EPIC Rush Limbaugh: You Can’t Dump Your Dog on the Street – But Can Dump 50,000 Kids From Central America (Video)

A bus stop in Texas – United States of America – flooded with illegal immigrant squatters.
texas border bus
Illegal immigrants at a Texas bus station.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh continued his discussion on the open border mess in America created by Barack Obama. Rush made a great point on Wednesday’s show.

It is not compassionate to dump these kids in this country like this. And, that’s exactly what’s happening. You can’t dump your dog on the street in most of America. But you can dump 50,000 kids from Central America… I was not comparing the children to dogs. I was talking about the difference in law.

Via The Daily Rushbo:

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  • Jodie

    Dogs carry fleas too and all kind of filthy stuff.I’d say stop the grown ups but let the little CHILDREN in. Children created in Gods own image. Who in the world can turn a child away? Thats just EVIL.

  • Jodie

    Ask God which is more importanant! Children or DOGS????
    See how God feels abut it. Shame on you. I hate animal lovers that value animals over children.
    God frowns on you people that think that way.

  • Jodie

    Children are committing crimes???????????????????? uhh how old are you talking about?