This happened. I am not naming the company.
BUT — A large corporation with headquarters near Ferguson told employees this afternoon to pack their bags and get out of the area.
An employee at the company just called me. They are going around the company and releasing employees department by department.
Was told the grand jury announcement will be this evening.

Hands Up – Don’t Shoot
prepping for decision
Ferguson activists are holding several training sessions this weekend. They’re offering “training” to protesters and “educating” them on their rights and how to conduct themselves through the protests/riots!

On Thursday Ferguson activists beat a local college student and chased him down the street.

Rumors are swirling in St. Louis TODAY….

One report: A hearing is scheduled for Sunday night for the Mike Brown decision.

Second report: Ferguson Committee (local Ferguson residents) are saying 2:00 PM on Monday, November 10th.
The National Guard and FEMA are planning on deploying at that time.

They fear the violence prone radicals are going to use legitimate protesters as human shields and will likely use gunfire.

The DOJ is meeting with radical activists and police officers Friday in St. Louis on fair and impartial policing.

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