Brother of Kate Steinle Says NO OBAMA OFFICIAL Has Contacted Family Since His Sister SHOT DEAD! (VIDEO)

The Obama Administration sent three representatives to robber Michael Brown’s funeral and three representatives to Freddie Gray’s funeral.
store manager michael brown
Michael Brown robbed a local convenience store before he was shot dead in Ferguson.
Obama sent three representatives to his funeral.

Obama spoke publicly about the Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray and robber Michael Brown.

But NO ONE from the Obama administration has contacted the Steinle family after she was murdered by an illegal alien in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. And no one attended Kate’s funeral.
Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez
Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal alien in San Francisco.

Brad Steinle, Kate’s brother, told Megyn Kelly that no one from the Obama administration has contacted his family.

Via The Kelly File:

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  • jainphx

    When asked, the Obama’s said ‘who’s Kate Steinle”

  • ridgerunner

    If Biden calls the Steinle family tomorrow, it will be because of Trump. The GOP just has no punch or pulse.
    The BLAND leading the BLAND.

    Did you hear about the two ladies leaving a Jeb Bush Rally? One looked at the other and said, “You know, Jeb just didn’t say a lot did he?” The other nodded and then added, “Yea, but didn’t he imply a lot.”

  • BabyO

    No one? Yet we honor these people who are a liability to society that the President of USA called for a Press Conference like these men were war heroes. Hard to believe I voted twice for a racist president

  • Goose

    put that admission into a time capsule for your descendants to open in 50, 100 years.
    they’ll want to know who to blame for the darkness they live in.

    frankly, I don’t want to read anything you have to offer, you’re the reason for all of this mess.

  • Goose

    interesting, ISIS doesn’t call to offer condolences to their victims’ families either… coincidence?

  • Johnny Shishkabob

    “WHO CARES about this Kate Steinle personage? She is merely a Shahid in our Holy War against White People and America, you know……” said the typical whitey-white DemoKKKrat.

  • Goose

    altotta truth in that interview, “…looking for the happiest person he could find”
    Great Insight!

    the largest contributors to criminal behavior are victim mentality and the Big Lie.
    they are the rationalizations a weak mind and poor character make to justify themselves.
    there it is folks, the Nature of Evil, wrap your head around it, that’s what we’re fighting against,
    and we’re losing.

  • videosavant

    Biggest non-surprise in the history of surprises.

  • Goose

    had to look up “shahid”, it appears to refer to musloids who martyr themselves.
    I think it’s misused in your statement- but I get your sentiment, I think you mean, “offering”

  • Goose

    in the history of non-surprises,
    in other non-surprises, the White House has yet to contact the families of the six dead rescuers searching for Bowe Bergdahl

    we could have a day long newscast of non-surprises with this enemy crew, couldn’t we?

  • ridgerunner

    San Francisco is a lair in wait for the innocent. Sanctuary??? It is a den of murders, bums and perverts.

    “Macabre City” is a more fitting descriptor than “Sanctuary City”.

  • US.Patriot1776

    Obviously, Kate lacks the gubmint approved melanin content.

  • 12345zz

    A. She is white, B. She is not a criminal, Obama only supports black criminals. C. She is a Christian.

  • Nordberg

    I can’t imagine a scenario where Obama would stick up for whites. Never even heard him sticking up for his white photo model ma.

  • jainphx

    You admit that?

  • Patty

    to bad we are witness to an uncaring, unapologetic windbag with an attitude president.

  • navydave

    White lives don’t matter.

  • Roxy7

    Is anyone surprised? Obama is motivated by politics. He’s despicable.

  • Joe Blow

    The San Francisco city council and supervisors along with the sheriff have not apologized either, as far as I’ve been able to research, but then if your are from California such as myself, you wouldn’t expect the snobs to do so.

  • bishoo33

    Power Time Read pundit Artical < Make It Is

  • Hy Feiber

    What a bastard he is.

    Electing this entity is a DISGRACE.

  • Brad Steinle: San Francisco Rolled Out The Red Carpet For My Sister’s Killer

  • sw74

    Wrong kind of race. Not surprising.

    He could be told directly to his face over 10 times.. and would still wind up asking; “Steinle who??” three minutes later.

  • Hy Feiber

    Shortly after Barry spoke up in support of Travon Martin, two British tourists were brutally slain by a black male after they mistakenly wandered into a ghetto in Sarasota. The survivors of the victims pleaded with Obama to issue an apology, but he ignored them.

    So no surprise here. What a wicked “man.” With ice water in his veins. Not really human.

  • jainphx

    By the way if nancylee is out there! Please accept my apology, I really felt bad about my reply to you. You’re a badly needed voice on this site.


  • Hy Feiber

    Racial Politics.

  • sw74
  • Hy Feiber

    Look at McConnell and Boehner. Two bigger doofuses you couldn’t find.

  • Avspatti

    Too bad you can’t spell article among other things.

  • jainphx

    Muslim politics!

  • tinlizzieowner

    There’s no political capital to be made by Obama to express his condolences to ‘this’ family. :-/

  • Pauline Cogswell
  • Noovuss

    Drop dead, idiot.

  • ridgerunner

    You’d think Obama would be smart enough to fake it.

    Guess his hate for whites overpowered any Smidgen of smarts.

  • philips66

    The victim is white so the WH doesn’t care. Simple as that.

  • philips66

    SF is the most f-ed up city I’ve ever been to. Never going back that is for sure.

  • philips66

    the last 6.5 years were totally predictable if you were paying attention. No excuse for voting for this USA hater you owe us all an apology!

  • tommy mc donnell

    did any democrat politicians ever contact the family?

  • mficentral


  • Finncrisp

    Just like Hillary lied to the Benghazi victims, I guess silence is better than lies. This is not defensible, never will be.

  • mg4us

    Obama hates whites. . . and hates women too. .
    Maybe someone should ask bath house Barry why?

  • mg4us

    All true

    And She is a she. .

    Just ask Bath house barry why he never steps up for women.

  • Chiefpr

    He is blatant in his continued hatred for Whites.

  • Chiefpr

    No, he enjoys that it upsets people.

  • She was white; a crime in Obama’s Amerika.

  • splink

    Not only was she white, there was no way her death could be used to promote Obama’s would do the opposite, since he wants as many criminal IIlegal aliens here as possible. Obama LOVES sanctuary cities.
    RIP Kate Steinle, sincere condolences to all who loved her.

  • SNuss

    Next to racist hatemongering, hypocrisy is the Left’s most important product.

  • thetroll01

    Obama hated his white momma, too.

  • grayjohn

    Kate is White. Obama likes dead White people. He won’t call the family because he couldn’t keep himself from laughing.