LA WOMAN EXECUTED by Shotgun Blast to Back of the Head By Black Man on Hollywood Sidewalk

Carrie Jean Melvin Twitter Profile
Carrie Jean Melvin, photo from her Twitter page.

Sunday night in Los Angeles as a 30 year-old white woman walked with her boyfriend near Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, a mysterious Black man walked up behind the couple and without saying a word fired a shotgun blast to the back of the woman’s head, according to police.

The killer was seen carrying the shotgun as he ran to a car and drove away.

The search for the killer continues.

Video by KNBC-TV

The Los Angeles Times reported:

“The man walked up from behind the woman as she walked with her boyfriend in Hollywood near Sunset Boulevard. He aimed a shotgun and killed her just after 10 p.m. Sunday, then stepped into a black sedan and disappeared.

“The motive for the slaying on a McCadden Place sidewalk remains as mysterious as the gunman.

“John Skaggs, a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department’s West Bureau homicide detail, said there is no evidence suggesting the shooting was part of a botched robbery. And there was no conversation between the couple and the gunman before he opened fire.

““We just don’t know,” Skaggs said. “On one hand, she didn’t have any known enemies. On the other hand, it looks like it was directed toward her. … We’re looking at all angles.””

KTLA-TV reported:

“The gunman approached the couple from behind and shot the woman in the back of the head using a shotgun, police at the scene said. It was unclear how many times she was shot.

““Witnesses and the boyfriend report that the suspect just appeared and fired the gunshot,” Skaggs said. “There were no words exchanged.”

KABC-TV reported:

“The shooting was reported shortly after 10 p.m. Sunday. Police said the victim, identified as Carrie Jean Melvin, 30, of Hollywood was found on Sunset Boulevard and McCadden Place near Hollywood High School.

“According to investigators, the suspect approached the woman from behind and shot her. The woman’s boyfriend, who was with her at the time, was not shot. Police said Melvin lived nearby and the two were walking to get something to eat.

“Melvin was pronounced dead at the scene. Her boyfriend was not injured. His identity has not been released.

“Authorities said there is no known motive at this time.

“”We’ve interviewed the boyfriend, there’s no indication that they had any idea there were enemies, that she would be targeted, so at this point we just don’t know,” said Detective John Skaggs.

“Witnesses said the suspect ran to a car, described as a black four-door vehicle, and drove off.

“Police described the suspect as a black male wearing dark clothing and a hoodie. Authorities said they are planning on looking at surveillance footage from nearby businesses to assist in their investigation.”

Two days before her murder, Melvin retweeted a sadly prescient quote:

“”In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Abraham Lincoln”

(The quote is reportedly of uncertain origin, however.)

H/t The Conservative Treehouse

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  • oldeagle145

    God Almighty. We have a country where this has been encouraged by the president himself. It’s open season on us.

  • Patty

    What the H is going on in Ca. Madness is spreading across America. And is this ISIS way to tell Obama they have the guns and they will take out randomly anyone, at anytime and unsuspecting innocent people. Primary target seem to be White Women and Cops.

    Obama: ISIS Will “Not Be Defeated with Guns” But By “Better Ideas” Oh, Obama, the nation will hear about this innocent woman and remember your statement of today, It will come to bite you.

  • Goose

    okay, it’s not a fluke, it’s more than a pattern, it’s a trend, it’s a plan, it’s design… They WANT a race war
    They want to take America down in the worst way, and They’re very surprised it hasn’t happened yet –
    They’re actually saying, “What Will It Take?”

    so, what did Gulliver do when he broke loose and finally stood up?

  • Shuckk_N_Jive

    Had enough yet ?

  • Goose


  • Patty

    “Police described the suspect as a black male wearing dark clothing and a hoodie. Humm. nothing suspicious about that.

    My prayers for this family.

  • Patty

    They have guns Obama. Yes, let’s talk to them, sorta like you talk and talk to Iran. This is one of those random killings ISIS ordered ISIS members here in the state to commit.

  • Zvi

    Obamza has been inciting riot and a race war for seven straight years

    Based on the crime stats it appears that Blacks are fully engaged in just that, an endless assault on whites with impunity

    Whites have yet to engage…..

  • DarkQuark

    To know that beautiful smiling face was killed for no reason hurts my heart. When will people realize throwing taxpayer money at the issues of cyclical poverty/crime DOES NOTHING but make it worse. It will take elbow grease from real people who care to go in there and let people understand there is something else out there for them and that God loves them. It’s hearts that need to be changed not laws or budgets.

  • jukin

    Whether you have a permit or not carry in any area that is more than ten percent black or adjacent to said area. Better yet is to not go bar those areas. Obama has said it is open season on whitey.

    Better judged by twelve than carried by six.

  • US.Patriot1776

    “You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves.”

    ―Joseph Stalin

    This is just starting….

    Cursed With Failing Federal Security, Smart Gun Owners Are Upgrading Their Concealed

  • Patty

    Here is a problem in the tragedy of this woman. This was random but having a gun, her boyfriend could have shot this piece of garbage. I get you point.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    OK!…….This one made me cry! You F’ing Bastages!

    Obama and Holder Built this! Sickening! Obama will read about it in the newspaper tomorrow….and there will be no comment! It does not fit his America hating agenda!

    I have had enough of these Obama Loving Black Bastages!

    I guess the Obama War on Male Whites has turned to Female Whites! Sickening!

  • Pat Loudoun

    What in the hell are you talking about? Killed for no reason? Really??

    I’ve seen what shotguns do to human heads. Her head was blown off. Not because of poverty. Not because the killer hasn’t been saved by Christ. She was killed because some black POS wanted to kill a white woman.

    She was killed because she was white. Please, get your head out of your culu.

  • Hammerheart

    Proximity + Diversity = War

  • Nate

    Gang initiation. But come on maaaaaan! Don’t be wasting big boobied skinny hot girls cuz there aren’t that many to go around!

  • Pat Loudoun

    If there is one thing I’ve learned over the past 7 years, it’s that blacks pay attention far more than I ever gave them credit for.

    They’ve gotten the message loud and clear. “We’ve got your back…”


    The Obama Administration

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    She was killed for NO Reason! PL……!
    Other than the racist hatred or Whites that Obama and Holder have ” Built ” all across OUR America!

  • Nate

    I’ll give the klu black klan a war, its on. I’m right here in my defensive posture. Come get me.

  • It’s been ramping up for some time. it will get worse. This will end badly for this great nation. If you grow a tree of hate and victim mentality while pointing and demonizing it eventually bears fruit.

  • Darrell Standing

    Yep … Zero is just itching for a race war!!!

  • Goose

    we will Not escape the consequences of these past years, the Only question is how bad will it get?

  • Pat Loudoun

    ION, pay attention. This isn’t that hard. You might think there was no reason, but the filth that pulled the trigger would disagree. He had a reason. You even stated his reason. Don’t let them off the hook by calling this a senseless crime.

    The shooter knew exactly what he was doing.

  • Darrell Standing

    Their math isn’t worked out too well … they might regret stirring the pot!

  • brightlight

    Somebody was getting jumped into a gang. You killed a person and you aren’t ever getting out of that gang cuz they own you now.

  • tommy mc donnell

    the people that want the war are the political left, mostly white. they tried in the 1960s from outside the government. now they are doing it from inside the government.

  • LouAnnWatson

    if whitey wakes up soon and draws a little blood, it could be over before it begins.

  • LouAnnWatson

    his time is short

  • LouAnnWatson

    how many incidents like this will it take before liberal white woman finally abandon their silly beliefs?

  • FreeSpeech

    the future of amerika

  • Darrell Standing
  • Venice

    This is just the beginning! Oh, boy White America, we are targets and late summer will be BAD :/

  • getthemlibsout

    mexifornia, ny, ma….all these leftist cesspools will soon be consumed in chaos and flames…they will self implode

  • Pathfinder306

    Sounds like a ‘hit’, or perhaps a random hate crime, sort of a one up on the knock out game.
    In any case the act of another pavement ape.

  • Tim jones

    the people in prison say it’s better to die then to go to prison.

  • US.Patriot1776

    These savages, be they from US streets or from south of the border or the Middle East are pure cowards. They will attack from behind whoever looks the weakest. The white female is therefore target #1.
    Just like the ‘random attack’ in San Fran by the illegal, last week.

    Just watch …white females at all urban colleges will be raped, killed and ‘disappeared’ in record numbers starting this fall…

  • BillyHW

    Can we be sure it wasn’t a Confederate flag that shot this white girl in the back of the head?

  • Math_Fellow

    The only motive is that the “suspect” was out to viciously murder a Whitey and Carrie was convenient.

  • Zippity zap

    Apes. Again.

  • Patty

    Obama: ISIS Will “Not Be Defeated with Guns” But By “Better Ideas”

    This his is new strategy. Went to Pentagon today and this is what he comes back with.

    He has no shame.

  • Patty

    Cops hunt for shotgun-wielding gunman who fled in car

    Hollywood girl: Carrie Jean Melvin was a Hollywood production assistant who recently became CEO of a branding and social media company. Police say they don’t believe she had any enemies
    Jean Melvin, 30, was killed on Sunday night when a gunman crept up
    behind her and shot her in the head as she was strolling with her
    Police are still looking for the black male suspect in his mid 20s who fled the scene in a sedan
    Homicide Detective John Skaggs said that a motive is still unknown though they say the shooter targeted Melvin and no one else

    Why target her and why didn’t he shot her Boyfriend, too?

  • WhiteDog

    I am ready when everyone else is.

  • Math_Fellow

    Blacks have been randomly murdering White people for a few years, but it’s ramping up now that the nation is Leaderless.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Don’t try and school me on Obama! Obama “Built That”! So what’s your point! I never said it was a senseless crime! You are the one who discounted the Original Poster’s comment!

  • US.Patriot1776

    Appeasement …of our Islamic enemy is the agenda.

    Daniel Greenfield: Aiding Islamic Terrorists Is Our Foreign Policy

  • Trick question they will never abandon thier self delusion

  • Patty

    “We didn’t hear any shots, only screaming,” said Shany Miron, a tourist
    from Israel who was staying at a motel across Sunset Blvd. from the
    shooting scene.

    Didn’t hear gunshots. A shot gun is loud.

  • The answer isn’t written yet and we should remain hopeful that sane leadership will eventually prevail. That said, how bad was the civil war for this nation? This growing divide between the elites who are fomenting racial divide, grievance, and creeping totalitarianism along with thier minions from the left and thier savage foot soldiers against the increasingly embattled traditional minded folk who have been enduring mounting injury and insult has all the makings of a pressure cooker without a valve.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    If the God Loving Blacks are not embarrassed by their own race for voting for this Obamanation twice, we are all in trouble.

  • Patty

    convenient and helpless, white girl.

  • Pathfinder306

    I’ve been having a deep philosophical discussion with myself and have asked others on Zippers, If we are actually leaderless. At times it seems to me that all is by design presenting it’s self as hopeless incompetence. The excuse that “The first I heard about it was in the newspaper.” is wearing a bit thin. But on the other hand crediting the gang that can’t accomplish anything except lying at every turn with tearing our country down as certainly they have and it being by design is giving them far more credit than I think they could earn.

    It might be Gods plan to show us how truly fucked (pardon my french) things can get in eight years, and how much worse it might get with 4 or 8 years of shrillery.

    I am a firm believer in that God has kept an eye on the United States, The founding fathers and WWII convinces me of this, but I must admit I am perplexed now.

  • man_wolf


  • kopper789

    we read this gateway give you chance … Online Job Help

  • paulejb

    It must have something to do with the Confederate flag.

  • minaka2

    It could have been a gang initiation requirement. Kill a random white woman in public without getting caught. So that was proof of black “manhood”, shooting an unarmed female in the back of the head.

  • froggy lube

    By following the rules of the Film Actor’s Guild, the world can become a
    better place; that handles dangerous people with talk, and reasoning;
    that, is the fag way. One day you’ll all look at the world us actors
    created and say, “wow, good going, fag. You really made the world a
    better place, didntcha, fag?”

  • minaka2

    What do you mean “leaderless”? Blacks have their leader in the White House, egging them on in every way along with black AGs looking after “their people”.

  • Hy Feiber

    It’s WAR

  • Hy Feiber

    Looks The Devil.

  • Hy Feiber

    For 50 years. Republicans don’t give a damn either. We know how Democrats think. GOP is scared of “racist!”

    No ballz, no guts, no glory.

  • Hy Feiber

    Unless they’re on Death Row. Then they file a million appeals to stay alive.



  • redc1c4

    this event is unpossible: Lost Angels, like Frisco, has strict gun control to prevent this sort of thing.

  • lifsabsurd

    Every day white Democrats lie to blacks, to females, and to the poor. Every day they cause hatred and violence. Social justice warriors are nothing but today’s Nazis. White Democrats, the most irredeemably evil people in this country. A great many of these monsters are found on college faculties across the country. They should be tried for crimes against humanity and spend the rest of their lives rotting in prison.

  • Radegunda

    This is a result of months and years of Democrat-leftist lies about race and violence. Democrat race-baiters created a bizarre fiction in which white people are walking around gunning down innocent black people out of racism — and some black people have taken that fiction as a cue to go around attacking and murdering innocent white people.

    This woman’s blood is on the hands of every Democrat who repeated that fiction for political advantage.

  • Math_Fellow

    It is totally by design! The communists have been positioning themselves for this moment in time for more than a century and now they finally have their puppet in office. The media has been married off, they’ve emptied the Treasury and now they’re going for the jugular.

    They don’t want to just transform America, they’re determined to completely destroy the Culture. That’s why they’re going after our history, especially the memory of those who built this great Nation – Judeo-Christians. aka, Caucasians, and everything they stood for.

    As for God having His eye on our affairs? I believe He has had His protective hand on America for at least 255 years, just as long as we made Him the center of government and our lives. That’s no longer the case, as is painfully evident. It was us who turned away from Him. This is all on our hands.

    I do know one thing for sure and that is, He will not put up with the Blood Lust that is Abortion and the murder of 57 million Innocents, (so far) and all the faggery and douchebaggery that’s presently exhibited at the highest levels of government.

    IMHO, He has taken our protection away, and is allowing America’s enemies to plunder her. How else can you explain the mindlessness of supernatural proportions that has cast the long shadow over the Nation?

    We went from “Shock and Awe”, to “aw shucks” in nine and a half short years! America has turned from the greatest nation the world had ever seen into what it is now, a turtle on its’ back.

    The blood of the 57 million will be atoned, there’s no escaping God’s wrath for killing the Little Ones. He used Israel’s enemies several times to punish them for turning away from the Word, and now He’s allowing the same thing to happen to us.

  • Gordon

    Jewish Lady?

  • RedOnTheHead

    What should we demand as a concession? Disband the Black Congressional Caucus? The Black Miss America Pageant? Affirmative Action? The Black Entertainment Channel? Delete the Tuskegee Airmen from the history books? The B.E.T. Awards? Remove James Meredith;s statue from the campus at Old Miss ? Remove the Black Soldiers Monument in Boston? What racist part of black culture and history must they sacrifice to atone for this heinous display of black hatred and intolerance?

  • Math_Fellow

    America has no Leadership. America includes all of us.

  • Math_Fellow

    That’s not even funny.

  • Math_Fellow

    The liqueur store clerk has his eye on them and his hand on his shotgun.

  • Math_Fellow


  • Gordon

    My guess would be a spurned advance by a pimp? Or, contract killing? Could be a Hate Crime?

    Professional equipment. Difficult to do forensic ballistics on a shotgun blast. Even with a commercial shell, and wad. Which may have been altered? 1 blast. Shell stays in chamber. Just an awarkward firearm to weild. But 1 of the easiest guns to purchase. Wide variety of shells, easy to obtain.

    Hopefully, they’ll get a break? Start with the last second of her life, and trace back in time. Work the circles. If this was an ambush, he knew, or knew of her? Unless a mistaken Idenity?

    Or, possibly a racistist, terrorist killing? Killer dressed like Trayvon? He be Trayvon? Dis be for Trayvon?

    I think the San francisco murder was a ‘retirement crime’? Is there still a Death penality in California?

  • Karla R


  • tommy mc donnell

    this woman in la, the other day a woman in san fran and not a word from NOW about a war on women.

  • Has all the hallmarks of a HIT.

  • Around Blacks…Never Relax

  • CynD

    I hope her family is given a few million from the Obama administration, the same as was done for the 9-families in Charleston !!!

  • Darrell Standing

    Here’s another fine son of Obama and his handywork … slitting the throat of an 85 year old Grandmother! Feral coward … all but about 2% are feral cowards … no soul in its eyes … no intelligence there!!! If it was my relative this thing would meet an ugly fate at my hands! In fact … relative or not I’d happily snap its neck!!!

    Here’s the article … it will not be covered in the national media!

  • BeverlyCJackson

    Some New Features with thegatewaypundit….. Go To Next Page

  • dave0987

    Still a black savage Obamason either way so even if so, it matters little.

  • toongoon

    The knock out game has evolved? .

  • Eagleclaw 1

    For now! Wait.

  • dave0987

    Looks that way to me.

  • iWildwood

    As such are the ones who will have the guns, should Obama manage to dictate who can own one.
    Guns, I suppose Obama has decided, are only for thugs and terrorists.

  • iWildwood

    He is the devil.

  • PharmDoc61

    Sadly, they will double down on stupid and call for even more gun control.

  • Eagleclaw 1

    Isn’t that a racist statement? Those babies ain’t done nuffin to be ascared of. Day jus on day way to choir prakis. Wudon hertz nuffin.

  • PharmDoc61

    Reparations aren’t for Whitey.

  • PharmDoc61

    Good thing CA has made it almost impossible to get a CCW, makes killin Whitey a whole lot easier.

  • Thewryobservator

    Possibly this signals the next level of the knock out game… I wish I were joking… What a shame that it’s something that should be seriously considered…

  • negative rates

    Yup, once again the the progressives will say the gun did it…yet another excuse for gun control.

  • John Baker

    A 10 shot magazine would suffice.

  • John Baker

    I could wear that on a T-Shirt.

  • Goose

    wow. thanks for the news, I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

    this might have been my Great Awakening, this was before the infamous Knoxville horror
    (at least both ended with criminal convictions, but of course for the families it Never ends)

  • TheRealSwede

    This isn’t random; this is a hit. Start with the boyfriend.

  • keystonepipe

    Obama has opened the Gorilla cage at the Zoo

  • keystonepipe

    I believe I these guys in a cage at the Zoo

  • keystonepipe

    I believe I saw these guys in a cage at the zoo

  • Pauli

    It is ethnic cleansing, and has been sanctioned by the current administration. Just because you are liberal doesn’t mean you get a pass. We’ve seen 3 white people in liberal enclaves have their lives extinguished in the last few days by one Hispanic and 2 black males. And nary a peep out of the state run press.
    White people, you are being hunted! Wake up and prepare to defend yourselves.

  • Gordon

    It’s a serious query. Not a joke idiot…

    Goes to: MOTIVE. If she is, the A.D.L. will most assuredly become involved.

  • throttler

    You are disgusting.

  • Tomek

    Gang Initiation.

  • sound awake

    thanks obama


  • iWildwood

    Don’t be perplexed. Remain faithful. Though God may well have turned His back upon this nation, He yet cradles His own, within it, in the palm of His hand, and even unto death.

    “Do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” Mathew 10:26

    It’s a mere matter of time.

  • iWildwood

    It was us who turned away from Him. This is all on our hands.


  • C_Low

    The police in Cali need to get a grip on this gang that has as initiation shooting a random white woman. They should go old school arrest everyone on the list explain to everyone that the heat will only get worse until they end this idiotic initiation. crack some heads throw some shooters in the can and throw their local OG’s in with them under the reco act. Make some examples and before this gets any more out of control.

    Sadly Cali being the epicenter of pansy land I doubt anyone from the gov will have the will knowledge or ability to execute such a police initiative.

  • LD McClellan

    And where are those big name hypocrite “black lives matter” people? They’re doing what all hypocrites do, practicing their double standards while pretending to be the most righteous people on earth. In addition to hypocrites, Jesus called such people the sons of Satan.

  • iWildwood

    “Whites have yet to engage….”

    Have “whites” not been conditioned, over the course of many long decades, not to engage? Have we not been told – has it not been drummed into our heads and into our hearts that no matter the adversity or the threat we are but to “turn the other cheek”, and offer up our cloak as well as our coat?

    Perhaps this is why we haven’t engaged.

    Perhaps this is why the vast majority of us won’t. Perhaps it’s time we reassessed what it is God expects of us, and surely that includes our right to self defense.

  • tengallonhat

    Wonder if Obama is going to come out and give a speech? Or call this girl’s family? Oh never mind, she appears to be of European descent. What was I thinking?

  • Jim Denney

    Was she pregnant?

    Kill ‘All White’ Men, Women, Babies, Blind, Cripple, Fa**ots, Lesbians & Old Crackers, Says New Black Panthers Vile Radio Opening; Then ‘Dig ‘Em Up’ & ‘Kill ‘Em

  • tengallonhat

    #whitelivesdontmatteranymore /s

  • iWildwood

    Sigh. I’m not buying it.

    Obama’s been too good to them, even in his continuing to allow them to exist. As it is he takes credit for popping one of them off, here and there, and few and far between, making of them not examples, not casualties of war, but martyrs, which is what they want, and I suspect no less than what he wants for them. To die such honorable deaths, according to Islam.
    There’s no greater honor among Islamists but to die a martyr’s death. It’s what they live for. Obama accomodated Bin Laden in this.

    Osama Bin Laden’s most honorable burial at sea is evidence enough of this, and Obama’s intentions that are not truly opposed by any Islamist, in my humble opinion.

    It’s all but smoke and mirrors.

    Nothing but show, meant to further deceive, while he travels full speed ahead in accomplishing his mission.

    Global Islamunism.

  • MC Slammer

    She deserved it, she’s White. Also, based on the demographics and location, she was most likely a hard-core Progtard.


    And roughly 20 Whites a day are murdered by Blacks, so this is just par for the course.

  • Mannie

    Another murder by a feral Democrat. This is why I go about armed.

    Remember the Safety Tripod: Situational Awareness, Profiling, and Rapid Use of Firearms. And remember the Derbyshire Rules.

  • MC Slammer

    Yes, every White and Asian should have the Derbyshire Rules on a laminated card, with them at all times.

  • MC Slammer

    Yes, because he wants to bring the federal government down on the side of the urban barbarians.

  • Gordon

    What possible positive contribution to the community, or society could these 7 make? Uncivillizable. Violent, predatory, primates.

    We’d all be better off if they were in little brown corrigate boxes, with their personalized I.D. #s placed orderly, side by side, on a steel shelf, down @ the City Morgue. Doubt any1 would ever come down to even claim them.

    Probably, their mother’s are: “Baby Momas” who had them as a means to obtain an E.B.T. card so she could obtain CA$H to feed a crack habit. Buy (C)rap C.D.s, hair pieces, and red, or blue designer tennis shoes.

  • BPatMann

    Obama & Shaprton have fanned the flames of racial hatred. This is the result.

  • archeoastronomer

    Reminds me of the Zebra killings in San Francisco back in 70’s. It was a black gang initiation to kill a random white person…

  • Gordon


  • shonuf

    Seriously it is high time that Humans finally realize that that in allowing negros to live anywhere near us is a detriment to our safety . You can not simply take a savage , wild and violent creature such as a negroid and allow it into our society and pretend you are dealing with a human Being. Through the years, too many black people continue to show an inability to function and prosper in a culture unsuited to them. Detroit is bankrupt, the south side of Chicago is a war zone, and the vast majority of black cities all over America are beset by degeneracy and violence. And blacks never take responsibility for their failures. Instead, they lash out in anger and resentment.

  • This isn’t racial. This is a decoy murder. What other crimes were committed in the area while the cops were busy at this scene? Banks, jewelry stores, check-cashers?

  • Gordon

    Stop ca$h E.B.T. transfers to: “Baby Momas”.


  • White people surrounded by black?

  • Tim jones

    most criminals don’t commit a murder to make it easier to take out a liquor store.

    it’s a random hate murder you fool!

  • It’s a decoy murder. Happens all the time in Mexico City. Random public killing, then the killer goes and robs a bank across town. All the cops are busy at the murder scene…

  • Gordon


  • Unarmed boyfriend, too.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    FOAD scam troll!

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    here’s his facebook photo

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    so staring in internet porn is that lucrative eh? who knew

  • lingling

    Karla, thanks for swallowing last night.

  • latinovet

    My Veteran Brother,
    I don’t need to tell you this but I want to emphasize to the other law abiding citizens:
    Take the appropriate measures to protect yourself and may you all aim for center mass, unless you have a clean head shot.

  • oldeagle145

    I couldn’t agree with you more brother. This administration and the god damn left are trying to make us the enemy in our own country. This is just the beginning. I’m afraid we will see a lot more innocent people fall victim to those empowered by these assholes.

  • A Person

    But…… but……… but………….. I thought they had tough gun laws in Kaliforniastan ?

  • A Person

    That is a picture of a gang of “Dindu Nuffins”.

  • WalkingHorse

    One is tempted to suggest this is part of the progressives’ approach to remedy the disproportionate occurrence of black-on-black violence. But what is afoot is much worse than that. Now that every ill of society has been laid at the feet of “white people”, it is acceptable for whites to be targeted on public streets, simply because they are white. And you will not hear word one of criticism from the people who have warped the cultural norms to unleash this kind of behavior.

    Word to the wise – “mind your top knots” and watch your backs. The political class will, if anything, make this worse.

  • pgroup

    It’s the best method to get the white males to fight – go after their women.

  • redheart

    That’s exactly what I’ve been saying, O and Charles Manson have a lot in common, they both want a race war.

  • MaryJCryer
  • pgroup

    Not at all awkward. A pistol grip shotgun with an 18 inch barrel is street legal to carry unloaded in California. Overall length would be about 24 inches. I know because I used to live in Hollywood decades ago and carried one with the shells very close by.always. Cop didn’t like it but who knows how many thugs I scared off simply by having it.

  • pgroup

    Now that you point it out … yeah, what’s up with that?

  • pgroup

    Yep, Bill Parker and Daryl Gates are dead.

  • BurtGummer44

    They want a Race War for their satanic “order out of chaos” plans.

  • StormsWolf

    So what hope & trust can we have in the legal system to administer fair, unbiased justice? Even If they make any sincere effort to capture the murderer..Its is evident to most that the intent was this crime, was not robbery it was race hatred. It will not fit the P.C narrative of a hate crime tho. In a country that has turned its back on God..where each man dose what is right in their own eyes..any hope of justice, honor ,integrity & freedoms are gone, we have entered stop total chaos & anarchy.

  • Pathfinder306

    That had not occurred to me. Was there a bank or other large robbery in the city at the same time?

  • CopperJohn

    It would be foolish NOT to carry something that goes bang anymore…I will take whatever measures are needed to protect myself.

  • bambi hussein

    That would require a thinking individual. Liberals don’t think.

  • Biz Duck

    This could have been anyone of our kids out there this happened to. Time to establish danger zones to avoid more incidents like this. Encourage your children to seek safe places to chill, we’re on our own. “If I had a son, he would look just like a man with a shotgun blowing a white woman’s head off”…to him, it’s probably funny.

  • RecklessProcess

    Obama blames the Sanctuary City statuses of California cities on Republicans. No one is more delusional than a leftist.

  • Lunkster

    I’m not going to jump into the fray of racial arguments because this is exactly what those who are destroying this country want. What I will say is that this and many other heinous acts being committed with more frequency illustrate why citizens should carry a firearm. Now I know that this may not have saved this poor woman’s life, but if more people responded to these cowards with 10-15 rounds of 230gr JHP hydra-shock, you can bet they will think twice, being the cowards that they are.
    Ask yourself why all of these senseless murders are being committed in mostly liberal, mostly gun free states/zones ? ?
    Answer…… Cowards
    I encourage even the most leftest liberals to purchase protection and train themselves on how to use it.

  • RecklessProcess

    These are uncivilized barbarians. They should not be allowed in the cities but leftist cities like Baltimore, Detroit, and Chicago are where they are created by leftist policies

  • Curious

    You are, of course, correct, but in this instance she could have had a weapon and it would not have mattered. He killed her from behind, without warning.

    She was with her boyfriend and no doubt felt perfectly safe.

    Not sure about the area she was killed in. Is this a dangerous place?

    It is now.

  • Tim jones

    random folks unspecified violence

  • Joe Cox

    Not to make light in any way of an extreme tragedy. But from the comments, what reaction should the majority of the public have?

  • Biz Duck

    I agree, if he knew there were several people around him with concealed carries and there was a possibility be would have been shot, this never would have happened.

  • Lunkster

    Exactly ! It will only get worse until people begin to respond with deadly force.

  • pursang

    We don’t know who the killer is, but Obama and the Justice Department have his back.

    Sad, sad story.

  • patroy70

    Not a hate crime of course.

  • Pat Loudoun

    Yeah, that’s going to make things interesting.

  • McKallarkie

    Exactly. This was not a random act. MK Ultra patsy – maybe not even a patsy, could be professional hit man. Innocent young white woman hit for maximum outrage. Globalist Elite create the problem, sheeple demand a solution – result – Police State.

  • latinovet

    Something that I learned while serving with the 7th Infantry Division:
    “NEVER underestimate the enemy, in this way you will not be surprised.”
    In other words, ALWAYS be aware of your environment.
    This saying is pervasive throughout the military:
    Attention to detail, it may save your live someday.

  • latinovet

    Two in the head and one in the heart.

  • splink

    How long are we going to tolerate this open season on whites?
    Law Enforcement refuses to call hate crimes – hate crimes..
    Law Enforcement refuses to lock up illegals who are repeat offenders.
    Just WHAT are we going to do?

  • This was not a “random act of violence”. This was a “Hit”.

  • Mike

    According to the Islammunist In Chief who is in a full court press to brown up America, the fault lies with the Republicans.

    IMO, this POS and EVERY government official who participated in circumventing our laws should be fed very slowly, feet first, into a wood chipper.

  • Mark

    This is guerilla war (gorilla war), No place is safe, while some are certainly safer than others. The quasi=Isis types committing these atrocities are scum but the politicians allowing them to commit them are worse.

  • Mike

    Very good and accurate analogy.

  • Mark

    Get body armor first. Freedom of speech, yes, but some speech is a lot freer than others.

  • FreeSpeech

    the end result that I am encouraging is WE will no longer have that idiot obama in America. I couldn’t care less what they did with him. See?

  • Mike

    I think it is safe to say that the artificial reality created by our major news outlets, our government, our schools must stop at ALL costs and I do mean ALL otherwise there is no turning back from the 3rd world cesspool Barry the Islammunist and his ilk are attempting to send this Country.

    We do not have a Flag problem.
    We do not have a cake for a wedding problem.
    We do not have a transgender bathroom problem.

    We have a CPUSA owned and operated Progressive gang in the USA bent on our destruction as we WERE ONCE a shining example of the failures of socialism/communist thus we must be destroyed.

  • Gordon

    So, how would you carry it? On a sling, over your shoulder, breach open, bolt retracted?

  • noprisoners49

    Animals have more sense than this…and more compassion.

  • Mark

    For most of them it will never happen. Look at how few really renounce the left, ever.

  • Gordon

    Matters a LOT!

    If Random; fits the narritive that this was a black racist HATE crime.

    But was it Black anti White hate crime? Or, Anti Semetic? 1 comment states that there were Israeli Tourist in the building across the street.

    If, “A Hit.” Different: MOTIVE. Just T.C.B.; I.E. Nuttin Personal…

  • Did I say liquor store? No. I said “banks, jewelry stores, check cashers”. Big jobs where police response time is a major issue.

  • Synic

    How many Nuffins did a Dindu do if a Dindu dindu nuffin?

  • Mark

    Historically, how many robberies of these establishments have involved decoys?

  • No stories about one yet.

  • Mark

    Depending on where you live, it is NOT impossible to get a CCW in CA. SF & LA, yes, unless you are DiFi.

  • Heather Occupy Garczynski

    The man who shot this woman was not black. He was a mexican national. Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate is his name. He has been deported 4 times. He resided in a safe haven in SF that did not report illegals. He admitted to the police that he was responsible and said it was an accident. He also stated that he should be punished to the full extent of the law. It is very dangerous to spread misinformation such as this to the public. As a journalist you have a duty to report accurate information.

  • Heather Occupy Garczynski

    He wasn’t black. He was a Mexican National. Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate is his name. He was an illegal immigrant that has been deported 4 times previously to this incident. He kept coming back. This meme you took so much time to make and post is irrelevant.

  • Mark

    Wait a minute, when was this?? I thought open carry of any firearm was illegal in CA, and I live here. You wouldn’t go 20 feet today w/o being swat teamed.

  • Heather Occupy Garczynski

    He was not black. He was a mexican national. Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate is his name and he was deported 4 times because he is an illegal immigrant. I suggest you switch the news outlet you read because the Gateway Pundit is giving you false information just to fuel your hate. They must be so proud you fell into their trap.

  • Mark


  • It happens a lot. I mentioned below that it’s common in Mexico City. It doesn’t get reported on much because law enforcement doesn’t want to give the precious snowflakes any ideas.

  • Heather Occupy Garczynski

    he was not black. He is a Mexican National named Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate. He was deported 4 times previously. I would suggest you do your own research rather than rely on the rhetoric and propaganda of the Gateway Pundit.

  • Heather Occupy Garczynski

    Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate is the man responsible for the death of this woman. He is not black. He is a Mexican National that was in our country illegally. He was deported 4 times previously. Check the facts.

  • Gordon

    I think you’re on the wrong comment board. Reload your page. Easy to do when you’re stoned!

  • Gordon

    IDIOT. This is a different murder. Different time. Different Place. Different Crime.

  • Heather Occupy Garczynski

    Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate was the man responsible for this woman’s death. He is not black. He is an illegal immigrant from Mexico and is a Mexican national. He has been deported 4 times. He admitted he shot her. He said he found the gun wrapped in a t-shirt on the ground. He also claimed it was an accident and that he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law for what he did.

  • Heather Occupy Garczynski

    same woman same age same area. who is the idiot.

  • Gordon

    You. This is a Jewish woman murdered in cold blood from behind with a shotgun by a Killer described as a “Black Male”. In Hollywood; L.A., SOUTHERN California.

    Obviously you are bias.

  • A Person

    You IDIOT LIBTARD. That’s an entirely different case.

  • A Person

    MORON LIBTARD, that’s a different shooting.

  • So, are we now keeping tabs on the black violence vs the illegal violence.
    This is an EVERYDAY event, lady.
    In a city, somewhere in the USA today, a white (more than a few whites) will be either *robbed, *beaten, *raped or *murdered by a young, black male.
    If one lives in a ‘sanctuary city’, they will be subjected to encompassing violence.

    You made a point, but like most clueless leftists, you don’t see the whole picture.
    Thanks a lot for creating this cesspool we used to know as America.

    BTW: Your icon sucks

  • A Person

    Just kill yourself now and help out this country you ignorant Libtard.

  • A Person

    STUPID LIBERAL FOOL ! That’s a different case.

  • Gordon

    I think Heather bangs black guys….

  • mohair_sam

    From ABC7 in LA: “Police described the suspect as a black male wearing dark clothing and a hoodie. Authorities said they are planning on looking at surveillance footage from nearby businesses to assist in their investigation.” (

    Where are you getting your information?

  • You believe she was a Jew?
    the Liberal Jews will go to great lengths to keep this covered up

  • shadetree56

    wrong story

  • oldeagle145

    This is a different shooting in a different city moron.

  • Gateway does not post propaganda.
    Thats something you Leftists do to America. Day after day

  • shadetree56

    will al sharpton go to her service? Don’t think so.

  • God handed America over to sin because many Americans craved sin

  • Nash Montana

    Surely this has nothing to do with race.

  • Nash Montana

    Aaaw no fair now! Rheumatoid arthritis is no laughing matter!!!

  • Nash Montana

    OMG! Are you really THAT stupid???

  • Nash Montana

    Are you REALLY THAT STUPID? WRONG SHOOTING, IDIOT!!! Did that rainbow somehow infiltrate your brain so you can’t keep shootings apart anymore?

  • Nash Montana

    Are you REALLY THAT STUPID? WRONG SHOOTING, IDIOT!!! Did that rainbow somehow infiltrate your brain so you can’t keep shootings apart anymore? You are seriously deranged.

  • Shuckk_N_Jive

    That is a completely different case you drooling brain dead zombie.

  • No doubt a gang initiation. They have these things planned out so they can kill the person and gone in a heartbeat. Too bad California doesn’t issue CWP’s as easy as other states do. At least the BF could have returned fire on this animal.

  • THIS is NOT the same shooting! The shooting with the illegal mexican

  • Gordon


    I knew a prominate Jewish Lady, looks like she could be her daughter? Last name sounds like it could be Jewish? Shouldn’t be too difficult to discover.

    If she’s Jewish, then this is an anti Semetic: “Hate Crime”. Should have several Federal Depts. activated. As well as the A.D.L, and the I.D.L. unless of course, this was 1 of their covert operations? Could be???

  • Mike in Illinois

    The election is a year and a half away yet FOX News thinks Bernie versus Hillary is MORE IMPORTANT than talking about this wicked act of MURDER.
    A shotgun use, black offender, white female victim, all lead them to say “this doesn’t fit the gun control, racism is only from whites to blacks agenda, so we can’t do even segments on this”. Instead they say a one liner or two liner about this in passing and move on to the IMPORTANT STUFF! You know, the DEMOCRAT primary.
    Disgusting. Shame on FOX News.

  • dave0987

    Can’t. Joe Biden told us all to buy a shotgun, remember?

  • You’re an idiot.. TWO DIFFERENT CRIMES! you keep telling people to check their facts.. YOU are the one who needs to check herself. The young lady shot by the mexican was shot on the PIER.. this was on Sunset Blvd.. MORON.. CHECK Y O U R facts..


  • NO HE WAS NOT! MORON.. this was on Sunsset Blvd!!!

  • Gordon

    And Crack. And the gangstarz are the 1s who deal it!

  • What the hell is your problem? The woman shot by the ILLEGAL mexican was on the PIER with a pistol.. this woman was shot by a shotgun – witnesses reported A BLACK MAN.. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT IDIOT..

  • She’s an idiot liberal who didnt take the time to actually READ the story enough to know that the ILLEGAL mexican she’s talking about shot the woman on the PIER.. this was a murder right on Sunset BLVD.. God people like heather need a slap in the back of the head to wake them up.

  • Mike in Illinois

    EVERY place is a “dangerous” place. SO dispense with that false premise.
    There is a profound difference between BEING safe and FEELING safe. Dispense with that false premise too. Yes she was killed from behind, BUT the fact is that the CIMINALS already KNOW there is a very TINY, MINISCULE chance that either his target OR her company would be armed.
    It is quite likely that she would NOT have been targeted if the knowledge base was different. Had this criminal been in a place that he KNEW it was MOST LIKELY that both of them were going to be armed, he would choose a single target rather than a double – and even then making sure NOBODY was even close.

    Look to mass shooters for evidence……they always choose their target with this in mind GUN FREE ZONES!

    Ya know wat makes places dangerous? Usurpatious government traitors who impose those gun free zones AND with all gun control that idea that criminals have the upper hand BECAUSE people are “law abiding” and thus DISARMED.

  • Gordon

    They are letting Nature run it’s course.

    How much Narco $ (Which origionates @ the federal Treasure, as is distributed via E.B.T. Cards.) do you think went to elect Obama?

  • NO.. and. .you got it wrong.. he was deported 5 times.. AND he shot the woman at the PIER NOT SUNSET BLVD.. what in the heck is your disconnect? Can’t you READ?

  • Totally agree Nash.. this woman keep posting the SAME thing over and over.. she’s doesn’t even know how STUPID she looks saying this! The girl shot by the Illegal mexican was shot on the pier with a pistol.. this woman was shot point blank on sunset blvd.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Mark, I once made the guerilla warfare comment regarding some black on black killings in Chicago and was INSTANTLY called “racist”……..of course it was by a WHITE liberal regular poster who interestingly didn’t come back to the forum after the hammering they received via dictionary dot com HA HA HA. Liberalism……it really is a mental disorder.

  • Mike in Illinois

    See, your rainbow and unicorn strategy only serves to demonstrate you DON’T know, as you think you do and claim you do. Your mind is Occupied alright… empty space.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I think the Heather Bot needs a new script, shes kinda buggy today.

  • Yep, she was a Jew.
    Lib Jews will HIDE this. Believe me.
    They are Commies and the Prog cause comes before their peeps.
    Really sick

  • chris2155

    They dont know????? he killed her because she was WHITE..a Black racist who hates white people..when a White person RARELY kills a black person, its AUTOMATICALLY a hate crime..the DOJ looks into, the Community organizer says we need to do this or that with guns..AND yet, when its a daily occurence of black on white violence, they just. dont. know. why….I sure as hell know why…There are FAR FAR more black racists in the US than there are white.

  • Darkheart11

    You know this is going on in a LOT more places than just californiastan. It can not be too long before innocent people start shooting back! Or more, firing first.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I hear ya but you know what? I don’t buy that this time. I don’t even buy gang initiation this time either. This is just like the cop slayings in New York.
    This was assassination, known or unknown at this point, but blatant open broad daylight bold assassination. It was either a hired very personal killing or it was a broad generalized killing on the racist front.
    Regardless, many more will have to die before it is admitted what has to be done.
    Arm up Americans. Fight BACK!

  • Mike in Illinois

    Not yet.
    Right now it is a slaughter.
    WAR means the side being slaughtered is actually fighting back.

  • Gordon

    Well, she was frantically C&P the same rebutal to almost every post… Cover Up?

    She may suspect she knows the killer? Guy she’s been bedding? Or, just embarassed cause she’s 1 of those “justice 4 michael” types, and is a deinier of black on white hate crime?

    Lotza info in these comments…

  • Mike in Illinois

    I think it will take going after kids…..

  • Billy Vincent

    Wrong shooting Heather.

  • slybyrd

    I asked that same question when I 1st heard this story.

  • Mike in Illinois

    They are too busy with taco bumping orgasms over marriage redefinition.

  • silaxo1

    This is nothing new. This sort of thing is going on every day throughout this country. Mostly in the eastern USA. Don’ worry, it will catch on in the west, or maybe it already has. Al Sharpton and Barack Obama’s blacks are out to kill whitey one at a time. They are being very successful, and with the liberal news media’s lack of reporting these crimes, they are complicit.

  • Ralph Joseph

    Blacks killing Whites for no reason and encouraged by Obama and Holder.

  • Gordon


    I asked this ? last night and got labeled a “racists” right off the bat.

    If she was Jewish, this murder will be handled as a “Hate Crime”. If she had been W.A.S.P., not.

    Why would they hide this? Their protoge’s have turned on them?

  • Mike in Illinois

    That is exactly what it is. Just like the NYPD cop assassinations.
    Cops have buried, well politicians have buried, it all along so that crowd views escalation as the only way get their “message” out.

    Now, consider this. ISIS has been basically forced into doing EXACTLY the same thing – escalate – in in order to get “media” attention.
    This is petulant children on STEROIDS and it is ALL caused by MEDIA that refuses to TELL THE TRUTH!

  • Mike in Illinois

    Here is the problem with that angle. Usually, killing in or killing out isn’t a random target for death. Death is reserved for rivals……tht amounts to Doin’ Dirt. Proving the willingness to do it.
    Beatings, yes I agree, initiation. But not this kind of murder in these circumstances. This is deeper than gangland politics.

  • Gordon

    By the way…

    It’s highly possible that the Killer is reading these comments…. Maybe even commenting under a false I.D.?


  • billsv

    LA is a third world country governed by liberals for a long time. The SF sheriff cannot carry a gun because of spousal abuse and blames the federal government to not doing something in a sanctuary city. The whole state is becoming Greece.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Indeed. Because it is a shotgun, TV media will avoid it UNLESS internet rages about this.
    Did ya see the Rachel Bot try to conflate this killing with the other one?
    The attempt to deflate internet traffic is already in play. Media is SCARED by this one – ESPECIALLY if they do not catch the one who did this…..
    Multi MILLION dollar search for a white boy who shot up a gun free zone called a church….got him in less than 24 hours!!! This? Not even a clue……

  • Mike in Illinois

    You know Patty, I just had a gut check, just as I saw this pic and read your post.
    This gal MAY have been a coke freak, orpossibly a mule for a Hollywood Exec type who is a coke freak. This is the kind of hit done over DEBT and also done over “knowing too much”.
    It is certainly a “message sent” so it could be that too….

  • Mike in Illinois

    First we gotta know what actually happened. Then, when we get tox reports and autopsy and hopefully a guilty party, we can react with outrage directed at the proper things and people.
    However, if you ask politicians, we should react with divisive rhetoric and then indifference. It works out well fort their “campaign”.

  • bradmichaeltankersley


  • Patty

    I think it may have been a hit job, too. Too strange the whole way this went down.

  • Mike in Illinois

    That being proven (as decades and decades of “gun control” and welfare haveonly served to augment the problem), it comes to light that gun controllers WANT these tings to happen – and for their political gain!

  • Lol.
    “Bernard Melvin” is the father–that’s a Jewish man.
    She’s a Jew.
    I know what you’re saying. I have been reporting these crimes for YEARS. It only gets attn in NYC when its a Jewish victim.
    More blogs/websites HAVE to

    *Name Race
    *Report these crimes, DAILY to stop this insanity.

    Everyone’s a racist…EXCEPT black militants..

    If Gateway keeps exposing these race crimes, it will be over for the media. He is one of the top sites now.

  • Patty

    Also, there had to be some sort of silencer on that shot gun.

  • Mike in Illinois

    And strange how media is hush hush. There are cameras and sats covering every city in this country. They can find WHOEVER they want whenever they want. They don’t WANT to find this vile feral rat, at least not yet.

  • Mike in Illinois

    That’s because she is a bot.

  • Source:

    ‘Gunman Shoots, Kills Woman Walking With Boyfriend in Hollywood’
    NBC Los Angeles.


    Speaking from the family home in Morro Bay, her father Bernard Melvin said Carrie was “the light of our life.”

  • MA_Voter

    I could and I would

  • Patty

    Oh, how true that is. I think, even though the father and others say she had no enemies. She certainly had one.

    I hope that her family finds the truth but these days, it is hard to come by.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Nope. Its just a bot with the intention of conflating the two cases for algorithm purposes. It is how progressives now rewrite history as it happens. Influence search engines and bury whatever they want to bury.

  • Rodney S

    The motive is the same as the Kathryn Steinle murder in San Francisco.

  • MA_Voter

    Pull up your pants you fúckin c00ns. 🙂

  • MA_Voter

    I would never work in a liquor store in that area.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I do too Patty. But the “she didn’t have any enemies” things is just like the “he was a good boy, just turning his life around, about to record his hip hop track” line. That is grief speaking, imho.

    I know this much, when I was younger, there was PLENTY my mom never had any idea about, or either even consider was possible about me and what I was into.

    I think it a good bet this lady was full blown progressive liberal who prolly voted Obama proudly. Hollywood almost commands it. And those wanting in do it proudly. Sadly, it is true that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. Worse, this kind of killing is amounts to yesteryears mugging.
    I have lots of feelings and I am trying to hold back quite a bit to see what facts come out, but right now, and I hope I am wrong, I am thinking this one will get dumped into the “unsolved” category and just forgotten about……

  • MA_Voter

    “I asked this ? last night and got labeled a “racists” right off the bat.”

    If that’s the case then you were on to something.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Hiding it serves the collective, the narrative. Opening it up like a Trayvon or a Brown risks too much political capital on several fronts.
    War on women
    Gun Control
    And a few more too.
    It cannot be risked over just one life…..

  • Mike in Illinois

    EBT is too enticing. SO either a new immigrant owns it or someone else owns it and hires a worker….

  • Mike in Illinois

    Getaway planning and other premeditation factors discount that.
    Notice folks, here we see it again, the attempt to conflate the two, to comingle them…And by another “private” low posting count noob. Im telling ya….it is bots trying to influence search results!

  • Patty

    Not really good witnesses and that is really questionable. But, for me, I hope you are wrong about this being forgotten or one of those unsolved cases.

    Yes, there are things my parents didn’t know about me but I guess they do now, in Heaven I hope looking down and saying, Oh, Patty!! lol!!

    This reminding me of this:

    ‘Baretta’ Star’s Wife Shot Dead

  • Mike in Illinois

    That’s CRAZY Patty. I though of that too! GMTA I suppose!

  • Hy Feiber

    You’re right. This is a massacre. Piecemeal.

  • Patty

    thanks for the compliment.

  • Hy Feiber

    We are living in epochal times. There is no way that 50% of us can continue to be Ruled by traitors who reject everything we stand for.

    I envision a new America comprised of AZ, TX, WY, UT, LA, MS, AR, ID, AL, OK…all are connected, the only fly in the ointment is NM, becoming more liberal.

    This will not occur for some time. But civilizations Do come and go. Longer term, Drastic action is required under the Declaration of Independence, to confront the conditions in existence now.

  • Baron Münchhausen

    The genocide of the white race continues unabated

  • The 10th Crusader

    Savages murdering innocents is the connection. It’s all that’s needed.

  • oldeagle145

    Could you imagine a trash heap the world would be if they did got rid of whites like they want to? So long to civilization.

  • americansforall

    any urban area of California is a dangerous place….WH is pleased with racial violence as it serves their purpose to attempt to divide us as Amereicans…..Ovomit/Jarrett must have very disappointed that those congregation members in S.C. reacted in such benevolent fashion….

  • americansforall

    that’s a great line !! Nailed it !!

  • americansforall

    if she was my wife or girlfriend or friend or a family member..that POS who shot her would wish the police had nabbed him on the spot..

  • Carl Mayo

    “Well done! Keep killing more!”
    -eric holder

  • americansforall

    Agreed….where do you report these you have a website or blog ??

    I’d like to read what you post..

  • yennikcm

    But, but, he was just turning his life around….

  • pajamakat

    I don’t think they consider white people to be innocent any longer.

  • Avspatti

    I prefer hungry alligators.

  • R_of_the_H

    The description of the act makes it appear premeditated. Not believing the boyfriend right now.

  • Avspatti

    Obama is wicked.

  • maudieNmandeville

    Enjoy it, California. You vote for it.

  • Robert

    I am always checking my surroundings especially when I have to go in to a city, yesterday I was in such a place without a sidearm and felt very vulnerable. It’s just not safe for white people in some cities. We will have to fix this problem, by arming ourselves but some of these people are cowards when they come up behind you. They speed by you in a fast car with automatic guns and shoot everything up I have seen it in my own neighborhood when i was younger, now I live in the country and if they come here they will be dealt with harshly.

  • #black lives matter the victims and their families.

  • Avspatti

    I don’t remember that Obama has EVER commented on something like this. Victim was white.

    How are we ever going to survive until this evil man is gone?

    It is 489 days, 20 hours, 46 minutes, 18 seconds

    until Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 7:00:00 AM (San Bernardino time)

  • ClausVonBulow

    imagine blade runner without any electricity

  • Avspatti

    And, a media that savages anyone else who dares to tell the truth.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Old Media an cry wolf all it likes. New Media is bypassing Old Media’s long held filter. And every day its attempts to discredit only serve to inflict that upon itself.

  • paw516

    Imagine if it was a white girl killing a black man. All hell would be raised. This is the last you’ll hear of this. Pitiful.

  • Avspatti

    What does the BF say? Any comments from him?

  • James Simpson

    This is a deliberate provocation. Like the black church burnings and riots, it is all being perpetrated by the same people: the radical left who are attempting to provoke a race war. They have pulled out all the stops. There will be many more such incidents.

  • terro9000

    They are running out of time to get their little war going strong. If the Presidential election is certified Obama just cannot fulfil his evil desires. Expect any and every trick….between now and then.

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Wouldn’t do any good. Because it’s like Larry Elder says,”Facts to a Liberal are like Kryptonite to Superman…” and so Libs avoid facts at all costs!

  • terro9000

    One could only hope that this poor lady was a liberal and a victim of her own policies and misplaced sympathies. But she seems too attractive to be a liberal.

  • bindare

    Call me a conspiracy nut but with all the “false flag” events that the Obama Administration is suspected to have perpetrated, I would look at the radical black organizations allied with the White House and Justice Department to find the murderer. This one is just too senseless and random and seems designed to cause a violent reaction.

  • rich

    And where are white men. Disgusting cowardly brood.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I haven’t seen any, but you would think that media would get the crying boyfriend “Scott Peterson” factor story the instant they could. But then, he might be in some serious fear right about now…..thinking “Darren Wilson” factor.
    No televised press conferences (nationally) like the church killings, like the escaped convicts in New York, Like the Pizza DNA arson of a single family home…….
    But boy howdy we got Bill Cosbys sexual antics in the all important LIVE slot. Sheesh!

  • Alex

    Where to take courses to prevent such horrific incidents, when mayor of NYC, the low life de blasio stopped the program “stop and frisk” all hell goes loose. The hell goes loose in every city now. Where to take classes in details, you can’t watch everybody every time . May be you suggest boot camp or FBI camp for a week.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Bin Laden was open about saying that.
    All those claiming “white privilege” are almost as open on that point. The New Black Panthers and Nation Of Islam is quite open about that position. Black Liberation Churches across the board are quite focused on that point.

    About the only people still “questioning” it are……white gun owning, Bible clingers who don’t live in Cities. The Ironic part is the White Guilt Liberals are IN the cities and will be the first targeted………ummmm….kinda like THIS GIRL (unless some direct connection is made regarding the killer).

  • Avspatti

    She can’t even keep straight cities that are 300+ miles apart.

  • terro9000

    Gang initiation? Usually involves the rape of a white woman or the murder of a white person. True.

  • Mike in Illinois

    That standard once applied almost all the time. However, public skool and caledg have dumbed down these last two generations so successfully that one can no longer use guilty/not guilty as we once could. 😉

  • Avspatti


  • dave0987

    Yeah I saw that…amazing isn’t it? The commielibs are definitely out in full force damage control mode with each one of these as they continue to pile up…can’t have the next wave of Democrat voters painted in a negative (aka truthful) light now can we?

  • Avspatti

    Obama is a fool and a coward.

  • Mike in Illinois

    There used to be this thing called journalist ethics. It was even taught to young journalists. Contained within were standards applied to NEWS, with opinions relegated to the OPINION pages. But slackers and boot lickers tossed aside their ethics in favor of access and celebrity (vanity and greed combined). They abandoned applying EQUALITY to the things they “reported” and played semantic games to slip opinion into news. Then, as a result, they jumped to MAKING the news instead of reporting News. Indeed, they were so enticed to be first, they jumped to predicting what WOULD happen, rather than be honest about what actually did happen.

    With honesty out the window, they now don’t even try to keep it real. They ignore what DOES happen and hide what they can. An example along the lines of what you wrote there is how we can ALWAYS tell when they are writing bad news about a Democrat……because its deep into the article before that identifier is written (if it is even written at all) but its always SO and SO (R) right out the gate when it is a “republican”.
    Blogs and comments within them are where the most valuable and truthful information is found. Sure, there are still many foolish tidbits to be sifted through, but one relying on Old Media to “report” facts is out in the cold. There is nothing but propaganda in that environment. It is much better to seek out information online – and away from the so called mainstream media.

  • Gordon

    Defineately PREMEDITATED. Killer had aquired the: MEANS.

    “Not believing the boyfriend right now.” would apply to the: OPPORTUNITY. You mean like the boyfriend may have been like a: ‘Lady in Red’; Set Her Up? Could be?

    What would have been his: MOTIVE, to co conspire to assassintate her?

  • Mike in Illinois

    If it takes trumps antics to break them of that “fear’ (id say take that excuse away from them) then so be it. I would differ a bit though on this point…..this goes back a lot longer than just 50 years. In some ways, it goes all the way back to the start. Some, then as now, simply REFUSE to accept a particular truth they don’t like.

    From the get go we have had people refuse to relent to the Second Amendment. We have had people refuse to relent to “get a WARRANT!” and even today states refuse to relent to the “trial by jury of your peers” because the federal judiciary has never “decided” on that right’s “incorporation”.

    For almost a century and a half, those pesky GOPers elected do NOTHING about the judicial overstep called “amending the Constitution via Case Law”.

    We gotta face it. While true to say the parties are “different”, it is also true to say those to entities are on a different team than us ordinary every day joe six packs. They are not our friends and they are not our benefactors. They ALL seek to be our RULERS. And they are winning…….because We The People LET THEM…..

  • Phoenix

    Nigz gunna be nigz

  • stairgauge

    Here’s the scenario folks. Your walking down the street and are attacked by one to any number of people, let’s say black thugs.
    You open fire and kill or wound a couple or if there is just one
    You kill him.You save your life.The cops arrest you because you are not allowed to defend yourself in this way unless you are in your home.You will be convicted of manslaughter at least. You will be sent to prison and soon executed by black gangs. Who do you blame for this?
    Liberals and their laws? I don’t. I blame the Gun owners, conservatives,
    God, Country and Family types who for years have allowed the left to shred the Constitution. Now you/we have just allowed 5 lawyers on the supreme court to accomplish a bloodless coup and take America over.
    My scenario has a few small holes in it but it is based on true stories.
    Yes ,I think each and everyone of us posting on this thread is guilty

  • Phoenix


  • Mike in Illinois

    It is my hope that there is no stopping the crime reporting. One after another WILL demand, will force their hands, a response. Kinda like the ISIS factor. Obama has tried his best to avoid it, but he has failed. I think they are gonna fail to avoid this situation too. I think that the fire is burning to out of control to corral at this point. And it is hot enough that the media painters cant slop on their “color” to “cover it up”…….their “make up teams” cant get close enough to the fire because of that heat.

  • Gordon

    1 judge did that when he put the psycho, Georgie II in the Oval Office won by President Al Gore.

  • Lulu

    Well she probably voted for it and thought George Zimmerman was evil …

  • Gordon

    Democracy only works in a highly literate, educated, civilized society with common goals. We are born primate, median sized ‘hairless’ Apes. Some of US progress, but it takes effort.

    You can’t just ‘believe’your safe on Our streets when they are infested with criminalized; gangstarized, predatory, feral primates; cannibals. Our Urban Cities are becomming: CONGO.

  • JohnnyBoyCali

    I’m sure Obama will give her euology.

  • oldeagle145

    The little metrosexual fembots are really gonna be in deep shinola when this erupts. They will be doing the gay run to the city limit.

  • NoBamaYoMama

    Indeed; Situational Awareness!

  • SomethingWicked

    Not that it would have done any good in this case, but here is something I don’t understand. Why are the majority of women Against gun ownership/carry. We talk about equality for women, but one of the things that stands in the way of equality is the physical size difference between men and woman. This size difference allows women to be intimidated, bullied, beaten, raped….Contrary to what the TV and Movies would have you believe, a 110 lb woman, no matter what her skill level in martial arts, kick boxing, koga stick what have you is never going to be able to defend herself from a 180 lb male assailant. Commercially available pepper spray or tazers will at best give you a few seconds, and more likely just piss him off so that he really hurts you. A hand gun, with a modicum of training, truly levels the playing field. With a few exception of someone filled with so much PCP that their death is likely eminent anyway, NOBODY is gonna shrug off a slug from a .38 on 9mm. Whether it kills them or not, it will certainly take the fight out of them. Point-pull-repeat until you hear clicking. Please ladies, stop being victims, stop voting for people that want to take away your Choice to defend yourself.

  • Hy Feiber

    I was referring to 50 years of a one-sided race war.

  • jainphx

    No truer statement has ever been made! I wonder if there is a bounty on us all. But even here the animal was a coward! I mean back of the head!!! Cowards out hunting those who can’t fight back from behind with a shot gun. Tell me again why all this is happening with the first black president in office?

  • Zelsdorf

    Maybe and eye for an eye is called for.

  • jainphx

    Yes!! We hear the awful hate filled speeches made by the black panthers and what if anything is done? Nada, nothing. They said kill the whities and their children, did they not? It’s almost where the left wants it and that is open warfare.

  • jainphx

    I live in north Phoenix, it’s been quiet for years. Now when I pass someone on the street, I quickly take a look behind me. never felt the need before, I was very surprised to see the guy I passed doing the same thing. Times they is a changing. I also now carry where I used to just have it at home for emergencys

  • jainphx

    How many of us have it in our hearts to willfully take another’s life? I say protect your self with all means possible, but don’t turn into the animals that they are.

  • jainphx

    Yea tossing their poop around. Why the hell do they wear pants at all?

  • Just google “The Mad Jewess” . net

    Click on the tab that says BBB or b/white crime.

  • jainphx

    Yes it is one of the top sites. Jim has been plugging along with very good posts now for years. I’m glad to see this site take off.

  • jainphx

    Also known as the skittles gang!

  • I hear you loud n clear

  • jainphx

    And if he’s successful I would hope one of the first casualties

  • jainphx

    Where are his pet flies?

  • jainphx

    Yea they all gots their Obama phones with all those free minutes!

  • Nome Sane

    I received my Concealed Firearm License earlier this year. Strongly suggest you get yours.

  • jainphx

    When we are being forced by the evil left to keep THE LORD out of our cities and institutions without much of a battle, the LORD can not tolerate this much longer and then Judgement.

  • Graymatter

    It begins.

  • jainphx

    Oh so true, but remember he is not done with Israel or his chosen people, so there is much hope for us all.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    I’m a white guy living in Southern CA. Where can I find some sun glasses with rear view mirrors on them? ; )

  • Sterling Headset

    Do door to door searches in Hollywood and disarm everyone, especially security guards and gays. Take their knives, baseball bats and hammers too. That will make everyone safe. I promise.

  • jainphx

    He does seem to let us have what we crave doesn’t he.

  • It is sorry and sad–but yes.

  • jainphx

    The LORD works in mysterious ways! Our human minds can’t comprehend it’s workings. Just believe and patiently wait.

  • jainphx

    Why do battered women go right back to their batterer? The workings of the human mind!

  • jainphx

    Not short enough!!!!!

  • jainphx

    When G-D said turn thy other cheek, it was in reference to our belief in him! For the rest of that quote goes on to say If he smite you on your cheek “because of me” turn to him also the other.

  • jainphx

    Just a few short years ago I would have taken your statement as garbage and insulting, now I’m not so sure. As I said before, where is the outrage coming from the black community over these atrocities? Col West, Alan Keyes, and others are shouted down when they try to address this. They are called “uncle Toms” or worse.

  • Master of Intelligence

    Tell me, what good does your concealed firearm do when someone has already put a shotgun in the back of your head? The problem is not going to resolve itself just because more people have concealed guns.

    You want to keep this type of problem from happening? Make it 50 times more difficult for people such as the ones responsible for this shooting from getting guns. We live in a country where we have manufactured more guns for civilians, than most countries have for their own military, and people like you think we need more guns to solve this?

    Try this – You want a gun? You need a bachelors degree, minimum. People with an education are less likely to go on murder sprees primarily because being smart has its advantages. This will also encourage stupid people to get a degree. If you have a gun on you and you do not have an education, you go to jail. We also need to start reversing the damage that is already done. Get guns off the street right away. Quit whining about your rights being taken away. Because frankly, the criminals are using the same excuses you use to get a gun, then civilians get shot in the back of head. Get an education if you do not like it.

    Next – Stop releasing people who have extensive criminal records. Most murders already have a criminal sheet far longer than their resume` ever will be. Do we need them? Not really, these people reach a point where their existence is no longer necessary. Put them away forever; preferably with a needle.

    I can go on, on how to fix this corrupt and broken system. But I would lose this argument because stupid people want their guns and I am out numbered.

  • B. Smith

    White Privilege…….

  • This is not a gun problem it’s a negro problem. This was an anti-White assassination.

  • jainphx

    They seem to pick on old men, the handicapped, and now women but still from behind. Savage Cowards!!!

  • jainphx

    So true!! They have been waiting for this “perfect” storm for over 100 years.

  • jainphx

    My finger nails are worn to the quick trying to hang on!!!

  • Master of Intelligence

    You’re a prime example of stupid people. Name a race that has never committed a murder. See?

    Is it a negro problem when an elementary school or theater has a disgruntled kid walk in with an AR? No. The problem isn’t about race. It takes a special kind of stupid to only judge by color. You have to attack the problem at its root source and that is a lack of education and guns. A person with a limited education and a gun is a dangerous people to be around regardless of skin color.

  • Bossman470

    Never let your guard down when [email protected] are around.

  • jainphx

    Isn’t it funny how there are “black” colleges, and “black” caucuses, but a white college or a white caucus is racist? A NAACP? but an all white organization?

  • jainphx

    Say that fast 3 times I dare you

  • Stan D Mute

    The quote wasn’t just prescient, it was IRONIC considering Lincoln murdered 600,000+ and unleashed this hell on America.

  • cylde

    It was a dangerous place, Los Angeles is a largely gun free zone which has been repeatedly shown to be a very dangerous place.

  • Jean Faiella


  • jainphx

    Surprising patience isn’t it.

  • jainphx

    From your lips to G-DS ears.

  • gary lacey

    It is a negro problem!

  • Chris Granzow XI

    Nonsense. 90% of interracial murder is black-on-white. The majority of blacks live in majority-black neighborhoods. So you mean to tell me he purposefully went to a majority-white area to kill a random person….yet supposedly there’s no racial motive? That’s like a white person driving to the ghetto to kill someone…then claiming it was random.

  • Stan D Mute

    Your crazy black men commit 52% of all murders in the USA – despite being just 6% of the population. Your crazy black men commit 85% of ALL white/black inter-racial violence other than murder. Your crazy black men rape 20,000-30,000 white women each year (white men rape fewer than 10 black women).

    Go watch Colin Flaherty’s YouTube channel for hours and hours and HOURS of local news and other video of black on white MOB violence.

    Learn something before you spew ignorance.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    Hopefully the LAPD has better police detectives than Cincinnati…

  • jainphx

    Lyndon Johnsons “the great society”has cost 10 trillion dollars! Has anything changed?

  • Master of Intelligence

    Clearly reading comprehension was not your strongest suit.

  • Dash Riprock

    We need to face it. Blacks are an evolutionary dead-end that would have been extinguished centuries ago but for the intervention of Europeans. One can only hope forcess of nature run their intended course before even more human lives are lost.

  • Dash Riprock

    It’s a Too-Many Negro problem.
    And one is too many.

  • Jean Faiella

    I did not say that this man did not plan on killing a white person! I said that He was one crazy, madman, out to kill someone white or whatever the case ends up to be…and that He us to blame… not the entire black race!!!

  • Dash Riprock

    Clearly, reading comprehension was not your strongest suit.
    And punctuation wasn’t yours, N.L..

  • Ron Paul 2016

    This was probably part of a gang initiation. All gang members need to be taken out back somewhere and shot.

  • randy

    pull your pants up faggot

  • gary lacey

    Clearly intelligence is not your strongest suit!

  • Ron Paul 2016

    I think you need to open a history book and take a look into the history of war and violence. No ethnic group is exempt from the engagement of horrific crimes against humanity.

  • JonBarleyCorn

    Welcome to the party pal…

    If serious researchers ever did a non-biased study of violent black on white crime since 1965?

    The numbers would stagger you. Absolutely stagger you.

    300,000 rapes a year. Alone…

  • JC Wilson

    The chimp just earned a tear drop tattoo.

  • lestre

    Will Obama sing at her funeral? White lives matter also.

  • RecklessProcess

    This was clearly a racist hate crime of the type encouraged and applauded by Obama and Holder who clearly want a race war and are willing to spend taxpayer money to promote black lynch mobs and black on white murders.

  • americansforall

    Thanks I will do that..

  • Zigger

    Seeing as she liked Slate and Salon on her facebook page. No big loss.. She was probably burning coal on the side then stopped accepting the D.

  • R_of_the_H

    gangs like to take lives as a warning to pay debt, like the OJ wife

  • Bonanzadrvr

    Shortest war in history…

  • Ribaldo Audace

    Thank you for your service.

  • G.B.

    Do white lives matter?

  • Darrell Standing

    Yeah I think they won’t like the outcome very much!

  • Bossman470

    This was most likely some gang initiation. Kill a random whitey to earn your bat wings.

  • PharmDoc61

    Swan dive from the rooftop of the nearest mosque

  • PharmDoc61

    Yes, but if he had a gun, but her boyfriend could have ventilated the attacker.

  • Patty

    Most Violent crimes are committed by someone the victim knew.

  • Bonanzadrvr

    The suburbs are armed to the teeth. Obama, Sharpton, Holder and Jackson know it. There will not be an overt race war. They get what they want by perverting government. The news media is fully committed to their cause.

  • It sounds like she got Enriched with Diversity™. Diversity is Our Strength™, goyim.

  • No. The Corporate/Government/Media/Trendy Complex wants all White people to be eliminated.

  • JoeK

    More like a shotgun blast to the back of the head to alleviate our nation of the evil that is liEberalism!!

  • Ubeturbipy

    If the heathen thugs kill off the taxpayers their sorry butts will starve to death without welfare checks. How soon can we stop paying them? Soon I hope

  • Gordon

    Could be? (I believe O.J. murdered his wife.)

    There were Jewish, Israeli Tourist in a Motel across the street. They were paniced, and got the heck outta Dodge. I’m thinking possibly this was a Negro Terrorist Wanna Be, or Do Be? And he was tipped off by their network of Spys as to the location of these Israelis outside of Israel, and he mistook her for 1 of them? I’m wondering if they are offering Bountys? Theories abound. Media sems to be keeping a lid on this story.

  • Gordon

    That’s what Dr. Hannibal Lecter said…

  • Da Troof

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self-improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Their abhorrence for crime and tendency to root out criminality within their own communities demonstrates a fierce desire to convey a positive image to society, one that should be revered by people of all races. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

  • Gordon

    An L.A. TV station has a witness that said they heard a loud blast that made them jump, and set off car alarms. The Israelis didn’t hear the blast, (Why?) but did hear the screams. Went out on the street and realized what had happened. Then they paniced. Didn’t sleep that night, and split early the next morning. Parnoid?

    Possibly the Killer was tipped off on the Israelis? Saw this Jewish woman across the street from their Motel, and figured she was 1 of them; viable target?

  • another_engineer

    # WhitePrivilege

  • Gordon

    No. Blast was loud enough to make another person present jump, and set off car alarms.

  • Gordon

    Maybe she was some ‘Jana’ type? Like that mob inciter from KSDK?

  • Pathfinder306

    I really don’t believe that the ‘left’ are evil, or think of themselves as evil, they are merely stupid. I also don’t believe that anyone living is in a position to say what the Lord is willing to tolerate. At most a person might ‘believe’ they can predict what the Lord will tolerate.

    Seems to me there is much evil in this world that is not being opposed by divine powers, I don’t pretend to understand how this can be.

  • Pathfinder306

    Was your ‘True.’ a question or statement? I’ve doubts but no data on which to base an opinion one way or the other. I would like to say “horseshit”, but again that would be my wishful thinking, not data based. I will prefer to believe that the ferals have not sunk to that level yet.

  • Gordon

    Pictures worth a 1,000 words. She sure would make some pimp excited with this look! That long loosely curled light brown hair. Those plump red lips. And a nice, hookers type bod. Maybe she got murdered for prick teasin’, snubbin’, some psycho Hollywood Player?

    Pimps do it all the time…

    So, this was a complicated young Lady; “she’s very complicated” Mich Jagger. And this is most like a complex murder. I.E. Not randon @ all.

  • Gordon

    Either they are covering it up. Or, they have reason to believe she may have a deeper story they are still researching?

  • TheGipper

    This looks very much like a contract murder. The detectives will be looking very closely at the boyfriend and any exes she may have had.

  • Gordon


    Either be Liberal, or be Blackballed.

    Possible this was in regards to the Boyfriend ‘debt’? Or, maybe blackmail. Defineately some intrigue here. Like: ‘”The Black Dahlia” was a nickname given to Elizabeth Short, an American woman who was the victim of a much-publicized murder in 1947.’

  • Gordon

    Is an investigation in progress… He’d be advised to stay silent. Probably still a “Person of Interest”.

  • Gordon

    Doubt it’s that simple…

  • terro9000

    Well known gang in Midwest cities admitted it in the 90s. The junior high white girl in Oklahoma was stabbed in the neck by teen Latino for initiation for well known gang. White man jogging with daughter shot on sidewalk by black gang pleeb. The list goes on.. There’s the keywords. When the youngest ones get busted they seem to admit it. The net’s getting scrubbed pretty good these days.

  • terro9000

    Just last year the initiation was, and this was later on the nightly news, a doll baby in a car seat…left by the road…invariably a nice woman would stop…yup that’s right …If she was white they dragged her into the trees and gang raped and beat her. It HAPPENED. Untul they ran that news story. NOW what do you want to believe.

  • elizabeth greeley

    and the media is complicate.

  • elizabeth greeley

    Then we must stop with the rhetoric and do something! For six years idle talk of impeachment from we the people. However, that’s all it’s been…idle jibber jabber without the challenge and the pursuit!

  • Sucks when they come to your side of town eh libs? Whats that? *crickets* yea thought so… you just pack up and move like the Jews than stay and fight back eh? Vote for some crap that only affects the people you left behind, and emboldens the bastards who do these things. OH WELL! Some people need to learn the hard way I guess.

  • Chippah

    Load ’em up people. This shits only gonna get worse.

  • darrell_b8

    ARM YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or carry Gabby Giffords in your pocket……………….fat chance…

  • hihellothere

    Time to start trevyonning yoots on sight.

  • oldeagle145

    He may be black, but he is no American by any means.

  • Math_Fellow

    It’s not an idiot’s joke.

  • Chippah

    She is dead but the killer is still on the loose.

  • LiberalismIsTrash

    More never ending noggery. Never relax around the ferals and be very aware of them.

  • going56
  • jupliertieq04

    dfgdf ggdfgd gdfdfgdfgdfgdg dgdf g

  • archer52

    I was just talking with my old police buddy saying much the same thing as oldeagle45. He figures either a gang initiation or a lone wolf Muslim who shot the woman for being an infidel.

    Either way, she’s dead, he’s free and the cops have no idea what happened.

    Maybe the civil war Obama and Farrakhan and Wright wanted to start for years- has. And they just forgot to tell us.

  • Pakvi Roti

    Way past time to give the Left a taste of their own medicine. And a double dose for the boos.

  • archer52

    Situational awareness is key. Assume everyone you meet is a danger. Hard life to live. As a career detective, we did just that. Analyze them, the environment and keep you eyes open 360 degree.

    Especially right now. I just threw an extra mag in my pocket. I was hoping those days were over, but sadly, with the amping up of thug behavior by our OWN leaders, I am wrong.

    And I hate that.

    If the boyfriend had been carrying he might have dropped the thug before he got back to the car. She would still be dead. Or if he had looked over his shoulder, maybe he eyeballs the perp and the guy realizes it won’t be an easy kill.

    Doesn’t matter now.

  • archer52

    But the leaders never suffer. They live above the danger. So they keep making the same mistakes over and over and over.

  • Regina Arnold

    Wow. Just Wow.The world has become so scary.

  • TsarBomba

    Don’t let this guy go without being punished to fit the crime!

  • latinovet

    It is a honor to serve.

  • shonuf

    We spend 90% of our income on their welfare and needs and we do more for

    this disgusting bunch than any other nation would do for its own people.

    For this the world despises us and we have lost all our self-respect.

    We should not have done it! We are Guilty! We are sorry! We sincerely and

    humbly ask: May our black ‘brethern’ forgive us. Please, if possible, forgive

    us! We did it out of ignorance and meant well!

  • pgroup

    It was in the early ’70s. And I didn’t say I wasn’t harassed by the cops. They did but I sued ’em and then they backed off of me. As I got older I carried it less. Finally, I got rid of it when I had kids because I moved out of those areas where it was useful such as where this girl was whacked. I lived within a half a block of there for years. Finally realized it was not going to improve.

  • pgroup

    I’m sorry I misled y’all. I meant I carried it (a pump action) in my vehicle along side of the front passenger seat. Hardly ever hand carried it except from the house to the car. Everybody in the neighborhood knew I had it but didn’t necessarily know where. It was identical to cop riot guns except with a pistol grip instead of a shoulder stock.

  • motnosnarblug

    A reverse Mozambique?

  • RevJules

    Criminals don’t care about laws. They will still obtain guns, or anything else they want, via crimes, etc. That’s what liberals don’t understand, criminals don’t care about laws, period.

  • MooTieFighter

    Protect yourself and your family. We are being lied to regarding the brutality and severity of black crime. For every story like this you hear, they’re hundreds that you don’t. Using figures for the 2013 racial mix of the population–62.2 percent white, 17.1 percent Hispanic, 13.2 percent black–we can calculate the average likelihood of a person of each race attacking the other. A black is 27 times more likely to attack a white and 8 times more likely to attack a Hispanic than the other way around. A Hispanic is eight times more likely to attack a white than vice versa!!! This is the REAL America. I guess it’s “white privilege”.

  • R_of_the_H

    Of course she might have been executed for sport
    OJ’s wife have a big cocaine debt they he had decided not to pay anymore
    (street informers told)

  • MooTieFighter

    STOP IT! The stats and evidence is plentiful for those that chose to open their eyes. This denial is dangerous. It allows you and your family to put their guard down. Maybe you feel “racist” to watch that black man behind you or “racist” to avoid an area because there are so many blacks. Stop the ignorance. We all think of risk when performing other activities, it’s intelligence that drives this self-preserving behavior, not “racism”.

  • Richard Bird

    Why is the motive unknown when, if the races were reversed it would be a racist hate crime

  • Louanna Davis-Wesley

    What this says to me is some people are just plain mean. In their heads they justify the inhuman treatment of others. It starts at a young age and mostly in the home. But the only thing that helps me when I hear about this is the God knows who this person is. And the woman will have a resurrection as the Bible promises. God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth. She will be missed. God help us all.

  • jewelthief2014

    Oh dear God! How many black leaders will be at her funeral or supporting her family and friends. How many will be crying out for justice. Will there be even one?

  • Glenn Hauptman

    Always try to be aware of your surroundings and avoid these beasts at all costs!

  • Master of Intelligence

    Right, but what sense does it make to put more guns into circulation when that is clearly not the fix? Our leniency towards criminals does not help either. Yes we are showing leniency since most murders are done by people with criminal records.

    This problem can be fixed. We just have to quit pretending the fix is everyone should have a gun. Mass producing more guns is not the answer. Im a realist, and history has taught the system does not work.

  • ME

    Don’t forget on our DIME too!

  • Frank Szabo

    Time to open the season in reverse.


    The peaceful fun loving American Kneegrow again.

  • Sickofliberallies

    Its always the same with these ferrel pavemant apes. Either they sneak up behind you or attack in packs. Maybe when a few white apologist liberal kids get raped and murdered somebody over there will wake the fk up.

  • Woody Nelson

    Fight back white people. It appear to acceptable for blacks to victimize and kill whites but when a fruit loop shoots a few blacks the world come apart. I say blacks need a taste of their own medicine and I would start by brutally beating black teenagers. They represent most of the problem. They want a race war? Let’s give it to them.

  • melissa

    God forbid they kill off all the white people, then there will be no money for the welfare system

  • SausageFingers

    Was the woman pregnant? Could be the boyfriend hired that dude to take her out.

  • Gordon

    Yep… Well, musta been something in those Florida Oranges besides Juice; that’s for sure!

    I also seriously doubt this was a: ‘random shooting’. Not too many persons could perform this cold blooded murder w/o some previous experience.

    No Profesional Killer ever risks a murder just for: “sport”. Unless they are totally Psychotic Serial Killers. And those types are usually deal with by other Professionals.

    They live = ‘Hit’ to ‘Hit’. Leave behind as little evidence as possible. And Never, Ever, Return To The Scene of The Crime!

    Media, and Obama still mum, so must be some mud in those murky waters…

  • Gordon

    Starts in the Womb. Use of Booze, or Drugs by the Mother…

  • kodster

    HEY! I’m one of those ‘white, gun-owning, Bible clingers who doesn’t live in the cities’ but I ain’t questioning it. I know what is going on. Of course, my brethren here out in the rural sticks are scratching their heads, but that’s because they’re isolated out here, and don’t have a clue about what’s going on in the rest of the state, left alone in the next county… typical country bumpkins. And that, unfortunately, is what the NWO is betting on.

  • kodster

    Feel the exact same way as you do. I asked my husband to get me a handgun a couple of years ago, to carry when I’m out and about, for just this reason.

  • ThaneofCawdor

    Let’s see…In “Politically Correct” terminology, he was given “space to destroy”. If it’s a race war you want…

  • darrell_b8

    ‘White’ is the target; arm yourself; only YOU can protect YOU.

  • Mike in Illinois

    A point folks paying attention should take to heart! There is apathy out here in rural America as well- and I predict the next round of assassinations like this will take place in rural America. No doubt to “shock” and “dismay”. The “just didn’t think it could happen here” disease afflicts all peoples in this country.

  • HeLives

    If you’re truly a ‘Bible clinger’, then you ‘know’ what’s going on, b/c it tells us in there.
    Our moral society is in the toilet. Self love, self obsession & self absorbed, lost souls are full of lawlessness, that will dominate the country & world.
    That is not even taking into account what’s going on w/Israel, or anything else, world wide, or the natural disasters that are continuously, ongoing.
    Do I need to even mention the turning away from God, world wide, by so many? The apostasy, hate & ‘rights’ being taken away from believers. Let alone the escalating Christian persecution, especially in other areas than the US. We don’t have to deal w/much here, except some hate speech. No one is losing their heads on a regular basis b/c of love & loyalty to God & Christ…. yet.
    We are rapidly approaching the very final days. It’s a runaway train.
    But apparently only obvious to those who are paying attention, as we were told to do, by our God.

  • HeLives

    Apathy is rampant everywhere. The US is frighteningly complacent … again.
    911 ‘wake up call’ didn’t last long. I fear only another big, similar hit, will need to happen, for the people to get a clue & hang on to it.
    Maybe not on the same, grand scale. With ISIS in every state now, they have a whole new game plan. But one that will be just as effective for the ignorant, sleeping masses here.

  • HeLives

    While the people in America, once again, are sleeping…….

  • Whites better start thinking as a racial group.

  • joe blabs

    Indeed, AND it is Also ‘Open-Season’ on him as well. Meaning that he Must Atone and Take Responsibility for what he has started.—-This Traitor Only has ‘ILL-WILL’ towards Our Great Country. We Must All Be Thinking that This Kind of EVIL, can happen to Anyone, Anywhere.—-Be Safe People, and May God Bless us True Patriots.

  • kodster

    Exactly, HeLives… exactly.

  • williegt

    When are whites going to wake up..??

  • joe blabs

    No ONE PERSON, is Responsible for ANYTHING That Took Place 200 years ago. Trying to Single Out Caucasians for ‘The Slave Problem’, (The ‘Cover Story’ for Their Screwed-Up Reason to Get Even) cannot hold water much longer. The REAL REASON is Much Worse.

  • disgusted in Md

    Where is the outrage from the people here, an innocent woman murdered without any reason other than she was WHITE, and all we hear is Poor Mike Brown, serial criminal killed by Police. Freddy Grey, another black thug killed, so lets burn the city down….. I never heard one peep about this women being murdered until just now. This POTUS has created an atmosphere of hate, jealousy, promote thuggery, and has ruined a great nation. Now the country is like ever other city that is run by blacks, filthy, uneducated, broke and crime riddled. Congratulations Obama, you proved to be the biggest liar and disappointment of all.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Here’s a Motive.

    The black knew that he would never be prosecuted because WHITE LIVES DO NOT MATTER TO GOVERNMENT!

    He can’t possible be a racist because any racism he holds was planted by whitey and it’s all whities fault.

    The entire administration has guaranteed non prosecution of ANY minority that attacks any white person.

  • Capistranoboy

    And yet it is the rethuglicans that are voting for making it easy to acquire guns…..hmmmmmmmm

  • Capistranoboy
  • jainphx

    You are the problem, you and people like you. narrow minded you say with your narrow minded reply. Thanks but I’ll stick with oldeagle. Your kind need to be segregated from the humans because of your mind damage.

  • joe blabs

    I’ve Always been Suspicious of about 97% of Everybody. Some people have thought I was Too Quick to judge, or Paranoid.—-Now it turns out, I HAVE BEEN CORRECT ALL THESE YEARS.——Get Armed, Get Trained, Practice Every Week, and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE & YOUR FAMILY.—-DO IT ‘NOW’. You will be Glad you did.

  • jainphx

    The truth of your statement is Detroit. take one look at the filth in garbage and crime and you’re statement is spot on

  • Louanna Davis-Wesley

    You’re probably right. Hate also comes from the Media, FB, Video Games, Movies, TV and so on. Our culture today seems to glorify murder and promotes hatred. I don’t think man will ever solve this problem. It will take a GOD to do it. Come Lord Jesus Come.

  • Louanna Davis-Wesley

    Yes Jesus told us to keep on the watch because we no not when he will come. Like a thief in the night when we (Christians) least expect it. But did give us a sign to let us know he is close at hand. We are living in the days were that sign is obvious to those of us watching current events.

  • Louanna Davis-Wesley

    Exactly and what they refuse to teach in school about history is that many white folks were sold into slavery in Ireland because of the potato famine that occurred in the 1800’s. Children were sold into servitude by their parents and brought to America where many died in servitude. But you never hear that story. Wonder why? Who is in control of our education system?

  • Lahoma63464
  • Jason Heather Martin

    Boyfriend had this done,

  • Still thinking

    Need to ban hoodies

  • Sandra Ivey McMahan

    Why don’t you advertise on your page, and address the horror of an innocent woman’s death?

  • Mark

    It is becoming Tacostan.

  • Mark

    “A pistol grip shotgun with an 18 inch barrel is street legal to carry unloaded in California.”

    The hell it is. Loaded carry was banned in 1967 after the Black Panthers invaded the state Crapitol and brandished loaded weapons, thus causing many of their erstwhile admirers to sh!t themselves.*

    *Open carry of loaded weapons has some exemptions In rural counties.

    Governor Fa66ot Pants Moonbeam. signed into law a ban on open carry of unloaded firearms in 2011.

    You are in error and going get someone in real trouble not knowing the law.

  • Mark

    The Zebra killers are out of the closet again with Obama’s blessing.

  • SickandTired

    We are in the beginning of The END!

  • kickknowledge

    I bet 1/2 of these people making these subliminally racist and pure racist comments here didn’t make the same type of comments on this forum when that white guy went into the black church and blasted those 9 black people killing them all. Since it’s a white girl getting killed by a black man it’s a big deal right? The perfect opportunity to throw racist daggers. Hypocrites suck and so do double standards. Middle finger to you all. Now get emotional over that.

  • kickknowledge

    This has got to be the most ignorant comment on the internet today and i won’t even say why. If you are capable, I will just let you figure it out but I’m afraid you never will…smfh:(

  • kickknowledge

    The same people that are trying to dumb down the treatment of Black slaves that were brought to America against their will. The same people that don’t tell kids about American’s giving small pox blankets to the original Native “American” Indians. The same people that won’t teach kids that American Dr’s shot a large number of Black men up with syphilis without telling them. Why not teach the kids that this country was built on the blood, sweat, and tears of broken Black families (rhetorical)? The same people that won’t teach kids that Blacks were referred to as niggers. The same people that won’t teach kids about the Willie Lynch pamphlet for controlling, oppressing, and destroying Black families and Black individuals. The same people that wont teach our kids that there were an abundance of Black inventors whose ideas and patents were stole by white men and took credit for them. The same people that keep teaching our kids that George Washington was the first President of the United States and Barack Obama is the first Black President of the United States. Both which are false by the way. Yes, those same dumb mother f*ckers…that’s who. I hope that answers your questions.

  • Gordon

    In St. Louis, it’s best to not wear: Blue, Red, nor Black hooded sweatshirts. Probably not Camo either…

  • Blargette

    Could have been a gang initiation. It used to be that they would drive with their brights on and whoever flashed them the initiant had to shoot at the car. But if you are a gang and you can get that prospect to commit murder, then you can be sure it isn’t an undercover or that the guy will flip.

    Such are our vile times.

  • Gordon

    I’m curious to learn more about the: “Boyfriend”. Can’t find this out, but was the escape vehicle dirven by another person?

  • Blargette

    Am I reading the Chris Anne Facebook comment right? We should just get the eff over people being shot dead on the street? Where is that person’s humanity? Left at curbside with that poor woman’s body? Disgusting.

  • Gordon

    Yeah, I’m waiting on: Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy too!

  • Gordon

    Technically, it is a: “Hate Crime” if this young Lady was a Jewess; Anti Semetic crime.

    So far, nothing from the D.O.J. on that though.

  • Mike

    The race war is here, but Liberal whitey is denying it. Kill all black thugs.

  • Joyce White

    perhaps she inadvertently dismissed someone, or rejected their advances. It doesn’t have to be a hate crime or a call to kill whites

  • Gordon

    Maybe that’s what this Killer was thinking. This 1s for Roff. Cycle of violence just keeps on spinnin.

  • Gordon

    Yes. That is 1 possibility I have also contemplated. A spurned Pimp…

  • Kendall Lawyer

    He will not come as a “thief in the night” if you are expecting Him. He comes as a thief in the night to those who are of the night, but, as a believer, you are of the light.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Obama-Holder declared open season on white people and law enforcement officers.

    You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

  • K Hendricks

    So Chris Epps,what exactly is a”NEADERTHAL.As you speak of other people’s problem with grammar.

  • Stinkien

    ✔❃❂❁❀✔.This is simple with ◕^^◕. crimefeed ◕^^◕…. Keep Reading

  • Daiseymae

    Nothing surprises me anymore!

  • terro9000

    They’ve been picking low hanging fruit for years. This IS how it’s done.

  • joe

    Sounds gang related…seems like an initiation style killing, especially considering the location.

  • Daiseymae


  • oldeagle145

    LMAO!! there is a huge difference between Von Stuben and the liberal fembot urbanistas that infest our cities. You know, the panzies that faint at the mention of a firearm.. Try again junior.

  • terro9000

    ONE!? Some neighborhoods are knee deep in this stuff, and it is sick.

  • terro9000

    Naive Orthodoxy.

  • terro9000


  • mikekelley10

    This will be local news only.

  • Mike in Illinois

    My biggest fears have long been this –
    19 gunmen in 19 malls doing “known wolf” attacks all at the same time-
    But worse imho- and more unstoppable when pondered dutifully-
    19 jihadis, each with 19 gallon cans of gas/diesel fuel rampaging across the Midwest lighting drying corn fields afire.
    As for waking up the willfully blind? Yeah, I think that will require a EMP attack that extinguishes their mental escape devices or a lasting consequences they cannot escape…….like a dirty bomb.

    I fear for my country, and my countrymen. I pray they awaken to save her and each other from the self evident peril that encroaches.

  • dave0987

    Yet only one of the above-as well as NBC Los Angeles, that I looked up mentioned the suspect’s race. How typical. Everyone else would have us all looking at all 20 year olds wearing hoodies.

  • Master of Intelligence

    Right. Why don’t you bring a solution to the table. Or is the best solution you have is “more people should have guns.” Because that’s not working. You should call me a realist instead of naive.

  • Dash Riprock

    But no race, hell, no animal, in history is as mindlessly violent as blacks.

  • terro9000

    No. You are naive. You want only “government” and “police” to be armed. Have you ever heard of tyranny? Nazis? Etc.

  • Ron Paul 2016

    I’m sorry but you are incorrect. Here are a few things I would like you to look up off the top of my head:
    Unit 731
    Dr. Josef Mengele
    Elizabeth Bathory
    Ivan The Terrible
    The Crusades
    The Celts
    The Spartans
    Nazi Germany

  • Jean Faiella

    I didn’t sat that. This particular crazy black man…who obviously hates whites…killed that poor girl!!! I am saying not ALL blacks hate whites especially to the point of murder!!!!! It works both ways!! 🙁

  • Jean Faiella

    And some neighborhoods are filled with other colors that are knee deep in hate and revenge!

  • Highervalue

    White people will never get peace because there is a real movement to eradicate the white race from the planet. It’s in politics, movies, and music of black culture. Dismiss this at your own peril.

  • F Travis Boley

    Hyperbole much?

  • Todd Clemmer


  • Still thinking

    Is Baltimore Okay for hoodies?

  • Valerie

    Actually, you can see for yourself what people that posted here thought about the murders in the church. Jim covered it prominently. It’s in the archives. I encourage you to go look at the archives, and find out if your suppositions are true.

  • Master of Intelligence

    Listen genius, and try to understand. It is not the fact that U.S. civilians are armed the reason the government hasn’t executed an act of tyranny against us. That might have been the case 300 years ago. But if you open your eyes and quit pretending you are retarded, you will see it is not a government employee your family has to worry about shooting you in the back of the head, or you kid getting gunned down at school or the theater (regardless of skin color). Its criminals who had easy access to a gun thanks to the same excuse you use to get your gun.

    Take Australia for example. In 1998 they had the same gun laws we do and allowed everyone to have guns. Then they changed their laws after a massive shooting. Making it difficult for criminals to obtain guns and even had gun-buy-back programs. Today their crimes and suicides have been reduced by over 50% compared to 1998. Obviously they are doing something right.

    But retarded people who think like you in the states believe not enough people have guns. History is proving more guns doesn’t work. A criminal (such as the criminal in this article) doesn’t care if you, your girlfriend, or the guy next to you has a gun. He will murder if that is his mission. But its a lot harder if he doesn’t have a gun in a first place, right?

    Quit disagreeing with me and join me in finding a rational solution; unless you enjoy being surrounded by armed criminals?

  • maz2331

    Let’s not dismiss the idea that the boyfriend had her killed. Why didn’t the shooter take him out too?

  • Josey Wales

    Yes dumbass, its those evil repubs that are making it easy for criminals to get their hands on guns. Wake up moron, or are you too stupid to see the big picture? And besides, GUNS *ARE* what made America FREE! The gun EQUALS Freedom! When the hell are liberals ever going to see that??? well, actually never.! You and the libs are really that stupid…….

  • Josey Wales

    Its not the life we want Jim but unfortunately it is the one we have at this point. We cant just ship the feral apes out of the country, which would be one fantastic option, but we have to “navigate” the streets with them in it, which is why every white person should be armed and aware of what is going on around you at all times. The congress(critters), o-butt-hole, and the police really don’t care about you or your family. Whites are on their own when they are out and about so you had best have your head on a swivel cause that is what its going to take to stay alive in any ape-infested area(city).

  • LJ

    I’d be very curious if I were the police to talk to the boyfriend. It doesn’t add up that she was randomly targeted, but he escaped without injury? Potentially someone hired by him to take her out.

  • HeLives

    I have felt similarly. Being each state has them, they are just waiting for their #’s to grow & then they will attack all at the same time, ‘soft targets’, that are impossible to protect &/or defend.
    I personally didn’t think of the cornfields. Let’s not give them any more ideas…
    I pray for the blind to see daily. In my own family, friends, strangers I meet, as well as the ‘mockers’ on line.

  • jeffrey davis

    I’m glad to see a post where someone recognizes the fact the BIG GOAL is to make white individuals who disagree w them as a “domestic terrorist!”

  • Louanna Davis-Wesley

    Actully Jesus was only speaking to the Christians. They would be the only ones aware of the times we would be living. How do I know that? Because non belivers wouldn’t be watching at all. They wouldn’t have any reason to be on the watch because they haven’t been reading their Bibles and getting the instructions on what to watch for. Jesus give a warning to Christians. Only those who are aware that something is going to happen stay up in expectation of the event. So yes Kendall he was speaking to those who are believers and know the sign of the times we are living. He was telling Christians it will come when WE least expect it. That’s why as Christians we need to be ever vigilant as we see the critical times we are living in get even worse. He will come but we don’t know when. We keep waiting in anticipation.

  • Marc Stinebaugh

    I like that one, “White Guilt Liberals”….I’ve been looking for a way to describe this phenomenon, thank you! lol

  • jeffrey davis

    Time for white folks to “BO” of their cities! Headout to rural area but do your research first, if you do you may find a community like mine which has 60,000+ population that is 98% caucasian.

  • jeffrey davis

    wrong skin color

  • MichaelSWilkins

    …………….Feel Freedom thegatewaypundit…….

    ……………….. Find Get More </b

  • jeffrey davis

    So let’s keep renewing this horrible period of American History to keep the hate between the races continuing generation after generation, whereas we are now over 150 years since Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery and 45 or so since Lyndon b. Johnson passed the civil rights bill for equality for all !

  • jeffrey davis

    you know when the final period of civility comes to an end Capistranoboy homosexuals like yourself will wish they had some weapons.

  • Mac in Texas

    We cannot have our heads in the sand, these dangers are the reality and the days of everyone knowing and probably liking their neighbors, and leaving the house unlocked, keys in he car, small children playing unsupervised outside are over forever.

  • joe

    Agree as well. I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet, it’s just getting started. I’ve come to the conclusion that this administration is just itching for a race war, a real rebellion. The administration is just looking for a good excuse to invoke marshal law. Then they can pull out all the stops…. Our country will be toast and so will we.

  • Smith

    Why make this a race thing? Yes she was murdered but why make it a race thing…this is the problem with this country….from both sides.

  • Nadine Archbold

    It sounds like a hit or gang related. Either way it’s very sad a woman had to lose her life no matter what her race. I pray for her boyfriend and family.
    I read all these racial comments and it really saddens me. Not all black people like Obama, Sharpton, Jackson etc.. Not all black people hate white people (I have not met a black person that hates white people yet I have met whites that don’t like blacks.)
    Racial tension seems to be one of the most difficult problems to overcome in this great country.
    They are trying to divide us and when we continue hating each other, they will win.The government and all our “leaders” do not always have our best interests at heart.
    Remember the old saying, “United we stand, divided we fall. If we fall” life as we know now will be a walk in the park, full of roses on a perfect breezy day compared to the alternative. We have so many inside and outside forces against us as a nation. The time to stick together and try to make peace with our fellow Americans is Now before it’s to late.

  • Nadine Archbold

    Disgusting you referring to people as apes. Your obvious racism takes away any validity of your statement. It’s people like you why we have thus problem.

  • Eeltwn2

    obama has taken over for bin laden and he laughs in America’s face. America needs the help of the Seals(you finish the sentence)

  • Eeltwn2

    It’s almost time to draw the line.

  • Anthony Duhe

    Obama built this…not a single word when whites are attacked —Obama encourages this


  • RobertFGonzales

    Some New Features with thegatewaypundit….. Go To Next Page

  • Where are the race hustlers when a black kills a white in cold blood? Killings like this rarely ever get the same liberal liar lame stream media coverage as does the killing of a black by a white. Strange isn’t it? Media bias. PERIOD.

  • Michael McNew

    Appears the left has weaponized guilt and is targeting any group they don’t particularly care for.

  • terro9000

    Revenge for what…?

  • terro9000

    You’ve fabricated both sides of the argument. To win the argument with yourself. Kill the bad guys. Works every time.

  • Ken Abbott

    The quote attributed to Lincoln at the end of the article was probably not his. Doesn’t really sound like his diction. It seems to have originated in the 1940s and was picked up by Adlai Stevenson, who used it in one of his speeches.

  • socialism101

    theres an illness thats pervaded through Liberal society

  • Mark

    I have no idea if this woman was a jew. Your comment about liberal jews is right on the money. Look at a woman like Faye Stender.
    The same animals she was so zealous defending killed her and the leftist lawyers she associated with went into meltdown.

  • Master of Intelligence

    Fabricated? Oh wait, you’re right. It was 1996 Australia changed its views on guns, not 1998. Sorry about that. If you need more detail just google the “Port Arthur Massacre.”

    By the way, I’m still waiting for you to present a viable solution that is better than “We need more guns.” You should also really consider this instead of insulting my options or blaming “black people”.

  • El Gato

    Two things mitigate against much of that happening. Rural people are armed, and yea (1) some would get surprised. Then others wouldn’t. (2)Then they’d go hunting the perps.

    Not a pretty picture, but it’s where Obama, and the “Reverends”, Sharpton, Jackson, and Wright have brought us.

  • terro9000

    Ok. You framed both sides of the argument. Too many absolutes. The reality is messy and fluid. But you continue to attribute your opposition statements to me. So I don’t know who you’re debating or why. But bad guys have guns. Rogue governments have guns. Peaceful peacekeepers MUST have guns. Take the guns from felons if you like, but there is no logical or sensible reason to confiscate guns from citizens. You are using emotional and unworkable arguments. Plus….you may want to research the unintended consequences of Australia’s gun laws there was more than one side to that story also.

  • Mike in Illinois

    My community is mostly white too, but I didn’t always live here. While young and on my own I lived right in the thick of, and worked right in the thick of the hood. I ran with hoods. When I finally started to grow up, and the family gene started kicking in, I decided to GTFO of the hood. Ipicked up and moved to a place where I could raise my kids away from all the garbage I was a part of.

    Interestingly, those darker skinned than me folks who also moved away from the city, out this way, did so for “astoundingly” the very same reason! imagine that….

  • postal worker bruce

    keep voting democrat and you deserve this

  • Mike in Illinois

    Here is what freaks me out. I am a decent guy, no saint by any means, who tries very hard to atone for bad things I have done, mostly by trying to do right for the rest of my life. I am honest and fight for what is right, Indeed I fight back, rather than start fights. I consider myself to be a kid soul who would take the tattered shirt off my back, even if it meant I would be cold, in order to help someone truly in need.

    If I can think of ominous and wicked terrorist type attacks, just what can evil souls manufacture within their hateful brains?

    I often talk about the corn fields example trying to get people to think about the danger we really face. There simply wouldn’t be ANY way to stop an attack like that beyond locals armed AND paying attention! Once lit off, during certain weather, there really would be no stopping it at all, the best that could be accomplished would be catching killing the terrorists themselves. The real horror of that wouldn’t even be limited to the homes lost and people harmed, that kind of attack would do exponential damage in the economic department rivaling or even outdoing the 9-11 attacks. Why? Because it target food, BIG food. And early on in the supply chain too…….got ripples? OMG it would dwarve all attacks to date.
    And the worst thing of it is…..those in charge aren’t even considering it a low level threat. It isn’t even on their radar. Sadly, I don’t think too many years will pass before we see it. Quite frankly, I think a number of the fires out west are already attacks of this kind. The powers that be jus don’t admit it.

    I pray too, friend, for the safety of our fields. For they are this nations more important and least protected targets….and as soft as they get.

  • John Smith Sr.

    I am sad to say, but it is high time to ”RETALIATE” against these ”MUDEREROUS S.O.B.’S” !

  • pennawhytmn


  • pennawhytmn

    No it doesn’t. Black people and White people are NOT equal. Study some REAL SCIENCE. It is offensive for sure, but it is REAL. Whites did a very good job and are very capable of being “colorblind”. We found out though, that being “colorblind” is racist too. White people are getting very angry. Take your blinders off and maybe you will understand why.

  • poohna

    66 million blacks in America. Just think of who would all be willing to help out” (other country’s) i call it how i see it that aint what yall want.

  • Master of Intelligence

    My initial post clearly states that guns should only belong to the educated. So saying “Peaceful peacekeepers MUST have guns.” is putting what I said in another way. But people like you argued against what I’ve said.

    My entire argument is getting rid of guns from criminals by reducing the numbers of guns on the street and in circulation. It’s that simple. You can retort and twist my words all you want, at the end of the day the message is clear.

  • Holyname Neal

    @ HeLives” You are 100% correct, and it will get worse as time go on. Satan don’t care what race you are as long as he can kill and destroy the people who God love.

  • Holyname Neal


  • Holyname Neal


  • Holyname Neal

    I am glad that so many believer are speaking up in Jesus name.

  • Freddy Deaddy

    Why don’t they said an AFRICAN-AMERICAN. Why say black ? Will Obama go there or Jacks ? They don’t have the balls. Will Hollywood put a bounty on the AFRICAN – AMERICANS head ? Wanted Dead or alive.Condolences to this upstanding WHITE /EUROPEANS girls family. There is sad scum on the streets. All whites need to be vigilant and on guard at all times.

  • democrat CockRoach

    liberals seem to think they’re “safe” and only bad things (that they cause) will happen to conservatives. RIP way too young.

  • Linda Prince Johnson

    I wouldn’t walk down the street at 10PM in Hollywood. It would be nice if we could do that but as things stand I wouldn’t do it.

  • postal worker bruce

    people who vote democrat sound like this nutcase jean, its a sad day if that bitch hillary gets elected

  • postal worker bruce

    move to downtown baltimore , chicago, or detroit and report back on all the love between the races you find….people like you are what have enabled these ignorant violent animals to kill…people like you

  • Jean Faiella

    My point is .. ignorance is usually the reason for so much hate towards another race or religion! You can get angry and you can disagree about things.. but that doesn’t justify killing them and it also doesn’t justify blaming an entire race or religion for the heinous acts as part of their heritage etc.

  • mike


  • DiogenesDespairs

    If they get what they want – race war – they will regret it. There will be some dead honkeys, lots of dead n-words, and hell to pay for the ones who fomented it.

  • HeLives

    No one is a ‘saint’, or even close, by any means, so please don’t put that upon yourself. We all are guilty of having the thoughts, etc. We are born in sin & w/o Jesus to cover it, we die in our sin. So I hope you have asked Jesus into your heart, so your sin is covered by repentance of it. Then, you will overcome the evil that would otherwise have your soul, right along w/everything else it encroaches on in this world.
    Evil is allowed to pervade the world, so it affects all of us, regardless of what degree it is. From the killings like this poor woman off the street, to mass killings of terrorists. It’s all rooted in the same, dark, evil that Satan is king of. It will continue to get worse, as that has been predicted many years ago for us & is coming to fruition right before our eyes, for those with eyes to see…
    Nothing is really going to stop it at this point. A few speed bumps will be thrown out, but it’s coming down to the days when there will be more darkness than light in the world. And I’m afraid too many people are just not aware or prepared for what they will be facing.
    Prayer is very powerful. Don’t stop w/it. Evil hates it & it is like throwing up a shield to a flaming spear. As you draw nearer to God, He will draw nearer to you & give you the right prayers & words to say, in your times of trouble & need.
    And also for this sick, sad & sorry world we still need to keep in prayer.

  • cadillacjack

    You need to seriously seek help if you believe there’s some conspiracy contrived by half of America to have all of America be victimized. Moreover, who is the “us?” It obviously doesn’t include our elected officials, liberals, or black folks. So the poor white conservatives are somehow victims of systemic oppression? Seriously. Seek help.

  • toma kay

    America will persevere. We have what it takes, but there’s gonna be hell to pay before we get there. Divide and conquer…as planned. The question is, who’s going to be the conquered. Chance favors the prepared mind…global storm starting under your nose. Gear up good Americans

  • oldeagle145

    I’ll type real slow so you can understand the context. This president and his DOJ have encouraged an environment that empowers blacks to act on the belief that whitey must pay for whatever wrongs they have perpetrated against them. You should study black liberation theology for some background.

  • Jean Faiella

    Bruce… I lived in Baltimore for several months and found most of the people quite considerate and very loving and kind. I have been to Chicago and have family there! It is a fascinating and amazing city! You will always have more crime on the big cities…unfortunately!! I know, sadly, that even families can’t get along..let alone entire cities or nations!! I come from a generation that wanted peace and love for all people…and in case your wondering. .
    I was not a part of the drug or marijuana scene although I did have some friends that were into it! I don’t want to argue with you… I just want to be heard…just like you!! And I am sad that you have anger towards me! I just would love to see more people reaching out in peaceful ways to try and make this world a better place for all of us!!

  • Aries Ortega

    Things need to change. Blacks are given free reign to terrorize and still claim to be the victims.

  • David Kohn

    it is so sad to see all of the hate and ignorance reflected in the comments here. it’s just pathetic.

  • Martha Martin

    Hate crime. Simple. They just won’t say that since the roles are reversed.

  • Barry O Ultimate Failure

    What were her political leanings? Did she vote for her own demise?

  • lausdteacher

    Dude, chill. Or did you forget that 9 black people were killed by a white supremacist in a church? White people are the least likely to be victims of crime in this country.

  • Hitman

    If rabbits could vote, Bugs Bunny would be president.

  • chris johnson

    Oscar graham and ralph bocock. Just stfu you are both race baiting MORON JACKHOLES. AT LEAST BOCOCK SHOWS HIS FACE AND DOESNT HIDE BEHIND AN ANONYMOUS PICTURE. Sadly thats typical of race baiting,gutless racists. No matter their origin. In my opinion both of you suck dick. Apologies to anyone but the two i was meaning to offend with my comments

  • oldeagle145

    Dude, wake up. Things have changed.

  • Janice Richmond

    Well put!! So it does not matter what color you are because we are all living in the same last days, to be judged by the same God!!

  • HeLives

    Yes, it is good. However, not enough Christians ARE speaking up as we should be!
    Too many are afraid b/c of mockery & prejudice. Well, it goes w/the territory people. Get used to it. It’s not going to get any better in these days we’re in. We are not experiencing anything like other Christians in other parts of the world. What would the silent here do IF they lived there? Past time to take a strong & LOUD stand for what’s RIGHT & GOD’S WORD ABOUT IT! Who cares what the devil thinks? He knows he LOSES in the end.

  • Rodney James

    The anology “like a thief in the night” indicates that no one will know at what hour Jesus will return, with the exception of YAHWEH and Jesus. So unless you’re one or the other, even you won’t know Kendall Lawyer.

  • Kendall Lawyer

    first, it is an “analogy.” 2nd the context of the comment indicates that his followers won’t be caught unaware; and. 3rd, the occasion of which “no (one) man knows the day or the hour” was a specific reference to the start of Rosh Hashanah (the Festival of Trumpets.) The reason no “one” man knows the day or the hour was because the festival was so critical in the scheme of the Jewish calendar that the new moon had to be agreed to by two watchers. since there had to be 2 in agreement, no “man” knows the day or the hour. This Hebraism is lost on the church, because the church has intentionally divorced itself from its Jewish roots.

    All that being said, what we know from the clue is that the return of the King will occur on Rosh Hashanah (which is understood in the rabbinic literature to be the day on which Adam recognized God as King.) We just don’t know which Rosh Hashanah will be the one on which the king returns. There is a lot of justification for the view that the return of the King will be on Rosh Hashanah based on the entirety of the Hebrew worship and the build up to the date of 1 Tishri.

    Remember, the return of the King is not the same as the catching away (the “rapture” of the church.) When the King comes for his bride, it is a surprise. Frankly, I believe that the rapture will be on the Festival of Shavuot. Shavuot and Pentecost (the birth of the Church) are on the same date. It would be a completion of the Messianic prophecy concerning Shavuot (the anniversary of the giving of the Law on Mt. Sinai) for the giving of the Holy Spirit and taking up of the Bride of Christ to occur on the same day. (For the law came through Moses, but grace through the Holy Spirit come through Jesus Christ.)

  • cadillacjack

    Hmm… so you think how quickly you type determines how quickly a message is read? Yeah, seek help.

  • oldeagle145

    It’s amazing how dense you really are, It’s a reference to speaking slowly so idiots like yourself have time to attempt to comprehend conversations that are way over your head.. By the way, events of the last week or so bear my statements to be generally true. If you understood the nature of the argument you would have noticed that 600 pound gorilla in the room… And that is figurative language moron.. There really isn’t a 600 pound gorilla in the room.

  • Aaron Matteson

    yes, and remember, it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. .. be vigilant. Stay in shape and eat well.