CNN Debate: Press Room EXPLODES IN CHEERS as Bernie Sanders Demands Media Stop Reporting on Hillary’s Email Scandal

Reporters in the press room at the Democratic Party presidential debate held in Las Vegas Tuesday night exploded in cheers after Sen. Bernie Sanders emphatically called for the media to stop reporting on the Hillary Clinton email controversy.

Two reporters in the press room, Hunter Walker of Yahoo News and Dave Rubin of Ora TV posted to Twitter the reaction of their fellow reporters.

“The entire press room just exploded when Bernie said that about Hillary’s emails. #DemDebate”

“Audible clapping and laughter in the press filing room after Bernie Sanders’ “enough of the emails moment.””

“Let me say something that may not be great politics, but I think the secretary is right, and that is the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damned emails!

“The middle class Anderson, and let me say something about the media as well. I go around the country talk to a whole lot of people, middle class in this country is collapsing. We have twenty-seven million people living in poverty. We have massive wealth and income inequality. Our trade policies have cost us millions of decent jobs. The American people want to know whether we’re going to have a democracy or an oligarchy as a result of Citizens United.

“Enough of the emails! Let’s talk about the real issues facing America!”

Hillary Clinton warmly shook hands with Sanders after his ringing defense of her email scandal.

Walker also reported earlier that the press laughed at Jim Webb when he had a brain freeze naming all his children.

“Audible laughter in the press filing room as Jim Webb struggled to name his children and their occupations.”

Walker noted he was located adjacent to the main press room.

I should note I’m on radio row as I was a late addition to the debate. It’s kind of an eclectic crew adjacent to the main filing room.”

Rubin posted a photo he took in the press room while Sanders later answered a question about marijuana.

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  • Patty

    he is a rotten socialist turd.

  • really now

    Nobody would be talking about the emails if they had no classified material within.

    We LIKE hearing about the emails because they PROVE just how dishonest most politicians are.

    Sorry if that bothers you, Bern. Maybe YOU have some skeletons in emails yourself.

  • Prometheus

    Hillary just found her First Lady!!! (Start looking for some comfortable heels, Bernie).

  • BurmaShave2

    I guess that Bernie is fed up at how HIllary is sucking up all of the media oxygen. And who care about HIllary’s complete lack of character; integrity is a major blemish on a Democrat’s resume.

  • Valerie

    What in the hell are reporters doing, reacting like this to a political debate?

    This is repellant.

  • cbcelite

    Isn’t it amazing how biased our media truly is?

    Democrats band together to praise corruption and illegal acts of disobeying laws!

    And the media says Republicans are wrong for wanting honest government!

  • cbcelite

    What would you expect from a biased media that is to illiterate to ask real questions and report real facts?

  • TANGO40

    Hillary for Prison 2016!!!

  • Sheikh Hasan bin Sobah

    The part I like the best was when all the septuagenarians clinked their walkers together in a sign of mutual greeting.

    It was a touching moment. Except of course when you-know-whos Depends slipped. But aside from that,

  • kazzer66

    It’s official, the media is not interested in reporting to the American people, they’re more interested in hanging with Democrat politicians, and pretending to be celebrities.

    The media makes me sick to my stomach, they need to be put out of business until they can be reformed.

  • will jones

    they should be cheering for hillary’s arrest for creating the server.

  • toad

    hillary thinks she has escaped the email problem because the people clapped for her. This is not a democracy nor a monarchy. The FBI will hopefully cart her away soon for leaking national secrets, or something like that.

  • rabidfox2

    Bernie running for VP slot?

  • toad

    they would get the commie/socialist taker vote for sure.

  • rabidfox2

    Look at who the FBI report to. She won’t be indicted unless Obama wants her indicted.

  • Goose

    long forgotten, even too many Conservatives don’t know this:

    there is ONLY ONE reason why Nixon resigned – Barry Goldwater told him that he had lost the support of Republicans in the Senate (who had enough votes to prevent Removal, same as what happened with Clinton)
    but Goldwater told Nixon that he, personally, could no longer support him, and Nixon figured that the tally showed only 23 Republicans who would vote against Removal.

    in other words, Nixon resigned because Republicans pushed him out period

    Compare and Contrast, every scandal since then on both sides.
    Who has the history of doing the Right thing, ostracizing and expelling sinning members and,
    Who has the history of Slavery, KKK, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, appeasement, communist infiltration, islamic infiltration, cultural degradation and…
    shameless, conscienceless, deny, deny, deny scandal, scandal, scandal with all the wagons circled to protect the perverts, deviants, miscreants, incompetents, unscrupulous, dishonorable, dishonest, cheaters, corrupt, bought-off, sell-out scoundrels and traitors.

    As always, take note of who does what and Broadcast it, Shout it, make people know what you know.

  • Tommy Lee Maddox

    Cheering fags.

  • dd121

    Maybe Bernie doesn’t want to talk about Hillary’s emails, Benghazi failure, travelgate, whitewater, cattle futures and about 20 other scandals, but the Republicans do.

  • D_Allen

    Hell, I’d explode in cheers if they STARTED reporting on any of her scandals.

  • Victoria Koseck

    MSM doesn’t hide it’s bias anymore.

  • Goose

    MSM = Malevolent State media

  • This was nothing more than a Bush bashing fest.

  • ALawyerWhoKnows

    excellent post

  • YHW

    Questioners were very easy on Clinton. She’s given NO reason for the private email server and her cackling “We came, we saw, he died” over the rape-murder of Qadaffi sure ought to be worse than Trump talking about Fiorina’s face.

  • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

    It’s absolutely disgraceful how almost half the country dismisses Clinton blatently breaking federal law. It doesnt matter whether she rec’d/sent or how the emails were marked. She has negligently handled material that poses a risk to national security under 18 U.S. Code § 793 (f)

  • ALawyerWhoKnows

    that’s why he sucked up to Hitlary, telling the media to “call off the dogs” re: her email scandal … that was pretty self-serving of Saunders.

  • texanbynature

    Clearly, the media has given up all professionalism and decided to simply show their partisan bias, and lack of both neutrality and credibility.

  • Buddy_Rogers

    Every last clapper is now fully vetted to work in two appropriate places that immediately come to mind: Russia Today {RT) and Al Jazeera.

  • ALawyerWhoKnows

    the Clintons have some really really good blackmail material on Obama … I have no doubt that Bubba has communicated this to the President in no uncertain terms … either the FBI will produce a Warren Commission “whitewash” and declare that no laws were broken, or Obama will Presidential pardon Shrillary near the end of his term

  • Richard Genco

    In the “do-nothing Senate,” there are 352 House bills “sitting on Harry Reid’s desk awaiting action,” including 55 introduced by Democrats.

  • Barry Vech

    Well, the fact is many of the press have not been reporting them. Look how long they stayed on Christi’s ass about the bridge closure incident. Hypocrisy from top to bottom.

  • jrmckins

    Bern doesn’t know what email is.

  • Dan

    The liberal media outlets cry out: What are these emails you speak of?

  • JonPW

    Remember these same morons were calling for a special prosecutor over Valerie Plame.

  • Starland sound

    Wow, i see the media is still obama’s leftist B I T C H E S….

    Its pathetic you try to pass yourselves off as legitimate.

  • dlmstl

    Get over Sanders. He will not be the Democrat nominee. It’s going to be Granny Pants with some flunky as VP. Don’t know if they’d risk it and put an AA female to guarantee the 98% Black vote, again. Don’t forget, it will not be someone that has the potential to outshine her like Palin did with McLame in ’08.

  • frankdavis

    Of course the media would like to not cover the crimes of Hillary so she can get the nomination. The truth doesn’t matter to them, only their ideology.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Missus Stainmaker’s still the media darling.

  • Reader11722

    Controlled press that covers for Democrats, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

    They violate the 1st Amendment by banning books like “America Deceived III”.

    They violate the 2nd Amendment by banning guns.

    Both parties are lawless.

    Last link of “America Deceived III” before it is completely banned:

    TRUMP 2016, he will crush this motley crew.

  • jrmckins

    Bernie doesn’t know what email is.

  • acumenmac

    We can no longer say the “C” word. Communist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t say it. Don’t say it. Strickin from the American vocabulary by the thought police.
    Media won’t use the word. GOpe party won’t use it.
    Socialist, progressives, liberals, soical justice warriors, but not the “C” word.

  • Suelinn

    Democrats don’t care how corrupt politicians are….as long as they are Democrat politicians.

    They claim loud and constantly, “Nobody cares”, because THEY don’t care.

  • JerkyMiester

    The press has the fix ready to pull on all of us. They don’t want to give us the truth. They want to make the circus more thrilling and interesting. The truth doesn’t translate into ratings.

    Geez … where is a suicide jihad terrorist when you need them?

  • Donna

    MSM needs to be broken up

    goo gle who owns them while you still can

  • Goose

    turn off the tv, disconnect the cable, believe me that gets noticed

  • civilwarsoon

    they look like a trailer park bingo committee with lesser IQ’s

  • Goose

    “I Have a Dream” where two scorpions are trapped in a bottle…

  • Tony Konte

    Bernie doesn’t even have a clue what and e-Mail is

  • pepbd26

    Bravo, Goose!!

  • MrLawless Antipc

    GOP canidates should refuse next CNN debate. As first line of protest.

  • Timbo

    Bingo. I’ve typed that section of federal penal code more times than you could count. Media hasn’t placed the law in a SINGLE story. Instead they talk of “classification”, attempting to frame the conversation. Not that that’s not a ridiculous attempt either, considering the SoS is one of only 20 who can classify documents. The truth remains, the LAW never even mentions the word “classified”, and it’s not an “ancient” law, added or amended last in the late 80’s or early 90’s if memory serves…

  • Flechette

    But laws only apply to us ‘little people’.

  • Bill Peterson

    Classic liberal misdirection. The woman is a criminal, and now running for POTUS, let’s stop talking about it. There’s real issues to talk about, but let’s not talk about character or criminal behavior of those seeking the most powerful office in our government. Bernie is a waste like the rest of them, and the Republicans are in the same boat. They lie, misdirect, don’t want to be questioned, and think the elite technocrats are the only one’s who know anything. Simple truth is, we’re screwed as a people and as a nation when we don’t care about, at the very least, criminal activity by our leaders.

  • Shaygirl

    Thank you Kevin McCarthy! We can always count on the republican establishment to screw us over.

  • bobo45

    How pathetically corrupt our media has become, SHAME on them! Oops, liberals don’t know what shame is anymore!

  • Barry Wendell Jackson, Esq.

    Nixon resigned because a large, criminal, high level conspiracy, including Judge Sirica and the Deputy head of the FBI, better known as Deep Throat, intended to drive him out of the Presidency, and succeeded. Read “The Real Watergate Scandal”, from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.
    In my opinion, Nixon is our last liberal President. I conferred privately with him about June 20, 1950, when I regarded him, like me at 20, to be a California Liberal Republican. He seemed to be Conservative, but look at what he did. I believe he remained, secretly, a California Liberal Republican as long as he lived. He was also an advocate for and supporter of American Indians from about age 12 (my research) until death. His “life coach” was, I submit, his Whittier College Football Coach, who even visited him in San Clemente after the resignation.

  • Joshua

    Yeah same as enough about Bill’s personal life. These brainless clowns poising as journalist are a sad commentary about the state of rational thought in this country. It’s all about me, me , me ,, me. ….I mean why be concerned that Hillary broke the law, had her emails server hacked, lies about anything she can…wtf she’s our boy, eh? Pathetic.

  • Tracy

    Well, Bernie, the middle class in America is very interested in Hilary’s e mails. It is just more of her damn lies. Why would we want a known liar in the White House? It’s bad enough for them to lie once they get elected. So, Bernie, stuff it. And why does the press think that is so funny??? Because they are too damn lazy to chase and story and find the truth???

  • Bill Peterson

    Hillary Clinton will NEVER be held responsible. NEVER. It will never happen. This is the new America, where we call evil good, and good evil.

  • Buzz

    Of course they want to stop talking about Hillary’s emails, it is something that hopefully will eventually land her in jail.

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth, especially Hillary Clinton.

  • Chris Bray

    “We have twenty-seven million people living in poverty…as a result of Citizens


  • Shaygirl

    they cared until the Republican establishment Majority Leader gave them an out. thank you Kevin McCarthy

  • no

    Damn, at first I thought that the headline said that the press room had exploded.

  • Joshua

    Until we regain control of the educational system which spits out these conditioned knit wits there is no hope. The commies started 50 years ago by slowly infiltrating then taking over the University system that indoctrinates the virgin minds of the youth, who then move into the world with a one sided view of life.

  • MrLawless Antipc

    Don’t worry Barry hates Hillary, tomorrow look for more bad news for hill to be leaked. The WHouse drips about to be turned on to a steady stream.

  • J.93

    those clapping were left of left donkeys.

  • Ko’hau Pasifika

    Here’s proof ladies and gentlemen that the press is as Left as they come. No wonder no one trusts the Press anymore. They’re no longer independent, they’re just partisan hacks.

  • PendejoGrande

    Our vaunted “4th Estate” is nothing more than a cheer-leading squad for the Democrat Party. And they’re always wondering why nobody takes them seriously anymore. Why even bother with the pretense they’re not a bunch of shills for Hillary Clinton? They should all start wearing skirts and pom-poms during these debates.

  • MrLawless Antipc

    Lol… demos think answer is more money being thrown at it.

  • beatme2it

    Well if the FBI was investigating a GOP’s email server, the media would be licking their chops.

  • billindallas

    Impartial press corps? Hmmmm, I think not.

  • MrLawless Antipc

    Lol… and Americno every where would have erupted into cheers.

  • copperdog1

    4 of the 5 came across as socialist…. Jim Webb should drop out he is to far right for the Dem’s. Uncle Joe is just licking his chops…. Likely see him in very soon.

  • Juvenal2

    It’s not so much about making a cogent argument with them; it’s more about discerning which enemy to invite the audience to spew ritualistic hatred at and which “crime” to blame them for.

  • JP

    Joe Biden filed with the FEC on 8/24/2015 to run for President. This is all a charade or the press would be reporting on that instead of speculating about if he’ll run and holding a debacle/debate without him.

    Bernie has done the job. Clinton looks done. They needed to appease the audience with an extra debate(s) but Stumblin’ Bumblin’ Joe needs as few debates as possible.

  • Timbo

    If you listen to these statists tonight, they told the uninformed it IS a democracy. I had to turn it off. Unintelligent reactionaries who use buzzwords like “military style” (O’Malley, who’s never put on an American military uniform yet still blathers such stupidity about “ammunition” that does not even exist), “assault weapon” (senile Sanders who doesn’t even understand the stupidity of such an oxymoron), and “women’s health” (as if there is suddenly something “healthy” about abortion because these fools no longer want to use a term associated with death). It is wholly disheartening to consider the willful ignorance and/or apathy and/or “party” loyalty of so many who allow themselves to be misinformed. Lest I be considered a “party” loyalist, it should be noted these exist in the Republican (not to be confused with republican) party as well, though in slightly lower numbers it would seem.

  • GRGRY42

    The immaturity of the press is breathtaking.

  • PSRuckman

    I can so relate to what Bernie Sanders was saying tonight because, well, I felt the same way a few years ago … who cares about Valerie Plame and Scooter Libby? No one. Take your multi-million dollar investigation and special prosecutor and go pound sand. There are homeless people and hungry children. Shut up already!

  • Ali Song

    “middle class in this country is collapsing. We have twenty-seven million people living in poverty” …. HOPE and Change you socialist …. don’t vote for the incompetent like in 2008 and 2012….

  • JP

    The same people who own the banks. Hell, they own pretty much everything.
    That isn’t hard to believe since they litterally made a killing by financing just about every important war in modern history (an a lot of unimportant ones too).

    Every country the US has forced to go through regime change was not part of the Rothschild central bank cartel. Now they are.

    All wars are bankers wars. The final bank, the ‘Iron Bank’ is Rothschild.

  • no

    We understand. Gimme.

  • caldoc

    If this was a Republican the progressive American hating reporters would be ga ga over keeping this Email going like the energizer bunny. It’s time to put a boot in the medias big fat nonprofessional ass. I turned on the debate for five minutes before figuring out the lies and crap was a bogus debate made me turn over the TV to the Golden Girls to get real news.

  • nmdave

    We are $19 Trillion in debt and if any Progressive Democrat is elected after obama with all this free stuff they are spouting we will be $30 Trillion in debt and really DEAD BROKE!!!!

  • Not2worry

    It’s ok to break the laws of the United States of America if you are a Clinton – lets just forget the emails, let’s forget Sandy Berger stealing stuff for the clintons from the national archives if any of us did these things we’d be in jail

  • Jasonn

    Yeah, what’s a few federal felonies among presidential candidates?

  • rjm2238

    What a collection of losers. All wanting to take from folks who earn so they can then buy votes by paying off their various and screwball constituencies using other peoples money of course. If any of them are successful in stealing an election, notice I said stealing not winning, the country would surely be doomed as would the free world.
    As it is now the new Republican President is going to pay heII digging us out of Obamas ditch, but at least it will get done.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  • voting for Rubio

    The majority of Americans haven’t heard a single word about Hillary’s emails. But just like every Dem scandal, the political pundits claim phony exhaustion and hold collective breath that the story won’t hit critical mass.

  • Gary Johns

    I can’t get enough of Hillary’s email….Bernie can’t hang, literally…..

  • Wow…didn’t realize how desperate the d3m candidates are…nobody…absolutely nobody to vote for there.

  • Steve Hall

    It was funny to hear Hillary speak of accountability right after the ‘let’s move on’ moment. Typical progressive double standard.

  • Gary Johns

    If she had kept the files in her drawers nobody would of looked there.

  • Bigdogsrun2

    You do know the emails are a whole different category of trouble she is in… They just happen to come out because of the Bengazi committee

  • Timbo

    You’re right. But the truth is, we’re not young and dumb forever. Life wakes up the ignorant babies most of the time. What they do need; what we ALL need, is more American History. All that said, I spent the last two weeks in a college town (in a very conservative state no less) and had great difficulty holding my tongue. One idiot left in tears after she made a statement about “the governor passing laws allowing criminals to carry guns”… I couldn’t resist the opportunity to educate.

  • Gary Johns

    Vote Bernie Sanders 2016: Because you don’t need 90% of the money you make anyway.

  • John P Sullivan

    Webb would have been the token liberal on the Dem stage in 1980. In 2015, he’s the far right outsider and the rest are a bunch of PC puppets.

  • jbtutor

    Democrats learned from the experience, Senate support for Bill Clinton never wavered and never would, and impeachment died its inevitable death as a viable system of rebuke and removal.

  • Ewww

  • Gary Johns

    Was there anyone on that stage tonight that was more than 5 sit-ups away from vapor locking….?

  • Gary Johns

    “I feel a clot coming on…”

  • Gary Johns

    “I regret that I have only one server to wipe for my country”

  • Jay Arbee

    The mediots applauded because they’re lazy and would rather just report press releases the clintoon machine feeds them.

  • Timbo

    You can’t be taken seriously with that screen name

  • Gary Johns

    “The only thing we have to fear is…….., computer forensics”

  • Stryker

    No Bernie. America is sick and tired of old career Politicians like you and Clinton lying to the American people. We want to find out what she knew and when she knew it and why she didn’t do anything about Benghazi, but lie? 4 Americans were slaughtered because of her and this Administrations incompetence.

  • Gary Johns

    Ambassador Stevens will not vote for Hillary….

  • CZ2075Krav

    So the press room at CNN wants to ignore the felonious behavior of yet another leftist shill……. anyone surprised?

    These people remind me of Walter Duranty of the NYT, who won a Pulitzer prize for covering up for his Marxist buddy Stalins’ purges.

    Anything for the narrative, yeah leftards?

  • Gary Johns

    Joe’s son was telling him to run for his life…not for president…

  • phillyfanatic

    ‘Useful idiots’ reporting and cheering other ‘useful idiots.’

  • Gary Johns

    Hillary Milhous Clinton: “Vote for me, I’m not under indictment, yet”

  • CZ2075Krav

    If they don’t have to obey the law, why do we?

    Starting with “gun control”, if its good for the goose, its good for the gander.

    time to start breaking some libturd “laws”.

  • oncefired

    Remember when Valerie Plame got outed and she just kneeled under her boss’s desk while at the CIA. Hillary does it and all the sudden…. Nothing To See Here, Move Along

  • spiroandritsis

    And that Mr Sanders is the whole point of dragging this investigation out forever….to eventually bore, tire, and wear the American people down with it. Hillary should ALREADY be in jail over the damn emails, but hey the Democrats have no issue that their special people get special rights above the law. So Mr Bernie we’re tired of the Bern buddy, GFY.

  • Gary Johns

    “I wish Planned Parenthood was around when my Grandmother was pregnant” …
    ~Chelsea Clinton

  • CZ2075Krav

    hey man…whats that ammo?

  • TT

    BullSh*t Bernie……..typical liberal garbage…..”just move on”, never mind that the perpetrator is a lying crook….the Clintons have lived off of, and gotten rich off of the press being complicit in their crimes…and the general voter being too stupid to remember what happened yesterday……so, they must be reminded up until they cast their vote.

  • Gary Johns

    “Deadliest Crotch”…the story of Alaskan crab fishermen and what they fear the most about Hillary….

  • rick charles

    This is actually good news for Fox News! They’re the only place for honest news. Bet their ratings continue to climb.

  • Gary Johns

    “Yes I started the Birther movement … but I was wrong” … Hillary Clinton
    “Yes I beat my Husband …. but I was wrong” …….. Hillary Clinton
    “Yes I voted YES for the Iraq war … but I was wrong” … Hillary Clinton
    “Yes I had a Private Server … but I was wrong” ………. Hillary Clinton
    “Yes I blamed Benghazi on a youtube video…but I was wrong” …Hillary Clinton
    “Yes there was no Sniper Fire …. I was tired” …. Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton … “Wrong” for America

  • CZ2075Krav

    CNN- nothing but a bunch of Marxist apologists. Like Walter Duranty.

    Who cares if a few laws get broken, a few million lives taken, in the pursuit of The Agenda.

    A few eggs have to be broken to make an omelette, right leftards?

  • Gary Johns

    I’m sure Nixon felt the same way about the Watergate investigation as Sanders does about the emails….

  • oncefired

    357 Mag, picture got smashed down a bit using it for this

  • CZ2075Krav

    cool, thought i recognized it as 10mm.

    Like you said- pic got smooshed lol.

  • GD in VA

    While the press reaction is repugnant is anyone surprised? I had to laugh about Sanders claim that the middle class is shrinking because of the Citizens United decision. What the heck does that have to do with the bad economic policies of this administration?

  • Darkheart11

    Someone WATCHED this socialistfest? Why?

    Read their speeches, you will know everything they will say on any topic already.

  • CZ2075Krav

    “know thy enemy”.

  • Gary Johns

    Bernie lost his chance to score big tonight. He proved what a worthless p u s s y socialist he really is….wimp….

  • Gary Johns

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” ~ Winston Churchill

  • 67orbust

    Learned about Bernie SanderClaus tonight.
    He was a CO during Vietnam but wants to be the Command and Chief of the Armed Forces.
    He honeymooned a commie honeymoon in the Soviet Union (Guess Maui was too romantic for him, can only get an erection in a totalitarian state ?).

    Cooper-scooper was right, the GOP ads will just write themselves with this guy. too bad the Dems won’t let him win the nomination because he actually believes the socialist meadow dressing he flings.

  • CZ2075Krav

    Agreed, he could have cut her throat.

    I think he took a dive………

    this looked more like a “coronation” then a “debate” to me, you?

  • Gary Johns


  • Detroit refugee

    We do not have a press……we have a propaganda ministry…..wake up folks.

  • oncefired

    10mm’s are no slouches and will work just fine also!

  • Shaygirl

    yes, I do, but I don’t think democrats do. they just hear the republican leader admit they brought down her numbers and that’s all they hear.

  • CZ2075Krav

    It looked to me like he took an intentional dive to the hildebeast, to much choreographed applause from the leftist hacks at Commie News Network.

  • Dewreck

    and these sychophants believe they’re journalists? Unbelievable.. Hillary belongs in prison.

  • Tens Muri

    The audience are clapping because they represent the liberal media. They are letting hillary getting away with a federal crime because she is an upper class politician. If it were a normal citizen, they would have gone to jail in a heart beat.

  • seescaper

    It was like, LOL time when Hillary said that Snowden should “face the music” for breaking the law by revealing National secrets! We all know of course that Hillary is way above the law for revealing our secrets on her open season server, but I guess the irony was lost on her meager intellect.

  • CZ2075Krav

    I’m carrying a .38 snub right now, loaded with 158gr +p “fbi loads”.

  • danny roturra

    So? Stalin never sent one and they ain’t in Mao’s little book…

  • TeaPartyPat949

    Everyone knows the emails were a reaction to the American Youtube video poking fun at Profit Mohammed.

  • seescaper

    Hey, save that ad for the General election. It’s a winner because Clinton is a loser

  • 67orbust

    he wants to be in her cabinet.

    I think he was molested by a Wall Street banker, because he really seems to have them.

    That and he is a real AGW religion zealot.

  • CZ2075Krav

    I think your absolutely right, on all counts.

  • Guy Humana

    Ah the impartial press..cheering not to do their jobs.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    It’s like a bank robber demanding the camera footage be deleted.

  • Allan Nichols

    A sitting sec of state committed a federal crime but let’s stop talking about it! Notice how every one of these hypocrites do not want to stop talking about Edward Snowden and want him to face criminal charges. Well then lets charge Hillary with the crime she committed and she can server her term in prison then we can stop talking about it!!!!

  • 67orbust

    Also, he said hes going to make college free for everybody (name one thing thats free thats worth anything).

    And pay for it via speculation from Wall Street.

    So my question is, when Wall Street figures out they are going to get fleeced and move their operations to London, Shanghai, Singapore, etc. How shall he fund his socialist nonsense then?

    Its like the people he is talking to are a bunch of 4 year olds.

  • verytoxic

    the media people no longer hide their true identity. They figured that it doesn’t matter anymore since their consituents are clueless unpurpose anyways.

  • oncefired

    I’ve been unsettled with my carry, been switching between a 380, 9mm & 40. Glock just came out with a nice compact 9mm, G43, want one because the Keltec 380 has to short of a handle, but it fits in my back pocket, but the G43 would fit there also. have to where the holster for the Taurus 9mm & Ruger 40 I have now

  • Allan Nichols

    Exactly it’s why I have been saying to everyone for decades sure the Republicans are s**t heads but the Democrats are far worse thats why I vote Republican. Also I know that a Republican will be held accountable by the democrat run press whereas the Democrats can do whatever they want and the press will even cover for them.

  • CZ2075Krav

    the left has gone full retard with this insanity.

    Its like were living in Russia circa 1920.

  • frozeninbemidji

    Russian propagandists got nothin’ on our media.

    How pathetic.

  • voting for Rubio

    Well played, Timbo. Respect.

  • psadie

    This makes me want to throw up on the MSM who fawns over these liberal/progressive fools. No wonder Americans have had enough.

  • CZ2075Krav

    I’ve tried alot of differing stuff, the classic snubnose .38 special just works for me. If I need more firepower, I have a CZ Rami in .40, which I love. but for EDC, the snubnose is light, its plenty powerful, superbly reliable, and works for me 🙂 .

  • psadie

    I think that everyone forgets how Obama and Hillary lied about a video that caused the deaths of our men in Benghazi. That right there is very telling of a cover-up!

  • Richard

    Just more evidence that the MSM (and to call them reporters is a joke) are merely the propaganda arm of the democrat party. It is both an outrage and a disgrace.

  • HockeyShark

    This current bunch of gop’ers are nothing but prog lackeys. I expect as much out of them as I do from the dems or the state-run, prog media.

  • CZ2075Krav

    Ready for more “tingles” and “historic first presidencies”?

    I swear, if it weren’t for identity politics and a complacent media, these leftists would actually have to DEBATE, rather then toss each other bones to play with…..

  • fatback

    Now you saw Hillary skate. Bernie gave her the big hall pass on the emails…done deal she skates and our dear friend McCarthy gave her the other get out of jail free card on Benghazi. Now you know how bad it was what he said that night with Hannity. She used his pass and mentioned him by name…Now WTF was it on purpose. She has full wind in her sails now. These two just gave her the nomination……It may turn out to be a godsend.

  • John Adams1

    Our new dear leader has commanded us, CNN must comply…

  • FairnessDoctrine

    Yup…the media is literally there to make conservatives seem irrational and to make the insane look sane.

    Luckily, old media is going away and these people will be on the bernie unemployment line soon thanks to sites like Breitbart

  • Veritatus

    So the Dem Party Hacks pretending to be objective “reporters” were glad to get marching orders from Vlad Lenin Sanders……yawn… anyone surprised by this? Of course not. The “Press” is a media arm of the Demogogue party.

  • fatback

    your right that was irreparable damage. He did it on purpose… She skates on Benghazi… It took too long and the GOP dragged their heels instead of going for the kill then letting that RINO trojan horse give her an alibi she used tonight and mentioned his name too…..

  • Blargette

    Bernie sounds like Larry David doing Steinbrenner.

  • CZ2075Krav

    At this point, I think we all know whats up; the media is totally in the bag and this “debate” was a staged event.

  • CZ2075Krav

    Tell us again why Patreus was convicted, and what he was convicted of?


    Hitlery is a FELON.

    The investigation into her CRIME that cost millions of dollars is HER FAULT.

    you moonbats can celebrate her CNN coronation her all you want, she’s not going to be allowed in office with a FELONY CONVICTION.

  • SIG_M400

    The dems are so f’ing corrupt they should all be charged with treason. They will do or say anything to cover up, lie, deflect, & distract in order to hang on to power! Even if it means helping their competition. Of course they don’t want the email scandal to be out there. It’s a constant reminder of just how despicable they all are.
    I didn’t watch this CNN democratic infomercial because not only could I predict what the contents would be, I also,didn’t want to have to purchase a newTV with all the filth coming out of it!

  • Kent Clark

    The American People can not trust the American Press. They are socialists and will do what ever reporting they can do to raise up a Democrat and bring down a Republican. It is a sad day in America to have such traitors among us. And the sheeple believe the Press.

  • 2Marines

    Yeah lets laugh at a Marine vet who’s probably in the early stages of dementia -but explode in celebration over a socialist telling the American people,to leave Hillery alone,when she should be under the dam jail.No suprises here just business as usual.Go Trump Go!

  • fatback

    you just witnessed her skating on Benghazi thanks to McCarthy and also on her emails thanks to Bernie…… She’s in now. The Arkansas possum come back from the dead.

  • CZ2075Krav




    Eat it troll.

  • 2Marines

    I know exactly how to spell that bytches name! And I don’t want nor care for your respect,zip it.

  • CZ2075Krav

    libtroll FO.

  • TravisJSays

    Wow, what a boring debate. Let’s not talk about how Clinton is incapable or unwilling to follow laws regarding classified national security information, let’s just spout off with the same old lying platitudes.

    Bern is a pathetic tool of the Clinton apparchiks and its a fake primary.

  • william mcintosh

    yeeeee Bernie-maybe with that fawning performance on behalf of Hillary you can become secretary of 5 year plans in her administration. SHE IS CRIMINALLY IRRESPONSIBLE TO USE A PRIVATE SERVER AS SECY OF STATE!

  • CZ2075Krav

    FO troll. This isn’t salon. com.

    You dont belong here.

  • frozeninbemidji

    Huckabee with the tweet of the night. –

    “I trust @BernieSanders with my money like I trust a North Korean chef with my labrador. #demdebates”

  • Jim Gallagher

    The media is disgusting

  • Donna

    “All wars are bankers wars. The final bank, the ‘Iron Bank’ is Rothschild.”

    AMEN someone gets it

    thank you

  • CZ2075Krav

    CNN- Communist News Network.

  • jaz

    Leftist Bozo demands leftist Bozos stop reporting on the crimes committed by a leftist Bozo. The Bozos erupt in cheers and Aruga horns.

  • Donna

    the GDP sleep on

    god we are in soo much trouble

  • jerseydave

    “When a candidate demanded the media stop reporting on another candidate violating the law and the public trust, the media broke into applause” – What?

    That is a bit like “When the CEO of KFC asked the media to stop reporting on Long John Silvers serving spoiled fish, the media applauded.”

    I wonder if the Dems’ party leadership advocated “Media codes” putting their party officially of limits for investigative reporting, how many reporters would line up to endorse it? Seriously.

  • CZ2075Krav

    blahblahblahblah, we all know you think hitlery is as innocent as a little lamb.

    shes a felon.

    Just like Patreus is.

  • Donna

    THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    the FBLie is a political clown tool

  • rs1123

    I lost what little respect I had for Bernie when he told us to not worry about Hillary’s violation of our laws and risking of our national security. I thought he had some degree of integrity to him, but I don’t anymore.

  • CZ2075Krav

    Pravda in the USSR couldnt have been different…………..

  • CZ2075Krav

    First of all, I’m Jewish.

    Secondly, you can take your own advise and pray over your own stupid, see if G-d gives a rats hind end about the likes of you.

  • Stan

    It makes the whole democrat party look like a bunch of treasonous criminals. Look at these shiny objects instead.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Laws only apply to the peasants.
    The Left is truly a pirate culture.

  • CZ2075Krav

    “Makes them look like”?

    It exposes them for what they are.

  • CZ2075Krav

    Ladies and gentlemen, the truth is the truth.

  • CZ2075Krav

    And soros can send his trolls while CNN hacks try to brush hitleries felonies under the rug.

    you’ll still fail, libtroll.

  • David Hill

    Wish I could give you 100 up votes!

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Laws don’t apply to the monarchy!
    The monarchy is the law!
    Now go eat some cake.

  • Capitalist Pig

    Yeah, all those pesky laws about classified information are so passe! No worries about using a private server to thwart congressional oversight and The Freedom of Information Act either, right?

  • Tikaro

    That’s hilarious. Who ran Obamas reelection campaign? That’s right, Google!

  • CZ2075Krav

    hehe….for you.

  • Whump

    Jaw dropping hypocrisy

  • AndrewInterrupted

    It’s called a Western Marxist occupation, my friend.

    Why do you think that 95% of the Press corp didn’t stand for
    the American national anthem tonight at the Demo-rat debates?

    It’s not their flag.

    Their flag has sickles, hammers, rainbows,….

  • DanInOsprey

    The press is even more despicable than the worst politicians. Pathetic.

  • CZ2075Krav

    stupid libdouche.

  • CZ2075Krav



  • CZ2075Krav


  • Stang88

    So much for the unbiased media. Those people are not even curious about the truth. Especially, if it might affect her coronation. The liberal media does not care if she lies to them every day.

  • Whump

    The Drudge poll has Hillary coming in fourth.


  • Stang88

    and even if he did, he would want someone else to pay for it.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    A head-to-head national poll has

  • CZ2075Krav

    Ladies and gentlemen, today’s lesson is about socialism.

  • Joseph Powell

    So does that mean the FBI will quit looking?

  • Tikaro

    WTH is ‘unpurpose’??

  • CZ2075Krav

    Bernie Sanders is an open socialist. The left openly embraced this scum.

  • L. Wm. Roberts

    Oh please, please Democrats, wheel the old girl up on a debate-stage with any of the top Republicans … please!

  • CZ2075Krav

    The unicorns told the CNN hacks so, so it must be true!

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Western Marxist state television.

  • CZ2075Krav


    YOU are the ENEMY, you commie RAT.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    No, you’re just getting ready to jump to the American side.
    How many people know you’re a Marxist, BTW?

  • InternetSavage

    Nah, it’s more than that, it’s the lesbian affairs that Hitlery doesn’t want let out.

  • Rahlf43

    What is educational about Hillary?
    Wasn’t she named after Sir Edmund Hillary after he climbed Mt Everest in 1953?
    She was born in 1954 wasn’t she?

    Anyway, after tonights debate she ” ain’t no way tard”!!!

    The short story by Vonnegut, “Who am I This Time”, the title fits the Hill most of the time. She is whatever a Democrat wants her to be but one thing she can never be is …..honest.

  • Rahlf43

    She really said that so don’t make fun of her!

    Viewpoints are terrible things, they have points, sometimes sharp points! Sharp points can hurt and can be considered macro-aggressions and therefore they must be banned.

    Some minorities should not be allowed to express or even have viewpoints unless , of course they are “real” minorities.

    You know what I mean!

    This is all so confusing

  • Observer_wi

    I like when the press room cheered in 2008 when candidate Obama demanded we stop talking Bush’s mising weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
    And when candidate Hilary demanded the press stop reporting on Palin’s daughter–and they cheered as well.

  • Observer_wi

    Wait, that never happened.

  • Cahal the Mad™

    Santurd, like ALL left-wi9ng trash, always think they are above the law, that laws don’t apply to them, so they rack up scores of felonies (including treason) then try to brush it all off as “phony scandals.” It’s sad and pathetic.

  • CZ2075Krav

    Oh I know she said that.

    This nasty red witch has no respect for our rights to speak freely or own guns.

    shes an authoritarian leftist scumbag.

  • peachygirl

    Ah, making nice with Bernie. It wouldn’t be because his base is going to be putting their votes somewhere when she clinches the nomination, and she needs to make sure they come to her…that wouldn’t be the case, would it? And of course, Bernie & maybe one or two of the others want a seat in her cabinet, or maybe an ambassadorship.

  • Antonio Mendez

    I thought the Debate for the Democratic Party was Hillaryiously entertaining!!!

  • Antonio Mendez

    Butt Pirate, that is…

  • 1969goatman

    Just a bunch of useful idiots

  • Opiner

    What the heck is “Ora TV” and why do they qualify for press credentials?…I guess if they pledge unwavering fealty toward propaganda and rhetoric and kiss Little Debbie’s hand, only then they can cover the Socialist Circus…And why was Anderson Cooper not called out on saying something about “crowning Hillary”? That question also went to Bernie, and he should have shot back, “We have no unelected Monarch’s here, but some queens”…This election BOUGHT to you by…

  • Captain_Cracka

    Shrillary had the last cackle

  • Darkheart11

    Read their speeches, I already know them.

  • 94c2500

    But at the same time, CNN labeled Hillary’s debate performance as a “confident sweep.”

  • Jim

    It is the duty of the press to report ongoing investigations into alleged criminal activities by any candidate for public office.
    We did not hear the press being asked not to report on Nixon’s alleged crimes, or Clinton’s, or for that matter, any investigation of any candidate in past presidential elections. So why stop now, unless certain members of the press do not want the best candidate to become president, but instead, only their favorite, no matter how dubious the candidate?

  • Eva Ruah

    Be careful.Your standards for everyone else will be accorded to you.

  • adalporto

    We’ll stop talking about the emails when she drops out of the race and is indicted for mishandling top secret information.

    The woman is irresponsible, untrustworthy and a very poor decision-maker. These are not leadership traits. A pox on the MSM press corps for trying to do everything in their power to bury this story.

    There was a time in this country when REAL journalists took the responsibilities of their unique role in our society very seriously and understood it is their job – really their only job – to get the truth out so the citizens can make educated decisions.

  • After watching the debate I’m scared to death that ANY of these people could be President. What has happened that criminals, communists and incompetent socialists from the 60’s are proclaiming their disdain for America and want your vote to destroy it. We are headed for a brick wall at 100 MPH and the idiots who want to step on the gas and not the brakes are running for President on the Democrat/Socialist/Progressive / Communist Party.

  • Well, now that Bernie has declared Hilly’s email scandal a nothingburger, I guess her problem is solved. Could someone please alert the FBI?

  • Eva Ruah

    Freedom of Speech.

  • Captain_Cracka

    It’s regrettable that we must still go through this entire election charade when the decision has already been made as to who the next President will be.

    Still, the masses must believe they have a say in the matter.

  • Americangirltiredofcorruption

    Nope, I am not tired of hearing about the email scandal and waiting to see her face trial.

    So outta touch are the politicians and the reporters…. It’s just sick!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Haybyrne

    Let Clinton debate Carly. The cackles would be loud and often

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything”. ~Joseph Stalin


    Can’t wait to see that same CNN newsroom explode November 2016 when America elects Trump!

    Can’t wait…Trump 2016

  • mardec

    Sounds like Bernie would be just a hapless fool when it comes to this county’s security.

  • garysco

    Translation: Leave our candidate alone! She deserves the job, so just get over it and accept her as your queen.

  • Angelo S

    Tell it to the FBI Bernie. Sucking up to Hillary

  • Yu So Wong

    Covering for the Hildabeest will not be an unsavory task for the liberal press. They have done it for decades.

  • Fat Elvis

    Of course the press cheered. The scandal involves a DEMOCRAT. If this scandal involved one of the Republican candidates, they would thank God they were alive and in the journalism business.

  • Andrei Bilderburger

    I think conservatives need to give Mr. Sanders more respect. Clearly he believes the drivel he spouts. Otherwise he wouldn’t be telling people to leave Mrs. Clinton alone, or giving talks at Liberty University. This both illustrates that he has some vague sense of morality – that he should live up to his own stated expectations – and that he is a TRUE BELIEVER and thus very dangerous to everything America is about.

    Many conservative Christians would do well to live by their principles as well as Mr. Sanders lives by his (if you can really call them principles).

  • Andrei Bilderburger

    Me too. How about pay per view to watch Anderson Cooper’s head explode when he hears that Trump is President?

  • Edward Warren

    If some billionaire had 100 million less because the Democrats figured out how to steal it, what difference would it make? Would it make my life better? Or anyone else’s? It would only make Bernie Sanders and his followers happy for about 10 minutes. The government would then turn around and give the $100 million to some scam outfit like Solyndra that Obama gave to.

  • Barbie

    Because the Press only think Black Lives Matter and dead Ambassadors, Civil Servants, and Aids don’t. Keep on drinking the kool-aid

  • HighSnides

    So Bernie and the media thinks a criminal investigation of a presidential candidate leading in the polls among Democrats is not worth reporting? Are we now Venezuela?

  • Edward Warren

    Go check out the Watergate exhibit at the Nixon Presidential Library. Very interesting. I believe Nixon himself approved the exhibit.

  • HighSnides

    I did learn one thing from the debate tonight. I learned Bernie Sanders honeymooned in the old Soviet Union during the height of the cold war. What an interesting choice of destinations for a honeymoon.
    Sanders also visited Nicaragua and met with Manuel Noriega. He called it a profoundly emotional meeting.

    This is the #2 man in the Democrat primary campaign.

  • Historian

    Obama is just waiting to see how big of a cut he can get from the Clinton syndicate millions. Then the FBI will say that they researched everything and could not find the classified documents (that have already been identified).

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Pretty scary!

  • upickapro

    Hillary’s email server would no longer be a distracting issue if only Hillary withdrew from the race. Instead of demanding that, these Dumocrats simply want to slip a crime and executive incompetence under the carpet. Likewise, Hillary wants the servergate committee to be disbanded because of the cost of the prosecution. That’s like shutting down newspapers because they report bad news!
    Heck, let’s open all the prison doors and stop prosecuting court cases because of the cost!!!! Hillary is such an old pro at spinning and not answer questions that it is both evasive and smooth enough to be off-putting (while she proudly thinks she is slick Houdini pulling a fast one).
    Webb was outstanding. The rest are all severely flawed. Chaffee comes from the failed state of Rhode Island and he was also spineless when it came to having a Christmas Tree at the Capitol. Instead, he designated a ‘Holiday Tree’. A liberal Episcopalian and Philips Andover grad, he is just another preppy privileged Ivy League soulless Liberal.

  • upickapro

    Hey, Barry, do you need some Aloe Vera for that burn?!?

  • upickapro

    but he knows that 69+420=POTUS

  • upickapro

    Im confused now as to which assistant Hillary is having the affair with…..Huma or Cheryl Mills!

  • Fish4food

    The Main Stream Press just shows again how much they are in the back pockets of the Demcrats.

  • glenn47

    The il informed only care about what the elected can do for them. To hell with the country and getting jobs to support themselves.

  • glenn47

    When you trade arms illegally, refuse much needed security for months, ignore help the night of the attack and tell troops to stand down, come out with the dumbest lie told to man, then lie about it for weeks, then dang yes, there is a serious problem.
    And She knows and anyone that works for the federal government knows, when you have a security clearance, you are given a tutorial from the FBI what you can and can’t do. And it is updated yearly. So what she has said is all lies.
    This is a person that stole furniture from OUR White House to furnish her new home. She is not fit to be anything, period and yes, getting to the truth says it all.
    Lying, stonewalling and pleading the fifth proves she has plenty to hide.

  • eaglestalon

    If there is direct evidence of a cover up and or culpability on behalf of Clinton and Obama then what McCarthy said will make no difference at all.

  • eaglestalon

    What’s the difference? Democrats will vote for Clinton anyway and especially in the Primary when only the base are really engaged.

    Clinton is seen as untrustworthy, unlikable and not truthful by over 65% of everyone asked. These are very serious and difficult obstacles to overcome

  • HarryObrian

    They’re just children attempting to fake excitement to keep their jobs. In reality less than half those people, aka reporters, in that studio or any studio for that matter are really needed and useful. The networks keep their head count high to justify the outrageous amounts they charge others for their service, nothing more.
    If they fired half of them and put the other half to work they’d get twice as much production.
    Whomever here said to unplug the cable was right on.

  • tarajunky

    “I go around the country talk to a whole lot of people,
    middle class in this country is collapsing. We have twenty-seven million
    people living in poverty. We have massive wealth and income inequality.
    Our trade policies have cost us millions of decent jobs.”

    Another ringing endorsement from Bernie for electing another Democrat to the White House for more of the same…

  • HarryObrian

    California Liberal Republican??
    Anything one says to that will undoubtedly be taken as an insult but seriously, do tell us what your values are because not many can honestly see anything that resembles a Republican anywhere near the west coast and trying to associate Nixon with Republican is as mind blowing as associating Barry with Christian.

  • nostudme1

    F Sanders

  • nostudme1

    Not to mention, a POS

  • nostudme1

    It’s all fish

  • Guest

    And did you learn WHY he went there?

    OR are you just going to spew some BS and pretend like it is special?

  • Guest

    Which principals are those?

    Greed, selfishness, hatred, exclusion?

  • Rahlf43

    Bernie said that Iraq was America’s worst foreign policy blunder. Somehow he forgot about Vietnam!
    I am about Bernie’s age and spent some time in Southeast Asia, Bernie was an anti-war activist.
    I remember that the war was escalated by a Democrat and ended by a Republican.

    More than 50,000 Americans died in Vietnam , about 4,400 in Iraq. Both bad, but when one is using a superlative adjective one should be mindful of facts .

    Bernie is just a Socialist Bush Basher who conveniently forgets the inconvenient truth. What else is new for an old line Socialist

  • swimologist

    Yes, by all means, let’s forget the election. Let’s just anoint Hillary president.
    That’s what the state-run media wants. Who are we peasants to argue?

  • Rahlf43

    Good thing that those damn emails are no longer an issue (Bernie) and Benghazi is also off the table (McCarthy). Smooth sailing now for the First Lady, Senator, Secretary and President to be.
    Hard Choices folks

  • swimologist

    Of course, let’s just anoint Hillary president. It’s what the state-run media wants.
    Who are we peasants to argue with that?

  • hooharhar

    Democrats are the corrupt ruling class, and the press is Democrat. Republicans are wannabes.

  • John Baker

    When and if it looks like Trump will win, there will be a false flag event and the elections will be postponed.

  • hooharhar

    Never stopped them. And no, it’s not a debate. It’s a love fest.

  • Shootist

    Funny man, the press will never allow it and the American people are generally too self-absorbed to care.

  • Richard Fukishima

    Like a circle jerk at a Roman Amphitheater full of delusional LSD users.

  • telleroftruth

    Yea that is the typical Socialist response. Public don’t worry about this issue the government will handle it. We will tell you, John Q. Public, when you need to do something.

  • angrybeyondreason

    Proving without a shadow of a doubt that they are objective Reporters! LOL.

  • petemobtv

    Yes, Let’ just ignore the ‘inconvenient’ truth of how Clinton endangered America’s security. Huckabee is right: don’t trust Sanders. HE belongs in North Korea. His type of people.

  • petemobtv

    I hope you are right…but just like in the last election, the idiot vote (of which most are these days) won for the Democrats.

  • petemobtv

    That little light in the loafers fairy gives me the creeps.

  • Daniel Kunkle

    She broke numerous laws and made repeated attempts to cover it up and outright lied the Congressional Oversight Committee. There’s an FBI CRIMINAL investigation going on in regards to her emails for a reason. But Bernie Sanders (and many in the media *shocked*) is tired of hearing about it so I guess we should just let it go. Regardless, Hillery wont go down for this either way. As much as the Obama Admin. is reported to dislike her, she was part of their Administration and if she goes down then it reflects on them. She’ll either get executive privilege protection (just like former Attorney General Eric Holder so he wouldn’t have to answer more questions in regards to the gun running scandal) or she’ll get a pardon to escape criminal prosecution. You can take that to the bank.

  • Fried Chicken

    The press isn’t driving the story. The FBI is.

  • DD

    Who gets paid to pick HRC’s wardrobe?! Her entire apparel collection is one big gross ward-robe malfunction!

  • DD

    Bernie and HRC in cahoots? Maybe she needs his people, and he would be satisfied with VP.

  • nightsong

    Time and time again the Clinton’s thrive in crime, relish the spotlight while the investigations go on, and then suddenly, when the subject is particularly worn and beaten, they await decision for further action, they say
    “oh, what difference does it make” or with Sanders, “oh just stop the controversy…..” It literally sickens me to be thrown trash at my patriotic self, by these utterly trash criminals.

    Do they actually think we are not on to them? Or they don’t care and love walking all over the people of the U. S.? Good God, these people have NO depth or soul. Pray for America, because everything I read from foreign countries is smarter, on que, and far more mature and ready than the U.S. Unless, of course, you know Trump, who will have the gift and means and power to suppress the idiots in the land, and front the enemy, and restore America, Great Again.

  • DD

    Bernie already giving nice examples of his disdain for ‘freedom’ when it doesn’t agree with his Socialist ways.
    If it were up to him, he would shut down all talk and investigation of HRC emails to protect her.

  • nightsong

    Obama is the worst, but Obama/Holder is the worst the country has ever ever seen.

  • BC

    Why would anyone be surprised by the Left not caring about her total lack of email security? It’s just one more way to weaken the US and bring us to Third World status even more quickly.

  • lopagus1

    there isn’t a clown car big enough to fit all these mongoloids in. as far as clinton’s emails are concerned, it has already been proven that classified and sensitive government e-mails were in her personal acount, thus the scrutiny. all the left wing idiots in the audience can’t see this is illegal and wrong, which threatens the security of the country. why isn’t this lying pig clinton in jail? god help us if this beast wins the election.

  • nightsong

    Same here, and at that moment everyone will go shopping. New cars will be bought, WalMart will go nuts with people, houses will be on the list, and Boom! …Tthe economy will take off, and Trump will begin his Making of America Great Again.

  • Paul Slash

    I’m waiting for Bernie to go back to Vermont and try to explain to every cc gun owner that now they are going to have to register with the state.

  • Lou. G. Rection

    You have to be a real maroon to think that the drive-bys have no bias.

  • Every Clinton Crisis is the SAME. Deny, lie, block attempts at getting the truth, let it drag on until the people are sick of it. It goes away. Whew. Every. Single. Time.

  • nightsong

    No see, no hear, anything presidential, when is next Republican Debate?

  • zjak10

    That your fair, non objective, unbiased “news media”… Hahaha

  • cspanjunkie

    “He was also an advocate for and supporter of American Indians from about age 12…”
    What do you know that we don’t? Conservatives do not support the indigenous peoples of this continent? I’m as conservative as the next guy, and a registered Republican. You are a stupid person, (Esq. notwithstanding).

  • snowden

    I didn’t know the press still existed in the U.S. You learn something new every day.

  • JQPublic

    Good to know the democrat party and at least a few in the media are in solidarity over shadow governments.

  • No One Important

    Why is that a surprise? Of course the media wants the “investigation” stopped.That was the most scary/sad group of people that this nation has ever seen. Webb looked like he was thinking “what in the world has the democrat party come to?”An effete winger who lives in Canada, a lying Hag who jokes about national security, a Jurassic Period socialist. . . .good lord – is this really the best the democrat party can do? And now they’re begging a plagiarist who was rejected in 1988 and 2008 to run?Democrats would be better off flipping open a phone book and picking someone at random.“Eat the rich! Eat the rich!” is all I heard. . .more and more government, and if you have $2, they’ll take it all and give you 50 cents and you should be happy.Even scarier – half the nation is supporting this horrendous group of socialists. . .the “lo-fo” low-rent socialists in the nation that want the government to take what someone else has and thinks it’s fine. . . .Are you scared yet? You should be – because that group of people are full blown socialists and will destroy this nation. . .

  • JQPublic

    Yes the class warfare that began under obama is going to be intensified this time around.

  • Rick1941

    Democrats have always ruined the economy. Bill Clinton compromised with the Republican congress to boost the economy during his term. Obama, Clinton and Carter have policies that are contrary to growth and prosperity. Also, poverty always increases when a Democrat is president. Hillary is a major liar!

  • Fip1

    While looking at that crew standing on that stage I wondered how it was possible to even think just maybe one of them could be President. Nothing of substance said and Hillary’s emails and answers to her questions are important Bernie. Laughable when Hillary talked about working hard all her life. The lifetime politicians are the ones who get rich on the taxpayer’s dime.

  • Isle_of_Ischia

    The media really didn’t want to go after their DemocraticRino Party Favorites, now they can devote more time in attacking the GOP Candidates.

  • Gooseontheloose

    Very few in the press like to work when posing, reading and “making stuff up” is so much easier.

  • Greg

    Yes. Please stop reporting on anything that we may want or need to know about. The longer you can keep us in the dark the better off our Country will be. What is wrong with you people.

  • Gooseontheloose

    It is indeed quite frightening to look at those folks and realize they are the best the democrats can offer.

  • James Ruiz

    Sure why talk about a person who’s made hundreds of millions of dollars off the American people and bailed on her responsibility to those people? Elect this queen and you’ll not be rewarded but she will just don’t blame Bush!? Or is it Obama!? Where does that buck finally stop anyway?

  • Caligula

    The press is in the tank for Democrats? You don’t say! What a surprise!

  • DP

    When a person wipes her server clean AFTER its been requested by the FBI means the person has something to hide…..SO I myself would like to know what she is trying to hide…so I’m still interested…..and I believe many others are also….so the media should definitely keep reporting….except that the mainstream media in this country is a joke…..the reporters are a joke….

  • Barker

    Oh how the state press corps is great at saying, “Keep moving. Nothing to see here.” When it’s their butt crack showing.

  • RLABruce

    The press cheered the idea of hiding the fact that a DNC presidential candidate is responsible for the biggest threat to national security this country has ever faced? Hillary DELIBERATELY gave the entire world free access to every government document she sent and received while Secretary of State, and that information was used by foreign powers to then hack government servers to get the private information on EVERY FEDERAL EMPLOYEE! This means that any government worker, from the director of the NSA to a Supreme Court Justice to a Senator to members of our Special Forces to a low-level IRS clerk may be vulnerable to being blackmailed into spying against the US!
    And our Constitutionally mandated watchdogs, the press, cheer this treason…..

  • Bob

    Sanders is a loose canon. As for downgrading a security risk at this world
    time the lady should be shown the door. Now the press we know is bought and
    paid for after all they sold us the Muslim from Kenya with a fake Social
    Security card. Buy now I have reached the point where I don’t give a damn about
    any of them left or right. I’m just sitting back waiting for the American born
    citizens to get fed up, stop all the PC bull and get rid of illegals and

  • Martin Van Nostran

    And the grubers in the press wonder why they are despised and mistrusted. They just can’t figure it out.

  • tralalalalalala50

    The emails wouldn’t be an issue had there not been top secret in them that was hacked by the Russians and Chinese.

  • rconaway

    Wow, the tools did what they were supposed to starting with Anderson and CNN right through to the rest of the robots on stage. Very sad the that party of John F Kennedy is now a bunch of spineless morons, criminals, liars, and tools.

    Okay, I’m fine with no more talking about emails, how about talking about the $Billions of dollars Hillary collected while selling out the United States. How about we investigate that, but or course we can’t because that would show that the head of the Democrats running for Presidency is a flat traitor, just like her husband.

  • Bossman

    A flame thrower needs to be taken to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and yes even to FOX….. I am sick of their games and them picking our winners and losers. That is why I have tuned out them and tuned in alternative news sources…. Just call me AWAKEN.

  • zagnut64

    Next thing you’ll see is Bernie telling us all what it’s like to work in the private sector. Shut your mouth you leech on the taxpayers.

  • 67orbust

    Yes and the lesson they never learn is a Stalin always comes along and takes it all away and does it his way.

    I suggest you look up HBO’s Stalin. Robert Duvall plays him. It was filled in 1992 or so and won a few golden globe awards. The story was based on Stalin’s daughter’s book.

    Really scary and educational.

  • Bossman

    How about then discussing who and how many Lovers Hillary Clinton can be associated with? How many women has she had affairs with and what are we to expect if she does get elected. YES WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHO IS GOING IN AND OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!

  • TruthNow

    Put Hillary and Bernie in the same hospital for the criminally insane.

  • CWOrange666

    The only problem with him being sick of Hillarys emails is that those emails show clearly she can never ever be trusted, and most Americans now realize this and are forced to question Bernies ethics along with the whole corrupt Democrat machine. Better she returns to obscurity and has her breakdown on the streetcorner of her choice.. We really do not need Hillary or obutthole in office and we damn sure do not need moslems in the USA. That will get the Americans in the street with guns and put paid to the entire corrupt government. I can tell you that people in the military will not go along with obutthole, and you will have a total revolution fighting every veteran that has served in the military. Then we will hang the traitors from all of those thoughtfully placed street lights throughout the USA. Of course, we will all be vying to personally hang all the traitors as fast as possible given a choice. None of us wants to see communist cocksuckers in charge of the USA. Bring in the moslems and veterans will commence killing the assholes to protect our children.
    Trump for President in 2016!

  • CWOrange666

    Hopefully in Color!

  • Joe

    I’ve heard that every time Sanders speaks a hipster creams his pants.

  • CWOrange666

    What will happen when the press starts getting hung, Shot by snipers, and garrotted in the street?

  • James Madison

    I guess the msm is on board with the ends justifying the means. If socialism and redistribution of wealth and the confiscation of firearms is the goal, then by all means, any way that gets that done is ok.

  • 0ldgrunt

    90% of Washington is blackmailed. I think i know who is doing the blackmailing:d the press. They are terrified of them. If I was a billionaire I would hire a private detective on every congress person for a year. Weed out the honorable. Start showing photos and film of the rest. Please somebody do this,,,,,,,put a tail on these frauds….I would find the most notorious thief and computer people and KNOW who is Barack Hussein Obama…….Even if you have just 50 million you could do it to a few……

  • Hotlanta Mike

    The modern journalist is nothing more than a fanatic…

  • CWOrange666

    And what will happen when all the news media starts getting cancelled and goes broke?

  • Hotlanta Mike
  • AeolusRyder

    That happened with obama too. They can’t seem to think for themselves. More interested in following the crowd but see themselves as avant garde individuals. It is absolutely funny (in a sad way) to watch how the democratic party wields control over a large portion of the youth of today. They have been indoctrinated and can’t see the result of their actions until its too late.

  • 1630

    The issue, of course, isn’t what Sanders said. It’s how the press reacted with gratitude. The emails are a legitimate question that Clinton has slow-rolled since the beginning. The press reaction shows that’s an effective strategy.

  • CWOrange666

    Add in unstable with a finger on a nuclear football. Somehow I do not think that mill be a supported option.

  • Keith Terceira

    Somebody want to explain to me how all these new and improved benefits are going to be paid for.

  • Hotlanta Mike
  • bbwh

    No Freedom of Press says Bernie Sanders!
    What ideology is that again?
    Not American.

  • Hotlanta Mike
  • Murphy’s Law

    As usual, Democrats – at the podium and behind the camera – all line up. What a joke.

  • daviedave

    I’d like to hear more about them, quite frankly.

  • James Madison

    The press reaction proves they’ve moved from hiding and denying the bias to being comfortable in showing it off. They’ve come out of the closet and now admit they’re backing socialism.

  • daddio

    And the illegal vote (in both senses of that term).

  • You’re kidding, right?

    And the media wonders why we have so little confidence in their supposed non-partisan, objective reporting. How about Anderson Cooper’s comments on the format of this debate–it wouldn’t be like the Republican debate where almost all the questions invited each of the candidates to attack one another. And, the reason why this format would be different? Because these Democrat candidates were serious and wanted to discuss serious issues. If the Republicans had half a brain, they would refuse to let CNN host their debates.

  • Robert Reeves

    I like talking about the emails. Here is why. If you cant trust her to tell the truth over something so simple what can you trust her on? Well I never have trusted her anyway.

  • zagnut64

    Hillary, nothing more than a rapist enabler.

  • funkandgroovyin

    Screw Hillary and The Leftists. OK, that’s out of the way.

    Now, I just want to make a comment and applaud Gateway Pundit’s use of TWO comment platforms, Facebook and Disqus. While most other blogs, sites and newsers are getting rid of commenting all together, because they can’t take the heat on their reporting or they want to cover up failures they support, Gateway seems to encourage it. KUDOS.

  • #LameStreamMedia

  • Spartan75

    This is a WAR the GOP has to win this election or we are all F*****D !! I have dual citizenship and I may just say adios if any of these liberal pukes get elected.

  • daddio

    Not when there are 60 millions “immigrants” who can be bused to multiple polls in multiple precincts to vote for the commie, er, democrat candidate.

  • James Madison

    The main tenet of socialism is re-distribution of wealth. It comes about through targeted taxation.

  • Spartan75


  • Keith Terceira

    So rob from the hardworking haves and give to the have not enough brains to make it’s

  • funkandgroovyin

    That wasn’t a debate, it was a INTERVIEW. Pathetic.

  • Hotlanta Mike

    Scathing indictment of last night…


    A night the Democratic Party should be ashamed of.

  • Danny K

    **** the press.

  • libsmasher

    And he wants…she will be offered up as sacrifice. Obama hates her. She’s not Marxist enough for him. She is of the Bill Clinton school of pragmatism…

  • GenericUsernameHere

    Imagine that! Time Warner, owner of CNN and mega-donor to the Clintons, declared Hillary the winner!
    They aren’t even trying to hide the puppet strings anymore.

  • tigersfan61

    The Obama back-lash vote is coming in 2016…

  • DariusPicard

    You’re late, I don’t think the bosses in the boiler room are going to like that.

  • Sameasit Everwas

    No bias there

  • chriscas

    So why did we get rid of Nixon 40 years ago? Because of Alger Hiss? When I think back on all that Woodward Bernstein crap about how a vigilant press saved us from the Mad King Richard and compare it with today, we’ll leave us say no wonder we’re in such trouble!

  • Dem-Spoiler

    They should stop giving interviews to the MSM because they know they are part of the Democrat Regime. It is the Republicans and Conservatives who grant them interviews which in turn gives the MSM their credibility. If they stop going on their Sunday shows and refuse to talk to their reporters and explain to the American people why they are no longer granting interviews to the Left Wing Media / MSM, they might get the message.

  • No One Important

    Hopefully. . . . . .We have so many people in the nation who think that what Sanders proposes is “great!”It’s insane. . .absolutely insane.


    This is a Dicktatorship under Osama Obama Bin Ickdweed. Treasonous POS. Worst President in the history of our nation. Go play golf you stupid idiot.

  • Jeeperz Creeperz

    I’m glad I didn’t waste my time watching the liberal circus. The baseball games were much more entertaining!

  • Zada

    CNN is part of the government, and Fox and Murdock. It’s full-time propaganda like the NYT.

  • Mr. Avatar

    Suspend her security clearance!!!

  • Kelly Laraia

    Madam Clinton won the debate because no one even tried to challenge her. I guess Sanders wants to be her VP or get a cabinet position. Webb would make a fine Secretary of Defense but he is completely out of touch with the liberal democratic party. I have no idea why Chafee and O’Malley are running….they did and said nothing of any consequence.

  • Erin Anderson

    Hillary knowingly broke the law, she deserves prison time for her corruption.

  • ee1774

    The left has selective amnesia…………..

  • Dustoff

    7 years of O-dumber = sanders. They are the same person.

  • Dem-Spoiler

    They all have to do it as a group for it to be effective… There can’t be any “Mavericks” like a John McCain who will run you over to get in front of a camera.

  • No One Important

    I saw a sanders 2016 bumper sticker yesterday on the road. . . .I wasn’t able to see what someone that stupid looks like. . . .Pity. . . .

  • Gun Control

    Worst debates in history. An absolute joke!!!

  • Dem-Spoiler

    “Press Room EXPLODES IN CHEERS as Bernie Sanders Demands Media Stop Reporting on Hillary’s Email Scandal”

    Republicans and Conservative pundits should stop giving interviews to the MSM because they know they are part of the Democrat Regime. It is the Republicans and Conservatives who grant them interviews which in turn gives the MSM their credibility. If they stop going on their Sunday shows and refuse to talk to their reporters and explain to the American people why they are no longer granting interviews to the Left Wing Media / MSM, they might get the message.

  • BeyondTheTippingPoint

    how sad.

    what a disgrace the press has become….

  • donewurtaxes

    the government itself is destroying the middle class and the people of this country. Let’s get rid of you Bernie, and start over…

  • Once upon a time the press thought investigative reporting was good. Now they think it’s bad. It’s all very confusing.

  • CitizenKaner

    Better Headline “Partisan hacks masquerading as “Press” erupts in cheers for their corrupt leader”

  • donewurtaxes

    no one would be talking about emails if our government did it’s job and charged her already… our department of justice is a department of jesters, serving King Obama.

  • Dem-Spoiler

    Not confusing… They are part of the Democrat regime. I get your sarcasm though…

  • ellefie

    So sad to see so much ignorance. . . .

  • No One Important

    So you have a lying hag who makes jokes about national security.A Jurassic period socialist who was a draft dodger. . . .an effete aristocrat who doesn’t even live here – he lives in Canada (Chaffee). . .Poor Webb. . . he looked like a “Man out of time” at the socialist/marxists on the stage with him. . .Even AC asked him if he thought he was “out of step” with the democrat party now. . .he should have said “this isn’t the democrat party that I knew – this is a whole new socialist party that these people represent. I’m up here for the ‘real’ democrats out there that still exist.”

  • zzzzzzzzzzzxxxx

    Those punks in the press room need an a$$ whooping no matter what you think about a candidate especially one who served his country they deserve respect, especially standing next to BERNIE the CO loser, who by the way said making loud noises about guns will not solve the problem then made loud noises defending the E-mail scandal of Hillary Clinton.

  • woodyl1011fl

    Demoncrats, CNN is a Demoncrat organization, don’t care if American security is compromised; they hate their own country. The only thing that matters to Demoncrats is that the cause of a Marxist socialist totalitarian utopia and that they run it is what is important; nothing else matters!!! Remember this CNN is an integral part of the Demoncrat Party Marxist psy-war propaganda machine. This was a debate for Marxists, by Marxists and staged by Marxists and they are expert in the use of deceptive language. these people believe their own mythologies. The Demoncrat “Animal Farm” Utopian gulag instituting methodology is on display if you have not read it; read it.

  • No One Important

    Not only their ignorance (cheering). .. but “happy” in their ignorance. . . .Unbelievable. . .absolutely unbelievable.We’re heading for a “divorce” in this nation. . . .irreconcilable differences.We have very little/if anything in common with those people on that stage, and this ridiculous philosophy they have about big/over-bloated parasitic government. . . .

  • Tom Olin

    The most partisan coverage of a political event by CNN … since the last thing Hillary did.

  • Mr. Avatar

    Hillary would not be standing if she was attacked like they attacked Trump. This debate was a joke.

  • gene

    Yes talk about the classified information leaked and throw her in jail next to Petraus.

  • downtown21

    So why do those same reporters keep covering this fake scandal? Stop giving it press and it will go away!

  • Wayne Cook


  • downtown21

    You don’t care about national security. When you first heard about her private server you assumed she was keeping secrets, now you claim to be concerned it wasn’t secret enough? Please.

  • JY1

    We have three branches of government with equal power so they can balance themselves and keep one from overrunning the rest.

    We have a fourth estate in the press, to keep the three in line so that they do not usurp the will of the people.

    Well, someone screwed up with the plan, because all four estates are now conspiring in league against the American people.

  • getreal5

    If we confiscated all the guns owned or used by democrats, the murder rate would fall to zero. They are all mentally unstable.
    So come on and give your guns to the police if you are a democrat, your leader says so. obey him.

  • Original Prankster

    That’s funny, I wasn’t aware that that decrepit old Marxist was in charge of what is reported by the media. I thought the Constitution was still in force (at least marginally).

  • Dem-Spoiler

    “Press Room EXPLODES IN CHEERS as Bernie Sanders Demands Media Stop Reporting on Hillary’s Email Scandal”

    Republicans and Conservative pundits are to blame… They are the ones who give the MSM their credibility…
    If they stop granting them interviews and stop going on their Sunday talk shows, the Left Wing Media / MSM would get the message!

  • Mr. Avatar

    From what I have seen from other countries – Socialism like what Bernie wants will require at least 80% in taxes or more.

  • Tom Olin

    The press was once considered “The Fourth Estate” … playing an impartial and non-partisan role in providing unbiased information to the public. No more.

  • ohio granny

    CNN is not called the Clinton News Network for nothing you know???

  • Razor Maclennan

    Bernie would also like for us to stop talking about what a Socialist he is.

    I’ve kinda respected him before because at least he seemed to honest, not. any. more. He is a political hack just as bad as Hillary

  • Magnus Greel

    And the press wonders why they are despised?

  • ohio granny

    They still do investigative reporting if they can tar a republican, no matter how many lies they have to spin. DemocRats get a pass no matter how obvious their wrongdoing.

  • MoreFreedom2

    Bernie, it’s not that billionaires are buying politicians, it’s that politicians are selling government favors (restrictions on competition, regulations, picking winners/losers in commerce) that shouldn’t be sold. And when it comes to buying these favors, the billionaires have the advantage.

    Bernie deciding what billionaires benefit or not, doesn’t fix the problem like removing the ability of government to sell favors and replacing government control with the free market. And those emails of Hillary show she’s all about selling government favors to fund her slush fund masquerading as a charity. But Bernie doesn’t want them seen.

  • Silverstone

    Softball questions for Democrats , hardball questions for Republicans . The media stations are all in on the fix.

  • Dem-Spoiler

    They don’t care… As long as Republicans and Conservative Pundits continue to grant them interviews and go on their Sunday talk shows, They will be perceived as a credible entity.

  • Eagle0542

    Polls show that 1 out of 3 Clinton supporters are just as stupid as the other 2. – Dr. Gruber

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    The media have selected their felonious candidate.

    Missus Stainmaker is their chosen crook.

  • Username__already__exists

    This country is on VERY shaky ground. With a lap dog press and a president / king that doesn’t even remember the agreement at Runneymeade (the Magna Charta for those of you in Rio Linda) much less the constitution and a legacy that will make Jimmy Carter look like Winston Churchill and a debt that would require the GNP not of just this country but every country on earth we are DOOMED! All those preppers we have been laughing at might end up saving us all.

  • Scott

    Anyone with a security clearance knows how serious the email issue is. Either she deliberately used unsecured email to send classified information, or she spent the whole time not dealing in classified information, in the which case one wonders what she was even doing there.

  • Ira Snowfeld

    We constantly complain about state-run media in other countries yet, we are blind to our very own.

  • Tom Foolery

    Ah, the unbiased 4th Estate. You can always depend on them to tell the “truth” as they see it despite their obvious love of all things Leftist! Keep on believing everything you hear from these tools…

  • drattastic

    The “press” room was probably cheering throughout the democrapic debate ,their on the same team after all.

  • Middletown

    ““The middle class Anderson, and let me say something about the media as well. I go around the country talk to a whole lot of people, middle class in this country is collapsing. We have twenty-seven million people living in poverty. We have massive wealth and income inequality. Our trade policies have cost us millions of decent jobs. The American people want to know whether we’re going to have a democracy or an oligarchy as a result of Citizens United.”

    Yes, Mr Sanders and all of this occurred under your party leadership. Under Your parties policies and under your watch.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    The Fourth Estate is now the Apparatchik of the Fifth Column.

    Never forget what they have done.

  • person

    the press is a lame joke……the press is made up of idiotic Democrats (redundant)

  • Alison

    Hitler owned the news outlets during the Nazi horror , history repeating ?

  • GreyGeek77

    The Democrat Party was captured by the Comminists at the 1968 Democrat convention. In 1992 European Communists, who like to call themselves “Progressives” or “Socialists”, formed the Party of European Socialists (PES). According to Howard Dean the Demomcrats have “hooked up”with the PES “for a long time”. At their 2009 convention Bill Clinton spoke and described the difficulty “progressives” had following the fall of the Soviet Union to fight for “social justice”, the current buzz word used to represent communism. At that meeting PES members approved their “manifesto”, which is nearly a point by point copy of Karl Marx’s Manifesto. Here are the Marxists in their own words:

    So, what’s the difference between the Democratic Party and Communism? Absolutely nothing.

  • Common Sense

    The press reaction is more proof the press does not report news, they spin the Democratic party line. The press is no longer made of high integrity journalists, as they are now just pawns in the game.

  • TonyMonterey

    Sadly, most of the Democrat morons watching and loyal CNN viewers had no idea what e-mails they were talking about.

  • Alison

    Progressive socialist really have a foot hold in America and the press. They may not be beatable !

  • CopperheadCSA

    Oh I don’t know about that. They could be beaten…..with a rock…or a 2×4….the possibilities are endless!

  • CNeder

    The left wing mafia media has zero credibility. Let them live in their vacuum.

  • progressives_suck

    The email scandal is never going away because of Obama. He doesn’t want Cankles Clinton as the nominee so he is going to put the thumbscrews to her and let Biden swoop in for the nomination.

  • Falconflight

    Media in Amerika, no different than the Party Orgs of the USSR. Disgusting and frightening beyond words.

  • seadoc

    Anderson Cooper was the big loser tonight – He opted not to press Hillary Clinton to state whether “Black lives matter” or “All lives matter.” U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders stated the former without reservation – Hillary NEVER answered, and likely NEVER will… She needs those votes to win – and frankly the media is abuzz with her winning, but she lost the black vote last night to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders who shined bright, and expanded his base… U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders won my vote and everyone in my family tonight. I’m proud to be an American again… If we all vote, we can change America!!!

  • CopperheadCSA

    “It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion.”
    “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”
    -Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Party Minister of Propaganda

  • Circa53

    The media should be reporting on her indictment and arrest..

  • World’s best political comment

    Seriously, has a month gone by in the last 25 years where the Clintons have NOT been part of a scandal?

  • GreyGeek77

    An old saying repeated by Russians trapped in Communism because the Marxist elite controlled the government , the press and every other aspect of their lives. Everyone, except the elite, were equally poor:

    There is no news in the truth and no truth in the news.

    That explains the situation with America’s “news” today.

  • CNeder

    Your really are stuck on stupid aren’t you.

  • mg4us

    CNN newsroom explodes with cheers? This is a prime example of MEDIA BIAS and why the American Public does not trust the MSM.

    Th so called debate last night threw softballs, never asked the tough questions. never asked for details of what and how, gave Hillary the spotlight too much.

    If the country has major problems, problems which affect ALL Americans, then why do these stooges get different questions vs the Republicans. Why not the same. . after all the issues are the same?

    As for the emails, they ARE a big deal. . illegal and wrong and treasonous!

    Finally, enough of filling the room with paid union and illegal hacks that clap like seals then the light goes on! This was all an ACT designed and orchestrated by the Hollywood DEMONcRATs who know something about acting!

  • Disqus_Discusser

    Elections in this country are rigged.

  • Paul__Revere

    Liberty will begin to resurface for one thing.

  • UnclePete1946

    Blatant partisanship. This is why we despise the MSM. There is a reason for their left-leaning proclivity: the typical journalist only earns about $40,000 – and that’s the mean average! Pretty dismal wages for a college grad. So it is only natural that they would feel inferior and want someone else’s earnings.

  • Disqus_Discusser

    Janet Reno

  • World’s best political comment

    Bernie Sanders won’t win anything but his home state and he will have to campaign there to do so.

  • UnclePete1946

    As for Hillary…

  • Paul__Revere

    With all the money that party has, they can easily fund their own live stream and just as many people will watch it. But they dont want to buck the system, much less fix it, the majority of them just want their turn to be in the driver seat.

  • oldguy

    Someone said that these people are highly educated. Re-educated is a better description.

  • Paul__Revere

    Going on 8 years and never once even considered going back. Best decision I ever made in my life. Quality of life went WAY up within the first year.

  • Griefman

    The political neutrality of the LSM once again rears its ugly libterd biased self.

  • David Harrison

    Clinton News Network

  • vinny

    So the press cheered, that’s great they immediately released an article claiming there is no bias in the media and if this scandal was a republican scandal they would ignore it as well.
    This story is for you idiotic frigging drones who lack a thinking functioning brain, you know the democrat party base.

  • Ranger_Ric

    I’m sure the lib MSN press would love to not have to watch their preferred candidate go down in flames. People in he’ll want ice water too though and they don’t get it.

    Trump 2016!

  • Ranger_Ric

    Don’t he though? I would pay good money just to beat him to death for the sheer enjoyment of it!

  • Steve

    CWO, while I don’t call for violence I definitely blame the media probably more than obama.
    They could/should have shut the whole charade down 7 yrs ago. IMHO they ride out of town first.

  • jamesben

    The Leftist media is part of the cabal intent on destroying the country. TRUMP ’16

  • GreyGeek77

    Taking a rock or club to a gun fight is a sure way to lose

  • Antholology

    Republicans need to keep bringing it up because it’s literally the only talking point they have.

  • Purpleish

    Remember this press room and its occupants, when the blood hits the fan. These so-called journalists are new age Pharisees.

  • caligula

    i hope the media writes even MORE stories about it now. it’s obvious the dems are terrified about what is going to come out.

  • Purpleish

    The woman (Hillary) has been involved in more killings than a New Jersey hit man.

  • Realist

    This story and the larger implications behind this story reveal both the heart of the problem and the solution to that problem. As with almost every single large issue concerning us today, whats important isn’t the narrative on its face, it is the story behind the story – Corrupt, anti-middle class, anti-American Big Media.

    This particular story gets closer to the actual core of corruption than most, and it is really about the machinery of deception and control known as Big Media. That Machinery of Corruption, Big Media, has been quietly centralized under fewer and fewer hands for at least two decades now. If you think that getting rid of one or two libcult journOlista or RINOLista will make any difference, then you are apt to believe that getting rid of Obamesiah and a few traitorous congress critters will make a real difference too. Neither of those things is true.

    You have to look a lot further upstream at the headwaters of the corruption and deal with that corrupt source if you really want to regain control over the political system and the direction of the country. Those who own and control Big Media are responsible for placing and keeping those jounOlista and RINOLista in their positions and they are also in large measure the same ones who own and control large segments of Congress. Ripping whole segments of Big Media away from the cabal of Ruling Class paymasters is the only place to begin taking back the country, and it is the ONLY thing that will effectively turn us from our current path of destruction.

  • caligula

    last night proved Jim Webb is the only democrat running who is not a pathetic joke of a candidate.

  • golds1

    What they cheer is, basically, for them to not do their job.

    The Fourth Estate is dead…they have been lap-dogs and cheerleaders for the far left for quite some time. Their reaction is a perfect example of why virtually no one trusts the press.

  • honigs


  • Hugh Lusignan


  • Mike Bittner

    Cruz is NOT one of them.

  • Brandon

    So when the liberal press cheers for a candidate it’s perfectly ok, but when the alterantive media asks tough questions and exposes the hypocrites and the criminals in goverment we are told they’re violating copyright laws and should be shut down. Seems about right. The first amendment died a long long time ago….

  • This means that they can stop pretending to cover another Cankle Scandal.

  • If his head explodes, the room will be sprayed with semen.

  • KhadijahMuhammad

    Yea, I’m not tired of finding out how dishonest she is.

  • VinBick

    Thank God the Mets vs Dodgers game was on last night. Only the nimnon, lefty idiots were willing to listen to the echo chamber of Santas giving away everything to their base…

  • cmdprompt

    This is why the media is one of the most loathed institutions in America. They didn’t used to be. They’ve done this to themselves. Nobody likes a referee that is a vocal and ardent supporter of one of the teams… oh, nevermind – I guess the team he’s a fan of likes likes the referee, but even they are stupid enough to respect him.

  • lifsabsurd

    For years Democrats denied that they were socialists or communists. Now they finally admit that they are anti-American filth.

  • formerexpat

    Even Bernie Sanders doesn’t understand. The intent was never for our country to have a Democracy; it was to have a Republic.

    To even further bastardize the idea, Bernie wants to socialize that Democracy and turn it into mob rule to get handouts while government bureaucrats continue to live well off of the backs of middle class.

    To my knowledge, Bernie has never returned a budget surplus from the funds he receives to run his office as Senator or Congressman. This is a backdoor form of compensation that the 535 use to live the good life on the backs of tax payers.

    If you’re a fan of Bernie, you’re being had.

  • Sniffbandit

    Hey Bernie, where were you when General Petraeus was getting prosecuted for less than what Hillary has done. I’ll check to see if there are any public remarks form you on that. And I remember Obama saying in the last election that he was going to make sure that there was one set of laws that apply to everyone. I guess that is socialism, we are all equal, except the elite right?

  • T.W.

    Hilary is a corrupt liar and should be called out on all her illegal tactics and be prosecuted!

  • Jabberjoe

    More proof that the media is just the lap dog of the liberals.

  • JRC

    Yes we are tired of hearing about them…she should have been charged tried and hung long ago.

  • John Pepin

    He did, during the House Banking Scandal, as it turned out.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    Two months ago, you were singing Donald Trump’s praises. Left wing troll much?

  • Justice Juice

    Not a minority in sight for the dem presidential lineup! Hypocrites. Black lives campaign dies.

  • toledofan

    I don’t think it’s Bernie call and honestly he should be demanding that Hillary come clean and hand over everything. It’s all about credibility and Hillary has none, he should be demanding real answers, and not defending her. It’s sad that we’ve given the socialists a voice and that the mainstream media continues to cover their behinds.

  • ZPSU

    Bernie totally rescued Hillary from the elephant in the room and was promptly stabbed in the back by her on gun control. #thankyoumammayihaveanother.

  • Mr Flippy

    Please continue reporting on the email debacle, we want to see some accountability. YAAAAAY

  • 9-lander

    Bernie Sanders is as dangerous as he is stupid!

  • freemypeople

    That explains why all the stories about “Hillary winning the debate” are being run today. They were all written a long time ago. They just couldn’t wait to run them.

  • Connecticut Farmer

    No surprises here. The press has always been in the tank for the democrat party and pretty much carries their water. The fix is in….and has been from the very beginning.

  • Mr Flippy

    said nobody ever

  • CCowardly LLion

    Yeah, let’s ignore the email scandal so it can be swept under the carpet and nobody ends up in prison since they are elite democrats.

    If you or I had done something like that, we have been incarcerated immediately.

    Who gives a cr*p about democrats debating each other? You want to see what you get with any of these communists just look around, you’ll have more of the same you had under obama. You want more of the same, keep voting democrat.

  • sycovit

    So Citizen Sanders is just like the rest of the dirty rotten’s after all. And they love him for it.

  • CCowardly LLion

    He’s a democrat.
    Birds of a feather…

  • sycovit

    I don’t recall Citizen Sanders standing up for Petreaus over the single page of his daytimer ending his career.

  • Press Pull

    The press room would clap and cheer for pancakes…. so…..

  • CCowardly LLion

    only if the pancakes were leftist communists or rino-flavored. They would boo them if they were

  • MarkB701

    While the FBI are investigating I will view the email issue as legitimate. If the FBI drop the case THEN you can call it merely political.

  • Jeffreyamo

    So Hillary needs a man to run to her defense? Oh, the irony.

    And an old rich white man at that….

  • Beedogz

    Corrupt debate! NO equal time! Softballs to corrupt liar Hillary. Shut down Webb constantly! Hillary owns Cooper!

  • Mitch1056


  • CCowardly LLion

    Old is the key word. This guy looks like he could kick the bucket soon. The democrat party, the party of tired and worn-out communists.

    As far as those complaining it’s an all white field. Why don’t some of these complainers throw their hats into the ring if they want some diversity.

  • GratefulNotToBeDead

    “Reporters in the press room at the Democratic Party… exploded in cheers after Sanders called for the media to stop reporting on the Hillary Clinton email controversy.”

    They exploded in cheers? This is our unbiased news reporters folks. They are so in bed with Hillary it’s disgraceful. Don’t any of you Fox News haters ever again complain about Fox being biased. Compared with your average reporter out there on your favorite liberal news station, they are the most honest news outlet going. And CNN? Please…The difference in the questions for Dems and the instigating, loaded “he said this about you” questions for the GOP was just so obvious. It’s just disgusting….

  • freedom

    I dont think Hitlary Clinton is for gun confiscation how would these people around her and bill commit suicide, when they learn of the Clintons corruption. They all don’t own planes. She isnt really against stopping world wide sales of illegal nuclear weapons either, her and bill would lose a lot of cash and privlileges.

  • stanlaurel4

    Hillary and the 4 geldings. New to CNN this fall. Sponsored by depends featuring Joe Biben. ” If someone approaches your house do what I.would do. Just fire off a shotgun ! ” Anyone seen my glasses ” ?

    Yes Joe. They are on your nose

  • CCowardly LLion

    Faux News is still biased, against Trump. Better you hear it from me than you live in
    your delusion. Heck they had an article that sounded like it was written by someone from CNN attacking Trump.

  • GratefulNotToBeDead

    They are still the best news station out there.

  • stanlaurel4

    Which isn’t saying much

  • Trond Larsen

    Sanders approves of federal crime by dissing media over Clinton’s illegal email server. Sanders has pretended to lose the plot while demonstrating how he is completely unsuited for the White House in the same manner as Clinton herself.

  • There weren’t any reporters in the press room. Real, j-school educated reporters wouldn’t have risked their professional integrity by cheering. Sorry. That’s what you get.

  • Mitch1056


  • CCowardly LLion

    I didn’t even bother watching the communists debate or watching the press make a fool of themselves by slobbering over the commie candidates. I was too busy having fun playing Ark Survival Evolved. Thank God for the computer.

    I’m sure I didn’t miss anything important by not tuning into this debate. What’s the big difference between these old prunie communists?

  • Chuck

    They’d be totally cool if it was a Republican SoS doing this too? Our national security interests are really not that important?

  • hounder2


  • cavt

    This is what is amazing to me–used to be there were honest, law abiding people in the dem party. Somehow they have disappeared. Seems like the entire party has no interest in truth or justice–how the hell did this happen???

  • retro

    The press really has no desire to do its job. If Hillary is elected will they be completely out of practice and lazy after 12 to 16 years of ignoring executive branch misdeeds?

  • Blargette

    Oh well. So much for a curious press.

  • Roland_Deschain_Gunslinger

    Hillary Clinton belongs in prison. Clinton has violated at least two laws:

    1. 18 USC Sec. 1924, which outlaws the unauthorized removal and storage of classified information. Penalties can include fines and imprisonment for up to one year

    2. 18 USC Sec. 793, this law covers national defense information and people who misuse it to injure the United States or benefit a foreign power. Those convicted of violating this law face fines and up to 10 years in prison.

    None of this is out of the ordinary, Obama and his cult violate law on a daily basis with zero repercussions. Free born U.S. citizens, all 300 million of us, deserve answers and justice. These corrupt freaks are our employees, fire them all!

  • Mitch1056

  • Shootist

    The the great American experiment with representative democracy will finally be completely over. Purges are what happens in places like the USSR and China, The People’s Republic of.

    The people must be reminded, and reminded often, of how much power they actually have.

  • time2wakeup

    Hillary’s first question should have been:
    “Will you admit that Webb Hubble is Chelsea’s real father?”

  • Alison

    Hillary went in with confidence knowing the press or media would protect and coddle her. Sad!!!!!!

  • texexpatriate

    And Bernie for Cuba!

  • Kevin Turner

    Interesting point. Is that a symptom, or the cause of the lack of morality that seems to permeate liberal politics? It seems that no liberal has ever seen a violation of traditional values that they didn’t like.

  • Sanityisrare

    Now , there’s your sign….

  • ADLoggy

    It says a lot about the press when they cheer to censor news. Especially news about a candidate that under federal law could actually disqualify her from ever holding a public office again. And they swear they are non-partison. Actions speak louder than words and their actions say the press is a bunch of unethical liars.

  • time2wakeup

    Looks like old Bernie doesn’t take national security seriously either.

  • Luke


  • Godot

    The liberal media are in bed with Hilary. As are these shill Democrat “opponents” of hers. But is this really surprising to anyone? Expect lots of voter fraud, just like that last one.

  • Sanityisrare

    Sanders, Clinton, Webb, O’Malley, and the Howdy Doody looking fella…seriously Dems…Is this the best you can come up with ??????

  • Luke

    Anyone that thinks for themselves could have seen the facts you just stated over a mile away.

  • Anon

    Income disparity?…….I’m sure 90 million Americans out of work has nothing to do with that? The main stream media are such TOOLS!

  • Dusty Thompson

    So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.

  • Jaime espano

    This is just another example of the Democrats and the liberal media living in their own vacuum. What we saw from the other presidential candidates is them falling for the democrat leadership trap by not bucking the Clintons. They essentially gave their support to Clinton while at the same time showing that they themselves are status quo on politicians using power of the government to do whatever they want with it.

    That may work fine for their Democrat base but I think they very well lost the whole presidential election by a landslide by not considering the independents who are not falling for the democrats and Hillary’s multiple excuses and changing stories.

  • OpinionBuster

    The unbiased media strikes again. Speaking of the devil….how many times did CNN pit one Democrat against another? Every other question in the Republican debate went something like this: “Mr. Bush, Rubio called you a sissy the other day. How do you respond?” Did CNN do ANY of that to the Democrats? #doublestandard

  • Tiger184

    “Enough of the emails! Let’s talk about the real issues facing America!”

    BREACHING national security IS a real issue!

  • Sean Mathews

    So he just admitted the press are nothing more than partisan hacks? We knew this already.

  • OpinionBuster

    Newsflash – national security is no longer a real issue facing America. Remember you heard it on CNN and the press cheered. World peace must finally be here.

  • 7RS

    I’m sure when the S hits the fan, they’ll try to hide behind guys like me.
    However, until then, I’m the enemy.

  • 7RS

    Can someone please give me directions to Galt’s Gulch?

  • SamIamTwo

    Typical. Heavily organized DNC wants everyone to put their heads back in the sand for the next election. This so called debate was over when they were introduced. Hillary won by clap. So I turned CNN off.

  • barry ocarter ll

    Why didn’t sanders say he was sick of hearing about Benghazi? Because that’s next on the plate and it ain’t pretty for Clinton on that one, either.

  • marcpope

    Just put Hillary in jail and then we don’t have to talk about them anymore.

  • LionShare

    This is easy to fix because we’re all tired of hearing about the emails. Charge her with the crimes that she’s obviously committed and put a $10M bail on her. Then just let the prosecutors add charges as they are discovered and save us from hearing about each one.

  • xman_11530

    The mainstream press continues to ignore blatant and rampant illegality and perversion by the left.

  • Disqus_Discusser

    Or her three way with Reno and Pelosi?

  • moondrops

    Chris Tingles too!

  • Mouse Clicker

    Liberal politics have become one continuous Saturday Night Live skit.

  • moondrops

    That looked pre-planned and staged. I call BS on spontaneity.

  • moondrops

    Rough, but funny! LMAO.

  • InternetSavage

    Probably neither, it’s most likely people you’ve never heard of.

  • rdlynn

    The Dems are so talentless and lacking of any common sense or intelligence. They are so pathetic.

  • democrat CockRoach

    He didn’t even bother asking the criminal hag why she is STILL RUNNING though. What a bunch of losers. I felt like I was watching a RIGGED game show.

  • CopperheadCSA

    /facepalm. The humor is apparently so far over your head that you couldn’t see it for the clouds.

  • Bytor

    Yeah, I mean who cares about something so boring as gross violations of National Security and Treason. Gosh, wouldn’t even make a good book. Let’s instead focus on the farce and money laundering scheme that is Global Warming, or the plight of hundreds of thousands of illegal radical terrorists that are just looking for a better way of life; and easier access to kill Americans.

  • GoldenBear82

    Massive “spontaneous” (staged) racial rioting in all major urban areas…Obama declares Marshall Law and suspends elections…

  • Karen Hsu

    Liberals are emotionally drunk. And – like all drunks – they fight dirty without regard for facts.

    And it works! Look at the liberal press.

    So – conservatives – get dirty! And stop being wimpy little ball-less wonders.

    Trump 2016!!!!

  • Paul Otts

    So Sanders is all for suppression of the news?

  • John Whalen

    Journalists?? More like pathetic biased scum..

  • Hilarity Clintoon

    Funny moment when Cooper asked them all how their presidencies wouldn’t be like a third term of Obama’s administration.


    They ALL accepted the premise that NOBODY should want a 3rd dose of Obama!

  • LeRoi2

    Are you really as stupid as your posts would indicate?

  • Mike Herman

    We don’t have a news media. They are just Democrat cheerleaders.

  • JM40

    Why would the lib media concerned about high level classified e-mails affecting national security stored on an unsecured computer housed in an unguarded toilet when they can talk about Chris Christie’s traffic jam?

    If there were no traffic jam, they can always fall back on the “war on women”.

  • Derby Derp

    I literally can’t remember a time where people didn’t say the sitting president was going to cancel the election.

  • throwemout

    Gallup got out of the presidential polling this year due to the “miscalculations” in 2012. Every legitimate pollster was wrong. It makes you wonder just how rigged the 2012 presidential election was. I guess the pollsters don’t want to risk their good name going against the District of Corruption plus dealing with Chicago thuggery in the system?

  • Gardenstateed

    Hillary has admitted she used only one e-mail account while SOS. It is logical to assume, as SOS, that she would receive/send classified e-mails as SOS. Therefore, it is illogical to think that she did NOT send/receive classified e-mails from the only e-mail account she used.

  • The media cheers, the Democrats cheer. What’s the difference!? Ofcourse no one ever said during Bush years, let’s stop talking about the number killed in war on terror or about the national debt. They o ly stopped when Obama was elected. Do we need to elect a Republican so that the media can start focusing on national debt again!?

  • Nogods

    How do people get as dumb as you?

  • GoldenBear82

    I literally can’t remember a time before now when the government had prepared to implement such an event: Massive military weaponization of Federal Agencies throughout the country. HHS, EPA, FEMA, BATFE, all now possess military weapons and vehicles. Local Police forces provided with military weapons, ostensibly for “home grown” terrorists…FBI embedded within Local Police forces. And most importantly, a President committed to “Fundamentally Changing” the United States of America that just a few weeks ago announced the plan to enable United Nations Security forces WITHIN THE BORDERS OF THE UNITED STATES to fight “extremists”…

  • GratefulNotToBeDead

    Best is best. I’ll take them every time over any of the other democrat party activists hiding in journalist clothing. Please, there is no comparison.

  • Floyd

    When is justice going to be done? When are the Clintons going to be tossed in Jail, where they belong. When is the Media going to be removed from running these so-called debates?

  • jtomka

    Exactly correct!

  • Jack Gil

    The MSM is cheering the notion of helping Hillary cover-up he email scandal? Who would have guessed?

  • J Dubya

    YEAH! Enough of the email stuff!! Because national security means SQUAT!!

    Stupid f**king lemmings.

  • eyes_open46

    Liberalism is a logic free zone. Logic confuses them.

  • EchoLiberty

    Yes! Let’s stop holding people accountable for their actions! Kind of goes along along with the rest of his platform. Watch the world Bern.

  • will jones

    They arrested and charged Patraeus for keeping classified material in an unsecured location. Hillary’s server is much, much worse.

  • Damage Split

    Government-media complex. Don’t forget how many Dems go to work in media and how many useful idiots in the media get hired by Dems. Many of them even marry. These are big families. There’s nothing random about what you see.

  • donniea

    Hillary, Bill, Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Reid, Shumer, Weiner, Gore, Wasser-man-shultz, Kerry, Holder, Emanuel. What a bunch of creepy goblins! With democrats it’s Halloween all year.

  • Dryden01

    After the FBI investigation determines her guilt, President Obama will sell her a pardon.

  • Cajun Exile

    The praetorian media know how they should behave to please their political masters….

  • Torcer

    Some please explain again about how the #NationalSocialistMedia isn’t Biased?

  • Me

    Yeah, and it was reported 20 out of the 200 or so stood for the national anthem. Low life scums……..

  • evilibertarian

    Hitlery for Dick Tator 2016!!!

  • OttoZeit

    By being as dumb as you are, “nogods.”

  • Only progressives don’t care, because to them, the ends always justify whatever means. Hillary had a server to privatize her communications and skirt required sunshine laws re her official activities, squarely against required protocol?

    What’s the big deal. She’s Hillary, she’s progressive, and she can do whatever she wants because she’s progressive!

    The same way progressives ignore how, while claiming to be a women’s advocate, she once dedicated herself to both enabling her predatory husband and destroying any victims of it who came to see the light of day / dared to speak of it. In the same breath, this bold-faced liar can state how she believes alleged female victims should always get the benefit of the doubt.

  • They’re just trying to remain objective where it matters.

  • Only progressives don’t care, because to them, the ends always justify whatever means. Hillary had a server to privatize her communications and skirt required sunshine laws re her official activities, squarely against required protocol?

    What’s the big deal. She’s Hillary, she’s progressive, and she can do whatever she wants because she’s progressive!

    The same way progressives ignore how, while claiming to be a women’s advocate, she once dedicated herself to both enabling her predatory husband and destroying any victims of it who came to see the light of day / dared to speak of it. In the same breath, this bold-faced liar can state how she believes alleged female victims should always get the benefit of the doubt.

  • RaceARoni

    O’Malley gives a closing statement talking about how you didn’t see racist statements on that stage like you did at the Republican debate…… really…. what the h*** is choosing bIack Iives matter over all lives matter moron….. that’s racist fool.

  • Feckcity

    “Let me say something that may not be great politics, but I think the secretary is right, and that is the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damned emails!”

    Well the FBI isn’t sick and tired of it Bernie.

  • David Harrison

    All this to hide the fact that the Dems have already chosen The Beast!!!

  • G Man

    One thing for sure,
    Hillary WILL win the nomination.
    After seeing that “debate”, it is
    clear that the other candidates are in the tank for her and just putting on a
    show (a Soviet style show). Bernie gang bang Sanders – “America is tired about
    hearing about your (HC’s) emails”.

  • David Harrison


  • CopyKatnj

    Yes, let us all just forget about the four US citzens being murdered including the ambassador being raped.

    us forget that after multiple requests before the attack at Benghazi
    and during the attack the Secretary of State did not provide for ANY

    us forget that after the attack, the Secretary of State sent out spokes
    people with the story that an internet video was the cause of the

    Let us forget that an American citizen was arrested because of said video.

    us forget that the Clintons have been using the Clinton foundation as a
    slush fund for their own gain at the taxpayer expense.

    Let us forget that the sever was not secured at federal security levels.

    What else should we forget? Forget about Hillary Clinton.

  • Merby

    My brain damaged ferret looks like a long four legged Einstein compared to this group on stage.

  • David Harrison

    Remember when the Libs use to call the GOP the party of the pasty old white men?

  • Nelson garnick

    forget morality,ethics. Without those gov. Will not change and the middle class will still get the short end. No matter what the Dems and Hillary claim. She and her husband are such sleazy characters . It boggles the mind how reasonable people can foote for her. Ngarnick

  • Chuck curtis

    This demonstrates why the media is trusted by fewer people than used car salesmen.

  • IllKeepMine

    What a load of hogwash. I have lived through 10 administrations. The Obama administration is the only one where election cancellation has been spoke of, much less thought a possibility.

  • Miggy10

    Soon the game will be over. The press are supposed to be the referees but they have chosen sides long ago. Wait until congress uses copyright laws to take Drudge down.
    Then people will get their news from CNN, Facebook and Twitter. Complete leftist control. THE END.

  • John Q

    Ahhhh, the diversity of the Dem debate – and they were ALL pasty old white men.

  • flyboy

    Debbie Waxface-Shultz and the other DNC Brown Shirts have a short choke chain on the Democrat debates and the candidates. They will not allow Hillary to be attacked, and they will not allow Hillary outside of a well-protected and isolated political vacuum. Good luck expecting Hillary to get any “gotcha” questions or be attacked by any of other candidates.

  • Chuck_Borealis

    Must have been that vast right-wing conspiracy cheering.

  • OpinionBuster

    While freedom of the press is very important, maybe there should be a law regarding accuracy and truthfulness of the press.

  • Blargette

    A way to wake people up: Pay people their full salary then take their taxes out. Like those fools that own small businesses – especially in liberal states. Tax on profits, tax if your business is too profitable, double tax on business and disbursement, liquor tax, fees, employees’ tax, sales tax … You start writing out checks every month or quarter it hurts a lot more mentally. Libs – if they win – guaranteed they won’t be enticing businesses back to the U.S.. They are too short sighted. But they WILL institute a VAT on top of all the other taxes. Which is a tax on every step of the manufacturing process. Business will of course have to pass that down thru higher prices and WHO will libs blame? The GREEDY business. People are such fools who vote for FREE. It is never ever free.

  • IllKeepMine

    They will start reporting the full and unbiased truth. Their business is the only one protected by the Constitution. They have a responsibility to inform the people with truthful, complete and unbiased reporting. They have abdicated that responsibility for their own political and economic gains. We are not blind to their treason (yes, that is exactly what it is). Should martial law be ordered, the press should know that they will be some of the first to experience retribution.

  • civilwarsoon

    what’s a “press room” is that where dems make wine in their trailer park?

  • Xanadu2

    When these lib/prog/dem sycophant “reporters” aren’t officially shilling for the left, they “resign” and actually go to work for leftist politicians and organizations. Just one big merry-go-round charade.

  • kevin davis

    and this proves once and for all how corrupt and dishonest the majority of mainstream journalists are. Cooper, past member of the Clinton Foundation moderating the debate? Get real. The game is rigged.

  • iceman2

    Soooo, The press is laughing. Boy they are just having a great time aren’t they. Lets see, who is out of touch with MAINSTREAM? Yep, the MEDIA! They have no idea why Bernie would be TERRIBLE for America as well as Billary. Just a simple WTF to them as they LAUGH about the Emails. How ignorant can you be when there is information coming out that THERE WAS CLASSIFIED INFORMATION ON HER SERVER!!! If there ever was a time the showed the BIAS the media has, THIS IS ONE OF THEM.

  • Sparky

    Losers. All a bunch of losers.

  • John Campbell

    Gotta love it. Lefties circling the wagons.

    Guess what, Republicans are sick of those e-mails too, just for different reasons. Time for:

    Hillary for Prison! 2016

  • TheTexasCooke

    OR they could take the route they did with George Wallace…Trump was wondering where his Secret Service protection, required by law, might be hiding….everyone else’s is pretty obvious….just sayin’….

  • TheTexasCooke

    Blacks only make up 13% of th US population…it would be a quick one…the threat of one would be more effective…as indicated by your comment.

  • TheTexasCooke

    Yhe presidential election elects members to the Electorial College, and that is a State rather than a federal event. He won’t stop the one in Texas or probably any where else. But the threat alone is a terrorist threat.

  • John Campbell

    Conservative Democrats were just totally alienated by the Democratic party last night. Not one candidate was asked, “What’s the difference between a socialist and a Democrat?”

    After this performance it seems there is none. The Democratic party platform is now null and void. It’s time for the DNC (Politburo) to come clean and rebrand as the Socialist party. No point in them maintaining the lie any longer. Conservative Democrats no longer have any voice at all in the alleged “Democratic” party.

    The real winner of last night’s debate was:

    TRUMP 2016

  • TheTexasCooke

    It’s what happens when both parties run socialists…

  • Flechette


    no bias in the media…nah.

  • TheTexasCooke

    They’ve been on a roll ever since Cronkite wasn’t arrested at his desk and locked up.

  • D. W-Schultz

    Detailed Dem plans and strategy for the country – vote for us and we promise you 3 things – more free sh**, more free sh** and more free sh**!

  • TSJones97

    And CNN earns their nickname “the Clinton News Network” yet again …… Their bias is disgusting and also unprofessional.

  • D. W-Schultz

    Oh yeah, except for you wealthy conservatives – we make you pay for that sh**

  • IllKeepMine

    And hanging with Democrats they shall.

  • TheTexasCooke

    The current US population is composed of:
    32% dems
    23% repubs
    45% Independent….
    Because repubs run socialist just like the dems…independents just want an alternative or they stay home…right where the socialists want them….and they haven’t had an alternative since Reagan regardless of what candidates call themselves.

  • GoldenBear82

    But that is 40 million people, a majority of which live in cities such as Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Oakland, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, DC, etc.
    Imagine if large scale rioting/burning occurred simultaneously in these cities…
    Remember, “BLM”…

  • LRob

    Yeah, the media aren’t at all biased, nor in the tank for the old witch.

    Here’s the problem for the dumbocrats, this old man thinks he can’t get enough of his pathetic, way-left socialist message out due to the press giving so much attention to the various federal criminal investigations into his opponent, and would like the media’s absorption in her problems lessened, so people will listen to him.

    Seriously? The lead demo is a criminal, and that’s grabbing the attention away from the socialist/communist? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  • Charlie

    They are sick of talking about the Emials, Benghazi, The Bad Trade Deal, The Bad Iran Deal, Whitewater, Pardoning Rich ( do you remember that ) they never want to talk about any of this – and they claim we make it up. I don’t like Sanders politics but you never hear them talk about any scandals with his name on them. Like a troubled child she always has an excuse for everything.

  • HansonBro

    I want names.

  • 7dkag

    Know your enemy, The PRESS.
    Vile liars that will stop at nothing to promote more communism.

  • Charlie

    Please I hate Obama as much as the next person – but let me tell you he wants out at this point – he is making a run at executive orders and then he wants to go away with his liberal legacy – WHY do conservatives make crap up when the ammunition that is real – is enough to get rid of these guys and put a conservative in.

  • fcabanski

    No, the emails don’t prove how dishonest “most politicians” are. They prove how dishonest Hillary is.

  • MrHagarJD

    I liked hearing about this because it proves the corruption in our media.

  • MrHagarJD

    I don’t disagree with your comment, but it implies other politicians are honest. I don’t think that’s a fair implication. I’m pretty sure most politicians are corrupt.

  • Servo1969

    Media: Unbiased? F- that s-! GO TEAM DEM!

  • GoldenBear82

    Obama wants his “legacy”…he wants to be remembered as the “Greatest President”…remember, he has already said he thinks he is as great as Lincoln. To cement the changes he has been forcing over the last 6+ years he needs “another term”, (one he has already said he thinks he could win.) Biden seems hesitant to jump into the Presidential race, and that leaves Hillary or Bernie, neither of whom will continue Obama’s plans. Do you think that all of the various Executive agencies (FBI, State, etc) would be carrying on so many investigations into Hillary if Barry hadn’t approved them? Of course not. He wants Biden to run, because he thinks he can control Biden (after all, the guy IS a buffoon!) Obama hates to work, that much is true, but he LOVES the power and attention. He is the world’s biggest Narcissist. He will do whatever he (and his handlers) decide is necessary to continue their destruction of the once great United States of America.

  • Snafu-World

    Liberal trolls use incessantly the hackneyed pejorative for Republican candidates – “Clown Car”. Well, after stomaching the Dem’s first of ONLY FOUR debates (SIC), those two words more aptly describe the five DemonicRAT candidates.

    Seriously the four men are wholly unelectable, extreme in the far-left radical sense and patently out of touch with 2015 voters.

    Hillary performed marginally well but how could she not given her current competition?

    Beanbag Bernie Sanders is a ranting, wild-eyed throwback to the 1960s SDS (Students for Democratic Society) – the largest and most influential radical student organization of the 1960s.

    Frankly, scenes from the 1975 movie “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” kept coming to mind wherein Hitlary Rotten Clinton was the LEAST INSANE of the five whacko inmates on stage trying to “debate”.

    P.S. When I squint my eyes, Hillary looks a bit like Jack Nicholson in drag. As for CNN mouth-pos Anderson Cooper, he was nothing like the martinet Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher) because he failed repeatedly to moderate the debate with (her) iron fist.

    P.P.S. Perhaps, SDS now means “Sanders Democratic Socialist”? Scary.

  • Disqus

    This Dem debate was a joke. Almost no time was used to talk about illegal aliens and other extremely important issues like HOW in hell they’ll pay for all the “free” stuff they promise to their brainless voters.

  • Peter4Hegemon

    He’s “short and sweet”

  • opaque blinders

    It’s unbelievable how the left just doesn’t care about integrity. Flagrant disregard for rules and even more disregard for the respect of fellow Americans.

  • BillinCA

    So they cheering because Bernie said that reporters shouldn’t do their job?

  • Mark34

    Anyone who tries to belittle HRC’s email scandal thinks very, very little of national security.

  • mail.comSam Spade

    Hardly anyone in the USA other than the media cheered or watched the DEMOCRAT Love FEST!

    These Dolts all seem to adore Corruption, lies, deceit and sales of legislation all they did was praise each other and pat backs!

    In the meantime, Bill Clinton was in a luxury suite hanging on to the Exerciser Bunny!

  • mail.comSam Spade

    Bernie showed us how innocent he is. What would one expect from a guy who has only worked for the government and got raises for failing to reduce poverty while increasing the level of illiteracy?

  • mail.comSam Spade

    And she gave, forwarded, allowed to have or sent the classified info to Huma in exchange for selfies!

  • mail.comSam Spade

    The Rich one percenter DEMOCRATS that fund Hillary will be ticked if the Democrat Plantation erupts in more smoke, looting and killings.

    Why do the cops send their money to Democrats that despise law and order?

  • mail.comSam Spade

    Yep, arm the EPA! it;’s good for longevity thinks Obama!

  • mail.comSam Spade

    He Obama also thinks his mirror is wonderful! That does not make it so.

    But the illiterates and the media seem to adore Obama! Birds of a feather! yep

  • GoldenBear82

    Unions are why cops send money to Democrats.
    And the rich one percenters that support Hillary were already defeated by Barry in 2008…his backers are GLOBAL…

  • PapaUmMaoMao

    Thank you, Bernie, for that gesture of support of Old Hill! Your comment has managed to convince me that your entire campaign for the presidency is nothing but a shameless sham! Had you been serious about becoming our next fearless leader, you would’ve mopped Old Hill’s floor with attacks regarding her Email situation, but in fact… not a dammed one of you made an attempt. This, IMO, only proves that Debbie “Wash-Your-Mouth-Out-With-Soap” Shultz and the DNC have rigged the entire process toward the anointment of Old Hill’s eventual nomination…

  • rowleya

    The biggest debate loser was the USA
    Only USA Enemies were winners of Dem debate.

  • mail.comSam Spade

    Bernie makes Joy Behar’s knees swivel!

    If that is not enough to turn you off socialism – what is?

  • HappyG

    The one thing easily provable that Hillary Clinton did, was to lie directly to the loved ones of the fallen for political gain four days after the attacks…In Part 2 of the first House Hearings on Benghazi, in the first few minutes, Rep. Mike Kelly exposed the fact that the State Dept. acknowledged that at 8:30 pm Ambassador Stevens ‘walked the Turkish Ambassador out into the street in front of the compound AND THE STREETS WERE EMPTY‘…

    The first five minutes expose the lies of Hillary…It really is that simple…

  • Minnalousha

    Politician trash.

  • TheTexasCooke

    Democrat cities all…I’ll bring the hotdogs and marshmellows…..

  • MaryBlack

    Not surprising but still disappointing. Sad for America.

  • another_conservative_in_exile

    interestingly, the audience in the room did not react unfavorably to Bernie telling here that she was going to get a pass on what may end up as an indictment in the email scandal. what I mean is the dems in the audience and the dems in the press don’t care that she breaks laws, as long as she’s in their party. that’s disgraceful.

  • Renots

    So….the campus f a g o t s in the press won t cover the crooked b i t c h ….
    What’s new ???

    Tell me something I don’t already know ..???

    ” Loud cheers went up in prisons when sanders demanded all illegal aliens be released…”

    Kill Bernie…..the Video game …

  • flyboy

    Nothing pumps my nads more than seeing a Republican with BALLS who is not afraid to take on DemocRAT operatives.

  • actionsspeaklouder

    I agree, Bernie’s not in it to win it. He’s a placeholder for Killary. Even the GOPe would rather see Killary win rather than support Trump or Cruz.

  • actionsspeaklouder

    Not to mention their complete disregard for our Constitution.

  • acceptreality

    This adolescent outburst was beyond the MSM’s ability to control their glee. All they wanted was and excuse to abandon an investigation that endanger liberal butts. Perhaps the MSM is rightfully worried that their noses might be damaged in the process.

  • WalkerPercy

    It’s astounding to see that in a country where socialism used to be a dirty word, a self-avowed socialist candidate is garnering much of the buzz this election cycle, and it’s because he’s acting as a foil against the Republicans’ witch-hunting (email-gate, Benghazi, Planned Parenthood) and against their unabashed corporate kowtowing despite the American public’s unbridled disgust with the excessive corporate overreach of the past decade and a half. He’s even pulling Hillary further to the left, and when all is said and done, although he doesn’t have a prayer of winning the Democratic nomination, he stands a good chance of being HIllary’s VP pick, and considering there’s not a Republican in the clown car who can be taken seriously (except maybe for Rubio), we’re looking at the real possibility of having a socialist in the second highest office in the country.

    Somewhat ironic that the Republicans have indirectly done more to advance the cause of socialism in this country than the Democrats ever could have.

  • fcabanski

    My comment didn’t mention other politicians. In fact, it was the opposite of mentioning other politicians. Hillary’s email situation shows that Hillary is dishonest. If another politician does something dishonest, then that speaks to his dishonesty.

  • flyboy

    It reminded me of the outburst from the black community (and in the office where I was working at the time specifically) when the OJ Simpson verdict was read. Fortunately justice was eventually served when the crazy POS got in trouble again and was found guilty. Hopefully he’ll serve the rest of his wretched life in federal prison with that 33-year sentence and not get paroled.

  • Zemo Carpathian

    What they should have asked Hilary would be, After using a
    private email account and deleting government emails which are both federal
    crimes, why do you think you are not in prison?

  • blackfeather

    it was LAUGHTER…not applause….dig in for the REAL reports.

  • Dale

    Some MSM reporters did not stand for the National Anthem. Their parents and their schools have failed them.

  • flyboy

    They are failed Americans who do not deserve the liberties they are granted in this nation, especially freedom of speech and media. Of course you can say that about many of the regressive America-hating left in general.

  • Independent Latino

    It’s only “good to investigate” when Hillary Clinton lied (and got fired) trying to push litigation against Richard M. Nixon for the Watergate scandal, but it’s not good to investigate any of the many Hillary Clinton scandals.

  • Tom R

    Disgusting low lifes don’t even hide the fact anymore, that they want to usurp Americas presidential election anyway they can. eventually the American people will wake up to this outrageously biased and unprofessional behavior. then the sh*t will hit the rotory device. it’s coming!

  • Tom R

    This country’s news media and politicians have one very big thing in common, total lack of credibility.
    the fact that their professions demand it, couldn’t be more irrelevant to these hucksters.

  • SaneAmerican

    It is a very sad day when the press cheers the desire to ignore evident illegal behavior by one of their favorites. It make it clear the press is NOT interested in keeping ‘We the People’ informed of any negativity of their chosen heroes and heroines. Kind of proves their lack of ethics and clearly their lack of honesty.

  • splink

    She broke the LAW! The 50% of the population she declared her enemy last night care about it…Woodward is still harping about Nixon.

  • mail.comSam Spade

    How come Hillary can lie and the media cheers

    But Volkswagon gets Obama newly armed EPA after them?

    Is Hillary exempt?

  • rowleya

    Snarky has become Media mantra labeling it obsolete

  • will jones

    the media can stop reporting on it any time it wants, it’s what is driving the left wing media ratings into the toilet.

  • onetwothree

    Not APPLAUSE….. It was LAUGHTER. Just more MSM BS.

  • CWOrange666

    also cancel all newspaper subscriptions, and only keep internet access. A large movement to do this will defund the media, and be noticed immediately. Get all your news online from alternative conservative news.

  • bill_a_bob


  • Patty

    LOL Journalism!! Guess Which CNN Debate ‘Moderator’ Was A MEMBER Of The CLINTON Global Initiative?

    CNN host Anderson Cooper, who is set to
    moderate tonight’s Democratic debate, was listed as a “notable past
    member” the Clinton Global Initiative’s website along with a number of other big name journalists:

    The list includes: CNN’s Anderson Cooper
    and Christiane Amanpour, Fox’s Greta Van Susteren, NBC’s Matt Lauer and
    Tom Brokaw, New York Times‘s Thomas Friedman and Nicholas Kristof, Fox
    Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, Yahoo’s Katie Couric, The
    Economist‘s Matthew Bishop, and Financial Times‘ Lionel Barber.

  • Jim Hull

    sick and tired of hearing about hillary and her e-mails, TRUE, just waiting to hear she’s on her way to prison.

  • Valerie

    I watched Ben Carson on the Kelly files talking happily about how the Republicans are going to be able to explain the difference between Republican policies and the failed Democratic policies. during the upcoming election season. He is positive, and economically sound. This is going to be fun.

  • tengallonhat

    Emails will also contain:
    (1) The Sidney Blumenthal capers
    (2) The Hillary love chronicles
    What else?

  • tengallonhat

    From Wikipedia:
    Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was impeached by the House of Representatives on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice, on December 19, 1998.

  • tengallonhat

    The emails were originally discovered by a hacker looking for the dark escapades of longtime Clinton insider, Sidney Blumenthal. If the hacker hadn’t hit pay dirt, none of this about the private servers would have been discovered. SIDNEY BLUMENTHAL is the key to the secret emails and what was going on in Benghazi. Sid was doing Hillary’s covert projects, using State Department information while going around the State Department!!!

  • tengallonhat

    After all, they are gaming the American public.

  • US.Patriot1776

    Fuming Bernie supporters: Why is CNN deleting our comments?

    Hundreds on Facebook complain about network’s pro-Hillary coverage

    Seeing their comments repeatedly deleted by CNN, Bernie Sanders supporters are hopping mad today.

    Already feeling the news network’s coverage had become rabidly pro-Hillary in
    the aftermath of last night’s debate, Facebook users leaving reactions
    on CNN’s page are now continually re-posting them, knowing they will be
    quickly removed. There are hundreds in a seeming battle with the
    network, with no explanation as to why.

    Some users and messages appear to be specifically targeted, especially those
    accusing CNN of having conflicts of interest that make it naturally
    inclined to back Hillary.

    In particular, they’re citing last night’s initial Facebook poll data showing Bernie had won the debate
    handily. They are claiming the network is now burying that information in today’s coverage.

  • tengallonhat

    There’s definitely more in those emails than Classified State Department information. And juicy, too.

  • tengallonhat

    Tonight on FoxNews, Jason Chaffetz said that the House Reform Committee just received Hillary’s emails THIS WEEK. And the hearing is day-after-tomorrow.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “The entire press room just exploded when Bernie said that about Hillary’s emails.” #DemDebate

    This is a surprise? :-/

  • tinlizzieowner

    Ain’t going to happen under Obama’s ‘Just-Us’ Dept. :-/

  • tinlizzieowner

    In a word? Yes. :-/

  • tinlizzieowner

    Nixon was a Republican. :-/

  • tempo150101

    I noticed that one of the grocery chains around here just cut back their hours again. They used to be open 24 hours, then they cut it back to 6 am to 1 am. They cut the hours again and now close at 11 pm. That’s what happens when it costs too much to have employees.

  • mail.comSam Spade

    Sounded like Anderson Cooper was on the Hillary Team!

    Why is the liberal media so obvious in their affection for liberals, socialists and communists?

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Oh gee! Hitlery said she was so sorry for the hidden bathroom email server oops. I guess that makes it all better. ……lol


  • jbtutor

    When he was acquitted of the charges by the Senate, the long national nightmare, whereby presidents could be removed by Congress, came to an end. That’s how history sees it, and that’s how it is in political reality.

    And word games over impeachment/ removal won’t impress people. Seriously.

  • Goose

    MSM = Malevolent State media

  • Ramona Asher

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  • Ramona Asher

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  • Southernsoul

    Why would the libtard media care about Hildabeast’s emails? Its not like they cover the news honestly anyhow.

  • tommy mc donnell

    a question that should be asked to every person in the media; if a free and independent press is the cornerstone of democracy what is a politically biased press?

  • tommy mc donnell

    they don’t, their union leaders do.

  • tengallonhat

    You should make an effort to be accurate in writing history, otherwise you are perpetuating myths.

  • jbtutor

    I’m not the problem here. The problem is that impeachment has been ruined for everyone else, and that’s so obvious I shouldn’t have to write it. And both parties are repelled by the mere notion of it.

  • Dan

    I saw you on the internet and thought the same thing! Pasty old white racist (man?).

  • upickapro

    Insanity is trying to tell the Feeble-minded Delusional that it isn’t the world that is crazy so Im not even going to waste my effort on your rant.

    Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.


    (c. 480-406 BC, tragedian of classical Athens)

  • upickapro

    Well, they both have so much in common, being that they both had people killed. Thelma & Louise ride again.

  • Dan

    We still call you pasty white men!

  • upickapro

    Have you looked in the mirror lately? Get in your clowncar and sod off, troll!