Muslim Migrants Promised Free Housing and ‘Blonde Women’ If They Make It to Sweden

Migrants are promised a taxpayer-funded luxury living and free blonde women in Sweden according to propaganda advertising in the Middle East.
blonde free money

Over a thousand immigrants a day are seeking asylum in Sweden. reported, via Religion of Peace:

A tax-financed luxury living with free housing, sky high welfare benefits and their own “blonde beauty” as a girlfriend. These are some of the promises that immigrants from the Arab world currently are receiving to make a pilgrimage to Sweden, according to a investigative report in Dala-Demokraten.

Right now, over a thousand immigrants a day, most of whom are men, are seeking asylum in Sweden.

Many people have asked themselves why so many Arabs choose to go through Europe to get to the little country far up north, where the summer is autumn and the winter lasts until summer.

In its report, Dala-Demokraten states that most of the so-called refugees are already residing in Syria’s neighboring countries, where there is no war, but takes to northern Europe for economic reasons.

Expectations of Sweden in particular are soaring, according to the newspaper. On the sites where smugglers go out with information, Sweden is singled out as the best country to go to: You get asylum quickly and you can soon get a family reunion.

On the sites, the migrants are also promised a tax-funded life of luxury. They are told that they must stay in luxury hotels until the government has found a free accommodation to them. Then they can sit back and let the Swedish taxpayers bear all their costs of living.

There is also sexual content in the advertisements, according to Dala-Demokraten. Among other things, the Arabs are promised their own free young willing blond Swedish girlfriend if they manage to illegally get all the way to the promised land in northern Europe (article picture).

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  • formwiz

    Anybody asked the blonde women about this?

  • Donna

    Europe is doomed

  • Kenneth W

    Before any Muslim male enters a country they should get a little green rubber ring.

  • RightSideUp

    Is this made up propaganda for motivation to get people to flee into Sweden, or is Sweden actually going along with some of this?
    This sounds like some made up nonsense, but now-a-days who knows.

  • rambler

    Blonde ladies of Sweden…. get yourself into self-defense training pronto! Learn wrist locks, come alongs and the effectiveness of well placed elbows, knees and feet. Don’t wait for the authorities to protect you. Get them to clean up the mess after you’re done giving your attackers some street justice. That is unless you have been wishing all of your life to be the burqua babe of a sharia enforcing, islamic “prince charming”.

  • lifsabsurd

    People of the third world have realized that they can invade the West as long as they come unarmed and posing as victims. Western civilization has become suicidally Orwellian. Once the third world cultures become the dominant ones their people will not be stupid enough to tolerate the former Western culture. Multiculturalism is impossible within a stable country.

  • Darkheart11

    You would have thought the lessons of WWII and its Russian “occupation” of tens of thousands if not HUNDREDS of thousands of European women by rape would have lasted longer. The story goes Stalin promised his Asiatice troops free reign over the German(blond) women when they got to Berlin. And he kept that promise!

    Now the latest version of Asiatic invaders, islamic sand fleas, are being promised the same thing. And are struggling for it(blond women) just as passionately and desperately. You would have thought the generation of the generation of the product of massed rapes would have learned better. Looks like the compulsion to their rape culture is too strong in this third world Eastern animal species.

  • Gregor

    They come out of an
    “act of love” according to Jeb Bush. Well, that … and for free blonde

  • Darkheart11

    Be sure to thank what this guilt created tendency to helplessness. The so-called “liberalism” that came out of the Middle East!

  • Bill Smith2

    Said it before and I’ll keep saying it – What’s causing all these folks flee to their homelands isn’t about religion.. It’s not about God.. It’s about p#ssy.. How many times have we seen conga-lines of JUST men being paraded into a pitpit?? Kiddnappings of JUST women?? These ISIS f#ckers are nothing more than a band of perverts.. The whole lot of them even dream of chicks in the afterlife..

  • fatback

    Hey you can come here There are plenty blondes on FOX that seem to really like Muslims…..

  • ZZZzzzz

    Arabs sure do love them some blonde hair, blue eyes and white meat to rape don’t they?? Isn’t it enough proof that crime has gone up 300% and rapes have gone up 1400%+ making Sweden the #1 Rape Capital of the West? In fact, 99.99% of ALL rapes in Sweden are committed by these maggot-infested invaders! Sweden better start rethinking their asylum rules like yesterday. Their forefathers would be appalled! Esp since many beautiful Swedish teenagers are now dying their hair black and wearing sunglasses to ward off these savages….this one wasn’t so lucky. Poor girl.

  • fatback

    these politicians have put these women n grave danger. Sweden will be a fairy tale of a place soon that once was. Who says politicians are not the most dangerous thing we face in this world… Jeb and Columba will do this same thing to us but with Hispanics by t millions.

  • fatback

    FOX anchors for all……… come and get it.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Check out this billboard…pathetic!

  • TexasStomp

    It’s been bred it out of them. Maybe Ireland/Scotland, but certainly not England, the continent, or Scandinavia.

    When I am Queen every child from the 1st grade will learn grappling; from the age of 10 marksmanship and gun safety; and when they turn 16, they start Karate and Krav Maga. From middle school to graduation classes on the Constitution and our system of government will be required EVERY YEAR.

    EVERYONE 18 years old WILL serve a 2 year active duty hitch in a branch of the Military or the Coast Guard….their choice. No Nat’l Guard option. If they wash out of basic, they get sent to a federal prison to work for minimum wage. No exceptions other than catastrophic illness. And NO exemptions for ANYONE.

    I’m DONE with victimhood and public indolence.

  • dr.liberty

    Gee, more war on women…perpetuated by the liberals in government.

    Hello, republicans? Hello? Hello?

  • JY1

    ABC/CBS/NBC continue to report their observation that the horde of muslims rushing through the newly built fences at the European borders are:
    “predominantly young men”.

    And no one ever postulated the reason that the numbers of the most likely victims of war and terrorism, those being women, children, and elderly, is miniscule compared to the:
    “predominantly young men”.

    And now we know, because the:
    “predominantly young men”
    are on (or believe they are on) a “breeding migration”.

  • rambler


  • Lamplighter75

    Swedish blondes (and redheads) should also seriously consider dyeing their hair dark brown or black.Anything that would prevent them from standing out in a crowd can only help.

    And I believe it would be very good idea if the blondes and redheads in our own country would start doing the same thing.

    Not only do American women also need to be very concerned about the disastrous consequences of perverted Muslim men being allowed into our own country,they also need to worry about the ongoing rape epidemic being perpetrated by equally perverted black males and Hispanic rapists invading our country from Mexico,Central America,and the rest of Latin America.

    Of course,becoming well-armed is another great way for women to protect themselves.

    Lock and load,ladies!

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    New Muslim migration commercial, “Why wait for your 72 virgins come to Sweden!”

  • ZZZzzzz

    Are you ready to see blonde-haired, blue eyed Swedish women in burqas with their genitals mutilated?

    You’ll see it in Sharia-dominated Sweden in less than 25 years at this rate….More here…

    Maybe there’s a Bikini vs. Burka Rebellion Brewing…it would be nice, many teenage Iranian girls have belly piercings, majority of Iranians have never read the Koran, love the West and wish the Mullah Ayatollahs were gone.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Hilarious…too bad it’s so true…

  • mg4us

    This Muslim ploy makes the Trojan Horse look like Child play. .
    Just wait until these Muslim Men of Military age Step up and take arms. . .

    Western Europe has forgotten they history. .of the Moors and the Ottoman Empire!!!

  • Lamplighter75

    Or,preferably,a quick trip to an operating room to have themselves EMASCULATED!!!

    Pruning shears could also get the job done.

  • Lamplighter75

    It is very disheartening to read the following post by Fjordman from 10 long years ago and realize that the tragic epidemic of Muslim-on-Swedish rape has only gotten worse:

    “Immigrant Rape Wave in Sweden” December 12, 2005

  • S.O.B.

    The glaring omission is who is making these promises.

  • US.Patriot1776

    Bill Warner PhD: Migration as Jihad !!

    Migration is part of the doctrine of jihad. Migration is so important
    that the Islamic calendar is based upon the Hijra, Mohammed’s migration
    from Mecca to Medina. Why? Because it was migration that lead to the
    creation of jihad in Medina. And it was jihad that made Islam triumphant.

    In the past Muslims tended to stay in Islamic countries.
    Today, the new politics is to migrate to Kafir lands and immerse
    themselves in local politics. This is the jihad of money, writing and
    speech. Their politics is to bring the Sharia to Kafir culture. An
    example is using Islamic money is to build departments in universities
    that will support Sharia and never criticize Islam.

  • rafdelatorre

    And this time around, there will be no Crusades. The enemy is firmly and permanently implanted.

  • rafdelatorre

    Self-defense is useless if a woman is facing a gang of rapists, which is the strategy.

  • Mike in Illinois

    And Americans won’t be willing to come handle their business for them as we have in the past.

    heck, at this rate, we may not evenbe able if we wanted, because we face our own unarmed invasion, that is firmly entrenched.

  • Mike in Illinois

    wiz, no need to ask. Muslims believe women are possessions. They do not think that attitude stops at some invisible line called a nation’s border.
    This is why we witness rape numbers exploding wherever muslims invade.

  • Mike in Illinois

    While the Israeli idea of 2 years of mandatory service in the armed forced has appeal, conscription doesn’t meet the Liberty test.
    The alternative, in keeping with the Liberty test rests more along the lines of what you said prior to conscription. Schooling.
    Along with putting civics back in school, we should put physical education back in school too. hand to hand? yup, it is called wrestling. Shooting education can be indorporated into physical education.

    Personally, I think the most improvement we will get stems from civics education. If all kids could recite the Declaration of Independence by age 16, the vast majority of liberalism would be ousted from their minds as the hogwash it is by that time, never again to infect their mindsets.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Lara Logan comes to mind…..I wonder how she feels about muzzie love right about now?

  • Mike in Illinois

    ISIS told the world it was going to send this wave. And it is sending it.

  • rambler

    Then it’s time for those trained ladies to band together to even the score.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Sorry for the bluntness here, but were that my daughter, it would translate to four dead muslim rapists. If I would be jailed for it, so be it. My daughter would be avenged by truthful justice being imposed upon the evil rapists. If someone in my family is to be dealt an injustice, then it shall be me, not my daughter.

  • Mike in Illinois

    as well as who it is helping the promises be kept.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I recall that Iranians have a very high rate of plastic surgery. It seems that would be haram….

  • harriet

    God is really paying them back.


  • harriet

    and we don;t have any warrior Popes…..just this commie

  • TexasStomp

    My bad. Wrestling is what I meant by grappling.

  • DefeatBO

    Viking men need to castrate the Muslim men and toss them to the sharks.

  • Mike in Illinois

    You bet, same same!
    If schools continue teaching kids it is wrong to defend themselves, they will grow up into adults who think it wrong to defend themselves. That is the baseline we have to get changed in the mindsets of Americans.

  • Mike

    The muslim scum has a good percentage of liberal American fooled and will use them like the useful idiots they are.

  • Mike

    Anyone want to market some bacon scented perfume to help protect these blonde women?

  • Kenneth W

    The green rubber ring is cheaper. No operating room. A quick snap and release.

  • jhwarner1

    Well, the Swedes voted for this mess and now they must live with their decisions. Elections have consequences. Hope the Swedes like living under Sharia Law. BTW, Swedish Blonde women vote too – maybe they don’t like the girly pussified men of Sweden and prefer the manly men of Islam?

  • ozark240

    Also demand your gov’t not let them in. When there is a known threat to safety, the gov’t has a duty to protect and defend.

  • Wrist locks? WEAK, train Brazilian jiu jitsu and muay thai and better yet get a large caliber hand gun.

  • Seems to be working out great for the home team, Sweden is the new rape capital of Europe.

  • rambler

    Not sure if those european laws allow gun ownership. People need to train in the style which is available to them.

  • halcyon1030

    How’s that tolerance and diversity thing working out. Yeah kill them with kindness. I guess at some point they will get a wolf pack together and start returning the favor.

  • Allow? Hmmm if the state tries to deny my natural rights I would refuse to comply. Jihadists own guns in Europe, if they can get them the locals should too. As for training a style, there are plenty of MMA gyms and jiu jitsu schools in Europe and some of the best kickboxers in the world come from Europe, if you’re going to train in a martial art invest your time in something EFFECTIVE not one base on hokey action movies and “theory”.

  • c834r605b9n

    So is this what is in store for blonde Swedish women now?

  • RightSideUp

    I’m asking is Sweden aware and in line with this? I can’t imagine they are, but I also couldn’t have imagined koranimals cutting off heads in the 21st century

  • Stan

    The left will train them to mate with the invaders instead of blonde males.

  • Carolingian

    Isn’t Ted Cruz’s wife blonde?

  • Dick_Gosinya

    “Where are the white women”? -Abu Bakr al-Baghdad

  • Regina Ridley

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  • Anja J

    yep, and you have to really seriously ask yourself, WHY do these people want so many muslims going to european countries, illegally? So much so, they advertise these things are available to them once they get there? It is to start taking over the countries by Islam. The idea is to turn ALL european countries into Islamic countries. Already most believe France is lost, Germany is on the brink, so is the UK. In parts of France, like Marseille, which is France’s 2nd largest city, 50% of the city consists of muslims under the age of 40, in just about 20 years time. But then again, look at LA, which is about 50% hispanic now due to illegal invaders. I guess you pick your poison when you refuse to defend your own borders.

  • Harry Sherry

    Sorry …these muslim idiots (those two words are mutually inclusive) are just making their way into a life of slavery. There are no guns in Europe. There isn’t a blonde in the world that will make a muzzie their “sweetie”. They will work in sweatshops and live in slums. But, that’s better than the middle east where the “kings” rule. 20 years from now their kids will vote liberal. That’s not a change for Europe.

  • BPatMann

    Send them all back and don’t let any more in!

  • This sounds like an Arabic twist to the ol’ slur of ‘Where are da white women?’

  • BeritAnneEinang

    It’s the Americans’ fault the Muslims are invading our countries in the first place …… so don’t go down that road….. 🙁

  • BeritAnneEinang

    Sorry, wrong …. they wont be given or obtain any kind of work….. they will be sitting around all day or just get into trouble or make trouble…… we are heading against a civil-war in Europe….. The damned Zionists are pitting Muslims and Christians up against each other to mutually root each-other out…. giving the Zionists free access to the rest of the resources……

  • mabank

    I can only speak about Germany. We have an estimated 1 Million (1.000.000!!!) so called refugees, i.e. mostly young muslim men, coming to us only in 2015. Within the next 5 years it will be at least 5 Million. They will not compete with 81 Million people here, but with the 5 Million male people of their age. So only one generation later, Germans will basically be a minority. When it comes to “getting a women”, the gender-mainstreamed German whimps will simply lose. So the invaders will own the women. At that point, the question is, whether there will be enough people left, who are willing and able to fight for their country, no matter what. If no, it will be the silent death of Germany, leaving only a failed state, if yes, it will end up in a huge blood bath and it will be either the Germans committing yet another genocide or vice versa. Thank Merkel for that.

  • Tekada

    We are well aware of what they are doing here in the US. The rules of warfare that tie our hands on that soil, does not tie our hands on our soil. Let them come …

  • Milo
  • Mike in Illinois

    Yup, uh huh. Muslims have been invading and trying to dominate the world for about 1500 years, but it is America that is responsible for Islamic jihad. Riiiight. lolz. Funny how that works out, eh?

  • Vidofnir

    Nah.. we just got to do some ethnic clensing once people has had enough, they ran here from a war, im pretty sure we can get them to run back again, then build wall and learn from our mistakes

  • Donna

    Dear God I hope so

  • Michael J. Friedman

    I would gladly take in a Swedish refugee single woman, say 40-45, attractive, likes, horseback riding, shooting, fishing, cross-country skiing, the outdoors etc.

  • thomas chandy

    Where are their women, why only young Muslims……it is a clear indication that it was a plan of ISIS to push young Muslims to Europe, deceive innocent European women in marriage (they can marry 4/5 women), force them to convert, produce children raise them to be Muslim……and one day they will take your country.

  • consolacion barcenas

    Where can we get applications ? Swedish embassies ?

  • consolacion barcenas

    She is not Swedish. Cruz is not Muslim. You go to any Swedish embassy and apply. Just sent mine.

  • consolacion barcenas

    What can they do if the Swedish Government orders to commit ? I asked the embassy clerk and she said already a law. Muslims do get priority and others next.
    Wow, government pension and a blonde wife. And if you are a Muslim you could have much as four blondies.