ARMED VOLUNTEERS Refuse to Abandon Military Recruitment Centers Despite Pentagon Request (VIDEO)

US Navy veteran Tim Keown has been standing guard outside a recruitment center in Kentucky for a week now.

Tim made the decision to guard the local recruitment center after an Islamic terrorist murdered five servicemen in Chattanooga last week. Keown also helped organize other armed guards at recruitment centers across the country.

Ordinary citizens are filling the breach left by an inept government.

Citizen guards protect a recruitment office after the Chattanooga terrorist attack.

The Pentagon released a statement on Friday asking citizens not to stand guard at the unprotected recruiting offices. But the Pentagon has no plans on changing policy that forbids servicemen and women from carrying weapons at the centers. Evidently, five dead servicemen is not enough to force change in Pentagon policy.

Tim Keown says his group will remain outside the recruitment offices until the US soldiers and Marines are protected:

“If our government is not going to protect these men and women, who is?… Who’s going to protect these gentlemen and women if we don’t?… All I’m asking is why can’t recruiters arm themselves and protect themselves?

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  • pgroup

    The source of all political power in this country is the people. This is what the people believe is important to do. Thus, it will be done regardless of what the official thugs want.

  • tengallonhat

    American citizens who are abiding by the law cannot be ordered around by the military! This is what Posse Comitatus is about.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    The Pentagon’s best move here would have been to STFU! But no, these prima donnas cannot stand it when American Citizens exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights, so they have to try & control them, or failing to do that, sic the civilian LE on them. This is exactly what the military brass thinks about civilians, so is it any wonder that such a rift remains between the civilian populace & the military?

  • ridgerunner


  • formwiz


  • formwiz

    The Pentagon has a lot of civilian appointees on the payroll.

    Beginning with the SecDef.

  • ridgerunner

    The Sec Def may not technically be military “brass”, but he is a tinhorn.

  • ridgerunner

    Great point. The strength of our military is rightly lauded – but the we the people are stronger yet.

  • Goose

    CIVIL DIS0BEDIENCE! it’s worked before, it’ll work again. Love It! Let’s Roll.

  • tengallonhat

    It’s LAW-ABIDING, NOT DISOBEDIENT!! – because these citizens are exercising their God given rights and guaranteed in our Constitution. The military brass has no authority on the homeland over U.S. citizens unless a state of emergency has been declared.

  • Goose

    you’re being technical- I am not
    I want more, more, more – how ’bout you?

  • tengallonhat

    More what?

  • LouAnnWatson

    military brass are not like the grunts, just like the police chiefs are not the rank and file. how many times do you find the people at the top speaking for the organization do not reflect the members. this is just more of obama’s arrogant behavior, trying to weaken as much of this country’s apparatus as possible.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Well, the Citizenry is not have law enforcement done by the military, that is true ( with a few extreme exceptions). What I find interesting here, about this, is the demonstration that We the People are on the military’s side, and the “Pentagon” is not. I submit to my countrymen that when push comes to shove the military will show the ‘Pentagon” that it is on OUR side too.

    Here is what I mean by that, WE are our military and our military is US, The party hack politicians may well have control over government to the tune of using its levers AGAINST us…..but they do not have that kind of control over the military. That is a message I suggest political hacks take particular note of…….especially in this instance. What is being shown here is that We The People have indeed HAD ENOUGH of their pathetic antics in Washington.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Sadly, the “cabinet” has been transformed into a entity to lay blame on, rather than a tool for the president to use to do his job. Something goes bad policy wise and the CIC just blames SecDef, when in FACT it is the president who is to blame.

    When we call our legislators about particular votes, or email them, are we pissed off at their secretaries? Do we blame the secretaries? Do we think the secretaries have any authority or that they are just doing as they are told by those they secretary for?

    The secretary of defense is just a secretary. Like the gal who makes your doctor appointment or dentist appointment, they are just ordinary secretaries. We the People have been fooled into thinking the cabinet is more than it really is, but the great thing is more and more are figuring out the con job every day…..

  • Mike in Illinois

    Yes goose and you are correct to want more but listen a minute – the left CALLS it disobedience as part of their CONTROLLING the narrative. Framing the debate is how they fool people.
    When trying to convince LIVs, which do you think will work better? Convincing them to be disobedient or to disregard unconstitutional dictation?

    Part of reclaiming our Country is reclaiming the narrative from those who have corrupted it.

    We are not bound, as Citizens, to OBEY our masters because “masters” is a false premise from the start. Follow laws? Obey laws? OBEY law enforcement orders? Nope! ADHERE to laws – especially the supreme law. Big difference there, friend. Notice, this effort is exactly that adhering to the Second Amendment – and I am with you there, we need more more more of it!

  • Mike in Illinois

    Prepare yourselves for the coming narrative of ONE incident and ready yourselves with knowledge about how to defend it. Apparently there has been ONE incident of a fool mishandling his firearm and evidently it is not the first time this particular person has had a accidental discharge. Controllers will present this one incident as the norm, when indeed it is an outlier. Regardless, we all know they will use it as a hammer to drive their nail. So be ready to explain to them that the reason accidental discharges happen is mainly BECAUSE of their gun control…..seeing people not familiar and practiced carrying arms under their gun control scheme has LED to people not being well regulated!

  • tropicgirl

    The rubber is starting to hit the road in real time…

    Odierno, with a straight face, actually mentioned today that he was mulling sending in ‘security guards’ to guard the recruiters.

    This has to be deliberate shaming and endangering of our soldiers.

  • tommy mc donnell

    well I think armed citizens protecting the recruiting offices is a more effective strategy then the close the blinds strategy that the best west point trained minds at the pentagon came up with.

  • King Daddy

    When will the leadership and the media ever admit why there is the 2nd amendment? It is NOT about hunting, or personal self defense. It is about the citizens having an option when the government power structure is used against “the American People”… Tyrants, and/or traitors in office who are immune from most accountability… while in office, and thereafter.

    That is why the high effort to disarm all of us. They know the truth, but don’t have the guts to speak it.

  • Patty

    request? If the Pentagon wants them to leave, they need to do much better than that. And a vote in Congress to allow our military to have guns, (cannot believe I am saying that) then maybe they would leave but never before that.

  • roccolore

    The military recruitment centers are thankful for the volunteers.

  • Lee-Ann M Kenerson

    Thank you to those that are willing to be patriots for this great nation struggling to hold onto our constitution that congress and Obama seem hell bent to destroy. This is our militia, may God be with you . I Salute you all for your courage to stand and serve and protect .

  • Patty

    Many Answering The Call: Citizens, Vets, National Guardsmen, Cops Take Up Arms To Protect Military Facilities

  • Patty
  • Noovuss

    “Last week Nebraska Senator Dean Heller appeared on the Kevin Wall
    show on KKFT Carson City, NV, to talk about his bill and noted that John
    McCain himself defeated the move to arm our soldiers.

    Dean Heller: “So I submitted an amendment in the Department of
    Defense Authorization bill to allow this to happen. Now this was of
    course six weeks ago before Chattanooga. And the chairman of the
    committee wouldn’t support it–by the way, chairman was John McCain–did
    not want the amendment as part of the bill and wouldn’t accept it.”

  • Skay

    We know where the military is getting it’s orders from.

  • Patty
  • alinajon37
  • John D

    The military brass will be dealt with very soon.

  • Patty
  • dave7777

    Between the civilian populace and the Military Brass. I’m sure the military is on the side of the civilians.

  • John D

    McCain is a traitor.

  • joesphx

    Remember, this administration has purged the command ranks of identifiable patriots. That is not to say that those left are all collaborators but still one would think that there are many who can’t be trusted. It would certainly be interesting to see if the orders to put the boot on the people’s necks would be given and obeyed. Let’s hope we get this mess corrected before we find out.

  • Noovuss

    Let me finish that thought, McCain is a traitor that keeps winning elections.

  • carloada

    Indeed, why would we respect a regime that believes in taking away the right to defend ourselves??? The recruiters have the same 2nd Amendment rights exercised by citizens…go away pentagon…come back when you believe in the Bill of Rights…

  • carloada

    what we are witnessing here is the rise of the modern militia…

  • carloada

    think West Point indoctrinates much???

  • carloada

    minor disagreement Mike…the Left calls us vigilantes…

  • campfollower

    I would suggest recruitment is down because no one wants to serve under President Obama. Don’t want to be his umbrella handlers.

  • Nash Montana

    RIGHT ON!!!

    This is the America I love!

  • toad

    That’s a great picture.

    America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

  • toad

    right, they don’t want to be ordered to be gay or transgendered, or to train and supply the enemy, should such a situation arise, or to abandon their posts and abandon their fellow soldiers.

  • Nate

    So if the Pentagon wanted these recruiters to die, what would they do differently?

  • C6Vette

    I do not believe we have this problem in the state where I live BUT would gladly help do the samething as these people are doing elsewhere IF we did have this problem that Ovomit created! Why not allow these Men & Women to carry OPEN and LOADED weapons in such a soft target? How many more will DIE because of this Asinine Law (Gun Free Zone, Stupid, retarded, un-informed to allow the opportunity of some Radical Muslim to come in a Kill a bunch of UNARMED people)! Military Personnel are better trained with Weapons of ALL TYPES than most of our Law Enforcement People!!!

  • Mike in Illinois

    Evidently, the left is just calling me a spammer today. I guess some fear the things I write being seen…..

  • Mike in Illinois

    That is exactly what this is – and it will continue.

  • Buck Nut

    No Mike … it has nothing to do with the left. It has to do with the spam filters being triggered by your excessive use of capitalization. A lot of your comments are winding up in the spam folder. I fix them when I can, but I don’t have time for all of them …

  • Goose

    MORE Patriotism, more John Hancock, more Sam Adams, more Patrick Henry…

    or, maybe you don’t think we’re IN a State of Emergency now, declared by Patriots.
    “Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is no vice…”

    30-million people poured onto the streets in Egypt and overthrew Morsi.
    ergo, Egyptians love Liberty and their Country more than Americans do.

  • Mike in Illinois

    No worries. IF too many caps means the substance ends up in spam, so be it. I certainly don’t expect others to have to mind my comments. If every comment ends up in spam, oh well. I guess I’m spam then. Meanwhile, the endless “work from home” ads spam the pages endlessly.
    NO hard feelings Buck Nut, but I write and emphasize as I do. If it is rejected, it is rejected. That is ok. That’s the breaks. I am left to wonder though. how much is TOO much? It would seem prudent to be informed as to how much is too much, ya know, so it becomes a known rule to adhere to rather than a unknown, seemingly arbitrary and subjective level one is left to guess as to how much is too much….. but whatever.
    It occurs to me that I should share this. I write for me, as a means of interacting. I write like I talk, as in just a written conversation. Call the caps a kind of inflection. I don’t curse (well very very very rarely) online and I actually try to engage in constructive debate. I don’t play flame wars and I am hardly a noob. If some unknown number of capital letters (lets keep it real, NONE of my posts are all caps AOL style) is my violation, then maybe somebody somewhere has their priorities out of whack – or maybe they aren’t out of whack at all. But then, that would beg the question, what are those priorities? Scripts aren’t all they are CRACKED UP TO BE. And I get it, code can be a bear sometimes. but consider this – when the bots run rampant and people’s posts, regular posters posts, are sent to spam, maybe there is a fundamental error somewhere besides the content of my posts. Maybe the ‘excessive’ rests somewhere besides Mike in Illinois’ words.
    I guess then I need to know just what is “excessive’? How about defining that for me? See cuz the interesting thing I notice here is that I am not commenting any differently than I have all along. This whole spam factor just started. Whatever. I ain’t trying to argue about it. Just trying to understand. It is so very hard to follow a rule one cannot know……But it is quite frustrating to see what passes the “filters” and what now doesn’t. Maybe my use of caps isn’t what is excessive, maybe the “filters” are in some areas and not so much in others…..
    All is well. Ill still write, until such time as I can’t start a sentence with a cap – only to be accused of writing like a three year old or funnier yet, relegated to the spam folder because of my “excessive” use of lower case letters.
    Have a nice day. Buck. And remember, I am not offended. If this continues, I will just go elsewhere……as I have for many years when this same kind of thing all of a sudden starts to happen. If that be the goal though, I prefer a more direct approach. Kinda like how I asked, how many capital letters is too many? AHhh but that isn’t the real trouble is it? Nope, it is more WHERE THEY ARE, HUH? no, ThIS aINT mY FirST RODEO. No disrespect meant brother, but we both know the “excessive” excuse it exactly that – and “excuse”. It is all good, seriously. Let all my comments go to spam… will just demonstrate that real people commenting their own way is discouraged, while bots have free run. ENjoy

  • Buck Nut

    Look, you’re complaining about all the spam mike, but you don’t want the filters set to get rid of it. Disqus uses automated spam filters combined with the input we provide to identify and block comments that are likely to be spam because the sheer volume of commenting here makes individual review of the comments impossible. If your comments LOOK like spam to the filters, they’re going to be sent to the spam folder, and there’s nothing I or anyone else can do about that that won’t allow more of the comments you’re complaining about to get through. I can override the filters when I see a comment that isn’t spam, but it’s an endless job and one that would be a LOT easier if you spared us all the caps. However, if you don’t want to cooperate with our efforts to keep this site clean and free of garbage, that’s fine. The comments you post that are free of excessive caps will post, and the rest will get filtered …