Facts Are Facts=> Obama Owns Worst Economic Numbers in 80 Years, Since 1932

Big government Obamanomics is even worse than we thought.
The US economic expansion is the worst on record since World War II.

obama children poor

Thanks to Obamanomics the US economy is plodding through the worst recovery in decades.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

The economic expansion—already the worst on record since World War II—is weaker than previously thought, according to newly revised data.

From 2012 through 2014, the economy grew at an all-too-familiar rate of 2% annually, according to three years of revised figures the Commerce Department released Thursday. That’s a 0.3 percentage point downgrade from prior estimates.

The revisions were released concurrently with the government’s first estimate of second-quarter output.

Since the recession ended in June 2009, the economy has advanced at a 2.2% annual pace through the end of last year. That’s more than a half-percentage point worse than the next-weakest expansion of the past 70 years, the one from 2001 through 2007. While there have been highs and lows in individual quarters, overall the economy has failed to break out of its roughly 2% pattern for six years.

It’s even worse than we thought.
Obama looks even worse, ranking dead last among all presidents since 1932 – over 80 years.
The Daily Caller reported:

Over the first five years of Obama’s presidency, the U.S. economy grew more slowly than during any five-year period since just after the end of World War II, averaging less than 1.3 percent per year. If we leave out the sharp recession of 1945-46 following World War II, Obama looks even worse, ranking dead last among all presidents since 1932. No other president since the Great Depression has presided over such a steadily poor rate of economic growth during his first five years in office. This slow growth should not be a surprise in light of the policies this administration has pursued.

An economy usually grows rapidly in the years immediately following a recession. As Peter Ferrera points out in Forbes, the U.S. economy has not even reached its long run average rate of growth of 3.3 percent; the highest annual growth rate since Obama took office was 2.8 percent. Total growth in real GDP over the 19 quarters of economic recovery since the second quarter of 2009 has been 10.2 percent. Growth over the same length of time during previous post-World War II recoveries has ranged from 15.1 percent during George W. Bush’s presidency to 30 percent during the recovery that began when John F. Kennedy was elected.


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  • everyman

    I recall some smug comment about car keys and the ditch….

  • Own it, Obama!

  • formwiz

    37% real unemployment.

    Too bad Germany and Japan are on our side now.

  • No Hillary

    Oh the lies of the obama regime. The economy is propped up by artificial life support and the unemployment numbers are bogus. Yet the liberal leftists in America will chant the praises to obama from the false narratives the White House produces.

  • Bully

    And I recall another smug comment when Obomo said he was a pretty good president and could win a third term if the law didn’t prevent it. The Choom Boy sure is self absorbed.

  • Jim

    The “official” unemployment number does not include those unemployed that no longer get an unemployment check. They are part of the 93 million Americans that could (and should) work but cannot. Does “swept under the rug” sound familiar?

  • davidruggles

    Interesting that Repubs would want us to believe things are much worse than they are. They ignore the fact that 10K Baby Boomers EACH DAY are retiring skewing the UE numbers. They ignore the almost $30 TRILLION in wealth restored through the DOW. They ignore the fact that their own economic expansions tend to be based on bubbles that blow up in our face in Depressions and Great Recessions. They want you to forget how their own block of regulation of credit derivatives led to the GR. Hell, why should issuers of CDS be required to reserve capital to pay potential claims when its much more fun to pay big dividends and bonuses whole taking taxpayers hostage in the doing.

  • Dusty Thompson

    Couldnt be. 0bama himself told me yesterday that he is a terrific POTUS and deserves a third term.

    Oh wait, 0bama is a LIAR…

  • Dusty Thompson

    Democrats may not build anything productive but they did build this.

  • Dusty Thompson

    6+ years of Quantitative Easing makes your argument sound idiotic and dangerous. Soon Libturd the bill is going to come due. Likely in Jan 2017.. Then the Libidiot crying will really begin. And no it wasnt Bushs fault…

  • Dusty Thompson

    He has a lot of really useful idiots to prop him up. Just like that other nasty Socialist named Adolph…

  • big bird

    30 trillion in wealth creation? yeah, ok, median income hasn’t budged since this wrecking ball came into office, in fact household wealth has gone down, keep drinking

  • Trialdog

    No objective analyst thought it would be any different. All thinking people knew this would be the result if we elected a “progressive.” And we know it’s going to get worse. The objective of the Obama administration is to make his “changes” impossible to undo. He is delivering on his promises.

  • bobdog19006

    But…but…what about all those bazillions of jobs he created? What about all that health insurance he sold? What about the historic boom in the firearms industry? What about all that interest he saved on the national debt by keeping interest rates low? What about all the paper he saved by not responding to Congressional inquiries? What about all the fundraising he’s done? What about all he’s done to reduce poverty, disease and crime in El Salvador, Guatamala, Honduras and Mexico? What about all his diplomatic successes?

    I mean, you gotta give the guy a little credit. Maybe oak leaf clusters for his Nobel Prize or something.

  • Raptor Jesus

    What a racist article.


    Unfortunately, he will consider that a challenge to be Number One!!

  • No Hillary

    The obama Dept of Labor also counts part time, temporary and seasonal jobs as new full time numbers. They are not.

  • Patty
  • MicahStone

    “Obama Owns Worst Economic Numbers in 80 Years, Since 1932”

    libIDIOT Response: that’s ONLY because some whites haven’t asserted their PRIVILEGE because they’re RACISTS !

  • tommy mc donnell

    “facts are facts,” not to the democrat party-media complex. we are in the perpetual recovery summer and unemployment is down below 6%.

  • tommy mc donnell

    the block of credit derivatives were a result of the sub-prime mortgages, a democrat economic policy.

  • jukin

    2% + affirmative action % = best ever recovery in history.

  • jukin

    No median income has budged. It has gone down over ten percent in Obama’s recovery.

  • ohio granny

    Amazing isn’t it? H-1b visa programs are supposed to be for companies who cannot find qualified American workers. But some of these companies are laying off American workers and forcing them to train the foreign workers in order to get severance pay and possibly other benefits.

    The question then becomes if companies supposedly can’t find qualified American workers how are those laid off workers qualified to train the replacement foreign workers? How or why did they become “unqualified”?

  • ohio granny

    I have read that if someone claims pay for one (1) hour the week before the numbers are counted they are claimed as being employed.

  • Finncrisp

    Pop the corks! hip, hip, hooray! Barry has arrived back in the 1930’s. FDR. the bastion of Socialism and Barry unite!

  • mg4us

    2.3% GDP has been doctored. .not the traditional GDP number calculation


    Obama is the LIAR N Thief
    This is a con job

  • Finrod Felagund

    You’re thinking of the U3 unemployment rate, which is the one that the media pays attention to. The U6 unemployment rate is a broader measure, and on it the Obama numbers look significantly worse.

  • Circa53

    cruz luvs him them H-1B’s..

  • Circa53

    U6….Google it for the REAL Numbers….

  • Finrod Felagund

    If you want to do the math yourself, here’s a page with the US GDP going back to the Great Depression:


  • Evans John

    Got laid off for 1 week and still amazed that you have to listen to Spanish on the call menu,then to wait 3 1/2 hours to get through to somebody because of the high call volume.If unemployment is at an all time low,then it should be a piece of cake to claim your week in under 15 minutes.What a joke.The unemployment benefit formula needs a drastic update.Who survives on $360 a week?

  • oatwillie

    What’s he done for South America? Hell, what’s he done for the United States?

  • Tina Marie

    oh yeah what about Reagan selling coke for arms..???? what about Bush weapons of mass destruction???? who killed Osama bin Laden.??? what about the depression we avoided.??? omg..

  • Tina Marie

    yeah and whose fault is that.. PRESIDENT BUSH…!!!!!!

  • bobdog19006

    No Coke. Pepsi.