Walmart Sells Che Guevara Items Glorifying Racist Communist Thug

Walmart is selling several posters and prints glorifying dead communist thug Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara. Guevara was a notorious anti-Black racist from Argentina who murdered hungry children and became an icon for leftists around the world for his role in the 1959 communist takeover of Cuba.

che poster (2)

Guevara was killed in 1967 in Bolivia while trying to foment a communist revolution there.

In 2006, Walmart competitor Target pulled a CD carrying case with a Che Guevara image after customers complained, according to the AP.

In 2012 Urban Outfitters stopped selling Che Guevara posters in response to customer outrage.

Walmart has several pages of Che Guevara merchandise for sale on its Website. While books and movies about Guevara are not objectionable, posters and fine art prints glorifying Guevara that Walmart also sells crosses a line to de facto endorsement of the racist, communist murderer.

che posters

Most of the seventeen Che Guevara posters and prints Walmart is selling are based on the iconic photo of the beret-wearing Guevara taken by the late Alberto Diaz Gutierrez, aka Alberto Korda, entitled Guerrillero Heroico.

Posters start at $9.50 on sale while fine art prints cost upwards of $339.99 for a 60” by 40” canvas print.

For $294.95 Walmart is selling a psychedelic fine art print of Guevara on large canvas .

A blacklight poster with faux spray paint shows red paint—truthfully, the blood of his victims—dripping down from Guevara’s image.

Another poster features a propaganda quote by the murdering racist, “Let me say, at the risk of seeming ridiculous, that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”

Cuban exile Humberto Fontova has written extensively about Guevara, including a 2008 book that sought to demolish the heroic myth of Guervara. The book, entitled Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him, is for sale at Walmart–a small consideration for the more than a dozen glorious imagery posters of Guevara that Walmart is selling.

Fontova wrote about Guevara’s and the Castro regime’s anti-Black racism in a 2009 column at Human Events chastising members of the Congressional Black Caucus for meeting in Cuba with the communist dictator brothers Fidel and Raul Castro:

“Racism is one of the cornerstones of the Castro regime. As Fidel’s close friend and ally, the murderous Ernesto “Che” Guevara, once said, “The Negro is indolent and spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent… We’re going to do for blacks exactly what blacks did for the Cuban revolution. By which I mean: nothing!””

…” Today the prison population in Stalinist/Apartheid Cuba is 90% black while only 9% of the ruling Stalinist party is black. As these black legislators cavorted in Cuba, a black Cuban anti-communist named Antunez, who suffered 17 years in Castro’s dungeons (essentially for quoting Martin Luther King and the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights in a public square), was on a hunger strike against Castroism. I will quote his sister from a samizdat smuggled out of Cuba last year while he was still in prison:

“”The Cuban government tries to fool the world with siren songs depicting racial equality in our country. But it is all a farce, as I and my family can attest, having suffered from the systematic racism directed at us by Castro’s regime. My brother suffers the scourge of racial hatred every day. The beatings are always accompanied by racial epithets. They set dogs on him. They deny him medical attention. They kept him from attending his mother’s funeral.”

“”The racist mentality is so ingrained among Cuba’s agents of repression that when mixed race groups are stopped on the street, only the blacks are asked for their identification papers. The only thing I have to thank the Cuban revolution for,” she quoted her brother, “is for restoring the yoke of slavery that my ancestors lived under.””

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  • Suelinn

    So they sell things glorifying Guevara. but it’s racist to sell Confederate flags and other items so they are going to pull them from their shelves and not sell them.

    OK. Not a lot of consistency of thought there.

  • Patty

    Well, that is inappropriate so, what will
    Americans do about it. Will that sit back and just chill or will they stand up for America.

    On an added note:


  • Patty

    at first glance che looks a great deal like Obama, now, isn’t that funny?

  • Patty

    We posted earlier about the Judy Shalom Nir Mozes, an Israeli TV personality and the wife of Israeli interior minister Silvan Shalom. making a joke on Twitter comparing Obama to coffee, saying he’s weak and black. The left went berserk, calling it “racist.”

    Leftists can find racism everywhere, except their own.

    If there is racism in the Israeli’s joke then there is racism in the Amazon mug, or is it the left’s assertion that you can mention race as long as you’re praising the race?

    If so, when the left mentions Clarence Thomas’s race, followed by one of the predictable barbs, where is the complimentary part?

    Like I said, the hunchbacks can’t see their own hump.


  • Whoa. With the amount of ‘Che’ propaganda items for sale…Wal-Mart should be called Che-Mart. Seriously, search Che on their site and scroll through the pages of results…interesting to see what else pops up.

  • meangirl

    Compleeeeetely different. The left approves Che, soooo. That make him ok.

  • sw74
    For the record – She shouldn’t have apologized to that turd.

    *edit – should have read further before posting.

  • LouAnnWatson

    back in the late 80’s, when i read sam walton’s book “made in the usa”, i noticed one woman in the board of directors picture. that’s right, hillary clinton! walmart has been turning left for years since then.

  • LouAnnWatson

    strong and black…and bitter

  • LouAnnWatson

    leftists are only consistent if it is against their agenda…

  • thehozer

    More like weak and half black. Have you seen his exercise video?

  • RedOnTheHead

    Che Guevara psychedelic fine arts prints for $294.95 at Walmart, the epitome of western capitalism. You’ve gotta love the irony of that. If he had any hands he’d be pulling his hair out in his grave.

  • Herman Christ

    Who cares what Walmart has for sale in their store? I don’t like guevara, but I’m not going to give anyone crap for selling items with the iconic photo on them. Also, if the don’t want to sell the confederate flag in their stores, that’s their decision. If you don’t like it, then go elsewhere and buy your Chinese made flag of a country that hasn’t existed for 150 years and was belligerent toward the United States.

  • oldeagle145

    piddle, piddle, piddle, piddle, piddle….. that’s the sound of me pissing on Walmart….

  • krypt_o

    The Truth About Che Guevara –

  • PharmDoc61

    And yet they’re all to happy to remove Confederate flags from their inventory. Dimwits.

  • dave0987

    Well one of the Walton family member was a huge Obama supporter and gave large sums of money, so who’s surprised.

  • Humberto Fontova

    Thanks for the heads-up, amigo. Somehow I wasn’t aware of this latest outrage…

  • nolasaints

    che Guevara was a killer glorified by liberals in this country and liberals are communists. communism a system that oppresses individuals, that takes away their dignity and their rights.

  • MacroNana

    OK! Now this is making me mad. I live about 25 min from the WalMart Corporate office. Guess where I am going. What is going on in this country. I actually knew Sam Walton, and was fortunate enough to be visit his home. The WalMart today is NOT the WalMart of yesterday.

    All this is doing is making good people feel threatened. It is not a good idea to corner innocent people.

  • Palace Gypsy

    I went into T.G.I. Friday’s last night since it was on the way home.
    Who’s poster was in the corner? Che Guevara.
    Told the waiter that since they glorified murders I doubted the quality of their food and left without ordering.
    His puzzled look was priceless. Not his fault, and I know he didn’t get it, and my meatloaf sandwich was better than anything on the menu.

  • 11B40


    I recently read “Che Guevara; A Revolutionary Life” by Jon Lee Anderson. I found it to be lengthy (700pp), detailed, and balanced. I would recommend it to those interested in Communists and their ways. As my favorite Platoon Sergeant taught me, “to hunt the a tiger, you must learn its ways.”

  • nearboston

    Joe McCarthy was right.

  • coregis
  • Ricard ‘contact Walmart here’ link?

  • Venril

    Might as well walk around wearing a tee-shirt with Manson’s leering mug, “Charlie!”


  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Anything & everything that offends ANYBODY, is to be removed from the planet ASAP…

  • RdHdKid

    I just looked at the website, and yes, they are selling Che merchandise. I suppose it’s one thing to sell *real* educational material, but it’s totally another to sell *anything* that glorifies that racist, communist pig.

  • rosetta_stoned

    So, you’re OK with Wal*Mart’s hypocrisy. Got it.

  • Kat

    Fontova’s book sounds like a good read!

  • Kat

    Good catch!

  • Kat

    I applaud you for acting consistently with your morals and your awareness.

  • Kat

    Mr. Fontova, is there an address where I can send a copy of your book to you to autograph?

  • paw516

    But will stop selling the Confederate flag. Go figure.

  • maudieNmandeville

    I want my WalMart/Che tee shirt!

    “The Negro is indolent and lazy, and spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.”- Che Guevara

  • burt

    Fidel turned on him. With a communist for a friend you need no enemies.

  • seriously?

    This is the entire problem. You guys unintelligent assholes. Che rebelled against oppression and exploitation. The flag stands for people that oppressed and exploited. You unintelligent asshats should pick up a book every now and then

  • copakeman

    I will agree with everything che stood for, when a poor person gives me a job with a livable wage.

  • copakeman

    who did che hire for his literary, artistic and t-shirt agent ? .
    Are Eisenhower or MacArthur t-shits available at wal-mart too ?
    Inquiring minds want to know

  • seriously?

    You’re conflating. And it’s quite possibly the worst logic i think i’ve ever heard. It’s quite possible to be rich and not drain an entire people of resources and leave them destitute. Being poor because you make bad choices? yeah. thats on you. being poor because somebody is leaching off of your land? thats on the people that are doing it. and its quite natural that someone fights back against it.

    and mods, deleting logical arguments are we?

  • Right wing

    Shame on you, WalMart, and on any idiot who would buy such garbage.

  • Right wing

    Thank you for making that trip on behalf of all of us.

  • ManfredtheWonderDog

    Actully, the north was beligerent against the south. If the Whig party strong men saw the republic rightly (the federal government derives its power from the states) the war would not have been fought. But they (and many since) claimed the states derived their power from the national government. Hence, no state may leave – peaceably or not.

  • Bob

    Can any of you read?

    The Guevara poster is sold by “The Poster Corp”. It is NOT sold by Walmart. It’s a third party that sells on

    Stop click-baiting.

  • Bob

    That’s not sold by Walmart. That’s sold by: ””

    These products ARE NOT sold by Walmart. They’re just listed on their website.

  • Bob

    But Walmart is NOT selling Guevara’s poster… Read closely. It says “Sold by: The Poster Corp”

    Walmart is only listing the item for this company. They’re not actually selling it.

  • Pearl Polanski

    If you look closely you’ll see that Walmart doesn’t sell them, The Poster Corp does which is why the ‘pick-up’ option is unavailable. The Walmart site has search bots that sources thousands of products like that. The money doesn’t go to Walmart it goes to The Poster Corp and it ships from them as well. The Poster Corp is a Marketplace Retailer. If you click on the link that says “Learn about Marketplace Retailers” you’ll see that “Marketplace items are not returnable to or Walmart stores”, “Marketplace Retailers ship the items you buy from them”. You cannot go into a Walmart and buy this because Walmart doesn’t sell this.

  • susan greeson

    And they quit selling a confederate flag that stood for something a hundred years ago? Stop selling materials that go to make sharia’s and low wearing pants and stop selling the bible and stop selling cd’s that include the N word stop selling grapes and onions because they make dogs die and stop selling fish hooks because they can hurt if stuck in your skin…….whats next? Are you going to stop selling panties because they keep the vagina from getting enough air? Yeah.

  • Dan Adams

    but they do handle and deliver

  • seriously?

    none of the things you’ve mentioned have anything to do with the history behind the flag. it. is. a. symbol. for. hate. period. distort the actual history of the flag because you’re too stubborn to admit your own past, but the flag is coming down. im sure Nazis also hated when the swastika flags came down…

  • Humberto Fontova

    Yes, 712 w 17th st, Covington La. 70433……www,

  • Kat


  • sherrilltradedooverexperience

    if you understood Marxist theory you would know Marxism teaches that race isn’t real. They don’t believe in race/racism. If you check history, you will see even recently that NK criticized US for it’s “Race Problem” because of Baltimore because they look down criticize and make a talking point of the fact that it is believed beyond a “mental construct”. Hence, racial conflict in the u.s. Part of communism was trying to eliminate social institutions that divided people like race, religion, economic class (theory has never met reality here as there is a “party class” that’s supposed to disappear once the nation is at this utopia type state, but since perfect is beyond people…that’s a huge sticking point and causes the workers of corruption and never declaring the end of their elite class.

    Guevara was a communist, but as a revolutionary, a failure. He was captured and killed by a Cuban who aided the CIA and eventually ditched Cuba for US.

    What I’m confused about is why are you posting like you know him as a historical figure.

  • sherrilltradedooverexperience

    if instead of believing hook line and sinker some other person’s characterization of things you don’t know yourself, maybe you should fact check things like Che was a racist against people who arent leaving you this impression by giving an actual quotes from his first experiences ever with blacks at 24 years old, and that this racist…later in his life purposefully went to africa and organized/worked with africans to help them revolt. You could also have just quickly fact check the dead giveaway the person wrote by checking if communism/marxism’s checkable position on race and racism. The internet is a library, you just have to read rather than believing someone decieving you with half truth’s kinda like spoke of in revelation…people tricking you into repeating their lies as if you knew they were true. this is just high school stuff that one needed to pay attention to and google man. it isn’t hard.

  • sherrilltradedooverexperience

    .how can tee shirts now scare you. Ask yourself, how did someone get you angry and outraged about a shirt that’s been on their shelves for years

    capitalist people are making shirts with his image
    1 he has no estate so no royalties
    2 there are no rules regarding redipicting him
    3 he is recognizable
    4 and most important #1 means he’s free.

    it is skateboarding teens that also like bob marley wearing che tee shirts. how can this shirt be a conspiracy by liberals when the products have been selling for many years without one other Politician ever mentioning the “Danger” of a dead, failed(he never sucessfully lead a revolution)

  • jimbo3298

    A lefty mass murderer is a-okay with Wal Mart.

  • jimbo3298

    Yeah! That makes it okay!

  • captdot

    Amazon has 11 pages of Che Guevara shirts!!

  • Bring back the flag. America is supposed to be a free country.
    Not the thought police.

  • Email everyone and tell them to bring back the flag, and ban Communism.

  • Where’s the pick up for items of the Confederacy?

  • The South rebelled against Fascism.

  • Herman Christ

    So, you’re an utter retard with no reading comprehension? Got it.

  • Cassandra
  • Alan

    Communism has been a huge failure. Communism takes away human freedom. Communism is responsible for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of murders just in the last century! What’s wrong with you?

  • leoprofawn

    Nothing is wrong with me.
    I’m not advocating communism and did not do so in my comments.

    I’m pointing out that it is silly to link communists (in this case Guevara) to racism, as communists generally believe in it, which in itself is inconsistent.

    World War 2 footage Russians shot made was careful to show women in most movies, keeping with their value in general of egalitarianism (goal of a classless society with equality of the sexes and ethnicities). It was in part domestic & foreign propaganda for different reasons. They were to say to foreign powers like US something to the effect of we believe in equality to and we live it and you can’t even integrate desegregate your military or allow women into combat. a sizable minority were in active combat roles like tanks, aircraft, etc.

    To Russians, they were showing their people that they are letting every russian that is able to fight their heart off if they wish to save “mother russia” and stir patriotism to get people to enlist, especially for women.

    Authoritarian governments that use violence to suppress people are evil, whether they use capitalism or communism for their economic policy (communism is mainly an economic policy). There are many socialist countries that are stable democracies. Taxes aren’t inherently evil, but can be depending how the government uses them. If a country collects taxes it is in some sense socialist (which you’ve confused with communism).

    Would you call America a democracy if a dictator took it over even if he left free markets alone? The loss of democracy doesn’t turn the country into a communist one. It turns it into a dictatorship or authoritarian government that then goes about killing or threatening its perceived political opposition, suppressing free expression. I would say the dictator eliminated our democracy and replaced it with a dictatorship or an authoritarian police state rather than with communism if the markets are unchanged.

    Communism is about planned economy instead of free markets, not technically a political system except for those who see don’t separate out the economic system from the political one.

    Just like guns don’t kill people, people who misuse guns kill people that shouldn’t die (self-defense with a gun is proper). Same with everything else, even ideas. Ideas or ideologies don’t kill people, people who misuse ideas kill people.

  • leoprofawn maybe not shirts but they sell him. It’s supply and demand. When did it ever occur to you to want to buy a MacArthur shirt before this article…the Che consumers where the demand comes from are rebellious teenagers who are usually going through that phase. Bob Marley merchandise and music is similar. I hope that helps, and I get your point. But good old Capitalism is still at work. So free we sell merchandise from other ideologies without being scared of them, because that can’t kill democracy or our free markets.

  • romo

    what was she gonna pay with? money? all the faces on USA currency are of murderers, white supremacist, slave owners. Be CONSISTENT and throw all your money away… so no, there is NO consistency on either one of your parts, therefore does not merit applauds.