More Lies, Smears and Jibber-Jabber–
The 2014 State of the Union Address

You can watch the SOTU Address live here on FOX News.

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Chief Justice John Roberts just entered the chamber. Conservative justices Alito, Scalia, and Thomas are absent from this year’s SOTU Address.

Obama starts off by announcing the Afghanistan War of 12 years is finally coming to an end. The Taliban are cheering.

** Here is the full text of the President’s SOTU Address.

How dare he! Obama talks about helping the middle class – a class he has destroyed.

47 million Americans are on food stamps—14 million more than five years ago.

BarackObama just told congress he will work around them when necessary. They cheered.

Obama – “Companies say they intend to hire more people this year” Except the ones that are closing.

It’s unbelievable that Obama would take credit for the energy boom in America. What lies.
Fuels of the Future. That would not be coal – He killed it.

Obama: Climate Change is a FACT – It’s Snowing in Atlanta and New Orleans tonight

Obama: A @WSJ Poll: ‘Addressing climate change’ is the dead-last, lowest priority issue for Americans

FACT: In December, for every 1 person who found a job, more than 4 stopped looking for work.

Obmaa – “When it comes to making jobs “we know how to do it.” Really? US lost economic #freedom every yr under prez Obama



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