A Coptic Christian girl was kidnapped, stripped and abused by a group of Muslims in Egypt.
They wanted her to convert to Islam.
Via Free Copts:

The incident occurred in 2011.

The Muslim Issue has more on the attack, via Religion of Peace:

The video was received by a group calling itself “Free Copts”. It shows an incident in which a Coptic Christian girl was sexually abused in an attempt to Islamize her. She belonged to a large and wealthy family of Christian Copts living in Minia in upper Egypt. One of her Muslim neighbours induced her to go to his house. Upon arriving there she was surprised to find a group of young Muslim males. They forced her to go with them to a nearby house. They threatened to kill her if she made any noise or cried for help. They forcibly took her clothes from her and videoed her completely naked next to one of the young men. The plan was to blackmail her into marrying him by informing her and her family that the tape would be made public unless she did so. They also threatened her with the same fate as had befallen another girl not far away, a girl who had been raped by 8 Muslim men, murdered, and had her body dumped in a nearby graveyard. The police and the prosecuting authority let those 8 men go free.



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  1. You know what those Egyptian Islamists need?

    More F-16s.

  2. What is wrong with the world that lets these animals do this. Religon of peace my a$$

  3. the devil is their god

  4. Must be time to send them more billions in taxpayer money.

  5. It’s not a religion, it’s a cult for terrorists and thugs. It is incompatible with civilization and must be stopped.

  6. barry dunham soetero is muslim brotherhood. Thanks a bunch, stanley ann, you commie whore.

    While They Crucify Our Christians!


  8. Liberals blame “religion” in 3, 2, 1….

  9. Jharp and Obama’s people.

    Yeah go ahead and give up your guns people !

  10. Obama and Hillary reply: “We are disturbed by this video, it’s almost as disgusting as the Benghazi you-tube video that mocked Mohammed, Peace be upon him.”

  11. As a CATHOLIC – where the Holy Rome is the POPE?

    Something is definitely wrong here when the Pope doesn’t side with Israel, doesn’t say a peep about the Coptic Christians, and doesn’t do a blasted thing about enforcement of sacraments to politicians in the USA who go off base.

    I was listening to the Catholic Channel on SiriusXM and (not kidding) they did get around to the question of why the Bishops don’t excommunicate the politicians who say they are catholic but are “pro-choice” and go to mass: The answer was – we’re trying to educate them that their wrong but we can’t really excommunicate them. That would be wrong too.

    My mouth dropped open. What? The catholic church now stands for nothing and has no mechanism for enforcement? Its just throw the doors open and whatever happens happens?

    Yes! The next question was – why do some people hold up their hands (Baptist style) for the Our Father and some keep their hands to themselves – Answer? Depends on the church, depends on the people in the church, – basically, whatever feels right for you.

    Vatican II.
    Opening the door to relativism and the priest/child problems.

    I’m in limbo. The Coptic Christians are the last ones left that are the purest form of Christianity and they are being slaughtered. I’m not surprised after writing this that I now see why the Pope hasn’t said a blessed word against the Muslims.

  12. The tolerant religion of peace strikes again.

  13. NOW figures they must be republicans they’re the ones that wage war on women, not the democratic party politicans that NOW supports. the same politicans that arm these people and bring them to the united states.

  14. jharp is probably getting off on this video. These are his kind of folks.

  15. That poor child. I still think we need to level Mecca and let them see just how powerful their god is.

  16. Evil. Satanic. There are no words sufficient to describe this.

  17. This video has been around for awhile now, but this has been happening to the Christians in Egypt for a long time. Gee, these muslim animals can’t even contain themselves when they see women protesting with them, amongst ‘thousands’ of other muslims. They are pure evil, and when they assault, rape, mutilate, and slaughter non-muslims, they believe they are justified because their their sick, evil cult says they can without any condemnation. These animals should be confined to their own countries and stay the h*ll out of ours.

  18. #12- While the pope may say the right things, equivocation AND has been the rule since Vatican II.

    ‘The Vatican immediately rejected the accusation, saying the head of the Roman Catholic Church had shown solidarity with the Coptic community as well as concern for the consequences of the violence for the Christian AND MUSLIM POPULATION.’

    So there is no distinction. Who speaks for Catholics?

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