Tawana Brawley Finally Begins To Pay For Her Lies …Al Sharpton Unavailable For Comment

The Tawana Brawley rape case was all a hoax. She falsely accused six white men, including police officers, of having raped her. It never happened. However, the hoax did help propel the Rev. Al Sharpton’s career. He is now a television host on MSNBC.

Tawana Brawley, the woman who falsely accused six white men, including police officers, of having raped her, was served with a court order earlier this year to settle a hefty defamation suit against her.
This week she made her first payment.
The New York Post reported, via Weasel Zippers:

Twenty-five years after accusing an innocent man of rape, Tawana Brawley is finally paying for her lies.

Last week, 10 checks totaling $3,764.61 were delivered to ex-prosecutor Steven Pagones — the first payments Brawley has made since a court determined in 1998 that she defamed him with her vicious hoax.

A Virginia court this year ordered the money garnisheed from six months of Brawley’s wages as a nurse there.

She still owes Pagones $431,000 in damages. And she remains defiantly unapologetic.



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