Escaped Christian Schoolgirl Admits Being Raped 15 Times a Day by Boko Haram Islamists

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A video released by Islamist militants Boko Haram in May claimed to show around 100 girls kidnapped from a Nigerian Christian school. The group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, said the girls would be held until all imprisoned Islamic militants had been freed.

Boko Haram said the Christian girls converted to Islam.
The girls recited the first chapter of the Koran in the video.

Now this…
A Christian schoolgirl who escaped a Boko Haram camp told authorities she was raped 15 times per day by Islamists.
Spy Ghana reported, via Religion of Peace:

The abducted Christian school girls aged between 13 and 18 must have been raped 1500 times by 1500 different Islamic Jihadists in the name of Allah since the 90 days they have been in abduction. Going by the testimony of one of the escapees from their camp currently receiving emotional therapy from groups of Christian Counsellor the abduction are raped 15 times daily. A Christian councellor by name Oladimeji Thomas had told the press that one of the escaped abductees said she was raped 15 times daily by 15 different men daily.

This simply means that within 90 days of abduction, these Christian girls have been raped 15 x 90 days giving 1350 rape per kidnapped girl from 1350 sex starved Jihadists and if the President and his armed forces continues their everlasting strategizing, by the next ten days, making it 100 days in abduction, each of them would have been raped 1500 times.

Chibok town has been neglected since the creation of Borno State. The road from Maidugeri, Borno State capital to Chibok, a distance of about 130 km, as at 2010′ long before the Chibok attacks, takes three hours by private transport and three hours and half by public transport due to deplorable state of the road. Vistors from Maidugeri to Chibok, after the trip to the town, will need some medication to put their bones and joints back to order. That is why analgesic drug market hawked at road sides thrives in the town.

Chibok Local Government has four primary schools and only one secondary school due to years of neglect, despite the willingness of the Christian community to embrace western education.

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