Worst. Jobs. President. Ever… US Unemployment Rate Back Up to 7.9%

Worst. Jobs. President since the Great Depression.
Unemployment rose back up to 7.9% in January.

There are currently 8.5 million more Americans not in the labor force than just four years ago.
Labor Force Participation Rate
Zero Hedge

CNBC reported:

The new year started off with an old story: Employment grew again in January but not at a pace able to lower the jobless rate.

Nonfarm payrolls rose 157,000 for the first month of 2013 while the unemployment rate edged higher to 7.9 percent, news unlikely to alter the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy or instill confidence that the recovery is gaining steam.

Economists were looking for 160,000 net new jobs created with the unemployment rate holding steady at 7.8 percent.

The ho-hum jobs numbers for January were accompanied by substantial revisions higher for previous months, according to the report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

November’s numbers rose from the originally reported 161,000 to 247,000, while December was pushed upward to 196,000 from 155,000.

“The gains we’ve received on the January jobs report are the start of positive readings for the foreseeable future,” said Todd Schoenberger, managing partner at LandColt Capital. “The first quarter has historically delivered surprises to the upside anyway, so expect January revisions and February-March readings to be significantly positive.”

Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression.
bo 2012
(Misery Index)
The unemployment rate is once again higher today than it was the day Barack Obama took office in 2008.
Of course, the state-run media will completely ignore this fact.

Another 169,000 Americans dropped out of the work force in January.

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  • Granny

    And that is BEFORE they “correct” the numbers in a couple of months. Real unemployment is easily 20% or more.

    It is a good thing that these days everyone signs up for unemployment over the internet or telephone. Lines like we saw in the 70s would scare the American public to death, never mind that today’s unemployment lines might easily exceed those.

  • Sasja

    U6 figure is 14.4% which is a true indication of how many people are out of work.

  • MN JIm

    Young black men are hit the hardest, thanks to obama’s anti-business policies.

  • Campfollower

    Another bloodbath at Home Depot HQ in ATL. Even people who made it through the first rounds of cuts the past couple years were let go yesterday.

    I told my husband I hoped they all voted for Obama.

  • Highlander

    These “revisions” are getting ridiculous. They aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they’re lying anymore. I just keep waiting for the people to get sick of this crap, and start holding their government accountable, but sadly, people remain complacent. That complacency is what got us into this mess in the first place, and if we don’t wake up soon, it’s going to be our demise.

  • shadow

    And that is BEFORE they “correct” the numbers in a couple of months.

    I guess you missed the part where the numbers for the last two months were correcter UP, by some 127,000 jobs.

  • Warthog

    So, when are the liberal trolls going to show up and tell us these are not the droids we’re looking for?

    So I guess this makes this the Recovery Summer-fall-winter-spring-summer-fall-winter-spring-summer-fall-winter-spring-summer-fall-winter-spring-summer-fall-winter-spring”

    Wait, wait, I know. “Obama inherited this! Boooosh! Booosh!”

  • ironbill

    That 7.9 is as phony as fool’s gold.

    The way they count unemployment is based on new and continuing files. The problem is that they don’t count those actually leaving the workforce because of long-term unemployment. A true estimate puts the number at double.


    And the “127,000 jobs added” is anemic. That just means that the U3 level they’re using to get to that 7.9 is a result of jobs keeping pace with population growth.

    You mean to tell me that with the greatest minds , skills, and resources in the world, when we only add as many jobs as we add people – that’s a roaring economy?

  • Charlie

    Seems to me that the unemployment numbers really mean nothing, especially with the never ending revisions. What I would like to know is how many people, who are physically able to work, are employed on a full-time basis. I think that number would be incredibly scary!

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  • Ella

    Food stamp numbers must be up then too. Welfare numbers increased again. Zippy must be happy like a pig in shyte.

  • jb

    Re #8: I think it is phony but in a slightly diffeent way. Rememeber when the unemply. % dropped big time from over 8% to what was it 7.7 or 7.8 % near the election? That was the big PHONY. Now, putting the actual figure right back up over 8% would invite too much scrutinization, and they’d be deemed liars and manipulators by the public and even the low information voters, so they have to slowly get back to the actual figure, somewhere above 8.

  • does anybody know what the REAL unemployment rate is?

  • cavt

    With the Obamaites, this is the new norm. Their propaganda machine(DMSM) will spin all this as good news and a great improvement–could have been much worse. The problem is the low info voter believes this BS and thinks that this is a good economy because they been told so and they don’t have enough knowledge/wisdom to know any different.

  • paul52

    This news proves that dissolving the ‘Jobs Council’ was a stroke of genius by L’il Barry. All the media will say is that the Dow hit 14K today. Big whoop.

  • lizzy84

    Denninger’s on the case:

    “We’re one tenth above last January in terms of the employment-population ratio.

    In other words there has been no meaningful change in actual population-adjusted employment whatsoever over the last 12 months.

    This report is a train wreck”…http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=216957

    (so great that mr. prezzy is focused on guns and immigration,abortion rights,gay marriage..I’m sure that JOBS, the debt, the deficit are somewhere on that list.)

  • sha-doo-doo

    Look, squirrels! Oh, and Booooooooooooooosh!

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  • Finncrisp

    Full effect of war on coal not yet figured in. Effect of massive defense cuts still not figured. Effect of most resturants and retail businesses adopting the “Bronze Plan” for employment at 29 hours per week. Effect of suppression of energy production and exploration not apparent. Effect of heavy subsidation of more green energy not yet fully impacted, but coming soon to your wallet.

    Full effect of less tax revenue causing higher taxes on those left working, even bigger cuts for the 29 hour a weekers. More layoffs. Cycle repeats and repeats and repeats.

    Utopia awaits!

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Of course, the state-run media will completely ignore this fact.

    They’re not state run, they’re active collaborators. State-run would mean that the ruling class issues orders and the underlings obey. These guys do what they do without being told, and without any expectation of reward of any kind.

    Their likely expectation is that they’ll be eaten last, if it comes to that.

  • UDell

    Dow breaks 14,000 for first time since 2007

  • sha-doo-doo

    Dow breaks 14,000 for first time since 2007

    And you’ll still be surprise when the next bubble bursts!

    Unbeliev-oh who am I kidding, it’s totally believable. [wonders who’ll be the scapegoat this time]

  • sha-doo-doo


  • Rick

    Unfortunately, with the advent of the internet, there are no lines like their used to be so the Democrats are able to spin. No lines for jobs, food stamp checks, unemployment insurance etc

  • Tom in CA

    Black Jack is spot on….

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I guess you missed the part where the numbers for the last two months were correcter UP, by some 127,000 jobs.

    I’ve been thinking – what are the characteristics of those jobs, anyway? Are they part-time, or full-time? Are they actual private-sector jobs? Or are they public sector jobs, which get paid via the taxpayers, or worse, printed up money, and result in only an illusion of prosperity?

    Without any specifics, the government’s numbers are best taken with a grain of salt. Unless, of course, you’re a Democrat boot-licker, in which case any number that looks even halfway decent is worth celebrating.