DNC Leader Wasserman Schultz Is 16th Jewish Democrat to Stand With Iran – Back Nuclear Deal (VIDEO)

DNC leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz became the 16th Jewish Democrat to stand with Iran and support Obama’s controversial nuclear deal. Wasserman Schultz made the announcement this morning on CNN.

Was there ever any doubt she would put party before Israel’s survival?

16 Congressional Jewish Democrats stand with Obama on his Iranian deal.

** Here is the whip list of Democrats in support of the Iranian nuclear deal.

Here are the Senate Jewish Democrats in support of the Iranian nuclear deal.
— Michael Bennet
— Barbara Boxer
— Dianne Feinstein
— Al Franken
— Brian Schatz
— Bernie Sanders

At least eight Congressional Jewish Democrats have opposed the Iranian nuclear deal.
–Rep. Ted Deutch
–Rep. Elliot Engel
–Rep. Lois Frankel
–Rep. Steve Israel
–Rep Elliot Engel
–Rep Nita Lowey
–Rep. Brad Sherman
–Rep. Lee Zeldin

Here are Jewish members of Congress and where they stand:
David Cicilline (D-RI) – Undecided
Stephen Cohen (D-TN) – for the deal
Susan Davis (D-CA) – for the deal
Ted Deutch (D-FL)
Eliot Engel (D-NY)
Lois Frankel (D-FL)
Alan Grayson (D-FL) – undecided
Steve Israel (D-NY)
Sander Levin (D-MI) -for the deal
Alan Lowenthal (D-CA) -for the deal
Nita Lowey (D-NY)
Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) -for the deal
Jared Polis (D-CO) -for the deal
Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) – for the deal
Adam Schiff (D-CA) – for the deal
Brad Sherman (D-CA)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) – for the deal
John Yarmuth (D-KY) – for the deal
Lee Zeldin (R-NY)*

The deal is wildly unpopular in America.
Only 27 percent of Americans believe Congress should approve the deal.
Miami Herald reported:

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Weston, who heads the national Democratic Party, has announced she will support the controversial Iran nuclear deal that is a top priority for President Barack Obama but has faced widespread voter criticism, including in Florida.

In a five-and-a-half page statement released exclusively to the Miami Herald on Sunday morning, Wasserman Schultz wrote that after wrestling with the agreement she still has concerns but will support it.

“I have subsequently come to the conclusion that the agreement promotes the national security interests of the United States and our allies and merits my vote of support …” she wrote. “This agreement is not perfect. But I join many in the belief that with complex, multilateral, nuclear non-proliferation negotiations with inherent geopolitical implications for the entire world, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ deal.”

She appeared on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning to speak about her decision.

35 Senate Democrats (with Senator Booker) have now come out in support of the nuclear deal.

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  • nodhimmi

    Traitorous witch! It’ll bite her in the end-and than some!

  • LouAnnWatson

    so tired of this cretin…just die already

  • LouAnnWatson

    no it won’t…they always circle the wagons and wait for the attack to abate. we need to just get them out of power.

  • nodhimmi

    As a lover and supporter of Israel I am talking about some big time well deserved Yahweh Emmanuel Eilohim JUSTICE!

    She’ll get it.

  • amy roth

    “Stand With Iran” is a good way to personify this cynical move. “Stand Against Israel” would be another. Like Gwen Ifill with her “Take that, Bibi!”
    But no one expected anything better from this third-rate politician. How her constituents put up with her is a mystery.

  • Ben

    What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Marxist?

  • pnkearns

    Wasserman Schultz is as much a Jew as Pelosi is a Catholic. They both sold their souls decades ago and dumped their church/temple under the bus. They both will happily lie to the camera on cue and sell out the American people for a $20 bill “contribution” dragged across a trailer park.

  • ForestWilson


  • Chico

    It’s all about her……

  • Yona Loriner

    When they get the nuke the democrats will blame the republican administration at the time!

  • SWDC

    One is a German born in Germany.

  • LantCynic

    So? The Nazi’s had Kapo’s that beat their fellow Jews and helped force them into gas chambers. Anyone who doesn’t think Debby Wasserman-Schultz isn’t a Kapo is being stupid.

  • drakesfortune

    Oh come on, she’s not really Jewish anymore. All of the Washington establishment liberals are as religious as a rock. They don’t care about religion anymore in the least. That’s probably true of most Washington Republicans too, but it’s 100% true for liberals in Washington. They disdain religion.

  • johngaltfla.com

    Is it really a shock? After all she’s no different than those German Jews who sold out their fellow men and women in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s.

  • CommentMonster

    You have to understand that these people might be Jewish by birth but they are leftist socialists first and the only religion they subscribe to is Liberalism. Many, in fact, despise Israel and do not think Israel has the right to exist.

  • useyourhead2

    Goodbye Debbie!!! See you on election day 2016.

    That goes for Florida Senator Bill Nelson too when next he runs, if he decides to run for reelection which is doubtful.

  • SWDC

    Just as George Soros survived after profiteering in WWII so will Debbie.

  • Jim

    Well said.

  • ofallon

    What do diamonds and Hillary Clinton’s emails both have in common?
    Both are forever.
    Heard that on a Fox News clip yesterday.

  • צדקיה עמיחי

    Exactly right. There’s a great video on this on YouTube:

  • Jim

    It’s all part of the plan.

  • Benof67

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a disgrace to her faith as well as the whole of humanity.

  • SWDC

    Pelosi will buy indulgences from Rome and as just as George Soros never faced the music neither will Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

  • ofallon

    Keeping her prestigious job as head of the DNC probably had something to do with her vote against Israel.

  • macktoid

    Liberalism is their religion

  • ofallon

    Love Ben Shapiro.

  • rocky

    Khazar Jews worked for Lenin, Stalin and Hitler and helped to murder other Jews. Gyorgy Scwartz (George Soros) was Hungarian Khazar Jew and Nazi Collaborator. He fingered other Jews and Christians to the Nazis for a piece of he pie. Scum bag Bill Clinton gave Gyorgy US Citizenship to help protect the Nazi Collaborator.
    Wasserman is Khazar as is Schumer and Feinstein.

  • tonyredunzo

    Another secular self loathing Jew with a death wish.

  • MaxSaxon

    Democrats are not Americans: They are from Iranistand

  • I can see it now: a TV series documenting all the Obama minions who helped Iran get nuclear weapons. Model it after nazi Collaborators. The only thing missing will be the “O” that should have been carved into their foreheads.

  • honigs


  • FarmboyDuke

    And their god is climate change.

  • libslie

    Bush’s fault

  • libslie

    What a sick person.

  • Habib Jamaroqui

    There are no real Jews in Amerika

  • Stunning, committing treason twice in one decision.

  • Benof67

    Sooner or later the wagons will be penetrated, and the forces of evil hiding behind them will be annihilated.

  • PMC

    Schultz is a political whore. (Like most politicians) Who would sell her soul for a few sheckels.

  • FarmboyDuke

    The whole idea is to kick the Iranian nuclear proliferation can down the road. And hope the republicans are in power when the feces hits the fan.

  • savage24

    Old blabbermouth is first and foremost a liberal, and liberalism is a mental disease. So this comes as no great surprise.

  • SofaKingCool1

    GloBULL Warming, errr, Climate change, is merely their latest means to an end.

  • GinAZ

    We really don’t have to worry about nazis or islamist, fellow Jews will open the oven door and shove us in just to show that they have no bias, hence the slavish support of king obozo. Israel, you are on your own.

  • FarmboyDuke

    Six or seven years ago she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. Like Fidel, she defies the grave.

  • Klink

    Sergeant Wasserman-Schultz….. she sees nothing, she hears nothing, she knows nothing……

  • EdTyler

    Stand back, look at the bigger picture. Worldwide “progressives” stand together. They aren’t really progressive politicians, they’re Democratic Socialists…..at some point they will ally with their Brother. They have spit in the face of Americans again and again.

  • kksantafe

    the only category she really fits into is self serving traitor, I hope the voters remember who put this country first in the next election and send these traitors packing

  • America Jones

    This reminds me of the plot of Jerry Lewis’s famous never-released film “The Day The Crown Cried” where he played a Jewish mime who made things a little more fun as he led Jews to the gas chamber.

  • GinAZ

    They have done a great job of protecting John Boehner, when will his protection give way? Anybody?

  • sebassh

    Well as a New she is not one of us, and as an American she is not one of us. But she is a TRAITOR TRAITOR TRAITOR!

  • Sam Howe

    If you are a Jew and you vote Democrat you must be insane! Absolutely insane!

  • Rachel Pancake Corrie

    Shs about as jewish as my pet pig

  • Rachel Pancake Corrie

    Islam is a fake death cult

  • GinAZ

    He only religious faith is to her god Obama, the land will heal, oceans, unicorns. All her god has brought to the world is lies, death and islam.

  • From 2012: Dreams From Frank Marshall Davis; “Meet the hard-core Communist who mentored the future 44th President of the United States.”

  • Paul Roth

    This woman would hold the toilet paper for Obama. She is a disgrace to her party and an even bigger one to Israel and to Jews in American.

  • Bill Jefferson

    They’re not called The Idiot Left for nothing.

  • Random Hero

    Wonder what Wasserman Schultz was promised for her support? She did good holding her intentions so long. Squeezing as much for herself from the deal by making Hussein sweat a little.

    I hope that vote will be her political downfall. Unfortunately her downfall will come at the cost of Israel.

  • Dandee

    Democrat first. No matter what the cost

  • GinAZ

    Sad but true, no wonder islam is flourishing.

  • freeinaz

    Party above everything is the way these progressives roll. They care of nothing but power and control. The American people would be doing themselves and the world a favor by purging everyone one of these scum from any places of power.

  • So many of the synagogue of satan, so few of the tribe of Judah.

  • olddog

    LIEberals are ALWAYS LIEberals first and foremost…and Treasonous as well…

  • BuyAmerican

    she is one insulting little smurf

  • mike alivin

    If you dissect what she says it is not only pathetic but frightening. First she gives a full 30 second preamble to a 3 second answer. Classic case of justifying a bad decision and look how uncomfortable she is. Her eyes go down.. her voice wavers. Second. She ended by talking to her constituents? What did they say? Polls say the constituents don’t want this. Third, she confirms she has been in the “Situation Room” 20 times and heard top (top) secrets from the top (top) men that Parchin will not self-inspect. Third, she starts with that StrawMan stuff about there are no options and the “other side’s” options proved there was not an alternative. And, now… while the world is safe we get to focus on terrorism because we are not focused on Iran building a bomb. Guess the gov’t isn’t capable of doing 2 things at once… well… dam… that is true… in fact they can’t do one thing at once. As a Jew myself… this woman is just flat out embarrassing.

    I’m traveling from overseas just to get to D.C. in time for the rally. Great folks talking and a great time to show the gov’t we are pissed off at not being represented in a deal that will change the course of the world forever. Be there if you can.

  • freeinaz

    Best description I’ve heard yet. She fits the part perfectly.

  • BruddahNui

    Democrats and liberal Jews putting Obama legacy ahead of their country and allies. This decision will bring only distruction. Obama’s legacy will be that of the most damaging president ever to America and world peace. Noble Prize? What a joke it has become.

  • Lamont Cranston

    Wasserman-Schultz is an amoral pi*g. She is in her position because she is recognized as amoral. She is profound in her lack of honesty and integrity. Is it any coincidence that she looks like HIllary?
    Democrat Socialists are such disgusting people.

  • KenD78

    The very premise of this article is disgusting – that Jewish politicians should base their votes on what Israel wants rather than what is best for Americans JUST as if they were Catholic Democrats, Protestant Democrats, etc.

  • Circa53

    So why is there mostly silence from the Jewish community against this idiot..

  • BruddahNui

    Correction, at the cost of Israel and the world.

  • KenD78

    Sounds like you are a Jew first, and an American (if you even are one) second . . . or third . . . or last. Please just stay “overseas.”

  • LastConservativeinCleveland

    If that creature is really still a “Jew” it comes second to her true religion. Leftists are overwhelmingly atheist and I would bet her piousness towards the Lord is about as sincere as Obama’s pledge to protect America from all enemies foreign and domestic. By the way… have you EVER liked a woman that hyphenates her name? They all have a chip on their shoulder speaking from experience.

  • BruddahNui

    She put what is best for Obama ahead of what is best for her country.

  • Andy Stone

    President Trump 2016 Get used to it.

  • KenD78

    Maybe the vast minority of “the Jewish community” are loyal Americans and their priority is what is good for America, not Israel.

  • This really is a good thing for Trump. Once again the Dems back a deal, like ObamaKare, that Americans are solidly against!

  • Tom

    Shocking….Democrats choosing political power over country and character.

  • Number 41

    As a Jew, there are no words to describe how ashamed I am by the likes of Henrich Soros & Goose Stepper Schultz.

  • KenD78

    That is irrelevant to my post. If you believe that, it is JUST as true of any non-Jewish politician who votes for this Iran deal.

    Why is it assumed that a “Jewish” politician must make policy decisions and cast votes based on their Jewishness, rather than the same as any other American?

  • pottershand

    There’s some serious “karma,” to use a word will more universal appeal than “judgment,” coming to all those who sell out others for personal gain.

  • LaVoz

    it is very difficult to assess wasserman’s words when the public has no access to the iranian deal. i am sure her constituency believes her, it is just that the rest of the public has a deep sense to verify.

  • KenD78

    What does being Jewish have to do with this?

  • KenD78

    What does Israel have to do with this?. She is an AMERICAN politician, Not an Israeli.

  • pottershand

    Their lack of character is disturbing at best.

  • mike alivin

    I’m overseas on business you idiot. Second. I am an American who happens to be Jewish. Since this woman represents a significant Jewish population and she is supposed to be their representative it would be interesting to find out how they felt. As many mention here… the Jewish people in the U.S. tend to vote D and are liberal. Being any ethnicity or religion isn’t a crime (except for the poor woman in KY)…. and, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what will happen to Israel with this deal… never-the-less, my genius friend my concern is for the U.S. and I believe this Obmanation of an agreement will have dire consequences here.

    Guess I won’t be seeing you in D.C. Too bad.

  • Jorge Martin

    you vote for this POS liberal, now you will suffer liberal vote
    when the terrorist iran does strike out, I hope it is the liberal cities

  • pottershand

    Oh but they will. . .for eternity

  • pottershand

    Government IS their religion.

  • Ernst Iliov Stavro Blofeld

    So many Harrods, so few Davids.

  • LastConservativeinCleveland

    Oh I’m quite sure they were “loyal” during the Iraq War and Afghanistan right? American “Jews” are leftists first. Arming a country with Nukes that chants death to America is a great idea to Liberals apparently.

  • Tom

    This is another example of the politics of the ruling class that is feeding the current anger. We may just see a well deserved “throw the bums out” election cycle.

  • KenD78

    IF you are American, then your loyalty needs to be 100% to America. Not to any other country. In that case, WGAF what the deal means for Israel? The only thing that matters is what does it mean for America and Americans. So let;s just leave Israel and her Jewishness out of it, as they are irrelevant.

    BTW, your rally is functionally useless. Their are already more than enough votes to uphold this deal. Deal with it.

  • mike alivin

    Please tell me where in her discussion she focused on what is good for Israel. “my #1 goal is to make sure that Iran doesn’t reach their nuclear goals” is what she said.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    Ain’t no big thang. The moment Iranian nukes start peppering Tel Aviv, Nancy Pelosi will proceed directly to the nearest TV news crew and blame everything on The Failed Foreign Policies of Both Bush Administrations®.

  • mike alivin

    Not assumed at all.

  • LaVoz

    “I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace.”
    ― George W. Bush

  • SWDC

    Not as if all are the same anyways so I would not even consider as an equal

  • mike alivin

    Man… you need an education in Geo-global dynamics my friend. Was going to argue with you but no need to waste time here.

  • c834r605b9n

    The American Jews that live their glass bubble of ignorance and wealth.
    Tell them they sky is falling and the Chicken Littles will run for their gated communities.
    They will be democrat even it means selling out their own.

  • The Saint

    Thunder Thighs is just an idiot anyway. She is almost as stupid as Nancy Pelosi. People who have no business having positions of leadership of our country.

  • walledlaker

    What she did is WHY so many Americans are supporting Donald Trump. The political system is all about the establishment and people are just fed up with.
    The establishment AGAIN is doing something against the will of the American citizens and does what they want to do rather than what we want them to do

  • c834r605b9n

    If that is what they think is good for America, it must be really abysmal what their priority is for Israel.


    Someone from the sane faction in DC needs to float the idea that if the Iranians EVER build and detonate an atomic device that EVERYONE that voted for this deal or even pushed this deal will have their lives permanently rearranged, including the press, all the press.

  • zzzzzzzot

    The Jewish folks really don’t seem to have much in the line of street smarts. I bet they all voted for the Nazis before the dictatorship.

  • LaVoz

    “Almost all people are hypnotics. The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced, and the people believed properly.” – Charles Fort

  • Ernst Iliov Stavro Blofeld

    Maybe the first Iranian nuke will detonate in your neighborhood? There I said it.

    My hope those that facilitated this travesty are punched in the face first as it were so all can see.

    In this case and in most cases Israel’s and US’s interests are the same. Marxists hate America firsters, not so much.

  • KenD78

    Please tell me where I said that ” in her discussion she focused on what is good for Israel.” Sounds to me she did what any Jewish (or non-Jewish) American politician SHOULD do. Focus on AMERICA. In that case, why are you blasting her?

  • John C

    No their god is Satan.

  • John C

    Marxists aren’t afraid to admit they are communists.

  • KenD78

    I have 10000 worries and an Iranian nuke detonating in my neighborhood isn’t one of them. Seriously, of ALL the remote, extremely unlikely, things to worry about . . . Get a grip, dude.

  • 4teepee

    That is interesting because Wasserman Schultz is generally an Israel Firster, siding with Israel rather than America. However, she knows the Israel Lobby is going to lose this one although the Republicans are groveling before it.

  • KenD78


  • John C

    She’s George Soros without the money.

  • John C



    They are following their muse.

  • Ernst Iliov Stavro Blofeld

    We will see. Iran will nuke up and I blame you.

  • lazypadawan

    Party means more to these people than the safety of the country or the world.

  • Benof67

    There are no similarities between John Boehner and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. People forget that a Presidential veto carries the same clout as a 2/3s vote in Congress.
    Democrats have more loyalty to their Party than they do to their Country. It will take a change of heart by democrats or complete control of the Executive and Legislative branches by Republicans before things can get better. The Filibuster rule in the Senate has trumped majority rule of the Senate. The rule is not written into the Constitution and should be abolished.

  • John C

    He should have attacked them the moment he knew Obama got into office. He had to know Obama would do nothing to stop them.

  • SWDC

    One can still buy indulgences for that operation has not changed but the real surprise in modern history is the removal of Pope Benedict XVI who has yet to pass away as the excuse was his “poor” health.

    “..After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry…”

    Yes some of USA are very aware sum tin won in the EU but some of US understand where it comes from.

  • Tom

    I’m as concerned about the billions of dollars this deal will free up for Iran to fund more anti-American terrorism as the potential nuclear weapons that Iran will end up loading on their inter-continental ballistic missiles. “Good for America”? I think not.

  • John C

    It’s the shower they get when she speaks.

  • AL

    Just another Kapo . Nothing new here. Obama has perfected the technique used my the nazi SS to use Jews as Kapos to kill other Jews.

    A kapo or prisoner functionary (German: Funktionshäftling, see section Etymology) was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp who was assigned by the SS guards to supervise forced labor or carry out administrative tasks in the camp. Also called “prisoner self-administration”, the prisoner functionary system minimized costs by allowing camps to function with fewer SS personnel. The system was designed to turn victim against victim, as the prisoner functionaries were pitted against their fellow prisoners in order to maintain the favor of their SS guards. If they were derelict, they would be returned to the status of ordinary prisoners and be subject to other kapos. Many prisoner functionaries were recruited from the ranks of violent criminal gangs rather than from the more numerous political, religious and racial prisoners; those were known for their brutality toward other prisoners. This brutality was tolerated by the SS and was an integral part of the camp system.

    Prisoner functionaries were spared physical abuse and hard labor, provided they performed their duties to the satisfaction of the SS guards. They also had access to certain privileges, such as civilian clothes and a private room.[1] While the Germans commonly called them kapos, the official government term for prisoner functionaries was Funktionshäftling.

  • KenD78

    Blame me all you want. I could care less if the have a nuke, China has nukes, Pakistan has nukes, Russia has nukes. North Korea has nukes. Lots of bad guys have nukes. First time they think about using it, we will turn the entire country to a shiny sheet of melted glass.

  • The Saint

    Maybe you crazy liberals should quit taking things out of context and read the WHOLE STORY:

    “But the best way to secure the homeland is to hunt them (terrorists) down one by one. And I mean hunt them down one by one and bring them to justice, which is precisely what America will do. (Applause.)

    I want to thank the choir for coming, the youngsters for being here. I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace. We want there to be peace. We want people to live in peace all around the world. I mean, our vision for peace extends beyond America. We believe in peace in South Asia. We believe in peace in the Middle East. We’re going to be steadfast toward a vision that rejects terror and killing, and honors peace and hope.

    I also want the young to know that this country, we don’t conquer people, we liberate people — because we hold true to our values of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The security of our homeland, the need to make sure that America is safe and secure while we chase peace is my number one priority for the country.”
    ~ George Bush

  • buckbamboo

    It’s all about party loyalty. I don’t think that is surprises many people that Debbie Washer-woman Schultz supports the Iran deal. I would be shocked if she didn’t.

  • Mike

    27% of the American people support this deal … too bad the we don’t have any representatives in congress …

  • Tom Warner

    Politicians are not elected to vote their consciences. They are elected to represent us. If a clear majority of the people are against something, and it passes anyway; we, the people, have no voice in a government designed to give us that voice.

  • geronimo

    After electing a muslim, nothing is surprising here. She is sooo deserving of a defeat.

  • Barlowmaker

    These vile creeps may be ethnically Jewish but their religion is anti-American secular Marxism. Scumbags all.

  • David Johnson

    Of course she supports the deal, she’s a democrat.
    Party above all else including their religion and country.

  • KenD78

    Why would an Israeli like you care about how an American politician votes? Worry about your own country. Your country has plenty of problems of its own to focus on.

  • Mike

    That was a question debbie wasaman couldn’t answer … well, he said socialist technically, but same difference (none)

  • bt1

    Save your tears Debbie for when Iran lights up Israel with a nuke or vice versa and know you were instrumental in bringing it about. You have cast your lot with the devil we have in the White House.

  • KenD78

    “Is our children learning?” – George W. Bush

  • Remember, (Bill) Clinton’s executive directive PDD60 to “absorb the first strike” is still in effect two Presidents later.

  • ForestWilson

    Judas was a Jew and sold out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. I wonder what Debbie got for selling out America?

  • honestAbesurd

    Everyone of them is a NeoCon.

  • ^^^ best answer

  • SWDC

    When he no longer serves the purpose.

  • ForestWilson

    How long can they Govern WITHOUT consent?

  • KenD78

    Fine. We can agree to disagree on whether or not this is a good deal for America. But DWS’ Jewishness – or any other American politician’s Jewishness – should not come with a built-in expectation of how they are going to vote on matters of foreign affairs, as this article suggests.

  • WKRP

    Heh. She has to vote for it. She likes the paycheck for being DNC too much. Her full time job as a Rep comes second.

  • srw

    Sgt Schultz will do anything to keep her leadership role in the Marxist Dem Party. Maybe they promised her an allowance for clothes/makeup for her many appearances… something she has been after since the Dem convention.

  • SWDC

    Free will.

  • jaz

    These creatures represent exhibit A of the maxim that “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Which also should be exhibit A for why we need term limits.

  • KenD78

    What happens between Iran and Israel is not her problem. Nor is it any other American’s problem.

  • Patty

    She is an idiot. America hasn’t only a few more months to put up with her, remember that.

    Obama will be out of office and of course that is the only reason she gets air time.

  • Ms. Necessary Evil

    She would sell her mama as a prostitute if it benefited her career. So would all liberals.

  • KenD78

    Then why does the article state that she is the latest “Jewish Democrat” to back the deal? Obviously they think the fact that she is Jewish means that she suggest oppose the deal.

  • jackb

    I hope this take care of this stupid woman. If the Florida voters have any spine, they will finally vote her out of office…….she’s a disaster.

  • jackb

    Don’t blame you!

  • SWDC

    I will never forget that last photo of living POTUSs where one snuggled in between the two Bushs rather than in chronological order of POTUS’s and or even according to party affiliation.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    as we saw when one campaigned in Germany. Never ever forget who the enemy is and always has been! All recorded in the history too.

  • Ernst Iliov Stavro Blofeld

    They said they intend to use them, they have declared on whom they will use them against. After they use them each one will meet his 72 virgins.

  • Ron

    Benjamin Netanyahu is correct in not trusting the United States while the anti-semetic muslim sets in the White House. Obama sides with the Muslims and quietly wants them to take out Israel. Then he can embrace all his Muslim Brothers in the middle east without Israel being a problem. Obama is no better than the ISIS Terrorist who kill a torture men, women and children. Obama will rot in hell for all his evil deeds and all those that are complicit with him will join him.

  • SWDC

    No all about water rights where some have no water supplies to keep their operations afloat and cool.

  • D48

    None Dare Call it TREASON!!! This hall of shame that these spineless “POLITICIANS” enter is a lifetime proposition. Iran will have a bomb more quickly than the decade these appeasers claim, and when they begin to flex their hate filled nuclear muscles and these American imbeciles are either dead or no longer employed as imbeciles, there exists a very real possibility of a nuclear launch against Israel. WASSERMAN SCHULTZ .has ALWAYS been a do as you’re told toady, and drill as deep as you want you will never find a scintilla integrity, intelligence, or honesty. Look at the list…remember these names as the one who puts your families.particularly your sons in extreme danger as the set up America for yet another ground war!

  • lyndaaquarius

    thank you for your strong effort to protect us and Israel.

  • rick

    I can imagine exactly how embarrassed you are as I am Catholic. You can toss Piglosi and Biden into that “scum salad” along with Shultz and Soros!
    We must remember “it’s not what goes into a mans mouth that defiles him but what comes out of it.”
    They only condemn themselves.

  • SWDC

    She has money and why does one think she wins elections in the USA when no one likes her not even her own staffers.

    And how do you think was enabled to breed too!

  • KlugerRD

    Jewish people are going to unseat DWS . . . . it is a heavily Jewish district and the people there heavily support Israel

    She is done.

  • SWDC

    Why be embarrassed to be anything when these two are examples of bad all the way round no matter the religious affiliation! Even the current Pope should not make any one dislike the Catholic Church for he is only human and humans error and sooner rather than later he too will be be gone.

  • Asheville Pete

    The South Florida Jews, many tough old birds originally from New York, think Bella Abzug
    will be a lot less forgiven than Jews in other areas
    I’M guessing DWS is expecting to be out of Florida and in Washington with Clinton come 16
    but she is just as twisted, and mistaken as her hair

  • jbmunzer

    Of course. To these traitors, America’s destruction trumps even Israel’s survival.

  • Zoe2010

    it’s called being paid off – ploughshares – Iranian money to support nuke deal… several articles out there about it – here’s one and it includes two big fish…

  • eric_z

    Will the Jewish people ever leave their beloved Democrat keepers? What would it take?

  • veeper

    Of course she did……

    pelosi said ……roll over……and she did…..

    dog face schultz is not Jewish……

    she’s Socialist democrat……..very dedicated…….

  • buffyputastakeinem

    just call her eva braun-schultz.

  • rick

    “Embarrassed” is not exactly the right word, it just gives others the wrong idea about Catholics. Just as you wrote above, Piglosi cannot buy indulgences from Rome in exchange for her support of abortion and other sins just as Pope Francis cannot stray from 2000 years of Catholic doctrine.

    Even though his statements are weak against evils, and the MSM takes advantage of that, he can only go so far. He cannot change Doctrine even if he wanted to.

    Another thing people are confused about is the “Infallibility of the Pope.” Actually, there are only 2 instances of his position that are considered infallible. 1) When performing Ordinations such as the Canonization of Saints and 2) when preaching actual Church Doctrine such as the Gospels of Christ.

  • SWDC

    Remember Sandy Berger, Bill Clinton’s NSA chief, stole and destroyed documents out of the National Archives about 911 and was only fined $50,000 dollars.

  • darrell_b8

    LEFTIST, STATIST, Progressive………..FIRST….LAST….The ’cause’ comes first and ‘the end justifies the means’…………..AND A L W A Y S !!!!

  • LaVoz

    if wisdom offends you, pluck it out!

  • oldguy

    Do people around the world understand Israel is a doomsday device? Do they think, oh well, we didn’t stop Iran soon enough, I guess we are history? No! No! Faced with their own end they just might take most of the known world with them. It seems they have the capability to do just that.

  • Mike

    Wasserman needs to quickly research her ancestry as she has a whole lot of Nazi thoughts. She behaves just like 70+% of American Jews who hate the USA for showing up the inferiority of their beloved Marxism.

    Twice, in just the last two presidential elections they placed their love of Marxism over Country, their own religion and even Israel.

  • Pomona Pete

    She’s less obnoxious in this video because she isn’t lying as much as usual.

  • Junk Bond

    That is a seriously effed in the head stupid beoch.

  • James The 87,679,756th

    Bottom line… Wasserman Schultz is insane. And you would expect someone insane to side with Iran.

    Wasserman Schultz is pure evil.

    What’s WRONG with you ‘so called’ secular American Jews? Real Jews wouldn’t act this way.

  • okie71

    It’s sad. Given by birthright the title of God’s chosen people, and they piss it and God away for politics. Unbelievable.

  • Mike

    No because democrats have been 100% assimilated by the CPUSA and the Jew’s love of Marxism always exceeds their loyalty to the USA, their own religion, and even Israel.

  • Standup 4 Freedom

    Democrat jews are no different than Hitler, they will sell out their people for money

    Iran: the biggest sponsor of global terrorism

    Obama/Democrat Jews: the BIGGEST FUNDERS of global terrorism 150BILLION Dollars

  • veeper

    dog face schultz was being groomed to take pelosi’s leadership position…..

    dog face was even supposed to lead Florida into the same deplorable condition as Cali……

    Schultz studied the pelosi method of stupid outrageous comments…..

    she is even a graduate of Pelosi’s online School of Screeching and Stupid Comments…..

    dog face got rather testy last year because she was tired of waiting for pelosi to die or retire…..

    Democrats were sure pill head pelosi would have boozed herself to death by now…..

    pelosi smacked her around a couple of times screeched and screamed dog face back in line…..

    dog face is a democrat robot…….

  • scott

    I am a Conservative American Jew and to be honest with you I wish they would round up these so called Jews who love Iran and the Democratic Party more than life, and send them to a concentration camp for TREASON! They are nothing but scum to me. I think they may need to review history and WW2 to remember what happened to their fellow Jews.

  • Darkheart11

    Lucky for her the Nazi’s came up with a word for her and her ‘gnag’.


    Look it up, if you have a strong stomach.

  • Darkheart11

    How about sending them to Iran?

  • Darkheart11


    Yes, really.

    Look up the history of a rich Hungarian Jew george soros. Especially his 14th year.

  • Mike

    70+% of American Jews seem to be experiencing symptoms of the Stockholm syndrome and are placing a love of socialism/communism/Marxism over country, their own religion, Israel.

  • SWDC

    Humans error as is recorded in the Bible.

    BTW The UN’s/BBC’s photo of the child dead on the beach only made me think why did the child’s father survive and not his child?

    In the Western civilized world women and children first and I am watching men and young men boarding trains and buses ahead and in front of women and children who then the USA has to take care of when we do not have homes for USA citizens!

    USA citizens are given tents to live in Washington DC becos the DC homeless shelters are full and yet Baltimore Maryland found entire buildings for illegal immigrants to thrive and breed in but not for USA citizens!

    Even New York city’s homelessness of USA citizens is just getting a little attention for a minute.

  • James The 87,679,756th

    How did this happen? And I would ask the same of the Catholic religion… with Pelosi?
    Maybe the bottom line is… they’re all Marxists and NOT Catholics and NOT Jews..

  • Standup 4 Freedom

    Yep George Soros..another radicalized Socialist Jew that hates America and what we stand for and funds radicalized left wing terrorist groups inside America

  • From 2007: What Did Sandy Berger Take and Why Did He Take It?

    Related: When Bill Clinton had opportunities to get Osama bin Laden, HE FAILED TO ACT


    This will inevitably lead to war with Iran. It will quite possibly be a nuclear war…there will be personal repercussions for the authors and supporters. Grave repercussions.

  • Junk Bond

    Yes, I do not understand why Sorass hasn’t been prosecuted for war crimes. Whoever let that Nazi azole into the country ought to be hanged. Seems like Mossad would have taken him out by now.

  • Mike

    That’s who Wasserman reminds me of. A mutant and genetically defective offspring of Bella Abzug who could stop an 8 day clock with a simple glance.

  • James The 87,679,756th

    Yeah that’s what I’m seeing. American Jews seem to be out of their minds and suicidal in a general sense. Giving billions to the very country that wants to kill them? THAT is insanity.

  • veeper


    Jews have been duped again…..

    different piped piper……same old tune…..

  • James The 87,679,756th

    American Jews seem to be out of their minds and suicidal in a general
    sense. Giving billions to the very country that wants to kill them?
    THAT is insanity.

  • Standup 4 Freedom

    There is no difference today from the National Socialist Workers Party and the Democrat party of America

  • James The 87,679,756th

    They will either be safe in their bunkers while you die of radiation poisoning, or vigilantes will have done them in.

  • SWDC

    As long as Sandy Berger is alive we can make him talk!

  • Steve

    Soros is as much of a Jew as the Pope.

  • James The 87,679,756th

    They have become evil.

  • Mike

    This is a battle which can never be won but at best simply held in check.

    So many of Wasserman’s ilk are in places to infect the minds of our children in public schools, and in our media and certainly doing the most damage in our institutions of higher brainwashing errr education.

    As it is highly unlikely we can purge the lovers and implementers of the communist manifesto we must correct their Alinsky lies at every turn.

  • Bad Will Hunting

    Trump 2016.

  • SWDC

    100% part of the gene pool and the sole reason given for never killing the collaborators as was afforded the Caucasian Germans.

  • James The 87,679,756th

    What you describe is not impossible. The answer to 1984 is 1776.

  • Mike

    Yes there is!

    The National Socialist Worker’s Party was at least honest enough to self identify whereas the communist Democrats are following the dictates of the CPUSA and hiding behind the progressive label so as to mask their love of communism.


    Justice is not vigilantism.

  • Bad Will Hunting

    Oh, Iran is going to get the Nukes alright. Right on top of their turbins and headscarves..

  • Mike

    AKA: Declaration of Independence 2.0.

    Agreed 100%

  • James The 87,679,756th

    Ya gotta wonder… WTF is wrong with American Jews?

  • livedwell

    I am Jewish. I just don’t get the attitude of many American Jews. Spielberg gives Obama a humanitarian award; Hollywood Jews raise money for him. Don’t they get it? Obama hates Jews and would love to see our homeland, Israel, blown off the map. Many Jews are traitors to their race. Shame on them.

  • rick

    The truth is that we “could” have homes for everyone. However, that would not be convenient for the Global elites. There would be no immigration from the south of the border if their countries were not run by our CIA spooks supporting the drug cartels and those corrupt governments…….illegal drugs are big business you know…..

  • James The 87,679,756th

    I never said it was.

  • Voulezvu

    Makes you wonder what sort of currency was used to get these chimeras to sell out their own race.

  • Pomona Pete

    Ken, you are shoulding all over us.

  • Mike

    Great question which has escaped me all my political aware life. They seem to gravitate towards all powerful governments which have a history of trying to annihilate Jews.

  • Standup 4 Freedom

    What does Russia, Iran, Syria have in common? The all have greased up this pink panty president and bent him over a table

  • rick

    Rothschild bought him his citizenship in 1961…

  • squawneye

    A good name for these sellout Demoncrap Jews would be…Blundercommandos.

  • James The 87,679,756th

    Amen to that, Brother.

  • squawneye

    You can’t possibly think Obama finds that a bad thing?

  • Mac mcintire

    Amazing. History repeats itself. German Jews were marched off to camps even while they shook there heads in disbelief as they helped him gain power. Obama, a Muslim. ( Muslim schools in Thailand). Has sold us out. Nothing can be done to stop this traitor. Congress with McConnell and boehner leading the charge have buried there heads in the sand, they gave up there power 6 months ago with senators talking about a bipartisan agreement. They gave up there power of treaty. Obama ( trust me) runs to the UN with Russia and China agreeing that this was a great treaty. GM loves it, can sell there cars there legally, arms manufacturers love it, yeah. 65% of Americans disagree but what do they care. Sell outs. Creams, thugs. I’m talking about congress

  • James The 87,679,756th

    Alinsky, Marx, Bill Ayers, and Stalin have greased up Obama. He’s a Marxist; he’s not a dupe. And he is destroying America.

  • bustermosson

    Why not give us the numbers of how many Christians, Catholics, Muslims back the Idiot in Charge and itemize them.

  • Darkheart11

    He only HATES! And THEN finds a reason and a victim to hate.

  • Methadras

    Leftists are all traitors to the American Tradition. That’s what they are and they prove it daily.

  • Standup 4 Freedom

    LOL good reply

  • Bad Will Hunting

    It is Bush’s fault. The instability Bush caused by overthrowing Saddam Hussein caused Iraq to collapse. That collapse caused a power vacumm that Iran has filled, making the entire region unstable.
    What angers and disappoints an

  • squawneye

    Or something he hasn’t done a million times….

  • <——AntiCommie1

    An American of Jewish descent as well, I’m sure you know we have a special word for scum like these-


  • Kirk

    Forget political affiliation for a minute. The question at hand is what is good for national security? This Iran deal, I firmly believe, will backfire.

  • bustermosson

    In “Audacity of Hope” Barry “HUSSEIN” Odumber writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261

  • <——AntiCommie1

    They sold their souls to world marxism a long time ago, and nay claim to fealty to anything else, god, country, their own spouse, has to be taken in that context.

  • SWDC

    Prohibition gave the USA the Kennedy’s and the Escobars were created by USA laws that may need to be revisited to address.

    As we know NO power left in the Kennedy klan to protect even a former POTUS’s child. RIP John John Kennedy Jr.

  • VillageViking

    The democrats act of betrayal ranks them right next to Benedict Arnold when it comes to loyalty to country!

  • Pomona Pete

    a gentle reminder that W was a fighter pilot in the guard, airborne alone, who landed it on its wheels every time.
    anyone so ignorant as to sneer at a pilot for stupidity is indeed free to take flying lessons so see how much has to be learned just to biz around the traffic pattern once or twice, let alone go cross country, retractable landing gear, +200 HP endorsement, multi-engine, pressurized, IFR, jet?, how to make bombing runs…
    calling W stupid is as dim as any liberal fantasy version of reality.

  • EEDDGGY1776

    Washerman Schultz is a Democrat. Nothing else else matters to Democrats than faithfulness to The Party.
    This sick allegiance was seen in Germany back in the 1930’s.

  • BombshellWebNews


  • porkinziam

    This woman has always been an opportunistic piece of sh*t politician, but now she’s a traitor as well. ‪#‎jewsforallah‬

  • BombshellWebNews


  • SWDC

    With Nazi gold he pulled out the teeth of his own.

    Had he not done it someone else would have so there are many many many many George Soros’s alive and kicking to be the next one gainfully employed in the markets.

  • Mike

    If we could do nothing else but instill that statement from Lord Acton into every American mind there would be 95% fewer socialist/communist/Marxist democrats.

    The Founders knew this and the commie left has spent every waking day trying to make the world forget it.

    “Power Corrupts and Absolution Power Corrupts Absolutely”

  • Aribamama

    She says she went through a “gut wrenching, thought provoking process” to come to a decision on the Iran deal…. guess that means she finished her strawberry margarita mix.

  • SWDC

    Germany’s and Germans fault.

  • James Horan

    There is not a Hell hot enough to suit me for these traitors to the Jewish faith. They are all aethiests not believing in an afterlife and its consequences

  • rick

    You can still see those gold bars at the Bank of England with the Nazi insignia……”paid in full.”

  • Harry Caray

    Anyone else think this woman looks like Dee Snider of Twisted Sister?

  • Sodomite Obama

    Who would have thought American jews would go against Israel.

  • EEDDGGY1776

    Americanized Jews, that identify as a Democrat, only care about themselves and money. They have no true allegiance to their Homelandd.

  • Chance Boudreaux

    Thereby proving a statistically smart people regularly do the dumbest crap ever.

  • jainphx

    Yes! “I will bless those that bless thee, and curse those that curse thee”


    You intuited exactly what I meant.

  • Sodomite Obama

    “Et tu, Brute?”

  • Sodomite Obama

    Iran needed to be squeezed more. Work with Israel to kill off the Iranian scientists.

    Why didn’t her boss “Obama the Muslim” stand with the uprising against the religious zealots that lord over them? Because he want’s Iran to have a nuke.

    This is sick that a so called jew would back this agreement when people in Israel are totally against it.

    What’s her position of Iran self policing?

  • SWDC

    Understand why Ireland will not fight with England run by Germans.

    The Communist Manifesto was written by two Germans in German and first published in London in 1848.

    Germany even financed and aided Lenin’s and the Bolsheviks’ return from exile in Switzerland to destroy Russia and the Russian royals and without Germany’s help Russia would have never fallen into the hands of the Communists.

  • Mike

    Websters and Wiki now include a picture of Wasserman next to the words, “Stockholm syndrome”

    Well they don’t but they should.

  • PoliticalHacks

    About 7 minutes and 2 seconds for this interview….. she could have saved viewers about 7 minutes and just flipped up her middle finger to everyone and walked off, with the same result.

  • Otis

    These 15 swine are no different then the Jewish traitors who helped the Nazi party slaughter millions of their own, history repeats its self indeed. This will be George Soros 2nd contribution to murdering his own people, he shouldn’t even be breathing.

  • Subhuman Mongrel

    She’s a sell out.

    I wouldn’t F*ck her with a sheet over her.

  • rick

    Just who are those Germans called the Duke and Duchess of Windsor……

  • Subhuman Mongrel

    This is the same freak that couldn’t differentiate between a socialist and a typical democrat.

  • Koiavar

    This Congress is so pathetic; They make me wanna puke. I can’t wait until Trump is President.

  • Subhuman Mongrel
  • Zen Master Ziffel

    “I would never sell out Israel for 30 pieces of silver” Wasserman-Schultz continued, “But when they said 40, well, I am what I am”

  • jainphx

    Problems you say! Do you live under a rock? Missiles fired into there country almost daily, Iran PROMISING to destroy the and now we have an American president giving them the means and the go ahead to do that, while a Jewish woman could stand tall for both Israel and America, but instead stabs both in the back War in the mid east will soon draw the world into conflict, just because her and you play poliltics. You need an attitude adjustment and so does she!

  • Jello Head

    This liar nano cephalic would be challenged trying to run a lemonade stand – that’s why she’s a career politician.

  • Mike

    Wasserman is hoping she will sell out the country for Obama so much that Barry will bed her.

    If we had a functioning congress, DOJ and USSC, Barry should have already been arrested, tried and executed for leaking information about the Stuxnet virus, created by the US and Israel, which was inhibiting Iran’s ability to enrich uranium by breaking their centrifuges by over spinning them.

    Barry’s actions are treason to the USA and to Israel and the rest of the world.

  • frigu

    Democrats are equal opportunity haters, they hate America and Israel. They will always side with party and terrorists.

  • mwmichaels

    Ah, the “DNC” leader, party hack. A very offensive and destructive person. Come to think of it, equally offensive and destructive is the party of poll taxes, slavery, the KKK, Acorn, destruction of the black family, Margaret Sanger and, of course, Planned Parenthood. The Democrat party should change their name; they have so much to answer for and so little to offer.

  • jabusse

    seems that to a Jew there is no allegiance that 2 cents off can’t overcome.

  • itsy_bitsy

    Those democrats will aide Iran and then standby and watch Israel suffer for their actions! They shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves Jews anymore, unless it’s maybe Jews for ISIS! Their traitorous behavior is without parallel.

  • Meathead Rob Lowe ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    She is nothing but a JINO. An oven ready Jew bro!!!

  • SWDC

    “Islam is a vibrant faith. Millions of our fellow citizens are Muslim. We respect the faith. We honor its traditions. Our enemy does not. Our enemy doesn’t follow the great traditions of Islam. They’ve hijacked a great religion.”

    Remarks by President George W. Bush on U.S. Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan
    Presidential Hall, Dwight David Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Washington, D.C. October 11, 2002

    “All Americans must recognize that the face of terror is not the true faith — face of Islam. Islam is a faith that brings comfort to a billion people around the world. It’s a faith that has made brothers and sisters of every race. It’s a faith based upon love, not hate.”

    President George W. Bush Holds Roundtable with Arab and Muslim-American Leaders
    Afghanistan Embassy, Washington, D.C.
    September 10, 2002

  • Subhuman Mongrel

    Trump 2016

  • Subhuman Mongrel

    There are not many real jews remaining.

  • Mr_Miyagi

    Wasserman-Schultz is putting party before country—by which I mean America. That the deal is bad for Israel is a given. But more importantly for us all, regardless of our religion or ethnicity, it is bad for America. That is the shame.

    As for Brian Schatz (of Hawaii), he’s not bright enough to tie his own shoes.

  • jainphx

    Very good description!

  • Atilla Thehun

    Thought-provoking for her is a one piece jigsaw puzzle

  • Bladerunner64

    I often wonder how much satisfaction those seeking our destruction get when they see how easily it is to fool our so called representatives into voting their way. The Mullahs must be giddy with glee at how stupid the Jews in congress are. “Wow! We say we want to kill them all and they vote our way, hahaha…”. “I guess we won’t have to cut off their heads, all we have to do is hand them the knife, hahaha…”

  • Miguel526

    “Debbie” leads the way toward a bleak future for American democrats! This once-life-long CA democrat will NEVER Vote Democrat again, as long as he lives!!!!! This b/c democrats are to blame for the total breakdown which has overtaken the entire Middle east under Obama’s Moslem-loving disastrous “foreign policy”!!!

  • Debbie Does Iran

    She weighed as her NUMBER ONE goal – what would prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon? – so she decided in her infinite wisdom that giving them billions of dollars and allowing them to self-regulate would be the answer. So naturally she must believe that releasing criminals and giving them free guns and ammunition will end gun violence.

  • Uncle Milo

    The stupid are truly in charge.

  • NavyBlue1962

    I didn’t know a dead carp could be Jewish.

  • Rob J

    Happy to give you upvote #10,000 for that!

  • deToqueville

    Karl Marx – communist – was a German Jew, and the International Jewish cartel (headed by the Rothchilds) financed the Communist Bolsheviks to undermine Hitler’s Socialist Party’s rise in Germany. against Hitler. Hitler was at war with the Russian (Red) Communists. Soros, a socialist-communist, works for the Rothchilds.

  • Mike Herman

    And don’t just blame the Democrat politicians who are betraying Israel. Blame their Jewish voters who also are liberals first, Jews second.

  • Mike Herman


  • Leah Keever

    Remember, in her diseased mind, the Iranians will stick honorably to the terms of the deal — only Republicans or Tea Partiers would cheat on it.

  • Mike Herman

    Debbie was asked, and she doesn’t know either.

  • SWDC

    Karl Marx’s father converted to Lutheranism and raised his German family as Christian’s in Germany.

  • Leah Keever

    As Mark Steyn said in response to someone calling Trump a “buffoon” — (paraphrasing) — if this is what the “smart people” are doing to our country, let’s get the buffoons in charge ASAP!

  • Mike Herman

    America’s allies used to be treated with more respect than its enemies. That was before King Barry was crowned.

  • Mike Herman

    If Iran can inspect itself, will Barry let us all audit our own taxes?

  • Mohammed_Goldberg

    Debbie Wasserman Shultz, like many of the democRATS only believe religion as a title. Most have no idea what their religion entails nor do they practice it, but use it’s name when it might have apolitical advantage. Should any of the Iranian loving Jews ever visit Israel, the should be locked up as enemies of the state. and the key thrown away.

  • Mike Herman

    Debbie’s not as good looking as Snider, but she is twisted.

  • pandle

    Shameful. She’s choking back tears because she knows she just signed her permission for a new holocaust…for a few measly votes. Shameful.

  • jainphx

    You back anyone against the wall and threaten extinction! Well I would not go without a fight for my life! Israel is just wanting to be left in peace, something the muslims refuse to do. Fighting back is all that Israel can and must do or die to a man.

  • Mohammed_Goldberg

    I don’t think barry would bed her. Once you go sasquatch, mop head blonds just won’t cut it….

  • ExtremeRC

    So much for representative government. Americans are overwhelmingly against this agreement, yet Democrats ignore and blindly follow King Obama and place America (and the world) at risk.

  • Posit

    Not even for a few votes. More for continued support of the party, retain her position as chair of the DNC, and personal aggrandizement.

  • Mohammed_Goldberg

    Nor would any amount of Captain Morgan Rum help…

  • LawReader

    Iran has violated every UN rule or sanction ever placed on it – and it takes a special class of imbecile – headed by an imbecile more devoted to Islam than America – to support the current farce-of-a-deal.

    Obama’s ‘legacy’ may well be a large, glowing and uninhabitable area of the Middle East.

  • jainphx

    Exactly! But they had help from the GOPe, who stood back and watched.

  • Mohammed_Goldberg

    DNC = Dumb N166ER convention

  • Mohammed_Goldberg

    A few well placed nukes would give most Iranians a new job, selling bulk glass.

  • Mike

    You have a point! lol

  • jainphx

    I’m not so sure of that! You may be right but Obama seems to want a world confrontation with Christianity and the Jewish. Good muslims are like that!

  • Mohammed_Goldberg

    She has a mind? I guess two functioning brain cells could be mistaken for a mind.

  • ExtremeRC

    Or a glowing America.

  • Mohammed_Goldberg

    And she lives in FloriDAH!!!

  • SWDC

    Water supply for Iran is what they are seeking for nukes do not work without water. Nothing flourishes without water.

  • LawReader

    I think the entire concept of ‘well-placed’ was abandoned when Obama’s ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ wasn’t inserted in suppository fashion.

  • Crystal

    Meanwhile, we’re inundated by 30 million illegal Mexicans who are driving our Blacks to the unemployment lines, destroying our government-funded schools, bankrupting our social services safety net, and clogging our prisons.

  • Hugh Lusignan

    Funny thing about it, they don’t have to live in Tel-Aviv or vote in the Knesset. From afar they can betray their own kinsmen, far easier.

  • Meathead Rob Lowe ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Mighty bold of these JINO’s to support this terrible deal from the safety of America rather then Israel bro!!!

    Pathetic cowards, every last one of them.

  • grand_wazoo

    Judas Iscariot has a lot in common with these “Jewish” politicians that support this deal.

  • Hugh Lusignan

    Jews are exceptional in the eyes of God except for the likes of those jews who would betray their own countrymen. Those jewish sloths in congress are plainly reprehensible.

  • Capt_Morgan

    She states that she doesn’t think countries would agree to sanctions again. Maybe obama shouldn’t have sent letters out saying that countries could do business with iran without consequences. When is that fucker getting arrested?

  • Meathead Rob Lowe ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Watch the loser Obama be the first President to pardon himself bro!!!

  • Capt_Morgan

    Not when he was in the way of hillary’s senate seat.

  • Scott74

    The sme DWS that was going to fll Obama anti woman if he replaced her as DNC chair. All she cares about is her own power and serving her master Obama.

  • jainphx

    There may be the one (woman?) who is uglier than Cankles, inside and out.

  • Mark

    Has Debbie Dimwit gotten her swastika tattoo yet? You know to balance the Star and Crescent tattoo. How about a Mohammed Uber Alles, Deb?

  • Zen Master Ziffel

    Hillary: “Stand By Your Man”
    DWS: “Stand By Iran”

  • Meathead Rob Lowe ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    She is an oven ready Jew, not an oven dodger bro!!!

  • KgP

    It’s going to hard for the Jewish messiah to return if the country of Israel is a smoldering, irradiated ruin!

  • michael dodge

    Dws is a satantist. Proof

  • chicodon

    Let’s see, Judas sold out for thirty silver coins. How much was it for you Debbie? A Cornhusker Kickback? Ben Nelson got $100,000,000 for his Obama Care vote. Landrieu got $300,000,000 for her Louisiana Purchase vote. You should at least do better than that.

    Oh, BTW: They were both kicked out of office the next election.

  • MicahStone

    -American Jews: WAKE THE F^CK UP !!!!
    STOP supporting people who HATE YOU.
    Just as blacks are stuck on the d-cRAT Plantation, you’re stuck in the d-cRAT Concentration Camp!

  • yogi8

    Common characteristics found in Congressional members: corrupt, greed, no conscience, herd mentality, blind allegiance to party. Widespread in both parties. They make me sick.

  • Jane Dough

    Israel’s gonna be great once Iran gets rid of all them pesky Jews.

  • Zen Master Ziffel

    Yep. They pledge allegiance to the Party, and the Party pledges allegiance to whomever has the $$$

  • stargazeman

    Where are the Jew citizenry? My god, its KrystalNacht all over again—as if they dont know whats coming next. My Lord the silence and complacency of the Jewry in this Country is astounding…guess its true, they only care about money and power, not their survival. Oy Vey…Now we dance—Hada Nagila Hada Nagila, Hada….God help them, and us, all.

  • Reardon Steele

    Liberal Democrats are liberals first and foremost. Their religion, their country and their very families fall behind their devotion to liberalism and its pernicious spawn big government.

  • stargazeman

    Pelosi’s daddy would be proud of his Planned Parenthood little girl…butchers the whole lot of them…but still wanting a Pope’s Blessing…Burn in Hell Pelosi’s.

  • Reardon Steele

    DWS-the poison dwarf.

  • stargazeman

    Fake Jews the both of them…one helped lead Jews to slaughter, the other gives 150billion dollars to the slaughterer themselves. My God.

  • stargazeman

    Biden always spoke of his Mother—-she another one who approved of the selling of baby parts? Fraud, him and his Mom. The other son is a confirmed coke addict and Ashley Madison user—his wife know that?

  • JimmyChonga

    90% of today’s jews are atheist and 25% of the general jewish population self-identify as “gay’. The jews are as LOST a people as they have ever been. DWS is another symptom of their deeply-seated spiritual malaise.

  • NCBigmouth

    I can’t understand Jews voting for Israel’s annihiliation when (not 10 yrs either) they have to know it bodes ill for Israel. Debbie Whathername Thulth is just plainly dumb as dirt and Bern’s family was killed by Nazi’s in Germany in WWII, yet that didn’t stop him from joining the socialists. Do you suppose he knows that NAZI means National Socialist Workers Party, and if so, is that dumb as a rock or what? Maybe he just doesn’t give a sh**!!

  • jumpstart

    I take great comfort in the fact that 65% of the ignorant Jews voted for the Black Hitler. In their arrogance they can’t see the handwriting on the wall. If you don’t learn from history…………….

  • What?!

    Those NY Snowbirds in her district aren’t going to be happy!

  • LiberalMenAreEffeminateSHIT

    its important to understand that liberals Jews are not Jewish. They hide behind being Jewish as they see fit to gain benefit, but are lacking (100%) in morals or religious faith.

  • LiberalMenAreEffeminateSHIT

    I thought the % was higher…

  • LiberalMenAreEffeminateSHIT

    25% gay, LMAO, please post a link to that

  • LiberalMenAreEffeminateSHIT

    liberal jews are communist

  • Warren Stallings

    I dont buy that “Chosen Crap” either, Somewhere a baptist sold that shxt, he just didnt realize he was dropped on his head as a infant.

  • oldaarpy

    So American Jewish leaders have chosen party and power over God and God’s Chosen People! Got it!

  • LiberalMenAreEffeminateSHIT

    liberal jews don’t know what the inside of a temple looks like. they are not Jewish, they hide behind the notion, that is all

  • Goober_Pyle

    They are Jews in name only.

  • Veritasortruth

    What else is new? Americans were overwhelmingly against Obama Care and yet the Democrats jammed it down the throats of the public in a completely partisan way. It didn’t get a single Republican vote in the House or Senate.
    But many of the people who hate Obama Care, voted for Obama. Go figure. This is what you get when you have millions of people who spend more time watching American Idol and posting on Facebook, than they do keeping up on politics and current events.
    The problem is the Obama voter, much more than Obama himself. We will probably survive Obama, but are unlikely to survive the Obama voter.

  • deToqueville

    Karl Marx was Jewish Lutheran who later became an atheist Marxist.
    And what prompts you to say that the German people are bad? The Russian Bolsheviks and the Communist regimes all over the world have killed more people than Hitler’s Socialist Democratic Party. Investigate the culture and social/political order of Germany during the Weimar Republic and you might get another picture of exactly was going in Germany in the 1920s.
    One of the Rothchilds marrying Nicki Hilton; money like to marry money? Nicki will never inherent the Rothchild wealth – the wealth is passed down to the sons ONLY. Do a little reseach on the Rothchilds.
    BTW, Chelsea Clinton’s husband is Jewish and works as a hedge fund manager for Soros.

  • ItsPolitics101

    Chuck Todd interviewed Colin Powell regarding th Iran deal on Meet the Press and to no suprise Powell supports the deal claiming it slows Iran down from being on a super highway to a nuclear bomb to a slow pace. Interestingly, neither Todd nor Powell touched on the next two critic points:

    1-Immediate release of 150 billion (or whatever the number) which will most likely be used to finance terror activities.

    2- Iran will be self inspecting.

    I thought Powell would mention these himself, wanting to come off as a non-partisan, whereas I was not suprised Todd left these two point out of the discussion. One has to wonder why.

  • Tom

    You are all over this board commenting on how these politicians should have what is good for America as the priority. Please explain how this deal is good for America in any way.

  • Seeker of Truth

    https://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/summary.php… (Michael Bennet)

    https://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/summary.php… (Dianne Feinstein)

    https://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/summary.php… (Al Franken)

    https://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/summary.php… (Brian Schatz)

    https://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/summary.php… (Bernie Sanders)

    I think it is safe to say that it is these people under the donors list and superpac lists that really want the Iran deal.

  • Ubeturbipy

    Just shows that some are so stupid they’d willingly walk into the oven

  • mike wesley

    This person would have sex with her father on national TV to keep herself in the spotlight. Judas has nothing on this woman. George Soros must be proud of her.

  • ThaneofCawdor

    The Democrats will own this decision forever. After they are devastated in 2016, the mushroom clouds over the Mideast will be the final nail in the DNC coffin

  • WrenchMan

    DWS is NO Jew! Her religion like other Democrat voting Jews is the religion of Liberalism! Truly stunning how a Jew could ever be a Democrat or Liberal!

  • orlfla

    This shows there are some who put their political career on a much higher plain than they do their religion. Even when it might mean the extermination of their religion.

  • owl

    I noticed they even trotted out that ole back stabbing Colin Powell. He who kept his mouth on mute when it was HIS sidekick that kept a lying SP on Bush’s back for 3 year during the MSM/Dem Plamegate. The good Gen is lower than pond scum. He kept his mouth shut when he knew. How low can you go??? That told me all I ever needed to know about back stabbing Obama loving Powell.

  • Glen3

    Given everyone Soros has pissed off, I’m shocked some nation hasn’t had their black ops people liquidate him. Off the books.

  • WrenchMan

    Colon Powell lost his collective mind once a Black man was elected president! He’s truly a despicable turncoat racist! Use the Republican Party to further his own career then turn on them when it’s politically beneficial…. That man makes me sick!

  • thetnrebel

    she doing what best for the democrat party, forget the world and her country, it doe not matter

  • Dustin C.

    Jewish leftists… Jewish self-haters… dwellers in darkness and suicidal to the core.

  • Dabney Carr

    Proof once more that liberalism trumps religion….what a special kind of stupid they are!

  • wasitsomethingisaid

    We were all on pins and needles waiting for Wasserman-Schultz to announce her position on the “deal”,and are shocked to hear she supports it.

  • RobUofIllinoisU/C

    Don’t forget to bring your soap on a rope, put your clothes & valuables in the lockers, and proceed to the spa showers. What would you expect? They had the Romans put the Messiah to death & tried to wash their hands of the deed. Now they make a deal with Iran, who just love them. And when the next persecution starts they will ask, “why didn’t the world step in & help us?” Congratulations, you just shook hands with Satan himself.

  • sam256

    She is such a stupid woman why do you publish what she does or says, no one cares if she is on this earth still breathing or not.

  • poorhardworker

    Way to throw Israel under the bus, Debbie “Crocodille Tears” Wasserman-whatever!! And you threw the US under the bus as well. So glad you pondered for so long…but I knew where you would land…close enough to lick Obama’s shoes or kiss his kiester!!! SICKENING!!!

  • orlfla

    I believe more and more that since Obama is not a Muslim he is at least a strong Muslim supporter.

  • poorhardworker

    You mean he is not “infallible” when he absolved Catholics that had an abortion?? Just another “politician” playing the game that the BLACK Pope wants! Go ahead and look him up…just Google Black Pope…it’s all there for all to see,

  • Buzz

    Debbie Washerwoman Schultz has less brains than a left handed screwdriver. Obumbler and John Fraud Kerry’s Iran deal isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. It is all about Obumbler’s legacy and nothing else. He just wants to be able to brag about how he made a deal with Iran. The Mullah’s are falling down laughing all over their prayer rugs at the stupidity of Obumber and Kerry.

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  • broadcastdude

    These democrat Jews are insane.

  • The 10th Crusader

    Sorry, folks. This was as predictable as a sunrise in the East.

  • EtoculusDei

    I can’t believe I lived long enough to see the leaders of my country wring their hands, cry floods of tears, and say that if we don’t give an evil empire what they want…..there MAY be war. There are days I wonder if giving women the right to vote was such a good idea after all.

  • TedA.

    “Bad Jews, bad Jews. Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when They come for you?”

  • King_Solomon1


  • Suzebeez

    ” But I join many in the belief that with complex, multilateral, nuclear non-proliferation negotiations with inherent geopolitical implications for the entire world, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ deal.”
    What a load of crap. obama missed the opportunity to support the Iranian uprising (interesting that it was the only “Arab Spring” uprising he didn’t support), and, when sanctions allowed us to have a boot on their necks (social unrest was building because they were diverting resources to their nuclear program), the idiot “begs” (remember who wrote letters to whom) them to come and cut a deal with him. He put America’s (and Israel’s) head on a platter and served it to the “supreme leader”.
    But we don’t care if he’s, at least, a muslim sympathizer ’cause there’s a “D” next to his name. Party before Country, right Deb?

  • Buzz

    The pope isn’t infallible any more than any one else. He is just a common person that rose to be the head of the Catholic church just as someone would come up through the ranks to be CEO of a company. He isn’t anything special.

  • jack baxter

    political theater and Iran and Israel are most likely friends with saudi arabia behind the curtains.

  • mauloa

    It is open season for “Wolves in Sheep’s clothing”. Not only the Jewish community but all America is let down by the corrupt party loyalty over country or beliefs. We have lost our way because we have elected faux, dangerous and evil officials who make our policy and decisions. The time has come to rid ourselves of this vermin and put into office honest, patriotic, God fearing and sane elected representatives. The GOP isn’t any better with Boehner and McConnell.

  • Shadoh21

    How many pieces of silver did she receive for this betrayal?

  • muckfexico2

    In “THIS” case, once a Jew always a Jew does not float. Wasserman in particular is a TRAITOR to the USA (PERIOD). She has NEVER had her head screwed on properly.

  • tommy mc donnell

    karl marx’s father might had converted to Lutheranism but he was never a practicing lutheran. karl marx was raised in what was essentially an atheist household.

  • cynic73

    When the first nuke lands in Jerusalem, she will have the deep satisfaction of knowing that she helped her president with his legacy. Rest easy Debbie.


    Not likely Iran of course that’s just plain silly. The Saudi royal family on the other hand are already making nice with the Juice.

  • warpsix

    I only hope someone goes Old Testament on Wasserman Schultz she would have voted to kill Moses and keep the Jews in slavery

  • will jones

    people like this are ideologues, they don’t care about America or Israel, they will support obama no matter what he does.

  • teddie77

    Schemer 1st was For it until Ny’ers railed on him. Had they not he would have also been for it, but he wants to keep his easy job in next election


    The Jews if there are any left will consider them full blown war criminals.

  • Buzz

    I shudder every time I see or hear this woman. Don’t know who makes me more nauseous, Washerwoman Schultz, Hillary lying, cheating Clinton, or Nasty Pelosi.

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  • teddie77

    They would sell their own mother to Iran if they could

  • Deez_Nuts2015

    Force Obama to veto. Make him own this.

    Yeah, wishful thinking.

  • teddie77

    Baloney. Many look up to these higher ups and make their decisions based on theirs because they trust them.
    The pope is a commie and an do a lot of harm which cannot be undone. Look at all the socialist laws past by past prezs that were never undone.

  • Art

    Just so everyone knows, there are many, many jews (myself included) who not only don’t want this absurd agreement with Iran but also would like to see Israel bomb the hell out of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

  • Leah Keever

    Good point. I don’t know why I attributed one to her; she’s never shown any signs of having one.

  • Big Al

    I wonder what they will do when Iran finally makes good on their threats and vaporizes Tel Aviv and NYC?

  • nadadhimmi

    After years of Jewish support for every Obama policy and untold millions in contributions American Jews have no right to now demand special protections from those very policies and provisions.

  • Yu So Wong

    With Jew friends like this, Israel need no more enemies.

  • Big Al

    Most of these “jews” in the senate are descendents of European converts, and don’t believe in God, read the Torah, attend Temple, or keep any other divine decree. I would love to see you guys start gigging thse clowns on being fake Jews.

  • Yu So Wong

    Tom was a no-show at the Obama White House. I guess that proves he is a real Patriot in every sense of the word.

  • bevus

    29% s0 why do they ignore poles only when it suits their prpose which is treason?

  • bevus

    I guess excommunication is out of the question?

  • kctaz

    Even with this Pope, about whom I have serious doubts and I say that as a Catholic, she will never get an indulgence. She is too much even for him.

  • Head Goon

    If it is TRUE that if Iran is attacked by Israel, the US must act in the defense of Iran, then how can any Jew vote for this deal. I am not a Jew, but have several Jewish friends and they are horrified about this deal. Does any poster know if the US would have to defend Iran or not. I think the only way Israel will survive as a nation is to use its own power in its own defense to take out Iran’s nukes it probably already has.

  • Yu So Wong

    The mysterious Democrat love triangle continues. Jews vote Democrat. Democrats, particularly blacks, hate Jews. Democrats love and favor the Muslims who would summarily execute them for their dissolute ways if given the chance.

  • bevus

    this is all about the creation of palestine at the expense of Israel, the rich American Jews are seslling their poor bretheren down the proverbial river of pain!

  • bevus

    Love triangle! how abot the poor blacks keep getting poorer, but vote Demonrat? Demonrats hate christians, but love Muslims?

  • kctaz

    Ordinations? That is when a man becomes a priest, not when a saint is canonized.

  • CK

    Follow what she does, not what she says. Tears are cheap. She betrays her country and her faith.

  • lib_erator

    I hope all democrats do not mind We The People prosecuiting them in a court of law when Iran detonates their first bomb. How dumb can people be. They say they will do it and yet these idiots push forward and allow it. UI will enjoy seeing some of these politicians in jail but hate the suffering that will bring that about.

  • bevus

    IT is all about global warming!

  • ItsPolitics101

    Can’t say I disagree completely, but wouldn’t quite say it like that. Nonetheless, Powell, if you noticed, did put to rest the lies progressives have been saying about the WMD issue. For years now, libs have been claimimg Powell corroborated that Bush & Cheney lied about WMD in Iraq. However, in this interview he clearly stated the intelligence by 16-world agencies collectively all got it wrong. He did say, it was a mistake going in, but the intelligence presented was belived by all, and both democrats & republicans all voted accordingly on that basis.

    Now I know the progressive left will omit that part and many will continue lying sayng Powell said otherwise, but then again they are nothing more than scum suckng POS lying charlatans!

  • Jeff

    Homelessness is only a Crisis when a republican is president

  • lib_erator

    Yes Head that is what I have read too, How can any president push for a treaty he knows most of the country is against? He does not care and we all know why. Make these politicians go to jail for crimes if this does come about. Heck, get the republicans who cowered and allowed it to happen too.

  • bvikay

    Just like good commies. Party before country. In this case country and the world. Treasonist and shameful.

  • steve

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  • bvikay

    My Jewish friends used to call them “kikes”. I guess they are still around.

  • lib_erator

    Iran sets off a bomb and it will yes get pretty warm.

  • Kelly O”Hara

    Looking at Debbie made me think of a Dick Tracy villainess
    with the black stencil eyes, and the nappy head
    She looks like an evil person, and of course, she is an evil person

  • JJTX

    The TRAITORS are lining up.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    The fact that she went to tears – that really shows the power of Obama mind control on his minions.

  • Agamemnon7

    She moves way up the list with that one. Mosad should do the deed. The stench of that rancid self loathing Kent will reach Tehran

  • Marcus T.

    Democrats only God is politics.

    Even Schumer and Lowey only voted against because they whipped the vote and new this would pass.

    What’s worse is Democrats stood with a regime that has killed Americans and is still holding them hostage.

    Iran is the most active state sponsor of terrorism in the world and Democrats just gave them millions of dollars in funds and a path to nuclear weapons.

    Democrats own this. They own every despicable deed Iran will perpetrate in the near future. This will define their party for at least the next decade.

    They also own the coming nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

    They sold out their country for politics.

    Let’s just hope it’s not too late for a Republican President to stop this.

  • Florida voter

    She made her own decision?

    That is not her right, she must make a de ion based on our wishes, she is our representative.

    She needs to go, she cannot be allowed to use our house or us as an excuse for her politically motivated decision.

    She no longer represents U.S.

  • Agamemnon7

    They will all face the music. I can’t wait. As the sun surly sets in the west they will suffer for eternity

  • maribel

    One of the many votes she will regret. Party and Party Leader before her conscience and country. Sad.

  • Florida voter

    She is such a liar, what proof does she have that Iran will abide?


  • Inside source

    Oh, this just in, intelligence source close to the deal and state department sources close to the deal (which I am not at liberty to reveal) revealed that it is all a sham and we have no guarantees and Iran will build a bomb and use it against Israel and the U.S. In the next few months/years

  • rick

    ……….thought I said that……

  • Mel

    She was on “State of the Union” this morning and when Jake Tapper asked her what she decided, she went into this long explanation about how she reached into herself and her soul and thought about it every which way till Sunday … and in the end… she voted for it. Jake Tapper then stated she will be reviewed as a sell-out to the jews and asked her how she felt about that. It appeared that she tried to look grief-stricken and had an unsteady voice (for a second) and tried to conjure up tears (which she could not) and went into all the reasons why she is a good jew mother and a good jew in general but reassured Jake Tapper that Obama reassured her that everything would work out.

  • rick

    When did Pope Francis “absolve anyone who had an abortion? Feel free to provide a reference……

  • Big Conservative

    Whether these individuals are Jewish or not, make no difference, they are HUMAN beings that are starting the next World War by allowing a Sharia Islamist nation to acquire nuclear weapons.

  • Sam Green

    It’s my opinion that any congressman or senator that ignore their constituents wishes, should be flushed down the toilet come election time.

    Come 2016, lots of toilets are going to be clogged, but the biggest toilet clog will be his emissary Barak Hussein Obama the second. He is the reigning and undisputed king of dishonesty.

  • Jack Reacher

    Israel has plenty of military capability for fighting its own wars.

  • lib_erator

    If you don’t speak spanish you missed it.

  • kazzer66

    Obviously Iranian political donors pay VERY well. Are these American Jews willing to go to war with Israel, if Israel attacks Iran?

  • rick

    The info I provided is from the Catechism of the Church. The “Seat of Peter” is filled through a Papal Conclave of Cardinals lead in conscience by the Holy Spirit.

  • Atilla Thehun

    That’ll be one helluva flush

  • lib_erator

    Yet there is a side note on this treaty that says if Iran is attacked by Israel the USA will defend them. How sick can these dems get? I want to vomit.

  • zippiest

    These are the Jews who dined with Hitler.

  • lib_erator

    Obama may be doing that going head to head with Russia because they are building a base in Iran. They see America as very weal under the Born Loser.

  • chuck

    I’ve seen a lot of strange things happen in the world of politics over the last 40 years, but what we’re witnessing now defies all logic, to the point that it seems biblical. How can these Jewish Democrats join forces with Iran and try to destroy Israel, I say “try”, because God has already made it clear he’s not going to let that happen, more than once since the Jewish state was restored. These Jewish Democrats have betrayed their own people, they are traitors.

  • Sam Green

    The very fact that Trump is doing so well only shows that the big toilet flush flush is on the horizon.
    Everyone hates politicians, but were at the precipice of massive change, when they ignore the people as Obama and his minions have done, history will show that at some point the BS that’s swept under the rug WILL come back to bite them. Normally the dirt just settles but Trump proves the American people are tired of being lied to and ignored.
    Time will tell the story.

  • John (magnum)

    America Jews are just as stoooopid as the blacks when it comes to cutting their own freaking throats !

  • zippiest

    Calling all aluminum foil hat wearers! Train leaves for Auschwitz in 10 minutes.

  • Richard

    Godless wench

  • coachpan

    Just who does this bitch speak for?

  • lib_erator


  • MaxAR15

    Val Jer & Barry

  • zippiest

    Isn’t that the website where you can get cheap shoes?


    …and did a lot of the thinking for Stalin.

  • rick

    LMAO! Perfect user ID…..Zippy the pin head!

  • Richard Lee

    Maybe not.. Maybe they have no choice.?.

    Maybe there is a gun(figuratively) to their heads, and they can’t tell us?
    Did you ever see the movie, ‘The Sum of All Fears’?? https://youtu.be/p4Y-0Pun2Eg

    If Iran (or another country) has planted A-bombs here in the USA, our whole federal goverment might be working under duress. They might not have any other choice but to cooperate.
    Iran wants those Billions, and doesn’t care about DIY A-bombs, because they already have them..?.

    This (fictional?) scenario explains a LOT of very odd behavior by our fedgov over the last decade..
    It’s certainly technically possible. And it could have started in 2007 for all we know..

    Sometimes, the most basic explanation is correct. Blackmail is a very old weapon.

  • zippiest

    Which half? There no such thing as half Jew. You either are, or you aren’t. It’s like saying you half Christian, or half Hindu.

  • DiJinn

    For what shall it profit a woman, if she shall gain the whole world, and lose her own soul?

  • zippiest


  • halevi

    Debbie is no Esther, that’s for sure.

  • DrChimRichaldsOBGYN

    Democrats would have you think there is no choice. Let that sink in.

  • unclevito

    Wasserman Shultz likely has a prolapsed twat. No one can be as stupid as she is.

  • Davole

    Did she get her 30 pieces of silver, and from whom did she receive it?

  • AlexxelA

    All the people who vote yes for this deal should take a trip to Iran. They can join the four Americans in jail. The four people who have no hope of getting out of Iran. If they make it out alive, they can go to Israel and explain why they voted for a policy that put a whole country at risk. It’s easy for a person to vote yes for an agreement that is politically right and morally wrong.

  • Mikey0

    Once you take the mark of the beast, all bets are off.

  • RayNAiken

    Is it possible to be a traitor in two countries at once? Why yes. Yes it is possible. And just recently.

  • Jarhead2/1

    If I lived in the 23rd CD of FL, and were a Democrat and a Jew, I would announce my intention to challenge little Debbie for her Congressional seat….and I would win.

  • libsmasher

    Blind voting for wishful thinking. Debbie is a hack. She knows that this is suicide for us and Israel, but she can’t bring herself to do the right thing. There is a lot of this going around in Washington…. buy the three B’s

  • kleronomia

    My gosh I have never seen anything so funny and sad at the same time in my whole life: Everyone of those murdering Muslims in Tehran would kill her and all these other Jews voting for the deal in a heart beat with a smile in their hearts and then cut off their heads and play soccer with it and not lose a wink of sleep. They’d then use their young children for slaves or for manual labor and casual sex until they die. Good night these people are so deluded. People like Wasserman-Shulz and these others must really hate America. I mean really, how much money is being passed under the table here? If this was the era just before WWII she’d go along with Hitler to keep the peace. Some people never learn.

  • jb

    of course Debbie Does Dumb came out for the deal. Party before country, per usual.

  • BeatTheDeadHorse

    Every religion has their non-believers who sell their soul for 30 pieces of silver.

  • Blue Season Ranger

    She and the rest of her ilk are the same as judas!

  • Frantic_human

    “DNC leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz became the 16th Jewish Democrat to stand with Iran and support Obama’s controversial nuclear deal.”

    aka Blood Traitor.

  • Frantic_human

    Until they face God.

  • Frantic_human

    Good comic, lame commenter. An insult to the real Zippy.

  • zippiest

    I’m bet your parents called you Dick. It’s a good name for you.

  • gsp9993

    Disgusting DC – filled with villainous scum and wretched, wicked freaks.

  • Right wing

    27% of Americans want the deal. So who exactly are these so called “representatives” representing? Certainly not the people of America. They are traitors. Vote every one of them out. Find candidates to oppose them and “let’s start again with a brand new animal.”

  • Right wing

    I hope the Jewish people finally realize who they voted for, twice.

  • King_Solomon1


  • Right wing

    If the bombs are here, which is not a stretch, then the Dems let them in with their promise of a fence that never materialized. They want the illegal Hispanic vote so badly, they would risk the destruction of the West for it. The Western countries are all being overrun with illegals, unvetted, and we have even been told that ISIS is planting terrorists with these crowds and taking advantage of this opportunity to infiltrate, yet we allow it in the name of political correctness. More like political and literal suicide.

  • Njord

    Big difference between Jews and Zionists.

  • Ron

    She isn’t known for being smart…

  • nickb

    If Jews don care about the survival of Israel, why should I?

  • zolf

    These democrat vermin will sell their own kids to screw over America. Vote Hillary u betcha.

  • Right wing

    So did you and you friends vote for Obama, twice?

  • SryMrsJackson

    Jews voting for the annihilation of jews. Liberalism turns reality into insanity.

  • Glen3

    Evil does like to marry evil, as your Clinton/Soros pairing illustrates.

  • Andrei Bilderburger

    When JFK ran for president people were worried that he’d take take orders from the Pope. He had to work hard to convince them he would not so as to have a chance in the election.

    So now why does everyone who pretends to be a conservative – all of whom were really upset about JFK being catholic – think all Jewish congressmen need to take orders from Netanyahu?

  • Jay Steven

    She’s another Jew who hates Israel and what it’s stands for.

  • Communists are communists first. She has no connection to Judaism. It is without a Soul.

  • nickb

    We didn’t think that, but certainly didn’t think they would support Israel’s destruction. I guess they feel safe here in America.

  • B. Smith

    Party before God. That’s the Dem way. She’s the party leader. Was there ever any doubt? She would sell her children to sex slavery for 10 votes.

  • nickb

    I think I get it now. American Jews hate Israelis the same as Liberals hate Conservatives (you know, the people who stand up for freedom and liberty).

  • observer

    That would Be John Kennedy. He received citizenship from Congress in 1961.
    Guess what party controlled Congress!! None other than the democorrupts. When the Conservatives threw out the socialist in Britain Georgiy Schwartz (Soros) knew he had to high tail it out of Britain so Soros tagged his old Nazi apologist buddy Joseph Kennedy to get him into the US.
    It would be interesting to know how much Nazi Geld Soros kicked in to the Kennedy campaign in 1960!!!

  • DrJosepM55

    Damn, for a population that is less than 2%, way too much power in the hands of minority. Dangerous to American interest.

  • DrJosepM55

    Sad but true, unfortunately mankind has the same issue.

  • DrJosepM55

    16 teen Jews in in democratic party? Wow

  • DrJosepM55

    Yes we are safe in America, attachments to any foreign entity is treason. Remember Jonathan Pollard, the American born Jewish traitor.

  • Rodney Mann

    Maybe the people of her district ought to think twice before reelecting her.

  • nickb

    Sure, but didn’t expect them to support Iran over Israel.

  • Dane Ironfoote

    Wassermess will burn (in you know where) for this.

  • olddog

    LIEberals are ALWAYS LIEberals first and foremost..Treason by ANY means necessary..is their mantra.

  • sittingnut

    seems jews make up less than 2% of usa population, if that, but a lot more of senate and congress. why?
    jews are ok with making deals with iran, and founding isis and al nusra to topple assad, and other such things. but jewish funded media ( such as this site ) whip up americans to a frezy to oppose the things they support . and they get americans(esp Christians), to fight (and die ), and spend borrowed money, fighting for isreal’s(as opposed to usa’s) interests.
    based on evidence clearly american Christians are idiotic tools. and deserve to be so.

  • olddog

    The (D)em-wits mantra..Treason by ANY means necessary..

  • Baltimore48

    I’d like to add to those names all of my fellow Jews who voted for Obama.

  • Cahal the Mad™

    Ben Shapiro explained in one of his videos, the difference between a real Jew and a fake democrat “jew”, so I’m not surprised at all with any of these losers supporting Iran.

  • Dane Ironfoote

    HA! That area of Florida is as traitorous and left-wing as it gets. She may even get an award for being so “brave” on this “highly controversial” issue. You watch. Debbie darling (she’s so beautiful) would sell her own grandmother if she thought it would move her up one tiny rung on the democrap ladder.

  • olddog

    From a state that elects the perv Grayson???..hell that’s like Kalifornica NOT electing Nanu-Nanu Piglosi…or Moonbeam Brown..Good Luck on THAT!!!

  • gmm777

    Democrats supporting this agreement are traitors to the United States and clearly enemies of the State of Israel,

  • Zen Master Ziffel

    Watch that jagoff Hagee – he’s the worst. Siphons millions of $ for “God’s Chosen” from his flock of Christian idiots.

  • ConnieSays

    Wasserman Schultz is a traitor to Israel and the Jewish people. Jews that support the Iran deal are ALL traitors. I am a Christian who supports Israel.

  • ConnieSays

    Pelosi will buy indulgences from this pope. Obama did not want Netanyahu to speak in front of Congress but it is okay for this socialist pope who thinks like Obama to speak.

  • Jack Reacher

    Considering that a significant element of the leadership of the democrat party consists of people who are ethnically Jewish, who really cares?

    People claim that Obama’s an anti-Semite, but he’s got more close Jewish associates than any modern President, with the possible exception of Bill Clinton.

    Heck, even Saul Alinsky – Obama’s ideological mentor – was ethnically Jewish.

  • Richard Lee

    I’ve read almost a dozen books with this story line, and all of them used different method to bring in the bombs. Today the drug cartels are custom building submarine style boats to bring in drugs.

    How hard would it be to have yachts or fishing boats bring in nukes from Cuba? I’ll bet they bring in a few tons of drugs every night.
    Once they are inside our borders, they can be trucked into all the major cities and set up in a matter of weeks.

    Here’s the funny part.. If they got stopped, they could say, this is Bomb number 19.. Let us go on our way, or Bombs 1 thru 18 will go off today.


  • Patty
  • whoodoo

    She uses her Jewish background when it helps her advance her political agenda and either abandons it, or twists it inside-out, when it doesn’t …just like Pelosi and Boehner do with their Catholic affiliations …just like members of the Black Caucus do with their black identity. The 6 SCOTUS nominal Catholics, and 3 nominal Jews must hide their beliefs in their tortured rulings, but the former never acknowledge their conflicts of interest (by recusing themselves) when an issue of high importance to the Catholic religion is being heard and rules on (e. g., abortion, birth control issues, etc).

    The problem with this picture is that we pretend to have a separation between church/religion and state, forged by the specter of the European religious wars that preceded the founding of this nation – of which the founding fathers were well aware and wished to avoid. However, with increasing appeals to religious factions (explicitly and implicitly) in order to gain political advantage – by both major parties – we are drifting toward divisions that will reproduce that sorry stage of European history when reformists sought to escape the influence of the Roman Catholic Church and its sanctioned Holy Roman Emperors and Electors, and payed terrible prices in human life and suffering in the process. Let’s remember history so as not to repeat it.

  • nickb

    Don’t come crying after Iran nukes Israel. You asked for it.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    What do you expect from a self loathing Jew that get her hair styled at PETCO.

  • Patty
  • whoodoo

    I think it will be a toss-up as to who nukes whom first (the dividing line between preemptive and preventive war is very blurry when nukes are involved), but Obama/Kerry have set the stage, with Iranian mad-men in possession of nukes, to make that all but inevitable, sooner or later. Obama was given the power to stop this, an awesome and awful power to be sure, but he’s again shrunk from that responsibility, with unrealistic appraisals of the situation on the ground and in Iran, as well as the power of other nations to exert pressure to make his “dream treaty” come true.

  • Trailer Trash

    Thank you Debbie for voicing your concerns. I am not Jewish like you and you obviously know more about the deal than I and many others do (including Isreal).

  • Joseph Miller


  • cadgbd


  • Joseph Miller

    The Nazicratic Party IS a terrorist organization.

  • daveugber

    the proper term is ‘fasciocrat’

  • Joseph Miller

    Potato, pototoe.
    Tomato, tomotoe.
    To each his own.
    I prefer Nazicratic Party. It’s more accurate & closer to the truth.

  • Antiprog

    Progressive democrat and oblamist , priority número 1 . It’s a cult

  • MrJackAmano

    Whatever. Just as long as we have NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL. Let them fight their own damn wars. And, Israel firsters should be kicked out of the country.

  • telman

    And at the end of the day they will die like the rest of us and face the Creator if they believe in one or not.

  • Mike Hambuchen

    I am hopeful that the Mossad delivers a very personal message to each and every one of them.

  • Bernice Madoff

    Arming the enemy, dividing the country by color, putting down cops, trading Taliban, allowing free flow of enemy thru borders, and shaming vets by giving up gains in Middle East. These are just a few of the actions by the son of a Muslim to eliminate America.

  • telman

    He is only infallible when it comes to Faith and Morals….we will see if he is an imposter or not when he is forced to address the Gay issue. Then we will know if God sent him or Satan. So far he really hasn’t taken a position because he knows he will loose favor with the faithful.

  • telman

    The Seat of Peter was sold to Constatine in 385 AD. That was the end of the Roman Catholic Church,

  • telman

    He pays them off.

  • rick

    WoW,……. I’m speechless….what a burn…no one has ever thought of that before……..you must be the pride of the Special Ed. class….

    Did you think up that bit of “genius” all by yourself or did momma happen along to the basement with your flannel PJ’s and help you out?

  • telman

    And the joke is on her. The kid is a Goy because jewishiness come through the mother.

  • heebyJeeby

    Mossads enemies arecgentiles as written reoeatedly in that old testament.

  • tmanosaurus

    Remember occupy in the obama campaigns?
    Their secrets………

  • heebyJeeby

    The theme of the ot is exermination of their competition, thats their only religion

  • bradfregger

    Shades of World War II when many Jewish leaders helped the nazis send their fellow Jews off to the death camps. At that time, they felt they had no other choice, these Jews feel the same today. I pray they are making the right decision, but I fear they will rue the day they deserted their fellow Jews.

  • heebyJeeby

    Trash no sh it, stupid too

  • Meathead Rob Lowe ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    They are all JINO’s bro. They are making the wrong decision without question. Happy to sell out the people of two nations.

  • heebyJeeby

    The most repeated theme in the ot is extermination of the gentile by any means.
    let that sink in

  • unkyjack

    Typical Jew

  • Meathead Rob Lowe ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz = JINO

    She has basically renounced her faith which is beyond pathetic bro!!

  • rick

    ?…..Not quite sure what you mean, prior to Constantine about 312 A.D there was no Roman Catholic Church. Christianity was illegal and solely an underground practice.

    It was not until hundred’s of year’s later, 5th cent. to the 7th cent., that the first vestiges of this church government rose where there was a Roman bishop as the head of the Church, making it an official Roman Church functioning similar to today’s.

  • Logic4U

    I would agree with you but then we would both be foolish. You must be on a Colorado high

  • Logic4U

    Yeah, and I*’ll bet his last name is Head.

  • tmanosaurus

    Liberals, Democrats and now far too many Republicans are illegitimate candidates for American leadership.
    They have become legends in their own minds, endowed by their money slinging political creators and their wild abandonement of the realistic needs of freedom and dignity in the world. Dignity does not include lying or being continually LIED TO.
    They (most), grew up on “all you need is love” but surrender their last fowl breaths mouthing the words “Money, Money, Money…..Money” ….. then rot in the hell they brought to us all in the failed unethical corruption THEY LET THEMSELVES BECOME PART OF.
    When leadership rots, its the citizens fault for not insisting on accountability and adherence to their promises.
    Build the actual list of lies youve been given…. you’ll be shocked and sickened. Start at the office of the President and work your way down…

  • Professor Fate

    Debbie comes from a part of Florida bulging with Jewish transplants from the Northeast states like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania where voting Democrat is more important than observing Passover and going to temple. That neck of the woods is also notorious as a breeding ground for radicals, Communists, anarchists and troublemakers who just happened to be Jewish.

  • oldaarpy

    American Jewish leaders have decided to side with party and power …and against God and Gods People! No surprise here!

  • water bearer

    There will be enough Jewish democrat politicians that will side with obama so the others won’t have to. It’s a democrat thing. If the Republicans were to oppose a Republican president they would be considered heroes by the media.

  • meesterbig

    Between protecting Hillary at the recent summer convention and now the Iran-thing, DNC Leader Wasserman Slutz likely senses her career light as DNC chair is blinking, so she is bucking for a high-level post in a prospective Benghazi Hill administration.

  • rick

    1) The Pope does not have the “power” to change Catholic Doctrine.

    2) This is Pope Francis’ position on “the Gaaaa issue:

    “Let’s not be naïve, we’re not talking about a simple political battle; it is a destructive pretension against the plan of God. We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God.” -Pope Francis
    “Adoption by a same sex couple is a type of discrimination against children.” – Pope Francis

  • telman

    Thanks for the information rick. I will follow up with some research on this.

  • rick

    This is the 1st time I’ve ever seen the pitcher pulled and his catcher brought in!

  • Patty


    Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton by 9 in New Hampshire, Gains in Iowa: Poll


  • firedup49

    There are some that are not mentally ill, thank goodness

  • Benof67

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz vote is not surprising. Her blind devotion to her Fuhrer BHO as well as her belief that Abortion is acceptable into the 9th month of pregnancy, all in essence of the Left’s deviant and evil brand. The left is bound and determined to destroy America. The evil and destructiveness of the Left cannot be denied by anyone with a lick of common sense or decency.

  • rick

    I just had a long talk with my Priest about these very things after Traditional Latin Mass. The Main Stream Media, (Ministry of Propaganda), can twist the truth and shout all they want but it’s never going to happen. God Bless

  • D-ranged


  • Jim Madison

    Why should it be a surprise that progressives align better with religious zealots than with a more democratic peoples?

  • nick

    Nothing like voting for your own demise….idiots

  • linda7985

    Yep…and I would bet that most of the people responding to this article can tell you all about the Holocaust, but less than a quarter can tell you who the Bolsheviks were/are and how Communism came to be, AND, that 66 million mostly white orthodox Christians were brutally butchered and starved to death during the Russian Revolution by the Bolsheviks. I would also bet that less than a quarter has bothered to read Winston Churchill’s article in 1920 on this very subject.

  • Patty

    Islamists and the Democrat Party: Co-belligerents in the War on America

    It has long been a goal of the left, now joined by
    American Islamists, to re-write U.S. history and re-interpret what it
    means to be an American, in order to produce low-information voters
    willing to submit to tyranny and a political-media- academic class
    willing to implement revisionism.

    The Islamo-Leftist educational agenda seeks to
    popularize theories specifically designed to weaken the foundations of
    Judeo-Christian democracy and to eradicate our cognitive ability to
    transmit to the next generation, the ideas and values upon which America
    was built.

    Much of the social chaos and extremism we are
    currently witnessing in the country is the product of a well-funded and
    well-organized anti-American, radical Islamo-leftist agenda – and an
    administration that enables rather than opposes the aims of our enemies.


    Terror is terror no matter how you wrap it up with a pretty bow, the democrats need to be watched because they have wanted this for years. They want to destroy America and we are seeing what is happening in Europe and the entire middle east. Anyone who thinks this deal is a good one, is one of them.

  • Harry Caray


  • Sickofobola

    I’m so sorry. This must be such a trying time for you. This has been a complete nightmare.

  • Norinos

    Liberalism is the first and foremost religion that matters to democrats. All other associated religions fall a distant second on how they can help or hurt their religion of liberalism.

  • Sickofobola

    And our veterans who sacrificed and dedicated their lives so we can remain free are abandoned and left to die under the veterans administration.

  • Lumpy Rutherford

    I wonder if she will go to synagogue this year for the Jewish High Holidays.

  • ava712

    Again George Soros, the billionaire behind his puppet Obama, is pulling the strings on the Iran deal:
    From THE BEACON :

    Even as the contours of the nuclear deal with Iran remain unknown (though a total cave in is strongly suspected), a progressive “Dark Money” group, whose donors’ identities are hidden, is threatening Democrats who might oppose the deal to keep their mouths shut and vote with the administration. Adam Kredo reports in the Washington Free Beacon:

    A prominent progressive organization linked to the White House and claiming to work for dozens of like-minded groups is threatening to attack any congressional Democrat who objects to a final nuclear deal with Iran, even before the terms of any such agreement have been finalized, according to an email obtained by the Free Beacon.

    CREDO Action, the political arm of CREDO Mobile, declared this week in an secret email to journalists that it will punish congressional Democrats who fail to line up behind any deal sealed between the West and Iran.

    “Democrats in Congress are the only remaining obstacle to finalizing today’s historic deal,” Zack Malitz, campaign manager for CREDO, said in a statement emailed to reporters on July 2, along with a note that details of the email were not to be published until a deal was actually announced. “Every Democrat should go on the record right now in support of the deal, and pledge to defend it from attacks in Congress.”

    “Republicans will try to sabotage the deal and take us to war, but they can’t do it without Democratic votes,” Matlz wrote. “Progressives will hold accountable those Democrats who vote to help Republicans sabotage the deal and start a war.”

    CREDO is a member of the sinister Democracy Alliance, a coalition of groups and billionaire funders, thought to include George Soros (who made billions speculating in foreign exchange markets and in the process impoverishing various nations), Herb and Marian Sandler (who made billions off the mortgage bubble before selling their Golden West Financial Corporation to Wachovia Bank right before the crash, which then collapsed Wachovia), and Peter Lewis (whose Progressive Insurance Company specializes in high risk drivers who must pay even higher premiums), among other super-rich progressives who think their income inequality is just fine. These people all know well how to profit off the misery of others while wrapping themselves in the mantle of concern for the poor.

    Backing an arms agreement before the terms are even finished tells us that the quality of the agreement is not of any concern. This is all about money and power. And perhaps the opportinity to profit off of crises to come.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/07/dark_money_group_threatens_dems_on_opposing_iran_nuclear_deal.html#ixzz3l0sMMaUo
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  • tymwltl

    The first thing I seek when talking to a person for the first time is their political “bent”. If they seem to lean left, the conversation is over and any deal is squashed. Those with the wealth, if they just choose to do so, can change the course of destiny by heeding this simple advise.

  • tymwltl

    The last place you will ever find God is in a place called religion.

  • tymwltl

    There have been two types of Jews throughout history, in my humble opinion, those who could be marched into the gas chambers and those who would die first fighting. DWS is one that stands in line and waits her fate.

  • Patty

    These 8 RINO traitors voted WITH
    Democrats AGAINST an amendment to the Corker Menendez Graham bill that
    would REQUIRE a CERTIFICATION from the Obama administration that Iran
    has not directly supported or carried out an act of terrorism against
    the United States BEFORE sanctions against Iran can be lifted. These 8
    traitors KILLED that amendment. – C. Steven Tucker

    Read more at http://iotwreport.com/#0G7JfhEhVlHAEQpw.99

  • TXSteadyEddie

    And the Jews that helped round up other Jews for the Nazis were called Judenrats…same deal here…

  • Mac-101

    Dat’s no way to talk about Soros!

  • Daz World

    Any Jew that votes for this is a traitor to their people, their faith and to Israel.

  • dawgGoodie

    I loathe the idea you convey, but unfortunately you are clearly correct.

  • Mo Ham

    Any Jew that’s for the deal has forgotten about Hitler.

  • Slayer88

    Why are there Jews in the AMERICAN Congress again?

  • Howard Hyman

    Dhimmi Wassamans Schwantz has cursed G-d and His people. Let her be cursed by G-d.




  • Bonanzadrvr

    Maybe the entire democrat delegation can make the next “Death to America” rally in Tehran? Boy, there must be some big pay-offs in this deal. I guess the Clinton Global initiative will receive hundreds of millions. Maybe the Iranians can sell fuel to the US Navy for 149 dollars a gallon like some of Clinton’s business pals did…

  • Bonanzadrvr

    Remember when the corrupt new media and democrats wanted to impeach Reagan for trading arms for American hostages held by the Iranians? Yeah, good times! Now, democrats are all gagging to make a mega-deal with the same terrorists…democrat politicians and the news media, integrity for sale from Brian Williams all the way to Wasserman Shultz.

  • They are standing with North Korea too.

    The North Korean Threat to Israel

    ‘Nearly 8,000 km separate Jerusalem from Pyongyang, but that hasn’t stopped the North Korean government from going out of its way to side with Israel’s foes, regularly providing them with military training and support and even selling them nuclear know-how and ballistic missile technology.

    Indeed, North Korea is directly linked to just about every menace facing Israel, and it is time for the Jewish state to do something about this threat.

    The latest example of Kim’s dangerous Middle East meddling was on display this past Saturday in Iran, where the ayatollahs unveiled their new Fateh 313 surface-to-surface missile together with the Simorgh launching platform, which is said to bear a striking resemblance to North Korea’s own technology.

    The similarity isn’t coincidental.’


    Don’t expect Jewish Democrats to help out with the Norks either.

  • vista

    Wasserman and other supporters of the Iran deal are nothing more than modern day Kapos!!

  • Howard Hyman

    I cosider myself a proud, observant Jew, an American Patriot and devout Zionist. I detest Dhimmi Wassamans Schwantz, and hope that G-d curses her with a painful death. She is NOT a Jew. I do not believe that she worships G-d, Torah, Israel or any part of Judaism. She worships a muslim DEVIL named Obama.

    My she be gang-raped by ISIS muslims!

  • mark8302

    Regretfully, it takes a psychopath to be in office like Schultz. Until the populace recognizes that these people are narcissist psychopaths whose drive is the power of the position, we will always have these lowlifes in office taking selfies. I fear the voters that put her in office more than I fear her.

  • Bonanzadrvr

    If you are a student of history and ever wondered how the German Army marched through France in six weeks back in 1940, here’s why. The French politicians and media had rotted out their morality. They had no respect for themselves and didn’t know what to believe…they learned a harsh lesson. We are watching the same thing as our democrat politicians and accomplices in the media are rotting out the soul of America. Making deals with terrorists in Iran who have plotted our demise for decades is just the latest example.

  • hydrangea1

    Wonder what Obammy ‘rewarded’ Wassershitz with for her treacherous vote. What traitorous scum!

  • agnau

    Why won’t DWS tell the truth like Juan Kerry let slip? Without this deal we lose the dollar reserve currency status. Now to be “polite” (and politically correct) Juan Kerry is just slightly above DWS when I refer to her as mentally challenged. Maybe she is an outright LIAR! The truth of the matter is that if we don’t turn our aggression on the world up to the point where the world submits, we will lose our control of the “system”. The DOLLAR IS DYING! The world is turning away from THE RESERVE CURRENCY. Russia and China are being demonized because they no longer want to be part of the Dollar CONTROL system. They are removing themselves along with an increasing number of other nations that tire of the US CONTROL. The US knows that with an increasing amount of US dollars returning to our shores our days are numbered. Therefore, we are going to START A WAR AT ANY COST, to place blame for our economic collapse on someone else besides our government and bankers.
    REAL UNEMPLOYMENT IN THE US STANDS AT 24%. The labor participation rate proves this fact.(stlouisfed.org) it is now at 1977 levels. 94 million out of work. Your govt. lies to you!

  • Alex

    Ted Kenndy at last minute dumped Hitlery and supported Obozo.

  • Lucifer4Leftists

    Debbie Waaserman scultz no longer stands with the God of the Israelites, Yahweh, instead choosing the god of money. As a traitorous act to both her faith and country, she was right to be crying.

  • Rich

    It’s the 1930’s all over again. Appease the enemy and look the other way and maybe they won’t harm us. Remember how well it worked back then.

  • agnau

    VELOCITY OF MONEY(stlouisfed.org) shows money moving through the economy. It is a measure of economic activity. It has been in dramatic decline since 2007. This means that our economy has been declining (rapidly) since then. The LIE of 5.1% unemployment is from the mouth of DWS proclaiming a ROBUST AND RECOVERED ECONOMY. A L I E !

  • agnau

    The entire time that Iran has been sanctioned they have continued to pump the same amount of oil while their export of oil has been strictly limited. They have stored the excess offshore in tankers. Part of “The Deal” is for Iran to release that oil after the sanctions are lifted and flood the markets bringing the price dramatically lower which will will do massive economic harm to the rest of the world. A lower oil price, while good for your gasoline price is like poison to global economies. It puts massive pressure on every country. It puts more pressure on other countries than it does on the US. This is the reason for this strategic move to lower the oil price.

  • boocat

    Unbelievable. Their religion is socialism. Sadly, they are deluded. This will become apparent later…

  • wGraves

    We get what we elect, unfortunately.

  • Secede

    I am sure there were lots of German Jews back in the 1930’s who thought supporting Hitler was a good idea at the time.

  • Secede

    Must be a good hair day for her

  • Hy Feiber

    As a Jew, I was disgusted by the Jewish adulation of the Clintons, so this latest act of Treason is par for the course.

    My grandparents are spinning in their graves.
    They, who worshipped America.

    The Israelis must think American “Jews” are from Mars.

  • Hy Feiber

    The Founding Fathers would have revolted in 2009!

  • whoodoo

    This is pure insanity on the part of the Democrats. The same kind of idiocy that they tried with N. Korea when Carter brokered a deal with N. Korea (and Clinton approved it) wherein N, Korea promised not to develop nuclear weapons for concessions from the U.S., then went ahead to develop them anyway. The mullahs in Iran are even crazier than the N. Koreans and their avowed mission is to attack and destroy Israel.

  • whoodoo

    You are spot on in recognizing that their ideology is just another example of blind religious/spiritual faith, with little or no contact with reality or history, and every bit as dangerous. That’s why they find sympathy with the likes of Muslim and Christian ideologues (like the mullahs and the pope) whose words are taken at face value without testing for logic, consistency and relationship to real events past and present.

  • Tyrannicide

    She is among the Synagogue of Satan who worship our white house rainbow messiah. Hell is too good for them.
    God bless Israel.

  • swallowed my whistle

    shes mama fratelli, the younger years.

  • Sassy_Simone

    Choking back tears? Maybe Wasserperson and Orange man could share a crying towel

  • Otis T Cribblecobble

    It is unfortunate that many American Jews don’t care what happens to Israel, just like they didn’t care when Hitler came into power. These same Jews are 0bama supporters and that’s where their misplaced loyalty lies. Yet 0bama hates Jews except for the ones who write him big checks, and he goes back to hating them as soon as the checks clear. Looks like the Jews are setting themselves up for another history lesson, and it won’t be any better than the lesson of the Holocaust.

  • Gary Johns

    In 1994, President Bill Clinton stood
    before the American people and announced a North Korean nuclear agreement
    that he called “good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for
    the safety of the entire world.”
    Almost exactly 12 years later, North Korea test fired its first nuclear weapon.

  • Gary Johns

    Wassermann Schultz’ sorry a$$ will be one of the first one’s into the ovens down the line….

  • Gary Johns

    There are Jews and then there are jews….just like there are Americans and then there are americans…..

  • RykELee

    Constituents and common sense be damned. Blind obedience to the Dem Party overides everything with these traitors. Not that RINO s are any better

  • Corrupt Club

    This deal by Obamie the Commie and Stealth Muslim, is a suicide pact for Israel and America. But then, Obama has spent 6 years destroying America from the inside. This deal is handing Atomic bombs to the Iranian terrorist state. They will use 150 Billion dollars for terrorist actions all over the world. They will pass the Atomic weapons to their terrorst operatives who will smuggle them into Israel and America. Obama will be long gone by that time. He does not want to be in the Blast zone, that is Washington D.C.

  • Corrupt Club

    Democrats are to incompetent to survive outside of Government. Once elected they start to Guberize the public who they hold in contempt. Bill Clinton enabled the Commie bombs for North Korea. Obamie the Commie and Stealth Muslim is doing the same for Iran.

  • Corrupt Club

    You perception is excellent. Good work. That is what is happening.

  • Corrupt Club

    Debbie needs a Bill and Hillary Clinton style, Vince Foster experience.

  • Corrupt Club

    Spot on.

  • Corrupt Club

    Where can I buy a ticket for that?

  • Susan

    We have 16 who have sold their souls to the devil!! 16 who have given America to those who plan on taking over and kill all those who won’t bow down…….

  • Corrupt Club

    Soros father worked with the Nazi Army to confiscate the furniture and belongs of Jews in the Chek Republic.

  • roval

    Their motto: ‘Liberals First, Jewish Second.’

  • roval

    They are ‘Liberals first, and Jewish second.’

  • Independent911

    What can you say to someone who is a traitor to her own people and turns her back on the very people that got her elected? All I can say is remember this moment of anger when it comes time for her re-election.

  • If I was subjected to the same amount of threatened use of “violence and intimidation” for political causes placed upon my family over a matter like this, then I would probably cry too as I unwillingly support such a treasonous betrayal of America, my heritage, and our nation’s allies… I can’t wait to see if the current regime decides to continue with routine-elections in the near future, or if they decide they know “what is better” for the people of this land…

  • congressive

    Here, let me fix that typo in your headline: “DNC Leader Wasserman Schultz Is 16th Jewish Democrat to Stand With The United States Over Right-Wing Admitted Liar Netanyahu – Back Nuclear Deal” – you’re welcome.

  • margotrogo

    The US has gone to the mat for this ethnic group and for the right of Israel to exist. Why some Jews have chosen to repay the country in this way is difficult to comprehend. Perhaps those moved to take this stand would favor us with an explanation.

  • congressive

    Argh, we can’t let the black man in the White House get his way!!! Nooooo!!! Even if it means dead American soldiers in another middle east war based on lies, we MUST stop Obama from getting ANYTHING he wants.


    As the word of God says ” For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel”
    Romans 9:6

  • GozieBoy

    If you write a 5-1/2 page letter, then it’s like guilt shedding. And when Israel turns to glass, then she will say, “well I was so torn I wrote a 5-1/2 page letter, so it’s not like I actually supported the destruction.”

  • Tosheba

    You can’t fix stupid…or treasonous.

  • margotrogo

    Oh, gee! I voted once to give this particular president his way. But then I realized that he was either an anti-American criminal or an incompetent boob, and my ardor cooled.

    Oh, by the way, if you think you are going to avoid dead American soldiers by playing footsie with a terrorist state, history holds so many interesting surprises for you.

  • Robert Catt

    Hey what do you expect. In WWII Jews were the ones who loaded up the ovens with their own people

  • Zen Master Ziffel

    Strawman much?

  • megajess

    Great analogy.

  • Cassondra T. Perry

    As a Protestant and former roofer…. I’m just glad and hopeful that everyone is talking. Thank you.

  • megajess

    I thought the same. Our homeless live in tents. Illegal invaders get revamped buildings. I can’t tell you how angry this makes me.

  • PhantomOps

    These people may be of Jewish ancestry, but are not Jewish religiously. They share nothing with the people in Israel. In fact, they share very little with the people in the USA since the vast majority of Americans are against this deal. But you know the Dems, damn what the Americans want, just whatever King Oblunder wants.

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    Himmler always said, “kapo is as kapo does”.

  • D R Allen

    Please, you DO know that Jews are an ETHNIC group as well? You know the people that the Nazis tried to exterminate?

  • Stephen Schmengle

    Yea I saw washing machine sell out her people and give Iran 100 B in cash! She even choked back tears as she ‘Judis’ed her people!

  • mer

    sgt schultz – part of the Obama “brain trust” – along with the others she will be responsible for money going to Hamas Hezbollah Syria, for every misstep in this “deal” and any disasters to be laid at Iran’s feet to come (God forbid). if you lie down with dogs, lady……….

  • Stephen Schmengle

    Wow really. Where do you come up with stuff like that the CIA is in charge of the cartels. You sound like another conspiracy theory person.

  • nightsong

    Isn’t it baffling how Obama gets his way on every single thing, all the while everyone knows it is wrong. Kerry is shocking in his lack. Congress is practically treasonous. The people of the United States do not want this “deal”, nor any of most of them presented by obama, yet they go along, against the wishes of the American people. Washington DC is in shambles, an embarrassment, and showing a total lack of smarts. Until this administration is gone, gone…and our new president Trump is sworn in, the division between government and the people will worsen. The divisiveness in the country is not between the people or the races, it is with a very low quality of the three branches of the U.S. government. This is so apparent to the world and to the country. Seriously, to even consider dealing with Iran is treasonous.to say the least.

  • Roger Dowd

    What is it with the trailer park myth? Retirees and people in difficult financial circumstances often move to trailer parks to have some degree of independence. Not everyone in a trailer park is a Cletus.

  • DD

    DWS sells her ‘Jewish Mother’s Heart’ to the mullahs for the mere chance to bask in the glow of Barack. He rejects her over and over, but she just can’t stop trying to get a little drop of the phony praise he dispenses onto his legion of disciples. DWS, he just doesn’t like you. Now reflect on what you have done and what you are!

  • cooldela1966

    The Jewish lobby approved this before Obama even thought of it.

  • Senior VP – Race Relations

    Well whaddya know, another joo who supports the cause of liberalism, even at her bloodlines expense.

  • GozieBoy

    Sorry, they are Obama prostitutes second (and maybe first)…

  • DD

    “Isn’t it baffling how Obama gets his way on every single thing, all the while everyone knows it is wrong.” — You have touched on the ‘crux’ of the entire past 6.5 years! Barack’s legions grow and remain steadfast in their allegiance to him even when many know ‘in their guts’ that the things he is doing are very, very wrong, and very, very destructive, not only to their own nation but to much of the civilized world! A man who premeditates such vast destruction and makes it his life’s work to carry out that destruction, what do you call that man? I don’t know for sure, and I am not a religious fanatic, or any fanatic at all, but only ‘evil’ explains what is happening here and everywhere.

  • DD

    You are exactly right. 5 1/2 pages of phony justifying that she thinks will ‘CYA’ her when it all goes bad. She’s trying to serve two masters and it can’t be done, not in the end.

  • DD

    Why are they any harder to comprehend than the anti-America Progressive ‘citizenry’ who continuously work against the USA? There have always been haters and traitors.

  • Southernsoul

    If you had any doubt about how wrong this move by obama is, there is your proof. DWS supports it.

  • DD

    This is also the proof that she will do anything to get a drop of praise from the man.

  • Mac-101

    Soros and his Christians godfather worked for da NAZIs. In a 1990s 60 minute interview he said that was the most exciting, or fun or something like dat havin that much power . He was only 3 to maybe 15 though. Same ages many of those beheadin people workin for ISIS!

  • ohio granny

    More democRat Jews for the annihilation of Israel. With Iranian supporters like these traitors Israel sure doesn’t need any more enemies. She certainly can use the support of more Americans though.

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    For the Communist sympathizing Jews in the democRAT party the party is their religion. Party always trumps religion for these self serving politicians.

  • curmudgeon VN Veteran

    The party is their religion!

  • nightsong

    Yes I believe so also.

  • AeolusRyder

    Not a dog gone thing we can do about it either. We have a failed government and it looks like we are riding on the old 97 heading for the trestle.

  • KauaiGoneGin

    So only 27% of nation favor this deal. Wonder if the majority in each of these Democrat districts support the deal. I’d bet there are at least 10 that don’t and maybe more. If that’s the case then these “representatives” do not care what their constituents want. Wonder what the residents in the Tennessee US District 9, which includes Memphis, would say if someone were to tell them that they are responsible for giving Iran a path to nuclear weapons. Their “representative” Stephen Cohen sure says they do. As far as I can tell Memphis supports Iran going nuclear as do the surrounding towns and cities of district 9.

    Let’s call out the individual residents and cities in these districts and see what kind of response we get. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a national news reporter asking people on the street why they favor giving Iran nukes and a bunch of money to fund more terrorism. Like studio city and Tanzana CA, Louisville KY, Evanston IL, Fort Collins and Loveland CO, Hollywood and Miami beach FL, etc. all favor the Iran deal.

  • Yu So Wong

    She is a traitor to the US and Israel and Judaism.

  • MG

    I wonder what Obama has on Debbie to make her change her mind.

  • Tyrannicide

    The globalist elites have another trembling politician doing their bidding.
    Liberals are the vilest people on earth.
    The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will protect Israel. And wreak havoc on secular, anti-Israel Judenrats who turn against their own people.
    God bless Israel!

  • Tyrannicide

    RINOs and Demoncrats God will judge.

  • Tyrannicide

    But I fear the price America will and innocent Americans will pay for the Anti-Israel crimes of our rulers.

  • Tyrannicide

    Valerie Jarrett just earned a performance bonus from her Tehran paymasters.

  • test4echo

    It’s time for Isreal to defend itself. They have the capability, and should not waste anymore time waiting on liberal Jewish americans to support them.

  • BruddahNui

    I don’t care what religion a person is they should put their country ahead of their president or their religion. It seemed that you were insinuating that the Iran accord was good for America. If I’m wrong their please excuse my misunderstanding. My belief is that she put Obama ahead of her country.

  • SWDC

    Did you read about the refugee in Bern NC who killed another refugees three children to find refugees are gainfully employed at Moen and Bosh plants and unnamed others while at the same time given an interest free loan?

    Go ahead and research the story line written by the Associated Press then remember the USA is suffering with the very worst unemployment and underemployment in USA history. More on food stamps than at any point and time in the USA.

  • BruddahNui

    Only that the article was about Jews putting Iran ahead of Israel. It goes much deeper. I believe they and the the non Jewish Progressives are putting Obama ahead of their country.

  • SWDC

    Who acted as senator while Ted was operated upon and recovery? I mean when a senator is incapacitated who acts as the senator and how long does an unelected bureaucrat get to run things while a senator is down?

  • SWDC

    You would not any in the USA with the ability to defend the USA if you wanted to fundamentally change the USA either which starts with replacing the USA civilian population.

  • SWDC

    Two Germans wrote the Communist Manifesto in German and published in London in 1848. Germany financed Lenin’s and the Bolsheviks’ return to Russia from exile in Switzerland to destroy the Russian royal family and Russia in pursuit and desire for Russian oil fields. Germany getting involved in civil wars is all part of the plan that and the wedge.

    Germany has an energy problem today as in World War I.

  • SWDC

    He is only a man and men error.

  • SWDC

    Do you know who vandalized the Lincoln Memorial with green paint?

  • SWDC

    The Pope is merely a man and men error. Shall I direct you towards the history of the Catholic church were some popes are not such good guys after all and then guess what? The Catholic church survived a bad Pope or two.

    Just as the USA will survive.

    Did you know during the American Revolting the Catholics were royalists.

  • SWDC

    Nope Karl Marx schooled as a Lutheran Christian too. So at home and at school all Lutheran and understand he never worked.

  • SWDC

    No one left pt protect even a POTUS’s child/grandchild.

  • SWDC

    Perhaps the indulgences are already bought and paid for in full and both are riding the carpet til it runs out of magic?

  • SWDC

    Did you know during the American Revolution the Catholics were royalists?

  • Bonanzadrvr

    Really, what does the party not in power have to do with it? There is one party standing between you and the communists in the Whitehouse and the democrat coalition.

  • jainphx

    Who gave him the power to do this? Who could have stood and said this is an unconstitutional act. Who stood by through so many of these acts and did nothing. If, as you say they are standing between, then they are doing a very POOR job, because it is happening isn’t it?

  • ConnieSays

    You are right. He is only a man. A fraud. One who does not preach what the Bible says about Salvation through Jesus. He is picks and chooses what he wants to believe. He is a ….. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5285bb7e65455fc8b6b0706bdced306321f3afb7ff7fd686ab327e6bc2181ba2.jpg

  • hydrangea1

    Sounds like a great solution to me!

  • Snippy

    Liberalism is a mental disease.

  • Atilla Thehun

    I hope you’re right, but with so many polls, people say they hate congress – except for their congressperson or senator.

  • megajess

    I believe you. I ask what is the tipping point for America? When do we say NO MORE! How do everyday Americans force the federal government to follow the law as its written? When does America get answers to the multiple scandals of the last seven years? I fear for my country. For the future of a once great nation being taken over by forces unseen.

  • SWDC

    More Boston Marathons with the cover of Rollingstone magazine given to the perps to be Rock stars on facebook and twitter.

  • congressive

    Cheney, is that you?

  • margotrogo

    Neville, Neville, that you boy?

  • congressive

    Neville is dead. BTW, history doesn’t hold surprises. The future does. Oh, and you never voted for Obama.

  • Huskystar

    Vote her out of office! She can no longer be trusted!

  • margotrogo

    Yep, I did vote for him in 2008. Never thought I’d say this, but after the experience of Obama, I will not be voting for a black candidate from any party, for any office, again.

    It’s not that there aren’t qualified candidates. It’s just that the political left sees only the color of a man’s skin, not the content of his character.

  • kbworkman

    Debbie is only Jewish when it is too her advantage.
    Otherwise she’s anti Israel like to many other American of Jewish ancestry.

  • Howard Hyman

    islam is a terminal disease, which must be eliminated. GWB’s comments are sheer nonsense, and ignore almost 1,500 years of muslim violence and inhumanity.

  • SWDC

    It is as though none have read Winston Churchill’s River War 1889.

  • congressive

    I see you’ve imprisoned your logic at Guantanamo. You won’t vote for a black man because other people are prejudiced…Hilarious!

  • margotrogo

    So long as “other people” (i.e., progressive voters, and Democrats generally) abandon all critical thought when faced with a candidate from one of the beloved “victim” groups that they’ve helped to turn from fellow citizens into noxious boors, withholding my vote seems like the correct thing to do. (Although I have noticed that they will turn on any potential “victim” who decides to leave their big victim tent for the opposition party.)

    We may get lucky and enjoy a narrow escape from the legacy of the Obama presidency. I’d prefer not to tempt fate again.

  • congressive

    So Obama, a Harvard grad, senator and now President of the United States is a “victim”? Of what, exactly? I’d be curious to know which “non-victim-group” white politician was embraced by Democrats when he/she headed for the opposition party.

    FYI, you have nothing to do with the color of your skin. You weren’t rewarded with it, punished with it, you didn’t earn it or even select it. You didn’t choose your parents, who didn’t choose their parents who unintentionally determined the parts-per-million density of melanin in your epidermis, along with your shoe size and eye color, none of which has anything to do with your abilities. Your parents probably had something to do with your fears and prejudices as well, albeit through nurture, not nature.

    You just get funnier and funnier! Can’t wait for your third act punch line…

  • margotrogo

    My point is that, while victim status should not be a disqualifier for any person, neither should it be a reason for turning a blind eye to any of his or her disqualifying flaws.

    That is no longer the case in our “political correctness”-saturated society. Obama has been given a pass on the basis of his skin color (and that almost certainly was a factor in his admission to Harvard unless some third party brought a lot of money to the table on his behalf), and has been treated with kid gloves while he goes about wrecking the Nation. I never want to take a chance on his like again. Matter of fact, I would be wary of a woman for the same reason, as many of us have become proficient at playing the “victim card”.

  • congressive

    I’m still waiting for him to “wreck” the country. When will Obamacare devastate the economy? Any day now… When will inflation skyrocket? Any day now… When will he seize control and cancel the next elections? Any day now… When will gas prices soar? Any day now… Instead of improving the country, despite moronic Republican opposition, he better get started wrecking the place soon, or he’ll be out of office before doing any damage.

    The tragedy here is while our government has evolved from the laughingstock, warmongering economy killer of the idiot Bush era into the envy of all other “austerity-plagued” nations on earth, with civil rights growing, social freedoms expanding, renewable technologies thriving, infrastructure rebuilding, energy exporting, healthcare access expanding, nuke eliminating, Communist defeating, capitalism expanding victories in the news every day, you haters are missing it.

    You’ll still gladly take all the benefits you so vehemently oppose, though.

  • margotrogo

    Are you living in the United States, or have you time-tripped to the Weimar Republic? I see intergroup tensions at a high not seen since the run up to the civil war. I see an economy propped up by the artificially low interest rates engineered by the Federal Reserve. The political left takes credit for the results of an energy policy it opposed. Our schools churn out undereducated, indoctrinated ninnies. Both our allies and enemies abroad laugh at us, when they aren’t wide eyed with apprehension over our weakness and unreliability.

    Not to worry though, Obamacare will be “re-engineered”, with Republican help, to be a continual drain on the economy and an impediment to innovation and needed reform in the medical services industry. And it’s only fair when you think about it: the government cannot give our veterans proper medical care, so why should anyone else receive it, right?

    As for nuke eliminating, communism defeating, and capitalism expanding victories, they’re hard to perceive. Perhaps that’s why increasing numbers of Americans will privately admit that they would prefer Putin over the Wonderboy Obama as the Nation’s leader.

  • congressive

    Keep torturing your logic. All those terrible things that aren’t happening will happen someday. Maybe not this year or this decade, but someday Obamacare will drain the economy, the Fed rate will be artificial (whatever that means), veterans will be better off without any insurance (without the VA or Obamacare, they have a pre-existing condition, you see, and can’t get private insurance at any price), and the P5+1 nations we just co-negotiated the Iran deal with will laugh at us. Someday. You just wait.

    1. Make stuff up. 2. Repeat it often. 3. Republican victory!!!

  • congressive

    It couldn’t be because he’s not a war criminal like Bush and Cheney, who actually admitted they tortured and they’d do it again. You have decided, therefore it’s true.

  • margotrogo

    Gee, I hope your doctor never wastes his breath trying to get you to stop smoking or give up some other unhealthy life choice.