Biggest Debate Loser=> FOX News… Twitter Rips FOX and Megyn Kelly …Update: Liberal Media Praises FOX for Attacks on GOP

The start of the debate was complete chaos.
It was so unorganized and uncomfortable. It was embarrassing.

fox debate staff

Then the FOX hosts ruined it with their gotcha questions and obvious bias.
This was a big fail for FOX News.

Glenn Reynolds agrees:

GOP PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE LOSER? FOX NEWS: I was particularly disappointed with the ridiculous “gotcha!” questions posed by Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace. Can Fox News please focus on the issues and not try to play favorites?

What a sad display.
Megyn Kelly got pummeled on Twitter:

UPDATE: If there’s any doubt that Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier and FOX News missed the mark – The New York Times praised FOX moderators for relentless attacks on Trump and the GOP candidates.
Shame on you, FOX!

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  • Patty

    Kelly and Brit Hume think that Trump was saying the audience doesn’t
    like him when it was them that didn’t like him. The three of them are who
    Trump was referring too. wow, they do love to hate Trump on Fox.

  • Teddi

    Kelly and Fox were in the bag for the RINO’s…
    Trump won on Drudge by over 30%
    People see through the fox bias

  • cavt

    Absolutely agree–what a horrible, childish way to start a serious debate. Idiots incl Lunds group–let’s see, if Boehner or McConnell were running and got the nomination we should automatically vote for them just because they are repubs??? Ugh–

  • pattywack

    the worst spectacle of bias and a hit job as I have ever seen. They just had Debbie Wasserman to praise megyn and talk misogyny. Do you think this was worked out before hand. FOX is totally gone low ball trying to discredit trump. It was so obvious it will work in reverse. Sickening FOX………

  • Anonymous isn’t Anonymous

    Megyn is finished, as is Faux News. Both have made the transition to full libtard.

  • Patty

    They say the candidates were studying up on the debate. Well, it is obvious to me that their was little of that by Kelly, Chris and Bret.

    They better hit the books before Feb. as that will be another debate and take the bias out of it.

  • HARP2

    Kelly will lose when her ratings tank.

  • cavt

    Now the idiots at Fox put on Wasserman et al(whatever her name is) to critique the candidates–what is this MSNBC— Have no idea what she said–have switched over to Big Brother which is probably more truthful. If someone is up to it, do a post of what this woman said–

  • belief101

    Those were extremely tough but I think fair questions. I do think out of the gate you targeted Trump. Trump is not necessarily my first choice but singling him out at the very beginning was somewhat unfair and tacky. I could have lived with the third party question but to rub salt in the wound with Megyns question was overkill. The female question would have been better inside the debate, not out the gate.

  • renee52

    Who did Megan Kelly have as her last guest on her program following the debates? None other than Debbie Wasserman Shultz head of the DNC who praised her to high heaven for a job well done! Of course she would praise Megan! She could have worked for MSNBC the way she went after especially Trump! The question about who on the panel thinks God has sent them a message was down right snarky and uncalled for! Worst debate I’ve ever seen! Just downright distasteful and disgusting and shameful! I no longer am a fan of Megan Kelly and no longer will watch her show!

  • solomama

    I have to say I was really disappointed with the questions in the “big debate”. So biased and gotcha. At least they have their headlines for the morning broadcast! BTW, not gonna be watching

  • Rose


    I’ve seen them BRAG that they had more Left-Leaning stories BY STATISTICAL COUNT than they had Right-Leaning stories.

    They are a disgrace to this Nation and This Constitution of the United States of America.

  • Rose

    How else did they have Debbie Does Stalin on the air to discuss the slams except by having it worked out beforehand.

  • Patty

    Donald Trump 38.85% (2,688 votes)

    Ben Carson 17.11% (1,184 votes)

    Ted Cruz 13.82% (956 votes)

    Marco Rubio 8.66% (599 votes)
    John Kasich 6.56% (454 votes)

    so, in the bigger picture Trump won in all the polls I have seen.

  • silkay

    That was the ugliest moderating panel I have ever seen. Total sellouts and snobs. I no longer respect any of them – especially Megan Kelly. Absolutely shameful.

  • Patty

    BUSH 2.64% (4,158 votes)

    CARSON 10.25% (16,130 votes)

    CHRISTIE 1.43% (2,255 votes)

    CRUZ 15.29% (24,061 votes)

    HUCKABEE 3.38% (5,327 votes)

    KASICH 5% (7,863 votes)

    PAUL 10.19% (16,041 votes)

    RUBIO 9.56% (15,049 votes)

    TRUMP 37.37% (58,812 votes)

    WALKER 4.89% (7,692 votes)

    Total Votes: 157,388

    TRUMP 37.37% (58,812 votes)

  • Bklynnygirl

    Last night Megyn played devil’s advocate with Ann Coulter and gave illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas a complete free pass.
    I’m getting sick of Fox.

  • Patty

    Fox news was so contentious with Donald Trump’s past. I think his deal is to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

    Concentrate on that, America!! We are losing Economically. And Fox News should too. 18 Trillion is debt.

  • Rose

    Long ago. Yes they did.

  • Barry52

    Of course it was worked out and look how conveniently Frank Luntz and his so-called “focus” group mirrored Kelly. Couldn’t that bunch of idiots figure out it was a FOX hit job on Trump?

  • OverTheEdge789

    This kind of hit job by Fox News would work better with low-information voters… but the people watching tonight were not low-info voters for the most part.

  • Rose

    Don’t you know they are burning tonight over the Drudge Report numbers?

  • Patty
  • NeoKong

    Hey Megyn Kelly. Your $100 is on the night table.

  • antilawyer

    I have no idea what came over Fox and crew! Led by Megyn Kelly and her spiteful attack on Trump, they ruined the debate for me. I was looking forward to hearing from each of these candidates yet the unfair and completely biased attack on Trump prevented that from happening. Fox, and particularly Kelly lost me as a fan tonight.

  • pj4me

    Yeah, that wasn’t right. We were HOPING for QUESTIONS about the ISSUES. DUH!!! Not trying to pit one against the other, and when you didn’t get the response you wanted, you kept trying. That was UNFAIR! SHAME ON YOU FOX!!! SHAME ON THE MODERATORS! And I’m a big Fox fan. Didn’t like the SETUP they did tonight. I REALLY was looking forward to hearing the candidates on the REAL issues that America is facing today!!!

  • Valerie

    I thought the questions were great–pointed and researched, pulling out the history of the candidates, and putting them on the spot. And the candidates handled them well.

  • pj4me

    YEAH! What’s the Wasserman doing on with Megyn? We KNEW what she would say!!

  • Alicia McHugh

    Sums it all up perfectly. Her owners pay her well to do their bidding.

  • Robert A

    Gonna start boycotting Megyn Kelly tomorrow. She belongs on MSNBC

  • mdksgk

    Wallace and Kelly belong in the Crowley garbage bin

  • mdksgk

    Rush predicted the destruction of Trump by the Fox panel.

  • tomhayward

    Kelly has ALWAYS been a jerk. Say anything negative about a woman, or comment on women, and she flares up. She’s super sensitive. I never got the whole bit of everyone falling in love with her, I didn’t care for her from the start, still don’t. And Wallace has always been a smirking little wimp.

  • Patty
  • Patty
  • missbutterfly

    I agree with the Luntz group that Cruz and Huckabee did well, but it was an obvious hit job on Trump from the very start, especially from Megyn Kelly. When she brought on Debbie W. Schultz, I had to turn the TV to another channel.
    Megyn Kelly shouldn’t do another debate, she’s not up to it. Saying all those silly things early on, then saying how ‘awkward’ everything was, well, she was the one that made things awkward. Bret Baier did okay, just read the questions.

  • tommy mc donnell

    yes it is a really good idea to go against your audience. maybe she is bucking for a job at cnn.

  • missbutterfly

    I agree, Trump meant that the FOXNews panel didn’t like him, not the audience.

  • Donna

    fox who never heard of them

  • Ace

    Conservatives were the losers. The GOP took a dump on all of you tonight. The lefties are squealing in delight.
    You get Bush/Rubio. How long will you keep enabling them?

  • They omitted Trumps photo. The big mass-media is shameful!

  • frozeninbemidji

    It was pretty obvious that the Fox people had their marching orders and they followed them.

    Very poor showing for them.

  • Patty

    thanks because I was flabbergasted by their lie!!

  • Donna

    and fox too

  • fbrossco

    Who would ever guess Megan Kelly would try to Bash Donald Trump from the first Question. Is she a RINO? I have lost all respect for Megan Kelly..

  • Donna


    they were bought off $$

    they are only worth small change

  • Patty

    That is right, the evil bias numbskulls.

  • Donna

    they were bought off for $29.95

  • Dopey

    She reminded me of Katie Couric.

  • Okeydoker

    Worthless kelly woman. Why is this overrated hag on the tV? What a stupid, biased POS. same with the inanae moronic Waalace. What jerks. Maybe people are right about fox news.

  • Okeydoker

    Notice how frank kluntz looks like a troll?

  • Dopey

    The whole thing was a train wreck.

  • CapitalG

    Might be time to cut the biased bundled cable cord. I expected more from a FOX News debate.

  • Dopey

    On the Michael Brown show 630 KHOW, he broke down the number of minutes each candidate got to speak and it was far from even. Off the top of my head:

    Trump: 10:30
    Bush: 9 or 10
    It dropped to about 7 for:
    Huckabee and Carson I think.

    Rand Paul dead last with just a little over 4 minutes.

  • tommy mc donnell

    did fox news ask any questions about the irs, Benghazi, unemployment, the left’s colonization of the united states, the economy, the debt, the republican party’s betrayal of their constituents or was it all about something trump said years ago on some stupid reality show?

  • Gordon Burrows

    I have been a Fox fan up to now, however: Tonight’ s “performance” at the 1st debate was a Fox disgrace led by Megyn Kelly. I am considering if her show will be welcome in my home anymore……
    Donald Trump should have walked off stage on the 1st question. The questions to Donald re bankruptcy etc showed a total lack of understanding, in the area of business, on the part of the hosts. The woman stuff was a bad joke as well…… I had much higher expectations of Chris and Brett, very disappointing fellows.. An organized hatchet job on the leading candidate. All this from one who is not even a “Donald” fan.
    The other candidates, except Paul and Christie had reasoned answers to questions and are to be congratulated. I wonder what their opinion on the handling of the event is. Just sayin…..

  • Dopey

    For some reason in recent years the moderators really want to be a part of the debate. They need to simplify this and stop trying to re-invent the debate format. They should just ask the questions to give each candidate a premise to begin with and let them talk for a couple minutes without being interrupted.

  • tommy mc donnell

    your right that is exactly what that was from Kelly, a spiteful attack, not a question.

  • Dopey

    And they will.

  • Dopey

    I was listening on the radio and did think he was referring to the audience. He was talking to the audience about the panel. Thanks.

  • Dopey

    The moderators approach these things like it’s a big night for them. Why are the talking heads, heads always so inflated?

  • ChillyinAlaska

    Fox exposes themselves as being bought and paid for propagandists, no better than the other networks. They changed and moved left when they ran Beck off because he was exposing the commies and muslims who have infiltrated and are changing our government.

  • mg4us

    Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace are loser. . .trying to focus on gotcha questions and a candidates weak point rather than issues of what is most important to America.

    The bias was so bad when they kept barraging Trump. . .especially Chris on the bankruptcy issue.
    Trump should have responded that GM went Bankrupt as did ALL the major Airlines. .Chrysler too. . but they are all still in business. .
    It is the bankruptcy of Crony Capitalism like Solindra. . where TAXPAYER funds were used were bad.

    And Megyn on the women issue. .give me a break. .please keep V’s and other private parts out of the election. . .

    And let’s ask ourselves how did these two rise at Fox. .
    Chris was due to daddy. . . no wonder he is in Jeb Bushes camp

    And Megyn. . how DID you CLIMB THE LADDER? hmmmm How did you displace Hannity?

    Megyn/Chris. . .Trump earned his success. . and built businesses and employed people. .
    What have you two talking heads done to better our country?

    Never heard you interview Obama and ask a tough question like What are your accomplishments?
    How will they help you govern?
    What are the three most important issues facing our country?

    No wonder the US is $18T . . that is Trillion!!!!. . .in known debt. .more in unfunded liabilities not recorded like pension payouts. .

  • mg4us

    Fox moderators patting themselves on the back while rest of us are laughing at them for the losers they are. .Elitist losers! MSM!!!

    Fox is in with CNN and others

    I hope Trump has his team dig up dirt on Megyn and Chris for all to see. . .
    Wouldn’t it be funny if Chris had money problems that Daddy Wallace bailed him out of. .
    And that Megyn rolled around a bit too much?

    LOL the joke would be on them. . .

  • sirelancelot

    Here is the perfect switch Taper to Fox and Wallace to CNN. As for Kelly, if you watch her show there is no real surprise. Fox News is about to lose a major part of it’s audience.

  • NV

    Biased debate…biased questions. Left little doubt that Fox wants Bush as the nominee. I’m very disappointed in Fox after tonight’s debate and in the so-called moderators. The questions were more personal attacks than getting to the real issues.

  • mg4us

    Megyn Kelly started with, this, “you said you want women on their knees” or some trashy question like that.
    Right on Patty. How does this affect the issues of our country?
    How does that prevent Iran from getting Nukes.

    Trump should have told the audience that coming from NY, he will borrow a line from SNL (Saturday Night Live) and modify it to answer Megyn:

    Megyn you ignorant slut. . . you have no clue what the major issues are that affect WOMEN as well as Men. .Issues that affect all mother’s and their heartfelt concern for their children and their children’s children. Fathers too!. . . Maybe you should go back to journalism school!!!

  • CommonCents

    Fat candy crowley would have been about the same as megyn kelly!!! Did Fat Candy go on the biggest loser then get a blonde makeover????

  • mg4us

    I was shocked too Donald!!! I thought Rosie was a man?

    Since Obama became president and relaxed the rules, I don’t know who are what and if any are transgendered?

    Onte thing we do know was that Megyn acted like a d!ck tonight!!!! So does that make her one of the guys?

  • CommonCents

    I’m never watching Megyn Kelly show again. I already don’t watch Shep & OReilly, rarely Chris hack Wallace.

    It’s time for conservative media to raise money and buy PMSNBC and have a real TV network alternative for conservatives and libertarians.

  • mg4us

    Hey. .I am a Cecil the Lion lover. .
    and A lover of all animals . . .
    and I object to demeaning pigs and dogs like that! LMAO!!!

  • mg4us

    The 5 pm moderators were much better!!

  • mg4us

    An MSM elitist! Wallace too. .Daddy Wallace got him the job. . Chris couldn’t do it on his own. . LOL

  • dkag7

    Horrible, and RINO pushers.

  • Roguewave1

    The hosts did an excellent job of pinning Trump down on issues Republicans care about starting with “Are you really a Republican and will you support the Republican candidate rather than torpedo him/her.” Bromides are his campaign promises. Nothing concrete except the asinine promise to make Mexico pay for a wall. People are too prone to go to a shaman in a storm.

    I tend to emphasize character for choices of leaders as a deciding factor. Chose a Choom Gang leader with an expunged history and you get what we got now. A disaster. Trump’s character is horrible. He would cheat his mother for an advantage. He used the State of New Jersey to steal private property through eminent domain to deal to himself for a stinking casino which went bankrupt. That is the symbol of his life’s effort. Just last week when criticized by an opponent, how did he respond? In an act of gross pettiness he publicly announced the man’s cellphone number. Given the full powers of the presidency, what manner of excess and pettiness would he bring on the heads of opponents? The man has no honor, just bluster.

    Never trust anything that comes from a mouth like an anus.

  • mg4us

    When Megyn asked this question I thought she was referring to Bill Clinton!!!

    Maybe this should be a question for Hillary!!!

  • Daryl

    Boycott Fox News, they deserve it. I watch OAN now.

    One America News (OAN) is a new conservative news channel, everyone check it out. I’ve been watching them for about six months now. Definitely a good alternative to Fox.

  • meangirl

    One more reason to like Trump. He knows the media and is not afraid of them. No apologies, he doubles down every time.

  • Mawgscousin

    I puked when I saw that. I had turned off Fox right after she interviewed Brit Hume and put it back on at 11PM to see her still on and intrrviewing Wasserman Shultz. Who cares what she thinks?

  • SantorumsNose

    There were things i really wanted to hear about. Like Trumps view on H1B visas. All ruined because kelly had to act like a teenager who was dumped on prom night.

  • Mawgscousin

    Exactly. I understood that. They spun that one.

  • BS61

    Thanks Patty – I didn’t see this clip of miss elitist media!

  • Mawgscousin

    Drudge should show her ratings pre debates and then post debates after. Her show has around 3 million viewers. I bet she loses half a million easily. And Hannity will pick up viewers.

  • Mawgscousin

    You can count on dirt like that coming out in the weeks and months ahead and it will be salacious.

  • SeeTheLight

    How chicken of Fox News to start the whole “show” off by asking for Trump’s commitment to the GOP under the pretext of conducting a debate! I knew ahead of time that Fox News would try to copy the wacko Minnesota dentist who tricked Cecil the lion into leaving the park, cordoned it and then massacred it! Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace made it very clear that they wanted Trump’s head!!! Luckily Trump was able to handle the huntress!!!

    Trump – 2016
    Make America Great Again!

  • Mawgscousin

    And her ratings will tank. Might have to put Hannity back at 9PM

  • Mawgscousin

    Chetry defected there and now she isn’t even in a news station. Camerota is barely hanging on. If Kelly blows it at Fox, she will be second fiddle at any other network.

  • Mawgscousin

    Yes!!!,! Absolutely!

  • SeeTheLight

    Shoot, all you have left is Geraldo & Juan Williams!!!

  • SeeTheLight

    You want to hear a good beat-down??? – – – Tune into Michael Savage tomorrow…it should be one of his better shows!

  • Kregg Eason

    Megyn Kelly knows all about getting on her knees !

  • Kregg Eason

    and she sucks hard !

  • Donna Zitur

    I was really disappointed in the debate tonight. To me it was not a debate it was a attack, Megan was embarrassing she showed her a$$ . Trump was treated unfairly and as a Fox news viewer I am not sure what to think about if I should stop watching Fox. They were so unprofessional like they the anchors were there for their 15 minutes of fame. You did a mistake the way you handled this debate. You tried to cause fights and you were cruel with your cutting remarks. Next time keep Megan out and Chris Matthews too. Hannity would be better than any of the 3. The next debate should be done by anchors who aren’t doing a job interview. Very disappointed in Fox this time.

  • ComTech121

    This was the worst “debate” that I’ve seen in years. Candy Crowley would be proud of Kelly and Wallace and I bet she’d even offer to take them out to lunch tomorrow just for their “efforts.” I’d be surprised if a station like Fox News would even agree with everything that shills like Kelly or Wallace even spoke of during tonight’s so called “debate.” After all, Fox News has always leaned right, and tonight’s debate performance by the moderators was surprisingly anything but that. Watching Christie and Paul go at each other over petty issues was like watching a bad drama. Christie has always been a big bully as it is (and it really showed here), but Paul looked like a wimp going after him.

    They shoved everyone aside except Bush (who at one point, despite the behavior of the moderators, appeared to be their poster boy), Cruz, maybe occasionally Walker and Trump, but oh did they try their best to humiliate Trump….to their ultimate fail. The Donald didn’t take any crap before, and he didn’t seem to take any of it tonight. He did well considering the circumstances and pushed back at the egotistical Kelly with ease. Wallace has always been an embarrassment of a “journalist,” and Bill Clinton was right to lay into him years ago when he sat down for an interview with Wallace, only for it to escalate into a bash fest on his presidency. Perhaps Kelly would work better with journalistic hacks like Maddow and Matthews over at MSNBC, since they are anything but professional as well. Very disappointed with the moderators and with this so called “debate.” Way to blow what could have been a decent debate Fox News. “Fair and Balanced” huh? More like “Slanted and Bigoted.” FAIL. Kelly and Wallace should NEVER host another debate EVER again.

  • Robthe1st

    I’ll bet those are democrats voting for Trump.

  • Papouli

    Megyn’s accomplishments. Oh, blonde bombshell, quick on her feet, t & a zz show every day – like someone said, Men can tune in and get their thrills with her skimpy clothing and can say ‘I watched the news.’

    Her injecting SEX into the debate was so sleazy I was stunned. She implanted the vision of HER on her knees in the boardroom. But really, the whole night she was screaming “Look at Me! Look at ME! I’m the best!’

  • Papouli

    Immediately after MK said that knees junk, I had a vision of her on her knees in a boardroom (and NOT the Donald’s!). Whenever I hear her name or see her picture, that’s what I’ll think of first, Megyn ‘knees’ Kelly.

  • Papouli

    It was their ‘Coming Out Party’ tonight.

  • Stinky Lebinowitz

    Megan Kelly showed tonight that she has the integrity of a street walker. Wait a minute…… hang on….. on second thought a street walker has more integrity than Megan Kelly as a street walker doesn’t pretend to be something she isn’t.

  • Papouli

    This afternoon I felt like I had to pray RIGHT NOW. It was to pray for Trump going into the lion’s den. I’m glad I stopped what I was doing and prayed for him. The whole FAUX group was involved in the plot to overthrow Trump, from the moderators, to Wasserman S. afterwards (came to pat MK for a job well done), but, in truth, it was worse than a failure for MK and FAUX.!

    The Luntz focus group had their talking points down, all I heard before I made it to the remote to switch it OFF was people saying how awful Trump is. Disgusting. What drivel ! But he made it through, even when they double teamed him, focusing in trying to really make him angry. Ambush attack.

  • geriwithag

    So much for thinking FOX could do a better job moderating a debate. This was nothing more than trying to stir up headlines by goading the participants into saying something that could end their candidacy instead of a serious attempt to find the person to lead us out of the mess we are in. The only winners here were Cruz and Carson who managed to stay classy and on message in the chaos of this rather pathetic spectacle. I’ve really backed off from watching FOX as they disappoint day after day, but tonight was the worst.

  • Papouli

    Fox hates us as much as they hate Trump. He’s representing the middle class of our country, who are floundering with all the legal foreigners (by obama’s rules), illegals, no jobs, etc.

    Fox hates its core audience. I hope they fail. They aren’t worth saving now. Time has come for new media, period!

  • Papouli

    MK was very excited with the part she was given to ‘play’. It wasn’t just orders from the top. Her heart was really into the destruction of Donald Trump, rich, plain-speaking businessman.

  • Papouli

    Candy looked like she’d had extensive plastic surgery right before her moderator job where she picked Obama as the winner. So she’s had the makeover. The rest, I have no idea. Blonde? O’Reilly once said it costs $800 a month for each of those blondes to keep up their dyed hair. That’s why there are so many blondes at Fox, he said, because they are Aggressive and Career Driven. His excuse for having so many beauty queen contestant-look-alikes on his panels. $800 a MONTH??

  • Papouli

    Shussssh! No one’s supposed to know.

  • JPeden

    Quite a strange contrast with the 1st debate which was played much more straight. Kelly setting the tone by asking a question we all already knew the answer to in order to “freeze, isolate, and disparage” Trump was flat out biased

  • JPeden

    flat out “progressive” [can’t edit the above] h/t a commenter who noticed the tactic as Alinsky’s

  • Eagle Soaring

    ANY time that I’ve watched Fox and they cut away to one of Luntz’s lame focus groups, they’ve had an utterly uncanny 100% rate of being perfectly in line with whatever talking point that the Fox host was peddling.

    Gee, what are the odds of a 100% “we agree with you” rate?
    I’ll tell you — the odds are 100% the group is rigged.

  • ammeymortin
  • Goose

    Good Morning, Foxbots – did you sleep well?
    some of us have known for years what y’all just discovered.

  • MyRightPenguin

    Good point, first it was the print media that lost influence, now it is the cable news networks as people use the internet and social media more. Of course the establishment is trying to clamp down on that now with net neutrality and laws dressed up as in the best interests of anti-terrorism.

  • gsp9993

    Ms. Kelly is too big for her own good. She too will fail. No humility and it shows.

  • gsp9993

    This was not a debate but a cross examination.

  • gsp9993

    She is truly overrated. Just another arrogant lawyer trying to push herself. I quite watching fox when she was given her throne.

  • gsp9993

    Levin will be tough too.

  • gsp9993

    Bet Priebus was behind that question.

  • JTku

    Nonsense. The debate format and questions were great. The question as to a 3rd party candidacy was a perfect way to begin the debate.

  • Rufus

    Kelly just proved that she is, in fact, a bimbo.

  • Frank Luntz’ “focus groups” are as real as his “hair”

  • texasranger

    Fox Was Punching Trump Below The Belt and It Was A Setup.!

    The Fox News Republican Primary Debate of Aug-06-2015

    Drudgereport com Poll shows….

    Trump Wins Debate at Over 50% with 180,000 Votes so far.

    Donald Trump and The American People Win.!

    In 2016 Vote to Make America Great Again.!

    Megyn Kelly was the LOSER last night, she showed her true self and alienated a lot of people.

    Social media is calling Kelly the “Candy Crawley” of Fox News

    And – Truckers For Trump Thinks Trump Will Put What He Is Saying Into Action.!

    You just have to hear this guy.!

    Truckers For Trump

  • mb

    Since new ownership at Fox ( Muzzie owner ) there has been change in attitude with some lead hosts, most notably Ms. Kelly. She is bright, quick and good looking but now has taken to rude behavior. She was rude to Ted Cruz a few nights ago, now the attack on Trump and a few others. What’s next for Megan, a burka?
    I don’t even like Trump, but her behavior was more Rachel Maddow’s style.

  • John Baker

    Fox sucks bath water. They’re obviously for Jeb which makes them just as bad as the leftist media organizations.

  • Calamity Jane

    “……it should be one of his better shows!”

    If he doesn’t have a “good” pasta recipe to talk about! 😉

  • Calamity Jane

    Levin should be insightful and informative as usual…..Let’s hope he doesn’t “blow a gasket”, though!

  • Bob Bush

    The biggest loser was Megyn Kelly. Second biggest loser Chris Wallace.

  • Guy Bee

    Sorry gang – do you think the Dims will play nicer than Fox did? Fox did the GOP a favor – they got the Dims questions out on the table. BRAVO – Trump handled the questions well, as did the others. It was a good start. Blaming FOX for being honest and forthright is ridiculous.

  • dging

    Wow, I’m shocked that so many people are upset that Kelly asked that question. I can’t understand why. It was a fair question for two reasons. First, if a presidential candidate makes a habit of calling other people names (and let’s admit it, he does it on a regular basis), He has to expect to be called out on it. How could he not be? Two, if he were to become the Rep nominee, he would certainly be asked a similar question in a debate with the Dem nominee.I’m glad she asked the question. And I was very interested in the answer.

  • Steven DePriest

    Why did Fox ask so many gotcha questions? I find it hard to believe that there wasn’t more time spent on the problems our country faces. Who cares if Trump’s casinos have filed bankruptcy 4 times. Does he want America to be a better place than it is now? How will he get it there? How he will handle the Iran Nuke deal? How will he “make” Mexico pay for the wall?

    Why not ask them about the problems with the current Congress leadership not fulfilling their promises? Why not more questions about unemployment, our infrastructure, race relations, or changing the tax code?

    This WASN’T a debate.

    Very disappointed

  • votemout2010

    Fox gave More time to the RINO’s Kasish, Christie, Bush. CRUZ and Paul hardly got a question. I wish Heritage Foundation would have a Real Debate with just Conservatives CRUZ, Paul, Walker, Carly and Carson so we could really get some info not this BS!

  • MC Slammer

    Yeah, never go full libtard.

    Fox is 100% GOPe. They love amnesty, big government and not rocking the boat. They have a few conservative comentator tokens, but generally there are far more Shep (the Newsdouche™) Smith than they are Sean Hannity.

  • SineWaveII

    megyn kelly as joined candy crowley in debate infamy as far as I’m concerned. She should be suspended from fox news for a month for her performance.

  • pajamakat

    I do believe Megyn was praising Shillery last week. Her PERSONAL question to Trump did not belong in the debate. . You lost me Megyn. I hear there’s a few openings over at MSNBC.

  • MC Slammer

    Top 10 questions that time constraints prevented from being asked in the debate:

    10. Donald Trump – do you still want to literally death-rape every single woman on Earth? How many have your death-raped so far, 100, 1000? Why or why not?

    9. Scott Walker – a guy was murdered in Milwaukee on June 9, 1978. Where exactly were you that day and please provide detailed proof.

    8. Mike Huckabee – you are a Christian minister, meaning you are a religious man. ISIS is an organization motivated by a religion. Why do you endorse decapitation and child rape and will those be official policies under a Mike Huckabee administration?

    7. Rand Paul – You are an MD. MD’s in medical school dissect cadavers. Why do you condemn Planned Parenthood for dissecting cadavers when you did the EXACT same thing, you hypocrite?

    6. Ted Cruz – Mitch McConnell is a god among us and our only hope for the future. You’re scum. There is no question. Let’s move on.

    5. Jeb Bush – You’re just adorable. Yes you are! Such a little cutie with your little suit and tie, you sure are! Can I squeeze your cheek you adorable thing?

    4. Marco Rubio – Allegations have been made that you’re not a real Hispanic. Please prove your ethnicity by fighting this bull while making salsa, wearing a sombrero and singing the national anthem of El Salvador in Spanish.

  • MC Slammer

    No, more like ABCCBSNBC…where the real money is. She’ll never be an A list celebrity why still at Fox, and she knows it.

  • MoDeVille

    VERY disappointed last night with the “three.” Especially Megyn Kelly. It looked and sounded like amateur hour with them. The early attack on Trump only makes me want him more. Ben Carson is awesome too. So is Ted Cruz. Baier, Kelly, and Wallace…..duds.

  • MoDeVille

    So does the president. Which is not my president, ever.

  • Nick


  • ChicagoPatriot

    Horrible stewardship of the debate. It’s not about the moderators and I don’t care what one candidate thinks about what the other said about such-and-such.

    I want to know what the candidate is going to do to about creating jobs, lowering the debt, stop the grip crony-capitalism has on our economy and keep America safe against those bent on killing us.

    The gotcha questions were disgusting.

    All the start-up banter by the moderators was wasted time that would of been better used for the candidates to answer questions.

    Fox is going down the tubes and looking like a bunch of fraternity dolts.

  • dave0987

    Not the first time she’s pulled leftist crap either, but the Fox News has been going way left in recent years.

  • Bitter Clinger

    I think Megyn Kelly took her questions from Debbie Was-a-man Shultz.

  • dave0987

    Agreed, and good reminder and comparison.

  • dave0987

    Yep, we’re reminded of how in the tank they are for Jebarico everytime they have Karl the traitor Rove on there.

  • John D

    Kelly and Little Debbie. Two of a kind.

  • subyz

    I was surprised to see that compatible duo commiserating over the plight of women. Buck up or bow out!

  • mg4us

    Exactly Rose. . .
    Heads are exploding. .
    All the make-up in the world cannot remove Megyn’s vitriol look to take down Trump
    Or Wallace’s Nasty boy effect.

    Watch their prime time ratings drop.

  • subyz

    I agree. I wasn’t a Trump fan going in but when I saw that Fox tag team zeroing in on Trump and coddling Bush, my affinity for Trump peaked. I would not have blamed him for walking off the stage, but to his credit, he held his ground!

  • mg4us

    Exactly. .with her heavy make-up eyes and face. .
    Megyn Looked like a street walker

    Trump should have said to her. .
    Megyn, in all due Respect, why are are we talking about Bill Clinton and his Indiscretions in the White House? Wasn’t the blue stained Dress enough? I suggest you ask Hillary about this and let us stay focused on the REAL issues affecting our Country.

    Or he could of used the Saturday Night Live (SNL) version:
    Megyn, to borrow from SNL as a New Yorker,
    Megyn You Ignorant Slut, on your knees may be how you climbed the career ladder but I prefer results and accomplishments in the business world. . show me the money.

  • HarryArms

    Absolutely the worst presentation for the American public I have ever witnessed and the entire blame falls directly at the moderator’s feet. They went for sensationalism and personal agendas rather than what is important to the American people. You lose, Fox. MK was disgraceful, the other two moronic.

  • Ron Smith

    I agree with 99.99% of this blog, but Donald Trump is unworthy to be on this stage, EVEN with Bush and Christie. He is a buffoon who would hand the election to the Hildabeast.

  • David Campbell


  • David Campbell

    Agreed we said

  • David Campbell

    Yeah I seen that. Meg Kelly should be fired and fox news might be able to save face

  • David Campbell

    I was saying the same thing. Totally staged. Megyn Kelly is an idiot. If Fox News does it’s job and see the problem with her, they will fire her. They should do the Trump on her. I’m sure they will.

  • David Campbell


  • David Campbell

    Well said Mg4us

  • David Campbell

    Back fired on Kelly. She will be lucky to have a job at fox news shinning shoes.

  • David Campbell


  • Ryan O

    While they did try to smack him down, he didn’t really do himself any favors, either. He never really answered any of the policy questions they posed to him, at least not with anywhere near the detail of the other candidates

  • David Campbell

    Yup and it blew up in Megyn Kelly’s face. I bet she comes out apologizing in hopes to keep her job.

  • Live Free

    Prior to the debate I had high hopes that Fox would do a better job than CNN. My hopes went down in flames at the very first question, aimed at Trump by Kelly. I switched to OANN last year and I will stay with the ONLY news channel…OANN. If you don’t have it you need to get it. Thumbs down to Fox, thumbs up to Trump for keeping his cool.

  • lifsabsurd

    Megyn seems typical of the majority of females in this country. I feel sorry for young males. There aren’t many women left, just utterly worthless female chauvinist pigs.

  • David Campbell

    It was horrible. Fox News should fire Kelly ASAP

  • dixie68

    It seemed to me that Fox News, realizing that Jeb Bush is an absolute loser with the people, set up this debate to push Kasich, who would be another establishment “go along to get along”, and follow up with Rubio, who sticks his finger in the wind before making a decision. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson, the two most intelligent ones on the stage were, for all practical purposes, completely ignored, but made astounding strides with the few words they were allowed to utter. I will never understand how Kasich made the top ten after being in the race for only three weeks, yet Carly Fiorina, a brilliant woman and great debater, was relegated to the bottom tier. It just all looked so contrived on the part of Fox News and I think FN will suffer from their obvious bias.

  • David Campbell

    I love reading and almost can’t stop. You all are doing a great job. I appreciate all these comments and all very honest. I agree with you all. I could keep reading but I have to work. I will save and read where I left at. Again I appreciate reading all your comments, keep up the good work as I must leave for work now. 🙂

  • cliff gavic

    The biggest losers of the 9 p.m. Fox news gop debate in Cleveland were fox news and meygn kelly. Attacking trump from every angle.

  • Shirlee

    the great debate loser was Megan Kelly and Fox News. a shameful loss of a good opportunity to allow the candidates to tell America how they would move America off the current course towards socialism. Terrible display of “journalism”. We thought we were watching MSNBC or CNN

  • V.Lombardi

    I had no trust of those 3 moderators. But I did not think Fox would let them do what they did, despite the feud between Murdoch & Trump. Murdoch is putting his liberal sons in charge. Fox will still get high ratings because there is nowhere else to go on TV, just like the republicans will get most conservatives because there is nowhere else to go. But they won’t get this conservative unless the candidate is one.

  • natasha_jax

    No need to repeat what has already been said about Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace. But with respect to the disdain people have for Trump’s “bankruptcies,” it should have been emphasized that these were all Chapter 11 filings, the purpose of which is to “reorganize” your business so that creditors will receive some kind of payment. It is designed to help businesses emerge in a way that makes them profitable again. This differs from what most people think of when they hear “Bankruptcy,” i.e., Chapter 7, which is straight liquidation where creditors receive anywhere from pennies on the dollar for their debt to nothing at all. It is often called “liquidation.” But in Trump’s case, he gave up huge percentages of his equity in order to repay debt, bond financing, etc. Look at what Lee Iacoca did with Chrysler years ago. People don’t understand the different types of bankruptcy. Google it and look at the differences between filings under Chapter 11, 7, and 13.

  • Ryan O

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was intentional.
    Everyone knows FOX is infiltrated and packed with GOPe people. Those who are GOPe don’t really care whether a Dem or GOPe is in the whitehouse, but they HATE genuine conservatives, of which at least a few of the current candidates qualify.
    Trump, being the brash windbag that he is, gets people’s attention because he doesn’t act like a squishy GOPe loser. If he loses the Rep nomination fight but feels like he was cheated or intentionally knocked out by the GOPe (which this debate shows they want to do) he’s said he will run 3rd party. This will virtually guarantee Clinton wins.
    If they keep bashing Trump and enough people fall for his act that he actually does manage to win the Rep nomination, Hillary will slaughter him anyway in the general. The democrats actually love that Trump is running; they have TONS of garbage on him they will gleefully dump as soon as it’s relelvent to do so and the LoFos out there will eat it up. Plus, being the pompous windbag he is, Trump is sure to shoot himself in both feet and kneecaps by November 2016.
    In either scenario, Dems win and the GOPe mostly wins. Both want the government to continue to growm which it will under Clinton and neither wants a true conservative to even have a prayer of a chance, which this scenario sets up.

  • Leah Keever

    I know that everyone in every media organization believes differently, but the world is not run by Twitter and Facebook users. On the contrary, those people are the least likely to get off their rumps and participate in ways that don’t require keyboards. And there’s proof that a majority of the “followers” don’t even exist. I’m sick of hearing about them.

  • darrell_b8

    So much for “Fair and Balanced”; the press are a bunch of lefties…….pure and simple; and MOST LIE!!

  • shadetree56

    Two things wrong with kelly’s first question – 1. the war on women is fake 2. rosie odoggall is indeed a fat pig.

  • natasha_jax

    Exactly! Let’s compare Trump’s Chapter 11 reorganizations to Obama’s traitorous action when he gave Solyndra $500 million so it could pay it’s top corporate officers huge bonuses and then turn around and close its doors. That Obama “bailout” was paid for on the backs of the taxpayers. Obama should have dogged Solyndra’s officers and made them repay every penny of their $500 million government handout. Pathetic.

  • remingtongray

    Megyn Kelly, Roger Ailes favorite Peter Puffer.

  • mg4us

    And worse. .the moderators took up 1/3 of the time talking. .

    What a disgrace

    FOXnews. .sly and cunning like a Fox.

  • dixie68

    Does Direct TV carry this network? Thanks.

  • catAlone

    We do know how the dems will react now , don’t we? Sounds like they aren’t going to change the War on Women stratagy. Seems to me Debbie was exposed again last night as a one note harpy.

  • Teddi

    Yeah, MSM still doesn’t get it, because its not what they want…

  • Teddi

    Great observation. People tuned in record numbers to see questions on issues, not a attack on Trump

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    The one thing missing in Megan’s interview with Debbie Wasserman-Shultz was Megan thanking Debbie for the list of questions Debbie prepared for the panel which was gleefully used to ask the Candidates about.

  • mg4us

    Even the first question about loyalty to the Republican candidate flopped. . .
    I think Trump was honest. .
    but not honest enough to say what many Conservative Republicans are saying

    If the Republican party abandons me then I will go elsewhere with my vote.

    I WILL NOT support another RINO or annoyed RINO in waiting (i.e. Bush) like the last two candidates McLame and Romny only to loose again because this time it is not the position we loose but our country!!!!

    Massive Debt, Massive Illegal immigration, A weakened Military, Onerous regulations and Iran with Nukes acting out Death to America!!!

  • No Hillary

    It was painfully clear that Kelly and FOX has an agenda to take out Trump. Jeb is being pushed by the RINO’s yet America is not going to buy it.
    Go Trump!

  • Avspatti


  • jainphx

    I wish that someone there were really concerned, but this was all “ordered” by the elites, proving to me where they stand from Ailes on down. Only possible hold out is Hannity, but the jury is still out even on him!

  • Valerie

    I have to wonder how many people whanging FOX here today are regular viewers, or are even remotely likely to vote for a Republican.

  • Rufus

    Trump knew it was coming and warned everyone that Kelly was out to get him.

  • Thegoldman

    Fox ? ? ?

    I thought that it was MSNBC../

    Megyn Kelly : i think i will just keep watching TMC at 9 for now on ! ! !

    Just trying to get ratings…

    Just give the Dems all the sound bites…

    And watch the RINOS bleed allover each other ! ! !

  • MicahStone

    Kelly has an immense IMMATURE side that too often gets in the way of her otherwise great work.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Biggest Debate Loser=> FOX News. Fully Concur…

  • Goober_Pyle

    What great work?

  • Thegoldman

    Lets see if Megyn Kelly’s numbers slide now just like MSNBC ! ! !

    You will see her with her friend on CNN in the coming future…

  • dave0987

    “If there’s any doubt that Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier and FOX News missed the mark – The New York Times praised FOX moderators for relentless attacks on Trump and the GOP candidates.”

    Yep, the left loves this, because like most of the GOP, they HATE and FEAR Trump with a passion.

  • twolaneflash

    $0.25. America has forgotten what the term “two-bit whore” means. 2-bits = $0.25, more than she’s worth to America.

  • twolaneflash

    Remember Ralphie from Christmas Story? He grew up to be Jeb Bush, and he’s still stupidly waiting for his decoder ring to come in the mail, with both his eyes shot out by his brother. Blind to lead the blind.

  • impeachalready

    I don’t think he expected the ambush. There were very few policy questions asked of any of them. It was more of a gotcha question debate I would expect from CNN.

  • Erik11235813

    Not only were they focused on asking stupid questions to the Donald,
    Jeb got the softest questions lobbed at him.
    His first was a re-ask of the question he bombed on with Iraq war.
    And dynasty. The 2 questions we all know he had practiced the answer.

    Disappointed with moderators trying to pull a Crowley.

  • Daryl

    Not sure about Direct TV, they might still be negotiating. They do stream over the Internet though:

  • flyguy

    I could go along with your suggestion as excellent except that I do not put Paul in with the other four. I do not trust Paul and his support of McConnell finished him with me.

  • duckified

    The debate was a hatchet job, especially Wallace and Kelly, who were obviously trying to discredit Donald Trump. Donald’s accurate description of rosie o’donnell could be applied to the Fox moderators as well.

  • M10 Bob

    Last night I witnessed three Fox News “journalists” doing their damnest to represent the spirit of Candy Crowley.
    of “moderating”, they were on an obvious and pre-planned attempt to
    help the establishment GOP,and to bring down poll leader Donald Trump.
    some candidates were only allowed less than six full minutes, they
    intentionally hammered Trump for eleven, twice going so far as to not
    only ignore his answers, but to say “I am giving you more time to answer
    the question”, (which he had already done)…it just was not the answer
    these self-appointed Gonzo attack journalists were wanting.
    The very
    first question given to Mr Trump by Bret Baier was if Mr Trump would
    strike off on his own separate campaign if he were not picked to
    represent the GOP at the convention?
    Mr Trump has been answering that
    question for months, but Baier pressed on, hoping to force Trump to
    another answer, but Trump stood firm.
    Baier then tried to throw drama
    into the mix….repeating “Do you understand you are at the GOP debate
    and you are giving this as an answer”?
    Baieir may as well have been pealing onions whilst interviewing someone who had just lost their entire family!!
    Disgusting!! Maybe Beir needs employment at CBS or NBC where yellow journalism and provoking lynch mobs comes naturally??

    Kelly tried her hand at it, and in spite of the programs premise that
    the questions were from Facebook…Kelly was attacking with a vengeance,
    gritting her teeth on what seemed to be HER agenda…a question
    concerning comments Trump is alleged to have made on Twitter…in the
    Trump admitted he has called Rosie O’Donnell “fat and ugly”,
    etc, (which we all remember after O’Donnell had opened her big piehole
    with her usual brand of stupid.)

    Perhaps the three “moderators” had a side bet going to see who could publicly provoke Trump into a melt down?

    failed, and Trump came out on top…with MANY viewers now questioning
    the veracity of the entire Fox News agenda and credibility, especially
    since this morning, Charles Krauthammer, its’ resident “Yoda of the
    swamp” porch curmudgeon offered that “perhaps Mr Trump had undone
    himself in the debates”?

    Maybe to Krauthammer, but sure as hell
    not to the GOP voters who are disenfranchising themselves from the
    “establishment party of cowards and liars.”

  • jude

    The Democrats must be laughing at the debate. It was more like watching TMZ…Megyn Kelly is off my DVR as of last night…very poor taste…

  • thedirectornow

    The Oily Poodle always has some idiotic spin for everything.

  • jude

    I can’t imagine the Democrats asking Hillary how she really felt about Bills BJ in the White House…Fox News was unprofessional and was looking to say things that would smear the candidates not allowing us to know more about them…shame on you, MK

  • SeeTheLight

    Well, Levin hasn’t declared who he is supporting, just to keep things “fair & balanced”… he’ll give a milder version of Michael’s rant…lol… Michael Savage has declared emphatically “he’s for Trump”… So, he’ll be beating down Fox big time; he, of course, didn’t even like them before this charade-debate…

  • SeeTheLight

    I was thinking the same thing… he’a seedy guy! He looks a bit like Pee-Wee Herman….

  • SeeTheLight

    You make an excellent point! A couple of days ago he was on one of the typical ego-stroking, sidetracks and I just turned him off… He says he’s not on drugs, but he must be on something…

  • ember

    Balanced & Fair

    yeah, right

  • LawReader

    Funny stuff. If Obama had been ‘questioned as thoroughly’ – we might not have a jackarse in the Oval Office.

  • Aimee

    I’m turning the TV off and the radio on. No more FoxNews for me, I’m done with them.

  • mary duane

    it was clear from the start they were out to get Trump and make him look bad. Hate to call them moderators cause they clearly weren’t. Hammer and MacCallum were far superior and more professional. Trump should have responded to the biased question of Megyn Kelly with these 2 answers, 1. “what conversations are you referring to where I said these comments about women and are they in response to someone’s statements or actions?” and 2. ” how come you don’t mention any derogatory comments I may have said to men?” I am a faithful FOX NEWS viewer but will be changing the channel at 9pm for SURE!

  • stopper

    Maybe they will ask Hillary. “were you smiling when you had ambassador Stephens killed by your radical muslim agents you were running guns too?”

  • Mendel

    Am I the only one that thought Rubio had a prepared answer?

    *Can’t believe Rubio stated on national tv he wanted to chip people. ~stunned fire your advisor

  • Aimee

    I’m going to check this out! I’ve had it with FoxNews.

  • Aimee

    Even O’Reilly would have known better than to run the first five minutes that way. Just too damn obvious!

  • Lee Jan

    The FNC hacks thought the debate was all about them. They don’t care at all about the nightmare that is facing America and the rest of the free world. Get those ratings, by any means possible is their goal.

  • Aimee

    I was so mad, I couldn’t sleep last night! I still am!

  • Lee Jan

    Wrong. FNC is all about ratings having nothing to do with the fate of America.

  • Aimee

    Who can I e-mail to keep that from happening? She is a disgrace.

  • KauaiGoneGin

    So this is a brilliant strategy by MSNBC to extend the reach of its ideological agenda. Suck so bad you have to fire lame hosts lulling Fox News into false superiority complex such that Fox itself has to become more liberal to fill the void.

  • OverTheEdge789

    ” the establishment is trying to clamp down on that now with net neutrality”

    Obama would love to do that…. and Hillary will try to take it further if she gets the chance.

    But I don’t see any of the Republicans….. even Jeb…. trying to limit political speech on the internet.

  • LouAnnWatson

    ny times welcomes fox to the other side…

  • LouAnnWatson

    gop major donors want him taken out…but with his deep pockets and his populist supporters, they’re going to fail again. they keep thinking they have a direct propaganda line into the minds of every american. think again, wizards of “smart”

  • LouAnnWatson

    like kryptonite to superman

  • Termlimits

    First debate, handled with professionalism (kudos to Bill and Martha) and IMHO Carly the clear winner. Lindsay Graham, although his point came across at times looked like he messed in his pants. Second debate was an unmitigated ambush by so called moderators Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly. Complete Chaos to begin and followed up by personal attacks on Trump while throwing Softballs out to the rest of the candidates. Fair and Balanced, I think not… Shameful FOX (lost respect and viewers) Although great for ratings Christie and Paul looked like two school boys fighting over a Twinkie. Kasich, of course looked good in front of a home town crowd but exposed his moderate stance with use of Big Government aid. Cruz and Carson didn’t get enough air time. Trump was typical Trump, bombastic with no substance. However, he still held his ground against his attackers. Rubio was a pleasant surprise. Walker and Bush, lost in the crowd. Huckabee came out looking better than expected. Overall winner of both debates to me was Carly.

  • LouAnnWatson

    boycot cable period…what started out as luxury forty years ago, perceived as a necessity as late as ten years ago, now is totally optional. smash your cable box. 30% of your payments go to esp. and it’s affiliates, which are now promoting a far left agenda.

  • LouAnnWatson

    if you remember, glen beck left for a reason.

  • LouAnnWatson

    luntz, rhymes with…

  • dixie68

    Thanks very much. That’s even better.

  • SenBlutarsky

    Michael Savage for debate moderator, R & D

  • LouAnnWatson

    chris wallace is the son of mike wallace, stealth leftist newscaster.

  • Donna

    that’s the way I understood it also.

  • m50motorway

    It’s interesting that all the libs who said they would never go on Fox and always called it Faux news are now on there all the time, and Fox is embracing them. It’s why I never watch anymore.

  • showmanRR

    The debate was more about the FOX moderators than the candidates. The debate was 2 hours including commercials. The ten candidates spoke for one hour answering questions. The 3 moderators spoke for 32 minutes asking the questions!

    What a joke. They not only took up all the time (and by the way did not distribute the question evenly) but their questions were a bunch of gotcha questions. A good example is Mr. Trump there are reports that you beat your wife. Sir when did you stop beating your wife?

  • pgroup

    You are wandering around lost in the desert. Keep looking for the information kiosk because you sure need help.

    Clintoon couldn’t win an election in Chapaqua. She probably won’t even win the Dem nomination.

  • pgroup

    Votes are votes.

  • Steven Masone

    Fox outed themselves as lamestreamers!

  • showmanRR

    Fox news was disgraceful. This was the attack Trump and a freeze out of Cruz tonight.

    Every question to Trump was confrontational and even when they weren’t going after him directly they were referencing him negatively in questions to other candidates. They didn’t even try to hide their contempt for Trump. I hope they realize this is what he was talking about when he said if he is treated unfairly he will consider a 3rd party run. Why all the bluster and opinion? Why can’t they ask fair fact based questions on policy. Was this a debate about the candidates or show off time for the Fox news moderators?

  • Ben Smith

    You don’t go to a gun fight with a pocket knife, as tuff as trump has been talking he should have had his big boy pants on and be prepared to answer the tuff questions, which he couldn’t do, so he attacked Megan Kelly. You can’t blame her for him not being prepared.

  • Mike

    If they cannot handle FOX then they are in deep trouble when the propaganda arm of the CPUSA’s Progressive democrats pull out the long knives.

  • Mike

    Were they supposed to submit the question telepathically?

    IMO, FOX was attempting to limit the sure to come blow back from the lying MSM even to the point of crossing the line on a few questions.

    This by no means rose to the level of what was done to deliberately sabotage Romney in his debate with the Marxism Muslim Manchurian candidate.

  • Mike

    No matter what Rubio said, I can never get past his obviously blatant lying about and I quote: ” no FEDERAL Tax dollars will go to paying these illegal immigrants [which they are not, they are criminal trespassers].

    He repeated that multiple times emphasizing the word FEDERAL, knowing full well he was covering up that his proposal required states to foot the bill from criminal trespassing trash.

  • Mike

    I would like to get OANN but Time Warner preferred at the time to carry Al Jazzeria [or whatever it is called now]

  • showmanRR

    If they asked substantive questions about policy it would not have taken 32 minutes. They went on and on. Their questions were more about a gotcha moment than finding out where these candidate stand on the issues.

    As far as FOX trying to be tough enough to avoid blow back from the MSM. WHO CARES? The ruling political class will always hate conservatives and trying to get their approval is an exercise in stupidity. I am not surprised they were the toughest on Trump, Cruz and went soft on Bush. You have to remember FOX is owned by a crony capitalist who wants someone he can depend on to keep the status quo.

    Fox should remember why they are the number one rated cable news outlet. It is from reporting news without the liberal spin. If they go down the road of trying to please their journalist peers those ratings will collapse. They need to decide, do we want a large audience or do we want to be liked and respected by the leftist at the cocktail party. The left have been courting Megan Kelly for months. She has had favorable articles written about her a number of left leaning publications recently. She could hardly contain her joy about the New York Times article.

  • big bird

    it’s not that they can’t handle fox, they shouldn’t have to, sorta like being attacked by someone you thought you could trust, the kind of “gotcha” behavior the other networks engage in is exactly why I don’t watch them

  • Zyclone Autoclaves®

    The only thing I learned is that Megyn Kelly is a pretentious, T-rex chinned c u n t who belongs on CNN. Fox News–what a focking joke. “Fair and balanced” my a s s…

  • cavt

    Exactly correct. Levin just said the same thing on his radio show.

  • Biggest winner… Trump. Runner up winner… Carly Fiorina.
    Biggest loser… Megyn Kelly. Runner up loser… FOX News.

    When you get fired Megyn MSNBC says hit them up…

  • cadgbd

    Trump the un-hypnotized
    Speaks truth to power
    Startling awake the entranced sheep
    The spell is broken

    Speaking forbidden truths
    Smashing the NLP cultural hypnosis of political correctness
    The political correctness trance forbids thought crimes and crime speak

    The hypnotized crowd is startled from their dull trance by the loud crack of Trump’s fire

    Vaguely they recall a time when they had courage of conviction

    The Wizard of OZ behind the curtain snorts and howls in panic
    What if people just wake up?

  • terro9000

    Ratings are more important than informed voters. Fox has ruined their long term viability for a one night ratings win. Talk about stabbed in the back.

  • Calamity Jane

    I’m surprised that more people shut Savage off……I quit listening to him when he first got “banned” from entering England.

  • The No. 2 owner of Fox News is Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who said ‘a strong American government is not good for us’

  • Patty

    Roger Ailes Talks Megyn Kelly and Her Fox News Future

    Fox News Channel’s ability to capture cable-news viewers is legend, and its success has given rise not only to primetime sensation Megyn Kelly’s “The Kelly File,” but also to everything from Bill O’Reilly’s “The O’Reilly Factor” to wee-hours program “Red Eye.”

    To truly understand the network, one must consult Roger Ailes,
    its chairman and chief executive. He is widely credited as the
    architect of every show on the 21st Century Fox-owned outlet. His
    imprimatur is stamped upon every programming change, talent hire and
    scheduling maneuver at Fox News.

    See More:How Megyn Kelly Became the New Star of Fox News

    Ailes took a few minutes recently to speak with Variety about a new course for Megyn Kelly: a series of specials, slated for 2016, in which she intends to land big “gets,”
    or sit-downs with politicians, celebrities and other figures in
    popular-culture who are making news. Below, Ailes talks about what he
    sees in Kelly, and offers a few thoughts about how to attract the next
    generation of viewers to Fox News Channel.

    Variety: What did you think of Megyn Kelly’s interviews with the Duggars?

    Read more on site above.

  • tengallonhat

    She totally relished in the mud slinging, and it was unbecoming to the Fox network.

  • brian

    Not enough snacks in the break room?

  • brian

    The questions were a joke and a disservice to the American people.

  • Phoenix_Damaged

    Watching and listening to the Panel on Bret Baier’s Special
    Report tonight (Friday, the 7th) was disappointing (but predictable). They seemed to agree that ALL the candidates . got tough questions. And so they did.

    There’s nothing wrong with tough questions. There IS something wrong with tough questions that are barnacled with nothing short of unsubstantiated accusations. This tactic turns the question into an accusation. We’ve already discovered today that the “got on your knees” comment to Brande Roderick never happened, and she claims that Trump has ‘never been disrespectable to me.’

    Trump’s treatment recalls the CNN ‘Gingrich Attack.’ I’ve always thought FOX was the champion of cable news. But now, with the ‘When did you stop beating your wife’ approach to Trump, I’m recalling the Wizard of Oz, and asking: Who is the man behind the curtain?

  • Craig

    I’m not going to watch Megyn Kelly anymore or Chris Wallace. Their true colors came out as RINO butt kissers. What a waste. The mid east going nuclear, we are being invaded from the entire turd world and Kelly is pissed about what Donald said about that big mouth slob dike O’Donnell.

  • jaimo

    Who do you think told her to do it? Ailes.

  • Patty

    CNN and the New York Times loved last night’s biased presidential debate. No wonder. Fox News is now just like them
    The Talking Head Election Debate

    Americans, or at least roughly half of their country’s population, are
    looking for a miracle to drag their country back from the cliff edge
    after almost seven years of a president intent on destroying it.

  • cadgbd

    Trump the un-hypnotized
    Speaks truth to power
    Startling awake the entranced sheep
    The spell is broken

    Forbidden perfectly loud and clear.
    NLP cultural hypnosis of political correctness and communism
    The political correctness trance of thought crimes and crime speak
    Trumps dare defy the communist inquisitors

    The hypnotized crowd is suddenly startled from a dull trance
    The loud crack of a Trump cheer rings the air

    Vaguely they recall a time when they had courage of conviction.

    Tavistock induced psychosis paranoia

    Awaken from your stupor oh deluded one
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

  • Mawgscousin

    I won’t be watching her either. Right now, I can’t stand the sight of her. She really did a lousy job, although Levin thinks those questions especially that one were premeditated and approved by Fox management which Means Roger Ailes might be an accomplice here. Should just have TMZ do the debates and not even call them debates, call it a reality show or variety show. We want to hear issues and they want to make this a Kim Kardashian side show. Sad. Fox News wasted 1/3 of the debate on themselves.

  • Lev Davidovich Bronshtein

    mike wallace’s real name is Myron Leon Wallick, why did he change it? was he hiding something?

  • LiberalFree2016

    Donald Trump has had a very close relationship with the Clintons for years. He’s all about The Art of The Deal and I believe he’s a shill for the Dems. Trump has always hedged his bets and the only thing he cares about is which side his bread is buttered on. He’s doing his old pal Hillary a favor by throwing a monkey wrench into the campaign. Even if you agree with what he says, and I do, don’t be fooled. He’s very good at telling people what they want to hear in a way he thinks they want to hear it! I don’t believe he will get the nomination but if he does Hillary will be the next President! If he runs as an independent, again, Hillary will be the next President. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary! HE’S A PLANT!! Don’t fall for this bs!

  • LiberalFree2016

    Maybe they see Trump for what he really is. A shill for SHILLary Clinton! I repeat what I said before–a vote for Trump is a vote for his old pal Hillary! Republicans cannot afford to fall for this! We need a SERIOUS candidate not a sellout opportunist who changes his views and alliances like other people change their socks!

  • cadgbd

    Well, if Trump is so popular why doesn’t the GOP or DEMS sit up and take notice. The people have spoken. People do not want mass immigration, joblessness, racial agitation, terror, etc). All the gop or dems need do is listen to the people.

  • SeeTheLight

    Screw the Brits!!! What the hell do they know??? No one has ever been banned form the U.K. other than Savage…lol… Their county is awash with Muslims who are taking over the culture. The U.K. gets what they deserve! We, unfortunately are not far behind.

  • disqus_WPTdSTx237

    Megyn did her best to help Bush, to destroy Trump and she was so proud of herself after the debate for her gotcha moment on Trump. She should go to CNN or maybe Pravada where that type of behavior is practiced.

  • Darrelb

    So does Fox fail the purity test too now? You guys are going to be down to a few AM radio listeners pretty soon if you keep expelling the impure from the tent. Reagan, you ain’t.

  • Darrelb

    Or you could look like a fool and then cry that that mean girl said mean stuff to you. The Trumpies turn out to be a bunch of pussies.

  • saas


  • saas

    go look up dictionary
    what is a debate?????

  • William F


  • DemThugsLie


  • DemThugsLie


  • Barry52

    Trump was probably prepared for the OTHER candidates ON THE STAGE to attack but the moderators? There were hardly any REAL policy questions asked during the debate. To be honest, ALL of the candidates were asked gotcha questions, except for Bush of course, but NONE as vile or vitriolic as those asked at Trump. Did you know the remark that Trump SUPPOSEDLY made about one of the Apprentice contestants “looking good on her knees” doesn’t even remember it being said? Don’t you think something like that would be remembered?

    He was prepared all right, prepared for a DEBATE that never happened.

  • Beverly

    I am very disappointed in the handling of the debate that did not happen!!!!!! Fox News has dissipated and turned into just another News channel.

  • Andy

    I like a real debate. You know, back and forth. Trump was ready for a debate that never happened. More of an interrogation. We need to see a real discussion amongst the candidates. Come on Fox, let’s move on.

  • Andy

    I like a real debate, you know back and forth. Trump was ready for a debate that never happened. This was more of an interrogation. Come on Fox, it’s time to move on become a little more fair and balanced.

  • pattywack

    If you believe those were tough questions then join the rest of the FOX news staff. As if they were doing trump a favor slandering him in front of millions. Reall do you really think those were tough questions. Better look in the mirror.

  • pattywack

    There were NO tough questions the whole night so that argument is a lie.

  • pattywack

    No they are all holding the lie they were tough question and they did Trump a favor in case he has to talk to Putin. I heard it….

  • pattywack

    It was a 4 act hit job. Anyone defending her is a liar and needs to look in the mirror it was SO obvious…….

  • Tammy

    Totally disappointed, I am tired of all the political correctness demanded by the media. Our country needs to move forward and we are being held back by liberalism and constant political correctness, Megyn Kelly is a lib and so are alot of the fox news reporters. Hey Megyn are you going to meet with the democrats before the next debate to ambush the republican candidates again?

  • Tracy L. K.

    As I recall we had a sitting president that Actually Did have a young woman on her knees..In The Oval Office! Do you think anyone would ask Hillary…What guarantee do we the people have that your husband won’t be getting bj’s & having sex in the White House? I love tough questions politically but those were below the belt & pathetic! I thought he handled quite well.

  • Sam300
  • Sam300

    2 women attack Megyn Kelly Over Donald Trump – HILARIOUS

  • Aimee

    The dark side.

  • Daisy dukes

    Kiss off fool

  • Ben Smith

    If he makes it to the main event the dems going tear him up on his womanizing

  • In Your Face

    Are you on crack?? Trump would wipe the floor with Shrillary over the bogus “war on women” crap. She knew her husband was a serial sexual predator and covered for him by running a “bimbo eruption” damage control team. She knew about Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Monica Lewinsky, ad nauseum….all of them. PLEEEEEEASE pull that misogyny BS on Trump…..he’s beggin’ ya!

  • In Your Face

    You mean like the worthless SELL-OUT repubs running the house and senate???
    The ones who haven’t kept a single promise after winning 2 huge midterm elections???
    The ones in bed with Obozo???

  • In Your Face

    Jeb Bush plays kissy face with Shrillary and Bloomberg……his foundation even gave her a freakin achievement award!

  • Lynnn mitchell

    Why did M.Kelly not ask Mr.Trump real questions like how do purpose to solve the debt how do want to deal with Iran she is a waste of time I M really put out with her thinking she is so smart as she proved not to be at all. Women don’t care what he says about women they just want the debt sloved and other important issues. Boy was she stupid