Obama’s Pal Bill Ayers Appears on Iranian TV – Calls US a Terrorist Nation

Barack Obama’s family friend and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers told Iranian Fars News Agency that the US is a terrorist nation. Ayers went on to say that the United States is the most serious threat to world peace.
bill ayers terrorist

Fars News reported:

A leading American intellectual an anti-war activist believes that the United States is the most serious threat to the world peace and that the US government is a major terrorist entity.

Bill Ayers says, according to the most standard and reliable definitions of terrorism, “US is indeed a terrorist nation.” He adds, “It’s also the greatest purveyor of violence on earth over the past half century, and the foremost threat to world peace today.”

Bill Ayers, a retired professor in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, believes that despite its destructive and dreadful impacts on the livings of American people and other nations across the world, the US imperialism is “in a decisive decline.”

“US imperialism is in decisive decline today as an economic and political power even as it is expanding as a ferocious and aggressive military power. This combination—decline and ascent—makes this a particularly unstable, dangerous, and urgent moment on the clock of the universe,” he argued.

“I think the US should immediately close all military bases and installations abroad, withdraw all troops on foreign soil including all mercenary fighters, end all military aid to Israel, and unilaterally decommission its nuclear arsenal,” Bill Ayers added.

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  • Jim

    I remember this guy from the 60’s and setting off bombs at the pentagon,Capital and New York Police station and on 9/11 saying they didn’t do enough.And he talks about the U,S. being violent? Obama started his campaign in Ayers house and Ayers supposedly ghost wrote Obama’s book Dreams From My Father.I don’t see this guy permanently living in another country.If he hates this country so much why does he stay here? He should stay in Iran.

  • Jim

    I remember this guy from the sixties.He left bombs at the pentagon,bombs at the Capital and bombed the N.Y police station and he has the nerve to call us a terrorist nation? On 9/11 he said he didn’t do enough.Obama started his campaign at Ayers’ house and Ayers ghost wrote Obama’s book Dreams From My Father. I don’t see him living permanently in another country.If he hates us so much why does he stay here? He should live in Iran permanently then.

  • strappado

    And everyday is opposite day, month, year and decades! Forever we’ve fought these vicious rabbid democratic goons since 1776

  • strappado

    Remember he considered dog a delacy…..s**t would be the desert

  • strappado

    Because he wants to occupy and conquer the USA. the WORLD!
    btw i think Valerie is so upset with him for not doing a better job of hiding their (wringing hands) evil plan to take over! I will say lets enjoy one of the last Christmas & New Year’s we’ll probably have. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! And have a bomb explosion free New Year! Americans will kick all their asses when the time comes, that I’m sure of.