Following allegations that she exaggerated and fudged her life story, Democratic darling Wendy Davis responded Tuesday, attacking GOP gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbot saying he “hasn’t walked a day in my shoes.”
greg abbot wheelchair
She’s right.
Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott hasn’t walked a day in anyone’s shoes in 30 years.
He’s a paraplegic.

Tonight Dana Loesch took on Wendy Davis on The Kelly File.

“The real story of single parenthood here is Jeff Davis. Jeff Davis (her former husband) is a better single mother than Wendy Davis, apparently. He’s a great single father. And, single fathers don’t get enough credit. That’s the single parenthood that should be celebrated in this story.”

Jeff Davis took care of the kids while Wendy Davis went to Harvard. Wendy filed for divorce the day after Jeff Davis paid off the last payment on her academic loans.




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