. Then go to work and take care of yourself and your family with a HUGE SMILE on your face. Don’t get bothered by this stuff. It’s pretty funny to watch them squirm.

  • Morris65

    Wonder if the perps are actually Latinos or just your garden variety progressives/communists?

  • 1PissedAmerican

    Wait this couldn’t happen in CHICAGO they have a spray paint ban. They must’ve had a straw purchaser or went to Indiana. These ILLEGAL MESSICANS don’t want people to build up da hood because it might bring up their property values they like it looking like MEXICO shitty ghetto.

  • BlkCon

    I think they SHOULD leave. I think the residents deserve everything they get as a result of urban flight. Fkcu ’em!

  • Pax Romana58

    Black Racism’, is the giant elephant in the middle of the room, that everyone knows is there, but pretend not to see. The downplaying, the endless Affirmative Excuses and the silence from the media and society as a whole, only feeds it, empowers it, and allows it to grow.

  • DinduNuffins

    Whites should leave these animals to their own devices and allow them to descend back to the African mean. Take your money, your police, your infrastructure, your schools and teachers, take it all, and build a fence to keep these savages where they belong…on the outside. Maybe, but I doubt it, but just maybe they will learn to appreciate what whites have given them.

  • Morris65

    Butt, butt, butt that would be against their civil rights! Also, obumble would argue that the second amendment doesn’t apply to illegal guns.

  • Ron Peterson

    I’m not sure what you are implying by your comment. Redlining was real, but it was the Democrats that instituted it. They then pretended to try and fix it, yet the Republicans, the party of Lincoln, the party of Eisenhower seemingly are blamed for racism.

    One of the most heinous of these policies was introduced by the creation of the Federal Housing Administration in 1934, and lasted until 1968. Otherwise celebrated for making homeownership accessible to white people by guaranteeing their loans, the FHA explicitly refused to back loans to black people or even other people who lived near black people.

    A quick historical quiz for you kiddies. Which political party held the presidency during the above time period, except for a brief period after WW2?

  • lifsabsurd

    What can I say? You are obviously a genius.

  • La Billyboy

    I don’t know who was happier, me or my sister when she moved out of Chicago.

    When she first moved there, it was a wonderful place in the spring and summer, great nightlife, food, entertainment, lot’s of great events. The last few years though, it just seemed to get dirtier, people more wary, more young gang types everywhere. She started having break-in’s to her garage, vandalism and finally robberies and then a murder within a block of her house (right on the lake, multi million dollar house). That was it for her and her family, they moved to northern Indiana. During the last few months there they didn’t want to go out at night, even going to a Cubs day game it was a little scary.

    Sad to see what was once a realy great city ruined by liberals. As more illegals move in more Americans leave. It won’t be long before the won’t need graffiti or signs to keep whites away, there just won’t be any in the inner cities any more.

  • Terry

    Put the muslims in Harlem. That would be worth paying for to see.

  • S.O.B.

    The speculators are moving in too early is all.
    They need to back off and wait till the Mexicans move out because they turned the neighborhood into an unlivable shithole like they moved here to escape. Then,when the neighborhood is burned out and abandoned, the Whites will be welcome to it. They’ll rebuild it, “gentrify” it and then, a few years from now, under law, they’ll start selling to minorities again. Said minorities will then drive out people who want to live their lives peaceably, drive down the real estate prices, trash the neighborhood and move out. Then the cycle starts all over again.
    Been there, done that, got the bloody t-shirt to prove it. Born and raised in West Town.

  • Yeah, Idaho too, and North, South Dakota, Wyoming. But those will degrade as they already have been due to the rush of new residents. They are people escaping the cities upon retiring and others leaving while still in the working years.

    Oregon has been decimated from Californian escapees and is now a full-on blue state. One after another they will fall.

    People who would rather flee than stand up against aggressive political and media liars are handing over the country. I fully understand the propensity to seek peaceful living. But during a time of war one has to ask himself a question.

    My solution is for our side to finally hit the pavement with signs to embarrass the liars right outside their studios and homes like Cindy Sheehan did with GW Bush. Not until their own neighbors and children begin asking why so many are protesting will there be any hope of winning back lost ground.

  • S.O.B.

    I dunno, they get upset ’cause they got nuffin to be upset ’bout. Guess they’re bored.

  • MekongDelta69

    When WE improve neighborhoods which used to be OURS, THEY don’t want US back.

    When WE leave neighborhoods to get away from THEM, they scream ‘racism.’
    [What they really want is OUR money – not US.]

  • Jack_Kennedy

    A black kid asks his mother, “What’s a democracy?”
    “Well, son, that’s when white folks work every day so we can gets all our benefits, you knows like free cell phones for each family member, rent subsidy, food stamps,WIC, free healthcare, utility subsidy, & the list goes on & on, you knows”.

    “But mama, don’t the white people get mad about that?

    “Sure they do, that’s called racism!”

  • Rowwdy Colt

    I think Obamao’s mother is dead.

  • DP

    same w/ native americans…they all were not holding hands when whitey arrived….if the whitey leaves…can we take all of our bling…..,

  • Jack_Kennedy

    and YOU still believe obama & Gruber

  • DP

    i was their …..i used the system…but i also payed for it….i didn’t stay on it…their is no future staying on the dole…

  • Mike in Illinois

    Just a realist man. You cannot point to anything I said as being untrue. If you could have, you would have. But you didn’t, because you can’t.

  • Rowwdy Colt

    He is such a freak azz

  • big bird

    we should hang the same type of sign on our southern border, as big as a football field, written in Spanish, not that these third world throw-aways can read but hey, it’s worth a shot

  • DP

    see what is happening in south africa…or the rest of africa…..the problem is the white culture wasn’t their long enuff…..india the brits were their 400 years….

  • Jack Thompson

    Keep your graffiti posted, you’re doing us a favor. White people would much rather be as far away as possible from “Black Lives Fecal Matter”.

  • DP


  • DP


  • DP


  • Richardnsider

    I think the white people should all leave the armpit that is called Chicago. In less than a year it will look like an impoverished third world African nation.

  • DP


  • DP


  • DP


  • Teneo

    People are scared, and who can blame them? When a neighborhood becomes the new “Hot Spot” for young professionals and the corresponding pseudo intellectuals; real estate values in no way reflect the neighborhood’s established value index. The current neighborhood citizenry is priced out of the market, with little alternative properties available in the city. The politicians actually delight in this transition, since property prices increase along with corresponding property taxes. And the newcomers do not put a strain on the education system, since they are either single, or young couples without offspring. And those with children usually enroll in private institutions. It is a shame that the Big City politicians can’t concentrate on enticing good paying manufacturing jobs back to these areas of the city. The city needs blue collars jobs with wages that reflect the cost of housing. Perhaps after 84 years of one party Democrat control of Chicago, it might be a good time to consider a change.

  • DP


  • orbicularioculi

    Blacks continue to fit their own self imposed stereotype of ignorance and criminality. Black Culture? Out of wedlock breeding criminals with zero futures.

  • AtlasObjectivist

    Look at yourself, you are a wreck, a parasite, you bring nothing to the conversation and no one cares what you think. What will you do with your worthless life? Do the world a favor, man up and take self action to permanently eliminate your carbon footprint…. do it for the polar bears.

  • DP


  • RECO

    They need a sign professionally made says “No Liberals Allowed all others Welcome” watch the heads explode. They will be like “thats..uuugghh THats uggh Ras..uggh”. Then again you may loose 80% your business at a coffee shop lol due to liberal restrictions.

  • Mortimer Van Tussle

    Doom and gloom… if bleeds, it leads.
    In other news….white bread bagels banned at coffee shop
    @ Barry’s coffee shop.

  • babydriver

    I got the biggest kick out when your avatar guy was killed by the ice cream cone in the back of the head. (Last Action Hero).

  • Does that include our tax dollars?

  • DP


  • Croaker

    This isn’t new.
    So use the Detroit template. Just remember how well all the liberal/progressive policies and theories worked out for them in Detroit?

    More Al Sharptons, black lives matter, and their enablers, like hillary clinton that is what Chicago needs, right?

  • DP


  • DP


  • babydriver

    I love your spelling.
    I get it.

  • DP


  • RedGuyNYC

    Funny that the shop owner wants the perps to come forward and dialogue. ROTFL! Typical clueless lib. As they’re kicking his face in and stealing his cash drawer.

  • IC XC

    I guess they don’t like their coffee black.

  • DP


  • el_segundo

    Yep. And I can say “concealed carry” and “Mozambique drill” too.

  • lifsabsurd

    As a former teacher I know when further attempts to inform are futile. The truth is I believe you have a very low IQ and are a complete waste of my time. In any case, you appear to have almost no knowledge of IQ testing whatsoever.

  • DP


  • Holly

    All the whites should leave and take the cops with you

  • Hil-liar-y

    Truth don’t matter. Get used to this face, suckers.

  • Holly

    liberal and hypocrites one in the same

  • no

    That isn’t racist graffiti.
    Only white people can be racist because muh social structures and privilege.

  • DP


  • DP


  • wolfpack907

    Well that’s nice of them to be concerned for whites, they don’t want them getting hurt in the gangland war zone of Chicago HUH?

  • Hil-liar-y

    I own your sorry ass. Get used to this face, suckers.

  • Sentient

    Heap big chilly in teepee when -35F. Make warm casino full of palefaces look like heaven.

  • will jones

    next they will be having signs on water fountains that say blacks only.

  • Guest Dude

    So….. black neighbor hoods for blacks. Black Universities for blacks. Black Churches for Blacks. Black social organizations for blacks. Black Police Officers for black neighborhoods.

    Say…. I wonder if they’ll soon want their own drinking fountains as well. We need to come up with a spiffy catchphrase to encapsulate this new, trendy phenomena. Maybe something like “Seperate, but Equal”…. or how about “Apart I’d”.

  • Obama is terrible

    niccas be niccin

  • Obama is terrible

    Chicago: the next detroit
    Dallas: the next New York City

    “dindo nuffins”

  • They also like to say “degrade and ultimately destroy.”

  • Obama is terrible

    80% of all blacks are on the gubbermint tit – living off the working Americans

  • DP


  • GibsonL5

    Actually Pilsen is now Hispanic or Latino–which term is PC? Who knows-
    Anyway, I don’t think blacks live there, so this seems like a latino attack on
    “gringoes”….and yes, it is an old run-down sort of place

  • I don’t know or care what Farrakhan has to say, but it’s obvious somebody “race mixed” in his ancestry…

  • GibsonL5

    maybe it is the “La Raza” folks…? or personally Luis Gutierrez…lol

  • Chris Adams

    Maybe the employees are simply wearing the wrong colors Co-co-colors. Colors.

  • wolfpack907

    Looks like someone wishes they were as good as the other one. It also looks like some is jealous of a real women attracting the attention of the gayboy that is it’s “husband”

  • wolfpack907

    So if this coffee house just would have implemented the “Start a conversation about race” program as developed by starbucks, they wouldn’t have this problem HUH?

  • bobfrapples

    Syria is Israel’s revenge on Germany.

  • wolfpack907

    And people wonder why bill is a womanizing, raping pedophile!! Can you blame him??

  • Gibson

    “IQ has zero to do with why they are there” You are wrong on that point. IQ has everything to do with them going to prison. If they were smarter they would never have gone down that path of illegality to begin with. Are there criminals in prison with genius level IQ’s. Sure there are but they are edge case scenarios. Like using Michael Jordans salary. Pay like that is one in a billion. Hardly average.
    But a smart person would not fall into the traps of crime for the most part to begin with.

  • jackburns

    Pilsen is hispanic, not black. I grew up on 21st St and after the first latino wave broke it was saturated in about 2 years. Gentrify No. Bulldoze Si.

  • suckmycracker

    Cracker ass CRACKERS!

  • bobdog19006

    Looks like you’re having trouble with your Caps Lock key.

    It might be dirty. To fix this, gently pry the key cap off with a small, flat bladed air hammer and clean it thoroughly in your dishwasher. Then discard it and reboot. That should remedy the problem.

  • Gibson

    That’s a religion not a race. Learn the difference as it is huge. There are blonde haired blue eyed Muslims a plenty on this planet just as there are Chinese and Hispanic Jews as well. And when the bible or Jews mention being a person of color that term has nothing to do with their skin color and everything to do with the clothes they wore 3000 years ago as Jews were required to wear a blue stripe in their clothing.

  • Nate

    – White People

  • Gibson

    The white people in South Africa are Dutch not British.

  • MindCan’tFathomHowCrazy

    I think it obvious these policies are to create chaos.. Its so the elite can make their get away with all the resources and knowledge while morons try to keep the show going.

  • Bully

    White People Out? What’s the mystery? We’re white, we moved out and never looked back. When all the producers are gone and the ability to borrow ends the gimmedats will starve to death.

  • Jenny Herberts

    Racists. All of what they accuse us of, when we saved them from slavery. STUZZZZZZZZZZPID black dopers and prostitutes.

  • Spychiatrist

    I’m willing to bet ya’ that the owners of that coffee shop are guilt ridden liberals.

    Funny, huh? Liberals reaping what they have sown.

  • gary lacey

    I can say “racists”.

  • Bitsy Marts

    Looking forward to it.

  • The Anglos are a wonderful people — wonderful! Wherever they go, they make improvements, If they were to emigrate in large numbers to hell itself, they would irrigate it, plant trees and flower gardens, build reservoirs and fountains, and make everything beautiful and pleasant.
    Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo

  • Jenny Herberts

    I mean crack head ho’s.

  • DP

    BLOW ME…….LIBTARD……………….

  • DP


  • Clarence Worley


  • Matt

    I looked up the definition of gentrification, and it looks like a good thing. Why would they be mad?

  • Deez_Nuts2015

    Are you saying they did it to themselves?

  • patrick donnelly

    I grew up in LA lived in California most my life, back in the day we ALWAYS had problems with racism on BOTH sides, but now people are stressed, desperate, and ready to riot. I grew up the minority and we got along mostly, but now the politicians and system has everyone divided, it is sad and extremely scary. Millions of uneducated ignorant and just savages with cell phones and angry at everyone with no respect for anyone, full of hubris and hate with no hope or no ability to think nor the inclination to do anything productive. Not all but most young people are full of ego, hate, violence and can barely read let alone process the literature, especially Joyce, Orwell, Hobbes, or Huxley. I pray is our next President is Ben Carson I really think he is our potential Churchill needed now, if not this nation is just on big corporate, mercenary prison of work until you are sick and buy as much as you can before you die. A society of mindless automatons bereft of spirit and independence, Orwell and Huxley as well as Zamyatin warned us, but we didn’t take heed.

  • DP


  • D-rats

    “In January, anti-gentrification signs reading “”Fresh Roasted Gentrification Served Here!” and “Wake up and smellllll the gentrification” were plastered over the windows at Bow Truss…”

    Really, wake up and smell the gentrification…… “graffiti” written with words like that doesn’t smell like gentrification, it smells like a rat…. a white rat that works for DemocRat party and soros gang.

  • DP


  • cadgbd


  • BurkBurnett

    If they run off all the white people who is going to pay for everything for them?

  • Mike in Illinois

    NO, if they were smarter, they would not get caught. Notice, plenty don;t get caught, ever. You confuse IQ with morality. See, if they were moral, they wouldn’t go down that road of illegality.

    Smart people and even moral people end up in jail sometimes too. Heck, sometimes it is the law itself that is criminal.

    The issue at hand here is simple – IQ is not color bound. Correlation and causation are not the same thing. And they won’t ever be.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Ahhh a teacher who gives up after three comments. WOW you have an awesome attention span! And a teacher stuck on the race card at that. Imagine that.

    I tell ya what, you go ahead and expose yourself as diagnosing my IQ based on a couple comments. Good luck with that.

    I love it when progressives expose themselves with poker tells they think are masked.

    I disagree with you, explain why and your response to is to call me stupid, worthless and a lost cause. Way to go , teach.

  • cadgbd
  • buckingelephant

    Well said…..

  • SuperGoyem

    La Raza can go to h ell . Bring it on Mr . Trump – We will decide what we approve or disapprove of.
    It wont be decided by racist Americanized Mexicans !

  • Innocent Smith

    There was a time when ethnic Catholics, who happened to live in these neighborhoods, did not even know they were white. That didn’t happen until Martin Luther King came to cause trouble. They didn’t understand that Chicago was made up of Poles, Irish, Italian, Germans, etc.

    If you want to read the long, and very involved story about how the government destroyed the cities, read The Slaughter of the Cities: Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing by E. Michael Jones. Or look up that title on youtube for some fascinating discussions on the topic.

  • WorkingMan

    Yeah, but there are 69% Whites and only 15% blacks in the country. As a percentage of their populations, blacks have far more on Welfare than Whites.

    And the jury is still out regarding if the sad-eyed creature that birthed Obama was White.

  • buckingelephant

    That coffee shop owner needs to cut and run. Mexicans cannot be trusted. Anywhere they go turns into a Mexican ghetto. I live in southern Arizona and was actually told on my first day of a job by a secretary, that Mexicans think our laws are silly, like insurance, seat belts, car seats, etc. and that they pay no attention to them, get used to it.

  • NYY32311

    A region/area most devoid of people of color except Latino’s- sounds a lot like Mexico.

  • crook patriots

    Obozo is trying to breed blacks out of existence, it’s like he is saying there is no hope for them and they need to be ungraded with white blood. …

  • WorkingMan

    They’re too busy giving freeloaders from the Caribbean and near East (Asians) free stuff to give any to Whites.

  • PatriotVet

    Did you ever hear of SECURITY CAMERA?

  • James Martin

    more whites than blacks here, but if a ratio look is done blacks get 3 times their percentage. LOSERS

    In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever

  • James Martin

    good, to bad her demon spawn survived.

  • Elwood Blues

    They don’t care. The proof is in the pudding.

  • Elwood Blues

    These crimes only make their communities more and more isolated. They have imposed their own Jim Crow and they LOVE IT. I’m truly perplexed.

  • Rafel Sanchez

    Black racism at work. Don’t they know that “coffee matters”?

  • Voice_of_Reason

    yeah. i have a strict gun comtrol policy: my polcy is that I am in control of a gun at all times.

  • Rafel Sanchez

    Barry’s lies.

  • BeResponsible2

    or professional victims.

  • fedupMan

    Where the DOJ when you need them. Ya I know they lost there mind in the Philly voter intimidation thingie that had video and the DOJ/Holder rode to the rescue of the perps that on tape threatened white people when they went to vote. REMEMBER????

  • Zardoz1313

    That’s B-movie paydirt! Ka-ching!

  • PonyBobHaslam

    I’ll take gentrification over putrification

  • dave0987

    Sadly I laughed out loud (no really) when I read that but we all know it’s exactly true.

  • t from NJ

    Black coffee matters!

  • joe kulak

    Nine out of 10 racist are “people of color”.

  • stormykitteh

    They bought it fair and square. German intelligence had listened to 911 plotters at their Hamburg digs but failed to share that information with US intelligence.

    Merkel has proclaimed –
    “German Chancellor
    Angela Merkel said on Monday Islam “belongs to Germany”, in a clear
    repudiation of anti-immigration protesters gathering in Dresden and
    other cities.”
    Reuters Mon Jan 12, 2015 1:10pm EST


    “It is obvious that Islam is a part of Germany,” Merkel said in her
    speech at the iftar held at Villa Borsig, the official guest house of
    the German Foreign Ministry, in Berlin on Tuesday. Calling for more
    inter-religious trust and respect for Islam in Germany and across
    Europe, Merkel described Ramadan — the holy month of Islam when Muslims
    fast during daylight hours — as a time when Muslims reflect and
    examine their lives. Recalling the increase in the number of violent
    acts perpetrated in the name of different religions in recent years,
    Merkel said that “it is unfortunate that most of these acts are
    attributed to Islam.” Today’s Zaman July 01, 2015, Wednesday/ 17:46:40/

    / BERLIN

    Germany is in the process of being subsumed. Germans are about to be eaten and bred out of existence. Not a bit of schadenfruede here.

  • smokeybandit

    Racism against whites? Impossible, there is no such thing.

  • Cruelnunusual

    Had enough, Whitey? No? Ok, then, you can have some more.

  • Cruelnunusual

    There is an absolute correlation between de-segregation and skyrocketting crime and ghetto schools. In the 60’s nobody locked their doors, by the 80’s everybody locked everything all the time. That’s ONE generation, people.

  • 2summer4

    They blame “gentrification” when it really is plain ol’ racism.

  • Cruelnunusual

    I second that.

  • Mr. White Folks

    Dear black people, how bout a compromise? If you just can’t help yourself when it comes to the evil white devil, then perhaps you should go after the white people who really deserve it. They’re called liberals, and they hate your guts more than any snaggletooth redneck ever could.

    The Left have built an entire party around keeping you in your place, only you’re too blind to recognize it because herp derp free stuff. I mean clearly black people can’t fend for themselves without a white liberal to back you up, right? Right? You better learn who your true enemy is, that’s all I’m trying to get at.

  • That tag was done by a Caucasian cultural Marxist – that is not the handwriting of a Negro.

  • texguy46

    Chicongo is a joke.

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    SJWs are behind this, not Mexicans.

  • texguy46

    Me too. Everyday I realize more and more that we should have picked our own cotton!

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    Native Americans are not wimps .. it is the white folks who speak for them that created that image. It was only Indians who tried (and failed) to stand up to the white Oregon school board that recently banned High School mascots that honored Native Americans. The last Confederate General to surrender was an Indian Chieftain (Indian units had their own Confederate Battle Flags).

  • texguy46

    @SWDC:disqus moronic post. Evdiently you have no clue regarding population %. See workingman’s post below.

  • SurakV

    Don’t worry, the (In)Justice Department is investigating already.

  • texguy46

    Muslims multiply faster than Mexicans (blacks just abort that is unless they can profit welfare, food stamps etc.). Europe especially Germany has no clue what they have opened the borders to. In 25 years Germany, England etc will all look like Damascus. Then the USA will also be heavily populated with Muslims. If the blacks think it is bad now, they are in for a rude awakening, Muslims do not like blacks. FYI

  • texguy46

    Lil Spike is a wimp. He can’t even spell ghetto.

  • Bunky

    They were block busted just as marquette park was a little later.
    The whole south side is now trashed.

  • Eddie Ferstadt

    Have you noticed, blacks never make any comments…The normal brain goes into reasoning power, and blacks seem to not have ability to think properly…It is time to accept the science that blacks actually dont have the ability to reason, as their DNA is that of a cannibal…I do believe if a black child is raised in a white family, it is possible he or she could live in a civilized society, but would have to be closely watched…We have to start accepting the truth…America lost its way when they elected a black retarded muslim as president…Truly a downfall of this nation…Recovery is beyond questionable…

  • michael s

    Maybe there is a spell-checker in every spray can?

  • Bunky

    As a percentage?

  • Patty

    I will not generalize all blacks in my next statement but the blacks can go to hell, these at least, can.

  • veritasdr

    And blacks make up only 13% of the population in the USA.

  • Honest John

    Ever note how disdainful Obama is regarding whites in general. His mother really got shafted – I pity her, but I guess she did make her own bed ….

  • san rafael blue

    Merkel will be the last German to realize that she has that phrase of ownership reversed. Islam is being given Germany on a silver platter. Luckily, some of the citizenry have begun to wake up and speak up.

  • Rafel Sanchez

    But Barry drinks his with cream so it must be “Mocha Coffee Matters”.

  • Fathead

    Natl news if was “minority” owned business. Fine, white people out… Take your discretionary income, rising property values and community betterment and hit the road. Leave the subhuman trolls to continue to destroy themselves and their neighborhoods. Many thanks to our stealth muslim divider in chief. Unless you are a net taxpayer, you should not have voting rights. Simple as that.

  • they hate us so much but still live around us. funny.

  • Daily Gut Check

    Can you say “Obama-ites”? Can you say “Obama Brownshirts”

  • shamballa108

    Don’t ever let a liberal use the “More whites are on welfare” argument.

    Not only do you have a valid point, but you would also be correct in simply saying “More blacks are on welfare period”. After they have had their liberal tantrum, throw your trump card…

    Source: US Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Commerce, CATO Institute.August 2015

    Welfare Demographics

    Percent of recipients who are white
    38.8 %

    Percent of recipients who are black
    39.8 %

    Percent of recipients who are Hispanic
    15.7 %

    Percent of recipients who are Asian
    2.4 %

    Percent of recipients who are Other
    3.3 %

  • lee

    Just replace the word white with Jew, and it’s Germany 1939.

  • TootlesMcgee

    Blacks hated each other in Africa. Tribe vs tribe. Never could govern themselves. Now they roll with the Obama banner of victim, we owe them, they can’t stop killing each other and it’s the evil White peoples fault.

  • mickrussom

    Funny story, racist democrat scum pigs from latin america – the leading supplier of disgusting low life job stealing cheatin lying criminal rats – the neighborhood is named after a EUROPEAN city. The people who BUILT the city were chased out by vile non-english speaking criminal scum. And these scum criminals now complain about the people who built this country these scum use dare come into their barrio?

  • flyr

    Ironic that across the nation blacks are being driven from their traditional jobs, schools and neighborhoods by an invading army of illegal aliens but nobody is willing to say nada mas…..

    About 30 years ago Tom Hayden ( 1960’s radical leftist) postulated that the far left needed to get closer to Hispanics and abandon blacks interests because blacks were not politically reliable , they did not vote in high percentages and were therefore not worthy of the concern of the left.

    While there is a lot of talk of gentrification displacing blacks it is only a tiny fraction of those displaced by illegals and their offspring .

  • Jedd McHead

    I guess white neighborhoods are typically safer and cleaner because of white privilege. Dang, we’re awful!

  • letmepicyou

    I think it’s time to start taking care of the browns. Those of color need to realize the, and I hate to coin a term here, “white war power”. If you look at history, us white folks are some of the worst people to get on their bad side. Those of color, let me know if any of you have invented: The sword, pike, maul, morningstar, crossbow, blunderbuss, shotgun, bolt action rifle, semi-auto rifle, revolver, semi-auto pistol, machine gun, rocket, guided missile, laser guided bomb, daisy cutter, nuclear bomb, mustard gas, cyanide, nerve gas, tear gas, fragmentation grenade, land mine, the flippin LASER (yes, white people have figured out how to kill people with LIGHT), guess what, these are all WHITE INVENTIONS. We are the masters of figuring out new ways to kill people. We could even add gunpowder to that list, and before somebody chimes up “Hey, that was the Chinese!” THEY AREN’T VERY FLIPPIN DARK, are they?

    Somebody list for me the weapons of war invented by anyone of “other than white” skin pigmentation. This is what they all need to figure out. That us honkeys desire PEACE and UNITY more than any other race. This is evidenced by the fact we HAVEN’T KILLED YOU ALL YET. For the love of pete if we wanted to wage war on you then by the right hand of GOD we will wage war on you. I suggest dropping the “White people out” crap before we decide to invent a biological weapon genetically engineered to wipe out anybody darker than “tan”.

    I’m not saying this out of racism, but a call for the racist idiots doing this nonsense to realize just exactly what they’re up against, with the hopes they’ll see the misguided nature of their ways.

  • Miles to Code

    Obviously it was a guilty white person because the grammar was correct.

  • yerfackingmammy

    Why would any sensible (ie white) person want to live there to begin with?

  • yerfackingmammy

    125th Street is as ghetto as ever.

  • Patty

    every four cups of coffee you buy, they give a free cup to somebody
    else. And every cup is served by an angry unionized bureaucrat and
    accompanied by a possible stern lecture on gun control and sustainable

  • Miles to Code

    Nor the grammar.

  • yerfackingmammy

    fack tarantino.
    and barry.

  • yerfackingmammy

    Lots of good union jobs and professional sports teams in Africa.

  • Miles to Code

    They have no problem with the coffee, it’s the cream they object to.


    Same in Philadelphia. Gentrification has occurred in several areas. The current residents are angery the taxes are increasing as the homes are fixed and new business open.

  • Laminectomies abound

    They mastered pointing the pistol sideways adding to accuracy of hitting …. well yeah that’s not good but they invented it.

  • Laminectomies abound

    What’s sad is watch 99.9% of Ben’s race vote against him. Yet they say white people are racist. They’ll vote for the HILL because she’ll promise them more bling.

  • ddude

    Whenever whites have something nice, blacks will sue for the right to destroy it.

  • Tom

    Yes you are correct. I would like to add that yes, the cultists do (some don’t) fast during day light hours but they eat all through the night and sleep during the day and/or come in late for work and leave work early because of lack of sleep. That is not fasting. Its a big hoax. They just switch eating times in the 24 hour day. I would like to see them to do the real fast as Jews and Christians and Hindus and others do.

  • letmepicyou


  • Tom

    Well, did you know that is the way it started. It started with the british colonists using irish slaves to pick cotton, etc. They were the original slaves in colonies that later became the United States. Then the british started bringing in the Africans because the irish were too unruly.

  • tarheel

    If all the white business left….there would be no place left to shop.. Evan if they did leave they would take their inventory, and Evan if they left the inventory it would be gone in a day. Face it, most blacks would be screwed without the white man’s support and would end up back in the Stone Age if left to their own devices.

  • SWDC

    USA has100% failed to address ISLAM in Germany Saudi Arabia and Iran.

  • SWDC

    What to do with the current administration’s POTUS? Cut him in half where one half lives on one side of the fence of the other half? And his children divided into quarters and place in subsections?

  • garysco

    I am all for section-8 federal housing assistance buying up huts on the saraegeti and Obamaphone money helping with the airfare.

  • deadindenver

    Based on the look of the coffee shop, I’m guessing most of the patrons have Bernie Sanders stickers on there bicycle helmet or on the back of there lap top. Sometimes these progressive types really go off the deep end and become like Rachel Dolezal, the White women who used some tanning gel and dye to fake being Black. I’m suspicious that a White person actually wrote the graffiti as it’s all spelled correctly and the penmanship is good.

  • They won’t feel “at home” until they turn the place into “outdoor-plumbing” with chickens and goats running around, where only the cartels and cartel-paid government-workers/cops have guns…

  • SWDC

    Need not matter for everyone knows what UBER high density buildings turn into in urban environments. Example: Eddie Murphy’s THE PJS and the Tenement Museum in New York city even a little German film called ‘Christian F.’ with David Bowie illustrates quite well.

  • SWDC

    And do you recall from what exactly….

  • SWDC

    Affordable Housing is welfare housing paid for by the US tax payers

  • Five Smokes

    I support gentrification. Raise the rents on these low-life porch monkey apes to $10,000 a month. Maybe they’ll leave America – the land of the free, the brave, and equal justice for all for whites only.

  • PCisDangerous

    That’s right! We’ll take our toys and leave you in the stone age. Mud huts and no need of a written language. Who needs a wheel.

  • Valek420

    Those groups sure hate whitey, but its our tax dollars that pay for their “reparations”, welfare, and other handouts. And of course our taxes have to help rebuild cities after they burn down a CVS….you know….for “justice yo”.

  • lyt

    They fled.

  • Chuck Nevada

    Hey, let’s have a Beer Summit!!


  • gmtdn

    Gentrification – a form of psychological projection from deficient cultures on to more exceptional cultures.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Socialism works just fine until it runs out of other people’s money. 😉 😉

  • tinlizzieowner

    Yup. 🙁

  • Climp Jones

    kneegrow, kneegrow, kneegrow………… the poor little kneegrow

  • Guppy2

    Are we really sure that that sign was put up by a black person?
    All the words are spelled correctly.

  • Michael Lloyd

    And slave trading just like Obama’s ancestors from the Luo tribe in Kenya.

  • Guppy2

    I know that Spike Lee, from his really expensive brownstone in a whiter than white neighborhood, was upset about that too.

  • MrSnuggles2k2

    The armies of the ottomon empire will finally march through austria, germany, and ultimatelt all of europe.

  • Luca

    Whites move into black/Asian/Mestizo area: gentrification
    blacks/Asians/Mestizos move into white area: diversity.

  • Carl Wins

    You’re a Kardasian Obama person. You’re all the same fools.

  • IckyD

    Gee-sounds charming.

  • IckyD

    The West could crush, demolish and colonize the rest of the world in one year flat if united in a cause to do so. Americans could do it alone in three years flat- including Russia and China.

  • IckyD

    It sure makes the shooter look good ‘n mad!

  • CubsWin

    Bow Truss Coffee – NO

    Cabrini Green -YES

    Moving on up – NO

    Government Handouts – YES

    Integration – NO

    Segregation – YES

    It’s a Black thing, you wouldn’t understand.

  • ne0teric

    Yet in this case Pilsen is overwhelmingly inhabited by the Hispanics and illegals.

    Young white hipsters have been pouring into the area due to cheap rent, not to mention others looking to make/save a buck. Clearly in this case the racism is brown on white.

  • Blacks feel comfortable in ghettos & fear that when whites or Asians move in they’ll create jobs. People on welfare hate jobs.

  • cadgbd

    send ’em back to africa. use the monies that would otherwise be spent on “gibs me dat” to return and release them to their natural habitat (sic) aphrikkkaaa

  • Hil-liar-y

    Truth don’t matter. Get used to this face, suckers.

  • honigs


  • ranroddeb

    So what you’re saying is they’re only half-fasting it?

  • Buck Nut

    Cute … 🙂

  • crazy horse

    The tag on the door looks like a woman’s handwriting.

  • Tangair

    Pilsen? You mean named after the Pilsen region of Czechoslovakia? LMAO!!!!

  • ranroddeb

    actually blacks are 5 times more likely to be on welfare based on percentage of population.

  • luvitall21

    No way to interpret vandalism without knowing who’s behind it and what they hope to achieve.

  • raideristic

    Yes, come to the U.S. from your pathetic, squalid 3rd world dump and immediately insist on making things in your new home the same way they were in the place you couldn’t wait to get out of. If that doesn’t show the truly LOW INTELLECT of many immigrants, I don’t know what would. The abject stupidity of so many of them actually helps explain why the garbage countries they escape from are so bad in the first place. Sorry to be so blunt, but these are times when plain talk is needed.

  • Daimon

    If I’m not mistaken, this article is about a hispanic area yet a lot of the people commenting are focused on Blacks.
    Why is this?

  • raideristic

    Clean stuff, civility, innovation, people taking care of their home/property, functioning systems, order, structure etc., etc.

  • Smrgy

    She was a mudshark

  • raideristic

    I know things are getting bad, but western civilization didn’t rise and lead the world in to the modern age just by chance. Too many of us are still sleeping a fool’s slumber…but I see a time in the future when it’s once again demonstrated why EVERYTHING useful has come from Europe and the U.S. and NOTHING useful has come from that filthy part of the world.

  • Daimon

    I’m a Black person and consider myself libertarian. I have voted for Ron Paul.
    The comments and views expressed below in the comments are one of the reasons the Republican Party will never get elected again.
    This is not 1940s America anymore! Your racism will not be tolerated.
    Latinos, Blacks, Arabs, and Asian are Americans just like you yet you whine and complain about them.
    The views expressed below do make me sad because I have more in common politically with Republicans but I will never vote for one if the grassroots are comprised of the people commenting below.

  • raideristic

    There’s a lot of truth to that. Then there’s the whole thing about LOW INTELLECT, which kinda plays a part too.

  • raideristic

    Just so few and far between…sad but true.

  • raideristic

    Hey babbling dummy, do you understand terms like PERCENTAGE and RATIO? p.s. Obama’s mother passed away a long time ago. How completely stupid are you?

  • raideristic

    Yes she did, that sad, self-loathing psychotic.

  • raideristic

    Oh look, it’s the babbling idiot spouting off again.

  • raideristic

    What is that blubbering nonsense supposed to mean?

  • FamilyChampion

    When individuals see that they are being attacked by others based on the color of their skin, they counter-attack in kind.
    It is a defensive mechanism, responding to a perceived threat.
    Not an excuse for bad behavior, just an observation.

  • FamilyChampion

    Please, you have no reason to laugh.
    There is no such State as Czechoslovakia, they are two separate sovereign States, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.
    Plzen predates both from when it was part of the Bohemian Kingdom.

  • FamilyChampion

    People have difficulty comprehending the written word, then they make assumptions and the result is a demonstration of how foolish they are.

  • Frank M

    White people are only 16% of the total global population. That’s a minority.

  • FamilyChampion

    They are even a smaller population in Pilsen, Chicago.

  • Scott74

    Those darn whites cause property values to go up. They maintain their property making everyone else’s property look even worse. Plus those whites are up early going to work, wakeing everyone up before 1pm.

  • Frank M

    And plus productivity makes blacks feel inferior.

  • Frank M

    People of color all over the world desperately try to migrate to countries built by white people and then all they do is complain about white people once they get there. (Europe, UK, Sweden, US, Australia, Canada.)

  • rightside100

    And look what they built.

  • bo ure

    Today I engaged two. One was exceedingly complimentary and the other radiant with good humor. I, on the other hand, can be a complete @sshole sometimes.

  • rightside100

    Funny but the racists trying to drive out a business owned by whites agree with you.

  • rightside100

    Because blacks hate whites even more than Hispanics do.

  • Longbow Shooter

    Under Bill Clinton and Robert Reich in HUD, HUD bought up single family houses in the Pittsburgh, PA suburbs that they came right out and said were “too white”, and moved black welfare mothers and kids (the “baby daddy De-jour would float in and out) into those houses to “diversify” the neighborhoods.

    Thanks for the diversity. My hometown was one of the areas they deemed “too white”.

    I guess “too white” means you left your doors unlocked, left keys in the car, bikes parked in the driveway, the houses and lawns were well kept, the parks were clean and safe, you could walk down the streets in safety, etc. There were black families in the area. But these were FAMILIES, the parents have been together and married, working steadily and raising their children. (Notice I said PARENTS, not “baby-momma” and 5 or 6 kids from as many fathers.)

    The crime rate skyrocketed, stolen cars and break-ins, the welfare houses turned to dumps, the lawns, those NOT covered by a stripped car, were dead, the parks were no longer safe, gang graffiti was everywhere, drive by shootings, mom & pop businesses that had been there for years had to close due to theft and robberies, basically turned my hometown into a mini-Detroit. Hell, I even had an attempted car jacking on me at a red light, in broad daylight at a major intersection in the middle of town!

    There was a subdivision that were all nice little houses on a little plot of land that turned into a total ghetto that wasn’t safe to drive through anymore.

    Stick your “diversity”, it’s a cancer.

    But hey, that’s only my “racism” that makes me feel that way.

  • Madame_deFarge

    What gives her the sole right to destroy Germany? This belongs to her, 100%. When are the next elections?

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    Black coffee matters.

  • tim prater

    I thought the Whites were evil for moving away away? Now their evil for moving in? They should stay, pay taxes, make the area great. After that, sell out, move and watch the area turn back into a shithole. Listen to all the complaining about white flight, too funny.

  • tim prater

    All white people would have to drown all their kids in the bathtub then slash their own wrists and die to satisfy these complaining Blacks. There is nothing White people can do except live life, avoid trouble, and protect themselves.

  • Compare the neighborhoods of mostly white vs. mostly black populations n the evidence proves black neighborhoods generally are poorer more dangerous n trash ridden blights because the black community too often lacks and resists work ethic manners education and traditional family unit withone mom n father. Lacks pride in community….mired in pity parties , blame the whitey as excuse fo their plight rather than accept responsibility to improve. These pathetic conditions in black hoods exhibit not just lower demographic characteristics but very serious mental disorders and certain levels of insanity. Add the high levelsof violence and addictions to drugs n alcohol and crime n these neighborhoods self destruct by drowning in a pool of venom only to be quickly recreated by the next generation

  • tim prater

    The PNP in the Phippines had Intel about 911 in 1995, and gave it to the FBI. That’s not even a conspiracy theory..It’s a news story that’s totally legit.

  • bobdog19006

    Gosh. Maybe you need a whole new keyboard. It’s typing gibberish. You might have a virus or something.

  • chopper

    Louis Farrakhan and Muhammad Ali are not going to be happy……..

  • Circa53


  • xavier

    If i were black, id thank my lucky stars i live in America and not africa. Look what the blacks do to each other there. Then again, look what blacks do to each other here. I guess will just kill each other regardless of where they live. So glad black lives matter. What would they do to each other otherwise? And with all the years blacks have lived on this earth, in their own communities, it is wonderful to see how quicy they learned and progressed. Oh no wait, thats the white community. Blacks seem to enjoy ignorance and trash. When will the black community start embrace tye ben carsons, Condoleezza rice, and Clarence Thomas types and learn to be better? So sad how democrats keep the black man ignorant and lazy.

  • bajasurfer

    Split the country up . Let the racist blacks & liberals have their own nation . It’s time .

  • Tsar of Earth

    That generalization is still valid. But I do see frequent evidence that some of them are figuring it out. And when their benefactors fail to get elected, the change may gain momentum.

    (Went to a Trump rally in SC. There were quite a few blacks present.)

  • Harry Wookiee

    That’s the only place in Chicago that has graffiti? Cool! Those paint-spray laws must be working.

  • Timebomb

    This is what obama wants spread across the fruited plain.

  • zawg

    Great Post..2 Lakotas grew up w me in my nokak FAM + living in the South I’m all over the Civil War bttlflds,again Great Post

  • EnditsoonLORD

    Elections? You still believe in elections? LOL.

  • EnditsoonLORD

    If not for the fact that the government punishes people for bettering there living conditions then the so called “gentrification” would not be a problem. It is another way of discouragement that the PTB uses to keep us in servitude.

  • Jerry S

    “…in this case the racism is brown on white.”
    AS it usually is.
    Still Leftists claim only white people can be raaaaaaaaacist.

  • S.O.B.

    It’s not LOW INTELLECT. It’s a perverse culture that eschews formal education and promotes ignorance of anything outside their “community” . Low intellect implies that they can’t learn. That’s just not true. They ‘re stuck in a culture where street smarts are more respected than formal education. From where we sit the rioters, protestors, black liberation preachers, all with their hands out looking for something for nothing, make their entire race look stupid. They make them appear to have low intellect. They’re not stupid, they’re uneducated. In their own environment, where most Whites have little chance of survival, they’re brilliant. Further, how stupid can they be if they don’t need to work but survive anyway. When it comes to IQ they are on par with everyone else but when we see them burn down their own neighborhoods we see them as being low intellect. We, those of us who work and pay taxes whether black, white, brown, yellow, red or any combination thereof rebuild those neighborhoods at our expense. That’s stupid. Compassionate, but stupid nonetheless.

  • Jerry S

    Longbow, your case is not an anomaly.

    You may find it hard to believe, but “The Atlantic” actually covered this issue in a lengthy article by Hanna Rosin. She investigated something most journalists wouldn’t even think of touching. Her article is a long read, but an important one.

    Here’s a link to her article “American Murder Mystery – Why is crime rising in so many American cities? The answer implicates one of the most celebrated antipoverty programs of recent decades.”

    Read the entire article here:

    Read and weep, because nothing will ever be done, only more of the same. You’ll see how the unintended consequences of the best Liberal intentions only caused more crime, mayhem and bloodshed. The media is bound to ignore the truth, and leftists, as usual, will ignore science when it doesn’t suit their own interests.

    Leftists hate America. They actively seek to destroy it. This is the result.

  • PrivilegedCracker

    All the whites need to leave and fence it off after they stock pile it with a massive amount of guns. Problem solved.

  • That’s it.

    Average black IQ 80, average white IQ 100. Please review your stats.

  • S.O.B.

    Please quote your source.

  • Walter Lawrence

    You are incorrect. Blacks, Latinos, Arabs are NOT like white people. Not even close. White people build civilized societies…the rest of you do not. Yet, you come here and then demand we cater to you. There is a reason why white people do not want your kind around.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    The Clintons kicked off the gentrification of Harlem years ago. Odd how that was forgotten.

  • walcon

    Isn’t it the taxes of the hard working whites paying the blacks that won’t work?
    You shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you!

  • walcon

    We see what the neighborhoods look like when the whites move out. Is that what they really want?

  • jeffersonian_nc

    So, I am from the mothership?

  • K Wysong

    EUROPE not going to survive

  • Wyrdless

    Give it one generation.

    History repeats itself

  • Love Dream

    Sure! That’s it! Keep a neighborhood ugly and blighted!

  • GrandmasterBeavis

    CDC website. Average IQ of Asians 105, Whites, 100, Blacks 80. Sub Saharan blacks as low as 72. An IQ of 70 is considered mentally retarded. An average IQ of 90 is necessary to maintain a civilized society. Do the math.

  • GrandmasterBeavis

    They are the descendants of the Great African Kingdoms that built the peer-mids and rode around on flying carpets. If only they were intelligent enough to read a compass and find their way home.

  • GrandmasterBeavis

    Dey loves dem Section Ape apartments.

  • GrandmasterBeavis

    Dey loves dem HUD huts. HUD=Housing Useless Derelicts.

  • GrandmasterBeavis

    Native Americans are less than 1% of the population and most of those are mixed race. They are a conquered people who are allowed to exist temporarily until the next government refuses to recognize them. Time for Indians to take Seneca prophet Handsome Lake’s advice and become Christian and assimilate into the white man’s world.

  • GrandmasterBeavis

    There are 30,000 year old Caucasian skeletons found in burial mounds in the Ohio River Valley and the Mid West that predate the Asian migration across the Bering Sea land bridge. They weren’t here first.

  • abinico

    No wonder these monkeys live in the gutter – they are to stupid to take advantage of an economic opportunity.

  • S.O.B.

    Blacks where? Blacks in Africa with poor nutrition? Blacks in Chicago? Also, most “Blacks” in the United states aren’t even Black. They’re Mixed with Asian, Native American, Hispanic and get this……… Whites too. One of the Blackest Blacks I ever worked with was three-quarters Irish.
    I looked at the CDC website and found a lot of studies about IQ. Most had to do with nutrition, autism, lead poisoning, etc.
    Can you please provide a link to the specific one you are citing?

  • James Murphy

    The area around Midway airport was mostly Irish, Italian and Polish. When the mexicans started moving in, the crime rate shot up. The first time in 25 years my garage was robed. Now the area is mostly mexican. GENTRIFICATION

  • artie petroni

    Like I said before whites should live with whites and black live with black. Everyone will be happy….. End of story !

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    We Southerners are also a conquered people. That is why we stand with the Indians.

  • Tangair

    Thanks. I get that. I was an Air Force specialist on Czechoslovakia during the Cold War. My reason for laughing is that the people of Plzen are, decidedly, as white as the new-driven snow. This, a stark contrast to the urban Pilsen in Chicago!

  • Lobo

    Segregation worked in the past and it will work in the future!

  • Daimon

    Come on now!
    Do not be stupid!
    There is plenty of evidence that the Muslims who conquered southern Europe brought your people back to civilization because history reports Europeans behaving like animals and using the streets they walked down to dispose of their waste. And those Muslims that conquered Southern Europe were Arab and African.
    People in South America had civilization before Europeans came to their land and so did West Africans.
    I know you hate to admit it or you just don’t know about it but there were plenty of established kingdoms and empires throughout Central and West Africa.
    Stop hiding behind your racism, study history, and come into the 21st century.

  • Rafel Sanchez

    And the US is next.

  • Rafel Sanchez

    The demise of our Country began when the first black slave came ashore.

  • Rafel Sanchez

    It’s actually just white guilt writ large.

  • S.O.B.

    I’m not sure what white guilt is supposed to be. I suspect it’s a type of neurosis that afflicts people with too much leisure time.

  • Spychiatrist

    Can’t say for sure but if they’re liberal, then yes, they did do this to themselves.

  • ChooHader

    911 was done by Zionists and only gullible douchebags aren’t aware of this.

  • SWDC

    George Soros is not as Zionist .

  • Rafel Sanchez

    But their hero Barry O has a lot of cream in him. He’s kind of a mocha dude.

  • Rafel Sanchez

    I’d just say “Ferguson”.

  • Rafel Sanchez

    I’m afraid you can kiss those blond Aryan types good bye

  • Rafel Sanchez

    She’s an East German, this is part of her master plan to destroy West Germany. Commies have long memories.

  • Rafel Sanchez

    No he’s an a__hole.

  • Miles to Code

    I’m remiss to delve in to his personal life so I’d rather not know if he has a lot of cream in him or not. 😉