The new “Gang of 8″ immigration bill would waive criminal activity for illegals but would increase penalties for citizens. S.744 waives a long list of crimes for illegals.

The bill waives felony document fraud and Social Security number fraud for illegal aliens.
FAIR reported:
crime pays
Hat Tip Mara

Here’s more on what to expect from the bill…
Gang of Eight’s Broken Promises:
• Broken Promises: Criminal Gang Members ARE Eligible for Amnesty
• Broken Promises: Criminals WILL Receive Amnesty
• Broken Promises: Does NOT Strengthen Border Security
• Broken Promises: English NOT Required to Receive Amnesty
• Broken Promises: Illegal Aliens Allowed to File Class Action Lawsuits Against U.S.
• Broken Promises: NO Requirement to Pay Back Taxes
• Broken Promises: Taxpayers WILL Foot Bill for Illegal Alien’s Legal Costs

Hannity spoke about this today on his show.
Here’s the video.




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