McDonald’s Announces Its Answer to $15 an Hour Minimum Wage – Touch-Screen Cashiers

McDonald’s Announces Its Answer to $15 an Hour Minimum Wage
Self-Service kiosks–
mcdonalds minimum wage
American Strong

This is exactly what the left pushed for… Fast food chains were never meant to be a place for someone to raise a family of 6, they were to be part time positions with some full-time advancements. Mostly the fast food restaurants were for school aged kids to learn how to interact with people, with a job, to offer spending money, and to begin responsibility learning for their future.

The part time position was not intended to pay for a house, it is a stepping stone to move on.
$15.00/hr x 8 hrs= $120/day x 5 days= $600/week x 52 weeks = $31,200/year!!

Of course when this happens, like it did today in Los Angeles, the poor and unskilled workers will go on Welfare, and cost American workers more to support them.

McDonald’s recently came out with their answer to those that want $15/hr pay.

This month in Europe McDonald’s hired 7,000 touch-screen cashiers.

UPDATE: Tech Company Develops Robots to Replace $15 /Hr Workers – Can Produce 1 Burger Every 10 Seconds

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  • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

    I said this was coming several times and then did one post directly focusing on automation to replace low skilled, uneducated workers trying to make more than those who actually put their time in to make $15

  • JY1

    The other alternative is the $7.50 Big Mac sandwich.

    Not the combo meal, just the sandwich.

    The adult serving size hamburgers (Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Whopper) have historically been priced at one half the hourly wage rate.

  • sw74
  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    We knew this was coming…how do you like that $15.00 happy meal now SEIU?

  • Patty

    the left has gotten what they don’t want and I am thrilled with what Mc Donalds has done. That a show em’.

    No jobs, this is what happens when the left screws things up.

  • Jim

    First the “auto-order-taker”, then the “auto-burger-flipper”. Business is not in the business to lose money.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Hurray!!! Maybe now I will get the extra onions I asked for without my fires size being downsized!
    But I want to inject this bit of sanity. Its a proper point to say McJobs, parttime entry level service jobs, were not intended upon being lifelong jobs or family raising careers. However, it is just as valid to witness this true actuality. If we are going to be a SERVICE based economy, as opoosed to a INDUSTRIAL and MANUFACTURING based economy, THEN service jobs once intended upon being part time and entry level are going to have to ADAPT.
    Im not saying it is gubmints place to impose a “minimum” wage (any more than it is its place to decide “maximum” wealth via taxation). I am saying that we cannot AT THE SAME TIME be a SERVICE based economy AND treat service jobs as forever “entry level”. It never works out well when trying to have your cake and eat it too.
    To be sure, McDonalds will save a massive amount going to touchscreen ordering (already seeing smartphone app ordering here in my neck of the woods) and I submit that it makes good BUSINESS SENSE to turn that savings into better paying jobs that IMPROVE the PRODUCT delivered. Pay the good wage while EXPECTING quality PERFORMANCE that merits that wage!
    We can all come out ahead regarding the transition that MUST take place. Rather than protest demanding a minimum wage, folks ought to be protesting their work ethic and production demonstrating their INDIVIDUAL merit. But then, fools who want something for nothing would be exposed. OK back to the drawing board on that point.

  • Mike in Illinois

    True that, Jim. But its also true that workers aren’t working to lose money either. Soakers are, I agree, but not legit workers. I submit that these auto order capabilities are good for everyone! However, if McDonalds, along with others, use this advancement to ONLY increase corporate profits… will be a business destroying decision.
    People get their order wrong today and they feel vindicated when they are comped – when they deal with a person. Taking people out of the equation entirely wont work. Banks love ATMS, but still have tellers. There is always a need for tellers. MD is no different.
    Heres what so many miss. I wish more would get it.
    The super rich are some I care not about. They have gazillions. So what. I couldn’t care less. At the same time, they are failing to realize that folks buying their companies products is how they have that loot. In order for folks to continue to buy the wares the rich offer, they must have dollars to spend. If the uber rich become entrenched in getting every last penny, then folks don’t have loot to buy the wares. Then the whole thing comes unglued. We all fall apart. I would argue gubmint is doing exactly that with taxation today.
    Hilariously, the super rich fail to understand that by releasing their seemingly endless zeros, they will be returned so many many more. I submit to you that Wal Mart is starting to understand that. Others are going to follow. They are starting to get what is plain. folks cant buy widgets if they have no money. And gubmint cant create “stimulus” anymore simply because there are too many people and too many businesses. Sheer volume is destroying gubmits ability to control the “economy”.
    No business can lose money. Not on the bottom line. Business can lose customers though. Richie Richies can “influence” gubmint to kill business. That’s where we are at now. Those same uber rich can cut off their noses to spite their faces too. and I would argue we are there as well.
    They way forward is simple. Growth. That growth in pocketbooks, in wealth, must span the whole nation, at least those willing to work for it. Illegal immigration cannot bridge the gap. Cheap labor cannot bridge the gap. Technology cant either.
    Now, this socialistic “shared prosperity” garbage has to be called out for what it is. Redistribution is not growth. Imposed “sharing” isn’t growth. Earning a days pay, right and proper, with government out of the way, with unions out of the way, with “regulation” out of the way – now THATS growth. And that’s what we require.

  • Thank Bill Clinton. NAFTA destroyed America leaving no jobs for its people. God help us all.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Im not so sure this means less jobs. I think this move CAN be a move toward BETTER jobs. Release people from menial jobs that tech can handle BETTER and those folks are free to do other, more lucrative, tasks.
    YEAH, it does mean folks have to lose the mindset that mindless passing of hours affords them big ducket paychecks, but that’s a GREAT thing, imho.

  • JY1

    Order accuracy just increased exponentially.

    And no more arguing about the difference between what I said and what picture buttons the counter clerk pressed.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Whats sad to me is that the IDEA that sold NAFTA isn’t what NAFTA turned out to be. Growing industry in other countries will help keep people in their own countries, as they have better opportunity there. But to do that at the EXPENSE of jobs here is the most self defeating endeavor of all time.
    Bill Clinton was president, sure, and he is due his blame for this fiasco. But that doesn’t mean the GOPe is innocent in all this. They bear their own blame too.
    Free trade is fine, so long as its FAIR trade on the level. By that I mean this. Tariffs. If the Chinese gubmint, or Mexican gubmint, is going to play the “undermine America” game via subsidy and regulation relaxation, then tariffs must be in place on imports to remain competitive. Another alternative there is to relax our own “regulation”. A mix is probably the right solution there.
    Isolationism isn’t the right strategy, but be damned sure that AMERICA FIRST must absolutely be our prime directive. Personally, I would start with Energy on that front. I believe that setting America up with homegrown Energy, indeed exporting part of our surplus of it, is how the rest falls into place. Cheap and plentiful energy translates into cheaper manufacturing.

  • Patrick_McHargue

    The $31,200 is low, considering that you need to account for additional overhead costs associated with workers. Add, maybe, 50%

  • themacabre

    The same thing happened back when gas stations had guys to wash your windows, check your oil and fill your tank…then they raised the minimum wage and we do that stuff ourselves now. Now we’ll order our food the same way…Liberal progress in action.

  • Good thoughts Mike- In my opinion Clinton signed it so the blood is on his hands. I don’t agree with much of the GOP either. But do know, I believe all people should have the dignity of work, everyone and everywhere. We could have created jobs world wide without hurting anyone with the right strategy. You are right without the right tariffs we are just harming our country. As far as the environment goes, we just shifted our nasty chemical processing to India, I was just there and was appalled at the factories that are making US goods.

  • Teddi

    ROTFLMAO !!!

    ..and no more of them going into meltdown over change to round back a dollar.

    Funny, isn’t it ? They can’t make change in their head, but they sure know how to add the $15 p/hr and present its benefits !

  • Nash Montana

    I lived in Switzerland for two years and I greatly appreciated the touch screen kiosks at McDonalds.

    Complete accuracy, no guessing if the cashier got the order right, and the order always comes out correct and timely.

  • Teddi

    This sentence in the article says it all…

    “The part time position was not intended to pay for a house, it is a stepping stone to move on…”

    These jobs, and I’ve created a number of intern positions myself are always considered an introduction into the workforce and/or work environment reality following school. The left is really hurting their constituency with this absurd position……

  • SirGregor

    Exactly. That number doesn’t include the employment tax on the business for the right to be able to hire someone. Employers are actually charged a tax for hiring employees. Our government is made up of lunatics.

  • wahoo


    She’ll be stumped if the menu is in cursive…

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    you know, techno-mavens like myself have been telling the libtards for years now that this was coming… because WE were designing and building it. Every time they just poo-pooed us and spew some inane nonsense about “needing” the human factor.

    Well dipsticks – QED!! [and I think I have a shadenboner too!]

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    In Oklahoma, you are taxed on the value of the company’s capital goods. So I asked this dunce why would I want to add a building and equipment and create jobs if you are going to penalize me. I got the usual line of crap about helping the community via the taxes. So.. no new jobs added. The Law Of Unintended Consequences RULES the Marxist/liberal universe.

  • everyman

    I’m gunna miss the shltty attitude I always get with my burger on Hampton Ave.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    that’s why I go to the one run by the Mexicans near here

  • Jeremiah

    This is yet another sign of the times. I wouldn’t consume Mickey D’s detritus if I was starving. Remember before Rome fell, the rich were living back to back with the poor, and a once intact civilization imploded overnight. It’s not a proposal or did you think this cannot happen again; it’s simply when? Anticipate a worldwide economic debacle and the ones that will be able to hold out are the tougher ones. The ones the opulent stepped on, crushed, and they will end the ones soliciting for help. Have a burger on me!

  • toongoon

    They were warned. I hope they’re happy with no income.

  • sound awake

    nice…maybe they will bring the value menu back…

  • Jim

    At a local hardware store this AM, the cashier actually “back counted” my change, pennies, nickels, dimes, and bills. It was a pleasant reminder of the good old days.

  • Jim

    And big words too.

  • Jim

    Oh, the “better jobs” in China? This minimum wage thing is a two edged sword, first blood went to the SEIU. They WILL get their heads chopped off soon.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    I have not been to McDonalds in over a year. The last time I went, my burger tasted like a pre cooked frozen hamburger that was heated in the microwave. In other words, like cardboard! I remember the good old days of McDonalds when they actually had cooks with the white hats on that cooked the burgers fresh on the hot flat top! The tell tale sign they were actually cooking burgers was the grilling smoke and smell coming out of the top of your local McDonalds. You don’t see this anymore more! McDonalds has lost it’s way.

  • mark abrams

    Now all those poor exploited burger workers can become poets, writers and formula 1 race car drivers. Hooray for opportunity.

  • tgcrawford

    Pioneered by Gas-station east coast chain SHEETZ, auto-ordering kiosks work perfectly, and are moneyless for the most part. Get rid of all the min.wage jobs, and the “folks” that are visiting go back home, or stay on welfare.

  • mark abrams

    This is the henry ford payed his workers enough so that they could buy his cars idiocy. Ford employed a few thousand workers. their purchases of at most a couple of thousand automobiles made no difference to the company. Similarly overpaying workers a few cents is not what drives the economy. In fact it is very dubious if a consumer driven economy can exist without an easy credit central bank policy , which is definitely harmful.

  • theoldsargesays

    Great! Can’t wait for them to show up in my area.
    You want to know why people who work at McDonalds, Walmart, Wendy’s are working at places like that?
    It’s because their not smart enough to do anything else.How do I know that, you ask?
    Because they think that flipping burgers, dropping the fries into the automatic fryer and manning a cash register is worth $15per hour.
    Geniuses and their labor union leaders are going to march ’em all right out of a job.

  • theoldsargesays

    That gal is probably worth $15 an hour- at least she knows how to use her brain.

  • theoldsargesays

    “No sir, the toy is not included. That will be an extra $2.99.”

  • usdollars76

    Well written. One point I make as an ATM Tech for 20 years. The Banking industry will be radically transformed. This is starting now and will advance quickly, 5 years or so. Google SIMPLE transactions and you will find that Banks will only be holding companies for cash. The big names in tech are taking over very quickly. The Banks know this and are scrambling.

  • usdollars76

    simple dot com/all-features

  • Mark

    Business is not the welfare department.



  • Progressive Democrat

    $15/hr for a college grad.. Hell yea.. #thanksmcdonalds!

  • tommy mc donnell

    there are no unintended Marxist consequences. it’s goal is to destroy.

  • American_Proud

    I never understood how demanding $15 hour for a High School job would be considered something you want to work at as a career.

  • Kenneth W

    Just like the unions did at Colt firearms.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    Wawa has had self serve kiosks for many years.

  • Sniffy Pop

    What many of these morons do not understand, is that Mega corporations will always figure out a way around things, they can spend money to eventually save money. So they now have invested in this technology and many of these greedy low level workers no longer have a job.

  • Wonder if the first screen gives a choice of language? That would solve big problems at the counter I would assume. Also, there should be an arm on the register to take care of those argumentative customers (if they ever have a chance to argue with the screen). The arm can reach over the counter, grab the customer by the collar and stuff him/her in the trash bid.

  • Put the screen outside at the drive up, link it to the production line production will link to the warehouse and refill orders will be processed without labor, put cleaning robots in the centers at night, steam cleaning equipment can polish the place down at night, automatic door openers can open and shut the stores on time, Debit cards, EBT cards, credit cards or dollar bill machines can take payment and any credit or change can be provided on a McD card to be used in the future at another McD store. A careful installation of this computer system, with robots an be duplicated at a Walmart easily.

  • Didn’t we all know we saw this bimbo somewhere?

  • Hugh Lokey

    I guess the corrupt unions are going to have a very hard time getting these cashiers to sign up!

  • CrushAllDems

    I haven’t eaten this garbage in decades, but McDonald’s would have lost me the moment they hired Obama’s old spokes Liar Robert Gibbs…

  • OK4AYL

    Now if only they can use those College skills at Mickey D’s to pay back that $74,387.00 in student loans!

  • MN Jim

    Ditto. I have used these at McDonald’s in Brussels and they work very well. No problems with the order or the charge. You don’t get personal service at McDonald’s anymore, so the kiosk is no big loss. Bring it on.

  • pinkcrustacean

    When station owners realized that they could make more money selling beer and snacks behind the counter than snapping a rag, granny was left holding the nozzle, so to speak.

  • Rankled Forever

    Where are the Mexican’s going to work now?

  • Rankled Forever

    Let’ do the real math savings. Most McDonald’s are open 24/7. So that is 3 shifts. Typically a staff compliment of a manager; assistant manager; supervisor; and a staff of 3 or 4 general workers. Let’s say they eliminate 3 staff positions due to the kiosks. The rest can handle the work flow. So here is the savings
    from just the layoffs alone:

    3 staff x 3 shifts = 9 staff x 8 hours/day = 81 hrs/day x $8.00/hr = $648.00/business day x 365 days/year = $236,520.00.

    Quarter of a million rounded up, if you take into consideration the employer taxes and any benefits, like Obamacare. Makes good business sense! Good job Democrats. Remind me again who cares for the less
    fortunate? All franchisees should take notice.

  • No Hillary

    This has backfired right in the face of SEIU and the radical unions that exploited the workers. The $15 wage only meant the union was getting like 75% of that pay raise.
    The unions have blood on their hands.

  • dave0987

    Lol…we knew it was coming. Da da da da da, I’m loving it.

  • dave0987

    Excellent points all, upvoted you if it sticks.

  • dave0987

    Some have been moving on to white collar jobs believe it or not.

  • Ichneumon Jones

    In my part of Texas, the Mexicans typically don’t work minimum wage jobs, they do construction, home improvement, and other skilled labor. A lot of them also specialize in being cooks at restaurants, and I don’t mean burger flippers at McDonald’s. If you peek into the kitchen at most nice sit-down restaurants here, the kitchen staff is usually wall-to-wall Hispanics. A friend is co-manager at a sushi restaurant, the sushi chefs and cooks are 100% Hispanic, and make decent money, because they’ve made the effort to learn the culinary skills.


    Shame on you! English only! This is America!

  • Conservative Biker (Look a squ

    We have no McDonald’s where I live, we have three joints that actually prepare a burger patty by hand and cook the food and it costs less (they are all family owned) and the burgers weight about 7 ounces.

  • Patrick_McHargue

    Our government is just greedy. They’ve managed to insert themselves into so many aspects of our lives. And always, their hand is out to demand payment. The un-asked for middleman to the needful transactions we all need to make.

    The word “parasite” pops into mind…

  • BobL

    What? Engrish onry?

  • blame_canada929

    What are the odds that when that happens here, McDonalds will become “riot food”?

  • pjt

    I absolutely saw this coming. I was a young adult when General Motors and the rest started using robots to put cars together. And the unions were one of the big reasons that happened. And you can bet the unions are behind the scenes wanting the $15.00 an hour. My sister-in-law worked for General Motors for years. She said the unions did very little to help the employees.

  • iwillnotsubmit

    $15 minimum wage supporters hate teenagers, cause teens are going to take the biggest hit from their ‘logic’.

  • jukin

    Well the answer is clear. Make fast food places hire unnecessary workers and force them to stay in high crime areas losing money.

    Because FAIR! ! ! !

  • Cliff Duyn

    Great next replace ceos and politicos with machines, and we can really start saving.

  • 2Dv8

    I can’t figure out how liberals did not see this coming?

  • Cliff Duyn

    Please roll this out to replace useless CEO’s and incompetent politicians.

  • richardstarr

    English should be the default, but we do have tourists from all over the world, so …

  • richardstarr

    Businesses will always act to do what makes economic sense or they go out of business.
    The $15/hr is only part of the equation, there are many other costs related to employees.
    Consider the mandates of healthcare, additional social security and other payroll related taxes/fees.
    Training, uniforms, human resource related expenses, etc.

    If a Kiosk effectively pays for itself by reducing the number of employees needed within a small time
    span, they will start using them. Now in some areas you are no doubt going to have to deal with
    vandalism and the like, but having prominent cameras will minimize that.

  • John Layer

    the rich got there by NOT giving in to the IDIOTS that DEMAND , for once in your life EARN a raise, don’t demand it because your breathing,
    they put their own money on the line when they opened up the store, so they get to keep the profit, if you think it is so easy to own a retail store, try opening up one yourself and put in all the extra hours, that you don’t get paid for, the worry if your going to make any profit or are your employees not doing the job hired or are they chatting on their phones and leaning?

  • Raining on the Parade a Bit

    The problem with this article is that it shoots itself in the foot when it comes to it being a voice of wisdom while, simultaneously, making conservatives part of the problem with news sites checking their sources.

    While I don’t disagree with the overall logic, they claim the linked article about Europe adding 7,000 automated tellers is from earlier this month. But, you can clearly see at the top of that link that it is a CNET article from 2011.

    Again, the progression from staffed counters to automated ones is likely; and I agree that that current lobby for a higher minimum wage will exacerbate it; but we as a group look way less credible when we don’t do our own due diligence when it comes to sources.

  • saltysailor

    So I’ll get my order correct the first time.

  • Joseph P. Martino

    Years ago I was a visiting professor in Turkey. When I first arrived I used my US bank card to draw out money from my US account, until my first payday. The ATM would give me a screen in English. Once I got my account and a bank card for it, the screen always came up in Turkish. The ATM was set for Turkish as the default when a local card was used.

  • Darrow_for_the_Prosecution

    Henry Fords experiment did NOT depend on a “coupla thousand cars and few cents per hour.” He DOUBLED the hourly wage, DOUBLED the take home, and DOUBLED his payroll expense. THAT is not an an easy task in ANY business and it was not done to be altruistic. Car manufacturing was described in the day by the press as an assembly line with robotized humans putting round pegs into round holes. NOT quite the total truth. In fact, it took SOME period of time for a new worker to become acclimated to the job. There was motion, time, space, and accuracy to be considered while on the line. Some workers would come from the south and work a day or two and leave-citing a completely foreign environment to work in.

    Henry’s problem wasn’t in hiring people to work, it was in KEEPING people to work. The labor turn over at its peek was in excess of 400%. No business could afford such an expense. It pulled daily production down-which was one of the Ten Commandments at a Ford facility, NUMBERS.

    His move to raise the daily wage to $5 in 1914 was in part, to assuage his labor turnover problem, AND to give justification to a worker lifestyle change that he could regimentalize for his own purposes.

    To get the $5 a day, the worked had to submit to a home inspection by the Ford Motor Company, not smoke or drink (in the image of Henry) and keep a clean and orderly house and no vices or gambling.

    The $5 a day pay was NOT in any way on par with any minimum wage of the day (there was no legal requirement to pay a minimum wage) but as a days pay for a days work it was WELL above what $15 an hour would be worth in todays marketplace. Something like $118 and hour in todays money. Is a Burgers and Fries guy/gal worth $118 an hours? Would YOU pay the costs to cover that labor for a quarter pound of beef, a squish of mustard and ketchup, a ring of onion and some conjured up sauce as a dressing.

    There is a large difference in the skill level and effort to stand on a moving assembly line all day (trust me, I’ve been there) then to slave next to a microwave oven slinging pre-baked English Muffins and an egg into a wrapper and “moving it on down the line”.

    The minimum wage in 1963 was $1.30. I worked for two years as a messenger boy for the western Union Telegraph Company back then, riding a bicycle. Allowing for inflation, that work today would be worth about $9.72. Want more money? Get more skill and knowledge. That means go to school.

  • tekwrite

    Oh no, just like the ATMS who stole jobs! Economy according to Obamie.

  • expatscott

    Rare, but I remember those days!

  • Karen

    $15/hour isn’t that much, folks. $30,000/year is barely enough to support one person, let alone the alleged “family of 6” mentioned above, so quit complaining that these people are asking for enough money to support a family. Moreover, this says, “…the poor and unskilled workers will go on Welfare [sic].” Actually, many of the workers are already on public assistance. McDonald’s HR actually refers them there. So the rest of us get to subsidize people who are already working–though you’d never know it, to listen to people grumble about supporting people who won’t get off their duffs.

  • Tommy Hudspeth

    Great, finally someone who will not screw up a simple order and knows English, the only person now to blame will be yourself, great job dems you just put more youth out of jobs, cannot wait for it to hit the states.

  • Sekmet

    Dang liberals! When California raised its minimum wage in June 2015, McDonalds answered by installing 7000 touch screen cashiers IN EUROPE in May 2011! This is amazing!

  • redgriffin

    But wil you be able to customize order? or will it al still be the same old system?

  • The answer to this, not only for the fast food industry but all low skilled jobs, should be: “Bring it on!”

    If they automate everything all they are doing is choking themselves
    to death. Their workers are the very same consumers that buy their
    burgers, shop at walmart and so on.

    No workers, no consumers.

  • livefromTX

    this was inevitable with or without an increase in the minimum wage. The article notes the rollout is happening in Europe, so it is not a response to any US wage policies. It is just as inevitable that it will not just be low skill, low wage jobs that will be automated. The capabilities of software driven automation is increasing exponentially and you can expect to see huge job losses in finance, banking, healthcare administration, pharmacy, logistics, legal research, medical testing and diagnosis and dozens of other “professional” fields.

  • Jim

    Just push the buttons, this ain’t Burger King.

  • Jim

    Yeah, the precedence has been established and it works, so coming to a California near you – McRoboburger (“Ya’ll want fries with that?”).

  • Jim

    Well, the news was not in the New York Times, on CNN or MSNBC so how could they know?

  • Jim

    Armor plated food assembly areas for a start – get your “riot fries here”, $9.95 for a small fry, “Ya’ll want ketchup with that?”. Delivered thru a rotating cylinder, credit cards only.

  • Jim

    Have you ever heard of Amazon? And now same day “drone” delivery. The warehouse has been automated for years.

  • Heinrich

    Basic Income Please

  • redgriffin

    Then the game remains the same and McDonald’s is still in trouble and last for 2 years more not 1.

  • monteboss

    Social dividend is the only answer. Minimum wage law is stupid.

  • IrishKnight

    Bwahahaha! Deal with it leftwingnuts! Insist on HS kids making more than Combat troops getting out of basic, and you just got more unemployment. What a bunch of economic [email protected] Almost like they have a 6th grade comprehension of economics.

  • This will only precipitate McDonald’s’ decline. Most people prefer to interface with other people. And they are increasingly choosing fast-casual restaurants with better food and personal service.

  • So, let’s forget about the far more corrupt management in many companies.

  • Except when you realize that the personal touch is WINNING because fast-casual restaurants are taking over and taking McDonald’s to the cleaners.

  • Re: ” If we are going to be a SERVICE based economy, as opoosed to a INDUSTRIAL and MANUFACTURING based economy, THEN service jobs once intended upon being part time and entry level are going to have to ADAPT.”

    So, this is a recognition that service jobs should be treated as lifelong jobs for those who choose it, then, or at least something someone can live off of. So, the pay should be a living wage. Right?

  • Sharon K Clayton

    I’ll never go inside one again!!!

  • IT_HOT

    wait till they replace cab drivers and buss drivers and train operators with automatic vehicles.

  • Macrawn

    You think they won’t put those in without the 15 min wage? They are going in regardless.

  • Tina

    I despise McDonald’s! They put crap in their food (proven time and time again) and treat their workers even worse Cheating on their hours and refusing to pay a decent wage. Have you seen how their “food” is made? The nuggets are made with the worst left overs stuff that is ground up and formed into nuggets. Disgusting!!

  • mo13

    “…the poor and unskilled workers will go on welfare…” Um…if they’re working at McDonald’s, chances are they’re already on welfare, because of…low wages.

  • Nicole

    Funny…ya all do remember screaming about how Prez Obama wanted to make this country socialist…LIKE EUROPE?! I say cool! Bring in the robots and pump plenty of dough into universal medicine and benefits like paid childcare and 6 week paid vacations!

  • Fields82

    It doesn’t matter Mcdonalds is losing more and more business everyday because of the way they treat workers. They will soon be just a bad memory, and will in turn leave room for companies that actually care about people.

  • Jacklyn Hogan

    The only thing that those auto screens do is prevent theft and get your order (they still have to hire someone to monitor the automatic screens and the cost of sending out for repairmen when the computers go down is not cheap. People still have to prepare the food and serve the food. People still have to clean the kitchens and mop the floors and clean the bathrooms. I still support the increased minimum wage. No matter what you think, this is work.

  • paul whelan

    the future,people get used to it,i personally would not eat the crap they sell if it was for nothing,but it takes all sorts

  • Jacklyn Hogan

    Let’s first see if there is any argument about what you wanted and what you punched. And what you wanted and what you got. I do see trouble here.

  • Jacklyn Hogan

    The registers tell them what change they are to give you. If you want to add change to the ticket you have to tell them before they ring it up. What they are going into meltdown about is the register not electronically agreeing with the money in the till and yes, it makes a difference.

  • Jacklyn Hogan

    Do you know that the cashiers are on a clock and have just so much time to ring you up. If they take the time to count back your change they are taking too long and will be “retrained”…too many “retraining” sessions and they are out of a job. All you have to do is look at the ticket, look at your change and come to a decision as to whether or not you agree with it. The company makes them leave that decision up to you. They are not lazy or stupid in most cases. But you people would drive a Saint to sinning.

  • Jacklyn Hogan

    And we don’t cater to tourists? In a pig’s eye. The funny thing is, I’ve seen American’s go to Europe and be so offended when there isn’t english speaking people over there to cater to them. And then they get home and it’s English only! This is America. Ugly…Just ugly.

  • Sam D”Anza

    i’ve been led to these touch screens in different stores in my neighborhood, jewel foods, home depot and i always say i’m aa 40 year union man i will not take away a job, i will wait for the next cashier. almost always i get a dirty look. they don’t recognize their own demise.

  • Jacklyn Hogan

    At America’s most prosperous times Business and the uber rich paid far far far more in taxes. I do not see bringing that taxation back into being as redistribution of their wealth…I see it as taking back what those companies and UW stole from the American Taxpayers. America has to have a broad middle class to support the lower class and the upper class When the Upper class lobby and gut the markets and cut what they have to pay in taxes the middle class wobbles and eventually falls. We need STRONG laws to keep Business and Wall street in check. We need to rebuild our infrastructure before our cities collapse around our ears and we need to keep jobs in America. As it is, America is hemorrhaging from outsourcing jobs, from the rich taking so much and giving so little, and from the devastating fact that Republican Presidents have passed laws that allow for the gutting of the Social Security funds. There is plenty of money in Social Security if you count all the “loans” that Republican Presidents have “borrowed” from the Social Security. Now that is a real scam….borrow money from our retirement funds

    (because the Government doesn’t pay anything into the Social Security)

    and then make us pay it back. I just want to throw up every time I think of that.

  • Sam D”Anza

    also many of the good factory jobs that were automated decimated the people’s jobs who didn’t go or afford to go to college

  • Tom

    The average Mc’D franchise produces an annual revenue of $4Mill, the owners annual profit before taxes is a minimum of 15% = $600K. An increase of his/her overhead expense due to a $15 hour wage, without having an affect on the owners profit would require an increase of 6.25% on products sold. The question is whether the consumer is willing to pay $1.05 for the now $0.99 Cheeseburger, so the Mc’D Franchise owner does not have to give up any of his profit, their employees have the ability to cover their basic needs, and take a load of the wellfare system? Mmmh!!

  • Jim

    Really? Cashiers on a clock? Retrained? Somehow you have fallen into a pit of despair. Common courtesy, including counting back your change, was common for many years. In the modern world, it consists of dumping everything back in your hand and a sour look. Courtesy is out. I treat a cashier with respect for several reason, they’re humans, they’re workers and I’ve been on that side of the counter. The next time you think – THINK.

  • Tom

    The average Mc’D franchise produces an annual revenue of $4Mill, the owners annual profit before taxes is a minimum of 15% = $600K. An increase of his/her overhead expense due to a $15 hour wage, without having an affect on the owners profit would require an increase of 6.25% on products sold. The question is whether the consumer is willing to pay $1.05 for the now $0.99 Cheeseburger, so the Mc’D Franchise owner does not have to give up any of his profit, their employees have the ability to cover their basic needs, and take a load of the wellfare system? Mmmh!!

  • laura

    It is scientifically proven that being bilingual increases brain neurons which means increased general intelligence. Maybe you should try it.

    The US now has the second largest Spanish speaking population in the world after Mexico only. Most countries in the world have speakers of more than one language. What’s the problem really? Why do people find this so intimidating?

  • OorWullie

  • Tim Tucker

    You must work for Goldman-Sachs, or Maybe the Bank of Screwing America.

  • Crystal

    In Canada this fact is true they time you. You have to have a certain number per hour. But you can keep your number up and still be courteous to the customer. I love working in customer service, my current job they also time us when we are taking merchandise to the floor. But I always find time to chat with the customers and keep my time down. I think it all depends on the person and if they are happy doing what there doing. Are minimum wage was just raised but only to $11 something an hour. I am an educated person as well 2 degrees. But burnt out at both so I choose to work for the lower wage this is where I am happy!!!!

  • John Michael Crofford

    The idea that we should do things inefficiently so that more people can be employed is stupid. It is, fundamentally, a waste of our time. If raising the minimum wage means fewer people being more effective because systems are improved, then that is a good thing.

    Part of what is holding us back is that our current system is set up to make rapidly increasing productivity a humanitarian disaster. How about we enact some political and economic reforms so that nobody has to be afraid of being too productive?

  • Jess

    So only educated people deserve to make a descent,respectful wage?

  • Jess

    If McDonald’s is going to be cheap like that and fire their people for robots I won’t eat there until they bring the people back,we speak with our dollars to these companies.

  • John Michael Crofford

    I am not going to avoid using my phone until all of the switchboard operators come back. We are freeing humans up to do other things. The problem isn’t the technology or even the desire to use that technology to replace human labor, it is that our economy is set up poorly for the changes that technology is bringing.

  • Danielle Alford

    you dont have to be educated to use your brain

  • theoldsargesays

    Attempting to join a conversation 3 weeks after the fact obviously creates problems for you…

    “So only educated people deserve to make a descent,respectful wage?”

    1. Who said that?
    Do you think that uneducated people should be compensated at an identical rate as those who stayed in high school and graduated?
    See #2 below and try reading what was said three weeks ago in context instead of being a smart ass and opening yourself up to ridicule.

    2. Work on your reading comprehension.
    My comment concerned a person who knew how to count back change to a customer. There are too many people handling cash these days that are totally dependent upon the computer telling them what change to give- hand them 12¢ after they’ve keyed it in so that you can get just bills back and their eyes glaze over. Is that someone who should be trusted handling cash?
    The gal mentioned above knows how to use her brain and is not a mindless drone- if I was her manager I’d be keeping an eye on her as a possible lead person or shift supervisor- she’s got common sense.

    3. It’s decent not descent.
    That’s at least part of the reason why if you are a sandwich artist or barista you aren’t making $15 per hour.
    Seriously, as with the gal mentioned above being able to count back change without the use of a computer, a person who knows the subtle differences between two similar and easily confused words and their proper usages is worth more than someone who does not.

    4. If you’ve ever been a manager or supervisor in charge of productivity you’d have a better understanding of this so-called decent, respectful wage thing.
    Most of these types of operations are run by franchisees and so are, despite what people think, actually small businesses.
    They’ll generally run a maximum of 20% profit at best and in my experience that’s a tough number to make.
    While thatthat may sound good, when a piece of equipment has a major break down and needs to be repaired or replaced right now or you’re temporarily closed, that profit margin will shrink pretty quickly.

  • Brandon A

    My teeth hurt from how much you sugar coated working a non degree related job after getting 2 separate degrees, no one likes pissing money away.

  • scot

    Libidiots will now have to pass a law making these robots illegal.

  • scot

    And you are a blistering idiot.. All liberals are socialists and stupid.

  • theoldsargesays

    Her degrees are probably in Women’s Studies and Theater.

    Let me try it ” I went to college, I earned two degrees, I got burned out so I work at Subway now and am sooo much happier.”

    Nah…still don’t sound right- even from me and I’m a pretty good bullsh:tter.

  • theoldsargesays

    Come on man be fair.
    All liberals are not always socialists and stupid, some are just socialists and act stupidly.

  • theoldsargesays

    The libtards are going to be f*cked if the robots unionize and start bribing politicians first.

  • poligirl

    not really in response to any minimum wage hikes… and announced well before any of them too… follow your own links and read them.

  • Kiwi

    Pardon the late response, but that last part: “Want more money? Get more skill and knowledge. That means go to school.” .

    A ton of people working minimum wage have degrees. Teaching, science, and so on, I know too many people unable to repay their education debts through those pieces of papers and end up in fast food.

  • Jess

    Your just a bully,who hides behind the Internet.sad,very sad.

  • Mike in Illinois


    Got projection?

  • John

    I don’t know where you went to school, but 9 X 8 isn’t 81 and $236,520 is more the a quarter million so if you round that off… you would have more than a quarter million.

  • InnerCityDude

    HA saw these the other day. Worked like a charm and you don’t need to waste time as the cashier stares at the till when you give them coins to round up the amount due back to you. Simple swipe of the card and food is prepped and handed over at the EZ line. Buh Bye high school jobs. Sigh…..

  • rumblefish

    I would rather deal with a robot than an ignorant illegal mexican any day.

  • Montana Trace

    Of course automation will be sought to replace high pay, sick and maternity leave, etc. The demands for $15 per hour to bag fries just expedites the search. Parking will cease to be a problem. No potty breaks or lunch either. No insubordination, late for work, theft, etc.

  • Osamabeenscrewed

    They are here illegally. That is what is what is wrong with the picture. Come here legally and it won’t be a problem.

  • Thomas Sluder

    A post like this one makes me want to lapse into Grammar Nazi mode.

  • Prom

    These Kiosk’s are starting in the US sometime during the 3rd or 4th quarter I’ve been told. This will be the wave of the future I’m afraid.

  • Skylar

    No, but you do have to work a *decent job to get a *decent wage. I have no college degree, but I worked my ass off and I make 6 figures at 30 years old because I didn’t decide that I should be able to raise a family and buy a house on an entry level, unskilled job. I kept moving up and learning new skills to increase my value and advance in my career.

  • theoldsargesays

    “Your just a bully,who hides behind the Internet.sad,very sad.”

    1. Three weeks late to the conversation.

    2. Failure to rebut five points of reason why a sandwich artist does not deserve to be paid $15 per hour.

    3. Imaginary microaggressions causing you to shout “BULLY!”

    You should get yourself a box of kittens, find yourself a safe space and do some deep soul searching because 1+2+3= troll.

    Your own behavior is why you’re not making $15 per hour, it’s not me or corporate America or the just plain unfairness of western society- it’s you.

  • theoldsargesays

    My own career track is as your own albeit a bit further along in age.
    People like her either don’t want to work, learn, advance and elevate themselves when it’s so much easier to just sit around feeling sorry for themselves and collecting government benefits because…”It’s not fair!!!”

  • theoldsargesays

    The only thing needed is common sense and therein lies the problem with a lot of these folks.

  • Toni Ochoa

    I agree, jobs like this are a stepping stone to move on but it’s ridiculous to say that someone would stay at this job and raise a family of 6 with $31,200/year!

  • Walt Ski

    Now they just need to invent a machine to make the food and serve it (all of the employees want a raise, not just the cashiers). I’m still trying to figure out why so many people make less than $15 an hour. Those are the only ones complaining about raising the minimum wage. If you aren’t in fast food and make less than that you seriously need to reexamine your earning potential and upgrade your education.

  • TheBadness

    Negative, those who put forth proper effort and a desire to succeed should earn a DECENT and respectful wage.

    But, the sheer fact that you asked that question tells me you’ll likely miss the point.

  • Jaydavid

    All conservatives make dumbass blanket statements. Now, how do YOU like it?

  • Ben D’Antino

    It’s not hard; ring them, take the money, ring them, take the money. I was in the Navy at seventeen, that was hard work and I got paid pennies. If you are making more than me as a supervisor in catering, something is really wrong.

  • Ben D’Antino

    If a sandwich artist makes $15 an hour, that better be the most perfect sandwich everytime. That is more that a lot of apprentice tradesmen make and they actually “work”.

  • Ben D’Antino

    I agree that people should learn dual languages, it will help everyone in the long run. But we have the second largest Spanish speaking population because of illegal immigrants. They have their place, and most of them work hard to make a life. But the flipside of that coin is people who work hard to try and pay off a house they can’t afford. Then they both work two jobs and their kids have little to no supervison. Then they join a gang and that’s where the trouble starts. I’ve been around this, it’s not “maybe”, it is actually “when”.

  • alex

    we where required to count back change

  • Joe Coviello

    I wish the ignorant right would research the wage issue along with understanding corporate greed then they could could open their fat traps with accurate information. For instance, the jobs landscape has dramatically changed with corporations sending jobs overseas and new technology displacing workers while all corporations find ways to sock money overseas and sock it to the American people with substandard products and service. Its all about the money, control and greed idiots.

  • James

    No one in this thread has mentioned the major flaw in this article. It makes an erroneous logical connection between the wage hike in California and the installation of kiosks in Europe. If you follow the Cnet link, you’ll see McDonald’s has hired 62,000 new employees in the U.S. They are not firing people in California, and they are not installing kiosks there in response to the wage hike. This is an intellectually dishonest correlation that the article’s author has created in order to mislead people for the purposes of his agenda. regardless of your belief, let’s at least have an intelligent, honest discussion about this. Fight the clickbaiting, it is leading us into an age of misinformation.

  • lam33gb

    It is not the restaurants responsibility to pay you a “living wage”. It is your responsibility to get enough of an education or to learn a trade. It is not the restaurant’s responsibility to keep you from having children that you cannot afford. It is your responsibility. It is not the restaurants responsibility to pay for your iPhone.. or your vehicle.. or you large flat screen TV. it is your job to live within your means. I started out making $5 an hour in a convenience store. I topped out at $7.00. I worked my tail off and put myself through school making $5 an hour. I paid for my vehicle. I had a place to live.. It wasn’t remotely nice, but it was a place to live. My vehicle was a beater, but it got me to point A from point B. I didn’t have a TV. I didn’t have a cellphone. I didn’t have much. However, I worked full time and went to school full time to better myself. I didn’t take out student loans. I barely scraped up enough money to survive, but it was obviously more than worth it. If you’re an adult that works for McDonald’s, you shouldn’t have kids if you can’t afford them. Something has to give. Unfortunately, people today expect everyone else to make the sacrifices because they have such a warped sense of entitlement.

  • hatto015

    Good bye minimum wage earner. Hello annual contract for repair, maintenance, and software support. $200/hr whenever someone says something isn’t working wright.

  • Irene McIntosh

    Get an education…maybe you will be able to earn a good living. Send the illegals back and stop welfare mom’s from having more and more kids to get a free check even tho those welfare babies will just reproduce more welfare babies

  • LaRae Chassereau McAlister

    People choose their job. They should know they can not support a family working at a fast food place. So work harder to get a better paying job. 15$ at McDonalds is outrageous. So many jobs will be lost because of this.

  • Rebecca

    There also used to be a time when companies cared about their employees. But times change right?

  • theoldsargesays

    Your telling me.
    I made a career change once to take an apprenticeship that paid only slightly more than $15per hour.
    As part of my personal work ethic, drive to succeed and earn more money, I left a job where I’d worked for 11 years and was one of the top two or three guys on the production floor in terms of pay and seniority.
    I relocated to another state and took a substantial cut in pay in order to take the new job because I knew that after three years I’d be a journeyman making more money than I ever would have even if I’d remained at the old job forever.
    Now my union wage is pegged against minimum wage so if minimum goes up our union scale is going to skyrocket. But fair is fair and just as I realize and admit that what my union brothers and I do is not worth that kind of money, I know that a sandwich maker, no sandwich maker in the world, is worth $15per hour to his or her employer.
    Those demanding $15per hour are putting on display the reason that they’re not worth that kind of money- they have no common sense, no concept of how a business is run, that they lack ambition &

  • Doug

    Maybe fast food restaurant is not a place to make a living and raise your 5 kids. Get a real job and have a life goal. Not one that ends UK with you working at a fast food restaurant. I love the robot screens. Good for them.

  • Aj Rowell

    Can’t even make my Damn food right But they want 15 an hour? Smh greedy

  • Nadine Sharp

    Jacklyn Hogan–Yeah. When they take that wad of coins mashed into bills and shove it into my hand, it’s sooooooo easy to see how much they handed back to me. I will either hand it back to them and tell them to count it out to me, or make them stand and wait while I unwad the clump of money and count it for myself. That is my right as a customer. One McDonald’s I have been to ALMOST NEVER gives back the correct change even with a computer telling the cashier the correct amount, so yes, at least SOME of them ARE lazy and/or stupid. And when you show them that it’s wrong, you have to stand and wait for a manager because they are not able to open the drawer on their own to make a correction. I now only use a card at that store because the cashiers cannot count. As for your remarks about “retraining” because counting takes too long, I call Bulls**t. It takes very little time to count change back to a customer, and also increases accuracy, because in the countback lies the possibility of catching one’s own mistakes. Catching one’s own mistakes saves the company money by creating a more accurate till and improves time expended by employees on a sale by not making customers wait for a manager to come and open the drawer to fix the cashier’s mistake. It also increases customer satisfaction because people don’t feel ripped off every time they go in because they don’t receive enough change or because they have to wait for a manager to get the rest of their change.

  • john

    The article is rite there is some people that aren’t worth $5.00 a hour,it’s not McDonald’s fault that the good jobs are gone over seas,wages are based on what your worth if you’re not making enough then make a change in career . Government should stay the hell out of business

  • Me

    As long as they properly count the change it will agree. And no, they are going into meltdown because they skated through basic math.

  • Ronald

    You should quit eating at Mc Donald’s, but then you would have to find someone else to spew your hatred on. Shame.

  • Richard Twing

    I just wanna say that I’m a manager at a McDonald’s and although some employees seem like they’re being lazy by just basically throwing the money back at up you, they’re really not. On the front counter from the time someone starts giving you their order until the time you hand back their change you’re alotted 15 seconds, anything over that and you’ve taken much too long. Mind you that 15 seconds can include an order for a cheeseburger and small fry or a $60 order. So to try to keep their average times down cashiers will count change as quick as possible and hang you that and your receipt and expect you to step aside. The stepping aside part comes from the fact that these cashiers have targets to hit each hour, those targets being how many customers they can serve. Coupled with the fact that sometimes there are extra targets for promotion items or new items that they need to hit. Drive thru isn’t any better, other than you get 20 seconds to take an order rather than 15. Speaking of 15, i want to put my 2 cents in on the minimum wage debate. Has anyone ever looked behind the counter, seen a screen full and given the cashier an attitude because they were trying to help get the already waiting customers out? Yeah, well if you haven’t already figured out fast food isn’t an easy job. If you do it properly you aren’t just flipping burgers or pouring coffees, you have 6 different tasks going on at once, with people breathing down your back, and still trying to keep a smile. Unskilled my ass. Granted, I make more than my employees, but even my employee with the worst work performance deserves more than what they are making. “But if minimum wage goes up so do prices!” WRONG! Anyone here ever heard of labor percentages? No? Hmmm, that’s weird, anyone who knows business should know, you can’t tell me, a 22 year old fast food worker knows the number crunching side of business over people with degrees. Well a labor percent is the percent you pay the employees out of the profit, I repeat PROFIT, during a set amount of time, usually an hour, and averaged out over a day and a pay period. I have seen days where ever single manager is on for at least 9 hours, mind you only the general manger is salaried and he doesn’t count against labor, and we have an ungodly amount of crew on yet we end the day with an 18% labor. We open at 5, close at midnight. Someone tell me who is spending enough at McDonald’s between the hours of 5 and 8 to cover the wages of 3-4 crew members plus a manager or 2? Nobody! So factor in an extra $126 per hour going out to employees, averaging out to only $72 an hour per day, add in an increase in productivity, and tell me where there is a loss of profit or a price increase? I’m a firm believer in getting paid what you’re worth, yet I stand side by side with people everyday whom society discounts as “idiots” “losers” or “stupid” yet I can guarantee that if anyone took a harder look at what these people actually do in a day versus what you see them do, you’d be rallying behind them. Oh, and did I forget to mention that not only are you cooking the food but you’re temping it, and time checking it, oh and let’s not forget that you need to clean the grills in between each run of meat that you cook or that you have to switch out all your equipment at most every 4 hours. So please, spare me the “you don’t know what you’re talking about, you people get everything wrong most of the time.” It’s how people are trained and treated, both by their employers and you, that dictates the service you’ll get. So next time you feel yourselves getting frustrated with your McDonald’s crew, just think to how many things they need to do, and they fact that a lot of them are working 10 or more hours that day because the restaurant needs the coverage. And if for no other reason other than out of pure humanity, next time you get handed your food, thank them, because each time you make their day a bit better, you’re gonna get treated better.

  • Gregg Braddoch

    I used to work for Wawa and people still argue even when they ordered it wrong “This computer is too confusing – Can you put extra X on my sandwich, I couldn’t figure out how to do it.”

  • Brenda Smith

    My response to this is, I will no longer go to McDonalds. If you can’t pay your employees a living wage, I don’t think I can eat your greasy food any more. It is sad that people think $15 an hour is too much for minimum wage, but the average pay of $7,000 a hour is just fine for the CEO. President Franklin D Roosevelt started a minimum wage to insure that all working people were paid a decent living wage. As to welfare, people who currently are earning $7.25 a hour are for sure on welfare. Disgusted with people in general at present.

  • Brenda Smith

    In this economy $15 a hour isn’t that much money. You would only bring home roughly $480 a week. Where I live it is enough to live on, but in some parts of the country it would still be a real struggle. Another article on facebook said CEO pay had gone up 975% since 1978. If minimum wage had gone up by that same percent it would now be $26.42. As a result the asked for minimum wage of $15 an hour is very modest.

  • Brenda Smith

    News flash that happens with every race and nationality. It is because wages across the board are too low, and people have to work too many hours. If anything it is less true with Spanish speaking families as many times there are several generations living in one home. More people working to pay the bills and there is always someone there to watch the children. Really tired of people downing Mexicans when for the most part they are harder working and more family oriented than we are.

  • Brenda Smith

    You are right and what it is, is the receiver of welfare as tax payers are making up the difference in what they pay and what they should pay through their employees being forced to go on welfare just to get by.

  • Billy Hudson

    1) Having worked for a few of these places, I have never been told to not count money back. In fact, when trained properly, it takes no more time to do so than to simply hand it back to them.
    2) As someone who has managed, I preferred that it was counted back for accuracy. This saved time on customers arguing they got back the wrong change as well as saving the company money from potentially giving too much back.
    3) The only ones that didn’t do so, were the ones that were too lazy…..they were the ones that got fired (not for that, but for other reasons).

  • Eric

    As much as I love to hate McDs and other soulless corporate junk food chains, it is beyond belief that they did this purely to punish American workers or whatever. Get rid of the tinfoil hat. I live in Europe and many McDonalds here have had “advanced order/skip the line” machines for years, in addition to their regular staff. Automation is part of modern industrialization, and the angst over jobs being taken over by machines is already hundreds of years old. Ever heard of the Luddites?

    That said, what jobs “should be” (in this case, a job at McDonalds is suggested as a springboard) and what they are are two very different things. Blaming single mothers, immigrants or anyone for working at McDonalds past age 25 is intellectually dishonest, it’s like blaming Trump, Gates or Buffet for not building factories here.

  • Felicia

    So basically were the crux of the matter all boils down to we will be paying out more unemployment and welfare benefits to these people seeing as McDonalds is cutting jobs. That’s what’s going to happen. BTW $15/hr is not a lot of money it only totals $1200 every two weeks and after taxes they’ll come home with $900 that’s it. Depending upon where you live your rent is more than that. A person’s best option is to go back to school get an education in the field such as nursing where you will always be marketable and make an excellent salary. Depending upon the state you live in you can make anywhere from 65,000 up to $100,000 with an Associates degree in nursing it’s a win-win situation and financial aid pay for it.

  • John Henderson

    The term is “blithering idiot.”

  • Debra Blouin

    Actually, it’s blinking idiot. Merchant of Venice.

  • bobbi

    Wow….I was a crew member for 2 different mcd’s when I was in college for 2 yrs. Then after I became a shift manager for 3 yrs because I couldn’t find a job I enjoyed in my field. Then also a 2nd assistant for a year. I know everything you just said about crew and goal times and all the other extra things they need to do besides their main job, but I don’t see any reason to raise minimum wage to $15 for fast food employees! That job is not as hard as you make it out to be in this rant! And the good/great employees should be getting good raises regularly to make their wage worthy of them! And in my experience it was only the day shift employees and full time closers who worthy of good pay and they were long time workers. I don’t understand how anyone believes a 15yr needs $15 an hr at their first job!! I work in a family owned factory and I don’t even make that much!

  • Jim Luckert

    Underwater basket weaving and Protesting?



    Please type the proper word next time.


    She also typed ” ARE ” Instead of ” OUR”.


    Were…not where.

  • Lars Skiipole

    The delay in service isnt the cashier in any “fast food” place ive been to.

  • me

    I’ve managed a McDonalds and never had anyone “on the clock” to finish an order that quickly. Not sure where you are but customer service is a bit more important than that. If you are organized you can get the job done. It isn’t that stressful that anyone should get paid more than our soldiers or health care providers.

  • theoldsargesays

    Sorry man but I’m not seeing unless she did an edit after your post.
    I do, however, see a there where a they’re ought have been.

    If her degree’s are as myself or Jim are guessing then that would explain the lack of proper English (or at least proper American since there is a difference between the two)

  • That is the story of my life. I used to work for a living and found out that a machine could do what I could do much more efficiently than I could. I decided to think for a living. The more I thought about it, the more clearly I realized that thinking is harder than working. It is not hard to dream and call that thinking. Imagination is the process of substituting a dream for reality. Now try thinking and call that reality. Automation and robotization are the ways to work better, not harder. We can get all we need with minimum effort. I well remember that when I was ten, a grocery store was a place where everything was on shelves behind a counter and out of reach. You approached the clerk who would take your order and with a special device reach it from the highest shelf or weigh it out on a scale for the price of an analog quantity of the product. A few items could be counted in dozens and decimals, but all were priced in dollars and cents. The clerk added them up and presented a total for the purchase order. You paid, and then the clerk put them in a paper bag or a box for you to carry out of the store. Clerks are obsolescent. Now there are self check out, automatic tellers, and thought control by cameras hidden above you to keep you honest. Thieves can still make a living, but the Internet can steal more in one microsecond than a bank robber could steal in a year. Petty thieves are a dime a dozen, and virtual thieves can take your life instantly in identity theft. Robin Hood, McDonald’s!

  • Thanks for filling in the education part, it was not apparent in your use of my native language, English. ‘Are’ is not possessive. If you actually produced a thesis or a dissertation beyond the theme paper for a day’s assignment, you would have learned (not learnt) that long ago. Two degrees from ignorance is no advancement or anything to brag about. Of course there are Hillbilly University and Podunk College. They are for the fakers who need a piece of paper beyond the term paper and instant test to prove that they can walk and chew gum at the same time. Instant knowledge is worth more than deep thought and contemplation of reality of the cost of living. TIG!

  • You know what the monkey said, after he peed into the cash register? “That runs into money.” You know what the monkey said, when he peed into a river? “Not worth much, but a little of that goes a long way.”

  • Yeah? Whut it do?

  • Kirk

    Ok let’s look at the facts, if every fast food industry offered this ridiculous hourly wage, then it would drive the cost up so much that the businesses would fail. I mean who would want to pay 5.00 for a hamburger that is a buck. If you want to succeed then it takes education. There are people that have been thru school and don’t make that kind of money.

  • exe973

    Piss poor headline. These have been in development well before the workers asked for more money. I know it makes the “told you so” crowd feel righteous, but businesses don’t need incentive to automate and eliminate paid workers. But hey, it’s just capitalism working at it’s finest as it eliminates millions of jobs held by the poorest. Remember your support of these corporations when it is your jobs turn.

  • Charles Wright

    they still have cooks just mo cashiers.. i have worked 45 years and only make 11.50 an hour why should some teenager make 15 an hour and my pay stays the same

  • bubba

    The people pushing this minimum wage is the same as it always has been. The unions are behind it all. “look a guy a McDonald’s makes 15 dollars an hour, we should get a raise to compensate for this increase.” and so it goes. The kid at Micky D’s gets fired, the manager a Microsoft sells more automation and a all but idiot a Donuttn Inc gets a raise for the same job he has held for the last 25 years. Liberals get elected for their compassion, understand sensitivity looking out for the poor and the economy goes into the toilet. The taxpayer has to pay out more for retraining to a job that no longer exist. The only one’s who win are the union thug and a liberal politician.

  • theoldsargesays

    It’s starting already.
    Here’s Starbucks:
    “Yesterday Starbucks announced an increase in drink prices that will go into effect in its stores around the country. Most notable though, was the company’s decision to increase prices even higher in the Puget Sound region. Customers in the greater Seattle area (which includes King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties) will pay an average of about 3.5% more, while customers in other areas will pay just 1% more.”…could-15-minimum-wage-be-factor

    And here’s Chipolte Mexican Grill:
    “Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE:CMG) raised it prices in San Francisco as much as 14.4%, after the city raised its minimum wage by 14%, according to an analyst.”

  • theoldsargesays

    Very reasonable post Richard and good info. One correction though…
    Your 18% labor is not coming out of profit, is is coming out as an operating expense and profit is what’s remains after all operating expenses are taken out.
    What’s the difference you might ask? If you were taking 18% out of profit as a labor cost then it would would be a fixed cost percentage wise- and I’ll assume that you know what that would result in.

  • Proud Army Wife

    No apostrophe should be used to make ‘degree’ plural and ‘myself’ is reflexive. You should have said, ”
    If her degrees are as Jim or I are guessing…” Your proper English isn’t proper at all, nor is your American English.

  • DK

    You leftists are complete morons. You talk about unskilled workers making “an equal share” of the earnings. Nevermind that the managers and CEOs do ALOT more for the company than the guy who listens to your order and pushes the picture of that item on the screen. What you want is socialism and it has never worked in the history of the world. Learn history.

  • theoldsargesays

    Thank you for the information. Unlike the gal we were discussing, I do not have or claim to have two degrees so there’s that. Also, since I’m about 30 years out of a classroom environment I do make mistakes.
    But again thanks for the corrections. I now know what a reflexive and intensive are in grammar.

  • Peter Heerschap

    I have worked a few minimum wage jobs but they were a starting point for me. When I was younger I didn’t have the resume to get a better job so I worked what I could get and I learned a lot at those jobs, to be honest I loved being a cashier but it was not going to pay the bills so I found a better job. There are a lot of jobs out there that pay well but many of them come with more requirements and dedication. it is not right for someone who barely did anything to get the job should be paid like someone who put in the effort and training to get a better job. One of my mothers friends had her husband die, after that she went to school to get a nursing degree and also worked 40 hours a week on top of that. It took her 5 years but she now has the ability to give her kids what they need. Anyone can get a reasonable job if they are willing to put in the effort to get that job. Its not always easy but it can be done.

  • Proud Army Wife

    Sorry…those are just two of my pet peeves. Worse, though, is “Me and Sue are going somewhere” or “Me and him are going somewhere”. That really grates on this former teacher’s nerves. 🙂
    Have a good day.

  • David

    This was going to happen regardless of the minimum wage.

  • rafher123

    It will not be long before MOST of the cooking can be automated. A robot will not demand an hourly wage above the worth of the work. One person could run the entire operation and I will not have to repeat the order to the barely intelligible, barely educated, barely working order taker. Would you like fries with that?

  • rafher123

    It will not be long before MOST of the cooking can be automated. A robot will not demand an hourly wage above the worth of the work. One person could run the entire operation and I will not have to repeat the order to the barely intelligible, barely educated, barely working order taker. Would you like fries with that? Supersize?

  • MarkP

    The general public would be best served by placing their own orders. Too many of the cashiers don’t care about service, and have no desire to improve. I’ll go to any MCD that puts these ‘efficient cashiers’ out for use!

  • MarkP

    Any one else cringle when someone says they want to AXE you a question??? AAAARRRGGGHHHH! Stupid ignorant ghetto trash!

  • Michael

    It is called going to college to get a degree to earn more money. Something people do every day. No money for college???? It is called student loans.

  • jeefray

    Mickey D’s is going broke so fast, automatons and touch screens will not save them. Their food is crap. End of line………..

  • jeefray

    McDonalds is going broke at the speed of light. Kiosks won’t save them. Their food sucks.

  • Sheila Rice

    I was a professional portrait photographer for 20 years….ran a very successful business that grew faster than I could keep up…so I went back to waitressing…its a job that I dont have to think about…when im done for the day…I clock out and go home…im much happier than I was when I was a professional…I had my career. ..and now I have a job that I love…im 44 years old and have examined my priotities…and they dont include working and thinking about work 24-7…but thats me…some people are defined by their level of success in their careers…I define myself by how happy I am in my life…and how happy my family is with having more time with me!

  • Bill Kody

    It’s time to find another solution. We have been raising the min wage now for decades and end up in the same spot. Stop paying all these people millions to do what they do!!!!

  • Melanie Peters

    Hey it works well in Europe!! Suck it up America

  • bosoxinny

    That’s interesting because there doesn’t seem to be a ‘time allotment’ as to how long I have to sit in the drive thru line, after ordering, to wait for my order to be handed to me. I’ve sat in that line for a good ten minutes in the past only to get disgusted, go inside, and find THAT line twice as long. So, I guess, moral of this story…apparently they are not on the clock having ‘only so much time’ to extend good and speedy, quality customer service.

  • bosoxinny

    It actually sounds as if you may have had a choice. If you ran a ‘”very successful business that grew faster than I could keep up….” then you and your family are probably, at least in some ways, financially sound. Therefore, taking a job where you ‘don’t have to think’ and that probably doesn’t pay a whole lot, is perfectly fine with you. On the other hand, there are many, many people out there not having that luxury who must stick to that professional, daily grind because maybe they’re not as financially successful as they’d like to be at a certain point in their lives.

  • pigenholed

    I was a hostess in a restaurant where you paid on your way out. I was such a hard worker that they would have me, on my own, take the side of the restaurant that normally took 2 hostesses to keep people happy. On Sunday though, especially during the brunch rush, they would have me be cashier. The reason was because I could count back change easily. We were required to count back change and certainly wouldn’t get retrained if we did it.

  • Farrah Leinuout Brumm

    So does anyone even understand that there’s these things called taxes that every employee has to pay which helps pay for things like schools, libraries, security, mayors, etc? So even if someone is working full-time at a fast food restaurant at $15/hour…. They’re not getting all of that $15/hour. A percentage goes into the state and federal pockets which could make people quit complaining about budget cuts. Honestly, there really is no way to make everyone happy, so why not try negotiating instead of complaining. Complaining about things without coming up with a valid solution doesn’t help anyone at all…. Just makes things worse. Oh, but fast food isn’t meant to be a career, blah, blah, blah…. Well, make these corporations like McDonald’s quit calling it a career opportunity when they’re hiring. And who the hell is going to pay for the education required to obtain “useful” skills? Do you expect everybody to be able to pay tuition when they can barely afford a roof over their heads and food on their table? Not everyone can just run to mommy and daddy and ask for things like a higher education, rent, transportation, etc. And not everybody wants to take out a student loan so that they’ll be in debt until they retire. Some people come from families with absolutely no money and do with very hard because they depend on those jobs. Some people feel stuck and maybe they feel their only way out is to make a little more money without working themselves into the ground. Quit judging people for having fast food jobs. They’re probably doing the best that they can with what they have. They might be able to get better if people quit complaining and find a way to actually help.

  • James McGee

    Random Customer: THATS NOT WHAT I ORDER ***** !, i order a cheeseburger …
    Worker: Thats what i put into the machine .
    Random Customer: You play me for some kind of freaking MORON !?, well ?

  • James McGee

    I don’t think you understand jim, there train TO HURRY … not to help customers as if they did that they will make less money.

  • James McGee

    Spam bot fdgsr we meet again.

  • James McGee

    Where sounds right in this case.

  • James McGee

    They are in it for a profit.

  • James McGee

    i can see this happening.

  • Jim

    I understand more than you will ever know. By your statement, you believe customer service is NOT shoving a sharp stick in a customer’s eye. I returned to the work force after several years or retirement to a large well known home improvement store (electrical dept). I know what the training was and it did not include your hurry up philosophy. The cashier’s training did include counting back change but they seldom did it. There were many complaints, mostly for dropped change as a result of having the receipt, bills and loose change thrust at you in a fist. By the time you recovered, the hurry was zero, and your temper was rising. Common courtesy seems to be a thing of the past, and you don’t have any.

  • I have seldom encountered ‘common’ courtesy. Courtesy is quite uncommon and always has been. Counting back change was a necessary skill before computers. Not necessary now, and only a gesture of contempt for modern technology. Thick thumbs on a keyboard are a greater problem, but you never get much complaint from those who use touch typing with 8 fingers and 2 thumbs on a properly spaced keyboard. I can type faster than most people with two thumbs for brains can think.

  • Not true. All socialists are liberals and conservatives are stupid or brag about being stupid.

  • I don’t know if you know much about micro-cost accounting, but you try to talk the lingo. The principle reasoning of micro-cost accounting is to allocate proportionally the overhead with all other costs to determine a fair price for the basis of the sale price. It is also used to determine the productivity of the investment in labor time or dollar. Profitability is in money only, productivity is paid time for workers or cost and maintenance for machines. A machine must pay for its cost plus maintenance less junk value. A person must be worth his pay in productivity plus good will. A supervisor exempt from overtime must be included in productive time of the entire organization or in the allocation of overhead. MA in micro-cost accounting.

  • BDJ

    We all caught that. Too bad she didn’t. Looks like one of her degrees wasn’t in the English Arts or Literacy.

  • Stevie Sperling

    They will it cost more to run the computers then to pay the worker. And if you think order accuracy will increase try ordering a sandwich at WAWA. They already have self order in place, and they can’t get an order right to save their lives. our local Walmart had self check out and had so many problems they got rid of them.

  • wiserperson8710

    This is correct. There are machines that cook the food and wrap it. It is only a matter of time before automation hits the fast food industry.

  • wiserperson8710

    I like when I give a cashier $5.01 for a $4.76 bill. Freaks them out! lol

  • wiserperson8710

    Really, it is “our” minimum wage, not “are” minimum wage. Just saying.

  • Stan

    So be it. You want $15/hr, better start looking for a new job. If you think that in today’s age of technology that the ENTIRE process can’t be automated, you better think again. From the cashier, to the cook, to the drive through. Robots build cars, interiors, paint…..think they can’t throw a patty of ground up dog food on a fryer and between some bread? Think again people.

    I would do it just to prove a point.

    Want a $15/hr job? Go get one that is deserving of that pay. There plenty out there, just need to have the skill to get the job.

    Come up with all the excuses in the world why you don’t have the skills, and I’m sure it can be countered with an excuse why you failed at getting the skills. We are all in charge of our destiny. It is MY fault if I fail, NOT anyone else’s. If you didn’t go to school, it’s your fault, not mine or anyone else’s because you didn’t get a free ride. It took me 8 years of busting my balls to get my 4 year college degree because I was working full time and going to school part time, but I did it on my own with NO help, no loans, and 100% debt free in the end…..and got me a job making over 100k/year.

    So, after my short pissed off rant, go get a job that warrants $15/hr. Don’t expect a job that was intended for school kids to get their feet wet in the working world to pay your mortgage as the article states.

  • Stan

    This may be true, but as an example, I went to Burger King last week. Placed my order and paid with a $10 bill. Change due back to me was $4.93. She gave me the $4, but couldn’t for the life of her figure out the 93….WTF???

    I had to tell her, 3 quarters, 1 dime, 1 nickle, and 3 pennies. That’s basic Money 101 as far as I’m concerned. The “looking at the ticket and counting change to see if you agree” doesn’t work too well for her…..and far from deserving of $15/hr regardless of ANY place she is working.

  • Stan

    As much as, “That is correct, no?”

    Well, obviously not since you just answered yourself with “no”. Why even ask me the damn question then if you already know the answer.

    Trying to put a statement and question together…’s either one or the other.

    1-That is correct


    2- Is that correct?

  • Dickn52

    Those machines will ask for a raise in 5 years. You watch.

  • Dickn52

    By the time you take out the Federal taxes/State taxes, FICA and probably health care you end up with about 9.50 an hour. They’ll be back for a raise to offset. I heard some of the employees are asking for reduced hours as they are now over the threshold for subsistence payments like welfare and EBT cards.

  • Frederick Kithcart

    I actually know a neurologist and 3 lawyers who gave up their field, to drive 18 wheelers. Less stress, more home time, and their happier. Just because you have a degree or 2-3 doesn’t make it a great job. Money isn’t everything…

  • Frederick Kithcart

    I hear that all the time… Makes me wanna draw my 9mm thinking I’m about to be killed, lmao

  • Frederick Kithcart

    I agree…. The other day I had to explain to a cashier how to make change.. $.87 wth?????

  • Deb Gath

    Been to McDonalds latly? Takes them forever to take your order-they are to busy discussing who and where they are seeing after work!

  • thisismyaccount

    First, a recent data brief from the National Employment Law Project (NELP) notes, “Lower-wage industries accounted for 22 percent of job losses during the recession, but 44 percent of employment growth over the past four years. Today, lower-wage industries employ 1.85 million more workers than at the start of the recession.” In other words, as The New York Times more succinctly put it, “The poor economy has replaced good jobs with bad ones.”

    Michael Evangelist, author of the NELP report, told the Times, “Fast food is driving the bulk of the job growth at the low end — the job gains there are absolutely phenomenal. If this is the reality — if these jobs are here to stay and are going to be making up a considerable part of the economy — the question is, how do we make them better?”

  • jaynice

    Get ready for $8 gallon milk. Before I pay $10 for a quarter pounder meal I will go to a restaurant or order to go from Chilis, five guys, red robin and etc.

  • Sunshine1011

    But do they speak ebonics like all the McDonald’s employees?

  • IrishKnight

    Let me get this straight. An E-4 specialist in the army gets around $26,000 a year. So these people think that someone with a skill set of taking orders or wrapping burgers should get more than a United States soldier.
    Just wow.

  • Kay Marie White

    I don’t know about where you live but if a cashier at McD’s where I live isn’t good at counting change in their head they either a. get fired, or b. get put into the kitchen and someone replaces them.

  • Fabian

    People make fun of the way I talk. English is my second language and Spanish is my first. I am one of the people who does say “Can I axe you a question?”. My other problem is the “th” sound. Theses are the two biggest problems I have. Even though I get laughed at I still speak the way I do. I am not perfect but I am happy with the way I talk and spell. If you can understand what I say or read what I write than I am happy no matter how the other individuals mock me.

  • Jason

    Well, as “her degrees” is the subject, it would then be “myself or Jim”. “Jim and/or I”, would be correct if that was the subject of the sentence.

  • Proud Army Wife

    Today’s grammar lesson…let’s analyze the sentence. “If her degrees are as Jim is guessing…” and “If her degrees are as I am guessing ” would combine to read “if her degrees are as Jim and I are guessing…” . Apparently no one is teaching the correct usage of reflexive pronouns. If you don’t belive me, consult a decent grammar text.

  • ArizonaRider

    no thanks . i was raised in an english speaking country . i speak spanish quite well , but here , in my home land , i’m going to speak english .
    why do marxists find this so intimidating ?

  • daewooparts

    GOOD ! now maybe they will get the order right this time ! ,now if only they could get Bender into the kitchen & make my order correctly !!!! no cheese & no mayo 😛 its not that difficult !

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    R u serious?!?! “Can’t make change in their heads?! Let me tell u something! STOP JUDGING PEOPLE on what u THINK u see! I worked at a fast-food joint years back and I DID do this math in my head for the customers’ change! My manager came over to me when she realized what I was doing and told me to USE THE TENDER KEY!!! I told her I’m able to add and subtract and had no problem doing so. Wanna know what she told me?! She said, “that doesn’t matter. It’s company policy.” She said I MUST use the ‘Tender’ key. Ok, Mr. Know-it-all?!?!

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    Hahahahaha!!! A teacher once told my elementary school class an easy way to tell whether it’s “him and me” or “him and I”. Take the other person OUT of the sentence and whichever one makes sense THAT way is the correct way. Try, “Him went to the theater”. Now try, “He went to the theater”. Good! Now, let’s try. “Me went to the theater”. Now try, “I went to the theater”. Great! Now, we know that “He and I went to the theater”. So, there we are! (not “their” or “they’re”. Lol)

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    Yes!!!! I generally say something like, “Will you PLEASE stop murdering people?!” Ppl become confused when I say that. And the looks I get are priceless!

  • Valocean J Byrd

    But me and him is going somewhere 😉

  • Sam J Licitra

    If they refuse to pay a living wage then they should have their business license revoked. Unfortunately, our elected officials are worthless so we’ll have to do it ourselves. We HAVE to boycott McDonalds.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Why should they have their license revoked? How about this: Remove the minimum wage laws altogether and let businesses actually compete. They’d have to compete for employees as much as customers. Think about it, if a minimum wage worker knew they could just leave their minimum wage job and get another minimum wage job, then they’d have no incentive to actually care about doing their job to the best of their ability. Quitting or getting fired would be more of an inconvenience, rather than a real problem. They have no incentive to be better at their job, which means that their employers have no incentive to treat them better than a competitor who also pays their workers minimum wage.

    However, if employees were required to argue for their remuneration, then they’d be more invested in what they do. They’d actually fight for their jobs and productivity would increase. They’d flock to businesses that pay better for the same kind of work and employers would be forced to compete in a fair and open market. There’d be a few people who would lose (losers are going to exist in any fair and open system), but overall it’d be better for everybody. Better employees, better business practices, and better prices for the consumer. If the government wants to demand that a minimum wage be paid out, then let them start their own fast food restaurant, let them compete with the other restaurants, and let them sink or swim based on their own ability to generate a profit (no extra money to bail out a failing business model).

  • Sam J Licitra

    Do you know how many McDonalds workers are on public assistance? If you want to watch fox news and blame the poor for being lazy, thats you’re prerogative but it’s highly inaccurate. If you employ a lot of people and you won’t offer a living wage, you are hurting our economy. If you want to do business in the US you need to help the cause. Period.

  • Sam J Licitra

    Remove the minimum wage laws? Deregulate? You know what my biggest beef is with regular people who cry for deregulation is, Cap? You have not learned from the history of deregulation. EVERY TIME you deregulate, Corporations capitalize and the little guy suffers. Look it up, starting with the deregulation of electricity in California.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    I don’t watch Fox News. I also don’t watch MSNBC or CNN, but thanks for the overgeneralization (he disagrees with me, therefore he must watch FOX!).

    If there were no minimum wage laws, then the people who’d get the lowest paying jobs really would be teenagers and people who are still living with their parents or legal guardians (you know, the sorts of people who should have the least paying jobs since they have the lowest living expenses). Getting job experience while it is exceptionally cheap (for the employer) and easy (for the employee) only helps that person later on when they’re looking for better jobs down the road. By mandating that an employer must pay a minimum wage to begin with, the employer hires less, demands more out of their existing employees, reduces raises, innovates less (since there’s less revenue available to experiment with an adaptable business model) and they turn to automation to do what used to be someone’s job (hence this article).

    By removing minimum wage laws, employers can have more flexibility to provide better services and better products at better prices.

    Gee! If prices for goods were lower, then it’d almost mean that a person’s “living wage” would decrease. It’s almost like it’d be better for everybody! Crazy!!

  • Sam J Licitra

    If we can’t learn from the past we will make the same mistakes over and over and over. You’re obviously clueless, Cap. Look it up. Educate yourself on dereg before you run your mouth. Just like trickle down economics, deregulation is proven not to work.

  • Ponderer

    Well, then, it’s degrees, not degree’s. And it’s I, not myself. As in “I am guessing,” not “Myself am guessing.” And don’t forget the period at the end.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    So rather than explaining to me how raising the minimum wage or increasing government intervention in free market practices will solve the problems (other than to say that it will), you have:
    1) Made a prejudiced statement about me (you have predetermined that I must watch FOX news and your tone indicates that you don’t give FOX news much regard, thus you have no regard for me or anybody who disagrees with you)
    2) You have made the cliched statement along the lines of “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
    3) You have determined that I’m uneducated (hence the need for me to educate myself) and have provided no resources to attain such an education (why make an argument or cite sources if you don’t have to, right?)

    I, on the other hand, have not made any judgments about you. I have not determined that you are ignorant or “clueless,” and I have given you more respect than what you’ve given me. At the end of the day, I’d rather be wrong than be like you. So no thank you on your calls for me to educate myself. I’ll live in the real world where there are real problems that have no perfect solutions, and you can just go on living with your always-elusive dream of a utopia that will never be. One of us will make it in life, and one of us will always blame our failures on the world not being perfect. Good day.

  • theoldsargesays

    I’m just taking your word for it.
    See what I started with this thread…lol
    Perhaps we can all use a refresher in proper English and grammar.
    (BTW…THIS thread is what I was talking about when I mentioned proper “American” :•/

  • steveannie

    This would be excellent news … for Burger King, Wendy’s, In ‘n Out, etc.

  • Sean McLain

    Oh no! Younger people have difficulty using the obsolete medium of payment called cash! Currey is digital now dude. Get a debit card and join the 21st century before you fossilize.

  • Sean McLain

    Dude, where the hell are you getting hamburgers for a buck? 1945? They already cost way over 5 bucks!

  • Sean McLain

    Cash is obsolete dude. I haven’t used it in like 2 decades now. Of course people my age have a hard time counting change back, it’s like using a telegraph to talk to someone. Debit cards dude. Infinitely superior to cash.

  • Sean McLain

    Modern day basic money 101: Swipe debit card. Cash automatically transferred in exact amount from you, to whomever you are paying.

    Cash is obsolete. Within 5 more years I expect the first person to never even see physical currency will be born.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    That’s a crap argument for a few reasons
    1) It’s cheap to just pull the Soldiers card. Soldiers aren’t drafted and they’re not pressed for service. They willingly sign up for the service, which means that they accept the fact that they’re not going to be paid well.
    2) There are a lot of perks and benefits that go along with being a soldier. Healthcare, tax-free goods and services at the on-base facilities (and not just for them, but for their household), subsidized or free housing (especially for soldiers with spouses and children, regardless or rank), etc… That $26,000 a year can stretch a whole lot further for a soldier than it can for a civilian.

    Note, I’m not arguing for raising the minimum wage. I believe that minimum wage laws should be abolished completely. I just disagree with this pseudo-nationalist crap that people spew nowadays. Joining the military is not some automatic trump card for any and all disputes, especially since it’s voluntary.

  • Lou Cipher

    (our min wage, they’re) 2 degrees and still doesn’t know how to use comma’s correctly..

  • Roberta Whitecrow

    Great advice. Teachers are awesome.

  • Roberta Whitecrow

    McDonalds dollar menu. Cheeseburger for a buck!

  • Alex G

    McDonalds primary target audience is minimum wage workers. Anyone who can afford something better will not shop there. So they are now making sure that their primary target audience gets even less money and can afford less of their product. No wonder their sales are tanking.

  • Alex G

    No degree guarantees a job these days. If you still believe engineering degree can easily lend you a middle class job, you haven’t been going out much in the past five years. We have engineers, kids I graduated with, come to my workplace begging for a floor level job because of how oversaturated the market is. You live in a fantasy world, bud.

  • [email protected]

    You weren’t pay in attention In school I guess. Apparently you don’t know the difference between there and they’re and are and our.

  • Rteffer

    Typically the order inaccuracy is caused by the person ordering. “I didn’t order this!” Well it’s what you pressed. Lol.


    Lesson to the progs: You can try to legislate minimum wage but you can’t force anyone to still offer these jobs. Doubt the lesson will be learned though.

  • Scott Abbott

    It is has been empirically proven by numerous studies that slowly raising the min wage has minimal if any affect on employment or prices. McDonald’s actions are a result of greed not necessity. A multi billion dollar corporation can well afford a higher wage for its workers.

  • Bratista

    And when everything is automated, who will have money to spend on your business? There are big changes that need to happen.

  • Bratista

    Or soldiers should make better wages…

  • Bratista

    Student loans at usurious rates for a degree that more often than not won’t matter!

  • theoldsargesays

    Not me. This thread is 20+ days old and its has swerved off it’s original course.

  • randomguy

    Learnt is actually correct. Past tense ending with a “t” instead of “ed” is British English dialect and also common in the southeastern US where Iambic Pentameter is also naturally spoken.

  • Jeff Abbott

    I find it so humorous how anybody who disagrees with the claim of one of these republican articles they get immediatly get banned. I do not get why republicans can’t take a dose of their own medicine, even tho they are constantly shoving their beliefs down other people’s throats.

    This pattern clearly shows how lost republicans are nowadays. They have no idea desire to learn the truth only staying in their bubble of ingnorance and misinformation. They never look at the big picture and always have to resort to blocking people and calling people names like nazi and communist. Lastly, republicans need to learn how to properly respond to a critique of their claims which are more often than not completely false and know what empirical science based evidence is. This applies to all issues not just the min wage.

  • Scott Abbott

    Imagine you are a business owner. Would you much rather have a customer with $7.25 in their pocket or $15?

  • Brandy

    The rich which are right wingers by the way found a way to keep more money in their pockets. In the long run no one will be able to buy their product because they are unemployed due to past money making ideas.

  • IrishKnight

    I saw a meme where they suggested switching wages from Congressmen/Senators and have them receive the wages of soldiers and soldiers receive their wages.

  • Lucy Willard
  • Larry Paranzino

    This just means more people in the back to make our orders and more business so employess can make more money????Theres 5 touch screen cashiers which is plenty for customers to place their order then 1 or 2 cashiers! There won’t be any cashiers so thats more people in the back to hurry our order the right way and to make sure everything is made fresh for best taste then limiting the workers in the back so that will be best for business and more people will come unless they are not doing it that way?? I never knew anybody was making 15.00hr at mcdonalds except maybe managers so not sure what they are saying about the 15hr, is it they will or they won’t make 15.00hr when they have touch screen cashiers??? I don’t want a career job with restuarants but if I have no choice and can make 15hr at mcdonalds then I would!

  • LaunaKae Miller

    This is hilarious,,,,What was the subject again?? Oh yes, proper English, if I remember correctly. Class dismissed.

  • Marte

    If you’re into proper English – “Myself” is not a subject pronoun!

  • Marte

    Oh – and the plural of degree is degrees. What you wrote indicates possession.

  • Marte

    No – “myself” is only reflexive – never the subject or object. It’s only proper in a sentence that also includes the word “I.” For instance, “I attended the movie by myself.”

  • Marte

    Or Grammar Girl here on line. She will explain it.

  • Proud Army Wife

    I don’t need an explanation. I know how to correctly use reflexive pronouns. I had a terrific 6th grade teacher who had each of us fill 2 spiral-bound notebooks with everything anyone would ever need to know about English grammar. It was incredibly comprehensive. I’d give just about anything to have it still, but it was lost many years ago in a military move. However, I remember those lessons on parts of speech; verb conjugations; dependent and independent clauses; verb tenses, moods, and voices;
    sentence diagramming, etc.

  • theoldsargesays

    Okay got it. Thanks.

  • theoldsargesays

    Cool. Thank you for the correction.

  • theoldsargesays

    Cool. Thank you for the correction.
    Always open to learning/refreshing my grammar skills.

  • theoldsargesays

    While I appreciate the information, I think you missed the point at the beginning of this thread.
    I/we were mocking some counter clerk that claimed to have two degree’s degrees.
    Thank you again for the corrections.

  • BubbaBrown

    Labor is a commodity, you go where you can get the best value, if it’s in a machine, that’s where you go. As a contractor, I got with the best priced carpenters and men who will work. There aren’t too many whites or blacks that fit that category anymore. Americans that are low skilled also have a poor work ethic. I see it everyday.

  • Boatswas

    When someone says, “can I ask you a question?” I reply, “you already did.”
    When someone says, “can I ax you something?” I reply, “Do you mean ‘ax’ or ‘ask’? Because one of them’s murder!”

  • Boatswas

    That’s usually a trait of someone who speaks English as a second language, with one of the “romance” languages being their primary. In many languages, such as French (where my “romance” language experience is), it’s common and proper to ask, “C’est vrai, non?” (That is correct, no?).

    Most people who speak two or more languages, but not fluently, learn the words and expressions, but don’t think in the language they’re speaking – they translate from their original language (thoughts) to the language they’re speaking.

    Then again, many people who are multi-lingual have flawless accents and use correct idioms and slang. The example I was given was Kissinger’s brother; he spoke flawless American English. He was asked why he had no accent, but his brother did. His response was, “because I listen.”

  • Boatswas

    Sorry, Jason, but you’re misinformed. Even though the original post didn’t have the comma to indicate it, “Jim and I” was preceded by a subjective clause.

  • Boatswas

    Exactly! Another way that I explain it is:
    I can do something to or for myself, but you can’t.
    You can do something to or for yourself, but I can’t.
    We can do something for ourselves, but they can’t. Etc.

    One of my many peeves is someone telling a group to “fill out that form and bring it to myself.”

  • Boatswas

    Or, more correctly:
    “If her degrees are, as Jim and I are guessing…”
    Punctuation is just as important a part of grammar as is proper use of reflexive pronouns.

  • Jane

    I am appalled at how rude you are being. She was only stating a fact and/or opinion. There is no reason to belittle someone for a few grammar mistakes. The English you speak is not even the proper English language.

  • theoldsargesays

    Want to know what I find appalling?
    That you spend so much time trolling that you read comment sections of six week old articles and pop off at the mouth about something, the point of which has zoomed right over your head.
    Go find some thing to do and quit being a nuisance.

  • ☆Peezy1000☆

    Robot made burgers, i’m good. McDonald’s is bad for you to begin with.

  • Shawny

    First, what the heck happened to doing the job you signed up for at the wage you agreed to? Chances are if you had more skill set or experience then you would already have been hired by someone paying the wage you need to support you and your family, or working more hours or more jobs like everyone else has had to because of the horrendous inflation robbing all of us. That’s the reason wages need to be higher or both parents need to work to make ends meet now, not the so-called “greedy” employers. Our government has been decreasing the value of our labor, savings and income for decades through inflationary monetary policies and we are all suffering for it. Because of inflation, many retired folks are having to find work to supplement their incomes too. It’s just ridiculous (selfish) to think that the fast food industry has made victims of all of their employees and enough whining will get you twice the pay that your skill set is worth in the market because you’re a “special snowflake”.

  • Rod

    Holy Crap!!!! Is this discussion about the minimum wage or the English language and it’s intricacies?

  • It is very hard to find anything that an 87 year old has not encountered in his lifetime. Brits do not establish the English of modern US usage. The term to use is archaic for all practical purposes. However, it would be proper for a Texan to pronounce ‘right’ as ‘rat’, like in “…right now.” My English professors in the 1940s advised us to retain regional usages of our language, but to know standard English for use in the rest of the world. An Arabic speaker I know can detect and identify the regional dialects of hundreds of variations of that language. Yet, she uses the Qur’an as the reference for standard Arabic for all regions and usage of the language of The Prophet Muhammad. She has an English vocabulary that would be the envy of any graduate student writing his dissertation in English.

  • Kelly Evinger

    I hate when people say “do you see what I’m saying?” No, I cannot see with my ears!!!

  • 19don36

    Businesses have to make a profit for their shareholders, and every time the politicians try to give their constituents something for nothing, the true costs show up in other ways. In this particular case, it will be automation, loss of jobs, and other undesirable effects. Stand by and watch! Folks in San Fran have already had their food stamps cut and wish they did not have the $15 and hour now!

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    I like to imagine that thousands of years ago in ancient Mesopotamia, there were people whose sole job was to water the crops. Day in and day out they’d gather water from the river into pots and water the plants with it. It might have been a family trade, too (I am a waterer, and my father was a waterer and his father was a waterer).

    And then some smart ass took his shovel and dug a ditch from the river to the fields, and suddenly those waterers were out of a job. Do you think some of them complained about how there was no way this irrigation idea was going to be as good as they were? I like to think that they did.

    But then some guy decided that he didn’t really like watering anyways. He always wanted to work with bronze. And then another guy figured that he liked masonry. Somebody else wanted to do leather work and so on… All of those people who were out of a job innovated. That innovation led to new technology and new ideas, which in turn led to more diverse skill sets and more employment opportunities for everybody.

    That’s what automation does. It’s the entire reason we build tools and machines to begin with. It frees people to do other things and it provides goods and services to the consumer at a cheaper rate.

    There will never be a time when everything is automated because people will always come up with something new. And even if that time came, then people will still be needed to maintain the machines. The need for skilled labor will never be out of the picture.

  • Literal_Jim

    So Europe McDonalds “hires” 7000 touch screens and somehow Jim Hoft equates this to McDonald’s ANNOUNCING its answer to $15/hr minimum wage here in the U.S.? You people are contributing to the division of this country just as badly as the ones you despise on the Left. This article cites one reference…a CNET article that talks only about McDonald’s in Europe and never ONCE mentions the $15/hr minimum wage law here in a few parts of the U.S. Terrible journalism. You should be ashamed of yourself, Jim Hoft.

  • yaya2em

    I think this is a splendid idea! Many advantages: no calling in sick, no being late, no employee drama, no benefits ,no standing at the counter while a person with talons and purple hair hands you your order while attempting to speak some facsimile of English and…if the order is wrong, it’s your fault.

  • Chaz Bunko

    Order accuracy? Perhaps. Order preparation? That’s still done by the MickeyD workforce. They’ll screw it up.

  • kittyconrad

    “degree’s are as myself or Jim are” has three errors. LMAO

  • kittyconrad

    “Jim or I” is a singular subject. “Are” is a plural verb. You fail. LMAO

  • theoldsargesays

    I know!
    Where were you six weeks ago when I could’ve used your help…lol

  • Ed Blanchette

    I hate these. I want to deal with a person. I refuse to check out my own groceries and only use an instant teller in the rarest occasions. You are just putting people out of a job when you do everything yourself. I want service !

  • mark

    I just got back from Norway $30.00 for a burger at TGIF’S. $10.00 for a beer and $8.00 a gallon for gas. 60% tax rate no poor no rich just a huge middle class and they take care of there eldery. But I want the american dream. I’m torn.

  • kittyconrad

    Sarge, I award you the trophy for best attitude in dealing with us old pedantic trolls.

  • Niki Gerrier

    I just have nightmares of the stupid things malfunctioning and then your money is stuck in the coin slot until a service tech can come and sort it out. Think of all the times you had to pretty much abandon change in a vending machine because you desperately wanted a snack but there was nobody to help when the machine borked, either because you got the munchies after hours or the usual person was on lunch.

  • theoldsargesays

    Here’s how I see it…
    1. There are some people who, lacking a valid response, resort to corrections of spelling or punctuation. (Loser)
    2. There are others who are just trying to be helpful. (Winner)
    3. Then there are those who just want to stick it to the other fellow because he’s being a smart aleck. (Worthy opponent)

    I only ever take issue with the first type. I appreciate the second and try not to run afoul of the third by learning from my mistakes.

    My original comment was definitely me being a smart aleck and so I have to take whatever I get thrown back at me, if I didn’t, I’d be no better than that first type- a loser troll.
    I don’t consider any of the responses I’ve received to be of that type, all 2′ & 3’s as far as I’m concerned.

  • ElShow

    You guys are pathetic. Why should unskilled labor be worth $15 an hour? Who’s fault is it that people remain in the same place in life without improving themselves. All the more reason to improve your situation rather than letting your situation dictate who you become. #weakminded society. Bitch and complain about other people and your circumstances and how everything is unfair. Grow a pair and do something about your life. Change your habits, change your lifestyle, change your thinking and maybe you’ll see that you are capable of achieving financial success and steady income instead of begging for hire pay and whining about your employer.

  • Lee Ann Morehead Johnson

    “Are minimum wage was just raised but only to $11 something an hour. “

  • theoldsargesays

    Got it.
    I must’ve been temporarily blind not to have seen that before.

  • Moots13181

    Her degrees came from Canada where they’re as expensive as public toilet paper. No money thrown away except the taxpayers and her time.

  • Jeff MaGee

    “Jill took Johnny and me to the shop.”

    That is proper English. Let that one grate on your nerves a little bit.

  • Proud Army Wife

    You are absolutely correct and it doesn’t grate on my nerves at all. Why should it? However, “Me and Johnny took Jill to the shop” is NOT correct or proper English and would definitely grate on my nerves.

  • Proud Army Wife

    No, you’re not. “He and I are going somewhere.”

  • Angelo

    I come from a place where the human dignity means something.
    All the efforts in “speeding up” the natural selection, based on money, repulses me.

  • Ken

    And Debit/Credit cards can be hacked easily, as was made painfully obvious by the Home Depot etal data breach. Go right ahead and use your card, CASH can’t be hacked

  • Rob

    . . . if they are happy doing what THEY’RE doing . . . OUR minimum wage . . .

  • Rob

    . . . and “there” instead of “they’re”.

  • Rob

    If her *degrees . . . – the plural of degree is not “degree is”.
    “Myself or Jim”? – “Jim or I”.

  • Rob

    When someone asks, “Can I ask you a question?” I reply, “You just did”, “You didn’t give me a choice”, or “You mean two questions?” :

  • Faff

    Which makes you a tedious pedant. Congratulations!

  • Mark

    Question for the suddenly business savvy: Are the savings in using machines passed down to the consumer, just like you claim tax reductions on corporations would be?

  • Mark

    I understand the wanting a job with a manageable or low level of stress, but a job in which I have to think is important to me. Luckily for me, I have a career in which I have to think a lot, but with a stress/deadline level that is very moderate (even low most of the time). But your point is appreciated — Different people want to and contribute to society in different ways. The ‘entrepreneurial’ fingerbanging that is on the conservative business-right is nothing but a self-congratulatory-circle-jerk to self aggrandize themselves to justify their taking of the largess of the economy by ‘controlling costs’ (stamping down employee pay and benefits)

  • KevinJM1280

    If you want to volunteer to do paid work at the business you’re spending money at that’s your business. Personally, if I’m spending my hard earned money I expect work to be done FOR me, not BY me.

    Maybe the next “self-service innovation” can be cooking the food yourself also! It can be marketed as the way for customers to ensure that their food is always done the way they want it! They can also sell it as a “cost saving measure” (well, for the business owner anyway, the food is actually going to go up in price to cover the cost of the new equipment – and then of course never come back down). And idiots like you will lap it up because you’ll also be told it’s a great way to stick it to the little guy who’s selfish enough to demand enough pay to actually live.

  • Jim

    By your comments, you have never worked for a living and expect everything in your world to be handed to you. Take time off from your self-absorption and investigate the lessons in Economics 101. Otherwise, be ready to pay $25 for a Big Mac.

  • KevinJM1280

    I see that you form your opinions on other people using the same evidence-free standard that you apply to economics.

    I could try to educate you in economics by pointing out how improving the state of those at the bottom improves everyone’s state by increasing economic activity, or counter your “$25 Big Mac” argument by pointing to the numerous examples of prosperous, developed nations where the minimum wage is even higher than $15 but prices are comparable or only slightly higher. I could do that, but I get the distinct impression that your opinion is not just evidence-free, but fully impervious to evidence.

    No, you’ve been fooled by those far above you on the economic ladder into believing that you can join them on their yachts if only you will first help them to more fully exploit those one step below you. Somehow it never occurs to you that they’re saying the same thing to the guy one step above you…

  • Robert

    I’d be interested to know how the writer could manage to raise a family of six on only $32G.

  • Nate D’Anna

    It’s not just about fast food establishments. It’s about business in general. When minimum wage was established, the rate was in sync with the economic cost of living at the time—and it was fair. Since then, the minimum wage has not changed in conjunction with the current cost of living which makes it ridiculously low. I think senior management members should realize that another solution to meet $15.00per hour for their employees is to share their absurd 7 figure salaries, stock options and other perks with the workers who make them successful. The workers work and earn crap while the powers to be sit in their fancy offices ride in their business jets and earn absurd amounts of money. There’s something wrong with that picture

  • Sabby Sosa

    Omg!!! Drink a shot of Tequila and Relax… You are way too uptight… “do you see what I’m saying???? Seriously , let -allow people -others to speak the way they are comfortable, and please do not insult others considering that you did not invent any dialect -language and different slang; The way people speak is what distinguishes them and makes them unique . How dare you judge anyone? I actually have perfect English, but I choose to type and speak the way I want. My English language does not make me or define me, it is my character, demeanor, and personality… GRRRRR to you evil prude!!!

  • Sabby Sosa

    Omg!!! Drink a shot of Tequila and Relax… You are way too uptight… “do you see what I’m saying???? Seriously , let -allow people -others to speak the way they are comfortable, and please do not insult others considering that you did not invent any dialect -language and different slang; The way people speak is what distinguishes them and makes them unique . How dare you judge anyone? I actually have perfect English, but I choose to type and speak the way I want. My English language does not make me or define me, it is my character, demeanor, and personality that does… GRRRRR to you evil prudes!!!

  • Edward Crouch


  • What we should be taking away from this is that not only can we automate most of the “jobs” on our planet but it is also more efficient to do so. The work to pay to live paradigm based on consumption for the sake of consumption economics is crumbling before our eyes. We are destroying planetary ecosystems to maintain this dated system. It is past time to move on and try a new economic model that is not based on money or continual consumption

  • bob

    I so agree Kelly. Are you pickin up what I’m puttin down??

  • Paul McCarthy

    Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside I am sure. What’s it like in that Ivory Tower?

  • Hernan!

    We live in a country that depend about how much money we SPEND.,,if we spend money then we have a healthy economy…if people do not have the $$$ to spend, our country suffer and mainly the poor or middle class..,the rich don’t want to pay 15dlls because stock holders and CEOs demand millions in PROFITS AND SALARIES respectively for THEM,,,but not for the people doing the job…COMPANIES also have lobbies distracting us with mambo jumbo things so we fight and discuss good ideas and stupid ideas as well but we are missing to see the big picture,,,machines in mcdonalds??good for them,,,I can’t wait to see WHEN OTHER MACHINE stop on one of these business’ window and order a BIG sucks bugger and AND a soda to go!!

  • Boatswas

    No reason for that to grate on anyone’s nerves… Subject: Jill. Verb: took. Direct object: Johnny and me. (Bonus points, prepositional phrase: to the shop.)

  • Boatswas

    Perhaps they meant, “Open Sunday’s hours,” but ran out of space?

  • Boatswas

    It would NOT be “myself or Jim.” “Myself” is a reflexive. That means, *I* am doing something to, for, or by *myself*. YOU can’t do anything for myself. YOU can’t bring or give anything to Myself. Myself can’t be the subject … I can’t do anything to, for, by, or with yourself. Reflexive… that means that only the entity in question can perform an action to itself.

  • Boatswas

    I’m doing it in the spirit of helping correct an error, because I HATE to be wrong… when someone corrects me, I am sincerely grateful… keeps me from being wrong in *that* case again.

    Then again… I *am* retired Navy… and you’re a “Sarge”… I might just be giving you a heap of dung because of that, Brother!

  • theoldsargesays

    I’ve given plenty and taken plenty so no worries “mate”.

  • Keith

    Jim Hoft is a liar and is using old imagery to create a non-story. Self service kiosks are not new and the ones shown were actually taken out of service because customers would not or could not use them. It is not McDonalds answer to the demand for $15 dollars an hour. Any job that needs to be done deserves a living wage.

  • Keith

    “This is exactly what the left pushed for… Fast food chains were never meant to be a place for someone to raise a family of 6, they were to be part time positions with some full-time advancements. Mostly the fast food restaurants were for school aged kids to learn how to interact with people, with a job, to offer spending money, and to begin responsibility learning for their future.”

    That whole first statement is untrue… It is a Fascist lie of the highest order. Those jobs were created to make the owners money.. No one ever thought, “Hey, we need some part time jobs for high school students”. What a stupid statement. I have heard this lie over and over again from internet “economists” There are burger joints that pay $15 dollars an hour and their products are not that much higher than McDonalds.

    All the automated Kiosks tell me and most working Americas, is that McDonalds is so greedy that they refuse to pay decent fair wages.

  • thom1111

    it still tastes like diabetes

  • Boy Elvis

    In other news, Jim Hoft was replaced six years ago by a vintage 1981 Speak & Spell and none of his fans noticed.

  • Diane Hovinga

    The jobs in fast food joints used to be held by kids who needed work experience and a few extra bucks in their pockets! Almost all of the people working at our local McDonald’s now are Hispanics trying to support families which means the teens no longer get those jobs for work experience! They aren’t supposed to be jobs you support a family with!

  • Lynnielyn

    And there instead of their.

  • annashun1

    Look, I’ll be honest: I’d rather interact with a touch screen than anyone behind the counter of a McDonalds in NYC, Chicago, Philly, etc any day.

  • Crow Winters

    This is bad journalism. The 7,000 touch screens mentioned being installed in Europe? That was in 2011, as reported by Financial Times. And those touch screens led to an increase in employment for McDonalds, overall, based on their own reporting.

  • Rollin Dennis

    lets see how many people it puts out of work,and you better start doing 2-3 jobs because half the help will be gone.

  • esKay

    You can’t blame big business for making smart, cost effective decisions and you SHOULD blame our society for pushing or allowing/encouraging government to provide the rational, by increasing minimum wage to the tipping point, where the investment in machines to replace humans is a cost effective decision. Face it, our society is unrealistic and puts unrealistic demands on businesses. What has become of our ethos of free markets and capitalism? Blame ourselves, not business.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    Yes. You are correct! 🙂

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    Well, your sentence wouldn’t work, though, since the person speaking must put him/herself last.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    No, we cannot “see” what you’re saying, although we CAN understand it.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    If we continue to allow people to make mistakes along the way, we’re doing them a disservice and will be, eventually, decimating the American language.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    Fabian, nobody has any right to make fun of your speech. I have known many people who were from different countries in my lifetime and I would never make fun of their speech. What I HAVE done is help them along by (tactfully) correcting their words. I would pull them aside or speak to them later about it and I’ve been repeatedly thanked for it.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    It’s sad that machine after machine will be taking away position after position. My first job was Burger King. That’s where I learned that (1) The customer is ALWAYS right and (2) If the customer is wrong, see rule 1. I also learned to get busy even when we weren’t busy, since we weren’t being paid to hang around chatting with each other. I already knew how to clean, and to do it well (Thank you, Mom), but remained teachable. Everyone knows how to do things, but they must be able to adapt to a particular business ‘ way of doing that thing/those things.
    Sadly, this seems to be a lost art.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    My up vote is for the second part of your comment. 🙂

  • SSC

    My big peeve is someone saying “I’m fine, thanks, and yourself?” in response to “How are you?” That’s the same as saying, “I’m fine, thanks, and how is yourself?” The correct response is either ‘I’m fine, thanks, and you?” (casual speech) or “I’m fine, thanks. How are you?” There are, of course, other correct responses, but you get the picture.

  • Sabby Sosa

    Who cares??? I clearly understand the difference between see what I’m saying, and understanding what I’m sayin… People like you take away the ability to be human, your focus on proper grammar is so beyond ridiculous that it’s repulsive and annoying. You lack the ability to accept people for who they are. You are a very sad judgmental person…

  • Mark Boabaca

    Your comment is from three months ago, but I had to remark at how you graciously accepted SSC’s corrections.

    You’re unique, sir. Thank you.

  • theoldsargesays

    Thank you.
    Correction’s are something I can deal with by using them as an opportunity to learn.
    The thing that I will not be so kind about are people who, lacking a valid counterpoint in a discussion, resort to being grammar Nazis- “Oh you said who’s when you should have used whose.”
    Those people I just cannot abide.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    Nah. If that had been the case, shouldn’t they have figured out a more reasonable solution? Because it was/is an advertisement, I would think they would want it to read correctly.
    It’s just a sad day when grammar, proper use of woeds, phrases, punctuation, exclamations, etc are tossed out the window, making room for another, quite abbreviated, alleged language. It’s like we, who know and use our language properly, are a dying breed.
    Forgive my rant, please. It just upsets me to see and hear our main communication being trashed the way it is.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    Or “ought TO have been.” (Just saying. Lol)

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    There certainly is.
    Did you know that the British USED to speak the way we do? It’s true. They began speaking in their ‘accent’ in order to further separate themselves from us and just to act snooty. They thought they were better than us and that we were going to miserably fail as a country.
    Look how far we’very come. Look at the advances we’ve made. All this so that the next generation can trash our language. …

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    Yes, Jim. You’re correct. When I first started working, (at Burger King ) I was TAUGHT to count back the change, always smile, look busy, even re-wiping something which was already clean. I was told, “Nobody pays you to stand around. You must ALWAYS look busy-even (or especially ) when you’re not. ” I’ve worked under that belief all my life. The customer IS always right-even when they’re dead-wrong.
    Yes, those days are, sadly, gone.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    I do NOT ” lack the ability to accept people for who they are”, what they choose to be, or anything else! I just lack the WILL to read things which are improperly written. Furthermore, if you’re so ‘repulsed ‘ by people correcting your grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc, may I invite you to go back to first grade English class? I believe that one can pick up such a class after hours at their local high school.

  • Boatswas

    I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt (and was being sarcastic… where *did* I put that special font???).

    I agree with you, though – “It’s just a sad day when grammar, proper use of ***woeds***, phrases, punctuation, exclamations, etc are tossed out the window…”

  • Boatswas

    That would explain why songs sung in English always seem to be with an American accent…

  • Boatswas

    A degree might not guarantee a job – but, a certificate of completion from a trade school in something like plumbing, welding, or any other important, but overlooked skill sets gives you a better chance at a job with better pay than your average college graduate.

  • Boatswas

    “…has swerved off *its* original course.”
    “Its” – belonging or pertaining to *it*.
    “It’s” – contraction for *it is*.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”


  • theoldsargesays

    This thread is four months old and you choose now to be that guy?
    It’s Friday night and this is when you choose to point out the difference between a possessive its and a contractive it’s?

  • Laydee Meow

    bias reporting

  • Polly

    That’s the way I learned it, too. It’s not always “I” either, such as, “she gave him and me some candy”. Some would say him and I, but she did not give I candy, she gave me candy.

  • Rosanna Hancock

    Lets do a reality check… Majority of companies do not hire full-time employees. You’d be lucky to get 28 hours even with a degree behind you. Most companies would rather hire an 18 year old over a 30 year old who has experience and a degree because they can save money by not paying more than 7.25 an hour. I am speaking from experience… I raised my three children working 32 hours at minimum wage even with an Associates degree. I needed government assistance with medical, food and cash. We did not go on vacations, have new clothes (everything came from thrift stores), presents for Christmas came from the Angel Tree program, and I was always afraid of losing my job when one of my children became sick and I had to take time off to care for them. Minimum wage is a joke! With a gallon of milk at almost 4.00, one would have to work 30 minutes to buy that one gallon. How about gasoline at 4.00 a gallon. At 15 gallons one would have to work 7.5 hours to fill their car up. At 8 hours you just bought one gallon of milk and 15 gallons of gas, leaving you just 20 hours of your 28 hour week left for other expenses (auto insurance, food, housing, electricity, childcare, medical, clothing…).

  • Outraged

    You’re the one who needs the reality check. If all you ever made was minimum wage, then I’m guessing that’s all you were ever worth. You should have kept your legs closed, got a better education, and done something with your life instead of popping out a bunch of kids that you couldn’t afford to support. It’s always someone else’s fault with you “gimme ‘dat” losers. You never want to take responsibility for your own lives. You just want other people, who’ve worked hard for a living and had the initiative to better their lives, to hand over the fruits of their efforts so you can keep living irresponsibly. I have absolutely no sympathy for you, and if your kids suffered through their childhood because the taxpayers didn’t give you enough or you couldn’t find someone stupid enough to pay you more than you were worth, then you should be prosecuted for child abuse.

  • There’s a revolution coming.

  • Boatswas

    Yeah, well … some of us don’t access teh Interwebs every day… and you claim that I *now* choose to be *that guy* …

    Have you forgotten that I’ve been *that guy* all along?

    They say that increased oxygen intake helps with failing memories. Coffee, too.

  • cat

    Assuming the father of those children is still alive, why should he bear no responsibility for those kids? Why should it all be on her, or the taxpayers ? Even if there is more than one father, he or they should be equally responsible. Easy to blame the mom alone.
    I don’t care if el_cheapo McDOnald’s uses robots or has a butler bring that garbage on a silver platter, it belongs in the trash. Junk food is filling, fattening and quick. Not so inexpensive anymore though. Mickey D’s can keep it.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    Lol. Typo. I’m sorry about that.

  • Alex Corthell

    No more getting wrong orders from somebody who can only speak 3 words of English. Kudos to mcdonalds

  • Chris19741949

    I have several friends who use the wrong pronouns all the time–“him and me” “her and I” to start a sentence…I grit my teeth..they are friends and I would like to keep them…
    The best one though, is “these ones”. If you hear it often enough, you will find yourself using it…

  • Keith

    This will make me shy away from Mac Nasty for sure. Not to mention, shouldn’t there be an adjustment to lower the prices. Gas is reasonable now and no employees either, meals should be dirt cheap!

  • Commotion

    This is a terrific idea! It has to accompany a cut in taxes for assistance programs and lower thresholds and shorter time limits for participation (you shouldn’t expect to make that wage and still get your freebies!), and those three key components would support higher costs for the product produced. It would be great to pay as you go to support these people and kill the gov programs.

  • Neil

    15 an hour here is direct result of free trade agreements allowing big business to ship the semi good paying jobs to China and India with no penalty. Leaving only service jobs here. So let’s take them away too. These same Chinese job creators aren’t paying the welfare bill. The middle class is. When will people wake up to the 1% raping of Americans and the American gov. Since they control the media it’s easy for them to focus people’s attention on lazy people rather than criminal ceos.

  • ocscorpio

    Typical conservative garbage. It’s not the rich who are milking our country, causing economic meltdowns, buying our government to work for them and not us…you’re right, it must be those poor people! I think it says a lot of the party of so-called Christians that they ridicule the poor. Jesus would be disgusted with the GOP.

  • KB

    @Leigh, Finally!! I was wondering when someone would bring up your point! I worked for a huge Corporation…what you said, is exactly how it works. It’s the small business owner who pays the Thank-You!!

  • jutta

    McDonald’s is not the only place that pays minimum wage I work in a tier two shop for the car Industry and it’s thru a contracting company and they only pay minimum wage and you’ll be lucky to get a raise to nine they just don’t want to pay….but if they would at least pay a little more the people who depends on the job for rent food doctor bills car and kids would help us poor ass people out….grocery and gas taxes and rent goes up and we’re suppose to live on a little over two hundred a week good luck and those of you who trash food stamps f you cause you just do understand you a bunch o hipacrite let’s see you try to survive they do need to raise min wage for everyone not just McDonald workers

  • Tay

    I get 2.13$ an hour, lol oh well.

  • Todd Jensen

    Wrong. There is no such rule.

  • Robert Ruedisueli

    I’ll tell you my response to the touch screen Cashier: Going to a different restaurant!

  • Todd Jensen

    ^ What grates on my nerves is when someone tries to correct that.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    What? No such rule as which?

  • Todd Jensen

    That the person speaking must put him/herself last.

  • Dill

    Honestly the reason people saying fast-food is hard work and they want more pay is because, they’re lazy and so use to the technology now and like really they don’t know what hard work is. I worked in a fast food when I was in school now I’m a welder and it’s 10x harder then standing over a grill and flipping a patty and I only get paid 15hr. Also if they increase minimum wage to 15 prices will go up for everything else. Theyll be no point for a raise of 15hr for minimum wage. My job will raise me up to 20 or 25 and the prices will boost to even out everything.

  • Johnna

    First of all when a fast food worker makes 15.00 an hour at entry level when I have been at my job for 10 years at 11.00 with no raises I’d be saying let me have that job.
    No offence but if McDonald’s is paying that much I need to really consider a change of employment.

  • Charlene Esaw

    With all due respect, I disagree with you. Where are you getting your “facts”? How do you know the intention of fast food establishment in regard to their workforce, I do not believe you are in a position to report what you have. I worked as an HR Manager for an Arby’s Franchisee with over 700 restaurants including a couple ancillary restaurants. I know what I made and what everyone in corporate made. In fact, I was surprised of how much money was made. Franchisee owners don’t become millionaires by chance. Further, the most successful restaurants in my markets where those that we provided full-time jobs, a living wage and career path to single parents. High school students were our worst employees. Most of them didn’t show up, wasn’t reliable and were not good workers for the reasons you outlined. But guess what happened? Turnover was reduced, which is a big cost to all business and profits increase. I speak from what I have experienced. Just saying…

  • James M

    I guess you don’t have to worry about anyone spitting in your food anymore haha.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    Would you say, “Me and him went to the store”? Or “Me and he went to the store”? There IS such a rule. Why don’t u go back to your elementary school English Language textbook and READ it this time? I think it will serve you well.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    I’ve heard French people speak that way. It’s possible that American English is their second language. I have tolerance for that and for other mistakes along the way. Not a problem. I just correct people who make mistakes, either from lack of knowledge of the American English language or the fact that they weren’t taught it properly. I would expect someone to help me along the way, as well, if it was a math problem, since it was always my very worst subject.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    And, the “no” at the end of that question is basically asking whether you agree or not. That’s the way a good many of non-American English languages work. Sentence structure is also very differs from country to country. I applaud anyone who comes to America and learns our language, since it’s known far and wide as one of the most difficult languages TO learn. I’m sorry if I sound like a ‘grammar nazi”. Please forgive me.

  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    Oh, you’re going, too?

  • Dan Bergman

    We’s a sure havin some fun readin these comments:)

  • Meagun Brockman

    All the ones saying poor people are dumb, poor people are drones blah blah. Man I hope this country stands firm forever because one big event breaks this country it’ll be the poor mother fuckers teaching you’re newly peasant ass how to survive. Lol I would love to see Facebook during that time.

  • Dan Bergman

    Whaaat? Everyone has a right to make fun of his speech, doing so is fun, I enjoy it very much. Guy I trained electrocuted himself, funniest thing but I digress, anyway his new name….Sparky.LOL…way of the world fabian….deal with it.

  • Travis

    Don’t forget to keep sentence ending puncuation inside your quotation marks :).

  • Todd Jensen

    I wouldn’t say either of the two choices you provided. I might say he and I went to the store. Or I could say Sara drove me and Dave to the store. Or she drove me and him to the store. I might even say she drove him and me to the store (but there is no rule that says I HAVE to).

    I would NOT say Sara drove he and I to the store. Unlike my other examples, this one is incorrect. This has nothing to the ORDER of the “people”; it has to do with whether “they” are the subject or object of the sentence.

  • Seth

    The funny thing is, you could probably get paid 15/hr to repair these things when they malfunction. Too bad that will require you to get off your ass and get some training in something useful. At least at the end of it all you can say you earned your 15/hr and didn’t just cry for it.

  • Ed

    Mr. Callaway…you spew typical right wing rhetoric..a living wage is necessary..further, to view this as “just not working out for them”..proves the oblivious lack of thought you’ve actually committed to the topic..Go have your Starbucks, and weekend hike..while these people struggle to get to work..instead of committing crimes, to sustain themselves…empathy..try getting some.


  • Eileen “MrsTsappy”

    Should one’s self be included, however, it IS proper to put self last. I would never say, “He drove me and Peter to the store.” That’s an improper sentence. The proper sentence is, “He drove Peter and me to the store.”
    Unless, of course, only Peter went! Lol!!

  • Hal Carter

    Why $15? It should be $25. Hell, lets put all the burger places and small Mom & Pop places out of business. The Greedy are just ignorant and can’t see the big picture and the impact on the economy. These greedy Liberal/Progressive socialists don’t understand or just don’t care about the impact of their actions/demands. The “Give Me” society will ruin the American economy. They want people like Bill Gates or Oprah (the 1%) to pay for their college. Bernie & Hillary need to put faces to their 1% instead of using broad stroke terms.

  • Jami Lewis

    Or my pet peeve…..”He gave it to John and I.”

  • Kent Krive Jr

    And 2 run on sentences…

  • Kent Krive Jr

    “Are” before minimum wage…

  • Joe

    Her proper English doesn’t really exist.. she said she’s in Canada. Ha another strike against her haha

  • 1cr

    why working people needed in mc Do than?

    Go toward total automatic distribution don’t stop half way if you have to.

    Even different languages or detailed infos on products are not a problem with touch screen.

    So, as user, the question is, why mc Donald without his professionals and pretty polite girls and guys?

    It’s going to become a different business, a different deal.

    Choose Mc. to pay GREED of propriety that earn like a restaurant giving you back an industrial low added-value service?

    Why not an automatic distributor with microwave preheated products than?
    why not a distributor of nutrition pills or battlefield rations?
    Or a shop where you don’t see the kitchen and stocks of what is ready available at all, you digit your thing on the screen, somehow you pay and through a window you receive your order…
    where’s the service, the value you are paying for?

    what’s a restaurant without people where drones serve you at the table? where robots in the kitchen prepare something edible. Does it worth the same money???