Letter to Editor PREDICTED COLORADO EPA SPILL One Week Before Catastrophe=> So EPA Could Secure Control of Area (Updated)

epa spill
Last Wednesday, a small EPA-supervised work crew inspecting the Gold King mine accidentally knocked a hole in a waste pit, releasing at least three million gallons of acidic liquid laden with toxic heavy metals. (ABC)

This letter to editor, posted below, and written by Dave Taylor, from Farmington, New Mexico, was published in The Silverton Standard and The Miner local newspaper, authored by a retired geologist, one week before EPA mine spill. The letter detailed verbatim, how EPA officials would foul up the Animas River on purpose in order to secure superfund money. If the Gold King mine was declared a superfund site it would essentially kill future development for the mining industry in the area. The Obama EPA is vehemently opposed to mining and development.

The EPA pushed for nearly 25 years, to apply its Superfund program to the Gold King mine. If a leak occurred the EPA would then receive superfund status. That is exactly what happened.

The EPA today admitted they misjudged the pressure in the gold mine before the spill – just as this editorial predicted.

The letter was included in their print edition on July 30, 2015. The spill occurred one week later.
editorial colorado epa

UPDATE: Via Ace of Spades – The Silverton Standard confirmed today this letter was indeed published a week before the EPA spill.

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  • zipity

    I wouldn’t be selling the author of that letter life insurance any time soon.

    He sounds likely to become a “suicide” in the near future…

  • ridgerunner

    And realistically, only Trump has what it takes to blow up this EPA conspiracy. It is what it is. Think Jeb can??

  • avihawk

    On the bright side , at least we know where John Boehner gets his orange paint for tanning.

  • jukin

    Under Obama the federal government is a criminal organization.

  • jukin

    iJeb! Doesn’t want to shut down any part of the government. iJeb! Wants to grow government and erode our freedoms, just slower than the fascist democrat party does.

  • Scott


    These assholes really do hate America.

  • cavt

    Wow. Wonder if there will be any sort of follow-up on this to see if it’s true? Will our govt do it–not a chance, witness fast and furious/IRS. Will the press do it–maybe a small chance but not likely. And, so, nothing changes—

  • ridgerunner

    When BP spilled oil in the gulf they spent billions. But the EPA builds a super fund site and grows larger.

    What is wrong with this picture. The EPA and Planned Parenthood are rouge organizations that need to get the death penalty. It sure is good to know that we have the GOPe as a majority in Congress to take swift action.

  • Yabba_Dabba

    Democrats are American CANCER.

  • Roscoe

    D E M O R A T Z !

  • Kevmo

    Well, that explains why the EPA is so ‘calm’ about it.

  • ohio granny

    Someone or more than one someone needs to do hard time for this. The EPA is out of control and needs to be destroyed.

    And who is going to pay for the cleanup? The taxpayers of course. To the tune of millions of dollars.

  • LawReader

    Anyone remotely surprised? Don’t be…

    A glimpse into the ‘integrity’ of the EPA –

    John C. Beale. As a senior policy adviser in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Air and Radiation, Beale dealt with his workplace malaise by convincing his bosses that he was a CIA operative whose top-secret work required him to be out of the office for long periods of time—including one stretch that lasted 18 months. Sometimes Beale claimed to be in Pakistan. Other times he claimed to be at CIA HQ in Langley. In reality, the agency’s top climate-change expert spent most of his time puttering around his Northern Virginia home or at his vacation house on the Cape, collecting his salary (plus bonuses!) while doing zero work. To break the monotony, he would take deluxe personal trips, on the EPA’s dime, of course, running up fat tabs for first-class airfare, limos, and five-star hotels.

    How long did this fraud go on? Hard to say. Two decades, maybe longer. Beale resigned in April, after learning that he was under federal investigation. Court documents trace his shenanigans back through 2000. In its probe, however, the EPA’s inspector general turned up evidence that Beale had been making (unrelated) stuff up since 1989. For his part, Beale reportedly told the IG’s office that he started spinning spy stories in 1994 out of boredom and a need for attention. (From 1990 to 1993, Beale worked to reauthorize the Clean Air Act; afterward, he claimed, regular office life lacked a certain snap, crackle, pop—which he sought to recapture with his 007 fantasies.) At the time of his resignation, Beale was the EPA’s highest-paid employee. In September, he pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $1 million in salary and other perks from the government. Beale was sentenced to 32 months in federal prison on Wednesday in Washington. 12/2013

  • Lou Hodges

    And the moonbats in Colorado who keep voting for this need to learn a lesson

  • kazzer66

    You know what’s really surprising? Is that I don’t doubt it for a minute, and I am NOT surprised.

  • ridgerunner

    Correction: Billons of $

  • Vyx

    None of this is illegal if King Obama I approves of it. And there is no way in h*ll that it will EVER be prosecuted. It’s our new world.

  • owl

    I heard the guy from Examiner (Brian?) say this morning that Trump is not running against Congress. I beg to differ.

    The GOP is running this presidential campaign against their own Congress. They better be or I (for the first in my lifetime) will sit home. Yep. Said the stupid. Yep, you must win to govern. I am not a Jeb hater (love W) but do not want him. Can’t stand Kasich or Christie. Gilmore and Lindsay were never in it. We actually have a deeper field than I ever remember (yep, remember a lot even though Krat and Will think I am uninformed or misinformed). I cheered and loved Reagan even though many of you seem to think that W caused illegals. He didn’t. Reagan’s mistake. Yes, the God of many and yes, I remember when the floodgates opened.

  • Demonrat Plantation

    A waste is a terrible thing to mind

  • Patty

    EPA, IRS, should be shut DOWN, today, if not sooner. They both have it out to either kill people or take them out of business. Can you only imagine what they have done to the people living near the spill and at the IRS the lives they have hurt deliberately on orders by Obama.

  • formwiz

    Walter Peck is the district supervisor for the EPA, I’m assuming.


    It is to the point those of us who are based in reality…and are paying attention..can see the sneaky contrived b/s we are being fed by people in our Government with an agenda to grab more and more CONTROL…

    Sadly, it is the Conservatives and people like Dave Taylor the author of the Editorial who are are viciously attacked for the common sense and obivious… for speaking truth…. they are attacked by the insane and power hungry (left) in and out of Government.

  • Sharon Morgan

    Kudos to the retired geologist for sounding the alarm. The EPA not only needs to be shut down, there needs to be an independent, criminal investigation from the top down on what looks like a conspiracy to pollute and extract taxpayer funds. What a racket. The ‘Green MOB’ at work.

  • Sharon Morgan

    Since it was printed publicly in advance, he might be safe from harm. Although I’d not recommend a visit to Fort Marcy Park anytime soon.

  • owl

    You are so right about the BP spill. I say that my support for Trump is exactly a vote against my Congress. I detest them more than Obama.

  • Jim

    Insert “arrogant” after These.

  • DtAL

    While I always mocked the conspiracy theories about Katrina’s flood damage in NOLA, perhaps those should be revisited in light of this revelation. So very many parasites dependent on the socialist ’employment’ &/or benefits of today’s Big Government make honor and honesty quite problematic for these agencies.

  • Patty

    Is there no atrocity “our” malevolent government and its media allies will not commit? I knew child rape has been a privilege for decades but environmental destruction of this scale to secure more funding by the agency whose alleged purpose is to protect the environment is just scary. Imagine what the FDA is doing – we already have an idea what Homeland Security does..

  • ridgerunner

    You and me could be running buddies.

  • ridgerunner

    Idea: Conservatives need to get out in front of this to prove that we are the real lovers of the environment.

  • Dopey

    I knew it. I had a gut feeling it was intentional and we certainly know Obama will destroy anything to get what he wants. As soon as the word Superfund was spoken it raised a red flag.

    Gov. Hickendipper was in, play it down mode, yesterday. Not sure if he’s too keen on Obama coming into Colorado to take over waterways. He is a geologist and is downplaying the damage. I can only hope that the water isn’t as toxic as Obama’s EPA was hoping for.

    If it’s chalked up to enviro-terrorism and Obama’s EPA being involved, it makes more sense than any other explanation. We knew things would get worse as Obama heads into his final year as president. It will get worse still. I have no doubt about that.

  • TruthBeTold

    Reminiscent of the burning the Reichstag.

    Standard ‘progressive’ move. Create a crisis and have your solution in place ready to be implemented.

  • JoeThePimpernel

    The most transparent administration evah.

  • JoeThePimpernel

    Not to mention the media.
    If a private company had done this there were would be planeloads of reporters arriving by the minute.

  • wtd


    Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, himself a former geologist, visited a contaminated stretch of river Tuesday and said he hopes a “silver lining” to the disaster will be a more aggressive state and federal effort to deal with mining’s “legacy of pollution” across the West.

  • TruthBeTold

    If it had been a legitimate accident by the mine/business owner, the EPA would destroy them.

    The EPA gets away with, ‘oops, sorry. And by the way, we need more money to solve the problem we created’.

  • jimbo3298

    Can someone please explain superfund status and its significance?

  • Patricia

    [email protected] !! What an EVIL government we have ! Washington needs to be completely dismantled. Im so pissed offffffffff

  • higgy01

    The nincompoop McCarthy seems to thinks all it takes is an apology and everything is AOK again. Between this “accident” (which wasn’t) and their cavalier and completely irresponsible attack on fossil fuels the EPA has demonstrated the need to close them down. Like the depts. of energy and education they waste our tax dollars with no positive results.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Brilliant Geologist Dave Taylor’s prediction came true, now the EPA can apply for the superfund blietzkrieg! Oh, and Gina McCarthy who knows squat except to blame black ghettos on Global Warming AKA Climate Change AKA Climate Disruption AKA ALL BS. I’m sick of these liars and I’m sick of Obama.

    B. Hussein appointed his crony friend to manage the $20 Billion he siphoned from BP to reimburse private citizens directly impacted by the Gulf Oil Spill. Well, I think the EPA and all the leftists shake out their pockets and give $20 Billion to citizens of 5 states who are now impacted by this man-caused disaster as this Administration likes to refer to things. Oh wait….King O is on vacation never mind. If this was caused by a private company, he’d be having Press Conferences by now and all the Envirowhackos would be congregating there in protests as usual.

    Look at this POS useless idiot Gina McCarthy who’s going there today to take a look, a little late and dollar short…says she’s ‘deeply sorry and takes personal responsibility….PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY?? Exactly what does that mean Gina?? It means ZERO! Now start paying citizens for your monumental disastrous mistake and take a cut in pay bimbo, and take useless Energy Secretary dumbo Ernest Moniz with you…maybe you 2 can skinny dip in the nice yellow toxic river which was pristine before you 2 came along!

  • ZZZzzzz


  • Sniffy Pop

    Saw pictures from the EPA”s own web site of the dig site. Those pictures spoke volumes. Think this guy is right on the Mark.

    IMO everyone involved needs to be in Prison.

  • carol-Christian Soldier

    and a great ‘excuse’ to use your $$$ and mine (TAXPAYER $$$) to
    ‘feed’ this useless government agency–and- just think- if it had been a BP type
    spill-the govt lawyers would have been ‘on the case’ minutes ‘before’ it happened…
    Carol-Christian Soldier

  • Annie

    What I have not seen reported yet is the fact that the Animous river runs for miles through the Wemenuche Willdernes area before it ever reached Durango.

  • Jason

    I’m not exactly sure what they did. They plugged the mine and then tried to poke a “straw” into it to drain it?
    It appears the letter to the editor is sadly prophetic.

  • D. Long

    It’s interesting that there are no “Letters to the Editor” articles archived on the paper’s website. GP how did you obtain this jgp? I’m looking for further proof for when I post on social media.

  • ElmiraFudd

    She should apologize in the Japanese way, Hari Kari, after a deep bow.

  • Jason

    Sounds a little like the Fast and Furious gun program. Push gun into the hands of criminals and then complain about criminals with guns.

  • KakistocratRadar

    Its a small, print only rag. Email the editor of the newspaper- he’ll send you a copy pretty quickly (unless he’s being barraged with similar emails at the moment).

  • Mark

    That is a stretch.

    “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” – Hanlon’s Razor

  • RecklessProcess

    The Totalitarian Oligarchy of America. Law does not matter to bureaucrats who do not answer to either congress or the citizens.

  • bobdog19006

    Reminds me of Monty Python: “Sah-ray.”

    Perhaps the EPA could ameliorate the damage without passing the cost on to the taxpayers by completely eliminating itself, starting with the incarceration of Gina McCarthy for malfeasance in office.

    At $8 Billion a year, that just might cover the remediation costs.

  • D. Long

    Thank you!

  • Altair

    If only it could be proven that this rather prescient letter was in fact true as to the EPA’s intent there could be some real repercussions for this travesty. However, we cannot count on the DoJ to even take notice of , still less investigate this as the crime it appears to be.

  • 4godandcountry

    just thinking out loud..thanx to tricky dick we have the DEA, EPA, and affirmative action…he is running a close second to oblunder when it comes to ruining America.

  • Yes… I thought it rather odd that all this time went by and they really didn’t seem to declare an urgency or get the residents out or anything. This is really disgusting. This was sabotage. This was an act of terrorism.

  • If people start getting sick especially children, the government is liable and even if taxpayers are to pay for it, I am sure nothing will happen to the officials. This is disgusting.

  • lamb4usa

    I wonder where the cash will come from to clean up this purposeful act of pollution? Maybe all of those billionaire democrat donors will offer to help pay for this. We all know we will be footing the bill for the corruption that runs rampant in Obozo’s world. We will be paying for this administration for the next 30-50 years. There is nothing the Obozo administration won’t do to destroy our once great country. The EPA has always been against anything that will help to give us choices.

  • Valerie

    This letter was written by a retired geologist, a person well-qualified to interpret the limited and inaccurate disclosures of technical matters carried by newspapers. He is also old enough to have witnessed pernicious regulatory carelessness.

  • Valerie

    The EPA met most of its environmental goals, and then it turned to finding other things to do. This was well after Nixon left office. Similarly, the DEA and affirmative action morphed well beyond the wildest dreams of its original proponents.

  • barney59

    This is a HUGE story… I hope and pray the Media run this and expose the EPA for their devilish actions…

    KUDOS to KakistocratRadar for finding this and getting the word out!

  • barney59

    Democrats / The Party of Death!

  • Valerie

    If a person of ordinary skill in the art could recognize what was going to happen by doing a few calculations based on the admittedly sketchy disclosures typically found in news reports, this is, at minimum, a case of gross negligence.

    Remember, the EPA is the entity that is supposed to review environmental impact statements that must be filed by ordinary people before any geologically important work is done.

  • barney59

    Fitting that the Obama Administration would have a Woman who looks like a Man and and a Man who looks like a Woman… I would pay for their vacation at Mustard Creek…

  • haywire63

    Sounds about right.

  • Ever the skeptic

    Never let a crisis go to waste — even if we have to manufacture one.

  • Under Obama the federal government is a criminal organization.

  • Arguably slower. But yes.

  • K. E.

    I hope that Gov. Martinez and the Navajo tribe investigate this possibility. Do not let the EPA get away with this, claiming it was an ‘accident.’ We need to dismantle the EPA as soon as Obama is gone. Each state has its own environmental agency. We do not need a federal agency. The federal government is a beast who has continued to grow and amass power that was never intended in the Constitution. What other agencies in the government are doing the same thing? The IRS already tries to claim they are ‘underfunded’ while overpaying for outside legal consulting, among other poor spending habits. What a rip off of our tax dollars. It makes me steaming mad…

    Someone needs to interview this geologist on TV ASAP!

  • EPA is false advertising. They’re not out to protect the environment. They’re out to destroy businesses and combat capitalism. They’re communists. Watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside.

  • John

    So……..a better acronym would be EPA…..the Establishment Protection Agency………

  • chrish

    If it had been BP, Obama would have been on a mic in the Rose Garden that day whooping up populist rage.

  • chrish

    Malfeasance? LOL she did exactly what she was told to as did Susan Rice with the Youtube video.

  • TooFang

    Wow, this is big… This story needs to go viral. Everyone submit this story to Drudge so that he will link to it. I wonder if the Navajo Nation has seen this?

  • patechinois

    Looks like the EPA is implementing the same tactics of Fast & Furious ….create a problem that will give them an excuse to get what they really wanted….give guns to criminals to get massive gun control, pollute our waterways with mine tailings to shut down mining. Why not? They got away with those methods in Fast & Furious.

  • ember

    EPA = Nazi Germany

  • Nate

    They should have shot the first crew that showed up

  • Nate

    And they called the armed citizens at the Bundy ranch “crazies” and “nut jobs”. If they were there when the EPA first showed up, story would be different.

  • Nate

    Every government agency army that shows up anywhere needs to be met by armed citizens. Everyone from the county tax assesors to the Marshalls Service. Do not give them any quarter or free passage.

  • Thegoldman

    That sounds more like the truth…

    Accident my A$$…

  • MN Jim

    Meanwhile Governor Chickenpooper is “disapointed” with the EPA. How about shut it down? How about criminal charges?

  • ridgerunner

    I heard a guy caught a 25-lb rainbow there this morning! It was only 3-inches long.

  • truthwinseventually

    Exactly, just as they did when the DOJ implemented Fast and Furious. It took the murder of Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry to reveal the truth about the criminal activity of ATF. Hopefully the revelation of this letter will foil their plans as well. Spread the word…

  • bobdog19006

    Haven’t heard that one since the Nuremberg War Crimes trials.

  • Guest

    I wondered if there was a possibility if this was done purposely.

  • Asok Asus

    IMMEDIATE Congressional investigations in both Houses should proceed forthwith!

    letter writer should be invited as first witness.

  • owl

    EPA is right down evil. You are right. They destroy people.

    What we need is new leadership in Congress. Yesterday. We elected so many to represent us. They do not. I know most of their names and I swear I would dump all except for a few. I would dump all leadership through several layers.

  • freeinaz

    That’s the first thing I thought of too. The author of that letter has had dealings with the EPA before I’m sure.

  • Dusty Thompson

    So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.

    Socialism is the message, Marxism is the strategy and Fascism is the goal…

    “The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan”-Ronald Reagan.

  • freeinaz

    He’s had dealings with the EPA before; I’m just wondering if he hadn’t seen the EPA perform such things before while he may have been contracted by them. If we had any real journalists anymore this guy would be the first person I’d have an in-depth interview with.

  • Dusty Thompson

    “Leftist rhetoric consists of beautiful lies concealing ugly truths.”

  • freeinaz

    DEM and GOP progressives are destroying our republic.

  • Republicanvet

    This letter proves criminal negligence, and provides no protection for any government hack involved in this mess claiming they were just doing their jobs. This letter and it’s contents shows there was enough discussion of the potential problems that the EPA should have been aware of, that they should have had backup, emergency plans in place, and they should have taken many more precautions prior to starting any work whatsoever. That they did not shows any EPA person involved in this is criminally negligent.

  • freeinaz

    There’s more on the list with the EPA and Planned Parenthood who need to be destroyed and personnel within them need to be criminally charged. HUD, Dept. of ED, Treasury, Defense, and the shadow govt. organization known as the State Dept.

  • freeinaz

    The Gov. is such a tool. His head is so far up the progressive posterior he’ll never see light again.

  • Dusty Thompson

    A few low level Bureaucrats nearing retirement will “jump on the grenade” for his fellow Govt brothers and all the Leftwit America haters will roll along unimpeded.

  • EPatrickMosman

    “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Ronald Reagan

  • Patty

    AND speaking of letters, pay attention republicans in Washington, closely



    Since the inception of the Tea Party movement, conservatives have
    listened to the promises of smaller government, massive spending cuts,
    balanced budgets, repealing of ObamaCare, closing of America’s open
    borders, and a strong opposition to Obama and the Democrat’s socialist
    agenda. And every time we supported Republicans in the elections, we
    were immediately disappointed by the actions and votes of those we
    elected through hard work and sacrifice. We believed you, Republican
    Establishment. We believe you no more.

    Not only were we deceived by Republicans, GOP Establishment leaders
    openly insulted conservatives. Whether being called “whacko birds” by an
    ancient Arizona Senator or being told the current Senate Majority
    Leader would like to “punch the Tea Party in the nose,” we slowly came
    to realize the only group that despised Tea Party conservatives more
    than the Democrats was the Republicans! Those who begged us for votes to
    return them to power. The Republican Establishment loves our votes but
    despise the conservative voter who pulls the lever.

    Furthermore, we realized that there is virtually zero difference
    between either political party. Mitch McConnell is Harry Reid. John
    Boehner is a total failure who has done nothing to halt America’s
    decline into socialism. What has been the major focus of the Republican
    Establishment over the past several years? Immigration reform (read:
    Amnesty for 30 million illegal aliens) that will create tens of millions
    of Democrat voters.
    Read more at http://angrywhitedude.com/2015/08/open-letter-to-republican-establishment-brother-you-asked-for-it/

    You Really Need to read the rest of this article.

  • Patty

    Residents want straight answers on water supply after EPA’s toxic spill
    Read more at http://iotwreport.com/#CMP1qPsc1o5GvDjg.99
    And boy do they have one h of a lawsuit!!

  • cindy

    The EPA needs added to The Donald’s List !

  • sycovit

    The only villian in this story will end up being the miners.

  • pimp-ass_jimmydean

    This article combined with this one, http://www.daily-times.com/four_corners-news/ci_28625241/silverton-residents-reconsider-need-superfund-light-spill , connects the dots almost perfectly.

  • Mad Hatter

    Just think if that was Halliburton or Monsanto. The left wing would be marching in the streets and demanding the CEO’s get arrested. Since it’s their beloved EPA, they’re silent.

  • KelCee

    This is just so..I don’t even have word!
    I am speechless that Obama and EPA would put millions of people,children,animals in danger on PURPOSE for money!
    This is just down right evil!

  • pimp-ass_jimmydean

    Money AND agenda. They will stop at nothing.

  • KelCee

    I have never seen a more evil group of people in all my life.WOW

  • SenBlutarsky

    Son of Moonbeam

  • ladycatnip

    32 months? Unbelievable. 20+ years should have been his sentence. It pays to cheat, steal and lie in our world today.


    just shot this link to Governor Martinez’s office.

  • Kevin Giltrud

    “The bigger the lie. The more people will believe”

    *Paraphrased from Joseph Goebbels*

  • slamdance13

    abolish the federal govt and let states govern themselves. dont like the laws in one state? move to another.

  • EconLaw

    So, I guess we could say that this is the EPA’s “Mine-11.”

  • EconLaw


  • Mark

    I have seen the EPA idiots in action. Environmental Impact Report? YOU hire the consultant and they tell them how to burn your money – endless mindless “studies”. You are not even allowed to contact the consultant(s) and have no say in how your money is spent.
    The mine spill is criminal negligence writ large, but no one will be prosecuted. The EPA etc. will pay off anyone with even an invalid claim and blame mining. Your tax dollars down the drain for nothing. I hate the Econazis.

  • Dunning Kruger

    I think that might be jaundice from the way he abuses his liver…

  • clevonlittle

    eery isn’t it ?

  • clevonlittle

    combination ? it’s a remarkable hue……….

  • Tory

    I cant help feeling concerned for this mans safety.This needs to be shared far and wide as quickly as possible, otherwise I fear this Geologist may fall victim to a random “accident” sometime in the very near future. This is just far to prescient and specific to be a coincidence and is really a perfect example of the collusion and corruption that are the hallmarks of this administrations reign of terror on this nation. Isn’t it interesting how the very causes and groups Leftists claim to care about the most are so often the greatest victims of their crimes? The P in EPA stands for “protection” after all, they would never purposely damage the environment for their own enrichment, right?

  • righteousreverenddynamite

    “What smells like mustard??!!” -Abe Simpson [walking along the Animas River]

  • Don Keller

    This will be covered by the media, under the auspices of Republicans failed to approve enough funding…

  • Patricia

    Sent this to a few reporters and Trump lets see what happens

  • Mad Hatter

    It’s also predictable. As far as their concerned, Big Government does no wrong regardless what it is.

  • Lisa

    God this is unbelievable.
    This administration quite literally is going to be the death of us all.

  • nadadhimmi

    Remember when Bush’s Arsenic standards were supposed to kill children? Obama’s EPA released i million times the Arsenic concentration into a river and then states that there is NO danger from drinking that water. The Leugenpresse will assure the rubes that Obama’s Arsenic is GOOD Arsenic.

  • Oh Really

    You’re surprised?


    Grow up.

    You’re being exterminated.

  • Buckeye1

    Who’s the EPA criminal that will spend time in prison?

  • ratizbad

    Kerry has ketchup,Hussein Barack Has Mustard(Gas)

  • nadadhimmi

    CBS just mentioned the same thing Dave Taylor wrote about last week. He’s right. The EPA did this on purpose to get publicity and hundreds of millions of dollars. Operation Fast and Furious with Arsenic. But GOOD arsenic. Obama Arsenic.

  • DrJonnyChepe

    Yes but who directed the EPA’s actions? If I had one guess….

  • Ganesha_akbar

    DC metro progressives are working overtime to downplay a third massive raw sewage spill today into the drinking reservoir watershed for the DC metro area.

    Obama’s WSSC recently dumped a million gallons of raw sewage in one day into the drinking reservoir watershed for the DC metro area. Mainstream media silence has been deafening.

    EPA and four environmental groups sued WSSC in 2004 under Bush, accusing it of violating the Clean Water Act by allowing millions of gallons of raw or partially treated sewage to flow into Maryland waterways.

    Obama’s CDC states “Because you cannot be sure if your tap water contains Crypto, you may wish to avoid drinking tap water, including water and ice from a refrigerator and drinks made at a fountain, which are usually made with tap water.”

    Imagine the outcry if these serial spills had happened under Bush?

  • KCTed

    Rand Paul has made a commitment to eliminate the corrupt, bloated EPA, maybe people will start understanding why.

  • Sam1427

    The EPA deliberately sent toxic mine waste to two Indian reservations, the Ute and the Navajo. At least, that’s what the EPA did if this geologist’s scenario is true. That would make the EPA both racist and callous.

    And, they damaged the livlihoods of people who rely on the rivers. I heard on a Denver radio station that the Colorado Attorney General is preparing to sue the EPA. I hope the other affected states and the tribes sue as well.

  • James Green

    How are they going to declare it a Superfund site now? Since it happened they’ve been telling everyone that the water isn’t really that contaminated. If they try a land grab folks should tell the EPA that according to its own statements, contamination isn’t very serious. Because if turning the river yellow isn’t serious contamination, the way things were before is just fine!

  • kangaroo

    How many here and WZ predicted this. good on us but the damage is done

  • Goose

    yeeeeeaaaaah, they’re not malicious, they’re just stupid- until they kill you

  • Goose

    “It Can’t Happen Here”

  • Yodeling Larry

    It’s amazing how much tyranny can be passed off as environmentalism, gender equality, racial equality, and income equality isn’t it?

  • toad

    Maybe some EPA-related evil madman decided that it sounded like a great idea, maybe to push some agenda.

  • robohobo60

    “What we need is new leadership in Congress.”

    We are very far beyond that. Very far. Hemp ropes and streetlamps are just a beginning.

  • Lewfarge

    I am in no way any kind of expert, but I live near the Eagle River in
    Colorado and this type of heavy metal contamination lasts decades. Maybe
    the extreme flow will help, but follow the TOTAL flow of this river
    into the COLORADO River system and think of the MILLIONS of people that
    this may affect.

  • US.Patriot1776

    Intentional and planned destruction… No accident…. all for an AGENDA !!

    News at 11 …

  • northern owl

    Very little coverage. (especially the liberal media, including MSN). Where are all the environmental groups? They just don’t want to have their funds cut off, which would happen if they protested. Yes, if it was anyone’s fault besides the government, there would have been 24/7 round the clock news coverage. The politicians are quiet, so that only means they’re being rewarded to shut up. and of course. Lets face facts, it was a huge mistake by the EPA or a completely demonic act to get funding. I didn’t read the article yet. but if this was for money, they will be condemned to hell. The people who use the river, the people with wells, the Native American tribes, the people who need drinking water downstream, the tourist industries. If this was intentional, all persons involved will be cursed.

  • northern owl

    all those groups including the ranchers, need our prayers.

  • John

    Criminal act by the government agency!

  • storm

    The Navaho have front seat to witness what is coming down the Colorado River down the Grand Canyon from the Animas River, which the EPA turned into a yellow River … purposely… which is known as “Environmental Warfare” .
    All of which all Native Nations have known all about for much better and much longer than anyone else for centuries, how it always played out whenever some Govts agencies need to steal more land anywhere, from anyone, any which way possible,
    as, Any trick will Do … being same old ugly story.

  • Sharknado

    Communists destroying America.




    Omg – OMG!!

    These areas are the MOST environmentally stringent!!

  • storm

    The Utes and the Navajo need to sue too !

  • Bubba Gump

    Just the beginning of the end to finish the fundamental change to America as we know it. We are approaching the 1 year mark and the anointed one told us he has this irresistible desire to get things done. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • 69 and pregnant

    Hey guys, some guy said a thing that fits my ideology! THIS IS BREAKING NEWS GUYS

  • 69 and pregnant

    Some guy writes to a newspaper, predicts “unknown and foreseeable results and possible negative consequences,” and you people gobble it up as game-changing news.

    Next, you should publish an article detailing how a clock can still occasionally display the correct time of day, even if it’s broken.

  • glenn47

    It is no accident when you just happen to have a back hoe with you. They want to control every drop of water and when they can’t, they will destroy it.
    The heavy metals will destroy the river and lands for decades.
    That pit has been there since 1923 without incident.
    Accident, not in your life. We wer warned they were going to use the EPA to destroy our industry, here we go.

  • glenn47

    Giving untold numbers lots of unchecked pocket money.

  • glenn47

    Well, not Monsanto, they give the government billions to get their dangerous seeds and spray used.

  • CrankyHuman

    That water should be pumped right to the White House.

  • I wouldn’t be surprise if this is in fact true. The number one goal of the bureaucrat, no matter what their stated purpose, is to create a need for their services – meaning secure funding.

  • person

    There is no level to which modern day leftists will not stoop……it is appalling but hardly shocking…..Obama is a demon & he has infected this nation & the bureaucracy to its core

  • person

    How dumb are you?

  • person

    look for the gay Obama to not step down……I swear he has no intention of leaving office

  • fdeggdv

    every epa official associated with this should be personally sued and jailed

  • fdeggdv

    democrats assisted by the republican party created these 17000 purveyors of hate against man – both parties need to be tossed into the ash bin of history

  • fdeggdv

    pregnant at 69 in any sense of the number is doubtful – and by the way u r quite a fool if u believe any government agency tells the truth

  • fdeggdv

    not news but rather confirmation of the corruption of the EPA

  • Stan

    Fast and Furious had a similar ‘silver lining’in that they planned to use the gun running to criminals to force gun control. At least that is what’s been reported.

  • Stan

    Do you think he gets a perm to make his hair so annoying?

  • Brian Deadbeet

    Good comments on here. Maybe those PT idiots will figure out what the EPA is really about.

  • joetentpeg

    “We must destroy the environment…in order to save it.”

  • Jay Brown

    Totally agree! WE are not going to able to “vote” are way out of anything!

  • DontLie2Me

    Wonder how long he was actually in jail…probably only a few months…so ya crime does pay!

  • DontLie2Me

    Sure, they need to be sued..but the problem there is that they won’t pay..we will. So the Indians win a 85 billion dollar law suit…do the jerks at the EPA have to close their checking accounts to pay it….NOPE…we get to pay it. They will get a nice early retirement with plenty of cash on hand to enjoy their worthless lives with. I want to see people IN JAIL..and for a LONG TIME.

  • kso721

    I’m not sure the Silverton Standard is a legit news source. Most of their article posts are from 2012 and i didn’t see much current content there. Don’t get me wrong, this is a tragedy, but this topic sourcing is Suspect. Highly suspect.

  • Blargette

    Here’s what happens when the EPA comes to your town:

    They take an industrious, thriving boom town and turn it into either a ghost town or a government town. Government town sound OK? You get government workers with a government attitude and people wanting government money. In our case we got the drug addiction rehab service industry. People come from around the state, try to rehab, get released into the town and then go on to lead productive lives… woops. Nope. They walk the streets as zombies and then another industry is created. Services for the homeless. Shelters medical. All along your main st.

    And the EPA never leaves and they start finding other things to get into in your area. They come to make a superfund site and never ever pony up the money and the town sues and they never win against the behemoth. But the EPA will have by then have a firm grip on the site and you will never have access to it again and the industry supporting that original industry will die. Anything like that industry anywhere in the area will be closed down. Then the EPA will put itself in charge of vast swaths of land and decide the land cannot be built upon, then trod upon by man because they are in charge of the land and air and eagles and owls or turtles or a stream with a fish that they will deem as needing protecting. Your land where you have built your home will cease being yours. The waters you fished will be off limits. Your town where you have a home and investment in money and friendship will die a slow death. The only thing remaining will be government, government people and the EPA promising to FIX it.

  • Mike Coster

    Sending fresh tin foil, Glenn.

  • D. Long

    Colorado spill, China explosion (which is leaking cyanide), and an oil pipeline rupture in Moscow. All within days apart… HMMMMM NWO at work?

  • Mark

    Stupid kills, too.

  • Sam1427

    They do. But unfortuntaely Congress pased a law in 1980 that prevents suing the EPA for their negligence. However, they could still be sued for outright bad acts, which this appears to be.

  • Sam1427

    The EPA actually needs to be abolished. They have served the purpose for which Nixon created the EPA and should have been disbanded long ago. They are now angling for new budget items and new things to monitor and control.

  • CT

    Pure evil!

  • CT

    Good one!

  • CT

    Also, 150,000 gallons of untreated sewage was discharged into East Creek in Rutland, Vermont. It was reported to the Vermont environmental authorities Friday. The news reported it on Aug. 7, 2015..I am having a difficult time getting this typed..

  • 69 and pregnant

    It was an embarrassingly vague letter to the editor with a bunch of made-up statistics in attempt to sound smarter than the average person who still reads the “Letters to the Editor” section in a print newspaper

  • 69 and pregnant

    Smart enough to know what argumentum ad hominem means

  • Chance Boudreaux

    When the Obama administration and it’s minions EPA, IRS, BLM, ATF are lawless, why should we obey them?

  • earl hickey

    Reminder: the EPA introduced the Asian Carp into Arkansas fish farms in the 1970’s to clean up the water. Now the Carp are loose and are classified as an “invasive” species. Invasive my A**! They didn’t invade . the EPA opened the door.

  • T Keern

    It’s amazing how the government continuously fails us all, except if you’re part of the club.

  • jakeblackgoat

    They won’t treat the water, so they store it above ground. They have to dump it, because there’s nothing else they will do to clean it. Its not inevitable, its planned, scorched earth policy, to contaminate areas, and like the letter to the editor correctly surmised, justify their existence, without curtailing mining operations. Corporations should be paying for these damages, and they should pay for them in bonds, and up front clean up and damages. Before they bankrupt. EPA should not be subsidizing corporations but they are. They are installing water lines for business’s like Gouldings and the Navajo Tribal Park, while they fail to put in bridges on the 163 for water flow through the historic Superfund UMTRCA Monument Valley Milling Site, in the Comb Ridge Cane Valley wash, that is the site for the proposed Page-Kayenta Water Line. And further, you will see Peabody Energy “Tap the CAP”, and BoR will allow Peabody to purchase resident water in communities who still 75 years after the first permits, still live without access to running water. As we lose 7 Rivers, in AZ by 2044, we sit in Monument Valley with the toxic sludge about 20 miles away coming in our direction. Coming to Halxhita, who has been devastated by radiation and overcome with the influx of non-native businesses on borders, serving alcohol, who’s garbage is strewn the 21 miles to Kayenta. Residents all across Navajo Nation live without running water, while the EPA allows these criminals to take it and poison it, and dump it into our water sheds so we will pay premium for water. 1.28$ per square acre foot of water is what Peabody pays, while residents pay for their coal and water, by the gallon, and truckload. There will be no coal left for elders in 2044, what will residents do then? Its time for the youth to stand up and fight this battle, take on the EPA, and demand running water for all of Navajo Nation before these coal leases and other mining permits are issued.

  • Goose

    Leftists are NOT stupid, they know Exactly what they’re doing and why.
    Leftists follow their Ideological Agenda, like insects follow instinct.

    All the malicious people in world history did what they Wanted to do.

    No True Patriot here ever thought that Zero and His Hordes were stupid.
    Zero and the Gang are Not incompetent- they’re Diabolical, even genius.

  • fatwillie

    The EPA is just another waste of taxpayer dollars, and are so corrupt they should all be jailed.95% of these so called govt. dept of this and or that are just a total waste of money, and are only here to help them succeed in their agenda. Which now includes the white house, or the sex perversion house, the senate, the supreme court, and house of representatives its all a waste of tax dollars and needs a major overhaul.

  • carterfrancis

    So the chemicals just *magically* appeared at the mining site. Honestly. the mine owners fought the clean-up tooth and nail….

    Maybe if they had taken responsibility or been held accountable, we wouldn’t be in this mess.


  • carterfrancis

    A private company DID do this. The EPA didn’t build the mine.

  • carterfrancis


    George W. Bush rode into Washington almost eight years ago astride the horse of smaller government. He will leave it this winter having overseen the biggest federal budget expansion since Franklin Delano Roosevelt seven decades ago.


  • Co-Reigner

    It is very easy for me to believe that it was evil Bammer and his like-minded EPA minions who deliberately caused this. Even if this story was never published, I still would have believed Bammer & Company to be at fault anyway.

  • Hildy_K

    So apparent. Destroy.

  • Arby

    You are so completely right about this.

  • l2a3

    And it was “ONLY” 3 million gallons. What is 3 million gallons among friends?

  • Mad Hatter

    Everyone knows Bush was a Big Government Progressive.

  • Yousuck

    US taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay to cIean it up, the cities and mine owners who blocked the cleanup 20 years ago should pay for it.
    Oh no, don’t call our tourist attraction a superfund site, it will scare off customers.
    How do you like it now.

  • carterfrancis

    Ah yes, but he is a Republican so you don’t get to have it both ways – blaming libs for Big Gov when your own are equal offenders…..

    Federal outlays (total spending) rose by 40 percent under Reagan’s first four budgets (fiscal year 1985 vs. Carter’s last budget for fiscal 1981). That was two-and-a-half times faster than the rate of inflation, which rose 16 percent during the same period, as measured by the Consumer Price Index.

  • Summit

    I live in Durango as a conservative amongst a bunch of common core educated libtard idiots that are gobbling up the story like little children eating easter bunny candy. Senators Bennett and Gardner have been here and so has the Governor of Colorado – Hickenstupid – ALL FOR SHOW.

  • Mad Hatter

    Just because someone is a Republicans, doesn’t mean they’re a Conservative.

    And this has what to do with the EPA polluting a river in Colorado, and how the left wingers are not protesting in the streets, and not calling for anyone to be fired?

  • carterfrancis

    The EPA didn’t pollute the river. If you had done your homework,
    you would realize that the mine was polluted and that the state of
    Colorado made a deal with this and other mining companies to “bulkhead”
    mines even though they were still leaking. The owners were supposed to
    honor their obligation to remediate the damage over time but eventually
    sold to an owner who couldn’t afford to do so. The buildup of chemicals
    continued and the EPA tried to declare it a superfund site but the locals wouldn’t allow it to do so because they were afraid of losing tourist dollars.

    So please explain how the EPA is responsible for a leaking mine that the state of Colorado, the local government and the mine owner(s) did absolutely nothing to resolve for over 25 years?

    You use Left Wing and Big Government interchangeably so I can only surmise that you mean Democrats, as Small Government is part of the Republican Party platform. I was merely pointing out that your argument applies to both sides as Republicans have not been the party of small government for some time….

  • MarkAbbott

    The EPA is one of several gubfmint agencies that have been politicized by the Obama administration. They’re one of the many (see the UNjustice department for another example.

  • Michael Richey

    You realize that George W. Bush rode into Washington more than 14 years ago, and he rode right out of Washington 6 years ago. When are you going to stop blaming Bush for the failures of Obama?

    This sits squarely on the shoulders of Obama.

  • Michael Richey

    Are you unaware that the EPA claimed responsibility for causing the leak? This isn’t a conspiracy theory, they even made a statement about it.


  • Mad Hatter

    (CNN)The EPA “takes full responsibility” for the spill of 3 million gallons of wastewater into the Animas River in Colorado, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said Wednesday.

    McCarthy said the EPA will investigate and seek an independent review of the spill, though she offered no details.

    Animas River contamination: Early tests optimistic, long-term fears persist

    “We are going to be fully accountable for this in a transparent way,” she said at a press conference. “The EPA takes full responsibility for this incident. No agency could be more upset.


    You don’t take responsibility for something you didn’t do.

  • carterfrancis

    Try following the thread….

  • carterfrancis

    My comment was in response to your apparent indignation that the “Left Wing” isn’t calling for the head of the EPA and your insinuation that somehow, the “left” is allowing the EPA to get away with something they would hold others accountable for.

    First, it’s disingenuous to suggest that the “Right Wing” has called for the heads of corporate CEO’s after incidents like this. The deafening silence from the right after BP comes to mind.

    Second, the EPA is clearly responsible for mishandling the cleanup. Who, though, is responsible for the chemical contamination of the mines that is leaching into the ground and water supply for over 25 years? Is that the EPA’s fault too?

    from CNN:

    The EPA has been overseeing abandoned mine lands — which can include bodies of water and surrounding watershed — for many years. The mines can pose “serious threats to human health and the environment,” the EPA says on its website, so the agency initiates and supervises the examination of these sites and tries to maintain or clean them up. The agency lists more than 15 case studies it has conducted of abandoned mines across the country, mostly in the West in states such as Colorado, Montana and California, but also in Vermont and Tennessee.

    Earthworks is a Washington-based nonprofit environmental group that works with communities near mines. The scientists and activists who work for the group have been concerned since the 1990s about contamination leaking from old, inactive or abandoned mines.

    The group wrote a report in 1993 which said that there were more than half a million abandoned hardrock mines in 32 states.

    How dangerous could these mines be?

    Those half a million mines, Earthworks says, have produced 50 billion tons of untreated, unreclaimed mining wastes on public and private land. The report notes that wastes can include arsenic, asbestos, cadmium, copper, cyanide, iron, lead, mercury and sulfur, among other material, and produce airborne pollutants.


    Choosing to ignore that the mine owners and governments in Colorado are responsible not only demonstrates the hypocrisy of your argument but its unnecessary politicizing.

    Politicians love nothing better than for folks to continue to blame each other while allowing them and their “supporters” to continue with business as usual. That division is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Mad Hatter

    The Government screws up, and they have in this case.

    Last week’s mine waste spill in southwestern Colorado was not expected by the mine’s owner, CBS Denver reports.

    “Disbelief, just utter devastation, a little bit of incomprehension
    when I first saw the pictures last Thursday,” mine owner Todd Hennis said.

    EPA workers accidentally released three million gallons of contaminated wastewater while inspecting the Gold King Mine.

    Hennis said the water did not originate with the Gold King but seeped into it from an adjacent mine, the Sunnyside. Its owners deny any responsibility.

    Hennis said the EPA forced him to allow access to his mine four
    years ago. He did not want to give the EPA access to investigate the leakage from his mine but said he was fined daily.

    “When you’re a small guy and you’re having a $35,000-a-day fine accrue against you, you have to run up the white flag,” he said.

    The EPA’s work to investigate the discharge from the mine was not completed last year, so Hennis said they plugged it up, and when they reopened it last week millions of gallons came gushing out. He couldn’t believe it.


  • carterfrancis

    Punt! As if there’s no hypocrisy on the right…..

  • carterfrancis

    Well, Obama was President during BP….

  • Michael Richey

    Either I’m living in a parallel universe where GWB isn’t president, or you lack the skill to articulate your thoughts into coherent and logical messages.

  • carterfrancis

    Try reading 4 comments above – the original response was about the left and Big Government. I was merely pointing out that the left is not its only fan…..

  • storm

    Outright “bad acts” like … mismanagement and corruption perhaps ?

  • Mad Hatter

    What Bush’s EPA did, the BP oil spill, or anything else in the past is irrelevant to what happened in the Colorado mine that the EPA was overseeing. That’s the issue in the article, and at hand.

    I’m not going to repost about Obama, Al Gore, the Sierra Club, and Green Piece and how their silence is deafening. Any credibility they had concerning the environment is bankrupt.

    Which goes to one of my original post that got this started, the left wing believes Big Government does no wrong.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on this issue. Thanks for a civilized back and forth.

  • Sam1427

    Outright like deliberately breaching a mine tailings pond with a backhoe in order to create a toxic spill into a major river system to get Superfund status. The Environmental Pollution Agency needs more funding, more work, more power. The EPA has.been trying to get Superfund status in San Juan County where this spill happened for years, but local politicians have fought back. Locals may be forced to relent this time.

  • storm

    Sure strikes as same old willful Environmental Warfare perpetuated upon the land and all of its residents, by corrupt Government Agencies ever since … back in the days of “Settling the West” for the claimed Good of All … lol …
    Affected local residents needing to wisen up to ongoing agenda, or else, … for history tends to repeat itself whenever Forgotten.

  • Janet

    In reality the EPA has known about this since before it was closed. IF they didn’t want to use this mess they would have done what they always do….had the previous owners hire an Environmental company to assess the damages and begin a clean up. Since that didn’t happen……????????

  • carterfrancis

    It’ important to have a bit of background before making assumptions. Sunnyside and Gold King mine owners fighting over whose mine caused the pollution and neither taking any responsibility.


  • Janet

    I have a grandson who works for one of these environmental companies. They are hired to investigate, assess damages, do the testing, and so forth. He has worked at two mines and so I will probably believe what he has personally told me using the experience he has had with the mines – including silver and copper mines.

  • David Anfinrud

    The bottom line is that When government messes up with something they can delay and deny any responsibility by blaming others. When a Company makes a mistake they get fined Millions of Dollars and forced to pay for other expenses that could put a business into Bankruptcy and nothing paid out to clean up their mistake. Companies do their best to keep things cleaned up. A handful do not. They only want a quick buck. I repeat a Handful. Yet Government goes out of their way to make new rules and force them unto companies years after they followed the rules in effect at the time. And they still get fined millions of dollars and put into financial difficulty. Yes rules change but sometimes a rule is made and then they enforce it the next day. Was the rule made to hurt a company or was the rule made that was common sense. Hard to say because the Federal government seems to set one standard for one group and a different standard to another group.