One-Fifth of El Salvador, Estimated One-Quarter of Mexico Now Living Inside USA

Lax US border security and civil war in Central America have resulted in a massive influx of Salvadorean immigrants to the United States over the past 30 years.
el salvador US

One-fifth of the population of El Salvador now live in the United States.
Migration Policy reported:

Between 1980 and 1990, the Salvadoran immigrant population in the United States increased nearly fivefold from 94,000 to 465,000. The number of Salvadoran immigrants in the United States continued to grow in the 1990s and 2000s as a result of family reunification and new arrivals fleeing a series of natural disasters that hit El Salvador, including earthquakes and hurricanes.

By 2008, there were about 1.1 million Salvadoran immigrants in the United States. Salvadorans are the country’s sixth largest immigrant group after Mexican, Filipino, Indian, Chinese, and Vietnamese foreign born.

The immigrant population from this tiny Central American country is now nearly as large as the immigrant population from much larger China. (As reference, China’s total population is 200 times larger and its territory is about 500 times larger than El Salvador’s.)

More than half of all Salvadoran immigrants resided in just two states, California and Texas, although they are also concentrated in New York, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia (for more information on immigrants by state, see the ACS/Census Data tool on the MPI Data Hub)…

About one of every five Salvadorans resides in the United States.

The 1.1 million Salvadoran immigrants in the United States represent about one-fifth (19.1 percent) of the total population of El Salvador (5.7 million in 2007 according to the Salvadoran Department of Statistics and Censuses).

illegal immigrants to US
Illegals catch a train to America.

Best-selling author Ann Coulter argued in May that about one in four Mexicans now lives in the United States.
Freedom Outpost reported:

According to the most recent estimates provided by the CIA, the population of Mexico is roughly 120 million people. So how do we get ¼ of the population from that?

Well, Coulter claims that there are 30 million illegals in the country currently. During her debate with Ramos she said pointed out that we have been hearing the 11 million number for years.

“As I explain in the book, they’re all using the Census figures,” Coulter said. “If the Census figures are wrong, then everybody’s numbers are wrong. I’m sorry, but it defies common sense that in the past decade that not one more illegal alien has come.”

“In fact, I cite the work, first of all, of two people advising people about their money, Bear Stearns analysts, and they looked at something other than the Census reports, which relies on people who have broken the law to be here telling the truth in government surveys,” she continued. “They said, no, instead we’re going to look at remissions of money back to Mexico, for example. That is money people send here. School enrollments in illegal alien hot spots. Housing permits in illegal alien hot spots.”

“Back in 2006, they said it was 20 million—two Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist,s who spent a year investigating for Time Magazine, which you are one of the most influential people of—” she said as she was interrupted.

“That’s what they say,” Ramos interjected.

“So you better believe investigative reporters for Time Magazine and Vanity Fair,” Coulter continued. “In 2006, they said there have been another 3 million a year. That adds up to a minimum of 30 million.”


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  • dave0987

    Democrat dictatorship right around the corner. At least we won’t have to be bothered with those pesky elections anymore. Or I suppose we could do like Venezuela and go through the motions anyhow.

  • Locutor

    But everything would be totally awesome if we just granted them amnesty, then they wouldn’t commit any more crimes, right? No more thefts, murders, rapes, bombs, etc. So it’s just the illegal aspect is bad, legal immigration is awesome. Right?

    Obviously not. It’s the quality of the people they’ve let invade us. We’ve been demanding that the illegal immigration be stopped for decades and got spat in face. Now the GOP establishment just wants to grant them all amnesty. That’s why Trump is trouncing them.

    Impose a twenty year moratorium on ALL immigration while we deport these third worlders and their anchor babies home, starting with the illegals. Reverse the illegally obtained citizenships and let them fix their own countries instead of ruining ours.

    There’s a reason the marxists hate nationalism and it’s become taboo for whites – northern Europeans populations are harder to control than other groups, so just overwhelm them and have one vote, one time. But the Saxon has begun to hate.

  • Patty

    America can no longer support this. Who is paying for all of this. We are. We have been taking in too much water and that is why we are sinking economically and of course because of BHO.

    The flow of immigrants is endless and our money has run out. Jobs are more scarce and the great jobs are taken. How can we sustain this socialism and stay afloat? Any suggestions because Washington is cooperating with the Socialist in Chief.

  • Finncrisp

    We are the Club med for illegal immigration, make no mistake about it. Barry wants this and the Demomarxist party needs it to bury us. They are passing out shovels…

  • General Dindu

    Democratic Party is now the anti-white party. We have to do what’s in our own group self Intrests. It’s about survival not hate.

  • Circa53

    Meanwhile cruz and perry hope nobody will notice..

  • So now MS-13 are considered “American values?” Hmmmmmmm

  • pattywack

    The idea is to collapse the system so it’s going as planned.

  • Joel

    If you think illegal immigration is bad but legal immigration is good, then you might be a cuckservative.

  • Vanitas

    Whites need their own country. It is essential to our survival.

  • Vanitas

    America is gone. It’s finished. It exists only as a memory.

  • juandos

    J. Christian Adams over at PJ Media notes: Illegal Alien Crime Wave in Texas: 611,234 Crimes, 2,993 Murders

    PJ Media obtained a never-before-released copy of a Texas DPS report on human smuggling containing the numbers of crimes committed by aliens in Texas. According to the analysis conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety, foreign aliens committed 611,234 unique crimes in Texas from 2008 to 2014, including thousands of homicides and sexual assaults.

  • formwiz

    OK, send ’em home – now, along with all the Moslems the Choom Gang and Hillary imported, but you do realize some of that “Estimated One-Quarter of Mexico” was here when Jackson was President, right?

    PS Until they all can vote, it’s just FUD from tha WaPo. Deport ’em.

  • Malatrope

    And when those who remember die, it will exist only in history. And when no-one visits history, it will be as if it never were.

    This is the goal of the globalist Left.

  • 11 million my ass. There’s 11 million Messicans alone. The number is more like 30,000,000. Maybe more!

  • Vyx

    Yep. Cloward Piven in action.

    God help us all.

  • Ralph526

    Pick them up… put them on a plane back to their country. Deduct cost of sending them back from the aid we give their country.

  • Locutor

    And the Chamber of Commerce and all their GOP establishment cronies like Jeb and Marco want it too. Trump says ‘no’ and overnight is leading the polls. It’s one party with two faces, the GOP is just controlled opposition. Like Cruz said, is there anything the Senate has done under McConnell that would’ve been different under Reid? Nothing important.

  • Mad Hatter

    The RINO’s, the Democrats, Corporations, and Unions are behind this push. The RINO’s are Democrat Lite. The Unions, and Corporations are working to get what they want, more Union dues, and cheap labor.

  • Max Payne

    Micheal Savage illegal immigration.

  • Hank Richter

    So you think the Republicans are “pro-white”, hah, yeah, Dems love to accuse them of that, I’ve yet to see any evidence of it.

  • Hank Richter

    Rep are just as responsible for this crap, it’s because of people like you that this country is truly doomed. You remind me of my uncle who a few months ago was so giddy about Rep getting a majority in Congress, and…yeah, how’s that working out?

    Until “the right” wakes the F-up and realizes what is going on nothing is going to get better, but hey, go vote for Jeb Bush, that’ll fix our problems.

  • Hank Richter

    Oh Please, as if Republicans do any better. Partisanship is what killed America, people like you voted time and again for Socialists who painted an “R” on their chest and even now you refuse to acknowledge it.

  • Circa53

    We had one..

  • tanksbb

    Cultural Marxism hands you a noose and says “hang yourself or else we will call you a racist.”

  • dave0987

    First of all, it’s not the issue of who can do better right now – you’re right. The GOP mostly sucks too.

    The issue is how the electoral landscape will be changed with the addition of millions of soon to be new Democratic voters.

    Please do not attempt to deny this, doing so only makes you look foolish. we do not need either a party to become unbeatable, by dropping millions of new voters onto their rolls.

    Yes I voted for candidates in the past that had some socialist – light positions sure. But it won’t happen this election I can tell you that.

  • hadenough48

    The great grandsons and current owners of the private Federal Reserve are financing this off the backs of American tax payers. Americans are insanely ignorant in regard to how their country works. The last thing the owners of the Federal Reserve want is for America to pay down the debt. They use everything possible to bankrupt America including mass immigration. It’s all financed daily and we have to pay for it. Do your homework for once people. Think of what the bank does when you can’t pay back your home loan. I can’t imagine what the owners of the Federal Reserve have taken from our country as we are in constant state of bankruptcy.

  • dave0987

    Absolutely correct, and yet there are some people out there – far too many people out there, that either don’t know who Cloward and Piven are, or try to laugh it off.

    Upvoted you if it sticks ( often mine don’t here for some reason.)

  • dave0987

    Upvote for comment ( if it sticks, often mine don’t here for some reason) and another if I could for the avatar and handle, lol that’s awesome. is that Mr Brown the gentle giant?

  • Hank Richter

    It’s cute how you think it matters if the electoral landscape changes or not. Are you really just waking up the to the fact that both parties are lost? The landscape has been changed for some time now.

    The time to stop this was in the 60’s, maybe even the 80’s, at this point only armed conflict or economic collapse could change it.

  • E. Newton

    In forty years I see one of the Obama daughters ruling over an America composed of favelas stretching from New York to Los Angeles. Ebola deaths will be as common as the cold. No electrical, water, sewage or transportation infrastructure will have survived. Seventy percent of the population will be under the age of six.

  • dave0987

    Well I normally say optimism is great as long as it doesn’t overshadow realism, but short of the armed uprising/revolt whatever we want to call it (that I myself have also posted numerous comments stating this as well-that I believe it’s the only way), this is my last hope, a tiny sliver of optimism.

    Will Trump amount to anything? Who knows, but I really had next to zero interest in voting before him, so it’s no skin off my back to vote one last time.


    Based on recent data, over 90% of Irish live in the USA.

  • tommy mc donnell

    you still don’t think we are being colonized?

  • tommy mc donnell

    blacks should learn what cloward-piven did to the black family.

  • dave0987

    Would certainly go a long way towards solving a lot of their problems and society as a whole.

  • Hank Richter

    Well, when I say there’s no hope – I guess that’s not 100% absolute, obviously if everyone would realize the problems and accept what must be done to fix them of course things could change, but when I STILL see people stuck in this partisan mindset it’s clear things are not going to change unless something drastic happens.