SHOCK POLL: 62% of Republicans Feel BETRAYED by their Party (VIDEO)

62% of Republicans feel betrayed by the party.
And, two-thirds believe the GOP leadership has not done anything to stop the Obama agenda.

That’s what likely primary voters told FOX News in their latest poll. Dana Blanton, VP of FOX News public opinion research, shared the results tonight on The O’Reilly Factor.
Donald Trump leads all Republican candidates with 26% support.

Via The O’Reilly Factor:

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  • ridgerunner

    Feel?????? Feel left the station at the IRS scandal.

    I am plotting an insurrection with Donald Trump – ask the RINOs about feelings.

  • Patty

    Obama built that, too.

  • mumzieistired

    Only 62%?

  • Patty

    Only, 26%. Wow, who is doing the polling. It is much higher and after the hoopla over the communist Pope watch how much higher Trump goes.

  • Darkheart11

    Not a shock.

    Not at all.

  • Bill Board

    McConnell and Boehner have done everything in their power to aid and abet Obama and his agenda.

  • nevergiveup

    Betrayed just begins to scratch the surface..In DC, the Democrats are oBama supporters while the majority of Republicans are oBama enablers. Each play a role in ever-expanding the reach of a lawless and corrupt government whose only purpose is to expand its power and favor its supporters. Jeb Bush et al are only different from oBama in degree not direction. To save what’s left of the American Republic, we need leadership that’ll take us in a different direction. Trump is such a leader and I think Ted Cruz could be as well.

  • frozeninbemidji

    The other 38% were at the bar with Boehner.

  • JY1

    Hey, RNC, this might have something to do with why you can’t win a presidential election.

    Your base membership refuse to vote for the rinos you keep nominating.

    Are you listening RNC?

    Read our lips: No more rinos!

  • O/T: Today, while pope was all over the news… one story got very little attention.

    Abdul Shalabi released from Guantanamo Bay detainment center.

    “Who is Abdul Shalabi? He was Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard as well as having been one of several bodyguards for Kalid Sheik Mohammed. You know, the two blood-thristy, ‘death-to-all-Americans’ monsters who master-minded the worst terrorist strike on American soil in history that killed nearly 3,000 of our citizens in a day? Remember them?

    Shalabi, who was captured by Pakistani forces in 2001, was once deemed (by the Bush administration) “too dangerous to release” but under the Obama administration has been repatriated by U.S. officials on Tuesday.”

  • Goober_Pyle

    Why is this shocking? The Republicans have no balls whatsoever and have let this horrible President run all over them.

  • Goober_Pyle

    Typical. Slip it by while there is a big distraction.

  • Yup. Willing to bet there was more under our noses.

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    There is nothing shocking about it.
    The republican party deserted its base long ago.

  • ridgerunner

    Good post.

    Remember when Jesus told Pilate that he would have no power over him at all if it were not given him from above? Obama also would not have been able to do to us what he has done without God allowing it. Sure, America’s majority is not Christian. However, there are millions of Christians in this country and we are getting the snot kicked out of us. Why? I think the curtain may be closing on this age and when it does, we may hear something akin to “Gentlemen, it is closing time.” Was only slightly suspicious until this Pope came out of nowhere. Too many coincidences. We may be swimming upstream more that we could ever imagine. Hey, even if we lose, the liberals are going to know what side I am on!!

  • Patty×425.jpg

    Just one reason why Republican feel betrayed, especially are Military.

  • Steve

    Only 62% feel betrayed? The other 38% must be blind!

  • tommy mc donnell

    only 2/3s

  • Patty

    and another reason:

    Donald Trump on climate change: “We have much bigger problems”

    Pope Francis is touring America to preach

    the gospel of climate change. So naturally the gotcha left-wing media had
    to troll the GOP presidential candidates for sound bites.

    Donald Trump didn’t bite.

    “I mean, Obama thinks it’s the number one problem of the world today,” Trump
    said. “And I think it’s very low on the list. So I am not a believer. … I
    believe there’s weather. I believe there’s change, and I believe it goes up
    and it goes down, and it goes up again. And it changes depending on years and
    centuries. But I am not a believer, and we have much bigger problems.”

    I agree Mr. Trump, we do indeed have much bigger problems.

    Climate change isn’t beheading Christians, or blowing stuff up.

    Climate change isn’t bringing millions of illegal aliens across our Southern

    Climate change isn’t giving a nuclear weapon to Iran.

    Climate change isn’t keeping our economy in the doldrums.

    Climate change isn’t leaving our veterans to die waiting for health care.

    Climate change isn’t trampling the Constitution in a quest to gut the First
    and Second Amendments.

    Climate change isn’t harvesting and selling baby parts on an industrial scale.

    Climate change is merely the latest scheme being used to expand the power of
    totalitarian statists who want to regulate and control every aspect of our

    First they tried “The Population Bomb” — we’re all gonna starve to

    Then it was “Peak Oil” — we’re running out of gas!

    Next came “Global Cooling” — we’re all gonna freeze to death!

    Which somehow reversed into “Global Warming” — we’re all gonna

    And is now the catch-all of “Climate Change” — everybody panic!

    Meanwhile, radical Islamists are invading Europe, and the U.S. The Middle East
    is falling apart. China is rattling her sabers, and hacking our computers.
    Russian tanks are on the move. Millions of Americans have given up on ever
    finding a job. Millions more are forced to live on government handouts, causing
    our national debt to grow more unmanageable by the day. And the current
    administration spends most of its time spying on ordinary Americans.

    In fact,

    almost 3/4 of Americans now believe our country is no longer as great as
    it once was.

    Here’s a pro tip: climate change isn’t going to make America great again.

  • gary lacey

    I guess the 38% are RINO.

  • Finncrisp

    Donald is the proxy candidate for the 62%. This is an irrefutable fact. Congratulations!

  • Zvi

    Est. GOP are cowards in the face of Obama’s tyranny

    It’s time for a divorce

  • Patty

    boom, all you elitist who just don’t get it. And everyone wants to have the life he does. Successful and it is killing the right and the left.

  • mathewsjw

    to put it positively Wash DC Establishment/socialist GOP betrayed Only 62% of Republicans

  • Disgusted

    Betrayed??????? That’s mild. They are worthless. They got elected and FORGOT who put them there. Forgot about the promises. Forgot about what the voters wanted. Betrayed? BURIED!!!!!

  • Circa53

    You already know that Trump won’t get the nomination..The RNC will see to it.

  • owl

    This is not new. I started really watching that bunch during W’s term. Most did not notice their actions. How many times did I post that when times got hard, they hid under their desks and did nothing to help him. This bunch thought no stink would stick to them as long as everyone just pointed and shouted ‘it’s Bush’s fault.’ Remember the gang of 8? Remember Harriet Miers? The list goes on and on. The stinkin R’s in Congress were the same even back then. I was already detesting most of them by the time W left office. Yep……….Held my nose and voted for that ole fool that almost went with Kerry as VP. McCain. The one that branded Americans as torturers and immoral. That was the toughest vote I ever cast. The one who could not even call Obama Hussein. Puke.

    They let you believe that they lost Congress because of W. Nope. They lost because they could not identify that Dems and MSM were not their friends. Same as today. Can’t shut the Dems government down. Oh no, someone might blame them. MSM might notice they are alive and kicking.

  • cristo52

    That low? And that doesn’t even touch the Independents and Reagan Democrats.

  • Shootist

    Shock poll? I’m surprise at how few.

  • Patty


    Oh, you will throw up your lunch, sickening:


    Big Journalism- I’ve just watched the latest Rolling Stone video on climate change featuring an exclusive hour-long interview with President Obama – and I’m scared. Really scared.

    The first thing that scares me is what it says about the decline of journalism generally and at Rolling Stone in particular.

    Oh, Rolling Stone is filth.

  • DLB

    The republicans in congress are saying they want to replace speaker Bonehead. And yet are to wimpy to do it. It’s to wonder the “outsiders” are leading the republican presidential canidates

  • nevergiveup

    We may be on an irreversible course….I wonder if any remnant of the Spirit of ’76 remains in the blood of American citizens and if so, what further grievous act or circumstance will awaken it?

  • Shocking that it only 62%

  • Jim

    Nobody asked me. Make that 63 PERCENT!

  • Blargette

    How is that a shocker poll? The shocker is that there are 38% that don’t feel betrayed.

  • Blargette

    I resent that we are relegated to the tail. We need a president that will move us to the mouth end.

  • DaMav

    Scenes from the Second American Revolution

    Setting: A large tent near a small stream. The thunder of cannon can be heard in the background. Worried looking consultants and donors hover over a map. A portly man aged 64 is on his knees before another man with a Chamber of Commerce banner.

    Suddenly a messenger appears on a sweating stallion. She alights in front of the tent and speaks.

    “General Rove, the troops feel betrayed. The Trump is dug in on the high ground, and is not in full retreat as you promised.”

    “Don’t worry, I have a plan. Have Kelly lead the entire Fox Division in a foul mouthed attack. Get some infiltrators at blogs to try to pass Fiorina off as an outsider. Keep up the patter about how it’s all over for Trump. Oh, and go ahead and liquidate Walker to free up some cash and support. That’ll finish Trump off in short order, trust me.”

    The consultants murmur approval. A few shouts of “brilliant” can be heard.

    Then a donor steps forth, and looking Rove straight in the eye says: “That was last weeks plan. And now Trump is still ahead and in the 20s while Rubio, Fiorina, and Bush are flailing about in single digits! On Fox’s own poll!”

    A loud sob issues forth from a lad sitting in Lindsey Graham’s lap and sporting a “Like me on Facebook” button. “W-w-we’ll never get Amnesty this way. These Republicans are just too darn smart!”

  • Blargette

    Well yes.

  • Circa53

    You left out single digit Mr. H-1B cruz..

  • jainphx

    Astonishing that that that number is so low, and equally so that they say “feel” instead of know.

  • jainphx

    The campaign is already started to call those that cried, heros with hearts. In my opinion their nothing but tools for the popisation of the country!

  • jainphx

    Everything in their power to stab us all in the back!

  • jainphx

    I agree with all you said and even your conclusions.

  • jainphx

    When you stop and think about what is happening today, you have to feel prophecy is leaping right off the news papers and TV! Can we not in good faith see the comparisons. The false prophet, the people that will arise that know not the G-D of creation, and last but not least the evil one.

  • jainphx

    No they are not listening, they know better than everyone else what is good for us.

  • jainphx

    The government was shut down and they claimed it was the fault of the R’S and yet they won the next elections handily, so this fear is nothing but an excuse. They (GOPe) have been hiding behind the old “fear” schtick for decades, when in reality they are complicit.

  • jainphx

    Yeah they are afraid he’ll cry again!

  • avihawk

    The other 38% are still humping Obozo’s leg.

  • FauxSnooze

    Fox still targeting Donald:
    As an Ailes friend told me today: “Roger can’t turn back. The entire credibility of Fox as powerbroker rests on Trump being destroyed.”

  • frozeninbemidji

    Here’s the leader of the party crying over the Pope’s shoulder. I think you can see him adjust his flask at one point.

  • Julian B Duron

    Ted Cruz said it best of the WASHINGTON CARTEL! Dem’s and GOP pretending to be Patriots betraying this COUNTRY for GREED and PROFIT, GOP pretending to be Conservative.
    Independent Voters will elect next President. Democrat Patriots are now realizing their PARTY has embraced COMMUNISM and ALLAH and Conservatives will leave the GOP knowing they do no longer represent Conservative Values.

  • Patty

    THIS EPIC LIST: Of Obama’s Most Famous Lies Is Going Viral

    1) “My position hasn’t changed” on using executive authority to address immigration issues.

    2) His comment about extremists being a JV team “wasn’t specifically referring to” the Islamic State group.

    3) “Fast and Furious” began under the Bush administration.

    4) “I didn’t raise taxes once.”

    5) “We’ve excluded lobbyists from policy-making jobs.”

    Because no one trust this Pathological Liar.

  • Hy Feiber

    Hey 38%, what’s your IQ?

  • haypa2

    Do you really think the RNC will support Trump or Cruz or Carson is by some miracle they get nominated? After that hoopla of Trump signing a pledge to not run 3rd party and support the R candidate.

  • nevergiveup

    Thanks, jainphx.

  • harriet

    This is not a shock to anyone other than Boehner and O’Connell…who are more interested in their miserable jobs ha they are with protecting and serving the people who elected them..Get rid of them both.

  • gsp9993

    Why is this a surprise? This is why Trump is leading and will lead. The GOP is Liberal Leftr. Period. They are spineless and just playing their role int he deeply imbedded game of Elite Politics.

  • Librarian

    Early in 2015 I formally left the Republican Party after 40 years and registered as an Independent. Stopped all future donations to the Republican Party and will no longer vote for or campaign for a Republican candidate unless he or she shares my personal political beliefs. The actions of the Republican Party after the last election were a betrayal of every Republican Voter in this country. Even after that is made clear to them by their own base deserting them for Trump and Carson and Fiorina they continue to act in the same way. It’s utterly disgraceful.

  • really now

    If the GOP succeeds in their efforts to destroy Trump, the payback at the polls will be unprecedented.

    1) they WILL lose the Presidency

    2) they WILL lose the Senate

    3) Republican candidates all the way down to dogcatcher will pay dearly for the actions of the national GOP

    Many will say, “to hell with it” and just pull the straight Democratic lever just as one massive **** you! to the national.

    Reince Preibus has NO IDEA how utterly furious party faithful are with the pathetic, treacherous performance by the sellout clowns Boehner, McConnell and all their toadies.

    This is the last chance for the Republican party to clean up their act.

  • really now

    Fox can enjoy battling MSNBC and CNN for leftist viewers. Fox is dead to me. Foxnews, Fox sports, Fox Radio, all of it. BYE!

  • Dave M

    Lets keep the facts real folks. What people are really upset about is what we call the GOPe. The ‘establishment’ GOP like Boehner, McCain, McConnel and the rest of the RINOs who have turned their backs on the conservative base of the party and the Constitution. There are still some good people in the GOP and there are a lot of conservative folks that we need to put into office so they can start getting this mess cleaned up. Just voting for the incumbent because they are in office and have an R behind their name is not going to solve the problem. Start researching what your candidates really stand for and elect the ones who follow the Constitution and the Conservative agenda.

  • Mortem Omnibus Prōgressivus

    SHOCK POLL: 62% of Republicans Feel BETRAYED by their Party
    What does this tell you? That 38% of Republicans aren’t paying attention.

  • really now

    With all due respect, the party cannot continue as is. Good people at the bottom are not going to clean up the mess at the top.

    If they destroy Trump, the whole party must go. Period.

    Where the hell is the sham “loyalty pledge” they made Trump sign? Every other candidate dumps all over it. Did you not see Scott Walker’s farewell backstab?

    And I liked Walker too, until he revealed himself to be just another sellout piece of garbage.

    The GOP has expended more energy to get rid of Trump in a few months than they spent on Obama in eight years. This is BS uniparty Kabuki theatre.

    Sorry, trusted and voted faithfully for DECADES. I’m done.

    If Trump goes, run as an independent or blue dog Democrat.

  • Nancylee

    The only reason it’s a shock is that it isn’t a larger percentage.

  • Lulu

    I’m surprised it’ only 62%

  • Vance Shearer

    I understand what you are saying, but if you want to vote a primary most states require you to be registered to a party. If you want that choice make the change now.

    Trump 2016. Not a candidate, a weapon.

  • Lulu

    I’m with you I’m not voting GOP if Trump goes and not just for president my representative voted for Boehner — and my state GOP is more corrupt and disgusting than the national — they’ve taken undermining the people’s choice to all new levels by funding, endorsing, and providing campaign staff to the Democrat anytime a moderately conservative Republican wins a primary

  • Potomac cynic

    “And, two-thirds believe the GOP leadership has not done anything to stop the Obama agenda.” And that two-thirds are correct.

  • Lulu

    I’ll never vote GOP again — but I may vote third party instead of Democrat if I vote at all why waste my time?

  • Lulu

    He’s like the most embarrassing drunk

  • Pouty Face

    The other 38% are what shocks me.

    Who the hell are those fools?

  • Sarah44

    I hear you. I left The Party earlier this year. They don’t want us conservatives anyway. I will tell you though that while Fiorina’s campaign is pushing her as a “political outsider” and media is playing along, that couldn’t be further from the truth. She’s worked in politics for the last ten years, including in McCain’s campaign, the National Rep Senatorial Committee, Romney’s campaign, ACU, and the RNC. Can’t get much more insider than that. She didn’t rise within tech from a secretarial position. She started out at AT&T as a mgmt trainee and made her mark in sales and speaking. She’s known to be a moderate. There are a bunch of good links amid comments here at GP with the truth about her. Here’s one.

  • ohio granny

    Two things about this poll are shocking to me. The first is I’m shocked that only 62% feel betrayed. The second is why should the so-called leaders in the republican party be surprised? We have been shouting at them we want them to actually oppose the Obama agenda since Obama was elected. It is the leaders who have abandoned the base, not the base that abandoned the party. How can they be surprised at how the base feels? Did they really think we would continue to hold our noses and vote for THEIR candidate again?

  • Me

    Actually, many states have open or semi-open primaries, but it’s good to take a look. My understanding is some allow write-ins and some don’t too.

  • darrell_b8

    I got a BS e-mail from my Congressman explaining that even tho he voted to fund Obama’s programs he didn’t; Oh, he forgot to include a current copy of his ‘I don’t lie’ certificate; do you think I should believe him??

  • really now

    According to one site, 5 states do not allow write in votes (which is obnoxiously ridiculous)

  • Gnome Sane

    They live in Ohio and Kentucky.

  • robert88871

    Rep. Nunez, one of Boehners pitbulls, has an allegiance to Oboehner, who in turn has an allegiance to multinational corporations who could care less about American workers, but put profits above all. People need to understand that BIG government and BIG business are in bed together. Obama and his acolytes will be allowed to run the social end as long as they play ball and let the multinationals run the business end. It’s quite a cozy little corporate fascist arrangement they have. Meanwhile the moral and hardworking Americans get demonically inspired social engineering, stagnant wages and historically massive numbers out of the workforce.

  • Paul

    Nobody asked me, so make that 63% Fox!

  • Cajun Exile

    Ding Dong the Drunk is Dead….unfortunately the Drunk will not be dead politically. Boehner will reanimate as a lobbyist zombie and feed on the American people for quite some time.

  • Winter Soldier

    McConnell needs to go as well.
    Republicans need leaders who will fight the progressives and their lying shill media.
    Republicans do not need leaders who “go along to get along”.

  • Barker

    Who’s the moron that saw this poll result as a shock?

  • RightStuff44

    There is no spinal column in the Republican party. I’m not only betrayed, I’m terrified because we have no defense from the ruthless, moral-less gang of progressives.

  • jude

    Fox is and always has been part of the MSM. The brainwashing comes from controlling the agenda. They may sound a little different at times, but Fox is talking about the same stuff as the rest of our masters.

  • rank

    One down, and one to go! McConnell should also be packing his bags.

  • Jim5757

    “62% of Republicans Feel BETRAYED by their Party” — only 62% — what the heck are the other 38% thinking?
    It seems that Senator McConnell doesn’t make a move without checking in with the President and Congressman Boehner seems to exhibit discomfort that he has conservatives to deal with. Under this leadership, the Republicans are Democrats-lite….

  • Rocco

    Boehner is out. Now the senate conservatives (all 3 or 4 of them) need to grow a pair, back Cruz and oust “Mumbles” McConnell (with McCain, Flake, Ayotte, Collins and others to follow).

  • parabellum

    I’ll raise my T.E.A. cup to that news!

  • ︻┳テ=一 Libs The party of Liars

    Thank god the RINO Boehner is leaving good riddance

  • parabellum


  • Quickledo

    Boehner has just put the final nail in his Speakership coffin! He quit rather than fight for principles and issues he, and his fellow cowards, ran on. He probably understood he could no longer carry on the lie, and will now turn the gavel over to a new face that will continue to lie and betray. There are few men of principle in our corrupt Congress.

  • CCowardly LLion

    Did you hear, the democrats are losing one of their own. Boehner is resigning.

    Sure, resign, now that you’ve eviscerated the country.

  • Frank

    Steve, “62 % betrayed” ? the other self serving 38% were making a lot of money and don’t care about the country

  • Sam Colt


    It is a great day for Conservatives.

    The RINO hunt bagged a big one here.

    No more RINOs.

  • DrGonzo7719

    The other 38% must have Chamber of Commerce interests.

  • JoeNJ8


  • DrGonzo7719

    If we get McCarthy in trade, did we really make any progress? I don’t see him as an improvement.

  • Edie_VA

    Reminds me of listening to ghost stories around a campfire.

    Why does the human race enjoy scaring itself?

  • Debra_jean

    The RINOs who turn into republican conservatives during election cycles are seeing they will not be able to fool their voters any longer, proven by the fact that the three leading candidates running for president this cycle are not even politicians….we are sick of the establishment elitist lying to us every election…I just hope Cornyn gets the boot next…..yes he is good to our military, my husband is retired Air Force, but you have to offer more to your voters and, Cornyn is as big a RINO as his close buddies McCain and Grahmnesty, believe me, anyone here in Texas that is a conservative who would run against him would be just as loyal to our military as he is.

  • Stingray_3440

    Another Democrat bites the dust.

  • Polyglot

    They should also poll how many feel betrayed by FOXNEWS, the network for blue state RINOs. The staff all live in NY/DC and it shows!!


    Its not Rocket Science…if a few good men would have just turned back to the constitution,stand up to values and put the media on the defensive,we would never have come to this point in American History.

    Trump has the noise and the right words but he is not presidential material.
    He is to impulsive,to egotistical
    The GOP better grow up and fast,America cant hold on much longer

  • Sam Colt

    Everyday on the way in the office, make McCarthy walked past B0ner’s hide nailed to the trophy room wall.

  • cavt

    No surprise. When you constantly lie to your base the result isn’t going to be positive

  • TJ Andersen

    Boehner was not only a weak sister but a criminally weak sister. In a country of increasingly weak men he may be considered in the top tier of effete. Now we have to do something about that putrid, disgusting McConnell.

  • AngryCountryBoy

    Trey Gowdy Trey Gowdy Trey Gowdy

  • Stingray_3440

    Trump WILL be the next Pres. Now, STFU.

  • Jeffrey Shultz

    Probably wants to become a European “refugee.”

  • MarkY

    Conservative Republicans keep complaining about the RINOS like Boehner, McConnel, etc., etc., yet GOP voters are willing to push the ultimate RINO, Donald Trump to the top of the polls. Actually, Trump is less than a RINO, he is an opportunist suckering everyone to support for him. Is there hope or such a party?

  • Stingray_3440

    BOTH parties have screwed us royal. Different methods, SAME results…………

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    So which RINO would you have?

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    And your choice?

  • davideisenstadt

    really, only a Christian could say with a straight face that the majority of this country isn’t Christian…observant Christians? probably not, but Christians nonetheless…

  • TJ Andersen

    I fear you may be right.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    “The Light IS GREEN!”
    – Wayne Wayne Wayne Jr., Happy Texas (1999)

  • usa out of control

    Hahaha. It’s worse. I feel betrayed by my country to the point I gave up voting altogether and no longer give a s**t about New Amerika. It seems we’re suicidal and determined to worship illegals and perverts while tearing apart anything good whites built. We’re looking at moving overseas for retirement and never looking back. Let it burn.

  • SWDC

    GOP vetted old Sen. John McCain but not the current administration’s POTUS where if found to be ineligible to hold the office of POTUS according to the US Constitution all legislation would be null and void immediately including those appointments on the US Supreme Court.

    The first Mystery POTUS is a long long long long long line of Mystery POTUS’s if the the USA loses again.

  • MarkY

    Not Trump, for being a fake and a prima donna. The others have to convince me.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    It was a simple question.
    Can you answer?

  • parabellum

    I guess this will save Ubama the trouble of issuing a Presidential pardon 15 months from now.


    Great conservative reply …You dont know a side show when you see one just sheep following what the media gives you

  • Jeffrey Shultz

    Reagan Democrats have long since died or become what they thought was supposed to be Republican. There are only Marxist Democrats now.

  • CCowardly LLion

    You didn’t give an answer and your “others” have proven to be flip-floppers, rinos and not very popular. Trump says what the people are thinking. The only question is will he keep his promises. You can’t answer that about any candidate you can mention either, they might just turn on you like Boenher and and the others that were voted in two years ago.

  • TheGipper

    The Republican leadership has been actively trying to destroy the Republican Party by filling up the country with immigrants who vote Democrat. They not only won’t acknowledge what they are doing, they won’t even discuss it. Nothing from them on H1B visas being used to displace American workers in favor of foreigners, workers who are doing their jobs and taking care of their families, then BOOM! – unemployed.

  • Southern_Cross

    Yah Dern Tootin!

    And we wont accept another big government, establishment liberal RINO like worthless Kevin McCarty, either!

    Don’t even think about it!~

  • SWDC

    ‘Voting machine password hacks as easy as ‘abcde’, details Virginia state report

    AVS WinVote machines used in three presidential elections in state ‘would get an F-minus’ in security, said computer scientist who pushed for decertification’

    Wednesday 15 April 2015 14.05 EDT (The Guardian)

    “Touchscreen voting machines used in numerous elections between 2002 and 2014 used “abcde” and “admin” as passwords and could easily have been hacked from the parking lot outside the polling place, according toa state report.

    The AVS WinVote machines, used in three presidential elections in Virginia, “would get an F-minus” in security, according to a computer scientist at tech research group SRI International who had pushed for a formal inquiry by the state of Virginia for close to a decade.

    In a damning study published Tuesday, the Virginia Information Technology Agency and outside contractor Pro V&V found numerous flaws in the system, which had also been used in Mississippi and Pennsylvania.

    Jeremy Epstein, of the Menlo Park, California, nonprofit SRI International, served on a Virginia state legislative commission investigating the voting machines in 2008. He has been trying to get them decertified ever since…”


    Carson is not a Rino

  • Awesomeguy

    Rational, thinking people fail to see how this is shocking. LoL. I take that back, the shocking part is that ONLY 62% of Republicans feel like current leadership has betrayed them. That number should be more like 100%.

  • Jeffrey Shultz

    Less forgot than ignored.

  • Obamamerica2015

    The GOP is finished. Tea-Party minded reps needs to stand en masse and resign their GOP membership. Ted Cruz also needs to leave the party of corporate abortion supporters and head the new Tea Party ala Lincoln in the 1800’s

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    He’s not a public speaker either.
    Unfortunately that’s part of the job…

    I’d dig him but most wouldn’t…

  • parabellum

    This is great news– It’s almost like winning a majority in Congress again, and again, and again….

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Um, Lincoln doomed us to this disaster when he decided that the States *had* no rights.


  • iamnotafraidanymore

    jezz filled with uneducated folks we are now. People ! Take the time to google or research “Libertarian” and I will bet 90 percent of you will agree with its definition. Wake up jezz.

  • RLee

    That’s low. Probably tried to spin the survey and that was as good as it got. Lies, damn lies and statistics.

  • Mouse Clicker

    One useless representative down… now let’s get rid of some of those RINO senators starting with the majority leader.

  • netmad

    What is shocking is that 38% don’t feel betrayed.


    Neither is the Lord. Actions will always speak louder then words

  • Obamamerica2015

    I think the Planned Abortionhood videos with lack of any action by the countries leaders show where America’s soul is. Washington DC is the most evil, vile place on the face of the earth. The leaders of America worship Molech and God’s judgement is at hand

  • Luke

    I guess there wasn’t much else for Boehner to do…it was either continue to get chastised by the Republican base/voters for supporting Obama, or have Obama follow through on whatever he threatened Boehner with if he disobeyed his royal highness.

  • An_Angry_American

    The beyrayal is real. The leadership of the GOP has destroyed the credibility of the party. For me, there are only a handful of Representatives that I still trust. I consider the Republican party to be a handmaiden of the Democrats. Such a dire situation has led to conservatives to embrace outsiders.

  • Rachel Pancake Corrie

    We need a crusader with a sword in one hand and a rifle in the other to take care of this mooslim and his invasion

  • parabellum

    Is there hope for the nation at the conclusion of 8 years of the America-hater? Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. The milquetoast party doesn’t seem up to the task.

  • 1G25

    “.I wonder if any remnant of the Spirit of ’76 remains in the blood of American citizens … .”

    Why do you think ammo shelves all across this country have been empty for seven years?

  • MarkY

    The others are the rest of the pack, still plenty of campaigning left, that’s the purpose of a long campaign. Two have already dropped out and Trump is losing steam. He peaked too soon, and can’t talk about anything else other than his pet issue of immigration.

  • dave0987

    The only thing shocking is that it’s not 100%.

    This just shows we still have a LOT of work to do to break people out of their apathy coma-trances.

    Are we posting various political stories on facebook and social networking? Posting as photos (screen grabs) sometimes-if not MOST of the time, so facebook’s algorithms have a harder time keeping your posts from showing up in others’ newsfeeds?

    Hopefully most of us are aware by now that facebook does this-that they generally don’t let all your posts show up in your friends’ newsfeeds. ALSO: If someone has you set to “only show important things from this person” photos have a better chance at getting through still.

    It’s easy: take a small scrren cap of an article from the main GWP/Breitbart/etc. page, trim it down to just the photo and title, post it to facebook, and post the link as a comment at the top.

  • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

    What’s in your Hastert File, Johnny Bohner?

  • Obamamerica2015

    we need guillotines and firing squads

  • parabellum

    (Then why would you be so worried?)

  • Obamamerica2015

    yes they did. Jeb! 2016

  • Sam Colt

    (shotgun racking*)


  • CCowardly LLion
  • Grumpy

    It’s shocking that anybody is shocked.

  • DiscoHarvey

    I can’t believe the leathery orange peel cry-baby was cognizant enough of his own position to realize that resignation was his best option. As he sits on his front porch for the rest of his life, surrounded by empty Crown Royal bottles and cigarette butts, maybe he can begin to realize just how much he’s betrayed his party and enabled Obama to run the country into the freaking ground.

    Good riddance, oh tanned one.

  • An_Angry_American

    At least Trump hasn’t actually broken any of his promises yet. There is hope with Trump.
    Boehner/McConnell, et al, have already spat in the faces of conservatives.
    TRUMP 2016

  • Bagandahalf

    Don’t know who is happier, me or his bartender

  • DiscoHarvey

    Don’t forget his tanning booth operator.

  • Obamamerica2015

    One down 150+ to go. McConnell, McCain, Graham, Peter King….the list is too long to write out. Every House member who voted for Boehner needs to go. Every Senator who went against Ted Cruz’s filibuster needs to go as well.

  • Vitonio

    + this fraction.

  • JHX

    Translation: 38% of Republicans are either stupid or in denial.

  • LiteItUp

    Now, now. Ted Cruz has addressed H1Bs. He’d like to increase them by 500%.
    S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) today presented an amendment to the Gang of Eight immigration bill that would improve our nation’s legal immigration system by increasing high-skilled temporary worker visas, called H-1B visas, by 500 percent.

  • stoman

    I hope they don’t vote for a radical conservative. The Tea Party is gone too far left for me. I am changing to an Independent. The radical conservatives hate RHINO’S and having been one they could not win anything without the establishment vote that they bash all the time. The Sean Hannity’s and the talk radio host are for Trump….good luck! Go start your on party and see how many elections you can win on Conservatives only. Good luck!

  • DiscoHarvey

    Unfortunately, the result of your logic is complete Democratic contro, and with that, chaos and third-world politics. It’s really like voting for the less stinky pile of poo.

  • Titus_Groan

    The only ones getting a “shock” from this poll are the 38%. Perhaps it will wake them up.

  • CCowardly LLion

    ^One of the 38%, the brain-dead voters that gave us Boehner and McConnel in the first place.

  • Finally taking out the trash? The entire building reeks.

  • u2u2u2

    He’s probably one of those “Christians” who doesn’t consider anyone to be Christian except those of his particular sect.

  • Realist

    Boner just announced he will resign!

  • Logo4245

    Yes, we feel betrayed – which is exactly why we have a candidate like Donald Trump. You have brought this upon yourselves. And guess what, no one is going to turn out to vote for Bush.

  • u2u2u2

    50% of the 38% are watching Matlock reruns right now

  • Zorba

    The party is too fragmented to be effective in 2016. There are no unifying candidates in the clown car.
    Welcome president Hilary.

  • Reaganite

    They are probably at work right now.

  • Mr. White Folks

    Are you serious?

  • Reaganite

    It’s RINO (Republicans In Name Only), not RHINO.

  • Ahem

    Given your past comments about the Tea Party being an embarrassment and that no self respecting woman can vote for Trump, this ain’t your site. Btw, dear fembot RINO, GOP cannot win without us.

  • SenBlutarsky


  • Reaganite

    Okay, Mitch. You’re next.

  • SenBlutarsky


  • TrollPatroll

    98% of GOP politicians must appeal to the social conservative agenda. How about the rest of us who are fiscally conservative social moderates?

  • SenBlutarsky

    He met the Pope, now he wants Heaven. Thanks for nothing Johnnie. Nothing, for the people who elected you.

  • Obamamerica2015

    That’s a nice talking point. Do you also support abortion?

  • phil

    The reps need to heed what is happening with the Trump, Carson, Fiorina phenomenon and nominate someone conservative with courage to fight obama’s plans to destroy our country.

  • jmoke

    If I became speaker instead of this shameful crybaby Boehner, I would have taken control of that gavel and beat pelousy about her liberal head that first day.

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    How did the Repubs allow the Muslin Usurper to run all over
    them? Obummer passed the HC bill written by the HC industry; passed by the
    Mitzger as Governor of Mass. 62 % of the country @ the time wanted single payer
    HC for everyone. How is screwing the majority of the country over HC (by favoring
    insurance, Big Pharma, medical device makers, and the AMA) not a Repub
    priority? What are you talking about? Obummer never prosecuted the Repub war
    criminals who preceded him. How is pissing on the Supremacy clause of the US
    Constitution in favor of not prosecuting Repubs running all over the Repubs?
    Are you saying you want the previous Repub war criminals prosecuted for war
    crimes? Obummer never prosecuted the financial backers of both parties, Wall
    Street, for financial fraud. How is not bringing to justice the wealthy not a mission
    of the Repubs? How is not prosecuting the money bags (whose 2/3 corporations
    don’t pay any income tax) running all over the Repubs?

    The argument that Barry ran all over the Repubs is just
    incoherent. The labor participation rate is what it was in the late ‘70’s and ‘80’s.
    How is not employing anyone at a living wage not a Repub commandment? Would you
    like Barry to tell you you don’t work hard enough or long enough? Do you need
    Barry to tell you that you are basically a lazy, slacker? Maybe you need Barry
    to tell you your grandparents make too money on SS and that you Mom and Dad’s
    Medicare is just too expensive (while the wealthy’s taxes have never been
    lower). Since when are low taxes on the wealthy not the mission of the Repubs?
    How has Barry disturbed that arrangement? Are you disappointed in Barry because
    he hasn’t labeled your wife, daughter, niece and granddaughters slots because
    they want access to birth control? And, let me get this straight, Barry isn’t
    tough enough for you because he’s not slaughtering and maiming your sons and
    daughters in some worthless, third world sh-t hole? Yea right. You have it
    figured out. Barry’s just been mean to the Repubs (who have called him and his
    wife every name in the book short of the n-word).

  • Sigh
  • Gen. Chang

    Bainer just announced he will resign this October. Can i get an AMEN !! Hallelujah !

  • phil

    No, but she is part of the anti establishment phenomenon we are seeing.

  • T. Durden

    Perry Mason had Hamilton Berger.
    The Harlem Globetrotters had the Washington Generals.
    Obama has the Republican Congress.
    What’s the common thread? They all pretend to put a fight, but are inevitably destined to lose at the last second.
    Republican voters in 2014 sent a strong message to stop the Obama agenda. Instead, the Repub Congress bent over and let Obama have everything he wanted. As a result, the Repubs lost their base. Trump’s popularity represents the commitment by Repub voters to never again trust, and then be betrayed, by the Repub Establishment.

  • Robert Batchelor

    Since we’re cleaning house can we remove McConnell next, please.

  • Teachem

    Now that Boehner is resigning (breaking news), 62% will gloat and blame him, and the other 38% will say their secret meeting to oust him worked.!.!

  • Realist

    I somewhat like Fiorina but she has heavy political faults. She lost
    to Boxer and the attacks use on her are still usable.

  • dave0987

    Yet ANOTHER benefit : facebook recently started posting COUNTER-LINKS to links people post (was mentioned on several sites) You have probably seen them, they appear under someone’s shared link. Of course SURPRISE! They mostly are lib propaganda links. Anyhow, this ELIMINATES that from happening when you post as a photo.

  • Bitter Clinger

    McConman is next.

  • SleuthIT

    She’s actually not. She’s solidly establishment, Been working in politics the last ten years as no corporation hired her in since her pay was cut, then she was fired from HP. Don’t buy what she and the media are feeding you. She worked for McCain’s campaign, Romney’s campaign, the NRSC, and the RNC. She’s as insider as they come. Won an award for her work with the UN Globalization project. There are tons of links on many comment here. Supports amnesty, Common Core, believes in global warming.

  • phil

    She certainly isn’t my choice, but anyone who isn’t part of the establishment rino republican party is better than more of the same. I don’t think she can win either. I like Trump and Cruz, who certainly isn’t a rino.

  • Fail

    You lose any cred as anything other than a troll when you adopt Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s anti-R line.

  • BurkBurnett

    If you get a chance read just the first chapter of Ted Cruz’s book and you will see exactly why not only are these 62% right, but how wrong the rest are. To have your own party attack you for doing what you tell the people you will do if they elect you is really sad.

  • Hello

    She is part of the establishment RINO debacle. That’s the point. The media is pushing her campaign line as an outsider to draw off voters from the actual outsiders.

  • Todd Reinhardt

    He says he’s accomplished everything he wanted to? Whaaaaaat? He was horrible and I want to add my voice to those saying, “I’m glad he’s gone!” McConnell is next! These two weak, pathetic losers have cost this country dearly, killed off the revolution and spit in the face of the people. I don’t believe the 62% number, it’s more like 92% with a bullet.

  • phil

    Repeat: I am not for Carly. Only used her name as part of the anti establishment/incumbent phenomenon we are seeing in the polls. I believe the only reason she gets any support is because she is not an elected politician. She speaks well, and most people don’t realize that she has some liberal positions. In the end, she can’t win the nomination anyway.

  • Hello

    She called Cruz a flamethrower, referred to the Tea Party as extreme, said she felt bad for Boehner having to deal with him/them.

  • formulaones

    yup, there is no difference between the political ruler class except the D and R in front of their names. that’s why it so important the next president must be completely free of special interest control and only answer to the voters.

  • Realist

    Always remember: who ever the media likes is our enemy. Who ever
    the media hates is likely our friend.

  • angrybeyondreason

    I believe that percentage is much higher than they come up with. They are always wrong with the numbers.

  • Mark

    Either that percentage is low or 38% are complete idiots.

  • phil

    We need more flamethrowers like Cruz. In wars, the man with the flamethrower is the number one target. The enemy wants him out of action.

  • porcer34

    There is probably something in the House Rules of Decorum that say you cannot beat the outgoing leadership with the gavel until after seven days have passed.

    Incidentally, this approach is effective in preventing most beatings, because politicians can’t seem to remember what they were going to do just 20 minutes after announcing their intent.

  • Rachel Pancake Corrie

    Wasserman-schultz/sanders 2016

  • Hello

    I’m with ya. I just hate to see Carly thrown in with Trump and Carson. That myth needs to die.

  • Amiss

    Troll needs better Intel/material. The Berners are angry at Frizzy since she won’t let them have more debates.

  • Ozzone

    Then vote for Trump.

  • Ozzone

    Going to be real tough for her to say the oath when in prison.

  • Ozzone

    If the conservatives do vote in November, liberals won’t have a chance in h ell.

  • Lolz

    Lol. That’s so very Libertarian of you. It’s amazing how many Ls try to gain party members or Paul support by insulting the intelligence of others right off the bat.

  • Wallyworld

    “SHOCK POLL: 62% of Republicans Feel BETRAYED by their Party”

    The other 38% are Democrats

  • Wateva

    Btw, you aren’t changing to Independent. You already said long ago you were one.

  • Frog

    Mitch next…..

  • HankB1

    A couple of elections ago, Boehner said we had to turn back the budget to 2008 levels. After he was re-elected . . . all you could hear from him on this was crickets.

    And as for Mitch McConnell over in the Senate, we all remember the kerfuffle when Ted Cruz said McConnell had lied to him and other GOP Senators. He was criticized for breaking decorum, some said he broke Senate rules, etc. etc. . . . but did you notice that nobody said Cruz got his facts wrong? Nobody said McConnell DIDN’T lie? Very telling.

    Some years back the GOP said they could do “nothing” to stop the Obama agenda since Dems controlled both houses of Congress plus the Oval Office. Then the GOP won the House . . . and the excuses began. Then the GOP won the Senate and more seats in the House . . . and nothing but MORE excuses. Is it any wonder GOP voters feel betrayed?

  • Oybloodyvey

    90% of Republicans think Fox News is betraying them too

  • factsearch

    Boehner…..One day we will all find out who, what and where this traitor conceived his lies and deceit. Many more NWO operatives to remove…. now let’s get to work.

  • MyNightmare

    The GOP has ruined it’s own brand! I refuse to even glance in the general direction of the communist democrat party and since the GOP has ensured that the failed two-party system remains in place, they have ensured their own demise.

  • WinsDay

    Please. He’s got more conservative positions than others, spoke against Obama for years more vocally than the GOP, decried the illegal alien problem as far back as 2010, is prolife since prior to 2011, etc. Please post your candidate’s immigration policy paper here. Thanks.

  • Obamamerica2015

    lots of money in off-shore slush funds….

    Heard Boehner was begging Freedom Caucus to not oust him until the Pope came.

  • Obamamerica2015

    Fox news is the propaganda arm of the RINO-Corporatist Establishment GOP. They are JEB! supporters. Bill O is such a douche

  • Obamamerica2015

    Mitch will never leave. Satan dwells in him. I’m hoping for a stroke or a slip down those marble stairs where he breaks his neck

  • FauxSnooze

    Seems accurate to me.
    As an Ailes friend told me today: “Roger can’t turn back. The entire credibility of Fox as powerbroker rests on Trump being destroyed.”

  • Obamamerica2015

    He was trying to get the Pope to Congress for 20 years. Beyond that he has enriched himself and his friends. Mission accomplished

  • Realist

    If he said “He says he’s accomplished everything he wanted to”

    I agree with him.

    He has been a perfect shill for the DNC.

  • Obamamerica2015

    Kentucky voters had a chance to do this.

  • Sacred Night

    This is a desperate attempt of the RNC to try to regain control of a party that is
    in complete and utter rebellion. They will offer up a few sacrificial lambs to try to install their fair haired boy, Jeb Bush or his first runner up, Marco Rubio.

    The RNC cannot stand the fact that the prime candidates which are resonating with their conservative base, who were the very people who created the Republican Party in the first place, are all outsiders.

    The outsider that I am going for is Donald Trump!

  • Clue

    Here’s an idea: try your candidate’s approach. Other than the slip up where Carson inappropriately questioned Donald’s faith (he did later apologize), he focuses on advocating his positions, not badmouthing other candidates.

  • JE

    Homeland Security has been buying millions and millions of rounds, and, sensing something gravely amiss, Americans grab at anything remaining.
    When citizens fear their government it is past time to rise up and slap it back into place.

  • pgroup

    There is no such thing as null and void by consequence of ineligibility. In any event, once he took the oath it ceased to matter whether he was eligible or not. Every bill he signed and every nomination he made is valid because he took the oath. Those appointments to the Supreme Court were not made by POTUS – they were made by the Senate.

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    It’s just a game of good cop/bad cop played to distract you. You’re being screwed by both sides daily.

  • Mournblade

    2009: the GOP establishment says, “alas, we do not control the executive branch nor either House of Congress…Mr. Obama, please have your way with us. But, vote for us next time.”

    2011: the GOP establishment says, “alas, we only control one House of Congress…nothing we can do…Mr. Obama, please have your way with us. But vote for us next time and we’ll do better.”

    2015: the GOP establishment says, “thanks for voting for us, we now control both Houses of Congress. Problem is, we’ve grown to enjoy Obama having his way with us…so, Mr. Obama, please have your way with us again. But, make sure and vote for us next time…”

    2016: the GOP base says, “nope.”

  • S.O.B.

    That 62% of the 50% that stayed with the Republican party after the Republican party made it clear that conservatives aren’t welcome. In other words; That’s 62% of the 50% that doesn’t catch on very quick.

  • Tidbit

    I read Rand’s endorsement of McConnell played a role in his re-election. Now, why would Rand do that?

  • JE

    The Gobbler must go next.

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    You already have small government … for you. Relatively no one watches that your food is safe, your banker isn’t stealing your or your neighbor’s home, or that the corporate sponsors of both parties have sent your, your children’s and their grand children’s economic futures to China and India. Those calling for small government have given the gifts (your tax dollars) of a massive government to their owners,i.e., INTEL & MIL contractors (2,000 of ’em); Big Pharma, tax breaks for corps who pay no taxes, etc. You have small government for you … no one will do anything for you. You better get in there and get part of the action before they take your SS and your grand parents Medicare.

  • joey fatz

    I don’t think, I know it.

  • Russ

    only 62%?
    the other 38% hiding under a rock?

  • Bubba Gump

    It is not the lack of balls, it is about power. All the good intent when they got elected quickly vanishes when they get the first whiff of it.

  • Russ

    i used to support him… but man he is a bit too thin skimned and cries a lot.

  • grassy knoll

    This is not “shocking” the Reps have been craapping all over their constituents since Obama got elected. They are a pitiful disappointment to any real conservative. The Reps have become a party of rhino’s who do not have the best interest of the country at heart, they only care about their wallets.

  • Valerie

    To the contrary, the Repubs stopped the passage of laws by the currently radical Democratic Party. That was an accomplishment commensurate with the power they had. I would have strongly preferred that the Republican party showed more gratitude toward the TEA Parties. They did not do that, and one has to wonder if the cold response had to do with some very unreasonable, procedurally destructive demands.

    If you want your agenda passed, put your money and your time where your mouth is, secure veto-proof majorities in both Houses of Congress/ or the Presidency and majorities in both Houses of Congress, instead of bellyaching that somebody hasn’t spun gold out of straw at your behest.

  • joey fatz

    You had to use the word……..kerfuffle?

  • usa out of control

    It is obvious some kind of secret agreement is in place where our vote no longer matters. It undoubtedly ties in with the sudden coordinated mass immigration into the .eu and usa – soon to be former wealthy white nations. Nothing good will come of this and the world will become even more violent.

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    Arrest, prosecute and jail those who employ illegals. Problem solved. That will be rather difficult because the employers of illegals own our elected officials. Immigation problems and H1B worker imports are here to stay. It’s nothing personal, just business.

  • grassy knoll

    Welcome to the NWO.


    There was no badmouthing in my reply.May I suggest something to you that my Candidate
    approaches. Mind your own business

  • grassy knoll


  • Slappy

    Guess John finally got tired of being slapped in the face the same way he was slapping the conservatives in the face who voted him in.

  • Elfego

    It is absolutely astonishing to me how Democrats can change the rules when they are in control to pass legislation and the Republicans refuse or will not do it.
    Old Goober is absolutely correct.
    By the way Kevin McCarthy will be no better, The Republican House in run by wussies with their hands out to the money people!

  • Jason

    Boehner Resigns??? Poor President Obama….he has lost his lapdog.

  • TED from Boston

    This Bear has voted in every primary and general, helped deliver 2 Houses of Congress and all we get are lame asses like Lindsay Graham and John McCain and weak leaders who compromise OUR principles every time.
    No wonder they are scared of Trump, he actually tells the Truth and holds people accountable for their actions or Failures.

    Know what scares me? the last 15 months of Obama’s Regime and what he’s going to do next, and how our leadership has been powerless to stop his destruction. We are quickly becoming a banana republic with every move he makes.

  • grassy knoll

    We’ve been a banana republic for over a half decade now- welcome to the party.

  • Nanny mo

    Boner was a democrat! At least with Pelosi you knew you were getting a liar, Boner would lie, cry (like a snake) and stab you in the back! Good riddance! And I won’t be watching your (I did the best I could for the nation lies on Sunday). Leave and leave quietly!

  • Texmom

    Is there a Republican candidate that can make the case for common sense conservatism? Conservatism by definition advocates for LESS GOVERNMENT. Have we heard any candidate make the case for true conservatism rather than maintaining the governmental behemoth.
    Just a few issues….Defund more than Planned Parenthood! Our country is $20 Trillion on debt. There are over 40 million immigrants living in America. How can anyone be accused of xenophobia? It’s insane. Still most candidates want MORE immigration. The IRS, HUD, and EPA are being used to punish America instead of serve America. Where was the opposition to the Iran Deal? How emasculated can our Congress look! There is Zero zero zero opposition.
    Our country is being INTENTIONALLY CHANGED in ways that are changing the very core strength. Even we worse laws are being intentionally ignored in order to make it happen!

  • Kamano1955

    Guess what? 100% of conservatives have been betrayed by the party!!!

  • Roland_Deschain_Gunslinger

    On the one hand we have the Democrats handing nukes to 7th century savages who have relegated women, gays, and minorities to a lesser status than that of farm animals. These same Democrats celebrate the murder of the unborn for convenience and then sell their body parts. Then you have the old guard GOP who sit idly by and condone this barbaric behavior. Adios Boehner, time for a Conservative to get this car out of the ditch.

  • FormallyTheFunkenSteinsMommy

    Well 1/2 the problem is gone. (BTW I predict rehab within 4 weeks) Now we just need to replace turkey neck in the Senate

  • LightShine

    There is no such thing as a nonobservant Christian. As Christ said in Matthew 7:22-23:
    Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ 23″And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.’

    Better get your heart right and understand the meaning of making him Lord if you believe otherwise.

  • therealzircon

    Valerie, is that you, Jarrett?

  • Texmom

    It’s even worse than that, Republicans have the power and are choosing not to utilize. It’s called budget reconciliation. The filibuster rule is set aside and a simple majority wins. Harry Reid used it to pass Obamacare.

  • Walt D

    Republicans were elected in 2012 and 2014 to defund Obamacare and rescind Executive Amnesty respectively. They did neither. Boehner and cohort in the Senate, McConnell, are the primary reasons nothing has been accomplished. The only place I’ve seen a Republican spine lately is on the side of a milk carton; “Missing, have you seen me?”

  • Texmom

    Balanced budget amendment and term limits! The only way to hand freedom back to the people.

  • maxovrdriv

    This is why you have, Trump, Carly and Carson 1,2,3 in the polls. and the GOP establishment is shocked by this poll. We are tired of business as usual. Tired of taxes going to people to lazy to get off their butts and work. tired of not closing the borders, tired of being the whipping post for our enemies, tired of America being the bad guy, tired of big government dictating what books our kids have to read to how much water can be in our toilets. I often wonder why we even have states and counties anymore, just have one big country, governed by obama. Put a new health plan on obama’s desk and make him veto it, he will but do something. I am shocked it is that low actually.

  • joe mama

    LOL! Good one, Gnome!

  • LightShine

    Why so derisive when you seem to claim faith in other posts? Have you repented of your sins, acknowledged Jesus paid your price, accepted Him as Lord and Savior? That’s what His Word says makes someone a Christian. I think ridgerunner’s good comment pricked your conscience.

  • Baroldo

    The RNC is just DNC lite anyway.

  • usa out of control

    End the Fed. Summary execution of any office holder guilty of subverting the Constitution or using position for personal gain.

  • Rockit

    Valerie’s strongly proRINO, great things to say about Jeb, and has defended Boehner and McConnell many times. She’s probably in mourning now.

  • Sue Anne, Dallas

    The GOP managed to throw away the most remarkable electoral victory in a generation in only a couple of months, maneuvering themselves into a position where the Democrat losers who were crushed ended up making demands of the GOP in order to win Democrat support for a progressive agenda. The GOP spit in the face of their base. It’s going to take a lot of work by the new Speaker to regain trust.

  • Talesin

    The other 38% are actually democrats.

  • jsb

    very true…. Used to be a dem until i woke up….. changed to repubs till just recently. Nothing to stop the Liar in Chief’s agenda. Now I am a Trump, Carly and Carlson supporter. The repubs let us down.

  • 57nomad

    In consecutive mid-term elections Republicans charged into majorities in the House and Senate. At the state level Republicans have taken control of 2/3 of the governorships and dominate the great majority of state legislatures. In most of these cases Republican governors and legislative bodies have delivered for the voters who put them in office. Even though his mishandled presidential campaign has come to an end, the voters of Wisconsin are rid of their odious mandatory unions thanks to courageous work by Scott Walker.

    Alas, the same cannot be said of the US Congress. One would be hard pressed to recall a more blatant and bewildering betrayal of the voters who handed these men the majorities and power they now enjoy. In return those voters weren’t simply not listened to, they were treated with naked contempt, mocked, and knifed in the back.

    Boehner isn’t the last to go, nor is he the first. The opening shot of the house revolution began when former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor threw in with the amnesty bunch and was primaried out. This was the HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER!! In a case of short term memory deficit that deserves a title and inclusion in the next DSM they forgot. There is no explanation. They forgot. They forgot or disregarded it, “Hey, maybe if I spit on my finger and stick it in the light socket I won’t get shocked this time.” They act like they should have a little piece of paper with their names, addresses, and phone numbers written on it and safety pinned to their shirt pockets. Are they riding to the Capitol on the little bus? Mitch McConnell, there’s a dustbin in Washington with your name on it.

  • joe mama

    Only because it takes that long for lobbyists to get to them.

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    For the love god! Both parties have the same agenda. Screwing you in favor of financial gain for their big donor sponsors. They’re both just rope-a-doping you by playing good cop/bad cop. Harry Reid is the Demo master of this distraction tactic.

  • usa out of control

    The Republican party’s recent antics – shutting out Ron Paul, lockstep collusion with the Kenyan’s regime – were instrumental in my decision to no longer vote in any election ever again. I’m 46 and I’m done with the fraud. Nothing less than a violent revolution will fix this now.

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    Sadly, how shall we say, the advantages of importing H1B workers has not been lost on Mr. Trump.

  • 57nomad

    We will be very fortunate as a nation if, in those remaining 15 months, Obama doesn’t get us all killed.

  • FioRINO

    I hope you remove FioRino from that list forthwith. As establishment as the come, McCain protege, has worked in politics for a decade supporting RINOs. See comments below for links.

  • Voulezvu

    It’s Republicans like this who give the other 38% a bad name.

  • Goober_Pyle

    I think you missed a couple of doses of Haldol. The Repulicans could’ve fought against many of the Chief Idiot’s failed policies. They didn’t. They are worthless.

  • phil

    I agree

  • Gregor

    You really need to stop using that word “shocked.” The only shock is that it’s not 100%, and that pretty much sums up the problem. We have 38% of Republicans who are complete idiot$.

  • StormingZ of Akron, Ohio

    62% of us feel betrayed, and I’m sure the real number is greater than that! And Fox News is suprised that a guy like Trump keeps leading the polls? Seriously Fox???

  • Rally Ann

    Hey there Mitch, are you watching? Or, asleep as you have been these past 8 years?

  • Gregor

    Oh please. Ron Paul shut himself out by being a complete nutjob. Oh yes, I remember now. The Muslims only kill us because … we won’t leave them alone. Admit it. You like him because you smoke weed.

  • Rally Ann

    Every time I look at Fox, they are pushing Bush!

  • Jeff Justice

    100% of people should feel betrayed by their government.

  • Blinknone

    I’m assuming that has something to do with the party being in the business of betraying its voters for the past 30 years.

  • 57nomad

    Clearest possible example: Here is a quote from John McCain referring to American citizens in Arizona as ‘crazies’ for supporting Trump’s call for a wall on the border. After you read this please hit the link.

    “The Senator is up for reëlection in 2016 and he pays close attention to how the issue of immigration is playing in his state. He was particularly rankled by Trump’s rally. “This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me,” McCain said. “Because what he did was he fired up the crazies.”

    Now look at this:

  • usathoughts

    Very nicely stated.

    By the way, have also had enough of Paul Ryan.

    The message boards are great in keeping abreast of what people are thinking. However, the Chain Mails have far greater impact. I together with about 100 others will be flooding the eMails with coherent messages to hammer home the Conservative message in about three months.

    It is a proven advertising concept that if one sees the same message a minimum of six times from different venues the idea with stick with you. May not like it but you will not be able to get it out of your head.

  • Warren Wilson

    Remember, everyone, Peter King of New York told supporters that the Tea Party was “the enemy” and anyone supporting or taking money from any Tea party affiliate would immediately be his enemy.
    So we have to flush King too.
    Flush twice, he’s fat.

  • olddog

    Bingo..since 88′ the SOBs are just (D)em-wits in Pink (D)rag..

  • olddog

    Fox Rino TV..GOPE bought and paid for..Fox buss, Channel is FAR more conservative and informative.

  • Brain washed

    Hal le lu jah brothers and sisters, the pope has come to protect us from capitalism and global warming , hal le lu jah………..hal le lu jah…………hal le lu jah………….hal le lu jah……………..

  • olddog

    In Pink (D)rag..GOPe is a treasonous bunch of cowards..At Best!!!

  • olddog

    he’s the typical NYC GOPe in Pink (D)rag..

  • John (magnum)

    The RINO weeper of the House will not be missed !

    Hopefully a real Conservative will become SOTH and not some phony !!

    Last election wipe out of the demicruds gave this idiot a mandate to stop
    KING Obama and then he just signs off on the destruction !

  • usathoughts

    As a Constitutional Conservative we are upset that Obama has not been taken down. They could have at least made a show of it by impeaching him as they did with Clinton.

    Wonder if Obama will pardon himself before leaving office?

  • Benny Too Too

    you support lying betrayers – sad

  • theotherRJH

    Until the GOP issues an apology for Dubya, I will never vote Republican again.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Killing is bad.
    Self Defense is the only possible exception.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Then we’re screwed…

  • brianD

    You mean they have colluded with him and assisted him constantly. Time for Mitch to go too…

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    I suspect you are correct…

  • sam256

    The Republicans that are in office now were put there in the last election for one thing only, – to STOP or throw wrenches into ANYTHING that has been done by Obama or that Obama is now trying to do now.
    Defund his pet projects, start to enforce our laws especially the immigration laws and just STOP allowing reprobates walk across our borders demanding we give them everything for free so the Democrats can buy their votes, create some jobs so AMERICAN can work since they built this country – no Obama new immigrant did. Prosecute Obama’s buddies for breaking US laws – Fast and Furious selling guns to Mexican drug cartels and trying to blame all that on US citizens who legally own guns and are guaranteed by the Constitution, and now allowing babies to grow in the womb so they (Planned Parenthood and Obama’s appointees) can murder them and use their body parts to sell on the open market.
    I thought they all understood that, when you have a fire burning down everything around you it is your business to PUT THE FIRE OUT, right now, immediately, and not to spend all your energy to worry about the Sun burning itself out in 20 billion years so lets do something to try and make it burn for 20 billion years more and F**K the fire that is destroying us NOW.
    I did not think the Republicans were that dumb but they are.
    We need TRUMP!

  • brianD

    America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.” – claire wolfe

  • O’Brien’s Math Facts

    He’s lying through his teeth.. disgusting.

  • Pete Schweddy

  • Red_Ruffansore

    ObamaFail, it’s everywhere.

  • thatindividual

    So now we know 38% of the party are on the dole for the GOPe.


    A distinct possibility The Progressive political agenda has been an untreated cancer in American politics for too long.
    If you do follow Ben Carson,you should also follow Allen West’s website

  • Dorothy Davidson

    Anyone that cries as easily and often as Beohner surely has at least emotional, if not mental, problems! Do we really want him to continue leading the party?

  • thatindividual

    but, …but, …he’s black,…and we had slaves once…and he might be a muslim.

  • thankgodimretired

    Only 62%?

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    We spend $85B on 16 INTEL agencies, fund another 2,000 private INTEL and MIL contractors and pay for the most expensive military in the solar system, not to mention the NSA snarfs up communications all around the world and the FBI is so far up our butts we won’t be able to sit down for the rest of our lives … my knees are shaking at the thought of the limo driver being set free. Everyone, go look under your beds. Do it now.

  • Jesus Christ

    Our vote hasn’t counted for quite some time. Elections are bought not won. Shoot Trump blatently admitted during both debates that he had bought favors from other politions. And those other dopes on stage straight up asked him for some.

  • Snafu-World

    The Obama-Jarrett Regime has consistently dictated and won every PR skirmish with the GOP because they use Barry’s race as an invincible shield. All who question or challenge him are racists regardless of the righteous of the opposing pov or position. All who seek compromise are met with uncompromising ridicule and name calling.

    And with their complicit defense of him through orchestrated propaganda by the liberal media, and name calling attacks on the GOP by them, the DemonicRATS and others, the GOP has been rendered impotent and irrelevant despite its Constitutional powers and co-equal branch of government.

    The significance of this 7-year and continuing situation is the Regime’s Executive over-reach, ignoring and in many instance their trampling on the US Constitution.

    Today, a growing near-majority of angry, increasingly frustrated Americans hold a seething hatred for the POTUS, the neutered Congress and bitter disdain for liberal media all of which is fast becoming a CALDERA OF VOTERS about to blow… before the 2016 presidential election.

    Speaker Boehner’s resignation and the ensuing internecine strife in the House is symptomatic of the destructive reign of the evil troika of the Obama-Jarrett Regime, DemonicRATS and liberal media.

    God Save America From Them.

  • Snafu-World

    Ouch! My eyes………….

  • Snafu-World

    I do.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    Both very good men.
    Damn shame neither of them were the first black president. Would have been far less embarrassing for some of my friends…

  • Snafu-World

    In defense of Eric Cantor he started fighting for the Latino vote which is the biggest prize awaiting on which ever party does the right, best thing by them. And in Cantor’s / GOP’s thinking that means compassionate consideration of illegals (while hanging their awful circumstances around the necks of DemonicRATS) which the Obama-Jarrett Regime deliberately caused and started the parties warring for their votes.

  • Snafu-World

    Unlike you, people evolve and their positions can change after thoughtful review and consideration of reality. GO CARLY! GO TRUMP! GO CARSON! (not “Carlson”).

  • Snafu-World

    …and while the majority of people paying intelligent attention to the BS happening in Congress and the Obama-Jarrett Regime, which means most are GOP’ers, the pos potus, liberal media, DNC and DemonicRATS are scheming up new scary, twisted put-down names to call Republicans and to feed to the 50% of voters blissfully going about their lives without one eye open towards the revolution about to happen around them.

  • ltbl123

    The picture implies opposition, a better caricature might be the donkey chasing the elephant’s trunk.

  • democrat CockRoach

    billy only wishes she looked that good.

  • Snafu-World

    Sounds right, but is inherently wrong.

    You see, if you dare, the politics of Congress are such that without cooperation and mutual compromise, NOTHING either the House or Senate does can ever get done… especially with the pos potus threatening a veto (which results in backing down and/or inaction by GOP controlled Congress).

    All of which the GOP Congress has tried, passed and voted on is rendered useless because of the politics of power and process. In other words, exercises in futility, suicide missions and failure.

    The only course the GOP can do is wait out the last year of the Regime. And not shoot themselves in the head which would probably ensure Biden’s winning the 2016 election and 4-8 more years of Barry Soetoro’s ‘fundamental transformation of America’.

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    As a Constitutional Conservative you support the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution. And, that by definition Barry is a war criminal for not prosecuting the Repub war criminals who preceded him. Yes? Then I agree w/you. Barry should be impeached for not prosecuting the war criminals who proceeded him. And, the Congress that impeaches him should then set in motion the necessary authority to create a Special Prosecutor to see to it that the Repub war criminals who proceeded Barry are brought to justice as well. That way we might begin to establish the legitimacy of the Constitutional government the founders intended. Just for starters.

  • KCEddie

    RINO’s are reading the writing on the wall ? McCain and McConnell need to put on their reading glasses ?

  • KCEddie

    She wishes !

  • Thegoldman

    If your paying attention to all of this…

    The only surprise is that its not higher…

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    I really think you should consider your home schooling a failure, get a GED and take the sign that says, “Please Kick Me Repub & All Corporate Dems”. It makes you look very subservient.

  • Steve

    If I could borrow a vulgar comment from a FOX News commentator clown… I think the conservatives cut off John B’s balls with surgical precision.

  • Patty
  • Karl

    Ooooohh! It’s, a Fox News poll! Tea Party’s favorite news site. Don’t believe the hype.

  • jmoke

    LoL! That’s so funny porcer34! Yes, o’bamacare set me back $46,000 over the last 4-years because of reoccurring medical challenges and high out of pocket costs. That’s why I hate the people who passed o’bamacare and didn’t read it.

  • Steve

    If Trump represents 50% of what Republicans consider the ideal candidate and does 60% of what he says he will do then that gives him a 30 score. Compare that with the establishment candidates who are 90% ideal but we know will do about 10% of what they should for a 9 score. Jeb, the ultimate establishment candidate, is already on record as saying he will not build a wall between the US and Mexico because its too expensive and could offend Mexico. And folks wonder why Trump, Carson and Fiorina are surging. Wake up America! I will not vote for any candidate who is not committed to real immigration reform.


    I would like to think that had either of these two Black Gentlemen had become President
    that they would not look at themselves as the First Black President,but as the first truly
    moral God Fearing leader ,a believer in the founding fathers and America’s constitution, that America has had in the White House in a very long time.

  • davideisenstadt

    Eh… Im a Jew, an older brother of you guys, as the pope would say.
    My people have a few more millennias experience with the Lord than you guys do, and I feel like Im entitled to my own view of what my younger brothers do and dont do.
    I just observe, and note that, for example, Catholics tend to have more abortions than do non Catholics, and that our prisons are filled with people who aren’t there for living, how shall I put it, a Christian lifestyle.
    If you think and feel that those who victimize others are “observant Christians” thats okay with me…personally I feel that at a minimum one should observe the golden rule, that is: treat others the way you would wish to be treated.
    Thats the standard that God holds all people to, thats the standard that Jesus Christ, a Jew, held people to…if one isn’t doing that, I say, one isn’t practicing ones religion, if that religion happens to be Judaism or Christianity.
    Then there are of course “practicing” Christians like those who belong to the Westboro Baptist Church, who feel its their religious duty to disrupt the funerals of young people killed while serving in our armed forces, and so on and on and on and on.
    I feel that people like that, people who are rapists and murderers and who disrupt the funeral rituals of our heroes aren’t “practicing Christians”…your view may differ.
    I accept that. I still hope that even if you feel that people like that, who inflict pain and suffering on others for no good reason are practicing Christianity, I hope that you find God’s grace.
    I hope that this weekend is a pleasant one for you. I intend, as a Jew, to get within earshot of the Pope, as he celebrates mass in Philly this sunday.
    I was present at the last mass celebrated by Pope JP2 in Philly, and I hope to live long enough to witness another Pope celebrate mass in my city.
    have a blessed weekend

  • Bill

    Apparently there are a whole lot of people who want to stop the agenda of that Marxist, muslime, dog-eating, lying sack of $h!t in the occupy White House movement.

  • Mikey7979

    I do not understand why the current GOP leadership is so scared of putting a bill on the president’s desk that they know he will veto. For example, a bill that incorporates the defunding of planned parenthood for selling baby parts. This way Obama has to veto the measure signaling that he supports the selling of baby parts. Once Obama vetoes enough bills maybe the rest of the U.S.A. will realize that Obama is the true obstructionist. Second, abdicating the primary tool the the republicans do have (the power of the purse) only shows that the current GOP leadership is scared to death of Obama and this is not a true leadership quality that I would be proud of.

    Americans are yearning for strong leadership even if the current president has a majority of the cards in his hand. As long as the GOP leadership can show that they tried every possible avenue to thwart Obama, then most Americans will support them.

    What Americans can not and will not support is surrender without a fight. Doing otherwise is just too………French

    This is why Harry Reid is stopping all bills via
    the 60 vote threshold, it insulates Obama from having to veto. McConnell needs
    to use all of his tools (i.e. reconciliation) just like Harry Reid did for

  • That

    Funny. While ‘62% of Republicans feel betrayed by their party’, 100% of conservatives have been betrayed. The country and our Constitution have been betrayed. We swept them into office in 2012 and in 2014 – SWEEP THEM ALL OUT!

  • warpsix

    Betrayed, that is about right although i prefer the term Pissed Off and betrayed but maybe that is just me…

  • That

    It’s better to be pissed-off than pissed-on – and they have pissed on us all!!!!!

  • frigu

    One RINO down in John Boehner, many more to go. The GOP needs to clean house once and for all and then on to fumigating the White House in 2016.

  • agentm0m

    The only shock to this poll is why it isn’t 100%!

  • William Colley

    Because the party once allied with both Main Street & Wall Street
    business interests is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street.

  • Buzz

    Well, this is a start.

    NEVER expect a democrat, especially Hillary Clinton, to tell the truth.

  • Goose

    what time does the Revolution begin?

  • slugs4thugs

    Good Riddance you spineless Tit Sack.

  • Goose

    my thoughts Exactly

  • Goose


  • Ace

    They just called you all “crazies”, and you still don’t understand? Trump is executing a hostile takeover of the GOP – help him.

  • Goose


  • Verbotene Gedanken

    And that is precisely *why* they’d have been so much better.

  • 57nomad

    I understand that that’s what he was doing. But he should have been fighting for American sovereignty. He doesn’t represent citizens of Mexico. He represents citizens of the United States. The Mexicans have swarmed over our unguarded southern border unchecked. Every school desk the child of an illegal is sitting in is a desk an American student can’t sit in. Every textbook in the hands of an illegal is a textbook that an American kid can’t read. Every second a teacher spends with an illegal is time he or she cannot spend with and American kid. This is a zero sum proposition.

    The illegals are consuming goods and services that were created by Americans for the benefit of Americans and now some American politicians, Cantor included, are actively promoting the the cause of the illegals over the good of their own citizens. Why that isn’t clear to the politicians is puzzling because it is certainly clear to the citizens who are having their children disadvantaged, their social services diverted and consumed by illegals, and the sovereignty of their own country destroyed.

    This is the United States of America. Mexico is to our immediate south. Citizens of Mexico belong in Mexico. We are sick and tired of sanctimonious clowns trying to guilt trip us and name call us into surrendering what we built and what we own. It’s over. A wall is going up and the illegals are going home.

  • Ace

    Peter King just called those 62% “crazies”.
    He should feel fortunate that that really aren’t crazy.

  • Luther

    Both parties.

  • Luther

    We need both parties to stop each other.

  • Apparently they don’t feel betrayed enough as they CONTINUE to support these clowns.

    What’s that smell? Revolution is in the air. Get on with it. It is a duty you were charged with by the Founders.

  • 57nomad

    The blindness of these politicians, King included, and their contempt for the people they are supposed to serve is astonishing. He just insulted the majority of the rank and file of his own party. What the hell is he doing in the House of Representatives if he doesn’t care to represent the people whose votes sent him to congress?

  • They’ll never allow a “real conservative” now….

  • wheezer7

    McCarthy is just as big a RINO as Boehner, otherwise he would not be in the position he holds now. Needs to be someone from outside the “establishment”; maybe someone from outside Congress.

  • Seems to be a demand for more and more support, while doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to give ANY REASON AT ALL for that support.

    Take a flying leap… the mighty Boa wouldn’t send these clowns another dime.

  • 57nomad

    From the co-author of the Second Amendment, George Mason:

    “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”
    — George Mason, in Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution, Elliot, Vol. 3, June 16, 1788″

  • Don’t think so.

    If he was declared to not have been eligible to serve as president, the nation would have a crisis on its hands like none it has ever seen. Which is why they won’t allow it even though it is true. So many people would be in very deep sh!t for forcing this sham on the American people and they aren’t going to put themselves up for sacrifice…….

  • Give it up IL Dopo……..

    Even the “world court” has given up on the nonsense about “war criminals” but on the other hand, King Putt IS still guilty of a lot of fraud against the people along with his other charges.

  • Or is he humping theirs?

  • He died upon a Cross of wood,

    Yet made the hill on which it stood……..

  • dumocratsuck

    I left this wretched, spineless party last year and joined the Conservative party. From the time I was 18 and old enough to vote, I was an Independent because I didn’t want to be a puppet of a 2 party system. After 9/11, I became a Republican because they ensured that they would protect the nation from enemies foreign and domestic. Now, they have become the domestic enemy and an apparatchik of the the most hostile, un-American leftist leader this country should ever see. It’s time to hoist these RINO sleeper cells by their own petards and elect a real conservative who can properly protect this country’s best interests.

  • nostudme1

    Offended is already totally used.

  • nostudme1

    And GFY !

  • nostudme1

    Freedom. Truth. Ted Cruz

  • nostudme1


  • bheld

    I have the book, I know how it ends, we don’t lose.

  • nostudme1

    Freedom. Truth. Ted Cruz

  • nostudme1

    Moochelle has friends in the computer business, maybe they can fix it.

  • nostudme1

    Freedom. Truth. Ted Cruz

  • SWDC

    Who trusts the computer business after Bill Gates and Zuckerberg have sold the USA down the river to foreigners? Not as if no one knows the Chinese would install spyware if they are the ones building everything.

    Ross Perot warned of the huge sucking sound of USA manufacturing jobs going overseas but what the USA did not recognize only those who make things are powerful not those who work in the service industry and paper pushers

  • Unhappy Again

    Don’t hold your breath for that. They enable and feed each other. On our dime.

  • theotherRJH

    The GOP crashed the day Bush the First said babies were thrown out of incubators. Romney says the most truthful thing to ever come from the mouth of a Republican and something that should have got him an instant pass to the White House instead loses the election.

    Not until we see the Bush gang in orange suits on Court TV will the GOP recover any credibility. I am not even sure Trump can fix the place.

  • Michael Onoo

    America is sick of the political class, any strong outsider will automatically get 20_25% of the vote. RINO/GOP is especially in the crosshairs

  • Close

    Carly is the not an outsider nor a conservative. Supported the individual mandate in 2013, and still does per her campaign. Better to drop her from the list.
    As Carly Fiorina rises in the polls, her campaign is continuing to paint the longtime insider as political outsider. Here are seven reasons why the assertion Carly Fiorina is a “political outsider” who hasn’t been “raising money from special interests for years” calls into question her claim of being an “outsider.”

  • CarlyRinoInsider

    Evolve? Hoping that’s just a poor word choice. Argue facts with facts, not insults.

    As Carly Fiorina rises in the polls, her campaign is continuing to paint the longtime insider as political outsider. Here are seven reasons why the assertion Carly Fiorina is a “political outsider” who hasn’t been “raising money from special interests for years” calls into question her claim of being an “outsider.”

  • olee1947

    what did they STOP???

  • Buster000

    The RNC lost it’s republican base after what it did to Dr Ron Paul after that last election cycle. You reap what you sow..

  • guest

    only 62%?

  • Goober_Pyle

    I did not EVER consider home schooling for my kids and I have a graduate degree so epic fail Einstein. Sounds like you are trying to compensate for some physical shortcoming. That or Mommy issues.

  • Dewreck

    People will be talking about Obama, Clinton and Bush as some of the darkest days for our country for centuries. So much potential absolutely squandered, this is why good leadership is important, we haven’t had it in quite awhile, maybe the last good ones were Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower

  • Out

    And that’s the screwed up thinking that’s led to this mess. He/they swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. They were elected by American citizens. They tossed aside their consistent voters for some hard to obtain potential new voters, to the base’s detriment.

  • TigerJohn

    Took the oath behind closed doors?


    We don’t “feel” betrayed!

  • Holy Lord Obama owns the Resmuglicans. Praise be to Lord Obama and long live the King!

  • oi812

    Without 13 Dem votes in the Senate just what can they do?

  • Buster000

    Your eyes are open 🙂 Congrats

  • Blargette

    I was thinking that the trunk needed to be affixed to the donkey’s no go zone.

  • oi812

    Boehner is gone and the next guy, even if it could be Cruz will not get any more done than Boehner because you can not override a veto with just the GOP Senators. Unless you want to shutdown the government every time you want something then all you can do is SHOW votes while you wait to get the WH. I wish we could do more but we do not have the power.

  • Buster000

    The zombie 62% will be feeding on his bones soon enough. Let him have his day

  • Buster000

    King has always been this way. It’s in his blood

  • Buster000

    10:30 am behind the Dairy Twist. Be there or be square.

  • John Campbell

    Now you know why:

    TRUMP 2016

    Make America Great Again!

  • Hillaryfarsalot

    You are RFOS!

    (Really Full of S. )

  • John Campbell

    It’s cheaper to shut the government down even if Obama tries to slap us in the face with it by putting Park service guards at open air parks just to stop people from being in places that are never patrolled to begin with. Let the people see just how evil this president and his socialist cohorts really are with their own action.

  • John Campbell

    Paul lost himself with his own actions.

  • John Campbell

    Yes, he’s not voting Paul so that is a great start. :o)

  • Ugh

    Not true. Read comments below. Nice to see you support both amnesty and the RINO do nothing talking points. Sigh

  • US.Patriot1776

    How “Caddyshack” Explains the Presidential Race

    A brash, rich lout crashes the party—and becomes an instant crowd favorite.

    Pretty much everyone in America would like to have more money,
    obviously. What they don’t want is to think that wealth would
    fundamentally change who they are. This is a basic democratic credo.
    Most Americans don’t want to be rich so that they can develop a taste
    for fancy French cuisine to be enjoyed over polite repartee with their
    fellow snobs at the country club. They want to be rich so they can do
    whatever they want and never have to take crap from anyone. They don’t
    want to be Judge Smails, in other words; they want to be Rodney
    Dangerfield. (Yes, technically Al Czervik, though the character is
    essentially an extension of Dangerfield’s longstanding persona.)

    That’s where Trump comes in. Leave aside the ugly nativism, and
    he’s basically a real-life Czervik: rich, yes, but an aggressive
    anti-snob who says whatever the hell he pleases and misses no
    opportunity to stick it to the establishment. The GOP is Bushwood
    Country Club (Bushwood!) and Trump the obnoxious interloper
    who, owing to his wealth, can’t be tastefully ignored. (Jeb Bush is the
    closest obvious parallel for Judge Smails, given the name and how
    resolutely Trump has set out to harass him; readers can decide for
    themselves who fit best as Ty Webb, Carl Spackler, and the gopher.)

    Indeed, one line of Czervik’s, in which he’s dissing Bushwood to
    Judge Smails, seems a remarkably apt metaphor for Trump’s evident view
    of the Republican Party as presently constituted: “This whole place
    sucks. That’s right, sucks. Only reason I’m here is maybe I’ll buy it.”

  • John D

    This should not shock anyone has paid attention.

  • Whump

    Seldom do you see the headline “shock poll” and you really are shocked at the results!

    WHO are these 38% who don’t feel betrayed by the party?!?!?

  • John D

    Not Cruz. He lied about Carson’s comment on a Muslim president. Cruz is history.

  • Whump

    First off, Cruz is a senator.

    So, when the democrats stamp their feet and say “We WILL get 100% of what we want, 100% of the time, and we REFUSE to compromise or even negotiate.”, what precisely are the Republicans supposed to do?

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    I know one of those “Jebbie” types and I can tell you he’s as brainwashed as a liberal. There is absolutely no talking to him. He repels facts just like liberals do.

  • John D

    Crawl back under your rock. .

  • Whump

    So, minority rules?

  • John D

    Cruz is a lying POS.

  • Whump

    They will if they want the party to survive..

  • John D

    You sound like an arrogant ass. Watch your mouth, Scum bag.

  • John D

    You are a complete moron.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    You should send the quote and video to the Trump campaign. He’ll know what to do with them when the time is right. Unbelievable.

  • Whump

    Minority rules?

  • Southernsoul

    62% ? That is a shock. That means 38% are happy with a political party that allows communists to dismantle the United States? Must be the same 38% that voted for McCain and Romney.

  • Mike

    No shock – we have been betrayed. It’s as clear as day.

  • Ray Caruso

    Thirty-eight percent of Republicans are cuckservatives or utterly uninformed. That’s the real shock.

  • lohchief

    And still the RNC won’t ‘get it’.

  • TPHobbit

    wow… only 62% feel betrayed…. I would have expected that to be higher….

  • Atilla Thehun

    No cogliones but plenty of bartholin glands in congress.

  • Patty
  • LeeP


  • LeeP

    won’t work, he’s a senator. I like him, though.

  • Bass Reeves

    They also know that the money is not coming in either. When the called me I laughed and hung the phone up.
    The actually believe that the only way to win the White House is to run a Democrat at the head of the ticket.
    Have you not noticed that the Democrats are the Republicans political advisers.

  • bill_1944

    It’s as simple as this: The democrats have become the communist party USA, and the republicans have become the democrats.

  • Pomona Pete

    POS: uh, President of …
    Cruz seems pretty authentically Christian to me, which isn’t a bad thing. If HE’S lying, who’s left?

  • Pomona Pete

    You’re making all the sense that can be made…brave for putting your foot in the mob’s mouth

  • Guido FL

    Shock ? Where have the “experts” been ? The average Republican voter is disgusted with what the present GOP leadership has been doing supporting Obama’s agenda ! These two clowns Boehner and McConnell have betrayed the GOP faithful at every turn ! The voter gave the GOP what they asked for and watched as they became a rubber stamp for Obama , fire all the leadership NOW !

    This congress voted to give the power of the purse to the president so they are now useless. Thank Mr Boehner for that !

  • tjb357452

    Isn’t it stunning that the GOP has finally admitted that it’s generally despised by the majority of it’s former faithful ? The core of the GOP has been crushed by the likes of Boehner and McConnell. McCarthy’s no better, just slicker. Remember the Whigs ? We’re witnessing a rerun.

  • SWDC

    Not Honourable and not even legal to permit the first in a long line of Mystery POTUSs where if one is permitted to go unvetted and seal his papers from the public then all will be able to argue not to show papers and remain unvetted and a complete Mystery.

    “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

    Remember how the story ends.

  • cactusneedle

    Better to say I quit than they say you’re fired! Can’t say I’m crying over his departure.

  • jackinus

    BREAKING!!!! EBOLA 40 West African refugees arrive with Ebola symptoms

  • jackinus

    BREAKING!!!! U.S. AIRPORTS: 30,000 West African Refugees arrive
    40 HAVE Ebola symptoms

  • junkyard dawg

    …And all of the “free-thinkers” BOLTED in the opposite direction, as the evidence of Voters having been taken for a ride MOUNTED.

  • Joe Castellana

    betrayed, betrayed? betrayed is not even the word for it. the two “leaders” in the House and Senate have given BO everything he has demanded, literally everything he wanted. and just look at this country! absolutely unforgivable.

  • Truth=Reality

    Here’s the new House leadership plan: “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.” It won’t be anyone with a CR above 50. Boehner’s was upper 20’s. Just awful.

  • Joe Castellana

    die-versity is our strength.

  • Jerry Chandler

    I think the pole is wrong. About half of Republicans no longer consider themselves Republican.

  • dunespacer

    Every time the gov is shut down the media will proclaim that it is because of the right wing. They will always shape the story as if left wing liberal thinking is the default and correct way to be, and anything that challenges it is completely unacceptable. The left can openly state that THEY will let the government shut down if they don’t get their way, and then when it does, it is dutifully reported by the media as the republican government shut down. Then every story repeats it over and over. It is sickening.

  • darrell_b8

    NO current politician will get my vote; hope they have a primary opponent so I can work for them and against the incumbent. THROW THE BUMS OUT!!

  • docusnret

    Boehner’s departure might improve this poll some…but I wouldn’t hold my breath….

  • robobbob

    what oath? I recall a supposed do over behind closed doors.

  • Andrei Bilderburger

    Bonehead just resigned effective October because he and Pelosi cut a deal to fully fund all Obama’s priorities for the next 2 years.

    And people wonder why the voters feel betrayed?

  • Norinos

    62% of republicans feel betrayed because 90% of them were. Why is Trump winning? Because the donor class directs the elected class to do their bidding regardless of the wishes of the parties base. Where goes the money, there goes the bought and paid for.

  • gildersleeve

    I wonder where the other 38 percent of idiots are. Anyone that is not unhappy with way these RINOs have been leading the Republican party are pure idiots.

  • another_conservative_in_exile

    betrayed….. yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

  • David Mills

    Hey Jim, no shock at all. I’m shocked you think it’s shocking.

  • Mikey7979

    Oh I completely understand………my whole comment was pure sarcasm

    Trump’s da man……

  • David Mills

    Elect THIS GUY—>

  • tham

    I think a good number of that 38% think Carly Fiorina is an outsider.

  • tham

    So will he vote Hillary over Trump?

  • Bass Reeves

    62%? I bet it’s higher than that!

  • tham

    Probably not but I’ll enjoy watching Donald give it a go.

  • tham

    It’s Ben Gay now.

  • tham

    Fiorina will be a tool of the Chamber of Commerce and amnesty along with that. Don’t be fooled by her fake “outsiderness”.

  • tham

    So typical of a lying politician. It was so sweet when Trump called him out.

  • kershaw63

    Time for McConnell to fall on his sword! Rino’s did you get the message we don’t want you anymore. “Sic Semper Tyrannis”

  • RepealObamaNow

    Agreed why do the democrats always find some way around the system and the republicans throw up their hands! I don’t care about the media, save the country. How does Obamacare pass with a simple majority but the Republicans who control both houses can’t stop the Iran deal! It’s nonsense, we had both houses under Bush and nothing. Have to get rid of the moderates. If the republicans win the presidential election. First day pass a 2200 page bill at midnight repealing Obamacare. Go back and reverse everything Obama has done except the 3% of decent things. Lower the corporate tax rate to created a vacuum of jobs coming back to the United States. Provide massive incentives for individuals and corporations at the local level to take care of the poor help the sick etc. Why does Government have a monopoly on doing good. Make charity the citizens goal not the Governments. We continue to surrender our liberty taking us back to pre-American Revolution where a very few are in charge. Corruption abounds in Europe and South America all the socialized countries and yet the Dems want to take use there because they love the exploitation. Please no more moderates…

  • stratus46

    Go listen to the question put to Cruz. What Cruz was asked was not what Carson said so the answer was not a lie at all.

  • stratus46

    If we end up with Kevin McCarthy replacing Boehner, we will have replaced dumb with dumber. Please select someone with a spine.

  • Alicia McHugh

    They could have defunded Obamacare. They could have used the nuclear option.

  • Beegeezee505

    I hear Scott Walker’s got some extra time on his hands now. Maybe he should be the speaker. At least he would try to get something done.

  • Truth Seeker

    Only 62%???? The GOP establishment is fudging the numbers again. Time for conservatives to break away from the backstabbing liberals known as RINOs.

  • R A

    you could always pack your sorry A SS up and leave

  • Should be more like 99%. The only ones who like the GOP Establishment are the elite Jewish Supremacists who fund them.

  • Darrell Standing

    That is brilliant … if you don’t mind … I would love to post that @ The Right Scoop when the first opportunity presents itself!!! Of course I will give you full credit … or even better come over there and stay awhile and post it yourself!!! If you haven’t looked around there its a pretty great bunch of people!!! Let me know please … looking forward to you becoming a Scooper!!!

  • SpeakerOfTruths

    Folks, please keep in mind that everything that the GOPe has done they have done with deliberation and intent. They sold their souls to the oligarchs and can only do as told. There will be no regained trust for decades to come.

  • socalbeachdude

    100% of Republicans should feel totally betrayed by the RINO jackasses running the Republican party in Congress.

  • socalbeachdude

    100% correct.

  • socalbeachdude

    McCarthy is just as much of a RINO jackass as Boehner and should not even be considered for Speaker of the House.

  • Self_Destruction

    I just really, really, really like this summary/comment. The polls are saying essentially that. “Nope”

  • Buster000

    I don’t think anyone is voting Paul. Trump??? G’d help us all. Me thinkus we are digging at the bottom of the barrel this time around. Good luck to all.

  • John Campbell

    Well, you can thinkus whatever you likeus, but Trump is hardly “the bottom of the barrel”. He’s far better than anyone else running and I like a multi Billionaire with a patriotic streak. Something that’s long overdue and quite refreshing. :o)

  • Buster000

    Not true. He won the minimum states necessary at the Convention in Florida to be nominated from the floor but the RNC immediately altered the seating rules on the spot causing nothing but chaos. Part of Maine’s delegation stormed off the floor in protest because of Amy Goodman’s act of stripping away half of Paul’s delegates. Just about everyone rose to their feet and hollered their objections.

    The new rules handed down would make it harder for any grassroots
    candidates to stand a chance in future elections. Now I’m not one of those who say he could have been nominated, which was along shot at best, but what I am saying is right at that moment the RNC lost about 5 to 7 percent of the Republican base because of their actions. They should have left things alone and let the chips fall as they may. It was felt at the presidential election and I suspect Romney is still in shock of his loss even today.

  • foramerica

    What is shocking is that 38% of republicans seem fine with these people.

  • Buster000

    Don’t assume Trump is what he says he. Proceed with caution but I do agree he is far better than any other candidate running – on both sides I might add.

  • TheChristReturns

    “And the whole World followed after the Beast” Revelation.. Also see Luke 22:36, because its going to get bloody. Open your eyes sheeple !

  • A reaction to Trump’s popularity. The jig is up as they say.

  • Elapoides

    The “shock” is that the number of Republicans that feel betrayed is only 62%…but of course many who were Republicans are now Independent.

  • itsy_bitsy

    We don’t just “feel” betrayed, we have been betrayed! Republicans politicians in Washington have fallen in behind Obama on every single thing he has put through, simply because each time he threatens them with shutting down the government! Sort of like mother telling her child, if you don’t mind you will get no cake for dessert! The Republicans might grumble, but they mind Obama just the same! They even work with democrats in the House and Senate to DEFEAT other Republicans (Conservatives)! We have darn good reason to feel betrayed, because we have been! When McCarthy runs for Boehner’s position who do you think will cement the deal? I’ll tell you who – House Democrats will, if that isn’t betrayal I don’t know what is!

  • tracy christian

    I always enjoyed how Boner pretended like he was upset at Obama and say he was gonna do this and that to fight it and never did anything. I’m convinced he was a democrat in disguise.

  • creeper

    They don’t care about the party as long as they keep their seats.

  • creeper

    For the classic example of this (and a very happy ending) google “Bruce Braley”.

  • creeper

    But didn’t Reagan tell us we could build our country on a service economy…that we didn’t need those dirty manufacturing jobs?

    Since when is it an embarrassment to get your hands dirty?

  • S.O.B.

    The 62% is of the 50% that still identified themselves as Republican after the 08 election.

  • Chakotay Your Chicken

    62% is low and they feel betrayed because right now, as I type, the republican party bosses are asking obama whom he would accept as the new speaker.

    That is what it boils down to.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    He hasn’t gone that far, though if Jim Webb had any chance at all, he said he would vote for him if CRUZ were our nominee. (That statement right there goes to show you how much the old republican guard hates conservatives. Our conversation took place before Trump threw his hat in the ring. If it were Trump, I think he might vote for the democrat.

    I’m thinking the die-hard GOPe elites are going to vote democrat if Trump is the nominee, but droves of independents, blacks, Hispanics and millennials who usually vote democrat will more than compensate for that loss. It will be an election that will cause heads to explode among the all-knowing pundits, pollsters, and establishment elites.

  • Miagogo

    Those are the ex-democrats (blue dogs) chased from their party.

  • VoteOutIncumbents

    We have a one party system with two wings. The leaders of both wings pretend fight, but it’s all about making money and paying off their contributors. It’s kabuki theatre.

  • ohio granny

    I’m shocked that it is ONLY 62% that feel betrayed by the republican party. All anyone has to do is read comments on different articles at different sites on the internet to see how the rank and file feel. Are the leaders in the republican party and the other 38% of republicans really that clueless?

  • ohio granny

    You are right about both.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    ” why do the democrats always find some way around the system and the republicans throw up their hands!”

    Because the democrats and GOPe are all bought and paid for by the same people. They are one in the same. The Uniparty. The handful of conservative fighters like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, Tim Scott and a few others still vote against the Uniparty almost every time, but the corruption and cronyism runs deep in DC.

    The only way to really clean this up is to expose every single corrupt politician and their media cohorts, which I believe is what Trump is doing in his own “Trump” way.

  • ohio granny

    THAT pretty much says all. So very true.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    That’s a good point, which would make the 62% number much more significant.

  • ohio granny

    Unfortunately Patty about 47% of us don’t.

  • ohio granny

    Did the democrats give up when Scott Brown won that seat in Mass.? No they changed the rules to get what they wanted. Have republicans even threatened to do the same? No. That is why they never win. How can you win if you refuse to even pretend to fight?

  • ohio granny

    King is a despicable jackass.

  • historyguy48

    If only 62% feel betrayed the rest are idiots. Of course the bi-annual madness is now coming to America’s citizens.
    Remember that the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

  • daver98

    Yes-Cruz was the only one who stood tall. He was willing to have a shutdown if that is what it took. But you had people like Cornyn trying to torpedo his filibuster efforts. Cruz may not be perfect, but he does consistently stand by conservative principles

  • monoco

    And just how did the democRATS change everything, like taxing the wealthy. They did control the house, senate and presidency all at the same time for two years, did they not? They could have passed any legislation they wanted.

  • AtomicMetroid

    They all work for AIPAC. Left/right repub/dem……..Israel comes first to these religious lunatics. They could care less about us cattle…I mean, ‘Americans’. This is not what America was supposed to be(a war tool for jewish supremacists). It is time for states to secede and create a new union. One where dual citizens cannot serve in congress. The war-mongering will stop.

  • AtomicMetroid

    Please stop falling for the two-party sham. They all work for the same boss(aipac)

  • AtomicMetroid

    He is a Canadian-born Zionist lunatic

  • AtomicMetroid

    Cruz sees Christians as useful idiots…

  • RichardTater3

    Cantor and Boehner are just the beginning.

  • T. Durden

    Both parties, and the media, will do everything in their power to sustain the Washington status quo during this election cycle. Any transformative candidate threatening the establishment will face a relentless onslaught of character/qualifications assassination.
    There is only one candidate capable of fighting back against TPTB and surviving the onslaught – Trump. There is only one candidate capable of functioning without the controlling influence of $$$l donations and lobbyists – Trump. There is only one candidate with the cajones to steamroll the establishment once he gets to the White House – Trump.
    Yes, he has faults. I don’t care. The qualities that make him irritating are the very qualities he needs to bulldoze the stinking pile of poo that is Washington.
    The more the establishment tries to take him down, the more vocal I will be at supporting him. Are you listening, Fox?

  • RichardTater3

    It’s time to go turtle hunting.

  • dperry428

    Nothing will change with either party until we have TERM LIMITS. Our system was never meant to be run by career politicians. When our representatives are truly OUR representatives and not in it for themselves, we will again have a system that works. Go to DC to serve a very limited amount of time, with no pension, no special privileges and then return to your regular job, much as it is when one is called up for military service. These idiots now think they are royalty, answerable to no one and in it for their own enrichment. How did a wrestling coach from Illinois turn into a millionaire when he was elected to the House? Why does my Senator Durbin respond to correspondence with a form letter instead of a real answer? Why did all those “conservatives” who were elected last time based on their promises abandon those promises once elected? This simple answer is that once elected, they become enamored with their own sense of superiority and entitlement, become entrenched in the Washington culture and forget their roots and who sent them there.

  • John Campbell

    Wow! And to think all I was referring to was Paul’s choice of going to Al Sharpton as his go to guy on “black society”.

  • RecklessProcess

    The GOP now stands for leftism and has the same leftist goals as the democrat socialist party: destroy business and jobs with out of control government and run industries overseas while bankrupting the middle class with higher and higher mandatory health care costs and skyrocketing energy costs.
    Neither the democrats or republicans represent anything other than crony capitalism. Our representatives have been bought by K Street and do not even care whether we like it or not.

  • Buster000

    There’s more than meets the eye for certain…….

  • No One Important

    It does make you wonder why they spend multi-millions in a campaign for a seat that pays 174K/year.It does make you wonder how someone who goes to Washington with debt. . .ends up retiring as a multi-millionaire.It does make you wonder why they fight so hard against disclosing their stock portfolios.It does make you wonder why they fight so hard for silly “committee” assignments. . . Unless they’re getting rich on insider information from those committee assignments. You want recall rights – not term limits though.Just look at how Obama is acting – do you want 1/3rd of those narcissists behaving that way every year? Term limits removes voter accountability. Recall rights increases voter accountability.And all you need to do is amend your state constitution and the feds have nothing at all to say about it.

  • theotherRJH

    I am still expecting Jeb or Ted Cruz to lose to Hillary. The plan was set years ago and I have a hard time believing Trump is going to be a paid fall guy.

  • Buster000

    Why is the RNC shocked that the republican base is against them when they do everything in their power to recoil the very essence of the party. A handful of crony capitalists demand the flock to follow their every command without question. How’s that working out for you Mr. P ????????

  • Albert Griggs

    NeoCon was INVENTED by Irving Kristol and his CABAL of TROTSKYITE COMMUNISTS.
    The first Neocons, as they later became known, were Marxist New York Intellectuals and followers of Leon Trotsky (Vladamir Lenin’s right hand man and leader of the Red Army during the Bolshevik Revolution). As just one example, Irving Kristol, widely held to be the godfather of Neoconservatism, was openly and vocally a Trotskyist in his formative years. The Neocons defected from leftist politics and shrewdly set up shop in the Republican Party during the late 60’s and early 70’s.
    Neocons are Fifth Columnist Traitors selling out America for Israel’s interests.
    NeoCon is COMMUNISM wrapped in an American flag.
    NeoCons refuse to WEAR an American uniform ….
    they just wrap themselves in the flag and send YOU and YOURS to be maimed and killed.
    Today’s American NeoCons are yesterday’s Jewish Bolsheviks. SAME THING.
    The correct spelling is neoCOMMUNIST.

  • ConcernedCitizen31

    Who cares whether he is Christian? Just because you are Christian, does not mean you maintain those values.

  • CLR

    Add my vote to that. The Republican Party no longer stand for their own creed:

    That the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice,

    That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society,

    That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government,

    That the Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations,

    That peace is best preserved through a strong national defense,

    That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the
    moral fiber of the Nation.

  • Kenneth G Maiden

    And I’m one of them too! Long time Repub now in doubt that this party is nothing but whores. Once inside the beltway, corruption sets in. Now its not about the country, Its about self, then self again, power, self, party, maybe country. LAST ON THE LIST, CITIZENS. Yeah, the unwashed, serfs, cash cows.

  • Albert8184

    62 percent of GOP voters are feeling betrayed or disillusioned….
    And yet the Left and their liberal sycophants voters continually spout that America is “being hijacked by the right” and “we’re right on the verge of a radical right wing takeover of the country.”

    The dissonance coming out of the political sphere in America is mind-boggling. And it’s deliberate and it’s organized.

  • Otis

    Lets try 95% The democrat party (small d) was infiltrated by communists from Woodrow Wilson on, now that job is complete the communist have been infiltrating the Republican party with “progressives” (RINO) moral of the story – get rid of the all of the RINOS!!!

  • Albert8184

    It has nothing to do with balls or courage or intelligence or common sense.

    The GOP is CORRUPTED like the Democrats are corrupted. And by the same establishment of elites. They aren’t stupid or naive. They’re evil. The sooner we digest that fact, and accept reality, the sooner we can begin to act like a people who are on the verge of becoming slaves. Because we aren’t acting like people who are worried about anything.

  • Albert8184

    Let’s stop kidding ourselves. Joe McCarthy was right. The watchmen warning us over the past 70 years were right. The dissidents and defectors from the Soviet Union were right. We’re heading for the abyss.

    But we’re not acting like people who are heading for the abyss. We’re acting like people having a friendly disagreement about where to put the new couch in the living room. We’re acting passive in the face of mortal danger. Donald Trump is a symptom that we’re waking up. But we’re not there yet. The Donald isn’t NEARLY abrasive enough to deal with the Left Wing. He’s not NEARLY as blunt and as confrontational as he needs to be. But he’s a good start.

  • AffinityNetNews

    You will never fully understand what is really going on until you learn the following … and far more than I can share here …

    THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED aka USA Inc., a private foreign owned off-shore international banking/military criminal cartel that has been masquerading as our sovereign Constitutional representative Republic since and before 1933, (See: Act of 1871) when our nation was highjacked by Rothschild Zionist/Crown Corporation/Zionist Jew infiltrated Vatican Incorporated then, manipulated into a contrived bankruptcy and driven by receivership into debt-slavery to the (See: ‘Empire of the City’).

    (1) Washington D.C., (2) The Financial District of London City, and (3) Vatican Incorporated.

    YOU are classified as: ‘Enemy of the State’ whether you realize it or not pursuant to: The Emergency Banking Relief Act, Trading With The Enemy Act, The Federal Reserve Act et al.

    An ‘ACT’ is NOT Constitutional law, but rather a ‘Corporate Policy’.

    – There is NO lawful government of, by, or for ‘We The Useless Eaters’. We are being held hostage as debt-slaves to payoff all past, present and future debts incurred by the criminal invading de facto USA Inc., from cradle-to-grave.

    – ‘We The Useless Eaters’, have NO lawful representation anywhere.

    – We have been hypothecated, collateralized, monetized and ‘incorporated’ from birth to be soulless units of commerce owned and controlled by USA Inc. (research: Birth/Berth Certificate and SS Number)

    – There is NO Constitution of, by, or for ‘We The Useless Eaters’. (See: Act of 1871) The CON-stitution was altered in 1871, to become a private business charter for USA Inc., and YOU are NOT party to it.

    – The organic Constitution of 1776, was covertly replaced in 1871, and is not recognized by the de facto occupational banking/military criminal cartel masquerading as our lawful government, which is in direct criminal collusion with the United Nations.

    – There is NO so-called ‘legal system’ of, by, or for ‘We The Useless eaters’. The entire legal system is a private foreign owned off-shore controlled corporation. Every courthouse is a corporation and is traded daily on the NYSE with Duns and Bradstreet.

    The United States is a Corporation: US Statue Code Title 28 3002 (15) (a) (b) (c) 16 Stat. 419, Chap. 62, 41st Congress 3rd Session.

    This also includes every Federal, State, County and City as subjugated sub-corporations, agencies, departments, agents, and public officials. ALL are employees of USA Inc. whether they realize it or not.

    A small example of the de facto fraudulent sub-corporations of USA Inc. : IRS, FBI, CIA, BLM, TSA, DHS, DARPA, FEMA, FDA, EPA, DIA, all so-called law enforcement from federal to city, every courtroom, Park Service, BATFE, in other words, everything you ‘think’ is ‘government’ is a corporation.

    Did you know that BOTH political parties are actually corporations?

    – Obama, is CEO, of USA Inc., and does NOT represent ‘We The Useless eaters’, only that of the global ruling elite shareholders of USA Inc.

    – CON-gress, is the Board of Directors for USA Inc., and also does NOT represent ‘We The Useless Eaters’, only the shareholders of USA Inc.

    – Every so-called ‘election’, is merely a inner-corporate proxy battle among pre-selected, pre-compromised, pre-packaged, pre-manufactured bootlicking shills.

    Those of you placing your faith in Trump … Is he exposing ANY OF THIS ..? NO, and he won’t either or he and and his family will be murdered.

    I won’t get into how I have been threatened, followed, computers destroyed, my website completely red-flagged and taken down.

    If you doubt this then, please read the following …

    Quote: “We’ll know our dis-information campaign is complete when, everything the American people believe … is false.” – William Casey Dir. CIA

    How do I know all this ..? I worked many years in Film and TV with National Geographic TV, NOVA TV Series, FRONTLINE, PBS TV, NBC, every major movie studio in Hollywood and NYC, and much, much more. I was fired from CBS Nightly News for daring to expose all of the above and much more to the public.

    It would require writing a book to explain in detail all that I have uncovered regarding the massive endless lies, fraud, and deception against the American people.

    If you aren’t furious enough now, how would you feel if you knew the IRS, is ‘merely’ a corporation with absolutely no authority, jurisdiction or lawful interstate nexus whatsoever ..?

    Everything you have ever been taught (mind-controlled) to believe is … false.

    Keep voting for either of the two political parties, and you are just feeding into more left-right false paradigm theatre of the absurd. It’s ALL illusion.

    Remember what George Carlin said ..? “It’s ALL one big club, and you ain’t in it,” and neither am I.

    Research: ‘America is a Corporation’ when you learn what this means … it’s the Keys to the Kingdom of knowledge, and real power over our slave-masters who are terrified that this will be known en masse.

    Many of you are exposing the Zionist Jew issue here so I’ll leave it at this.

  • Kenneth G Maiden

    You’re right on the mark Albert. Far too many Americans are uninformed as to what is truly going on. Sadly the don’t put in any effort. A couple of headlines form the agenda driven mainstream media, and off to the voting booth. Sad, so very sad.

  • Albert8184

    When you blame it all on “the Jews”, you lose all credibility with about 75 percent of the people who would otherwise have no problem with what you say. You’re right about the big club, but you keep blaming the wrong people for the big club. And….. that’s exactly what real members of the big club want you to do. Blame the people they always point the finger at. Because those they point the fingers at are the same ones who built the foundations of the post-Roman Western world. And the post-Roman West is the foundational resistance to the agenda of the “Big Club”.

  • SWDC

    Since some have been taught for generations to live on welfare rather than work. Just as there are some who have learned not to fight their own civil wars in their native lands because someone else will pay to and die doing it while they sit and breed and eat living off other peoples good intentions.

  • AffinityNetNews

    I’m not blaming it all on Jews. It’s a far bigger and more complex issue than that. However, they are a major component which is irrefutable. If you don’t know this, then you know very little.

  • AxeWound

    Maybe now these stupid republicans, meaning the establishment ones, will wake up.

  • No One Important

    I’m hoping McConnell hear those loud cheers and roars of approval loud and clear.McConnell should be doing some serious navel gazing right about now. . . He’s despised even more than Boehner was.

  • No One Important

    Another irrational anti jewish rant.Go back to your inbred cousins at the circle-jerk stormfront headwaters.

  • Albert8184

    Yep Kenneth. 40 years of self-study has convinced me beyond any doubt that this is not merely misguided do-gooderism. Because it’s happening EVERYWHERE in the West. Not just in America. It’s an evil deception. We’re so distracted with the circus we don’t notice the crucial truth: the same agenda is advanced by both parties. Globalism. Internationalism. Corporatism. Debt currency policy. And the elimination of nations and distinct cultures. Starting with the “transformation” of the West.

  • Albert8184

    No. I do know it. I know it very well. And that’s why people like you normally tell me I’m a “Closet Jew”. You’re flipping the script. YOU DON’T KNOW IT. And you are blaming it all on the same old “Jewish Bolshevik” Theory that comes down out of the old “Learned Protocols/Secret Talmud” propaganda. But thanks for ADMITTING here and now that you know it isn’t all about the ZOG and their secret baby blood Matzah balls.

  • Albert8184

    Yep. Looks to me like the Marxist in the White House and his fellow travelers in the anti-Judeo Christian anti-capitalist Left are trying to provoke a war between Islam and the West so that they can build a new “utopia” on top of the ashes. And restore that lost Ottoman Empire that led to such rage and frustration in the Muslim streets 100 years ago.

    Or maybe they’re just thinking that a little “Reverse Colonialism” is just the recipe for crushing white privilege at it’s root and getting some payback for all the oppressed people groups of the world victimized over the past 400 years of the capitalist era.

  • Albert8184

    They didn’t throw anything away. They managed to fool conservatives into voting for them again, so they could advance the same Left Wing Globalist agenda, hiding behind the “neocon” deception, and they got everything they wanted. All they need to worry about now is… how are they going to pull it off next time? And the time after, and the time after? Without you catching on.

  • Albert8184

    It’s all about the agenda. Making money now and living a cushy life of perks is just the icing on the cake. But the agenda is going to be the REAL money maker.

  • Albert8184

    Thank you.

  • Albert8184

    What you say is true, and it is news to the ears of most conservatives who backed the neocons faithfully over the past 40 years, thinking they were true American conservatives.

    But they aren’t selling out Israel. They are selling out those religious conservaties in America who THINK Israel is something other than what it is right now… or don’t want to remember what it is right now: A Progressivist Left leaning secular state run on humanist principles that is “Israel” in name only.

  • shimrod

    There’s a tremendous misunderstanding here. There are millions of conservative voters who consider themselves the Republican base. There are thousands of Republican politicians who are working hard to serve the interests of other persons, mostly business people, who provide donations to Republican politicians with 5 and 6 figure checks. The check writers are the real Republican base, the politicians just don’t like to discuss that in front of voters.

  • Albert8184

    The GOP is one half of Bill Clinton’s “Third Way” Party.

  • If we had a one party system, citizens would be able to join that party and participate in its politics. That’s clearly not the case. We have a ZERO party system controlled by the elitists and their financial backers.

  • Call of the RINOs…

    1. “Give us the House and we will stop the democrats!”

    2. “Give us the Senate and we will stop the democrats!”

    3. “Give us the White House and we will … hey, why are you supporting Donald Trump?!”

  • No One Important

    lol. . .exactly.

  • No One Important

    It’s not just republicans – democrats are owned by the far left nutters and the trial lawyers association. Why do you think there wasn’t any torte reform in Obamacare, hmmmm?None of Washington works for regular americans now.Decades – across all political stripes, everyone has been screaming to close that border – and Washington refuses.Despite study after study proves we don’t have a shortage of workers in this nation, they are insisting on lifting Visa levels.We don’t have a shortage of workers, we have a shortage of jobs.And yet, there is Washington, behaving like a diva of spending, ignoring the voters repeatedly. . . It’s coming to a head. When 72% of your own party wants the leadership replaced – you’ve gone way off the rails. . .

  • mikegray24

    This is what I came here to say. We’ve been screaming this from the rooftops for years. The only surprise is that the percentage isn’t higher.

  • shimrod

    I agree, both parties are run by and for the financiers. As I’m aligned with the principles the Republicans run on (not act on) I take more offense at Republican hypocrisy.

  • LarryNC

    Whose wife works for Goldman-Sachs.

  • Moss500

    What’s so surprising? They’ve done NOTHING to stop obama’s anti-American agenda and have denied the candidate choice of the majority of their registered members. Now, they can’t figure out why we’re upset?

  • LarryNC

    What we have is an Oligarchy.

  • LarryNC

    America is dying because she has two types of cancers that are killing her. Those two cancers are the DNC and the RNC. And unless, or until people understand this, America is lost.

  • bo1921

    There’s no “feel” about it. It’s a fact.

  • checkssc

    Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not watching you.
    Proverbs for Paranoids, ” You hide, they seek.” Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

    Your tinfoil is showing, dude.

  • will jones

    Very few Americans trust our gov today and I can’t find 1 person who trusts obama.

  • Veritasortruth

    There is a lot of truth in what you say. Republican Conservatives simply do not or mostly can not write those 5 and 6 figure checks. And today’s business people are to a large extent what has been labeled as crony. The Chamber of Commerce has been completely taken over by short term thinking left wing lunatics.

    As concerns Boehner, he simply could not muster the support and unite the Republicans in the House. One problem was that the Democrats are filibustering everything. They desperately want to keep the legislation from getting to Obama’s desk. They don’t want Obama to have to veto these bills. In essence they are trying to keep the public from having the debate they deserve.

  • jrg dds

    To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, I didn’t leave the Republican party, the party left me.

  • dperry428

    Recall is almost laughable. Dick Durban keeps getting reelected, not because he represents most of Illinois, but because Chicago Democrats pretty much control elections in Illinois. Recall assumes that the voters are well informed as to the actions of their representatives. You put too much faith in the majority of voters to be savvy of current events and issues.Sadly, the majority of Americans are ignorant dolts when it comes to political awareness and knowledge of issues and their representatives’ stance on them. Far too many people vote based upon an expectation of “freebies”,
    welfare, benefits and entitlements, not what’s in the best interests of
    the country. Huge numbers of voters, particularly in urban areas, just vote the way their precinct committeeman tells them, or just vote a party line, no matter who is running. Just look at some of the ignoramuses that we have in Washington now. Idiots also keep getting reelected because of the influence of big money. They kowtow to the major campaign contributors to get reelected. Were there not reelection, the big money influence would be significantly diminished. Parasitic, career politicians would be gone with term limits and most of those who chose to run for office would be those most interested in serving their constituents, not themselves. This is as our founders thought it would be — everyday citizens choosing to serve and then returning to their jobs.

  • Reg Dunlop

    100 up votes

  • Reg Dunlop

    They backed the Muslim President over their own voters……Phuck Them

  • vadata1940

    Conservatives have been betrayed by career politicians and pundits who only seek to perpetuate themselves. Irresponsible ranting fear-and-hate-mongers mesmerize the susceptible who have lost the ability to think for themselves. These public figures make all sorts of threats and promises they have no ability or intention to fulfill. Reasonable people who are trying to make things work are reviled and shouted down. Mr. Boehner fell on his sword as graciously as possible, but he appears to me to be a man driven to the limits of his endurance. Now he is being made a scapegoat, but no one will be able to do any better. It is a sorry state of affairs. It is almost as if the Republicans plan to be losers.

  • These facts ??? brought to you by the DNC and the White House Press Office ???

  • Carl

    Neither party represents the People, provable by the fact that the Fed govt. refuses to secure the borders despite 80-90% of the People wanting it done – and no amnesty – for the last THIRTY YEARS.

  • magic1114

    No, it’s more like “F-U”…

  • BallsofGreatFire

    Run as conservative and govern as milquetoast. What do you expect in a poll of Republicans? That they’re fine with this? Please. This isn’t news. It is however the reason I’m not a Republican. And the Democrats have dropped all pretense of being an American political party. I don’t see joining either major political party ever again in my lifetime. It’s just another sign of our countries not-so-slow demise into the gutless abyss of socialism and mediocrity. Of course the monstrously ballooning debt, that we seem to have no plans of taming, is probably going to put the final nail in our little 240 year experiment with freedom and limited government.
    I almost laughed myself at that last term….limited government…man I’d hate to see what an intrusive government looked like.

  • Whump

    There are many mindless left wing sheep mentally isolated in bubbles of perfect ignorance who still blindly cheer him..

  • William Hofmeister

    Actually, that doesn’t prevent him from being speaker of the house. They can vote for anybody for the job. It becomes a juggling act though, if they, the republicans, mess around too much, the dems might get one of their own elected. That’s why most fights are just for show.

  • Whump

    Now that is truly a “shock poll”!

    WHO are these 38% who DON’T feel betrayed?!?!?

  • William Hofmeister

    Are you a registered Democrat or just a freelance fool?

  • Whump

    Or The People or the nation…

  • The RINOS thought the rest of the GOP was theirs to manipulate, and we’d follow blindly. What a surprise, Rove, eh?

  • And the RINO nest builders are shocked and surprised.

  • “Outside Congress”? To be the Speaker of the House you have to be a MEMBER of the House. It’s obvious that not much Civics is taught any more.

  • The GOP elite behave toward the conservative wing just as the leftist elite behave toward the “minority groups” they buy off with our tax money. They think we are “in the satchel”. and will accept anything they foist upon is. Maybe not so much.

  • They’re all about building up pension credits and tuning in to insider deals.

  • And the “honest brokers” the Gruber set.

  • “Shall elect from one of their OWN a Speaker”.

  • William Hofmeister

    Sorry, but no, doesn’t have to be from the House. The members could vote for anyone they want. As one article on the web states they could even vote for Gingrich or Trump if they were so inclined. However, the Republicans will not want to mess up and let the Democrats elect one of their own, so any fight will be mostly for show.

  • William Hofmeister

    Might be the next President, get used to it. In his case, he actually would be a constitutional expert, opposed to the clown we have in the White House now.

  • Iam Clumberfeet

    Just can’t trust those Republicans.

  • paul52

    Check the Constitution. Don’t think you have to be a member to be Speaker.

  • Mac in Texas

    A little skewed I’m guessing unless 38% are stupid.

  • Mac in Texas


  • will jones

    a pres pushing socialism is not going to be popular in America, we are accustomed to freedom.

  • luckyintheorder

    98% think the democrats have let them down too… (you can’t expect 100% can you?)

  • Goose

    will the Revolution be televised?

  • Buster000

    Nope. An EMP will make certain of that.

  • Goose

    with that avatar, I shouldn’t like you… but I admit, nice comments.

  • cadgbd

    try obama for crimes against humanity. the way they hound bush, that should go double for the ‘bama. how many heads have been cut off with a knife, how many families sold into sex slavery, how much death and horror has taken place since that leftist despot obama took office.

    try him before an international war crimes tribunal. he deserves to be punished.

  • MaryBlack

    The 38% should just end it all. That has to be their collective IQ.

  • gsp9993

    This is no surprise. The surprise is the media kept hiding it for years.

  • AtomicMetroid

    He’d just be another Israel/AIPAC boot licker. More war-mongering against jewish enemies by using Americans to do it. It is time for states to secede and create a new union.

  • AtomicMetroid

    I do not believe in the two-party sham. They all work for jewish supremacists. Time to secede and create a new union.

  • AtomicMetroid

    Thank you. Yes. Isn’t that all anyone needs to know about Cruz…

  • I’m not shocked. I thought it’d be higher.

  • Jim Jordan from Ohio would be the best man.

  • james m

    If Trump wins or if he loses this is the end of the Republican party. Forever. If 62% of a group feel betryed by that groups leaders that group is about to disintegrate. And I count myself amongst the 62%

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  • S.O.B.

    It will never again be what it was pre-2008 but it will still exist. We may, if we are fortunate, see the rise of third party that actually addresses the concerns of Americans who are concerned about this country.

  • Mark

    Want a shock poll?

    How many Americans feel Obama is an enemy and a traitor to America?

  • SNuss

    The Constitution does not require that the Speaker be an elected House Representative.

  • SNuss

    Kleptocracy, or khakistocracy, also apply

  • William Hofmeister

    We tried that once, it didn’t work out so good.

  • AtomicMetroid

    Oh, that’s because we were lead by a jewish traitor. Read about it sometime. It was planned. But next time….I have no doubts that we would win by a landslide. It needs to happen. We can go no further. We have too many foreign traitors and their flunkies in congress. We must secede and create a new union. They can all go live in Israel

  • iamnotafraidanymore

    google libertarian and learn , FYI I am registered Repub and sick of the traitors to the constitution. I vote my way in the voting booth but it seems like the votes disappear in the electronic voting machines.

  • james m

    No. It will die. What will replace it will not resemble it

  • LarryNC

    SNuss, I must admit that I had to look up the definition of those two terms. I understood that Kleptocracy must have meant stealing, but the other was a term that I had never heard before. Very interesting. Thank you.

  • LarryNC