Media Avoids Commenting on Stoned Appearance of Obama in Olympics Interview

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor


I follow many reporters on Twitter. They are usually free with their observations of the political scene—some more free than others. They have a caustic wit from years of covering hack politicians, but they also have a protective manner when it comes to President Barack Obama.

A case in point is Obama’s interview with NBC Sports’ Bob Costas taped Thursday but broadcast Friday evening as part of the network’s coverage of the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games. As reported last night at the Gateway Pundit, viewers took to Twitter last night to express their astonishment at how stoned Obama looked.

Obama’s eyelids drooped, his eyes looked bloodshot and one side of his mouth drooped as he spoke. That led to many people wondering if Obama, who has admitted to being a major druggie in high school and college, was high during the interview.

Notably missing from those expressing concern about the president’s apparent drug induced impairment were members of the ever-opinionating press. Only one reporter that I saw on Twitter expressed concern over Obama, asking what was wrong with his eyes.

If this had been President George W. Bush, who owned up to problems with alcohol as a young married man and quit drinking, the media would have been all over him last night and would be demanding answers from the White House today.

Before critics start saying this is just conservatives piling on Obama once again, I’ll remind you that one of the first to post a screen capture of what he thought was a “high” Obama was a liberal who later expressed concern how conservatives would use his screen grab of Obama.

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