Guest Post By Kristinn

The Obama White House is pushing the ‘GOP favors jet owners over teachers’ meme in their sequester propaganda campaign.
Here’s a tweet bashing “rich” Americans posted by the White House.
white house tweet jets

Of course, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden each flew luxury government jets for their separate luxury vacations this month.
Barack flew to Florida to play golf. Michelle and Joe Biden to Colorado.

biden af2
Joe Biden lands in Air Force 2 at the Grand Junction Regional Airport on Feb. 14, 2013.

michelle skiing
Michelle Obama’s trip cost local law enforcement officers 400 man hours.

obama golf real
And, Air Force One costs taxpayers about $186,000 per hour. Obama’s Hawaii vacation double round-trip cost about $7 million.

But, it doesn’t matter. He’s Barack Obama.
The media lets him get away with anything no matter how ridiculous it may be.



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