DARREN WILSON SUPPORTERS Bash Mainstream Media in First Public Statement (Video)

DARREN WILSON SUPPORTERS Bash Mainstream Media in First Public Statement
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In first public statement the Darren Wilson supporters bashed the mainstream media for their biased reporting.

Many of the Darren Wilson supporters say they have received death threats.

“We are not speaking on behalf of Darren Wilson or his appointed representatives. We are speaking totally on behalf of the online campaign “Support Darren Wilson.” Our Mission is to formally declare that we share the united belief that Officer Wilson’s actions on the night of August 9th, were warranted and justified and he has our unwavering support….we want to thank the media for finally highlighting the OTHER side of this story. However, the media has shown a strong bias against the supporters of Darren Wilson. [applause] We believe this has only intensified the destruction of Ferguson and the surrounding St. Louis areas.

Many of us have received death threats to ourselves and our families. Contrary to media suggestions, we are not affiliated with any hate groups. However, we respect each individuals first amendment rights in this country. We will not hide. We will not live in fear. We ask this question: ‘can justice ever be obtained if one side’s supporters live in fear of speaking out’?”

There was a huge media presence at the rally today.

The Wilson supporters told the media: STOP putting people’s lives at risk!

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