Breaking: FOUR TOP HOUSE JEWISH DEMOCRATS Announce Opposition to Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran

Jewish Rep. Elliot Engel (D-NY) announced tonight that he will not support Obama’s nuclear deal with the Iranian regime.

Engel went so far to say the deal may in fact strengthen Iran’s position as a destabilizing and destructive influence across the Middle East.

Rep. Engel is the second major Jewish Democrat to oppose the deal.

UPDATE: Three more top Jewish Democrats announce opposition to deal including Rep. Steve Israel from New York.

Three top Jewish Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives came out in opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.

Reps. Nita Lowey and Steve Israel, both of New York, and Ted Deutch of Florida announced their opposition on Tuesday afternoon.

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  • AF Vet

    I can not think of any reason why, any Jewish American could even remotely think of being a Democrat.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Most excellent news! I hope Jim Hoft is up all night with more BREAKING NEWS of Jewish Democrats folding. SHALOM!

    Let’s hope these do too: SENATE: Michael Bennet (D-CO), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Benjamin Cardin (D-MD), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Al Franken (D-MN), Carl Levin (D-MI), Brian Schatz (D-HI), Bernard Sanders (I-VT), Charles Schumer (D-NY), Ron Wyden (D-OR)….REPS: David Cicilline (D-RI), Stephen Cohen (D-TN), Susan Davis (D-CA), Ted Deutch (D-FL), Eliot Engel (D-NY), Lois Frankel (D-FL), Alan Grayson (D-FL), Steve Israel (D-NY), Sander Levin (D-MI), Alan Lowenthal (D-CA), Nita Lowey (D-NY), Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Jared Polis (D-CO), Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Adam Schiff (D-CA), Brad Schneider (D-IL), Allyson Schwartz (D-PA), Brad Sherman (D-CA), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)
    John Yarmuth (D-KY)

  • Patty

    Well, if you are a Jew and you like the IRAN deal, then I would say without equivocation you aren’t a true Jew.

  • Patty

    There is Hope for all of us, yet.

  • Patty
  • Patty

    Obama Allies Blast Schumer on Iran Deal, Talk of New Leader (Updated)

    And Pfeiffer’s tweets were brutal.

    Senator Schumer siding with the GOP against Obama, Clinton, and most Democrats will make it hard for him to lead the Dems in ’16

    — Dan Pfeiffer (@danpfeiffer) August 7, 2015

    The base won’t support a leader who thought Obamacare was a mistake and wants War with Iran

    — Dan Pfeiffer (@danpfeiffer) August 7, 2015

    Pfeiffer wasn’t the only Obama alum nuking Schumer.

    Jon Favreau, Obama’s former speechwriter, also questioned his viability as leader.

    Chuck Schumer, who said it was a mistake to pass Obamacare, now comes out again the Iran Deal. This is our next Senate leader?

    — Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) August 7, 2015

    And former Obama national security spokesman Tommy Vietor:

    He just made that a lot less likely

    — Tommy Vietor (@TVietor08) August 7, 2015

    And former Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt.

    Timely endorsement of the foreign policy of the GOP candidates on stage from Chuck Schumer …

    — Ben LaBolt (@BenLaBolt) August 7, 2015

    Democrats are eating their own. Now, watch what Obama allies do to Engel.

  • furtive

    3rd. Ted Deutch wrote an op Ed in his Florida paper.
    “Obama ” will charge them with some phony thing, like menendez for disloyalty to the dictator.

    Obama is a puppet foreign agent. Accept it &’we can arrest him.

  • ammeymortin
  • Rufus

    It’s all a show.
    They’ll oppose Obama on the first vote, but will not vote to override his veto.

  • ohio granny

    I fear you are right. Having it both ways in other words.

  • ohio granny

    I have wondered that as well. It totally befuddles me.

  • MC Slammer

    Well, the fact that the vast majority of American Jews are far leftist, despise Christians and Conservatives and have bankrolled the Democrats for 100 years might be the reason they are Democrats, just sayin’.

  • MC Slammer

    And the answer is clear. American Jews hate Conservatives and Christians far, far more than they love some country most of them haven’t even visited.

  • MC Slammer

    A bunch on this list will be allowed to vote against the deal, but never EVER enough to actually sink the deal.

  • Calamity Jane

    We meet again!


  • Dirty Dutch


  • Rufus

    He’s a Democrat.

  • Jet_Jaguar

    Ask yourself why Obama, the EPA, and most Democrats move Heaven and Earth to ensure that Iran gets nuclear power but fights tooth and nail to prevent any more nuclear power plants in the U.S.

  • frankjohnson221

    Schumer needs his Jewish constituents so I am sure he counted votes and knows his vote isn’t needed. If he encourages others to follow him then I will believe he is actually supports otherwise same old schumer.

  • Big Whiskey

    They have defied the Sheik and will pay! Forward!

  • newyorkgroov

    Speaks volumes when the pos in the White House compares Iranians declaring “death to America” to American representatives with opposing views.

    2016 can’t come soon enough.

  • bikerdogred1

    WOW, Jews that won’t sell themselves out, THE FEW.

  • Sniffy Pop

    May Strengthen?????????????

    Of course it will, that is the whole plan!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronnie Bloch

    Where on earth do you get your information?

  • Tomas Cruz

    The irony, the non Jewish democrats voting to fund Iran’s terror campaign is against their main target Israelis and the rest Sunnis, Christians, Kurdish, Arabs…….

  • Ronnie Bloch

    Just sayin’ that you can make up as much garbage and anti semitism as you want to BUT do not underestimate the intelligence of the readers here. They know that you are just a troll.

  • Its You

    Are you saying most have visited Isreal?

  • Herb

    The vast majority of American Jews do not despise Christians, you moron.

  • MC Slammer

    Right on queue! The Israel uber alles white knight to the rescue.

    You do know that Jews overwhealming vote Democrat, right?

    Here’s a clue for you: God doesn’t need Israel to carry out his plans.

  • Herb

    Aren’t you late for your SS meeting, Adolf?

  • MC Slammer

    Ask a Jew.

  • SomethingWicked

    There will be a back room deal, and they’ll cave….you must not oppose The One’s will
    Save this post so you can tell me how right I was in a week or so….sometimes I really HATE being right

  • Very old joke: ‘Jews earn like Presbyterians and vote like Puerto Ricans’.
    Only: No joke.
    My Jewish conservative friends are very lonely.

  • sun_wukong

    The fix is in, the votes are counted. The Democrats can sustain the veto of the disapproval vote, thus allowing Senator Dybbuk to have it both ways.

  • RogerDane

    Sadly I am not sure a ‘few’ sudden dissidents will make a difference in
    the downward plunge of America and our republic, freedoms, strength…
    Obama has done what no outside force ever has, destroyed the United
    States… Israel has been abandoned by America’s Muslim President, any

  • mark8302

    They, our congress and senate already gave the authority of the secret deal away and they are now finally realizing just what they have done. Trump is right… We have idiots in government.

  • PA OB


  • Dickie Mellon

    Now I’m really worried. O’bama incompetent and Israel controlling our politicians..

  • MC Slammer

    You don’t get out much do you? The vast majority of American Jews are hardcore liberals, and yes indeed liberals do hate Christians.

    And in Israel, they love Christians so much that this rabbi openly advocates burning Christian churches:

    Go see for yourself, useful idiot.

  • RalphTheCat

    There are two types of Jews.
    There are the Jews who live in Israel under the cloud of terrorism and random acts of violence. They fear for their lives everyday.
    Then there are the Jews in the US who use Israel as an excuse to demonstrate righteous indignation, albeit staged, when something like this comes up. They live in a world which is safe and their only worry is how many votes they get.
    I admire and respect the former and have nothing but disdain for the latter. Their definitions of what it means to be Jewish differs greatly.
    The only thing more despicable is the US Jewish voter who continually puts these charlatans back in office while chanting that they are in touch with the Jewish homeland.

  • theburack

    It’s historical. Left leaning governments in Europe were way better for jews than right leaning, religious ones.

  • Victor Cachat

    Can’t wait to hear the lame d*ck snarking about his own party’s “leading lights” for not following his marching orders.

  • Herb

    I’ll stick with my original comment. You’re a moron.

  • Iranalicious

    Well at least 4 Democrats are not suicidal.

  • government watchdog

    The exception is Debbie Wasserman Schultz who is a leading member of about thirty Jewish organizations but is having trouble breaking with her Muslim leader. She has been a sham towards the Jews since she fell in love with Obama. She runs for election and gets 99% of the Jewish vote.

  • LeonTheKungFuJew

    All of this is a scam!

    Obama already sent this deal to the UN council while Congress/Senate sat on their hands. The GOP gave Obama this “Fast Track” to sign this deal without them. McConnell must have discovered theIran deal would interfere with their vacation time, so they surrendered all the power and their role to Obama.

    Congress and The Senate are pounding sand, and they can only blame themselves for this. They themselves gave up their power, they changed this from a treaty to a special deal with the Messiah.

    And now the US can’t do a darn thing to stop this. This is what Obama and McConnell wanted all along.

    This is all a dog and pony show.

  • sam

    Some of what you say is true the Christian but is off base.
    The singular rabbi is not representative of Jews in Israel regardless of sect.

    What you did say about Leftist Jews has a kernel of truth ” far more than they love some country most of them haven’t even visited.”

    Yes you will find Christian Zionist are more numerous then Jewish Zionist and that trend is growing while American Jewish support is falling due to becoming more Progressive/Liberal/Leftist.
    The more Conservative Jews support Israel wholeheartedly that’s my opinion.

  • Hedley Lamar

    The answer is that most American Jews are liberals first and Jews second. Plus a lot of them are not religious at all.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    But but but…for 8 years you have followed der ObaMeinFuhrer, he wants you in the ovens. George Soros liked working for the nazi’s….don’t you? Emperor Barry is going to be buuut-hurt, got some splainin to do.

    Liberal surrender Jews, Jews in name only. Worship of the party comes first. Don’t go hatin on this old catholic boy…jes sayin.

  • Mike

    OH great a handful of American Jews finally decided their beloved Marxim just might get them nuked.

    To bad 70% of them voted for the Muslim Marxist Manchurian Candidate twice.

    Thanks for nothing.

  • Mike

    Actually they love Marxism much more than the USA, their own religion or even Israel.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    You are spot on correct. IF we had a leader like Netanyahu instead of this flaccid wurm we have now, we wouldn’t be in this situation. ALL the RINO’s must be removed from office as well or the problem remains.

  • Red_Ruffansore

    Her religion is Liberalism, anything else is window dressing.

  • Mike

    Their 70+% voting record in the last 2 presidential elections for a Muslim Marxist Manchurian candidate would seem to refute your OPINION.

  • Earl

    Watch for a last minute “miraculous” release of the 4 Americans to help persuade the Dems to pull this out. Cooked in this rotten cake from the beginning. I am so puking sick of this bunch

  • Klink

    The vacuum between Schultz’s ears makes outer space look like a pressure cooker.

  • Mike

    Right!!!!!!!!!!!!! The socialists/communists only killed 6 million + and just how many did European right wingers kill???????????

    The right wing in Europe is still to the left of our RINOs

  • ThomasCollins1

    Harry S Truman.

  • Larry46

    You have to wonder if their opposition is solely because of their Jewish constituency, because of their own Jewishness or because this is a terrible deal for the U.S.?

  • Ilene Richman

    These are all JINO’s sponsored by George Soros of the J Street group. They are not Jewish but pretend they are. In this election, the real Jewish people will come out to vote Repuclican against the Anti-Jewish Muslim clan in the White House: Obama, Jarrett, Rice, Axelrod, etc. This group is the enemy and will get US involved in WWIII in the Middle East, with their sponsor, George Soros, the money man. I do not consider anyone Jewish, who supposedly states he is Jewish, if he votes for the Democratic Party in 2016. They will be written in the book when Yom Kippur roles around again. G-D knows exactly the Jewish traitors. They would turn Jews into the Nazis as Soros did in WWII. As a Jewish person, Soros turned Jewish people into the Nazis.

  • obowmasbananarepublic

    Wonder if these liberals are angry with the Liar In Chief comparing them to the hard liner terrorist in Iran?

  • Seldom Seen Slim

    Unfortunately they’re liberals/socialist first, Jewish is a very distant second and American is WAY behind at third. It is good to see Chuckie Schumer, the man who had more to do with the sub-prime crash and eventual wall-slam of our economy getting his mind right. To a point…

  • MC Slammer

    I agree there are some more or less conservative Jews. I’d argue that there aren’t enough to be politically significant.

  • bikerdogred1

    Herb, look around and you know what I said is true.

  • Frank Saubier

    This is the important takeaway from this article.

  • MC Slammer

    The fact that you think that’s a thoughtful and reasoned retort speaks more about you then me.

  • Seldom Seen Slim

    Unfortunately most liberal Jews are socialist/liberal first, Jewish a very distant
    second and American way back at a distant third. I’m glad to see Chuckie
    Schumer, the man who had more to do with the sub-prime crash and our
    economy hitting the wall than anything/anyone else, getting his mind
    right on Iran. Finally…

  • Frank Saubier

    Never happen. This is one of the few issues where he makes sense. Even to Jews.

  • MrNoyce

    You support burning churches like the rabbi recommends? How jewish of you.

  • formwiz

    It’s the Senate that votes, but it does look like the Empire State is going to remember what happens.

  • BFCCplJackE21255

    Interesting list, I’ll keep it posted.

  • Harvey42

    Maybe they should stop electing Julius and Ethel to Congress.

  • MrNoyce

    Patty, reducing your opposition to the Iranian peace deal to a cartoon is really simple minded and stupid, just like your hero, Netanyahoo, who’s been playing Chicken Little about the Iranian Sky Bomb falling for over 20 years now. Look it up !!

  • MicahStone

    //Evidently, Wall Street has concluded they won’t make as much PROFIT off the OBOZO’s Iran capitulation as initially forecast….

    So Chucky is safe to oppose it.

  • jcarsc

    It is about time he stood up and be counted.

  • BFCCplJackE21255

    And the Muslim vote is…?

  • Margo Epperson

    If the Jewish community ever wakes up from its doldrums, the democrat/liberal/progressive party will begin its inevitable decline.

  • jcarsc

    According to Obozo, the greatest threat to the world is global warming so he is just trying to fix that problem with a worldwide nuclear exchange which will plunge the earth into a 100 year nuclear winter.

  • Lemmings Hotline

    My parents were proud democrats. My grandmother used to throw things at the TV when governor Reagan came on. Its been a slow transition. Also, the democratic party has moved to the left, and is unrecognizable to what it once was.

  • Oboy_must_go

    Russia and China want the deal approved…That should tell us all we need to know.

  • avante230

    You just did. My answer to you that you are a bigot. Or a bot. Or both.
    I am a Jew and I am a conservative. And so is my family. And I have not vote Dems since I have got the right to vote. Unfortunately, I might not vote Reps soon either looking and the ones we have in a Senate.

  • avante230

    Insult to morons.

  • fedupMan

    Maybe they are on 3rd base BUT will they really VOTE NO?

  • Dtowns

    Seriously? Does anyone really think that the only target of Iranian nukes will be Israel? The next (or perhaps first) target is the US. Put a nuke on a SCUD (or equivalent) on a cargo ship and New York is flattened.

    And how is that “seizing” Iraq’s oil working out for those who claim we invaded Iraq for that reason? is Halliburton making money, and that still drives you insane?

    You know why we invaded Iraq? To establish a base from which to project force against all of the nut job whackos in the Middle East (especially Iran).

    Those of you who sit there and still freak about Iraq are shocking in your willful ignorance. A status of forces agreement could have left 50,000 troops in the area, just like we have left (for no real reason anymore) in South Korea.

    We couldn’t get Maliki to agree to an SOF we liked? Tough. How about “make us leave” in a private phone call to Maliki? His army cannot even stand up to Isis. Let him try to make ours leave.

    We leave 50,000 there, and there IS no Isis in the first place. You guys are NUTS to think that leaving that area alone and trusting the whack jobs there to not weapon up is the path to stability.

    I am a protestant, and no one wants to wipe me out (except, perhaps, the New York Times) but I appreciate the fact that Jewish elected leaders in the US bring the memories of past genocide to their roles in the House.

  • rocky

    Schumer, Engel and the rest are Khazars and not Israelites. Who cares what they think and do. They helped to bring the World to this critical stage. Must work for the RKM.

  • Lemmings Hotline

    Its really a low blow to mention him. Even though theres a lot of moslems that support fanatacim, there aren’t any jews, much less rabbis that follow this lunatic. There are major rabbinic opinions that say that partnership with God ie father , son, etc is NOT idolatry for Christians.

  • Oboy_must_go

    There’s only one way to stop Iran. We can do it non-nuclear now….Or later.

  • Alkabetz

    I am Jewish, long time Republican (since Reagan years) and frequently am asked by non-Jews why so many Jews support Dems blindly. My only answer is that for the them that is their religion. Sad to say, but they are completely irrational and their robotic voting patterns can be explained only on the basis of tradition and faith, which they choose not to question.

  • Alkabetz

    I am also a long time Jewish Republican. It is hard to fathom why so many Jews continue to support a party that is turning hostile to Israel, among other destructive tendencies.

  • evangelinebrabant

    Communism, the excess of Liberalism, killed over 200 million people in the 20th century.

  • Alkabetz

    Jews do not despise Christians. That is a lot of nonsense.

  • itsy_bitsy

    Against for one reason and one reason only! If they lose the Jewish vote they are toast, and it is very hard to believe that even the most liberal Jew is hankering for the destruction of Israel!

  • Alkabetz

    So the media found one Jewish nutjob. there are nutjobs of every background, but they do not represent anyone but themselves.

  • Valerie

    They can count. The Repubs do not have enough votes to override the inevitable veto.

  • sam

    In numbers true but influence I won’t agree.
    The Jewish community is small but packs a punch in comparison to their number and that has been the case for millennium.

  • libknocker

    You are wrong,you are doing the same thing Obama does by putting us in the same category . I am a jew and a conservative and never ever voted democrat,and most of my friends feel the same way, I would never date a liberal when I was younger because of what they stand for. Its always their way or the highway. I always chose the highway.

  • sam

    Who would say such and the Israeli community does not either the IDF has many Christians fighting for Israel so let’s not make this anything more then it is.

  • acted stupidly

    Does it matter anymore? We report to Putin now.

  • MC Slammer

    How nice, now the grand total of conservative Jews is 3.

    Take a look at the public donor lists for pretty much any democratic politician. While making up only 2% of the population, they comprise at least 25% of democratic dollars.

    Not to mention how they, yes, dominate the media….Does it matter that all eight of the major studios have Jewish CEO’s? Yeah, it does.

    You personally are nothing but an anecdote and arguing by anecdote is a logical fallacy and pointing out what can easily, objectively be observed is neither anti-semitic nor bigoted.

    Funny, are you sure you’re in the right place? Isn’t it the progtards who scream “bigot” every time somebody disagrees with them?

  • MC Slammer

    I’m not disputing that the small number of jews have disproportionate influence. In fact, that is my point. However, the number of conservative jews is so microscopic that they do indeed have little influence.

  • sam

    Sorry but even if you are a Supersessionist Israel is front and center in Christian End Times Theology.

  • And he’s been successful at preventing it for 20 years now. Look it up!

    That’s like saying “I haven’t died from the little poison I’ve ingested, I’ll up the dosage!”

  • Even the Nazi’s were able to win Jewish voters (I just watched a documentary recently that suggested Hitler had actually toned down his anti-semitism in his last election to win support).

  • rick rick

    So funny watching Dems eat t heir own.

  • sam

    The term ” disproportionate influence” has been used by the enemies of the Jews for quite some time so I don’t couch it in those terms it borders on being the old anti Semite tirade, tred carefully here.

  • snoopyhund

    Is support for a foreign country rather than USA treasonable? We all come from another country so support USA.

  • Ghostrider127

    Nice to see someone is finally waking up to emperor Obumbles and giving him the b*tch slap he deserves!!

  • Locutor

    Per CNN:
    “A White House official suggested Thursday that Schumer’s announcement of opposition came only after enough Democratic support was assured to keep the plan intact.”

    IOW, this is a meaningless show vote for the four Jews to sucker their constituents. If their votes were the deal breakers they would get in line. I suspect they’ll withhold their votes until last, after it’s already decided and they can pile on.

    They all do this horse trading.

    THIS is why we need secret casting of votes in Congress until AFTER the vote is closed, then make the votes public. No keeping the vote open for hours to convince people to switch sides.

  • DirtyDave

    I think many thought they were being good and caring by being liberal, just like other people.

    Has it worked out that way?

  • צדקיה עמיחי

    The comments here crack me up. Only 9% of Americans polled believe the deal will be very effective in preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. 29% say somewhat effective. The other 62% of America says it won’t be effective at all. Almost everyone I’ve talked to is against it….

    BUT – Let a news article say FOUR Jews in Congress are against it and suddenly even those people who are (or were) against the deal start in with their Jew-hate and denounce the deal or rebuke the 4 Jews in Congress for opposing it.

  • Huskystar


  • Mark Levin is pretty significant.

  • Mark Levin has an outsized influence.

  • anonymous_economist

    Obama lifted the sanctions without first receiving consideration from Iran: The Deal is DOA.

  • Huskystar

    Glad to hear it..Iran still has US hostages and is still sending tank buster bombs to kill US troops in the middle east

  • Huskystar

    Nonsense..The only hate I see is coming from your posts.

  • mensa141

    It is about time someone comes to their senses before our muslim in chief destroys Israel..

  • Wow. Schumer didn’t cave. I’m impressed by a liberal. This is odd….

  • JMWinPR

    It seems that not all the folks on the Upper West Side are anti-semites. Here in the Caribbean we have the “Coconut” telegraph. Word gets around before the official line can be presented. Maybe there is a “matzoh” telegraph along the same lines, and the slugs in office got the message loud and clear. They weren’t even able to keep there fav Tim Bishop in office.

  • gitliani

    The answer is simple. Most Jews today are social Jews. They are Jewish just to socialize. If they go to the synagogue, it’s only on holy days. They really don’t follow the Jewish religion. They also don’t remember the struggles of an early Israel and what they had to overcome. They don’t remember being called Christ killers by the Catholic church. They socialize as Jews, they party as Jews, the declare themselves Jews, but they really have no inkling of what it means to be Jewish.

    Look at the real religious Jews, they support Republicans, they love God, and they, too, are conservatives.

    I’ll never forget the ‘reform’ Rabbi who was presiding over my dad’s funeral. SHE had a plaque from Planned Parenthood in her office. How strange! An award from a group that kills what God has created. It boggled the mind..

    many of the Jews now have no real love of Israel and they don’t understand what it really is. Instead they love themselves and as a result, will love anything or anybody that gives them ‘stuff’.

    And that is it in a HUGE nutshell. Mozel Tov!

  • cntrlfrk

    Are they starting to realize Obama is an anti-Semite Bigot?

    What took so long?


  • JIm G

    Obozo and Lurch Kerry are looking for a legacy. They’re gonna get a legacy all right — as being the guys who got boot-fooked by the mullahs — and not even a kiss for their trouble.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Nah it’s just that the whole “racist” card isn’t working so good anymore.

  • Outlaw Josie Wales

    Gitliani, Thank you for your heartfelt post. Much of what you said about Jews can also be said about most Christians, which I am. People always skew the idea of “religion” and “faith.” Most people “belong” to a religion like one belongs to a country club, without having a genuine relationship with the Creator Himself.
    I don’t belong to a club or a denomination, but I wish my country could still be a strong nation with an identity that stands for good, peace, and prosperity.

  • W.N. First

    Among observant Jews (Orthodox and ultra Orthodox) the GOP gets about 57% – 66% support, slightly better than the overall white support for the GOP where Reagan got 63% of against Carter.

    Jewish numbers from the ultra left wing Jewish site Forward.

    Compared to ethnic but non religious Jews, white gentiles of comparable education and back ground, ie urban college graduates also vote in majority for the democrat party.

    There is no argument that Jews dominate Hollywood, Media, Banking, and are highly over represented in professional sports ownership/league management, but then what law prevents gentiles from competing in those areas?

    As far as conservative, neocon, or republican leaning Jews, of notoriety off the top of my head

    Jonah Goldberg
    Mark Levin
    Breitbart – rip
    Ben Stein
    David Horowitz
    Daniel Greenfield
    Ben Shapiro
    Denis Prager
    Michael Medved
    Henry Kissinger
    Sheldon Adelson – HUGE GOP donor by the way.
    Pamella Geller
    Jerry Bruckheimer – Hollywood type and large GOP donations
    William Kristol
    Michael Savage
    Steve Wynn – Casino owner Huge GOP donor
    Ed Snider – Philly Flyers owner Huge GOP donor
    David Zucker – Hollywood producer
    Paul Singer – Hedge fund billionaire gives millions to GOP pacs.

  • IsaacBlack

    Not all of us. Trust me we are just as frustrated as you. There are actually a lot of us. We are just more quiet.

  • gitliani

    And Gitliani.

  • 912er

    Because leftists are leftists first and everything else after that.If Schumer’s vote was needed to pass the Iran deal he would be voting for it..believe me…but sadly he knows his vote isn’t needed as only 34 senators support is needed.

  • Ubeturbipy

    I hope they take the paper this travesty of a deal is written on and shove it up O’s ass. If it all doesn’t fit find the mooz….hers is big enough to accommodate anything short of a Mack truck.

  • daviedave


  • Xcom78

    AF Vet do you really want to know why Jews vote for Democrats and other leftists? Just visit Youtube and copy this into their search engine ( Ben Shapiro: Why Jews Vote Leftist? ) without the () and Ben Shapiro will explain it to you quickly in five minutes without going off on a two hour civics or history lesson.

    I would post the link directly to the video but I suspect that this comment section will call it spam and not allow my post to show up.

  • chris

    Finally some jewish democraps are figuring out the truth of what has been staring them in the face for 8 years

  • Bitter Clinger

    Odumbo and Lurch, traitors in arms.

  • Danny

    Good for them. It’s nice to know not everyone has their lips plastered to Obama’s arse.

  • Mark Wheeler


  • MC Slammer

    I found this link…just for a useful idiot like you.

    It’s a clip from Israeli tv in which they mock Jesus…to huge luaghs.

    Go see for yourself how much the vast majority of Jews respect you and other Christians.

  • MC Slammer

    …one guy

  • MC Slammer

    I didn’t say ALL Jews hated Conservatives and Christians.

  • MC Slammer

    Guilt by association fallacy. Just because an anti-semite said it doesn’t them that it can’t be true.

  • MC Slammer

    So what?

  • MC Slammer

    So What? Do you think God can’t preserve Israel without America’s help? Apparently you do.

  • WrenchMan

    Sadly for some Jews the religion of Liberalism comes before Judaism! Never could understand the support for Liberals & Democrats by the Jewish community….

  • sam

    That is not indicative of the Israeli public.
    You know little of life in Israel and you probably don’t know any Christians who live in Israel.
    Aramaeans Arabs and European Christians for the most part have little to complain about and jin the IDF and are proud Israelis.

  • BonnLass

    It’s all about the tribe mentality.

  • sam

    Where would you come up with that one.

    ” Here’s a clue for you: God doesn’t need Israel to carry out his plans” that’s Supersessionist, which is your right to be.

  • MC Slammer

    Didn’t Jesus say, “No one comes to the Father except through me”? Yes or no?

  • SenBlutarsky

    Wow, they listened to their constituents. Mind blown………

  • Dave In Arizona

    Well, AF Vet (also an AF Vet), it’s a matter of “getting-along-by-going-along.” Very, very stupid.

  • Dave In Arizona

    Most likely from some Jew hating liberal / progressive.

  • CmonMann

    Dems of all stripes caving in 3…2….1

  • Dave In Arizona

    Vote. Vote Republican. We (America) cannot survive another four / eight years of liberal / progressive Democrats. Hold your nose if you have to but vote Republican!

  • TheBitterClinger1

    Bambi did tell us and ALL THE WORLD he would fundamentally change America; he did say he would make us subject to the world’s authority. So why are people – Jews, gentiles, other – surprised when he does? Jews who enabled the Supreme Soviet got surprised too. Hey when times get tough somebody has to take the beatings.
    History repeats; if you are going to ride the tiger hold on tight.

  • MC Slammer

    So God does need Israel to carry out his plan? Wow, Israelis are more powerful than God! So then why do then why do they need the Goys doing all their fighting for them?

  • sam

    I don’t know if Jesus said it however, it’s written in the Book of John not exactly generous to Jews.

    Regardless of the Book many theologians changed their minds when Israel was reformed in 1948 and those sitting on the fence moved over when Israel recaptured their ancient capital Jerusalem in 1967.

  • Dave In Arizona

    No, MC Slammer, make that at least four Jews.

  • TexBill

    Obama to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei: “If you like your nukes, you can keep your nukes.” Unfortunately, this time Obama wasn’t lying.

  • gfr

    Their constituents all live in Israel – but they managed to do the right thing anyway.
    Imagine how much more powerful the Republicans would be if the Jews were on OUR side..
    Imagine how much LESS powerful the democrats would be if the Jews abandoned them.
    And the Jews really SHOULD be supporting the Republicans because we have principles – all the democrats care about are numbers and the jews don’t have those.

  • MinistryofFear

    The Great Obozo will find a way to twist arms or extort favors like he did with Roberts on Obzocare. Remember he has a pen and a phone.

  • TheBitterClinger1

    American Jews of the left continued to support Joesph Stalin even while he was purging the Jews. Those same Jews refused to denounce Hitler during the German/Soviet pact deviding Poland.
    Willful blindness? Maybe.
    The American/Western left WILL turn on the Jew to appease the spawn of Ishmael, Sweden has.

  • Sig_Sauer

    Many of those Jewish Americas are non-religious Jews. They are Democrats first and Jewish second.

  • MC Slammer

    Uh, are you a Christian? John 14:6 is pretty much the basis for all of Christianity…

  • John O. Williams

    Things that Jesus is to have allegedly said. If someone is not Christian merely pointing out that “the New Testament said that Jesus said a, b, c or d” isn’t definitive proof that he said a, b, c, or d or even that he existed.

  • Diogenes2001

    While I’m no fan of these four democrats, I am proud of them today. They may well have pulled this planet a few inches back from the brink of disaster. Did they do it because they were Jews? Patriotic Americans? Intelligent Humans? They will have to tell us that.

    I am a politically-Conservative, religiously-Reform Jew, a minority within a minority within a minority. I cannot understand for the life of me why my brethren think and vote as they do. Voting for liberals/socialists/communists/Democrats has done absolutely no good for any of them, or our nation as a whole.

    What could possibly inspire self-destructive, self-hating behavior? I think there are several factors. First, there is still a huge distrust of Christians, even though Evangelicals are the absolute best friends Israel has at the moment. Much harm was done to us in the past by those who misinterpreted the lessons of Jesus, but at some point, we have to let that go and move forward. For many, communism/socialism was supposed to make us finally equal to everyone else, to prevent the deadly pogroms seen in Europe that inspired most of our ancestors to flee to America. But it was a flawed philosophy, and the Jews in the Soviet Union didn’t fare much better under the Communists than under the Czars. Stalin came very close to finishing what Hitler started, and fortunately died the day before he was to execute his plan.

    The desire to be equal I think manifested into the desire to assimilate, to blend in and disappear. It is no surprise that the intermarriage rate among American Jews is quite high, and the children of intermarriage rarely are raised as or continue to identify as Jews. Perhaps some think that if they hide in plain sight, the Cossacks/peasants/Nazis/terrorists won’t find them. Perhaps they think that socialism/communism will assuage their survivor’s guilt, letting them forget our brothers and sisters that perished in the Holocaust simply because they were Jews. Maybe they think that redistributing the wealth to those less fortunate (read less capable and lazier) will buy off a pogrom. This time, anyway.

    They are embarrassed by Israel, a bunch of loud mouth arrogant Jews who have the absolute audacity to declare their differences (the diversity scam is just a scam to SUPPRESS differences, after all), and to not let themselves be killed. Many are ready to sacrifice Israel, and their identity, to be accepted as an equal by elite intellectual snots who will always see them as just a bunch of conniving Jews.

    I have no clue how to cure them of their shame of who they are.

    I find that embracing my people and my faith, and maintaining a fierce pride in Israel, does give me strength, although I’m not particularly religious. I’ve had the opportunity to travel fairly extensively. I have been in the Czar’s throne room in St. Petersburg, and I’ve stood at Hitler’s podium at the zeppelin review stand in Nuremburg. I am here, the Jewish people survived, but Hitler and the Czar are long gone. I think there’s a lesson for anyone who wants to hear it.

  • tdrag

    These “Jews” are not believers. They are die hard Liberals. Liberalism is their religion but even they have to question what Obama is doing. WHEN Iran gets the bomb, and they will, deal or not, their first target will be Israel.

  • Luna Moon

    They are just holding out for a deal…. In the end they will
    cave, Mitch McConnell can’t wait to please Obama.

  • American Voter

    Finally – the self-loathing Jews awaken! I wondered how many times they would let the LIB’s kick them before they spoke up…

  • gfr

    1) I’m sure that you are aware that Stalin was murdered by his Jewish doctors who decided to treat him by injecting carbolic acid into his neck.
    2) In my opinion Jews in the US vote for democrats because the democrat party is corrupt and it is easy for wealthy Jews to pay them off when they want something done. Unfortunately for the Jews, the Saudis have even larger check books and the democrats are such disgusting bed-hopping whor es that they immediately spread their legs for the suitor with the biggest check-book.
    3) Rich Jews don’t care that much if poor or middle-class Jews get murdered in pogroms as long as they get away. Thus the Soros family got to leave Europe with much of their wealth intact while their coreligionists were boarding the cattle cars.
    4) By voting AGAINST the nuking of Israel, these four Congressmen have IRREVOCABLY severed their ties with the democrat party leaders. For some unknown reason I am on the mailing list for “MoveOn.Org” and today I received an email basically requiring that all right-thinking democrats declare war on Chuck Shumer and ANY democrat who opposes the Iran deal.
    These four congressmen should cross the aisle NOW. It’s like Ronald Reagan said: “I didn’t leave the democrat party – the democrat party left ME”..

  • gfr

    McConnell may behave like one – but he is NOT, in fact, a Jewish democrat..

  • Diogenes2001

    Yes, we’ve all heard of the “Doctor’s Plot”. How many thousands and millions of lives did they save? I also agree with you on point 4.

    However, your #2 and #3 are dangerously close to an anti-Semitic screed. Trump himself declared that he buys politicians but then decried the process that lets that happen. Some wealthy Jews might be doing this, but a lot of others do so as well. Don’t make it a Jewish thing when it isn’t. And I do believe only George of the Soros family survived, and that because he was taken under the wing of a Hungarian charged with looting Jewish homes. Soros might be the epitome of self-hating Jews, but do not paint ALL Jews, rich or poor, with that tarbrush.

  • gfr

    A lot of them are older, and when they were young the democrat party was still rational. It is tough to divorce the bride of your youth..

  • gfr

    There’s two possibilities:
    1) odumbo really thinks that this “deal” will avoid war in the middle east, or:
    2) odumbo is a muslim who wants to nuke Israel.
    Never ascribe to malice, what can be adequately explained by incompetence.

  • gfr

    I understand your surprise, but it really makes perfect sense. These four Jewish congressmen SHOULD have come out against this deal LONG ago because it endangers the UNITED STATES – the country that they are supposed to represent.
    They are getting stick because it is perceived by Conservative Americans that they are against the deal ONLY because it endangers Israel.
    If Israel was in Madagascar as Theodor Herzl originally wanted, I’m pretty sure that these four congressmen would still be supporting the Iran deal.

  • LouAdams

    and Lou

  • Geepa

    1. They’ll all cave.
    2. Their votes won’t be needed.
    3. Zero trust in our government any more.


  • Diogenes2001

    And Diogenes

  • sam

    You want God’s word then read the Bible, all your interpretation so far is your own and little more.
    “ why do they need the Goys doing all their fighting for them?” admittedly there are other faiths fighting in the IDF but if you are intimating that others are fighting Israel’s battles and dying, then you are nuts, no one has ever fought Israel’s wars.
    Only Israelis and their volunteers during special times died for Israel.
    America fights for itself it never lost one serviceman fighting Israel’s battles on behalf of the Jewish state.

  • sam

    Only for those that believe that only Christians go to heaven and God never said that.

  • צדקיה עמיחי

    Haters gonna hate. No matter the circumstances, they’ll rationalize it one way or another.

  • sam

    spot on

  • sam

    Yes they are not our fathers Oldsmobile….anymore.

  • GrimmCreeper

    Considered it asked, dumbass. I hate leftists, along with any other group I believe is destroying the country and shredding the Constitution. Included in that group are fake Christians along with fake Jews, who haven’t a clue what they are talking about, yet spew nonsense to divide. I put you in the same category as a Barack Obama.

  • da troof

    i can. they can hedge their bets, and get from both sides, as they have

  • GrimmCreeper

    You’re a fcking moron.

  • Michael Field

    Nonsense? Are kidding or just jumping off a cliff? If you believe what you are saying, make a case. I am of Jewish descent and I know very well that many highly political secular Jews are either Marxist or significantly Marxist influenced. By their fruits you shall know them. The secular way to state the same thought is, judge the cause by the effect.

    Myself, I do not use the term “secular Jew”. No one else apologizes for their existence and I sure am not going to apologize for mine. I am not Jewish in my religion, in fact I am Christian, but I call myself an ethnic Jew. Judaism is a religion. The Jews are an ethnic group in worldwide diaspora. One does not stop being of Jewish descent simply because one leaves or never was in the Jewish religion. Am I being clear, or do you need another dose or reality?

  • GrimmCreeper

    No, it says you’re a lonely idiot, who needs to blame his failure on someone else. The neighborhood kids probably kicked you around, your father probably sat around in his ketchup and beer stained t shirt, after he knocked the crap out of you every night, for being a loser. Then one day you found this thing called a computer, where you could pretend to be somebody. But you’re still a loser.

  • Michael Field

    Don’t worry. The Democrats already are replacing you with another and more prolific group of reliable voters. Why hope the voters pick you when you can instead pick your voters?

  • Mark Green

    They own the Party. That’s one good reason.

  • Michael Field

    And let me add. Give people enough time and they become Republicans. Slowly becoming true of both the Catholic ethnics descended from post Civil War immigrants and American Jews. True of Hispanics. True of white Southerners. May become of blacks eventually. In the Americanization process, being Democratic is a segue!

  • Thinking the same thing. They waited until they knew it was going to pass. That’s why all the liberal outrage at Schumer is so ridiculous.

  • gfr

    I think it may be different this time. Shumer will throw anybody under the bus – except Israel..

  • Hope you’re right.

  • TimothyMacAren

    I can not think of any reason why, any Democrat could even remotely believe a Jewish American to ever be a Democrat.

  • sam

    It’s doubtful any Jew voted for the [email protected]@l [email protected] German Workers Party, every Jew knew what the Brown Shirts formed in 1920 were about. What Jew was unaware of Hitlers grab for power at the so-called Beer Hall Putsch The Jews must have known they knew about Mein Kampf published eight years before the 1933 election
    Too many facts.
    The Jews of Jerusalem in 1099 knew what the Germans did to their brethren in 1097, if they were aware a thousand years before and a world apart they must have known about Hitler so I don’t buy Jews voted for [email protected] [email protected]


    Why are they mad they just released a US traitor who stole American secrets and helped create our new best friend Israel. Pollard is enough now someone shut these whiners up

  • gfr

    First of all I can be anti-semitic if I want to – I don’t care.
    BUT – #2 ISN’T about buying off politicians – it is about the corruption in the democrat party making it MUCH MUCH easier to buy of democrats. That is why the Jews try to get democrats into office – because they are easier to control. Of course once there is a higher bidder around the Jews are screwed.
    There are plenty more examples than just Soros to support #3. Half the senior studio executives in Hollywood for example.
    And if you’d heard of the Doctors Plot – then why did you say that Stalin simply “died” fortuitously?

  • gfr

    The Pollard release is something that Israel has been wanting for a long time but it is at least a THOUSAND times less important to them than the Iran deal.
    It does however point up the complete lack of principle in the obama administration.
    I doubt the knowledge that a jewish traitor is living it up in the US, will provide much solace for the Israelis when the nukes start falling on their heads.

  • TimothyMacAren

    It is a Contradiction of Terms.
    Jewish Americans are blindly vertical obedient to their leader. Their leader invariably is messianic Zionist.
    Zionism does not conceive room for any other human group to grow.
    In a Democracy, all men are created equal.

  • Just Wright

    Glad they came to their senses.

  • harriet

    what a horrible headline

    how about 20% Jewish House members oppose Obama Iran deal

    80% agree with Obama Iran deal

    How about 100% CHristian Republicans oppose Iran deal

    horrible horrible headline

    mondoweiss and electronic intefada must be thrilled

  • I’d rather shut up the imbeciles who are cheering for nuclear incineration.
    In other words, shut up.

  • mike wesley

    And what is the Black’s beef?
    “The American Negro is an American. We know nothing of Africa.”
    Martin Luther King

  • TimothyMacAren

    “Major Jewish Democrats” ??? Who termed them “major?” Their moms?
    Sounds to me as a rigorously followed climbing method.
    Tell me when any one of these “major” politicians propose some non-self-aggrandizement legislation, and only then I will start consider them American, and then, perhaps, politicians.
    Look at Schumer no further: Mouth-fouling Obamacare! And Schumer is being sold to us as the “new Dems leader.” With leaders like these, who needs enemies.

  • Why do American Jews vote democrat? It makes ZERO sense.

  • gfr

    What rationalization is necessary?
    AIPAC leaders have said many times that Israel and US interests are NOT identical, and that Jews should come down on the side of Israel when the two are in conflict.
    American Conservatives think that that is treason.
    The democrats are in the process of throwing the Jews under the bus because the Saudis are paying them.
    Any thinking Jew should realize that the time for calling Conservatives “anti-semites” has passed. You need to cosy up to them because they have principles – and they won’t allow the Israelis to be murdered for a few million Saudi dollars – if they can stop it..


    Pollard is a prisoner, no one ever convicted of espionage gets out except if your a jew

  • Missus Katie

    Well whaddaya know…a handful of Ds have strayed from the boy king’s plantation. I wonder if they will now be targeted by the IRS? Could it be that maybe, just maybe, a smidgeon of intelligence remains in the brains of some demmunists???

  • TimothyMacAren

    Notice that Barack Obama The First Jewish President released Pollard IMMEDIATELY. Then, we’ll see if the deal goes through. Ha!
    Oh, I almost forgot; here comes Compensation. Count Pollard as to be one of the “amazingly fast” OnePercenters. At US taxpayers cost, obvious to say it.

  • hidad

    Look at the tactics used by Schumer. They’ve tallied the votes and think they can win without the 4 Jewish votes. That way, Schumer and the other democrats can LOOK like they weren’t for the Iran deal. It’s all a show.

  • Tony Murphy

    All the Jewish Congresscritters place Israel’s interests before those of the American schmucks who elected them.

  • Tony Murphy

    There’s only one solution: Israel to get nuclear weapons, and they can then threaten iran.

    Oh wait….

  • MrNoyce

    ” he’s been successful at preventing it for 20 years now”

    You really think so. Just exactly what has he succeeded in doing that has accomplished what you allege? Truth is Iran’s so called nuclear program doesn’t actually threaten anyone. Whereas Israel has hundreds of nukes, consisting of both materials and technologies stolen from the USA. And unlike Israel, Iran hasn’t invaded anyone in forever. Israel on the other hand drops phosphorus bombs killing Palestinian kids by the hundreds so they can steal Palestine.

    The only thing that sucks worse than Israel are there brain dead goy supporters here in the USA who soak up all the jew propaganda into their empty heads.

  • Tony Murphy

    “what law prevents gentiles from competing in those areas?”

    Obviously you’ve never gone up against the impenetrable ethnic wall that Jews put up against the rest of us. I’ve advised technology startups and if you don’t do as the Tribe want (cheap equity holding, board places etc.) you’ll find that financing dries up and previously positive market reports turn negative. I know, I was that soldier.

    We all know what would happen to any politician who even mildly criticizes Israel. Same procedure in those other areas you refer to.

  • Diogenes2001

    You don’t care if you’re anti-Semitic? Wonderful. Your right to do so. Be sure to divest yourself of anything a Jew ever invented or improved, starting with your computer. Clearly, you don’t want to discuss, you want to marinate in your Jew-hatred, and blame the Jews for everything. Just like your fearless leader.

    You are right on one thing..I should have proudly declared that a group of Jewish doctors murdered Stalin before he could murder millions of others. My bad.

  • TimothyMacAren

    Netanyahu as the behind-the-scene author of our invasion to Iraq is undeniable.
    Netanyahu now wants us to declare war to Iran… and incur in much terrible losses than the ones caused on us by Iraq.
    Netanyahu is not a friend of America–actually more of an enemy. Why is he allowed to have a myriad of representative groups like AIPAC inside our country? It is disturbing just to think how can that happen.
    How is it possible that in The Cradle of Democracy, the tyranny of Netanyahu’s obsession is forced up on us? Please explain.
    What is terrifying, is that all Zionism in America, accept Netanyahu’s orders without a chirp. Where that suicidal fact lead us to in the future? We shouldn’t give up our country so easy.

  • MrNoyce

    You are a liar. The jews have been hating on Christianity for 2,000 years and the written traditions of their gutter religion clearly support this hatred.

    PS Your grammar and syntax are really bad so I suspect Hebrew is your first language. You should probably go get some more English lessons if you can find them over in Beitar Illit or whatever other stolen property you’ve swiped from the natives

  • Bytch & Bill 2016 Mystery Meat

    Jews are disposable people to Obama. Domestic and foreign.

  • Bytch & Bill 2016 Mystery Meat

    PS: The Jews that are flaming liberals are Godless, Jews by heritage only.

  • randy s

    You are unhinged and you come off as kind of dumb. And no, I’m not Jewish.

  • randy s

    You know them?

  • randy s

    O would of gotten away with it, if it weren’t for those meddling Jews!
    Iran will break the agreement as soon as they get their money released. They have a history of breaking agreements, so far it’s 100%

  • gfr

    My Brother-In-Law is Jewish and a flaming liberal, he was Bar-Mitzvah’d but he gave up going to the Temple long ago. He is married to an orginally Christian woman who believes in Godesses and witches and all kinds of nonsense – and he goes along with it.

  • gfr

    As are we all – including blacks..

  • Watta Putzur

    Tony, my boy, you are a loser. So much easier to blame others for you being a loser, right.

  • gfr

    That’s weird because Netanyahu wasn’t Prime Minister when the US invaded Iraq in 2003 OR 1990. He was Prime minister from 1996-1999 and 2009-Present.
    You are right when you say that Israel tries to get the US to do it’s bidding – something that it has been unable to do recently. But that doesn’t mean that the US SHOULDN’T support Israel against Iran..

  • gfr

    Exactly HOW does Shumer benefit by making it look like he DOESN’T support obama’s policy?
    Without democrat votes this thing isn’t going anywhere.

  • hidad

    It’s how the ‘game’ is played for people who have to answer for their constituents. If they are in a weak position or don’t want to ‘offend’ their clients they have to LOOK like they are on their side.

  • gfr


  • Watta Putzur

    Does MC stand for Mighty Ctupid? Or, are you just another loser who needs to blame others instead of taking responsibility?

  • sam

    “PS Your grammar and syntax are really bad “ Mr. Noyce.

    PS don’t you know the difference between there and their.
    Here is your ““The only thing that sucks worse than Israel are there brain dead goy supporters ……… (should be theirs not there) sam

    Next, ” hate on “ what is that a verb/slang regardless it ain’t proper English Mr. Noyce.
    Now you wish to continue because you’re no English scholar.
    Let’s get to the specifics “ You are a liar. The jews have been hating on Christianity for 2,000 years and the written traditions of their gutter religion clearly support this hatred.” Mr. Noyce.
    What lies?
    Many anti Semites from a thousand years till today tell us that the Talmud is anti Christian so you’ll tell us what hate on’s are in your pocket.

  • Watta Putzur

    The Jews have hated Christians for 2000 years? Other than changing the place of the nouns, you are spot on. In any case, it’s better that you have an outlet on the Internet for your nonsensical vitriol, than act upon it. Loser.

  • gfr

    Actually I think I will keep everything invented by a jew and still be anti-semitic if I choose – thank you for your recommendation.
    There are plenty of people in the world who really DO hate Jews – are you sure it is in your best interest to invent anti-semites where none exist?
    What makes you think I support obama?
    Yes – you should have admitted that Jews murdered Stalin – it would have been nice if they had murdered him BEFORE he set up the gulags. Even better if the Jews HADN’T brought the Communists to power in the first place..
    I am an American FIRST and my support for Israel is WAY down the list – Just above my interest in McDonald’s bringing back the “Sirloin Steakburger” – but that doesn’t mean that I thinkit is in the interests of the US to allow Israel to be nuked.
    You need to recognize that the democrats DO NOT have jewish interests at heart, that they will allow Israel to be nuked if the Iranians pay them enough, and that Conservative Republicans will TRY to prevent Israel from being nuked IF they can get the votes.
    Because Republicans have PRINCIPLES..

  • Progressive=Communist

    If you read your history you see the Jews for reasons unclear yet to me, gravitated and became attracted to Marxism in the late 19th and very early 20 th century. Hitler hated Marxism. I believe this gravitation by the Jews was a tragedy in the making and still manifests to this day.

  • gfr

    Think how much more difficult it must be for a house democrat to oppose their leadership than a Senator…
    And it MUST be tough for a Senator.
    The fact that FOUR Jewish Senators opposed obama is the significant thing. 80% of the House Jewish members supporting obama is trivial..

  • Progressive=Communist

    Israel has had nuclear weapons for many years. They have never used them, nor have threatened to wipe any nation off the face of the earth with them. Iran, on the other hand is the world’s greatest sponsor murder of women, children and men and will not hesitate to use a nuclear weapon on Israel by giving one to their killer gang proxies in Hezbollah and Hamas.

  • צדקיה עמיחי

    News flash! I am a Conservative and very much so. My comments are completely open and not hidden. I simply have to speak out when people apply a double-standard on anyone. I mean, even a broken clock is right twice a day. So if someone is making the right call, why disparage it instead of acknowledge it? Everyone is so dâmned busy trying to vilify and cast blame on everyone else that their mouth-foaming gets in the way of intellectual honesty.

  • gfr

    But almost ALL of their constituents SUPPORT obama. And it is likely that no more than 5% of their constituents are Jewish – so very few of their constituents support Israel..
    The democrat party has already declared jihad against any democrat who opposes the Iran deal. These Senators are inviting enormous retribution for taking this position and the only reasonable explanation is that they are afraid for the continued existence of Israel…
    And I think they’re right.

  • צדקיה עמיחי

    That is a very good question and one that’s easily answerable. Go to YouTube and search for “Ben Shapiro Why Jews Vote Leftist”. It’s a very good explanation & will help you understand that there are Jews and there are “Jews”.

  • Inanimate Carbon Rods

    Nice anecdotal evidence.

  • DireMouse

    A list of the finest kind of Americans. God bless and keep them!

  • gfr

    The only people that I have seen complaining about the jewish democrat senators voting against the iran deal have been libt ards.
    Some Conservatives have noted that only the threat of Israel’s destruction was sufficient motivation for them to do this. The destruction of the United States through uncontrolled immigration, $20 TRILLION in debt, and continuous fomenting of racial discord was apparently NOT sufficient cause for them to act..

  • Diogenes2001

    You would do well to actually read what I’ve posted and not simply assume. I am a pliitically-conservative Jew, and I fully realize what damage the Democrats will cause Jews, Israel, and the United States. You aren’t quite the typical anti-Semite; at least you are honest enough to admit it. What are your PRINCIPLES? Hating anyone you have decided without evidence disagrees with your narrow view?

  • John Huntsman

    Just give it a few years and things will get really interesting.

  • 1SamTreadwell1

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz come to mind. Heebie-jeebies…

  • 1SamTreadwell1

    Secular-progressive people of jewish descent have no sense of their heritage – they really don’t care. It’s pretty much alien to them.

  • t-bird

    Everybody knows Obama is a closet muslim and REALLY hates Israel….this silly ass deal with Iran is just an attempt to get in the history books cause nothing else he’s done has worked and burning jews in an A-bomb nuclear hell would make him a junior god to the rug rat goat humping class..

  • trajan2448

    One would have to be a brain dead zombie to back this pathetic and destructive Iran deal. Obama’s negotiating strategy: Give away everything plus some billions, and the US gets nothing but a useless piece of paper.

  • rg2fwd

    Sorry, bro. I’ve been to Israel as a Christian and found the Israelis (of all faiths) warm and welcoming to me. I’ve also been to Iraq. And Afghanistan. Want to know how other faiths are welcomed there?

  • Who cares what these Israeli-firsters want. Why should we be surprised? The deal will pass and the opposition can pound sand.

    This is another “weapons of mass deception” con job!

  • in a minute we are going to start hearing about the “Holocaust”. Iran should be allowed and I hope the deal goes through. Yes to Iran.

  • anaveragejoe

    If in the USA you are United Methodist, Seventh Day Adventist, Lutheran, Catholic, etc odds are you vote wholly for America. Sadly too many who are Jewish, vote for Israel.rather than the USA. More and more Americans are recognizing that one’s ethnicity can oppose one’s citizenship which is wrong.

    America needs to be led only by politicians that are unabashedly for America regardless of their cultural leanings.

  • anaveragejoe

    Read about the Samson Option and Israel’s plan to wipe out the free world if they are threatened. It represents a threat to the free world.

  • Alan

    you are sir.. retarded. THEY… who I am one (a conservative REPUBLICAN JEW.. do nt vote for them.. and in FACT.. its about 40/60 now.. dem/rep. The dem (socialist) party has changed and the old Jewish vote went to the old Dem party. But times have changed. Lets hope that the other 40% of American Jews will be like me.. A PROUD JEWISH CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. CRUZ/FIORINA 2016!!!!!

  • Alan

    Not really far off.. so I’ll assume you are painting with a broad brush.. Jewish voters in the Democrat aka Socialist party.. LIKE CHRISTIANS AND OTHER RELIGIONS IN THE SOCIALIST PARTY LOVE PARTY FIRST, COUNTRY A DISTANT.. WHO THE HELL KNOWS. DON’T BASH JEWS IN THE DEM/SOICALIST PARTY.. as there are a HIGHER PERCENTAGE NOW (LIKE ME) in the REPUBLICAN PARTY.. AND CONSERVATIVE!

  • צדקיה עמיחי

    You know what really pîsses me off about this? There are 4, FOUR, F-O-U-R, Jews out of 535 members of Congress. Nobody gives a rat’s hairy ballsack about the views of anyone else on this issue except those “5th Columnists”. G-d forbid they stand with Republicans on this. They should know their place and be the good little Leftists we all expect them to be.

    And here YOU go about “uncontrolled immigration, $20 Trillion in debt, blah, blah, blah – as IF the FOUR Jews here had control over any of it.

    You remind me of the people who believe that somehow, magically, nefariously, 0.2% of the Earth’s population manipulates and controls the other 99.8%. So I’ll ask you the same question I always ask those other sloped-foreheads – does that make the 0.2% incredibly smart, or the 99.8% incredibly stupid?

    Perhaps it’s not just the “Jews”, they’re just your favorite boogeymen.

  • tommy mc donnell

    “i can not think of any reason why, any jewish American could even remotely think of being a democrat.” I can i’m a jewish American communist!

  • tommy mc donnell

    vote republican? we did. look what it got us, the john Pelosi mitch reid congress. the political problem in the united states is that we have become people like you, we have stopped being americans, people that embrace American principes and ideals. instead we have become republicans and democrats who support whatever the crooked politicians support instead of supporting American principles and ideals.

  • Blargette


  • NaMoNai

    Hear, hear! I concur.

    None should hold me responsible for the damn JINO’s.

    Especially not if they don’t want me blaming the church for every miserable commie who was raised as a Christian and still claims to be a (Christmas and Easter only) “Christian”.

  • gduckd

    We call them self-hating Jews. Ashamed of evrything that is Jewish, ashamed of their heritage and ancestry, ashamed of their ordained connection with God. Yes they are full of shame, but they are not ashamed of the wealth that their proud Jewish relatives and ancestors left to them.

  • Mr Twitch

    Israel neither ‘confirms or denies’ and yet they declare the ‘Sampson Option’ LOL!

  • Mr Twitch

    If I had the power, I would disallow any Israeli/U.S. dual citizen from running for office in America…Dem or Pub.

  • Mr Twitch

    I have wondered about the USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, USA tech secrets stolen and sold to our adversaries, Israeli spying, etc. What has Israel done to benefit the USA?

  • Mr Twitch

    Haven’t you heard of the ‘Sampson Option’ ?

    Israel fire bombs women and kids indiscriminately using phosphorus.”Killer gang proxies”…? I see more killed by IDF than the other way around. What a eeffnn hypocrite you are. We don’t need any alliance with Israel. If anything they need our military to back up their zionist agendas. Every war in the ME we fight and die for seems to be in the interest of Israel.

  • Mr Twitch

    The way I see it is you are either for Christ or against Christ. The USA is ‘unequally yolked’ in its alliances with Israel.

  • Mr Twitch

    These differences that the partisan hacks try to point between our two parties are mainly fake and irrelevant. Our ‘2 party’ political system is a very successful tool of distraction.

  • Mr Twitch

    Our political system is a complete sham until ‘elected officials start representing voters and it is made illegal for ‘elected officials’ to align with and represent lobbyists and corporations.

  • Klondike Cat

    The anti-semites are out tonight. While it may be in vein as the senate is too impotent to override it I salute these few brave democrats and their courage to stand up for whats right. Obama is a traitor to the country. Frequently giving aid and comfort to the enemy as they chant death to America, Cant wait for that clown to be gone. Any republican will do.

  • Klondike Cat

    Proud to be Jewish …..and conservative.. 🙂

  • Mr Twitch

    Who killed Christ then? Christ laid down his life for all.
    Love for Israel? What does that matter? ‘Israel’ is not mentioned in the first commandment. Dispensationalists, Zionists, Jews and many others have made a (g)od out of Israel.

  • Mr Twitch

    ‘Anti Semite’ is a term coined to describe anyone with a contrary opinion.

  • Mr Twitch

    You mean what law prevents goys from competing in those areas? Nepotism?

  • Mr Twitch

    They are just as bad as their liberal counter parts. The 99% continue to get screwed. What good is the 1% to the 99%?

  • Mr Twitch

    …and only one upvote

  • Mr Twitch

    I’d say you are the loser because Israel is your god.

  • Mr Twitch

    Furthermore, what does Zionism have to do with being a Christian?

  • Mr Twitch

    the ‘warm and welcoming’ is fake. You know where you stand in Iraq, A-stan.

  • Mr Twitch

    cop-out comment

  • Mr Twitch

    down vote. They don’t show down votes anymore for fear of being anti Semitic…

  • sabrina

    If these dirty jews love that shithole israel, so much,let them move there.
    That’s where their allegiance lies, not with the US.
    Get rid of the kikes in the government, and we will have a lot less wars.

  • Well Jews hate Christians and white people so it’s a simple choice.

  • Kungfoochimp

    When will Israel allow inspections of their nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons programs? When will they sign international treaties regarding weapons of mass destruction? Or are we dumb goyim to be led around by the nose longer regarding how put upon and victimized the poor, poor jews are?

    Does anyone believe Israel wouldn’t nuke the US if it was in their interests? (after warning their tribe members of course – a la 9-11) They are the most bloodthirsty people on the planet, and non-jews are viewed as expendable slaves. THE GIG IS UP.

  • Kungfoochimp

    Oh you mean like Congress does with regard to Israel? Yeah…sucks man.

  • Kungfoochimp

    Funny, have you looked at the names of his appointees? Kinda goes against your theory. And of course his campaign slogan “Forward!” was the name of numerous jewish communist rags between the two world wars…..I guess we’re torn between two jewish movements….both of whom use the expendable goyim as they see fit. Lovely.

  • Because they hate Christians and white people, like jews always have.

  • Kungfoochimp

    How many times, and over how many decades have the jews and their lackeys warned us that Iran is “only six months away from a nuclear weapon!!!!!”?

  • Kungfoochimp

    Jews run the IRS. Look at the names involved in the targeting of Tea Party groups. It reads as a synagogue’s membership list.

  • Kungfoochimp

    If you had to decide between a state….say Ohio, or Israel being nuked, which would you choose?

  • retired22

    This article is a deliberate hit piece,this is like the daily anti Israel/Jew hating rant fest found on
    Maybe gateway is onto Yahoo’s formula,it can bulk up it’s viewership by going into the Anti-Semitic propaganda business.The fact that these new commenters are the scum of the world is besides the point.It’s like leaving the lid open on a filled up dumpster if you want to attract rats!
    1)There are 535 members of Congress who may be for or against this deal with Iran,why pick out 4 who happened to be Jewish & headline the articles to say as much.Is it because Gateway knows that any link containing’Jewish’ or ‘Israel’will immediately attract the Jew hating bottom feeders to their readership & bulk up their business?
    2)What about the Sunni Arabs who are threatened by Iran!,what about the Iranians marching around yelling death to America,maybe these issues are factors in this business! Why does this need to be a Jewish plot?
    3) Are these human cockroaches who shout their hatred of the Jews so in favor of the degenerate in the White House & his boss George Soros who cooked up this deal for the benefit of the bankers & war profiteers or is it just their hatred of Jews for being better then them!

  • t-bird

    If I must point out Jew in name only is an illness among big city liberals.The minute it starts to gets real like rockets landing in Israel they lose their ability to speak Hebrew….obama’s appointees are about as Jewish as Eve Braun…

  • retired22

    Listen KungFoo,It would be my pleasure to shovel a nuke up your A hole & pull the trigger.It would remove one more POS low life from the world!

  • retired22

    Listen you filthy whore, your problem is that you have
    Jews on what passes for a brain in that ugly growth you call your head.
    You want to get rid of the pain,cut off the ugly growth attached to your neck!

  • retired22

    You are saying that voting for Obama & his boss George Soros who cooked up this phony deal to make money for the bankers & International arms dealers is good for America?

  • retired22

    You don’t mind being blown away by an Iranian dirty nuke if it kills Jews at the same time?

  • retired22

    You are very expendable,if you were used for fertilizer the ground would spit you up in disgust.

  • retired22

    What about the Christian liberals who spit on Jesus?

  • retired22

    Netanyahu wasn’t even in power when Bush sent the troops into Iraq!

  • retired22

    You have it backwards,the establishment in Washington & the Eurotrash in Brussels have constantly meddled in Israel’s business,no other nation in the world has to put up with the foreign interference that Israel needs to put up with! What you are saying comes down to this,it is Washington’s policy to Fucc up Israel & Israel’s efforts against this policy are a case of meddling with US foreign policy.In a strange sort of way this is true.
    It’s like saying that Poland’s resistance to the German invasion in 1939 was direct interference with German foreign policy at that time,in a grotesque sort of way that is true!

  • maxsnafu

    When the Yom Kippur war was going poorly for them American reconnaissance satellites photographed the Israelis loading nuclear weapons on to their A-4 attack aircraft. Only swift American aid prevented those nukes from being used.

  • retired22

    If anyone wanted to profile the Anti Jewish commenters on this site they would notice that 98% of them write like semi literate nit-wits.It seems like a great majority of them have an I.Q. that is very similar to their blood temperature.This probably accounts for their Jew hatred,..they are inferior & dimly aware of this inferiority!This makes them angry & Anti Semitic!

  • unkyjack

    Jesus himself said “there is no one in heaven, except my Father, which sent me”, not even King David. Hmmmmm

  • rybo1

    What a pant load.

  • Rufusmlk

    This comment on the similar article about chuckiechumer also applies to this article. The only change is from RINOmcconnell to RINOboehner.

    “Rufusmlk • 8 minutes ago

    This story of “outrage” is the most recent example of democRAT dumbassity: the vote fix is already in. RINOmcconnell has assured osamaobama the vote is fixed and a certain number of democRATS who need to again fool their constituents are allowed to vote NO. chuckie is one allowed to vote NO because the RINOs will pass it anyway. Simple.

  • Dabney Carr

    Thought the same thing for many years and the best explanation that I came across is ….. liberalism trumps religion

  • sam

    lol must have been a lonely place before he died.
    Heaven if you wish to call it so was explained pretty well before New Testament authors or their apologists got a hold of it.
    Making it exclusive to Christians is not believable nor is it just Christians it depends on what type of Christian.
    I’ll accept what the Bible says.
    The ugly truth is that a [email protected] butcher of the Death Camps can live his life and only has to repent in his death throws that he believes Jesus and all his Jewish victims will not reach heaven but the butcher will.

    This is the kind of God that does this…..I think not and whoever believes this will be surprised that this is not the God of the Bible.

  • Rufusmlk

    Thanks maxie, for sharing your top secret information/access. Anything to share about the ufos you see when smoking the democRAT national substance?

  • pointmade

    I am a conservative Christian and I love the Jewish people. As far as the US-Iranian deal, it is not in the best interest of the US, Israel or Iran.

  • James Humburg

    Tin foil hat on a little too tight today?

  • James Humburg

    Well said! I didn’t have to ask.

  • James Humburg

    Let Iran toss a nuke at Jerusalem. According to the Bible Jerusalem will be besieged but it will still be there when Messiah arrives. So, what will happen to the nuke? I will leave the “rest of the story” to Paul Harvey or you can contemplate your own ending.

  • James Humburg

    Good simple explanation!

  • jsb

    Bernie Sanders the Jewish Socialist will support the Traitor’s Treaty… Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz too? Start to knock off the Iranian scientists… Hope they have their life insurance in order

  • jsb

    They already have daaaah

  • jsb

    Liar liar pants on fire.

  • RufusVonDufus

    Speak softly and carry a big bomb!

  • harriet

    if you had tot choose between saving your son or daughter, which would you choose?

    kind of depends on the threat, no?

  • CmonMann

    Its all kabuki theater – enough visible opposition to mollify the AIPAC crowd, but not enough to crater the deal. Schumer would never go public with opposition unless 0bama had the votes he needed.
    they don’t believe in anything except campaign donations

  • Dick Hatewell

    These parasitic Jews need to start showing some gratitude to the only host country that hasn’t expelled them….not yet anyway.

  • Full Nelson Mandela

    Israel also innocently sits there minding its own business while winning truth-telling contests.

  • Dave In Arizona

    So, Tommy, when you say “…we have become people like you…,” Ipresume the “we” includes you? If you say “yes,” then you’re right on the money.

    Keep in mind, Tommy, before we voted Republican, there
    already existed “john Pelosi mitch reid” (or someone like them) in Congress (Teddy comes to mind). And there always has been. If you know how to resolve this problem, please, for the sake of us all, tell us how.

  • Luther

    Washington’s Farewell Address 1796

    “So likewise, a passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter without adequate inducement or justification. It leads also to concessions to the favorite nation of privileges denied to others which is apt doubly to injure the nation making the concessions; by unnecessarily parting with what ought to have been retained, and by exciting jealousy, ill-will, and a disposition to retaliate, in the parties from whom equal privileges are withheld. And it gives to ambitious, corrupted, or deluded citizens (who devote themselves to the favorite nation), facility to betray or sacrifice the interests of their own country, without odium, sometimes even with popularity; gilding, with the appearances of a virtuous sense of obligation, a commendable deference for public opinion, or a laudable zeal for public good, the base or foolish compliances of ambition, corruption, or infatuation.”

  • Halo Cav

    “Never Again”. Good decision.

  • Guido FL

    You expected anything less from these four ? Yet the Dem party has thrown Israel to the dogs !

  • richzb

    Let me know when does Wasserman-Schultz comes out against it, then I’ll know there is hope.

  • MeForever

    workin’ on it.

  • MeForever

    it’s the israeli way.

  • MeForever

    keep talkin’ Chutzpah Ingrate. looking at the historical brilliance of your “literate” in understanding when they have worn out their welcome, you might want to look a little closer at what you said and what’s happening in USA and other countries currently.

  • MeForever

    ooouuu on Yahoo too? Might be best to avoid, and avoid the feelings you complain about here, too. We have Freedom of Speech in USA… that seems to be a prob for you tooo.

  • MeForever

    We know Israel supported and defended their Spy Pollard and refused to tell US details on what Pollard gave them… and Pollard likewise zipped. We know the Rabbis approached Catholic Bishops that they had “investigated” and found easy marks, to write to Presidents seeking humanitarian release of their Spy Pollard. No President would do that until this NeoconZionistCommie controlled puppet. When Israel ships that devil back to US maybe they will be seen differently than the traitors to US they are now. Friends like that, who needs enemies.

  • MeForever

    typical Israeli way to make friends and influence people. Do You Know Where You Are? Do You Know Where You Belong? Your Hatred of US tells us you do Not belong Here.

  • MeForever

    Typical Chutzpah Gratitude for all the American boys and girls who died rescuing a hated bunch by several countries… and were welcomed and helped by Americans… and given high political offices, only to turn around and work like Feinstein said, she and Schumer, worked for 10 (that’s TEN years) plotting to take firearms away from Americans. NEVER AGAIN.

  • MeForever

    won’t woik. We know who searched for years and found their perfect puppet, trained groomed and put him in IL Senate then WH 2x. Get your alternate citizenship bunch to send back their Spy Pollard. Your rips have been felt enough by a country that gave you nothing but safety, opportunity, and help when nobody else would… and if you don’t believe that, see what other country will take you in.

  • Oh yes The “weapon of mass deception”… Israel has to worry about Iran’s nuke. Not us.

  • CatholicExDem

    Socialism is in their Blood. That is the Reason. They are bred to it.

  • CatholicExDem

    It’s simple, really. Their love of Socialism trumps any love of Israel. That’s why they support a Democrat Party and an Obama that hates Jews and Israel.

  • CatholicExDem

    You, Sir, are a Panglossian Optimist.

  • CatholicExDem

    No, ‘no law prevents Gentiles from competing’, but it helps a LOT when Satan is your silent business partner.

  • Tony Murphy

    Wow, Jews in Congress put Israel’s interests first. Who’d have thought?

  • Tony Murphy

    You are also a f*cking moron.

  • Geo Leo

    Jews invented communism! and 95% of the winning bolshevists in the Russian Revolution were jews-including Stalin and Lenin

  • Tony Murphy

    Anything other than unquestioning support for Israel and Jews generally is dismissed – without any supporting evidence – as HATE (shudder).

  • Geo Leo

    AllJews are connivers-most connive even in their sleep.

  • Geo Leo

    Jews are tribalists-as are all in the Middle East. ie the cohen tribe– the Liebowitz tribe etc etc.

  • Tony Murphy

    The gig is not quite up yet. But for sure people are awakening at a remarkable rate. When they realize the full extent to which they’ve been f*cked over the reaction will not be pretty.

  • Geo Leo

    the goldman sachs tribe etc etc etc

  • Tony Murphy

    It’s been the sad fate of Jews for millennia. They always end up outraging their host societies, irrespective of how those societies treat them. America will be the next but not the last.

  • Geo Leo

    Israel is the USA s Ball and Chain

  • Tony Murphy


  • Geo Leo

    Jews financed the South in the American Civil war–then when the South lost they moved to NYC and started over as Yankees.

  • Geo Leo

    The Jews I like are all atheists (like I).

  • OhioBrian

    Cause Netanyahu doesn’t speak for all Jews of whom many feel he’s an incredibly destructive, myopic, and harmful force for Israel; Jewish people in the US tend to not be so nearly extremist as the Israeli Right wing as well far removed can often see the bigger picture of which by their latest moves Israel is threatening the relationship with the only real ally they have left, i.e. the US, and making themselves a bigger pariah on the International stage than they are already. Their biggest problem is they’ve become entirely militarized yet much like us don’t often recognize their severe limitations or otherwise see every problem as only solvable by antagonistic solutions.

    The reality is Bibi’s a bigger threat to the country than any Muslim nation or peoples. Further, the time for registering grievances against or wishes for an internationally worked out deal has past; if they succeed in derailing it, they’ll be left with an unchecked Iran of whom will have no sanctions against, and existing as they are now within months of nuclear capability. Oh, and the Israeli Right needs American soldiers to die and US Trillions spent in the war it wants to start with Iran…cause God knows they won’t be able to do nearly any of the heavy lifting themselves. Well, unless they use their several hundred nukes themselves…which is why they’re actually a bigger threat to world peace than the Iranians, of whom’s maneuvers actually quite rational as the US took out countries on both their borders..oh and their enemies, i.e. Israel have nukes and constantly threaten them.

  • OhioBrian

    Is being a Jew supposed to mean being a war monger and ethno-theo-nationalist Fascistic mongrel? Showing you love God by just how much you hate others not so pious and holy as you?

    Oh and enlighten us all please “what” Israel “really” is. Cause to me it seems the most “fundamental” of the Jews its their purpose to hate Muslims just the same as it is the fanatic Muslims to hate the Jews.

    One other thing, the reason Atheism is growing by leaps and bounds is cause Republicans claim Judeo-Christianity and Terrorists claim Islam…and sooooooo many of us find them both totally and completely morally reprehensible. Like, “How can God exist or be good if its these hatesturbators who are His most fervent believers?”

  • ggda70

    Liberal democrats would have backed Hitler and his agenda…sort of like Chamberlain….and that was successful…Insanity and denial reigns in the Democratic/Progressive.

  • OhioBrian

    Even if true up till say about a half century ago they had good reason to, when they didn’t have their own country or live in a tolerant place like the US, and most of the “Christian” countries were tryin to wipe them out or otherwise severely marginalize them for their beliefs.

  • Kungfoochimp

    Come on over juden. My dogs like eating kosher.

  • Kungfoochimp

    Oy Schlomo why so gefiltifinkenblintz? Eat some schmalz and dream of all the goyim slaves the Talmud promises you booby! You can even rape their infants. It’s all good in the Talmud!

  • Kungfoochimp

    The Weather Underground (6 of 7 leaders jews) used to chant “Kill all the White (gentile) babies!” at their meetings. But that’s cool cause they’re “jews in name only”. Hmmm.

  • Kungfoochimp

    The US and Israel are not siblings, unless your loyalties are divided – but that’s just an anti-Semitic trope right?

  • harriet

    you are a real ‘concrete thinker’ I see
    yes, it is an antisemitic trope

    America is a JudeoChristian nation….you cannot seperate Jews from the creation and culture of America

    Jews have contributed way above their number to everything American-everything

    Jews love America more than you can understand-

  • Kungfoochimp

    Yes, They love it so much that they keep changing it. “Brown barrio Soviet Union 2.0” appears to be the template. Your first Soviet state failed when the ethnic Russians tired of being slaves, or sent to death gulags should they complain. Best to bring in uneducated, 3rd world village peasants from the 3rd worlds toilets for the sequel. The White goyim can’t die quickly enough for you ghouls. Not to worry, you can get your pets to murder us en masse once the numbers are more to the liking of you kindly “light unto nations” jewish folk. If not Ezekial Emanuel has to plan to deny them health care once they are no longer productive tax slaves. But yes, please keep selling your crap.

  • pointmade

    I appreciate you Tony and may God bless you.

  • I would agree that it was likely a small minority, but there were Jewish supporters.

  • sam

    Hedy Lamar arguably the most beautiful of all movie stars was a Jew and she was married to a man named Friedrich Mandl whose family were Jews of some sort too.

    Lamarr the [email protected] and Mandl the [email protected] who supported the [email protected]
    Were there many like him I doubt it but there were these people that took that way out how many hid from the [email protected]’s by joining them is difficult to say.
    Those that did is difficult to just those that did so in the election prior to coming to power I don’t know.
    This I do know Jews fought for Germany in 1914 some were officers.
    What was their mindset in 1918 coming home to Weimar in 1919 and the ruin of Germany.
    I doubt many supported the Communists and I cannot think any would support the [email protected] Party.
    There was a dozen years from the end of the war till Hit-ler’s rise would the be so ignorant to not see the man for what he was, I think not.
    Deluded to think this madness would end, yes, this I can understand but support, no.

  • sam

    Rubbish post Brian.

  • sam

    yup loser, can’t win blame the Jews.

  • Kungfoochimp

    You masturbate in front of a mirror….correct?

  • harriet

    What kind of people raised trash like you??

  • MC Slammer

    Argument by Anecdote fallacy…look it up.

  • MC Slammer

    Hey, there’ s a jew in the stall here who’s out of TP. Why don’t you run over with your tongue hanging out. M’kay?

  • MC Slammer

    Ladies and gentlemen, the posting genius has spoken!

    “You’re a fcking moron”

    I bow to both your wit and your wisdom.

  • MC Slammer

    Well, you can make anything you want your god and attribute to himherit whatever you want. Free country and all that.

    But if you’re referring to what is commonly called the “Christian Bible” and the Christian religion, then yes, it does specifically say that the only way to God is through Jesus Christ. No Jesus, no God = no heaven. Sorry.

    John 14 6

    “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

    Pretty unambiguous, wouldn’t you say?

  • MC Slammer

    “ why do they need the Goys doing all their fighting for them?” admittedly there are other faiths fighting in the IDF but if you are intimating that others are fighting Israel’s battles and dying, then you are nuts, no one has ever fought Israel’s wars.”

    Really, I seem to recall some time the US recently spent in this place called Iraq that posted no threat to the US but did pose a huge threat to Israel. Maybe you forgot about that.

    You might also want to note that “international jewry” openly declared war on our old friend Adolf back in 1933. It actually was on the front page of the New York Times as well as many other publications at the time:

    “Judea Declares War on Germany!” – Daily Express headline, March 24, 1933.

    “Judea Declares War on Germany! Jews of all the World Unite! Boycott of German Goods! Mass Demonstrations!” – These were all headlines in the Daily Express on March 24, 1933.

    “The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany. Fourteen million Jews stand together as one man, to declare war against Germany. The Jewish wholesaler will forsake his firm, the banker his stock exchange, the merchant his commerce and the pauper his pitiful shed in order to join together in a holy war against Hitler’s people.” – Daily Express, March 24, 1933.

    “Each of you, Jew and Gentile alike, who has not already enlisted in this sacred war should do so now and here. It is not sufficient that you should buy no goods made in Germany. You must refuse to deal with any merchant or shopkeeper who sells any German-made goods or who patronises German ships or shipping…. we will undermine the Hitler regime and bring the German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends.” – Samuel Undermeyer, in a Radio Broadcast on WABC, New York, August 6, 1933. Reported in the New York Times, August 7, 1933.

    Joining with Samuel Untermeyer in calling for a war against Germany, Bernard Baruch, at the same time, was promoting preparations for war against Germany. “I emphasised that the defeat of Germany and Japan and their elimination from world trade would give Britain a tremendous opportunity to swell her foreign commerce in both volume and profit.” – Baruch, The Public Years, by Bernard M. Baruch, p.347 (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1960).

    Samuel Untermeyer was a Jewish leader and close friend of presidents Wilson and Roosevelt.
    Bernard Baruch was a presidential adviser to Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman.

    So WW2 was largely goys killing goys for the benefit of Jews.

    Sorry, but history proves you wrong.

  • sam

    Iraq was not fought for Israel, nor dig the IDF take out Saddam’s Iraq nuclear reactor.

    The US went to war for Kuwait in case you forgot in First Gulf War and the Second war was based on Bush’s information that was verified by most Western countries,you look that up too.

    International Jewery now there’s a catchy term sounds like some term from the Dearborn Independent the anti-Semite newspaper published by anti Semite industrialist car maker Henry Ford.

    Adolf maybe your buddy he ain’t mine. Your front page news was the Jews only way to deal with the [email protected] Party was by boycotts that was it’s war an economic war.

    This is was occurred on March 24, 1933 the [email protected] had been persecuting Jews for nearly a dozen years. By 1933 Hitler now in power began his legal persecution of the Jews.

    There were no Israeli people in 1933, there were the children of Israel.

    Here you say “ So WW2 was largely goys killing goys for the benefit of Jews. Sorry, but history proves you wrong.

    No that a lie not only did the world not do that the world did little to help Jews and mostly turned their back on the persecution and latter mad murder in the Death Camps.

    You have a deep hatred of Jews and Israel your hate will only bring you personal disaster.

  • sam

    Well you won’t have to worry about this will you.
    Sorry the Bible does not talk about Jesus and Jesus is not God nor the jewish messiah. Heaven is for anyone who believes in God

    (Ecclesiastes 2:13). This means that when a person perseveres and serves God in a world full of darkness, the soul is rewarded with an enhanced sensitivity to appreciate Godliness. In heaven the soul experiences the greatest possible pleasure—a greater perception and feeling of closeness to God than it had previously.

    Everyone can merit a portion in the World to Come. However, the completely evil (like Hitler) cannot merit this. As it says, “multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt” (Daniel 12:2).

    source Jews for Judaism.
    Pretty unambiguous slammer but you keep hating Jews you’ll reach your destiny.

  • MC Slammer

    As I said, you can make up and believe anything you want.

    LOL, but you should at least make at attempt at intellectual consistency.

    Let me guess, you’re an atheist trying to make a religious argument. Heh, you really shouldn’t do that, as you just end up making an ass of yourself and going away angry.

    Yes, yes, the whole bible is meaningless fluff because you don’t need to believe it to achieve salvation. Of course, how obvious.

    Sure. Whatever. I’m out.

  • sam

    I made up nothing my version of the truth is real history as opposed to the aryan website rubbish you read.

    I am no atheist and my posts reflect it, you on the other hand are an admirer of the Third Reich and some sort of reconstructed Christian identity fellow, how you think worshipping a Jesus the Jew as god is unfathomable to me as a friend of Adolf.

    If you believe executioners at Death Camps on their death beds go to heaven because they repent in their last breath and clim Jesus and their Jewish victims who did not claim Jesus do not go to heaven then you have a very serious flawed faith.

  • MC Slammer

    Huh? Blather much?

  • anaveragejoe

    Maybe you need to read about the Samson Option from Seymour Hirsch instead of simply going out on a limb and calling me a conspiracy theorist. It is truly a terrorist plan and endeavor against the West and the world of the first order.

  • gitliani

    Who sounds more like a hate-monger? Do you hear yourself? You almost sound like a joke, except for your vicious diatribe.

    Who said Jews hate Muslims, not me. If you’ve ever been to Israel you would see many Jews & Muslims living in peace. If there was hate between them, would Israel allow their Muslim neighbors in the Middle East to be sneaked in to be treated in the far superior Israeli hospitals? And then sneaked back to their country because if it was knows then they would probably be killed or thrown in jail. I don’t think so, or maybe your just ignorant of the facts. Oh, we can go round and round about whose fault the fighting back and forth is, BUT who is the one that gives warnings before sending their missiles, (Hint: Not Hamas or Hezbollah). Even though those people are told by their government NOT to leave. So, who hates them more? The one warning them or the one who says, die for our cause?

    Maybe you need to find another place to troll, AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU.!

  • OhioBrian

    And do you hear yourself? -Jews and Muslims in the Mid East get along swimmingly..and here’s some examples of how we’re superior to them in every way and they should appreciate living completely on our terms and being “snuck in” through the walls we’ve erected on land they consider stolen from them, or in the one case to keep them concentrated in the prison camp which is Gaza.

    A bit patronizing don’t you think? Not unlike some of the Germans helped the Jews in WWII or otherwise claimed to after. Or what was that line that comes to mind from “Casualties of War” where Sean Penn’s character testifying on trial for kidnapping, raping, and murdering an innocent Vietnamese girl: “I’ve seen a lot of killing… which it’s our duty to do, cause it’s kill or be killed. Sometimes you hate the enemy so badly… About two ops back…. we saw a hootch that had been burned down. Some Vietnamese…They suffered from smoke inhalation. I gave one small child mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. That just shows you..we ain’t all combat over here.”

  • gitliani

    Boy, you really are a raving lunatic, who can’t read and comprehend. You can’t seem to comprehend that it is their own government that will retaliate against them for using an Israeli hospital. Why would they risk their life to get treatment in Israel if is not superior? Think for a minute instead of raging. AND if Israel is so hateful towards Muslims, why would they let them in and treat them,quietly, so they can return without retaliation, again, by there OWN country.

    You have a real problem with reality, and you like to throw red herrings, in other words, YOU ARE A T-R-O-L-L, get it, got it, good (BYE)

  • OhioBrian

    Ironically I was just reading about this story this morning about the Palestinian toddler that Jewish settlers burned alive:

    Also informative is the Vice News piece about the mentality of the “Price Tag” attackers; those that terrorize the Palestinian community at large to exact a “price” for any perceived action against fanatical Zionist interests.

    Here’s a nice piece too that refutes your thesis about Israeli medical assistance:

    Course its pretty schizophrenic whatever the case that Israeli a direct cause of much of the Palestinian misery on one hand, meanwhile the alleged “humanitarian” on the other. Not that its all their fault as you argue its often the Arabs own leadership that prevents them going…of course that’s partly because these Arabs due to their hopeless desperation have devolved much into a suicide death cult mainly as their last way of resisting the oppression and occupation.

    What’s that Neil Young song though?:

    We got a thousand points of light
    For the homeless man
    We got a kinder, gentler,
    Machine gun hand

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world…

    …Only the Palestinians aren’t anywhere near free and majorities have had their homes destroyed or were once removed out of.

    There’s a lot of people sayin’ “we’d be better off dead.”
    Don’t feel like Satan, but I am to them.
    So I try to forget it, any way I can.

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world…