SICK=> Woman Posts Selfie in Front of Black-on-Black Man-Rape

Gorgeouss Kiaa via Twitter

A photo surfaced on Twitter Thursday that shows a Black man being forced at gunpoint to perform oral sex on a group of young Black men in an alley.

A smiling young Black woman is seen in the foreground of the photo in selfie position.

Behind the woman in the narrow red-bricked alley, a Black man wearing a blue t-shirt can be seen on his knees, his back toward the camera, with his face in the crotch of a Black man standing over him. The man is wearing a white t-shirt and with his right hand is pointing a handgun at the man on the man kneeling before him. His left hand is in a controlling position on the back of the victim’s head. The rapist’s face can not been seen as he is looking backward to his fellow rapists.

The victim’s face can not be seen in the photo.

At least six other Black men can be seen crowded in behind the gunman. One standing on his right appears to be undoing his pants to be the next one to orally rape the victim.

On the left of the gunman is a man smiling and giving the finger to the camera.

The photo was tweeted by @jlconnell66 with the critical comments:

“Must be because of white racists. @jlconnell66 #BlackBrunch #BlackLivesMatter #blackliesmatter #BlackTwitter”

The photo itself is captioned:

“They Gotta Gun To They Opp’s Head. Making Him Suck They Dick”

The screen grab of the photo shows it was apparently posted by “Gorgeouss Kiaa”.

A Facebook account with the name “Gorgeouss Kiaa”matches the avatar seen in the post of the selfie of gang rape photo.

Gorgeouss Kiaa Facebook

The screen grab shows the gang rape selfie photo has 201 “likes” and 301 comments.

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  • Mazzif Fizzam

    Is there a Confederate flag nearby? What about a Rainbow flag?

  • olddog

    another (D)em-wit UTOPIAN PIG PEN..Oh THE JOY!!!

  • lilyred

    Bullet between eyes would cure them.

  • Col. Kurtz

    It’s a black thang……….

  • lilyred

    I think that real Africans have much more dignity than these animals, as a whole.

  • Sniffy Pop

    Wow Just Freaking Wow!

    This is below Rock Bottom, hope they all go to jail.

  • Scott

    Between incarceration costs, damage to property costs, welfare costs, EBT costs, medical costs, housing costs to name a few, I honestly think that America would be better off if we paid these assholes $200,000 each to renounce their citizenship and go back to Africa.

    I’m sure that blacks cost society over $60,000 per year each. We’d make a profit on the deal inside of four years and the country would become a safer and more beautiful place almost instantly.

  • ZZZzzzz

    “They Gotta Gun To They Opp’s Head. Making Him Suck They Dick”

    SUCK THEY DICK??! I think Fugly Kiaa sucked lots of dicks to get a passing grade in grammar. Dumb as Rocks bastards! Too bad this kid can’t go to the cops to lodge a complaint of sexual assault.

  • yennikcm

    These are your Gay Pride Gangsters….Where are their beloved rainbow shirts?

  • honestynow

    I would add: for a long, long time.

  • Darrell Standing×650.jpg

    Yeah … that “Great Society” thingy is working out great … thanks LBJ … and all the DemonRats who followed!!!

  • Ubeturbipy

    What’s that you say? Black lives matter? Really? I just can’t figure out why, when and where.
    It should not be difficult to locate that ugly azz wh_ore taking a selfie and the rest of the thug heathens. If Obum really wants to save the planet he’ll drone strike his ghetto brethren.

  • Ubeturbipy

    Ofuk wants to build these type heathens a palace in YOUR neighborhood……

  • Darrell Standing

    Yep … only problem is that the leeches would burn through it in a week and come back here as refugees under some idiotic UN “save the idiots” program !!!

  • Ubeturbipy

    I wonder how many dimwit dems think that gun was purchased legally.

  • Roger Ramjet

    Why not fully ID the names of these sub-human creatures? That way, the street can work it out on its own.

  • mg4us

    Where is Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Lynch, Obama?

    They be in the back of the line. .far behind. .

    After all, Black Lies Matter. Disgusting.
    And this scum is what roams inner cities and ghettos. And now Obama wants to further integrate??
    After all they are loyal DemocRAT voters in waiting.
    They be Spreading. . Spreading the wealth and any other leftist progressive missive.


    Beware, Be On GUARD, BE PREPARED

  • Mad Hatter

    Learned behavior.

  • mail.comSam Spade

    But they vote Democrat, have free Obamaphones and live on welfare.

    So what’s the problem?

  • gun of rambo

    So thats what all the trillions went to since 1968. Now this is supposed to to be bussed in and housed near your kids huh.

    If you dont pack a pistol you deserve your fate people, what else is there to say.

    Gay crips will outgay the gay bloods, yeah this is just sick, send them all back to liberia.

    Im done.

  • S.N.O.P. — Standard Negro Operating Procedure

    Pohleece gonna pae uh vizit tuh lil “Gorgeouss Kíaa” reel sune. Maybee.

  • Scott

    You’re probably right.

    But I would love to own the Escalade dealership at the end of the pier where they get off of the boat.

  • TJ

    Don’t expect the media to report on this unless they are dragged to it because Trump says something about it. Sooner or later he will either go to prison so he can get all the man on man love he wants or be killed by the gang of the victim.

  • muslimmustgo

    What you are seeing are true sub humans! They have not a spec of human qualities in them! I don’t think their ancestors in africa were so much without morality and ethics as these ferals are proving!! This is what the end result is of savages raising themselves without any guidance!!

  • ZZZzzzz

    Chicago?? So not surprised you’re right….I hope Spike Lee of 40 Acres & A Mule Productions put this snippet in his Chiraq Movie.

  • ee1774

    ………sterilization or deportation………..either one works for me…..

  • l.barney

    Perfect candidates to join ISIS-only the ISIS dudes will have them ALL acting like trained seals for THEIR pleasure, if you get my drift. If I had the Donald’s money, I’d give all of these cretins TICKETS!

    SICK and DISGUSTING-may be a gang initiation I think.

  • Mary_Linda

    Ripe for ISIS volunteers, this American godless generation.

  • BillyBob Bob

    Homosexuality is rampant in the black community.

  • olddog

    another (d)em-wit utopian pig pen..oh the joy!

  • test4echo

    And just think how fast they would build the entire African continent in to a first world utopia without whitey keeping him down.

  • olddog

    elimination..rids the planet of mutant (d)na and thier carbon paw-print

  • Justice Juice

    It’s a primal urge that plagues the black race. Reverend Wright’s “down-low” club gave his followers access to young black men for older black men’s pleasure. Purple Hotel. Although blacks do not embrace gay life, they look the other way when meaningless sex is involved. Watch “Why Did I Get Married.” One character spreads a disease to his wife that he caught from a black male hustler. It’s no big thang.

  • TheGhostofBelleStarr

    they are proud of their punk faggotry

  • Justice Juice

    This image disturbs me. No kids of any color or culture should be doing this in America.

  • Gas_Passer


  • LudicrousSextus

    Anyone really wonder why the number one cause of death for black American males – is being killed by another black American male?

    I think it has something to do with modern day slavery in Africa…

  • Paddy Bauler

    I vote for a woodchipper.


    Remember our Brain Dead Government = Obama’s HUD wants to bring this sh!t to the “wealthy” towns and cities in America via public housing — because….equality.

  • Primates. These are the ring tailed baboons complaining about American history.


    Obama’s black America?
    Obama’s sons and daughters?

    “Fundamental Transformation of America”

    You think these kids have their sights on going to college? Better yet do they even go to school?

  • William Dean Ziemer

    They can not go to jail; this has to be covered up by the media and the current socialist regime in the White House because stuff like this doesn’t forward the “progressives” movement of world dominance through chaos.

  • They’d have to kill me. None would live.

  • Marcel

    How many people noticed the bright orange tip, showing that it’s a toy gun?

  • GWB2000

    Black lives mattering.

  • Americadies

    blacks are animals

  • Americadies

    Sterilization at birth would be an answer.

  • Americadies

    Ms. Sanger was right.

  • Americadies

    Black animals have no morals.

  • ksoma

    the only person who doesn’t deserve to be shot in that picture is the one with a gun to his head.

  • olddog

    Louis Lerners hood would be a Great Start..

  • Eagle Eye

    Three priorities for the primitive African male:
    Weed, fried chicken, “muh-dick”.

  • Sniffy Pop

    They need to be put down like sick farm animals

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    How low can Negroes sink too? I seriously doubt that they even know…

  • John Barleycorn

    Another picture to add the the dysfunctional Afro un-American file…

  • Admiral Ackbar!

    Dis be da joys of they diversity! Sheeeeit!

    Admiral Ackbar!

  • Mr. Peabody

    “Per”….. The number of time you went to prison
    “pen” ……..That be the jail, fool !
    “dic”……….That be what you sucked.
    “lar” ……That be when you lie about not suk the dic.

  • archer52

    I see a fortune 500 job waiting for each one of them. This whole 5 trillion dollar investment into the blacks has worked out wonderfully.


  • Jim

    “They” are the ones that don’t make the news.

  • blackfeather

    …and who would want to live next to this slime?

  • Jim

    “They” breed.

  • Mr. Peabody

    “White’s ” are at 58% and playing “catch up” !

  • Mr. Peabody

    Then how do you explain “Africa’s” culture ?

  • Mr. Peabody

    Obama wants them living next door to you !
    Read about it in the news !

  • maudieNmandeville

    Meanwhile, Malaria Obama is chllin’ on the set of Girls with lebesion Lena Dunham.

  • DinoBeliver

    That is sub-human, animal behavior. Everyone in that picture, other than the victim on his knees, is a savage. This is not a racist comment, it is the truth.

  • Darrell Standing

    All part of the cultural Marxism agenda!!!

  • DinoBeliver

    HaHaHaHaHa…………….That was my laugh for the month. Thanks…….HaHaHaHaHa!

  • ZZZzzzz

    LMAO @ Malaria Obama…hilarious! Ya, maybe pedophile Lena Dunham can explain her propensity for kid diddling or maybe show her some of her Daddy’s ‘Art’ he calls paintings…

  • oldaarpy

    Feral doesn’t even know English……

  • ZZZzzzz

    ROFLMAO!! OMG….they’re ALL Idiots!

  • harriet

    could have been Obamas’ son

    anyone tell Obama yet?

  • get moving

    I thought I saw that too. Still a disgusting pic though. I have very little hope for this generation.

  • ZZZzzzz

    So rampant that since June, 6 gay/bisexual black men in Chicago have come down with meningitis and one has died and they’re calling it a mini epidemic urging all gays here to get vaccinated.

  • David Bradshaw

    Obama to speak at 11…

  • chris white


  • Jack Hammer

    This is obviously caused by white privilege.

  • dave0987

    Hey I know! Let’s let this segment of society choose all our “leaders” and run our government.

  • dave0987

    Hence them being ferals.

  • US.Patriot1776

    Coming to a neighborhood near you…
    Thanks to HUD and Obama.

  • dave0987

    Indeed. Feral savage beasts are what we have here. No solution but to shoot on site these creatures. Upvoted you if it sticks, often my upvotes here don’t.

  • US.Patriot1776

    Following in his footsteps?

    It has been noted however that Barack Obama has in fact acted on his
    homosexual tendencies in the past with various anonymous sexual
    encounters for the purpose of being orally copulated by older White men at Gay bath-houses in Chicago with his friend and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

    Earlier in his youth Barack Obama was introduced to Frank Marshall Davis by his grandfather, Stanley Dunham. It is well known that Frank Marshall Davis was Bisexual who enjoyed sex with underaged males and females.

    At the time he was introduced to President Obama, the age of consent in Hawaii was
    only 14 years of age making a plausible opportunity for him, Frank
    Marshall Davis to engage in a sexual relationship with a young and
    vulnerable Barry/ Barack Obama.

    It has also been established that Mr Davis, who divorced in 1970, was
    the author of a hard-core pornographic autobiography published in San Diego in 1968 by Greenleaf Classics under the pseudonym Bob Greene….

    Was Barack Obama Molested By His Mentor Frank Marshall Davis

  • dave0987

    Lol! Wild beasts!

  • They treat each other as bad as ISIS treats their enemies…I thought #blacklivesmatter? How depraved!

  • Thegoldman

    I’m at a loss for words….

  • dave0987

    You got that right. That right there is what high capacity mags are for.

  • Somekindofpatriot

    And they want us to give up our guns.

  • dave0987

    It started in Africa, lest we forget.

  • PJ in Texas

    what is an Opps?

  • OMG this is so sick! And nobody in the photo appears to be phased so this kind of thing must be a normal occurrence for these kids. Shocking, sickening & heartbreaking state of affairs.
    Look what kind of environment Democrats have created in their cities. (I have zero doubt this happened in a place under Dem rule for some 50+ years).
    Also, I don’t think the girl that posted this on her FB page is the same one that’s in the picture. She looks much thinner. They do have similar features though, so maybe they’re sisters or something.
    I do hope the cops are able to use that FB account to quickly track down & arrest the offenders.
    Lock ’em up & throw away the key!

  • Topcat69

    Let me make sure I have this straight. Whites are the biggest threat to the black community.

  • These “people” are a bunch of sewer rats. This is what our disgusting inner cities are turning out. God help us.
    Thanks for posting Tagitha.

  • TsarBomba

    Diversity, coming to the suburbs and gated community near you…..

  • M

    Let’s be civil. Please. Many have integrated with ease in the suburbs. There must be a reason for this. Don’t blame an origin on your frustrations is all I’m asking. Role model of humility for $200 Alex…

  • ZZZzzzz

    Anyone in competition or against you….mainly used and originated in Chicago. Also other people’s p*ssy or penis.

  • pgroup

    Means nothing. Gangsters have been painting the ends of their guns orange for quite awhile, in the hopes of having the cops think it’s a toy. Cops aren’t stupid, however, so their training tells them that gangster holding orange tip means cop dies.

  • ZZZzzzz

    So true, where my grandparents live in a rural area, ghetto blacks are being shipped off there surrounded by soybeans and cornfields, now a small little town is infested with heroin. Good going! Yep, coming to a ‘hood near you.

  • hihellothere

    They are “equal”, right?

  • Jack_Nelle

    “If I had a son” – BHO

  • hihellothere

    Because, nyygors.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    If you ever wondered why black conservatives seem so opposed to legitimization of homosexuality – well, now you know. It has a completely different “cultural impact” there (which feminism also did, although that’s water under the black single-parent bridge).

    This is not new. It was this way in the 1970’s.

  • PJ in Texas

    oh lord…

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    I’m glad this truth finally got out. Liberals have studiously let this fester for decades. People would not believe me if I told them. Just wait for the libs to “prove” it’s a hoax.

  • Patty

    This is the grossest thing I have seen but I suppose it won’t stop here. These are the kids that have been left behind and I suppose when Obama leads from behind this is what his people do. First, they beat and rape and then to top it off, take a selfie with back ground of bj’s for good measure.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    You noticed the upvote shenanigans, too.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    The extreme irony is that Hollywood flipped this around in their typical commie way when they made “Deliverance”.

  • Hammerheart

    This is the simultaneous fault of General Robert E. Lee, the confederate flag, Donald Trump, gun stores, white privlege, and the American Sniper movie.

  • mr. baseball

    Jungle mentality.

  • mr. baseball

    No. Just no. Black people ruin every place they go.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Still can’t be sure without higher resolution. Orange spray paint is how the gang-bangers camouflage their weapons.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Don’t forget Sarah Palin and BUUUUUUSH.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    I bet Obama’s Choom gang has done this on many occasions.

  • bandit

    Wait , is that Oblunderbutts son’s ? !

  • bandit

    Yea , but most of “whitey” pay their way . And their sorryasses as well .

  • bandit


  • PinkPigs

    Hope and Change. Celebrate diversity.


    Excuse me while I go vomit.

  • kanenas101

    Love wins!

  • gullycat

    I don’t think there’s any hope for people like this. Kill them all and feed their carcasses to the pigs. Especially as soon as they show up in your neighborhood. Stop their damn welfare/EBT payments and let them starve – they’re certainly not able to take care of themselves! There is no excuse whatsoever for this behavior. Useless animals. A burden on the rest of us, feral, vile and disgusting.

  • ross mcglockness

    I didn’t know these little niggr thugs were fags? Who woulda guessed?

  • TexasPigHunter

    you are a racist for not understanding their culture /Sarc

  • Eagle Eye

    National Geographic should do a special.

  • TexasPigHunter

    with a few extra EBT cards she could have just been packing on the pounds … but maybe its the purple hair….

  • TexasPigHunter

    let spread it around … who cares anymore

  • TexasPigHunter

    I guess Lena want a little brown sugga..

  • TexasPigHunter

    You forgot all the white guys on the money … if only Barbara Jordon was on the $20 this would have NEVER happened!!

  • Mazzif Fizzam

    Was on on the range today, exercising my #2A while practicing defensive carry. Stay sharp my fiends. It’s coming.

  • george orwell

    Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

  • thedude

    from the slave ships to prisons showers, black dudes love f—ing each other. homosexuality runs deep in that race. do you think a black guy ever raped his bastard son in a prison shower unknowingly? I’m sure it’s happened.

  • pjean

    We are so broken as a society. What are each of us willing to do to shift this path?

  • pjean

    Not a race thing, but a societal thing.

  • pjean

    Sickness and depravity comes in many colors.

  • thedude

    “some n-ggaz f–k they enemies in they ass when they catch ’em, weird ass n-ggaz who’re dangerous so don’t test ’em”

    -Nas “Get Down”

    it’s a definitely a race thing

  • The Human Racist

    Strange looking kinda gun…

  • The Human Racist

    Is it too much of a stretch to think maybe he isn’t a victim? This picture only captures a single moment in time.

  • Eagleclaw 1

    need the death penalty. Where is Charles Bronson when you need him?

  • Eagleclaw 1

    How about post birth abortions for them?

  • Workin’ Stiff

    If Obama had a son, he’d look like dindu.

  • Workin’ Stiff

    You will never change them no matter what. They will never assimilate and they will never think of themselves as Americans so stop trying to help them. You’re only ruining your children and grand kids future by trying.

  • Workin’ Stiff

    We are at a crossroads in America. Where our lofty ideals intersect with reality.

  • Workin’ Stiff

    But mainly the darker ones.

  • Workin’ Stiff

    We’re pretty over trying to bring these beasts to the promised land with us. It’s time to cut ’em off I think.

  • dwok

    You would have to kill me.

  • DinoBeliver

    Rainbow is their gang colors.

  • Mike in Illinois

    It is a mistake to generalize with a broad bush in a declaration like the one you made. Doing so opens you up to “racist” and “bigot” and we’ll, you know, “responses”. And to an extent, those making those responses would have a point rivaling the one you try to make.

    Interestingly, turning the tables by asking a question. – rather than making a declarative sentence almost entirely removed the ability to scream racism….

    Consider this instead – where in this world do black people congregate in large numbers is their peace, prosperity, success and equality? Seriously – in the entire world, where has it happened and where is it happening?

    Those asked won’t answer because they know they have nothing to bring to the table. It’s about time they FACE this SELF EVIDENT and UNDENIABLE problem that the WHOLE WORLD sees each and ever day.

    You know who is most honest in a answer to that? Black folks who were born into that self segregation society and CHOSE to LEAVE IT….in search of something BETTER……

  • Phantombite

    There is a white cop standing behind the camera forcing them to “act out”…

  • Roxy7

    This shows how sick and depraved the world has become. Not just the vile act but that someone would take a selfie with a smile on her face and shamelessly post such an image for people to see.Normal people would be repulsed a rape, turn away and get help from the police for the victim. The young men in that picture remind me of the description in the Bible of the would be rapists of Sodom who wanted to rape the angels.

  • sinbadsailor

    I am certain there is a gay flag. This is a gang of queers.

  • SueJer

    Gay marriage without a gun!

  • JerriRWiseman

    My first choice thegatewaypundit
    …………. Find Get More </b

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Of course! That explains everything! Because Dindu Nuffins is a GOOD BOY!

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    It’s possible play-acting, although who knows? From what I understand (if it’s anything like the old days), the “female” homosexual in ghetto action is always considered degraded, and the “male” is manly and not gay. So it’s considered degrading this individual anyway. Which explains why the females excitedly tweet it, just like knock-outs or chimp-outs, which are apparently valid to proudly show the world.

    Kinda wild – I was reading about one of the super-primitive tribes on New Guinea. Fellating the king is pretty common, as well as offering him a ride on the wife or daughter.

    I have to admit that I enjoyed living in a civilized country while it lasted.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Can’t be positive, but that’s exactly what it looks like in my browser – a small-caliber semi-auto cheapie with orange paint badly applied on the end.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    True. It’s simply failure to assimilate. The left goes back and forth an assimilation – I think its hand-wringing on the issue has just made things worse. In the ’70’s they tried busing and forced integration – everybody hated that and it clearly didn’t work. Then they changed course and took the American Indian viewpoint that forced assimilation is a bad White Man thing, so don’t dare ask blacks to assimilate. Which didn’t work, either, unless we allow separate but equal, or reservations for everybody. And now we have Obama trying stealth integration again, using HUD, which is going to probably fail just because he always picks loser plans in secret, and secrecy is why they’re always loser plans.

    How about we let people assimilate naturally, like Bush did? That was working. Racial situation was improving, and certainly none of the conflict that Obama seems to create.

    I’ll just say this, in case any of Obama’s spies are watching this thread. The way to make his HUD thing work is to NOT force the rate too high, at some arbitrary figure (shades of the foolish Iraq withdrawal). You want this HUD integration to be Obama’s legacy success? Set the injection rate low enough, and the mixing rate high enough (meaning keep minority members sufficiently separated from each other, so they can’t “clump” in their new zip codes), and you could actually reach some kind of optimal mixing rate, where blacks assimilate and are better off. But push them too fast, so they clump together and carry dysfunction into the endpoint communities, and Obama’s legacy will be one of a guy who screwed up race relations and set back civil rights by pushing too hard.

  • AZWarrior

    Feet first so they get to enjoy the entire process.

  • Americadies

    Sounds like a fine idea.

  • Americadies

    That was civil, I would propose much worse if possible.

  • PharmDoc61

    Post-birth abortions.

  • Americadies
    They are working on it, but it seems they need some target practice, 25% of those shot died, not a great first try.

  • Americadies
    These people really are animals. Look what affirmative action will get you when you quota hire by the government.

  • ThisObamaNation

    Wow, just when you think that black folk couldn’t possibly sink any lower, you see something like this in the news.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    Yes, 96% of black deaths are at the hands of whites while 4% come from other blacks. Oh, wait, it’s the other way around? Never mind.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    I hadn’t ever thought of this happening. Not surprising, though. Another government (read liberal) attempt at control is foiled in short order.

  • Occam’s Stubble
  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Thanks to Barack and his lackeys in HUD, Hood’Rats like these feral animals will soon be living in those white neighborhoods across America where all those nice young pearly white boys and pearly white girls play in their front yards.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    do they even go to school?

    No, because that would be “acting white.”

  • Occam’s Stubble

    No, it’s a confederate flag.

  • Occam’s Stubble

    There’d be free stuff everywhere. You wouldn’t even need money.

  • 3Storms

    Somehow this will end up being the fault of white people.

  • MoDeVille

    And they wonder why…….

  • Roger Ramjet

    This is a perfect poster for supporting high-capacity clips. Can you imagine if you were right there with about four or five mags? They are all pinned down. First to get it is the a-hole with the gun in his hand (and his dick in the victim’s mouth). Then, watch for one to come forward… But they won’t. They will turn, and trip on their baggies. Then it’s “Save Our Oxygen” day.

  • John E Bench

    It looks like the one getting head is a woman or a tranny (see dem titties)

  • 64Q

    In 2015, when war was coming…

  • 64Q

    Knife, pistol, rifle…

  • 64Q

    Rope, tree, shot out knees

  • Tim jones

    they love jail.

    send ’em to the bottom of the ocean.

  • DinoBeliver

    That’s a gang most guys don’t want to belong to…….

  • DinoBeliver

    Even the chimps in the zoo just masterbate…They don’t sodomize each other.

  • DinoBeliver

    At least Moooshelle taught them how to eat right.

  • DinoBeliver

    That kid on his knees is planning how to kill everyone else who was there as we speak…..

  • DinoBeliver

    I only see one small gun. I’d grab a hold of it, keep it pointed away from me, and go CRAZY!

  • DinoBeliver

    You’re right. I’m sure that they’re doing it in an alley, and she’s taking a selfie of it, and it looks so normal, that it must be consensual. WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GROW UP?

  • DinoBeliver

    How’s that Sociology Degree working out for you Tyrannocankles?

  • DinoBeliver

    Great idea. And let’s feed them, put a roof over their heads, and give them health care……

  • DinoBeliver

    I think it’s inbred in them. It’s natural behavior.

  • DinoBeliver

    I think what is needed is target practice.

  • DinoBeliver

    Marlin Perkins would vomit.

  • Subhuman Mongrel

    Trump 2016

  • dave0987

    Seems to only be at this site for me. I only frequent a handful of other disqus sites, but it never happens there. I go back and my upvotes are still there.

  • dave0987

    Could be play acting, but I wouldn’t have ANY trouble believing this, and I bet it has happened somewhere at least once-same cast of characters.

  • dave0987

    Could be, but I wouldn’t have ANY trouble believing this, and I bet it has happened somewhere at least once-same cast of characters. IF this isn’t real, they would do it. We should understand that much.

  • dave0987

    Good points. I wouldn’t trust any of them.

  • E. Newton

    This the country you grew up in? The place and people you were proud of? I heard former President Carter on audio recently talking about how America’s decline was inevitable. He went on to cite the rise of countries like Brazil and South Africa.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    Remind me again how they’re just like us but with a different paintjob.

  • A Eagle



    This should be sent to every Congress Critter….and tell them the taxpayers don’t want this garbage in their neighborhoods…unless they vote to put it in their neighborhood and with proof of it!


    Yeah. And we had to witness some of the pictures too!


    Yeah. Start flooding your Congress critters with calls…

  • StephaneDumas

    If Martin Luther King Jr. was still alive today, he might shed a tear like the Crying Indian in a famous PSA ad from the early 1970s and give a speech similar to this alternate reality episode of the Boondocks.

    It politically incorrect to said but I couldn’t resist to play the devil’s advocate by imagine a modern version of the Crying Indian who watch that picture with sadness and shed a tear……

  • StephaneDumas

    I hope too, however I have some doubts then it might post an inconvienent truth.

  • Somehow, the white folks will be blamed.

  • Subhuman Mongrel

    The typical american negriod family

  • Subhuman Mongrel

    The american pavement ape

  • Zabo

    These are the same colored people who enjoy raping your grandmother. Blacks are the ones super filled with hate. They are not like us as our non-friends the liberal hoard will tell you! Wake up Whites this is coming to a White neighborhood near you. Remember what the bi-sexual POTUS said…….”We Must Fundamentally Transform America.” Any takers on why O’BAMMY WANTS THESE PIGS NEAR YOU AND NOT HIS PRETEND DAUGHTERS!!!

  • Bill Proctor

    I wonder if this is how Obama got initiated in the DLC.

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    You mean the “dignified” ones that ate the western doctors and nurses during the Ebola crisis or the Congolese child soldiers that like giving “fistulas” to women of the enemy?

  • Tyrannocankles rex


    Not working in this instance – it would need some social behavior to act on. I’m seriously thinking about a trade-in for anthropology and two holsters.

  • Baron Münchhausen

    The crazy thing here is that they don’t consider this as a homosexual act

  • NightTrain

    The reality: a culture of black male deadbeats has been created from all the social engineering and racial egalitarianism that has been implemented by government in the last 50 to 60 years. It has institutionally rationalized away any responsibility.

  • lyn

    Nailed it Darrell Standing! Thanks.

  • lyn

    If you want to know how low Negroes can sink, weight them down and throw them into a river.

  • lyn

    Both please.

  • lyn

    Please do not insult animals.

  • BabyO


  • lyn

    I have never thought blacks couldn’t sink any lower.

  • Guest24734

    Bought a brand spanking new house 5 years ago in a nice neighborhood, was one of the first. Fast forward to today, and half the homes are rented by feral afritards who run amok all day and night yelling and screaming, I had to buy a gun when our house was broken into last year. My property value has decreased over $80k, and it’s steadily dropping. Thanks Obama!

  • lyn

    That is too funny, and too true!

  • BabyO

    is this in America?

  • Darrell Standing
  • Guest24734


  • FRAK JAIL! Send them to Pluto!

  • Shouldn’t that Baby Momma have a larger frame?

  • Americadies

    Any arrests of these animals yet?

  • Brad Nelson

    No with any luck they are spreading syphilis, or aids

  • DetroitDom

    Hey 0bozo – which kid could be your son? The one holding the gun OR the kid on his knees?

    Way to go 0bozo! You have single-handedly made black communities even WORSE than before you took office!!

  • As I’ve been trying to tell people for a long time, the only limit to the coming insanity is the limit we force upon it.

    white, live 11 miles from the county seat in rural Kentucky, a mile
    from the county line. The three closest houses to mine have been broken
    into at one time or another. More than likely the perps were ‘white.’
    There’s plenty of white trash. Most welfare recipients are white. Most
    homos are white. Most who want ‘gun control’ are white. Johnson, who
    presided over the creation of the welfare state was white, and from
    Texas. Who are our real enemies?

    It’s the white “Liberal”(commie)
    trash, our tolerance of them and our neglect to hunt them to extinction
    that is the cause of this. The responsibility rests in the average
    dumbass’s lap because this is a representative republic and we all share
    responsibility for not removing this cancer from among us.

    Act politically but prep for what history shows will have to be done. It’s way past time to prep for what will be required:

  • Jennifer Katona

    20+ generations out of the jungles yet they remain irredeemable animals.

  • Joseph Beaver

    Black Privilege. Black Privilege.

  • DoubtingThomas

    Isn’t that Sharpton there in front ….. the one on his knees?
    Oh, wait, that looks like Obama!

  • cherrie greenbaum123

    $200,000 to all who get sterilized with a threat of incarceration if they get it reversed. Would save us YT’S billions in just a few short years.

  • oledriller

    Force them all to swim back to Africa with an illegal alien under each arm!


    backs already have the highest abortion rate going its a fact this bunch escaped some how

  • Dave

    Can anything realistically be done to bring the perps to justice?

  • DinduNuffins

    These ‘people’…what is this nation going to do about this cancer?

  • Sam

    This is another example of why segregation should exist. As a white person I want to stay away from this sort of thing.

  • riv moriarity

    Is this due to “white privilege, or not enough $$$ into inner city schools, white oppression, not enough gun laws, wrong flag is flying somewhere, right for gays to get married, will B_HO go and have a talk with these kids on what the proper etiquette on when, where and how to properly perform the act (he’s had nearly 8 yrs of perfecting on the American people)? So what and who is the blame?

  • Im’a Dufus

    All you white “beta” males, take a good look at your future. When Obama gets HUD to drop them in the middle of your neighborhood, open wide…

  • Smokey

    It’s not coming. Based on the photo, the selfie, the comments, and the complete lack of concern by those involved that their photo will show up on social media, I’d say “it” is already here. Was thinking about going to the range today, now I am definitely going.

  • Smokey

    For some reason the term, “obsolete farm implements” comes immediately to mind…..

  • Zippity zap

    Why no onez be likin’ us and sheeeit? Souless apes.

  • blair miller

    This make s me filled sick to my stomached. That poor man

  • practice for every day life in prison.

  • Furious

    We can only hope.

  • Furious


  • Boy, if only we could’ve Quantum-Leaped Dylann Roof out of that church, with all those poor harmless people attending services, and into this alley.

    Wow!…..too soon? No; not soon enough.

  • Kw

    Cave man behavior

  • Kw
  • Jacquelope

    Hunt them all down. Including the smiling idiot woman in the photo. Hunt. Them. Down.