BREAKING=> ISIS Publishes Map of July 4th FBI Command Centers

FOX News reported Monday evening on Special Report that the FBI is setting up command centers around the country to prepare for possible terror attacks on the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith posted on Twitter about the report:

“FBI tells Fox News it is building command centers around US to monitor terror threats over July 4 holiday”

FOX affiliate WTTG-TV in Washington reported federal agencies have sent out warnings to police departments around the country.

On Tuesday The Gateway Pundit reported that the FBI has canceled all vacations for agents over the 4th of July weekend.

Now this…
ISIS posted a map of July 4th FBI command centers on Wednesday.
The map shows the temporary command posts set up across America for the upcoming Independence Day weekend.
isis fbi map

This tweet is making the rounds on ISIS linked Twitter accounts.
isis tweet fbi

UPDATE: Here’s an update from Abu Sa’ad Al-Amriki

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  • Mama Bear

    And I bet the don’t catch one terrorist. Business as usual for the Zer0bama admin;

  • yennikcm

    These new “command centers” will be permanent.

  • Leemoe

    At what point in life will it be determined that it would be time to declare war on ISIS and anyone who is a carrier of their black flag? Those carrying (or displaying) in America should then be classified as enemy combatants.

  • Valerie

    These are the good guys. They will be thinking and working on our behalf, and their wins will not be disclosed, unless some political appointee wants to brag to the media.

  • Valerie

    I hope the FBI nerds have kept track of that information tendril.

  • ISIS is the best homegrown terrorism the US government can buy.

  • Jim

    Wonderful (sarc). See if ISIS knows where THE Hillary’s and the IRS’s lost e-mails are?

  • NancyJZebrowski

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  • Mark

    After they start killing American politicians

  • Bitter Clinger

    No need to worry. Obama has already solved his “workplace violence” problem, right?

  • dave

    Probably Barry or his brain (Valerie Jarret) leaking the FBI info to isis!

  • Mark

    If they have, they will not be allowed to act until the perps have killed Americans.

  • Denise Grimes

    Those are just the field offices of FBI, not command posts.

  • Mark

    Close the borders, end muslim immigration, and deport all illegals. Until then we have no control over who is here and what they are doing. Then just to be big meanies nuke CAIR and prosecute them and fellow travelers under RICO.

  • Joe W.

    Was that map public, or does the FBI have a mole?…Or a leak from the White House, more likely…

  • Dusty Thompson

    And when a whole bunch of Liberal Democrats that let the invaders invade get caught in the crossfire so be it.

  • Dusty Thompson

    0bama did build that.

  • DarkQuark

    Nail on the head.

  • Dusty Thompson

    The Chicoms who long ago bought and paid for the Clinton Crime Syndicate already have them.

  • Progressive Democrat

    This is just the FBI trying to remain relevant. After decades of failure and not stopping any attacks they are trying to scare people so they can keep funding.

  • Dusty Thompson

    Big Govt Democrats are what keeps the FBI and the rest of the Alphabet soup of Bureaucrats employed.

  • L.barney

    After they threaten the royal family. King o just demanded in that I am King way of his that congress act now that the embassy in Cuba is being reopened

  • Darrell Standing
  • Walknot

    Federal Bureau of Idiots.

  • formwiz

    It’s only war if they start targeting country clubs in the DC area.

  • another_engineer

    By all means, keep the border open and the visa system broken

  • slamdance13

    FBI wants attacks.

  • LimpWristinWestWing

    Can’t we just stamp these fucquers out already.

  • Pa Bell

    Why would we wait to go after ISIS until after they start killing American politicians? Aren’t the politicians the one’s doing little to nothing to protect our borders or us from the encroachment of these terrorists. There are estimated to be anywhere from thirty thousand or more here right now and the majority of them are trained, not the amateur variety that they’ve shown us on TV, which are the young wannabe’s born here that aspire to join the cause. There have been numerous dry runs all around the country, barely mentioned in the corrupt, distracted media. I would mention several of them again but I don’t want to give any ideas to anyone reading this just for the purpose of gleaning information from the conservative blogs. It is sufficient to say that they’re here among us and that something very bad will happen, most likely multiple, timed, and coordinated……..HERE!!!

  • Temp Fourthirty

    When ISIS makes Obama and Hillary look really bad. I mean really, really bad. They already look bad.

  • dbw1977

    It’s almost impossible to drum up support for another war in the middle east. american citizens don’t want it, the world doesn’t want it. what you’ll see is what is happening now, an ongoing confrontation in the middle east with small amount of ground troops in Iraq. They’ll be field commanders and trainers.

    From there, we’ll fund every anti-ISIS army in the region with weapons and training. That’s how the US will fight the war.

    That’s how the US will lose that war. ISIS is, and will continue to become permanent. It’s borders are nearly set, it’s setting up operations such as school, commerce, etc (under STRICT-ish sharia law). The only thing left is for them to finally find and kill Assad, and figure out how much of Iraq they’ll get. Think a mix of Iran and North Korea. That’s what’s happening.

    From there, they’ll continue to carry out terror attacks in Saudi, Iraq, Kuawait. In time it’ll move to the UAE states, maybe Jordan and Turkey, and eventually Israel. Depends on who eventually establishes trade with them so they can fund their operations.

    I hope I’m wrong about this, but I don’t think Assad (even with help) can overcome ISIS.

    A true terrorist state, and a truly sad thing, and we have only our government to thank 🙁

  • porcer34

    Okay, well, ISIS posted a map that was originally created and released by the FBI. There is nothing really secret or nefarious going on here, unless the copy and paste function is beyond your comprehension.

  • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

    Naw. H8Rs are the problem. #lovewins.

    (Sorry. I had a Twilight Zone moment.)

  • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

    The butt plug version in the CNN Pride Parade? Lulz.

  • Al_Lied

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a safe holiday. But I can do that. Officials in DC should not be using the same strategy

  • dbw1977

    i think it was more a comment on the stupidity of openly publishing command posts when we’ve all heard that ISIS may try something here on July 4th. We simply gave them great targets, and locations.

  • 19gundog43

    Liberal loons are wetting their tutus about the Confederate Battle flag but couldn’t care less about ISIS here ready to klll us.

  • 19gundog43

    Iranian Val Jarret, Odumbo’s brain and spine and balls.

  • Alan

    So ISIS waltzes across the unprotected border with the cartels, and NOW it’s an issue. Our politicians are idiots.

  • porcer34

    I’m still not getting it, then. Sort US cities by population size, and take the top 56. Same list.

    Or was the actual street address of the command posts released? I can’t help but feel I’m missing some critical aspect here.


    Permanent unless they are all bombed to Hell!

  • CRyan

    by whom? Patriots or terrorists? Oh that’s right, patriots are terrorists.

  • vonstonewall

    Yeah, that should do it…
    Nothing makes the Police State kick into gear like a threat to the Establishment Elites…and their families…

  • rcubed

    MSM doesn’t want ISIS to go away. It is too important at distracting the average Voter from the Feds removal of the Bill of Rights, Look over there->a baby wolf

  • msb204

    If you live in any of the cities where these posts are located, you already know where they are.

    Heck, you knew where they are before they even completed construction.

  • K. E.

    No media outlet, beyond maybe FoxNews, seems willing to pin this rising threat on Obama and his policies. What does it take? Guess we have to have another 9/11 for anyone to care.

    Meanwhile, I’m very glad to say I live far away from all of these map points.

  • Paladin

    There is no one running who would declare war on isis but Trump… savage me if you will, but think about all of the announced candidates… is there any one who would declare war and attack?

  • vonstonewall

    Come on; this is another, in a long line, of FALSE FLAGS to keep the Police State firmly in control…
    Congressional testimony has shown that NOT ONE terrori$t attack was thwarted by the hundreds-of-billions yearly spent on ” the war on terror”…
    Google: Fusion Center; then get back to us…

  • Peter4Hegemon

    Yeah, these command centers are for ISIS. Right, yeah. Got it.

  • DDDreamer

    Correct. Our own politicians armed and supported ISIS up until recently. Why do you think they bending over backwards to cover up the true nature of Benghazi? After all, it was a major hub for running weapons to such groups in order to promote BO’s so-called “Arab Spring”.

  • jaz

    Until Bozo was elected, we simply didn’t have this level of incompetence in our government.

  • DDDreamer

    I would not be so sure. As long as the head of this beast is on the progressive leash, they are not on our side.

  • DDDreamer

    We could if BO hadn’t cut off this nation’s ba11$. And they would not even exist if he and his cronies hadn’t armed and funded them.

  • Squanto

    Funny, ISIS knows exactly where the command centers are located and I’m lucky if I can find the phone number of my DC rep.

  • Ted Bishop

    The Arabs are part of the last hunter/gatherer cultures on Earth. They are in the process of becoming extinct because they will not farm for food production. They know that their numbers are falling and they blame each other. That’s why every war going on right now is in the middle east. They are killing each other. We are smart to furnish arms and ammo to all sides over there. Their extinction has been estimated to be complete by 2100. That’s just 85 more years.

  • DDDreamer

    Indeed. I bet most libs will welcome the raising of the black flag of ISIS oppression on American soil. That’s how bad libs hate America.

  • Ranger_Ric

    I guess you would have to start at the White House since 0bama ordered the training, funding and arming of his fellow radical muslim buddies ISIS.

  • Stu Pendisdick

    I smell another False Flag perpetrated by those hook-nosed money grubbing Ashkenazi International Bankers.

  • Ranger_Ric

    They will target civilians, not the US gov who created and is funding them.

  • Ranger_Ric

    You better do your homework dude… The US gov created, trained, funded and armed ISIS. They continue to do so.

  • Ranger_Ric

    I agree. There was a time when I trusted law enforcement far more than politicians and the gov… that time has long past. They are now just the enforcement arm of the criminals in Washington and on Wall Street.

  • Inanimate Carbon Rods

    Why not volunteer yourself, Limpy….?

    Bring your sons too, that way we can stop your small minded genes from multiplying.

    But you won’t do anything, you keyboard warrior chicken hawk.

  • Inanimate Carbon Rods

    They wouldn’t exist if GW Bush had kept the Iraqi Army command structure in tact and made sure the Sunnis had a place in the new Iraqi government coalition.

  • LaMano

    If this is the “JV” team, I hope to never see the varsity team.

  • Curmudgeon52

    I live in Georgia but I won’t be near Atlanta.Not because I’m afraid of ISIS attacks but because I’m don’t want to deal with the normal crap in Atlanta. Where ever I go you can bet I will be well armed.

  • Obamastein

    The babbling baby boy Obama is a real schmuck when it comes to dealing with terrorist and really anything else in life.

  • Thermopylae

    And who gave ISIS the locations of the command centers?

    The answer might be with the ones who are not doing anything to stop ISIS.

    If you were the Federal Government and wanted full control of every town, city, county and state who would you go about it? Every day a new crisis is one way to start the process to justify more Federal control.

  • Twilightstar

    If this map is correct WHY is the FBI putting this info out there? Just once I’d like to see a govt official or a politician say NO I’m not giving out that info because it is not for public consumption and stick to it.

  • Twilightstar

    Yup, we are all on our own out here.

  • Duff

    I think Montana is the place to be this 4th. Obviously, there’s no need for an office there. They take care of themselves pretty well out there without some bureaucrat messing things up…..

  • Dave

    When they trade the black flag for the Confederate battle flag.

  • EnabledVet

    The Iraqi guvmint, set up by the US, has already shot down a British transport delivering weapons to ISIS in Iraq! These guys are the mad dogs of the military-industrial complex, marketed by the presstitutes in the US and the banks, laundering the drug money to keep them in operation, and laughing, well, all the way to the bank!

  • OldSailor

    It’s all public knowledge. Those are the locations of the main field offices, there’s one in Norfolk VA just down the road from where I work and another in Richmond. They become “command posts” anytime there is an event that requires any kind of larger than normal bureau operation, a manhunt for example.

    I’m more interested in the bureau cancelling all leaves and vacations. This strikes me as more “nervous Nellie” precautions than anything else.

  • McKallarkie

    The government creates the problem – the sheeple demand a solution
    — result – gun control, martial law, etc., etc.,.

  • EnabledVet

    I’ve been on their turf and can say these men (if you can call them that) are cowards. Let them come to Texas, and we’ll lead them to Allah.
    For the East Coast establishment and the Kalifornia socialists, let them eat yellow cake.

  • Luther

    We’re a diverse nation now. If ISIS kills a few hundred thousand Americans in the US, Washington will scold us that ISIS isn’t typical of Islam and continue with the same immigration and open borders policies.

  • OldSailor

    Putin has a copy as well.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Jan. 2017

  • Twilightstar

    Oh yeah! And of course people won’t be getting shot because WalMart and others stopped selling the Confederate flag. But ph People ARE still getting shot? Wow, I thought WalMart fixed all that.

  • OldSailor

    I’m not doing anything different except that my son is home so we’re going to do the BBQ thang.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Is there any doubt that Muslim Brotherhood operatives have completely infiltrated the FBI?

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Not here.

  • kksantafe

    When they attack us here, I hope the public holds the Democrats and Obama responsible, it’s their naïve, pc garbage that got us and the world here. The only way to deal with something like ISIS is to kill it.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    It’s going to be exciting to watch that gun grab blow up. Very exciting.

  • WorkingMan

    No, terrorist attacks are only for the little people like us…the pols have the FBI, CIA, Secret Cervix, and a multitude of alphabet-soup agencies to protect them and their larva.

  • olddog

    I 2nd Amendment (d)at…

  • ctwatcher .

    There was an ISIS flag in a gay parade, W-M refused to make a confederate flag cake yet made an ISIS flag cake? Wow. Start boycotting all who suppress freedom. There are many socialist countries to go to if you don’t like freedom and liberty. Pick one.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Yup. The only things that were even remotely close to President Traitor were President Sympathy Dupe (Jimmy Carter) and President Fellow Traveler (Bill Clinton). Carter created mostly policy pandemonium, but Clinton actually did things like give tech to China and North Korea.

  • olddog

    The Choomer CHUMP is a 53 year walking (D)ISASTER..Just the typical (D)ung eating (D)em-wit (D)erelict..AT BEST!!!

  • Dick_Gosinya

    Not the FBI. The White House. Valerie Jarrett has a whole parade of Muslim Brotherhood affiliated jihadists running around the WH.

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Cruz has promised to go after them on Day One.

    I’m beginning to think that Trump is a diversion shill for Hillary. He basically serves to mock the right.

  • Falcon195

    Big deal. Anyone can get FBI field office addresses using Google or a phone book.

  • olddog

    Adios to Wally World and Krazy Macy’s…They like there ILLEGALS they can KEEP their ILLEGALS..OH THE JOY!!!

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    And traitors. Useful idiots and worthless traitors.

  • Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act

    Stop immigration from third world hellholes. Legal and illegal. At best these people come for welfare, at worst they come to kill us.

  • Not_an_obamazombie

    If we wait long enough it will not be a middle-east war but one fought in the US. There is no one place to fight ISIS but I am sure we have enough intel to know where at least some of the leaders and operatives are located. Small units are available to deal with them for the asking.

  • Bob Scratchit

    Yeah, but there is a lot of competition in online porn. ..

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    From what I understand, the FBI is merely infected with a lot of boot-licking PC diversity mongers in key positions – people who will do whatever they are told, including stand down, “reach out” to MB types, etc. Still not a pretty picture, but better than jihadis runnning the show. Not to give President Otraitor any ideas….

  • Goodgold

    Once Obama is out of office.

  • Lulu

    across the border? why bother when our government is bringing them here directly from Syria as “refugees” fully unscreened and placed in 500 cities nationwide — and don’t forget we aren’t allowing Christian or yazidi refugees just muslim — think about it

  • JP

    Once it is proven that ISIS was not formed, trained, armed, and financed by the CIA/Mossad and allies.

    Do you not wonder why ISIS does nothing to attack Israel, Turkey, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia?

    If you do not wonder you are a fool.

  • JP

    Look in Tel Aviv and Langley, Virginia.

  • Mohammad Izzaterd

    I know it’s not politically correct, but why not declare a moratorium on muslim immigration to America (with some exceptions), and reduce the risk that way?

  • Bob

    Baiting the trap.

  • Sniffy Pop

    We need a real President

  • JP

    What happens then? I mean, other than the obvious change of Banker financed Presidents (doesn’t matter which party, the bank must be paid – Feral Reserve).

  • Johnny Reberto

    There is nothing secret about those locations.

  • porcer34

    Uncooperative executive branch. Remember that this is the same administration that welcomed Ebola to our shores with open arms.

  • giveususfree

    That wasn’t a real ISIS flag, it had dildo’s and stuff on it instead of ISIS’s writing. CNN got fooled.

  • Silence Dogood

    or just declared dead.

  • JP

    The “good guys” created ISIS. You have to know that Benghazi was a gun running operation gone bad. The CIA was there. They were shipping weapons to Turkey. Turkey was delivering them to militants that would become ISIS. Militants that would become ISIS also got training from US troops and CIA ops in Jordan.

    Why doesn’t ISIS attack actual US allies like Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Jordan? They attack Syria, Kurds, and Iranian backed Iraqis.

    Have you really swallowed so much koolaid that you cannot see writing on the wall?

  • JohnMCampos

    Next few days start your new life…thegatewaypundit… < Find Here

  • Bitter Clinger

    Exactly. Obama’s misdirection solved both problems.

  • MrSmarty

    One of the Muslims in the U.S. government probably “leaked” the locations to ISIS? How else could they have acquired them or maybe an America hater in Obama’s inner circle leaked it to cause potential chaos.

  • Folks you are your own best safety watchman see something report it ….better safe and looking dumb than being dumb and dead ….

  • Is the Obama administration still sending weapons and supplies to ISIS? (Formerly known as the “Syrian rebels.)

  • Here WeGo

    No time soon. They are too worried about the confederate flag and those dastardly southerners who chop off heads. Ya know..we all hear about that every day.

  • JWood_the_other

    ISIS re tweeted the FBI press release map! Funny.

  • William Dorrit

    The real number must be at least One Million Muslims a year admitted to the US.

    We have gone from near zero to everywhere in the past few years.

  • Dick Norton

    What of the gutless “conservative” punks who have not risen to demand a moratorium on Muslim immigration. Blood of innocent Americans will be on their cowardly paws.

  • MrSmarty

    It has been reported that our government purchased all of those white Toyota pickups that ISIS drives to give them to some “rebels”, I think they were Syrian “rebels”. “We” probably paid for the machine guns in the beds of those trucks too. Anybody with half a brain knows most of the Middle Eastern “rebels” are Jihadists. We are sailing on a Ship Of Fools with a suicidal captain who doesn’t know he’s suicidal.

  • ar05075

    American democrat politicians…!

  • propel7

    Obama’s muslim babyrapers, that he weaponized and promoted, are the true face of islam. They emulate their prophet perfectly. They fallow their Quran without flaw. Why are we letting ANY muslim into America? The Globalist Banker satanists can explain this just prior to their necks being snapped at the end of a rope. Subversive acts of war against the American People and their blood bought Constitution are treason. Treason will have it’s due. The Bankers little “installed” Nazi concubines will swing beside them.

  • Nice SG!

  • tcheak

    I really doubt anything major is going to happen. All the hype for the last week sounds like all the hype before every major holiday for the last 14 years. “See the threat? This is why we need to spy on everyone (including you.).

  • New_World_Order

    Has anyone ordered ISIS a cake from Walmart yet? Only 3 days till the 4th.

  • johnny99

    Every month the Obama regime is allowing 15,000 “refugees” from Islamic countries into the US, which means he is part of the problem. Shouldn’t the FBI be setting up a command center inside the WH?

  • johnny99

    Or targeting abortion clinics.

  • tropicgirl

    You mean, if anything… FBI is setting up command centers around the country to prepare to commit possible terror attacks, and blame someone else… Same stuff, diff day… playing their games… yawn…

  • johnny99

    How is the FBI going to be able to track down terrorists if they couldn’t even find the criminals at Obama’s IRS who illegally targeted Americans for their political views? Enquiring minds want to know . . .

  • tropicgirl

    they really don’t want to…

  • The Real Jack Thompson

    Why would the FBI need special command centers when the 56 field offices will do just fine? The command centers appear to be in the same general locations as field offices so why the unnecessary effort to duplicate the infrastructure?

  • McKallarkie
  • bill

    False flag coming??

  • The Real Jack Thompson

    Didn’t know that the twin towers or the pentagon had country clubs.

  • SmartDoctor

    We’ve already lost the war in the Middle East. Mr. Al Amriki, please be a nice muslim terrorist and send the boys into Washington DC, have as much fun as you like, do your thing, make with the knives and stuff, and leave the rest of us alone. You will be doing yourselves, us, and probably the world a big favor. Thank you for your attention. Oh, who can I get in contact with if I want to join up? I’ve been having trouble googling “ISIS Recruiter, USA”

  • candyass

    OH NO!!! Not an attack from ISIS, they surely couldn’t do anymore damage to the U.S. than the Fed and the banksters have done the past 100 years.

  • Circa53……Find the jihadists in Your Own area..

  • SmartDoctor

    We should be so lucky.

  • Circa53

    Michael Savage and Ann Coulter have for a long time..

  • MadMax

    why are they still allowed on twitter?

  • yobobbyb

    Why are there ISIS twitter accounts? At what point do we finally declare the twerps at Facebook and Twitter traitors for allowing the enemy access?

  • Bill Hudgins

    Damn it looks suspiciously like the FBI field office map at

  • Caption Oblivious

    They are American puppets. Don’t you understand how the new world order operates? Whoops we accidently dropped them millions of dollars, ar15s, anti aircraft guns ect….. repeatedly. Even sent John McCain to meet with their upper leadership, there was a public photo opportunities to commerce the occasion.

  • Computer_Expert

    Carpet bomb the bastards, already. While we’re at it, BLU-82 their butts.

  • G Man

    No field office near me according to the map. I suspect they
    would strike me first. But then again, my county has lots of ammo.

  • Expose Evil

    ISIS (formerly AllCIADuh) is of course a US/Israel/UK creation and funded by the Saudis. (Funny isn’t it how they never target Israel.) It is a CIA proxy army created to, a) slaughter all Christians and Shiite Muslims in the ME, and b) to destroy Syria and take down Assad. The USA has literally become the “Oceania” of Orwell’s “1984” with govt-created “terrorist” groups used to keep the masses in fear and to justify the removal of civil rights (Patriot Act) and the implementation of a police state.

    A scoffer said to me the other day, “How do you know ISIS is a CIA-created group?” My answer was if they were REAL–an organic jihadist Muslim terrorist group–they would be targeting the leaders of US/UK/Israel government agencies and politicians. This is how we know they’re a proxy.

  • Pat

    I pray Obama will meet his fate….. Satan is patient …time to send him to hell

  • Pat

    which pol would Isis prefer….certainly no obozo he is one of them …who?

  • Suelark

    That is the best question of the week.

  • Twitter is aiding and abetting. How hard would it be to cut off Arabic language or dialects? For that matter why hasn’t the DOJ pointed this out?

  • meangirl

    The left pretends to respect Muslims but only when conservatives “insult them” However, the left is rubbing their rainbow flag ALL over the place and that is completely disrespectful to Muslims, they don’t care.
    If you had any doubts before I hope you don’t anymore. The left is using Muslims to their advantage.

  • Jay

    Walmart made a cake the other day of an ISIS flag cake and at the same time denied making a confederate flag cake.

  • AtlasWept

    “”Land Shark!”


    wake me up when it’s all over. BO BOZO must be at the head of his troops as he leads them into battle.

  • junkyard dawg

    I wanted to give “tropic” an up-vote, but I lack the courage to agree with her, under our current, politically jacked system.

  • dsafdasfdsf

    It’s totally a google map, except the (c) google is replaced with (c) FBI…. sounds pretty forged.

  • meangirl

    If we do get attacked I wonder if Obama’s controlled media will blame the rainbow pride people for provoking them.

    They did blame Pam Gellar and sided with ISIS because she “provoked” them. Well ask Muslims how they feel about Homosexuality and having celebrations of it ALL OVER the place… Including on/in the WH.

  • AtlasWept

    I think its time for a ATM bank run. Its going to be a LONG weekend. Next few days I think I’ll withdraw enough to cover the basics for the month. Never know.

  • Well, one problem with that is the current occupant of the WH Barack Hussein Obama AKA Carlos the Jackal 2.0 considers Americans enemy combatants, not the ISholes. Especially white Christian conservative Americans who he has called terrorists.

  • Mark

    They ARE targeting civillians. And we know these savages never bite the hand that feeds them, right? Like the US Ambassador to Libya?

  • yennikcm

    ISIS, got the map from one of “hello-kitty-barry”s moslem brotherhood appointees?….REMOVE the moslem brotherhood from this earth…

  • TruthBeTold

    That narrows it down to every major city.

  • Vince Glortho

    Why are known terrorists permitted to operate twitter accounts? There are reports of up to 100,000 tweets per day. Surely you can’t be serious

  • Mendel

    Trump won’t allow this

  • Mendel

    don’t die like a queer man up

  • Mendel

    i drive a dodge ram bring it

  • RufusFirefly

    Uhmmmmm….yeah about that declare war on ISIS thing…… We can’t do that. You see it was the US that armed and enabled ISIS. They were only supposed to be a “JV team” to give the Syrians a heartburn but things got a little out of control.

  • Thrill22cl

    Get ready to fight this weekend. The country needs to go open carry this weekend.

  • TruthBeTold

    It does make them easy to monitor and it’s likely the free flow of info lets secrets slip out.

  • Thrill22cl

    the dhs just released 3700 Mexican criminals into society, THEY DONT CARE!! They want America to turn into a third world hole. I bet a million bucks the FBI is just setting up to data mine the situation (intelligence gathering). They aren’t setting up to protect us that is for damn sure.

  • Mendel

    Jerry Brown disarmed California so its already been captured now they are sharia on vaccines

  • Thrill22cl

    and our govt will sit back and show them the way, go kill those white patriot terrorists on the fourth. They deserve it for being racist, privileged and for believing in Christ.

  • Mendel

    most of the east coast turned in their guns without a shot fired

  • man_wolf

    So how did ISIS manage to get this information so quickly?
    Sounds like an inside job to me.

  • Thrill22cl

    I won’t even vacation in California. They are leading the communist revolution in my opinion.

  • Mendel

    Isis is a DC comic hint hint

  • Sh!tthroughagoose

    So lSlS can post and tweet and facebook all they want…. used to be a time when that would be considered aiding the enemy. don’t dare post a picture of the confederate flag or you will be shut down asap!

  • Billdog101

    Your very,very close to hitting the nail right on the head.These jerk-offs ultimate goal is starting the finial battle in Jerusalem,that’s where Muhammad is supposed to come back to earth and lead them(Muslims) to their finial victory for world domination.They want to draw western powers into their little party to bring this about.They are following a strict form of Islam that tells them how to go getting good ol’ Allah down here and the main thing is fighting “Romes armies” in a desperate last ditch battle in
    Jerusalem.beheading,drowning,electrocution, any act of horror is o.k. in there book to get to this end,including having no regard for how many of there own people get killed.In fact, they state that there will only be maybe a few thousand of them left when “he”(Allah) appears to the world.It’s a lot like the Armageddon part of the Bible,just put Allah in there over Jesus,take out all the bat-crap crazy executions and tortures edit:this is what the leaders of isis stated in a interview a while back,I will try and post a link to this interview. EDIT#2: ISIS was started by a ex Bath party person in Saddam”s government after all Bath party people were booted out of the Iraq army and government by our gov.after Baghdad fell.I think Madman gotakeabathdaddy,was a senior officer in Saddoms army.

  • zombietimeshare

    Great. Now they know where not to hit. There are so many other targets to choose from.

  • White, Straight, & Proud

    OK, one more time- ask me why I CONCEALED CARRY!

  • Dopey

    So all those little markers show “FBI command centers?” How secret could they have been?

    ISIS ain’t too bright.

    I hope we don’t have a wild west weekend but may the quick draw be yours and God on your side if these pieces of filth show up.

  • Wehavethemeats

    Looks like lSlS just did a mapquest search of Arby’s Roast Beef locations and labeled it FBl command posts

  • Dopey

    Well I’ve never asked you that before but, why do you conceal carry?

  • bob666

    …and when they get to Israel…they will fight to the last man,woman,child,…..or kick off WWW3…not sure yet….

  • winduer

    Mass surveillance by the FBI (and others) is more damaging than anything that ISIS has done.

    ISIS hasn’t killed a single American on US soil and everyone is going crazy. Illegal immigrants have killed 50,000 Americans and no one does anything.

    If preserving American lives is the goal, shouldn’t the FBI be working on deporting illegal immigrants? An American is infinitely more likely to be killed by an illegal immigrant than by ISIS.

  • John R

    just give them jobs and they will be happy!

  • Billdog101

    Here’s my prediction: more people will be hurt by fireworks than by isis terrorists

  • RayNAiken

    Aren’t all those installations listed in the phone book? On line too?

  • 4godandcountry

    They can start with hitlery and obama

  • John Smith

    at least Sharia law would rid of USA of homos and trannys

  • Bitter Clinger

    That’s like claiming Japan was no threat to America in 1941.

  • Avspatti

    More than ANYTHING that ISIS has done???? Surely, you jest.

  • Chainsaw McGerk

    Islamic Nuclear Terrorism is inevitable.
    Fortunately, it will target big BLUE cities that are entirely populated by base Democrats – the white urban liberals, the leftist self-hating JINOs and the feral/criminal class.

  • Avspatti

    They do not need jobs.

  • Okeydoker

    Muslims should be deported.

  • Avspatti

    They are not finished yet. Just wait.

  • Caroline

    We want to wait until after the politicians are dead so they can do our dirty work.

  • Caroline

    Govt is inefficient at doing anything but screwing up. I’d rather be on my own.

  • Avspatti

    It is good that they have accounts. That way, we can keep tabs on what they are up to, and they do make mistakes. Wasn’t someone targeted and killed the other day by us due to a twitter or something?
    Anyone know more about this>

  • kthomp1123

    After they are no longer useful.
    When they finish Syria, disrupt Iran, destabilize more of Africa, etc.
    We view them as an asset…we’re not going to kill them until they are no longer useful!

  • Caroline

    Wonder what the lib reaction will be when they behead some gays. Libs are more tolerant of ISIS than they are those vicious Christians.

  • Avspatti

    Let’s DEPORT THEM. Where? How about N. Korea?

  • Caroline

    Obama squashes their efforts…

  • Jean

    People did you know that they are at our borders right now and now one seems to be worried about it. This whole thing is insane.

  • redheart

    Our government is totally incompetent in every aspect. Less than a handful of the politicians care about anything but their next election. We have, and continue, to elect incompetent self-serving morons. The borders are wide open, we have no idea who is in the country, we continue to import Muslims with zero vetting. At some point we will have a major attack. The FBI ignored warnings on the Boston Bombers, The Underwear Bomber, the 911 terrorists, the Army ignored the Ft. Hood terrorist. Who knows who they are ignoring now in the name of not profiling of Muslims.

  • Pressto

    It is a map of thr FBI field offices, which everyone already knows about. ISIS has no idea if these are actual command centers.

  • ElKrisO

    From the doubters, here’s some proof from a story just released today:
    “Iran received $4.2 billion in unfrozen assets under the 2013 interim agreement with the United States and was then given another $2.8 billion by the Obama administration last year in a bid to keep Tehran committed to the talks.”

  • fatebekind

    Oh my God! Idaho,Montana,Wyoming, Nebraska & the Dakotas are wide open & undefended!

  • Noahthehopeless

    At Our Borders ? Duh Heck wrong with you .. ? Do you remember This Past Year When we had a Huge Surge Of Illegal Immigrants coming is .. And the ODumba Administration Said these are just poor children .. and with them came The Sickness these People had and Diseases .. And YES Terrorist Even as the idiot Obama Said No Terrorist Are in our Country because of Relaxed Borders .. YET We keep Arresting them ? So Jean .. they are not on our Border any Longer they Are HERE in the states creating Cells .. You have been Lied to For years now .. So open your eyes please!! And Please Obama your Lying Piece of Filth, Stop tell me what America Wants Like your Will is that of America You Joke .. I wanna let you in on something .. THEY ARE HERE because of Relaxed BORDERS .. and Relax OBAMA Policies .. ….

    Terror Suspect Arrested In NJ; NYPD On High Alert For July 4 Fireworks

    We should Be able to SUE this Idiot because of him Endangering Every American For his Busta A$$ Vision

  • theal

    Heh, trying anything in Arkansas would most likely end poorly, seeing as how Arkansas is shall-issue

  • jerry2286

    This seems like a little bit of hyperbole by the media. The location of FBI field offices is freely available on the FBI’s own website.

  • Noahthehopeless

    shhhhh be careful the truth will get you killed … or ignored ..

  • Noahthehopeless

    ….. the United states will take hundreds of years to recover from the Embarrassment of the last 15 years or so .. smh heh but at least this is “NOW an America the Michelle can be proud Of ” right? .. Cause she was not Proud until her Idiot Husband changed the united states of America forever … there is no going back ..

  • mysticalaphorism

    I read that a simple xray machine from a medical office can be dismantled and contaminate an entire city! why do they post these hints for terrorists to get ideas from?

  • mysticalaphorism

    something like that may make people celebrate…

  • Patriot_ll

    That line between Mexico and the US is about as effective as our current border. Didn’t the Fed’s say they knew and were monitoring the extremist in the US? This is good. “We’ll be standing by in case anything goes ‘boom’. BTW Americans, you may not want to go to any organized celebrations for the 4th of July”.

  • mysticalaphorism

    we have tech gear that could disable every gun and weapon ISIS hS. we wont use it since war equals profits and that kenyn in DC wans america to DIE!

  • Noahthehopeless

    They would Be arrested for Crossing the Border illegally, See how that Works .. A law on the books and then they execute that Law!!! .. hmm if only we would be able to do that with out hurting someone feelings .. you know .. for breaking a law ?

  • Chris Sky

    to be fair… ISIS is a CIA/MOSSAD joint venture… dont’ forget about Israel.
    … hell Mossad’s OFFICIAL LOGO at is… …. ISIS

  • Nathan Miller

    We’re all going to DIE!!

  • Mayhem

    Why so many on the East Coast? Why protect the ISIS loving, anti-American Liberal Progressive?

  • thepunditnet

    Let em bring it. We aren’t france.

  • Yez I. Am

    It’s borders are nearly set & “under Strict-ish sharia law”…sympathize much.

  • Melody Adams

    I think we should give them at least five years of that, to be sure they are really terrorists.

  • gregio

    So-o-o , what you are trying to say is that the “banks” are running the wars and the soldiers and foreign governments are all “collateral damage” when banks make bad deals. I think you are still suffering from PTSD, you need to get some help.

  • TonyMonterey

    ISIS just attack’s normal people and first responders. They know if they hit elected officials or bureaucrats the elitists running the country might get scared and actually fight them.

  • enoughlies

    Who gave them that map??? Obama or Hillary???

    Obama’s Treachery and Hillary’s Complicity – The American Report

    Both, Congenital Liars..and Enemies of The State

  • Guest

    FBI Publishes Map of July 4th ISIS Command Center…

  • flappdoodle

    Nonsense. It will be when they start killing movie stars. You somebody IMPORTANT.

  • marie

    Did not know we had so many miltary strategists, combat experts, intell analysts working for free…you all should be on the hill explaining this info to them…Really ppl!!

  • boo

    ISIS has infiltrated our government and is climbing our flag poles and causing division among our people

  • Siglund

    Wow, the FBI has command posts in all the major big cities? Who knew?

  • May flowers

    The idea of, Command Centers, just doesn’t seem or sound right.

  • ata777

    AFTER they nuke an American city

  • Siglund

    You should read Ez 28 and Is 14; during the time the Word lived among us, many were freed from the evil that controlled them. Obama is only a tool.

  • Xavier

    Saturday evening.

  • RRdemocrat

    Barack has a “to-do” list and ISIS isn’t on it. He admitted that he doesn’t even have a “strategy” to deal with them, yet.

    He’s too busy building a federal police state and consorting with others, like Cuba.

  • Alex

    FBI knows where filthy Isis garbage are hiding, FBI knows mosques where terrorists are hiding. FBI, go and clear up all mosques and deport pedophiles imams. Plus obozo knows where they are.

  • Alex

    Yes, we have to sue this idiot in WH, it will be worst. Obozo said tht he will squeeze till the lasr drop his progressive agenda till his end. When will be his end? God help us, take obozo away.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    You mean Fargo is not a major big city? Who knew?

  • BraveNewWhirled

    They ain’t hidin’. How you gonna get paid when ya hidin’ from ya boss?

  • BraveNewWhirled

    …and you.

  • Truthsayer

    Good one!

  • BraveNewWhirled

    No. They will blame the Christians.

  • BraveNewWhirled

    Yep. They have one: CIA.

  • idontknow

    Nice to know where the command centers are located. Personally I fear the DHS far more than I fear ISIS.
    The DHS has said the greatest threat of terrorism comes from bikers, veterans, Christians, Catholics, Mormons, conservatives, libertarians, tea partiers, constitutionalists, patriots, gun owners, pro life supporters, and homeschoolers. ISIS and Islam are NOT mentioned…

  • JoeNobody

    Except that the FBI created and posted this map themselves earlier this week. I’m actually surprise it took ISIS this long to circulate it.

  • CharlesH

    After they’re DONE killing American politicians.

    There…fixed it for you.

  • Leemoe

    Isn’t/wasn’t Turkey where the ISIS was getting their armament from in their beginning? As for Israel, Jordan and Saudi, they do notice the black flag makes for good target practice.

  • Billdog101

    Thank-you,!! (See my post above)

  • Billdog101

    Umm,you need to take a closer look at that “isis flag” at that parade! It is a black flag with umm,errr,pictures of sex toys on it.


    Liberals, stop sucking so damn much and defecating in the locations you sleep and eat!

  • oldred1961

    Sue this idiot?? Let’s try military arrest for treason. This has been his plan all along people. Let the gangs, the terrorists and all American hating people in. One day you will wake up and realize the war is here and it will be to late.

  • oldred1961

    Jean they are no longer at the boarder they are here inside the boarder. I’m glad I don’t live in a city or visit it one very often but when I do I promise you I am packing a .40 cal pistol with hollow points. Yes they are here and the war is just starting.

  • Valerie
  • Valerie

    Confusion to our enemies!

  • oldred1961

    Unfortunately you are wrong. Most people of this once great country will do nothing but sit on there backsides hoping the “government” will take care of them. This is now a country of mostly sheep and the wolves are starting to gather for the kill.

  • palvadore

    And the Gold?

  • idontknow

    The list isn’t true threats, it is the DHS and the Obama administration using law enforcement to target those who they perceive as political enemies. Nixon never even went so far off the reservation. There are a lot of *real* terrorist threats that many of us could come up with, but the DHS has never been about stopping terrorism; it is only concerned with repressing any opposition to the federal government….

  • palvadore

    Obama would say we deserved it. I bet in the post attack address-to-the-nation, he will not be able to hide his gushing joy that “we got ours”!

  • palvadore

    Aren’t all those locations the same places our government has been illegally bussing in the Latino invaders? The blacked out bus windows, the releasing of (now) over 65,000 rapist, robbers, kidnappers, and murderers onto our streets, the vile hate seething from the government towards citizens, the militarization of local law enforcement…

    Except for the few that have been on the inside, Americans are clueless as to how bad things realy are and how close to the edge we tred.

    Folks, the no fly – no go area on the US – Mexican border is for TRAINING enemy combatants and THOSE are the passengers on the busses!

  • The politicians will all be safe in their tunnels under the Capital building and the White House.

  • Chubby Freen

    No one with round-the-clock protection from the US Secret Service is worried about it…

  • Chubby Freen

    Maybe where you live. In the southwest, armed Americans are watching for ISIS to attack. Their heads will be harvested…

  • palvadore

    Yep. It’s easy to be an armchair badass but not too many are willing to actually fight much less die for what America has become. And why should anyone want to? Maybe we should take an exit pole at the local VA office and see what vets think about saving Americans. Let’s see…how many of those on the multiple death list at the VA were minorities? Not one I’d wager! White America would be fools to do anything but let the terrorist have their way with this country. Who wants to fight just to be ridiculed?

  • Yes turkey gave ISIS arms that were shipped to them from Benghazi. Orders of ovomit.

  • palvadore

    Hadn’t thought about that but it makes sense. Destroy the paper trail and the witnesses.

  • That’s because we never had a non American radical jihadi muslim President who hates America and Americans before.

  • Bush Jr. gave us 9/11.

  • Chance Boudreaux

    Isn’t Post-America an exciting place to live? Thanks Democrats!

  • But it was the Republicans who didn’t vet ovomit when he was campaigning in 2007 and 2008. If the Republicans would have forced ovomit to prove his eligibility, by ovomit trying to prove that he was an American with a forged birth Certificate, (which he would have to do because he is not a Natural Born Citizen) he would have been stopped from running for President. Then America wouldn’t be in the position we are now. I am a Conservative. But it is the Republicans who didn’t press the issue of ovomit’s eligibility even after ovomit beat the Republicans candidate McCain in the election.

  • john

    Our president will not stand for any terrorism; if ISIS commits several more such attacks he will have a harshly worded letter prepared to be delivered to someone.

  • Pa Bell

    Surely they hate him for his gay stance and the drone attacks. I’ve seen dozens of pictures of demonstrations in the middle east where they are hanging and burning Obama in effigy.

  • Rosen Otter

    I located the security breach. It appears that they just went to the phone book and looked up ‘FBI field offices’. Either that or they went to the FBI website and looked at , which lists all the field offices. It’s been there for years now. Damn, you people are foamy.

  • Pa Bell

    It seems that most of them lead lives that are indifferent to their surroundings. It’s probably safe to assume that most of them are chicken considering that the Iraq army dropped all of the weapons they got from the US, turned and ran for parts unknown. The jihadi, on the other hand, is brainwashed into thinking that wonderful things await him when he gets blown away and is instantly transported to their version of nirvana.

  • Bob Scratchit

    Dunno about the others… but the Dakota’s don’t need no stinking FBI to defend us… We got it covered.

  • evilwulfie

    whats wrong with that ? 😉

  • Freedom?

    Roll your dice isis, roll your dice.

    Stay away from Montana is all I will say.

  • Zen900

    Did ISIS legalize LGBT marriage?

  • dikires eilerts

    MUSLIMS VALUE nothing but DEATH

  • oldred1961

    I am a retired vet of 21 yrs and I am sad to say now the only people I will fight and die for is my family. I have given up on the American people and will no longer fight for there rights.
    This whole government the senators, congressman and obama need to be recalled but no one will stand up and start the movement.

  • Michelle Lee

    Well now if they start killing Americans, you can thank their boss, the psycho living in our house!

  • CharlesSUnderwood


  • War Is A Racket

    LOL. So now ISIS are fortunetellers with the magical ability to predict the future? You know who would actually know about FBI command center locations and set up? The Mossad.

  • Rosen Otter

    Er, the FBI command centers are located at the FBI field offices, as the article says. The field offices are in the phone book, as well as on the FBI webpage. The map even has ‘FBI’ on the bottom.

  • Rosen Otter

    I suppose the Mossad could have found this out the same way I did. with Google.

  • Michelle Lee

    You are the only vet I have heard say you wouldn’t keep your oath till the day you die, guess you would be part of the problem!

  • Michelle Lee

    Any kind of a false flag attack with be from the gov man, cmon!

  • Michelle Lee

    You are pathetic and part of the disease of this Country

  • Greg Burton

    Hmm, I wonder if it has anything to do with the FBI hiring those “crisis actors” for their false flags?

  • Rosen Otter

    ISIS didn’t have to work very hard to find this information. It’s in the phone book and on the FBI’s own website. The article says the command centers are all located at the regional offices.

  • oldred1961

    Our oath has already been broken by allowing this pos that sits as president to continue with being a traitor to this country and the American people. I still believe in my oath and if a leader stood up and challenged the pos and his followers I would join him/her but everyone is waiting on someone else to lead the way. I know I’m no leader and I’m tired of waiting on one to stand up so I will defend my family to the death if need be.

  • Circa53

    Compare the FBI ISIS map to this one..

  • PhyllisAMason

    …………….Feel Freedom thegatewaypundit …….

    ……………….. Find Get More </b


    Pathetic right?


    Why? What are you thinking?

  • SpaceCadet

    WalMart will make you a cake with an ISIS flag, but not a conferdate flag.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Don’t worry! Obama’s gay FBI agents are on it!

  • Granny

    Wrong! We are blocking allies in the region who want to arm those fighting ISIL. It is reported the David Cameron is also blocking those wanting to arm the fighters on the front lines with ISIL.

  • Questor3000

    US citizens need not be predicted only the bastard political class will be protected. Thats why Americans should respect the 2nd ammendment

  • Abdul Keddou

    Conspiracy kook from the lunatic fringe.

  • Tesla_X

    Will the CIA bozo who actually tweeted the map to scaremonger please STFU?

    You’re an unpatriotic troll and a horse’s arse.

  • Johnny

    How did ISIS get the locations?

  • eastedie33510

    Why doesn’t Twitter cut off their account??

  • GrimmCreeper

    All this to thwart an attack by the nation’s most dangerous threat, right-wing groups?

  • Francis Xavier

    It’s not secret, just go to the FBI web site

  • MarcieMDudley

    Next few days start your new life…thegatewaypundit… < Find Here

  • Paladin

    Perhaps you’re right… Though I’m for him, if he resonates but is defeated, it may serve to make the others ‘screw in their balls’ and be tough!!!

  • BurmaShave2

    …And also many libs like to burn the American flag, or at least condone those that do; but, hey, they are not traitors, because, you know, they tell us so.

  • MrDevourtoSurvive .

    Walmart wont sell you a cake with the confederate flag on it, but will happily make you an isis battle flag cake.

  • BurmaShave2

    The reaction will be to ignore it. How much has the SCUM (so-called unbiased media) published and discussed the numerous murders of homosexuals by Muslims (a group protected by Liberals) in the last year or so?

  • BurmaShave2

    Actually in the last few weeks the FBI has hauled in and indicted several [maybe five] ISIS sympathizers in general NYC area.

  • BurmaShave2

    If this were one of those Google map that you can zoom in to very high resolution, one could see that the red marker is centered on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  • Donna Mohler

    Gun grabbers want to take our guns so Isis cam murder us without the fear of them being shot! Hide your guns!

  • Donna Mohler

    So they can overtake us!

  • Donna Mohler

    Planned years ago!

  • Darkheart11

    Obviously this is meant to scare us by pointing out the obvious. Most folks if they gave it a moment’s thought could have picked out most of the places these centers would be set up.

    Never gave me an instant’s doubt or fear. Never.

    Anyone going to admit this crap scared them?

  • John Wayne

    The U.S. doesn’t want to do anything that antagonizes the negotiations with Iran. ISIS is being supported by them. The President doesn’t want his reputation tarnished because he cares more about his legacy than fixing real issues.

  • Fred Cassidy

    When the Kenyan Fraud is too cowardly to declare war on them, get ready to be attacked!

  • ronb39339

    I’d say it might be telling that they didn’t target the DHS (dept. of Homer Simpson); probably because the DHS is as useless a teats on a boar hog. They won’t target the head muzzy in charge either. & they’re simply too scared of the military to target them.

  • Darkheart11

    dbw, thing is HERE not someplace else.

    If you are not willing to defend your own nation IN your nation where the Devil are you willing to stand up to the murdering savages? Put your politics away this is way above that.

  • Pretty much BS. The US has admitted funding Al Qaeda and ISIS fighters in Syria trying to overthrow Assad. The FBI needs to justify their anti-terrorism fundning. What better way to do this then to sow fear for the 4th?

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Agreed. I’ll defend any truths he utters – and gladly. The man is a living bullhorn.

  • RomeoOscOscSierraTangoEchoRome

    Well Yeah….! The saying has never changed or been altered in any way……………”Follow The Money”

  • launchme52

    They cannot find them, they are experts at covering their tracks on the internet, they cannot be found or attacked. We know they have an official magazine, newspaper , tweets, facebook everything but we cannot get them.

  • launchme52

    Yes they are everywhere , I look under my bed at night and in the bushes.

  • Michelle Lee

    You would be right, so in that context very understandable.

  • launchme52

    They can outwit all our intelligence, we are helpless. Million man standing armies cannot defeat them! because they are eveywhere and nowhere.

  • launchme52

    You seen what happened with the Tea party? people applying for tax-exempt got clobbered with multiple investigations of their business, IRS, EPA, even DHS. They plan for that.

  • L O

    Doing the dirty work Americans wont do… War makes for strange bed fellows.

  • L O

    Maybe we can talk them into starting with the politicians…

  • Silvia_DRice



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    See Here—>

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  • palvadore

    Well now you have heard two vets say it. I can put you in touch with a hundred more. Just because one is cloaked in our flag does not make them an American.

    I too have been in combat and have lost friends and family at the hands of the enemy. But I would no longer draw blood for these people nor risk myself or my family to defend them. Every man in my family except my son has fought in every war from WW1 to Desert Storm. And my entire family, wife included, have suffered gladly for our nation. And for what? To be insulted and spit upon by the leader himself and every other punk assed politician in the land! No thanks.

    The “problem” isn’t Oldred 1961, he’s paid his due 10 times over. It’s the freeloaders and the agitators. ISIS is JV. Once the dead weight is gone they will see the vets.

  • DDDreamer

    You are correct that we had no business going there in the first place. However, it is sad that you die-hard libs still blame Bush for everything even after all these years of liberal carnage under BO. I guess you really can fool some of the people all of the time.

  • Guest

    and it looks like someone has their feet up on the desk..!

  • Glen Oberwies

    These ISIS dudes are so JV…says the Prom King taking up space in our WH.

  • Glen Oberwies

    No balls…and they’re too busy pandering to the Kartrashians and their freak side show, Bruce.

  • Pouty Face

    Are the White House and the Capitol Building on the map? That’s what it’s gonna take for these orificii to take action on this threat.

  • Stacy Hess

    The idiot let these people in so that he can declare marshal law and stay in office. He wants to be a dictator. Everything he has done has been in preparation for that.

  • Stacy Hess

    What ever happened to the Declaration of Independence? It says that if a government over exceeds their role it is the right and the duty to throw off such government and make a new one! If George Washington saw what this country has become he’d kick all our asses. My husband is a wounded warrior and every day he gets angry at what his country has become. He feels a lot like you do. Thank you for your service to this VERY ungrateful country. Some of us would pick up arms and fight next to you. It would be an honor.

  • Raptor Jesus

    And the weak horse keeps looking weaker.

  • Jim Denney

    If the FBI was serious about rounding up Arab terrorists, they’d raid the White Mosque and arrest Valerie Jarrett.

  • dizymeup

    Proof positive that obama and this administration is on the side of the enemy. They blocked weapons to the Kurds.

  • dizymeup

    If obama was on our side he wouldn’t be blocking arms to the Kurds….He is a traitor.

  • oldred1961

    Thank you and thank your husband for me. He is a very great man.

  • RAM500

    Since this Administration long ago began infiltrating Muslim Brotherhood members into key civilian and military security positions, is this map’s release such a surprise?

  • ctwatcher .

    Of course it was a penis flag, now it’s time to burn the gold fringe fake American flag and the Mexican flag, all flags must be burned now. All statutes of slave owner presidents must be removed pronto!

  • John Smith

    ISIS, you can have our queers

  • The MUSEman

    If the FBI is simply setting up resources at their existing field offices then wouldn’t their locations be public knowledge? Just asking.

  • Kula Farmer

    And then people wonder why the gov is 18 trillion in the hole

  • Kula Farmer

    Would that be the rainbow house?

  • darryl

    Now why would the FBI release their plans to FOX national news as to the whereabouts of any command centers so they can broadcast to the world where they are located ? Something is starting to look suspicious here

  • Jason Shwagner

    The best course of action for the US is to save every penny from being spent in that turdbowl, and spend the money here in the homeland strengthening our borders, creating new and superior surveillance and robotic defense tech, and hiring more border based operators. Some may say that is oversimplification. I say it is the only possible way we stay “safe” here. There is absolutely ZERO way we will see any real, prolonged progress in the middle east for at least several decades. We won’t EVER see it if “infidels” keep posting up on their turf. Nor if we keep sending arms and aid to “rebels”. The main problem is we are talking about angry, war obsessed, war lived people who have shown time and time again they will switch sides at the drop of a hat. People also need to get over this idea of it being a religion based war, when religion is only invoked to give legitimacy to them for the fact that they flat out want to control, murder, maim and rape. Many of those “people” have never known another life and have zero sense of value over life. This is a situation that can only be resolved by the people who live in the area, for better or worse. It will ultimately mean another Saddam type or Assad type rising up, seizing power and gaining control. It will be bloody and dictator-like but this time the world needs to realize the enemy you know (Saddam) is a whole lot better in power than the countless multi-fragmented psychopathic murder machines we have now. There will never be a USA-east or UK-east. That has been a Muslim culture region for many thousands of years and it isnt westernizing anytime soon.

  • MrSmarty

    The sick and sad thing is the fact that the majority of Americans don’t care about anything truly important that involves their country, including the national debt. Beyond their own lives, they mostly only care about what the mainstream media tells them to care about. Our enemies are well aware of this too.

  • Inanimate Carbon Rods

    Well, actions have consequences.

    I’m not a liberal, and I’m not a Bush blamer ( except when he was at fault through HIS actions ) as a rule.

    Pres. Obama has been an utter failure, but that does not take any blame from Bush/Cheney who made the mistake of disbanding the Iraqi Army.

  • EnabledVet

    Sure, thing, Old Timer. I’ll just saunter down to the Veterans Administration and tell them I have PTSD. They will give me 100% disabiltiy, I’ll never be able to purchase a legal firearm and they’ll send me a lot of narcotics through the US Postal syatem to keep me “treated”. All the while, they’ll say I can’t be treated for injuries sustained during my service because they weren’t documented as service related.
    Tell me this, wise one, why did 58,000 pluss US service men and women die in Vietnam? To stop communism? Ford built a truck plant that built the Gaz trucks that ran VC and NVA supplies down the Ho CHi Mihn trail, but we couldn’t touch Hai Phong harbor for fear of hitting Russian ships.
    You need the help, to get back from Fantasyland.

  • desertspeaks
  • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

    Their path is pretty clear; you nailed it. We only have one task and no options. This is a cultural/political/religious clash with no winners in sight, but we can reduce them to the stone age if we have the will. Crusades part deux.

  • dbw1977

    of that there is no doubt, this is post “oh crap, we did this, how do we do an about face and be against it before we were for it!”

    I remember McCain taking pictures with these fools. I’m just talking about what it will become.

  • dbw1977

    wut? not really. It’s pretty common knowledge the Western World created ISIS. It was a joint venture between the western countries to attempt to over throw Assad.

    Just like EVERY OTHER Arab Spring, it got messy and hardliners took over. We traded the devil we knew in every single country for the one we didn’t.

  • dbw1977

    dude my politics are away. ISIS belongs to both parties in the US.

  • Darkheart11

    Then sit and wait for the knife.

    I am busy.