A historic ice storm hit the Southeast United States on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Crippling ice and snow socked the South from Texas to North Carolina.

The US snow cover map this week shows snow across the United States.
Florida was the only state with no significant amount of snow.
snow cover 49 states

So it only makes sense that Secretary of State John Kerry would fly to Indonesia to bloviate about global warming.
The BBC reported:

US Secretary of State John Kerry is to deliver a speech urging the global community to act against climate change, during a visit to Indonesia.

He will make the point that there is scientific proof of climate change threatening not only the environment, but also the world economy.

Mr Kerry is due to give his address on Sunday in the capital, Jakarta, as part of a regional tour.

The US, along with China, is the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases.

On Saturday, both nations issued a joint statement pledging to do more to curb their carbon dioxide output.

Steps include reducing car emissions and improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

And, on Friday Barack Obama plugged global warming in California.
Good grief.



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