Bill O’Reilly reacted to his Super Bowl interview with President Obama this morning on America’s Newsroom. O’Reilly calls Obama a “true believer” who is “wrong on a lot of points.”

“He’s a true believer. That’s what people need to know about President Obama. He believes truly that’s what he is doing is what’s best for the country. And, you are not going to shake him out of that no matter how many stats you put on him, no matter how many circumstances you put on him. He believes it…

…Evasive I think is the word. He just does not want to tell you about why the IRS chief went to the White House. He says it’s Obamacare. Does anyone believe the guy shows up 157 times for a primer on Obamacare. Anybody? Buhler? I mean, come on… They don’t think it’s important. That’s why they’re annoyed when their asked… I don’t think he wants to injure people I just think he’s wrong on a lot of points. And I tell him that.”




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