On Friday Guy Cecil and the DSCC sent out a fundraising letter claiming Tea Party activists were carrying Nazi symbols at the IRS rallies this week.

lies dscc

According to the DSCC fundraising letter:

“At one Tea Party rally this week, mobs chanted “Waterboard Obama, Waterboard Hillary!”

At another, radicals waved signs with Nazi symbols.

Of course, this did not happen.

Today we are offering a reward to the DSCC if they can offer proof of Nazi symbols – carried approvingly by Tea Party activists – were seen at any of the IRS Tea Party rallies this week. We will give $3,150 to Elizabeth Warren’s favorite minority women’s support group if the DSCC can produce evidence that there were “Nazi symbols” at any of the Tea Party rallies held last Tuesday.

MORE- Andrew Marcus, director-producer of Hating Breitbart and Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit, have offered this reward. If you would like to add to the reward total write The Gateway Pundit.

UPDATE: (8:30 PM CST) Still waiting for the DSCC to provide proof of their outlandish accusations.




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