Hannity on CNBC Debate: “This Is Going to Go Down in History as REALLY BAD NIGHT for the Media” (Video)

Sean Hannity slammed CNBC debate moderators tonight after the very biased debate in Boulder, Colorado.
cnbc moderators
BOZELL: Forum Was an ‘Encyclopedic Example of Liberal Media Bias’…

Sean Hannity closed his debate analysis with this:

You know I got to tell you something. Between the comments of Ted Cruz tonight, and the comments of Marco Rubio tonight and the comments of Chris Christie tonight and the comments of Mike Huckabee tonight, you know, I’m looking at The Drudge Report and “The debate was an encyclopedic example of liberal media bias.” You know what? This is going to go down in history as a really bad night for the media.

Via Hannity:

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  • Patty

    Yes. and really good for Trump and Cruz.

    Thank you for voting!

    TRUMP 63.95% (89,044 votes)

    CRUZ 16.44% (22,892 votes)

    RUBIO 7.66% (10,661 votes)

    PAUL 3.85% (5,356 votes)

    CARSON 3.15% (4,384 votes)

    FIORINA 1.8% (2,513 votes)

    CHRISTIE 1.18% (1,647 votes)

    KASICH 1.01% (1,406 votes)

    HUCKABEE 0.51% (716 votes)

    BUSH 0.44% (617 votes)

    I love the part at the end when Trump gave it good to them about the no 3 hour debate and the moderator lied and said that Trump had nothing to do with reducing the time to 2 hours.

  • parteagirl

    Trump’s prediction was proven right!
    He tweeted today that the debate was going to be unfair.
    EVERYONE could see how unfair the “fantasy football moderators” were!

  • Phoenix_Damaged

    The only propagandist pleased with CNBC’s performance tonight is the ghost of Joseph Goebbels.

  • Spinstopshere

    No, the worst debate was on Fox with your buds, Sean. Now the candidates have wished up; they called out CNBC at every personal attack question…showing the world again how lame the MSM really is. Did you hear Trump continue to blast them in his after interview. And the CNBC guy asks Trump, “You’re still coming on my show tomorrow right?” LMAO Trump has them so cowed it’s unbelievable. Trump 2016!!!

  • Spinstopshere

    Wised up

  • Patty

    Trump started it and Cruz is continuing it. The media must not tell this
    nation who will become our next president they did for the past two
    elections but they will never do that again.

    And Trump handed the moderator’s head on a platter when he said he was the reason for a 2 hour debate and the moderator lied and said it was always going to be a 2 hour debate.

  • Bob332

    Like one commentator said” The moderators looked like four MUPPETS asking questions”.

  • Patty


    Trump, Carson Threaten Boycott if CNBC Debate Goes Over Two Hours

    Thu, Oct 15

    The two Republican frontrunners say they
    won’t be at the next GOP debate unless organizers meet their demands,
    including how long they’ll be on stage battling it out.


  • Guy Christopher

    Let’s get one thing straight….this was not a debate between candidates. If anything it was a debate between candidates and the leftist media questioners. The Republican candidates would do themselves very well to get together and decide for themselves what they want their “debate” to look like and just flat tell the RNC and patty boy Rience P. to go to hell. Trump, Carson, Cruz and Fioriana could set the agenda — they are the outsiders, and without them, there will be no ‘debates.’

  • Patty

    and he keeps his cool doing it.

  • Patty

    let’s see the next debate and how Kelly fairs.

  • Aytac Ercen

    Hannity is no angel. He is as bad as CNBC was.
    The diference is CNBC was in the spotlight tonight. No one watches them during this time slot when there are no debates. Whereas Hannity does the same, EVERY NIGHT and hurts the Republicans since 2007.

  • JJ

    The closet Democrats in the GOP consulting class allowed their own (Democrats) to moderate the debate.

  • viking628

    Reince should be delighted, he selected this venue

    What a jackass

  • chicodon

    Worse than that. This is the worst in history. But, hey, this is NBC.

  • viking628

    Kelly should recuse herself or the candidates should demand that she not participate

  • Dad

    Boycotts of the MSM need to be formed not to mention 24 hour vigils outside their broadcast studios.If I recall some of the Baltic or Slavic communist nation’s governments fell after nightly vigils of protestors surrounding the state owned media there. Real change of this country cannot occur without deposing the media.

  • Secretsquid

    He must have a Kindle. Mine is always picking out words for me.

  • Reader11722

    This is not news. We all knew this already. No worries, DT was great. The Donald is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived III”.

    Last link of “America Deceived III” before it is completely censored:


    TRUMP 2016

  • M. Black

    Hannity couldn’t even credit Trump with making the media an issue

  • Roland_Deschain_Gunslinger

    CNBC personnel are traitors; not only to journalism but to our nation. These freaks need to be tried for treason and punished accordingly.

  • Big Al

    Ridiculous statement……

  • alistz

    The RNC debate should be a news event. They should pick the moderators of the debate and the networks should cover it as a news event.

    When a Network hosts a debate and provides the moderators, then it is interjecting itself in the ‘news’ and the entire event is dishonest.

  • Rand Paul articulated his positions with clarity.

  • TryingToComprehendAllOfThis

    How can you have a debate where you only ask the front runner 2 direct questions both of which were totally inappropriate questions?

    CNBC held a political campaign message for Marco Rubio tonight not a debate. Beware America the leftist media was pushing the kid Marco Rubio tonight He is not ready to be President.

    But Chris Christie could make one heck of an Attorney General!

  • TryingToComprehendAllOfThis

    Yes that was classic leftist lying in front of a national audience.

  • Sheeple shepherd

    They did get Rubio good at the beginning about how he’d bad with money and doesn’t do his job in the senate. He doesn’t do his job. He’s the establishment. He’s over his head. The Obama of the Republican Party

  • Sheeple shepherd

    But has 0 charisma

  • Mike in Illinois

    The journalism profession was embarrassed tonight – again- and that will continue so long as Republican candidates endure. These candidates, at least those staying in the race, must refuse to relent. They must make this stand count.

    A point of order among the III% is this- We will not back up, not one more inch.
    The Republican candidates must adopt this principle. They must stand on it and defend it.

  • Sheeple shepherd

    I could see jeb dropping out sooner than new hampshire

  • Bernard Marx

    Me too, but think he’s trying to save face for “the Family” and soldier on…

  • mg4us

    Let’s start with NBC in NY. .then walk down to NY Times!

  • Mike in Illinois

    Ya know, when the 9-12 project and Tea party stuff started to organize at the grass roots level I attended both. I said over and over that MEDIA should be the target, not the parties or the politicians. I said making about elections would backfire, and that is exactly what happened.

    I said we should not be protesting at the state houses or DC, we should be assembling at newspapers and television stations. ( I also said that illegal immigration and guns were not going to be ignored anymore too). I guess was a bit ahead of schedule, lolz.)

    If we hold the media to account, the politicians will fall in line – scared to death that media will then tell the truth about them.

  • TryingToComprehendAllOfThis

    I counted 3 Freudian Slips coming out of Jeb Bush’s mouth before he caught himself and ate his words before finishing “What he really wanted to say!”

  • Sheeple shepherd

    All fairness Rick Sanntelli and Larry Kudlow are good Economic guys that like trumps policies.

  • Ideas Time

    You guys, it is game over for the MSM and the DNC. The Hillibest is going to the dust bins of history and that is an easy out for someone who is evil.

  • tommy mc donnell

    we need to boycott the corporations that pay for every lie the complex tells.

  • Sheeple shepherd

    That organizing is now happening at the Trump rallied

  • Ideas Time

    The poor lying MSM got their hats handed to them tonight. Great job guys and galls for calling them including the one the challenged HC and said he live to tell and said a mouth full about the killing machine that includes the bush and clinton crime cabal.

  • Ideas Time

    Do you know why we are making a difference? Because we want truth and honor and they can not handle the truth. Their whole system falls apart and they will go to jail or worse, like the gallows.

  • Cowardly Lion

    Where is Ben Carson’s lead over Trump? Just another liberal media lie. He’s barely a blip on the radar. I’m sure this doesn’t make Ben feel good, but just another propaganda fantasy by the liberal media, AND FAUX NEWS, to try to take down Trump.

    As for the debate, I think all the candidates did fine, but Shurb 3.0 and Rubio don’t get it, they are rinos about some important issues, amnesty, and that is why they are polling so low. Nice to see Cruz doing so well, he really pounded those liberal media goons hard.

  • eastender

    When is Clinton going to debate Sanders on Fox with Hannity as the moderator?

  • Mike in Illinois

    It sure is. And I love it. Though I snap on trump from time to time on certain examples, that does not take away from the good his candidacy is doing for this country. I hope he continues and people reward it respectively.

    Trump has set a bar and if any other aims to win this race, they have no choice but to out trump the Donald. I do think there is one who can, and will, but how that shakes out remains to be seen. For now, I want Trump to keep on doing exactly what he is doing!

  • copperdog1

    Lets get Hannity and Rush to modarate the next DNC debate….. that would be fireworks

  • robert88871

    God bless Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and Alex Jones…alternative media pioneers, national treasures who conservatives cannot thank enough IMO

  • Mike in Illinois

    The biggest one being the company that is the U.S. Government…….

    Starve the beast by eliminating the advertising money laundering tool and the game is forever changed.

  • Teddi

    John Harwood looked like a second coming of “Bimbo” Kelly – bleeding from the eyes with leftist hate…

  • Had Enough

    Trump and Cruz did very well. The moderators were to put it kindly, horrible. Loved it when Cruz (and a few others) called them out for their ridiculous and cheap attempts to turn it into a circus. Trumps my man, but they all did well in reigning in the childish behavior of the moderators for the most part. Unbelievable that they actually asked about fantasy football. Really like Trump’s closing statement.

  • Lady ThreeFiftyFive

    TRUMP/CRUZ 2016 sounds like a good strong team….we need strength that can go head to head with the Hillary machine. We should not underestimate the power behind this corrupt monopoly, Our country depends on it!

  • Had Enough

    They are absolutely shameless.

  • Dad

    I clearly can envision MSM Headquarters having it’s rotted door kicked in easier than anyone could imagine. Thousand of protesters circling their buildings and hassling the media as they come and go day and night for years if need be.Would become a national phenomenon.

  • robert88871

    I’m still a Trump guy but I don’t like the talk about H1B visas being ok… Zuckerberg wants to fire Americans and bring Indians over here to do the work for half the pay, but the Americans were fine when he was building his multi billion dollar company. our IT workers are just as good as anything India’s producing the simple fact is that they will work for a lot less money…period

  • Jim

    A Volvo with a windshield washer?

  • robert88871

    Copperdog….love it

  • Had Enough

    Thats exactly what my daughter and I talked about during the debate. They need to get together and demand that the questions are of substance and not an attempt at creating a free for all three ring circus. It was yet another attempt at making the Republican candidates look bad, only thing is, it didn’t work and in fact backfired big time.

  • Richard Koch

    Yes Hannity, people are sick of presstitutes like yourself and the rest of the MSM. Enough with the agenda driven news which is nothing more than propaganda.

  • mikekelley10

    Kelly has forever been branded as a Democrat shill.

  • Had Enough

    Is she really going to moderate? If so, what a joke, her bias is palpable and she has proven herself to be a petulant vindictive hack.

  • Jane Mordecai

    The real story is what a nasty, disgusting job the hack yahoos at CNBC
    are doing this evening. Is the network always like this? Never watched
    it before.

  • Cowardly Lion

    I wonder what their audience numbers are gonna be. These control freaks wanted people to subscribe to watch their debate by stream. I went to watch it for free from a link someone posted.

  • mikekelley10

    Oh God, that’s an image…

  • DM1499

    Far more substance, and they probably won many new intellectual voters. The problem is, there are more low information voters who don’t care about substance. They want the black or the woman or whoever offers the most “free” stuff.

    Voting should require a basic civics test. You should have to pass it before you can cast a ballet. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just enough to to weed out those who know something about issues from those who know nothing.

  • Robert Bayer

    The MSM has to be sued out of business .. or bought out .. No more bias jackazzes pulling the strings to deceive naive Americans about the eff is going on.

  • Cowardly Lion

    90+% of Detroit students are not proficient in
    math/reading. That means that
    disqualifies most of the democrat party from voting because they are
    low-information voters.

  • Ace

    You people still, after all these years, think they’re the media.
    They’re just left wing extremist propaganda outlets.
    Stop wishing they’ll be nice to you.
    Ignore them…most people do.

  • Blargette

    I think the candidates called it. These aren’t debates.

  • John Adams1

    I find it worked for the conservatives, when the liberals are foaming at the mouth they forget to push the narrative and end up showing just how intolerant they are…

  • JJnTX

    Trump should buy CNBC, fire all the employees, and then declare bankruptcy… all just for fun. CNBC could probably get picked up pretty cheap only having two regular viewers.

  • DM1499

    Well, they would not need to read or write, just be able to answer questions. But reading and writing doesn’t automatically mean they pass.

    Case in point: a CORNELL college student was asked the national debt. She thought it was $200 million dollars. You would expect better from a student at such a prestigious college.

    Video (her question is at the 2:10 mark):


  • Blargette

    There is an answer. Stop watching.

    Read. Think. Ask.Think. Decide.

  • crazy horse

    I thought the moderators would be less angry now that same-sex marriage is legal.

  • JJnTX

    They’re still upset that there is no ISIS candidate being fronted from either party (since Obama didn’t get his third term, at least).

  • Teddi
  • kjb0010

    Tonight confirmed my decision after Fox’s debate to cancel cable. I’ll never go back .Cut the cable cord and no more money for the loser media,

  • jainphx

    Our country was originally set up that way, but you see what we have now! Oh well it was a good country while it lasted, now unless the brakes are applied (which doesn’t look like it will happen soon) were cooked! When some of these gimmy types find out what’s in store for them, when all they ask for happens, and their in concentration camps or worse. Oh well we tried to warn them didn’t we?

  • kjb0010

    Cancel Cable People. It is time to make these people pay.I cancelled mine after Fox’s debate. Will never go back

  • jainphx

    I can just hear the democRAT hucksters now saying just put your X here were it says print your name on the ballot making them KINGS of the world.

  • JJnTX

    Carson’s lead was fabricated wishful thinking. The pollsters want the weakest GOP candidate to get the nomination. They hate Carson more than Bush.

  • Jane Mordecai

    Looks like it was freely available online from a number of sources.

  • Cowardly Lion

    Yep, like the enemies of America wanted the weakest president to be elected, that’s why they cheered for the idiot that currently resides in the White House.

  • Cowardly Lion

    I went directly to cnbc, and their site was not free, you had to subscribe. After that I went looking and found a link to a free streaming of the debate.

  • HrundiBakshi

    Boycott the sponsors and let them know it…

  • PlainOldTruth

    CNBC needs to move to Venezuela. They’d fit right in. They and their pals (Harwood, etc.) are a pack of indoctrinated third rate hacks bent on deceiving the citizens and stripping the citizens of their moral prepogatives described in the Declaration of Independence. CORRUPTION that stinks to high heaven = CNBC.

  • mamapjs

    …and the very BEST part was when the moderator claimed that the debate was always going to be two hours and Trump called him down on it. 🙂 Geez… it was all over the news, even the MSM covered that little incident. How did the moderator think he was going to get away with THAT claim? (rolling eyes)

  • tempo150101

    They should seed it like the NCAA Playoffs. –1 against 14, 2 against 13, etc. Give each pair a half hour. It would take less time and be more substantive.

  • Landshark

    CNBC was doing everything they could to help Hillary..Amazing..

  • kjb0010

    Infowars streamed it tonight and those three guys especially the two bearded white guys were complete asses…They talked and joked the entire time. I just crossed Alex Jones and Infowars from my Favorites

  • mamapjs

    I LOVE that Trump jumped on his case about that! 🙂

  • Tommy Hoffmann

    Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and Christie, in that order…

    Jeb! can now make a graceful exit. Kasich needs to have his med’s adjusted. And Rand Paul…, time to go back to KY and defend your Senate seat.

    The real loser?

    CNBC and the MSM. Things will never be the same for the hate-fueled left…

  • Gen. Chang

    Not just the media,but we have to boycott their ADVERTISER$ products! That’s how you really hurt them.

  • mamapjs

    You will love it. 🙂 I got into a fight with Comcast over an unrepaired cable connection, and cut them off in 2002. Now I get all of my news from the computer with everyone posting web pages, and all of my political events from the C-SPAN web site, where they don’t comment, they just run the cameras.

    It worked wonders for my blood pressure. 🙂

  • tempo150101

    My parents live next door. If it wasn’t for them, I would just have internet (I run a line over to their house). I’d miss ESPN College Football, but that’s about it.

  • Bart

    I am sure Aljazeera will be happy to pick up the carcass in the fire sale and I am sure the content will then be less liberal/socialist/communist inspired.

  • mamapjs

    We are calling them the “media” to have an easily recognizable handle to identify them. We do NOT think they actually are the media. We call it that because it isn’t, say, an aardvark. They haven’t been the news in decades. We know that. 😉

  • Missie Anthrogynyvous

    I thought he was channeling a swarthier version of Anderson Pooper…

  • farout

    No Sean the night they took the chain off that little attack dog Meygan Kelly was the lowest night. Replay her questions and try to get her a job at CNN. She is a cold blooded reptile…. Yes these guys were a close second but FOX started it all. Remember Sean we do……

  • Gen. Chang

    In all fairness,Carson did give an assist in putting their collective foot down.

  • Yu So Wong

    John Harwood may have taken the Shill for Hill award from Megyn Kelly.

  • farout

    Sean stop pimping Carson he’s a nice man but your just trying to hurt trump… FOX sucks dude get out of there.

  • Sugar Cream

    That cruz is a good looking guy . he should win on his looks. if the others can win at all. u go cruz.

  • mamapjs

    He did that. 🙂 But do you want to make any bets on whose idea it was? 😉

  • lifsabsurd

    I have long believed the country is heading for extreme bloodshed, a true civil war of socialists against conservatives. It seems to me to be inevitable and national bankruptcy will likely be the immediate trigger. I have also long hoped that, if and when the slaughter begins in earnest, conservatives have the sense to prioritize their targets. The RATS need to go first. The ones most responsible for destroying America. The reporters, the attorneys, the teachers, and the hard core socialists. The DemoRATS of course.

  • farout

    she’s at it right now as we speak with her metro sexual guests like Stirewald. She is an evil little b___h…. Toatally can’t stand that woman and her shrilly little voice and bleached blond hair…. keep try girl. Move to MSNBC.

  • Sugar Cream

    trump/cruz good deal. but do they like working together? i don’t think so. I ‘m gonna laugh at them all, cause this mess can’t Bfix. less god grants a miracle for usa the world.

  • Malatrope

    You are correct, these are not debates. They are Inquisitions.

  • mamapjs

    No no no… that’s Prince Reibus, the dedicated royalist hell-bent on getting Bush III coronated. 😉

  • farout

    toatally worthless pee wee dude loser should have left 8 years ago with Rove. He’s a stupid as it gets. Good makes a better target to get him fired along with the rest of the old guard bring the party down.

  • Sam in Texas

    With all due respect, in spite of their pompous pretensions and self-proclaimed status, these people are not journalists, they are entertainment personalities, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Blactoseintolerant

    The State Run Media. Obama Editor and Chief.

  • Sugar Cream

    this debate is really hot u know? i have been so insterested before trump. he is great. i just hope it will payoff 4 him.

  • farout

    meygan is non stopped bashing Trump right now but she’s using a new method. We are not stupid blondie we know kabuki when we see it. Youare the most pathetic female anchor out there…..

  • Rustin Cohle


  • mamapjs

    LOL! Mine does that, too. I have to re-read everything I type on the thing or I’ll come out with a comment like, to quote Spin up above, “…Trust has them so cow it’s unaffordable.” LOL 🙂

  • Rustin Cohle

    Does anyone else feel like Hillary will destroy Trump/Carson? Rubio has a chance, though

  • Bart

    I cancelled cable in 2010 and never looked back. I have a digital antenna that picks up 40 air channels if I ever have the urge to go back to incessant commercial breaks. At least I can get evening news weather and the occasional sports event but for the most part, I would rather spend my time with Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube for my viewing pleasure.

  • theslowrider

    Americans should boycott all of the MSM’s advertisers and also all companies run by liberals! GE, Ben and Jerry’s, JC Penney, liberal Hollywood movies, Progressive Insurance, Geico, etc. The list is long.


    Listen. Give the media a break. They are Libs. You can’t expect them to act like normal people.

  • Tommy Hoffmann

    It wouldn’t be much of a war. Most conservatives are armed. Most liberals are not.

  • donh

    NO !….This goes down as a really really bad night for ! Heb ? The downfall of the Bush Dynasty.

  • DlA­N­E­ _TX­™­


  • Madness

    Low life members of the Liberal cult of death, doing what they do best. Hateful and disgusting. What did anyone expect?

  • M_Hawke

    Well, it’s not the asking of questions, it’s what the questions are.

  • Defiance


  • Madness

    Those people are not journalists, they are Democrat party activists.

  • David Harrison


  • Clambaked22

    Candidates need to call the moderator out, Slam Hillary, and then answer the question.

  • lifsabsurd

    And it is going to pit a majority of white males with most of the military on our side, against a pile of mainly retarded Negroes and Hispanics, plus worthless FemiNazi female Whegroes.

  • jainphx

    No only left wing hacks, that think the lying hag has anything to offer, think that way!

  • lifsabsurd

    Colleges once gave degrees that were worth something. Now they might as well be printed on toilet paper.

  • mamapjs

    I think Rubio shot himself in the foot the other day when he admitted that he doesn’t like being a senator. So he just walks out of a job he doesn’t like? Does he have any idea how that looks to people who are searching for any job they can get? Suppose he decides he doesn’t like being president? :/

  • jainphx

    That all depends on your definition of Liberal. Street thugs aren’t exactly conservatives, but I take your point and mostly agree!

  • Professor Fate

    The talking heads on CNBC ran into a guillotine tonight and they never did recover. Their “Have you stopped beating your wife?” questions were thrown back in their faces and they knew right then they had lost any advantage they figured they had. When you compare the sort of questions the candidates were asked tonight versus the softballs thrown at Hitlery and Bernie, the media bias is all too evident. Good on Trump, Cruz, Christie and the others for calling out their Liberal attackers.

  • Klyde

    WHY do the Republicans keep letting the liberal media stage these things and turn what is supposed to be a debate into a liberal shooting gallery?

  • jainphx

    I thought they were, especially at HAvARd!

  • John Adams1

    Tonight was the first time in a long while that not only did the true conservatives with the exception of kasich,bush,graham,christie not only did they finally stood up for themselves but they finally fought back and challenged the false narratives. If they keep that up we can reverse the damage that has been done to our country…

  • jainphx

    What makes you say that? Cruz is the only one not to personally knock Trump and visa versa.

  • Robert Ta

    Low information people, who are the majority of the country, are not about to go along with that. Remember, the late coming immigrants, legal and illegal, are not patriotic. They could care less about this country. They are here for the handouts, nothing more. They are Kardashianed out of their tiny minds.

  • mamapjs

    Hannity isn’t supposed to be unbiased. He is advertised up front as a conservative commentator. He doesn’t report news, he comments on it from a conservative viewpoint. It is the people pretending to be “mainstream” or “unbiased” who are our targets.

  • jainphx

    You have the ability to point out the most important stuff! We should make you our “watch the debate” guy so we don’t have to. Trump in a minute, made mincemeat of the commie “journalists”

  • Klyde

    Dear Republican party leadership,

    Do you remember the democrat debate that was moderated by Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Mark Levin?

    So why do you let the liberal media stage BS like this?

    (Apologies to R.L., A.C., and M.L., undoubtedly were they to moderate a democrat debate, they would be a million times more fair.)

  • Michael Lloyd

    Harvard has gone green and now prints diplomas on recycled TP. They are small – the size of 1 square.

  • Ghost of Cicero

    The problem is that these CNBC pukes think they did a good job. As will all their sycophantic cohorts in the rest of the state run media. And the low info dots amongst us don’t care & would rather see which Kardashian is schtupping which NBA player.

    But hey, let’s be honest. For those of us who DO care, tonight was an all out case of the candidates banding together against an openly hostile panel asking breathtakingly insipid questions. And collectively slapping the taste outta the “moufs” of the panel. In the lingo of my native Memphis, “dey got punked the heck (substituted for a far more “descriptive” word) out!”

    And it was beautiful to watch!!! GO TED, GO!!!

  • Karen Hsu

    Cruz is a freaking STUD!!!!!!!!! He said: The moderators at the democratic debate fawned and asked the liberals: ‘Who is more handsome and who is wiser!?!? Cruz is a SUPER STUD!!!!!!!!

  • Karen Hsu

    Cruz is a freaking STUD!!!!!!!!! He said: The moderators at the democratic debate fawned and asked the liberals: ‘Who is more handsome and who is wiser!?!? Cruz is a SUPER STUD!!!!!!!!

  • Karen Hsu

    Those lib moderators were such angry little babies. They were incompetent, angry hacks.

  • Ghost of Cicero

    And on foreign policy, he’s downright Churchillian. I agree wholeheartedly! GO TED, GO!!!

  • daddybdg

    And do what the liberals like to do, single out sponsors to boycott!

  • mamapjs

    Trump wins this election, you can bet he’s going to be giving the alleged “news” media chronic indigestion for the next four years. 😀

  • Guest

    The mediators came out of this looking like total idiots. The problem is that they still did what they were supposed to do. The entire debate was a debacle, and it made the candidates look bad by association. Truth is, it was unlikely any Republican was going to win this election cycle anyway (the only one electable in the generals is Rubio), but train wreck debates like this one certainly don’t help.

  • TincanJoey

    What was truly wonderful about tonight was how the audience became hostile with the (un)moderators crap!!
    The bums from CNBC looked constipated at one point

  • Half_Centurian

    Definition of lacking gravitas…the CNBC moronic moderators.


    Really Like!!


    You said it for me….so right!!


    Or really for those who “actually have skin in the game” and WORK for a living – not just “free load”…

  • JohnF63
  • Coy Coleman

    Whenever CNBC or MSLSD gets kicked in the face… it is not that bad a day.

  • Baolien Dang

    We should boycott all the media who kiss Clinton dumb stinky ass!. It is clear that they don’t put America where their children’s future lay on first. They put a witch Killary for their personal party gain!!. I just about give up on our country!!. She is 68 year old and I tell ya, women reach to that age they can’t even babysit their grand kid as their energy is already worn out with health problem. We need a energetic President with new vision and with the fire in his heart to lead America!

  • Baolien Dang

    We should boycott all the media who kiss Clinton dumb stinky ass!. It is clear that they don’t put America where their children’s future lay on first. They put a witch Killary for their personal party gain!!. I just about give up on our country!!. She is 68 year old and I tell ya, women reach to that age they can’t even babysit their grand kid as their energy is already worn out with health problem. We need a energetic President with new vision and with the fire in his heart to lead America!

  • aircraftmech

    I refer to these individuals as ‘state run media’ because there hasn’t been a journalist on the left since about the 1950’s.

  • aircraftmech

    Another display of a_sshattery by the leftist state run media hacks. Why don’t the Conservative party candidates just stop using/pandering to, these twat-waffles and find somewhere else and use true journalists to moderate a true debate about the honest issues affecting the country today? I don’t think it’d be that hard to do.

  • Elapoides

    First, no big surprise, and why do we need the milquetoast douesche pseudo conservative kissass establishment Hannity to tell us this? Without Rush, Levin, and Savage, Hannity would
    have no material for his pathetic radio show, let alone Fox News.
    And if you haven’t guessed it, I despise Hannity. He must be all broken up about his boy, Jebito, or Rubio. Hannity used to have tingles running up & down his legs, and convulse in the presence of the greatest of great douesches, Karl Rove.

  • No One Important

    There are very few “true” journalists anymore. . . As Rubio said – the largest “super pac” the liberals have is the media. . . .When you’ve got 80-something percent as “democrat” (or lets face it, far-left nutters), and they run these large stations. . . . .It’s going to be hard.But, it will be on stages like this that we humiliate them into doing their jobs.Trotting out discredited allegations against Rubio? Chris Christie pointing out the lunacy of wasting time on Fantasy Football? Loved Cruz’ tirade, and Rand’s challenge on Responses.Loved the “digs” that were leveled at them in the previous debate about their behavior of being “unsupportive” of republicans. . . (Lindsey Graham.)

  • John Adams1

    Dude i don’t know what reality you subscribe to but there has been a boycott on MSM for years hence the dismissal ratings for CNN,MSNBC,NBC,CBS,ABC….

  • Douglas R. Dexter

    Sean Hannity is controlled opposition. So is Rush and O’Reilley.


    Sean mentioned Matt Drudge who was just on the Alex Jones show a couple of weeks ago. I suggest that if you’re interested in who’s really running the show in America today, you might want to pay attention to some of what he’s saying.

    Drudge seems to think he’s worth listening to..

  • wiskeyjack

    CNBC were bad. Fox was worse.

  • obama the extremist

    Liberal media=communist lap dogs.

  • Zipsterr

    CNBC are all Democrats and Democrats lie whenever their lips move.

  • G Man

    When reporters become the news, perhaps they were never reporters to begin with. Notice I did not use the term, JOURNALISTS! These people need to be upfront and admit they just want to be like Rush, only dumb.

  • CllearanceClarence

    That ‘moderator’ looked like some kind of west-hollywood nancy boy, with the red lips and the mascara.

  • dave0987

    Trump 2016

  • AL

    Don’t blame a snake for being a snake.

    The Gop should have their own debates moderated by the types the Gop voters want. Rush , Mark, and Sean.

    Why even allow the msm to put these things on? Makes no sense.

  • Carolann313

    The GOP debate in November will be moderated by Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartoloma of FBN.

  • thedude2009

    Geez… even Pat Paulsen wouldn’t run for president with this kind of atmosphere…

  • ROB-1.

    I have never seen such a bad panel as the ones on CNBC. They even talked over one another at times. I wonder what grade they finished in school? kindergarten?

  • spaniel

    Of course its not free, and why would anybody pay to subscribe ? Its drivel. And Ive noticed, that the MSM has by-and-large disabled any commenting on their BS “news” …they cant handle the negative feedback….so the solution is simply to “silence any dissent” this way. Not democratic at all. Shame on ’em.

  • Cantos28

    NBC= Nothing But Clowns

  • Russel

    Top three should be chosen by Halloween and the rest go home. Huckleberry is STILL wasting our time for instance ?.

  • LibertasDux

    There are only 4 sources of media I trust today and Fox is not included:

    Conservative Treehouse
    and this wonderful site.

    Give them your clicks America.

  • Nick

    If the candidates knew the moderators of the debate would try and trap them with the questions they should have all refused to attend. Very simple. They’re not too bright.

  • Bill Board

    Those relatively unknown CNBC moderators…. are now a national disgrace.

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    NBC CBS ABC CNN are all Obama Hillary Democrat media that have relations to Democrats.

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    because ABC CBS NBC and CNN are democrat commie media.

  • rustyaxlenut

    Republicans, still stupid after all these years. Albert Einstein, who it was reported could do math, once remarked that insanity was doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different result. So here we have the Republicans courting the socialist media to broadcast and moderate their debates, knowing full well that CNBC whores for the socialist Democrats. What did they expect? That CNBC would betray their pimps? That a tiger would change its stripes? That it’s okay to drink the water in the Yucatan? Anyone with an I.Q. above freezing would have asked why the Republicans continue to book their debates with leftist networks and faux journalists, expecting a legitimate debate of issues, policies and solutions, let alone fairness and equanimity. Time for the Republicans to wise up, if that is possible as long as their Old Guard Establishment remains in power, by producing their own debates of substance delivered with dignity. Of course, the reality TV style brouhaha, does deliver better ratings and headlines, and in this case served as an indictment of the very media that outsmarted itself by revealing its rotten core. Still, America deserves better.

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    most of the Republican candidates are Democrats. Rubio, Cruz, Bush, Carly, Carson, if you support H1B1 visa or amnesty you are a Democrat shill. They are going to make that Democrat Paul Ryan speaker when Democrat Boehner steps down

  • Rufus

    The candidates should have gotten up and walked out at the first dumb question.
    This debate did nothing for them.

  • retired22

    Read John J Swinton’s speech!

  • Al

    Mainstream media no longer informs, it’s all social engineering and propaganda, they belong in 1950’s Soviet Union not 21st Century America.

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    1/2 the Republican candidates at least are RINO democrats in disguise. Rubio and Bush are democrats.

  • Dick Elson

    Good 4 him!!1

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    Like 1/2 of the Republican candidates are Democrats. Rubio, Cruz, Bush,
    Carly, Carson, if you support H1B1 visa or amnesty you are a Democrat
    shill. They are going to make that Democrat Paul Ryan speaker when
    Democrat Boehner steps down and pass higher debt ceiling and cave to Obama, pass TPP, more restrictive internet, raise H1B1 visas, and amnesty.

  • TantohadGPS


  • Dick Elson

    we got one now – with fire in his heart – hades fire…and vision ‘a fundamentally changed usa –

  • rustyaxlenut

    I would prefer to think of them not so much as Democrats, but as shills for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the billionaire industrialist donor class. Republicans, at least those so dependent on campaign donations, are very sensitive to the needs of their cronies. Cronies that demand a source of cheap technical and skilled labor at the expense of American labor. The Democrats are looking to change the demographics with compliant foreign immigrants who will owe allegiance to their party as a means of maintaining power. Of course the result is the same, political power at the expense of American citizens, culture and prosperity. A solution would be public funding of campaigns, everybody with the same pot of money to spend, and a complete ban on private donations, PAC’s, or in-kind contributions. That will be only slightly less difficult to obtain than reversing the direction of the Earth’s rotation, so ingrained is the tradition of buying and selling politicians.

  • retired22

    They never informed,They misinformed.That has always been the case,nothing new.
    What makes posters think that the Journalists of 75 years ago were any better?It isn’t the media that has changed,it’s we the people that have finally gotten wise to the garbage we have been fed all these years.Propaganda pretending to be news!

  • Burlington

    I knew exactly what these Republican candidates would face at MSNBC. Why did Prebius allow it? He should be replaced.

  • 1twothree4

    Except they were at CNBC. How ‘exactly’ are you?

  • Guy Christopher

    Fully agree! If that debate is the Fox Business debate, no one in America gets that channel. To spice it up, they need to tell everyone to first google Megan Kelly’s lap-dancer pin-up’s in bra and panties. Then she can ask lots of questions about dishonoring women. Just search for and scroll thru ‘pix of megan kelly.’ I’m surprised it hasn’t been scrubbed by leftist Google yet.

  • If you didnt think the main stream media were biased and against we the people, but for facism and government oppression of we the people…then you ARE a drone…rip up your voter ID card and self abort, you’re too s t u p i d to vote.

  • Al

    Perhaps you are right, but some of the old timers ie. Murrow, and his ilk, and the local newspaper writers (before the acquisitions of the 90’s) used to be more thought provoking and informative, and seemed genuine. Now, it’s just glitzy schmaltz and you feel as though you just wasted your time, and lowered your IQ a few points. But, you are correct in that the offensive stench of the garbage is more potent of late.

  • Guy Christopher

    Right now, there are four candidates who can set the next debate agenda — Trump, Cruz, Fiorina and Carson. They are the Beltway outsiders, the most hated by the RNC. They can collectively tell the RNC to go to hell, which is what I tell the RNC each time they call for money and they can tell the networks to go to hell. This morning, Rubio is the darling interviewee on CNBC. As I listen to CNBC this morning, it’s all lovey-dovey with Becky Quick, which makes me wonder about his creds, and he’s not an outsider. Oh, and P.S. — Jeb is toast. He just hasn’t popped up from the toaster yet.

  • Guy Christopher

    Google ‘pix of megan kelly’ for some sleazy lap-dance fotos. She’s the wrong gal to be asking about the treatment of women.

  • Old tired & poor.

    Once again: There is NO upside to being interrogated by Commies on live TV. ;O(

  • bobdog19006

    Anybody who has ever seen Quintinella’s “documentary” on “Assault Weapons (Eeee-Yewwww)” or Harwood’s daily Washington reporting should have seen this coming. They’re so deep in the liberal tank, even Candy Crowley thinks they’re leftwing crackpots.

    What I don’t get is why the RNC agreed to this venue in the first place. “Are they that stupid?” seems like a perfectly fair question. They should have seen this coming. What’s next? MSNBC? MTV? The “Comedy” Channel?

    And why do they put up with it, election after election?

  • Afi Keita James

    That’s right.

  • Peleus

    We don’t punish anyone else [unless he’s a cop]

  • Peleus

    To bad they don’t treat the DNC the same way, not wait I forgot they are in their pocket!

  • Tecumseh1768

    I have seen a few posters confuse CNBC with MSNBC. Easy to do, is there any difference?

  • Peleus

    Kasich was on a roll so much talk about nothing?? He does represent the state where boner was from.

  • Tecumseh1768

    Other than exposing just how biased they are.

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    TRUMP WON !! LOL But I do like Ted too and he will make an excellent VP–

  • Why does the GOP insist on having these libtards do the debates? Are they that much in the tank with the democrats?

  • xstratusx

    Cruz is the most conservative of all the candidates.

  • Jo

    And all controlled by the Rothschild money printers that are enslaving the world with debt and debt notes.

  • Zigger

    One pretends to know about the economy, the other one has no clue.

  • Jo

    Not to sure about this wonderful site. They are very controlling if you hurt their feelings. I give the others a big thumbs up.

  • 1twothree4

    Of course there is. Can you imagine Santelli working for MSNBC?

  • Jack Coyote

    Intolerance thy name is Communist Democrat.

  • Fecal Matter

    The only thing Becky Q would be good for is dressed as French maid dusting the furniture…….she was horrible as moderator

  • Democrat+Republican=Oligarchy

    wants to raise H1b1 visas 500% and companies like Disney and others are laying off Americans to bring in foreign workers.

  • 1970greenie

    Someone asked Dr Carson if he could do math?! How do they get away with such thinly veiled racism?

  • Afterheart

    Someone who loves America would be a good start!

  • OrneryPotato

    Trump called it yesterday before the debates. Like a boss.

  • Afterheart

    He is shaking the trees, we’ll have to see what rinos and leftist media come falling out!

  • Afterheart

    But we have seen leftist propaganda for decades!

  • Afterheart

    ESPN another loser network that needs to be buried!

  • Kaight

    It’s a piece of cake when the black man being impugned is a Conservative.

  • Kaight

    I can think of one other thing.

  • Kaight

    They most assuredly are. The RNC would take a Hillary win any day in preference to having Trump, Cruz, or Carson in the highest office.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    That’s the only time I’ve watched CNBC for the last 15 years at least. The boycott is a natural reaction to the fact it has always sucked.

  • Jo

    The story should read…

    “This Is Going to Go Down in History as REALLY BAD NIGHT for the Rothschild controlled Media”

  • Richardnsider

    You’ll have to forgive them. They were a little nervous to be on TV when people were actually watching.
    I hear they are getting offers to moderate a 4th grade class president debate next week.

  • Timebomb

    Was anyone really surprised by anything associated with CNN, the totally liberal biased network?

  • maudieNmandeville

    What makes Sean think it’s a really bad night for the media. Leftists were cheering and smirking. The moderators will be getting thousands of ‘Kudos!’ tweets.

  • Irwin M. Fletcher

    It was CNBC.

  • Bracchus

    Marco Rubio is the class of this field. Articulate, polished and professional, his responses spoke to the questions and accusations directly.

    Trump, the poll leader in the field continues to be a carnival barker appealing to the non PC crowd. The problem conservatives have with Trump is his positions wil not be driven by those who support him. Trump is an ideological hybrid. Other than immigration, we really don’t know where he stands.

    Carson will never get the support of the Republican Party as a whole. He is a novelty and the party is treating him as such. Of the three non politicians running, Trump is the only one being taken seriously. Wonder why?

    Prediction-The republicans will leak something on Carson to destroy his campaign. Fiorina will fade. Rubio will be vilified on his prior and real position on immigration.

    In summary, the final choice will be between a credible Marco Rubio and a bombastic Donald Trump. If the republicans pick wrong, they may have lost the White House for years to come.

    Contrary to popular opinion, Hillary would disembowel Trump in a debate.

  • Cowardly Lion

    Get off the meds. They are rotting your brain.

  • kjb0010

    It is a great feeling to be free of cable

  • kjb0010

    There isn’t much else good on it..

  • kjb0010

    Who is your ISP? I still have comcast for internet just no cable. I don’t miss it at all either, the never ending commercial drove me crazy.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    CNBC = Clowns, Nasty Biased Clowns

  • Obomination

    Democrat media prefers Democrats in office. Who knew?

  • Cowardly Lion

    I was just downloading the debate from youtube and I was reading the comments section and some liberals were discussing which candidates they liked. Kasich they felt was most like a liberal… No freaking kidding, you like him because he is a liberal, you moron libs. And Kasich wonders what happened to the conservative movement. It’s been invaded by RINO trash like him that belong in the democrat party. RINOs like him, boehner and ryan are what is wrong with the Gay Old Party. When your leadership works with the enemy against the people that voted for them, there’s collusion and betrayal at the highest levels against the will of the people by people pretending to be what they are not and do not stand for what they supposedly stand for.

  • Bernard Marx

    Careful, your comment may get marked as s pam (as a few of mine did) if you go too far off the “RINO,Inc.” reservation around here… c ensorship lives on both sides of the aisle…


  • Bernard Marx

    Hannity carries water for the RINOs , well… somebody has to be zookeeper (I know ,Sean might read this, m o d s need to leave their kneepads at home)…


  • Black Tongue

    I didn’t know anyone watched CNBC? Seriously, it’s the second worst news outlet in the country

  • MyNightmare

    Rules for Radicals is their playbook, Hannity. Playing on their turf is not the right way to reach people.

    Rules for Radicals…
    “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” Power is derived from 2 main sources – money and people. “Have-Nots” must build power from flesh and blood.

    “Never go outside the expertise of your people.” It results in confusion, fear and retreat. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone.

    “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.

    “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.

    “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

    “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones.

    “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” Don’t become old news.

    “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new.

    “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist.

    “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.” It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.

    “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.

    “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” Never let the enemy score points because you’re caught without a solution to the problem.

    “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

  • John

    Here is the list of questions Cnbc will ask Hiliary.
    Where do you buy your pants suit?
    What are your favorite apps on your phone?
    Where is your favorite Chipotle?
    What is the toughest part of being a grandmother?

  • Afterheart

    Those are very difficult questions for Kill, I would limit it to “what’s your favorite color”?

  • Truth Kills Libs

    Those 3 clowns are the worst moderators I have ever watched. The only 3 clowns to top them were on stage at the Democratic Debate.

  • Cowardly Lion

    ^An example of the RINOs the liberals want to see win the GOP candidacy and who they don’t want to see go up against Hildabeast.

    These morons out their own liberal RINO invaders.

  • Truth Kills Libs

    By keeping them fighting them each other, they kept the attacks on Hillary to a minimum. Moderators became the evil ones, not Hillary/Obama. Do you see what they did? Whenever Hillary started to get attacked they were quick to talk over or cut them off. Those moderators are LOSERS

  • Timebomb

    one in the same.

  • Truth Kills Libs

    Carly proved she was a woman with a brain. Hillary proves she is a woman with a Vagina you should vote for.

  • Charlie_Nestor

    There just aren’t enough job opportunities for piano players in whorehouses, so it is not surprising that a position as an MSM “journalist” would be a second choice …

  • Cowardly Lion

    One thing I read last night and today in another article, The GOP wants to control the debates and punish anyone who debates outside of their controlled schedule. Carson says in the article today that the candidates should get together and demand change. I’m with him there. The candidates should tell the GOP leadership they have ZERO credibility and the candidates are not going to be controlled by these losers in the GOP leadership. The candidates should set make the rules and if the GOP leadership don’t like it, they can go vote for Hitlery.

    There is ZERO credibility on the part of the GOP leadership. Stop demanding cr*p and sit down, idiots.

  • toledofan

    This wasn’t a debate it was a sideshow intended to make each of the candidates look like amateurs. It is past time for either cancel the debates or at the very least to make sure the moderators are republicans. Most the lefts questions have little to do with managing the country and have all to do with the gotcha. It’s really sad that the republicans let themselves get pushed around and belittled by these left wing nuts.

  • buddman

    These people are Not moderators they are a PAC for the democrats not Media!!

  • Ubeturbipy

    Only way to blast them is to boycott the advertisers.

  • Roger

    John- well said. I think the moderators actually brought the candidates together, not ripping each other apart. The exact opposite effect of what they intended I am sure.

  • Cowardly Lion

    One thing the leftest media did was out itself last night. They were called out by the candidates and all the morons could do was grimace and take the booing from the audience.

    As for picking republcians, even the GOP leadership is untrustworthy. Let the candidates join up and demand to set the rules, to heck with the GOP leadership that has no credibility at all.

  • Bracchus

    I am calling it now. Republicans are in disarray. An ultra conservative cannot win the presidency. Demographics are changing rapidly and medieval thinking is on the way out. These guys that long for the 50’s are voices in the wilderness.

    “The times they are a changing”.

  • Cowardly Lion

    Yeah, look at all the change we got under Obama. A world in chaos when it’s amature night at the White House and you got a community organizer fumbling around. Change you can believe in, huh? Thanks for outing yourself, loon.

  • mamapjs

    I’m going through the phone company… that’s Century Link locally. Not a bad linkup, and they actually respond to my calls when I have a problem. 🙂

  • AZWarrior

    The current debate format is unworthy of a great nation. The Republican candidates should get together and tell the RNC to go to hell. Then they should organize four debates with neutral guestioners on on a network of their choice. The first debate would be limited to the economy. The second debate limited to foreign affairs. The third debate limited to Federal Government reform. The last debate open to questions gathered from the American people with only the most asked questions included.

  • AZWarrior

    Or at least arrest them for criminal interference of a national election.

  • lifsabsurd

    If one reads the Disqus profile for “Brachus” one finds that he has less than one-half an upvote per comment. One also finds that he is a radical leftist ideologue. He accuses conservatives, for example, of not caring about blacks. I usually try just to ignore leftist trolls like this. He probably lives in his mommy’s basement.

  • Croaker

    They, the RNC, should have debates in venues not hospitable to Conservatives.
    – It’s good practice for them in dealing with it and explaining their positions despite the garbage thrown at them.
    – It’s good to expose those who try to claim they are “journalists” for the liberal/progressive tools they really are.


  • Helluva3ngineer

    This is what CNBC does. What did anyone expect? They have been transparently lying to the American public since the crash of 2008.

    How do you think a network remains on the air with constantly dwindling viewership? By being subsidized.

  • Yu So Wong

    So now we have a contest in the mud wrestling arena for the best liberal moderator assassin: Currently leading the polls are Hatchet Barbie aka Megyn Kelly and the Back Stabber aka John Harwood.

  • RNGH

    CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS are all just as trustworthy as the climate scientists and NOAA.

  • Goober_Pyle

    Probably lives in Mommy’s basement?

  • Goober_Pyle

    Times are changing all right. We aren’t going back to the 50s, we are going back centuries with the 3rd world trash that is entering this country at a rapid rate. You’re about to see what a real war on women looks like.

  • Alan

    Some (most?) of the questions weren’t worth answering in a serious debate. Candidates need to select their own questions, as a group, answer them in order, and reduce the ‘moderators’ to stopwatch-keepers.

  • whoodoo

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone. There isn’t an academically qualified economist on the whole CNBC staff, much less an expert on macro, international or financial matters. They’ll all journalism, English or other social science majors who NBC foists off as business and market experts, but even together their understanding of the complicated issues affecting the U.S.economy and its relationship to the rest of the world is a mile wide but only an inch deep.

  • Blah Blah

    Hey Sean:

    How’s your little shadow government cocaine trafficking friend, Ollie North???

    ( you POS traitor )

  • Alan

    Yep – this election isn’t about maintaining the establishment/RNC way of doing things.
    Candidates should form a working group to manage the overall GOP campaign – agree on essential administrative things collaboratively, highlight differences on policy, keep negative personalizations out of it, tell RNC what to do instead of vice-versa.

  • Irwin M. Fletcher

    Oh for God’s sake.

  • Kage

    I’m not surprised. I’m more surprised that the campaign moderators had the balls to behave this way. They didn’t even try to cover up their agenda. They came out guns blazing, like they were the ones debating the candidates.

  • Duodecal

    Ollie is ten times the man you’ll ever be Socialist traitor of America.

  • Blah Blah

    I’m not a socialist, maybe you should have asked first?
    Clowns like you react like Pavlovs dog.
    I think nothing of robotic trash like you.
    You are a clueless idiot.

    Sean Hannity is a SUPER TRAITOR.

  • Nosmo King

    Unfortunately, for other networks hosting remaining debates, the only takeaway from last night’s debacle is that their moderators will need to learn to be more subtle with their bias. Their internal discussions will center on how to appear to be asking pertinent, substantive questions while at the same time doing their best to destroy whichever Republican candidates remain. Their discussions in regards to remaining Democratic debates will revolve around how to appear to be “tougher” on the candidates while at the same time doing their best to prop them up. The remaining Republican candidates will need to continue to call out moderators for their bias, which will certainly be less overt in upcoming debates, but, that being the case, potentially much more damaging to the candidates as they are exposed to wider audiences watching for the first time and who are relatively clueless about how the deck is stacked in favor of the Democrats.

  • Duodecal

    This is never going to go away until people stop buying goods and services from companies that advertise (subsidize) these propaganda outlets.

  • Princess Kobe

    RNC is to blame. Failed protocols, hostile moderation, and closed streaming.

    It’s evident that RNC fears Trump and is tilting towards handing over the election to Clinton.

  • Blah Blah

    The RNC WANTS Clinton to win.
    You have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Mick O’Kelley

    Time to dig up some dirt on Harwood…

    If he has not spent MANY a Saturday night strapped to a wall in an S&M Club on the Upper West Side, then I will eat my “Make America Great Again” hat right now. And I love my MAGA Hat!

  • Atilla Thehun

    NBC paid Chelsea Clinton $600,000 for no apparent reason

  • mrrealworld

    I haven’t had a TV connection in three years and I don’t miss it at all. I used the extra money saved (supporting liberal networks like CNBC) to get a better vehicle.

  • Princess Kobe

    RNC wants to preserve their standing. Trump’s nomination will destroy the RNC as we know it. RNC prefers Hillary to Donald. That’s understood by all.

  • mensa141

    The three hour proposal going to two hours is well documented and it was a coalition of Trump WITH Ben Carson that made it a two hour debate. Actually, more like a two hour knock-down of the CNBC media. A full scale show of how grown ups should handle children.

  • mensa141

    Same guy was called down about forgetting he changed his tune after Rubio called his bluff earlier this month. His tweet on 10/15 showed he lied last night!!

  • Mick O’Kelley

    Did you notice the disrespect started with the Introductions?

    In the Democratic “Debate” — all candidates received two full minutes to introduce themselves.

    Here, it was “Governor John Kasich.” No context. Not even the state of which he is governor.

    It went downhill from there.

  • Medialicious

    RNC – STOP allowing the liberal a-h0Ies to run debates for the Republican candidates – only conservative “moderators” for RNC debates and if Priebus won’t do it – get rid of him.

  • RS Gee

    Liberals are not intellectually capable of addressing conservatives.

  • Jason

    The next debate is on FBN, I doubt it will be nearly as hostile.

  • toledofan

    Yep, they definitely showed their true colors. I think that the establishment on both sides is corrupt and until candidates demand they get moderator to ask relevant questions the debates will be a side show. The best thing yesterday would have been for the candidates to walk off of the stage.

  • Jason

    Says the little hillary voter.

  • SaveOurNation

    Why is it ‘media’ is in charge of the debates, the questions, the attacks, the narrative…. These people are the enemy of truth and integrity. We all know it, and they strut around like they are journalists.

    Clearly not only the voting process needs to be fixed before the elections begin, but the debate process needs to be thrown in the trash and revised to exclude the media. This will include the forcing people to cable in order to watch a presidential debate which should clearly be free access for ALL.

  • bobdog19006

    That’s one of the few really great ideas I’ve seen all week, Alan. Seems to me the point you raise ought to be given some serious discussion between the candidates. Leave the scapegoating to the Democrats. It’s what they DO.

    From your lips to God’s ear.

  • Athenry

    The candidates need to buck the RNC.

  • SaveOurNation

    “And why do they put up with it, election after election?”

    Why do WE put up with it is a better question sir….

  • Kaka

    CNBC and their ilk are fecal stains of media

  • mamapjs

    Hmmmm… that, or maybe he actually has the two-week memory they all think we nasty ol’ extremists have. Maybe that’s where they got that idea… it’s all the memory span they have themselves. 🙂

  • Ghost of Cicero

    Care to elaborate as to WHY Hannity is a “traitor”?

  • stanlaurel4

    Howie Carr on boston radio spent most of his show yesterday talking abt how much of a liberal d bag John Harwood was and predicting that the questions would be biased. I am guessing even he was shocked at how blatant it was.

  • Atilla Thehun

    It’s called voting with your wallet.

  • stanlaurel4

    For the next dem debate they should have Pat Buchanan Ann Coulter and Ben Shapiro asking the questions.

    Wait the Dems aren’t as stupid as the repubs seem to be

  • Atilla Thehun

    Are you posting as part of a civics class assignment?

  • Saul Alinsky

    I am cancelling my cable television today. No more financial support
    from me for the likes of CNBC or ESPN.

  • SaveOurNation

    Why is it ‘media’ is in charge of the debates, the questions, the attacks, the narrative…. These people are the enemy of truth and integrity. We all know it, and they strut around like they are journalists.

    Clearly not only the voting process needs to be fixed before the elections begin, but the debate process needs to be thrown in the trash and revised to exclude the media. This will include the forcing people to cable in order to watch a presidential debate which should clearly be free access for ALL…..

  • SaveOurNation

    Corn filled turds they are sir.

  • civilwarsoon

    Why would the RNC and candidates agree to debate on an irrelevant, failed liberal outhouse of a network like cnbc in first place? Merely agree as candidates to not appear; don’t give the uneducated halfwit trailer park commentators a forum.

  • Mr. White Folks

    Cruz killed it as usual, last night. The establishment does not want a man like that at the helm, he’s too conservative and would actually change Washington. Whatever the argument for or against your favorite candidate, I’m sure most will agree the moderators were absolute simpletons.

  • SaveOurNation

    I cancelled my cable 10 years ago….. Didn’t get to watch the debates last night. Closed for cable customers only. Thanks America for allowing Cable companies to screw us.

  • SaveOurNation

    Sorry princess, but all this is on the citizens. It’s our fault our country is being overrun by liberal socialists.

    Even Batman is disgusted with what’s going on with our country folks….

  • Ghost of Cicero

    Cruz IS “The Man.” Period. The intellectual firepower & the courage of his convictions to back it all up. I was already a HUGE fan of his BEFORE he basically called Mitch “The B***h” McConnell a liar on the floor of the Senate. After seeing THAT, I’m ready to nominate the guy for sainthood. And the fact that the establishment hates him more than they hate ANY Dem is SOOO telling. If they hate him THAT badly, then he MUST be the guy for us.

  • Ghost of Cicero

    The problem is that these CNBC pukes think they did a good job. As will all their sycophantic cohorts in the rest of the state run media. And the low info dots amongst us don’t care & would rather see which Kardashian is schtupping which NBA player.

    But hey, let’s be honest. For those of us who DO care, tonight was an all out case of the candidates banding together against an openly hostile panel asking breathtakingly insipid questions. And collectively slapping the taste outta the “moufs” of the panel. In the lingo of my native Memphis, “dey got punked the heck (substituted for a far more “descriptive” word) out!”

    And it was beautiful to watch!!! GO TED, GO!!!

  • A Sperger

    The debate didn’t bother me a bit. But I am getting fed up with those Royals. Go Mets!

  • Nick

    Yeah, but none of them (congress) really do their jobs. Saying that a candidate for president is not doing his job as a congressman is the same thing as saying “he is a congressman.”

  • K. E.

    Glad someone on his team told him NOT to look directly into the camera like he did last time. That creeped me out and made him seem detached from the audience and the moderators in the room. This time he came across as more friendly and engaged with the debate. Love that he took down the moderators last night. That was GOLDEN. More of this, please.

  • Tecumseh1768

    My hunch is they go to NBC, or NBC goes to the RNC, and says “Do you want to host our debate?” NBC says “Sure!” then sticks it on one of their networks that no one watches.

  • caligula

    they went to a liberal democrat outlet. none of this should have surprised them.

    i’m surprised that they are surprised it was so surprisingly biased.

  • Tecumseh1768

    You can see it on youtube today.

  • ron

    Nothing new to those who are informed but CNBC took it to a new level last night as they clowned themselves, demonstating how the left wing media is in a collective meltdown…..

  • lifsabsurd

    Isn’t that where most 40-year-old Democrats live?

  • Tecumseh1768

    There was an apparent reason. It helped grease the skids for a billion dollar State Dept contract for GE.

  • SaveOurNation

    Thanks, I know… I just wanted to watch it in real time with everyone else.

  • ATruthBeKnown

    Of course this will not make a difference to the socialist media. They will just keep on doing what they are paid to do. Our nation is under attach from within and it is at every age level. From birth until death the satanic socialist will never stop until they have their one world anti-God socialist/communist state. Then the end will come.

  • Trashing the RNC is niave…First look at the comments, look at the discusdion today…It isnt “how inept the republicans are”…Its look how biased and in the tank for the Democrat Party the media are. See most people who watch CNBC or any NBC outlet, are oblivious to how s c r e w e d up their news source of choice is…if they did know, who would waste their time. The fact is there are folks in the political middle who just got exposed by direct quotes to blatant bias between questions to dems vs. repubs. The fact thats all anyone is talking about is proof the RNC decision was not a bad one…expose the beast to its own viewers.

  • RUG

    Do yourselves a favor and Google “Agenda 21” fron the UN. Also, Google Hegelian Dialectic and you will see exactly what these “people” are doing.

  • flyboy

    Folks, don’t blame DNCNBC…blame the idiot GOP for agreeing to go on a left wing media outlet. AGAIN. If anyone has watched DNCNBC or been on their website and forums, it’s like DNCNN. When are these knuckleheads going to LEARN? Don’t bother wasting time sending emails and boycotting DNCNBC…they don’t care. For them, it was mission accomplished.

    You will not win against the left, and based on comments of their useful liberal idiots on other blogs, they are laughing their butts off at the GOP whining. It matters not how the liberal MSM protects Democrat candidates (and continues to do so when they are in office…anyone seen ONE negative story from them about Obama after nearly seven years? JUST ONE????!!!!!!).

    And liberals say a liberal media bias is a figment of conservative minds….

  • FactsofLife

    The real villain here is Rancid Priebus and his crew. Rove and his merry band of fools purposefully select Leftist sites to debate at in order to kill the Conservatives. It’s time to take down those leading Democratic slave horde otherwise known as moderate Republicans. They have enacted Obama’s program better than native Democrats.

    The following need to be removed from involvement with a true Republican party.

    All 79 that voted for Boehner’s outrageous gift of providing all the funding for Obama through the end of his term.
    Ryan the Rino and his rino friend Romney. Throw Mccarthy in there 2.
    Corker for his dirty trick on using surrender first and then complain on the Iran deal.
    Unfortunately, Trey Gowdy for not going for blood and calling in the generals in the shameful Benghazi investigation.
    Issa for his totally failed pursuit of Democrat villains.
    McConnel indentured slave of the Democrats.

    There are more but this is enough for now.

    Without these changes, Amercia is doomed to become another Detroit or Baltimore.

  • Cowardly Lion

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. Just look at the constant caving of the so called GOP “leadership” to Obama’s whims. It’s beyond pathetic and why people are disgusted with the Gay Old Party leadership. These so called “leaders” are all out democrats in all but name, they sure as heck would prefer a Hitlery to Trump as president.

    Don’t worry, Princess Kobe, you got people backing up what you say. Limbaugh agrees with you. I’d give you a thumbs up if I could. Don’t listen to these morons above.

  • whosyourdaddy

    they took the batteries out of the smoke detectors while the house was on fire because the beeping was too loud

  • Buddy

    Do you think the moderators or the media is ashamed of their performance last night? NO
    just the opposite if someone was to ask any media member about the performance of the moderators last night …they would look at their performance as great…to fellow media members …these moderators are the HEROES of the media world this morning

  • Goober_Pyle

    Emphasis on PROBABLY. Sarc…..

  • Buddy

    the media is PART of what is happening to America

    it’s the media that gives it’s OK as to what is good or bad ..the media frames the story and your reaction to the story all within the story…it starts at the local level with traffic accidents and bar shootings ..and continues in the national level with coverage of dead lions, sexually confused and mentally ill decathlon winners that kill others with their car

    example ..the Death of Cecil the Lion was BAD….because he looks similar to Simba from the Lion King…never mind that lions kill and eat people (well since it’s only black African people so it’s ok) …and hunting is BAD because it is too masculine for the direction of the “new” American male…<<<<< this is the media's message not only do they tell the "story" they give you YOUR reaction(or at least the reaction they want you to have) to the story buried within the story itself …this is typical with every single story the media reports on..including the CNBC Debate

  • cheryl

    CNBC wouldn’t notice a boycott because they have no viewers anyway.

  • Bad Mother

    How about boycotting the companies that transmit this crap into our living rooms? Cancel your cable. Tell them WHY you’re cancelling. If enough people do that, they’ll sic their lawyers and lobbyists on them for us.

  • Obviously you did not watch the debate…the moderators were beaten down by both the candidates AND the audience…the reason is set evidence to any honest person. No media is lifting up the moderators performance as great …it was a live embarrassment to Normal CNBC viewers to see just how petty and biased their Anchors are in front of a live audience…it was obvious…again, but only to the honest among us…which are you?

  • Buddy

    you are under the impression that the media members are not immensely proud of their performance last night….these 3 “moderators” were parting it UP last night ..they were patting themselves on the back, they were taking congratulatory e-mails until 4am …their fellow media members LOVE these guys this morning

  • Blame the RNC for what? The candidates looked great, they easily made fools of the leftist media hacks… CNBC was exposed to its viewers as a hack outlet. That’s a win for conservatives and we the people…exposing real propagandist networks

  • tommy mc donnell

    another sterling moment for the democrat party-media complex

  • Buddy

    I did ..you obviously do NOT understand the media and their job….

    this morning Mika Brzezinski ,Rachel Maddow, Markos Moulitsas, Jon Stewart, Paul Krugman, Arianna Huffington, David Shipley, Fred Hiatt , Joshua Micah Marshall, Christiane Amanpour, Matthew Yglesias, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Deborah Solomon, David Rieff, and dozens MORE are praising the job done by CNBC …the media LOVES what they saw in the questions asked by these moderators

  • Buddy

    again clearly you do not understand the left and their allies in the media
    CNBC was not exposed ..the viewers of CNBC already know that and what CNBC, MSNBC and NBC stand for …that is WHY they watch ..
    YOU personally might not know or understand this and YOU were exposed to what they do on their networks…but MOST conservatives already know this and do not watch the network because of this…
    let me ask you this simple question
    do you think the LEFT(and the media) is deterred, dismayed, upset, revolted by the line of questions asked last night? or do you think they were proud of these questions asked?

  • Guest

    Cruz should have prefaced his busting of the “moderators” with ‘have you stopped being a humping dog on DNC’s leg? yes or no?”

  • The “Fourth Estate” has become a “Fifth Column”.

  • Buddy

    the liberals and the media look at what happened yesterday as an attack BY Cruz..they do not see their questions as unfair or out of line

    only conservatives view the moderators as “out of line”

    ask John Stewart or Arianna Huffington what they thought of the line of questions posed to the candidates last night…you will get a different answer
    the question is… how do WE (conservatives) get the entire rest of the world to view things in a different way?

  • Guest

    I understand your thoughts. But I respectfully disagree on the assessment, agree on the conducing question and might have an answer to it.

    Liberals do understand this was horrible, but what they have found in the past is that if they outright and smile the ‘it’s not my fault’ most people don’t know what to do with it. Mind you people don’t like it, but they still don’t know what to do with it.

    Let me give you a hypothetical example. A man is standing in the line at a store. He gets a spit on his back. When he turns around, there is teenager stands there and with the snide smile says ‘oh so sorry it happened to you, this guy who just ran away spit on you’. Everyone (moderates and LowInfoVoter in our case) around who saw this knows what happened, but they won’t say a word until the man slap the teenager on the head.

    So no, they know. They are just grinning in our face and lying.

    Now your question – what do we do? Destroy the media. How? I may have the answer, but my question for you, are you ready to go out of your way to combat this? (I am not suggesting anything illegal, but “slapping a punk” attracts a lot of attention and while most around you will nod in approval of your actions, the other “punks” will likely try to get in your,/b> face.

    Are you in?

  • Not all viewers of CNBC are leftists…you are definately niave…there are independents who watch..that’s who you must win over to win an election I guess you aren’t very good at strategy to pick up pieces up for grabs…very niave indeed.

  • dp

    Visiting Hawaii today and Time Warner Oceanic Cable does not carry the Fox News Channel. I am thinking that there is an attempt by some media providers in trying to choke the news they don’t want us to hear.

  • JonJenn

    Time to get rid of Rino Peebus.

  • Really? The written press are all over it….very niave to think that voters up for grabs who attended the debate and BOOD the moderators, or who viewed the debate and saw them BOO’ d will elect dishonesty as their path forward…the event was it’s own commercial debunking the left…very effective.

  • Guest

    P.S: you asked me how do WE (conservatives) get the entire rest of the world to view things in a different way?

    I understand you may not a confrontational type, but there is no ‘they’ who would help up, just ‘we’ that you mentioned.

  • Mike in Illinois

    But that leads to the same thing said about islam. ‘Oh it is just the few” and “that is not the real islam”.

    If there were any quality professional journalists left , they would be hammering the ‘jihadi” personalities you talked about. Sad truth, the most professional journalists today are bloggers and comments sections.

    Big “news” knows it to and that is why less and less allow comments and why they belittle bloggers.

    It isn’t the “few” anymore, it is almost every one of them. I get it and even agree, the celebrity status point you bring is accurate, but it is incomplete. The entire profession is indeed embarrassed – by its own make up exposed for all to see.

  • tempo150101

    I have a very thick skin and don’t get offended easily, so the CNBC questions don’t bother me. If they can trip them up and make them look like fools, so be it.

    What bothers me is that they don’t do the same thing to Dems.

    At the GOP debate, the people in the audience cheered when they went after the moderators. At the Dem debate, the reporters cheered when Comrade Bernie told them to back off of Hillary.

  • Grantchester

    I may not vote for him if given the chance but Ted Cruz was my hero last night when he handily dispatched the three moderators with speed, surgical precision and poise. Good minds cannot forever suffer fools.

  • Grantchester

    Bush is done. For whatever reason it’s become quite obvious he’s not interested in the nomination or the office if he has to fight and scrap for it. He’s said as much recently on multiple occasions. Jeb, it’s time to take the high road and withdraw while you still have a measure of your dignity remaining.

  • sanpala

    Yes…….tarred & feathered, put on a wagon and run out of town.

  • Arminius

    Meanwhile at the Democratic presidential debate: “Secretary of State Clinton… what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? “

  • antsey

    There are no true conservatives running for president in either party. There are RINOS, moderates, liberals, socialists and liars. Pick your favorite. Trump 2016.

  • Groo

    What a nasty little dung beetle that hack of a journalist, Becky Quick is…

  • Arminius


    Just like the Colonialists did in 1775. Do you really think that George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and Benjamin Franklin would put up with these anti-republic subversives? Communist tyranny wasn’t around back then but the founding principles of this republic still apply.

    The question is… are they worth fighting for to preserve a once great nation?

  • The Left hates morals

    The reason why these liberal moderators can’t ask the tough questions that plague our country is admitting that the 0bama administration ruined our country. Everything is fine in the no to low info world of 0.

  • The Left hates morals

    If he says he is going to do something. He fights till the end no matter how unpopular it might be with the establishment. Trump/Cruz 2016!!

  • america is freedom

    Light bulb moment! SORT of off topic.
    I was looking at yet another perfectly coiffed, perfectly dressed, perfectly smiling video ‘babe’ and it dawned on me.
    After or before they get out of journalism ‘school’ they go over to Dallas.
    You can look up the CMT series that tracks from audition to selection to grooming to first game of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

    The video babes all look like them!
    The cheerleaders are rigorously observed for their moves, their poise, their dress, their hairstyles and their ability to not handle stress.

    Effectively, as near to Barbie as you can get.

    the difference is that those cheerleaders put their heart and souls into making their look suitable for their real goal: to cheer their hearts out for the team that they over the top love.

    Video babes are working their steely little hearts and their soulless indoctrinated liberal brains out, in order to cheer on their Democrat and special interest liberal power players.

    The cheerleaders feed off the enthusiasm of the audience.

    The video babes exploit and mislead the audience, with disdain for any who block their agenda, especially any who knock their ‘kill the kid in the womb so we can have size 2 bodies and orgasms without consequences, just like randy adolescent boys’ heroes, Lena Dunham, Cecile Richards, Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Wasserman SChulz et al.

  • america is freedom

    journalism, as it’s being taught, IS a treasonous enterprise.
    We’ve known that since right after 9/11 when we learned the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Jazeera and all the radical jihad groups told us that they used our media as the most effective means to promote hatred of America.
    Our media coverage is second to all of our enemies in terms of hatred.
    So lefties:
    hate babies
    hate straight white men
    hate straight mothers
    hate America
    hate Christians
    hate REpublicans
    hate self-reliance
    hate freedom for any but ‘they’.

  • america is freedom

    WE know from Hillary, Lois Lerner, Wasserman Schulz, Pelosi et al., who have all been caught on tape saying something, that they will just brazenly deny it because as far as they are concerned, if you do not support them you are stupid or deserve to not be alive.
    So they will do what Hillary did and what Pelosi has done: laugh maniacally and give jihadists all the evidence they need to believe that giving women the vote was the most insane thing the western world ever did.

  • america is freedom

    though I used women specifically here this is gender neutral for lefties.

  • crabcake

    Ted Cruz is the one to keep your eye on.

  • america is freedom

    In a name, Reince Priebutt…oh, did I say that???

  • Karen Gentry Vick

    The media is so unprofessional and down right liars. The candidates were subjected to bullies trying to create controversy between them, and individually with their questions. I’m watching, and certainly don’t appreciate being made to feel uncomfortable by their mean demeanor. Who picks these moderators anyway?

  • 1azuce

    Aloha dp, fortunately local provider Oceanic Cable does carry (ch 15) Fox News. Be safe and enjoy your stay

  • Brian Patronie

    CNBC did exactly what they intended to do;
    Make another Republican debate moot by avoiding real issues.
    They just didn`t mind giving up skin for the game this time is all…

  • t**e**k

    Most of the questions from the CNBC moderators were very similar in tone and content to that given by the FoxNews moderators, and particularly, M Kelly. I saw little difference.

  • whoodoo

    Cut the liberal vs. conservative chatter. All the MSM is uniformly owned by a group of multinational conglomerates with a globalist/internationalist agenda, including NBC and CNBC. As another said, “The MSM is a gigantic brain-washing machine, stuck on spin”. The GOP candidates should have known that and most of them do, it’s just that they dare not attack big corpora per se because those are their sponsors and their special interests when push comes to shove. Yet it is that very constituency that’s responsible for most of the woes besetting the “economy” and “society”. The “values” game they play is just a cover.

    Example: CNBC, the pseudo-business channel of NBC, propagandizes day and night about how globalism is an inevitable situation and a desirable one, rather than a situation to be dealt with by the nation with its own national interests, most important of which are its sovreignty, territorial integrity, financial independence, and identities of its citizens. This debate was supposed to be about the economic state of the nation, but a quick review of the entire on-air staff of CNBC, including last nights moderators, shows that not a single one has even a bachelors degree, much less an advanced degree, in econonmics (micro, macro, etc), money (banking and finance), or international economics, or even a B.B.A. or M.B.A.. They are just a bunch of journalism, communications, social science and political science undergraduate majors who are either “home-schooled” or “self-taught” in the ways of business, economics and finance. That is, they had no solid frame of reference for all varied theories of econ and business that they discuss daily, and know little or nothing about which they so confidently speak. They are a sham. However, most important, that’s just the way NBC wants it – i. e., better to have pliable good-looking (well, most) on-air talkers who are “believers” in this economic ideology or that, than have people who really know what they are talking about and would raise serious questions about the very economic and social legitimacy of conglomerates and the multinational variety of same.

    How much the candidates know about business and economics remains a mystery after last nights debate as precious few questions even went in that direction, and for obvious reasons.

  • Daiseymae


  • dp

    Just found it 1azuce.. Thank you.

  • JacksonPearson

    Jeb is running out of other peoples money….

  • M. Mouse Jr.

    To keep it fair and balanced Hannity should moderate a democrat debate.

  • blackfeather

    we didn’t expect anything other than what we saw from these lynch mob sewer rats…and I mean the “media” idiots.

  • blackfeather

    …and don’t forget…hitler “controlled” the media…just like our feuhrer is doing….how many of the jerk wads in this country are swallowing it down like cake? LOTS.

  • John Adams1

    I respectfully disagree sir both Cruz and Rand are true conservatives and their Liberty scores reflect that…

  • John Adams1

    I agree completely sir, well said…

  • John Adams1

    Kasich needs to drop out he’s as relevant as a placeholder heck even better he’s a coaster for your cold beer…

  • Had Enough

    It occurred to me that save perhaps Hugh Hewitt (who apparently is a conservative, though I don’t really know much about him so I can’t say), all the Republican debate moderators have been either leftists or quasi-conservatives *cough*FOX*cough*… it seems only fair that the Dems be held to the same standard, meaning I want to see Levin, Hannity and maybe Ingraham moderate the next Dem debate. It;s only fair after all.

  • Brett

    Hewitt is a “center-right” conservative, he still has many connections with the establishment and Wall St.

    Bring in Michael Savage. Bring in SANTELLI, who should have been on that panel #1.

  • Brett

    Don’t hold your breath on that one…..

  • morecotwo

    Santelli? Haha, I’d like to see that. I might actually watch.

  • Brett

    She kneels in front of Warren Buffet every chance she gets. Some say that her infant kid was fathered by him.

  • Brett

    Rinse Penis

  • Brett

    Yes, Becky was only there as “eye candy”. She wasn’t going to do what Megan Kelly did in the first debate. The other two, well, what are their “qualifications” to moderate a Presidential debate?

  • Brett

    Cut the cable cords, including satellite. I know of no one who has made money listening to CNBC. CNBC is the same as PMSNBC, NBC, Bombcast, ABC, Disney, etc.

    They ALL think that Americans are stupid, and will try to exploit them as much as possible, while trying to disarm them as fast as possible, rendering the People totally POWERLESS.

  • Timebomb

    Really surprised you would invoke God…and his sake of something so petty.

  • TincanJoey

    Bring in Judge Napailtano

  • Wigglesworth

    FioRINO has had lots of plastic surgery which distorts your facial symmetry.

  • Wigglesworth

    Avoiding the issues benefits the Republican establishment.

  • Brett

    Where did she have all of this plastic surgery?? Were you in the OR when it was taking place??

  • Aimee

    FoxNews has been very hypocritical. More disappointment. 🙁

  • Aimee

    “Becky, the Fact Rapist”
    (Allman in the Morning coined that one)

  • Avspatti

    EXCELLENT post.

  • kjb0010

    Thank you

  • Mark

    Boycott the MSM advertisers. There will always be enough idiots who watch or read their propaganda. When the advertisers realize their leftist crap is hurting the bottom line, advertising with these clowns will become less attractive on an absolute negative. Ban government advertising with the MSM, it is just another reason it owns these whores.

  • hhahahahaha…having brains and ideas is more important

  • mamapjs

    That’s the same reason I refer to them as the “alleged” news media. 😉

  • Valerie

    Hey, is anybody here able to recognize the comments actually made by the candidates, or what happened at the actual debate?

    Another Disingenuous column by Gail Collins, New York Times

    We need to call out these nasty people, every time.

    Gail Collins is no more truthful that Rachel Maddow, and both of them should be banned from the public fora, for lying.

    Oh, but that is what the public is doing, as the audience for the NYT and MSNBC continues to shrink.

    At least the Republican Party has been having an actual policy debate, followed by actual candidacies by a true choice of candidates, unlike the Democratic Party, which has nothing new, and nothing successful, to offer.

  • Valerie

    They are being punished, possibly by nominal Democratic voters.

    Cable news ratings (latest is last Thursday).


    MSNBC and CNBC are half of FOX.

    Meanwhile, the NYT is desperately trying to put a good spin on their declining business.


    Basically, they had to cook the books to get any sign of marginal “improvement,” in light of declining print circulation and advertising.

  • Guest

    Communism (marxisim) can be rightfully viewed as the modified “divine rule of the kings”. So yes in a way it was there back then. In the very least it’s the same type of people who resent freedom.

    Before rushing into Revolution, it is worth remembering though that both American Revolution and Civil War were preceded by Great Revivals. Without God, you’ll have the bloodbath of Russian and French Revolutions.

    As someone else once said:’The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.’ Until there is a True revolution inside us, that turns us into men like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and Benjamin Franklin, there can be no long term victory.

  • RonR_2013

    Trump started it all by setting the example. $hit can PC. Do not take any unnecessary B.S. from any of these face time, pandering reporters or pundit wh0res or any one else for that matter. He showed them how to flush the toilet.

    Leadership Rule #1: SET THE EXAMPLE …

  • Bracchus

    Republicans and their lemmings have been manufacturing the fictional disaster that the Obama administration is supposed to be since the President’s inauguration. After inheriting a complete disaster from his predecessor, Obama has brought this country stability economically and in foreign policy. The damage that Bush did was so deep that in a spite of record quarters of job growth we are still in the hole. It is a credit to Obama that this country didn’t go belly up under war mongering republican leadership. We have finally developed a foreign policy that does not require us to go in and defeat every piss ant country that the Europeans or Israel feel is a threat to world freedom. We are now very selective in our involvements, recognizing that we cannot import democracy everywhere. It took us long enough to get it for everyone here.

    So, go ahead and elect Donald Trump. He won’t be in office a month before we are invading Australia. In fact, if certain republican candidates win, you will be wishing that you had Obama back in office.

  • Atilla Thehun

    Thanks for taking it a step further.

  • aircraftmech

    That’s a good one, I’ll start using that too!

  • mamapjs

    LOL! That’s great… I stole it from someone else, too, 🙂 However, I think I did a typo when I wrote that… it should be alleged “news” media, with the “news” part in quotes given that the “news” part is what is alleged. 🙂

  • Well…it looks like I was right…since the debate man on the street interviews on tv all prove out what I said…people who watch CNBC, saying they didn’t realize how incompetent and how skewed they were until they saw the debate….I rest my case. They are now (pundits) arguing that they shouldn’t suspend NBC, but embrace them in the next debate with them….it made the Republican team look good…that’s the debate.

  • Arminius

    With rope involved.

  • Arminius

    You mean just like the Democratic debates?