IN JUST 4 YEARS=> Half of Syrian Population of 22 Million Has Been Killed, Displaced or Fled the Country

syria isis refugees
Syrian Kurds in Kobane flee the ISIS onslaught.

In just four years, since 2011, half of the Syrian population has been killed, displaced or has fled the country.

There are nearly 4 million Syrian refugees in five host countries.
syrian refugees map

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  • Sniffy Pop

    Who was the person that took down Qaddafi and Mubarak????????????

    Who was the person that sent aid to the Arab Spring?

    And why is that person not being Impeached and charged with War Crimes?????????????

  • Patty

    There is only one answer to that, O B A M A !!

  • Patty
  • pdxnag

    For every Syrian allowed into the West will a westerner have a claim for territory in Syria?

  • Mr Juggernaut

    While Syrian’s as a whole, hate and vilify the U.S. even before the subhuman thing in the WH took over, their are some that are decent people. Yet as long as they support the religion of Rest in Peace, I could care less.

    Not our concern. We’ve been burnt by refugee’s countless times before. The more that the 3rd world sh*t hole ceases to exist the better. Just up the air strikes and keep our men and women away. These miscreants refuse to evolve into modern day society.

    Syria is a cancer. Isolate, contain, destroy and move on to the next mideast tumor.

  • eldorajcrabb

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  • c834r605b9n

    To Northern Europe they go.
    Leech of the economies, laugh at their laws, disrespect the native populations. Tolerance, compassion, diversity are an impossibility with a death cult whose main objective is to kill the infidel and ultimately take over the world.

  • Chris Gilbert

    Who cares? It’s Syria! 99% of that population supported, tolerated, or submitted their leadership for decades and now I’m supposed to care because 1% of them are dead? GOOD! Serves them right! I’m sure burning another American flag will fix everything for them.

  • Chris Gilbert

    I don’t feel sorry for the semi-socialists in Europe. They made their own beds. Not our fault they’re getting jihadi bedbugs.

  • BillyBob Bob

    just like Mexico.

  • NotKennedy

    We need to start relocating the incoming Obamigrants to Syria. If they like Arizona, their gonna love it in Syria.

  • harriet

    so what is the bad news?

    as the song goes, ‘here’s a quarter, call someone who cares’

  • harriet


  • Buck Ofama

    this is Iran….displacing populations to spread chaos and anarchy…..

  • Callawyn

    Just stop letting them into non-Muslim countries. There are nearly 60 Muslim run countries in the world, let the refugees go to them. They don’t assimilate in the west, in any way, and never rest until Sharia law is implemented.

  • c834r605b9n

    The women though should not have to pay for it by getting gang-raped by Jihadi rapists.

  • Chris Gilbert

    Last I knew, European women vote. Again, their problem not ours. They made the mess, they can deal with it.

  • c834r605b9n

    Voting does not work in this situation. fighting fire with fire does.