CNN Refutes Rumor That They Altered Photo of Umpqua Killer Chris Harper-Mercer

CNN was accused online of altering a photo of Umpqua killer Chris Harper-Mercer.
On Sunday CNN Media correspondent Brian Stelter refuted the report.

Chris was the son of Ian Mercer from Great Britain and Laurel Margaret Harper.
harper mercer parents
MotherLaurel Margaret on left and father Ian on right.

Chris lived with his mother Laurel.
He posted this selfie online.
mercer harper

But, according to Conservative Treehouse, CNN altered the image to make Harper-Mercer look white.
mercer cnn
Via Conservative Treehouse: On the left is the selfie Christopher Mercer uploaded to his social media. On the right is how CNN presented the same selfie in broadcast stories about him. Why did CNN need to change the complexion (color) of their broadcast? Why is no-one showing pictures of mom, Laurel Margaret Harper?

His online profiles have been erased since the shooting.

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  • FurryGuy

    Black or White, he was one major loony-toon.

    Time and Newsweek darkened OJ’s mugshot to make him look more sinister.

  • US.Patriot1776

    “Some months ago I stopped following “the news.” I know mainly what’s
    going on by following a few blogs but I cannot bear to look at the
    poisonous culture and vicious propaganda of the new regime. I used to
    check Drudge, the Daily Mail, the Post or Daily News… no more. I won’t
    even read the New Yorker for their cartoons, or the New York Times real
    estate section, which used to be a Sunday morning pleasure. I stopped
    watching TV years ago. We don’t have cable, I don’t watch modern movies.
    They turned us into zombies with their toxic mass media, the devils. If
    I am not already imprisoned in the cell next to yours I will be honored
    to visit you in jail. Or maybe I could organize a jailbreak — the
    storming of the Bastille, in reverse. I wonder if I’m too old and
    cowardly to strap on a sword and ride out for the Lord. All I really
    want to do is read beautiful books, hear beautiful music, see beautiful
    art, make beautiful things with my own two hands, and commune with
    beautiful souls. Is that too much to ask? Yes, it’s an ironic question.
    🙂 The world keeps shoving its ugliness in our faces.”

    An Anonymous reader
    @ The Thinking Housewife

  • Granny

    His complexion wasn’t all they changed. CNN also changed his nose for something more Caucasian, thinned his eyebrows and changed his lips, in particular the lower lip.

    I guess the meme is that all shooters have to be white conservative Republican NRA members. A black muslim just doesn’t fit the propaganda.

  • dabbobean

    CNN is F***ing shameless.

  • saturn

    CNN painting evil white.

  • US.Patriot1776
  • mg4us

    He was a black-looking multi-racial loser like the turd in the White House. . .
    Could be Obama’s son if he had one. . .
    And soon we will find out he was on the muslim radical list too!

    As for CNN changing his appearance to look white. . now we know why MSM is just a propaganda arm of liberal progressive elitists and why they cannot be trusted.

  • jainphx

    The older we get, the more peace we seek. I also find even TV shows that I used to enjoy, inserting lines of pc propaganda into the story lines. Peace of mind is so hard to find when they drive evil into everything. I feel for you my friend, you’re by no means alone!

  • Esther Rodriguez

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  • Dale

    The really sad part is that the LoFo voter will believe it because they saw it on TV and nothing you can say will ever change their mind.

  • US.Patriot1776

    You can not escape. Even sports on TeeVee is in the indoctrination business. The Leftists have infiltrated all large institutions from media to education, to corporate board rooms, tot he highest offices and bureaucracies in DC.

    “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

    Edward R. Murrow

  • paulgilpin

    And soon we will find out he was on the muslim radical list too!

    we may.
    we may not.
    numerous sites are reporting on information being scrubbed. other information normally released, not being released.
    get the picture?

  • Goose

    MSM – Malevolent State media
    and they will not pay a price if not MADE to pay a price by We the People

    let it begin soon, Now, they deserve all scorn, humiliation and (business) death

    when did news presentation get so-o-o…”hip”?
    MUST SEE: (besides the obvious, notice what she is wearing– ready for pub crawl?)

  • Goose

    that’s why the Marxists went after culture/media to take over America.
    while Patriots were awake on sentry duty looking for ‘invasions’, the Cultural Marxists went on a ‘Long March Through the Institutions’, including academia, bureaucracy, judiciary…

    the genius of Andrew Breitbart is he figured that out, he figured out that Patriots have been fighting the Wrong War! politics/elections follows culture, Never! the other way around.
    This Is Why! if Patriots don’t articulately, eloquently, passionately Defend and Explain Liberty, Constitutionalism, Conservatism, Patriotism, Americanism then forget about it, it’s all over.

  • US.Patriot1776
  • US.Patriot1776

    Icarus Falling

    “…was listening to Mark Levin’s program last night and he had John
    Lott on to discuss the lies Obama peddled in his gun control tirade
    Thursday night. But before they began to discuss that, Mark asked John
    about having been at the University of Chicago at the same time Obama
    was there.

    Today, Obama is described as having been a “Constitutional Law
    Professor” or “Constitutional Law Scholar.” It’s how he was presented
    to the American people back in 2008. But it is simply not true. Obama
    was hired on as a part-time lecturer at the University of Chicago as a
    favor to a political patron. It didn’t matter what Obama did while on
    staff, just put him on staff. He was not a professor of any kind. He
    did the bare minimum while there because what mattered was being able to
    put on his resume that he was at the University of Chicago Law School.
    Like a high school kid who volunteers at a soup kitchen over
    Thanksgiving to make his high school resume look more impressive to
    college admissions people, Obama wanted to make his resume for a
    potential political career look better. Just having “community
    organizer” wasn’t going to cut it if Obama hoped for a future in
    politics outside of Chicago’s south side.

    But, how many times were we reminded that Barack Obama was a
    “professor of Constitutional law?” How many times did someone refer to
    Obama as a “Constitutional law scholar?” It was part of the mythology….

  • heagoodboy

    This is probably a hoax.

  • Benji0804

    Obama logic.

  • Robert49

    Yea I noticed that right off the bat even more than the lightened skin tone. Nose, lips, cheek bones and eye brows and hair color all changed to make him look white. Geeeez! CNN is just outright bold face lying now. Either that or they have some people working for them that are soooooooooo, soooooooooo stupid that they thought that no one in the none lame stream media would not notice what they did.
    Then again it was MSNBC and CNN that altered photos and 911 audio of that Zimmerman/Martin thing that happened down in Florida.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    I would not doubt it, with all the disinformation being thrown about, including both 4chan and the feds.

    I want to see the actual CNN screen captures, to be sure. I’m pretty sure I saw a “too white” picture of this guy on CNN, because i remember laughing about their shameless anti-gun propaganda when his face came up on the screen. But we really need proof. Too much disinfo on this one.

  • robins111

    It appears that CNN has a a supercharged Honkification Machine somewhere in their headquarters, must got a deal on it from Eric Holder.

  • bob e

    gwen awful would have given him a new race anyway ..

  • lifsabsurd

    Thank a liberal teacher. It all starts in the educational propaganda system.

  • Ticked Parent

    Wow now this is a piece of slime journalism and speaks volumes about the modern day status of our new media. Corrupt to the core, leftist leaning, racist and untrustworthy. We should be thankful for the internet and sites like gateway pundit that exposes this corruption,

  • OK4AYL

    George Jefferson is now in the control room at CNN….LMAO Weezie! Get out of here!

  • Cahal the Mad™

    It’s not just TELLING them that what they are told is lie, even SHOWING them will not work. If you showed Mercer’s real pic next to CNN’s race-bating photoshopped pic, they’d call the original unedited one “fake”

  • Rick554

    Lol. No sign of the mom either. No on-camera interviews , no nothing. When they wouldn’t identify this “shooter” , coupled with Barry using this tragedy within hours, for his gun control Schlick , I knew something was fishy.

  • angrybeyondreason

    CNN obedient to their father Satan the father of Lies.

  • Bubba Gump

    Pretty easy to alter photos today and there is no end to the lengths that liberals will go to achieve their agenda. Facts are he is a mixed race kid that came from a broken home with no father figure and a loose cannon for a mother who sheltered her chitlin. Wonder what we will discover about her?

  • Box

    Has anyone challenged CNN about this?

  • Obamanus

    alias Obama is giving nukes to Persian jihadi murderers and rapists who swear to use them on American homeland.

  • Box

    John 8:44
    You are the children of your father, the Devil, and you want to follow your father’s desires. From the very beginning he was a murderer and has never been on the side of truth, because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he is only doing what is natural to him, because he is a liar and the father of all lies.

  • blackfeather

    and think about all the morons that will fall for “him being white”….basically ovomit voters.

  • angrybeyondreason

    Timely word, thank you for posting it.

  • Praxeaology

    Replace Caucasian Christian who volunteers as the soup kitchen once a month for Fox News and your cartoon would be more accurate.

  • Praxeaology

    I have known a couple of individuals in the intelligence service, and I know them to be Patriots. They really believe that the work they do, and much of it is true, is very valuable to the nation and its security. They are willing to violet the Constitution. I have no problem with these Patriots believing they are doing the right thing, but we also know that any power given the Federal government is subject to abuse, i.e IRS. It is not worth the risk and the fact that Snowden revealed the direct violations of the Constitution by the Federal government makes him undoubtedly a hero to it.

  • I_Am_Me

    O’Sullivan’s First Law.

    ESPN is owned by Disney, the biggest rhetorical frauds in the MSM. It was inevitable that they would infect sports TV with Leftist duplicity.

  • Mike

    Unholy Stepfather of Photoshop… but, coming from CNN, I am not surprised.
    (And they have the mouthy mothballs to call US racists!)

  • guessed

    That’s a very Republican idea for a Black man. Sure they don’t want to digitally bleach his face as well? We can’t allow Black people to know other Black people can get off the Liberal plantation…

  • guessed

    Stop noticing stuff! Don’t you realize that they want to tell a certain story in a certain way, and you people and your silly facts just keeps mucking it up!?!
    Geez, they know what you need to think. Stop doing it for yourself, you’re not qualified…/sarc

  • S.C.

    The pic was photoshopped, where is the evidence, or link to CNN? CTH’s source appears to be from an anonymous twitter account. Folks, do a google search, the only places you can find the photoshopped pic is sites linking from CTH…I’m not defending CNN, but if this gets out, we lose much credibility! I’m shocked at the webmasters Jim and Sundance, and Doug Ross, jumping on this without verifying, you guys really blew it….

  • fedupMan

    CNN strikes again. Anything to win. Still polishing 0’s boots and kissing his ring.

  • fedupMan

    The 1st jihad the networks do is hound the parents. Did not happen this time. WHY? Left things/points are always covered up for and right things/points get the scorched earth policy 100% of the time.

  • Grandma_of_Four

    MIND BOGGLING! Wanna bet Oblamer had a fit finding out this shooter was mixed…just like him! I, quite frankly, am amazed he has not invited the parents to the White House. 🙁

  • haypa2

    CNN turned the shooter from mildly black to pasty white and removed some hyper pigmentation from his cheeks. They might be in demand to fix lots of peoples’ uneven complexions.

  • Deez_Nuts2015

    Anything for the agenda.

  • Deez_Nuts2015

    To make it easier for people to not think for themselves, how about changing the language too? Simpler, more-generic terms, easier to remember, to keep the masses from fretting over truth.

  • S.C.

    You people need to let it go, and please don’t repost this crap at other sites…The lightened pic is a hoax, there is no evidence CNN is the party that altered that pic.The source appears to be an anonymous twitter account. CNN is dumb, but they are not that stupid. They will soon get wind of this hoax and rightfully defend themselves. They will look good, and the conservative online contingent will look bad and unprofessional, and we’ll all come off as conspiracy theorists who only see what we want to see. There is plenty shady about the Mercer story. This does not help us get to the truth. Several webmasters have really blown it, we all lose much credibility….

  • flappdoodle

    Whether this is a hoax or not, the MSM has called him a “conservative Republican” and while they have shown photos of his father, they have not shown photos of his mother. Is that a hoax? Do a search for his mother. See what you find.

  • truthseeker53

    No surprise for anything the Communist News Network or ANY MSM does.

  • BrandiTamponString

    Why is everyone shocked? CNN sucks and will do anything for ratings.

  • another_engineer

    And the LA times said he was a ” white supremacist”

  • BigAlSouth

    Query: Who has the passwords to scrub Mercer’s social media? I know a kid who died two years ago and I still get notices on FB to wish him a happy BD.

    The cynic in me would accuse those Progressives at FB for scrubbing the shooter’s account.

  • ScienceABC123

    CNN, all the news that’s been edited.

  • Ace

    Everything about left wing extremism is phony, including this event. The last thing the corrupt media wants you to do is never talk about them. But you just keep stepping in it…

  • PetethePlumber

    Par for the course for cnn.

  • BC

    If Michael Jackson had a brother…
    CNN just found him

  • ScienceABC123

    Question: Isn’t a news agency, such as CNN claims to be, supposed to research the facts before reporting them? Or is that too much work to expect of “journalists” these days?

  • Patrick Flathman

    he was on the terrorist list that Obama refused to accept from the Russians.

  • BC

    If Michael Jackson had another brother…
    CNN just found him

  • SineWaveII

    It isn’t just ratings. It’s to promote the narrative.

  • tommy mc donnell

    see yuri bezmonov

  • tommy mc donnell

    that’s journalism folks!
    who would have ever thought that there would be a profession more dishonest than the legal profession.

  • getthemlibsout

    it’s ok cnn, it didn’t hurt your credibilty…..THAT’S already in the shitter!!

  • DD

    That doesn’t sound ‘cynical’ being that FB Zuck is BFF with Barack, and they serve the same Progressive agenda.

  • Bob Hulsey

    White mom plus black dad equals black saint President Obama.
    Black mom plus white dad equals white conservative Christian mass killer.
    Thank you, liberal media, for clarifying this in a way that tolerant liberal heads don’t explode.

  • Doubleclik

    CNN=Communist News Network
    Is propagating a hate crime this way.
    Of course they are in the tank with the White House and special interest agenda so they will not be held accountable for anything.

  • Dan Howe

    The Mainstream Media is nothing but the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, just like Pravda and Izvestia. The Völkischer Beobachter was more balanced. Goebbels would be so proud. His Big Lie continues to work.

  • Minnalousha

    Evil seems to rule the world.

  • DD

    Did they remove his moles to thwart the right winger mole hate groups!?

  • Guest

    Jim, this story’s not accurate. No idea where Consevative Treehouse got that pic of the woman, but it doesn’t appear to be his mom. They pull together some good stuff, but occasionally hit duds, like the misreading of the Wayback (see @STKnutsen’s TL for more).

    And, although the media clearly doesn’t want to address the fact that the shooter is half-black and his mother is black, one outlet did interview her brother-in-law who said she was black, then the Daily Mail put up an interview with neighbor Reina who clearly stated his mom is a ‘very nice African American lady’, then late last night, the New York Daily News put up this hating 2A piece, with a picture of mom at the top. Not the same pic as Treehouse pulled. Here’s the article with the pic, posted here at least twice last night.

  • Andy Schwarm

    That’s a fact. My fav TV show was “Criminal Minds” until in one episode, Hotch actually said, “Satanic ritual murder is an urban legend.”

  • Guest
  • mail.comSam Spade

    Our liberal, progressive, socialistic media is so honest, truthful and biased – They must be Loyal DEMOCRATS!

    Is it possible?

  • Rodrigo

    Registered Independent, not Conservative Republican

  • Guest

    Also, where did the lightened pic come from? Was it a screen grab of a broadcast, a CNN article, or as some are saying, photoshopped then uploaded to Twitter. The sourcing is important. See my post a minute ago. Clearly, MSM wanted him to be white, which he isn’t, and they haven’t been eager to point out his mother is black. In addition to the articles I listed a minute ago, the LA Times did note him as mixed race, and his mother as black, but then inexplicably said he had white supremacist leanings, with apparently nothing to back that up, as Breitbart pointed out. Finding the primary source should always matter. Oh, and *Conservative correction to post a minute ago.

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    A nose job,eyebrows,lips,removed some moles,lightened his skin.
    America’s most trusted news source,my a s s.

  • Darkheart11

    ANOTHER lame stream media invented “white Hispanic”?

    Have to wonder, in time we will learn of the boys ‘conversion’, then we will be told what his new, self awarded sand flea name is.

  • ZZZzzzz

    LMAO @ CNN. Make him more white?!? They made him into Casper!! Not only does he look like powder, they got rid of his warts and it looks like they even did some digital plastic surgery, his nose and even his nostrils look more narrow. Seriously?? WTH is wrong with these ppl!! He’s another Son of Barry and now I read that he was on a terror list that Russia tried to give B. Hussein a few weeks BEFORE this happened, but he refused because, “Err, the atmosphere isn’t right for such an exchange.” If he was on such a list and Obama refused, someone needs to go to prison for this. The terror list said that Mercer was an ISIS sympathizer and his MySpace Page proves it. But no, CNN, MSNBC and Obama wants Americans to think he was a Conservative Republican as if they would ever line up Christians, shoot them in their heads to meet their maker in second. Liberals truly do have a Mental Disorder!

  • saturn

    CNN is used to white-wash even Obama.

  • Goose

    but weren’t you scared when he poked a hole in a waterbed with his scissorfinger?


    OK, so he’s a White Black Muslim? Who didn’t know that right off bat?

  • LIbtardian slayer

    George zimmerman’s family all had to flee with twitter being used to out the family’s address.
    Spie Lee and roseann barr sure helped as did the doj

  • LIbtardian slayer

    They think they are the good kind of racists since they hate whites

  • BraveNewWhirled

    He was a white-African Islamo-Christian. We have lots of them around here.

  • LIbtardian slayer

    As always

  • formwiz

    White Negro (what people called Sarah Bernhardt because of her extremely curly hair).


  • LIbtardian slayer

    We have been told that is what is wromg with us.
    We worry about reality while they make chit up

  • BraveNewWhirled

    I can’t believe CNN doesn’t think they’d get caught with this fraud. I think it’s a test to see how much they can get away with. Oops! Went too far with that one, Bob!

  • Finncrisp

    If they had pictures of him at 14 they would be running them too, like they did with Trayvon.


    You mean if Obama had an sob?

  • LIbtardian slayer

    Weaselzippers has

  • LIbtardian slayer

    You say you would gladly let him date your daughter?

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Something like 60% of America believes Barry is a Christian. Because media sez so. Unpuckingbelievable. Are people *really* that stoopit?

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    Their loyal supporters and the sheep they lead care not for the truth,lack integrity,and only care if the story furthers their agenda.they hammer a lie into generally accepted fact on a regular basis.
    Nearly all mass murderers and assassins are mentally ill,leftists,islamo terrorists,or some combination of the three,the left knows it,but ignores it and pushes on……………

  • FurryGuy

    Nice non-sequitur.

    All I said is the MSM has a history of photo manipulation.

  • nodhimmi

    THIS is Cnn-in all it’s blatant racist, muslim pandering, King O loving glory!

    I stopped watching years ago-thank the Lord!

  • Whitey

    At the UN the Russian intelligence agency offered the US their current list of terrorism risks. The shooters name was on it. Obama refused to accept it.

  • Guest

    So glad Jim changed out the pic of mom! Sundance/Conservative Treehouse got the mom’s pic wrong (as well as some other details).

    Per tineye, this is their source for the photo of the woman above:!-Part-1-of-2&id=1642228

    At the top of the article, the author’s name, Laurel Harper, contains a hyperlink that leads to this bio:

    This Laurel is a Wharton grad, biz entrepreneur, married with 2 daughters. The shooter’s mom was an LVN in CA, LPN in OR, single mom. Not the same person.

  • Missy51

    And this is a free country?

  • johnfarmingdale

    That is the new “News, spray and click” program available for Win or Mac. It is like instant tanning but the opposite.
    A couple of quick clicks with the mouse button on an image and there it is. “White Tea Party Conservative, Gun and Freedom Lover.”
    [Racist News, spray and click, sold separately. BLM program comes with t-Shirts logos, flyers and list of who to blame.]

  • agim777

    I knew it. Shady characters are controlling the media.

  • Jason

    The edited photo also changed the appearance of his nose and lips; making the nose narrower and the lips thinner. This was a very dedicated professional “work” !

  • Moses1967

    The mass murderer who hated Christians looks like a young Barry Soetoro. Of course, Barry’s mother was an unmarried white teenage slut and Chris Harper-Mercer parents were possibly married. However, there unmistakable comparison between Barry and Chris Harper-Mercer is (was) a desire to kill Christians in both of them. Barry’s help to the Islamic State has resulted in the death, torture and sex slavery of Christian far beyond the dreams of Chris Harper-Mercer.

  • paul52

    This whole event stinks. The day before the shooting, Li’l Barry gets bitch slapped by Vlad. Diversion? false flag? Something is not right.

  • I want to see the in situ use of this photo in a CNN report.
    I’ve been looking and haven’t as yet been able to find it.
    This should have been included in TGP report and the CT report.
    Without it,this just hearsay. I’m removing my share of it until there is confirmation.

  • Jester

    It gets much worse. Not only was his online profile changed, but now the person who changed his Facebook page to a different name, “Chris Figgalopola” is in control of that FB account and is threatening people who point out the name change.

    The Oregon shooters profile edited, posts threats to those who saw it.

  • Tom Bennett

    Anyone have a link to the CNN report that does this?

  • Blargette

    Not a very good job leaching the color and blemishes. They should have just pasted a white hood over him and then in captions wrote “Under the KKK cape is a white man who shot up lots of innocent people who were definitely not Christians”.

  • Mad Hatter

    They’re an internal enemy who wants to create division through their misinformation and propaganda. It is why I call them the Alinsky Media.

  • Mad Hatter

    The Alinsky Media shows their bigotry, and hate for white males as they try to make them the worst of the worst of society. They’ll go into defense lawyer mode to protect, defend, and make excuses for the minority criminal.

  • Justin

    This was a hoax. Another one lol. Why do people keep believing this garbage?

  • 4Truth1st

    To the commenter who said only one person said the shooter targeted Christians, that’s once again 100% false media spin. At least four witnesses have said he targeted Christians. Those links are in comments here at GP. In fact, much of MSM seems to be downplaying his links online to a jihadi sympathizer as well as his manifesto about wanting to join the devil in hell. Do some research. You might be surprised what you find.

  • Justin
  • Guest

    It’s important, if it’s true. It’d be nice to have a definitive answer to my question earlier as to where Conservative Treehouse got this. If it’s a screengrab, who took it, what day/time, can the source video be found? Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s true, as we know MSM spins and selects certain photos to further their narrative, but I need more data to accept it happened in this case. Maybe people can find the vid? I know the pic TC had up of the mom is wrong, so I question this pic too.

  • dave0987

    Not that I or any of us should put this past the libs, but anyone have the video off CNN’s broadcast showing this?

  • 2tru

    And Rubio went to meet with Zuckerberg, who is now one of Rubio’s donors. That should give some of his supporters pause. Glad Trump brought that up! Establishment ties to the Uniparty.

  • RockyMtn1776

    Yellow journalism at it’s best. Nothing is to vile or lies to great for CNN. THAT is why they have almost no viewers.

  • Kenneth G Maiden

    Agenda from the vast lefty progressive brain washed.

  • Justin

    Another hoax why do people believe this crap lol

  • Justin

    If anyone believes this shooting really happened they need a lobotomy lol

  • PinkPigs

    Still waiting on a picture and interview of his mother. His white daddy is all over the news….blaming the gun and not his son.

    Won’t look good when black momma shows up….and the LSM narrative that it was an evil white boy.

    Won’t surprise me either if momma wears a trash bag.

  • Pete

    Who cares about what the lame stream media says. I don’t watch them anyway unless you want to see this kind of B.S.

  • lgeubank

    What are they trying to do — make him look like Shaun King?

  • Lucifer O’ Keeffe

    Well bless my soul…I never seen a black man with a white man’s hole

  • Fersure

    Her picture is in this article with a link.

  • tomelora
  • Lauralee

    Obama’s a Christian. And 75% of our country knows it. The fact that we have a good 25% of the country believing otherwise is what’s depressing. Here you go:

    You’re maybe one person less out of that 25%, I hope? I expect not, though.

  • dave0987

    You nailed it with the propaganda everywhere, though I’d add it’s not just of the PC variety-in general.

  • Sam in Texas

    It makes one wonder if NBC has purchased a controlling interest in CNN.

  • theignorantone

    That and when Penelope Garcia said “he was arrested for lewd behavior. I guess that’s code for being gay in Texas.”
    Seems like every abusive father who terrorized his kids or beat his wife was either “religious” or a veteran who believed in “strict discipline”. Sucks because I really like Joe Mantegna.

  • Hugh Everett

    Chris Harper Mercer’s mother has similar complexion.

  • theignorantone

    Laugh if you want, but I occasionally watch Gilligan’s Island on MeTV. I grew up with GI, but my husband railed on what a stupid show it was. He now watches it with me because it’s a lot more intelligent and creative than what passes for TV today.
    According to Dawn Wells, twenty years ago Gilligan’s Island passed up I Love Lucy as the most watched show in the world.

  • Patty

    He was according to liberal Media a white supremacist.

  • Patty


    Failed Common Core Supporting NY Education Commissioner Is The New Secretary Of Education…

    John King Jr

    John King Jr. was a miserable failure as Commissioner of Education in
    New York. He waylaid his failure in New York into the assistant’s job
    in the US Department of Education. He will be the new Secretary of

    King came to New York as an extremely well-educated egghead with
    little educational experience and none in public schools. He implemented
    Common Core in a bizarre manner and blamed the horrendous results on
    New York’s “ignorant” children. Even though New York’s standards were
    the highest in the nation, he claimed the students were not used to high

    He tied teacher evaluations to the standardized testing, exams which
    weren’t even properly evaluating children. Teacher evaluations were in
    some cases based on other teachers’ student scores. Tech, art, music
    teachers are still being evaluated by language arts or math student scores because there aren’t any exams for them.

    Trump wants states to educate in the manner they wish, Hillary and Bush love common core.

    Btw, look at this idiot’s picture. Weirdo.

  • Patty

    And then this:

    A Fact Unknown to Obama’s Refugee Chief: Boston Bombers Were Refugees

    Barbara Strack is President Obama’s chief of the Refugee Affairs
    Division at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service of the
    Department of Homeland Security. That’s a fancy title that would at
    least indicate some cursory knowledge about refugees. But that couldn’t
    have been further from the truth, as evidenced in Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest investigating Obama’s plan to open our borders to hundreds of thousands of refugees over the next two years.

    One of the top concerns about any refugee coming into the United
    States is whether or not they have ties to terrorism or are radical
    Islamists. Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, also the Congressional
    subcommittee’s chairman, knows the importance of knowing and monitoring
    these connections with these asylum seekers. He asked Mrs. Strack if she
    could confirm that Dzhokhar and Tamerian Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon
    bombers, were in fact refugees. Her response was a bit on the shocking

    Obama is purposefully hiding all facts about ISIS, Terrorists and Muslim attacks and this is so evidently clear that our mushy Congress cannot do a thing because they have NO SPINS.

    Fact: Trump would do something!!

  • dave0987

    If we hadn’t already seen this type of thing done before so many times (and verified it to be true beyond all doubt) then I’d be inclined to not believe it.

    It’s not like CNN (and the rest of the left wing media) needs any further discrediting at this point, so if this one turns out to not be true for a change, I’d suspect it was made up by a leftist to discredit right leaning sites.

  • TruthMatters

    Given your flaming liberalness, and ahem, liberal use of the Lord’s name in vain, it’s clear you’re not a Christian and thus uninformed on what it means to be one. As a Christian with a personal relationship with Jesus and an awareness of what God’s Word says, I can assure you, Obama is not a Christian, by his own words and deeds in direct opposition to God. If he were for example, he’d know Islam is an evil false religion and no man comes to the Father but through repentance of sins and accepting Jesus as God’s son, and his/her Lord and Savior.

  • dave0987

    True, but these things (verifiable and proven true) have been on far more that just NBC.

  • Lauralee

    1. I was raised as a Christian.

    2. I like the religion, even if I don’t personally believe it myself.

    3. From the very article I linked to (or any Google search, should you choose to actually look): “Obama was baptized into the United Church of Christ (UCC) denomination and formally joined it in 1988.[6] He left the UCC in 2008 because of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy.[7] He now worships with a Southern Baptist pastor at Camp David but has not become a formal member of any church since 2008.[8]”

    4. In Obama’s own words, since you said he said so himself: “I’m a Christian by choice. My family didn’t—frankly, they weren’t folks who went to church every week. And my mother was one of the most spiritual people I knew, but she didn’t raise me in the church. So I came to my Christian faith later in life, and it was because the precepts of Jesus Christ spoke to me in terms of the kind of life that I would want to lead—being my brothers’ and sisters’ keeper, treating others as they would treat me.”

    5. To quote Colin Powell, who is both a Conservative and a Christian – even if he was Muslim, why does it matter? John McCain said the same thing – and he is also Conservative and a Christian.

    6. You are embarrassing me.

  • dave0987

    The government could have hypnotized this Mercer loon-made him do this, to divert attention from Obama’s failures with Russia and that whole thing, like they did with Chris Kyle’s friend/killer, but I’m pretty sure people were in fact killed.

  • dave0987

    Obama is Christian huh? Start with these (including the subsections and multiple links therein, and educate yourself so you don’t look so silly.

    No such number “knows” anything.

    Obama and Religion:

    Obama and Islam:

    Jeremiah Wright: I “Made It Comfortable” For Obama to Accept Christianity Without Having to Renounce Islam

    America’s Most Biblically Hostile President:

  • dave0987

    Yep, they can be some serious sheeple.

    Obama and Religion:

    Obama and Islam:

    Jeremiah Wright: I “Made It Comfortable” For Obama to Accept Christianity Without Having to Renounce Islam

    America’s Most Biblically Hostile President:

  • Lauralee

    So, sir, can you please explain to me how your current attitude makes you a good Christian? I’ve always wanted to ask this.

  • Tracksuit Al

    Jim Hoft:

    I like your site. I read it almost daily, but you’ve gotten a few stories wrong lately and I think you got this one wrong too.

    There doesn’t appear to be any proof of this happening. If CNN had put this image into their broadcasts, there would be video of it on Youtube by now or at least screenshots with the CNN logo/chimera.

    Websites like Mediaite would have been all over it immediately.

    I’m not saying that it’s fake, but there’s really no evidence to back up these claims.

    And I’m not going to tell you how to run your site, but credibility matters.

  • TruthMatters

    Re: Obama, read Dave’s links. Many of us have followed him for years and know without a doubt he is not what he claims.

    You’ve openly stated you do not believe in God due to a past trauma. Here’s the thing, all have sinned and fallen short. Your rapists, my two rapists, me and you. Those sins are not God’s fault – they’re our choices. The wages of everyone’s sin is death, but God loves us enough for His Son to pay our debt, if we acknowledge our sins (pride, bitterness, dishonesty?), repent, meaning not only wish we hadn’t committed them but also turn away from them, and accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. Your grandma’s right. He has a plan for you. He can heal your wounds – the alcohol prolongs them. Looks like you may’ve gone through a divorce recently. I think He’s calling you to be renewed now. If someday you open your heart to Him, you’ll be transformed by the renewing of your mind and His Holy Spirit will fill and guide you. “Seek Me & you will find Me”. I’m sorry for your hurt. God will be with you every minute of every day if you let Him in. Nothing is impossible with God.

  • dave0987

    We aren’t talking about me troll, nice deflection…but since you ask, we are permitted to expect “fruits” of being a Christian. Obama not only doesn’t show them, he shows hostilities towards Christians.

    Now since this is where you likely try the often misunderstood “shouldn’t judge!” I’ll help you with that too:

    Question: What does the Bible mean that we are not to judge others?

    Your welcome.

  • TruthMatters

    Laura, if you grew up exposed to faith in Christ, you must know that narrow is the gate and that Jesus said many will say Lord, Lord and He will say depart from Me; I knew you not, meaning many use the term Christian and label themselves and others as such, while discounting what the namesake, Christ/Jesus Himself said about faith in Him. They don’t make him Lord, they don’t follow Him, they don’t bear fruit, they just use a label. Obama has openly mocked God and twisted and ignored His Word and commandments. And knowing that doesn’t make Dave, me or anyone else a bad Christian. Why does it matter? Because Obama persecutes and slanders Christians while deceiving others and claiming to be one as cover.

  • token white guy in back row

    I’m taking a required interpersonal communications class. We’ve spent 2 entire weeks so far discussing racism by whites and white privilege. The hyphenated African-American woman teaching this class made us write two papers discussing how we personally used white privilege to hold back minorities. Everybody is in fear of writing anything that this professor may object to. It is complete brain-washing and the people in my class are so eager to go along with it. One young blond white girl even stated that one of her ‘goals’ was to marry a black man and have interracial kids to prove she wasn’t a racist. Basically, if you’re white then you
    are a racist but just can’t see it..

  • Chris

    Can anyone provide a link showing CNN using this photo? No one can seem to find it.

  • token white guy in back row

    I need this too before I can believe it and pass it along to others who generally have their fingers in their ears.

  • Guest

    As far as I can tell, it looks like Sundance at Conservative Treehouse may have gotten this from a poster of his 0Hour1, who also is on Twitter. Seems some treepers asked where it came from, but didn’t get an answer. Not sure if it originated at CT, by 0Hour, or from others.

  • Chris

    That’s what it looks like to me also. Somebody posted this claim and sites are unquestioningly running with it without the slightest verification. Come on guys, this only makes you look stupid!

  • dave0987

    While I agree this does make us “look stupid” if we hadn’t already seen this type of thing done before so many times (and verified) then I’d be inclined to not believe it.

    It’s not like CNN (and the rest of the left wing media) needs any further discrediting, so if this one turns out to not be true for a change, I’d suspect it was made up by a leftist to discredit right leaning sites.

  • carter

    Barry works hard with his make-up crew to look blacker than he actually is, and the media is working hard to make his son whiter. Is this a great Country or what?

  • dave0987

    Point them to (anonymously of course) for starters.

  • dave0987

    You want to know what aggravates me to no end?

    The fact that I can post multitudes of proven and verifiable cases of this and far worse happening on my facebook page, and most of the people on my friends list will gloss it over or ignore it, while one instance of something like this that may turn out to be false occurs every so often, and people will jump all over it.

    Yes, then all of the sudden they magically become wide awake, and seem to care 100%. People really amaze me.

  • dave0987

    By the way, I don’t care what the official title of that class is, it sounds more like the typical white guilt programming 101 to me.

  • StarvetheBeast

    From the Conservative Treehouse reporting the “shooter” has a history in plays and production – just like Andy Parker from the Virginia “shooting” – now lots of confusion about his real identity and crossover from “Black Lives Matter” Cointelpro.

    Also the military “hero” on the scene supposedly was shot in the abdomen, in photographs they show some sort of wound on his stomach with zero blood coming from these “bullet wounds” and the EMT’s didn’t bother to dress the wounds before they rolled him off to the hospital? Also the “shooter” supposedly shot non-Christian students in the leg, where are these “victims” now – how come no interviews or reports on their recovery? Smells like another PSYOP – also known as PSYCHOLOGICAL TERRORISM to further a gun grab…

  • Winning Dixie

    There’s an amazing lack of curiosity about the so-called “lucky one” the shooter spared. All the MSM outlets call him “the person” or “the student.” Didn’t all of you want to know more about this “lucky one” and how he got to be so lucky? Doesn’t it seem odd that no one in the media thinks “the lucky one” worthy of a follow up?

    What would explain the unanimous silence? Some MSM apologists might say it’s to protect “the lucky one’s” privacy. Since when has the MSM let concerns stop them from airing a juicy click-bait story? I don’t believe that for a second. Maybe there’s something about “the lucky one” that would interfere with the MSM’s desired spin? That’s a lot more believable.

    If “the lucky one” just happened to be the only African-American student in that classroom, you can bet the MSM wouldn’t be real eager to mention it. That’s just a hypothesis. Falsify it.

  • George Bentley

    Kind of explains the media’s fast decision to not name him or show his photo. They have never do so in the past no matter who asks, but now they start every story saying they won’t say his name.

  • Ron Peterson

    When are we going to call for common sense First Amendment laws when it comes to the MSM?

  • Winning Dixie

    What else did you expect from Hanoi Jane’s hubby?

  • awotter


  • StarvetheBeast

    Bonehead – so gullible to buy this bull – all these facts presented to you and you still can’t figure it out – ROFL.

  • sagat

    It would be nice to see the actual CNN article with the altered picture it will help further your cause. Until then…..

  • CommunistNewsNetwork

    half black and half white democrat politician – black;
    half black and half white mass murd erer – white

  • NetRanger

    Are they really this desperate to get our guns?

    Duh! This is a PsyOp if I ever saw one! …and now this photo. How do to these people sleep at night? Did someone surgically remove their conscience?

  • Guest

    Like the way NBC edited the footage of the back of Zimmerman’s head to conceal his wound after Trayvon bashed his head into the sidewalk.

  • StarvetheBeast

    By the way here’s another little nugget of truth for you – the “persecuting Christians” theme is the puppet masters trying to strike fear and anger in Christians and get them fired up to go fight “ISIS” (Al-CIA-Duh) in Syria and the Middle East – their little Jesuit Jester Glenn Beck practically had a meltdown because “persecuted” Christians are sitting on the sidelines – of course he would rather us go kill and die in the Middle East for the agenda of the corporate fascist oligarchs…

  • Yaspar

    Link, please. And not one provided by the Russians. I call BS.

  • LostAndFound50

    Link or screenshot please-of this on CNN? I’m not saying they haven’t, BUT-they had a whole segment this morning on how they and some other networks haven’t shown a single picture of the killer, purposely.

  • Yaspar

    Still waiting for verification that CNN actually used this altered photo.
    Ditto the Russians warning about him.
    No links to verify either story.
    My BS-O-Meter is pinging.

  • Timely Manner

    You know, posters keep saying this over at treehouse where story originated and Sundance from there does not answer the question. Now, those who follow over there realize this means one thing: SD has the proof it started from CNN or he would have apologized and taken it down. The best way to get this out to many, even the O-babies, is to let it travel through Libland as making fun of and calling treehouse liars. Then, once the most have seen it as possibly can and as CNN jumps on the bandwagon that treehouse is libel for accusations, Boom! Out will come SD with proof that it is CNN that started the slander to Hahahahah.

  • Timely Manner

    BUT, they don’t have pictures of him at fourteen. Why?

  • Yaspar

    Proof negative is impossible. You propose it, you prove it.

  • Timely Manner

    Does Weaselzippers have CNN source of pic?

  • Timely Manner

    Unless…… of them, or all of them, actually are holding on to the “proof”……..

  • ACLUmember

    Outstanding Internet investigative reporting. Granny.

    You are right! The nose especially was heavily photoshopped.

  • Timely Manner

    I would bet Sundance, since he is NOT answering all the queries as to proof, is indeed sitting on it. His history when he makes an error is to immediately correct and he does not this time. And you may be walking into a nice little trap with all your innocent queries……..

  • RegulatorJohnson

    I like white people. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  • Timely Manner

    Sundance over at treehouse has always been very quick to correct a wrong report or info which makes it feasible he actually is sitting on the proof and setting this all up. Ya think?????

  • dave0987

    Yes there’s been quite a few in recent years, but some people out there want to act as if the occasional fake? one makes it as if none of them ever happened. That ain’t how it works folks.

  • gofer1

    Adjust the tinfoil.

  • gofer1

    Look for Cozi TV, they play old shows and also LAFF.

  • stang289

    CNN never did this as much as I think they would the source Hour1 couldn’t and wouldn’t confirm this ,Without a source and Iv looked for one this story is fake , Debunked

  • gofer1

    Putting up pics of a 12 yr old Martin, when he was a grown man.

  • Geez…maybe he’s having dinner with his family.
    I’m reasonably sure he doesn’t sit 24 hours a day at the computer.
    If he has the information there is no reason for him to withhold it and I am confident he would release it.
    Until shown otherwise, I trust his integrity.
    Asking for evidence of an assertion is a natural and rational thing to do.
    What possible trap could I be walking into?
    My “innocent queries”? You seem to be insinuating a dark motive in my search for truth?
    That’s just plain silly.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong in my asking for an in situ link to CNN’s use of this photo.
    Don’t you also want it?

  • StarvetheBeast

    LOL that’s all you got? You trolls aren’t very creative are you? Why don’t you go ahead and call me a “truther”. By the way loved watching Obungles kicking his heals in the press conference because nobody takes him seriously anymore – that’s because every word that comes out of his disgusting lying mouth is officially worthless.

  • DeShawn Biggims

    Judens being Judens.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    OMG! Obozo can’t be gone soon enough!

  • DeShawn Biggims

    He’s got some good points.

  • DeShawn Biggims


    Those who know know.

  • DeShawn Biggims

    They’re changing the profile of the shooter to fit the white houses narrative.

  • StarvetheBeast

    And hey, the Aurora Batman shooting – Sandy Hoax – the Charleston shooting – the Virginia live shooting – funny how all these “mass shootings” are so obviously sensationally scripted – really who writes this stuff? I guess that’s what happens when Obungles hires a bunch of no talent Hollywood flunkies, gubment workers and MSM presstitutes to do his dirty work ROFL!!!

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    They even got rid of those ugly moles on his face. CNN cares so much.

  • Ummmm, he hasn’t owned CNN for a very long time. CNN was great when he owned it.

  • morecotwo

    This isn’t the first time.
    Using unintelligible audio of George Zimmerman’s 911 call, CNN falsely claimed Zimmerman had described rayvon Martin as a “f***ing coon” before fatally shooting the teenager. CNN not only fabricated this evidence
    against Zimmerman, after it was proven Zimmerman didn’t use the racial slur, CNN continued to lie to its audience and claim he had.

  • The NRA and their schmucks are using this shooting for political reasons and are capitalizing on it.

  • The Sheriff in charge is a right wing birther. He probably is protecting the right wing shooter’s mother from public scrutiny.

  • morecotwo

    Liberals are in a fantasy land. Here is what they dream on (cream on). Hahahahaha.

  • morecotwo

    Oops. When I was a teen ……eom.

  • mrhoops44

    homo gay leftwing mulatto

  • Winning Dixie

    No “proof negative” needed. Hypothesis: “The Lucky One” is black. It’s falsifiable (just ID him), which is what makes it a hypothesis.

    Don’t you find it strange that a “lucky one” being singled out by a mass murderer doesn’t get any media follow up?

  • Winning Dixie

    CNN was the only game in town when he owned it. Turner left his mark (leftist mark) on CNN in particular and pop-news coverage in general.

  • Winning Dixie

    So are Obama and HIS schmucks. Don’t whine about the NRA if you’re going to give Obama’s exploitation a pass.

  • Winning Dixie

    The “right wing shooter” story is already falling apart. Your attempt at damage control for it is too little too late.

  • Everything in black and white. Unless it’s black. Then it’s white.

  • buttercup

    Oh my God! They changed not just his skin color, but also gave him a Caucasian nose, lips, and eyebrows! He is a black muslim who killed Christians. We have to get laws passed to get rid of the media monopolies!

  • buttercup

    Since when is a black male a skin head? ROFL!!

  • Winning Dixie

    Why would they “hold on” to proof it really happened? There’s some skepticism (not nearly enough, but some) about the claim that the Photoshopped pic was ever on CNN. If Conservative Treehouse had proof it really happened, you’d think they’d put it right out there.

    Beware the Will To Believe. The foundation of most scams is that the sucker wants to believe it’s true.

  • Winning Dixie

    “Setting this up” for WHAT? If he has proof CNN really did run a Photoshopped pic, the time to release it is NOW. Don’t wait for it to get stale. I looked for the pic on CNN and couldn’t find it. Lots of people have said the same thing. The only reason I can think of for Sundance to “sit on the proof” is that he doesn’t have any and doesn’t want to admit he got hoaxed.

  • Winning Dixie

    I looked for this picture on CNN and couldn’t find it. Many people in comment threads on Conservative Treehouse say the same. The search engine hits only find the original twitter account that posted it (and said CNN did it) and other sites that picked up the tweet and ran with it.

    Not that I put it past CNN to photoshop a picture to bolster their commie spin, but this story is looking more and more like a double-reverse false-flag.

  • Rockport

    Says the God/Bible/Christian hating lib who thinks 9/11 was GWB & Israel’s fault. Eyeroll. No, mom is black, shooter was registered Independent per OR Sec of State office, and that’s not convenient to the leftie myth that shooters are white Republican men.

  • Guest

    Has he admitted he got mom’s pic wrong yet then? I’ve traced the lightened pic back pretty far on Twitter. Seems it wasn’t originally credited to CNN, from what I’ve found so far anyway.

  • Yes, and when he owned it it had a lefty slant, meaning: the news was reported with facts. Now we see the polar opposite going on! It’s very right wing.

  • Guest

    This is not his mother! See posts from this morning for data on this. This is a completely different Laurel Harper.

  • nadadhimmi

    Is he a Pedophile too?

  • Winning Dixie

    Since when is a “slant” factual? And how far to the left do YOU have to be if you have to look to your right to see CNN?

  • Nothing2laughabt

    Um, no. Conservative regular GP poster here. Two young friends of mine lost their friend AJ and had another friend wounded in the Aurora shooting.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    That in itself is damning to the left. They’ve been itching to bring down the Treehouse ever since it killed their false Trayvon narrative. The Uniparty-media commies may just get their dirty fingers snapped in a double reverse Wolverine bear-trap.

  • Winning Dixie

    It’s looking like @0Hour1 on twitter is the source of the Photoshopped picture. 0Hour1 doesn’t link to any source for it, he just says CNN did it. I smell a double-reverse false-flag punk-prank.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Just a hunch, but my spidey senses were telling me that poster 0hour1 who provided the disinfo in this case was NOT the same poster by the same handle, who had provided reliable leads before in other cases.

  • Winning Dixie

    It doesn’t make ANYBODY look good, but Treehouse took the worse hit. Treehouse looks bad now for running with a hoax. CNN (and the rest of the MSM) looked bad already, what with the digitally lightened “angelic little Trayvon” pics and such.

    Both Right and Left suffer from too little mature skepticism and too much Will To Believe. The more an outrage story gets you outraged, the more sensitive your BS-Detector needs to be.

  • Disqusdmnj

    Boy… seven years in, and still waiting for this “gun grab,” aren’t you?

  • Disqusdmnj

    Truther… and that’s the kind word. My cousin was shot in Aurora, and fortunately lived. Still a hoax?

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Totally. Fact-checking is just as important as whistle-blowing.

    The left made a score here because the massive disinfo, vanishing social media, and withholding of information by authorities created a perfect storm. We have to play smart to win. My message to all patriots: LEARN FROM THIS.

  • Guest

    See update from Jim. CNN says they haven’t shown his image.

    For commenters below, as far as I can tell, looks like 0Hour1 shared the pic labelled as CNN at 7:11 pm 10/2. A different conservative tweeter had the same pic up as early as 9:03 am 10/2, but she did not attribute it to CNN just media. Now that a lot of people are asking about it, she said she got the lightened pic from an unknown leftie Twitter troll. Seems like a game of telephone at this point.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Great point.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Treehouse has the IP of the faker, if it’s fake (which I tend to think). It may lead back to interesting places. I think some patience is in order.

  • StarvetheBeast

    Not going to happen thanks to the REPEATED FAILURES of Obungles and his pathetic Demwit Choom Gang ROFL.

    Somebody wrote a little song about it, goes like this…


    Sandy Hoax??? Really.. Tell me where you live. I want to beat you to a pulp and then bring you to the grave stones of all those poor kids that were killed…Then tell me it’s a hoax. You are lucky you hide behind a computer cause you don’t have the balls to tell me where you really live.. Kids are dead and you call it a hoax???? I HOPE U DIE

  • StarvetheBeast

    GTFO REALLY??? Wow funny how you trolls always pop up with a connection to a “victim”. Please tell me how your daughter used to play tiddlywinks with a cousin of Gene Rosen and Robbie Parker’s LOOOOOOOOL!!!!!

  • StarvetheBeast

    LOOOOOOOOOOL bring it on big man – here’s my address… 777 Bite Me Ave. Walla Walla, Washington 77777-ROFL

  • thetroll01

    I’ll bet you believe Obama when Obama pisses on your shoe, and says He is blessing you with hoy water.

  • whoodoo

    Well, at least CNN didn’t go the route taken by the NYT in covering the George Zimmerman incident – i. e., by making up an entirely new racial category called “White-Hispanic”. They may have tried, but “White-black”, “Brit-black” or “White-African-American” just didn’t tickle the ear the right way.

  • Winning Dixie

    Another interesting aspect of the MSM coverage on this atrocity is “the lucky one.” A designated Lucky One isn’t exactly S.O.P. in mass shootings. You’d think the MSM would be all over that aspect of the story.

    But you’d be wrong. I googled all over the place for a follow up on this anonymous “lucky one.” Nada. They call him (the Daily Mail consented to tell us he’s male) “the person” or “the student” in every story I could find. Why the unanimous silence about such a strange twist?

    Hypothesis (so called because it’s easy to falsify): “The Lucky One” was the only black student in that classroom. That would explain why the MSM doesn’t want to talk about him. It would mess up the “typical white right-wing gun-nut mass-murder” spin they tried to put on it.

  • Winning Dixie

    “Softly, softly, catchee monkey.” They’ll do it slowly, one “common sense” restriction at a time. When you want to disarm 100,000,000 people, you don’t dare make any sudden moves.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    It’s totally possible. I also saw a pic of what looked like a long-haired libtard survivor – could have been him. Or it could have just been the one person who treated him OK despite his being a scary weirdo. But the point you make is great – if it was the latter, the MSM would be all over it, and they’re not.

    From our perspective, the task is clear – keep facts, theories, and hypotheses separated.

  • Winning Dixie

    CNN just followed the standard MSM procedure: “Mixed-race and Hispanic victims are always Persons Of Color. Mixed-race and Hispanic villains are white.”

  • StarvetheBeast

    Thank you, oh but they have made sudden moves, well more like repeated flailing spastic jerking motions with infrequent episodes of Duper’s Delight 🙂

  • Winning Dixie

    Yep. “Always know when you don’t know.”

    The MSM knows that our collective attention span only lasts until the next Loud’n’Shiny distracts us from the last one. (Remember Putin punking Obama over Syria? Me neither. Somebody shot somebody somewhere and I forgot all about it.)

    Part of our task is to make that stop working. Keep on the MSM to report all the facts, and call them out when they refuse to.

  • Timely Manner

    Oh, I am NOT agreeing or believing he is holding it; just saying from past mistakes it is out of character for SD (whoever he really is) so I look for a “gotcha” and if had to bet one way or another, I would bet he was holding something. I would think, if proof, would put out there, too. Not a treehouse groupie. We will see if there will be a big reveal or not.

  • george orwell

    Where’s the Confederate flag behind him on the right picture?

  • Winning Dixie

    I think Disqusdmnj is saying “The Obamasgruppen hasn’t kicked your door down and taken your guns away so that proves you’re all a bunch of tinfoil-hat paranoid crazies fingering your gunbarrels as you peer out the venetian blinds looking for Them.”

    That’s Progressive “logic” for ya: jump out the 100th story window, then pretend everything’s cool until you actually hit the ground.

  • H. Zayre

    Another gay liberal with lies to tell about the gun hoaxes. I bet you had a kid enrolled at Sandy Hook too, right?

  • Winning Dixie

    We’ll see. General principle: The more you want to believe something, the more skeptical you should get. Both Left and Right get hooked forgetting that.

  • StarvetheBeast

    LOL for real – they also have a problem with Delusions of Grandeur and a heaping dose of thinking they are the smartest ones in the room when in reality the are the dumbest failures to ever walk the planet – Neanderthals were more clever than our modern day “Progressives”.

  • guest

    Update: earliest lightened pic I found so far was from a third conservative tweeter at 7:50 pm 10/1, listing it as “undoctored photo of the shooter from MSNBC” which may have been tongue in cheek. So, all I’ve found is the pic labelled as from MSNBC, then just media by 2nd person, then CNN by 3rd person. Could very well be others in the interim. 7:50 post could’ve gotten it from MSNBC, made it as a metaphor for the deliberate whitewashing occurring in coverage, or gotten it from somewhere/someone else. Bottom line, no obvious link to CNN I’ve found thus far. Given the CNN update, I’m done looking for now.

  • H. Zayre

    It is 100% HOAX. If you don’t know that, you are ill-informed. The school was closed in 2007 due to mold and asbestos. It remained closed until it was tore down in 2013. The FBI for 2012 showed ZERO murders in Newton, CT. You saw the goofy footage, you KNOW it was fake. And looks like you get your wish because WE ALL WILL DIE at some point, dumb ass! Watch and Learn, Raca!

  • H. Zayre

    NO! Not BITE ME AVE! We must be neighbors! LOL!

  • H. Zayre
  • H. Zayre

    Wait’s almost over cuppie cakes -

  • Winning Dixie

    “Raca,” eh? Showing both your Biblical erudition AND your contempt for its teachings, simultaneously! Well done!

  • guest

    Treehouse got that wrong. See tineye trace earlier today. That’s not his mom. His mom is pictured in this article above with link. You may want to take this picture down anywhere you’ve posted it.

  • H. Zayre

    So you want the LINK Obama provided? The only link he know is the damn GOLF links! You saphead peackwoot!

  • H. Zayre

    Prove it.

  • StarvetheBeast

    His mom actually dated a guy that used to work on Andy Parker’s van before he played on Broadway, and he said Andy was torn up after that former homosexual prostitute and more recent presstitute pumped four slugs in his daughter and she only managed to run 30 yards. Andy was so distraught all he could talk about the day of the shooting was being the next well paid spokesperson for gun control, poor guy kept muttering something about a lucrative deal with Bloomberg and being the next John Walsh.

  • StarvetheBeast

    What’s up my brother!!! Small world!!!!

  • H. Zayre

    He black. His momma and them black as chocolate. But she got her a white man. They be loving that SCANDAL! You see how it turn out too. They said they know he was gay because he put the pistol in his mouth and as they were telling him to drop the weapon he was sucking it like a p-nis.

  • H. Zayre

    Only if he wear his Pope Robe! LOL!

  • guest
  • StarvetheBeast

    LOOOOOL libstinks actually love sucking Glocks they are just ashamed to admit it.

  • Hugh Everett


  • Winning Dixie

    www . news . com . au /world/north-america/matthew-smith-spared-but-forced-to-watch-chris-harper-mercer-shoot-dead-10-at-umpqua-community-college-in-roseburg-at-memorial-service/story-fnh81jut-1227557674773

    Just released about half an hour ago. “The Lucky One” is reported to be an 18-year-old named Matthew Smith. No picture yet.

    Remember when America media told us the truth, and we didn’t need foreign papers to tell us what was going on? Not if you’re under 30, you don’t.

  • Timely Manner

    Geesh, did you read my reply? IF I were to bet, going with the better odds, it would be they are holding onto something. Whether it is proof it is CNN or tracking a hoaxer, who knows? Better odds from past behavior over there. No ‘believing’ anything. When bet, whether agree or disagree, I like to go with the better odds. It is a gamble. Your General principle is correct which is why I don’t bet based on belief, principle, or good faith. Strictly better odds; a numbers game.

  • Tejano___Chimbo

    ► You’re plumb out of your gourd, aren’t you?

  • SuperBeeee

    That guy looks just like BARRY Soetero!!

  • E. Newton

    The mother is a negro. The killer lived with his mother for a decade or so and lived with her in the town in which he killed ten white individuals. The mother had an intense interest in guns. The mother knew her son had mental issues. The killer had attended a school for people with mental problems in California. The mother had a very large assortment of firearms available to her son.

    The killer had intense hatred for white people. The mother likely hated white people as well. The mother enabled this mentally ill son to kill a large number of innocent people.

    The mother needs to be put in prison. For the rest of her life. She used this mentally unstable negro young man to lash out and kill innocent white people.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    His pic is there – different last name from mom. Whitish kid with blue glasses. Mom has hand on his thigh.

  • Winning Dixie

    Yes, sorry if I implied you didn’t get it. That wasn’t my meaning.

    I don’t know Sundance; I can’t predict what he’d do. In the face of a rising tide of skepticism about whether or not CNN really did run a doctored photo, I can’t think of a reason for him to hold back info that would substantiate it. If he has any.

    Neither can I think of a good reason for him not to ‘fess up if he ran a story that turned out to be bogus. Can’t blame him for not wanting to admit it if he did get suckered in, but the longer he waits, the worse it looks.

  • E. Newton

    The young blond girl will be beaten to death and then set on fire. You might want to mention that to her, in a friendly way.

  • Winning Dixie

    Thanks. Totally missed it.

    He’s “Matthew Smith” in the headline, “Mathew Downing” in the pic with his mom, then “Mathew Smith” in the pic with him hugging the Pastor. Aussie copy editors aren’t much better than Americans!

    Hypothesis falsified. Too bad; I really, really, really wanted it to be true!

  • Winning Dixie

    Your information comes from where, exactly? There is some support for your first paragraph, though it comes from the notoriously shoddy MSM, so have a grain of salt ready to hand.

    Your second graf needs some substantiation. Do you have a reliable source you can cite?

    Your third graf reads like foaming garbage. Remember, the voices in your head can only read your mind.

  • Tejano___Chimbo

    ► Uh huh.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    I know what you’re saying about pet hypotheses, but I’m honestly glad it’s wrong*. There’s too much hate and racial favoritism in the world. A bit less is fine with me. How can I oppose Obama’s ginning up of hatred “for a cause”, if I favor more hatred under ANY circumstance – even just wanting a theory to work out?

    It’s OK. I’ve come to understand why good cops feel good when they realize they were wrong about a suspect!

    (*Assuming we are not being misled. I do not trust that Obama’s corrupted DOJ is not manipulating facts.)

  • Winning Dixie

    I wanted my hypothesis to be true only because it would have been such a monstrous embarrassment for the MSM when it was revealed how far they had gone to bury a racial motive. But, yeah, I’m not disappointed that it turned out not to be.

  • Jonathan Miller

    The Shooter was described as shooting those “Non”-Christians in the legs… Where are the wounded?

    Sounds like you have a tin-foil wrapped brain…

    With the media fully in the tank for Obama, he can and does enlist their help to keep his violations of the Constitution secret.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Trust me – there is still plenty of MSM and .gov malfeasance here. We just need to find the real McCoy, and not fall for the sucker bait and chaff.

    The great thing about theories is that when a bad one goes down, a better one is sure to follow! 🙂

  • Jonathan Miller

    The FBI has no problems saying in their crime stats no one died in homicidal violence in Newtown during 2012. Tell them you are going to beat their asses for spreading falsehoods and we will laugh as they stomp you into a hole…

  • Winning Dixie

    For sure. “All the corruption you need… and more!”

    The Real McCoy is usually some boring paragraph of Lawyerspeak on page 218 of an 832-page bill. We never hear about it, and I (for one) wouldn’t grasp its significance if we did. Stuff like this shooting, OTOH, is lurid and gory and eminently relateable click-bait, but its only real significance is that it distracts us from The McCoy and gives Obama something to exploit for political ends.

  • Jonathan Miller

    It was the FSB, formerly known as the KGB. They warned of the Tsarnaev Brothers, and this alleged shooter as well, but Obozo didn’t listen… I think it is all planned and set-up by the Leftists… Being crazy, they know all the crazy, loser weirdos and know what will set them off…

  • Winning Dixie

    I call BS. If Teh Gummint really were going to fabricate a story about a mass murder that didn’t actually happen, they wouldn’t have overlooked faking its paper trail.

    The trouble with interweb conspiracy theories is that they so often rely on the idea that dozens or hundreds or thousands of conspirators are simultaneously so cagy that nobody talks, ever, and so sloppy that they would forget to wipe their own fingerprints off the doorknob.

  • Winning Dixie

    “Link, please,” the man said. Sources. Documentation. Corroboration. Yet another assertion by yet another dude on Disqus doesn’t cut it.

  • Jonathan Miller

    Don’t have Google, dumbass? look it up.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Yup. Drudge near the top:

    TPP advances….

  • Winning Dixie

    It’s easy to Google up links that will take any position on any question. The ones you believe usually are the ones you want to believe.

    If you had a link that wouldn’t embarrass you with its blinking multi-colored text in Comic Sans, you’d post it. Since you didn’t…

  • Jonathan Miller

    . Here, dumbass. I found it in less than 10 seconds. Not the original link, that I had read, but the very same info. By the way, All of the insistent people saying this and Sandy Hook are real, are saying I am this or that to a victim of these shootings with no proof whatsoever, Remain stupid and unsubstantiated, my friend.

  • Winning Dixie

    The font isn’t Comic Sans, and the text doesn’t blink. But it is multi-colored, and “” describes itself as “World’s Largest English Language News Service with Over 500 Articles Updated Daily” – which, I guess, doesn’t embarrass you as much as it should.

    Remain happily gullible.

  • 97E

    He was on Russia’s list. They shared this information with the US and INTERPOL, both of whom ignored the warnings. Known radicalized Muslim who tried to get to Syria to join Daesh but was too incompetent to even do that.

  • 97E

    Sandy Hoax it is. Just to piss you off, you simpleton c*nt!

    Come on over! We (I, actually) will have a great time when uncle 1911 makes you piss yourself.

    Now grow the f*ck up!

  • birmingham

    When u of Chicago was questioned on Obama’s role there, they altered their definition of a “professor” to include him. Guest lecturers had never been called that before. They must have a whole lot of “professors” by now!

  • Feet2Fire

    Somebody also removed the ugly lesions/moles or whatever those marks are…
    It is amazing how much LYING and DECEPTION is going on, since the Chicago Thugs came on scene. Will America ever recover??

  • Rick554

    Poor “Kay” can’t believe it’s own eyes nor its own ears. Progressivism is really a mental disorder. I’d suggest counseling

  • dave0987

    We’ve been had folks – it’s all fake. And as I said in another comment, often times people will completely ignore or forget about numerous other times these types of things have happened and been PROVEN, when a single damn one of them turns out to be fake on occasion.

    It’s as if there are still, incredibly, a large portion of people out there that want to bend over backwards to believe and support the constantly proven corrupt media.

    Clearly this was put out to DISCREDIT conservative sites by an Alinsky LEFTIST.

  • DD

    Marco Rubio has been a great disappointment to say the least. He caved within a few months of taking his oath to The People. Thought he could serve two masters I guess. Thought wrong, what’s left of The People are fed up.

  • Why don’t you go suck on razors to soothe yourself like you usually do…

  • Pam Gellar is your source? LOL. He was enthralled with right wing groups for sure and seemed to love the Irish Republican Army. Where is the Birther Sheriff on this? How come he’s not saying the shooting is fake like he and all you loonies always say after a massacre by a right winger because your Obama Derangement Syndrome has turned your brain to mush?

  • Disqusdmnj

    No, I didn’t. Also, not gay. Anything else you want to be wrong about?

  • honestAbesurd

    Just another false flag shooting. People are brain dead. 44 shootings under Obammy. Yeah right. People will believe anything the corrupt media pukes out.

  • Disqusdmnj
  • Vance Shearer

    He was lucky because he was a “beta” male. The shooter hit one of the good looking girls 10 times and belonged to a group on 4chan that basically hates women that won’t give sex to losers

  • Alex

    This half bread is on terrorist list by Interpol.

  • Alex

    Half bred in WH knows about every terrorist in USA beforehand and he is dreaming about haos and Marshall law.

  • livedwell

    What happened for the first picture Gateway had up of the mother?

  • jackson

    If we are going to consistently call Hussein Obama “black” than this guy is black. Period!

  • toledofan

    No surprise here, I’m surprised that Obama hasn’t come out and said if he had a son he’d be just like Harper Mercer. The nonsense of these idiots in the media trying their best to protect these murderers is just pathetic.

  • StarvetheBeast

    Wrong again moron, Truthers know Fox News is propaganda and we despise Republicans as much as Democrats, nothing but the same BS in a different flavor.

  • spric

    Look, If Obama is black, the shooter is black. He came out of a black woman. Obama came out of a white female.

  • mllyjul

    What an ill-informed, asinine comment. You are truly to be pitied. He was not “enthralled with right wing groups for sure.” “How come he’s not saying”, notwithstanding your pathetic grammar, why would any Sherriff say the shooting was fake? Here is some actually information for you, the shooter, who was half black and half white lined up people and asked them if they were Christians, if they were Christians he shot them in the head, if they didn’t answer or gave another religion he only wounded them by shooting them in the leg or elsewhere, this is according to eyewitness accounts. You and other useful idiots of the progressive left are what is killing this country, your sycophant allegiance to obama, when you haven’t the first clue of any of his policies or the damage they have doing, is sickening. Keep drinking your kool-aide.

  • Honey

    Once again the “most transparent administration” is hiding the truth from people. I want to know what was in the envelope he gave to the student he chose to survive.
    Was this racial hatred or religious. Or was he simply trying to break a record so that he one day could have a move like “sun of sam” or Bundy ?

  • LIbtardian slayer

    You dont have google?

  • StarvetheBeast

    Awwwww that really hurt…. me so sad… ROFL

  • Tom

    “notwithstanding your pathetic grammar” “Here is some actually information for you” “when you haven’t the first clue of any of his policies or the damage they have doing,” What is that old saying about living in glass houses and throwing stones?

  • LIbtardian slayer

    What major piece of legislation came out of demonizing OJ?
    (My wife is dark skinned and during the winter she is pale and during the summer she can get much darker).
    The legislation passed after OJ with the outrage created by the media circus is known as the violence against women act (notice it is NOT gender neutral as all feminists fallaciously claim they are for).
    To this day, VAWA denies men services anywhere near what are offered to battered women

  • Guest

    Comments below explain.

  • me

    You just proved his point that you need counseling by cyberbullying; encouraging someone online to harm themselves.

  • mllyjul

    Yes, Tom it does appear in my haste I made some typographical errors in my comment, which are not the same as “how come”, or are you too obtuse to see the difference?

  • Tom

    First let me say that I agree with your post completely . Secondly let me say that yes I am that obtuse .

  • paul52

    Agree people were killed….. Was this shooter a set-up by the regime?

  • Treenah

    People Mag has done a couple articles on the manifesto. Here’s the latest:

    He says, ‘Many will ask how can they have prevented this? You can’t. You could never give me what I wanted. Nothing could have stopped it,’ ” the source tells PEOPLE. “He talks about other mass killers, and says, ‘These people were denied everything they deserved and wanted.’ ”

    Mercer then purportedly expresses skepticism that anything could have turned his life around: “He asks, ‘What was supposed to happen? What great event was supposed to make me realize I had so much going for me?’ ” the source says.

    “I’ve been forced to align myself with these demons and become one of them. At first, it was involuntary, but now I am aligned with them. I now serve. When I die I will become one of them. My success in Hell is assured.”

  • Justme

    I am so glad there are some sources leaking the contents of the manifesto. This admin just wants to exploit these 9 deaths for their own ends, while hiding the truth.

  • Kat

    Let’s see, as you so put the military “hero” on the scene supposedly was shot in the abdomen, in photographs they show some sort of room in his stomach, where do you think the abdomen is? ab·do·men
    the part of the body of a vertebrate containing the digestive organs; the belly. In humans and other mammals, it is bounded by the diaphragm and the pelvis.
    Hmmmm, the BELLY, isn’t that also referenced as the ‘stomach’? As far as blood, not all bullet wounds end up pouring out blood, stop watching so many tv shows.

    Why Gunshot wounds may not bleed profusely.Remember gunshot wounds are serious. Just because they may not bleed profusely it doesn’t mean you are out of the woods yet.
    – Entry and exit wounds are often small.
    – Bullets rarely transect or sever major arteries and blood vessels
    – Surrounding tissue acts as a barrier to blood loss
    – As blood pressure falls, bleeding slows.

    But yes I do agree with your statement of PSYOP, how convenient this happens as Putin is embarrassing the hell out of the so called ‘leader’ we have. It’s nothing but distractions/issues from this government as usual to further their agenda and move us closer to martial law and the UN taking control. It’s nothing but smoke and mirrors in an attempt to keep the blind following.

  • Kat

    That is supposed to read *some sort of WOUND in his stomach* not sure where the heck room came from.

  • Iman la glass

    He actually thought that he deserved something that he didn’t have, he didn’t earn any respect, he will never have any respect or recognition either.

  • Faith

    “As those brave men and women were willing to stand and take a bullet for their faith… so let us bravely stand this day and live our faith in Roseburg,” he said, wiping away tears…

    Religious faith is an important part of many people’s lives in this rural part of Oregon, called by some “the Bible Belt of Oregon.” In Roseburg alone, there are dozens of churches, and Christian billboards and crosses dot area highways and roads.

  • Chris
  • mllyjul

    Have a nice day.

  • MooTieFighter

    also, noticed about all media outlets show pictures of his white father but I have seen only one show his black mother (whom he lived with and apparently raised him). She apparently held his militant atheist ideology, as well..

  • MooTieFighter

    all media outlets show pictures of his white father but I have seen only one show his black mother (whom he lived with and apparently raised him). She apparently held his militant atheist ideology, as well. Remember, Obama is “black”, thus that makes this guy “black”, thus this was a black man that shot only white people.

  • MooTieFighter

    Those that don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it.

  • MooTieFighter

    Stats have proven over and over and over again that violent crimes follow blacks, hispanics, illegals and Muslims. Despite the fact that whites are the overwhelming majority this combined group commits over 90% of america’s crime.

  • Disqusdmnj

    Not sure what you’re referring to, but I agree with your statement.

  • NoMoBongo

    NOTICE HOW THEY CONSTRUCT LANGUAGE TO MANIPULATE YOU: If this were, for example, Fox News that had been accused, the headline would be “Fox Tries to Defend Their Use of Altered Photo”. But since it’s CNN, the headline is worded “CNN Refutes Rumor of Altered Photo” as if their denial had somehow “proven” they didn’t use it.

  • Rick554

    Lol. You don’t have a clue what I “usually ” do troll. Pathetic

  • mariap1919

    He specifically called out and KILLED CHRISTIANS but NOT one of the main stream media has the COJONES to SAY it. WE heard for weeks about the 3 MUSLIM kids killed in where ever….and the MUSLIM kid with the bomb.. oh, sorry,CLOCK!!!!!!!!!!. COWARDS. CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION MATTERS!!!!!!

  • William Hirst

    You want to beat someone for having an opinion? I hope you are unable to purchase a firearm.

  • KumarPatel

    So he liked the IRA, he was a ‘right winger’ but specifically targeted Christians…. I guess to deranged libs who look for any excuse to point the finger somewhere else, this makes sense. Yet sadly for you and even more sadly for the victims disarmed by liberalism, most mass shooters have been bat s@#$ crazy liberals!

  • John

    Wow you’re a dumb one aren’t you? The IRA is a well known communist organization. You think that the word ‘republican’ in their name has the same meaning as it does here.
    He was targeting and killing Christians, that’s so conservative…

    Go read some books please.

  • shizane

    CNN didn’t change anything pinheads. I suppose none of you ever stopped to wonder why there are no links or screen grabs that would back this garbage up, did you? You’re all worthless and weak.

  • CallMeBlu

    Assuming your not a false flag troll…Sandy hook was a false flag but people died. Tptb inject fakery to muddy the waters keep blue pullers on the reservation

  • LawdyLawd

    Nah, just white.

  • mrknowitall

    Oh wait! Snopes says it is faked. So.. Must be true.

  • Jim Bennett

    The sheriff in question was none other than Sheriff John Hanlin Douglas County OR Yes, the one in charge of the UCC investigation who posted a youtube video on his facebook page after the Sandyhook shootings saying it was all a fake. That the bereaved parents were paid actors all to make the NRA to look bad and take away everyone’s guns blah blah blah. Then he wrote to VP Biden saying the Federal government should stay out of school shootings they aren’t a problem that more guns can’t fix.

  • Guest

    much irony in the fact you failed to read all the comments a day before yours pointing out the issues.

  • muslimmustgo

    There has never been the mass shootings to this extent since the usurpation of our “govt” by hussein!! One way to stop these shootings is by this administration being GONE,wait until after 2016 to see these types of incidents to go way down!! Just remember who adamantly wants our 2nd amendment repealed so they can advance their transformation agenda!!!

  • shizane

    I’m not obligated to parse every comment prior to making one of my own, and there were plenty of comments that assumed the veracity of the claim, so no, there’s really not much irony.

  • Guest

    Sidestepping your own words: “None of you” “you all”. You assumed without looking.

  • shizane

    Why am I not surprised you’re a literalist. What I assumed is that the people who recognized the story as a steaming pile would understand that I wasn’t speaking to them. Apparently I’m giving some people too much credit.

  • Johnny Law

    Was he? Show me the list. Oh – you can’t, because it’s a LIE. Do you believe everything you read on the internet?

  • Johnny Law

    SO the victims were disarmed were they? WTF are you talking about? Do you conservative pukes ever speak in facts, or just tea party memes?!?>

  • Johnny Law

    LOL – you are delusional. Good luck coping with reality when you’re faced with it…

  • Johnny Law

    Dude – are you seriously quoting a site that looks like it was done by a third-grader? How come you tea party conservatards have no problem believing other conservatard wackos with crappy web sites? Talk about only believing what you want to… Show me a legitimate article, or STFU

  • Johnny Law

    And what did we learn today, hmm?

  • Johnny Law

    Repeating misinformation doesn’t make it any more true.

  • Johnny Law

    You are smart enough to know what Photoshop is, but then go on to blast CNN for a “bleached” meme that they never aired. Maybe someone should show you how to employ critical thinking… (it doesn’t start on this site…)

  • Johnny Law

    Perhaps you should be questioning why you “believe” this stupid article on a jackass site named “thegatewaypundit”. Come on already – lets be smarter than the peanut gallery

  • KumarPatel

    Yes Johnny, I’m not sure what universe you live in, but it is a fact that the school, based on their liberal ideology, not only made sure it was an insane ‘gun free zone’ but went so far as to disarm even the two guards. They must have felt so good about themselves, they had brought a little bit of liberal utopia to their corner of the world, got rid of those nasty guns… but of course the insane liberal shooter didn’t care about their signs and killed a bunch of people in cold blood regardless…

  • Johnny Law

    Some idiot tea-party meme generating “think” tank – it never came from CNN

  • Kwp21

    Since when is Black Lives Matter a right wing group?

  • Hugh Everett

    OK…OK….OK.Much of what is posted on the internet is not true.Can I go now?

  • Johnny Law

    Once again, conservatards spouting off without any facts on their side. State law in Oregon permits concealed carry on ALL campuses, but keep acting like you have a clue.

  • Johnny Law

    LOL, yes you are free to carry on. Cheers!

  • ProudSCresident

    Full makeup! Even artificial eyelashes! Who goes to class dolled up like that??? I believe it’s a total hoax! She’s so happy and totally groomed and dressed like she’s headed to a night club after going through such a traumatic event? No way!!!

  • shizane

    Why am I not surprised you’re a literalist. What I assumed is that the people who recognized the story as a steaming pile would understand that I wasn’t speaking to them. Apparently I’m giving some people too much credit.

  • IMRightNURNot


  • Yup! Notice how he doesn’t even want to say the name of the shooter who shares a lot of his views? Amazing! How come the Sheriff isn’t saying this shooting is fake so Obama can take over the country or whatever these right wing yahoos are afraid of!

  • He was a complete and total angry wingnut just like many on here who lie to themselves to keep their anger going at Obama and Muslims. You all should be watched by the FBI. In fact, the Bush Regime’s FBI did warn the Obama administration about you all!

  • CNN would like everyone to believe that he was pasty white with a trim nose. I like the truth which is: he was biracial and did not have pasty white skin like Pam Gellar’s supporters do.

  • They’re not.

  • They were a right wing killing group.

  • Guarantee you he was a Pam Geller supporter! You angry wingnuts are all the same. You’re making our nation unsafe with your perpetual lies, fears. and illogical thinking!

  • No he’s not. Only in angry white republican minds he is. You are a domestic terrorist. No different than your pal Chris Harper Mercer.

  • All lies about Obama causes the death of innocent people. You should go live with Chris Harper Mercer’s mommy! I bet she is missing her angry sloth murderer right about now.

  • You’re cuckoo!

  • COMALite J

    That is not true. He simply asked people to state their religion, and then opened fire on everyone, according to the one and only actual eyewitness account that mentioned race at all. The grandmother of one of the victims (said grandmother wasn’t there, so she is not an eyewitness) subsequently claimed that he shot only Christians in the head and wounded non-Christians.

  • You sound like an ape. Go crawl back under your rock, chimp.

  • Shut up, stupid. Lol. You sound dumb.

  • Yeah, well…we have plenty of credit after all the Black people murdered by enraged whie savages since Slavery and by your police departments until this very day.

    Deal with it. Boo hoo.

  • mllyjul

    I sound dumb?

  • mllyjul


    Here is the father of one of the girls that lived. Her eyewitness testimony was VERY CLEAR.

    Nice attempt to spread your lies

  • theladymagic
  • No One Cares LOL

    (If this was actually true, then why would someone feel the need to pull this stunt in this video instead of finding an actual screenshot?) LOL

  • COMALite J

    Thanks for that. I had not seen that one, but that, too, is not an eyewitness account. Do you not understand what the term “eyewitness” means? He was not there. His daughter was, but he was not. As he himself said, this is his understanding of what she had allegedly told him, but we do not have words from her personally saying any such thing.

    In the interview that she herself had given in the media, she never once mentioned the word “Christian” in any form nor any synonym nor denomination thereof. She merely said that he asked if people were “religious.”

    Other accounts of others who were there contradict the assertion that he targeted Christians (he was asking people’s religions to assure them that they would meet God soon, and that he would be seeing them soon himself, but he apparently killed them regardless of the answer they gave), and more to the point, the simple fact is that of the nine victims who died, only two can be shown for a fact from their social media presence and other evidence to have been actual practicing Christians. And at least a couple of them were very definitely not Christian (though one of those was the assistant professor who was raised Jewish but later seemed to have become a secularist who had the famous New Age guru Deepak Chopra among his social media likes — not something most Christians would do — but since Harper-Mercer shot him first apparently without asking his religion, I won’t count him).

    The remaining eight fatalities, in alphabetical order by surname:

    • Lucero Alcaraz, 19 — religious beliefs, if any, unknown at this time

    • Treven Anspach, 20 — no mention of religious beliefs, but he liked hip-hop music and “adult jokes.”

    • Rebecka Carnes, 18 — ditto. She did “like” Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, but a lot of people do who aren’t religious at all, let alone Christian.

    • Quinn Cooper, 18 — at least agnostic, if not outright atheist. He was a fan of secularist or even pagan science fiction and fantasy series, had Friended George Takei (openly gay and same-sex-married actor) and Liked three different fan pages for an atheist scientist character on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, plus several sites and series dedicated to debunking Christianity and other beliefs considered by atheists to be superstitions. He showed no interest in religion at all.

    • Kim Saltmarsh Dietz, 59 — Pagan.

    • Lucas Eibel, 18 — no known mention of religious beliefs, but he did have as his Facebook header image the band Evanescence, which claims not to be a Christian rock band but does have Christian themes in some of their songs.

    • Jason Johnson, 33 — Participated in a Salvation Army drug rehab program, and his family says he was Christian, but there is nothing in his own writings or postings to indicate such. I’ll grant this one, though.

    • Sarena Moore, 44 — Seventh-Day Adventist. While many Dispensationalists (aka “Born-Againers” or “Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ” or “just plain generic evangelical protestant” Christians) and Southern Baptists and the like consider them a cult (as they do Mormons and in many cases even Roman Catholics), those do consider themselves Christians, so I can see her answering “yes” to such a question even if it were apparent that doing so would cost her her life, so I’ll count her among the Christians for this purpose.

    So, among those who even might have been Christian enough to have answered “Yes” to Harper-Mercer’s alleged question, are: Alcaraz, Anspach, Carnes, Eibel, and Johnson. Moore is the only one we can be reasonably certain would have answered “Yes” to that question, even though many of the more extremist right-wing Christians would deny her Christianity for being in a “cult.” That’s six out of eight of the ones other than the apparently lapsed Jewish professor who may not have been asked his religion prior to being killed, at least according to some accounts.

    So how do you explain Cooper the pagan and Deitz the at-least-agnostic (if not outright atheist), both being killed (not merely wounded), if Harper-Mercer were specifically targeting only Christians as you claim? Of the five possibles other than Moore, would people who gave no hint of being Christian, even if they were in their private lives, have had the courage to admit to it if it were apparent that doing so would mean a painful and immediate death?

  • COMALite J

    He apparently did not specifically target Christians, since one of his victims was a pagan and another was at least an agnostic if outright atheist, and of the remaining six (not counting the raised-Jewish-turned-secularist [and perhaps New Ager] asst. prof. who was shot first and apparently not asked his religion first), only one is definitely someone who would’ve answered “Yes” to the question about being a Christian, and even she, being a Seventh-Day Adventist, is someone whom most Born-Againers (aka Dispensationalists) and Southern Baptists and Assemblies of God and such would consider a non-Christian cultist.

  • Meanwhile we keep being diverting from the media black out that ISIS claimed Mercer on Twitter and lining up victims to ask religion is their typical MO. Mercer was on a terrorist list Obama refused to accept, he tried to go to Syria in Sept. and MORE>.

  • mike graham

    CNN is lying! Just like when Anderson Pooper was interviewing the mom of a “dead” Sandy Hook student allegedly at the child’s funeral,casket on full dîspay behind them.What happens next? Oops! Pooper moved his head in such a way it caused half of his nose to vanish! That’s right no real funeral but a green screen instead.
    And everybody has seen their fake Iraq war footage.No? Just type in faked war coverage by CNN over on youtube.Pathetic.

  • mike graham

    No but it sure fits reality!

  • Whitey

    Screw you and your links. Read something out of your comfort zone. There’s a whole world out there you’re blind to.