Bob Woodward: Bush Didn’t Lie About Iraq & Obama Blew It (VIDEO)

iraq obama

Investigative reporter and author Bob Woodward delivered an honest assessment of the War in Iraq today on FOX News Sunday. Bush did not lie and Barack Obama blew it.

You can make a persuasive argument there was a mistake. But there is a kinda line going on that Bush and the other people lied about this. I spent 18 months looking at how Bush decided to invade Iraq. Lots of mistakes, but it was Bush telling George Tenet the CIA director, don’t let anyone stretch the case on WMD. He was the one who was skeptical. If you try to summarize why we went into Iraq, it was momentum. The war plan kept getting better and easier, and finally at the end, people were saying, ‘Hey, look, it will only take a week or two.’ Early on it looked like it was going to take a year or 18 months, so Bush pulled the trigger. A mistake certainly can be argued, and there is an abundance of evidence. But there was no lie in this that I could find…

… Look, Obama does not like war. But, if you look back on this the argument from military was keep ten-fifteen thousand troops there as an insurance policy. And we all know insurance policies make sense. We have thirty thousand troops or more in South Korea sixty-five years after the war. When you’re a super power you have to buy these insurance policies and he didn’t in this case. I don’t think you can say everything is because of that decision but clearly a factor.

Via FOX News Sunday:

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  • Hank

    Don’t tell me that the old liberal actually told the truth for once.

  • Mark

    Gasp! Quick, get Commie Bob Woodward to the ER! Will wonders never cease. I despise this turd for his jihad against Nixon, along with all the other MSM bottom feeders and Communists in Congress. Perjury is only a crime if committed by a Republican or conservative (no, they are not the same).

  • Jim

    Reality, what a concept.

  • Jim

    About those non-existent “weapons of mass destruction”, chemical division.
    May I present exhibit A: the hundreds of dead Kurds gassed by Saddam Hussein. I would like to, but it’s too ghastly. Where did Saddam get the gas?
    Exhibit B: many trucks loaded with chemicals heading out of Iraq into Syria where Assad stored them for a while, then bowing to pressure, released them to be destroyed, all I hope, ISIS is looking for “strays”.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Bongo doesn’t like war but he sure loves chaos!

  • Tregonsee

    Yet another case of something which everybody “knows” about the Bush years which is not so. I keep waiting for someone, anyone to start correcting the record.

  • JY1

    Saddam said he had chemical weapons. Saddam used chemical weapons on his own people. Saddam told the world that if anyone had a problem with his possession and use of chemical weapons, they can come on over and he would use those chemical weapons on them.
    If the dictator of a country says he has a weapon and threatens to use it on you, you take him at his word and ignore if he is lying or has been deceived by his underlings.

    The Terrorists used IEDs made out of chemical warheads, on US Troops.
    NO ONE has ever explained where those chemical warheads came from, and how they just happened to show up on improvised explosive devices in a place the Left had declared void of chemical weapons.

    Veterans of Iraq are suing the DOD for exposure to hazardous chemicals and chemical weapon agents because they were ordered to dispose of hazardous chemicals and chemical weapons taken from the Iraqis, in burn pits.

    NO ONE has ever explained how those hazardous chemicals and chemical weapons existed in Iraq to require their disposal, when the Left declared the place void of chemical weapons.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Aside from the WMD that was witnessed traveling to Syria (and prolly on from there to Lebanon), aside from the over 500 chemical munitions found, aside from the dual purpose no explanation examples, and even aside from the small germ warfare setup found, there is also the fact Saddam was paying for suicide bombings in Israel and also for shootings. Then there is that tidbit about saddam giving Ayman al Zawahiru as couple hundred grand on his way to join bin laden in Afghanistan. Consider the past use of mustard and sarin alongside all the “pesticide” found in ammo dumps in 55 gallon drums… Set all of that aside – heck even the middle bodies and engines found in scrap yards that were proscribed!

    Almost three hundred of OUR MILITARY paid with their lives in 1991 and we OWED IT to them to SEE 687 through. It’s PROVEN NOW BEYOND ANY DOUBT that Saddam had NOT COMPLIED with 687 by ANY measure. Period. That MEANS that W could NOT have lied about this if he wanted to!!!

    That settled despite the denials by democrats – listen closely please.
    W said VERY CLEARLY and POINTEDLY that this was a new KIND of war we had foisted upon us and in order to fight it effectively we had to fight it ON OUR TERMS! That meant and means that WE DECIDE where the battles take place so as to give US the best shot at victory. You don’t “play fair” when fighting WAR!

    So W took our military into the very HEART of Mesopotamia, stood our military up, put up our “dukes” and said “ok you punk terrorists – you wanna attack civilians with a sucker punch? Let’s see how you do against those prepared and WILLING VOLUNTARILY choose to fight BACK against you!”

    And the democrats lied in order to avoid that becoming the narrative – because just like their gun grabbing….their real goal is to CON people into being too afraid to FIGHT BACK!

    W did the right thing. Obama has done his best to undo the right thing.

  • JimWinchester

    The last of 400 tons of yellow cake was finally received in Canada last year. Sorry but I don’t remember the source.

  • it was also an end to a decade long no fly zone we were wasting money on.
    funny how that gets over looked.

  • tommy mc donnell

    the leading unreported story of the Iraq war; the number of soldiers that received chemical injuries in the Iraq war. it didn’t and still doesn’t fit the political agenda of the democrat party-media complex.

  • tommy mc donnell

    chaos! it is a Marxist’s job to cause chaos. it is in the manifesto.

  • ohio granny

    The only way the democrats could turn against the war was to claim President Bush lied. The truth of the matter is a democrat will lie about their mothers, their first born or anyone else if it fits the narrative they are pushing. The damage the democrats have done to our military and this country may never be undone. They have turned the world into a tinderbox and when it explodes they will claim it is all those evil republicans fault. Not the idiot Obama’s of course. It’s too bad the democrat liars are not the only ones who will pay for their fecklessness. The whole country, including their children and grandchildren, and possibly the whole world will pay and they will pretend innocence in whole thing. May they never be able to wash the blood from their hands.

  • Andy from Beaverton

    It was back in 2008 and there were a lot of different sources. It just wasn’t reported on the evening news.

  • What a pussy is Woodward not owning up to the fact of Obama & his CAIR cabal in the Offal Office are supporting ISIS to destroy the West and Christian Mid East by not doing a damn thing, including letting Ferguson & Baltimore burn and Chicago kill. – It’s the old Alinsky strategy of chaos and destruction to bring in Marxism, in this case ISIS ‘s caliphate, and sharia to the US via their #LeftIslamicAxis.

  • Patty

    well, that is good news but where are the rest of the so called leadership. Lots of talk about how Obama has no strategy and is pushing his own ideology, no matter whom it hurts. Disgraceful how Obama says things and we are expected to accept what he says.

    He and his administration have no life experience. If it weren’t for George W. and his strategy to capture Bin Laden and our special forces he may not have be captured and killed. Obama owes Bush and now, Obama is destroying all the good that Our Troops have done under the leadership of George W. Bush.

    It is dishonorable and hurting the morale of our service men and women.

    Those who have fought and died deserve are respect and we will never forget.

  • Mad Hatter

    Too bad Bob didn’t mention this video.

    And this video.

  • JesseTMims

    When Woodward admits he and his liberal colleague deceived America about Watergate for the sole purpose of bringing down a sitting president, I MIGHT be interested in what one of them has to say. If Woodward was serious about being honest about TODAY’S issues, he would be reporting on how a Constitutionally ineligible, pot smoking, gay, anti-American, Muslim loving, POS like Obama usurped the presidency.

  • SWohio

    Liberals lose won wars. That’s what they do.

  • SWohio

    Obama’s strategy is to tread water for the next 1+ years and hope he can cover up his failures until he is long gone – and then they will become the failures of the past and future presidents, anyone except obama.

  • Annie

    And when will he investigate the corrupt Hillary, who was fired from the investigation into Nixon, her money laundering, and selling arms to Syrian terrorists…using Benghazi as a cover.

  • Patty

    and at dinners and teas the elite will talk about him and laugh and laugh, hoping all the while no one will know. Obama never had experience to lead from day one. He is a failure at leadership and he is and all around failure now and will be in the future. books will be written about it. future generations will question why he got away with all of his failures so easily.

  • jainphx

    Obama was left with a rebuilding, reasonably peaceful Iraq. All it needed was a little upkeep, instead Obama caused the Arab Spring that has engulfed the whole of the Middle East into bedlam and the soon fall of Iraq. WHY?

  • The Shonyo Kid

    That’s very thoughtful and well written. But the media…will not be that truthful.
    Every scandal ends in “gate”’s a deliberate attempt by the media to suggest that the most corrupt administration was under Richard Nixon..and “Water-GATE ” was the most HANOUS scandal that ever happened. B.S.
    “BUSH LIED…PEOPLE DIED” I hear it TODAY from the mouths of the IGNORANT. Obama today blamed Bush for the ENTIRE IRAQ WAR..and the willing media plays along. PRESIDENT OBAMA IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PAST SIX YEARS.
    People won’t remember the soldiers who lost their lives or the resolve of George Bush.
    The media creates and promotes FAIRY TALES. Facts? Irrelevant.

  • EyeKahn

    Saddam grossly overstated what he had (and he did have WMD’s) in the most failed sabre rattling display of idiocy in the history of humankind.

    His juvenile attempts to seem relevant and fierce greatly contributed to the spawning of an unnecessary war, that led to the expenditure of over a trillion dollars of American taxpayer money, but worse than that, the cost of almost 5,000 American lives.

    The costs to his own country in infrastructure, resources and lives has been devastating. We now can see — with the advancement of ISIS — how a country of cowards and bullies function when met with a threat of being killed. They are retreating like the Republican Guard did in the first Gulf War …

    Unfortunately, too many people from every political philosophy (and from nearly every corner of the world) bought his story of stockpiles of WMD’s, and the various and sundry intelligence services (across the globe) failed to properly assess his wild claims.

    Woodward is not reliably supportive of anything GOP or conservative, but he does at times stumble into a bit of truth based on his gathering of facts. This is just such a case.

    An yet more inconvenient truth for the unhinged among us …

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    President Runamok has succeeded beyond his hopes and his fathers’ (plural) dreams.

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    because his handlers like Jarrett control him and his fathers wanted America wrecked to bring in the new age of unicorns and socialism.

  • capitalistpig2

    Insurance policy? Little wonder we in this economic situation of tax and spend.

  • Tetres

    LOL Bush & Cheney took us to war on a bunch of lies, that they knew were lies…..many US service men dies and were injured, we killed many an Iraqi based on these lies….they should be jailed for their actions!

    YES after the hand-off Obama screwed up….but the ground work was laid in place by Bush & Cheney (the same guy who when running Halliburton made an end run around US sanctions through his Bermuda connections etc to do business with Iran and Iraq

  • rosetta_stoned

    The truth is staring you directly in the face and you STILL refuse to accept it.

    You are a fifth-column leftist. The enemy within. And one day, you’ll be held accountable for it.

  • Raptor Jesus
  • jainphx


  • NotKennedy

    If I never hear or see Woodward’s name again, it will still too soon. Were it not for a derelict, renegade, disloyal and disgruntled FBI defector, he and Bernstein had nothing. Sifty, deceptive and self-serving. Bob Woodward.

  • BeansFerSupper

    Sometimes the truth slips out. Like the time when Obama said John McCain had not asked about his muslim faith.

  • BeansFerSupper

    They lied because there was an election coming up, and because they’re demoncrats that’ll boo God and working people at their conventions!

    Amendment 1, Page 32, line 43:
    We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people, and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.

    Amendment 2 – Page 63, Line 26:
    Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel. The parties have agreed that Jerusalem is a matter for final status negotiations. It should remain an undivided city accessible to people of all faiths.

  • robert

    He lied and they died.That is what was said about Bush.No lies huh! The truth is Obama withdrew and they really did die.All these innocent civilians dieing because Obama withdrew.

  • bruce b

    Well if nothing else,Bush was led down the garden path,to invade Iraq,By 5 deferments Cheney and the rest of the war hawks,with their bogus and embellished claims of WMD.

  • Patty

    Littlest ‘Marine’ Visits Resting Place Of His Dad×368.png

    ‘I hope for you to come back soon, daddy’: The heartbreaking scene
    at one Marine’s grave on Memorial Day during visit by four-year-old son
    who was a baby when he died

    Read more:

  • Let Freedom Ring

    Woodward has actually called a number of issues right. He is fair on a lot of matters, this being one..

  • Yabba_Dabba

    This Democratic propagandists senses his party and their exhausted narrative may be in trouble… He is simply triangulating in an attempt to look like he’s been critical of the Democratic narrative all along.

    The problem is: Bob Woodward has ALWAYS been one of the authors of the Democratic narrative… He is an opportunistic stooge.

  • Aggie95

    O.K. for starters there were indeed WMD in Iraq …. the story claim these weapons were abandoned ….wrong they were buried in the desart to hide them not to abandon them …this story was from just last year ….wonder why it was not broadcast more widely

    The New York Times published an article this week that has re-ignited a 12-year-old debate: Was then-President George W. Bush right about Iraq? The report examined U.S. service personnel’s encounters with abandoned chemical weapons in Iraq – and some conservatives were quick to pounce on the story as evidence that claims by Bush in the lead-up to the war that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction were true and that the United States’ 2003 invasion was justified.

    The article by Times reporter C.J. Chivers focused on U.S. soldiers who suffered from exposure to the sulfur mustard and other nerve gases which emitted from the bombs. According to the story, about “5,000 chemical warheads, shells or aviation bombs” were found scattered across Iraqi soil. The U.S. government buried the cases from both the public and the troops. As a result, injured soldiers did not receive proper medical treatment.

  • Eric Toth

    That was 1998, prior to the Desert Fox attack.

    There was actually evidence then. In 2003? ZERO!!!!

    But continue with your ignorant conservative rant please.

  • Eric Toth

    Who withdrew?

    Perhaps you conservative tea bags should join us far left liberal progressives in REALITY!!!

  • Eric Toth

    Oh! Poor little conservative baby! Doesn’t want to admit the truth.

  • Eric Toth

    Actually, your messiah Bush set the withdrawal date. And ISIS was a direct result of removing Saddam and creating a power vacuum. Exactly as the CIA warned the failed conservative Bush regime.

  • Verbotene Gedanken



  • Verbotene Gedanken

    All politicians are Con Men first and foremost.

    That said, Bush was, for all his faults, American.

    Obama is not.

    There’s the key.

  • Mad Hatter

    Administrations pass intelligence information to the incoming new President all the time. I’m sorry you think posting videos of two Democrats talking about Sadam’s WMD program is a rant.

  • DezzNutz

    There were 40K troops in Iraq when Obama took office.

    He was told we would need at least 15-20K soldiers there to keep the peace. (Right now, there are OVER 40K American troops in South Korea)

    Obama took them ALL out…then less than 2 years later, in 2014, he had to put 5K soldiers back in Iraq because of ISIS’s gains.

    Get your head out of the sand you ignorant, shrill, lemming

  • gwsmith

    Eric – Boy you angry libs are coming unglued over this one! You want us to believe that Saddam was a threat in 1998 but NOT in 2003? Right! You’re a PATHETIC little vindictive little man!

  • Mike in Illinois

    Thanks for the kind words about a off the top of head post.

    I agree that Old media isn’t interested in sharing trustful and truthful information, but consider this – that’s why Old Media is dying out. It’s why New Media is rising, and quickly.

    Entire families, extended families, at first fooled by Blame Bush have been treated to stories by family members and friends who were there. Who saw things themselves.

    Blame bush is electioneering that won a few elections but it can’t defeat true history. Some will always live in denial – that much is true. But as time passes, many more learn….from their own ignorance.

    The absolute best smashing of Demicrats talking points and electioneering aided by old media? Why, their own election wins and the results of those wins.

    Opposition – even based on lies and projection- can indeed win elections. However, opposition itself cannot lead! And that is exactly what history does show about Obama and his anti bush democrats. They cannot escape the fate their own lies created for them.

  • Mike in Illinois

    To bring about the coming of the twelfth imam of course. Via chaos.

    But just as democrat control of all of government led to a resurgence of American Patriotism to oust them from power, so too will the Islamic states rise to power bring about a serious pushback against that which is currently protected by political correctness.

    Know this – things aren’t going quite the way they planned – beyond the chaos created I mean. They really thought all would just bow, but we didn’t.

    More importantly…..
    We won’t.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Bovine excrement. We took bagdahd in three weeks. That part WAS a cakewalk.

    And LOTS of weapons of mass destruction were found. You just pretend that isn’t true. You also PRETEND that actual weapons – nukes- ready to fire- equals your use of “wmd”. You ignore the joint resolution for use of force. Try READING IT! Because THAT is the justification for ending the tyrant called saddam Hussein. Here’s a hint – it dues by say “we are going to war to fetch saddam a nukes”.

    Seriously. Search that document. READ IT. Then, accept what was indeed found – from torture rooms to binary chemical munitions, from paying Ayman al Zawahiri (still on the loose by the way) not long before 9-11 to funding shootings and bombings in Israel (notice how that “intafada” just stopped after saddam got tossed????hmmmmm). Irans nuclear program – that they “didn’t have” was “stopped” in 2003…..but but ummm yeah. Busted again.

    You fools spout your same old talking points as if nothing has happened between then and now.

    Why? Cuz you can’t argue the facts and their merits. If you do so, you LOSE the debate. You have nothing to offer but blind opposition and you can’t even qualify it with alternative solution. This because you are just a talking point spouter. A bot.

    Even the UN had to admit that Saddam didn’t comply with 687. Read 1441. That means saddam was BUSTED. And it also means that oil for food scam finally was exposed. So too was the flow of oil to Syria outside that scam.

    Yeah what happened to your “blood for oil” chants? Oh yeah, they fell asunder as hogwash too. Just like the rest of your garbage.

    Got Zarqawi? Ansar Al Islam?

    Pick a point – ANY point- about that entire conflict or what led up to it and I’ll argue you under the table beyond the couch and out the back door.

    Know why?

    Cuz I have information – not Demicrat crafted talking points handed to you to post across the net. Got game? Give it go. I’ll eagerly await your attempts to post this link and that link – while I dispel one after the other off the top of my head – demo rated by how fast I respond and the quality of what I write. I can type what I REMEMBER faster than you can search copy and paste.

    So bring it on Brutha – or admit you can’t. Ya troll.

  • Mike in Illinois


    Bush warned that withdrawing would lead to a power vaccuum filled by a enemy even more dangerous and brutal. And he has been proven correct.

    Try your projection on captive audiences called college kids. Those of us who lived through it all as adults KNOW the lies YOU are telling.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Tommy, that’s the thing that literally sickens me the most. Lots of servicemembers are DUE things – and not getting them because politicians want to eek out juuuuusstttt one more election before the true facts are admitted.


    We OWE our soldiers better.

  • bruce b

    Poor fellow,you,re a product of the Cheney ,war hawk, machine.Still clinging to this fallacy of WMD in Iraq.

    You need a candle to see the sun.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Well let’s see, who should I believe? YOU? Or a friend of mine – a guy I’ve know for decades- shows me pictures of him holding gold bars while in Iraq? How about listening to his experiences regarding the 55gallon drums of “pesticide” in ammo dump after ammo dump (many in schools by the way) and also his buddies and their collection of operational binary chemical munitions? Not to mention the ADMISSIONS regarding many, hundreds, of those binary munitions made by even the New York Times! You know, those munitions specifically saddam AND the UN declared “destroyed”. Umm tough call who to believe….

    Lemme think about it.

    Yeah. I’m still believing my friend who WAS THERE. So ummm who are you believing again? Is his name Chris or Rachel maybe? Maybe Al?

    I guess it might just be you who needs the candle.

    From proscribed missile bodies to proscribed engines, from binary munitions to the “fillers”, from dual use materials to outright busts- all spanning a decade- the truth is that you folks cheating bush lied are sadly mistaken, both then and now.

    In 1991, our military personal EARNED something. It’s called 687. Even the UN chumps admitted that it wasn’t and never was complied with.

    Quite frankly, what was done in 2003 truly should have been done in 1991.

    Speaking of which, what were you doing in the middle of January 1991 oh at about 700 central time? Getting ready for bedtime so you could get up for elementary school? Heck, were ya even in school yet?