It Begins… Brazilian School Forces Jewish Students to Identify All Jews Among Them

brazil jews palestine
Document demands the identification of all Jews.

Brazilian substitute headmaster José Fernando Schlosser has forced all Jewish students and teachers to sign a document to identify all Jews among them. The names will be given to the Solidarity with Palestine Committee.
Pamela Geller reported:

Israel Bloom from Portugal’s blog AMIGO DE ISRAEL (Friend of Israel) sent me this. It’s 1938 all over again.

Difficult times are here again for us.

In Brazil, Mr. José Fernando Schlosser, substitute headmaster of Federal University of Santa Maria, forced all Jewish students and teachers to sign a document to identify the Jews among them.

The document was inspired on President Dilma Roussef politics of condamnation of Israel «crimes» against «Palestiniana People» and the names will be delivered to a Comitee of Solidarity With «Palestine».

yellow badge jews
Nazis demanded the mandatory ID badge for Jews in 1939.

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  • sw74

    No doubt – we’ll be expecting our union democrap educator thugs to be taking notes.

    Just unreal. Never thought in our life times would we see real life reenactments of Hitler risen from hell.
    Like a bad unending nightmare that will not go away.

  • sw74

    “substitute headmaster José Fernando Schlosser “

    There’s the key problem – Substitute.
    Make that dick’s title ‘Former Temporary’ headcase master.

    Edit: He replied that he didn’t send out the memo.

    Most likely trying to squirm out the negativity sht-storm it created. But who knows if he’s even telling the truth?!

  • Pat Loudoun

    Whenever progressives get even a bit of power, they want to start rounding up and killing people.

    Every damned time.

  • Redwine123

    Schlosser? Hmmm… Nazi in background? Certainly Nazi in deed.

  • Patty

    substitute headmaster? substitute, I never knew a sub had that much power.

    José Fernando Schlosser

  • Patty

    Reproduction of the memorandum that surfaced on social media and
    carried the text “Freedom for Palestine, Boycott Israel” were forgeries
    of the original, which did not contain that text, the university said in
    a statement to local media. The university said it would file its own
    complaint for forgery.

    Parties offended by the memorandum filed a criminal
    complaint against Schlosser for allegedly inciting discrimination on
    race, color, ethnicity, religion or national affiliation, O Globo
    reported. But in a statement to media, the university’s dean, Paulo
    Afonso Burmann, insisted that the memorandum, which he said was issued
    at the request last year of five groups, was “in compliance with the law
    on freedom of information.”

    Schlosser’s memorandum “was a clearly discriminatory measure, done by a high-ranking official in the federal education system, and it should be dealt with the severity it merits,” CONIB President Fernando Lottenberg wrote in a statement posted Thursday on CONIB’s website.

  • sw74

    He claims that it was ‘forged’. Don’t know if he’s telling the truth … or just being a slimy grease ball.
    If it turns out the memo was real, then he’s one sick, bald headed sack of douches!

  • Patty

    Professor Schlosser meanwhile took to his Facebook page to deny the
    memo which he says was “grossly forged” and the accusations of
    anti-Semitism, saying that he has “no personal position on the Jewish
    question and Palestine. I am not a scholar on the subject, nor do I have
    experience regarding the conflict.”

    “Those who know my reputation know that I do not have these feelings. I am a person who does not discriminate.”

    Schlosser added that he is “sorry” for the memo and is “worried, however, by the threats that I have received.”

    Schlosser added that he is “sorry” for the memo and is “worried, however, by the threats that I have received.”

    Ah, you think?

  • Patty

    LOL!! sw74, that’s funny. but this idiot “substitute” is no laughing matter. (sack of douches, that is)

  • sw74

    Oops. just saw your other posts up top.

  • Patty

    Sorry, I didn’t read through the comments before me. Any way, the guy disgust me and needs to be stopped. Something fishy going on here.

    I saw your comment after I posted. But look at it this way, we think a lot alike.

  • No kidding. Coming soon.

    And Just Who are the Useless Eaters?

  • Patty

    Well, fyi,

    This too is communism! We are watching our nation change every day that obama is in the white house.

    Obama To Circumvent Congress With ‘Gag Order’ On Firearm Coverage

    White House Schemes to Place ‘Gag Order’ On Firearm Coverage

    Since that time Representatives like Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY)
    (R-KY-4th) have placed riders on a DOJ appropriations bill to stop portions of the executive gun control push in its tracks. Now the NRA-ILA is revealing that the Obama administration is working behind the scenes to stifle reporting on firearms.

    From the NRA-ILA:

    Even as news reports have been highlighting the gun control provisions of the Administration’s “Unified Agenda” of regulatory objectives, the Obama State Department has been quietly moving ahead with a proposal that could censor online speech related to firearms.

    How can this happen?

    Obama needs to be impeached as he is IGNORING (once again) our Constitution Rights, 1st and 2nd amendments.

  • Wulf2000

    There will be an investigation to get to the bottom of this ugly incident. Schlosser said it was a forgery and at this point I will hold my judgement until the truth emerges.

  • Charlotta Jones

    On his page he attempts to deny it but actually admits he did it, several times, for “administrative reasons” to quantify the NUMBER of JEWS

  • Ganesha_akbar

    Another Soros “open society” disciple, no doubt.

  • b2-2ac

    Too too many “Stealth Nazis” bred in South America and this is what their offspring produced.
    “The Boys from Brazil”

  • Jock

    Where the deuce is the outrage in Obama’s America. Oh…..Just answered my own question

  • Onebysea

    The Nazis are on the rise in Brazil.

  • forgivn73

    how did he force them? I wouldn’t identify.

  • pdigaudio

    This guy would approve.

  • iirc (and I may be wrong) brazil was one of the places they fled to during the end of WW2.

  • Ricemanstm

    What the f*ck? Thank God for the 2A here in the States..and I will protect the Jewish people from this kind of crap…never again!

  • OldSailor

    sw74 and Patty, I agree wholeheartedly with both of you. If this letter turns out to be real then our government really needs to turn a blowtorch on Brazilia.

    But we all know that Prez Zero will do no such thing and the Jewish citizens of this country won’t do or say anything to try to force him to.

  • OldSailor

    A repeat of history? Nazi tactics being repeated.

  • george orwell

    “Schlosser.” There’s a real Brazilian surname for you… ahem…

  • Guest

    A Timely Reminder.

  • IrishMutt

    You beat me to it. I was going to feign surprise over TBFB being a documentary, not fiction as I’d always supposed.

    Perhaps I’m being too discriminate this morning, but while I like both your moniker and your avatar they strike me as conceptually orthogonal to each other. I’m sure you know what I mean. What’s up with that?

  • IrishMutt

    Nearly as much as would “The Prophet.”

  • BillyBob Bob

    Names would be delivered to a Committee of Solidarity With «Palestine» to do what with?

  • Rose

    Anyone who doesn’t find this bone-chilling is already dead in their soul.

  • Rose

    It was. And Argentina, too, wasn’t it?

  • IIRC yes. been years since I looked it all up though so my memory is fuzzy

  • tommy mc donnell

    kinda like the treatment of white kids in American colleges. and it is the same people doing it; the political left. but you know the democrat party-media complex will blame conservatives.

  • tommy mc donnel

    will it be like the investigation into fast and furious, Benghazi, the irs, ect.?

  • Skydiver

    Substitute headmaster? Is that like Obersturmbannführer Schlosser?

  • paw516

    Didn’t a lot of Nazis move to Brazil after the fall of Hitler?

  • lazypadawan

    I was just about to say, what did his grandpa do back in the “Fatherland” before he had to high-tail it to South America?

  • Patty

    Thank you, Old Sailor.

  • Hank_Scorpio

    Boy he sure looks Brazilian….. In a Weimer Republic kind of way….

  • Steve J

    You can’t spell progreSSive without SS.

  • marco

    Here is his FB profile. I sent him a message asking if he did this heinous act.

  • marco
  • genann59

    Net neutrality, aka govt control of the internet starts in a few days. Expect censorship of articles and free expression on the internet to start immediately. A major hurdle for the coming dictatorship has been breached.

  • genann59

    Many if not most conservatives would do the same. That is why we are also considered by this admin as domestic terrorists and set to be rounded up for the FEMA camps with the Jews.

  • genann59

    Mexico also took in many. Lots of German last names in Mexico, whose families immigrated very shortly after WWII. And not Jews.

  • genann59

    The claim is the memo is real, the photo of the Palestinian group forged. He admits sending out the memo as an administrative measure to determine the number and identify of Jewish students and faculty.

  • genann59

    There is a huge movement in colleges and universities in the US to discriminate against Jewish students and Christian students and to boycott any and all Jewish businesses, and anything related to Israel. Largely led by the progressives and the huge number of Arab/muslim students Obama has flooded our nation with.

  • mike

    Actually, Brazil has a large population of German immigrants from before the Nazis ever came to power.

  • Sam H

    Says ‘Israelis.’ Not Jews.

  • Hal Johnfree

    Karl Marx was a Satanist….Folks don’t understand that liberlaism/socialism/communism are all different shades of the same color…and that color is EVIL!!!

  • Avspatti

    They weren’t on guard.

  • Avspatti

    Definitely Argentina.

  • Avspatti

    Everything since 2008 has been a nightmare.

  • sw74

    Cool, thanks for stepping up. I don’t do facelessbook or tittytwitter.. so not able to call or curse people out. :

  • Mfirebrand1
  • Thomas Greg Lowenstein

    The biggest mistake we made was not hunting them down like animals

  • todmac

    Brazil became a safe haven for Nazis after WW2.

  • Yan

    The dean is just a public servant; he has to carry out the request, no matter his personal opinion on the matter.

    The real issue is who is behind such request. Several brazilian teacher and student unions, all of them with political ties to parties from center/radical Left.
    And brazilian government are a bunch of leftist mobsters who rub shoulders with anti-western dictators in Africa and Middle East.

  • Selina Moses

    And what will the committee do with those names? Spit on those Jews or go and attack them and their houses? Nazism is back and that’s not surprising considering the shelter South America gave to those degenerates

  • Richard Beres

    the jewish ‘question’? oy vey. the palestinian question is more like it. the answer? no one knows

  • Richard Beres

    “substitute, lies for fact…”

  • Richard Beres

    mostly paraguay

  • DatBus

    WTF? How is this even LEGAL? Feast your eyes on the handi-work of the “Progressive” Left.

  • Angela Horne

    he has been dead for over one hundred years; boycott your computer, end the hypocrisy
    you should blame whoever is alive, they are adults deciding on their politics for themselves

  • Susan Ford Keller

    Read “When a Nation forgets God” by Erwin Lutzer. It speaks to the many striking parallels between our fascist America and Nazi Germany. He quotes Dietrich Bonhoefer, a contemporary of Niemoller, who was hanged by the Nazis for speaking out against the crimes of Nazi Germany.

  • Hal Johnfree

    DGI….means Don’t get it…and your aere the poster child for that Phrase

  • Mike

    Hitler was not a “progressive,” he was a fascist, an authoritarian who was very far right on both social issues and economic ones. FDR was perhaps the most “progressive” president we have ever had and he was the one that invaded Germany to stop Hitler. Liberalism does not equal Nazism they are two very different things.

    -History and Poli-Sci Double Major from the University of California Berkeley.

  • mbabbitt

    Liberal Fascism; the Progressives of today who want to shut up conservatives share so very much with the totalitarians of yesteryear. They deny it but it seems you must believe what they believe – or else.

  • Olterigo

    I guess we all dreamt up how Hitler was the head of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. The word Socialist must have really meant Capitalist or something.
    In their program they demanded, among other things, abolition of unearned income, nationalization of many industries, an expansion of old-age pensions, prevention of all kinds of “speculation.” But on a much more basic level, the Nazis pretty accurately resuscitated Karl Marx’s idea that “Jewishness” was connected to capitalism. (Though, of course, Marx did not agitate for slaughtering Jews by the millions, the basic idea for the association came from him.) Modern socialists are loath to admit it, but this is in fact the case.

  • Steve

    Stupid Israelis keep on hiring Palestinians to come to work ready to kill Jews. Close the gates, stop teasing them, and triple tax any Jew that hires them.

  • Steve

    He was a na zi

  • Pat Loudoun

    The funny part is I wasn’t only thinking of Hitler when I wrote that. But thanks for your version of a history lesson.

    Helpful hint: Advertising that you were taught what you “know” by Marxist revisionists is no way to go through life, son.

    (Sorry. I forgot the trigger warning. JIC you were born Michelle.)

  • Pat Loudoun

    AKA, a “network”.

  • Nick

    No one is being killed in Brazil. What they’re doing isn’t right, but they’re not killing anyone. Israel on the other hand…

  • ikick

    Hang on a moment…. Aren’t all Arabs in Israel forced to carry documents identifying them as such? Or is it only Palestinians?

  • Sandy

    What do u mean israel on the other hand? Pls finish the sentence

  • Eric-Odessit

    So, you studied History and Political Science at UC Berkeley? That is obviously your problem. If you would have learned the real history, not the leftist crap you were fed at Berkeley, you would know that National Socialism is, in fact, a leftist ideology. You would also know that the Soviet and Nazi regimes were almost identical. You would also know that Socialism (National, as in Nazi Germany, or international, as in the Soviet Union) is totalitarian by its nature. You would also know that among the dictators of the 20th Century, the most victims were claimed by Mao, a Communist, followed by Stalin, also a Communist. Hitler comes a distant 3rd. Finally, a bit of anecdotal evidence, from my own family. I am a naturalized American, originally from the former Soviet Union. I am also Jewish, so I obviously have no love for the Nazis. So, my grandpa used to tell me how, after the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed in August of 1939, all the Soviet newspapers were praising it and proclaiming friendship forever between two SOCIALIST countries. For your real education in History I recommend a documentary called “The Soviet Story”. Google it. I did find it for free. It is mostly in English and Russian, but there are English subtitles. I needed them because there were 2 interviews in Latvian, which I don’t speak.
    Good luck.

  • mikeb112

    are you really this stupid? You should demand your tuition back with interest. sheesh

  • Mark 7

    Thank you Eric, an excellent rebuttal to the boy from Berkeley. I’m a former history major myself and you knocked this one out of the park!

  • EdM

    To suggest that FDR “was the one that invaded Germany to stop Hitler” takes a huge blind leap into 1945, ignoring much of what happened from 1939 through 1944 as well as every other Allied leader and nation involved.

  • Mark Gamon

    The Soviet and Nazi regimes were near identical in their effect, but that doesn’t make either of them an ideology of the radical left. They were both Fascist dictatorships, whatever language they used to dress up their evil. Ditto Mao.

  • Ted Seay

    No use trying to disown either Stalinist Russia or Maoist China from the far left — that’s how they identified themselves, that’s how everyone else identified them, that’s the banner they waved while killing hundreds of millions…

    Nor does either meet even the most basic tests of fascism: “reactionary authoritarian nationalism” is the least common denominator definition, and neither Stalin nor Mao came close to meeting it.

    Distance yourself as you might, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot will forever define the dangers of the unfettered far Left in power…

  • Benki Vt

    Those who can not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it

  • Korgarath

    Nope, it’s Islam that wants to start rounding up and killing people (well I say start, in some places they already do). The progressives are just unwittingly helping them in their goals, useful idiots.

  • Korgarath

    1.7 million Arab Muslims live in Israel how many Jews live in Islamic countries ruled by sharia law (or more to the point how many would keep their heads).

  • Mao and Stalin killed more non-combatants but that’s because they were in power longer. The Nazis remain the scariest because of their efficiency at killing Jews and other minorities.

  • Mila

    Your post is more or less accurate. The substitute headmaster asked to grad schools staff to identify students and professors, that are from Israeli origin, who study or work at that university. I am not trying to correct the information to make any excuse for his disgusting actions (which, by the way, came by the order of the University rector himself), but to point out the real information.

    Also, I must point that the rector gave the order because of a request that came from “Palestinian People Solidarity committee from Santa Maria” (in the document it appears as Comitê Santamarinense de solidariedade ao povo palestino”), the university student’s union (mentioned as “DCE”), the university’s professor syndicate (“SEDUFS”) and the university’s office of employee (ASSUFSM).

    The first document sent by those entities, when they requested the information over Isreali students and professors, also mention a lot of “criminal war” charges against Isreal. The image of their document was published by this journalist:

    I must point, also, that this same journalist had said that one member of the “Palestinian People Solidarity committee from Santa Maria” is a politician from brazilian president’s party, and you could see this information (and the politician picture- named state representative Paulo Pimenta) here:

  • Phil Cohen

    Maybe a good idea would be to start compiling lists of “progressives”

  • Phil Cohen

    No use even debating the Berkley boys-girls-and-in-betweens…. you aren’t goinfg to change a single mind. Better to do to them what they would do to others. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • Phil Cohen

    Also worth noting is that the leftists seem to NEVER post their real names. They are cowards, one and all.

  • Phil Cohen

    More like “Happy Collaborators” than “useful idiots”

  • Phil Cohen

    Too late for apologies.

  • GoingKnightly

    Last I checked, Israel wasn’t killing anyone as a deliberate act. Shooting those who tried to attack and kill others is an acceptable response to attempted murder. Just check your laws. Whereas Daesh and Boko Haram just slaughter everyone. What Brazil is doing is getting the information lined up so as to ostracize, harass, demean and ‘boycott’ those who are identifiably Jewish, in order to somehow punish Israel. Like blaming the Blacks in America for the killings of Boko Haram. No logic, no intelligence, just pure unreasoning hatred and stupidity.

  • Kicker

    And you would have us believe that today’s Progressives are not authoritarians? Consider the rapidly expanding scope, intrusiveness, and power of our current Progressive administration, and their overt willingness to use that power against anyone standing in their way. From Cleve Bundy to Tea Party groups, anyone who has opposed today’s Progressive government has seen that laws are “optional” when it comes to using the power of the State to punish opponents. And the killings in our urban centers by “social activists” should make it also clear that violence is an integral part of the Progressive game plan.

    (And don’t ignore the various members of the administration who openly called for forced sterilization, birth control, and imposed eugenics programs. Just like the Nazis!!)

  • Just to make it clear.
    The original did not contain the palestine propaganda(freedom for palestine…) it was added later.
    But the document was really sent, which is a insult to me, as a taxpayer (it`s a federal university) and as a citizen.

    Both the headmaster and the substitute gave interviews at local radio stations and some newspapers, trying to justify their act. They justify it according to a Brazilian law that say all government companies must provide access to internal information for their citizens as requested. So I, as a citizen can require to see their balance, salaries, process and etc, in other words: ways to citizens regulate public administration not a excuse to ask who is jew. That’s is a crime here.

  • Nick

    Check again.

  • Ezekiel 36 26

    I did. You’re still wrong, idiot.

  • Ezekiel 36 26

    ‘Hitler was not a “progressive,” he was a fascist.’ The epitome of the expression, “two sides of the same coin”.

  • Ezekiel 36 26

    By your omission I’ll conclude you do agree they are at least “rounding them up”. Is murdering them in cold blood far behind?

  • Tavern Keepers

    Hitler was not a fascist, he was a socialist. The most progressive president we ever had didn’t go into Europe to save the Jews, he really didn’t care. In fact he did everything he could to stay out of the war, not wanting to be compared to the previous progressive president, Woodrow Wilson. He had the US enter the war in the form of providing financial aid, weapons and supplies to Allied forces and China with the Lend Lease program, but that was as far as he was willing to take it for a long time.

    We entered the war with boots on the ground only after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and also after an extraordinary amount of lobbying by Winston Churchill, who out of sheer desperation offered up territories for our use as military bases after the war, and a wide array of technologies.

    I cannot comprehend how you view Hitler as right-wing on any issue. He believed that the state had the absolute right to control every aspect of an individual’s life, from who could and should breed and with whom, to who deserved to have medical treatment and or die. He believed the the Reich had the authority to tell you what products your businesses could produce, and where you should live based on your Aryan credentials. There is nothing conservative or “right-wing” about that…. most conservatives I have ever met want smaller government, and less interference in our personal lives.

    Even FDR’s contemporaries thought him to be a national leader on par with Hitler and Mussolini (who was actually a fascist, just so you’re clear) –

    “In the North American Review in 1934, the progressive writer Roger
    Shaw described the New Deal as “Fascist means to gain liberal ends.” He
    wasn’t hallucinating. FDR’s adviser Rexford Tugwell wrote in his diary
    that Mussolini had done “many of the things which seem to me necessary.”
    Lorena Hickok, a close confidante of Eleanor Roosevelt who lived in the
    White House for a spell, wrote approvingly of a local official who had
    said, “If [President] Roosevelt were actually a dictator, we might get
    somewhere.” She added that if she were younger, she’d like to lead “the
    Fascist Movement in the United States.” At the National Recovery
    Administration (NRA), the cartel-creating agency at the heart of the
    early New Deal, one report declared forthrightly, “The Fascist
    Principles are very similar to those we have been evolving here in

    Roosevelt himself called Mussolini “admirable” and professed that he
    was “deeply impressed by what he has accomplished.” The admiration was mutual. In a laudatory review of Roosevelt’s 1933 book Looking Forward, Mussolini wrote, “Reminiscent of Fascism is the principle that the state no longer leaves the economy to its own devices.… Without question, the mood accompanying this sea change resembles that of Fascism.” The chief Nazi newspaper, Volkischer Beobachter, repeatedly praised “Roosevelt’s adoption of National Socialist strains of thought in his economic and social policies” and “the development toward an authoritarian state” based on the “demand that collective good be put before individual self-interest.”

    I am not sure why you think any of us would be impressed with your professed double major in history and poli-sci from Berkley of all places. The fact that you think the Nazi’s were fascists tells me one of two things. It either confirms my belief that Berkley is a bastion of liberal propaganda and lies, or it that you are lying. Which ever it is, I would like to suggest that you at least Google your facts before you post inaccuracies and then declare your credentials like that somehow makes the wrong information more reliable.

  • Hitler was a far right socialist, and your academic pedigree is not a legit education.

  • Ezekiel 36 26

    Even his language is that of a Nazi..e.g., “the Jewish question”. Sounds eerily similar to Adolf’s expression “the final solution to the Jewish question”.

  • LostSok

    “Progressives” huh? Someone needs to study history. Hitler was not a “progressive.” Nor was Stalin. Conservatives love to point out that NAZI has “socialist” in the title, but always seem to ignore the “nationalist” part.

    Let’s rewrite Pat’s sentence the way he wants to rewrite history: “Whenever nationalists get even a bit of power, they want to start rounding up and killing people.”

    Because THAT is accurate.

  • Boaz

    Just when you thought its only about Israelis, and not Jews…

  • Pat Loudoun

    Heh. Look at the idiot who thinks that Stalin wasn’t a leftists. No doubt Mao was just wildly misunderstood.

    So what if Hitler and Goebbels borrowed heavily from, oh what’s his name? Woodrow Wilson? That’s right. Wilson. The KKK admirer. Same for some chick who just loved her eugenics. What was her name?

    That’s right. Margaret Sanger. Oddly considered to be the mother of planned parenthood. Now that’s irony, eh?

    I doubt it will ever happen, but maybe one day you’ll get your head out of your culu.

  • Doug Todd

    Berkeley?? (He admits it in a public forum!)

  • JosephKr

    The obvious thing going on here: what derivation is the name “Schlosser”? …he wondered out loud with sarcasm fairly dripping all over. This is absolutely ridiculous!

  • JosephKr

    Just another note: FDR entered the war only AFTER Pearl Harbor pretty much forced him in. Meantime the U.S. was busy selling arms all over the place to their allies. The real hero of that period was Truman, who not only made the decision to use the Bomb, but also supported the formation of the state of Israel after learning of the Nazi atrocities. I refer you to Dave Sim’s excellent graphic work on this, entitled “Judenhass”, for a capsule history of the period.

  • He is not Headmaster, but a vice-(reitor (president) of a Federal University!

  • MadDemon64

    I guess that makes every single conservative christian who wants to get rid of all Muslims a progressive.

    Wait what?

  • MadDemon64

    Except he did learn the real history.

    You on the other hand took some random unverified article and assumed it was true.

    What Americans call socialism and Europeans call socialism are two completely different thing. Same goes for various other terms (for example, the average European conservative is more progressive than the average American liberal).

    Communism is not pregressivism or liberalism. At all. Socialism is closer, but still different enough to NOT be considered either part of progressivism or liberalism.

    Your ignorance of history is appalling.

  • MadDemon64

    Well then, by that logic, Hitler, Osama bin Laden, and the Kims define the dangers of the unfettered far right in power.

    But then again, the average left isn’t stupid enough to lie about how everyone on the right is like those men. Unlike the average right.

    Also, neither meets “the most basic test of facism”, because there is no definition. Had you bothered to read past the first sentence of the wikipedia article you pulled your “definition” from, you would know this.

  • Pat Loudoun

    Ahh yes. The easiest way to spot a dishonest douche.

    “…get rid of ALL Muslims…”

    It’s astounding that you think that crap works with anyone other than a liberal drone. The rest of us aren’t that stupid.

  • MadDemon64

    Uh, that’s because Stalin wasn’t a leftist. He was a communist.

    There’s a huge difference between the two. But I wouldn’t expect someone like you with zero grasp on history to understand such a simple concept.

  • Pat Loudoun

    Beyond. Parody.

  • MadDemon64

    You remind me of the people who think that black people should never vote for a democrat since, “Democrats started the KKK.”

    Yes. They did. Back when they were the conservatives and republicans were the liberals. But in modern times things have reversed: republicans are conservatives and democrats are liberals.

    Actually, that’s an apt phrase: you are so behind the modern times you think that democrats are still conservatives.

  • DavidMiami

    Apparently, no one here actually speaks Portuguese. The circular seeks information on all the “israelenses,” which does not mean Jews (which would be “judeus” or “hebreus”), it means Israelis, i.e., citizens of the State of Israel, regardless of religion or ethnicity, the same as the English word “Israeli.” That in itself is awful and terrible, but let’s be accurate in our outrage.

  • dragontech64

    Funny how you blame it on progressives when this is a carbon copy of the ultra-Right Wing Fascist policies of Nazi Germany, the antithesis of progressive.

  • dragontech64

    While the Nazis and Soviets CALLED themselves Socialist, NEITHER ran under a socialist system. Fascism, which is what Nazis were, IS a far Right ideology, and calling it “Socialist” to make it sound better was pure propaganda, just like calling the Tea Party anything BUT Fascist, or Israel anything but a terrorist state.

  • dragontech64

    “reactionary authoritarian nationalism” is exactly what Maoist China and Stalinist Russia promulgated.
    Stalin was so xenophobic on anything NOT part of their nation that after sending his pilots to learn combat techniques in the Spanish Civil war, he executed EVERY SINGLE ONE as “polluted by foreign ideals”.

  • dragontech64

    Better that then the Right’s idea of “education” -> University of Pulled It Out My Ass.

  • dragontech64

    You are going to cite Cliven Bundy (whose name you cannot even spell correctly) as a pillar of the Right? A liar and THIEF like Bundy? REALLY? Good god how stupid the Right has become.

  • Eric-Odessit

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Every regime that proclaimed itself to be Leftist or Socialist left rivers of blood in its wake, yet the modern Leftists/Socialists in the West always say that those regimes were really not Socialist, or they did it wrong. It is amazing. But the key is that all the various interpretations of Socialism seek to restrict individual freedom and re-distribute wealth for the greater good of society. Everything else is matter of degree to which they are willing to go. For example, Ernst Rohm was to the Left of Hitler. His followers indeed wanted to implement full Soviet style “workers’ takeover” of the factories, while Hitler boasted that there was no reason to remove business owners from control of their businesses, as long as they do what the Nazi government tells them to do. If they did not, they were forced out. One example would be Hugo Junkers, who disagreed with the Nazis. So, the famous Stuka dive-bomber Ju-87 was developed without Hugo Junkers (of course, he had died by the time it was developed). Had Rohm’s faction prevailed over Hitler’s, there would have been much greater number of German victims of National Socialism prior to 1939.
    Stalin murdered many millions, but Trotsky, his mortal enemy, was to the LEFT of Stalin. We would never know how many more people would have died, had Trotsky prevailed in the Soviet Union. But Mao provides some indication: he was more of a Trotsky’s follower.
    As for “reactionary authoritarian nationalism”, that sounds like something I might have heard in a Soviet school, growing up. In reality the economic policies of all the totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century were similar, and only differed by degree to which they were applied. Extreme nationalism was a feature of German variety of Socialism, but it did not apply to Italian, Spanish, or Soviet varieties. Besides, how do you define “nationalism”? The Nazis excluded Jews and Gypsies from their society, but what if they did not? What if they would apply nationalism in terms of Greater Germany, and included minorities within as part of their world view? There is a modern example of such nationalism: Putin’s Russian nationalism does not exclude the minorities within from his view of “Greater Russia”.
    My point is that all the totalitarian ideologies of the 20th Century were simply versions of the same leftist socialist idea at their core. The modern Western Leftists simply are not willing to admit that those regimes of the 20th Century were logical conclusions of their ideology. Although, sometimes they are quite open about going pretty far: witness criminal prosecutions for “hate speech” in Europe.

  • Eric-Odessit

    Have you even bothered to read my post to the end?

    You don’t know anything about me, you don’t know what books and in what language I read on history, World War 2 history in particular, and yet you somehow assume that I base my comment on some random article from the Internet.
    Both the Soviets and the Nazis called their system socialist. Why do you try to argue with them? You say that they were really not socialist, yet modern Western Socialists/Leftists advocate policies that are trending toward Soviet and Nazi policies, albeit to a lesser extent. But let me clarify my background, so you’ll know where my knowledge of the Soviet Union in particular comes from. Let’s see if you can read the following:
    Придурки вроде тебя не имеют понятия об истории. Такие как ты слушают своих профессоров-коммунистов и не задают им лишних вопросов. Такие как ты кричат о толлерантности, но затыкают рот всякому кто с ними не согласен. Уматывай из моей Америки. Езжай в Северную Корею или на Кубу. Тебе там наверное понравится.

    Have I sufficiently clarified my background?

  • Ted Seay

    We DO understand the concept “nationalism”, don’t we?

    And we also get that Stalin was a Georgian national, and not Russian?

    …product of U.S. public education, by any chance?

  • Ilana

    Israel’s policies against Palestine are very deliberate.

  • Kicker

    Regardless of what he may, or may not, have done, the Bundy incident is a clear example of Progressives using the police power of the State to impose their agenda on unwilling subjects. Bundy was being driven off the land to facilitate a Chinese sponsored “green energy” program. One, no doubt, that would have paid off handsomely to well connected Progressives within the Washington power structure.

    And, I might add, you response is typical of Progressives. Vicious attacks on the person or people involved, but not a word on the substance of the debate. As to “become stupid”, far from it. Instead, we are simply no longer willing to acquiesce to the arrogance of Progressives and their minions. (Feel free to include yourself in that latter group.)

  • MadDemon64

    Я могу использовать компьютерную программу, чтобы перевести мои слова с одного языка на другой тоже. Это не то, что впечатляет. Он также опровергает Ваше заявление, чтотот факт, что вас в курсе по делам несовершеннолетних напыщенную речь на русском языке , является доказательством , что вы из Советского Союза .
    Идиот .

    Oh, they weren’t socialist, not by western standards at least. History has proven that much. There is not a single modern western socialist/leftist policy that even remotely resembles anything remotely resembling any Soviet or Nazi policies. Unlike the policies people like you are preaching (you know, racism, spreading lie filled propaganda instead of the truth). Sure, they aren’t close, but still closer than what western leftists are doing.

    I love how you assumed that I had communist professors who forced me to never ask questions, just because I disagreed with you. It’s hilarious how you don’t realize how you are acting more like your fictional depiction of a leftist than an actual leftist.
    It’s also sad and pathetic, but then again, you actually think you know your history when you have demonstrated a knowledge that is eclipsed by a kindergartener’s knowledge.

  • Ted Seay

    …except the Kims aren’t “far right” by any stretch of the imagination:

    “North Korea is possible the only truly Communist regime left in the world. Since the Cold War ended the people of most communist states turned away from the controlling regimes to embrace democracy. Even China and Cuba are adapting the socialist revolutionary philosophies they were based on, and are embracing capitalism and free market economies.

    “In North Korea, this is not the case. The State owns everything, and controls everything: including the hearts and minds of its citizens.”


    State ownership of the means of production is communism, period. Neither Nazi Germany, nor Fascist Italy, nor even Francoist Spain, was characterized by government ownership of production. So your attempts to conflate fascism with communism fails through sheer ignorance on your part. Nice try, though.

    Reading that wiki on fascism and concluding “there is no definition” is what I’d expect of the average American high school grad these days; am I getting close?

    Here’s a simpler definition, in keeping with your apparent reading level:

    (If you have a problem with the existence of a definition by an authoritative source, contradicting as it does your view that there ain’t no definition, take it up with the Oxford dictionary people — I’m sure they’ll give you a thorough hearing…)

    And what sovereign nation did Osama control?

    Apart from two major lapses in reading comprehension, then, I’d say you’re doing very well. When is your GED final exam?

    Finally: Reading “will forever define the dangers of the unfettered far Left in power” as “how everyone on the [left/right] is like those men” is just plain ignorant. Recuse yourself from future discussions. Get an education. Better yourself.

  • Normando782

    FDR did not invade Germany, Japan, Germany`s ally attacked the US. FDR gave as much support to the British prior to the US entering the war but America did have an isolationist policy at the time. You can argue about the nature of the socialism practised by Nazi Germany and Russia but when the fog clears you should agree that they were led by dictators who were responsible for the murder of tens of millions of people.

  • MadDemon64

    That…wasn’t a conflation. It was a comparison. The fact that you got that wrong shows that you’re the ignorant one here, not me.

    And yes, you’re right, that is what the average American high school grad does this day. Given how you used the wiki for your incorrect definition, you must have been a high school dropout. But yes, there is no definition. Again, read your sources all the way through. But then again..oh, wait a second…oxford dictionary’s definition disagrees with your definition. Huh, imagine that, someone who can’t be bothered to do any real research getting something wrong. It’s almost as if you’re a moron.

    Also, what does Osama being in control of a nation have to do with anything? I never said anything about him being in control of anything, just using him as an example of something that was not related to a nation or government control.

    But you’re, right, it is ignorant…of you to think that I actually read it like that.

    I’m guessing you failed your GED final exam, because your reading comprehension is, well, let’s face it, you don’t have any reading comprehension skills. I would tell you got take your own advice on getting an education and bettering yourself, but you are clearly not interested in being anything but ignorant.

  • Normando782

    Israel is an open society with a free press, on the other hand Hamas in Gaza controls the press, Hamas killed hundreds of Fatah supporters launched thousands of rockets at Israel from areas where there were civilians and Fatah rounds up Hamas supporters in the West Bank and eliminates them as well as paying jailed terrorists. The Brazilians are duplicating the Nazi policies, and oh yes, there were Arabs fighting alongside the Nazis during WW2.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Please elaborate as to how Fascism is a far right ideology.

  • dragontech64

    Bundy was driven off the land he was ILLEGALLY grazing his cattle on, because of his flat refusal, over 20 years, to pay the required grazing fees. That makes him a thief, stealing from all of us. What use the land was put to after does not change the fact that he is, and always will remain, a THIEF, and nothing more.

  • David Scott

    Nazis were/are fascists. They were/are not socialists or communists. in fact, prior to murdering Jews, homosexuals, Roma/Sinti, the mentally and physically handicap, they murdered socialists and communinists. These are FACTS. The whole argument where the nazis fall on a political “line” is absurd. Calling them something they weren’t (socialists/communists) is a disservice to combating their ideology. The only reason American politicians (and their supporters) argue about where the nazis lie, is because they don’t want to be associated with the nazi party. The fact is each American political side has issues. Also, no one has come close to carrying out what Hitler did. There are isolated events of antisemtism, which should be addressed, but to claim that history is repeating itself because of this one example and then arguing about whether nazis are fascists or socialists, really takes away from the core problem. Antisemetism is that core problem.

  • Xeb97

    Fascisms IS Socialism. The Nazis were Communists. They controlled everything. Like Communists, they supported a totalitarian state unlike the far-right movement that is against any kind of state. They call themselves anarchists.But to say that Hitler was far right is ridiculous. He was a communist who believed in an all-powerful state that control people and the industry.

  • MadDemon64

    So, your real name is Phil Cohen?

  • MadDemon64

    The Nazis were anti-communist.
    They hated communism.

    What bonebrained source did you pull your information out of?

  • Pat Loudoun

    And here people, is the reasoning of a true idiot.

    “Republicans are big meanies. I hate them!

    Nazis are big meanies. I hate them too!

    Hey, Republicans must be Nazis! Yeah…”

    You are a very ill-informed and stupid person. While many ignorant people can BECOME informed, stupid gets in the way. So you are going to have to work at it. Hard.

  • jonesy53

    Schlosser? Sounds like his ancestry was rooted in Germany, probably is the descendant of an escaped Nazi.

  • Fellipe Moço

    In southern Brazil. In this same state (Rio Grande do Sul) we are facing a series of xenophobic acts. Please do not think that this is the opinion of Brazilian citizens. Please, i offer my apologies for this nonsense.

    Over the course of little more than 500 years we sheltered various nationalities. Someones at our colonization process (Portugueses, Frenchs and Dutchs), and someones for humanitarian reasons at second world war (German, Jewish, Italian, Polishs…).

    In these days we offer shelter to people from Haiti, Gana, Ruanda and Moçambique, people who are fighting for survive. And be sure thats a reason for proud. We have proud of our history and our humanity acts.

    But you know. We are a more than 200 million citizen living at the same place. And there are always idiots. People who lose your time trying to try to look more and more like an neanthertal. I am sure that in Israel you also have these specimens. Sorry humanity!

    Recently at the same state (please do not think the population of Rio Grande do Sul State are a xenophobic) a Haitian refugee suffered prejudice, and it shamed us. Was had a national TV movement to catch the guy who made it. Since we got, we discover that the guy was just a 100% crazy, and chaotic about your ideas and about the life. Believe me. Its very good! Because the problem, in fact, is when a “pretty normal” guy do something against the humanity, then we can conclude that the population is sick as happened in Germany. Its Not the case.

    In general the brazilian people do not like injustice, like a world full of walls dividing our peoples as if all we were not brothers, but this argument should not be used by motivated idiots, who in their ignorance suppress the love for each to balance the hatred of others .

    This is not Brazil. Sorry about our inconvenience. Brazilian and Jewishs always work together, play together, and live together. And it always be!

  • Steven Sherman

    It’s time for the Brazilian Jews to get while they can. At least, they have a place to go to, where they can live in security and relative peace.

  • Mr. Elias from Portugal

    I totally agree with Dilma Roussef and José Fernando Schlosser.

  • Sonia

    Every single one of you arguing about left vs right is what’s wrong with this world.

  • dragontech64

    So rather than refute what I say, you sink to insults. And you have the balls to call ME stupid? Why is the Right Wings ONLY argument method to call people names? Are you really that devoid of actual facts to use?

  • Dan

    So Eric…. To you socialism equals Communism?
    Well then sir you had better reinforce that giant border you share with that Country right above you. You know know which one I am talking about…
    Canada! The evil “socialist” empire.
    They are probably behind Barrack Obama and his evil socialist agenda and social ptograms.
    There is nothing like an extremist American Conservative ranting and raving all the while distorting actual facts that makes me chuckle as heartily.
    😉 😉

  • Matt Matt

    People are so dumb. To protest the racist treatment of palestinians in Israel they going to treat jews in brazil with racism. So the best way to fight racism is with racism? It is so retarded, but sadly it does not surprise me.
    I despise Israel as a government (though i feel that way about all governments, including the UK) and am disgusted by how they treat palestinians, but that is not a reason to hate jews, or descriminate against jews in other countries. Just as Israel seem to ignore the similarities of their oppression of Palestinians to the oppression jews suffered in nazi germany, these morons in brazil are now advocating more descrimination as some kind of retarded, twisted sense of solidarity with Palestine. I think it is way past time people with such an obvious lack of intelligence and morals are removed from positions of power.

  • Pat Loudoun

    Why would I even try to refute something as idiotic as saying the Nazis are right wing? Or did you miss my point?

    You despise two things with nothing in common, so in your simple mind, you SAY they are carbon copies. That’s called a logical fallacy. And it makes you look stupid.

    As for you thinking a bunch of totalitarian socialists are right wing because the word National is in the name, dude. That is the reasoning of a 5 year old.

  • Ted Seay

    “…Osama bin Laden…define the dangers of the unfettered far right in power.”

    As in, GOVERNMENT power, yes? As in, RUNNING A FREAKING COUNTRY, just like Hitler and the Kims, yes? Otherwise your comparison makes no sense, does it?

    ” I never said anything about him being in control of anything”

    No, Sparky, you sure didn’t. You IMPLIED it in assuming the burden of comparison in order to negate my argument, which effort failed, of course, but it was at least a brave attempt.

    So it’s back to the bong for you, and try not to spill any bong juice on the flocked waterbed sheets this time…y’all can come back here for another attempt at reasoned discourse once you master the basics of argumentation…

  • Ted Seay

    State ownership of the means of production. Communism.

    Effective state control over the means of production. Socialism.

    There, none of your watery definitions of right/left needed at all, Sparky. Now go hit that bong.

  • dragontech64

    If, as you claim, my premise is in error, and that error makes me look “stupid” and “is the reasoning of a 5 year old” what would you call the reasoning and argument of a person whose only argument is to insult people?
    Don’t bother responding, because your insults and asinine claims mean little to nothing. You have shown you have no argument, no facts, no intelligence. You are the perfect example of the Right Wings LACK of thought.

  • Pat Loudoun

    I’m tired of arguing with idiots. Why is that hard to understand?

    Oh, right. Because you are an idiot.

    Tell you what, dumbass. Why don’t you list all the ways Conservatives are just like Nazis?

    With your self defined blazing intelligence, it shouldn’t be hard for you. Just try to stay away from Media Matters or ThinkProgress.

    As for me, I know better than to try and argue a) with a stupid person and b) in favor of or against a ridiculous false premise.

  • Eric-Odessit

    I never said that Socialism and Communism were the same. I merely said that the Soviet Union was a Socialist country, i. e. their economic system was Socialist. You probably heard all your life the Soviet Union called “Communist”, and you just assumed that that’s what their system was. But the Soviets themselves never claimed to have a Communist system. The full official name of the country was “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics”. The ruling party of the Soviet Union was the Communist Party, and the official ideology was Communism, but Soviets always claimed that they were PROGRESSING toward Communism, not that they were already there. The Soviet National Anthem had these words in it: “The Party of Lenin – the force of the people – is leading us to the triumph of Communism”. According to the Marxist-Leninist theory, Socialism is a phase that is transitional in the inevitable societal progression from Capitalism to Communism. At least, that was what I was taught in school. Yes, I grew up in the former Soviet Union, and that was where I went to school. Canada is hardly an example of fully implemented Socialist system. I doubt that Canadians would call themselves “Socialist”, but I will ask my Canadian cousins about that.

  • Eric-Odessit

    You do know that translation software never gives you completely accurate translation, right? That is because, while such software can translate individual words, it can never fully account for slang, idioms, and general language usage by native speakers. That is why large part of what you had translated into Russian does not make sense. If you used any translation program in order to understand what I wrote in Russian, large part of what you got probably did not make sense as well. So, here is what I wrote, properly translated into English. See how well it jives with what you got from software:

    “Fools like you have no clue about history. People like you listen to their Communist professors and never bother to question them. People like you scream about tolerance, but seek to prevent anybody who disagrees with them from speaking. Get out of my America. Go to North Korea or Cuba. You’ll probably like it there.”

    So, how does this jive with you got from computer? As you see, I did not say that your Communist professors forced you to never ask questions, I merely said that you never bothered all on your own. You are, in fact, a caricature leftist, otherwise how do you make a leap from conservative advocacy for smaller and more limited government (a very liberal idea, I might add) to racism? You want an example of leftist policy that resembles what Soviets or Nazis did? How about speech codes in universities and criminal prosecutions for “hate speech”? Certainly, nobody on the Right advocates that. Whatever happened to this other liberal idea: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”? Who decides which speech is OK? How about this other example of what the Left advocates in this country: university admissions and hiring requirements based on race, gender, or ethnicity? That is certainly what both Nazis and Soviets did.
    Well, enough of that.

  • Eric-Odessit

    On what do you base your assertion that Nazis murdered Socialists and Communists? Sure, they did kill some, and incorporated others into their ranks. There even was a term “beefsteak Nazi”, as in brown on the outside and red on the inside. I recommend this book by Hans Bernd Gisevius ( entitled “To the Bitter End” ( This will help you understand what was going on in Nazi Germany. Soviet Communists also murdered a lot of Socialists and Communists. It does not mean that they were not Communists themselves. Now, here is the Wikipedia article on Socialism: It does list the Soviet Union as an example of Socialist system. And here is the Nazi Party program, also from Wikipedia:
    Ignore for a second their racial ramblings and concentrate on their proposed economic policies. You will see a lot of similarities with the other kinds of Socialism. Finally, on a question of which regime committed more atrocities: Communist or Nazi. Watch this documentary here:

    It is called “The Soviet Story”. There were really 2 major differences between the Nazis and the Soviets. One, the Nazis concentrated on certain ethnic groups, while the Soviet were equal opportunity murderers. Two, the Nazis killed people outside of Germany for the most part, while the majority of those killed by the Soviets resided inside the Soviet Union. However, I have to admit that my family had a better chance of survival under the Soviets, since the Soviets spread their murderous efforts across the entire population. In the early 1950s they finally decided to go after the Jews, but Stalin died just in the nick of time, so what’s left of my family after the Holocaust survived.

  • Oomu

    Right wing because national socialism and Italian fascism used the pretence of socialism but then were all about centralised power and private companies doing whatever they want if they served the interest of the men in power.

    The Nazi regime was unmerciful against communists. They were opposed and the nazis promptly removed all cloths of being leftish when they seized total power.

    Mussolini betrayed its previous declarations about a state protecting people and then made alliance with private industry, paying secretly there and there. The state were everywhere and controlled mostly all the economy.
    Still in the same time, labor strike was forbidden and harshly punished.
    (to remove workers of freedom to strike is hardly leftish. To control culture and forced Autarky is hardly rightish ).
    Fascism is defined by nationalism, cult of personality, use of violence and centralisation of all power. It’s a mix of right and left stuff. but to serve one thing: dictatorship.

    In the end you have a mix of leftish and rightish ideas, followed or reversed by the very same people whenever it was useful to them.

    The point is: they were totalitarianism. And yes, all ideology, even the most utopian ones, can be used to misled people and rob them of freedom. It was done by nazis, Khmer Rouge, in Russia and so on.

    Perhaps we shouldn’t forget how moderate and idealistic communist people were killed in Russia to create a dictatorship by one central party. And also the fight between Menshevik and Bolshevik (about the use of violence, bourgeois regime and so on)

    It’s interesting to know the person who executed Mussolini is believed to be a communist politician from anti-fascist movement.

    You seek clear definition of regime and dictatorship in words as left and right, conservative and progressive, or your so-called “democrats” and you so-called “republicans” but there are none. It’s not that simple. It’s a mix of lies, betray, disappointment, killing and so on, and all of that clothed in beautiful ideals. Just for one goal : to rob people of everything and freedom.

    Whatever if you believe in private or public ownership, or conservatism or progressive, you should distrust people arguing for political violence, whatever they are left or right. Violence leads to dictatorship.

  • cristina abreumatos

    What a Shame! This kind of things could very well happen in Germany, Poland, Austria, Ukraine or any other countries known for its anti-semitism but it never occurreded to me that it would happen in Brazil. Perhaps the children of those who fled after the war and that in their hearts are still neo-nazis! As Brazil was a former part of Portugal, I feel ashamed. What else can I say? God Bless the sons of Israel.

  • dragontech64

    Your entire argument and reasoning is spewing insults at me, and you call ME stupid? Right.
    I think your best place to find an idiot is in the mirror.
    (ONE way the Right Wing US Conservatives are like Nazi’s is the blind nationalism. Throw in the corporate control over the state, and you have two. (And if you don’t think we have corporate control over the state, look at the undue influence the Koch Brothers have, as well as the entire military industrial complex)
    I’ll leave it at those two, since you are going to call those a lie anyway. (You’re as predictable as the sunset.)
    Since I am tired of your insult only argument style, don’t even bother with your predictable answer. I, too, am tired of arguing with a complete imbecile > YOU.

  • Pat Loudoun

    Nazism was STATE control over Corporations. Ooops!

    Try again. Idiot.

  • Capitano Calitri

    You would know that once there is a dictatorship, all other “isms” are out the window. Because the dictatorship overrides all. No form of government is fairly represented under a ruthless dictator. Something most people easily neglect to realize.

  • Capitano Calitri

    Hitlers facism existed under extreme nationalism. Left and right issues as we know them are not relevant to that world. It was super capitalist and super racist. The Nazi’s were very similar to the US in their attitudes towards Communism. Masking the evils of Dictatorship as the flaws of Communism. And Socialism does not mean communism. There’s a reason why it’s a whole other word.

  • Carlos Ponce de Leon

    Mike my Dear… Hitler was the Barbarian Bastard! Henry Ford and FDR Were the NAZI BASTARDS Responsibles for the Results of the SHOA!
    Let’s set the RECORD CLEAR@

  • gary breitling

    the Soviet far left is wayyyyyyyy different than the American far left… so please don’t use quasi intellectual statements to support that which is inaccurate

  • // //

    yeah: FDR, Truman, Clinton, Jimmy Carter, all rounded people up and killed them.

  • // //

    Nazism is not a left-wing ideology. And while the Soviet press (great source to cite) trumped up the alliance as one between two Socialist countries, I GUARANTEE you that the Nazis (if they mentioned the pact at all in the press) made no such proclamation.

    The Nazis were one of many ultra-right wing groups that gained power following Germany’s defeat in the first World War by literally skirmishing with Communists in the streets.

    The Nazis were able to gain power because the more traditional conservatives (von Hindenburg et al) initially found them much more palatable than the Communists (“the enemy of my enemy is my friend”).

    Finally, Nazis never really developed an ideology to the extent that the Communists did- you can’t claim that there exists ‘Nazi thinkers’ the way you can point to legions of Marxist philosophers, economists, sociologists, etc. The only real ‘ideology’ that they developed was an eclectic mix of Nationalist garbage, terrible misinterpretations of Nietzsche, and weird pseudo-occult mythological representations of German history.

  • Ted Seay

    …and this is apropos of what, exactly? Do try to keep up with the discussion…

    …as far as drawing a distinction between what you so charmingly refer to as the “Soviet far left” (who, pray tell, was part of the “Soviet moderate middle”?) and its American counterpart, one thing is sure — you’ll never get CPUSA members to admit it:

  • ekaresky

    What a ridiculous attempt at blaming what is clearly right wing extremism on “liberals” and progressives.

  • David Scott

    Eric….it is a fact that the Nazi party murdered socialists and communists. To claim they killed “some” is an understatement and by you addressing it that way, shows me that your intentions are simply to try and downplay this fact. Did you know an entire concentration camp was built to murder or work to death, communists and socialists? I have read the book you recommended (I have 20+ years of research into this subject). I’m not sure why you recommended this book considering the context of this conversation. There is nothing in this book that supports your claim that the Nazi Party is a communist/socialist party. The books I recommend for you to read for a much better understanding of The Holocaust and The Nazi Party are: War and Genocide: A concise history of the holocaust by Doris Bergen. Neighbours: the destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedivobne, Poland by Jan Tros. A History of the Holocaust by Saul Friedman. You can also visit the United States holocaust museum website for more factual and scholarly works on the subject. Research Eunsatzgruppen D and IF you can stomach the horrific, antisemetic words of Hitler himself, read Mein Kampf. He writes, in detail, about his complete hatred of communists and socialists. In the future, I would not use Wikipedia as a source.

  • B. Rad

    Did everyone forget that the US and Canada turned Jews away when they were trying to escape the Germans? They came here in boats and were turned back.

  • Júlia Macedo

    I’m laughing so hard at you guys. First because the translation is completely wrong (doesn’t even mention jews) , and second because this is a fake document and has already been identified as so.

  • BR

    The text of the document is the original, but that figure at the bottom is not. The real document did not have that figure.

  • Eric-Odessit

    Your sarcasm regarding me citing the Soviet press is misplaced. While the Soviet press could not be considered a reliable source for real news, to say the least, it is very reliable in reflecting the OFFICIAL position of the Soviet government. You are saying that you guarantee that the Nazis made no such proclamation. Based on what? Can you at least cite anecdotal sources similar to “my grandpa told me”? You suggest that they might not even mention the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact at all. Really? Arguably one of the most significant diplomatic achievements of the Nazi government, if not the most? How about the famous Ribbentrop quote, when he said that he felt like he was among old party comrades, while he was in Moscow for signing of the Pact?
    The ultra-nationalist right wing groups that fought against German Spartacus revolutionaries, like Freikorps, did so in 1918 – 1919, before NSDAP was founded. And, by the way, it was more than just skirmishes, it was outright warfare. Hitler indeed came to National- Socialism from the Right. He was a member of the Freikorps, and was send by his organization to SPY on this new socialist organization that called itself National-Socialist. He came to their meetings and liked them.
    The Nazis came to power first and foremost because of the parliamentary democracy system of the Weimar Republic. The Nazis gained plurality of the seats, but not the majority. The German Communists were influenced by the Soviets not to form a coalition with the Social Democrats. Thus, the Nazis were able to form a government.
    Finally, a word about Nazi theoreticians. Of course, Hitler himself could be considered one. Goebbels is probably another. Then, there was Alfred Rosenberg. Of course, Nazi ideology was not around as long as Marxism-Leninism, so it is only natural that there were not as many Nazi philosophers as the Marxist ones. I personally, by the way, do not have high opinion of Marxist philosophers: I had to live with their philosophy for the first 25 years of my life.
    Finally, in looking things up for this discussion I found an interesting thing. Apparently, Hitler himself did not consider Nazism Left wing nor Right wing. He claimed that National-Socialism took Nationalism from the Right and Socialism from the Left. But his Socialism was “living Socialism”, rather than dogmatic like Marxist.

  • Eric-Odessit

    David, I appreciate polite and civilized discussion. Thank you.

    It certainly not my intent to downplay anything the Nazis did. But Gisevius in his book describes how the Socialists and Communists were incorporated into the Nazi ranks. In fact, I learned about “beefsteak Nazis” from that book. The reason I brought it up was because Gisevius represented the opposition to the Nazis from the Right. I disagree with your dismissal of Wikipedia as a source. It is not bad for looking up undisputed facts, historical or technical.
    You mentioned a concentration camp. Since you mentioned a single one, I am guessing you were talking about the first one, Dachau. But it was not built just for Communists and Socialists. It was built for anybody opposed to the regime, or deemed undesirable by the regime. By the way did you know who invented the concentration camps for undesirables? I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t the German Nazis.
    You bring up the Holocaust. But this discussion in the comments section to the article above is largely about similarities of the totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century. Those similarities are largely in economic policies. The genocidal Antisemitism was really unique to the German National-Socialism, although Stalin came close to it right before he died. So, I don’t see how the history of the Holocaust is relevant to this particular discussion. Especially the Jedwabne Massacre, which was not even perpetrated by the Nazis, but by the Poles. The only ideology behind that particular episode is the ideology of armed robbery. Perhaps you are bringing up the Holocaust because you missed my earlier posts here, and attempting to educate me on the evils of the Nazis. If so, your effort is wasted on preaching to the choir. I happen to be a Jew, born and raised in the former Soviet Union. I’ve been to National Holocaust Museum twice. I’ve also been to Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, Israel. The history of the Holocaust is in part the history of my family. Members of my family were murdered by the Nazis. You are right, I cannot bring myself to read Mein Kampf. Perhaps I should. I read a lot about the Holocaust, although I haven’t read the particular books you mentioned. Of course, I prefer books like “The Bravest Battle” by Dan Kurzman ( and “Defiance” by Nechama Tec ( I really like it better when the Jews shoot back. That is why I have several “anti-Holocaust insurance policies” in my house: a couple in 9mm, a .45ACP and a .22LR. Never again, indeed.

  • // //

    I would recommend you read William Shirer’s “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” for a thorough discussion on how Hitler came to power, and the institutions that he was supported by.

    I could not find any references to Hitler being sent to spy on any left-wing group. The group that he joined, originally known as Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP) is translated to mean the “German Workers Party”, but despite this the group in fact espoused anti-marxism, anti-capitalism, anti-semitism and nationalism, of which socialists would only agree with the anti-capitalism. The fact that Hitler called his organization ‘socialist’ does not mean necessarily that this is the same use of the word ‘socialist’ as is most common, just as the fact the Hitler claimed that Germans were the ideal ‘Aryans’ had nothing to do with the historical Indo-Aryan tribespeople that predated historical Europe.

    A theoretician must, by definition, develop and operate from theories as opposed to someone who dresses up their actions in rhetoric. The fluidity of the Nazis (supporting the church when it was convenient, rebuking it when it was inconvenient, the supposed truce with the Soviets, the many different formulations of economic policy) shows that in general they were merely reactionary and did not truly develop their own ideology. There are ‘Nazi’ philosophers (Goebbels is not one), but their true influence is limited, in large part because the Nazis had a distinctively anti-intellectual orientation.

    And you’re right, the Freikorps were in fact independent of the NSDAP (at least at first) but many of these far right groups would later join forces with the Brown Shirts.

    Molotov-Ribbentrop was indeed a significant German diplomatic achievement, but for the fact that it was completely duplicitous on the Germans’ part (again, read Mein Kampf and other pamphlets by the Nazi party stating their relationship to the communists). As far as the ‘official position’ of the Soviets, all a Soviet newspaper can be counted on is to deliver the ‘official’ position that the government wants the people to hear, you should consider the possibility that such an article was propaganda (much in the same way the government in Orwell’s ‘1984’ would tell its people that Oceania was always its enemy, etc etc). Likewise, any Ribbentrop quote on the matter must be filtered based on where he said it (it might be a good idea not to piss off the Soviets while negotiating a treaty with the Soviets) and who reported him saying this (again, probably not the German press, for reasons alluded to above and specified below).

    So why am I confident that the Nazis would not sell the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact? As I have said, the Nazis’ ideology from the very beginning consisted of anti-capitalism, anti-marxism (hence, anti-Soviet), anti-semitism and extreme nationalism. Such a pact would appear to violate these major themes in Nazi ideology. Whereas the Soviets could claim (at least in propaganda) that the Nazis were in fact ‘brother socialists’ the German public saw the Nazis as the exact opposite- an extreme militant opponent of Communism. A large part of the Nazis’ early popularity had to do with the fear of a Communist take-over. Thus, a truce with the only major Communist power could not really make sense to the German public, no matter how the propagandists attempted to spin it.

  • David Scott

    Eric…..I read all the comments, including your earlier ones. I wasn’t bringing up The Holocaust to educate you, I simply brought it up within the context of the books I recommended. Those books not only give an excellent analysis of The Holocaust, but they also give an excellent analysis of The Nazi Party and the mentality of its members. Some of the members may have been communists or socialists, but it certainly wasn’t something they did openly. Momographs involving resistance are very important to the entire Holocaust narrative. I disagree with you in Wikipedia. When it comes to academic work and information, citing Wikipedia is a huge taboo… will certainly be laughed out of academia for using it and then citing it. Historians use primary sources whenever possible and then move to secondary sources, but never Wikipedia. The only thing that is even remotely useful regarding Wikipedia are the sources they cite, and even those can be sketchy. Anyone can contribute to Wikipedia, and there isn’t much of a checks and balance system to weed out inaccurate informations. Dachau is the concentration camp that housed political prisoners…which were mostly socialists and communists. I never said that no one else was sent there, just to make that clear. The whole argument here is in regards to where the Nazi Party falls on the political spectrum, and it is considered a far right party. I am also Jewish… family is from Poland and Russia. I have not only read many personal stories, visited and interviewed Holocaust survivors, visited different museums from Europe to Australia, researched my own family history; I have spent many, many years reading and studying many aspects of The Holocaust and genocide. There is no evidence whatsoever to indicate The Nazis were a left leaning political group….there is no evidence indicating they were a socialist or communist regime. They were considered fascists.

  • Eric-Odessit

    First of all, I would disagree about deep intellectualism of Marxist philosophers. I was forced to read through Marx’s and Lenin’s stuff in college and copy notes from it. In my opinion, it was just crap. But then, I am an engineer, so what do I know? I eventually got a “B” in “Scientific Communism”, so I could graduate.
    The change in propaganda was just as shocking for the Soviet citizens, as it was for the Germans. After years of anti-fascist movies like “Professor Mamlock” ( and pretty much open warfare during the Spanish Civil War, this change to “brother socialists” was indeed very shocking. But dictatorship doesn’t really need to sell a change in policy. It just does what it deems necessary. If you disagree, concentration camps are waiting for you. So, Stalin did not have to sell this change. Neither did Hitler. Here is an article I found on the subject:
    There was also a famous Soviet-German military parade in Brest ( This was not something Hitler could hide from the German public. Finally, there were serious discussions about Soviet Union joining the Axis. It is well documented. It did not happen because Stalin demanded more influence in the Balkans than Hitler was prepared to give. Plus, mutual distrust never went anywhere.
    But back to the reliability of the Soviet press. Of course, whatever they said in the papers was what they wanted their people to hear/read. But those papers were not only read internally. Thus, it was what the Soviet government wanted to be seen by the general public, including foreign governments. As for the Ribbentrop’s quote, he talked about feeling like being among old party comrades upon his return to Germany.
    Finally, here is a 1940 propaganda poster you might find interesting:

    It’s in Russian. It says: “Brother peoples set a date over enemy city. Imperial Britain is cracking from each of their handshakes”. But in Russian it rimes. There is also the name of the city: London. You can also see Big Ben in the background. Later, in 1941, when Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were already at war, this poster was changed: the German cross was replaced by the Union Jack, and the name of the city was changed to Berlin.

  • Eric-Odessit

    I thought some more about what you said about Wikipedia. Academia’s disdain for Wikipedia is well known. It does not impress me. If anything, it convinces me of just the opposite. What checks and balances are there in academia? Peer reviews? It does not really stop some academicians from doing fraudulent research, and their friends in academia approving it. By contrast, Wikipedia is open. Anybody can contribute to it, people like you and me. Sure, there might be inaccuracies and errors, but, like free market, Wikipedia has inherent self-correction mechanism. Eventually information in Wikipedia will be correct and accurate. There is an example like this in the high tech world. Linux was treated with disdain by Microsoft. But Linux takes less memory, faster, and more reliable than Windows. There are 2 reasons why my home computers run Windows: 1) once in a while I like to play “IL-2 Shturmovik” flight simulator; 2) when I work from home, it is easier to use Windows.
    So, I linked to the Wikipedia article on Socialism and to Nazi Party Program on Wikipedia. I think Wikipedia is a convenient place, where all the information is gathered in one place. I bet whoever posted those articles there simply copied that information from other sources. The Socialism article could be compared to the Nazi Party Program for similarities. Here is also Fascist Manifesto:

    Again, please don’t dismiss it because it is Wikipedia. Incidentally, there is a link to the original, but it is in Italian. But my point is that a lot of what is in there could be written by any modern leftist. I actually made an experiment once: I printed it out and was showing it to the leftists at a demonstration (I used to counter leftist demonstrations). Those people were agreeing with every point of that manifesto, and then I told them what it was. It was quite funny to see their reaction.
    The fact that the Nazis killed many Socialists and Communists does not prove significant differences in their ideology. They also killed other Nazis: Rohm and his followers. Incidentally, it was because Rohm’s faction wanted the Soviet style nationalization of factories, while Hitler preferred to leave the industrialists in charge, as long as they followed his government’s directions. But my point is that the conflict does not prove the difference in ideology. Soviet Communists also killed Social-Democrats, Socialist-Revolutionaries and other Communists. In late 1960s-early 1970s Soviet Union had open warfare against China. In fact, in the 1970s China was considered in the Soviet Union more likely enemy than the United States. But they still both subscribed to Communist ideology, although they argued who follows Marxism-Leninism more properly.
    During 20th Century every regime that called itself Socialist left rivers of blood in its wake. When you think of Socialism you think of modern Western Europe. And so, you think that Nazis or Soviets could not be the same Socialists as the ones now in Europe. I submit to you that it is simply a matter of degree to which the Socialism gets implemented. Socialism by definition requires some wealth re-distribution. Thus, it is inherently anti-freedom. In the mild case you get the policies of our Democratic Party. Little stronger case – and you get Sweden. In the extreme you get the Soviet Union.
    Now, to address the evidence of Nazis being Socialist (apart from their actual name). Every time I read about life in Nazi Germany, I am always amazed at the similarities to what I experienced growing up in the former Soviet Union. I grew up in the 1970s, so my experiences were mild, comparing to what my grandparents and parents lived through. That is my evidence. I don’t really need any historical research. I am simply presented with some story about Nazi Germany, and it always reminds me about something I experienced. Here is another example. Sorry to bring modern American politics into this discussion, but please bear with me. You’ll see my point. Back in 2008 there was a children’s book published. It was called “Son of Promise, Child of Hope”. It was a book about how great Obama was as a child. I saw this book on Amazon and in a bookstore window with my own eyes. It immediately reminded me about books I read as a kid about this great kid, Volodya Ul’yanov, later known as Vladimir Lenin. That was not just my reaction. Anybody who grew up in the former Soviet Union had the same reaction. Now, I have a friend who was born in Germany. His mother was a little girl when Nazis were in power. He once told me how he was watching the news with his mom, and they showed little kids singing songs about Obama. Her reaction was immediate: “Oh, I remember this from when I was a little girl!” My point here is that my experience as a kid in the Soviet Union, and experience of that elderly German woman as a kid in Nazi Germany were similar. The only conclusion from this is that Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Nazi Germany were very similar in their political system and ideology.

  • etka777

    However liberalism as beautiful as it may be always fights for the “underdog” regardless of its sometimes being on the wrong. Their blind hateed of anything Israel is pretty systematic and worrisom. And there is nothing liberal about it.

  • David Scott

    Eric…..the very reason Wikipedia is not a good academic resource is because anyone can contribute to it. Plus, Wikipedia has a strict no primary source rule that, for historians, is a complete and utter nightmare. Secondly, peer review is only one important aspect of academia. No system is perfect, but peer review coupled with years and years of research make it very difficult for false histories to become part of the histography of a certain topic. Why do you think people like David Barton are not considered a reputable historian. Historians build off of each other, but they still have to maintain authenticity. They can’t make crap up to suit specific agendas. There is so much more to peer review and from your comments, I can only assume you have never gone through the process. Using your own personal experiences is important, but it is biased. You can’t simply wash away research. Your experiences are not within the same context as other experiences. Plus, Russia often restricts information to their citizens….or at the very least it is filtered. The same happens in China. It is a way the government controls its people. So, I’m not surprised you feel the way you do about the Nazis political ideology. Thanks for the chat, but it is clear that you are not as educated on the situation and you are more interested in pushing your own agenda.

  • Eric-Odessit


    I am really surprised you brought up Russian censorship. Views formed on the basis of information passed through Putin’s regime’s filter or Soviet regime’s filter would be more in agreement with yours, rather than mine. But that is a moot point. What makes you think that I live in Russia? I haven’t lived anywhere close to the former Soviet territory in over 25 years! I am an American. I came to the United States shortly before the Berlin Wall came down. I am sorry if it wasn’t clear from what I wrote before. You say that I am not “as educated”. I am not as educated as… who? Members of the academia? You? People who agree with you? I am definitely not a professional historian. I am simply an engineer who likes to read about history, World War 2 history in particular. My interests are Jewish resistance, World War 2 aviation, and weapons of World War 2.

    I don’t have an agenda to push. I do have an opinion, and I present arguments in support of my opinion. I also, naturally, would like to convince people that my opinion is correct. If you want to call it “pushing an agenda”, fine. My political views are right-of-center, similar to those of The Gateway Pundit, on whose blog this discussion started. I thought that was clear from what I wrote before. I certainly don’t try to hide it.
    Personal experiences cannot be biased or unbiased. They are just that – personal experiences, i. e. particular events that a particular person lived through. As such, they are simply fact of life. Someone else might have had a different experience. But whatever happened to a particular person, it did happened. You cannot dispute it without accusing a person of lying.
    Wikipedia is a good source for technical information. But when I write a specification for one of my designs, and need to include a reference to some technical document, I don’t refer to Wikipedia. Instead, I refer to the actual document published by an industry association or IEEE. But I often use Wikipedia to quickly look up technical information. By the same token, we are not writing some research document here. We are having a discussion in the comments section of a blog. Wikipedia is a good and convenient on-line reference to use for such discussion. So, I linked to a Wikipedia article on Socialism, as well as Nazi Party Program and Mussolini’s Fascist Manifesto, both published on Wikipedia. Some people did a lot of work and spent their own time in order to post all that on-line. That work should be respected, not dismissed out of hand. At any given time those articles either have errors or inaccuracies, or they don’t. If there are any errors or inaccuracies there that you know of, you should be able to point them out. Furthermore, if you know of any errors in those articles, you can create your own Wikipedia account for free, log in and correct those errors.
    So, I presented arguments that all the totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century implemented Socialism to a certain extent, were similar, and were left-of-center. Among my arguments were Nazi Party Program and Fascist Manifesto that specifically listed policies that are Socialist in nature and advocated for by the modern Left. I also linked to a documentary about the Soviet Union that shows Soviet cooperation with the German Nazis and the criminal nature of the Soviet regime. Your counter to that was: 1) Nazis killed Communists and Socialists; 2) Wikipedia is not a reliable source; 3) Read these books on Holocaust. Can you actually address my arguments? You know, educate me, and others like me?

  • David Scott


    You did not
    present arguments; you presented opinions….ones that are not grounded in any
    factual evidence. I presented basic
    evidence that shows The Nazi Party was not a socialist or a communist
    party. I presented you with monographs
    for you to research yourself and explained clearly that not only are they about
    the Holocaust, but they also give an excellent example of why the Nazi Party is
    not a socialist or a communist party. I have also explained why the Nazi’s used the term National Socialist. It is different from Socialist. The ideology of the Nazi Party is clearly fascists, which is considered politically an extreme right ideology.

    You stated you were from Russia. I did not assume you lived there, but you grew up there. Your perspective is going to reflect the fact that you grew up in Russia where things are censored.

    On to the
    educated part… is obvious to me that you are not educated in History. You are a history buff….someone who loves
    history and probably reads as much as you possibly can on any given
    subject. This is not the same as
    researching and critically thinking about a particular area. In other posts, you have completely dismissed
    another person’s comment because they are studying at Berkeley…. “So you
    studied History and Political Science at UC Berkley? That is obviously your problem. If you would have learned the real history,
    not the leftist crap you were fed at Berkeley, you would know that National
    Socialism is, in fact, a leftist ideology.” You said you’re an engineer. You probably studied this subject a lot and
    you probably know a lot more about it than someone who is not an engineer. The same is for history. The difference between you and an historian
    is they see things as they are and not as they would like it to be. Granted some so-called “historians” twist
    history to suit their personal agenda, but historians with integrity and academic
    honesty, approach a subject completely neutral and they allow the evidence…within
    context….to dictate their analysis.

    This to me
    tells me a few things…..first, you do have an agenda. You are dismissing education based on your
    opinions about a particular university.
    Had this student had the same opinion but was from a conservative
    college, I’m sure you would agree with him.
    Did you go to Berkley? Do you have first hand experience that what they
    are teaching there is “leftist propaganda?”
    Unless you do, then your argument there is completely moot. Before you assume I went to Berkeley or
    before you assume I’m a liberal, I didn’t and I am not. I too fall in the center, leaning more toward
    the right. I went to a religious based university for both my undergraduate and
    graduate degrees.

    will no longer debate this issue. It is
    not a credible source for historical analysis.
    Period. You can continue all you
    want with citing it, but I can assure you that I am not the only person who
    will call you out on the ridiculousness of using it as a source.

    statements regarding the Nazi Party and where it falls on the political
    spectrum is not my opinion. They are
    FACTS. I think if you spent some time
    researching and reading about German History, you will start to understand this
    whole situation. I have given you websites…’s
    another one……..that explain the Nazi Party, but I am not in the
    business of “educating” you. It is a waste of my time anyways because your argument is moot and no matter what evidence I bring to the table, you will simply dismiss it. Why do I know this? 1) you are already dismissing anything I say arguing that historical peer review is corrupt and university’s such as Berkeley are leftist propaganda machines. 2) your opinions are moot, so presenting more evidence to a situation that is already moot, is a complete waste of time. 3) without an understanding of German History, you will never understand the Nazi Party. Your experiences as a child in Russia or your families experience living in conditions as they did, will never be enough to understand the Nazi Party.
    I’m pretty sure that anyone is allowed to comment on any blog on the internet, regardless of their political leanings. By your bringing up the fact that this site leans to the right, tells me that you are trying to dismiss anyone’s statements that are not “in line” with the “right” or with you, as false. My comments to you was to point out that your opinion that the Nazi Party is a socialist party
    or as you call it a “leftist” party, is wrong. It is up to you to do the research.

  • Reuven

    That idiot school administrator m,ust be fired & prosecuted IMMEDIATELY>

  • TNS

    Schlosser must be descended from a Nazi. Many of those went to Brazil.

  • Mr Smith

    Progressives ARE fascists.

  • marvin

    There is nothing in your statement that is at all new to us who do understand what an Anti-Semite smells like – and you stinks to high hell.

  • Netmilsmom

    And rounded up the Japanese in America.

  • Cesar Figueiredo

    It’s hard to believe, for the Brazilian people is not against Jews. On the contrary. Usually, Brazilians love Jews and Israel. Brazil fought against the Nazi during WW2, and many Brazilian soldiers died then. In 1947, Oswaldo Aranha, a Brazilian, presided UNO’s meeting that decided for the creation of a Jewish state that the next year, under David Ben Gurion’s leadership, became Israel. Jews and Christians live together in peace and harmony in Brazil. Such a demand for Jews identification in Santa Maria by someone with German family name, though, is possible, because Santa Maria is a town in a Brazilian state where, around the end of WW2, several Nazi officers fled to and kept disguised in order not to be discovered. Some of them were found and were deported for undergoing trials. Schlosser probably descends from one of them and is now showing his tendencies, likely supported by the federal government which is a traitor of the Brazilian people in all ways, including by being pro-Iran, thus against Jews and Israel. These things are totally against the Brazilian people’s will. Nowadays’ Brazilian government is like nowadays’ US government. Both countries’ peoples must get rid of their respective presidents the fastest possible, before it’s too late.

  • jane

    Your mean.

  • englishvinal

    The pendulum swings inexorably………..
    ….. the behavior of any group, religion, political cabal, monarchy, will eventually set the minds and hearts of their fellow men against them.
    This has happened many times in recorded history, and it keeps repeating, repeating, repeating…… the only elements that are different are the modes of transportation and the fashions.

    This is “anti” all right…. anti greed, anti murder, anti psychopathy……

  • Steve Canon
  • are the summer games in this hell-hole of a country?… maybe we need a reminder of where this leads.. and remember the muslems-pigs were in bed with the Nazis … this does not turn out well

  • Sue Johnson

    You tell him. But, with his Berkeley degrees, do not expect him to understand. Berkeley brainwashes young minds with its leftist professors who think they are god-like in intelligence. Think of the good these young people could have accomplished with accurate instruction. Sad. BTW, a 12 year study at Harvard showed that liberals have lower IQs than conservatives, so perhaps they are not capable of understanding.

  • Sue Johnson

    Love it.