Democrat Elijah Cummings Faces Up to Five Years in Federal Prison

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) could face up to five years in federal prison for obstructing a Congressional proceeding.

On Wednesday, Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) and five Subcommittee Chairmen on the committee sent a letter to Ranking Member Cummings demanding an explanation for his staff’s queries from the IRS, why the Minority hid these efforts from the Majority, and why the Ranking Member denied such actions by his staff at a February Subcommittee hearing:

“Although you have previously denied that your staff made inquiries to the IRS about conservative organization True the Vote that may have led to additional agency scrutiny, communication records between your staff and IRS officials – which you did not disclose to Majority Members or staff – indicates otherwise,” wrote the Chairman and five Subcommittee Chairmen of the Oversight Committee. “As the Committee is scheduled to consider a resolution holding Ms. Lerner, a participant in responding to your communications that you failed to disclose, in contempt of Congress, you have an obligation to fully explain your staff’s undisclosed contacts with the IRS.”

This is not good news for Cummings.
According to Cummings could go to prison for five years for obstructing Congressional proceedings.
Via The American Journal:

Whoever, with intent to avoid, evade, prevent, or obstruct compliance, in whole or in part, with any civil investigative demand duly and properly made under the Antitrust Civil Process Act, willfully withholds, misrepresents, removes from any place, conceals, covers up, destroys, mutilates, alters, or by other means falsifies any documentary material, answers to written interrogatories, or oral testimony, which is the subject of such demand; or attempts to do so or solicits another to do so; or

Whoever corruptly, or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication influences, obstructs, or impedes or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede the due and proper administration of the law under which any pending proceeding is being had before any department or agency of the United States, or the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any inquiry or investigation is being had by either House, or any committee of either House or any joint committee of the Congress—

Shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years or, if the offense involves international or domestic terrorism (as defined in section 2331), imprisoned not more than 8 years, or both.

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  • Courtney Smith

    Pray for God to get rid of the scum illuminati’s. This is God’s nation!!!

  • Cindy Gale Helton Gilland

    Since this was posted 2 years ago, it looks like he’ll skate. This is such a farce. He should be removed NOW!

  • Mariah Mccarter

    Yes so what about the other liars in Washington? When are they going to jail? I’ll hold my breath and wait, NOT

  • sickntired

    The problem with this is that the DOJ would actually have to prosecute him. And Loretto Lynch, our current Attorney General, recently stated that she works for the Obama administration. She in her own words stated it she works for Obama not the American people. And if you look at recent history , Obama’s DOJ doesn’t prosecute criminal Democrats.

  • sickntired

    Obama change the laws in 2012, so our government is now legally able to use the media for propaganda, which is what they’ve been doing.

  • Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell

    So why is this just comming back up, FROM TWO YEARS AGO?

  • You Lie, Boy!

    Pfft! All he has to do is scream racism. F***in’ liberal whites will cower and run.

  • A politician going to prison? I’d believe in UFOs first.

  • O.h. Fugate

    This bill was introduced on May 10, 2012, in a previous session of Congress, but was not enacted

  • dawn

    Time for the AMERICAN citizens to rally by the MILLIONS and DEMAND our reps and all govt officials face prison time for crimes like Cummings, Hillary, IRS, DOJ, Obozo, and many many more have committed. No excuses and special treatment for ANY OF THEM!

  • Smith Jones

    I don’t know why they print stories like this, none of these elected criminals will ever face justice for their crimes.

  • Kevin Irwin

    Apr 9th, 2014 10:07 pm and still Elijah is a sitting member of Congress, yeah, justice my ass.

  • afftongrown

    We continually read/hear of these people in Washington who are on the verge of prison. My question is who is protecting them? None of them ever go to jail for tax evasion, or any other broken law that would normally send one to prison.

  • barry1817

    he is a democrat so there will be no such action taken, as we have seen with Lois Lerner, and with what is going on with Bergdahl and with the BS about Hillary and breaking some 16 laws in the espionage act and these would include 18 USC 201, 208, 371, 973, 1001, 1341, 1343, 1349, 1505, 1519, 1621, 1905, 1924, 2071, 7201, 7212

  • Efishant

    great to have the perspective of hysterical hillbillies! Oh, what happened to Darryl Issa? He crawled back under his rock!

  • sickntired

    Yes , typo, should have been 2013 at the beginning of the paragraph. It was written in 2012 and it was enacted within the national Defense authorization act in 2013