BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Leaving FOX?… Ailes Author Says “She Wants to Go Mainstream”

Author Gabriel Sherman went on with Steve Malzberg on NewsMax TV Thursday.

fox moderators

Sherman wrote The Loudest Voice in the Room in 2014 on FOX News President Roger Ailes. Today he told Malzberg that Megyn Kelly wants to go mainstream and is keeping her options open.

From the interview:

Gabriel Sherman: In the days after the debate all of the emails and messages that FOX News was getting from their viewers were pro-Trump emails. Roger Ailes and his executives at FOX were shocked at the volume of the response. And, they really didn’t know what to do because their audience loves Trump. And yet FOX be all measures really hammered him. So they were sort of treating him with kid gloves until this interview when he came forward and questioned her vacation. That’s when they released a statement and compared him to conspiracy theories… Roger Ailes has never really faced an adversary like Donald Trump. Donald Trump doesn’t play by his rules so Ailes does not know what to do. This week he decided to come out and hit him…

Steve Malzberg: You also talk about in this piece the conspiracy theories that this is all setting up down the road the big Megyn Kelly – Donald Trump sit-down. And this is somehow being, if not coordinated, discussed by Ailes and Trump… Why is Megyn Kelly not firing back at this point?

Gabriel Sherman: Well, she, up until this point, was the fastest rising star at FOX News. She was really becoming the face of the network. And, I don’t think she wants to get down in the weeds and the gutter and play this kind of hardball politics.

Steve Malzberg: Because she’ll lose.

Gabriel Sherman: Or, she wants to, part of this is she wants to go mainstream. There was some talk before her most recent contract that she was flirting with CNN to kind of jump from FOX to CNN. And, I think she wants to leave all options on the table. If she gets down in the weeds and slugs it out with Trump that will hurt her brand.

Via NewsMax TV:

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  • Patty

    I had a feeling she would leave Fox News. Haven’t watch her since the debates but it is for sure she hasn’t the magic that Fox thought she had. Usually, when things like this happen, though, she will come out the other side, bigger and better. That is just what I hear all the time in situations like this.

    For me, I really don’t care but I hope she has learned a lesson from all of this.
    And I think her ratings have gone down since the debates. People who did like her don’t now. At least some, I would suspect.

  • Circa53

    Those that never really cared for her to begin with, Despise her now and have taken a second look at Faux and they don’t like what they see there either.
    One America News Network is the Best..

  • Patty

    Gabriel Sherman:
    Well, she, up until this point, was the fastest rising star at FOX
    News. She was really becoming the face of the network. And, I don’t
    think she wants to get down in the weeds and the gutter and play this
    kind of hardball politics.

    Steve Malzberg: Because she’ll lose.


    Humm, that is one heck of a statement.

  • m50motorway

    Why would she want to go from the top rated news network of all timeto CNN or any other? She has bad judgement.

  • saturn

    So, Trump was right. She is a socialist.

  • Patty

    I have noticed a few eye rolls by some of the other ladies at Fox News when Kelly’s name is mentioned. I would venture to say a few would love to takeover her job.

  • Ganesha_akbar

    Well she should go. How can she continue acting like a conservative convincingly after Candy Crowley possessed her?

    Did you see her tonight trying desperately to sound folksy with Brian Kilmeade tonight. Just sad.

  • Ganesha_akbar
  • nymjr7

    I think she’s doing infomercials now, MK better stay put!

  • Ganesha_akbar
  • Stingo

    So hot.

  • Teddi

    Why can’t I post here anymore ?

  • Stingo

    How is it possible that Trump supporters can call anyone a faux conservative?

    You may like his tone- I like his combativeness – but there is no doubt that his conservative credentials are shaky at best. That’s fine, he might be the best candidate, but he sure as hell isn’t a true conservative.

  • CanUSmellMeNow

    The people have spoken! They are Boycotting Fox because of the ridiculous “Big Foot” “Bat Boy” “Lock Ness Nessy” Tabloid Debate night.
    And, that “God” questioning was the icing on the pu pu kake

  • DakConserve

    Actually, I don’t…. I guess she didn’t even get her 30 seconds…

  • paulgilpin

    not conservative.
    not liberal.
    not establishment.

  • CanUSmellMeNow

    Probably a hot butt from all the Green Flushing Drinks!

  • Wanda Haseley

    Maybe to avoid getting fired…or the label anyway.

  • carter

    Branding at the Clinton News Network – where men of both sexes work. It will include the sizzling of burning hair, making Stallions, and serving up Rocky Mountain Oysters; yep, she’ll fit right in, it’ll be a real testicle festival. I’ll send her the sign posted by a waitress in a Montana bar, “You called me a bitch like it was a bad thing”. LOL.

  • paulgilpin

    first, like all the others, is not a news organization. it is propaganda. you really don’t think the GDP expanded 3.7% in Q2 do you? second, journalism is dead. it is about brand. megyn to CNN, “you see my viewership, you hire me and i’ll bring those numbers with me, and you know what that will do to your bottom line”. it isn’t about journalism or reporting, it is about the person on camera.

  • really now

    She got all full of herself. She better jump for a fat contract while she still has some looks, cause there sure ain’t much depth behind her facade.

    As for Fox, they are dead to me. Just another cable hype network. Internet has 100x the info with zero commercial interruptions.

  • really now

    Infomercials are the graveyard of the semi-famous and broke stars.

  • Stingo

    Oh, man. She’s not going to have that job for long. She can’t hide how much she’s hating her job.

  • Stingo

    Get real. She is honestly one of the best I’ve seen at challenging people. I’m not saying she’s super conservative or anything, but you can’t seriously say there’s no depth there.

  • Jo Lissa

    Well Al Sharpie left a spot open on MSLSD?

  • Stingo

    Because you don’t know what you’re doing.

  • ForMotionCreatv

    Main stream? The Jerry Springer show? Ohhhh, the View. Didn’t she start out on Bill O’Reilly’s show? Just like Establishment rodeo clown Glenn Beck.

  • Stingo

    Fine. But that’s not what his supporters are saying.

  • Dopey

    Well I never say “faux.”

    I hear a lot of people say that. What position has he taken that’s less conservative than the other candidates?

  • Mike in Illinois

    Her vacation was spent looking at contract offers maybe?

    Hint – as your ratings drop, megyn, the offers will dry up, so you better act quick!

    Make no mistake folks – that debate was Megyn’s AUDITION!

  • Jenny Caitlyn

    gtfo kelly u f’in fraud!

  • Mike in Illinois

    Shallow is her depth.

  • Beau Toxx

    This is how the Progressive/Marxists work. They find a dupe and either threaten to expose dirt they dig up and use extortion or promise big career opportunities. Remember Nicole Wallace who sabatoged McCain and especially Sarah Palin? She got rewarded with a gig in the uber liberal show The View. Megan Kelly will get a reward for betraying Conservatives during the debate and carrying water for the far left. Kelly got great acolades for her debate performance by the LEFT!! In the end, however, the MO of the Progressive/Marxists is to off their “useful idiots.”

  • Eyes on You

    Megyn Kelly is a disgrace, not only to journalism, but to women in general. She has NO business talking politics OR hosting an important presidential debate when she was previously talking sex organs and sex with her husband on the Howard Stern’s show, as well as posing for photos in sexually suggestive position, on a chair and in lingerie. Although Roger Ailes pays her $6 million a year because Ms Kelly is his pet, she is not worth a dime on Fox News. Neither are her partners in crime, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace (aka the Three Stooges).

    Fox News and their reporters/journalists have really fallen in recent months losing tens of thousands of viewers. Once they rid themselves of the above employees, Fox News may have a chance to come back. But until they do, a major boycott is on.

  • really now

    I just did and I’ll say it again.

    She’s the Nancy Grace of Fox News. Put a paper bag over her head and she’s just as disagreable and full of herself.

    I hope she does go to CNN. A cat fight between her and Grace would be a hoot.

  • Beau Toxx

    Amen. Sorry to see a Tomi Larhen leave, but she may be Megan Kelly’s replacement.. Then it will be “Megan who?”

  • Bilko

    All 3 of those mods should go. It was a disgraceful performance.

  • really now

    Maybe she was taking a crash Berlitz Spanish course for a Univision interview?

    They’d pay a ton for a known name.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Now that would be hilarious – Univision. I doubt it though I’m thinking she wants NBC anchor seat.

  • Phoenix_Damaged

    In the last few months, Kelly has started sounding a lot like Nancy Grace.
    Maybe CNN’s trailer-trash attraction will be too much for her to resist. Either way, I go to business news when the Kelly File pops up.

  • Rose


    I don’t watch LEFTIE FOX anymore anyway. MOSTLY SHE WAS THE LAST STRAW – YEARS AGO!
    Far from the only one, but the LAST one.
    But everywhere else she goes is definitely going to have a smaller audience share.
    She is a nasty little twat.

    And just TRY to sell the idea that it is because SHE is HOT and TRUMP is a JERK. LOL!
    That’ll fly like a LEAD BALLOON!

  • SNAPTIE ® #GreatAgitatorObama.

    Rating drop?

    She’s on fire setting highs and beating Bill O.

  • Kay Kay

    Actually paulgilpin is citing what most Trump supporters view Trump to be. The only ones who seem to get twitterpated about a “non-conservative” are the Non-conservative Democrats and non-conservative RINO’s.
    I hate to break it to ya, but most conservatives aren’t close minded, mouth breathing, puritanical bigots.

  • Eyes on You

    I pity you, Stingo. Seriously pity you. You’re either ignorant or brain dead. The woman is a disgrace to television and she had NO BUSINESS hosting a Presidential debate. What freakin embarrassment to this country!

  • Rose

    I loved her at the very first – very fiesty and outspoken and it was a very long time before I caught her supporting Leftie gar-baujshe’ (that’s French for “Garbage”)
    But then when she started showing how far LEFT she could swing on the same vine, without the blink of an eyelash – and then started doing nasty lay-outs and flashing her “self” during NEWS CASTS!!!!
    AS A RING OF GOLD in the SNOUT of a PIG is a beautiful woman who is without discretion.

  • Stingo

    Yeah, that’s not news to me and I’m not sure how you got the impression that I might think that.

    What I’ve seen on twitter from the Trump supporters is a lot of the “cuckservative” charges for anyone opposed to Trump. No?

  • SNAPTIE ® #GreatAgitatorObama.

    Please do your homework before speaking.

    Fox News was number one in all of cable again last week.

    Cable Network Ranker:

  • Eyes on You

    You better do your own. TVNewser isn’t that credible and a lot has happened to Fox since Megyn Kelly returned from vacation. Bet you any amount of $$, their ratings drastically fell again after her return.

  • paulgilpin

    can you briefly give me your opinion of why bobby jindal is unvisible in the polls? i am not a raving jindal supporter, but i have always thought he has represented himself well, and thought he would be registering that in the polls.
    my apology for stepping on your comment here.

  • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

    Well this might explain why Tomi Lahren (fmrly OAN) is in NYC!

    People focused on Kelly but the way that debate was handled it was like a reality show. And for the record those questions/ ambush was all researched and approved by upper mgmt. On top of that it had Rove signature on it. What they did to Trump, Cruz, Carson is the type of tactic Karl Rove uses to anyone who is a threat to a candidate he supports.

    If you haven’t, listen to Mark Levin dismantle the debate, he eviscerated Kelly

  • Rose

    Several of the others are LADIES.
    Lauren Greene, Harris Faulkner, Patti Ann Browne, Gretchen Carlson, Greta Van Susteren, Janice Dean, Dana Loesch (think that is the right one…), Kimberly Guillfoyle, Catherine Herridge, Martha MacCallum, and I am sure there are others, too. May have one or two mixed up since I don’t watch them anymore…

    I don’t see but a couple trying to compete in the Vixen category.
    There was one brunette who pretty much did, but I’d have to watch them again to remember which it was, and it ain’t worth it.

  • Rose

    You know how all the Socialists pretend to be Conservative until they think they have it sewed up…

  • Rose

    She is a Socialist and wants to go where she is celebrated for what she is.

  • Eyes on You

    I disagree on the title ‘reality show’. It was a 3 ring circle with the 3 Stooges at the helm. It was disgusting. And btw, Mark Levin hits the nail on the head with his commentary on the debate. Love that guy and his honesty/truth.

  • Stingo

    Yeah? That seems a wee bit over the top. You should maybe re-read what you wrote and think about turning it down a notch.

  • SNAPTIE ® #GreatAgitatorObama.
  • Eyes on You

    YOU are a perfect example of what’s so tragically wrong with this country. Damn shame.

  • Rose

    You assume it is her choice to leave the best job she ever had.
    While she came out STINKING BLOTTO against the #1 GOP CANDIDATE who is still pulling away from the pack – for being NASTY in a Presidential Debate.
    You think the men out there want to here their women folk chewing their butts off every time she comes on air?

  • Stingo

    He was for single payer health care! ’nuff said.

  • Rose

    NO DEPTH! When you can look SINCERE selling the SOCIALIST POV, there is NOTHING behind the eyeballs.

  • Kay Kay

    I apologize if I misinterpreted your stance.
    I appreciate your offer of dialogue regarding “cuckservative” charges, but I don’t see the benefits that the conversation would bring to this particular board, so I’ll take a pass. Thanks.

  • Stingo


  • Patricia Powers

    Well if you remember she went to a White House Party at Christmas or New Year’s last year and basically whined because Obama didn’t pay her enough attention…it’s obvious where her heart lies and it isn’t with the conservative party that’s for sure!

  • Patricia Powers

    Don’t forget Shannon Bream…she filled in on Megyn’s 10 day absence and of course Martha McCallum love both of those ladies!

  • Rose

    I would turn it up a LOT MORE notches higher.
    SHE ACTED THE SLUT during a Presidential Debate – SHE HAS NO STATURE, NO GRAVITAS, SOLD her CREDIBILITY. FLASHED HER FANNY – which by the way, a lady on a thread last week pointed out she caught her boys in a group of boys watching for the new YOU TUBE videos of Megyn’s SQUIRREL SHOTS videoed by TEEN BOYS on their cell phones during her NEWS stories. At least that Jersey Shore #### was caught ON THE STREET, “by surprise” – by some paparazzi or something.
    After the first WEEK, MEGYN KNEW ABOUT IT, and the videos were still being racked up.

    She can find these in assorted bright colors, short enough to never need be below her skirts’ hemlines, yet cover herself for the sake of her children, if not for her husband, without leaving room for speculation over how deliberate it is. And prolly be sexier!

  • Stingo

    She deserves it too. Good for her. The hatred aimed at her and the love for Trump (pro single payer, FFS) is so upside down that I seriously worry. I should just stop reading the comments.

  • Rose

    Unfortunately – or whatever – HIS CREDENTIALS are VERY SOLID compared to every other GOP candidate who is officially in the race.


    Most of them have already sold out to 4-6 of the MAJOR DIM SOCIALIST OBAMA policies.

  • Rose

    So are all the rest of them – so what!

  • partsnlabor

    All the depth of a bird bath.

  • Pendejo Jeb!

    So she’s going back to swallowing swords for a living while she climbs the rungs on a different network. I am sure her cuckolded husband will get his jollies watching it all.

  • Rose

    OH! Like they’ll find someone who can show how much they LOVE that job?
    Have you ever SMELLED the stuff?
    I guess if they sub it for a LIME SHERBET MIXED DRINK (hidden under the counter), they can find someone to really sell it!

  • Dave d

    My parents told me sticks and stone can break your bones but words can never hurt me. Fox News should apologize for her behavior then pay for us all to fly to DC to watch her ask Hillary Clinton if she can recall all the mouths, butts and cunts her husband Bill Clinton penetrated.

  • Stingo

    Heh. Yeah, she would deserve an Oscar if she could sell it.

  • Kevmo

    If she goes, Trump wins. If she stays, Trump relentlessly flogs her…wherever. She’s obviously a liberal, so she has to decide if she wants to keep getting slammed over something she really doesn’t believe in. At least at CNN she can be herself, poor ratings notwithstanding.

  • Dave d

    And get rid of Outnumberd worst show on my 999 channels.

  • Rose

    I have MacCallum in the list – Cannot place Shannon’s face because I quit watching Fox a few years ago… Her name is familiar Glad to know she is one of the good ones – I am sure there are still a lot more I didn’t name, too, like Jennifer Griffin —-

    I am trying to hard to remember one of the brunettes who kinda went a little too far, for me – OK, I’m a prude and I have two sons, and I hate the TV Productions that leave me suddenly handling very adult material in what should have been “Family Viewing” IN FRONT of my SONS, and THEM handling it IN FRONT of THEIR OWN MOTHER – and often with some of their male friends in the same room, too… And I am left feeling like I got egg all over my face – trying to tell them something Righteous and it only comes out like Mom is SUPER PRUDE – I don’t like being embarrassed that way in front of my kids.
    I know that sounds stupid these days – but hey, there are still TONS of us out there.

  • Rose

    IF she goes, Trump never mentions her again – at least not unprovoked.
    I don’t think this last round was unprovoked, I saw a post 3-4 days ago, I cannot find again, someone said they had screenshots of her twitters time-stamped before his, as she was in the process of coming back. I looked at one, that day, but haven’t been able to find it.

    But I don’t think I am wrong about it. It really caught my attention. But then suddenly all was silenced.

  • Blues of Morderer

    anyone who takes on the Donald will suffer pretty badly.

  • Rose

    And if she has a comparable, secret, lifestyle – since Hillary hosted the World’s RECORD-BREAKING ATTENDANCE LGBT conventions – AND did so in Asian Embassies, no less.
    AND NOBODY is asking her about THEM!

  • Stingo

    He’s a sales man. He is for what is convenient at the moment.

    But I’ll tell you what- I think Trump will be horrible, but if he wins the primary I’ll vote for him for president. And I hope you’ll do the same and still vote GOP if Trump doesn’t win. None of them are perfect but they all give us a better chance of improving the country as opposed to what the DEMS will do if they grab the whitehouse again.

    Too many of us decide to sit out if their guy doesn’t win. We’ve got to stop that, Rose.

  • Rose

    Second husband…

  • Mike in Illinois

    It’s all good. Bobby is a Walker back up, imho. I think he doubles as a “southern strategy” insurance policy too. I think he was meant to be a Vice short lister by the GOPe at best.

    Unfortunately, I think he was a “diversity” attempt as well. Now, if I put my tin foil hat on for a minute I might be inclined to say he was also another account for big money GOPe donors to launder some future “down ballot” party money through.

    As for catching fire, I think that Katrina is something of a false albatross hung around his neck (liv factor) but I believe it is still possible for him to pull away from a large portion of the “field”. Future debate performances might see him take off quite a bit because he is well grounded and informed, plus he speaks fairly well (but he gots ta let his mouth do the taking as opposed to his hands).

    If I was to offer kundalini advice it would be this –
    Next debate, you have to drop three serious bombs that media hacks simply cannot ignore (that would drop jaws of moderators and candidates alike). Do to ATF, dept of education and dept of energy what Trump did to ICE and immigration. Christie already went after entitlements so leave that alone for now. For Jindal to jump into serious contention, he will have to outtrump the Donald. Declaring he would shutter entire cabinet alphabets to shrink government and its overreaching is jindals best hope. IMHO, anyway. Him playing it safe so far hasn’t and won’t benefit him if his goal is to actually win.

    I hope that answers your question.

  • Rose

    Three Stooges were never that nasty. Maybe Three Amigos…

  • Mike in Illinois

    Lol. Ok. Now compare her numbers to her numbers…..

    And realize that folks have been tiring of billy boy too.

  • Rose

    But not for the crowd seeking NEWS
    REALITY shows tend to be #1 as well!

  • Rose

    RUBBERNECKING THE 50 car pile-up.

  • Rose

    Jindal is fabulous, born in India to TWO India parents who brought him over with themselves when Jindal was 6 months old. IS A CITIZEN in PROPER STANDING, but NOT eligible for President.
    Great man! Dearly love him.
    I’m shopping for a CONSTITUTION SUPPORTER.

  • Kevmo

    I saw one of her tweets before his. It was just a forward of someone else’s criticism of Trump, it didn’t seem like such a big deal to restart a feud over. I thought it was a mistake but it doesn’t seem to have harmed Trump because in the meantime, he had Ramos escorted out of a press conference and it made him look alpha male strong. He will brook no guff.

  • Rose

    How is that different than all the Rove DIABLOS in the race? WHO ARE PROVEN LEFTIE COMMODITIES whether their fans want to face facts or not?

  • Dave

    Should Megyn Kelly leave or be shown the door, FoxNews would be wise to make a hire that corrects itself away from the pathetic squishy-middle/Rove’ish RINO path they’ve been on. A hire like Dana Loesch would be ideal. She’s a highly intelligent, take-no-prisoners true Conservative that deserves a far better place than the joke Beck network.

  • Rose

    It was NOT in her best interest to even RETWEET, at that point. That was – cannot think of the word I am looking for – without discretion, without a good wit, a foolish inconsidered cheapness – she piled on her previous mistakes instead of taking the wiser course… There is a one word substitute for “all the above”, but I’m glitched on it right now…

    “Better to remain silent, than to open mouth and remove all doubt”… Since that Vacation didn’t take WEEKS to build up to, as some such as Keith Olberman have suffered, and the PETITIONS for her to be fired were still mounting against Fox… Clearly her vacation was of TRUMP’S CHOOSING and NOT of Roger Ailes’… Then before she is even back on air…
    You know AILES knows who REALLY started it back up, regardless ofwhat he says publicly.
    AND SLAP – now she is “JOB HUNTING”???

    She doesn’t have the discretion to even let the last round cool down before ramping it up again, when she clearly lost Round One!

    That is the word I was looking for – DISCRETION.

    TRUMP didn’t have to take a break from the public eye – his events broke records for attendance this season.

    And we are so used to what that looks like – HILLARY has had to stay hidden 80% – 98% of the time, since Bill left Arkansas.

  • Eyes on You

    lol. Yes, that’ll cover it!

  • Rose

    Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t imagining things!

  • Rose


  • Eyes on You

    She absolutely DID lash out at him first. It was right after she returned from vacation. This woman is evil and scorned. Roger Ailes needs to get over her and give her the boot. And God help CNN should they hire her. I’d ban their network from my home.

  • Eyes on You

    Simply disagreeing is not the case between them. Kelly has it out for Trump, and has for a long time. She and her Fox superiors work together to go after Trump in the worst and most humiliating ways with owner Rupert Murdock at the helm. It’s no secret that Murdock has hated Donald Trump with a passion. This is a known fact. Nevertheless, Fox truly disgust me. I do enjoy Sean Hannity and Judge Jeannine because they treat their guests (or the subject of them) with respect, when the rest of their crew degrades them at their leisure.

  • Rose

    My opinion exactly – a Manipulative JEZEBEL.
    Always nicey nicey til they think they have their position solidified, then the claws BEGIN coming out, but oh-so SUBTLE for a long time, as they “poke” around and find out all what they are dealing with…
    THEN the blades come out.

  • Rose

    Thanks also, for reconfirming for me – we had things going on so I couldn’t go document when I first saw it – then we got thunder and lightening – we’ve already lost too many electronics here,over the years, in spite of the grounding wires, etc.
    Had to unplug til the next day.

  • Rose

    EXACTLY. that WORD PICTURE where she SUBSTITUTED HERSELF INTO what was already a lying and false premise…
    CALCULATED to throw most human beings for a bad enough loop to keep them INCOHERENT for HOURS.

    And she bloody well knew it.

    Trump made the knees comment to a Playboy Playmate on a 2013 episode of “Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars.”
    In boardroom deliberations about the outcome of a losing project, rocker Bret Michaels told Trump that his teammate model Brande Roderick “got down on her knees” to emphasize her passion for the task, VH1 reported at the time.“
    Excuse me, you dropped to your knees?” Trump asked Roderick.
    The blonde said yes, and after an uncomfortably long pause, Trump responded, “It must be a pretty picture. You dropping to your knees.”

    BAD ENOUGH of Megyn to pull that on a Fox Show, or SNL, or one of the Late Night Talk shows, with David Letterman or Conan O’Brien, or something. but a PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE?
    She THOUGHT in THIS day an age that she could use something THAT NASTY to become The King Maker.
    Wrong place and wrong time and wrong audience.

  • Mendel

    It isn’t just Megyn….. Trump has exposed FOX News as a programming network… that programs you to accept the progressive anti religion anti baby anti motherhood anti life anti American position by “concern trolling” their viewers with condescending progressive positions to advance progressive ideology. They push abortion, rainbow sex, and pills on the American public 24/7. They intentionally use alleged “Catholic’s” to advance this agenda, as a means of attacking the church in the process. It is disgusting and offensive.

    So I cancelled my cable because I’d rather not pay to be insulted.

  • Mendel

    I copied it .
    She drew first blood and Trump struck back like she knew he would.
    Fresh back from vacation she thumbed his eye, whilst supposedly under a cease fire. Check the timestamps on Twitter.
    @megynkelly: Gov. @JebBush: @realDonaldTrump’s immigration ideas are “unrealistic” and not “conservative.” #KellyFile
    @realDonaldTrump: “@JeriHyatt: @megynkelly @JebBush @realDonaldTrump Pffffffttttt we need to do something about illegals who get more than our vets!!!!!”
    And no she doesn’t usually parrot candidate vs candidate attacks

  • Mendel

    I’m not sure I can stomach a description of Hillary eating at the y.

  • Mendel

    Fake poll advertising fox news. They didn’t poll me.

  • Eyes on You

    That’s right. And they all deserve it. Gotta luv the guy. He’s a powerhouse. Just what America needs.

  • Kevmo

    Murdoch dislikes Trump, but Ailes is his friend. Murdoch turned the reins over to his 2 idiot sons on July 1st, and they immediately take a hard left turn.

    Ailes is trying to smooth over the betrayal and vehemence. With so much ratings evidence in Trump’s favor, Ailes can put those 2 sons of Murdoch in their place, and send M Kelly to an unscheduled timeout like a pouty little girl.

    But the pouty girl returns and STILL thinks the ratings were because of her, and she continues to prod where she can. Then there’s a new feud. Ailes steps in to defend the good looking blond, says he’s gonna show the world that Trump is unelectable. (Note that Ailes never steps in for the MALE newsreaders, because they are expected to be able to take the friggin heat. How is THAT equality?)

    Now they have come to terms, and a day later, there are M Kelly rumors that she’s gonna jump ship to CNN. No doubt she would finally feel comfortable there, rather than pretending to be a conservative.

    That’s about where we stand.

    What next? If Trump pulls the trigger one more time, he’s gonna incur the wrath of Fox and it will be harsh anti-Trump coverage, 24/7. Trump can live down media frenzies that last 3 days, but he wouldn’t be able to live down a constant feed negative coverage from Fox. Other LSM outlets would forward the negative feed. It becomes a crescendo.

    He would be like Richard Jewell, who couldn’t even go back into his own house because the FBI was raiding it. Everyone was convinced he was guilty, but in the end when he was exonerated, the media whispered it so faintly that very few people noticed it. That’s what Trump would be up against.

  • glenn47

    She had the world at her feet. Her numbers were rising, then her head got bigger and she became even more aggressive. Not very becoming. Her prejudices started appearing here and there.
    I was over her after the election when she was downright giddy wanting to call the election too soon.

  • rubiconscross

    She’s already sliming around in the biased bimbo gutter basement, so going lame-stream media won’t change a thing.

  • rubiconscross

    Yea, it’s pretty funny when Candy Crowley, ooopps I mean Megyn Kelly’s head starts spinning around and she vomits her biased bile all over America.


    She got the Moohamet and 2nd right and went against nearly all her peers. I’ll forgive her Trump because she’s only following orders…but any of these people on the TV are not Real Americans.

  • Mope

    So, let me get this straight. She wants to “keep her options open”, but the question she presented to Trump was designed to close his options. Hmm… Yeah, CNN just opened a slot for her by sending Reverend Al to Sunday. She only ruined her brand for half the audience soit is a good time to kick her to the curb before she gets too old. She be looking like Helen Thomas did in a few years.

  • Americadies

    Another liberal jumps to CNN, what a surprise. Guess Trump will be proven right again, she had an agenda.

  • Americadies

    Her numbers will begin to fall now that she has proven to be a fraud conservative. She has to jump while she is a hot commodity.

  • Lorene B

    If she joins CNN, they, too, will loose viewers.

  • Lorene B

    I would like to see Hannity back in that time slot.

  • Lorene B

    Martha McCallum did a great job as moderator, looked professional.

  • renalin

    megyn kelly is now another pelt, for The Donald’s belt.

  • gsp9993

    She’s done. Another legend in her own mind. And now that all of the Fox team have been defending her, they have been exposed too as fakes, frauds and just part of the political establishment. Just role players pretending to be Conservatives.

  • richard

    Good riddance. I haven’t really watched Fox News since the debate.

  • Pauli

    “It’s time for my closeup”. Hat tip Sunset Boulevard.

  • Lulu

    I think she overestimates her potential — CNN is a step down due to lower ratings and the networks I don’t think her FOX audience follows her so she would have to build an all new following and she certainly not friendly enough for morning…

  • Feet2Fire

    Well done.

  • wtd

    Leaving all options “on the table” … Preferring to “go mainstream”… @ CNN? It is my understanding that Fox is #1 in number of viewers for quite a few years. Mehgyn was a rapidly rising star until she was “Trumped”. Funny, but it seems to me Mehgyn’s star is falling if she is “flirting” with the #2 cable network news to go “mainstream”.

  • HeidiHoNeighbor

    She had ratings because of conservatives. Now she’s screwed. The graveyard of Airport only CNN or infomercials. And that’s assuming she doesn’t flat out commit career suicide at MSNBC.

    And btw, none of this was about Trump. It was about Fox ambushing and disrespecting this Country’s voters and taking the 4th estate and turning it into the 5th column. F her. F Fox. And F all of you defending that hack POS.

    What you should be scared of is when people stop voting and start loading. That’s what’s coming now that the media is completely owned by foreign interests.

  • Feet2Fire

    Those guys are leaving out pertinent facts/details in their little scenario/critique. As soon as Kelly returned from her “vacation,” she started tweeting snarky remarks about Trump again–immediately. Trump’s “bimbo” tweets were QUOTING other tweets in response to Kelly’s snark.

    They also seem to be oblivious to the fact that Ailes has been DEMOTED at FOX and now reports to Murdoch’s sons. Doesn’t it occur to them that the New Boys At the Helm were undoubtedly instrumental in the Trump Ambush at the first debate?

    We have been boycotting FOX, especially Megyn Kelly, ever since their GOP debate debacle. Will continue to do so until FOX shows a little “FAIRNESS AND BALANCE.” (For Ailes to demand an apology from Trump shows how little he understands Trump. LOL.)

  • Lulu

    Oh I bet she doesn’t play well with other women — she has mean girl written all over her

  • Feet2Fire

    Absolutely. The opening salvo from Bret Baier was shameful. One has to wonder if at the next debate somebody will ask Jeb about his dysfunctional family and their addictions/rap sheets? “Fair is fair.”

  • JimWinchester

    Her resume reads; I brought 24million viewers to the debate, they all tuned in because of ME, ME…ME.

  • Ge0ffrey

    Trump is not only a RINO, he’s a CINO.

  • Bitter Clinger

    I called it. Her moronic Leftist “gotcha” questions were just an audition.

    I predict she takes the seat on NBC Nightly news vacated by that liar, Williams.

  • cadgbd

    it’s all about how much money / attention from internet traffic and tv ratings.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Agree! I probably would have never watched OAN until Fox showed it’s true colors.

  • Gary Causer

    Megyn who?….

    Go Trump

  • NotKennedy

    Maybe Howard Stern can get her an interview with Larry Flynt.

  • gthog61

    Since when is cnn “more mainstream”?

  • ipmala

    Kelly is a slut….just look at her racy photos posted online.
    And….she’s married to a ” house husband “…..
    Some guy who stays home and pretends to be a ‘ writer ‘.
    Hahahahahahaha……yeah, the guy ….
    while his wife goes to work & brings home the money.
    Kelly is a Fox News Liberal….like many others there.
    She probably got hired by Roger Ailes….
    after giving him a you-know-what (BJ).
    I now mainly watch One America News (OAN).

  • oldguy

    She is an anchor that will drag the rest of Fox down. I think the easing out of her is just beginning as Fox exists as a conservative network and cannot compete with all the liberal networks. There is strength in numbers: Ignore these numbers Fox news and pay the price.

  • Goober_Pyle

    Good riddance.

  • lrjrj

    Isn’t she “going mainstream” with the audience she draws now? Only the far left is so obsessively intolerant of Fox that they will not watch or admit they do.

  • Lee Jan

    Oh I can see her as the next Baba Wawa, for sure.

  • Lee Jan

    Brett thought he was being sooo clever demanding they all raise their right hand and swear they won’t run third party. As for Wallace, ugh, blech, and assorted other disparagements.

  • Lee Jan

    I am wondering if Don Lemon is auditioning for a spot on FNC. Lately he has actually sounded sane.

  • Lee Jan

    tee hee…….hello megyn, Jorge calling!!!

  • MN Jim

    Megyn Kelly’s “brand”? She is just another blonde talking head, who reads a prepared script, whose nose job left her eyebrow and nose crooked. We have a couple of pretty local news anchors and traffic reporters who could replace her in a heartbeat.

  • Southernsoul

    As more people wake up, Fox news will go the way of CNN. Fox News is not Right Wing friendly, nor are they fair and balanced. They just aren’t as far left as their competition.

  • ipmala

    Hahahahahahaha….great observation…’ MN Jim ‘.
    I always thought Kelly’s FACE looked somewhat odd.
    NOSE JOB….yeah…you’re right.
    The loud-mouth Liberal little bitch is really irritating….for sure.
    => I would advise ALL the GOP candidates to avoid her.
    With the exception of Hannity….all the Fox News show hosts
    have now moved to the .
    Fox has now joined MSNBC and CNN.

  • johnnygeneric

    Megyn, PLEASE join CNN. That way no one will ever see you again.

  • RKflorida

    Not true, he was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on June 10, 1971. He is absolutely eligible to run for president.

  • honestAbesurd

    BREAKING wind , who gives a crap?

  • JettieG

    What’s your problem?

  • darrell_b8

    MSNBC or CNN will welcome her with ‘open arms’.

  • HelloThere

    Actually, he is a writer. His latest novel, “The Means” is now available in paperback, so why don’t you grab a copy. Prior to becoming a writer, he was CEO of an internet security company, if memory serves, and he’s easy on the eyes to boot.

  • LouAnnWatson

    he really meant going “lamestream”…she’ll be at a law firm again within five years

  • calmly_observing

    Is this just an effort for Sherman to get more attention? I thought his book was pretty much discredited throughout the conservative online media world. This may be a way for him to bring attention to it again.

    CNN is mainstream? I guess mainstream now means 2nd tier but once top tier.

  • Clairvoyant

    My favorite elliptical at the YMCA where I work out has 3 TV screens right in front of me: CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. I’ve found that if you get a taste of each, somewhere in there you can find the truth. What you will find on all of them is a mountain of disingenuousness and phoniness.

  • ridgerunner

    Know when it was over for Dorothy? When she saw the man behind the curtain. Done with Fox.

  • John graham

    Now. If she will just take Juan and Geraldo with her

  • ridgerunner

    Unless Ailes goes with them I am DONE with Fox.

  • luckyintheorder

    Since when is communist “going mainstream”… I just can’t get my head around these codewords.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Put Hannity back on at 9PM.

  • John graham

    Me too. They have been drifting to the left for quite a while. I had to do an interview with Geraldo once. What an ass

  • Circa53

    One America News Network….….

  • V.Lombardi

    Megyn is in favor of more money and popularity for herself. Fox may have made a huge mistake giving her Hannity’s time slot. She has used a similar tactic to O’Reilly – lure viewers with pretend conservatism, then let them down. Some call it bait & switch.

  • ridgerunner

    Every now and then you see something that has only one explanation – and that explanation is contrary to everything that you had previously assumed. The debate was one of those times. I can’t even bear to hear that networked named. Rotten betrayers and sellouts. It is beyond words how the debate went down. Colluding with a party to take out the No. 1 candidate. Worse than an enemy.

  • Circa53

    She’s the darling of the LGT….LSMFT crowd..

  • Tony Clifton

    Ailes is finding out that his viewers come from Trumps camp, not Trump supporters are coming from Fox.

  • joey minchia

    I’m sure there’s an opening for her on MSNBC now that Reverend Al has been relegated to one show a week!

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Just another “Media Whore,” who’s day in the spotlight has passed…

  • Dawn Newman

    I agree. It’s been several years since I’ve watched FOX because I realized that they would often attack all non-establishment threats or attack those who

  • The Crow

    Dana Loesch or Laura Ingrahm would be great replacements. IMO.

  • Circa53

    What happened to the anti megyn petitions..Are they still pouring in..Anybody have any numbers on them….Is it the reason for her leaving..

  • linda garris

    Mostly radio now. Even then many have gone establishment or always were and just noticed- medved Bennett Hewitt. The past 6mos @fox bad.after TRUMP- horrible. I actually watched CNN bc O’Reilly wouldn’t air Iowa. CNN did.1st x ive ever watched channel. Im now proudly blocked by every fox host. Laughed @O’Reilly claiming he has more viewers than TWD. Their new show premier 10 million. Then told the five how bad Gutfeld show is &now hes up against TWD &NFL but don’t worry Fox never cancels shows. Both blocked me same day. Fox hates criticism. All others blocked me a yr ago. I guess fair &balanced is if u agree w them. Heard napalitano fired. That settles debate on FOX &conservatives

  • Amjean

    I read somewhere that her show’s ratings were down approximately 15%.
    And that was prior to the Cruz/Ramos interviews where she really screwed up.

  • linda garris

    I thought Shannon did a great job,plus doesn’t look like an old hooker.

  • linda garris

    Oh i know. I can’t believe she has better ratings but then she has many lib viewers. Fox is now msm w a few right leaning.

  • Patricia

    What brand ⁉️ Blonde hair, pounds of make-up and a short skirt ! That ” brand” is a dime a dozen

  • HARP2

    Megan is always all about Megan.

    Forget it babe….you ain’t that important

  • S.O.B.

    Is there a category called Mainstream Bimbo?

  • christinecpettis

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  • Demonrat Plantation

    Uma Pemaraju?
    Saw some of her early career work.
    She is good

  • R_of_the_H

    Dana Loesh would be a very good choice.
    Megyn (Fox News Barbie) jumped the shark a while back

  • livedwell

    Been a Fox News fan since it’s inception. No longer. It’s vilification of Trump (not a fan) is not fair and balanced. And Fox refused to cover the conservative backlash after the debate debacle. We need another network to replace Fox that is FAIR AND BALANCED.


    There have been many before her…jumping the FOX Ship..

  • dogwonder

    Explains why she became a nasty progressive liberal pontificating at Trump instead of moderating the debate. I won’t watch her again, nothing worse than a poser.

  • cavt

    Who cares. Won’t watch her regardless of what station she is on–

  • Aimee

    This explains a lot. What a low-rent poser. I like her even less now.

  • tropicgirl

    CNN is like moving to the basement. She will disappear. Good riddance.

  • JimmaObama

    She’s a liberal trollop…….good riddance Megyn…you suck at journalism…you’ll fit in perfectly

  • Aimee

    Exactly! For me, this is not about Trump. It is about shocking unfair bias at FoxNews.

  • tropicgirl

    I hear she has bad hair and wears wigs…
    (no one gossips more than hairdressers)

  • Aimee

    Do you have a link? Trolls have been posting links showing she is holding steady in the ratings.

  • Aimee

    That would be a wise move on Fox’s part. Clean house.

  • Benny Too Too

    get rid of this NSA/ US gov. facebook crap

  • PhilipJames

    Kelly go to CNN for the big bucks?….. shows you that ALL the media people are not what you think they are… they are all in it FOR THE MONEY AND THE CELEBRITY…. its ALL ABOUT THEMSELVES. You think FOX is conservative… what a joke…. Ailes was smart to recognize a while back that the right was not represented in the media and he created the FOX we have now to grab all the money that is generated by a “right leaning news network”.
    Face it, suckers…. all these people go and have drinks and go to parties together… whether on the left, right or pretending to be in the middle.
    Oh, and why the heck do we care about Kelly or FOX anyway… their highest rated people only get 3 million and at most 4 million viewers…. mostly the same ones day after day…. out of over 300 million…. less than 1% of Americans even know they exist.

  • haywire63

    Jesse Watters deserves a shot at a time slot.

  • Shaygirl

    I’m so happy, she can take her giggly Maybelline eye-lash batting somewhere else. E Entertainment perhaps. she can cover rosie and all her lefty pals.

  • garybob

    I love the people who think donald dump is even a real candidate. Shows the mentality. What a joke.

    Dump 2016!

  • S.O.B.

    Is there a quote that describes a fair woman who is without a brain?
    Megyn Kelly’s antics put her more in the brainless category rather than the indiscreet.

  • donh

    Maybe she sees her own reflection in the face of Alison Parker and just wants out before Juan Williams loses it.

  • haywire63

    Jesse Watters deserves a chance at his own show. Don’t watch fox news anymore but would tune in again. Lou Dobbs tells it straight. He is on fox business.

  • Shaygirl

    I think its going to be dana parino but she showed herself with that attack on eric bolling

  • B. Smith

    She tipped her hand a few months ago when she talked about Hillary in those loving terms regarding how she would love to interview her. She stated that Hillary was “accomplished” and had accomplished so much. The came the debates, and she showed her azz.

  • Robert49

    I am trying to figure in my mind what Megyn considers going mainstream. MSNBC? CNN? NBC? CBS? ABC? NPR? None of those networks have the viewership or listener audience that FOX does so how is it that FOX does not seem like mainstream to her. Aaaaah I get it now, She is just in it for the $$$$$$, so she is more than likely wishy washy on issues, which means she is more than likely another (D) playing like a (R) to make the big money at FOX.
    Not that i care about FOX anymore than the other networks because I watch none of them because I kicked the stupid tube/TV to the curb 27 years ago but I can still read FOX viewership statistics which says FOX has plenty more viewers than all those other Networks.

  • ridgerunner

    …..silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth

  • Abby Sapp

    I don’t care what she does. She is not worth listening to and because FOX allowed that, neither are they. My own research brings me the best information anyway, so who needs the media??

  • Rick Smith

    Good riddance. She has ALWAYS been a liberal militant feminist. She covers it pretty well most of the time (for her job’s sake) but EVERYONE, who used to watch her, has seen her DARK SIDE creep out from time to time. She will be a definite asset to the Communist News Network. THAT is where she belongs.

  • Patty

    2016 GOP frontrunner and billionaire Donald Trump already won his war with the Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly.
    She’s exposed as having a point of view, rather than being a purely
    impartial arbiter of news. Now he’s just having fun as a larger war
    between him and the network’s powers-that-be looms

    In exposing Kelly, he’s employed at least parts of an unwritten playbook
    for political warfare his former, longtime aide–legendary GOP trickster
    Roger Stone–has laid out mostly informally over the years called
    “Stone’s Rules.” Stone hasn’t actually published the “Rules” anywhere,
    though some appear littered throughout his Twitter account and in a profile that the Weekly Standard’s Matt Labash wrote of him in 2007.

  • K. E.

    Megyn wants to be the next Nancy Grace. Go for it, Megyn. I’d rather see someone else in your time slot if that is what you are interested in doing with your career.

  • K. E.

    Her very first question during a political debate was non-political and did nothing to give the audience an indication of Trump’s views on anything that relates to being President. It instantly outed her as having a personal agenda against Trump and ruined what could’ve been a great debate into a show about the moderators (who spent WAY too much time talking).

  • wwwashingtondo

    The problem is MK was never loved; she was tolerated. She was nice to look at decade ago.

  • WBee1 Proud Navy Wife

    Maybe Megyn is moving to OAN. Oh I hope not.

  • Renaissance

    This would be a good time for Kelly to move. Trump’s quotes and tweets have made her a “sympathetic” character.

  • Luckygirl

    It is, hoping Dish will start carrying.

  • Luckygirl

    Rose, I personally think she swings the way that benefits her the most, I find her confusing, because she is confused, but yes she is more left, because that will make her seem just too cool. Have you noticed very few will admit to being a real Conservative, and if they do they throw in some progressive logic like, I believe gays should have the same right to get married, or Abortion is ok in some instances, but they still call themselves Conservative, or you can Conservative but not on social issues.

  • Luckygirl

    Wished I could get one news.

  • Luckygirl

    I cannot believe she still has so many viewers.

  • Bitter Clinger

    LOL! She’s going after Brian William’s job. Watch.

  • Luckygirl

    When was napalitano fired?

  • Luckygirl

    Our family and group of friends are still discussing that debate, and it isn’t in my the good of Fox News.

  • Aimee

    That network needs to do some serious soul searching before I’d go back to it.

  • Luckygirl

    Will not watch her, she is a Bushy, and that came out with her insults to Eric Bollng.

  • Luckygirl

    Shannon is a good person through and through.

  • Carolyn

    Good move Fox News!!! She is killing your ratings, she is a BIMBO!! If you can’t play with the BIG dogs, stay on the porch!!

  • will jones

    she belongs on lame stream media. She’s still mad and wants to vent and she has to join the lib media to do it.

  • Luckygirl

    Real journalism is researching, fact finding then reporting. They base their news reporting just what the others networks do, the AP, or other places. Fox just spins it somewhat different, but it’s all garbage. My question, why aren’t we getting the real news?

  • Patrick

    Proverbs 11:22

  • la barra

    Trump “Mr. Wild Thing” Megyn for Trump the Wild Thing !

  • getthemlibsout

    she is a lib/prog….good riddance

  • Sniffy Pop


    This is B.S.

    Public outcry drove down the ratings. That was a pretty low level stunt and people did not like it!

  • Thanks for the Info.

  • Sniffy Pop


  • aliswell

    Ailes would do well to let Kelly go to CNN, it’s where she belongs. Let FNC return to its conservative roots.

  • frog in tn.

    her interview with Stern,brought out her mind set,the solid American citizen don’t like that kind of talk,and she found that to be true,SHE will be on the down slide from now on…

  • Master Whitehall

    It’ll have to be one of the Big Three – ABC, NBC or CBS – none of the others can afford her.

  • aliswell

    I suspect by “going mainstream” she means switching to a station where she’ll be free to be openly liberal. It’s a step down in her career for sure, and one that will absolutely spell doom for her popularity, but I hope Ailes releases her from her contract. Let the twit crash and burn, and good riddance.

  • Kathy

    I’ve been boycotting Fox News since the debate.
    So, I haven’t seen MeghanKelly at all.
    I heard she had on that Ramos POS though.
    I heard she sympathized with him. Gross.

  • Kathy

    Wow what a bunch of babies!

  • democrat CockRoach

    Trump the tramp goodbye.

  • Station X

    Not really compared to foreign outlets or Fox. Fox has become politicized and biased to the Old Guard RNC.

    Jelly is just being herself like Geeta or any other lawyer knowitall personality. She has brains…she has experience in debate… But she lacks character that is the questions andven Fox first one were prejudicial or off the center line where Trump is.

    Message to Fox and the RNC – it’s Trump or we will walk to a third party that is middle America…from a retired military officer and now global engineer, we are in deep trouble financially, morally and militarily.

    I am voting for leadership and vision and guts like I did for Mr. Reagan. The RNC can go to another loss till it wakes up and realized we are not feeding their business lobbyists or religious fanatics or the sleeping citizen. The silent majority has again awakened.

  • Shelli Barnes

    Will the next President of the United States of America please raise your hand.

    Woooooohooooooo, President Trump it is!

  • Malatrope

    The website is insufficient?
    The video section has all the stories.

  • plzscuseme

    Can’t remember her name either. I kinda like her, except she shows so much
    boobs…and all her dresses seem to have plunging necklines.

  • Tracy L. K.

    I first heard dana on air & then talk about how all the ladies at Fox wear those rubber bracelets & the bracelets say, “WWMKD”..meaning…”What Would Megyn Kelly Do”! Yes, it was a bit nauseating but I kept watching. Then she had those duggar interviews that seemed to go on for days…I didn’t watch….I knew it was coming..the beginning of the end…Then the debate…her 1st question out of the gate w/ Rosies name???…..i knew then that was all she wrote…I knew she was done. Life &/or Karma does not allow one to get such a big bloated head & ego. Life has a way of reminding us all of our places in the world & reminds us often to remain humble…which she has clearly lost sight of. Even w/ TEN Presidential Candidates there at the debate..Megyn Kellys EGO was the biggest thing in the room. She didn’t & don’t..owe Trump an apology…She owes the American People an apology for ripping us off of a debate! I say good riddance! Her views & opinion of “good journalism” goes hand in hand w/ Sharpton..maybe them two can host a show together somewhere in an ego driven twilight apologies to rod serling. #PeaceTruthUnityLiberty #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

  • Tori

    OMGosh! I thought Gateway Pundit dumped Disqus too! Whew!

    This is amazing. Hope it’s true.

  • AZsheeplady

    Are they on DISH?

  • Gnome Sane

    She can fade away like Camerota, Chetri, E.D. Hill, etc. into the Lefty background noise.

  • flyover

    I won’t miss her. Her questioning showed she made it all about her. In a debate, all sides should argue the SAME issue. These aren’t debates, they are media interrogations. If I were running, I would decline unless everyone got the same question. You want to report on individual issues, do an interview.

  • T.O.

    I like her and hope she stays.

  • Tracy L. K.

    Funny how they didn’t ask the other group of candidates to take an oath..why not? Fair & balanced my patootie!

  • gman

    See ya…..don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And take Brit Hume with you.

    Kelly unmasked…..I always had that feeling.
    She became the female Stephanopulos after the debate.

  • dfw63

    CNN is “mainstream”?
    Certainly Kelly is smarter than that!

  • Gnome Sane

    Mainstream = Leftist

  • dfw63

    I did hear them report today that, “Decades of global warming have contributed to the melting of the glaciers…:.”.
    I was disappointed to hear them use global warming, when 10 minutes of research will prove it’s a fraud.

  • tinker_thinker

    Gawkers, like passing a train wreck.

  • dfw63

    I wondered why I didn’t see her lately. I thought it was just vacation time.
    Where’d she go?

  • tinker_thinker

    Gawkers, mostly, like those passing by a train wreck.

  • Tracy L. K.

    I believe that. It seemed like she was showing the other networks… See what I can do! & then having that loon…debbie wasserman s. On there afterwards…took the damn cake! What a turncoat!

  • Webb

    The next Katie Couric.

  • dfw63

    Sure, but no way can CNN afford to pay her what Fox can, and look at viewership.
    I wonder if she fancies herself a network babe?

  • Dopey

    He’s in favor of health savings accounts and removing the state by state boundaries for insurance companies, so that they compete nationally, which would bring premiums down and increase the number and variety of plans. He said there is a private sector solution. There’s a difference between “was” and “is.”

  • Woudy Treez

    MSNBC would be a good place for Megyn Kelly. She can co anchor with Brian Williams.

  • HARP2

    she won’t be missed

  • cya

    Birds of a feather

  • ms willy nilly

    How is fox news, the number one cable channel, not main stream?

  • m50motorway

    Just barely, I actually forgot all about her. People will forget what happened with Megyn Kelly,too, if she goes there. Out of sight out of mind.

  • Woudy Treez

    That’s why the entertainment industry has so few Conservatives. They get shouted down by political correctness. It wasn’t always as bad as it is now.

    Trump 2016!

    Make America Great … Again….after Clinton/Bush/Obama’s ‘Fundamental’ transformations that is and yes, all three had a strong hand in that heavy left direction.

  • MAX1950


  • Tracy L. K.

    They can afford her now..after that debacle. Anyone who hires her will get emails that make the fast & furious look like fluffy bunnies. I doubt she will have the ratings she once did but she will have the “all inclusive race baiting victimhood hillary lying embracing loon leftist unicorn riding la la land” audience she deserves. I imagine she will get her coveted hillary interview that she has been after for some time now & it will be downhill from there. Unless she apologizes to the American people..and Learns to admit when she’s wrong..she’ll Never be a Great Journalist.

  • ADR

    This may be a good thing and good timing. Tomi Lahren, an excellent reporter has left OAN, just exited without notice of where she was going. She is a well informed, hard hitting but a fair Christian, who would be a perfect fit at Fox News. Looking forward to a replacement for the woman who became so full of herself, she left her integrity in the rear view mirror. Megyn Kelly would be an even better fit for PMSNBC and Rachel MaddCow.

  • fundamentals

    Our household has relegated Fox News to the junk channel list…..really doesn’t matter where Kelly goes.

  • Woudy Treez

    “The conspiracy theories about Megyn Kelly’s vacation rank up there with UFO’s, the moon landing and Elvis being alive,” a Fox spokesperson said in a statement.

    Megyn is on a pre-planned, annual summer vacation with her family, which is much deserved. To imply otherwise as Donald Trump and his campaign operatives have is not only wildly irresponsible, but downright bizarre. Perhaps Mr. Trump thinks it’s advantageous to his poll numbers to keep talking about Megyn, but that doesn’t change the fact that Roger Ailes has fully supported her and her tough journalistic questioning since day one and is thrilled with the added exposure from the debate which resulted in even higher ratings of The Kelly File this week. Anyone who knows Roger is aware of how historically and consistently loyal he is to all of his talent and how he protects them at all costs. As Governor Terry Branstad said today, “when you’re a candidate, you’ve got to basically answer the questions. You can’t just attack the person asking the questions. That doesn’t work.”

    The statement, as Breitbart News noted at the time, did not refer to Kelly as a journalist, a news anchor, or a reporter. It referred to her as “talent,” exactly what Trump has wanted to expose her as being to the public.

    Fox -1
    Trump +2

  • tinkerbelle

    The big truth is GOD is in control of His universe, we are only stewards. We can improve the air, water, land, but ultimately, it’s God’ world. Also, like the woman before me said, 10 mins of casual research, you’ll find global warming is a huge, ENORMOUS money-making scheme, a hoax, and creates opportunities for VAST amounts of cash-flow into the personal coffers of its activists and promoters. Just check Al Gore’s financials.
    Anyway, by a casual glance at a scientific paper, which revealed 1 – O-N-E – 1 volcanic eruption produces more carbon than mankind could ever produce in all history, since creation. So rest assured, the oceans are not going to overflow their banks. And if I had taken the time to research all the scriptur that backs my remarks, you would be that much more enlightened (I will post them next). Plus God states clearly in the Bible that when He returns – and He is at the door as I write this, just watch the militant progress homosexuality keeos making because the Bible clearly states it is the sole barometer and indicator quoted in God’s Word as the evidence that the end of the world and judgment day are upon us – God says at the end, we wouldn’t be gasping for air, or swimming out if our icean-inundated luving rooms; on the contrary – we would be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage when Judgment Day comes.
    So watch for my Bible proofs next.
    God bless you all!

  • Valerie

    Here’s the real point of all this sturm und drang:

    The War on Women question by Megyn Kelly was fair game.

  • Megyn Kelly went to CNN and was never heard from again. Dan Rather? Is that you?

  • Valerie

    Ya, we are supposed to believe that all those strange, new handles hating on Megyn Kelly have nothing to do with the people who have been hating on FOX all along, and nothing to do with the malware swamping Breitbart right now.

    Oh, I believe. We have seen this before, both from Democrats and Ron Paulnuts.

  • Victoria Lindo

    She wont be as popular at CNN .

  • Gator Boo

    She’s a freakin closet liberal. Maybe she would fit in well at MSNBC

  • Dale

    Move her to Sunday mornings. She can compete with Al Sharpton’s new show.

  • nulltransform

    If she goes to CNN, I hope she takes Shepard Smith with her.

  • Ruckweiler

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  • CK

    I wouldn’t mind if Fox gave the spot to Mark Bolling.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Greta makes me wonder sometimes with things she says and the way she says them. I got that same vibe from Kelly. The difference between he two lawyers I see is that Greta keeps it real, hammering the point no matter who she is talking to whereas Kelly snaps on some but gives others a pass. Your Debbie example, Ramos just the same, is a great example.

    A angle that so many fail to see is that lawyers infect literally every profession and take over like they are entitled to “lead”. Kelly, not happy with being bound by the parameters of the law profession, set out to gain celebrity status in order to assume her self anointed position of “boss of you”. That kernel of dishonesty, that vain aspect of her mindset, has exposed her – she just couldn’t contain her desire to control others any longer.
    To me, she is no better than these murderers like the one who killed the reporters or the batman killer….. she seeks her fifteen minutes at the expense of the liberty, life and pursuit of happiness that belongs to others. Kelley has earned the same level of “fame” in my eyes.

  • Dale

    And Will, Krauthammer, Perino, Wallace…. a long list of RINOs that I won’t listen to…

  • Mike in Illinois

    With MSNBC tossing Sharpton aside, and the notion that it has huge backing, I suspect that MSNBC is just as possible NBC. However,I think she is eyeing that Lyin Bryan seat at NBC.

  • Stephen Lowe

    She has already gone mainstream regardless if she leaves Fox.

  • itsy_bitsy

    She has had a pretty cushy spot at FOX, but she evidently doesn’t understand the word “loyal”! I think she may be surprised at what she finds on the outside! Expect her to morph into a nastier, radically more liberal person in the very near future!

  • William Hofmeister

    And that would still be Fox, damaged as they are. It’s not that they are so good, just better than all the other guys.

  • Raincroft

    We need a ‘bulldog’ in the W/H to fight for us. One who won’t back down from – nor be intimidated by – them. Trump actually loves America – and he WILL be a bulldog for America.

  • Theresa Sawyer

    Harris Faulkner is hands-down the clear replacement for Megyn. In addition for being a beautiful woman her work ethics are second to none, and she is engaging based on fact and hard-nosed journalism not.based on personal biased.

  • pattywack

    They looked close under the rock she slithers to and wow right before their eyes the blonde bimbos lair exposed. She wants to go mainstream cause no one will watch her anymore. She has to go…. She’s exposed. thanks Trump cause she is evil

  • Gracchi

    Going “mainstream?” She already has gone “mainstream.”

  • pattywack

    The GOP is not conservative not even close and the same goes for FOX. Looking for truthful reporting that’s a laugh when you see Karl Rove and Dana on so many segments. That station represents everything we are working against. It will get worse for them. I listened to o’Rileys clip yesterday about Ramos. He aptly described Kelly to a tee and I think a veiled criticism of journalists who become activists like MSNBC. The audience won’t go for it.

  • pattywack

    She wants to be like savannah. She really thinks a lot of herself. There will be a noise when she hits the bottom eventually.

  • Bitter Clinger

    I see a future on the Food channel.

  • Fred marino

    She should go I don’t watch her anymore, She showed what she really is a Viper. Fox would be better off with-out her around. This was not fair and Balance and Fox knows that. They were in on this and used her as a pawn.

  • Mike Foley

    But where will they find another dumb blond to replace her?

  • toc7

    I’ll be happy to see her go so I can go back to watching Fox News in the evening. Wish I got One America News Network

  • toc7

    I hope not too!!!

  • toc7

    Do you have the bible verse that says homosexuality is the sole barometer and indicator of God’s coming?

  • toc7

    Who said that about global warming? Fox or One America News?

  • Just Straight Shooting

    Good riddance to socialist rubbish is what I say!

  • Mista Chow

    She mess with the Donald, she lose all her viewers.

  • Mista Chow

    I would like to get my hands on Harris Faulkner as well.
    Oh, you meant hands-down.
    Mista Chow’s bad.

  • pgroup


  • Floyd Howard Jr

    Megan is not fair and balanced

  • pgroup

    It’s Matthew 24:15.

  • Stingo

    He “is” for what he thinks will sell now. What he was says much about who is. Well, that’s normally the case. For some reason this guy escapes that kind of scrutiny. And being in favor of single payer- outright government control of the healthcare system- makes him and his instincts completely untrustworthy.

  • lalameda

    Donald Trump has picked up right where Colbert left off. Wrecking ball ramming through the vast Right Wing Establishment. Look for him to mock Cruz and the Koch sponsored AntIranRally.

  • JMC

    Thank you for your service to this once great country. Let’s Make America Great Again! Got my weekly today call from the RNC and told them again No Money For RinoCrats!

  • JMC

    Good move. Cancelled my cable in Nov. of 2003. Haven’t missed it at all. For entertainment I go to music and documentaries on You Tube.

  • Amjean

    I am afraid that I do not. As a political junky, I visit a lot of
    sites and have no clue as to which one included that
    little tidbit.
    I do know that most of the postings on sites and also
    twitter have been negative against her. Fox has also
    taken a hit with many posting that they are not watching
    them any more.

  • Matty Q

    So she severely damages the Fox brand and now she is jumping ship? Stay classy, Kelly

  • MintyFresh

    Proverbs 21:19
    Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife.

    Proverbs 25:24
    Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.

  • Gilchrist

    How does CNN equate to “mainstream”? CNN is a broken brand that tried to lean left and lost. Now they are having Kelly join their ranks as “mainstream”. Let me clue you corporate media giants, the Left didn’t like her and now she lost Fox viewers. She is damaged goods. Maybe she can get a slot on “Democracy Now” for the next ten years decrying Trump and GMOs?

  • turnipweed

    She is too far Left for me. She tries to hide it, but she can’t help herself. I can no longer stand to watch her, she is forever tainted by the expose’ with Stern and her obvious Leftist views. Not only that, but she has the manners of a pig, constantly interrupting very nice and civilized people who deserve better.

  • Mad Hatter

    I don’t think NBC is going to pull the plug on Lester Holt. She’ll probably want a lot of sway if she goes to CNN, such as a title other than lead anchor. She’ll also want to get all the ‘big interviews’ along with writing and producing documentaries. Megyn’s success has gone to her head.

  • roastytoasty

    Reply 7 – Posted by: Blue-Z-Anna, 8/28/2015 2:13:46 (No. 10434843)

    While my own views are to the right of Machiavelli, I will crawl over hot coals and broken glass to poke both fingers in the eyes of all the RINOS and LIARS who posed as conservatives and did NOTHING to stop the current desecration of our Constitution and our beloved country.

    Donald loves this country and he is the very model of the brash, bold and FEARLESS AMERICAN Character who leads the industrial world and serves as the champion for this last bastion of LIBERTY.

    Screw the details.

  • jaquebauer

    Good Riddance. Her head got fat and she believed she was untouchable. She picked
    a Battle she could never win when she attacked Trump. Fox News will be better off without her.

  • MicahStone

    “She Wants to Go Mainstream”
    –since the Playboy Channel is off the air, that’s her best choice.

  • sparky5253

    How coincidental that this little tidbit of news suddenly comes out now. Bet Ailes is giving her a gentle push rather than see Fox ratings go into the toilet over the blonde bimbo.

  • SpeakerOfTruths

    MK is the type of woman that other women loath. I am repulsed by her post debate. Saw all I needed to see .

  • Teddi

    It was on my side…
    All is ok

  • Teddi

    Really ?
    A hole

  • carl goolsby

    I believe it is more about FOX bowing to RNC pressure to make Trump look bad so they could get rid of him!

  • Ann Jeffcoat

    Her brand has already been hurt. Not only did she hurt herself she hurt fox. I’m sure Bill is happy, ,she was getting close to his #1 spot.

  • That depends on if you’ve ever read Vattel’s The Law of Nations, from which the Founders used the phrase ‘natural-born’ for the two highest offices. Seeing as how Jindal’s parents were not citizens at the time of his birth, Jindal is a citizen, not natural-born and ineligible for the presidency. But since our lazy and incurious media did not thoroughly investigate Barry’s lack of being natural-born, as his father was a British subject, he, too is ineligible to be president.

    The first non-natural-born president we ever had was Chester A. Arthur. Arthur’s father was an Irish citizen at the time of his birth in the States, not becoming a citizen until Chester was 14-years-old. Arthur knew he was not natural-born, and had all his personal papers destroyed at the time of his death. There was a court case about Arthur’s natural-born status that became moot at Arthur’s death, so was never fully prosecuted.

    But you have to understand that citizen and natural-born citizen are two different things. If they are not, why would the Founders make the requirement for the presidency and vice-presidency to be natural-born? The Founders laid out in the Constitution three classes of citizenship: Natural-born, native-born and naturalized. They are all different categories of citizenship.

    Also, the reason for the natural-born requirement for the two highest offices is to prevent dual loyalties in those holding those offices. We see how dual loyalties is a problem with Barry.

  • americansforall

    while she was on vacation I posted that I thought she was using the ” time off ” to negot. with nBSc to perm. replace Lyin’ Brian on the evening news….anyone else think that this may be happ….??

  • americansforall

    think she may be shooting for William’s chair, curr. occupied by Lester Holt ( nice guy, have always liked his work on the weekends and on Discovery, but he’s prob. not who mgmt. has in mind to per. replace Brian W. ) the poss. of cross promotion on Today and the other prime time programming, inc. sports would appeal to someone with stars in their eyes….your thoughts..??

  • americansforall

    I despise nBSc, but I have always like Holt’s work, a solid broadcaster..throwback to
    the 50’s, 60’s…and I have heard he is a super guy….I think that they would really consider replacing him with Kelly….

  • pattywack

    A defector from FOX would demand a premium price and be very attractive to the MSM. She has no scruples so she should hunt for a new gig and spare us the pain of her voice.

  • democrat CockRoach

    Must be rough to find out you’re fired from Twitter and the conservative news blogs.

  • rabidfox2

    It appears that Ms Kelly was auditioning for CNN during her debate performance.

  • rabidfox2

    She hasn’t got the right kind of voice for QVC.

  • americansforall

    here is some motivation for her to leave….and go someplace where objectivity is a joke..

  • americansforall

    and motivation to head to nBSc..where objectivity is non existent …

  • Mad Hatter

    Since Lester has taken over the NBC Nightly News, their ratings have improved. I despise them as well, but they finally have someone who is a solid, reliable anchor.

  • americansforall

    I agree with your assessment of Holt….however having worked in media the solid reliable personalities within the network are usually taken for granted..which is foolish and wrong, but media mgmt. types are some of the most dysfunctional and short sighted in all of business…it’s all about the next biggest announcement..making a big splash..the newest, shiny thing….and don’t discount the sexual angle that these execs are foll either..

  • olddog

    Adios O’Kelly and take that egotistical O’Really with you..LSDnbc would be a GREAT FIT..”Forward” Comrades..

  • Jon

    Gabriel Sherman was also the guy telling the world back in June that Fox News was totally in the tank for Donald Trump prior to the first GOP debate. I’d probably wait for a couple of more outlets to report on this than just Sherman before I’d take his word here as Gospel.

  • olddog

    FOX RINO TV had best WAKE UP…Get rid of the RINOs and the TOKEN LIEberals..Hell, there’s 700 stations full of that CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

  • witnesstothecarnage

    Go ahead, Megyn…. hop into the cesspool. In seconds, you will be indistinguishable from all the other feces.

  • Dopey

    You can say the same thing about Bush and Clinton. Trump as a private citizen is allowed to have opinions on what he thinks will work.

    He was in favor of raising taxes on the rich as long as it was temporary, used to pay off the debt and accompanied by balanced budget legislation. At the time the debt was under 10 trillion. Now, he’s for lowering taxes and doesn’t dismiss the idea of a flat tax.

    You want to paint him as dishonest and untrustworthy but he’s done nothing in his private life to demonstrate those negative qualities. He’s a pragmatic person, some don’t like that word, but it’s a good thing for a president. Not ideological right or left while being honest and trustworthy, with a track record of success that has him regarded as one of the best business men in history.

    He says he’ll build a wall. I trust his word on that. He says he’ll disrupt the money isis is getting from the oil and he’ll isolate them. He needs to couple that with advice from the military leaders, but the idea is exactly what needs to happen. If isis doesn’t have money, they go away pretty quick.

    On trade, he’ll lower corporate taxes and negotiate from a stance of power and competence. He wrote the book on it. He’s not a protectionist, he’s just tired of seeing the US give everything away.

    The negatives you point out, Bush and Clinton have that in spades without being business geniuses who’ve amassed a ten billion dollar fortune.

    Nobody in their right mind would want to be president after Obama if their desire is to undo all the damage he’s done in the last 8 years. Only Clinton and Bush do, because like Boehner and McConnell they like the country club of DC and rolling around in donor and tax payer money.

    Trump knows Bush can’t change anything and Clinton won’t change anything. I think Trump is a good American who is going to do great things for his country. His past shows he’s that kind of guy.

  • showmanRR

    Sherman’s book title claims Fox News divided America. Hog wash. The left with it’s “take no prisoners” “our way or the highway” is who is dividing America. The silent majority has final woke up and aren’t taking it anymore.

    A good example of the intolerance of the left is a Lois Lerner e-mail recently uncovered. She said Lincoln was the worst president in U. S. history because he should have not fought a war to keep the south in the union. He should have let them go. This clearly shows how she finds the south and people who don’t agree with her leftest views to be vile and wishes they weren’t part of the country.

    As far as Megyn Kelly, she is getting the brunt of blame on the Trump bias in that debate. The reality is all three moderators were working together. They had their orders from the bosses at Fox. Everyone knows the donor class of the Republican party want one of the establishment candidates to get the nomination. They are terrified of Trump. The debate was designed to make Trump & other outsider candidates to look bad and for the establishment candidates to shine. But they really wanted to nail Trump.

  • Rachel

    Good! Don’t let the door hit you in the azz on your way out, Megyn Kelly…or Kelly Megyn…or whatever your name is. Megyn Fraud is more like it.

  • Rachel

    “More mainstream”…which means leaning further to the left.

  • Mercyneal

    Why would she go to a network and get fewer viewers? Fox is the most watched network.. It has become mainstream

  • terro9000

    She doesn’t want to get down in the weeds (AGAIN)too late, that’s a lie…Wants to go mainstream…sounds like a lie. The most crooked reporting from most outlets is stories about the media itself. Too funny.


    Bye Bi Bimbo!

    I’m sick of Faux News and even before this with Trump this wh0re was painful to watch. She is stupid and arrogant with her smug ignorant gibbering. Clearly she slept her way to the “top” cowgirl no doubt as Ailes would squish her otherwise. What a Wh0re…

    I’m sick of Faux’s constant RINOCRAT promotion with Karl Rove and his stupid white board. I’m sick of Krauthammer and his elitist leftist BS lying constantly: Guys Krotchhummer used to be Walter Mondale’s speech writer. Charles Krotchhummer is Faux’s pants leg obsessed David Books…

    I cancelled cable and use Apple TV now…$90 one time and can watch any show I want: free.

    I’m loving seeing Trump curb stomp Ailes too. The fat f’ck thinks he can control the narrative. Well at this point regardless of what the actual facts really are: one thing is for sure: the rest of the toadies “moderating” the next debate will think be thinking about this. Faux has seen its brand’s credibility shattered for attacking Trump and ambushing him in the debate. Their audience has turned against them and specifically the buffoons who led the charge. Their rising wh0re and most promoted media property is now seemingly out of a job and hopefully will end up with lying Bryan Williams now so the two of them can live out Ron Burgundy 3…

    Adios Chica!

    Trump 2016!!!

  • ipsprez

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if she went to CNN, never was a fan of hers. Always sounded like a closet Libtard to me.


    Hope she does Anchorman 3 with Lyin Bryan Williams…


    The bimbo has less credibility now than Lyin Bryan…

  • Shaygirl

    Entertainment tonight.


    Now Trump’s b slap tweet to Faux News makes more sense. Trump went after the unannounced vacation in a way that piqued my curiosity…He was mocking Ailes directly taunting him. Ailes may not have known because all Faux’s news readers fired back defending the Bimbo: now it’s clear that Trump made them all look like clueless chumps…

    Adios Chica! Hope the door hits yo Azz hard on the way out!

  • Shaygirl

    they don’t even call me anymore, I give them such an ear full

  • MessengerofDeath

    Your going to end up like paula zahn. She decided she would go over to CNN from Fox and was never heard from again.

  • Woudy Treez

    John Roberts still is pretending … as he votes left, right, left, left…. and makes his way to the cocktail circuit.


    I like the way Trump acts. You hit him he hits you back HARD. The message is clear: hit Trump you’re going to walk away with broken teeth and maybe lying on a stretcher.

    Trump 2016!!!

  • xsnake

    I expected that she would jump to one of the big three networks.

  • Ginny Fay

    I have watched Fox News from its beginning, some 15 years ago or so, and never did I ever have negative critique until the Fox Gop Debate. Simply inappropriate questions, mainly to my guy, Donald Trump. Megyan Kelly is an embarrassment and a stain on that network. I will not watch Fox again with one exception, which is Bill O’Reilly. Great guy, classy, and fair.

  • Aimee

    I’ve noticed that too, which is why I can’t understand how her ratings could be steady or even higher, unless a lot of liberals have now tuned in. It just doesn’t make any sense.

  • Fifty Ville

    By “mainstream”, she means go to work for Democrat propagandists and be the next Katie Couric.

  • JeannieMarie2

    Dana Perino isn’t capable of carrying a show. Catherine Herridge and Jennifer Griffin are real professionals…no nonsense and no bias.

  • Kray

    bye felicia!

  • CrustyOldGeezer


  • harriet

    well, I stopped watch her

    she has become very strident

  • belle

    MK or no MK. I am done with FNC.

  • Duezy


  • olddog there’s some BS/nbc “you can believe in” if you’re a (D)erelict Obagger (D)rone (D)em-wit…

  • DarthVaderMentor

    She can go for all I care. She is clearly a socialist plant inside Fox News and she took Ailes for a ride. I stopped watching her months ago.

  • Goose

    I thought this election was about America, Our Future… silly me

  • Goose

    Connie Chung called, she said “You Go Girl”
    I’m not sure what that means

  • MrSmarty

    Remember how she cozied up with Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz immediately after the debate? They had a little “girl talk” together about Trump. It looked like something on MSNBC. Just to see her photo makes me disgusted now. That woman is a sneaky snake.

  • witnesstothecarnage

    Yes. Yes, you are.

    And, you are not alone…

  • Getaclue

    At this point what difference does it make. .Fox and CNN are both MSM stations. .and neither of them support conservatives. Megyn Kelly is just one of many RINOs on Fox.

  • Mendel

    do you think he meant to say barrymeter? lol

  • Sparkle Plenty

    I would LOVE to see Laura Ingraham, I might actually tune in to see her.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    That’s spelled Dana PeRINO.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    Hawking jewelry, I could picture that.

  • FreeSpeech

    the nighttime slot for kelly really brought out her TRUE colors. What a shame. During the day show she had she was really quite good. Now, no, not good at all, such a pitty.

  • FreeSpeech

    Hannity is fantastic, UNTIL he puts them skank guests on, seems lately the ONLY guest he has that I can watch is the great one Mark Levin.

  • gsp9993

    She’s been Trumped and exposed as the hack she really is

  • gsp9993

    Lawyers don’t belong on tv. They are biased

  • gsp9993

    Nope, it’s all about Megan Kelly’s future. Think about how sick that is.

  • morecotwo

    Funny, but you allow them in your US Senate, almost every dam one of them!

  • morecotwo

    That is stupid, she is not a hack, political or otherwise. What a……@

  • Teddi

    Buh bye you dumb “Bimbo” bit ch Megyn…
    Trump wins, you lose.
    The End.

  • morecotwo

    Jealous much?

  • Teddi

    She will be bleeding all the way until the door hits her in the a$$ !

  • Teddi

    The debate was shocking. The post debate exposed her and Fox in a way that will hurt the whole network. Ailes knows it and they are in damage control…

  • morecotwo

    Maybe all drop dead beautiful women are Socialist. That’s just Nature. There is a reality most people can’t get close to. Will I vote for Trump? I will vote and I will not vote for a Demokkkrat ever. So I guess that leaves Trump or Bush. That is the bottom line. If you don’t vote, you vote for the Clintons period. DUH!

  • morecotwo

    Duh, if you really saw that, it’s just jealousy. Haha, I guess that is kind of what you said.

  • morecotwo

    FOX will survive it’s idiots.

  • morecotwo

    FOX will survive it’s idiots. I’m thinking of picking up 100 shares of FOXA Monday around 10:00 AM.

  • paulejb

    Is this a joke? Jumping to CNN is going mainstream? It’s more like going into the Witness Protection Program. She would never be seen again.

  • Teddi

    Me too – Laura would be a great pick !

  • Amjean

    I just remembered that I also read that they combined her ratings
    with Bill O’Reilly’s recently; don’t remember where or what the details
    are. That could be why the ratings look okay.

  • dr.liberty

    “Mainstream” is libtopia. There hasn’t been a mainstream TV news outlet since Kennedy. I guess she wants to work in a less “micro-aggressive” atmosphere where the truth is a lie and a lie is the truth.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Dash Riprock

    I dont think Bush will be a choice for you, he is going to be gone eventually as he goes win less from Primary to primary

  • Dash Riprock

    Yes he was live most of the time, now at 10 he is seldom on live. To me something about being taped I kind of see as a negative, perhaps it`s just me

  • Dash Riprock

    Dana Loesch yes good idea, but Ingraham had her chance, she has a nasty establishment thing going quite often, she also attacked Sarah Palin on a number of occasions, I did not appreciate that. She also was for Romney, yes she was

  • Dash Riprock



    I heard Bimbo Megyn Kelly would be joining Ashley Madison…after all on Howard Stern as she talked about her complete lack of morals and wh0rish course behavior shed be in a wonderland of lonely sausages over there!


    Communist News Network for da Bimbo dats a dream job. It was either that of Ashley Madison as a customer servicing agent I heard…;-)


    Short’em Dano!

  • Coloradogirl

    Ann Coulter would be great as well.

  • nadadhimmi

    CNN viewers hate her guys. Now, Fox viewers do too.

  • bworei

    “Mainstream”? You certainly have the resume for it, sweetheart! Get ready for in-the-toilet ratings if you go, though; in six months you’ll be begging to come back to Fox…..and those m0r0ns would welcome you back with open arms!

  • BurrRobson

    She needs to stand back for awhile and stop messing up interviews. I was watching then Ramos was lying about how he’d started his question when Trump called him out. I was shaking my head because it was so clearly false, but Megan just smiled and agreed with him. What the hell kind of journalism is that? CNN will ruin her career. If she’s bright at all she’ll cut the juvenile giggling, start focusing on news over politics and when things have cooled have a coffee with Trump. He’ll respond and she can go on. While she’s at it, she and Dana Perino can join some sort of group that helps out empty headed narcissists.

  • A_V

    Mark Levin is the greatest voice out there! Love Mark!

  • Duezy
  • dfw63

    Don’t be too quick, what if they replace Kelly with Shannon “Bright Eyes” Bream?
    That girl is a conservative, with an upper case C.
    Give her a show Fox, before OAN comes calling.

  • dfw63

    John “Benedict Arnold” Roberts?

  • dfw63

    I think you’re right.

  • Woudy Treez

    The Second.

  • dfw63

    Well if she attacked Sarah Palin, she should be …. forced to stay on radio.

  • pete parker

    the kicker for me was when she said she hadn’t had a vacation in 6 mo. ! Really Megan ? serious?
    What the efin hell do you think the rest of the world is doing poor baby?

  • Nate

    Mainstream? Isn’t she already on Fox News?

  • Nate

    Speaking of Megyn Kelly and a sneaky snake…..mine

  • Blargette

    Phew. I miss watching FOX News. Glad Hannity is on the radio. Wish Chris Wallace would hit the road too.

  • Nate

    By mainstream I guess that means she’s gonna start writing the letters column in Playboy? Or a permanent slot in Howard Stern’s show? No pun intended.

  • cargosquid

    From Fox to CNN….that’s like moving from Hollywood A-list to Podunk playhouse in terms of viewers.

  • Patty

    The best plans of the GOPe are all failing. – They’ve been out foxed by the Donald. And so has Fox news.

    Don’t ya just love it?

  • Eddie Lutz

    CNN isn’t more “mainstream” than Fox. But if she goes anywhere it will be RT with Larry King.

  • Eddie Lutz

    Most of the news networks were conservative once. It’s bait and switch. Like the spouse who used to be pretty, thin, and god-fearing but ten years into the marriage has morphed into an ugly, slovenly, atheist.

  • phah3shai

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  • cadgbd
  • Rob

    Google Megyn Kelly on Howard Stern, and listen to her talk openly talk about intimate details of her sex life on a national radio program. This is no conservative woman.

  • glenn47

    Her dirty question right out of the box was exactly what they tried to do to Gingrich, but they both got handed their rears.
    BTW, her self worth is highly over rated.

  • bob

    why would Kelly want to go from the highest rated cable network to the lowest rated cable network.

  • Robert

    We Won./ We Won. We finally are getting rid of this trash. It doesn’t matter tho because fox commie news will not change. But I’ll take her leaving as a win win.

  • LenInFlux

    I think CNN beats MSNBC, but that is a minor point.

    She has a prime time gig on the most successful cable network on the air…..she would be crazy to give that up to go to CNN or any other network (spare network TV and the job of anchoring one of the evening news shows).

  • Km

    They are putting on a good (show), meanwhile, the economy is tanking quick! Quit being distracted by these actors!

  • tanksbb

    What do they mean “going mainstream”………..are they trying to say FOX isn’t mainstream?

  • tanksbb

    Sure it is, they’re trying to hijack “alternative news” outlets by pretending they aren’t part of the msm.

  • Lee Jan

    All Megyn needs is a good supply of tampon earrings and she’s good to go……to CNN or MSNBC.

  • Lee Jan

    It wasn’t just Megyn, it was the entire threesome. Each one despicable in his/her own right.

  • honestAbesurd

    Everyone knows that when you have cancer you cut it out to save the body from death.

  • jd71

    If I was Megyn Kelly I wouldn’t have got on board with the GOP’s plan to destroy Trump. She should have been smart enough to realize that this could backfire and hurt her career and not agree to it. Very dumb.

  • AtomicMetroid

    Look at who her boyfriend is(NY’s Cuomo). Isn’t that all you need to know?
    and Trump did a commercial for Nitwityahoo. all US congress works for AIPAC
    It doesn’t matter who gets in there. The two-party system is a sham. Time for states to secede and create a new union.

  • Angry Grizzly

    Dana Loesh would be a great addition to Foxnews, Dana brings a very informed and patriotic opinion to the table. Perhaps it is Roger Ailes motives that we should be looking at, as it seems that he is a huge Bush supporter, and I think that Megan Kelly was only doing his bidding during the debate.

  • Ya Dig

    Mark Levin will take her spot.

  • wotan237 .

    Fix News was never an authentic conservative outfit. It is not conservative to be soft on immigration and it is not conservative to be so slavishly and lopsidedly loyal to a foreign power, Israel.

  • Savingstone

    if CoC Bush wins the nomination…I will not vote R….time to put an end to this once noble Frankenstein monster GOP

  • Savingstone

    liked her early on and books , but her freakish love for Romney and Christie…

  • Savingstone

    she is so condescending too…and from what high horse does she come down from exactly?… I see her brazenly babbling in debate on topics with experts with decades of more qualified experience as far as law

  • Shep Twelve

    I always have the ‘mute’ on when I watch her. She IS a Fox.

  • Yukon36

    Watch Lou Dobbs on Fox Business News. Will switch to watch Hannity but usually go back to Newsmax because the producers of Hannity bring in these God awful liberals that are Fox employed

  • SWohio

    Democrats used to be more conservative once upon a time too.

  • Teddi

    I don’t think Bret buys into that tangent they were on and another I like is Eric Bolling at 5pm – he gets why we need Trump…

  • socalbeachdude

    The complete and utter lack of professionalism of this woman is what is mind boggling.

  • socalbeachdude

    No more Clintons. No more Bushes. Donald Trump for President.

  • Big Mac

    Name one “drop dead beautiful woman” who’s a socialist? They’re all kennel rejects.
    The conservative women rock and always have. Stacy Dash? Tantaros? SE Cupp? Sandra Smith? The list goes on and on.

  • Luckygirl

    Love this!❤️

  • Herewe Goagain

    Going to CNN is the wrong direction. Their ratings are bad. Maybe one of the networks.

  • walcon

    Ha! I wish you all the best Meg- just stay away from news.

  • Kelly going to CNN will probably increase CNN’s viewing audience by about 5%. The dems do need at least one pretty female on their side.

  • Don Brumley

    Kelly goes I will go, surly Trump don,t have that much pull on fox!!

  • Stand With Ted

    Citation please? This sounds completely bogus. Ingraham had Coulter on her show following Romney’s loss and she really questioned Coulter’s dubious claim that Romney was a conservative candidate. Perhaps you are confusing Coulter and Ingraham. Ingraham is a red blooded, fearless conservative. Love her. Coulter on the other hand has gone off the deep end. Coulter talks a big game but consistently backs the RINO horses come election season.

  • Jon

    Gabriel Sherman is to the coverage of Fox News and Roger Ailes what Jorge Ramos is to the coverage of immigration reform. If you take Sherman’s writings or statements at face value you only have yourself to blame when it turns out to be his own wish-fulfillment fantasies with no connection to actual reality.

  • Kathy

    Megan Kelly should have been fired after the debate. She was rude, crude, darn right disrespectful and arrogant as hell. Fox does not need her….give her time slot to Harris Faulkner, she is terrific! Kelly belongs on MSNBC with the rest of their low-life journalists.

  • PatriotRob

    Megyn Kelly INITIALLY was very good on her new show. As time went by I noticed a growing chip on her shoulder to the point that she AMBUSHED Trump in that so-called debate (more a forum). Her question was uncalled for UNLESS she asked the same question to Bill Clinton whose past record warrants it. She was not fair & balanced in this regard and owes Trump an apology and also needs to shrink that CHIP a little bit!!!!

  • mickeefann

    I think Eric is too wishy-washy when trying to talk to Geraldo, or Williams. He let’s both of them talk over him and cut him off in the middle of his points. He doesn’t fight back enough.

  • mickeefann

    Megyn Kelly leans too far to the left on many issues. She has appeared to be conservative in name only. What she tried to do to Trump at the start of the debate revealed he true side. She, like so many other pundits on FNC, would like, for some unknown reason, to destroy Trump. Their tactics seem to not be working. The people appear to like, at least for now, the idea of a Trump presidency.

  • jamieobomber

    Kelly has that forceful urgent ‘OMG this is earth-shattering news’ voice that really works for her. It doesn’t mean she’s RIGHT though.

  • jamieobomber

    That’s why I watch her

  • RockfordJohn

    Dump juan williams.

  • CCinPoconos

    I see a few posts supporting her above that insists she is the best thing at Fox. Must be her family trying to spruce up support for her. Nothing like those that are blind that can not see what she did was WRONG!

    Glad she is going and I am glad I wrote to Fox and complained about her tactic during the debate being so Unprofessional. She make the debate look tacky and Tabloid in your face confrontational. Something like you would see with the day time sleaze talk show hosts.

  • CCinPoconos

    Maybe she did not give it up. Maybe she had no choice.

  • morecotwo

    I miss your reference but the original Hawaii Five O had the most class of any TV show I ever watched.

  • morecotwo

    We will vote Republican. And we vote.


    I was implying to short their stock. Thanks for the kind comment. 🙂

  • JmsA

    Dump Geraldo!

  • BG


  • actionjksn

    I don’t think it’s so much that news networks were conservative, I think it’s more like the democrat party, and the republican party were both far to the right of where they are now. I mean if you listen to JFK, he sounded like he was more conservative than some of the republicans of today. Democrats of today would hate someone who talked like Kennedy. Democrats today do not have a problem with communism, but Kennedy hated communism. Also Walter Cronkite was a known leftist. I also do think FOX has become infested with leftists. Megyn Kelly is only worried about becoming mainstream, integrity is not even on her radar.

  • TAK1

    Bret “raise your hand if” Baier? He buys it.

  • singer23

    I hope it’s not just a rumor! I do not watch Fox News from, 9 PM To 10 PM I can’t stand her! She thinks she will personally bring down Donald Trump! She has an ego as large as Reilly and Trump!

  • ComTech121

    Megyn Kelly is a fake classless “journalist” that only reports on news with no merit, like the non-existent “war on women” for example. If she leaves Fox News, so be it. Her departure will actually be an improvement to the current environment over at Fox News, anyway, as it will mean having one less interruptive obnoxious loud mouth who thinks that they know everything. Fox News would actually be a lot better if other “reporters” or “analysts” like O’Reilly, Hannity, and Geraldo moved elsewhere, too. In summary, Kelly will be yesterday’s news if she moves to CNN. I hope she does.

  • Glenn Makin

    I haven’t watched Fox since the debate and wont watch it. OAN is the conservative network.

  • Praxeology

    Megyn Kelly exhibited everything Americans hate about the media and politics and have been saying about the main stream media for years. They believe they are the judge, jury, and executioners of the candidates, and she elevated herself above the candidates and made herself part of the story. She will fit right in over at one of the other networks. She should get an 11:30-12:00 am Saturday morning time slot, directly counter to the cartoons and infomercials for cutlery and exercise programs.